by Echso

"So class, if any of you can retain this literary material beyond this week's test, it would be fair to say that I have accomplished something most would consider impossible."

Mr. Feld continued pacing in front of his last English class of the day. Half of the students were already daydreaming of thing to do beside what he was teaching. Of course, some of his better pupils had already read and loved Shakespeare.

"Mr. Brackett!" He yelled to the back of the classroom where some members of the football team huddled together like a pack of wolves. "Would you care to tell the whole class where this quote is from?"

Deke Brackett smirked to his teammates. "Uh, yeah sure."

Mr. Feld took center spot in front of the classroom. "What do you read, my lord?" He moved to his right, striking another pose. " Words, words, words." Mr. Feld broke from his dramatic pose. "Mr. Brackett?"

"Uh, the bible?" Deke said as the class broke out in laughter.

Mr. Feld scowled at the answer given. "No doubt a tome you are quite familiar with. Does anybody know this passage?"

Kirby meekly raised his hand. "It's from Hamlet, Scene 2, Act 2, between Polonius and Hamlet.

Mr. Fled clutched his heart. "Be still my beating heart! Someone actually paid attention." Raising his voice so that it would carry. "Especially since we went over this material not more than 15 minutes ago, Mr. Brackett. Seems you are alone in the class dumbbell category now."

The class laughed harder at the cutting remark. Deke smacked two of his teammates hard on the shoulder for the ribbing they gave him. The bell rang ending the day's class. Deke grabbed his books and left the classroom.

"Where's that puke Kirby?"

"He's over there with Lisa Hayes."

Deke followed the pointing finger, and what he saw pissed him off to no end. There was Kirby talking with Lisa by the water fountain. She was smiling and laughing as she talked with that little puke.

Deke gathered his buds for a huddle. "Here's what we're gonna do."

"So you think this'll fix the problem?" Lisa looked unsure at what Kirby had just said.

"Yeah, that should do it. If it doesn't, just drop me a line on Yahoo Messenger, and I'll talk you through it." He said reassuringly.

Lisa gave a small smile. "Thanks, this'll really help me." She lightly hugged Kirby on the shoulders then walked away. Kirby felt a small rush of blood to his head. He never saw them coming.

Deke ran up behind Kirby and shoulder slammed him to the floor. Kirby hit the floor hard, jarring his glasses off. Deke placed his foot on top of Kirby's chest.

"Hey, puke, what are you doing talking to my girl." Deke pushed his foot a little harder on Kirby's chest.

Coughing a response, Kirby gasped, "Lisa's not your girl. Get off of me."

"What and let you get up and beat me? I don't think so, Turdy."

"Get off of me!"

"Ooooo, look, guys, Turdy thinks he's a man." Deke reached down, picked up Kirby by his shirt, and slammed him against the lockers. "Listen here, little man, you stay away from Lisa, or any other girl you think I might like and if you show me up again in class, I'll clean your fuckin' hard drive." He let go of Kirby.

Kirby dropped to the floor again, feeling for his glasses.

"Oh, by the way, Lisa doesn't like you, she just pities you."

Kirby's back and chest ached from his thrashing as he heard Deke and the rest of the players' laughter faded away.

Kirby felt a pair of hands lift him up, handing him his glasses. "What happened?"

"Thanks Josh." said Kirby. His three pals picked up his books. "Lisa asked me if I could fix her computer. She thought she broke it."

"And what, she kicked your ass?"

"No, that was Deke." Kirby's face went red as the shock finally wore off. He turned around quickly as the anger flared and slammed his fist against the lockers. "Why!"

Josh fingered the other two guys over. They quickly exchanged glances. Josh reached into his bookbag and pulled out a CD jewel case. "I think it's time for you to use this."

Kirby took the case and opened it. Inside was a gold CD-R disc. The words 'MASTER PC PROGRAM DISC were etched in marker around the disc.

The next morning, the door to Deke's room flew open.

"GET UP, BOY!" yelled his father.

Deke jumped out of his bed and was standing at attention before his father finished yelling. "Boy, do you know who just woke me up in the middle of the night?"

Deke's mind raced with all the people who would call his old man. "No sir?"

His old man clamped his hand on Deke's shoulder, squeezing it tight. Deke surpressed the urge to wince at the pain. His old man's scowl turned to big toothy grin. "Boy, I got not one, but three calls from some big time recruiters. Wildcats, Notre Dame, and the Bulldogs, and they said they want to get you going to their teams with a full scholarship!"


The old man punched Deke in the shoulder. "YEAH!!"

They both howled out loud waking the others in the house. "AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

They both took a deep breath after some more howling and laughter. "But dad, coach never told us of any recruiters by the field."

"Dammit, boy! You know as well as I do that those recruiters are a sneaky bunch of bastards. They ain't gonna tell your coach squat about when they'll come over and look. Besides that they're gonna be at the game tonight, so take it easy. Why don't you skip school today."

"No way, pop." He felt something swell in his chest. "This is my day today. Can I have the car?"

His father mused over the request for a moment "Shit, why not." Deke's father reached up to the counter. He fished out some car keys from his ballcap and tossed them to Deke. "Here boy, if you're gonna strut, might as well go all the way."

Deke snatched the keys from mid-air. "Sweet!" Deke looked at the wall clock in the kitchen. It was four in the morning but Deke was charged up. He spent the next two hours giving his old man's cherry red '65 Mustang convertible a good but quick wash and wax. He donned his best jeans and black T-shirt with his Letter jacket and Matrix shades. He climbed into the Cherry Bomb and made the engine purr. Deke peeled out of the carport and sped his way to school. He was barely a half-mile away when he saw the flashing lights in his rear-view mirror.

"Damn!" He hit the steering column as he pulled to car to the side of the road across the street from the schoolbus stop. Some of his classmates saw from a distance the police cruiser pull up behind Deke.

Deke quickly flipped off the geeks, who chuckled at him as the schoolbus pulled up to the bus stop. An officer got out of the squad car and walk up to Deke.

"Driver's license and registration."

"Aw come on. I wasn't going that fast." Deke looked up and saw the officer. "Say, aren't you Emmy's sister."

The schoolbus slowly pulled away. Kirby and the other three geeks gawked out the bus window.

The officer looked at the license then at Deke. She twinged her eyebrows for a moment then resumed. "Oh, so you're the famous Deacon Brackett. You dated my little sis Emmy. She never told me you were this nice."

The compliment caught Deke off guard. "Thank you Offi."

"Call me Irene, Deke." Irene took off her hat showing him her short-cropped blonde hair. She bent down to the window, placing her arm on it. Irene stuck her head inside. "If I knew you were driving this car, I would've pulled you over for another reason."

Deke could practically smell the come on. He looked over Irene. She wasn't bad at all. Short like her sister, but the uniform accented her very nicely. "About the ticket?"

Irene blew Deke a kiss. "Oh never mind about that, I wouldn't want to deprive Emmy of what she had planned for you today." Irene slowly got up but not before she ran her hand across Deke's chest. "If you ever get bored with Emmy, I live at the same house she does." Irene walked back to her squadcar, looking back at Deke twice, and drove away.

Deke sat there, not believing what had just happened. "Damn!!" He slammed the steering wheel. "This is definitely my day today!!"

Deke made it to his first class. Strutting in like a peacock, Deke noticed all the girls in class were following him with their eyes. He took his seat near the back of the classroom, amid some of the girls sitting nearby as class started. Kirstie Jenkins sat by on Deke's right side and licked her lips at him as she gently lifted her skirt. Deke looked at her long white near-flawless legs and noticed she was not wearing any panties when he saw the side of her ass. She mouthed the words, "Meet me after class." Kirstie spread her legs apart just a bit. She lifted the front of her skirt to show Deke she was shaved clean. She slid a book to the desk's edge to hold up the front of her skirt. Deke could feel his blood rushing. Kirstie slid two fingers inside herself. Deke could see her fingers moving inside her as she licked her lips towards Deke. She kept this up for another long slow minute. Kirstie reached into her bookbag and pulled out her silken lilac panties. She began to finger herself faster and faster until she came. She placed her panties right in front and gushed into them. Kirstie wiped herself with a dry section and when no one was looking, she passed them over to Deke. The rest of class dragged on forever in Deke's mind. When the bell rang, Deke waited for everyone else to leave. Kirstie walked back in. Without a word, he followed Kirstie down the hall to the Janitor's closet. The moment the door was closed, Kirstie pounced on Deke. She kissed him furiously on the lips and slid her tongue into his mouth. Deke groped at her through her blouse, feeling his blood beginning to boil. He slid his tongue into her mouth when she began to gag and pulled away.

"Eww, gross!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"God!" She said after she spat into the sink. She ran the water and rinsed her mouth. "You're sick! I thought you were cool, but you taste like shit." Kirstie grabbed her books and stormed out of the closet in a hurry.

Deke got out into the hallway. "Oh yeah, least I don't smell like shit! Douche next time!" Deke was furious. He felt the urge when he was making it with Kirstie, but now it was just starting to hurt him. He turned the corner and ran into Kirby sitting on the floor playing with his laptop. "Get out of my way, you fucking turd." Kirby sat there and smiled after Deke walked away. He looked into the screen and continued typing away.

Deke skipped the next two classes and hung out at gym talking to his teammates about tonight's game. Lunchtime came around, and Deke went out to the cafeteria. Everywhere he went, all the girls stole glances at him, even some of the female teachers were eyeing him. He could feel the urge building up in him. He grabbed his usual seat and ate his lunch with his buds until Belinda sauntered by with her tray. "Hey Deke."

"Hey yourself."

"You wanna show me how to hold a ball?"

"Oooooooooooooooooo" wailed the rest of the team. "Go go go go go go go go go!" They all cheered as Belinda took Deke by the hand and led him off under the bleachers.

"So what happened this morning with Kirstie?" She said as she removed her T-shirt, showing him her lacy powder blue bra.

"Nothing, she doesn't know what she's missing.

Deke moved in closer, touching Belinda's bare thigh. She shivered at his touch and closed her eyes. Deke felt the urge build up again even stronger than before with Kirstie. He bit her on the neck, sucking hard to leave a nice mark. She wrapped her arms around his waist. She had her eyes closed and began to breathe hard.

"Oh, yes like that!" She yelled as she arched her back.

Deke looked at her like she was crazy. With the exception of his hand on her hip, he was doing nothing to her. "Like what? I'm not touching you yet!"

"OH GOD! YES, YES LIKE THAT YES, YES, YES AAAAAAAAAAA!" Belinda screamed as she came. She regained her sense. "Oh god! You're good!"

Deke stood there confused. The pain was greater now. He winced slightly as he moved. "What the hell just happened?!"

Belinda's face was all sweaty. She looked at Deke with a warm glow. "You were just magnificent." She cooed.

"BULLSHIT! I didn't touch you!"

"Well if you're gonna be like that, FUCK YOU!!" Belinda redressed quickly, bolting out from under the bleachers in a huff.

Deke came out and heard some snickering nearby. He looked over and there was Kirby with his loser pals looking at a laptop screen. "FUCK YOU!" He yelled at them. "At least I got me some. Why don't you go back to the basement and whack-off with a Klingon or something!"

Deke was in a foul mood now. His crotch was aching even more after seeing Belinda get off. His mood slowly changed back to his normal cocky self. He skipped the rest of the day's classes, hanging out at gym. When classes were over, the cheerleaders showed up for practice. They all lined up and went into their routine. Deke hung around checking them out. Every now and then one of them would blow Deke a kiss, steal a glance, or flash a little for him. That helped him get back into a good move. The cheerleaders' routine slowly got a little more risqué, even for them, but he did not mind at all. The girls got all sweaty during the routines of bump and grinds until practice was over. The girls all ran into the locker room except for Emmy. She stood there for a moment looking at Deke. She smiled a big warm toothy smile at him. Deke winced in pain for a moment but returned the smile.

"Rumor has it, you've been scouted. Is it true?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking about the bulldogs."

Emmy walked over to him, placing her hand on his chest. "Well I don't think it doesn't matter who you'll go for, but I know that some of the girls...." She pressed herself against Deke, "Would like to go along for the ride." Emmy smiled again and kissed Deke in his ear with her tongue. "I have a little surprise for you after the game tonight, don't disappoint me." She reached down and grabbed him on the crotch, squeezing lightly. Then walked away.

Deke gritted his teeth in angst from the flaring pain in his crotch. He spent the next three hours with an ice pack on his balls in the team locker room. The pain subsided a little. Some of the other players showed up, teasing Deke for the way Belinda said he rode her silly.

Soon afterwards, Coach showed up, yelling his usual diatribe on stomping the other team's gut to feed the grass. "ALRIGHT, YOU BUNCH OF PANSIES!! I WANT ALL OF YOU GIRLIES TO GO OUT THERE AND STOMP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THOSE BASTARDS!!" He toned down his voice to a sweeter timber. "And for a little incentive, I just found out that there's not one but five college scouts out there. It seems that one of our players has brought some attention to the team. I don't want to name any names."

He coughed "Deke."

"So this is our night, ladies. NOW GO OUT THERE AND MAKE ME PROUD!!

The team howled and hollered at the top of their lungs. They placed their hands on top of each other and stormed out onto the field, ready to pulverize anything.

The first quarter was a stalemate. No score on either side. Deke sat in the sidelines because Coach wanted to keep him and some other the others fresh. The cheerleaders ran about the sidelines, screaming, prancing, and whipping the fans into a rabid frenzy. Emmy ran by Deke and quickly lifted her power blue skirt.

"Enjoy!" She yelled, showing her lack of panties to him. No one else caught the lovely sight.

Deke nearly doubled over in pain.

The second and third quarter was just as bad. A total mud grinder. No score, just turnover after turnover.

The fourth quarter showed some promise, they finally broke through and had the ball. Coach paced around the sidelines. "RAMIEREZ, BRACKET!!" He waved his hand. "GET IN THERE!!"

Deke ran into the huddle and got the play. He squatted down on the line and picked out his man.

"HUT ONE, HIKE!!" The ball was snapped and all hell broke loose.

Deke ran the pattern. He ran long down the line. He got to his spot, turned around, and found the ball sailing right towards him. He jumped up and grabbed the ball. He tucked the pigskin tightly inside and dashed for the goal line. Two defensive backs from the other team were on his tail trying their best to stomp the crap out of him. Deke felt the adrenaline rush kick in. He got past the thirty-yard line. The crowd was screaming. He stole a glance at the crowd. Emmy and Denise were yelling encouragements. Denise grabbed her sweater and lifted it up to her neck. Deke saw her shapely tits, and then the pain stabbed him hard. Deke toppled forward, screaming in agony. The ball fell to the ground before Deke's knee touched the turf.

One of the defensive backs grabbed the ball while the other one pounced on Deke before he realized the fumble.

They ran with the ball back up to their forty-yard line.


"Sorry coach." Was all Deke could say. The looks from his teammates gave him the idea of what they thought of him.


"But coach, I'm a receiver not a defensive back."

Coach grabbed Deke by the faceguard. He squinted his eyes. "Son, get your scrawny ass out there. You screwed this up, you're gonna fix it. GOT IT!"

"SIR, YES SIR!" Deke yelled back.

They all lined up at the scrimmage. The other team hiked the ball. Deke blitzed through the gamut. He saw the opposing quarterback turned the other way and snatched the ball out of his hands. Deke got hit from behind. His legs felt weak, but he didn't fall. His vision blurred for a moment and got disoriented, then he felt his second wind kick in. He dashed around the other players. He felt his strength flowing back into him as he ran down the middle of the field towards the goal line. He could hear the crowd scream out his name over and over again. He ran right into the end zone and held the ball high in triumph. It was then he realized he ran into his own end zone. He turned around and saw the front end of two milk-fed players just inches away. They smashed into Deke, driving him to the ground like a lawn dart. The referee ran up to the scene and placed his hands high above his head, palms together.

"SAFETY!" The announcer screamed.

Another referee popped the starter gun and the game ended with Deke's team losing 0 - 2.

The tacklers got off of Deke and thanked him for the points. The crowd got hostile and began throwing their drinks, hot-dogs and just about anything else at Deke.

Deke ran for the locker room and found out he had been locked out.

"Shit!" Deke stood by the door, pissed at himself when he saw Emmy walk into his view. She never a word, she just placed a finger across his lips. "Shhhhhh." As she took him by the hand and led him into the girl's locker room. The sound of the cheerleading squad giggling in the background made Deke a little nervous. Emmy led him into the shower area where the entire squad was lathering up. They were all there. Emmy got in front of him and slowly peeled off her white/powder blue uniform. She was compact. A nice 5'2" but built well like her sister. A good c-cup with an ass that could absorb any shock. She pressed Deke against the shower wall and kissed him in the neck. Slowly she pushed him down to the floor until he sat down in the water. Emmy moved him to the center of the floor where the other girls got down to their knees surrounding him. Slowly they reached out and they all touched him. The pain in his crotch grew ever stronger as the girls peeled off his uniform. Emmy crawled up to Deke and kissed him full on the lips. Emmy slid her tongue in to his mouth as the other girls pawed at Deke for some attention.

Then Deke felt another pain as Emmy bit down on his tongue. Then every girl clawed on Deke's bare skin with her nails.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." Deke screamed as the pelted him. They all had a bar of soap wrapped in a towel.

"What the fuck!"

Emmy stood by. "That's for beating on Kirby."

"WHAT?!" Deke tried to protect himself but the pelting kept him on the ground in the defensive.

"You heard, you fucking shit!" She screamed. "That's for beating up Kirby and for all the shit you've ever pulled.

Deke screamed in agony as he went fetal.

"That's enough girls. Forget what just happened and go home" Came a voice from outside the showers. Deke looked up and saw Kirby standing there with a happy sneer on his face.

With a glazed look in their eyes, the girls stopped beating on Deke with the soap bars and they walked out, single file. They each kissed Kirby on the cheek as they passed by him.

"YOU DID THIS?! YOU WORTHLESS FUCK!!" Deke shot up towards Kirby, but an instant before he could grab him. He felt the pain in his crotch stab him down. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

"Give it up. Dick! You can't hurt me."

"YOU WORTHLESS SHIT!" Deke screamed clutching his crotch. "What the fuck did you do to me?!"

"Let's just say, you have the dinky of a three year old from now on with a sex drive that just won't go away." Kirby smiled.

"You bastard!" Jeff lunged at Kirby. He felt his balls explode in pain. Out of instinct, Kirby jumped out of Deke's way. Deke flew past Kirby and grabbed his laptop.

Kirby reached out. "NO!!"

Deke panted in pain but realized Kirby was panicked. "I may not be able to hurt you, but I can still fuck with your shit!!" He raised the laptop high, his finger pressing the 'ENTER' button, and chucked it into the shower room. The laptop smashed against the tile wall, breaking into small pieces. The water shorted the lithium battery causing the laptop to smoke and smolder. Kirby ran in after the laptop. He scrambled to remove the Master PC disc from the drive. The smoldering smoke turned to flames and the laptop was burned to a crisp along with the disc.

"Oh god no, did you press ENTER?"

"Why..a.....a...." Deke's body convulsed in one big heave. "What did you do to me?!"

Kirby felt Deke's angst. "You have to whack off until you cum, but you can't do that because you have an inactive dick.

Deke reached down and screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"