By Boris Ludmenkov


MC, Mf, gr, BE, and oh, yeah Interracial which you Americans seem to have a thing for.  Into the Video with the cassette. Clunk, humm, whirrr...

A young man clutching a laptop PC standing by a clapboard wall. He blinks into a shakily held camcorder.

"Are we ready? Running? Good. Hi! I'm the Gonzo Wizard and I'd like to welcome you to the first of our special Videos."

Caption in glaring, day-glo green, THE GONZO WIZARD.

"We're here to add a little bit of special magic to the lives, 'specially and specifically the sex lives of people we think deserve it. Oh, yes, we like to give people what they deserve. And at the end of our little adventure tonight we'll give you instructions on how you can bring a little Gonzo Magic into the life of someone near you! But for our first adventure, we're going to spice up the life of a lovely, but lonely schoolteacher. Yes, me, my little magic computer here and my assistant, the lovely Mikki (say hello to the folks Mikki)"

A giggling female voice says "Hiya folks!" off camera and the picture wobbles a bit.

"are going to take our camera into the home of Miss Rebecca Walters here at the exclusive Mannerheim School for Boys here in lovely rural Massachusets. Miss Walters is going to have the night of her life with the GONZO WIZARD.

Caption in glaring, day-glo orange: TAPE 1: The Cockteasing Schoolmarm.

The camera is running along through some neatly manicured lawns following the young man with the computer. It is after dark. He stops in front of a door, looks around and opens up his laptop, pressing a key.

"That should get us in. Here goes."

He presses the doorbell and a few moments later a woman answers the door. She is in her late-twenties, darkly pretty and wearing a dressing gown.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Miss Walters? Hi! I'm the Gonzo Wizard, this is my lovely assistant Mikki and you want to let us in, don't you?"

"I uhhh. Well, yes, sure. Come on in. Wipe your feet please...."

The camera follows the woman as she leads them into her home. She looks puzzled but not afraid.

"Through here, I think. Yeah, this will do nicely. If you'll just set yourself down on the couch, Miss Walters. And Mikki you set up there, that's fine. And I'll take the chair. That's OK. Everybody comfortable. Miss Walters?"

The camera settles on a mid-shot view of the young teacher on the couch.

"Yeah, fine. Uhhh, what is this about? I was just going to go to bed...."

"Don't worry about it. You're going to be fine. You're not worried or frightened at all are you?"

"No, no. Just I have to be up early in the morning...."

"That's fine. You want to help us and answer all our questions, don't you?"

"I guess so." She looks puzzled.

"That's fine. Now then, the reason I'm here tonight is because of something that's been bothering the boys in your French classes. You teach French here, don't you?"

"Yeah, and a little German and Math."

"Well, it's at the request of your French set that I'm here tonight. The thing is Miss Walters... Do you mind if I call you Rebecca?"

"No, no, not at all. Ummm, do I know you from somewhere?"

"Maybe. I'm changed my look a bit recently. Do you mind if I call you Becky?"

"No, that's fine with me." She looks puzzled as the girl behind the camera giggles.

"OK Becky. What the boys want to know is: Are you a cocktease?"

"I'm sorry?"

"What they would like to figure out is: do you wiggle your ass and your tits at them deliberately to get them horny or is it just purely unconscious on your part? Are you a deliberately cocktease?"

"Oh, I see. Well, yeah, I guess I am a cock tease if that's what you'd like to call it." She smiles and then looks puzzled. "Why am telling you this?"

"Well, I haven't really given you any choice, Becky. See with my little laptop and a really, really neat program I've just got I've fixed it that tonight you're going to tell us everything we want to know about you, do anything we ask you to and be anything we want you to be. Don't worry, though. You'll enjoy it and not be scared. I fixed it that way."

"Oh, oh right. Say, I think I know you... Aren't you the kid who sits at the back by the window?" "Oh well done, Becky! Yeah, that's me. I've used my new toy to make myself bigger and older but that's me. And Mikki here, she used to be Mike who sat next to me..."

"Hi, Miss Walters!"

"Oh, my gosh.....But that's...."

"Direct order now, Becky, you're not to think about how I'm doing this or worry about anything but doing what pleases us and what you're told. OK?"

"Oh, yeah. OK. Sure." She giggles and says: "What next?"

"Well, we'd like to give our viewers a sight of how you tease the boys in the class. Could you just stand up and show the camera what you do."

"Well, I uh.... Can lean forward like this..."

"That's good, that's lovely...."

"I sort of use my arms to push my tits forward at the boy while I'm correcting his work, you see?"

"Uh huh and what else?"

"I can bend over to pick something up, like this. I wear these tight, tight skirts in class and it really gives them a good look at my ass. And when I sit on the edge of the desk like this I sort of point my pussy at the boy I want to get that day and cross my legs like this. When I do that I can just feel their cocks getting hard and their little eyes sticking out like they were on stalks."

"Uh, huh. Well you are a hell of a cockteasing bitch aren't you Becky?"

"I guess so. If you want to call it that."

"Well, I do. In fact the boys in the class they call you Becky the Bitch, did you know that?"

"I uh, no. I didn't."

"It'll be alright with you if I call you Bitch from now on won't it?"

"Umm, yes, Sure. If you want to."

"Tell you what Becky, from now on whenever you hear someone use the word Bitch, you'll start to get wet in the pussy. And then you'll have to go somewhere and frig your wet pussy until you come. Isn't that right, Bitch?"

"Oh, I uh, Oh."

"Something wrong, Becky-the-Bitch?" "Please. I have to go and...."

"No. Stay just where you are. I think you owe the boys a little treat for all the times you've been so nasty to them. Take that robe off and take care of your hot little cunt."

"Oh, I...oh, god..."

"That's it. Right between the legs. Good girl, Bitch. Get that in close up, Mikki. Becky, don't come till I tell you you can."


"Don't forget to play with your tits. The boys will like that... Hmmm, do they look a little small to you, Mikki?"

"Uh huh, Boss. Not as developed as they looked in class. You wear padding, Bitch?"

"Uhhh, no.... I uhhh, wear one of those push-up bras. I uhhh.... Oh, god...."

"Pushing them right in the boys faces. Well, I'm sure we can help you do that in future. Let's see. Bra size... Let's make it a D cup. No need to let everyone think you've had implants. Send. There we go...."

"Ohhhh, ahhh, ohhh yeah... I gotta..."

"She's enjoying that isn't she? Is that good, Becky?"

"Yeah, hot.... Soooo hot...."

"Uhh huh. Tell us Becky, the boys want to know: do you ever fuck with your pupils? Ever use any of those boners you give them?"

"Uhhhn, no! That would get me fired! And any way, they would only have pathetic little boy cocks, nothing to get me satisfied."

"Hmmm, let me check that out with the program. Hmmm, yes I'm afraid you're right about that one Becky. Sorry fellas. Except for yours truly of course. First thing I did when I got the magic machine. What sort of size do go for then, Becky?"

"Something the size of Oscar."

"Who's Oscar?"

"Oscar isn't a who. Look, if you'll let me go to my bedroom I can show you..."

"OK but come right back.... Hmmm, hm! Look at the way that pretty little ass goes! Oh, and this is Oscar is it? Is that a vibrator or just a dildo?"

"Oscar isn't a just anything! He's my best friend, specially all alone at night."

"She'll never get that thing up in her! It's HUGE!"

"Well, let's see shall we, Mikki? Becky, you can come if you can get that monster all the way up your pussy. Reckon you can do it?"

"Of course! First you got to use lots and lots of lube see?"

"Uh huh."

"And then you've got to take it slowly... Uh... Uhhhhn.."

"Oh my gawd!"

"How'd you like that in your recently-virgin snatch, Mikki?"

"Not at all. That monster you've got between your legs was bad enough... Oh, my gawd.... Look at her go...."

"Well, this is giving the customers what they want.... Hmmm, Becky? I notice that Oscar is not only Big. He's also Black. Right?"

"Uh, huh. Oh, Oscar baby do it yeah...."

"Is that part of the fantasy? Huh? Does Becky the Bitch want a big Black Stud? Hmmm?"

"Oh, yeah, that's what I dream about when Oscar's put me to sleep. Big Black Cock."

"Well, now. It seems to me that we can do something about that...Keep going Becky."

"What are you up to Boss?"

"Giving Becky the Man of Her Dreams. Send. He should be hear soon. Hmm, going to have to make a slight physical modification. Seems what you hear about Black Guys isn't all true..."

"Who you got in mind? Oh, not the Principal!"

"And why not, lovely little Mikki? He's good looking, he's single, he's Big (well he is now) and he's Black. Just call me Cupid!"

The door bell rings and the Wizard goes and answers it while the camera keeps on the woman writhing on the sofa. It pulls back to show the Wizard ushering in a middle-aged Black man in a dressing gown and slippers.

"What is going on here? Miss Walters, what are you doing with these people....."

"Hush for a while Principal. Or Bill. I think we can be on a first name basis. You and she are about to make each other very happy. Just take of the clothes and put them over there."

"Ooooh, God. Look at it. I wan' it. Wan' it."

"Now, now Bitch. you can have it if you beg nicely. Put Oscar down and come over and get your mouth working on this jawbreaker. There, Mikki, doesn't that look pretty?"

"Principal Rawlins doesn't look that happy."

"No. No he doesn't does he? What's the matter Principal? Don't you like having your cock sucked? Got religious objections or something?"

"Uh, no I uh...."

"He's not getting hard, why isn't her getting hard?"

"Don't know. The Bitch is working away at him. You'd think he'd be delighted. What's the matter Bill? Don't you like girls?"

"Unnn, no. I don't actually."

"Oh, wow! Hey, I never would have guessed! The Principals a faggot! Just like me! I mean like I was, Boss. Now don't get mad!"

"OK Mikki. No one's gonna call you a faggot ever again. That right, Bill? You prefer boys?"

"Yeah, ahhh, please....."

"Must have been hard on you. All those pretty boys around every year and I bet you never once gave way to tempation, did you?"

"No, unnn never... Please can she stop..."

"No, not till I tell her to. But I can put things right for you two. Poor old Bill, all these years just jerking off and visiting bars out of state while every girl in town would be glad to spread for you. Well, that's all fixed now! SEND!"

"Oh, wow! Look at him! Look at her!"

"Love, Mikki. Ain't it wonderful. Artificially induced but no less wonderful for all that!"

"Gosh, I think he's bigger than Oscar!"

"Keep that camera steady, Mikki. I'll deal with you when I get you alone.... Go on Bill, fuck her hard, she's begging for it. Aren't you, Bitch?"

"YES! PLEASE! Do it... Ahhhh!"

"That's lovely. When he comes inside you, so will you, got that? OK folks, as Bill ploughs his first pussy and Becky gets her first real black Cock inside her we'll leave you with this thought. If you know someone you think deserves a visit from the Gonzo Wizard, someone who would make a good subject for one of our videos, send the details to the e-mail address at the end of this video and me and Mikki will see what we can do. This is the first of a series folks, so let's hope that we can make it a good one. Oh, yeah wow! Look at them go! Keep the camera focussed, Mikki. This is goodnight from me, the Gonzo Wizard, and my lovely assistant Mikki..."

"Bye, now!"

"And from our twin stars of tonight, Miss Becky Walters (soon to change her name I'm sure) and Principal Bill Rawlins (wave to the camera folks) it's goodnight and good fucking. Yeah!"

The GONZO WIZARD'S agent, Boris Ludmenkov will gladly accept ideas for future visits of the Wizard and his lovely assistant. We don't guarentee to use the ideas but we'll see how the Muse moves