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Master PC- Greg's Adventure
by Reckless

Part 2

"Stephanie, you little slut, you're feeling really horny right now and as I keep on talking you keep on getting more and more horny.  But you won't be able to orgasm until I say so. Ok?" Greg asked his older sister Stephanie, who had to listen and obey any order her Master gave her. She answered the usual "Yes Master," and Greg decided to ask her another question. "Now Stephanie, my little slut sister, what is the one thing in this world you'd like me to do right now?"

At the same time Greg was asking these questions Stephanie had her fingers buried deep inside her pussy trying desperately to orgasm. "Please, please, please, fuck me," she was able to utter out between moans.

"But first Stephanie, I want you to give me the best blowjob you could ever think of doing." Stephanie quickly ran over to Greg and dropped his pants to the floor. As she went through the usual pre-notions of licking and stroking Greg went back to the internet and found a site about sexual positions since he wasn't exactly educated in the subject (He'd only fingered a girl before
this). He found what he wanted just as she took his whole cock down her mouth. He decided on the position "Sitting Face Away," where he would be able to stay in his chair while both of them had their first sexual experience.

Because of the fact that Greg could control his orgasms, he decided to go into the Master PC Program and pull up the file of Jennifer Tursi, the hottest, most popular, girl in the school. Jennifer was a Senior and always wore short, tight clothes to show off her body. But there was a bad side to this beautiful girl. She was only nice to about eight people in the whole school, and the rest, even the teachers, were totally under her. At that time, Greg decided it was time for her to become a very nice, much more hotter, sex slave.

He went into her file and saw that right now she was at her house studying in her room. Greg decided that he wasn't going to change her looks yet, but was going to change a couple other things. He first put in that tomorrow at school, once she entered the school, she would only want to be friends with people on the middle and lower social scale and that she would hate the
popular girls and guys. He then decided to turn her into a nymphomaniac but have her only thoughts and orgasms go towards him. Greg pressed send and decided to have Stephanie serve him for another 10 minutes, then have sex for the first time in his life.

Jennifer Tursi, the most popular girl in Sayville High School was laying down on her bed reading her Math book when suddenly she felt a sensation in her vaginal area. "What the fuck?" said Jennifer as the feeling kept on growing.  She shifted to try to get the feeling to go away but when she realized she was going to cream her panties soon, she put her Math book on the floor and
dropped her pants and panties. Realizing that she had the choice of either masturbating or feeling the way she was feeling for awhile, she chose to masturbate.

But what happened wasn't expected. She tried to think of her boyfriend, Mike Toll, the big football player at the school who was her boyfriend, she started to fantasize about Greg Glazner, who she always felt was a complete waste of human life. As the fantasy went on, so did the power of her orgasms as they kept on coming. After the sixth one, they stopped and she got up and
went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, wondering what the hell was happening to her.

"Okay slut, I know you've been waiting for this. Here is comes," Greg yelled at her and he shot the largest load he'd ever shot in her mouth. She happily swallowed it all, knowing that it would make her Master happy. "Now Stephanie, I'm going to do what you've been waiting for more then what I just did. I'm going to relieve you of the horny feeling you have right now by
breaking your cherry and fucking you silly."

"Please hurry Master. Please," she once again got out between moans." Greg pulled up the internet and showed her the picture of the Sitting Face Away position and told her to get like that. She got on him and his dick went into her a couple inches before it hit her hymen.

"Ready for me to break it slut?" He asked this and he knew that "Yes" would be the answer and he pumped and broke right through the hymen as she did a low scream from the pain. Once he got all 10 inches in, he got into a rhythm.  "Slut, do you realize that I control your orgasms?" She said that she didn't know and he told her to beg him to let her orgasm.

"Please, please Master Greg, I need to orgasm," Stephanie begged him.

"I'm going to count down from 3. At zero, I will orgasm. And when I orgasm, you orgasm. Ok?" She said Ok and he started the countdown. "3, 2, 1, here it comes, 0." He gave another huge load of cum to her, and at this Stephanie screamed out loud in orgasm for over 25 seconds as she was having the time of her life. "Not get off of me slut and go to sleep. And don't wake up till I tell you to."

Stephanie laid down on the floor and immediately went to sleep on the floor.  Greg noticed the clock and saw that it was only 7:00. Greg decided that he would sleep now and go into his sister Ashley's profile and have her wake him up and some other things would happen.

He loaded up her profile and decided to change a few things about his sister.  He changed her breats to a Double D cup and decided that since she was such a bitch that he was going to make a voice in her head scream out not to be her brothers sex slave, but have her mouth and actions be different. He did a few minor changes to her like removing some fat and giving her a ton of sexual knowledge and decided for the changes to occur right when she entered the door. He also gave her a command to come upstairs and wake Greg up with a blowjob.

At 9:00 PM Ashley Glazner pulled up in her BMW. She wondered why her parents weren't home, as they were rarely out this late. She figured they were just out and went into the house. Right when Ashley got in the house her former C Cup turned into a huge Double D and she suddenly felt the need to go suck her brothers cock. "What the fuck is happening? Why can't I stop myself," her mind screamed out but she went upstairs, opened up her brothers door. Right when she entered she saw her naked sister Stephanie lying on the floor with a completely new, slutty look. She went over to her brothers bed and pulled his un-hard dick out of his boxers and stuck it in her mouth.

"Why am I doing this?" her mind once again screamed out. Greg woke up and his cock grew to a full 10 inches. Greg wasn't surprised when he saw his Sister sucking his cock but only half was in her mouth. "What the fuck's wrong with you? Take the whole thing and do it like you really want to me to cum."

She quickly corrected her mistake and took it all down her mouth and sucked it like it was the only thing in life. "I hate this. What kind of control does he have over me?" she said to herself as she took the whole cock down her mouth. She was gagging and felt like she was going to choke but kept on going. Five minutes later, Greg's former prissy, prude Sister had a mouth
full of cum and swallowed it all. Some of it left her mouth and Greg ordered her to lick it all up. She thought to herself that what she was doing was the most disgusting thing she'd ever seen or had happened to her.

"My former bitchy Sister. Now, I've never licked a girl's cunt and had her cum all over my face and I think it's time to start right now. You're ok with this aren't you?"

Her mind was screaming "No" but unfortunately she told him that she'd love for him to lick and suck her cunt. Greg dove in and licked and sucked her and she was totally loving receiving this from her brother. A minute later, she orgasmed and he happily licked it up.

"Now, you slut. Have you ever done any lesbian action?" asked Greg who had total control over both his Sisters now.

"Me and a friend kissed once, but we didn't enjoy it at all so we just decided not to follow it up," said Ashley, who was very happy to answer her brother's inappropriate questions.

"Well, look over there. Incase you didn't notice, that's your older sister Ashley who I've turned just as beautiful as you. She looks very hot right now right?" Ashley's head was screaming no but because of the fact that Greg had clicked off bisexual in the sexual knowledge column, she quickly answered that she looked beautiful. Greg then yelled over to Stephanie to wake up.

He had also turned her into a lesbian and decided that it would definitely be a site to see his two Sisters have some Lesbian action. "Now, you're both very attracted to each other."

"But Master, she's my Sister," said Stephanie, who seemed like she didn't want to have sex with her Sister.

"I don't care if she's your Sister. I know you're both attracted to each other, and I wan to see some Lesbian action between my two Sister, so go for it," Greg told them as he went under his bed and fetched his video camera. He turned it on just as they walked over to each other and embraced and made out. After this they caressed each others tits and Stephanie got down on her knees as Ashley laid down on her back. Stephanie was licking her Sister's cunt and Ashley was begging for it.

At this time Jennifer Tursi was trying to go to sleep in her large room but instead found herself masturbating to the image of Gregory Glazner. She just couldn't understand why she was feeling like this....

She'd find out in the next chapter....

I hope you liked this second chapter of Master PC- Greg's Adventure. In the next chapter anticipate Jennifer Tursi to become one of his lovers and what happens when Greg brings his computer to school? You'll see. Feel free to e-mail me