Master PC- Greg's Adventure
by Reckless

Part 3

When Greg's parents arrived home at midnight, he quickly made some changes.
He did the usual stuff you'd figure he'd do like make them feel that
everything going on in their children's lives were normal. But he also
decided to edit their appearances a little bit, nothing you'd really notice,
just some weight loss, and for his Mother, upping up her breasts a little
bit. He then decided to have them more attracted to each other. After the
long day he had, he decided to go to sleep and wake up at 5:00 AM tomorrow to
get him and the girls ready for school.

Right at 5:00 Greg woke up as expected. He woke up Ashley and Stephanie, who
were holding each other. Ashley still had the voices screaming her head,
but the new her never heard them. Greg decided that both of them were going
to go to school today, Ashley to his High School, and Stephanie to college.
He first told Stephanie to go get him her laptop since Greg was going to
transfer the Master PC program onto his computer and bring it to school.

He then told Ashley to go find the sexiest one piece dress she had and to put
it on and bring it back. Stephanie was the first back and she happily gave
her very expensive laptop to her brother. He told Stephanie, who was
basically a conservative dresser, to go find one of her Sister's leather
skirts, and a tight shirt.

A minute later Ashley came back with a little blue dress on with the opening
ending around the knees. Greg took scissors and cut around finely and brought
it up a few inches above her knees. He then cut some of the upper body part
to show off her cleavage, and might I mention that both girls had been
instructed not to wear underwear.  He then told Ashley to take it off and go
take a shower. "Your Sister will be joining you soon." Ashley was very happy
and giggled at this "Why the fuck am I doing this?" she asked herself as she
took her dress and ran into the shower, with her new Double D breats bouncing

Stephanie came in after that wearing a leather skirt, a little above the
knees on her. He decided not to cut anything off of it but then he worked on
the shirt. He made it a belly button shirt and then cut off some of it just
like he did with his other Sister, to show a lot of cleavage. Just like he
told Ashley, he told her to go take a shower with her Sister. "Yes, Master,"
she replied at the command and happily went to enjoy her Sister.

A minute later Greg was hearing moans from the bathroom as he went into his
favorite program Master PC and loaded up the school snob's profile, Jennifer
Tursi. He noticed that right now she was sleeping and she had creamed her
panties several times during the night due to dreaming about himself, Greg
Glazner. He gave her some commands like to make sure she advanced on the guy
she was dreaming about today, and to wear the sexiest thing in her wardrobe.

He then went into the large area command and picked Sayville High School,
where Greg and Ashley went to school. He made sure that no teachers,
principals, or anyone else in the building would enforce the dress code. And
he also made sure that no one would find it very, very odd (But they'd still
wonder why he had it) that he had a computer with him and that no one would
find his computer program anything different then usual. He knew that
Ashley's college didn't have a dress code, so he didn't bother sending a
command to the college.

Greg didn't bother shaving or taking a shower because of the fact that with
Master PC he made sure that he no longer could get dirty and that he could
decide what his facial and the rest of the hair on his body would look like.

When the girls got out of the shower Greg gave them large commands not to
mention their brother today. He also told Stephanie that after school was
over, she was to go to the most popular strip club in NJ, Bob's Bitches (It's
a fake name). She was to tell him that she would work all the time just as
long as she got paid. He also told her and Ashley to open their legs, bend
over, and lean over a lot today so the guys could get a good look at the both
of them.

At 6:10 Jennifer Tursi got up out of bed. She could tell that her panties
were soaked and she also knew that she was going to definitely approach
Gregory Glazner, who since going to bed at 9:30 the previous night, she had
been having erotic dreams about. She realized that she was 10 minutes late
getting up as she always got to school earlier then the bell to hang out with
her friends so she quickly took a shower, paying great attention to her
private areas. Also, instead of wearing the tight gray pants that showed off
her nice ass and a white shirt, she decided to wear a tight pair of jean
shorts and a tight blue shirt that showed off her C cup nicely. She, like
Stephanie was totally ready to be his slave and wanted nothing more but to
have sex with him.

She quickly left her house and went to school in her red Convertible and felt
horny the whole way there but knew that she'd get in a lot of trouble if she
pulled over and took time to masturbate.

When Greg and his two sisters were getting ready to leave their house he
decided that for the first time in a long time he would ride the bus knowing
that there were going to be a few good subjects on the bus.

He told Stephanie to go to college and go to her regular classes and flaunt
yourself a lot, then at the end of the day to quit college and make sure to
go to Bob's Bitches and get a job working the most she could a week.

He also told Ashley to go to school and hang out with her regular friends and
act regular while saying that she had an unexpected change with her whole
body with everything that had happened. And also that even though she was
deeply in love with him that at school she'd treat him like she usually did
by ignoring him and insulting him.

Greg then made his way down to the bus stop with his bookbag and laptop and
got ready for another great day of his life. When he got down to the bus stop
staring at him wearing her usual black clothes along with dyed green hair was
Kaitlyn. She was a Sophomore and was a total tomboy. He'd seen her go from
good little girl in grade school, to sort of freak in Middle School, and then
all the way to this in High School.

Greg quickly brought up the screen on his laptop and with his new typing
skills typed her name in less than a second. He clicked into her and decided
to have her be a sex slave for his best friend Mike. Mike was just like him
(before his change) but a larger version of him and he'd only gone to first
base in his whole life and decided that it was time that he repaid his friend
for being nice to him without wanting any special thing he wanted.

He decided that he was going to have her total heart and emotions be placed
over to Mike and that she wanted him more then she ever wanted anything in
his life and that he was the most important thing to her. He typed it in and
sent it just adding a few things like having her breast grow to a D cup over
the next three months and getting rid of her gag reflex.

"Hey Greg, how's it going. Why you got a computer with you?" she said in a
somewhat nice voice. She wasn't a "I hate the world" freak, she just liked to
dress that way and was thus placed into a category like that.

Greg laughed to himself and thought, "I'm changing you into my best friend's
sex slave," but then said "Nothing. Just got it for doing notes." He chuckled
a little bit after this and then she did what he figured she'd do.

"Hey Greg, you know that friend of yours Mike? Well, what kind of things does
he like to do for fun? What are his interests?" For three minutes Greg
explained a lot of the stuff that his best friend liked and disliked until
the bus came coming down the road and stopped for them to get on.

Right when Greg got on the bus he went into his usual seat six seat and sat
down with his computer out. He looked around the bus and realized that he'd
like a blowjob and decided that the girl to give him one was going to be
Emily Daly. She was the girl that was on Student Council, and got straight
As, and even though she didn't look that good hung around with the popular
people with the obvious reason of her brain. She was a nice girl but he
decided that he wanted her to give him a great blowjob. He'd have her memory
never think that it happened, but he figured that it would be fun to see how
many girls he could manipulate and he knew it would be basically unlimited if
he wanted to.

He made himself and Emily invincible to everyone on the bus besides
themselves and sent the command to Emily to come over to Greg and offer him a
blowjob and that giving him a blowjob was something that you very much want
to do.

In seat eight a thought came into Emily's mind that she'd never thought would
come across and it was that she very much wanted to go give Greg a blowjob.
She said "no" to it in her mind for about ten seconds but then realized that
she had to do it and walked over to Greg and asked, "Greg. This might sound
forward but I was wondering if you'd please let me give you a blowjob."

Greg got himself to do a disgusted look on his face and told her, "What the
hell's wrong with you? You want to give me a blowjob in front of everyone on
the bus."  Greg stopped for a second and then added, "Go right ahead you
stupid bitch."

Emily was a little surprised at his comment but, knowing that this was her
chance to give him a blowjob, she quickly went down and unzipped his pants
and brought out his big ten incher from his pants. Greg decided that he'd
have her deep throat him without a gag reflex and that she'd do it happily as
she started going down on his dick.

For the next six minutes she sucked his dick like a pro and Greg worked her
throat like nothing and even though it hurt, Emily was very happy to do suck
his dick and because of the command he made that everyone "on the bus"
wouldn't be able to see them, no one saw them. Six minutes later they were
approaching the school and he decided that it was time to blow his load and
he did with great pleasure. She quickly licked anything up that had dripped
and thanked him, then went back to his seat.

Greg then typed into the computer at Emily's command screen. "What happened
never happened in your mind. You'll forget this. For now on you'll only lust
over bad boy kind of guys like those who ride motorcycles or have tons of
piercings. Your relationships thought will not affect your schooling as
you'll continued to be a good student." Greg decided that even though he'd
never really been a big fan of Emily, that she itleast deserved a future and
showed some compassion towards her.

Greg took the invincibility off and sent Emily back to her seat where she
didn't even remember the last six minutes of her life. Greg laughed and
waited for the rest of the day to come to him.

When Ashley got to school along with her bitchy attitude on her once again
she was thinking that she might have finally gotten out of her brother's
gasps but then she realized that he had commanded her to go to school and act
like this and that if she was in control she'd tell someone. "Shit. This will
never end," she thought in her mind. All the guys were staring at her like
she was a sex beauty and she was.

Approaching her at the same time was Jennifer Tursi, who had just gotten out
of her car and was totally ready to just jump on her brother and fuck him
wild. She came up to her and complimented the way she dressed and then asked
where her brother Greg was.

Because of Greg's command to her that she'd act like her old bitchy self she
said, "I don't give a fuck where that piece of shit is. He's no good anyway.
Why would you care?" She replied by telling her that Greg was the person she
was looking for in a man and left Ashley to go looking for her.

When Greg got off the bus with his computer in hand he was the happiest man
on the planet. He had this new tool which made him a virtual God to people
around him and was ready to have some more fun with random students but all
of a sudden the woman that he'd been waiting for came up to him, Jennifer

Horny as hell and ready to fuck she basically ran down the field to get to
Greg. And when she got there she hugged him and kissed him with her beautiful
lucious lips and pressed him up against a tree.

"Let's skip school. We can go back to my house and fuck like wild animals."
Greg was going to do his "say no" game but then decided that this was the
moment he'd been waiting for since he was thirteen and replied with a simple,
"Ok," and followed her to her car.

Everyone was staring at them as they got into the car. People were thinking
the usual, "Why is she with that geek," and other things but he didn't care
because he knew that he could have them all eating off of his feet if he used
the program.

With the top down in her car down and with his hands unbuttoning her pants
and invading her pussy, he was in heaven.

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