I've always loved reading MC Stories. I've been reading them for quite a few years. So when I saw one of my favorite stories Master PC become the subject of many people's writings, I decided to contribute some. There will be many more chapters coming very soon. If you want you, contact me (Reckless)

Master PC- Greg's Adventure
by Reckless

Living in a small New Jersey town, Greg was just a normal 15 year old.  But all that changed one day when he was walking home from school. He found a CD in a case on the ground. On it, it read "Master PC." Greg thought "I'll throw it in the computer when I get home."

When he got back in the house he was greeted by one of his sisters, Jessica.  Jessica was 17 and was very attractive and she knew it. She frequently put down her brother as he wasn't in the popular crowd in their high school.  She acted like he didn't exist during school. She was even worse to him at home.

"Where are you going?" asked Greg in a sarcastic tone as he usually did.  Greg, unlike other teens, expressed himself and was outgoing, thus pissing off a lot of people in his life. The answer she gave him was expected. "Out you little puke, now get out of my way."

Now incase you were wondering the physical descriptions of Greg's sister.  Then here it is. Jessica was the perfect canidate for a future model. She was around 5'10", had black hair, skinny, and at that time had a great C cup.  A few times Greg had tried to get a peak at her breasts, but unfortuneatly for him, he failed in all the attempts.

After she had gotten in her car Greg waved bye to her and she gave him the finger and left the driveway in her new BMW. Greg's family was very wealthy, and that was why they could afford the car.

Greg ran up to his room and flipped on the computer once he got inside. When he got to the front screen he flipped the disc in and ran the usual virus checks to make sure this thing wasn't going to blow his damn system. But before he would install it, he decided that he'd go online and search the web and see what was on the disc he had found on the way home from school.

When he went to one of the popular search engines he typed in "Master PC" and what came up was what he didn't expect. He found five erotic stories, all said to be fiction, about people getting a computer program that could change minds, bodies, and many other things. Greg was disappointed when he read these because he figured the CD probably just had the stories on them that some horny teenager had decided to download.

He then installed the program and the only icon in the directory was one that said "MasterPC Control Center." Greg figured this would be just some lame art image or something but what came up was a program. At the top it read MasterPC Control Center. Under that there was a large square, where the subject's picture would go in. To the right there was a Load Profile box.

Greg laughed at this and figured it was some pathetic program that after you typed in a person's name it would call you a loser and have a sound going saying "Fuck You." But he decided "What do I go to lose?" and went to the "Load File" graphic and clicked it. A new box popped up that said "Type In The Person's Name. Remember that the subject must be within 100 miles of where you are." Greg typed in his own full name and with the help of his very fast modem the program came up with six people to choose from.

"Now this is weird," he said as he read the choices. The first one, it said the distance from the computer was less then a foot so he knew that had to be him. He clicked it and up came his picture in his current clothes and everything. He was also spinning around on a globe type thing. Greg was totally shocked at this. He decided to see if this thing really worked and he went to the Make Changes column. When it opened he couldn't believe all the things that were their about him. His eye vision, how fast he ran, his stamina in just about everything. He decided to fix a lot of stuff about himself to see if it worked.

The first thing he saw was eye vision and all throughout his life he had glasses and he hated them. He rarely wore them but it only made his eyes worse. He clicked the button and made his eye vision up to almost the best you can get. He clicked Send and an icon came up asking him how long it would take for this to happen. The time went from one second, all the way up to ten years. He decided to keep it short and went for ten seconds. He then clicked Send again and right after he felt his eyes start to hurt for a few seconds and then it was gone. And when he opened his eyes, his vision was perfect.  Greg, knowing that just his other sister was home jumped up and down happy as hell. He couldn't believe this. It had to be a dream

He quickly then went back into the Make Changes column again and did a lot of other changes. He made himself unable to break a bone, imune to diseases, made himself able to run, jump, kick, and everything else there higher, better, and faster then anyone, and a ton of more stuff to his insides. On his outside, that's another story. He changed his body around a lot. He got
rid of a lot of the fat he had on his body and replaced it with muscle which gave him a much better look. He then changed his brown hair to blond and made it perfect and also that he'd never have a bad hair day and he fixed anything in the Other column that he didn't like about himself. He spent a total of an hour changing himself around till the he pressed the Send button. He chose that it would all happen in the next 10 minutes. He quickly stripped off all of his clothes and locked his door because he knew that the next 10 minutes were going to change his life forever.

Through that 10 minutes he felt great. He saw his penis grow from an erect six inches to an erect ten inches in a matter of minutes. After it had finished Greg was great looking. He was 5'9", very muscular, blond hair, and everything else a girl dreamed of. He then decided that to go along with his new look he wanted to make himself very, very smart. He went to the "Mental Adjustment" category and when he opened it up he found a ton of things. It had a ton of things he planned on using on the girls in his life like sex slave, horny all the time etc. He fixed himself up so whatever he needed to know at the time, he'd know. Greg thought about being the first under 18 contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionare?" but he figured it would stir up to many questions. After clicking the send button and setting it for a short time Greg had finished up himself. He was hot and he was very smart. "Now, it's time to lose my virginity."

Right when he was about to type in a girl from his school's name he finally realized something. "What were the people he knew going to think? Oh shit, this can't be good." He quickly went to the help menu. A box simply came up telling you to type in a question. Greg typed in, "Is there a way I can get everyone around me to find my change as normal though make sure they still
know I'm great looking now?" It quickly replied with a "Yes" answer and asked if Greg wanted to send that command. He clicked "Send" and there it went.

Since his mind was so good, he had a mental alarm clock. He decided to go to sleep for two hours and when he woke up, he'd work on the girls in his life.

Two hours later Greg woke up feeling better then he ever had in his life. At this point it was 5:30 PM, almost time for his parents to get home. He figured his other Sister, Stephanie, was home, but she never bothered him. Since didn't want to be bothered for the rest of the night, he sent a command to his Mom and Dad that they wanted to go to dinner right when they got home tonight and they weren't to return to the house till Midnight.

He then looked through the possibilites of who to fuck first. He went through the school snobs, which he knew he'd get to, Helene, Rachel, Sonya, Jenn, but when it was all done he decided to as they say "keep it in the family" and turn his sister Stephanie into his very own sex slave. Stephanie was 19, had around a full B cup, nice looking (But not like his other sister), and around 5'8". The very thought of chaning his sister got his new ten inch dick erect and ready.

He quickly went up the Load Profile selection and typed in his sister's name.  He clicked on her name and up her profile came. He went to the command box and typed: "Anything that happens to you is completely normal enless your brother Greg says so. And whatever you're doing right now, stop, and come and kneel at my door."

A few seconds later he heard a thump sound. He opened the door and found his beautiful sister kneeling down on the ground looking on like nothing was wrong. Greg went over to his computer and decided to make the neccesary changes to Stephanie. He turned her breats into D cups, reduced her IQ to a very low point, made her previous short brown hair into long and beautiful blond hair, gave her full knowledge of sex and just about anything else he could think of. He set the timer on 3 minutes and before he pressed send he typed in the command box to do anything Greg told her to do. He then pressed send.

"Take off your clothes Stephanie. I want to see your transformation up close," he commanded to her and she quickly and happily agreed to do as he said.

Greg then watched in awe as his once smart, and respected sister being turned into a total slut. Actually, his total slut! In the end she was one of the most beautiful creatures he'd ever seen in his life. "Stephanie, you have to answer all my questions totally honest. Ok?"

"Yes Greg." Greg corrected her from something he learned from the story and her call him Master.

"How far have you been with a guy?"

"I've been to third with my boyfriend Master," Stephanie told him very quickly.

"Ohh, you little slut. So you have your boyfriend a blowjob. I think you need to be punished. First off, forget about this boyfriend of yours. I'm your only need in life. No more school, no more work, no more life, just me," Greg told her in a stern voice.

"Yes Master," she replied to him.

"And also let me add that you will never try to betray me. And I've also set up a few trigger phrases. If I say "Fuck the bear," this will turn you back to your old mind, just with the same body. But if I say "Fuck the clown," you'll turn back to your old slutty self. Ok slut?"

"Yes Master," she replied to him knowing that she was his and that he was the only thing in her life.

"Now, fuck the bear," Greg said to Stephanie.

Suddenly the bimbo look that was on her face turned to a pissed off look.  "What the fuck are you doing you little shit? What have you done to me," screamed Stephanie, who had transformed back to her old personality.

"I've turned you into my slut. The only reason you've got your mind back is because of the trigger phrases. If I was to say something involving a clown, it would turn you back into a slut. Now, I'd like to see you beg me to keep you as a regular person."

"Greg I don't know how you've done this to me but you're not going to get away with it," Stephanie said inbetween sobs. "I'm going to scream."

"No you're not. I implanted something in you when I was changing you that's permanent. You'll never try to run from me or scream so the neighbors might suspect something enless in a heart pounding orgasm. You understand me?" Greg told her this and didn't even wait for an answer. "Now, I'm going to turn you back into a slut and when I do the final changes will happen with you. Now, do you have any last words as a regular person sis?"

"Fuck you, you bastard. You're not going to do this," Stephanie yelled softly, as if she had a bad cold.

"Fuck the clown." Bam! Instantly she turned back into a little slut. The final changes had been made and she was now his forever.

End of first chapter.

Yes, the ending of the first chapter was kind of well, ugh as you can say, but in the next chapter he'll get Stephanie, Jessica, and the hottest girl at school and the girls will also have different characters, not just submissive women. Once again, e-mail me at MikeBoresRules@hotmail.com