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Master PC 1/2
Chapter One: The CD

Ranma was walking home after being knocked into the atmosphere by Akane due to her jealousy. It wasn't his fault that his other fiancees were all over him again. Again he wished that he had more control over his life than he had. That's when he passed a computer store.

A few weeks before he wouldn't have been interested in such a store, his father would have said that computers were a waste of time. That is until he had to battle an opponent who was an expert in Computer Programming Martial Arts. He had to write and use a program at the same time as he fought his opponent using martial arts attacks. It was then that he discovered that he liked computers. They had so many uses that could interest him, from keeping a database of all the martial arts techniques he knew and to keeping up with all of the money he owed Nabiki.
He decided to check it out. Besides, who ever heard of Computing Magic Store? He walked into the door and looked at the various programs that lined the shelves.  They looked bizarre.  Quatium Reality Program, Monster Summoner, The Electronic Encyclopida of the Bizzare and the Unusual.wishcom... but the one that caught his eye was one in the bargain bin.  'Master PC.  'Become the master of your domain.' it read, as Ranma looked at the price on the CD-Rom. It was affordable, although it would take all of the money he had. But he wanted it, so he paid for it and started off for home again.

He couldn't wait to try it out. If he could control the real world maybe he could settle for gaining control over a computer generated one. He was just glad that after beating the so-called master of Computer Programming Martial Arts, the guy gave him a computer as payment for a good battle.
He had trouble from keeping Nabiki from claiming it as her own.  She had her own desktop computer, but Ranma's was a laptop that was state of the art, with all the memory and attachments of a desktop.
Little did Ranma notice the shopkeeper's hidden smile.  He had been waiting for Ranma to show up and find that program.  He liked the kid and thought him spunky and thought that he needed some type of reward. He also thought the boy could get a sex drive for a sex life. With that special version of the program, he would. That was what was keeping him smiling.

Ranma had gotten home and no one was around except his parents, Mr. Tendo and Kasmui. Akane was probably out with her friends or out practicing. Nabiki was most likely working on making more money or pampering herself. It would be a perfect time to test out his new program.

"Welcome to Master PC, the program that make you a virtual god to those around you. You possess the power to alter the reality to your desires." Would you like to enter your name and a password?" the screen typed out before it changed to what looked like a split screen with one side having a CGI image of a slightly human figure that didn't have any apparent sex.

He typed his name and a password that no one would suspect him of using. It then asked for the name of the subject that he wanted to affect. He typed out his own name. The screen came alive, as the figure now resembled him perfectly, spinning around.

The other side of the screen held a list of different functions.  There was a dialogue box, a small list of blank macros and a few status bars... listing a few attributes with a button for more.  He hit the help button to help him with the program. It listed the functions; anything typed in the dialogue box would come true if it was altering how a person thought or felt. The macros would hold commands that he wanted saved for future use, and the status bars would change certain aspects as if he had typed them into the dialogue box.
He decided to try to type his problems out of existence.

"Ranma will have full control over the Neko-ken and will not suffer from fear of cats." He started with. "Ranma will gain supreme knowledge of any martial arts that he is exposed to.  Ranma will develop into a perfect physical and mental specimen. Ranma will also gain control over his Jusenkyo curse using his will."

Ranma was curious to see how that would affect the program's model. He had been surprised at it's changed. But with all of the magic that he had experienced in his life he was just preparing in case something else something else happened.  He pressed, "Send". He suddenly felt a tingling a change came over him. It took a few moments but he was feeling strangely better.
He thought of all of the times that he battled other martial arts with different schools of battle. The ki tricks involved Hidden Weapons techniques that bent space around the individual. The Breaking Point attacks focused ki.  How Happi kept all of those bombs on him without exploding. Everything from Ukyo's Okonomiyaki martial arts to Hinako's ki drain techniques. They all became so clear that he was positive that he could do them at anytime he wanted.  Plus there was the Neko-ken.  Not only did the images or the idea of cats cause him not to shrink in terror, but he could look at the different aspects of a cat and use them in his martial arts. Speed, agility, and confidence were all aspects of the cat he already had. It had surprised him how many cats like aspects he had already. He wondered how cattish that he acted without knowing it.
He also felt stronger than he felt before and his mind seemed clearer than it had ever been before. He could see that the CD was some type of magical device that was changing things around him. That seemed to be true and if so that meant that he could control his curse at will.  Trying it out, he focused on his girl form and felt the familiar change minus the wet feeling he always felt along with it. He focused his change back into his male form.  He closed up the program and shut off the computer. He then hid it and the Master PC disc from sight. He had some serious thinking to do. He hopped out the window and climbed onto the roof, it was always easier to do his thinking out in the open.
It hadn't been too long since the whole Pill/Ring Box thing. His mother seemed to be fond of Akane marrying him, and seemed to also favour the other girls as well. She kept mentioning how the samurai of her family would marry strong wives and keep strong concubines to give her clan strong heirs. So he had to reflect on the behaviour of the others around him based on those events.

Most of the fiancees would use it to get him as a husband.  The only except he could think of would be Akane and that is because he could think of what she would use it for.  Ryoga would probably use it to become better that him and to gains Akane's love, or Akari's. Mousse would most likely use it to gain Shampoo, but there was the possibility that Mousse might use it to dispose of him. Kuno would likely eliminate Ranma Saotome and gain the love of his two goddesses.  Soun would most likely get him to marry Akane.
Then there were the worse possibilities. Cologne was a total wild card but would involve him marrying Shampoo. And who knew what else she would do? Genma would most likely abuse the power of the program to his own benefit. Maybe even using it to cheat money and food from others. Nabiki would most likely do the same.  Only the possibility of her conscience stopping her would prevent it.
Then there was Happi...  The entire female population of Japan, if not the world would suffer if the old letch got his hands on the program.  So the only people he could even trust with it were his mother and Kasumi, and even they might not be trustworthy enough to be responsible with all of this power.  He didn't quite trust himself if it wasn't for the fact that he was the one who had bought the disc in the first place.  That got him thinking of the store itself.  He had gotten the disc from there among all sorts of strange programs.  Programs with powers most likely as great or possible more powerful than the Master PC program.

He stood up on the roof ready to roof jump all the way back to the store. 'Who knows what trouble might come from it.' Ranma thought as he left, forgetting about the Master PC in his room.

Nodoka walked up to Ranma's room. She had thought she had heard him come in here, but it seemed that he had left already.  Just as she was turning to leave, she discovered a loose board on the floor. Looking under it, she discovered a CD and a computer. 'It must be Ranma's. Genma would never have such a machine, no matter how useful it is.' Curious about what CD game Ranma was playing, she looked at the CD packaging.

"Master PC: Become Master of your own domain." It read.  She decided to take a look at the program on Ranma's computer. She hadn't spend those years in various computer courses, waiting for Genma's return, to let them go to not. She accessed the Program, typing in her name and password. Then she went straight to the help option. She read it over and was amazed. After hearing all of Ranma's tales of magic, her woman's instincts were telling her that this program was magic. She quick e-mailed herself a copy before she went any farther. She might need a copy of it around to undo any mistakes that she did... or Ranma's.  She typed Ranma's name, curious at what changes he had done so far. A simple asking of the computer of the most recent changes on the subject made it easy.  She approved of the changes so far to Ranma, except for the curse control. But it made sense to aim low, were the curse was concerned, in case of mistakes. She then started looking at the various status bars and was surprised.  According to the program, Ranma had below average sex drive (the superior attractiveness to the opposite sex was a pleasant surprise).  She would have to change that...to help her son become a Man among Men, of course. It was a mother's duty.

She moved the Status bar controlling his sex drive up to what she thought was an exceptable level. And just to make sure that Ranma didn't 'accidentally' change it back, she typed, "Ranma will not notice the changes Nodoka has done. Everyone around Ranma will except these changes as normal."

Nodoka then thought of what other improvement she could do to her son for his benifits. She had seen his trouble with the fiancees that her son had collected around him. She was so proud that her son had gathered such strong and attractive women around him, but they need to be more respectful of Ranma's manly control. She would also have liked to have all of the Tendo sisters as possible wives or concubines for Ranma... they were such nice girls.  All this wasn't to feel her need to be a grandmother to make up for her lost chance to be a mother to Ranma.  Not at all.

"Ranma will develop the desire to have multiple sex partners. Ranma will also desire to have them become wives and/or concubines. Ranma will develop the urge to have many children and to be a great father to them. Ranma will believe that a great father has many wives/lovers/concubines to help with raising the children."

Nodoka looked at the changes she had made so far.  They looked good so far, but she didn't want to leave all of those poor girls to do without pleasures as she had with Genma. She had to do something about that and she had just the idea.

"Ranma will be a master of:

The Marital Arts
Martial Arts Lovemaking
Sexual Shiatsu Techniques
Advance Sexual Knowledge
Creation of Sexual Items
Ranma will be able to have multiple orgasms without tiring. Ranma will be able to control his orgasms and ejaculations. Ranma will always desire to give his partners as much, if not more."

She hoped that might help.

Now to add the last bit dealing with the Tendo sisters and how Ranma could marry more than one of them.

"Everyone will except that all of the Tendo sisters are engaged to Ranma Saotome.  Due to an ancient law, Ranma will be able to have multiple wives and/or concubines.  All of Ranma fiancees/lovers desire and love Ranma. All of Ranma fiancees/lovers have a desire to be subservent to Ranma's strong manly will. None of them will notice these change nor will anyone around them. It has always been this way. All of Ranma's lovers/fiancees will also become bisexual in their sexual preference.
Ranma will have a desire to seduce and romance his fiancees/lovers." She wanted the girls to have the joys of romance and seduction that she didn't have. Genma's idea of romance and seduction was trying to get the rest of her meal away from her.

'That should do it for now,' Nodoka thought.  With the changes she made to Ranma, he should be able to take it from there. Now she just had to wait for her son to make his moves on his fiancees.  But other ideas were coming into her head. Maybe she should be keeping and eye out for other possible fiancees/lovers for her son. 'The more, the merrier!' she punned. She was glad that she had gotten herself a copy of the program for safekeeping. She hid the computer and the CD and exited the room.

All over Nermia and the surrounding areas changes rolled through like a thunderstorm with lightning striking certain members of the population. In Tokyo Hall of Records, an ancient and much forgotten law brought back the right of multiple marriages and even concubines to certain noble houses. A certain shopkeeper put away his computer and it's advance programming.

The Fiancee brigade, including its two newest members, also changed in special ways.

Kasumi, now, thought a lot about her fiancee.  She had thought that she had only liked older and mature men, until she had meet Ranma. Now it was all she could do to stop thinking of the young and energetic young man... especially in reguard with improper ideas that kept crawling into her head.  Including the ones involving the naughty maid and the handsome master or the sexy housewife. She secretly could wait for Ranma to make those fantasies become reality.

Kasumi also remembered how it was only shortly after Ranma arrival that she started to notice how delightfully sexy the women around Ranma were. She also had fantasies involving her fellow fiancees and her beloved Ranma, many involving orgies between them all. She was even developing attractions to her younger sisters. She could see them in her orgy fantasies as well.  So Kasumi went back to work, taking caring of the house, trying to take care of all of the sexual energy she was feeling towards her handsome, healthy fiance.

Nabiki was coming home from her meeting with her underlings, a sly grin on her face. She was thinking of her fiancee, Ranma. It was great to have such a hunk of a man as her. Not to mention all of the hot babes that were always around him. Or the one he turned into. That was why she sells all of those pictures of Ranma. She collected money that she and the household needed to function, plus she got to show all of the women and men what a hottie she had at home. Plus they never got the secret ones that she kept at home. The ones that showed her hunk in the buff. She had plenty of fantasies linked with those pictures. Like the ones were she was the sexy bad girl that the cute hero tries to reform thru the acts of love. Or should that be lust? Then there were the other fantasies that she was having, involving the other girls.  They ranged from the hot, girl-on-girl action to wild orgies with all of the girls and Ranma. She couldn't wait to return home and see her hunk of a man.

Ranma was still looking for the store that the CD had come from. He looked where he had thought it had been. It wasn't there. He even started to look around the area where the store had been. It wasn't anywhere to be seen. He couldn't find a trace of the place. He had, however, seen some lovely ladies walking around. He might have tried to attract some of their attention if he wasn't already working on how to seduce the women in his life already.  There were the Tendo sisters, each with a charm of their own. Kasumi with her caring heart, compassionate nature and great beauty.  Nabiki with her clever mind, practical nature and sexy streak.  Akane with her powerful strenght, passionate nature and attractive cuteness. Then there were the others in his life. Bouncey Shampoo with her perk personality.  Ukyo's friendly, helpful self. Kodachi, a sneaky, decietful and yet tempting femme fatale. Hinako, his teacher, a boy's fantasy in adult form.

Plus there were all of the women that he didn't know that could provide him with some diversion. He would have to look them up.  Perhaps with the Master PC. He had to make sure that they were strong enough to stand with the other fiancees. He didn't want to endanger innocents.  The PC could also help with that.  He had several possible seductions methods that he could use. Plus with the Master PC, he could use it to cause his fantasies, or better yet his lovers' fantasies come true. He couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when he made their fantasies come true. He smiled a bit at that thought. He hurried home hoping that the store was some place safe and with the urge to make some dreams come true.

The end of Chapter One: The CD