Master PC - The Elves


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Chapter One: His Life

Mark had been at it every night for two weeks before the box opened. It hadn't been easy, or quick. It was top of the line safebox with a six key tumbler lock. But every night, and some days, he slowly, methodically went through every combination. He felt like Charlie, he knew this box was his golden ticket. What was inside?

Mark needed a golden ticket. He life was miserable. His two older sisters alternated between bitch and slave driver. His mother was the worst. She always felt she deserved better from life. She was a rising star, 4.0, with a full ride to an Ivy League college, until Mark's dad knocked her up.

14 years and two more children later, the Wunderbitch decided to finally admit failure and divorced Charlie's dad Jack Fahey.  Jack was merchant marine Captain. He made good money, but he couldn't keep his dick in his pants, foreign port or local neighborhood.

Mom got a fat settlement then moved them to a new house, closer to the university. She finished her Ph.D. in psychology, where she felt her superior intellect would do the most good.

Mark didn't measure up to her expectations. He wasn't as pretty, bright, athletic or as popular as his older sisters. When he succeeded, his mom's hatred of his father's personal success kicked in. It was never enough, or the wrong kind of success. When he failed, her sense of entitlement took control. Life owed her a son who got all A's and was captain of the football team. She couldn't punish life, so she punished him. Things his sisters got away with, he got grounded for.

He had the added fault of looking like, Captain Jack Fahey, Joanne's ex-husband. Mark was a constant reminder of the stupidest mistake of her life, the mistake she kicked herself for on an hourly basis. Have you every been blamed for someone else's mistakes? Ever suffer for it for fourteen years?

Mark once saw a stray dog trying to cross a freeway. The cars zipped by, not seeing the poor fleabag. The dog, tail between his legs, was desperately trying just to get off the road without getting crushed. He dodged this way and that. Mark felt like that dog. He was constantly dodging his mother and sisters, just trying to get off the highway called his life. After about five minutes, the dog was struck and killed. Mark witnessed it all.

His sisters looked mostly like his mom; fine, brownish blonde hair, eyes as gray as a stormy sea (as his dad liked to say) and oval faces. Elizabeth, the younger and shorter of the two, had inherited her mother's slim frame and her poor eyesight.  Suzanne, the elder, had gotten some of her father's bigger build, which translated into large 38D tits and a big booty. Elizabeth was a junior in high school. Suzanne was a freshman at the college. Both were smart, high strung and cheated anyway possible to get better grades.

Mark had just entered high school and hated it. His grades were only adequate. Worst of all, he didn't fit in. The teachers and classmates were okay. It was just that switching classes every few minutes threw him off.  He had come from an old fashioned school. One stayed on the same campus from kindergarten to eighth grade. He liked knowing everybody. It was like a small town. Now, he felt too rushed to connect with anyone.

Marc's only escape from the daily abuse was his fantasy books and his friends at the gaming society.  Every Saturday morning, he would ride out to Sam's basement and play games in with his friends, even a few university guys. Of course, his mother and sisters beshrewed him this one little piece of happiness.  All three harpies shrieked that it was a stupid waste of time. But since they were in bed when he left, they couldn't do much.

Mark was not without his virtues. He was more patient, more hardworking and seized on more opportunities than all three of them combined. That's how he found the charred safe-box.

He was on his bike, working his early morning paper route, pedaling by the house that had mysteriously burned down the previous day. A patrol car was on duty, keeping looters away until the investigators showed up later that morning. Mark was only 10 feet away when the car's lights suddenly flared and the engine roared to life. The car pulled a 180 and sped off.

Mark didn't think twice. He dropped his bike and bolted for the fresh house-carcass. He didn't bother being gentle he turned over burned remains like a madman. Hot cinders burned his hands, acrid fumed singed his nose hairs. At first, he found only melted appliances and furniture springs.  He was at it for a half an hour when he spotted the red box. It was a fireproof box.  Charred as it was, it was designed to save whatever it contained.  He threw it into his news sack, and sped off to complete his route before the police came back and questioned a very sooty boy.

Inside the box, there was nothing but CD-ROMs, unlabeled ones at that. He frowned. He was hoping for jewelry. No such luck. The only computer in the house was in his mom's attic office. It was eleven at night so she was probably asleep. Eager to examine his treasure, he crept upstairs and booted the disks up. The first disk was a decoder/encryption disk. The second took a long time to boot up. The hard drive whirred and whirred. Suddenly, a screen popped up it said,
<Welcome to Master PC, would you like to enter a password? >

Mark entered the name Silbar, his all time favorite character, the one he'd been building for years. Then he hit <enter>

After that moment, it was whole new world. Master PC was like a magic ring, his own personal genie. This program claimed to be able to change people physically and mentally. Slowly, methodically, he explored the program's abilities, like he was exploring a magic item. It had four major functions. It had scroll bars to enhance a person's stats, and a text message window that allowed him to "speak" commands. Another text window allowed him to read thoughts. The digital morpher was the coolest feature.  When it was summoned up, a rotating three-D image of the victim was projected on the monitor. When one changed the person, or the person moved, his or her image in the window changed accordingly.

He started by maximizing his stats. He would be dexterous, strong (but not bulky) and have high endurance. He then gave himself the ability to charm anyone at will. He avoided monkeying around with his sagacity or intellect because he had seen those things backfire in the game.

 He fiddled with himself until 2am. When he looked for a word procession program, Marc realized that Master PC had rewritten his mother's computers entire hard drive to serve its needs. He was worried.

His mother used the attic for her family counseling office. It meant a lot to her. The loan to build a separate stairway up the back had caused some serious financial strain, almost torpedoing Suzanne's student loan.  Her office computer contained all the records of her foundling practice.

Near panic, Marc reached for her CD binder. He was relieved to see a CD entitled "Backups" next to a software install disk. His mom used a CD burner to back up all her files. Looks like she did it only Wednesday night, only two days ago, and she hadn't worked much since then.

It would only take him an hour or so to set things right. Still, after he reloaded everything, she might notice a difference. He decided now would be a good time to test drive Master PC.

He typed in his mother's name, Joanne York. His mother's image appeared on the screen. Her hair was tousled, her body splayed out on an invisible bed. She wore a simple, full-length nightgown that rode up to her thighs.

Marc was delighted. It was like he was predator, an evil mage with a crystal ball. "Well mom, looks like the worm has turned, doesn't it?"

Marc went to he text window. He wasn't sure exactly how it worked. It seemed awfully open ended.  He tried typing in a false memory.
<There was a power surge just before you shut down yesterday. You won't be surprised if you lost some data. > SEND

No response. But there would be none, if it worked right.

He thought about a physical command that would show him if the thing was really working. His Father's opportunistic streak came to the fore. "All right, let's have some fun, mommy dearest. Let's try an old hypnotist trick."

<It is very hot in your room.  You in the mood to sleep in the nude on top of your covers. >SEND

Marc saw the image move. His mother threw over the quilt, stood, lifted off her nightgown and lay back down on the bed, quite naked. Marc touched himself. The rush of power was incredible.

He shrunk his mother's window and hoped the computer had enough RAM for his next idea. He summoned up Suzanne and Elizabeth and commanded them to do the same.

Both did as he commanded.  He sat there, stroking his cock through his shorts, watching his sleeping naked mother and sisters.  He tried more. He sent a command to all three.

<Go into a deep sleep. Dream about being fucked by Mark in your favorite way. You like it. You like it so much, you are in ecstasy.  You will move you body but you will remain asleep. >SEND

There was no reaction at first. Then slowly, surely, each began to writhe. Suzanne rubbed her tits, pressing them together and pursing her lips. Joanne was rolling over on her on her hands and knees. Elizabeth's hand went to her tiny pussy. He could see them move but he couldn't hear anything, yet.

Suzanne bundled up three fingers and plunged them in and out of her mouth. Elizabeth simply mashed her hand against her quim. His mother shocked him. She wasn't dreaming of regular or oral sex. She reached underneath her and plunged her middle finger in and out of her anus. "So that's why she stayed married to dad." Mark sneered but did not stop stroking his young cock.

In his short life, Marc have never seen even one porno, but he could sense these "dreams" were coming to a climax. All three females were moving faster and faster. His mom and Suzanne always kept their doors locked, but not Elizabeth. It was too late to command them to open their doors now. He ran downstairs and entered Elizabeth's room.  From there he could hear some noises coming from the other women's' rooms.  Elizabeth's room was filled with an odd, musky smell. He could hear her pussy slurping all over her hand.

He left only the hall light on, dropped his shorts and stood at the foot of the sleeping, masturbating, Elizabeth. Her legs were quivering. Her lips moved with spectral kisses. She arched her back, raising her chest, her tiny flesh-cakes rising to greet her dream-lovers tongue.

Marc wanted to be that lover. He stroked faster. She began to thrash about. Suddenly, she issued a small shout and so did Marc. Bother and sister, they came together. Convulsing in rapture, he spewed his jism all over his older sister's bed.  He waited. Elizabeth did not wake up. But she did talk in her sleep.

"Again? Humph. I don't know... Oh it feels so good...don't stop Mark...yes...."

Mark realized that, like an old shampoo bottle, he had put no ending to his command. He let Elizabeth and the other York women get dream-laid while he wiped off his sperm with a damp washcloth. As he wiped, he thought.  His sister was on her third orgasm when he went back into the attic.

Illuminated only in the devilish cobalt blue glow of a the cathode ray tube, he entered for all three, <You love Mark. You will remember your dreams tonight. You think he is sexy. You will do what he says. SEND>  Mark wiped the hard drive, reloaded everything and went to sleep. It was 4am, tomorrow was Friday, a school day.

Mark should have been sleepy when his alarm clock went off, but he wasn't. He really wanted to stay around to see what Master PC would do, but he had his paper route. His bike riding was effortless, even though his clothes didn't really fit right and that made the morning unpleasant.

In the family's morning routine, Elizabeth and Suzanne had already gotten their showers when he arrived back home. It was his turn. Mom, who made her own hours, would get her hot water later. He didn't see either of his two sisters on his way to the bathroom. But he jumped in and began to wipe less sweat than usual from his body.

Mark noticed his new build while he showered. His muscles were definite, "cut." He was built like a sleek comic book hero. Master PC and his years of role-playing had stayed him in good stead. He was one buff dude!

As he was soaping down his new body, he felt a draft of cold air. Had someone opened the bathroom door? How long had they been standing there, watching him soap himself? The shower curtain obscured his view. But the sun lamp above the tub would give any voyeur a good look at his silhouette. Mom had her own master bath; it probably was Suzanne or Elizabeth. "Who's there?" Mark asked. The only reply was the sound of the bathroom door shutting closed.

Mark smiled. Master PC was working its magic already.

Chapter 2: The Sisters

Mark went down the stairs to the kitchen. Mom was still asleep. Both Elizabeth and Suzanne had driven to school early. (Mom had gotten them their own cars on their sixteenth birthday. Mark was told not to expect a car on the pretense that insurance for boys was much higher.)

Riding bikes was great for thinking. Mark thought he needed his own computer. At school, Mark charmed his way into a straight A day and an early dismissal. Then he pedaled straight to University Avenue.

There, he charmed Larry, the owner of a small computer store, into giving him two top of the line, tricked out, laptops for "promotional consideration." Then he rode straight home.

Mom was home but no one else. She was in her office, oblivious to her son's existence. Mark went straight to his room and dedicated the milky gray laptop to Master PC. While Master PC took over the hardrive, he took his good calligraphy pen and carefully wrote "Crystal Ball" on the laptop's lid. For it was his crystal ball, his way to watch and cast enchantments from a distance.

Crystal Ball handled three Digital Morpher screens easily. His mother was dressed in casual attire and seated in a typing position. Elizabeth was performing running of some kind, probably basketball practice. Suzanne was being fucked.

She was almost naked. Her panties were just coming off, and then her legs began to spread. The angle at which she spread them led Mark to believe she was on a sofa at the time. He could see her breasts being fondled by and invisible hand. He liked to think that it was he that had gotten her so horny. "And since it was me who got you horny, dear sister, let's ruin your day."

<You will not be able to orgasm unless you imagine it is your brother who is really fucking you. After you orgasm, you will regret it was not your brother who fucked you. You will know it would be much better with him. > SEND

As Mark watched his sister's naked body rock back and forth with the thrusts of her lover, he stroked himself hard and then fretted himself into impotence. Years of mental abuse and violation came pouring through. "They are avoiding me. They know something is up and they always know when it's me up to something. They will look for Master PC and find it."

The idea of his mother with Master PC was too much. His dick shriveled. Suzanne forgotten. He had to protect himself. The password was good for now, but the CD's? He pulled down and old roof tile and slid them in. That would do for now. But now to relieve their suspicions...

Mark fell back on his role-playing. What he should do is create all new character histories for all three. But first, he had Crystal Ball broadcast in a 100 mile radius (Master PC's limit) the idea that Larry's Computers on University Avenue was the best computer store in town. Then he started his rough drafts on Black Box, his second laptop.

Mark knew that he had only gotten C's in writing before, but he had had never been this motivated. His teachers had said he had problems with "person" and "voice" whatever those were. But he could let that stop him.

He knew he wanted power over the three harpies who had made his life miserable. Of all the things that hurt, the sex jokes were the worst. All three had taken great joy in making him feel impotent, mocking his clumsiness with girls. Now the shoe would be on the other foot.

He would work up to his mother, the Wunderbitch.

<Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a not a happy girl. She starts for the basketball team, gets straight A's, is very popular with the boys and has a car. Anyone would think she has it all. But she doesn't have the one thing she wants most in the world, her brother.
  Elizabeth is in lust with her brother, Mark. She thinks nasty, incestuous thoughts about him all the time. For the past few weeks, she has sneaked into his bedroom when he was asleep just to imagine herself next to him, in his bed, but not sleeping. When she can't stand it anymore, she goes back to her room to masturbate.
  In her imagination, he is fucking her and she is loving it. Oh, she always loved her little brother, even if she didn't show it. But her feelings have grown. Elizabeth noticed how handsome he is and the fact that he is her brother makes it delicious.
 Lately, she has been nicer to him, fixing, him breakfast, anything to be closer. Two days ago, she gave him a backrub and practically jumped him right there.

 Only society, mom and Suzanne stand in her way, especially her older sister, Suzanne. Suzanne has been trying to seduce Mark for the past year. Suzanne is a tease and slut who wants Mark for herself. She's been using those breasts of hers, rubbing them against him. Well, Elizabeth's ass is tighter.

 She can't wait any longer. Today is Friday.  She thinks Suzanne has a study group. If Mom is not home tonight, she will go to her dear, beloved, brother, seduce him and make love to him. Oh, she hopes he will not reject her.

 She knows that this is her idea and her own fault.

All this Elizabeth believes and knows> SEND

<Suzanne: This boy is a failure as a lover. He is no substitute for the one I really crave, my brother, Mark. It had been that way for about a year. At first, when those vivid sex dreams of Mark and I having hot sex occurred, I tried to ignore them.  Then I fought them. They were incest, they were wrong. But the dreams would not stop, they were relentless.  Plus Mark was around all the time, sweet, handsome, succulent, Mark.  I was like a hungry dog in a butcher shop, ordered not to eat.

After I acknowledged the desires of my body, I thought the feelings would go away, but no. One night, I saw Elizabeth enter Mark's room late at night. I spied on the little slut. After a few minutes, she left. I was so jealous! I entered to see what she had done. Dear sweet Mark was still asleep.

She must have watched him sleep and then diddled herself. The recent memory of how jealous I was broke down my last barrier. I went to my room diddled myself to Mark's image too. I imagined his penis in my mouth and pussy. I wanted it so bad I came right there, biting my lip to keep quiet. It was the best of my life. Now I ache to have my brother in me. Right or wrong, now I have an animal need that requires satisfaction, an itch that needs to be scratched.

I have been teasing him, bending over for him, rubbing my breasts against him, but he is too young. He doesn't get the idea and I cannot wait any longer.

Elizabeth has a game Saturday and mom likes to go to movies. With any luck we will be alone. I will have my way then. I will prepare the ideal night for us both.

This is my own idea and my own entire fault.

All this Suzanne believes and knows. > SEND

Joanne York: You are having lustful, wanton thoughts about your son. He looks so much like your ex, you imagine him doing all the things to you that Jack used to do and you liked so much. Sweet Mark has been unaware of your attentions. You have been drifting into lustful fantasy so much lately, that it has been hard to work.

Your brain knows that incest is wrong, but your body says otherwise. Worst of all, your daughters have apparently inherited your dirty mind. Since he turned fourteen, they have been flirting with him almost daily. Suzanne has been rubbing up against him, leaning over to show her cleavage.  Elizabeth has been cuddling up to him. They both want him in their beds, you can tell. You would stop it but you find the idea incredibly sexy.

One night you saw Mark and Elizabeth on the sofa watching a movie. You sat in the lounge chair and pretended to read. A scene in the book, you cannot remember which now (and it is hardly important), sparked your fantasy. In your mind's eye, it wasn't a sci-fi movie on the big screen but a porno. Elizabeth, your daughter, was beneath your son, gasping in arousal, while your handsome son pumped his penis into her. The sound from the TV made it seem like group sex.
You fled into your bedroom and drew a bath to diddle yourself. In the bath fantasy, both your daughter and son joined you.

 Then there was the time you saw Suzanne and Mark bending over the kitchen counter at about the same place. Suddenly, the image of him bending her over and sexing her came into your mind. You could see her big tits swaying back and forth with each of his fucks.

 You read psychology books. You are sure something is in there about what is happening to you.

 It occurs to you that that your daughters have been building to something. Your intuition says that this weekend might be the time they have chosen to seduce him. You will get the drill, make a hole through your closet to Mark's to spy on him. You will pretend to go out Friday and Saturday. You will use your office door to sneak back in and spy on Mark and your daughters.

 You hope to catch them in the act. You do not plan to stop them but to watch. You excuse yourself by saying it is research but you will become incredible horny at the idea of your son fucking your daughter or another girl and you will become a slut at the idea of watching him fuck his sisters. You want with all your being for him to fuck every pretty girl in town while you watch.
This is your own idea and your own entire fault.

All this Joanne believes and knows. > SEND

One last command for all three: <Joanne, Suzanne and Elizabeth York will never directly or indirectly tamper or touch Mark's computers and will protect them too. >SEND

He shut both down. With his paper route money he needed to buy some new clothes.

"Mom! I'm going shopping."

His mom peaked down. "Fine. Mark, dear, where is the toolbox?"

"In the back of the garage, Mom."

Chapter 3: His Sisters

It was Friday night. Mom and Elizabeth were away. Only Mark and his sister were in the house.

Mark was enjoying himself. He was finally watching one of his films in peace. Elizabeth did not taunt him one little bit that night. She dressed down early, into a white flannel nightgown and snuggled up against him. She wore her hair looser than usual and practically bathed herself in her sexist perfume. Mark thought she smelled like powdery roses.

For about a half an hour the two teenagers ground into each other. Elizabeth's aggressiveness surprised Mark. He already sported a boner when she rested her head on his lap and spoke.



"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No. You know that."

"Would you like me to teach you how? It is real easy."

"Well, I've seen this movie a few times already, so Okay Sis."

There was no lesson to it. The bother and sister entwined their tongues like serpents and sent their hands roaming all over each other's most private areas. Mark's hand was working its way under her nightgown, up her thigh. When she leaned her head back for his sweet touch, he knew he couldn't make it this easy for her. "Oh, Sis! What have I done?"

In the best dramatic fashion, he ran upstairs into his bedroom. Mark saw his mother's room door close just as he turned the top of the stairs. She must have been watching the make out session.  He shut his own door but did not lock it.  Then he threw himself face down on the bed.

"Mark?" Elizabeth stood in the hallway.


She approached, fully intent on seducing him. Master PC or no, Elizabeth York was a girl who got what she wanted, no matter what lie she had to utter. "It's okay, Mark. Bothers and sisters do it all the time, it's perfectly natural."

"Really?" Mark scooted back on the bed, to be in full view of his open closet.

"Really. Besides we love each other, don't we?"

"I guess we do." Mark was having a hard time not laughing. Here was his bitch sister, seducing him, feeding him lines...lines he fed her.

Elizabeth made gentle lies some more. With each deceit, she moved closer and closer to her bother, her intended lover. She figured that if she could touch him again she could drive him nuts enough to finally fuck her. Her big mistake last time was leaving it up to him.

She held his head in both hands and gently kissed him on the lips. Then the tongues wrestled again. This time Elizabeth massaged Mark's crotch, running her hand up and down the shaft. "Does that feel good, Marky?"

"Mmm. Sure does, Sis."

She pulled off his shirt. Then she took a moment to feel his chest. "Gosh, Mark I never knew what a hard body you have. "  Mark cold tell she was really getting to look forward to having sex with him.

Then she started to nibble his pecs and six pack then down his chest.  He reached behind her, underneath her nightgown and fondled her bare ass a bit. It was a smooth as the finest Italian leather. Elizabeth moaned. Mark decided he liked smooth asses.

Elizabeth lifted up her nightgown, exposing her naked body to her kid brother. She arched her back as a hint he should suck her tits. Mark had never seen a real naked woman before. It was a mystical experience. In awe of his luck, he gently, hesitantly, touched his sister's breast. Elizabeth seemed impatient with his slow advances, so he sucked on a tit. "OW! Not so hard."

He was genuinely embarrassed. "Sorry, Elizabeth."

"Never mind. You are probably hard enough. Elizabeth produced a small square foil pouch. "A condom! I stole it from Suzanne's stash. Take off your shorts and come here." Mark obeyed. Elizabeth frowned like she bit a lemon peel. It was then that Mark realized his dick must be small.

She opened the packet and tried to slip it on him. The latex sheath was too loose too stay on. It splatted the floor. "Aw, to hell with it!"  Elizabeth threw up her hands and stormed out.

To make matters worse, Mark heard his mother's derisive laughter from the closet hole, just before she blocked it up.

"Shit!"  Mark had left Crystal warmed up and went straight Master PC. The first thing he did was summon up himself and digital morpher. He increased his dick size. He remembered from some bawdy stats his gaming friends rolled up that twelve inches was big. So he made it a foot long.

His penis became longer but not thicker. It looked like a hot dog. Mark fixed that; he increased the circumference until the entire length of the shaft was as thick as a cucumber.

Then he rewound the moment.  He closed his own window and summoned up his, Joanne's and Elizabeth's text boxes.

<You will forget all the happened after to the point where Mark dropped his shorts. You will sleepwalk back to exact point in time just before Mark dropped his shorts. You will wake up and resume your life after Mark says, "Resume." And if he says, "pause" you will mindlessly wait for your life to continue until he says, "resume."> SEND
He shut CB's lid. Mark saw his mother remove the plug to the hole in his closet. She had been very clever and cut it just below his hanging snow gear. He wouldn't be able to see it unless he bent down or removed the coats and looked down. And his used those coats only when he went skiing. Elizabeth entered a minute later, sleepwalking. She sat on the edge of the bed and Mark handed her the loose condom.

Staring at Elizabeth there, in a trace, helpless, gave him that unfamiliar sense of power. He could do anything he wanted to her, to his mother, to Suzanne.  They would pay for all the pain and humiliation they heaped on him over the years. His cock responded to the masculine thoughts. Blood rushed in to the huge organ, making upright, rigid, like and Egyptian Obelisk.  "Resume."

Elizabeth's jaw went slack and Mark swore he heard a gasp from the closet. "Big change from last time." Mark mused.

"My gawd Mark! You are huge!"

"Thanks, Elizabeth."

"This condom will never fit. We will have to wait."


"Well, I don't want to get pregnant."

Mark's mind was reeling. The poor boy had a lot to learn about life and women. "But you love me!"

"What has that got to do with anything? I am not getting pregnant. I've got too much to live for.  I am disappointed too. Now you'll just have to finger me."

"Finger you? But you love me, aren't you supposed to do the things I like?"

She suddenly grew cold and distant. "I can see that you aren't ready for this yet. When you get horny enough, see me in my room." With that she left. She didn't even pick up the condom. His mother had trouble blocking up the hole.

Mark spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what went wrong.  He felt like crying, all this power and he still couldn't get laid. Maybe Suzanne would be better tomorrow.


Mark felt the draft again. He was showering. This time, the mysterious intruder shut the door behind her. Elizabeth, Suzanne or Mom, one of them was watching. He began to touch his dick, encouraging his dick to get hard. He reflected that he needed new jeans to accommodate his new monster.

He wanted to show off his new dick but he didn't want to jerk off in front of his watcher. That would be too embarrassing. Finally, it reached its full length. Mark gripped it like a baseball bat and still had room left over. Was that whispering her heard? The door silently opened and shut again. The intruder was gone.

Mother had gone to the movies and Elizabeth had left for her out of town basketball tournament when Mark arrived home from gaming. Only Suzanne was there, she was just unloading some packages. (The girls got their own credit cards while Mark had to earn all his money.)

Suzanne must have spent the day at the beauty parlor too. She had her hair curled and done it up so is fell like a honey waterfall down the back of her head. She was dressed in shorts and a halter-top that barely slung her melons effectively.

"Hello, dear brother." Suzanne hugged him close, giving him a good feel of her two greatest assets. "How about pizza for dinner tonight? My treat." She held up a premium frozen pizza.

Mark retired to the living room. When Suzanne emerged from the kitchen pizza she was carrying the pizza on a tray and a six pack of beer. "Typical. Now I am going to have to get my own drink" Mark thought.

He was just getting up, hen Suzanne offered him on of her beers. Mark was surprised.  "Relax. I bought it, so mom doesn't care. Besides you're in high school now, you should know about beer before you go to kegger."

Mark didn't tell her that beer was common at the gaming sessions and the big guys let him try some more than once. Pretending to ignorance, he took a sip, "Not bad."
"Is she trying to get me drunk?" He wondered.

They ate and talked like normal brother and sister for once. "I went to the store today."

"I saw the packages. What did you get?"


"All those boxes are pajamas? Mom's gonna be pissed, that's a lot of money."

"You are so silly. We girls don't keep all of them. We just bring them back from the store to try them all on. I am only going to keep one, maybe two if I really can't make up my mind.

Tell you what. You want to help me choose? It will be like a fashion show."


The first one she wore was a white lace bikini outfit. The little triangles of fabric barely covered her nipples and her vulva. Suzanne must have shaved her pussy for surely that was her mound he was seeing under the fabric, but no hairs stuck out. Mark sipped on his beer and his jeans grew very uncomfortable. He said he liked it.

"Really. I don't know if it makes my butt look too huge. Does it?" She turned her back to him and bent over.

Now the jeans were downright painful. He excused himself to go to the bathroom. He first went to his room to change into some sweat shorts, then he did go to the bathroom. It took a long time for his erection to allow him to pee.

When he returned to the living room, Suzanne was dressed in a powder blue satin robe that covered her leg only to mid thigh and she had opened another beer for him. He partook of both intoxicants, one he drank with his throat, the other, his eyes. He sat down on the sofa. His dick was getting hard again. "Nice, Sis."

"Well I'm not really going for nice." With thumb and forefinger she undid the sash, allowing both sides of the robe or fall free. Inside, she wore matching lace powder blow panties and an odd top. Two spaghetti strings held up the top. Lace cups cradled her 38D breasts like two akimbo hands. Then the flimsy fabric poured down to just short of the panty line. A dusty rose bow sat between the two tits.

Mark was speechless. He was only aware of his blood pulsing his cock.

"It's called a fly away teddy." She slipped off the robe and hung it over the lounge chair. "See?" She took each side of the bottom of the teddy and pulled it apart, exposing her navel and midriff up to her cleavage. It was quite clear now; the rose ribbon held the two halves of the teddy together.

Elizabeth leaned forward, hanging her succulent melons only and inch from Mark's face. He did not shy away. She could feel his hot breath on her nipples. "See? All one would have to do is pull on the ribbon and it all comes off, my breasts would be free. See? "

Mark wanted to pull it off with his teeth. But when he leaned closer, Suzanne suddenly jumped away, teasing him, "Now let me show you the last one."  She skipped up stairs.  It was only then that Mark didn't realize he had finished his second beer and had started on his third he was getting quite the buzz on.

The third one was a winner. It was a white cotton chemise the shelved Suzanne's tits nicely and then draped loose to her mid thigh, disguising her prominent buttocks.  Suzanne walked down the stairs slowly, showing off her legs, which weren't bad. "Do you like it, brother dear?"

"Oh yeah, Suzanne. Does it come with panties?"

"No. I am quite naked beneath this little drape of fabric. And bit cold. Good lord!" Suzanne stood still in disbelief.

"What?" Mark began to panic. "Not again!" he mentally pleaded.

Suzanne pointed at his thigh. "Is that thing, yours?"
Mark's dick, in search of room to grow, had poked more than its head out from his left pants' leg. He rushed it back in. "Yeah. Sorry. It's just too big. I meant to make it smaller but I forgot."

Suzanne didn't pick up on Mark's slip. She thought he meant "flaccid."  She sat at his side, smelling of perfume. "It's okay Mark. I just mean, well, not a lot of guys have dicks that big."

Mark tried to pretend he wasn't thrilled that Suzanne, unlike Elizabeth, liked the size of his cock. Suzanne saw through his clumsy lie. "Is that everything? Let's see." With a sudden jerk she wrestled down his shorts, startling the drunken boy. She ended up on her knees in front of him staring at it.

"Wow, Mark that's the biggest dick I've ever seen." Suzanne squirmed; Her snatch was getting hot and wet and the thought of that big cock filling it up to the very brim. Up to now, Suzanne had been using her sex just to get what she wanted, which too often meant that she slept with ugly and tiny men. Now she was going to get what she wanted, a really huge dick between her legs and little brother was going to give it to her.

"You really like it?"

Suzanne shut him up by throwing her arms around him and planting very tender kiss on his lips. Slowly, surely, so as to not startle him, she opened her mouth and let her tongue explore his mouth. He pulled her closer, so she lay on top of him, her flesh-pillows pressed against his muscular chest. "Gosh, he is so strong. When did my baby brother grow up?" Elizabeth felt the familiar burning in her sensitive breasts. They needed attention. She slipped off a halter and lowered her lefty into Mark's eager mouth. He wasn't great at it; his tongue just kind of lay there.

"Let's go to your room." (Elizabeth didn't want to get her sheets sticky)  Taking Mark by his hand, she guided him to his room. Elizabeth lay on her back and took the other string off. "Here. Kneel of top of me. Now, scoot up."

In the end, Mark straddled his big sister. He was on his knees and his cock's lay between her breasts, the head almost to her lips. She was exited as she pushed her globes together. Mark moaned with pleasure as he felt her fuzzy tits squeeze his manhood. "Now, move back and forth."

Mark did as big sister instructed. His shaft plunged through the mounds of flesh to his sister's waiting mouth. Between thrusts Elizabeth exclaimed, "This is so cool. No one has been big enough before. Mark felt proud and increased his rhythm. His dick slid between her breasts and his sister sucked his plum-colored head. She rolled her head, made mmmm noises. Mark had gone numb down there, He couldn't feel much but he could feel he was about to come.

Only after a few pumps with his huge dick, Mark came. Small jets of the milky liquid spat on his sister's face and a bit in her mouth.

Instantly, she threw him off. "Why didn't you warn me that you were going to come?"


Suzanne cut him off. "I hate the taste of that stuff. I hope you didn't stain my new chemise. I'm going to brush my teeth. Good night. " And with that she left.

Mark was stunned. It was all going so well. Master PC had programmed them to love him. But they didn't. Something was wrong. He didn't know what he was doing. He thought about using CB to order her back, but he wasn't in the mood anymore and the beer was making him sleepy.

Chapter 04: First Grade Teacher

On his paper route, Mark thought about the weekend. He obviously did not anything about sex or women. He thought about commanding his mother to teach him, but he hated her. But he did need a teacher.

The idea of a teacher brought him to mind of his favorite teacher Miss Merry Aquerro. Since he was in her first grade class, Mark had had a huge crush on Miss Aquerro. She was everything his mother was not. She was sweet, patient, understanding and always smiling.

She was beautiful Filipina woman. Her hair was short, but full so it frames her round face with it full lips and big brown eyes wonderfully. She had a nice round figure with good size tits and a beautiful, round ass. Was it any wonder Mark used to hang around her class to help out, even when he was in eighth grade? Miss Arguello was so nice, she thought his crush was endearing and never scolded or teased him once about it.

Even as he rode, Mark got wistful just thinking about her. He finished his route and rode home. Elizabeth and Suzanne were in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Both were done but they made him sit down.

As his sisters served him instant oatmeal and juice, they flashed him parts of their body. Elizabeth dropped the same spoon three times, bent over to pick it up and wiggled her ass in his face. When Suzanne brought him the bowl and juice, she leaned forward, giving him a bird's eye view of her cleavage.

Their teasing made him angry. He left the table and charged upstairs. His sisters' laughter scalded his ears.

CB booted up. Mark summoned up Ms. Merry Aguello. "Wait. She had gotten married!" Mark was just about to re-enter the data, but then Miss Aquello's image popped up just fine. He sighed. She was still beautiful.  She was dressed for school, in a tan blouse and wool skirt that looked business like, but feminine. It looked like she was getting her classroom ready for the day, writing on the blackboard.  Mark was at a loss for words. He would need the whole day. Mark summoned up his mother's name.

<Mark is sick with fever. Call the school tell them he won't be there. You will not come downstairs all day. > SEND

That taken care of he ordered the principal, old Mrs. Ghent, to get a substitute for her for all week, even if it meant taking the class herself. In her mind she would be at a conference and would not dock her any pay or vacation.

Then he set to work on his dream girl, for she really was.

<Your mind wanders to Mark Fahey, your favorite student. You wonder where his is now. You remember he lives at 1334 South Yew Street now.  You have been feeling down and you would sure like to see him today. It would pick you up. After you make up plans for a substitute for a week, you will go see him. > SEND

But how would he get her to teach him about sex. Knowing her she still would be nice to him, but he didn't want that, not anymore. The memory of his two sisters still stung him. This time his suggestions would be stronger.

<Merry, you will always be kind to Mark Fahey. You will never laugh at his questions or mistakes; you will only be kind and understanding. You will only want to help him as best your can.
You are in love him. It was hard being so close to him when he was in eighth grade. You wanted to kiss him and make love to him, so badly you ached. You could tell he liked you too. The idea of him and you in bed really turned you on. He caught you staring lustfully at him more than once and he returned your gaze.

At graduation, you two confessed your feelings for each other. Merry said it was wrong. But Mark said if she should ever change her mind, he'd be ready.
Today you changed your mind. You just hoped your hot young stud would be home. You prayed he'd be home. The closer you get to his house the hornier you will get."> SEND

Merry's image was now busy writing. There she was talking to the Principal. She was driving, driving to him.

<Your pussy seems on fire. It craves Mark Fahey's cock. It is sopping wet as you picture Mark plunging his dick into its depths. Your breast itches for his kisses. > SEND

Her image squirmed. She actually undid her bra and stroked her breasts. She'd be here any minute. His sisters were gone. Quickly he took a shower and dressed.

When he opened the front door, his teacher threw her arms about him and kissed him with abandon. Three minutes later, when both came up for air, she said, "Mark. I am so glad to see you!"

"Me too."

Her eyes lit up and she held his hand. "Come on. Let's go to bed."

The man and women undressed each other. Merry's skin was blemishless, a even shade of mocha brown. Her breasts were not as big as Suzanne's but full and juicy 36c's. Her ass was round and shapely, not flat and tight like Elizabeth's. As Mark pulled his naked teacher too him, he kneaded her cheeks like bread dough.

The two lovers kissed and writhed, standing up. Mark dove for her breast and sucked. His first sucks were clumsy but Mrs. Aquerro gently showed him the proper way. "Little kisses at first, tenderly, Mark. Aha, that's it. Now swirl your tongue around the nipple, gently. Oooooo. Ladies love a good suck you know. Mmmm. Now blow on the wet nipple, it sends a chill up the spine. That's right. Oh! It's losing sensitivity, time to switch to the other..that's right. I love having my tits sucked by you, sweetheart."

Mark sucked on them for a half an hour. Merry eventually lay back on the bed and enjoyed herself. Then she moved on. "Now slip a finger in my pussy. No, the middle one. Ooo. That's right. Slide the finger up the vagina. Stop. Feel that little bump? That's my clitoris. Women like it when you rub them there. Use little circles. That's right, slowly now. MMMMMMMmmmm."

Mark kept sucking her tits and fingering her clit. She cooed little encouragements to him. He body moved faster, but he kept slow, like his teacher asked. "OH! I'm coming Mark. I am coming!" She thrashed and kicked. Her left hand overlapped his right, keeping it on her button."

"Oooh that was a great orgasm, Mark. Thank you. Now what would you like? Would you like me to do something with this?" Her long, smooth fingers encircled his shaft. "My what a big, handsome cock you have, Mark." She graced him with a sly, sexy grin.

"It's not too big?"

"No women like a big cock. You are quite well endowed, lucky boy." Merry bent down and kissed its shaft. "Yes, quite well endowed." Then she licked it like a Popsicle, curving her tongue over its head. Still gripping it with one hand she bobbed her head up and down the top four inches of his pants monster.

To get a better angle on her passion, Merry straddled Mark on her knees, presenting him with her firm, round ass. Mark was reminded of a peach. Merry's ass was round, covered with light, fuzzy hair and dripped a sweet smelling nectar from the crease. It begged to be bitten into, just like a ripe, juicy peach.

He nibbled on her ass and loved it. She rewarded his ministrations with moans of approval and a quickening of her pace. Again, without warning, Mark ejaculated, this time in Merry's mouth. Unlike Elizabeth, she laughed good-naturedly.

She got off Mark and helped herself to a tissue. "Well that was a surprise."

"You are not angry?"

"No. Why should I be? I was performing oral sex."

"I came so fast."

"That is fine, Mark. Lots of men come fast. Besides it just makes the second time last longer."

Not for the first time Mark looked at the wonderful woman and wished she could have been his mother. "Still I wish that I could control know...better."

"Yes. And I wish I was younger for you. But what can we do?"

"I can change things, Miss Aquerro."

"Call me 'Merry.' What do you mean change things?"

Mark showed her the crystal ball and introduced her to Master PC but only the Digital Morpher.

"Is that how you made your penis so big? "

"Yes. Should I put it back?"

"Heaven's no. Now you said it can change one's bodies? Ask to give you control over your ejaculations."

"My penis is kinda numb to at times. I'll fix that too."

"And keep you hard for along time."

Mark did all she asked. "How about you?"

"I don't know."

Mark examined the naked woman. She looked older, more tired than he remembered. Quickly, before she could stop him, he typed in. <Make Merry's body 21 again. > SEND   That was the age he first met her.

"Mark, no! I...aahhhhhh" Before his eyes, her breast perked up, her ass tightened, little wrinkles faded and even her hair regained luster. "I feel so good, darling." She paraded in front of the mirror, delighted with what she saw. "I am young again! Thank you, thank you, you wonderful man." She smothered him in hugs and kisses. She was younger, more energetic, hornier too, if that was possible.

She circled her hand around his dick and used it to pull him towards the bed. "Come on." She spread his legs and guided his penis between them. "Oh. I have never had one so big before."

Mark had never had any before either. Now his dick wasn't numb, he felt everything. He slowly entered his teacher inch by succulent inch.

 "Oh! Ow."

"Are you Okay, Merry?"

"Oh. I am fine. Don't worry about me, vaginas are meant to pass whole babies. I'll be fine. It's just that I've not had such a big one before. Go slow though, okay?"

"Okay." Mark did go slowly. As he slid every inch into her she wrapped her legs around his but to encourage him. He propped himself on his strong arms and slowly lowered himself. Then she was able to wrap her arms around his back. Then he bumped; it would go no farther. He lowered his head and the two lovers kissed.

Tongues entwined as Mark lifted and plunged his pillar into her slit. He pile drove her slowly be methodically and relentlessly. Soon her hips were rising to meet him, her womb used to his girth and welcoming it. They were one, a single beast with two backs humping, driving their bodies responding to need as old as time. She was getting a hot young stud; he was getting a beautiful woman.

Their breathing grew too heavy to maintain a kiss. Mark focused on his technique, pumping for all he was worth. Merry shouted encouragement, "That's it my hot, young, stud, oooo, my big man, that's it fuck me, Fuck me hard. Gawd! It feels like I am going to split apart. It feels so good. My lover, don't stop.  Owh!" Her eyes flashed open. "I am going to cum again."

"Me too."

"Good." The man and woman lock their lustful gazes. "Come inside me my big man. Put all your glorious seed inside me."

"Aren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"

"Gawd no! I mean I love you. I want to be pregnant by you. I want your baby. Now come inside me. Put a baby inside me! Put your baby inside mmmmeeee....aaaawwwww!"

Mark thrust one last time, burying his cock as far up her womb as it would go, then came too. He shot his milk this time, thanks to Master PC it wasn't just a few drops, but jets and jets of semen. With not enough room to fill, some of his juice backsplashed and oozed down to his balls.

He slid out of her and rolled on his back, beside his lover. Both were panting. It was the best sex of their lives. Merry curled up on him. "We came together."

"Is that strange?"

"No, but it has never happened to me before. It was great."

"I can make sure it happens every time."

"Do it, please, my love. And be sure you can come often. We women love that."

"All women?"


Mark went to his computer, while Merry rested on the bed.
His and Merry's windows were still open.
<My lover will always come when I do. My semen will instantly regenerate. >SEND

"Done. Anything else?"

"Yes." She rolled over on her elbow. "My g-spot has never been very active. Could you make it more so?"

"What's a g-spot?"

"I'll show you, lover." her smile was a promise

He typed it in. But then he also recalled how her and Suzanne's reaction to his semen had ended the first rounds of sex. That needed to be remedied.
<Merry will really enjoy the taste and smell of Mark's semen. It will be her favorite taste in the world.> SEND

Mark closed the computer lid and turned around. Merry was spooning his semen out from between her legs and licking it off her fingertips. "Mmmmm. Tastes sooo good. I never liked the taste so much before. I am sure it was you and your computer but I don't care, it is sooo goood."

As she turned towards him, her eyes rested on his limp, glistening dick and her eyes got a greedy look to them. She stood and walked sexily over to his desk. Taking his knees in her hands, she spread his legs.  "Can't let all this yummy seed go to waste. With a devilish look, she took the limp eight inches in her mouth and licked it like a semen Popsicle. By the time she licked his balls and thighs clean, he was at full staff. The she went to work on the head.

She pumped and pumped, her tongue coaxing the white gold from its wellspring. Mark ran his fingers through his woman's hair. "This is love." He thought to himself.

"I an going to cum, Merry."

"Please do, lover."

It... she felt so good. Mark felt the now familiar tingle in his sack, his flood was arriving. He gripped her hair firmly, but he needn't had too. She did not shy away, but she did just keep the head in her lips, to make room for the life-juice.

When Mark had spent his charge, she broke her harlot-kiss but not her grip. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, savoring the taste. Only when the taste faded did she swallow. "Oh, that is so good. Is there anything you aren't the best in, lover?" She rested her head in his crotch.


"Tell your lover everything."

"He did tell her everything about his sisters, even the Master PC part. "

"I see. Did you use it on me too, to make me love you?"

"Yes. Do you mind?"

"How could I mind? I have never been so in love with anyone in my life, or so happy. And the sex is great too. Besides, I make you happy, right?"


"Then that's what matters, my man is happy. We are both happy, who cares how it happened?"

"If Elizabeth, Suzanne and Mom love me too, why do they still make me miserable?"

"I am afraid that loving someone, doesn't necessarily make a bad person good or a mean person nice.  It just makes them attached."

"I could change them."

"I know your family. You could write for days and they'd still bring all their emotional problems to your bed."

And then Merry said something that caught his imagination, "It is human nature and as long as they are human it will always be so.
Mark's eyes lit up with inspiration. "That gives me an idea."

Chapter 5: His New Sisters

Mark typed into the computer and Merry pulled up a spare couple of milk crates and put a pillow on top. Then she wrapped a blanket around herself and joined in her lover's fun.

"First thing we had to do is control mother." Joanne appeared on the Digital Morpher.  She was just coming back from lunch.

"Tell her she must obey all your orders, slavishly. And then add she must serve you to the best of her ability. That woman will try to break any agreement. And no backtalk, she always had to have the last word." Merry advised.

"Wow. You really do remember my family."

He typed in Merry's words into his computer. SEND.

Mark yelled, "Mom! Come here!"

Merry added. "Tell her to bring a robe. I'm cold."

"And be sure to bring your good bathrobe!"

"Here it is, Mark. Why do you want..omigawd? Aguello?"

"Shut up, mother."

Her jaw snapped shut. The new lady of the house snatched the robe from the stunned woman's hand and tied it on. "I think she's still too independent."

"I agree."

<Joanne will happily obey every work from her beloved son's, lips. She will wait on him and try to anticipate his every need. You will live to make him happy. When he is around, Mark is the master, Joanne is the slave.>

"Wait. Lover, you changed the person from third to second, from 'she' to 'you.' This is very important."


<Joanne York will happily obey every work from beloved son's, lips. She will wait on him and try to anticipate his every need. She lives to make him happy. When he is around, Mark is the master, Joanne is the slave.> Merry nodded. SEND

Wunderbitch prostrated herself before her new master. "How else may I please my lord and master?"

Merry raised one eyebrow. "That's better. You will treat my man the way he deserves from now on, won't you?"

"I've always dreamed of doing so."

"Mother stand up and strip naked."

With a smile on her face, she did so. "What do you think, Merry?" Asked Mark

"Still pretty, but I think you deserve prettier." Merry shared her man's satisfaction.

Merry circled the mother and made suggestions while Mark typed them in. They reduced her physical age, got rid of all the cellulite and varicose veins. She would no longer have to shave her pits, legs or pubes. They lifted her butt and her tits. Though they made her hair fuller, less frizzy, they kept the streaks of gray that made her look mature. They fixed her eyes so she only needed reading glasses and increased her health and fitness.

"She had nice legs when she was younger." Merry complimented.

"Did dad like those legs, Joanne?"

"Yes, but he liked my ass better. It is my favorite too."

"I bet it is. I saw you ass-fucking yourself. Bend over, let's see."

The slave promptly turned her back on her master and grabbed her ankles.

"Does this shock you, Merry?"

"No, a few of my girlfriends like it. But it's not my cup of tea. Go ahead though, if you want."


"Whatever makes you happy, love. I think it might solve a lot of issues. "

Then they heard the garage door open. Suzanne usually arrived home first. "Mom, get dressed and greet Suzanne like normal. I order you to act like your old self around other people, got it?"

Joanne pouted, deprived of her sex act, "Yes, master." And began to dress.

"I guess I better get dressed too. First a shower though, Suzanne won't mind me around, will she?"

"She'll be all right with everything in few minutes and Elizabeth too. Use the master bath, it's nicer."

"Good. See you in a few minutes." Merry pecked him on the lips and left to find the shower.

Mark dressed in shorts and T-shirt and headed downstairs a little while after Joanne. "Hey Mark. Mom says we have a guest for dinner."

"Yeah. Miss Arguello stopped by to see how I was doing."

"You know, I was going to go out tonight, but I think I will stay in."

"Thanks, Sis. Mom, here's the shopping list." Mark slipped her a piece of paper. "Better get going."

"Off I go!" Joanne practically leapt to obey.

"Why is she so damn perky?"

"Got me." Mark smiled at the pun.

After that last, disappointing night, Suzanne didn't try any more moves on Mark. However, when Merry came downstairs, Suzanne treated her with great deference. Elizabeth, having cut basketball practice, arrived shortly there after and acted even more deferentially, if that was possible.

When mother came home, all three were sitting in the living room, sharing beers. The sisters cheered when mom plunked a case of microbrews  in front of the big screen TV. At Mark's suggestion, Elizabeth and Suzanne placed them in a cooler to keep them cold and handy for all. By then mother's hamburger buffet was ready and all five feasted.

It couldn't last. Mom, Elizabeth and Suzanne started bitching at each other, sometimes about Mark, sometimes about their weight, sometimes about an "asshole" teacher.

It was true; love did not change people. But Master PC could. Mark shared a sour expression with Merry. "Love" obviously meant different things to different people. These women would be bitches, as long as they were human.

With a nod to Merry, "Watch this." Mark spoke the magic words. "Elf, elf, elf."

Like robots, Elizabeth and Suzanne stood. Remotely, they disrobed, leaving the clothes in a heap.

Then, before their eyes, Elizabeth and Suzanne metamorphosed into something, someone....different. Their bodies grew taller, more lithe. Like gels had been changed on their spotlights, their skin became smoother and attained the hue of rosy cream; their legs lost their any knobbiness and turned into elegant ivory pins. Their fingers and feet sprouted long and slender phalanges. Elizabeth's tits ballooned. Suzanne's ass shrunk. Both their waists cinched and muscles became more noticeable. Their hair  fluxed into ash-blonde and flowed to their ankles. Their iris's shimmered into violet and green then achieved and almond shape, like they were always smiling. Their ears molded like clay invisible hands, until they were long and oval, like a laurel leaf.

They had been transformed into elf maidens.

Cat-like, they pounced to Marks feet. Their expressions contained glee and...promise? "Make love to us, Lord."
Suzanne asked. Elizabeth just giggled.

"Elizabeth? Suzanne?"

Both pouted beautifully. "We hate those names."

"Call me, Becky." Becky pawed at his shorts like a cat that knew where the catnip was stored.

"Call me, Suzy." Suzy swayed her shoulders, rubbing her tits against his calf.

Mark looked at his mother. Still in the thrall of his command that she loved to watch her son fuck other women, she was clawing the lounge chair in lust.

"What do you think, Mother?"

"Oh, do them son, do them both!"

"My, Mark, this certainly IS a change." Merry had been programmed to be accepting and supportive but this was stretching  it. "What did you do to them?" Everyone, except his mother, waited for an explanation. Being the type of woman who only cared about getting what she wanted, Joanne just wanted her entertainment to start.

"You gave me the idea. You said that as long as they were human, they'd have those problems. Well, I made them into elves."

"Shidhe please, my lord." Becky and Suzy appeared insulted.

"Excuse me?"

"Shidhe (pronounced Shee). That's out name. We don't like...that other word. It makes fun of our ears." Both touched their lobes self-consciously.

Mark was having fun. "I beg your pardon. How rude of me. Shidhe."

"We grant thee pardon, lord." They two girls giggled and perked right up.

"See? They've already forgiven me. Would the old girls do that?"

"Oh no, lord." Becky piped in. "I can feel her mind now, like a nest of snakes. She holds grudges like a barnacled stone."

"Will you ever change them back?" Merry hoped this might be just temporary. This has gone way beyond a little attitude adjustment and breast size. Now Mark had tampered with the nature of things. Her instinct was warning her that this was a bad thing, a very bad thing.

The two ethereal beauties immediately ground their faces into the carpet and wailed. "Please don't, lord!" "We love you, lord." "We will serve you wee, lord." "I see things and know things now that my old self would never know, please of please do not send me back to that awful place."

"I won't send you back." Mark thought he might have to someday, but right now he wanted them to shut up. "But you will resume your normal lives by day and keep this a secret. Go it?"

"Thank you, thank you thank you" The two unearthly girls buried his feet and legs in kisses. Mark felt their silky hair brush his shins, he leaned his head back, enjoying the sensation. When he leaned forward again, his shorts had somehow been removed.

The two young blonde Shidhe sisters shared their brother's twelve in long cock complimenting their lord and master as they did so. "Mmmm, smack! Our lord is so big." "Mmmm, lick! Our lord has the handsomest most powerful maiden-spear in the realm."

Joanne was twisting on the lounge chair. "Please Mark, let me do something."

"Very well I release thee." Mark tossed her a dismissive gesture.

Joanne tore off her clothes like they were on fire. She plunged one hand in her pussy and pinched her nipple with the other.

"Our lord is masterful, Becky"

"And....mmmmm...merciful, Suzy"

Mark was really enjoying this. He new shaft twitched with every lick of their delicate, pointy tongues.

Merry was bored and little disturbed. "I guess you have enough attention." She made like she was about to get up and leave.

Suzy's eye's flicked up at Mark. He made a quick jerk of his head in Merry's direction. Instantly, Suzy's mood changed from rapture to suppliant.

Suzy leaned her arms on the sofa to either of Merry. "Please don't go, mistress."

"Mark, what did you do?"

"I programmed them to love you too. Couldn't you tell when you came downstairs?"

"I do love you, mistress. And I can now sense what a wonderful, sweet, kind and beautiful woman you are. Let me show you how much I love you, please?"

"I am sorry, Mark. But I just do not like that sort of thing."
Merry made to get up again. Mark panicked. He didn't think everything through. He was so in love with her that if she left now, and took her approval with her, it would ruin everything.

Suzy read her lord's feelings immediately. Gently, she did not let Merry get up. She leaned in close to the Filipina's ear and held up a hand to Mark that signaled, "Wait. I'll take care of this."

"Before you go, mistress, please tell me.  Do I smell all right?"

Reflexively, Merry sniffed. Then she paused, then breathed in deeply and continued to do so. "Yes. It's like the islands. I smell the forest and the sea. How?.."

Suzy rubbed her cheek against Merry. "And my skin. Does it remind you of something?"

Merry closed her eyes, giving full attention to her sense of touch, "Yes. It's the orchid petals Lola used to tickle me with."

With her right hand, Suzy took up a small sheaf of her hair and brushed the nape of Merry's neck. "And what does this remind you of?" The Fey girl then commenced to whisper "Shhhhhhh." in Merry's ears.

"It's the monsoon, so cool and refreshing, such a relief. Oh, I feel the rain on my bare skin."

Suzy leaned back, then flung the rest of her locks over Merry's bare, shoulders. Somehow, she had unbuttoned Merry's shirt and slipped it down. Slowly, gently, she pressed her tits onto Merry's and moved her aroused nipples in circlets around her areolas. All the while, keeping up the gentle "Shhhhhh" serenade.

Merry was lost. "So soft, so soft, so cool, so good...oooo."

Mark watched Suzy descend on Merry's open mouth. Surrendering completely, Merry used both hands her grasp her new lover's head. Merry's hair fell, curtaining both their faces from his view. But the sounds of pleasure emanating within told him both were having a good time. Merry began rubbing back with her chest.

A tickle at his head got his attention. Becky was sucking on his dickhead like it was a ripe plum.  Her hair parted in the middle and flowed to either side of her face, like a slit waterfall of dawnlight. Sensing her master's gaze, her eyes flicked open. Blue-green opals looked up at him through eyelashes thicker and longer than any mortals did. Her strands tickled his thighs. He was in bliss. He looked to Merry, next to him on the sofa.

Suzy's hair now hung over Merry's thighs. Merry's head tilted back and her back arched as the fey introduced her to the pleasures of cunninlingus. Mark stretched out his left hand and took Merry's. She clenched his palm, with her right hand and pinched a nipple with her left.

Drunk with lust, Merry turned her head and let her jaw fall slack to meet Mark's mouth. While the two lovers' tongues embraced, their loins burned. Merry's pussy was a steamy chaldron of want, Mark was pillar of iron.

Becky ended her supplication and slowly pulled Mark down to the floor. He gave only token resistance, leaning towards his lover as the fey wench gently pushed his shoulders to the floor and nibbled on his neck and chest, golden locks caressing his every nerve.

In a courtly manner, Suzy took Merry up by her hand and guided her to step over Mark and Becky. For a moment, merry appreciated the sight of the fair maid's womanly shape prostrate over man. However, his veined, swollen cock wanted for attention. "Oooo. My lover. I want you. I want you inside me, Mark."

He responded to his mate's call. "I want to be inside you, Merry. I want it so bad."

Merry, legs splayed out and steadied by Suzy, slowly bent at her knees. She wrapped his phallus in her right hand. "Oooo. So big so beautiful...."

"You know where it goes, baby. You know where it's meant to be." Becky slid aside.

"Yes, inside me. Inside my hot cunt, so hot so wet..." Slowly, she impaled herself on the obelisk. "You feel so good inside me, baby. You fill me up. I love you so much." The she leaned forward. Her breasts mashed against her chest. Her lips met his and opened wide.

Mark jerked his groin up and down. Merry, rocked back in response. Her sex slurped as it moved over its counterpart. His balls slapped against her loins. Still, their mouths never lost their lock on each other. They were sharing juices, heat, breath, everything. Marc felt it first, the burning call to create life. He broke the kiss to speak.

"I'm cumming baby. I am cumming inside you."

Merry threw her body back. Her arms were slack, eyes closed, concentrating on the sexual current coursing up from her nether regions. Becky and Suzy descend on her tits, sucking them with fervor. Merry gripped the backs of their heads, not letting them go.

"Here I come, baby."

"Oh, come in me baby, come inside my hot pussy. Fill me, come inside me, feels so good, so hot, so good so sweet."
Marry convulsed like a freshly hooked worm and that brought Mark off. He fountained inside her like a geyser.

When their sexquake subsided. The two kept the bond held each other. Suzy and Becky kissed Merry's back and caressed her with their hands and hair. Both whispered sweet nothings in their master's ears.

Mark was thirsty. The sex had taken a lot out of him. Becky got herself under Merry's pussy and sucked her lord's seed from her oozing pussy. While Merry enjoyed licking the semen from Mark, her new favorite post-coital activity. He asked Suzy to get him a drink. She handed him fine red wine in an engraved silver goblet. "Where did that come from?"

Suzy grinned. From the tun, my lord." The beer cooler had been changed into and ornate silver tub. It was filled with cool water and weighted ewers of wine floated within.

"What happened to the cooler?"

"It is still there, my lord. But won't you try the wine?"

Mark sipped. "It is delicious. How did you do that?"

It turned out that the cooler was still there but fairy illusions had caused the lager to be seen, heard and even tasted as the finest red wine. Mark was curious. "What else can you do?"

Just like a stop action film, a tropical forest seemed to grow around them. The sofa appeared to be a soft bed of moss with vines of jasmine blooming overhead. Even the tweeting of tropical birds could be heard in the background.

"Fantastic!" Enthusiastically, Marc dragged Merry to the bower and made love to her for what seemed like forever. But all good things must come to an end, or at least a rest.

Joanne insisted the two take the master bedroom.

Chapter 6: Fey Lovers

Something tickled beneath Mark's nose. He tried swatting it, but it wouldn't go away. It felt like a bug. He opened eyes to Becky's smiling face. She had been tickling his nose with a bit of her own hair. "What the fuck?"

Becky gently pressed her finger to his lips. Then she turned the finger to a hook, beckoning Mark out of bed. Merry was asleep next to him. Reflexively he got out of bed and followed the siren.  She was wearing the flyaway nightie that Elizabeth bought.

She was gorgeous, she was sensual, and she was...just out of reach. Springing on tiptoe, she led the naked, sleepy man down the hallway. She stopped at the door to Suzanne's room and opened it. Suzanne, not Suzy, stood on her knees on her bed wearing the same white cotton chemise.

"Good evening my lord."

Becky handed him a silver flagon of more wine. "Suzanne?"

"Fear not, my lord. It is I, you faithful, Suzy." To emphasize her point she changed into Suzy and back again.  "It is just that you and Mistress Merry had all the fun this night and I thought I could make things up to you a bit."

"More illusion?"

"No, my lord. We Shidhe can shape to please thee." She gave him a smile that would turn mud to steel.

"This is what you wanted isn't? Here? In her room, in this cotton chemise?" She bent her arms and lifted her curly hair with her forearms. This had the effect of raising her breast level and exposing her neck.

Suzy-Suzanne appreciated herself in her vanity's mirror. "Same nice, big butt, same huge tits. Hmm. You wanted my hair a bit browner, auburn, isn't my lord?"  Her hair simmered and turned a warm chestnut, a perfect auburn."

"My favorite color. How did you know?" He gulped the wine.

"We know all the things we need to make you happy." Suzy-Suzanne slipped the left string off her shoulder, exposed her breast and extended her arms. "Now come here and have the evening we should have had."

Becky took the flagon back and Mark walked slowly to the beckoning nymph. He bent his head and kissed her breast. She threw her head back, cradled his head and cooed in bliss. "Ooooo. That is perfect. Little softer. Swirl your tongue, yesss. You are so good. Now lie back."

Mark lay back and Suzanne licked it like she was dying of thirst and it was the last icicle on earth. It was already halfway hard so she didn't need to lube it with mucus long.
Suzy-Suzanne straddled him with his knees, pulling her chemise's skirt forward. "Shhh. Just lay there and let big sister take care of everything." Under his skirt, her long cool fingers curled around his pole. "Oh, little brother is so hard. He wants to fuck s much. What can big sister do to help? Can big sister fuck little brother, will that help?"

"Yes, fuck me."

She looked down with Suzanne's face twisted in desire, "I love it when you talk dirty to me, little brother, makes big sister's pussy all wet, yes it does." Suzy-Suzanne twirled his head on her clit. "Feel how wet big sister is for little brother? How much she wants little brother's dick inside her?"

Slowly she lowered herself on his sex skewer. At little intervals she rose up and hissed, like she was lowering herself into a bathtub of water that was a little too hot. Finally, she engulfed him. She was incredibly tight, along his whole length. Her pussy squeezed its new tenant like a long, buttery fist. Mark could feel its pulse.

She lowered her other string, took Mark's hands and placed them on her globes. "Pinch them. That's what big sister likes best, pinch her nipples hard while she rides a big, fat cock. I'll do the rest, just relax."

Mark complied. Suzy-Suzanne rode him like a rodeo cowgirl. She whipped her auburn ringlets forward, they smelled like flowers. She hunched her back and humped up and down. Mark could feel the smooth cheeks of her ample ass pressing against his thighs.

"Oh, this is so wrong. I shouldn't fuck my little brother. But it feels so good and big sister loves him so much."

Mark was in awe of this Shidhe's knowledge, this was his fantasy come to life. And her pussy was like a living thing, it squeezed him all at one, one place at a time, rippled up and down its length, it even flicked the head like a tongue. Her secretions ran down his thighs in a sheet.

"You feel so good fucking me little brother. Oh, this is so wrong. Does it feel good to you too, little brother."

"Yes, oh, yes. Fuck me Suzanne. Fuck me."

"Them come inside me little brother. Fill your sister's womb with our families seed." Suzy-Suzanne increased her pace. Her beloved was about to come and she wanted him to enjoy it. Little did Mark know that he was lighting the fuse to an explosive event that could destroy him.

With a last, sustained thrust, Mark ejaculated into his sister's pussy. Mark was expecting Suzy-Suzanne to come to, after all he had programmed it, but was wasn't expecting the violence with which the Shidhe came.

Suzy-Suzanne screamed loud and long. Her eyes rolled over into the back of her head. Her eyelids fluttered and her lips made little smacks. He pussy constricted Mark's cock, like and electrical current had just hit it. Suzy flopped on his impaling cock, like a gaffed fish. Becky's eyes went wide in surprise.

Still half dressed in the chemise, Suzy reverted to elfin form and collapsed into a stupor. She was only half-conscious. Her loins reflexively quivered on Mark's phallus.

"By the moon! What did you do to her?" Becky rushed to her sister's side and cradled Suzy as she dismounted her. Suzy had a smile that went ear to ear. She spoke happy mumblings.

"Nothing. Maybe she had an orgasm."

"A what?"

"An orgasm."

Becky used Elizabeth's memories. "Female ejaculation? Impossible. Shidhe women do not get such things."

"Well I guess they do now." They both stared at the prostrate, content figure on the ground. Suzy was panting like a kitten. Mark lifted her on to her bed. "She seems fine. I am going to sleep. Let me know if she gets worse."

Mark stopped by his bathroom pee, take a drink of water and wash off his cock. It was sticky and uncomfortable. As he slid into bed, Merry stirred. "I heard a scream. Suzy?"


"Did you have sex with her?"

Mark did not lie. He figured all the rules were broken in the illusionary forest. "I left her on the floor. I think she was comatose."

"Good." She snuggled up to him. The lovers spooned and slept.

Chapter Five: Bathtime

When Mark woke up, Merry was dressing for work. He frowned.

"Where are you going?"

"Don't worry. I am not leaving you." Merry knelt at eye level to the bed. "Mark, I love you. You know that. But I do love teaching too. My class needs me."

Strangely it seemed to him, he wasn't worried. He loved her too. He knew she would be back.

"I'll be back later with a suitcase. Do me a favor though  and re-program my husband for me? I can't very well sleep with two men can I?"


"Thanks. Bye now." With a peck on his cheek his lover left for work.

Mark slept and extra two hours. He did not see the point in going to school anymore. Anything he wanted to know, Master PC would teach him, better than school too.  First thing he did when he got up was reprogram Merry's husband, Don. < Don would still be around, keeping up appearances, but he wouldn't mind her being with Mark. In fact, he approved, Mark was such a great guy. He would move into the guest room so Merry and Mark could have the good bed. He would not be interested in Merry any more, but would be friendly and do what she said.> SEND

That done; his dick was sticky. He wanted a shower.

Though his mother's shower was nicer, the bathroom he shared with his sisters had all his stuff.  He got up and almost felt bad about walking around naked. He smiled. "No more."  He strutted to his bathroom, master of all he surveyed, lord of the manor. Becky and Suzy were not to me seen. He slipped into his shower and began to soap himself down.

He marveled at his new prowess. His penis wasn't sore or even tired. "Good boy." He wondered what to do with his day.

He felt the familiar draft. Someone had been watching him shower these past days. Now he forced the issue. "Come here."

Slowly, a hand pulled the shower curtain back. It was it mother, Joanne. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you."
She was dressed in her same old, tired morning robe.

"Have you been watching me?"

"I have, for years, now."

"Like what you see?"

Joanne looked down and visibly gulped. "Very much."

"Do you want to join me?"

Joanne made a sour face. "I will if you want."

"What would you do otherwise?"

"Let me bathe you, like a used to."

"I like showers better."

She smirked. "You'll like this. Promise."

Intrigued, Mark turned off the water and emerged wet. "Towel me off."

"Yes, lord." Joanne did as she was instructed. As she dried him off, she informed him that Becky had his breakfast hot and ready downstairs and Suzy had delivered his papers hours ago.

She offered Mark his old robe and he declined it, preferring to walk around naked. "You know mom, we need some new clothes. I hate that old ratty housecoat you wear."

"I am sorry son, but my practice really hasn't taken off and then there's tuition and your father's late on his payments. I know it will be better real soon. But for now  I'll just buy one on credit."

When Mark and Joanne entered the kitchen, Suzy immediately prostrated herself in front of him. "You are a god, the Horned God himself. I was struck by the thunderbolt last night. My name is Suzanne Jasmine York and I am yours, totally."

"Uh. Yeah." Mark and Joanne were a bit taken aback. Becky was stunned. "What's for breakfast?"

That snapped Becky out of her reverie. "Porridge, bacon, eggs and strawberries." While Mark wolfed down his breakfast, Suzy sucked his dick beneath the kitchen table, Joanne drew her master's bath and Becky waited on him hand and foot.

"Thanks. That was a great meal. You girls clean up. I'm going to take a bath."

When he left the girls had a little chat.
"Are you mad, sister? Telling him your full name?"

"He knows it anyway."

"Still. That incident last night...need I remind you we are Shidhe?  You know we do to mortal lovers. You should have left him a husk, not in possession of your name, by Danna!"

Suzy looked ashamed. "I am sorry, sister but I cannot help it. He made me feel such joy as no Shidhe has ever felt."

"Feh. You are too sensitive. I will take him tonight."

"But today?"

"Night is our time. Today, we will let him enjoy himself."

Mark entered the master bathroom confidently. His mother took off her housecoat. Merry and him had left her quite the handsome woman. Mark entered the bath. Joanne folded two big towels to cushion her knees and turned on the radio to the classical station. Then she and knelt beside him.

"Relax. Don't say a word." She whispered.

She folded another towel and hung it over the lip of the expansive claw foot tub, right behind Mark's neck. Her palm pressed against his forehead, telling him to lay back. He rested his head comfortably on the towel.

Joanne soaked a washcloth in the hot, steamy water, then lay it over her son's face. The she lathered up her hands and began to wash his body. No crevice or protrusion escaped her soapy hand. All the while Mark was blindfolded, restricted to his sense of touch and hearing.

Then Joanne got out the old enameled pitcher and basin. The pitcher she filled with hot water. She titled Mark's head back and little more and placed the basin below it. She wet his hair down, the warm water rushing over his scalp, tugging at his hair, splashing into the ringing, steel basin.

She then shampooed his hair, working it in thoroughly with her new, strong, slender fingers.  Then she rinsed out the shampoos with more pitchers of hot water. All the while Mark soaked in the hot water.

After a while the water started to cool. Mark stood up. Joanne immediately wrapped him in an oversized towel to prevent chill. "Master there is one more step. The soap has left a slippery film on the skin."

She was right. Mark felt greasy. "What's the next step?"

"A rinsing bath. It will be very quick, but I need to refill the tub."

"Do so."

Joanne rinsed out the tub with the hand held showerhead and then cranked the hot water. "It will take five minutes, lord."

"What will I do in the meantime. I am greasy all over."

"Greasy, everywhere, my lord." Joanne made a sly and very wicked grin. Mark knew she had made an implication, but he wasn't sure what.

The mature woman moved close to the young man, slipped her hand between the folds of his towel and cupped his balls. "Everywhere, my lord?" Her hand slid up the length of his now oily shaft. "I have an idea of how to kill time while we wait for the tub to fill."

"I bet you do." Mark was getting the idea. Still naked, Joanne bent over, arms resting on the lip of the toilet. "I await your pleasure, lord." She spread her legs showing both pink areas of entrance.

Mark had never done something like this before. Merry seemed to think it wasn't that unusual. Mark whipped off his towel and pointed his spear at the point above the pussy. Slowly pushed it in. It took a while for it to get the idea and really get hard, but it soon went in easily enough, but you wouldn't know it from Joanne's reaction. "Damn, you are so huge. It hurts. No don't stop. Damn its like a horses'. Keep...ugh! Going, ugh." She arched her back. "Damn. I'm seeing stars. I am so full. Is that it?"

"No only half way."

"You're joking."

Mark proved he wasn't.

"Ughughuuuuuu. That's so good. Better than your father."

"What?" Mark pushed a little farther in.

"I said you're better, bigger than your father. Don't stop. Keep, ugh.. going."

In the end, Mark couldn't get it all in, but Joanne did not mind. The bath oils lubricated her nicely and Mark shoved and pulled in and out of her. Mark could see the appeal. The anus certainly was tight. But decided he preferred the luxurious feel of a nice juicy pussy. His mother emitted musky scent as she began to grunt with more frequency.

Mark sped his thrusts up and Joanne went into orbit. Her throws were punctuated by loud grunts and cried of "Yes."
The grunts came faster and faster. Mark grew into the heat of the moment. He grabbed handfuls of her ass cheeks and slapped his balls against her ass. He could feel the churning seething mass in his sack getting ready to release. When he came, he thrust himself into his mother as far as anatomy permitted and spewed his sperm into bowels. Joanne came as well, practically ripping off Mark's dick with her throws.

Done, he withdrew. Joanne wiped up the cum dripping down her thigh and Mark turned off the water. It was high enough.

He sat into it and washed the shit smell off of it.

Joanne looked on, wondering what to do now. Mark grabbed his dick with his right hand and silently invited her in and on. Joanne returned the lust, turned her back to Mark and pegged herself (pussy this time) on her son's big cock. Joanne's big experienced pussy without complaint. Mark wrapped his hands around her chest and played with her tits.

Joanne reveled in the situation. She had just gotten the best penetration of her life, her pussy was full, he tits were getting twirled and she sat soaking in a hot bath with the man she loved most in the world. She leaned back and Mark sucked at the nape of her neck.

"Mark, darling, what do you want? What can your servant mother give you?"

"I don't know. What do you want?"

"I want my perfect boy to have every pretty girl in town."

"I don't know, mom."

Suzy knocked and entered, "Mother. There is a phone call. Somebody about counseling."

Chapter 7: Family Counseling

Joanne didn't know a second hard drive would come in handy.  Now it contained her beloved Mark's Master PC program. She had watched him use it on her. She had all night to search for it while he gave that lucky girl, Merry a good fucking. Now it was her turn to serve her wonderful son.

Karen Wales was one of the cities most successful real estate agents. She had to be, ever since her husband ran off his with his secretary. "What a clich?!" And now her daughter, Amy, was a constant source of embarrassment.

Amy bristled with piercing, black clothes that smelled of sleeping in odd places. Her hair scorched by flat black dye, gooey with mousse and looked like a weed whacker had at it. Her lips were black, her nails were black and her face powered white. But it was her attitude that was rudest thing about her.

Now it was Wednesday, therapy day, and she was in a jam. Amy's last therapist had refused to see Amy after she used a cigarette lighter to set fire to her sofa. But Karen always insisted she see a therapist, that was a condition of Amy's allowance and the last bit of control Karen had over her daughter.  And until the nineteen-year-old got a job, that's the way it was going to be.

Now she had to find a new therapist. Karen remembered Joanne York was supposed to be pretty good, new, with fresh ideas. "Where did I hear that?" she wondered. "Oh well, probably one of those golf club or charity functions."  She got out her cell and dialed the number that she somehow remembered. Luckily Joanne could squeeze her in.

Amy looked bored and Dr. York typed in the usual preliminary data about Amy when Karen's cell phone beeped. Joanne frowned. "Sorry." Karen winced but still took the call. "It's a huge downtown deal. I'll be back in an hour." She left.

"Doesn't your mother always leave these meetings?"

"Your lucky she stayed here this much, bitch."

Joanne didn't rise to the bait. "I see."

"You mother is over-compensating for her feeling of failure. You are on a self-destructive path because you wonder why your father left you."

"My father didn't leave me, cunt. He left my bitch, mom. I can't blame him."

"And what kind of drugs have you experimented with?'

"You got a lot of nerve. You see anyone dressed like..."


"I snorted heroine last night, weed mostly and lots of beer: crack never, but some powder blow."

"That's better now lets fix you up." Joanne typed. A half an hour later, Amy woke up, as if from a bad dream. Her piercings were gone. The gold and silver studs lay on the doctor's side table. Her hair was back to its natural red-gold, just like her mother. It was neatly cut short, into layers. And she felt ...good about herself. But her clothing was still odd and reeked of clove cigarettes and stale beer. Amy frowned.

"You will find some of my daughter's clothes on the couch. Use my master bathroom to clean up."

Just after Amy left, Joanne dialed up Amy's mother, "Hello, Ms. Wales. Doctor York here. No need to apologize. Amy and I are near a breakthrough and I can use some more time. About an hour? Thank you."

Joanne spent the remaining time programming Amy and her mother to suit her own plans for her son. Amy returned and looked like a brand new person. A red T-shirt covered her nice b-cups and Elizabeth's jeans hugged her hips and ass nicely.

"My look better, Amy."

"Thank you doctor. Good enough for, you-know-who?"

As if on cure, Mark entered the office. "You called me, mom?"

"Yes, my beloved son. May I introduce Amy. Today is the start of a brand new life for her. Tell me, my son, do you think she is pretty?"

Amy turned on her bare feet, giving the handsome stranger a good look at all her assets. He was the handsomest boy she had ever seen. The sound of his voice made her knees weak. The mere sight of him caused blood to race. Mark considered her breasts as they rose and fell with each of the girl's deep breaths. He wasn't stupid. This had Master PC written all over it. He whispered to his mother. "What did you do to her mom?"

"Made her love you dear. That's all."

"How did you get ahold of Master PC?"

"You used it in front of me remember? Then I searched you room while the beautiful Merry and you fucked up a storm in my bed.

Don't worry beloved, son. I will use it only to your benefit. I swear."

Mark kicked himself. Mom had outwitted him again. Good thing Merry had him lock her loyalty down so firmly. It was probably the same loyalty that made her bring nubile patients, like this one to his attention. Come to think of it, she was pretty, nice, short, slim a real succulent little treat. He decided that he mother could do nothing to him, so he decided to enjoy himself.

"She's very cute mother, nice, short and thin." Mark walked towards the girl. "What's your name?"

"Amy Wales."

Mark was surprised, "The Goth girl?"

"That was the old me. I don't like talking about that. I am normal now.

Don't you find me attractive? I became normal just for you Mark. I love you. I want to be your slave. I want to bear your children. Tell me to do anything and I'll do it, I love you so much."

Again, the rush of power was great, his head spun and his dick got hard. He stroked her upper left arm. She jumped than stood content, like a cat that just got scratched and then decided it liked it. "Do you think I'm handsome, Amy?"

"You are the handsomest man I have ever seen. Do you want know." She looked timidly at Joanne.

"Don't mind mom. She's a doctor after all."

"Oh, yeah. That's right."

Mark kissed her and she melted into his arms. Joanne slid out of her panty hose, got her vibrator of her desk's pencil drawer and checked the batteries.

Mark raised Amy's shirt, she arched her back, offering herself to him. He grabbed her by her slim waist, pulled her to him and feasted on her breasts. Amy left her arms limp, her head loosed. Her body open to this Adonis' every advance, surrendering to him completely.

His kisses were a living contradiction, burning like fire, they sent chills into her soul. He pushed her towards the sofa. He unbuttoned the fly to her jeans and pulled them down with her panties with one smooth motion. Then he spun her around. He spent a moment appreciating the two smooth pillows of her tush, then began nibbling.

Amy bent, dropping her hands to the arms to the sofa to support her shoulder-weight. She uttered soft cries of glee. Down below, Mark could hear drops of her vaginal juices smack against the hardwood floor.  Satisfied, Mark stood. Amy watched his reflection in the lithograph's glass frame as he rose up behind her. She did not hesitate. She jutted her ass forward and bit her lip in anticipation of the sweet inevitable.

Mark had never done it doggy style. He liked it a lot. The feeling of mastery was quite intoxicating. A smothered buzz in the corner meant mother was enjoying this, now so was he.

He poked just his head into her accepting nether lips. Amy hummed in delight. Then when she least expected it, he thrust all the way in.

Amy let out yelp! It startled both Joanne and Mark. Blood dripped onto the floor. Mark bent over to see what he had done. He thought he killed her, but all she said was "Owowow. That smarts."

"Don't worry son. I repaired her hymen for you. You deserve a virgin."

"And I was a virgin too. I was saving myself for a good boy like you. Mmmm And what a stud. Don't stop please."

Ego telling him he was now a pro, Mark took it in stride and began to pump. Amy bucked and humped. His testes slapped against her ass as Amy took in all twelve inches. Her pleasure caused her arms to weaken, she turned her head and rest her cheek on the sofa's armrest. "Yes! Yes! Suck a big dick!"

Amy's pussy wasn't as active as Suzy's or as tight and juicy as Merry's but it did take all twelve inches. Long sways of his legs and hips were needed to slide all of his cock in and out. The she started to shout.

"I'm cumming. I am cumming. I'm ccuuuuuuuu." Her spine went concave then convex in rapid succession. Mark stayed inside her; his shaft continued its relentless pile driving.

Amy jerked her head up in alarm. "No. Not again not so soon, I ah cuuuuuummm. Oh gawd! Not again yess cuuuummming. Shit fuck! Will it never end? Mark I need....aaahhhhhuughhhhh." Amy was having multiple orgasm, one right after the other, she was up and down more times in then minutes than the Cyclone at Coney Island. As long as Mark was pumping she came, but soon it was time for his own release.

"I am cumming, Amy."

"Please come inside me you great big stud. Put your..." She never got to finish the sentence. Mark spat his semen inside her and she shared in his moment.

A moment later, when Amy was licking off Mark's dick, "So, what's the story here, mom?"

"Cover her ears." Mark complied. Amy just focused on moping up the bringer of orgasm she loved so much. "Amy here was a bad girl. I cleaned up her addictions and gave her a little attitude adjustment."

"And programmed her to love me."

Joanne smiled. Mark didn't know the half of it. "You didn't seem to mind, my lord. Besides she had just moved on to heroine, a small price to pay for saving her from and OD, isn't it?"

"She won't follow me around will she? This is kinda fun, but I like Merry and all."

"Don't worry, my son. This may be the last time you see her in years. She won't mind or inconvenience you."

"Good. I'm thirsty. I'm going to wait for Merry now." Mark gathered up his clothes and left.

Merry stayed kneeling, dumb at all her senses had experienced in just the past forty-five minutes.

Joanne took control, "Amy, you slut, got to the bathroom and clean yourself up."

"Yes, professor."

Karen arrived in an hour and fifteen minutes from Joanne's last call. When she arrived, she saw her brand new daughter and Joanne playing monopoly. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Upon seeing her mother enter, Amy skipped across the room and gave her a big hug. "Oh mommy, I am so sorry for hurting you so." Other apologies gushed forth, only pausing to praise Doctor York for showing her the truth of her folly. Amy's mother had been right, right about everything, always has been, always will be.

"You go wait in the car, dear. Mommy and the nice doctor need to talk."

Amy wiped contrite tears back. "Then you still love me? You forgive me?"

Karen looked at Dr. York who gave her the go ahead nod. "Yes, dear. I forgive you."

"Yay!" Amy kissed her mommy on the cheek and skipped out the door whistling.

Karen whirled. "What did you do to her?"

"Merely unlocked the good, obedient daughter within using my own deep therapy."

"It's like she's a new girl. Will she need more sessions?"

"One or two to set the pattern deeply, but she'll be all right for now. As of now, she will consider her old personality 'dead.' She will want to rebuild herself. The important thing will be indulge her desire to recreate her environment;  shop for new clothes, redecorate her room, etc.  It will reinforce her new self.
 Oh, and you must, repeat must, be here for the next session, all of it. Then two more sessions, then it will be absolutely permanent."

"Oh, I will I swear. How much do I owe you?"

"Ten thousand dollars. That's for the whole course of treatment.

Joanne Wales, power realtor, paused only briefly before filling out the check. "Cheap at twice the price." She tore out the blue slip and handed to the most brilliant therapist in the world. "You know, I know quite a few parents whose children could do with this special therapy of yours."


Chapter 8: The Shidhe Strike Back

Merry came home from a hard day of teaching with lover on her mind. The single large curl in her short black hair bobbed up and down as she ran into Mark's arms. The two mashed together as one. Mark swooped her up into his arms and carried her into the Master Bedroom.

Mark tried doggy style on Merry to great effect After his third orgasm, they collapsed in a heap. Mark had Suzy feed him by hand while Merry ate of his cockmilk and Becky collected the spillage from Merry's twat in her mouth. After Mark's cock was clean, Merry shared a kiss and the mouthful of semen with Becky.  Becky was able to deny Merry some and deliberately drooled some on her tits. Merry went after it, licking it off the gorgeous 36D mounds like a cat licks cream. After she got back from the bank, Joanne watched it all in total bliss.

Mark commanded the two elf maids to feed the lovers in bed. While they ate, Mark and Merry talked. "Mark, there is something I need to tell you. The walls of my uterus are hard, that's why my ex-husband and I have been unable to conceive. Could you please fix that?" After dinner, he did just that. He also removed all birth defects from his and Merry's reproductive systems and granted the entire family perfect health in perpetuity while he was at it.

He dismissed the elves and his mother. Then he and his bride set about the gentle course of making a baby.

Again, Mark was woken in the middle of the night. Merry was passed out beside him. It was Suzy, in her chemise, tickling him awake this time. "Is this going to be a nightly thing?" He wondered. He thought to put an end to it right now he slipped on his warm robe and stormed off, after Suzy. She tried to duck into Elizabeth's room but that would not deter him. He flung the door open.

Elizabeth, her sister, stood in from of he vanity mirror. She was topless. She wore only lace baby blue panties that "v-ed" towards the middle. Her hair was braided for bed, pulled back on clips away from her face. She immediately covered her breasts with her palms and cried "Oh! Mark. What are you doing?" She had a look of genuine surprise on her face.

Mark knew that this was another Shidhe shape changing trick. This was Becky, in her Elizabeth form. Same great ass, but her tits were bigger, they yearned to break free from those small, slender hands of hers. It was another fantasy of his come to life.


"Sorry, indeed." Elizabeth moved past him, towards her bed, where the flyaway nightgown rested. "Keep your back to me. Don't turn around. Of course, Mark watched her slip on her shift in the vanity mirror. Her breast were gorgeous, fresh, pink nipples and oh so very young and firm.  Finally dressed, she turned. "Probably just trying to cop a look were we?"
"Why not? You watch me when I sleep."

"Elizabeth-Becky blushed beet red and hung her head. Like her greatest secret had been revealed.  "But its okay, Sis"


"Really." Mark slowly walked closer. "I mean we are both good looking, right? Who can blame us if we find each other attractive."

"Right who can blame us?" Elizabeth shied away from his advances, fighting her urges. "Where's mom?" But she was backing into a corner.



"Out. It's just you and me. Tell me, when I was lying there what were you imagining? Was it that you were in bed with me? Had we made love?" Elizabeth was running out of room her buttocks now touched a wall.

"No. It is so wrong. It is incest."

"Yes, it is wrong. That's what makes it so exciting for you isn't it? You want to...fuck (Elizabeth-Becky acted shocked he used that word) your little brother? You want to fuck his great (Mark gently took her left hand and guided it between the folds of his terrycloth robe) big, meaty (then his hand overlapped hers and affixed it to his swelling member.) cock?
 What do you say Elizabeth? Did I kick off the covers on a hot night? Or did you slowly pull them back?" Mark opened his robe, Elizabeth's hand stayed.

"No." she whimpered, fighting the lust for her younger brother with her last ounce of strength.

"No? Then why is your hand still on me? And why are you drooling?"

His older sister suddenly dropped to both knees and began sucking his cock like a woman possessed. "It's so good Mark!" She sighed over and over between gulps and licks. His head turned purple and his veins pulsed with hot blood. There was his bitch sister, sucking his cock and loving it!

Mark had to admit the Shidhe knew how to throw a fantasy.

Elizabeth-Becky had gone to fingering her clit under her panties. Mark remembered how hot it was to see Merry lick the cum off Becky's face earlier and he let himself build to orgasm. "I am cumming, Elizabeth."

"Oh, cum, little brother. Spray your lovely seed all over my face. Oh, I love it." Suddenly, Elizabeth's eyes went wide in genuine surprise. There a was real heat coming from her fey clit. It was impossible and undeniable at the same time.

The Becky creature had to admit it, his phallus was magnificent. But was it enough to...then all rational thought left her. She guided Mark's dick as it ejaculated all over her face and her clit sent a billion volts of sex-energy shooting up her body at the same time. Her fey mind was not designed to have an orgasm, but Master PC would not be denied. An epilepsy of ecstasy seized her body, just like her sister, and would not let go.

The effect on her psyche was amazing, she flipped from sexual predator, who was about to fuck a mortal's life out of his body, into a willing, grateful slave. Her elfin love was total and unreserved, if her mouth could have formed words she would have shouted out her True Name to him gladly.

"Oh no you don't." Mark was ready for the Shidhe thrashings when they came and he wasn't going to be cheated like that again. "Come here little sister."

"No. Wait. Please." The Shidhe whimpered.

Mark didn't wait. He picked her up, threw her over the bed tore off the lace panties and slammed into her. He was really getting the hang of this doggie style.  Hidden in he closet, Suzy stifled a giggle. Becky would certainly be singing a different tune tomorrow.

Mark pounded the sweet smooth ass that he had lusted over for so many years. It felt great. The fact that her Shidhe self was having uncontrollable, joy induced seizures made his revenge that much sweeter. When it looked like she was calming down, he ejaculated and sent her into orbit again. Three times he repeated the process. In the end, he left her on her bed a gibbering mess, leaking his sticky semen from her pussy.

"Now maybe, I can get some sleep!" Mark picked up his robe and headed to bed.

Chapter 9: Indulgence

The next two days followed a happy routine for Mark. Starting with Becky's named-oath of undying love and servitude, the elfin sisters were thoughtful beyond belief. Merry went to work. If his mom had a suitable patient, he fucked her. If not, Suzy, Becky and he shared a threesome. Merry came home, they made love and night fell; with no nocturnal visitation or emission.  Then, one night,  Mister Fahey showed up.

Actually it was more of a sneaking around.  Using the skill acquired slumming around the back alleys of Bangkok, he snuck around back and saw his two girls arguing.  They had grown into cute little numbers. He could hear them from the bushes.

"Its been a whole day. My pussy is on fire."

"Don't you think I feel the same? But what are we to do? If we change, we become vulnerable."

Then before the sailors' eyes his two daughters changed into Shidhe. He remembered the stories his Gran told him in his youth but he thought they were just her old fancy. Of course that would explain some things about his bitch of a wife.

"Are we broken? Imperfect? Will we never know the joys of ruining a man again?"

"We need to try ourselves on another man."

"But who? How?"

Then Mister Fahey slid the patio door aside. The two Shidhe, caught unawares, immediately reverted to their mortal bodies, even casting a glamour of clothing. But it was too late.

"Well now, fey are ye? Don't bother running, I was the one who named you, remember?"

The two women crouched in fear.

"Now come over here."


"What do you want?"

"Your ol' dad is going to fuck yer little brains out."

The two Shidhe shared a secret smile. "Oh. I am afraid he's got us Elizabeth."

"Yes. I am afraid he does Suzanne."

Then they stalked closer to their father.

The next morning, Merry shook John awake. "Mark! Mark! Get up! The girls are doing something to a man downstairs!"

Mark made himself decent more casually than Merry liked. "Hurry!"

"What are they doing to him?"

"Fucking him!"

"Is that all?"

"Its not the same its...sick somehow. It's just wrong. Hurry!"

Mark wondered if it was a burglar the girls surprised. He grabbed his softball bat and walked down the stairs. Merry followed close behind. He was able to here grunts and a male voice pleading from the top of the stairs. The voice seemed familiar somehow.

Mark proceeded, sword at the ready.  At first all he saw was Suzy's head and shoulders as she bounced up and down on someone. Elizabeth stood beside her, gulping a goblet of wine, her body glowing with as sheen of perspiration. Mark crept down the stairs further.

Mark's father, Jack Fahey lay pinned beneath Suzy; his dick enslaved to his elf-daughter's compelling pussy. Jack was a man trapped in rapture. He begged his lover to stop weakly. He throat croaked from thirst. Then movement from the stairs caught his eye.

"For the love of God, Mark, make them stop. They are killing meeeeee." Captain Fahey's body clenched with another orgasm, one of the countless dozens he had experienced that night. It was his hell of pleasure. Neither Suzy nor the whimpering Captain even slowed their humping.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Only Becky responded. "Oh you know how dear father creeps around eventually? This time he finally got his wish. He commanded his daughters to fuck his brains out." Becky changed into Elizabeth form, bent and caressed the old man's cheek. "And this time you got you wish, didn't you, daddy dear?"

"I am so sorry, please..." Jack tried to weep but the orgasm got the better of him. "P-p-p-p please make it ahhhhhhhhhh."

Mark's old man was getting the very life sucked out of him. He moved to save him. "What the hell are you doing? Get offa him!" He waved the aluminum bat at them.

Suzy and Becky laughed.

Then Mark remembered a gaming trick. Some elves hated cold iron. He dropped the bat and picked up the wrought iron fireplace poker.  The advanced with its curled tip towards them.

Both Shidhe withdrew, hissing like viscous cats.

Merry, God bless her, called in sick to take care of the old man. He face was ashen, his hands shook and asked for a glass of water.

Mark knew his dad to drink every booze under the sun, but never water.  Eventually, he passed out on the sofa, covered only by a wool blanket. He reminded Mark of a transient. As morning turned into afternoon, it became clearer and clearer that Jack Fahey was a broken man. The terror of brothels across the seven seas was done.

Mark was furious. He demanded to know what the girls had done. He raged, he yelled and he promised never to touch them again. Then he stormed out of the house. Merry went with him.

That Friday night, the fey girls took their problems to their old source of comfort, their mother. She was all too ready to apply her own solution. "Jack was a pervert, after you two since you were little girls. He got what he deserved."

"But what do we do about Mark? We love him so much. We cannot live without him."

"He said he would not touch us anymore." Becky  looked miserable.

"You, we,  need to make it up to him."


"By bringing him what he wants."

Chapter 10: Descent

Friday night Mark and Merry made love. He was still furious and his love's kisses and a backrub went a long way to soothing him.

Saturday morning came and everyone had their own missions to perform. Mark pedaled to his game. Merry met her in-laws, to keep up appearances. Joanne met with a family she had longed to treat. Elizabeth played in  basketball game and Suzanne attended a friend's wedding.

It was Mark and Sam's turn to fix the mac and cheese and this gave them time to talk. "Sam, what do you know about elves, real elves?" Sam Foy, like most gamers was a dilettante on folklore.

"Well, there's legends of "little people" all over the world. Have you ever noticed how my elves are the most dangerous race on my world? That's because they were.

Oh, nowadays, we dress them up in green pointy hats and make them tiny purveyors of cookies and toys. But in the days of our ancestors, they told stories of the Tuatha de Dannan in hush tones. And when they did, they weren't 'cute." Even the bravest warriors were terrified to their bones.

Pixie tricks were hardly every amusing. They usually involved illusions and playing with mortal's feelings and emotions, the way a cat plays with mice. Sometimes they were downright fatal."

"And elvish lovers?"

"Despite what we play sometimes, elvish lovers were notoriously dangerous. The elf women would take mortal lovers, use them up and just discard them. Those used men used to wonder the villages, not right in the head. They had what is called 'The Fey Look.' For the rest of their lives. "

"And the elvish men?"

"They were dangerous too. They used to claim the old medieval law of "First Night." That's why brides hide their faces in veils and ushers "guard" the ceremonies so Fey Princes won't kidnap beautiful mortal brides."

"I wished I had played in your world more often."

Elizabeth was the star of the game. Her footwork was a graceful as a ballerina and her endurance was incredible. In the fourth quarter she scored twelve out of the team's total 54 points. Coach Sontag saw her as a team player for the first time in her life. The coach even considered moving her up to Varsity.  They could use her help.

That Saturday was like most others. Freshmen and JV  played in the morning then Varsity at night, then the boys.

After Coach had the last few words, Elizabeth approached Kristin Johnson. They were both guards. Elizabeth took a break from wiping the sweat from herself with a towel.

"Hey Kristin. We got about two hours of empty gym. How about a little one on one?"

Kristin, a true jock, agreed readily. Kristin was fifteen and very slender. Her legs and arms were long and willowy. Her tush was practically non-existent. She showed only b-cup breast that angled out slightly from her body. But she had the prettiest face Becky had ever seen on a mortal.

She had very fine, brownish-blonde hair that was almost translucent and formed a halo around the girl if the light was behind her.  Her hair searched down beyond her shoulders and she usually wore it in a ponytail with bangs. Her perfect teeth high round cheekbones and oval face gave her appealing smile.  She had ice-blue eyes that really did twinkle.  When she tilted her head forward and flashed those innocent eyes under her bangs, the effect was devastating.

She was a sweet, tasty little treat as ever walked the Earth. Mark would love her.

Elizabeth won the contest, but not by much. And the two girls hit the shower. The team was long gone and they had the girl's locker room all to themselves. The two showered, like they had dozens of times before.

"How tall are you, Liz?" asked Kristin.


"No way. That's tall enough. I wonder why the coach doesn't you a forward?"
Becky turned the conversation her way. "Look. All my height is in my belly." Elizabeth stroked her washboard as, down to her groin. "See?" Kristin tried to be nonchalant, but Becky could see her tense.

"But that's the worst of it." She cupped her breasts. "I have medium breasts now. But I can tell they are going to be much larger. Coach says that will put off my balance."

"Oh, come on. How can you tell they are going to be bigger?"

"By the way they feel. Look. I'll show you."

In all innocence Kristin put up her arms. The shower was really relaxing her. "I don't know which one I want more, Varsity or nice rack." The two girls giggled.

Becky cupped one breast in either hand. "Mmmm. Nice handfuls." Then she softly molded them.

"Liz, I don't think..."

"Relax. This is the way it's done. Haven't you been taught how to examine you own breasts yet?"

"I said no!"

Becky backed off. "Hey. No problem. I think I know what I need to know anyway. You are going to be bigger than me, C-plus maybe D. You don't believe me? Try my breast. It's easy, just feel the room to grow."  Becky lifted her arms and took a step closer.

"Liz, I don't think..."

In one smooth, blindingly swift motion, Becky's arms dropped around Kristin's head, pulled her head to meet hers, crushed her open mouth against Kristin's and spat down her throat.

Kristin leapt back. She hadn't even finished her first wipe of her lips when she collapsed to the tile floor. Becky stood above her, watching the steamy spray run down Kristin's body.

Slowly, Kristin opened her eyes,  stood and looked on her teammate like she was something different all together. "Wow, Liz. I love you."

"How do you feel about my brother, Mark, now?"

"Him? I love him too. I want him to fuck me in my cunny." Kristin leaned forward, cupped her sex and shuddered. "Mmmm. I can just picture it now. I need him, Lizzy. Please take me to him."

"In  my good time." Becky hooked her hand around Kristin's neck. It was slick with the nymphet's hair. Becky pulled down her mouth to hers. Kristin closed the distance, embracing her new love fully and without reservation.

The Virgin unashamedly ran her hands all over Becky's body, up her ass, to her breasts. The cool innocence had turned to burning, but inexperienced desire and a need to please. The girls had a whole half an hour before anyone showed up. The two teenagers spent that time in the hot shower, partaking of each other's sweet flesh.

The wedding was beautiful. It was out door, sunny and her friend Margeux Sanguetti, now Margeux McCoy, was radiant. Margeux was all Italian beauty. She had black, curly hair, full lips, and a luscious figure, smooth skin and talked her hands.  For the wedding, she wore her grandmother's lace wedding gown and her mother's pearls. For the wedding night she had something special from her girlfriends.

The afternoon reception was modest. Though the couple was poor, there was lots of dancing, good lager and a big sandwich buffet.

Margeux and her husband, Rob, had postponed their Mexican honeymoon until the end of final's week, next Friday. For that weekend, they were booked into the honeymoon suite of the Riverhouse, a nice old hotel. They escaped from the Masonic Lodge and drove off to consummate their lives.  Suzanne followed.

They kissed passionately at the suite. Rob was a bit buzzed but not that buzzed. Still, Margeux wanted the night to be perfect. She put her husband off while she showered and changed. Rob stripped off his tux and went after the complimentary champagne. He was sipped the Chandon and wished he had a beer. There was a knock at the door.

Fortunately, there was a vanity room off from the shower. It gave Margeux enough room to slip on her white lace corset, matching panties, hose and garters. She giggled at how silly she was being. She stood and examined herself in the mirror. Her long, black, curly hair set a lovely contrast with the white lace corset. The corset pushed up and out her proud 38 D's and pinched her fabulous, healthy ass nicely. If it didn't get her man hard in two seconds she'd know the reason why.

 "Hmmm, child bearing hips." She commented, squirming at the thought of her big stud taking her, making her pregnant. The next half and hour was spent getting her make up perfect.

Finally, she walked out of the bathroom. Rob was waiting on the other side of the bed. He was shipping champagne as he looked up. "Wow, honey, you look hot." As he put down the champagne, Margeux rushed towards him. She had planned to walk towards him slowly and sexily, but she lost it. She skipped into his arms. He kissed her differently, much harder, he immediately went to Frenching and then, shockingly, he spat a loogie down her throat.

She yanked herself away. "What the hell was that?"

"First Night."

"What?" Margeux bent down, trying to retch. There, on the floor, lay her husband. Her last thought was, "The bed must have hidden him from view." Then the floor rushed to meet her.

Merry picked up Mark and his bike at Sam's house. The boys were impressed to say the least. Sam was worried. Girls always meant the end of a gamer. He couldn't blame him though. His girlfriend was an exotic beauty, nice too.

The two lovers made it home and were met at the door my Joanne, Suzanne and Elizabeth. "Don't come in the living room. We have an after dinner surprise there for you."

Mark was still pisssed as hell at his elf sisters, and had forgotten all about the lore Sam imparted on him. The Shidhe taking his sisters shape had put him off his guard, as they planned. The kitchen table was set well enough and a catered lasagna sat in the middle of the table. (Of the four women there, only Merry could cook worth a damn.)

The lasagna was good, Mark's favorite, very heavy, very meaty and a bit salty. The elvish maids serve their lord brilliantly. Never was his goblet more than half-empty when they filled it. Merry, who they loved, got the same treatment. But she didn't indulge herself as much as the new lord of the house.

An hour later, dinner finished. The girls escorted the two upstairs. Becky put a new emerald green silk robe on her lord. Suzanne tied a golden satin robe on her mistress. "Where did these come from girls. They look expensive."

"They are expensive lord. Joanne bough them for you. In thanks for permitting her to us Master PC on her clients."

"Girls can you excuse us for just a moment?" asked Merry.

The nymphs paused. "We have such a nice night planned."

"Oh. Don't worry. Just give us five minutes of privacy, then come right back. Okay?"

Since Mark did not object, they did as requested.

Merry turned and in an alarmed tone whispered, "You gave Joanne Master PC?"

"I didn't give it to her. She found it. She's just using it to help people in therapy. I commanded her to use it for good. It's okay."

"Mark, dearest, I thought you understood, commands to be good don't mean anything when a person is a bitch. And your mother, unless you want to spend a year re-programming her mind, is a bitch."

There, in his mother's bedroom, half-drunk, Mark spoke his first mean words to Merry. "I don't think I like the way you are talking about my mother."

Merry was sweet and nice but she was not na•ve. She knew Mark wasn't insulted about his mother, he had called her worse, no he was insulted by the idea he had been fooled and his lover was correcting him. But she was programmed to be supportive.

"I'm sure it's a good thing if you say so, Mark. Girls, you can come back in now."

After the dressing, the girls led the two, Mark first, down the stairs. Three new women stood before the burning fireplace.

One was an exquisitely pretty young girl. She had long, straight blond hair with brown highlights. The fire behind her gave her hair a hellish glow. She was dressed in a simple white blouse, neckerchief and pleated, plaid skirt.  She was slender, tall and had legs a dancer would envy.

Her head was tilted forward. Her eye blue eyes followed Mark's every step from under her bangs. Her breath was heavy, predatory, like a lioness on the veldt. Her slender shoulders rose and fell with each swell of her lungs.

Mark didn't know the girl's name but he knew he wanted her.

The second female was a woman. Her breast her big, her hips were full, and her waist was narrow. It was a goddess figure if there ever was one. This was the shape sailors dreamed of and wars got started over.

The woman was dressed in hose, garter, lace and a push up corset. Her black, curly hair flowed back from a heart shaped face. She did not hide her body. The woman's hands rested on her wide hips and her made tiny moves that made promises of heated passion and nights of rapture.

The third woman was a lady. She was in her early thirties, dressed in an elegant black and rhinestone cocktail dress and black, high heels. Her long red hair was elegantly coifed. Expensive amethysts decorated her lobes, nape and fingers.

She licked her scarlet lips and looked Mark up and down, sizing him up with gray eyes. Her tongue lolled inside her mouth and her red lips smiled in approval.

Naked, the York women stood beside their choices. Becky now stood beside the maiden, Kristin; Suzy beside her companion Margeux and Joanne beside the lady, Willa.

Joanne spoke for all. "We bring these presents to thee, lord, to show you how much we love you. We only want to serve you. With us you will have these women and many more. You will rule this town as you deserve, lord."

"Who are they?"

Joanne smiled. Her son was intrigued as she, and Freud, knew he'd be. "Then will introduce themselves, lord."

The maiden jumped quickly in, "I'm Kristin, lord. I am a virgin." She squirmed as she spoke, like she ached to have him take her clothes off.
"All I ever wanted in life is for you to teach me the ways of being a woman. Please. Please." She begged.

Margeux stepped confidently forward. "Enough whining." She graced Mark with a lewd smile that made his dick twitch. "Virgins are so over-rated don't' you think. Lots of whining and giggling. Besides see anything you don't like." She swayed her hips as she slowly turned. Mark was hard now.
"And I am fertile tonight. Make me pregnant lord, My husband will never know. I was born to share you bed."

The Lady stepped forward. "I am Willa Newton. I own the Triple-Y, the richest stud farm ranch in tree states. I thought I didn't need a man, but Joanne here showed me the error of my ways. Come live with me. You and your kin. After I take care of you, maybe you can take care of my four bitch daughters who could use a good fucking. All of it would be yours.
Think of it. My, my ranch, my daughters all in one big pile of fucking? Besides, looking at the size of that pecker you got sticking out of that robe, a stud farm is where you belong, darlin'."

Joanne spoke up. "Which will it be, Mark?"

Mark couldn't believe it. These were three of the most beautiful, fuckable women he had ever seen. It was adolescents dream.

Merry spoke on Mark's ear. "You just go and be happy." She turned and walked upstairs. Mark was too transfixed by the wanton display of womanhood to even watch her go.

Joanne was worried. She didn't plan on Merry leaving. Suzy would take Margeux's place. Becky would play Kristin for the night. Joanne would supervise the orgy. She knew goody-goody Merry would never spoil the fun, but Mark still had some attachment to her. She could put a turd in the punchbowl yet. Too bad she was too busy orchestrating her son's corruption to do anything about it, right now.

Mark had his answer. "I'll take all three." He patted himself on the back for that brilliant stroke.

"Fine." Said Joanne. "Now tell these girls that they are forgiven."


"We did this for you to show how sorry we are and to show you how much we love you. Tell us we are forgiven."

"You are forgiven." Mark opened his arms and the elves rushed in smothering him with kisses.

Joanne stepped in, "Girls, girls. Where are your manners? Our lord had said he wants these three. Let him at them."

"Oh you are so right, Joanne!"

"Such a good idea, Joanne!"

"Take me first!" panted Kristin.

"Sorry girl. He's taking the dark haired beauty here first, if he wants to get her pregnant that is. Besides I think you outta see how its done first."

"Well let's go." Willa got down to her slip.

Suzy and Becky slipped out to accomplish their mission. Joanne stripped naked and readied her dildo. Kristin sat and learned. Margeux swayed up to Mark and planted a deep, slow, long kiss on him.

Merry went home to her ex-husband. Too busy indulging his lust, Mark did not notice.

Mark grabbed both protruding ass cheeks and squeezed. He kissed down Margeux's neck. The rough lace and her smooth skin made for a delightful contrast. He shoved down the corset and her heavy Mediterranean boobs flopped out. Mark slobbered over their juicy goodness.

Fully enchanted by the Shidhe, Margeux bathed in rapture, every kiss sent pulses of pleasure through her brain. Her pussy was a flood. She could feel how hot and itchy it was, itchy for cock, Mark's cock. Her panties soaked through, they clung to her skin and abraded her pubes. The mucus slimed down her inner thighs, where it cooled.  She had never known a woman's body could feel so much.

Her left hand circled around her mate's huge member. It was huge. It would make her pregnant, it had to. It, and she, felt so right. "Gonna make me pregnant, lover?" She pouted. Her pussy screamed for attention.

Mark said nothing. He simply spun her around and pushed her head down in preparation for the doggy style he liked to much.

"Whoa. Hold on there stud." Willa interjected. "You want to get this brood mare pregnant, missionary's the way to go."

Mark nodded. "Make it so." His dick stood at attention, angry, impatient.

"Help me with these pillows here, girl." Willa and Kristin prepared the mating couch, while Margeux peeled off her soaked panties.

She was about to get naked but Mark interrupted her. "No, leave them on." All three women smiled, all for different reasons.

Her nest ready, Margeux lay back. Willa directed the Virgin to catch Margeux's long , black, curly hair and spread it out like a halo behind the bride. Margeux lay her bottom on the cushions, squirmed into comfort, and spread her legs invitingly, bent her arms behind her head and stretched seductively beneath her man.

Mark knelt between her stocking-ed legs. Willa, unabashedly took his manhood between her thumb and forefinger and aimed towards Margeux's engorged, jet haired pussy. "Is this girl ever ready for you, stud." Mark slipped in easily.

Margeux arched her back. Her greatest dream was fulfilled, no, her second greatest dream. Her first greatest was to have this glorious-god like man get her with child. "Make me pregnant, my big man, Oh, soo big! Give me a big cocked son, like you. Put him inside me, please."

Using the Master PC power he had previously reserved for Merry, Mark did indeed mentally activate his super-sperm. Then he pumped away. This was perfect, her husband would raise him. He would never know it was Mark's child. As this woman thrashed beneath him, Mark thought about the Sunday paper and all those cute brides. He could fuck every one of them. Only the mother's would know it was Mark's baby inside their womb and secretly they would lust for another. Master PC would make it all possible. The thought of a whole town pregnant with his children sent him over the edge. He came buckets. The woman beneath him came too, powerfully.

She was still half-unconscious when Mark turned to the Virgin. Her eyes lit up when she discerned his intent.

Chapter 11: Plateau

The next morning, Sunday, Suzy and Becky, in Suzanne and Elizabeth form, compared notes while they cleaned up the secretions from last night's orgy.  Suzanne was just finishing up how she, in Margeux-glamour, entertained her husband.

"Did you break him?" asked Becky.

"I can't break him, not when he's going to raise our beloved lord's child. But he will never doubt his wife's passion for him. You?"

"Oh it was such a perfect, happy family, I couldn't resist. " Elizabeth changed into Kristin and put on a pouty lip. "Daddy do you think this swimsuit is too small. I mean it shows my vagina lips and everything." Both melted into laughter and Elizabeth changed back.

"And did the mother catch you two in the act?"

"Of course. She stormed out of the house and her father shortly followed. But then Kristin' brother came home from practice."

"To the same swimsuit?"

"Too easy." Elizabeth shifted into a middle aged, full figured woman in a print dress that showed off her cleavage. "Mommy was home and oh-so horny because daddy hadn't been doing his bedroom chores. First I massaged his naked body with my hands, then I massaged his cock with my tongue." Both giggled again.

"Oh you are so wicked. You had all the fun."

"I wonder what the family is doing now?"

"I know what Mark is doing now."

"Our beloved lord is quite the stud." Both laughed again at the pun.

Upstairs, in her office, Willa walked up and down a line of five naked prostrate girls. Joanne typed at the computer. Be-robed,  Mark lorded over the proceedings in the new black, leather chair his mother had bought him.

"These are my daughters, ungrateful bitches all. After all I gave you, not one of you could muster the decency to take care of the ranch your father and I sweated so hard to leave you. Why couldn't I have sons?"

For the first time in their lives, they girls knelt and really listened to every word of their mother.  As they knelt, Joanne, at the Master PC, removed their fat, lengthen their straight brown or black hair to where it would reached their ankles if they stood.  Enlarged their breasts, removed their body hair, made them really, really, fertile and then changed their entire personality to suit her beloved son's needs, as she saw them.

"Ellen, you were the eldest and biggest disappointment. You were bright, beautiful enough. You should have married a doctor or lawyer or something. Instead you go bull dyke on me and move to Seattle.  Then you have the nerve to ask me for $20,000 dollars to get this cow girlfriend of yours inseminated. Our values weren't good enough for you, but I guess our money was.

And I loved your reason for not having a baby yourself. "I couldn't stand to that to my body." What a laugh. You had to weigh close to three hundred pounds. Did you know you were so fat, you couldn't wipe your ass properly? Where was your respect for your body then? No, it was all about selfishness.

You were too selfish to give to a man, too selfish to give to give to a baby, too selfish to give.

Cody, what were thinking when you ran off with that Sykes fellah? He was drifter and a no-good. You can't polish a turd. We told you so. But did you listen to us? No. And when he got drunk and beat you, like we told you he would, what did you do? You came back to the house, resentful and throwing blame at us for not being "supportive."

At least that Sykes had the decency to be born as sterile as mule.

Charlotte, we sent you to all the finest art schools. We was hoping you would become another Russell or O'Keefe. Instead you got into drugs, cranked out incomprehensible garbage, smeared shit all over the objects we taught you were sacred and called it "art with a message."

Well me and your poppa got the message real good, "fuck you." Well now, you are gonna put all those fool notions aside and get down to the business of being a mommy.

In fact, the doc here says you all gonna be real good mommies after she's done with y'all."

Willa sauntered up to the youngest with the greatest of relish. The girl was a pert fifteen tops. "Katy, you were my real heartbreak. Your daddy and I hoped you would learn from your sisters. Instead you run off and got pregnant by that buck.

Did you know that I got the word from some cousin of his that you were pregnant by him. Yep, he hit me up for a job on the same phone call. Then his momma hit me up for money not two days later. Both got real mean when I told them 'no,'. They called me all sorts of names and threatened me too, your own momma, with violence.

Wouldn't be surprised if they were fixin' to murder me too.

Did you know that your boyfriend's old lover was in the car the night he crashed your daddy's old Cadillac?  They were both drunk; smashed up the gatepost your daddy and me laid with out own two hands.

Well, no matter now, you're as fresh as a daisy. Doc here took care of that thing in your belly. And we took care of your boyfriend and his family real good.

Well, what you all got to say for yourselves?

Four of the five burst into wailing and weeping. Tears rolled down their cheeks, they ground their faces into the carpet. The pleaded for forgiveness, they swore that they'd be good little girls forever and do what momma said. Yes, they'd always do what momma said.

After only a couple of minutes, Willa was sick of it. " I should have had sons. I will have grandsons. Despite all your flaws you still have some of the man I loved inside you. Sometimes greatness skips a generation.

Just because a mare can't race doesn't mean one should discard a line. I found this here stud for you. He is a nice young man and much better than you deserve. You will all be good little wives for him.

Well I've had my peace. You better have them now, Mark."
Mark loved all the drama, now it was his turn on the stage. He threw aside the fold of his robe and prowled in front of the line of kneeling girls.

Joanne had made them young, sixteen years at most if Mark was any judge. She had left their breasts heavy  and turned their nipples out for easy nursing. All pubic hair had dropped to the floor, and both set of lips had fulled out, the way he liked it.

The girl's, sitting back on their haunches, switched from mourning to mating in a blink of the eye. The tears on their cheeks were not even dry and yet their chests heaved with heavy sighs, their lips quivered at the sight of Mark's magnificent phallus.

Precisely as Willa requested and Joanne commanded, one by one, the girls fell forward on all fours and lifted their asses as the male strode behind them… presenting themselves just like mares in heat.

"Looks like they're in season, Mom."

Joanne took out her two dildos. "All for you, my magnificent stallion of a son."

Willa pouted herself a whiskey. "Do it. If you don't mind Mark, would you start with Ellen? I want to see my dyke daughter beg for cock."

"Yes, start with me. I love men. I love men's cocks inside me, especially your cock, dearest Mark. I want a baby so bad. Give me a baby, please. I want to be a mommy so bad."

Mark grabbed both sides of her ass and let the shaft only slide against her labials, teasing her. "And how will you raise him? Will you teach him to fuck women?"

"Oh, yeah. I will teach him everything. Just stick it in me Mark, I want to feel the joy of being a woman."

"Fine. But now I will tell you what I have planned. Aside from physical perfection, this son of ours will have a great mind for business and horses. He will exude power and women will be drawn to it and him. You will support him, understand?"

Willa interjected. "And my request?"

Mark smirked. "Right. All the lesbians you will introduce him too will be attracted to him."

"Yes, yes, anything just slip it in me!"

Mark, eager himself, complied. Ellen three her mane back and whinnied as he fucked her roughly. He came, she came. His dick was still dripping when moved down the line, to Charlotte.

"Our son will be the athlete. He will no peer in any sport. Girls will adore him. He will fuck them all and you will support him in this."

"Oh, yes Mark. Fuck me, I am so unworthy. Fuck me, put your seed inside my unworthy womb." Cody bent forward, face into the carpet. She liked it rough. She cried out and went into multiple orgasms. The he slipped out and moved down the line.

"Our son will be the artist, Leonardo will have nothing on him. But he will be straight. He will travel the world, seducing wealthy dowagers, young wives of great patrons and young, beautiful models."

"Sounds yummy, luv. Now how about some meat?" she wiggled her ass at him. Mark smiled and jammed himself in.

Compared to Charlotte, the other two were like fucking a sack of potatoes. Charlotte had skill and passion. She bucked, barked encouragement and her pussy clenched on his piston with each thrust. She came, he came. Then Mark moved down the line.

The newly sweet and innocent girl, slowly, unsurely raised her bottom for her love. "Mark, does this mean you love me?"

The question floored him. His mother had programmed Kate, cleansed her completely of her tramp ways. The girl who blushed at her own feelings of love for Mark was completely naive of what was going on. All she knew was that she loved Mark and people in love, make love. All her new madepurity cam through in that simple question. "Does this mean you love me?"

Mark's conscience rang in his head like cathedral bells. He knew, that was what sex was supposed to be, love; not a play for power, not just simple animal rutting, and love.  Still, he went through with his task. His mother was watching, she had stopped getting herself off.

He moved behind her. "Yes, and you love me as I love...." The words caught in his throat. He didn't love this girl. He loved Merry. Where was she anyway?

Joanne was typing.

Mark snapped out of his reverie. This foolish virgin was his. "Of course I love you. Feel my love." He pumped his sticky, sloppy dick into her twat. He tore her hymen without pausing. He pumped like the mating machine he was. "Our son will be a movie star. He will fuck and impregnate every starlet from here to Cannes. Kate uttered oaths of love n his backswing.

Mark's voice became a yell. "My sons will spread across the world! Yeahhhhhhh!" He spat his seed inside the girl.

Then he moved to Ellen's Chinese lover.

"Not her, please." Willa insisted. "That slant-eyed cunt don't deserve you. Every ranch needs a slut. Let her be the cock starved slut of the ranch, lord. Let her keep the hands happy."

Joanne typed it all in.

"Fine. As long as she obeys.  Here Ling, suck my dick."

Ling took the man's dick eagerly. After the first taste, she withdrew and spat. "Eww, tastes like vagina. I hate that."

"Then I guess no dick for you."

Ling reconsidered and grabbed the only dick in the house. "You have such a fine cock, Master. Please allow Ling to suck you."

The Vagina taste did go away eventually and then Ling sucked and licked without reservation. Willa whispered in the other mother's ear. "Make her love the taste of cum. The hands love that. And make her sterile. Maybe after a few years I'll give her back, fixed, to her momma. But not now, now I need a maid."

Joanne, eager for all the wealth and power Willa would provide, typed it in.

Ling's black hair reminded him of Merry. Why had she left?

Chapter 12: Redemption

Mark spent the night between Suzy and Becky. At around two AM, he felt the call of nature and went to the bathroom. As he squatted, with finally a moment's peace. he thought.

That little girl's pleading had really gotten to him. Sex WAS supposed to be love. He was acting more and more like his mother and sisters, where love was a tool, a weapon.  Tomorrow he would go tot school, get himself back on track.

In the morning, he got up and delivered the paper himself, despite Becky and Suzy's pleadings. He showered alone, despite Joanne's pleading. He did eat the breakfast Suzy cooked for him and that was a mistake.

It gave Joanne time to convince to give her permission to program genius level math, science and business knowledge into his head.  After that, school became superfluous.

With black box, and his mother's new money, he was able to invest her money very wisely indeed. Mark projected they would be millionaires within the week, if his weather predictions for the late frost that would wipe out the Brazilian coffee crop held out.

Mark quit his job. Watching the Hisieng Index was more important. The rest of the week, Mark stayed home, making money and arranging his affairs before the families big move into the ranch house. Merry only barely crossed his mind.

Another Saturday morning rolled around and there was a knock at his bedroom door. Elizabeth-Becky said he had visitors.

The old gaming gang was there. Sam spoke for the group. "You okay, Mark?"

"Oh! It's game day! I am sorry guys but..."

"We know. You've got better things to do. Well, we just came by to check on you, to make sure you were okay, no phone call and all."


The rest of the gamers left the house. Mark pulled Sam aside. "I am so sorry, Sam."

"Like I said, no problem. D&D rule #1: girls come first. And that 'Merry' I saw you with was real nice."

"Yeah, Merry."

"She here?"

"Not right now."

"Tell her I said 'hi." Meanwhile. I'll just NPC your character, okay?"


"Gotta go. Gotta GM."

Mark sent the girls away and just thought about his life.  It was the first time in a long time. The game, for him, was never about the game. It was about friendship. Some guys played poker, some bowled, but it was always about the players, the friends one saw when he/she gamed.

They were the only people to know he was missing. Even the school didn't bother with him.

What had changed him? He needed to go to the source, to the one person he hoped still loved him, Merry.

He pedaled like a madman and left his bike on Merry' driveway. On a teacher's salary, her and her husband hadn't been able to buy a house. She was not alone, but Cesar left them easily enough.  Merry got him water and fixed him a sandwich.

"Merry, what have I done?"

Merry, as ever, sweetly broke the truth to him. "Oooo, Mark, dear, you just fell into the trap."


"It's called, 'diminishing returns,' dear. It happens when people go to greater and greater extremes to get the original feeling. That happens to addicts to a lot."

"I'm an addict?"

"I am afraid so. Soon there will be no stopping you. I  saw that couldn't support you, that's why I left."

"God. What can I do?"

"Well, what have you done?"

Mark laid it all out for her.

"That's a lot. I don't know where to begin to fix it all. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about all these problems?"

"I hate this world."

Merry caressed his face. "That's where I would begin if I were you."

It took Mark and Crystal Ball three days to fix it all. Even then, they had to wait a week for the Spring Equinox, the in-between time, whenthe barrier betweenthe Faierie and the Visible realm was thinnest.  Then his Shidhe lovers could open a portal.

On that day, Mark, Joanne, Suzanne and Elizabeth disappeared from the face of this Earth. A pregnant Merry and her lover-husband, Cesar Arguello as the new owners, moved into the abandoned house. The Triple Y ranch prospered under the guidance of Willa Newton and her grandson, Mark.

In Sam's world, as legend has it, a great mortal warrior-wizard, Silbar, with three elvish maiden-lovers, conquered the realm. He, with the aid of his magic crystal ball, purged the kingdom of evil. He drove the vicious goblin armies mad, slew the fierce dragon,  Dastwyrm, with his supernatural physical prowess and rescued the dwarves from slavery.  He wed the beauteous princess Redwynn and sired a line that kept the kingdom at peace and prosperity for aeons.

The End