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Master PC 1/2
Chapter Two: The Beginning of Change

Akane started from home after finishing talking with her friends. She hadn't wanted to go so soon, but it was hard trying to keep track of all of the school gossip while having all of her fantasies of her beloved pig-tailed fiancé.
They involved her being a magic harem girl who could transform the other girls in Ranma's life into Ranma's sex warriors... each with a different form and power. They would form a senshi team that would protect the world for love and lust and for having wild sex with Ranma.  She also liked the fact that her breasts were larger and she had powers that Ranma didn't have.  Perhaps she could even enslave the Sailor Senshi that she admired so much that she started to have this fantasy.

She also secretly wondered what the other girls were thinking about. Were they having sex fantasies about Ranma?  Were they having fantasies about her?


Ukyo was cooking up a storm. Ever since she had entered her teen, her way with dealing with sexual frustrations was to cook... as much as possible, as good as possible.  Okonomiyaki were stacking up on plates as she fantasies about her Ran-chan.  They all involved her cooking for Ran-chan and sometimes for some other guests.  They all ended with the food that was being served covering the body of the guests as they were slowly eaten off. Of course, all of that licking and nibbling encouraged other activities.

That was what was driving her crazy... the temptation to start making her fantasies into reality... to give her cooking and herself to Ranma completely.  That's probably why she stocked up on those ingredients like whipped cream and strawberries.  Not to mention the edible chocolate body paint and the edible panties.

Those thoughts caused her to cook up some more okonomiyaki to prevent her self from coming on the spot.

Yet Elsewhere...

Shampoo was dreaming her dreams about Ranma. Her deepest fantasies had her as a warrior princess that she was and more so. Mistress of weapons and all combat skill, yet needing, yearning for a man that would complete her life.  One that would be powerful enough to beat her in combat and tame the wild cat that she was. But one also interested in releasing that wild cat for more marital activities.  They might even let her fellow sister wives to join in the wild all night parties with her beloved.

Shampoo started to masturbate to these thought, thought she would have had before the changes from the Master PC.  Her delicate fingers tickled and titillated her clit as she sought to bring herself to orgasm. Something that wasn't very hard to do, with her regular thoughts of Ranma.  Her other hand was alternating between gentle massaging her breasts and nipples to grabbing and pinching them.  Moans of pleasure issued from her tender mouth as she occasionally licked her lips, imagining that she was licking different pieces of Ranma and her sister's bodies.

As she thought of Ranma taming her, forcing her to obey his will, the closer she came to filling her urges.  Each time brought tremors of pleasure through out her body till she decided to submit completely. That's when she came and hard. Like a jolt of lightning, delight filled her. And drained her. Her last conscious thought were of pleasing her husband.

In Kuno Manor....

Kodachi was going through a similar incident as Shampoo.  Thoughts of her Ranma-sama were filling her sexual daydreams.  Thoughts of Ranma taking control and punishing her as her parents did when she had been young. She had always been the problem child of the Kuno children. Always going over her parents' knees to be spanked. What her parents didn't know was that she had enjoyed the spanking. The gentle feelings of pain, the sense of helplessness, the thoughts of being mastered, thrilled her. And once entering into her teenage years, that thrill turned sexual.

With her power and influence, few people could punish her.  Most chalked up her behaviour as eccentric, but were willing to accept it for one reason or the other.  Wealth, power, and victory in Martial Arts Gymnastics.  Her brother and father were too busy involved in their own delusions to punish her.  She hadn't found anyone till she found Ranma. He didn't physically punish her, but he didn't put up with her behaviour. Always trying to get her to stop her wicked activities. Making her hotter that she could possibility could think she could get. They only way it could get better was if Ranma would punisher her as she wished.

She remembered when she had first discovered her little fetish for bondage and punishment. She had discovered those magazines in the locker room of her gymnastic class. "The Bond" was a magazine that dealt with the need to be in bondage.  To be tied up and powerless. It should different methods of bondage, some for the purpose of punishing the bondee. Then there were the S&M magazines that showed how to trigger certain amounts of pain to cause pleasure.

She fantasized about Ranma and the other women that surround him gathering together to first punisher her for being such a bad girl. Going through her favourite punishment fantasies before forcing her to have wild sex with them as incentive to behave.

These were the thoughts that she used to drive her over the edge of erotic delight.

In the Tendo house....

Ranma had returned home and went straight to his room before the others could see him and stop him. He had the Master PC program set up and was already typing up a new command.

"Ranma will have the knowledge of how to create and fulfill his lover's fantasies."

Knowledge rushed into his mind. He could see each of his fiancée's fantasies including each of the Tendo sisters.  He decided to wait on seducing Hinako until he had some of the other girls under his control.

So he decided where to start. Which girl would be blessed with him? And it came to his mind to start with the one that had the less affection in her life. Kasumi. The lovely older Tendo sister who had gave up most of her life for her family... but how to start without tipping the other girls out. He didn't want them to fight over him or to ruin the surprise when he came to claim them. The pc was the answer.

"No one will notice Ranma seducing other women unless Ranma make notice other wise," he typed.

He would turn Kasumi into one of her fantasies. He would turn her into his personal sexual nurse. A woman who would heal his wound and yet keep him happy in the nursing bed.  It wasn't one of Kasumi's top fantasies but it was the one that best suited her in his mind. Besides he thought that the horny housewife/maid might best serve one of the other women in his life.

But he would need the ability to trick Kasumi into trying to treat him as ill. Or...

"Kasumi will think that sexual activities will keep Ranma, and only Ranma, healthy and will cause him to heal faster.  She will want to keep Ranma in the pink of health." He added to the computer screen.

Now he just had to go up to her and slowly seduce her by having her help him stay health. But just to make sure that she followed his instruction...

"Ranma will have the ability to turn his voice into a powerful hypnotic. People who listen to it while in hypnotic mode will have the unbelievable urge to follow his instruction," he added.

He then set downstairs to seduce the eldest Tendo sister, the first of his new harem.

Kasumi was in the kitchen thinking of Ranma as she did her chores. She was thinking of her latest fantasy. She was a nurse an it was her job to keep her patient happy and healthy. But in her dreams her patient was Ranma. She also had to do many...special... things to keep her patient in the pink of healthy. I was very important to keep him in the pink of health.

She was just finishing up cleaning the kitchen when Ranma came in not looking very well. At least that was it appeared to be. Ranma was holding his stomach with his head hanging low. He let off a light moan. Kasumi ran over to him as quickly as possible without looking un lady like. She looked over Ranma.

Waves of a nurturing instinct took over her, that and some other feelings. "Ranma are you feeling alright? Let me look at you?" She moved him over to set on a chair. Her touch lingered over his muscular body. She took off his trademark red shirt, revealing his well-formed torso. An ever so small trace of drool escaped the side of Kasumi's mouth as she felt herself discover a hunger.

"I feel a little ill. I think I need some help." Ranma said as he hide the smile that came to his mouth as he thought of the attractive woman that was standing before him. She was falling for his fake illness. If his programming skill were working right she would be starting her special treatment. But perhaps she needed a little encouragement. "Perhaps you could kiss me better."

A tingle came over Kasumi's body. She knew that Ranma needed special treatment that would help him to heal. So she started to kiss Ranma, starting with his belly. Light butterfly kisses covered his torso.  She started to move up as she was living her fantasies. Slowly she moved up till she was gently kissing his neck, nearly to his mouth.

"I think I have another pain. Right here." Ranma said as he pointed to his lips. "It's really hurts. Could you help me?" He looked into Kasumi's eyes as they seemed to lighten up a little more. She moved close to Ranma's face, licking her lips slightly. The moisten lips seemed to take a darker shade of red. Ever so gently the two teens started to kiss, or at least at first. But the longer that they kissed the more and more passion grew, the deeper and deeper the kiss got.  Soon, they were French kissing as their tongues probed each other.  Kasumi felt the tingling power of passion pass through her as her dreams were being realized.

Kasumi slowly moved her arms around Ranma's body as she felt his muscles in her hands. Felt his strength and power radiate from his body. Ranma's hands loosened her blouse gently, then started removing her bra so that he could get to work caressing her breasts, tickling her nipples. His hands move slowly over her naked flesh, stroking the skin to bring delight to his partner. He moved down her bosoms till he reached her nipples. He gave a slight pull at the tits before him trying build the pressure. She let off a moan as Ranma started playing with her sweet boobs.

Kasumi was having the time of her life. She had never felt so loved, so horny, so naughty yet so good. This was what she was meant to do.  She was helping Ranma to feel better as he seemed to be getting stronger.  Yet she was literally feeling fucking good. Her pussy was starting to leak her long suppressed cum as she was experienced the best and only foreplay that she had experienced with a man. She had often gotten herself off at night when she was sure that no one was watching her as she didn't want them getting the wrong idea. But she didn't care any more. She was getting the satisfaction that she had been waiting for. She could wait for Ranma to push his long hard cock into her pussy for some tender healing. That's why she was feeling joyful when one of Ranma's hand moved from her breast and went under her skirt.

Ranma moved Kasumi's underwear down her legs as he felt her start to under his pants. Everything was going as planned. He could feel the heat of her body as she was getting into the fucking of her life.  That's when he started to use his hypnotic voice to turn her into his personal nurse. "I am starting to feel better nurse Kasumi. You love to be my personal nurse. Keeping me happy makes you happy. The best way for you to keep me happy is to keep up this special treatment." He said, letting his words work into her mind. With each sentence her either rubbed her breast, or as he was starting to do, tickling her honey pot to make her sing. Her moan was growing in length and volume as her minds began to form around Ranma's word.

Inside Kasumi's mind, Ranma words were starting to have effect on her. She had always desired to be a nurse or doctor and help people.  But now her thoughts centred on helping Ranma, being the nurse that he wanted her to be. She would be helping Ranma and helping people all she had to do was give in to Ranma. As she began to become more and more submissive to Ranma, the closer and closer her pussy came to his long hard prick.

Slowly, he placed his sword into her sheathe. It was already coated with a smooth covering of her juices, so that made it easier for his tool to go into her. As he pushed it forward he felt the unbroken wall of her maidenhood. Kasumi was a virgin. Perfect for his first conquest. As he moved himself on her he used his mastery of the Martial arts to get her ready for her great orgasm. She was moan and groan as her thoughts focused on her lover before her.

"Take me, Lover. Make me a woman." Kasumi said as her mind was catching up with the feeling that was rocking her body. Then her mind started to get dirtier. She had been invited to a few parties with some of her old school friends as they tried to bring Kasumi out of the motherly like life that she had gotten herself into. They had shown her raunch movies and tried to get her interested in the world beyond the four walls that made her world. While she hadn't been interested at it at the time, they came back to her. She needed to think a little dirtier. "Does Mr. Saotome feel a little better or does he need a little more of the Kasumi treatment?  I think that nurse Kasumi need a little injection of Saotome Love juice."  She started to clinch her pussy muscles, massaging her lover's tool to get him more exited. She wanted to get him deep in her. As he pierced her hyman she was so deep in the pleasure of being with Ranma that she hardly felt the pain of it being broken. A little blood started to pour from her pussy, as she became a woman, Ranma's woman.

As the hymen broke, Ranma made a deep plunge into her and then released his cum. He then pressed the pressure point that would trigger her satisfying orgasm. She buckled as she came, her juice mixing with the juice that Ranma had left in her. A low scream came from the eldest Tendo sister as she went over the edge of desire. But even as his first wave of sexual conquest was successful, he was getting ready for his next wave of adventure.

Hours later...

Ranma had finished with the marathon sex with Kasumi, moving through a variety of sexual fantasy fun. But mainly Ranma was working on creating his personal harem nurse. The first step in creating his new perfect harem. Kasumi was lying beside him snuggling into his warm body, peacefully sleeping the rest of one who had been pleasured into a state of bless. Her arms were wrapped around him, a light smile on her face as she dreamed dreams of more treatments with Ranma.

Ranma looked at Kasumi, it was a delight to encourage Kasumi's sexual side to come out.  He was already thinking of other fantasies that they could indulge in.  Cute little nurses outfits that Kasumi could dress up into... perhaps something in leather or PVC... something kinky and sexy for her to be in.  Then there were the other fantasies they could take up for a time.

He thought of all of the tender loving and intimate pleasure they could share with each other. It would certainly make his mother proud to know that he was starting an a harem. Or the possibilities of the grandchildren that Ranma would bring into her life. It was lucky that he decided to turn Kasumi into his nurse. She would be a great help once he had gotten her and his other lovers pregnant. The idea of planting his seed into his women wombs made him feel extremely horny. He looked at Kasumi and grinned at the thought of her having his child.

His mind moved on to his next conquest of sex. Who would be the lucky girl? Would he continue the seduction of the Tendo sisters? Or move on to one of his fiancée that needed him in ways they didn't know yet.  Nabiki, Akane, Kodachi, Shampoo, Uyko?  Each one special in a different way.  Each one was most likely a delight in the sack.

Or would he try some other new taste? A youthened Cologne?  She might be a wild night. Hinako?  A schoolboy's fantasies made his.  Or would he try some of the girls who only visited his life briefly?  Perhaps some girls that he had never met before.  How would he know where to start looking?  Perhaps Kasumi could help him in the morning...but first...

Ranma started to massage Kasumi, waking her for the next round of sexual adventure.

The end of Chapter Two: The Beginning of Change