This is a complete work of fiction. None of the people or events are real. If you can't accept that or you're not over 18, leave.
This is my first attempt at anything like this, so please let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more! Write me at and happy reading! Thanks! :)


Master PC: Denise's Story by Amy

Part One

Denise sat at her desk, bored out of her mind. She worked as a web page designer for a large firm, but she found the work boring. She started up her browser and decided to browse the newsgroups that her company hosted on its servers. She half-heartedly glanced through every sex newsgroup she could find, hoping to find something worthwhile. Most of the posts were spam and worthless crap, but she would still look in desperate hope of finding that one good picture or story.

Her favorites involved mind control, in particular one series of stories that dealt with an all-powerful computer program that made the user a virtual god. Something about being able to make people do anything she wanted made her drip like few other things could.

She clicked on the next newsgroup post, and was not impressed by what she read. Some fool claimed to have created an Master PC program for the federal government, one that worked through satellites and nanochips that were implanted in all U.S. residents when they were vaccinated as children. Only now for some reason he didn't specify the government was after him and was going to shut down his program only months from using it to end all crime in the country. Something about the feds deciding free will was too important to lose.

So he uploaded his program to the newsgroup in the hopes someone else would find it and hold on to it for him, until the feds were off his trail. Denise didn't buy a word of it, but figured she had nothing better to do so downloaded the program.

She made a backup of her hard drive in the case of a virus, and a quick check of the system stats showed no one else had downloaded the program yet. It was no wonder it hadn't been downloaded before... it took Denise 3 hours to get it with a T1 connection, and it was buried in the middle of spam and stupid "me too" posts.

With little interest or concert, she ran the program and after a long ten minutes of installing and expanding, a window popped up requesting the name of desired subject. Intrigued, she typed in her own name and hit enter. A new window came up, and Denise let go a stream of steamy hot piss, right through her panties and skirt and all over her chair. Spinning about a vertical axis on the left was a picture of HER! In the clothes she was currently wearing, and now with a wet stain down the front of her skirt.

She couldn't believe it! Maybe there were cameras somewhere, this thing couldn't possibly work, could it? She went under File -> New Subject... and typed in Mandy Raken. Mandy was a bitch who worked in the cubicle across the aisle. She was in her mid 30's and was about 5'8" tall. She had enormous breasts, but they didn't look out of place on her 250 pound body. She had long, wavy read hair, and was wearing a deep green suit coat over a dress of the same color. Denise decided Mandy needed to lose some weight to be really attractive, so set about reducing her weight to a healthy 115 pounds. She did decide to leave her breasts the same size, however. Tits the size of those would be too much fun to play with. She also made whatever changes might have occurred seem like that's they way things always had been to Mandy, so she'd notice no difference in her appearance or thoughts.

She entered the changes and called out to the bitch across the aisle. "Mandy, would you come here?"

"Leave me alone, you twit," Mandy yelled back.

Denise wasn't about to let her get away, she needed to see if the program had worked. "It's just I was having trouble with the new account, and I thought your expertise would be helpful..."

Denise could hear Mandy getting out of her chair. "Well why didn't you say so." A little ego stroking and Mandy was Denise's for the taking.

Mandy walked in, and Denise peed in her skirt for the second time. She didn't usually wet herself, but she was so excited she couldn't contain herself. It had worked! Mandy was drop dead gorgeous, although her clothes were loose and saggy all over her body, except for her breasts which were the same size as before. They still sagged a bit, the way fat breasts do, but Denise would fix that right up.

Mandy started laughing uncontrollably. "You just wet yourself! You really are a stupid twit."

"Why don't you sit down, Mandy?" Denise asked, a smile on her face. Now that she knew the program worked, she had all the confidence in the world.

"Forget it you stupid bimbo, I don't work with people who piss all over themselves."

"I said sit down, Cumslut." The trigger phrase took effect immediately, and Mandy sat down in a chair as she was instructed, smiling happily. "Not there, bitch, on the floor under my desk."

Mandy happily obliged, crawling under Denise's desk and out of sight. "Now, my little cumslut, tell me what you'll do for me."

"Anything you want, mommy!" The program was working perfectly, Mandy was even addressing Denise as she had been instructed to in the program.

"That's mommy's good little girl." Denise reached down and patted Mandy's head lovingly. "Mommy got a little messy, cumslut, why don't you clean her up with your tongue."

Mandy eagerly complied, sucking the urine from Denise's panty hose and skirt. "Pull down mommy's stockings and really clean her off, dear." Denise's undergarments and skirt were off in seconds, Mandy's tongue running all over Denise's legs and pussy.

While Mandy was busy cleaning of her mistress, Denise made a few more changes on the program. She found she could make a single change to numerous people at once, and so instructed all her coworkers to think anything they saw in Denise's cubicle nothing out of the ordinary.

Then she went back to Mandy's breasts, leaving them the same size but making them as pert as if she were sixteen. Now she simply had to see her creation. "Cumslut, come out from under there."

"Must I, mommy?" Mandy moaned, her speech muffled by her mouth being between Denise's pussy lips.

"Do as I say, cumslut!" Denise would tolerate no disobedience.

Mandy crawled out from under the desk, her face shiny with pussy juice and pee. "Take of your clothes, dear." Mandy hurriedly stripped and knelt before her mistress, arching her back and cupping her humongous tits in her hands as she was instructed. "Now bitch, do you want to taste more of mommy's piss?"

"Oh yes mommy!"

"beg me for it, bitch."

"Please mommy! Please fill your slut daughter's mouth with your hot piss."

Denise smiled and put her hands to her pussy, pulling the skin to aim her stream. She let it out, screaming with pent up energy as a burning yellow stream of urine shot forth into Mandy's waiting mouth. Mandy lapped at it and swallowed as fast as she could, desperate to suck it all down.

Denise looked around, excited that no one was acting like anything was different. She looked at Mandy, glee in her eyes. "What are you doing down there, Mandy?"

Her mistress saying her true name brought the real Mandy back, and her eyes widened in shock and the piss filling her mouth nearly gagged her. Denise stopped peeing and bent down and grabbed Mandy's face with one hand. "You're mine now, bitch. You always will be. Don't forget that or mommy will be most upset."

With that she planted her lips on Mandy's and jammed her tongue down her throat, splashing around the pee that was still pooled in there. She broke off the kiss. "That's mommy's good cumslut." The change back to the real Mandy was brief, but enough so Mandy had some idea of what was happening to her. That was all of the real Mandy Denise wanted to see.

The cumslut Mandy smiled and gulped down the last of the pee in her mouth, licking the rest from her lips. Mandy's name did give Denise an idea though, and she went back to her computer. She made a few more changes to Mandy, and watched as they took effect. As if growing right out from her skin, a huge strap-on appeared hung around Mandy's waist, nearly ten inches long and two and a half inches around.

"My darling, look at what mommy gave you!" Denise said, her excitement growing still.

Mandy's eyes widened and she reached down with both hands to grip her new hard, bulging, pulsating plastic cock. Her hands instantly started masturbating it. "Mommy must really love cumslut!"

"Oh I do dear, I do. Now honey, your hands may feel nice but your mouth will feel better. Don't forget, nothing feels as nice as a huge cock in your mouth." Mandy looked at her questioningly. "Go ahead my little cumslut, try it."

Mandy bent over and engulfed the new mammoth dong with her mouth, her nipples brushing against her arms still pumping furiously up and down the thick shaft.

"And who will cumslut use her new cock on?" Denise asked.

Mandy stopped sucking only long enough to gasp air and answer. "Whoever mommy wants!"

Denise knew exactly who would be first. Mandy may have been overweight, but it didn't run in the family. "How about Amanda?"

Mandy stopped again, confused. "Amanda? She's Cumslut's daughter."

"Yes, she is. Does that bother you?"

"Nope!" cumslut answered, and resumed sucking on the dildo.

"We'll go as soon as you're finished, okay dear?" Denise asked.

"Mmf..." was all cumslut could reply as her mouth was stuffed with the monster dildo. She thought of how lucky Amanda would be, to her soft and smooth her pussy would feel wrapped around her mother's monstrous strap-on.

This is a complete work of fiction. None of the people or events are real. If you can't accept that or you're not over 18, leave.  I just wanted to say thank you to all who responded to my first chapter... you're what resulted in my continuing the story! Thanks for all your supportive comments. :) If you have any comments on this chapter, please direct them to and happy reading!

Part Two

The Raken household was empty when Denise and Cumslut arrived. Amanda was still off at school, and Cumslut's husband, Gerrold, was still working down at the labour office. Denise had given Cumslut explicit instructions, and a long list of them, and now she sat in an easy chair, alone in the Raken's house, a stark white cigarette between her fingers.

She raised it to her lips and sucked in, enjoying every second of it. She'd always wondered what it was like to smoke, but had never tried it because of the health risks. But with her newfound Master PC program she had taken care of that problem, so now she inhaled with abandon, relishing the calming effect it had on her brain. Smoking had always looked so very sexy to her, she was glad she could now be one of the many people who enjoyed it. She thought over what was about to happen.

Denise had pulled Cumslut's address book out as soon as they'd arrived at her house (no, her former house... this place was nice and Denise thought perhaps she would stay here) and had forced her to call every relative in the book. Imitating Mandy's voice as best she could, Cumslut told them all there was a major family announcement she needed to make this evening, and wanted everyone to be there to find out at the same time. She stressed how important this was and how sorry she was for it being at the last minute. It had taken some time, but she'd convinced all of them to come.

Denise had then sent Cumslut out with one of Mandy's credit cards, with instructions to buy clothing for all the women in her family. She was instructed to buy one set of high-heeled shoes, one skirt, and one tight form fitting top and one set of lingerie for each woman that was in her family. And on her way home she was to stop and pick up ten packages of cigarettes.

Denise sat in the chair in her white blouse, the top three buttons undone and her breasts jutting out over the top of her bra, the cups of which had been pulled down to beneath them to make them stand up and out. She had on a knee-length black skirt which was crumpled up around her waist, she had one leg forward with her foot on the floor and the other draped over the arm of the chair, her legs open lewdly and her pussy open to the room. She reached down and mindlessly played with her clit, flicking the soft mouthpiece of her fag against her tiny nub and squirming at the results.

She eyed the cigarette curiously, and stuck the mouth end into her pussy, letting her juices soak into it. She pulled it back out and took a hit, smiling at the new, better flavor. Denise looked up as Cumslut opened the front door and walked in, many bags in her hand. "I did it mommy! I got it all!"

"Good, sweetie. Now put it all upstairs like a good girl and hurry up, your guests should be arriving soon..."

Cumslut ran upstairs and dropped her bags in her room, coming back down only with the cigarettes and leaving them on the dining room table. Cumslut was still in her baggy clothes from work, though Denise had made her put on a lack black bra and crotchless panties underneath, with a garter and black hose.

Denise looked out the front window to see the seventeen year old Amanda walking to the front door, home from school. She had on a blue blazer over a white dress shirt, and had a short, blue and green pleated plaid skirt. She had knee-high white socks, and dark brown hair that was shoulder-length. Denise ran upstairs, after whispering in Cumslut's ear, "Remember what mommy told you to do."

Denise locked herself into Cumslut's bedroom, and opened up her laptop. She'd wiped the company servers of any trace of the program after downloading it to her laptop, and now the only copy sat in front of her and she called up Amanda Raken on the screen.

Downstairs Amanda was just coming in the door. "Mum! You're home!" She was surprised, Amanda was usually home a few hours alone before her parents got home from work.

Cumslut turned around to face her daughter, and Amanda nearly fell over. "Mum, what happened to you?"

"What do you mean dear?" It was all Cumslut could do to keep from jumping on Amanda right there. After the changes Denise had made, Cumslut didn't care if Amanda was her daughter or not, she just wanted to fuck her brains out.

"You... you lost weight! And you're boobs!"

Cumslut stuck her chest out for her daughter to see better. "Do you like them? Let me help you see them better..." She took off her green suit, standing now in her three inch black heels, see-through lacy black bra, see-through lacy crotchless black panties, and her black garter and hose.

She pulled a cigarette from a pack on the table and reached for a lighter.

"Mother! What are you doing!?" Amanda yelled, her mind swimming in confusion.

Cumslut lit it up and took a long drag. "Smoking, dear. Would you like to try it?"

"No, Mum, you know that..." Amanda closed her eyes and shook her head, and spoke when her eyes reopened. "Are... are you sure it's okay Mum?" Denise, upstairs with Master PC, was putting some changes into effect.

"Yes, sweetie. Sit here." She patted a chair by the table, and Amanda walked over, smoothed her skirt beneath her, and sat primly.

Cumslut handed her a pack, and Amanda nervously withdrew one and held it between her fingers like she'd seen other people do. Her mother handed her a lighter, and Amanda brought the cigarette to her lips and flicked the lighter, burning the end of the fag. She tried again and again, but could not get it lit. Cumslut smiled.

"Dear, you need to inhale as you light it. Here, I'll start another one for you." She pulled another long, white cigarette out, placed it between her lips and lit it, getting it started. She blew out the smoke slowly, savoring it. She held her hand out in front of her daughter's lips, pressing the end against her large puffy pink lips.

Amanda could smell her mother's lipstick on the end of the cigarette from when she'd lit it, and it was somehow strangely arousing. She placed her lips on the cigarette and inhaled slowly, eventually blowing the smoke out her nose like an old pro. She took the cigarette from her mother, crossed her legs, and continued to smoke like someone who'd done it for a few years. Upstairs, Denise chuckled with delight.

"Now, you were telling me about my boobs?" Cumslut said, bringing Amanda in the direction Denise had ordered.

In all the excitement (and Denise's changes) Amanda had nearly forgot. She looked her mother over now, noticing her crotchless panties and how very close she was standing. "Mum, you... you're beautiful." She gingerly reached out and ran one hand up and down her mother's soft, smooth leg, the other still holding her cigarette.

Cumslut smiled. Her mistress had said once Amanda touched her, she could stop acting like that awful Mandy person, whoever she was. She giggled. "That tickles!"

Amanda looked up at her mother curiously, taking another puff of her cigarette, watching as her mother's eyes stared at her sucking on the mini phallus. Amanda blew the smoke out in slow circles (a technique Denise had just given her) up at her mother's face. Cumslut inhaled it deeply and giggled again.

"Cumslut likes that!"

Amanda's eyes went wide. Her mother teaching her how to smoke at 17 (and when she didn't even want to know how to smoke) was one thing, her being naked and attractive was another thing, but calling herself Cumslut? Something wasn't right...

Amanda lost the thought as she rested her cigarette in the ashtray, stood, and kissed her mother full on the lips, her tongue mashing down her mum's throat. She broke the kiss, a thick line of drool strung between them. It dangled and broke, leaving a shiny trail down Cumslut's chin and into her cleavage. The mother smiled at her daughter. "Well, Pussywhore, aren't you going to clean your mommy up?" Denise had used Pussywhore as Amanda's trigger phrase, and thought it fitting considering Pussywhore's mother was Cumslut. Amanda was no more, now all that there was (unless Denise dictated otherwise) was Pussywhore.

Pussywhore immediately stuck her tongue out, now surprised to find it twice as thick and long as it used to be. She licked her mother's chin and neck, following down into her cleavage where she moaned with pleasure as her mother smashed her huge tits into her face.

Cumslut took one last puff of her cigarette before placing it in the ashtray next to her daughter's, and kissed her daughter again, blowing the smoke into her mouth. The continued to kiss around the smoke, the both of them growing more aroused as they did so.

Her knees week and buckling, Pussywhore kneeled down and ferociously dove into her mother's snatch, lapping at the juices that were flowing freely down her leg. She circled around her clit a few times before driving her monster of a tongue into her mother's pussy again and again, fucking her with it like it was a cock.

Cumslut's hips bucked, forcing her daughter's tongue in farther. Upstairs, Denise had just send a command for each of them to speak dirty all the time, provided their mouths weren't full of other people's pussies, asses, and cocks.

Cumslut purred. "You're such a good little bitch. Mommy's little schoolgirl. You're such a dirty slut, fucking your own mother with your tongue."

The talk only made Pussywhore thrust her face between her mother's legs harder, her face now dripping with juices.

"That's mommy's good little girl, yes... yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Cumslut was now leaning her back against the wall, her legs spread wide for her daughter whose face was buried in her mother's hairless crotch. Cumslut's hands pinched her nipples and kneaded her tits, her fingers digging into the mounds of flesh.

She reached down and pushed Pussywhore away, her tongue not being fully extracted until she was nearly half a foot away. Pussywhore slapped at her mother's hands, trying to get back to her cunt sucking. "Stop it, whore, let me suck you!"

Cumslut kept one hand on her daughter's head, holding her back, and dropped the other to her snatch and pulled her lips apart. "Shut up, you stupid cunt! Listen to your mother! I have to piss, god it hurts..." Denise smiled as she heard that upstairs, the commands worked so fast...

Cumslut kept bucking her hips as she pissed on her daughter's face, wetting her white dress shirt (her blazer had long since come off) and showing her white bra and ample bosom beneath. Pussywhore caught as much of it in her mouth as she could, and then stood and forcefully spat in on her mother's breasts. "Don't fucking interrupt me again, Cumslut. Just sit still and give me your cunt."

She kneeled again, her tongue coming out and snaking up her mother's pussy. Cumslut grabbed her head, forcing Pussywhore's nose to rub over her clit again and again as she humped her daughter's face. "Oh yes, that's it sweetie, you're making your mommy cum! oh god..." she was panting hard as her hips bucked with enough force to make Pussywhore's head look like it was bobbing up and down on a cock. "God yes, my daughter's such a fucking whore. Gawwwwd, I'm..... a fucking whore too.... letting my own baby eat me out... I'm such a fucking pussy! That's all I am to my daughter a .... giant.... pussssssssyyyyyyy"

The orgasms washed over her in waves now, and she collapsed to the floor and passed out. Pussywhore stood, wiping the girlcum from her face with her hand and then licking it off. Denise appeared around the corner. Pussywhore looked up to her, meeting her mistress for the first time.

Her voice was bobby and cheery, just like Cumslut's. Now that she'd had her fix, she didn't need to be so forceful about getting her fill of cunt juice. She lit another cigarette, the first having long since burnt out, and smiled as she blew smoke up at Denise from the floor where she still kneeled.

"Hi! I'm Pussywhore! Who are you?"

Denise looked down and smiled. "I'm your mistress, but you can call me Mommy."

Pussywhore puffed again. "Then what do I call Cumslut?"

"Call her Cumslut or whatever you fucking want, I don't care."

"Pussywhore likes fucking!" She puffed again, and Denise could not believe how sexy she was in her schoolgirl uniform, shirt wet and tight against her body with piss, hints of pussy water sparkling on her face, and a beautiful, all-white cigarette being sucked on between her lips, leaving pink lip-shaped kisses on the end of the cigarette from her lipstick.

"I'm glad you like fucking," Denise said, looking outside to where a car was pulling up, "because Daddy's home."

Part III
"I haven't written any of this story in nearly two years, but it was comments from readers of the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive that convinced me to continue it. I would like to personally thank all of you who encouraged a timid lass from Guildford to continue on with this story. I hope I don't disappoint!"  Amy

Gerrold Raken had had a terrible day at the labour office. Ironically, there was entirely too much labour involved for his tastes. As he exited his auto, he suddenly felt a tingling in his loins and noticed that his cock was rock-hard. He hadn't noticed it happen, but now all he could think about was dropping a load (or two or three) into the first female he laid eyes on. Such were the whims of Denise, safely hidden away in his own bedroom, who decided that Gerrold would have an unsatiable urge to impregnate every woman he saw.

He entered through the front door, tossed his jacket and briefcase down, and was stunned at the sight before him. His young, 17 year old daughter was sitting on the floor, dripping wet and smoking. In his house!

"What the hell do you think you're doing, young lady?" he demanded.

The girl that was Amanda no longer stood and walked over to him. He noticed a strong ammonia smell about her, mixed with the intoxicating smell of her fag. His wife Mandy was nowhere to be seen.

"I think I'm grabbing your fucking prick, dad." With that she reached out and clamped a hand around Gerrold's newly 10-inch long cock. "ooh, daddy, you're so BIG." Pussywhore dropped to her knees and furiously unzipped his pants, watching with delight as his member sprang into view at full attention. She held her cigarette gingerly between two fingers as she slowly jacked him off.

Gerrold moaned. "Amanda, what the fuck are you doing?" Upstairs, Denise had given Gerrold the same dirty-talk command that she'd given his wife and daughter.

She looked up at him as she took another drag. "You keep asking me that, daddy. Isn't it obvious? I'm going to fuck you."

"You're damn right you are, you little bitch!" With that he reached down and grabbed her head with both of his hands and shoved is cock into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. To his surprise, she didn't gag.

He held her head firm as he pounded his cock into her again and again, each time harder than the last. Her head was reeling back with each thrust from the sheer force. She simply kneeled there and smiled up at him as he fucked her mouth rotten.

He pulled her head off of him with a loud popping sound and yanked her to her feet. He forcefully turned her around and bent her over, placing her hands on the wall. He hiked up her plaid skirt and pulled her panties to one side, and playfully rubbed the swollen head of his prick around her cunt.

"Please daddy, don't tease me."

"You want this?"

"y... yes..."


"God, please daddy.... I need to you fuck me. Fuck your daughter... fuck me raw."

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm a nasty, dirty, filthy cunt and I need your cock. Now fuck me! FUCK ME!"

He rammed his cock into her extremely tight, virgin pussy, popping her cherry. Denise made sure she felt only pleasure from it.

Gerrold grabbed his daughter's hips, set his feet, and went about pounding his little schoolgirl for all he was worth... right as his wife walked into the room. He instantly froze, his eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Gerrold, what are you doing!" Cumslut faked anger and surprise.

"I'm... fucking Amanda."

"Pussywhore," his daughter corrected. "please call me by my true name."

"Alright then, I'm shagging pussywhore, what's it to you?"

Cumslut smiled. "Well, I am CUMSLUT, after all. You can spooge in her or on her if you really want to, but I can tell you right now it'll all end up in me."

Gerrold casually resumed his thrusting, as Pussywhore bucked her hips back against him to drive him deeper inside. "Is that so?"

Cumslut smiled. "Yes... Pussywhore can keep enough just for her to get knocked up. I get the rest."

The words coming out of his wife's mouth were nearly too much for him to take. He moaned as his balls tightened. "And... what do you... intend to do with it?"

As Gerrold waited for an answer, he noted Amanda... no, Pussywhore was whispering, "Fuck me, Daddy," over and over, timed between each thrust. He had no idea what was going on, but he wasn't very concerned at this point.

"Well," Cumslut replied seductively, walking over slowly to insert first one, then two fingers into her daughter's ass and began pumping them, "I'm going to keep some for myself so that I can get knocked up, too," (this was yet another new addition Denise had just added), "and the rest I am going to swallow. You think I'd let that go to waste?"

Gerrold could take no more. He shouted out as his sperm flooded his daughter's insides. "AAAAAaaaaaaaaaggggggh, fuck fuck fuck fuck...."

"Yes daddy, fill me up! Oh god, I want your jizz...."

The cum gushed out in three massive spurts, sloshing about his daughter's insides. Denise made sure some got through and instantly started fertilization. Pussywhore reached back and shoved her father off of her, and stuffed a finger up into her pussy. She removed it, covered in cum, and smiled as she stuck it up into her mother's wetness. "You like that, mommy?"

"oohhhh, yessss. That's a good girl," Cumslut purred.

Pussywhore then got an evil smile on her face, and focred her mother to the ground, lying flat on her back. She squatted over her mouth, and Cumslut eagerly opened her mouth in anticipation of her new favorite food.

But Pussywhore reached down and forced her mother's head into a different position, so that the cum wouldn't fall into her waiting mouth at all. Cumslut struggled and wiggled about, but Pussywhore held her firm as she forced the cum from her pussy. It shot out as if coming from a cock of its own, spraying across Mandy's face. It filled one nostril and covered her eyelashes. Her soft, succulent lips were now covered with that most delectable pearliness.

"God, that is so fucking hot," Pussywhore moaned, rubbing her cunny across her mother's nipples for good measure. She slowly bent over and gingerly stuck her tongue out, and licked some of the cum from her mother's lips. Mandy's own tongue emerged to play and fondle her daughter's tongue through the cum.

Amanda held her mother still and slowly began scraping the cum from her face with one finger into Cumslut's eager mouth, where she swallowed as fast as she possibly could.

Upstairs, Denise chuckled evilly as she entered a new command. Pussywhore's face changed from one of intoxicated lust to horror as Amanda took over and saw her mother's cum covered face and her own hand being licked of cum by the woman who gave birth to her.

Suddenly there was an intrusion, something large and warm forcing itself into her ass. She looked back and nearly passed out in shock.


Gerrold smiled at her. "What can I say, my girl. I was ready to go again and your ass is, ungh, so fucking tight."

Her head twitched as Denise brought Pussywhore back, and the former Amanda smiled. "That's fine, father. As long as you let me clean you off as soon as you come out of there."

Part IV

Denise walked down the stairs in the Raken household, past the family orgy that was still going on in the den. Gerrold has his cock stuffed up his daughter PussyWhore's cunt while his wife CumSlut sat on her face, bucking her hips like a madwoman and she screamed through several orgasms.

Denise glanced at her playthings for a few moments, and noted that Gerrold had indeed impregnated his daughter, who now appeared to be well into her last month of pregnancy (thanks to some help from MasterPC). Suddenly a revelation overtook her, and Denise sat down and began furiously typing into her laptop.

A few minutes later PussyWhore's daughter was born with help from her now-expert-obstetrician parents. Denise gathered all of the information she could from the educated minds of PussyWhore, CumSlut and Gerrold and dumped it into the child, while aging her within seconds to her 21st year of life. She gave her a trim, shapely form with 38D breasts and wavy blonde hair. Denise paused to look over her creation, who stood staring at her blankly, as if a robot awaiting programming. The child's mother, grandmother, and father/grandfather had gone to to their raucus lovemaking, now oblivious to the grown child.

Denise studied the girl intently, finally deciding that her face wasn't up to snuff. She thought of what modifications to make, when it suddenly hit her that it might be a good amount of fun to play celebrity for a while. Denise's form suddenly changed to that of a woman in her early 40s with shoulder-length dark hair and a body that easily showed the onset of aging. And then the modifications to the child were made, her face contorting painlessly into that of a world-famous entertainer.

Denise, no... "Lynn", she reminded herself, got the new 21 year old into one of PussyWhore's school uniforms, though the stiff white shirt barely covered her large bosom and dark and hard nipples showed right through.

Now a dead-on lookalike of Britney Spears, the child and her "mother", Lynn Spears, left the Raken household for a while and set out to make all the national newspapers. The Queen of Pop was about to be very naughty.

Lynn (in truth, Denise) and Britney walked down the cereal aisle of the grocery store, drawing a large number of stares from patrons of the establishment. There were wide eyes and pointing fingers. Lynn knew that it wouldn't be long before the show would begin. She stashed her laptop on one of the many shelves of cereal boxes and left it to do its work. She had set it as a broadcast beacon of sorts... by defining some of the program macros, it would now subtly alter the mind of anyone who entered the radius she'd set. Things were certainly going to go the way that she planned.

She turned her head as a girl of sixteen came bounding up, her reluctant parents in tow, a piece of paper and a pen outstretched.

"Likeohmygodit'sreallyyouI'mlikeyourbiggestfancouldyousignthisplease?" the girl spat out as quickly as she could, afraid that her idol would simply disappear if she waited too long. Her parents only offered apologetic stares.

Lynn looked the girl up and down, and noted her pigtails with cute, fuzzy pink hair-ties. She would do nicely. Suddenly the girl's tits swelled in size to a 36D thanks to part of the MasterPC macro Denise had programmed. Neither the girl nor her parents noticed. Everything was going according to plan.

Britney reached into her purse and took out a long, slim cigarette. She lit it up, making sure the store cameras saw her, took a deep drag and blew it into the girl's face. "Sure thing, sweetie." Britney took the girl's pen and paper and signed "Britney Spears - I'm a hot fuck!" on it, with a heart to replace the "o" in "hot". She handed it back to the girl and gave one of her boobs a playful squeeze.

The girl's parents were quite visibly outraged. "I don't know what kind of shit you're pulling, Ms. Spears! Smoking in a public store... writing this, this FILTH to my daughter, one of your own fans! And groping her... there is NO excuse for that. I am sure the store cameras caught it... we'll sue you for everything you're worth!" The girl's mother shouted, not noticing that her own breasts were swelling up to match those of her daughter.

"Mum, really, don't be such a pussy. Britney's cool." the girl replied, cupping her mother's ass and gently rubbing one finger along the crack of her ass.

Before anyone could respond, Lynn grabbed Britney by the hair and forced her tongue down what everyone believed was her own daughter's throat. The two went at it like madwomen, large amounts of drool spilling out the side of their mouths to pool in the spacious valley between Britney's very large breasts.

Finally Britney forced her mother away, panting for air. She took a few drags on her cigarette and looked at the people standing before her. The parents stood still with their mouths agape, the daughter had one hand working the top button on both her mother's and father's breeches.

Lynn took note of the very noticeable bulge in the father's pants. "Don't act like the two of you are so appalled," she said, gently kissing and running her tongue over Britney's neck from behind as she smoked and posed for the cameras. "It's quite clear from the rock-hard cock in your pants that some mother-daughter action really turned you on. And you certainly don't seem to mind what your own daughter is doing," she finished, reaching around to roll Britney's nipples between her forefingers and thumbs through the fabric of her white dress shirt.

The father looked down to see that his daughter's hand had somehow gotten his fly undone and she was slowly massaging his cock through his underwear. He looked to her other hand to see it gently rubbing circles around his wife's clit. A quick glance to his wife showed her eyes closed and a moan escaping her lips. He reached down and, though he didn't know why, removed his daughter's hand from his cock and placed it around his wife's neck. The two looked at each other with a lustful gaze of longing, and seconds later their lips met and their tongues danced in an erotic tango of forbidden love.

Lynn had already dropped her pants to her ankles and was leaning back against a shelf, furiously fingering herself. Britney had dropped to her knees and gingerly fished out the father's cock, cigarette still in hand. He looked down to see the famous Britney Spears take his cock into her mouth and being bobbing her head on it like mad. He quickly turned his head to see his daughter bent over, skirt pulled down to expose her ass, and his wife's head ramming her tongue into his daughter's ass.

He could take it no more. He reached down and grabbed Britney rougly by the hair and pulled her off his cock with a loud "pop" and a cry of pain escaped her lips. He saw his wfie's head bob once more towards their daughter's ass and he exploded, shooting near to a pint of semen all over the pop star's face. Britney jacked him rapidly as he came, all the while cooing and begging him for it.

As he finished he collapsed to the floor, spent, as he watched Britney stand up and continue her smoking, once again finding the camera. The ran her tongue over her lips and chin, sucking the jizz in and playing with it in her mouth. She blew a few bubbles for the camera... spunk bubbles filled with smoke. She scraped the remaining come from her face into her mouth, walked over and pulled the mother from her daughter's ass with a cry of protest. The mother sat back and instantly understood, taking one of her daughter's ass cheeks in each hand and pulling them apart to expose her daughter's open anus. Britney sucked up hard and spat all the come onto the daughter's ass, letting the remnants drip from her tongue, lips and teeth onto that beautiful ass and watching as the mother dived back in to clean it up and swallow it all.

Britney stood back up, finished her fag and tossed it to the ground. She walked over and frenched her mother again, thinking that she'd done remarkably well for only being born that very morning.