Master PC Dan's story

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Tanya and Andrea were through the door the first thing Monday. Tanya dressed like a virgin and Andrea liked a consummate professional. "What a couple of actresses." Dan smiled.

Dan had barely the time before to change into his slacks and shirt.  Good thing his fight with Kimmy had left him some pre-programming time the night before. Both of them were as angry as wet hornets, Andrea for Dan threatening her hot lay and Tanya for him showing her how much she loved to be dominated when her vanity maintained she was a bitch.

Dan showed them to two chairs on either side of his desk. Of course, his laptop with Master PC was on. "You mind if I work while we chat?" And he just typed happily, going about his business. That sent them fuming.

"Tanya reports to me you talked about her 'melons.'"

"Andrea. I already know we are going to be good friends, so allow me to be frank."
What I said about the melons is true."  Andrea was taken aback at Dan's fearless confession. "What was I supposed to say? She wore a knit dress with a low neckline. I am supposed to not notice something a girl shows off?"

"A girl should be able to wear anything she wants without lewd comments?"

"Lewd comments? That whole outfit was a lewd comment designed to inflame men. It said 'fuck me.'  Now I am supposed to say 'hands off?" That hardly seems fair."

Tanya was shocked at the teacher's profanity. Andrea had enough political savvy to wonder what ace Dan Murphy thought he was holding. "If you think I am not going to report those words to the principl you are sadly mistaken."

"Before you do that. Let me try and bribe you to do otherwise." He put Master PC into privacy mode then pulled a jar of unlabeled cold cream from his desk.

Andrea opened it. "Cold cream."

"That's just the matrix the formula is held in. It's actually the latest in stem cell research. It removes scars."

"You are joking."

"No a certain movie star gave me it in return for helping her ace her ex-husband out of healthy divorce settlement. Try it."

Tanya laughed but Andrea gave it a try. Dan produced a looking glass. Andrea wiped and the scars on the right side of her face were gone. (Of course, it was Master PC eliminating her disfigurement, but there was no need for Andrea to know that.)

"Impossible!" she felt her face for a trick. "Its some sort of trick! Hypnotism. That's it. You bastard."

"Then why is Tanya in shock? I can't hypnotize you both at the same time, plus I'd be a fool once it wore off, wouldn't I?"

Andrea thought and reached for the cream again, but Dan had snatched it back moments ago. "That's only part one."

Andrea waited. Tanya felt her control slipping away.

"Part two. " Dan threw a Ziploc containing two pills, purple oblong and a green circle. "This bag contains the ultimate antibiotic. Your adult acne will never bother you again; a collagen treatment is in the second pill to end clogging. (Actually they were herbal supplements Dan picked up the Stoplight Mart on his way to school, this morning. Again Master PC would be the real cure.)

"You expect me to believe that?"

"Perhaps you'd like to look at your perfect cheek again? Oh. Did I forget to mention, you have to use the cream for a week or the scar tissue returns, worse than ever."


"You said there are three parts. What's mine?" asked Tanya. She thought is was Christmas; more like Halloween.

"Tanya." Dan said flatly, enjoying a good villainous moment, "You are the third part of Andrea's bribe."


Dan ignored the little girl and addressed the woman. "Andrea, my future friend, are you happy? You are attracted to young "lipstick lesbians" yet you have long labored under the misapprehension that you are unattractive. As result you feel you have to bribe young lovers, like Tanya here, with promises of grades or prima spots at the community theater."

Both females were sitting, stunned. Master PC was the most fun ever. Dan did not allow himself to smile. "I offer you freedom from the perceived flaws that have held you back you from real happiness...a scar-free face, no adult acne ever and a submissive tart to call your own."

"I am not a tart."

"She's not...."

"I am out of here." Tanya stood up, about to storm out, but Dan's new baritone barked her back.

"Tanya! Sit down!"

Tanya sat down like a tow hook and high-speed winch just pulled her to her seat. Her heart beat faster.

It was common gossip that Andrea was actually a failed counselor, so he fed her a line of psychological crap. "You see Andrea, Tanya's mother, a traditional woman, did her job very well. She taught Tanya to obey men, strictly. She began to associate this obedience with happiness.

But being only a daughter, and her father away on politcial jaunts most of the time, she had no strong male figures to practice with. When most people, including her mother, thought she was rebelling, she was actually asserting her own identity. But the programming by the strong female authority figure remains."

"Absurd." Andrea knew bullshit when she heard it.

"All the proof I need is sitting next to you. She should have left minutes ago, yet here she stays. I bet she's even wet, aren't you Tanya, you nasty little slut?"

Andrea looked at Tanya in a whole new light. "Are you?"

"You heard your teacher, open your legs, and show her."

Andrea bent her head. Tanya's pink panties were dark, stained, and right above her pussy.

"This is all very...." Started Andrea.

"Surreal?" Dan ventured.


"I know. I agree. But do we have a deal? No scars, no acne and Tanya for your friendship."

"How will we know Tanya won't betray us?"

Already, she was including him with her in "us." How Master PC corrupted! "She has surrendered her will, her responsibility for her life. In her mind, she has no choice.
But her modern ego is such that she will never admit to anyone she was in anything but total control. You know that."

Andrea raised an eyebrow at the slight, unconvinced "Still..."

"Watch. Tanya. Strip."

"But..." Tanya whined

"NOW! Get naked."

Tanya stripped like lightning.


"Fascinating. Do you suppose I could dominate her?"

At last! What Dan knew to be her secret wish was revealed to him. He had her. He perceived that a person's fantasies bound them like nothing else. "If the male commands it. Tanya, kneel."

Red from shame, she nonetheless complied.  The guilt, the control she surrendered, the fact it was practically public turned her on even more and she loathed herself for enjoying it so. But there was nothing she could do.

"Tanya. Who gets whom off first? You or her?"

"Andrea always gets me off first"

"Andrea is your bitch, right?  Tell me truth."

Tanya shot a guilty look at Andrea. "Right."

"Things have changed. You are Andrea's bitch now. Go. Suck her clit to prove it."

Andrea didn't miss a beat. She had been dreaming of a moment like this for months. She dropped her panties, spread her legs and rode up her skirt. Tanya obeyed, plying all her art to her lord's command.  Dan went and locked the door.

Dan enjoyed Andrea's rapture for a few minutes, but then, when it looked like she would climax, he denied her satisfaction. "That's enough, Tanya. Withdraw."

Andrea's speech came in pants. "Bastard. Why?"

"You have not said we have a deal."

"We...have a deal...Tanya"

"Not so fast. You forgot to ask what I want."

"Well?" Andrea thought it was something trite, mundane. Funny how people think that, even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

"Make Tanya suck my cock."


"Right. Tanya hates that."

"Oh? And who is Tanya's Mistress now? Already surrendering control back to her?"

Andrea frowned.

"Trust me, friend. You will like this, like nothing else in your life."

Andrea was sick with lust. Master PC was not necessary. "Tanya, suck his cock."

"No, you know I..." before she complete her whimper, the dancer grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the now half-naked computer master. "I said, "Suck it. SUCK IT NOW, DAMMIT!" Fear overwhelmed guilt and allowed Tanya to finally enjoy herself. Tanya was, at last, free from guilt, enjoying a man. Her "mommy" had ordered her to suck, just as she secretly desired.

Andrea was crazed with lust and power. Dan was calm and cool. Thanks to his new perceptive ability he had predicted something like this would happen.

There was her lover, going down on the strongest man she ever met, all at her command. She had gone from powerless to godess in less than a half an hour. It was the most erotic experience of her life. She watched her new slave suck on the man with skill and passion. Andrea guided her motions by gripping her hair. Dan knew what was next. He spoke to Andrea, "That's enough. Like it?"

Tanya's mistress pulled her back.  "That was so hot. We have a deal."

"Good. Now I think a deal like the one we have, requires a certain, special, ...consummation. Don't you?"

"Yes. Something special. What did you have in mind?"

"Why don't you undress, stand over there and have your new pet lap your pussy. I'll be over in a second."

Andrea agreed with her new friend. All his advice had been good so far, besides, she desperately wanted to get off.
Dan activated his new power and the delusion he had prepared for Andrea. His new mental power would allow him to stimulate attraction, lust, arousal and climax in anyone to any degree from any distance. Andrea's delusion would play off her natural insecurities and make her his willing, unsuspecting accomplice.

He locked up, stripped his clothes, dripped some olive oil on his shaft and approached Andrea from behind. It really wasn't his favorite thing, he preferred a warm, slick quim or mouth, but it would be psychologically significant to Andrea. Besides, he had made her very "aware" down there.

He wrapped his arms around her and enfolded her tits. She was drunk with Tanya's slavish licking. He let her feel his hardness between her mounds, presaging what was to come. His key words triggered her delusion, "Andrea. I now infuse you with my strength." And he inserted himself inside her anus.

It was like fireworks had gone off in her mind.  The white-hot phosphorus of Daniel's power burned in her blood, as the power cooled, it flowed to her pussy, where Tanya lapped it up. She was a conduit, a river, the source of the river, the snowy mountain spoke...
"All your life you have been afraid. You were afraid of screwing up a kid's life, so you quit counseling. You were afraid of the real world, so you married a man you do not love. You are afraid of loneliness so you bribed lovers. No more.

 I fill you with my power. You will be confident, courageous. Life is not longer a jungle. Say it is true."
She didn't say it, she proclaimed it. "It's true!" She was no longer afraid. This man had given her the courage to go on. She knew she would always be insecure, but with this man behind her, she would never be afraid again. Through him, she would be strong. She would be the conduit that would bring his power to others.

On the third, "It's true!" Dan triggered and orgasm for all three of them.

Andrea sighed, turned to her lover and said something so insightful that it surprised Dan, "I will be your High Priestess."


As Monday came, figuring out who sprung Master PC was not difficult. He left a path like Godzilla through Tokyo. His sister's sported new huge tits and he wore a prom queen on his arm like she was a bracelet; Jessie something. A real bitch teacher of his suddenly freaked out. And he thrashed a bully who would have mormally beaten him up with his breath. Dan wondered if he noticed that he had accidentally programmed his hair not to move with the wind?

Timmy was a virtuoso on a computer, even if he made mistakes with his English. With Timmy, if came down to a war, things could get real ugly with the inevitable attack, counter attack, real quick.

He had torn one girl away from her family and he enjoyed it. It wasn't until Thursday that Dan noticed Timmy's next descent. Two of his geek friends now had beautiful girlfriends too. Watching each oily boy paw his date was like watching slugs ooze across two beautiful flowers. At least he enslaved the boys to the girls in turn. "Too bad he didn't bother to clean up their acne." Dan kvetched.

Timmy was accelerating. All girls were his playthings. If that's what he did to his best friends, and sisters, no one was safe. Clearly though, girls were at the biggest risk. Dan had to hide them.

Dan perceived a few patterns. Timmy wasn't really going outside his circle and he liked conquest. Dan opened Master PC, pasted in his class list and planted sublimely messages in his students to avoid Timmy. And if they did meet him, they would unconsciously be meek and slow on the uptake.

Fortunately, the school board was meeting that night.  Dan put an idea into the school board's head to create an all girls, self-contained curriculum within the school. He provided them with good reasons and they all left the meeting feeling positive.

Dan got in his car and blanketed the town so there would be no uproar or ACLU knocking on his door. In fact, people would actually support the idea enthusiastically.   Dan crossed his fingers and hoped TV had really gotten people used to accepting opinions without wondering where they came from. Then came the tough part.

Dan could only save so many girls. First thing, he rewarded loyalty. All the girls who had genuinely been good, or Dan had taken a liking to, or he knew need his supervision, were in.  That meant Kimmy, Suzy, Suzanne, Lan, Michelle, Raquel, Shelly, Kenisha and with some chagrin, Tanya. Dan knew that if that bitch got within speaking distance of Timmy she was going to end up as his fucktoy or something worse and Dan couldn't do that, even to her. (Unless he decided to make her his fucktoy, and love it.) Then he prepared a list of class changes that entire school district administration would just love.

He used his codes to raid the school server. Come the new quarter could easily swap all his boys for girls in the regular computer classrooms without much comment, so he did.  That didn't leave many spots.

From Timmy's choices, it didn't look like his tastes went towards African American girls. ("More fool he." thought Dan as he reminisced about an old girlfriend.) So they were safe. To save someone from slavery, Dan opened up a spot by sending Kenisha to Mr. Gold's computer class. He was really good and hard to get. He hoped she would understand.

The truly popular girls were too well known to Timmy. If they simply dropped off the face other Earth he would notice. Timmy didn't bother to tailor unattractive girls to his taste, he preferred his girls, "off the rack with alterations." So girls who photos and health betrayed poor appeal, Dan passed on.  For once in the history of the world, being fat, ugly and nearsighted was a good thing.

So, with a bite of his lip, Dan first sheltered fair skinned girls that were pretty but not popular. He took what he perceived Timmy would choose to be the prettiest of the Asian and Hispanic girls to fill in the slots. Those he couldn't cover, he altered their class schedules and minds so they would encounter Timmy as little as possible.

It took all night. Dan had just enough time for a shower. He borrowed some energy for Master PC and hit the bricks.

While curing Loren Nagle of depression (so long meds) he discovered Master PC could also read minds. The thought monitor screen looked like an old BBS. Thoughts, in the form of text, scrolled by in the window.  Dan needed to give himself speed reading to catch it all.

  "That made sense, to change thoughts, it would have to be able to read them."  He commented. When Master PC commands impressed themselves on the "patient's" mind they appeared as white text on black background.  Ordinary thoughts appeared the other way round. That, plus a word processing program, would be useful should he confront Timmy, the Hacker.

Seventh period was STO. Girls took most of the seats. Of course, Suzy was there as well as Lan, Ashley, Tanya, Michelle, Kenisha, Raquel, Shelly and his favorite, Kim. Everyone knew about the course changes coming next Monday, with the start of the new term and they wanted to get in one last class with their favorite teacher. There were all there. He had saved a chair for Kim. She seemed genuinely disappointed not be alone with him.

The girls were meaner to Kim than usual, butwithout Suzanne to lead them, much less effective. This time though, Dan perceived why. They were jealous of his favor of her. So he went to Master PC and not only programmed them to understand why she was favored (she had been coming to seventh period all along) but to approve of it. The climate in the room improved dramatically. Kim was puzzled as each girl courted her favor.

The period ended, the students gradually left. As he watched too many fat asses waddle out, Dan made a palm note to give all these people a healthy interest in diet and exercise.

There was plenty of time until six. After he ordered Indian Dinner for Two with popadoms, he fixed his girls' health, diet and began adjusting, protecting, destroying and preparing a little something special on Master PC.  This program was dangerous.

He was deep in code, when suddenly he looked up. Kim was standing right there. She couldn't see his monitor from there and her eyes were downcast. How long had she been standing there? Waiting to be noticed.

"Yes, Kim?"

She demurely handed him an envelope. He hit the privacy screen, stood up behind hid desk and received the stiff square of hand fold parchment.  The front was written in her flowery hand, "Mister Murphy." He took out his pocketknife and broke the happy face sticker holding the folds over. It was a thank you card.

 Beside the syrupy sweet poem, Kim had written a note.
"Thank you for all the time you spend with me. "
Sincerely, Kimmy

"Well thank you Kim!" She flushed red " Don't know what to say, but thanks."  He sat back down.

Two days ago, he surely would have missed it; the slightly quicker than normal turn back to her computer, the strident walk rather than the sway, informed Dan as good as any neon sign that Kim was pissed.

"What did I do?" the old insecurities flooded back to him.  He wondered how he had hurt her and how he could find out what gaff he made, without screwing up worse.  Again he turned to Master PC to solve a personal problem.

As the mind reading window booted up, Dan recalled his early Internet days and how he slowly began to use it for all his informational needs. Esoteric questions he would have shrugged off, the Internet provided easily. Now Master PC was growing on him in the same way.

Dan entered Kim's full name. The screen went black and her thoughts appeared as white color text.  Her thoughts appeared like chat lines on one of the old BBS's.

Kimmy: I can't believe it. I am so stupid. All he cares about is getting back to this damn computer. Signed it "Kimmy" too. Probably thinks I've got a schoolgirl crush or something. Stupid man. All men are stupid. I give him a card and that's the best he can do. All that time to find just the right one, fancy paper and everything. Cost me four-fifty that card.  Omigod. Is he staring at me? Please don't let him be like John.

John. Who was John?  And what was he like? Not good, he could tell. Well, John could wait. Dan knew enough that he could tell what he had done wrong. This girl had taken a huge emotional risk. It wasn't just a card he had been given. He not treated her gift with the reverence it deserved.
He focused his attention on her. "Kim, could you come over here please?"  Without looking at the monitor again, he closed the Mind Window.

This time, as Kim approached, he stepped around his desk, so he faced her. Her eyes were downcast, her hands held together, in front of her, slightly pushing her breast together.

"Kim. I want to apologize."

She looked up in relief, then just as abruptly, downcast her face again.

"It's just that I didn't know what to say about the card. I guess you found out; somehow, I like old-fashioned things, like parchment. The poem was perfect too. It must have taken you a long time to find it.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I appreciate it and all the effort.  Will you look at me now?"

He met her gaze. He could see some sort of tension building in her. Was there a sudden tremble in her knees? "I appreciate you, Kim. I always will."

She sprung into his arms and wrapped herself around him. He returned the open, honest hug. He smiled. Girls could be so mercurial.  He knew he shouldn't be seen in such a full hug with student. Teachers couldn't hug students any more. But having Master PC in his pocket reassured him.

Her yielding breasts crushed against him. Kim instinctively ground herself into his chest and relished in his strength. Her perfume was a sweet and powdery. Her long blue-black hair smelled of fruit. And her cheek was the epitome of peaches and cream. Dan found himself relishing the moment too.

Suddenly, her arms went slack. She pulled back to a distance as far as Dan's interlaced fingers would allow. She looked up him, her hazel eyes darting from side-to-side trying to read in his face just what all this meant to him.  He reassured her.

"It's okay. It would be a sad world when people couldn't hug each other. Don't worry, Kim. You will always be safe with me. You will always be safe. I promise."

She knew he spoke the truth. She slowly rejoined the hug, this time she rested her head on his shoulder, he subtly swayed her back and forth and the spontaneous hug evolved into a tender embrace.

Time flew. Dan and Kim enjoyed one great wandering conversation about nothing and everything, everything that is, except her home life. The Chinese food was not as good as the company. Bill arrived to take his tribute and six o'clock rolled around quickly. Neither Dan nor Kim got any work done. That was okay; he had all weekend to prepare.

Before the long stemmed, beauty left, Dan had just one more question to ask, "Kim?"

"Yes, Mr. Murphy?"

"Why did you sign the card "Kimmy?" I thought you liked "Kim."

She blushed. (Damn, that was appealing.)  "No, I liked it when...I liked it when you called me Kimmy that one time."

A slip of tongue, that happened weeks ago and she remembered.  "But I should call you "Kim" in front of the other girls?"

She looked up relieved that someone was finally beginning to understand her. Kimmy was the pet name she gave to him, a special gift.

I was a long, lingering hug goodbye. It was Friday. They wouldn't see each other for a while. Again the scent and feel of her flooded his senses. Was it his imagination or did her body slightly writhe, almost a burrowing motion? He took a deep breath and broke his hold. But she held hers.

"Tell me again."

He knew what she wanted to hear. His arms wrapped around her again. "You are safe, I promise." Only then did she release.


The doorbell rang.

Huh? Who was that at this hour? Speed typing, Dan set the recorders and headed upstairs.

The doorbell ran incessantly and there was pounding too.  Dan  grabbed a weapon, tied on his robe over his pajamas when as he staggered down the stairs. What was it, a fire? He pulled the curtain aside and in the porch light saw Kimmy. She was wearing a cheap monofilament coat and what looked like pajamas. The hand that rang the bell also held car keys. No doubt they were for the old Dodge Dart, leaking oil in Dan's driveway. She was frantic.

Two deadbolts later, she was in.

"He's right behind me?"


Just then a cheap pickup pulled up behind the Dart. The passenger fumbled with the door lever and jumped out. He was a skinny, wretched man with a scraggly moustache and face like a slab of beef jerky. "Come back here, you bitch!"

Despite bigger issues, Dan worried about his neighbors. The sooner he took this inside the better. "Kim, quick, go up the stairs, lock yourself in my bedroom and do NOT repeat do NOT call 911. My room. Got it?"

She nodded.

"Don't worry. Go." Kimmy ran and Dan added, "Damn promises."

The asshole was on his porch now. With his eyes never leaving this assailant, Dan use the door to obscure his right side, slid his hand into his robe's deep pocket, and hit a "standby" switch.

At his threshold, the man stopped.  He was about forty, but looked fifty due to hard living. His faced was as dried and as rough as beef jerky. He was wearing a shirt with a picture of a man holding a can of "Whupp Ass."  Red letters declaring, "Don't make me open this!" splayed across the caption.  "What was this guy thinking? He had to weigh all of ninety pounds."  He eyes were dilated to the size of dimes.

"You gonna mess with me, boy?"

He lifted both his hands and opened his palms and gave him the reponse the "fierce" man expected. "No sir. I don't mess with family affairs. (What made him say that?) She's right upstairs, just leave me out of this."

He made one quick nod. "Smart boy."  The strided triumphfully into his house. Then Dan hit him in the back with the stun gun. The intruder folded like house of cards and jerked on the floor. Though down, the asshole was still not out. "Guess he was tougher than he looked." So Dan shocked him twice more. The last one put him out.

  Dan was standing over the intruder, wondering what to do next when he heard from behind him. "What did you do to him?" In the doorway stood a dark haired woman, scrawny, in a halter-top and shorts standing at the door. Her face too, bore the memories of a hard life on the streets. And she was carrying a lug wrench.

Before he could answer, she charged. He blocked her weapon hand's wrist before it had momentum on the downswing and shoved the stun gun into her belly. Dan reeled with the blow of current, but she collapsed.

As his muscles became his own, he had time to think. Times were changing, this neighborhood was never the gentlest of places and sure, he had his share of fights here, but it had never been like this. Two screaming crack heads assaulting someone's house at what...two thirty in the am?  His realtor said the place was "gentrifying," Sure. Well, good to know he had some of the old moves, still... "Damn. I'm getting too old for this shit."  With a groan, he bent straight.

What to do first? Call Kimmy or tie them up? The instructor was deliberately vague on how long the stun gun knocked each person out. Well, if Dan felt this sore after and indirect jolt, he could be sure these fools were not moving around any time soon. He pulled the woman farther inside so he could shut the door. He ached with each step up the stairs and knocked on his oak door.

"Kim. It's Mister Murphy. Everything is all right now."

Timid as a rabbit, she undid the deadbolt and stuck her nose outside.

"Everything's fine."

The door flew open and she jumped into his arms. Still sore, her crush hurt, but it also made things a lot better. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." She was sobbing, he could feel her warm, wet tears on his neck, slipping down to his shoudlers.

"Shhhhh. It's all right. You are safe. I took care of everything." That last part wasn't true. Dan mind was already racing with the possible consequences, the curse of older men is that life has taught them that everything, everything, had consequences. The trick was in knowing which consequences you could live with. Dan decided he could live with this one.

Kim tried to explain herself between the sobs, "I'm sorry, you see, he, he.."

He Interrupted He wanted to be supportive, but the stun could be wearing off, and the neighbors could be calling the police. "Kimmy, I will listen to you later. I promise. But right now, this an emergency and I need you to be strong." He looked straight into her eyes. "Can you do that?"

Her sobs became sniffles and she nodded. "That's my girl. Now, we have business to take care of." He hoped that his mention of business would emotionally distance her from what he planned. Stupid hope. She practically screamed when she saw both figures spawned face down on the hardwood floor.

He felt like Kirk. "Relax, They're just stunned." He slowly bent down, rifled through the woman's pockets and  pulled out the truck's keys.

"That's my mom."

Dan could see the resemblance. It was like seeing Kimmy after twenty years and about thousand miles of bad road. "Kinda figgured. This must be John, huh?"

The fearful way she immediately covered her breasts and crossed her legs to cover her womanhood spoke volumes. Dan finally caught a clue. He was the reason she didn't want the big breasts and was reluctant to go home before six.

Dan did not blame the breasts. Too many people see the human body as the cause of lust. When the truth of the matter is that lust it natural, it originates in the human mind it leads to long weekends and large families.  However, like a medicine turned into street drug, it can get twisted. He put the blame squarely where it belonged, on this asshole. Dan thought that he could help him.

"Kim. You need to park the car better. Then take the truck back to your place. You are moving out. "

"I can't leave mom."

"You really want to stay in the same house with this guy?"

"Mom will make him leave."

Dan waved the keys in her face. "Kimmy, she drove him here. She was helping him. Think about it. What was she doing when he was chasing you around?" It was like something tore in her face.

She was still, like a tree that had been bending, but then wind suddenly quit. "She said he made a lot of money."

"What are you going to do?"

"Tie them up. Then we are going to have a little chat. I'll figure something out, but one thing is for sure. You cannot stay there any more. What's are their full names?"

Kim frowned.

"Questions later. Their full names."

"Tina Dolan. John Sliger."

She took the keys and left. She straightening the Dart eventually, (Damn she had to be the worst parallel parker in the world.) Then she got in the truck and calmly drove off.  When he turned back to the house, he caught Judith Kline looking out her window. She stared at him for a moment, shocked that he had seen her, and then violently shut the drapes. Shit. She was just the kind of nosy bitch to call the cops. He had about five minutes, tops.

Quickly, he retrieved his laptop, attached the Master PC zip drive and booted it up.

John came to and tried to say some very unpleasant things. Dan just reached over and stunned him again
"Tsk, tsk. John. Let's work on that attitude." He typed into his word processing program. He remembered that the commands were easier to swallow if they stayed along the person's natural inclinations, He did his best.





Dan typed their names into Master PC copied and pasted.


He had about a minute left. He spent the time upping their appearance so they didn't look so much like crack addicts, sobered them up and then increased their general health (specifics would come later) and brought them to consciousness.

John came to first. "Hey, pal? What's up?"

"Sorry dude, you passed out."

"Yeah. We'd been partying pretty hard, right darling?"

Tina seemed confused. "Yeah. Guess so. Where's that stuck up bitch daughter of mine?"

Dan frowned. He had forgotten to change her attitude towards her daughter.  And that meant he had probably forgotten to change John's attitude towards her too. He promised never to be so self involved again.

"I sent her out for some groceries. Anybody want a beer?" That got their attention. "Hell yeah."

"No offense, but why don't you guys change into some of my clothes. They're upstairs, help yourself."

"What about the beer?"

"I'll bring it right up."

The two left, too bad their stink didn't leave with them. It was too bad that he didn't have type to program some hygiene. Maybe...

There was a solid, determined knock on his door. It had to be the police.  Dan opened the door and sure enough, it was the police, two huge black men. Dan tried to make a mental note of their names, but he wasn't going to be making any programming from inside a jail cell.

Introductions were made. As he allowed the two men in, Dan saw his neighbor, Ms. Kline standing on the sidewalk dressed in her fashion sweat suit. Her arms were folded and she was craning her neck to see inside. Her honey brown hair was tousled and it looked like she was roused out of bed. She was waiving for that whipped husband of hers to join her.

Dan was not a vengeful man. But he wasn't a doormat either. That night, in the mood he was in, he made careful note that the bitch got hers.

Introductions were made and the policemen were invited in. In the end, neither policeman really bought their story.  Tina and Jon's name came up a like bad rash all over their teleprompter, but no warrants. But they didn't have enough to act on; even the curbside sobriety tests came up negative.  So they left. Still Dan's house was now in a police report. Ms. Judith Stein was going to pay.

Kimmy drove up about an hour later; plenty of time for Dan, Master PC, Tina and John to have a little "chat." When she came though the door, the oddest sight greeted her. She stopped in shock. She expected to see screaming, fighting and handcuffing. Instead, Dan, her mom and John sat in the living room and sipping coffee like civilized people.

"Kim, darling. Please come in." Tina motioned.

The sudden kindness was suspicious. She looked at Dan who nodded that it was all right. Kim, cautiously entered, ready to bolt.  She sat down next to Dan.

"Kim, darling. We adults have been talking. And we've wondered if you might think it best if you lived with Mister Murphy for while. Is that Okay with you?"

Silence. Then thought. "I guess so."

The rest of the evening was taken up with legal talk and logistics. The whole thing didn't break up until four, with Dan lugging Kim's stuff up to his spartan and unused guest room and the couple going back to the apartment they shared.

"Kim. I guess this is your room now. Sorry if it's a bit bare, but well go shopping soon, Okay?" Dan turned and saw Kimmy practically light up. Her new room was larger and nicer by far than anything she had ever known.  She rushed over to the walk in closet, and peeked into her own bathroom, and would have squealed in delight had she not been so tired. "It's so big!"

"Its actually two bedrooms. I had it done during my remodeling. I am glad you like it.
 Well I know you are exhausted. I know I sure am. I'll just make sure everything is buttoned down and got to sleep."

 Dan left her to shut down the computers and re-seal the secret panel. As he did so, he knew that he would probably have to use Master PC to make Kimmy stay off his computers.  Regrettable. But he was too tired to think straight now.
He walked up stairs and heard the sound of running water in Kimmy's bathroom. "G'night Kimmy."

"G'night Mr. Murphy."

He felt good. With him, this sweet girl would be safe, provided for, even a college degree was not beyond her reach now. He was genuine hero.  "Hm."  Dan wondered, "Would this be the first in a long line good nights? No. Nothing this good ever lasted long." He brushed his teeth then slid under the covers.

Whether or not it was the night's excitement or that cup of coffee he did not feel sleepy just at that moment. Leaving only his bed light on, he got his book out from the nightstand and began to read. Then there was a soft knock at his door.

"Come in." Kimmy was beautifully silohtted against the hall light. She must have been wearing some kind of jersey or large shirt. "Mister Murphy, the rooms nice, but I'm..."

He relieved her of the pressure. "Still upset, huh? Can't blame you."

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"


She shut the door behind her. Dan killed the light. He felt and heard the rustle of the freshly laundered sheets as she slid beneath the covers. She snuggled up to him and Dan felt her smooth bare legs brush against his. He struggled to find a position to where she wouldn't know he had a hard on.

"Never slept in a big bed like this before." She was content.

"Kimmy. My body is going to react to this, to you, but I want you to know you will always be safe."


"Have an erection."



"I didn't just stay in the bedroom. I saw what you did, how you fought for me. When it was all over, I was so excited. It was like a fairy tale and you were my knight in shining armor.  I was just hoping that this...being in bed with you happened."

"Are you saying you love me?"

"Yes. I love you Mister Murphy. I have for along time."

"I love you too. They kissed and embraced.

Kimmy reached down, into Dan's pants and wrapped her cool, slender fingers around his cock. "My, that is big."

Dan took that as permission to return the favor. She was bare beneath so his hand had full access to her sex. Her bush was small and downy soft. Her pussy was small, tight and very wet. He explored her labials while she stroked his phallus. While she stroked, Kimmy began her confession.

Dan, there is something you should know. "I am a slut. No. Let me finish, I don't know if I can say it all if you stop me now. It's like a family curse, all us Dolan women are sluts. I was hoping it would pass me by, but my breasts got big early and all sensitive so I know I am one. And I get these thoughts about women as well as men, lots of men, not very attractive ones too.

I don't want to be a slut, but my tits and pussy, they all just feel too good. I have been, you know, touching myself trying to stay good.

Then I met you. I focused all my attention on you. But I will fail you. Dolans have been married before, to good men, who bed them all the chance they get, but its never enough.  I'll cheat on you, but I love you. It's just my body, you see."

No Dan didn't see. He was too out of his head with lust. Kimmy's hand was working on him with natural talent. He kissed her neck, worked down to her belly, up her chest then sucked on her right tit.

Kimmy sucked in her breath and cradled his head, encouraging him. Dan kept plying his fingers. Dan had never known a woman to be so responsive. Kimmy was a virgin, but she threw her head back and took all that Dan was doing to her like an experienced "party girl."

She played herself across the entirety of his bed, throwing herself open to his sexual advances.

Her tits were the best he had ever tasted. Her skin was smooth, pefection itself. Their upturned shape made for easy access and Kimmy was right, they were very sensitive. She "oooohed" and "awed"with every brush, nibble and squeeze. Her pussy was a flood. Kimmy tended to make tiny yelps when something good happened down there. Between her tits and pussy, Dan wracked her body with orgasm after orgasm, and that was just with his fingers. There didn't seem to be any limit.

Suddenly, it occurred to him. "The police!" he had forgotten to alter their minds. Kicking himself, he left the exhausted nymphet on his bed and crept downstairs. Little did he realize what fire he had started in her that night.


 Tuesday was fantastic, it was a half day for a teacher in-service. Everything went smooth and the learning curve was great. Kimmy ditched, said she wanted to surprise him at home and it was only a half day anyway. He should have been angry with the impulsive girl, but he wanted the surprise.

There was Mister Jonathon Kline, lugging his golf clubs into his Lexus. Perfect. Dan pulled into his driveway and leaned on his bicycle. Jonathon Kline froze, like a mouse caught in the open by a hawk. He smiled to cover up his nervousness "Hey, Dan"


"What happened last night?"

"Good lawyer technique, take the offensive." Dan thought. Not for the last time Dan measured how possessing a copy of Master PC changed his life and his responses.

"One of my students was fleeing an abusive situation. She came to me for help. Luckily, this time, the police didn't have to send her back to that abusive household, Jonathon."

"Hey, I'm sorry. How was I supposed to know?"

"You could have asked. I thought we knew each other well enough that I would at least get a phone call, or an offer to help, before you called the police."

Jonathon discretely checked his cell phone for the time. "Hey. I wanted to go over there. It was Judy who called the police. She didn't want to risk it. I mind my own business." He threw his clubs into the trunk and closed it.

"So you don't mind if I speak with her then?"

He hesitated.

"Don't worry. My mother taught me never to raise my voice to ladies."

"Well, all right. Just got to warn you though she's been real high strung the past couple of days." His voice lowered a decibel, " I think it's her time of the month, you know."

Dan accepted the statement at face value and his vengeance factor dropped a bit. If she was just a victim of hormones, he'd take it easy on her. Last's night's mellowing of the policeman's report had been a tough task, but that was the main thing. He must have let his loss of intensity show.

"Well, talk to her if you want, but I gotta dash. Tide and tee times wait for no man." He cheerily started walking to the driver's side, waved good-bye and drove off. Dan reflected that his club must hate him to stick him with an early afternoon tee time.

Dan turned around, walked up the same path, to the same porch, turned the same keys to the same locks and...entered a brand new house! Kimmy had been busy.

It wasn't that Dan was a slob, it was just that he had other priorities. And apparently Kimmy had hers. Shelves and furniture was dusted, floor vacuumed, windows washed, old magazines tossed, essentially everything in the living room was cleaned and straightened, dining room too. And what was that smell coming from the kitchen?

Kim was at the stove, stirring something. Her hair was pulled back in a long pony tail. She wore a simple t-shirt and jeans and Dan's old black "Danger: Man Cooking" barbeque apron.  He stopped for a minute and appreciated the scene.

The kitchen door was open. Sunshine and fresh aired permeated Dan's old kitchen. Kimmy jumped when she noticed him, standing there. "You startled me."

"Sorry. You did quite a job on the living and dining rooms." He smiled and closed the distance.

"Like there wasn't enough dust! It is true what they say about bachelors. You live like pigs. I actually found a pizza box under the sofa with mold on it." Dan grimaced, he stashed it there about two months ago. "But I just wanted to earn my keep."

To Dan, this sounded like good rule making. He had learned from bitter experience that good rules make for good roommates. "Okay. How about that be you job? I'll pay you a monthly salary and everything."

"Humph. Maid." Again that temper of hers flared. Dan should have been annoyed, but it was just cute. He tried charm to dig his way out.

"I was thinking more like 'Queen of the Household.' That got her attention.

Her suspicious frown betrayed that Dan had hit the mark. "Really?"

Dan took the ball and ran with it, maybe farther than he should, he thought. "Sure. You have a done a great job. I really don't care about it and you made the place look so much better. I'll give you some spending money, a salary...."

"Still sounds like a maid."

"Okay. You get to re-decorate. How's that? Maids don't do that. I've been meaning to buy some new stuff. Some of this crap I got way back in college. As long as you live here, in all things domestic, I will defer to thee, as official "lady of the house." He bowed for dramatic effect.

"Really. Everything?"

"Well not everything."

Kim braced herself. Her life had been a trial of broken promises and disappointments. Dan was just going to be another.

"You cannot touch anything in my computer room. It's taken me years to configure that system. I'll give you your own system, but you can't even clean mine. Agreed?"

"That's it?"

"What? What do you mean, 'that's it?'" Dan thought the computers were very important.

"I am in charge of everything else and you get the computer room?"

"Well, yeah. The man began to get the feeling that he had no idea what he just agreed to. Kimmy had suddenly gotten way too happy about this whole thing.

"Deal." She spun and stared stirring soup. "Lunch will be ready in about a half an hour.

"Fine. I need to program a bit , then go visit with out neighbor, Mrs. Kline."

"You do that. Don't forget to wash your hands though." And then Kimmy was lost in thought.

"What had he agreed to?" Not for the first time Dan wished conversations with girls came with a transcript.

In his Control Room, Dan used Master PC studied Mrs. Kline. She was home. She had just finished a bout of crying and started on the laundry. He could tell her hormone levels were a bit higher than normal, but he was a not a doctor so he didn't know what the reading meant. Do women's hormones go up, down or both during menstruation? He, like most men, had no idea.

Still, he was hungry, and liked the idea of having someone in the kitchen for a change. So he programmed Mrs. Kline to find him attractive, someone she felt comfortable telling the whole, unvarnished truth to and compliant to his suggestions, then left. Things would go faster that way.

Dan knocked on her back door, by the laundry room.  "Hello, Judy?"

She tenetively peeked around the corner and looked through the screen door. "Dan?"

"Yeah. I wanted to talk to you for moment."

She held back.

"I am not angry. I just felt you deserve to know the whole story."

"If you feel like telling me..." She opened the door. "You don't owe me an explanation..."

"Oh, but I do. I can't stay long, but can we sit?"

Judy showed Dan into the kitchen and he was impressed. The kitchen was tasteful and efficient. She could have run a TV morning show out of it.

The original hardwood cabinets were finished, not painted. The old-time plaster that other homeowners in the neighborhood had torn out for dry wall was left intact and painted a mild yellow, like in Europe. Wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch print wallpaper framed the doors and kept everything from looking too stark.  Finally, a full set of copper bottom pots and cast iron skillets were shown off on hooks through out the kitchen. And, unlike many such sets Dan had seen in the past, they looked used.

"Wow! Nice kitchen, Judy."

"Thanks. But call me Judith. I always hated the sound of "Judy.""

"You husband calls you Judy." Dan put his foot in it. He realized he had programmed her for complete candor.

"He doesn't like 'Judith.' I think he calls me it just to annoy me, just to show me he doesn't have to do what I say."

Dan marveled at the soap opera world he had been living in. He never realized how na•ve he was. Was it Socrates who said, "The more I learn the more I realize what a fool I have been?"  He continued, confident in ability to erase anything if it went wrong. "That is pretty immature."

"Jon is pretty immature most of the time. Now what do you want to talk about?"

Programming a person for the truth is great, but it does nothing for manners. "Jon tells me you called the police last night."

"No. He called the police. I just ran outside to check things out. All I heard was the screeching cars. I told the police so."

It was Jonathon who called the cops. (Master PC had made sure she told the truth.) Dick! He just couldn't say, "Sorry Dan, I thought you were in trouble." or just plain fess up. He simply pawned off an angry neighbor onto his poor wife so he could make a golf date. Now Dan began to wonder just how much Jon was lying to him.

Dan completed his explanation of last night's events with "Jon also told me it was your time of the month."

Judith's face seemed to swell with rage, "He lied. He knows it's just the opposite. I am actually ovulating right now."

"Excuse me?"

Judith rolled her eyes. "You know, fertile?"

Dan was really confused know. "If you don't mind, Judith. Maybe you better tell me the whole story."

"No. I don't mind, coffee?"


"I never thought I'd tell this to a man, but you know maybe I need a male perspective here. When Jonathon and I got married, I thought he wanted a family."

"He doesn't?"

"Low sperm count."

"And you thought about alternatives." It wasn't a question.

"He refuses to spend his money on artificial insemination or even consider adoption."


"Once I dragged him to a marriage counselor. He consented only on the condition I promised not to bring it up when we visited his mother in Florida.
After he stopped coming, the counselor explained to me his real problem. He doesn't want to share me."

Dan was still mystified. Was this something to so with a swinging lifestyle?

Judith saw his perplexity and continued. "I really mean share my attentions."

The light finally went on in Dan's head. Jonathon Klein was a very selfish man.  He felt bad for jumping to conclusions the night before. "His mother must be a piece of work."

"You have no idea. It's like we should all stand and applaud whenever her boy enters the room."

"Sorry.  Does he know, or is it all subconscious?"

"Oh he knows all right. When I confronted him about it, it was quite the shouting match. He said he liked not having kids. He liked all the extra money and the freedom. He had known from the beginning he didn't want children."

"How do you feel about this? " Dan had heard about things like this, but before now, thought it was psycho-babble. How could a man marry a woman, knowing he was using up her chance to have a family? What an asshole.

"The worst part is he is right. I have always wanted children, especially a son. The second I had one, he would be a second class citizen, especially after the way he's treated me."

"It would be quite the act of revenge."

"I don't want to do that to my son. Then I'd be as bad as my mother-in-law. But I do so want a family. I feel so cheated."

"You would be a great mom. That's why he's playing golf so late in the day? He's avoiding you?"

"Very perceptive, Mister Murphy. He'll spend all day at the club, or at the office and finally stumble in around ten. It's been going on for a couple of months now. He knows my cycle. When we got married, I thought my regular cycle was a blessing." She started to weep.

"Pardon me for saying so; but what an asshole."

Through the tears, she chuckled. "You know, I don't know why I am burdening you of all people, but it feels good to finally tell someone."

Dan tossed her a bone. "Maybe I just happened to be in the right place at the right time." Judith nodded in agreement. "You haven't told anybody? Not your family or close friends?"

"No. Only the counselor. Could you imagine how embarrassed I would feel?"

"If you like, I have something like Viagra, I could slip in his drink."

"No. I don't even want his children now. And by the time I divorce him and find another husband, I'd be over thirty, maybe thirty-five and worrying about Down's Syndrome."

"I have a solution. How about you have sex with me?"

Dan had a feeling that if it wasn't for the programming he had entered into her via Master PC, he's be washing some scalding coffee off his face. As it stood, she simply considered it. Dan pled his case further.

"I am very fertile. No genetic diseases run in my family, only strong y-chromosomes. I can practically guarantee you the son you always wanted." (If it wasn't true then, he justified, Master PC could make it true.)

"Your mother wasn't a son."

"True enough. But she was the eldest of five younger brothers." That, at least was true.

"He might not look like his son."

"True, Jonathon's coloring is not a lot like mine. But you have blue eyes and something close to my fine brown hair. So we could pawn it off on your side of the family. Besides, do you really want a son that reminds you of him?"

She started to go with the plan. "Your square chin is like my father's."

"You two still have sex, right?"

"Only when he gets sloppy drunk. Then he's real horny."

"So, after we have sex a few times, you get him drunk and have sex with him. He has a low, but not a zero, sperm count, then he'll think that it was just a matter of the odds and he kicks himself for getting drunk that one night."

"Jonathon loves champagne, but he can't handle it. Suppose he asks for a paternity test?"

"After you call his sainted mother and tell her she's going to be a grandma, how likely is that?"

The light bulb went on. She smiled, then just as quickly frowned. "I don't want any complications."

"Neither do I. He will be your son, free and clear."

"Okay then, but tell me why."

"Why what?"

"Why are you doing all this? I am a thirty year old housewife. I try to stay in shape, but I am no great beauty, and you don't seem like the kind of guy to jump his neighbor."

"I just want to help. Besides I am no Adonis either."

She smirked, "I know a few women who would disagree. Still..."

"If it makes you feel better, you can owe me a favor. Not that you aren't really doing me a favor. Besides...he took her hand for dramatic effect (this memory would help her justify it later) it's what friends do for one another."

Judith was a respectable woman. She didn't speak, but still held his had, still undecided. He didn't want to simply overpower her with Master PC. Where was the joy in that? While searching for something to say, Dan saw a woman's magazine on the counter. It was the kind that championed woman empowerment and that gave an idea for an angle.

"Judith, women have been doing this for thousands of years. What do you suppose your ancestors did when they suspected their man was shooting blanks? Why do you suppose the rabbi's specified the mother decided if the child was Jewish or not?"

She looked up. "No complications?"

"You have my word." Master PC or no, Dan would keep his word.


"Now. I have to eat lunch."

"Just as well, I have to throw another load in." She stopped and then the both had a laugh at the double entendre.

"So, see you in a hour, Judith?"

"See you then, Dan."

Dan entered the kitchen. His hot soup and sandwich was already on the table. Kimmy was waiting. The sandwich was salami and cheese on sourdough, the soup was chowder, his favorite; not surprising considering it was his cupboard Kim had raided. Still..."Thanks Kimmy that was a great lunch."

"Did you like it?"

"You kidding? It's great having someone in the kitchen. And I can't wait to see what you do about everything else."

Kimmy pouted.

With the notorious sensitivity of his gender, Dan asked sourly, "Okay. What's the matter, now?"

"I have been thinking about all I have to do. I don't even know where to begin." She was panicked.

"Well, tell you what. I have to help Judith Kline with some chores around the house that her husband's neglecting (true enough).  So she owes us a favor. Her kitchen looks real nice, how about I ask her to help you. She drives a SUV anyway. It'll be good for carrying stuff."

"No! She'll just try to boss me around."

"I don't think so. Judith knows how important a home is to a woman. I think I could ask her just to drive you around the best stores, introduce you to the right people, that kind of stuff. It would save a lot of time.
   Come on. You said you needed help. You will have my credit card. She won't be able to do anything unless you let her."

"Well..." she rolled her shoulders..."okay. But as long as I get final say."

Women and their turf wars. "Fine! You get my card and final say. But she hasn't even agreed yet."

"Well, go ask her. I'll clean up here."

"Gotta program a bit first. Thanks for the sandwich, Kimmy, Queen of the House." Dan bowed and turned to go down into the basement. But if he had turned, he would have seen the happiest girl on the face of the Earth.

In his command center, Dan programmed his sperm and Judith for maximum combustibility. He gave himself complete and willful control of his ejaculations and sperm, so he didn't waste seed. He upped his ejaculation frequency and recovery time, then he put all the purebred, gold medal, swimmers in the y-pool.

Judith's honesty would help them in bed, but for fun he programmed her it so that her pussy would really enjoy a big dick. He increase their sensitivity of her nerves deep inside her vagina and hell, he made every part of her hyper arouse at his and only his touch. Lastly, he added his trademark, he programmed her vaginal juices to taste like vanilla. Then he topped it off with,  MAXIMIZE JUDITH KLIENS FERTILITY TODAY. SEND.

  And just in case Judith agreed to help decorate, he programmed her to like and accommodate Kimmy and to know in her hearts of hearts that his and Kimmy's relationship was very respectable. In fact, Dan was a nice man for helping Kimmy out.
He waved bye to Kimmy and crossed the back yards.  He knocked, opened the screen door and called, "Judith?"


Dan walked up the stairs, where he found Judith waiting for him in the hallway. "Ready?"

"And willing." She led her stud into the master bedroom.  "It's your two's bed."

"I know." She started to unbutton the cuffs of her long sleeve white shirt. Dan unbuttoned his shirt down the middle.

Judith was what people called a "handsome" woman. Dan's adjustments had all been internal. She had a full figure. Her ribcage was large so her chest truncated to her hips, where her line suddenly flared out. Her hips were full and clearly birth-ready. Her breasts were heavy and hung low. They were meaty 38 D's.

Her hair was brown, streaked with silver and was rather stiff. It was shoulder length. Her eyes were blue and her face round. Her healthy bush marked Dan's target for him. She was quite the woman and Dan's manhood responded to the sight.

"Dan, you're huge!"  Judith was appalled.

"What?" Dan had forgotten how big his dick really was. This was the first time he had actually shown an experienced woman his new Master PC dick. He tried to cover up by playing it cool. "Relax. You'll be fine."

"Tell me it doesn't run in your family."

"It doesn't." That was not quite a lie. Dan decided not to tell Judith that  a ten-incher was one of the dominant genes he programmed into his Y-chromosome. The boy (and his wife) could thank him later.

She took in a large breath. "Okay. Let's get this over with. You are going to have to kiss me. It usually takes me a long time to get ready. Longer if you expect me to accommodate that thing."

Dan, and Master PC, had foreseen that possibility and taken care of that. Dan's kiss hit her like a lightening bolt. His tongue was like the embrace of the Mayan Serpent God. His caresses, his nibbles, the scratches of his nails, everything, was just the way she liked it.  She was soaking wet in seconds. Her breath came in gasps between sighs. Her juices flowed like the Nile and her tits burned like charcoals whenever his lips caressed them. But she still had an elder woman's control. When Dan tried to bent her over, she denied him.

"Wait. Missionary is better. Pillow under my hips."

Dam complied. It wouldn't have mattered, not with the way he programmed his swimmers. Still, he kept her illusion alive. Besides, he liked missionary too.

Judith spread her legs, "One last thing. I want..."

Dan foresaw her request, "I know. No complications, my word of honor."

"As long as we understand each other. " She raised her knees.

Aiming his spear with his left hand, he slowly entered her. His penis bathed in her warm juices. Inch by inch the tube steak slipped into her womb.

Judith was going nuts. Just when she thought that she couldn't accept any more, just when she thought she couldn't feel any fuller, just when she though she couldn't fell any more...she did.

Done with the insertion, Dam lowered himself over her. He thought about the situation. Nothing had ever turned him on so in his entire life. He was going to make this woman full-on pregnant with his son and he LOVED IT. He loved the idea that this woman was going to carry his baby. He was gong to have to do this again.

Dan propped his arms on either side of Judith's head and waited. At last she opened her eyes and met his. She understood immediately and locked into his gaze, as he locked into hers. This wasn't making love, this wasn't sex, and this was mating, pure and simple. He started pistoning.

He drove in an up and down motion so his monster cock also rubbed her clit. Judith squirmed and gasped, but the eye contact continued.  She was absolutely going to remember whose son this was. Dan increased his pace, her hips raised to meat his primal mating rhythm human beings have been making since the dawn of time.

Her back arched and Judith never felt so satisfied, she thought she had understood the word until now. All ten inches of her stud (yes he literally was her stud) for hire, plunged in and out of her womb, she spoke to her stud, her mate ferociously, through clenched teeth "Do it! Gawd you are so BIG! I am so full! So good! So good! Do it. Put seed in me! Make me pregnant. You hot stud, do it. Fuck me." She gripped his hair in both her hands and scream out more encouragement.

 In her heart (as Dan let her know) she was going to get pregnant today, by this hot, big cocked stud, like thousand women of a thousand generations before her. That was the last cogent thought she had before her climax took over. She was an animal, a bitch in heat. She was breeding. She thought she heard her mate call her name, "Judith...Judith...Judith" and she was responding with "yes...yes...yes.." inadequate words to express her complete surrender to the mating dance. He was so... the climax came on her unexpectedly, with unexpected force. She spoke no words, only reveled in its beauty. She had this man to thank."

"That was fantastic. I never even knew..." She babbled.

He was still inside her. They had come together and his milky seed filled her furrow to overflowing.

"I am pregnant, Dan, I'm sure."

"I know."

"I never thought of myself as an adulteress."

"The marriage was over long ago. Now you have me."

"I do, don't I?"

"Doggie style? It would be just for fun."

"Let's go for it."

The sucking and fucking Judith experienced that afternoon was the best she ever had. Her stud was inexhaustible and in the end, she was infinitely glad it was Dan Murphy's child swelling her womb, Dan Murphy's child she was going to bring into the world and not Jon's.  And she was happy to help Kimmy, who would be like the kid sister she never had.

Dan worked up an appetite as he headed over for dinner. He could smell garlic from the yard.

"Hey, Kimmy, Smells great."

"I'm fixing spaghetti. It's one of the few things you have all the ingredients for. How do you live?"

"I usually order out. Or nuke something."

"Well I am going shopping tomorrow.  I will need money."

"Sure. " Dan was beginning to wise up as to what "Queen of the House" really meant. He wasn't sure he liked it.

"I talked to Judith."


"You know, the neighbor. She said that she'd happily help you with the decorating. I was thinking, think we could invite her over for dinner? You two could talk it over."

"If you want to."

"Okay." Dan leaned out the screen door and waved to Judith who was watching from her window.  Judith came over and there was spaghetti enough for three but it seemed like only two people were at the table. Judith and Dan were talking, but Kimmy only answered in monosyllabic words. (What was up with her?) But it was decided that Kimmy and Judith would confer during the week and shop on the weekend.

At meal's end Dan was about to suggest that he and Judith go upstairs and continue his chores." But Judith, who had begun to genuinely like the man, intercepted him. "Kimmy, before you get him back, I going to talk to Dan for a moment, ok?"

Kimmy mournfully nodded.

On the way over to her house, Judith clued him in.  "That girl really likes you, you know."

"Kimmy. Sure, I like her to."

"No, she loves you, you idiot. You should have seen the look on her face when I came through the door. A woman can tell when another woman's gotten some."

Dan blushed and tried to cover up, "But she's so young."

"Dan listen. Before all this modern society and you had the world scrutinize our every move, back when things were relatively normal, girls Kimmy's age were married. Our grandmother's married at that age. Were our grandfather's only 'crushes?' No. Her emotions are very real."

"So what do I do?"

"Lately, I've learned you have to break the rules when they stand between you and happiness."

"Oh, Yeah?" The two friends shared a smile. "Guess I better go apologize."

"I guess you better." As her neighbor walked across the yard, Judith admired his tight rear end and hoped that Kimmy wouldn't mind her borrowing him every now and then.

Dan never got the chance to apologize. Kimmy locked herself in her room and would not come out.

Wednesdays suck, plain and simple. Dan got up, but Kimmy had left already.

First period: Kimmy still hadn't come to class. That put Dan in a foul mood.  The girls were way more attentive, thanks to their Mr. Murphy fantasy's sessions, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered. He took attendance in a rage. He remarked Kimmy and Darrel Washington absent.

Washington was an at-risk staring center for the school's team. He usually showed up for first period. If he cut, the coach might not start or bench him. "Does anyone know if Darrel will be here today?"

Two of Darrel's friends snickered. "He might be a little late today, teach." Then they shared a mutual laugh that Dan did not like. He set the students programming and used Master PC to check on Darrel.

Kimmy was letting Darrel into his house and Darrel was sure he was going to get some. Dan was furious.

He hit the master breaker and cut everyone's power. "Looks like a major system crash today. Everybody out. Classes canceled for the rest of the day. I need someone to bring a note to the principal." No one moved.

"I will bring the note for you Mister Murphy." Suzy spoke up. (What was she doing in first period?)

"Thanks Suzy I can always count on you. I said ''Everybody out!" If Dan hadn't been so busy scribbling a note and looked up, he would have seen the young girl practically melt. He handed her the note. "Major short circuit in lab. Shut down due to fire hazard for rest of day. Going home to get tools. -Dan Murphy"

Taking time only to snag the Master PC zip drive Dan locked up and peddled like a mad man for his front door. He wished he had told Master PC to give him wings. He should have seen this coming; he should have taking his car to work. Minutes ticked by.

He threw his bike down on his lawn and bolted through the door. Kimmy was on the sofa, shirt off. Darrel was sucking her tits and dry humping her cunt. "What the hell is going on here?"

Darrel turned and thoughtfully considered his reponse. "What's it look like, old man?" Kimmy's face was triumphant.

"Not in my house!"

"Well if you think you can throw me out. Be my guest. Otherwise leave us be."

Dan considered it. He was a match for Darrel physically, but his place would get trashed. And if he did throw him out, Kimmy would just follow him.

"Fine. I'll just leave you kids alone." Kimmy fumed and returned to kissing Darrel with more energy. Dan simply went downstairs and booted up Master PC. Darrel and Kimmy appeared on the screens. Her skirt was off now. He was working on his belt.

Suddenly, Darrel didn't feel like having sex anymore. His dick went instantly limp "It's useless, Kimmy. I tried. I thought you would be the one. But it's no good, I am gay and I guess I am going to have to live with it." Despondent, the young man dressed and shuffled out the door.

Dan came up from the basement. "Did I hear a someone leave? "

Kimmy grabbed her clothes around her, "You did that!"

"Oh don't talk to me what I did. What did you think you were doing? You want to end up like your mother?"

"I hate you! You can't keep an eye on me all the time. I'll find someone else and he'll fuck me. I hate you!" She ran upstairs and locked herself in her room.

Dan was at wits end. He wanted Kimmy out. What was he thinking? Life was a bed of roses? He called up her mother and asked her to come over. He didn't tell her he wanted her to take Kim back.

While he waited for Mrs. Dolan to show up, Dan somberly used the laptop and Master PC to sift through Kimmy's thoughts. She had liked what Darrel was doing to her, a lot. She was kicking herself for ever falling for Dan. (The feeling was mutual) She was already planning to sneak out and visit a party she knew about.  She hadn't gone all the way, but wanted it now, badly. She wondered which boys she would meet that night and which one would finally take her cherry. The thought of a gangbang or lezzie intrigued her too.

It was worse than he thought, she wasn't just getting back at him, it was the beginning of a slut. Dan cursed Master PC forever allowing him to ever perceive a person's doom so clearly.

When Mrs. Dolan arrived, she was looking 1000% better, clean, fit and her skin didn't have that leathery look. She even smelled good.  But she was still working class, and proud of it, so her denim jacket, jeans and T-shirt fit her to a tee.

Dan told her what happened. He confided what Kimmy's thoughts were; though he obscured the source of his knowledge.

She went into Dan's fridge and helped herself to juice and thought before she answered. (Dan admired what a good job he had done for her.) She looked him in the eye as she spoke. "She's her mother's daughter all right. My mother was the same way.  We are own worst enemies. You try to lock us in, we escape. Talking goes in the ear and leaves throughout the pussy. Try to be nice to us, we push it. It's always been that way."

"There has got to be something we can do."

Then got a wry look on her face. "Now I am no fool. I know you had something to do with all this." She pointed to her body. "You altered my mind and body, changed me forever, against my will."

Dan's face betrayed him.

"I knew it. Frankly.  I couldn't be more grateful. I am finally in control of myself.  The state I was in, it's like crossing a freeway, knowing you are going to be hit, but you cross anyway."

"Kimmy's not an alcoholic."

"Kimmy was affected by my addictions as much as I was. And she has my sex drive and apparently my temper. She going to ruin herself just like I did."

"Sounds like your going somewhere."

"All I'm saying is that if I was given the power to change people I wouldn't just sit by and watch them destroy themselves. I'd take responsibility, but that may be my new self talking."

"Thanks, Tina."

"You still want me to take Kimmy home?"

"No. I think we'll try and work it out. "

 She stood and sighed heavily. "Too bad, I'm not looking forward to going home."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh Johnny's found Jesus. He's getting a little tough to live with. I was brought up Christian, but his preacher is filling up his head with nonsense about "a woman's place."

"Well if he gets to be too much, you can always crash here."

With a few more thanks, Tina left.  Regular Tina, not drugged out drunk and slutty Tina, was a nice lady.

Then he booted up Master PC and prepared, for the first time in his life, to take responsibility for another person's life. It was huge step and he wondered where it would lead. He drew on the experience of all his failed relationships and his mistakes of the past few days.

He considered putting Kimmy to sleep while he worked his changes. But he sent her to the shower instead. It would be like the baptism of her new life.

He restored her love and faith in him. Kimmy would adore Dan. She would never be jealous of him in regards to other women or his work. No matter what, she would always be certain of his love. She was queen of her man's house. But Kimmy would be very open minded.

He would be the only man she loved, period. She wouldn't even consider kissing another man. She would love very aspect of him and her obedience would flow from her deep and abiding love and respect.

But she wouldn't hang on his every word and didn't mind being on her own.  That would have been annoying. (Dan had been warned by the Twilight Zone that super-love wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.)

 She would support him in his work. Not only support, she would love helping him in his good work, giving aid and advice in any way possible.

And she would always tell Dan the truth. (No more of this being disappointed he couldn't read her mind.) She would only praise him in public and defend him against those who attacked him. If Dan screwed up, she would tell him diplomatically.

He increased her health. Master PC alerted him to the possibility of Lupus and Dan eliminated it.  Her gave her an interest in swimming and cycling to keep her in shape. Dan toned her entire body, straightened her teeth and perfected Kimmy's legs, keeping them perfectly shaped and perfectly smooth. She would enjoy keeping herself looking beautiful for him, but not overly so. That would do for now.

 "And now the good stuff. " Dan grinned. The sensitive tits were kept. Her pussy responded promptly to his touch, drooling for his cock, alone. Multiple orgasms wouldn't be the exception, they would be the rule.  Kimmy would love sucking his cock, she would feel as ecstatically happy as a princess worshipping at some pagan altar when she did so.

Making love to her man, Dan Murphy, would be the joy of her life. She took delicious joy in the idea that she pleased her man so. She would try to improve on the lovemaking every time.

But she took joy in general affection too. She would love surprising him with acts of thoughtful kindness. (man does not live by sex alone) She would like cooking, housekeeping, sewing and gardening. He asked Master PC to endow her with expert ability and knowledge in all four.

Now for the weird shit. For the longest time, Dan had a thing for women in Victorian period costume. Now he programmed Kimmy to have that same penchant. Her previously demure personality seemed to suit. So he set her public identity to demure. The idea that of Kimmy walking around the house in Victorian dress, and be a tigress in bed got him hard.

 Her pussy juice would taste like blackberries.

Her personality would basically remain the same. The interests he programmed into her would not be her only interests. Dan was sure to leave room for growth, but only growth most people would consider healthy.

When he hit send, she would apologize for hurting him so. He refused to believe that he had done anything that called for Kimmy to fuck a boy on his sofa. Not after all he did for her. Yeah, he was being bullhead. Fuck that sensitive modern-guy shit! (Boy, he was still angry.)

Before he hit "send" and was otherwise engaged.  He, to the disappointment of the gay community of the high school to be sure, returned Darrel to his own straight self.

Though he did leave him with the memory of what he said to Kimmy and her effect on him. He, like many healthy men, would remember it as a momentary lapse of orientation. It was doubtful he would ever relate the whole truth to anyone. But if he tried to say that Kimmy did "give it over" Dan made sure he would be compelled to repeat every word he told Kimmy.

 As a conscience easer, Dan used the Master PC program to improve Darrel's hand-eye coordination, eyesight, reflexes, quickness and endurance by 33%. He would grow to be seven feet tall. He also fixed a heart murmur the Master PC alerted him to. Darrel would get to play college at least the rest was up to him. That would make him happy. He shut Darrel's node down.

Back to Kimmy.  Her shower had ended minutes ago. The girl was probably toweling off by now.

Kimmy's reprogramming blinked before him, ready to launch. With one command he would be responsible for her forever. He thought on her mother's words. In the end, there was no consoling himself. He was going to be a controlling bastard and he admitted it.  SEND

He went upstairs to see what he had wrought.

He met Kimmy came rushing downstairs, wrapped in two towels, one for her body, like a sarong, the other for her long hair.

She embraced Dan unrestrainedly, burying her cheek in his chest. "Oh, Mister Murphy. I am so sorry if I hurt you. I was just so angry after you brought that lady over..." she began to cry, "I wouldn't hurt you for the world."

She smelled like soap. "Shhhh. It's alright. Everybody has her little fights. Let's promise not to fight again." A child's promise thought Dan.

"Oh yes. Yes. No fighting, ever, Mister Murphy, I'll be your good girl."

"Kimmy. Why don't you call me Dan?"

She sniffled and looked up. "Really?"

"In private, really. You see, all this made me realize I want you to think of me as a man. And you? Would you like me to think of you as a woman?"

She nodded slowly, silently.

He lowered his head and kissed the young, wet girl. Her embrace took on different meaning, expressing a different kind of need.  Their tongues began to entwine. The man and woman's bodies wound into each other. Dan's left arm curled down to her waist and with one heave he lifted her off the ground.

Kimmy was not surprised, nor did she break the kiss. It was so right. Dan carried her upstairs where they would share a bed, and each other. There was more kissing, then the towels come off easily enough. Dan stepped back, appreciating the moment and her.

Her body was young and firm. Kimmy blushed. "You look beautiful" He meant every word. With her long blue-black hair half damp, her skin still beaded with water and her lovely figure,  "Venus arising from the sea."


"Really." Her muff was a light, black, gossamer, infinitely feminine. Her pale upturned breasts, were begging to be sucked. Her upside-down heart shaped ass would make a Renaissance painting turn green with envy. She turned around and around, allowing her man to appreciate all of her, a feast for the eyes. And she was all his.

Dan took off his clothes for his woman. When he pulled off his T-shirt, she bit her lower lip in lust. Kimmy squirmed as she watched him undo each button of his fly, like a cat flicks its tail as it watches a mouse. Then came his shorts and what she beheld there took her breath away. "It's beautiful!"  (Dan reflected that he was a great programmer) Can I touch it?"

"Touch it. Kiss it if you like."

She pounced on his dick with such lust that she knocked him back to where he was sitting on the bed. Kimmy started kissing. "You are doing great, my love. Why don't you try licking and sucking it." She didn't hesitate for a second.

Her tongue lolled up and down the shaft, she took it her mouth and all the while mumbled, things like "I love you and "Tastes so good." Wolves ate steak with less relish. He felt like coming so he pulled her face away.

She pouted, "Did I do something wrong, lover?"

Did she just call me lover? "No. It's just that I am about to cum and you and I both know where I should come first."

Her eyes lit up, "Yes!"

"Lie on the bed." He commanded and she complied. She spread her legs, nervous and eager at the same time. He lowered his head. "First we get you all lathered up." He licked the alphabet on her pussy. She was already sopping, but the simulation caused a series of throaty moans to emit for the island beauty's mouth and a flow of blackberry flavored juice from her pussy. It dribbled down Dan's chin. Dan had hit "D" for about the third time when she came like a landslide. He waited for her to recover.

"That was so good!" she said amazed.

"That's nothing. Wait until the real thing." Dan began to lower himself onto his lover.

"I knew I was saving myself for someone, Dan. I knew it was you. I just knew you'd be the one."

Dan set the head in place. "There will be some tearing and some blood."

"I know. But I need it, you Dan. I need you inside me so bad."

"Here goes." Dan slowly entered and felt resistance. He slowly increased pressure. Kimmy bit her lip. There was a tearing.


"You okay?" Day felt her hymen disintergrate around his member.

"Fine, lover.  Please, don't stop. Make love to me."

Dan began to slowly pump in and out. Kimmy "ooooed" and "awwwed" the whole way. Her breath came in gasps. Dan tested his programming and ground his crotch into her clit. She reacted like lightening had hit her and threw about in an orgasm. After that, her mother slut-gene showed up.  She was a tigress.  She pinned him in with her calves and arms and urged him forward.  He pumped ferociously, the headboard slammed against the wall. The felt that familiar tingle in his balls. "I'm coming, Kimmy!"

"Oh come, lover! Put you seed inside me! Inside your Kimmy! Come"

"I'm cumming!"

When Kimmy felt his spunk splash inside her, she came with her big, strong man. They took a minute to recoup and shared a little pillow talk.

"So how long did you know I was the one?"

"Gosh. Since September. I thought I was so obvious, all the girls know I have a huge crush on you."

"Really?" Master PC was great. He was already beginning to swell again.

"Uhum. And that night when you rescued me? I just knew I couldn't let John take my cherry. I had to give it someone special, and when you came to my defense...I knew I wanted you to take it."

"And then I rushed out of bed to take care of the police and Judith. What an idiot."

"I was the bad one. I should have understood."

"I love you, Kimmy."

"I love you, Dan"

They shared a deep French kiss, then Dan sucked on her tits until he grew rock hard. He could tell by the way she gripped his head, Kimmy was going to be the kind of girl that like lots of attention up there. He withdrew and she whined. "Now, now. It's not over. Let's just try doggie style."

Kimmy assumed the position and Dan maneuvered her to the edge of the bed, where he could stand. "Oooh I think I'm going to like this position. "Kimmy cooed. "It makes me feel like I'm presented myself to my stallion," She wiggled her ass and giggled.

Dan appreciated the wiggle and went with the joke. "Oh yeah, I am your stallion, baby." And he slipped her the big one.

Her back arched and her head threw back her mane. "Oooh yeah, my stallion! Oooh! I love it."

Dan fucked her a little rougher this time and she went nuts. She shouted and yelped, orgasming twice before he shot in his second load. When he withdrew, she fell sideways on the bed.

"I think that's my favorite, love. It feels so...primitive. I love it. Never thought I could feel so much. Gawd, I love you."

Dan reminded himself to increase her endurance and stamina for next time. Still, she was young. He sucked on her tits until she was back in the game. This time, he had her mount him and slip his dick into her sloppy twat. Dan played with her tits as this Venus herself bounced up and down on his shaft. Master PC allowed them to come together. In all, Dan came five times and it wasn't even three in the afternoon.

The lovers curled up together and enjoyed a brief nap. He woke to her kissing his shoulder.

"I finally got you. The girls at school are going to be so jealous."

"You're kidding."

"No." She stroked and tickled him with a lock of her hair. "You have been quite the hot topic for the past two weeks."

Dan was taken aback. Two weeks?  Had it been that long already? Master PC had changed his life in so short a time? "You are pulling my leg. They can't be serious. Just flirting, right?"

Kimmy looked at the clock. "It's almost three.  Take me to your computer. I've got something to show you that will really open your eyes to how the mind of teenage girls work."


Kimmy was impressed with the Control Room. She had never seen so man computers and peripherals in one place and at one time. She was only dressed in Dan's discarded T-shirt while he had his bathrobe to keep warm. So he broke from protocol and allowed her adjust the thermostat while he booted up the computers.

"Have a seat." Dan pointed to his old office chair that he used pretty much as footstool anymore.

"There is only one seat I want." With that Kimmy spread his robe and while sitting on his lap guided her lover's cock inside her. With ten inches, flaccid or not, it had enough tension to get inside. Kimmy hissed with the sensation and Dan grew hard inside her.

With a constant buzz of pleasure provided by her man, Kimmy logged on to a Web Server designed by for teens. It allowed them to build "private, censorship free chatrooms" while ads blinked along all the margins. "You see, from three to five is golden time for us. Mom and dad are away at work and we have the computer to ourselves. For the past two weeks there has been a chatroom about you. It started as one of the ones about our high school then it kind of branched out."

"Who is in it?"

"That's the beauty of it. We can use made up names, so no one knows who is saying what. We can say whatever we want. Here it is. ," Kimmy changed her usual handle and called herself. "Sats5ed ." Dan thrust in appreciation of the joke.

Sats5ed: Hi room.
Milan16: Hi.
Sats5ed: How'd it go today?
Milan16: DM took after K after he found about D. 2 homies of his let it slip and D is pissed.
He walked in on them
I knew it.
Nothing happened though.  I heard D tell someone he's gay.

No way!
We know. Darrel got the school creeped out.
Then what
K and DM never came back.

I bet he was a perfect gentleman.

Dan stroked Kimmy's breasts, making it difficult for her to concentrate and type so she slapped then away playfully. "I've got to type."

The world was a trip. He could not believe this kind of thing happened all the time and the parents never knew.

Dan began to wonder if he had put a limit on his previous command to masturbate to him. If not, these girls had been going at it nightly for two weeks. This could be interesting, but he had to find out who was who.

Kimmy and the chatters were basically involved in speculation about Darrel. Dan wanted the attention back on him.

Dan got an idea. "How would you like to know who these girls are?"

"Can you do that?"

"Watch me." Dan slid out of his partner, got in his old chair and distracted Kimmy from what he was actually doing. "Keep them interested. If they log off I can't hack their names." With Master PC, he pasted in the old list of girls he had saved from last time and ordered anyone typing on a computer to unconsciously send an IM with her full name. SEND.

"We should receive an IM with all their names any second. There is a pad and paper to you left, write them down as they come in"

  IM's then began to chime in left and right."Omigawd!" Kimmy was thrilled to finally connect so many names with what they had been saying for the past two weeks. Nothing thrills a girl like finding out someone's juicy secret. She scribbled like mad.

While Kimmy wrote, Dan shunted the data to one of his old gimmick video cards. It worked like a spell checker, automatically replacing words. This one worked by replacing the video signal to the monitor.

 It had lots of practical uses, but as usual in the geek world, it was mainly used for pranks. For example, the computer may send out "Bob", but "Dickhead" showed up instead. It worked great when he wanted to video conference, especially with the brass in Boston.
"Shitface: I think the data warehouse should be up and running by now.
Assbreath: I agree."

The best part was that since it simply rearranged the signal, no record was kept when one saved the file.

Dan used rearranger to more conventionally betray the chatters.

Michelle: Gentleman. What a waste.
Raquel:  His is very handsome.
Lan: And K lives with him.

Kimmy asked, "What should I do?"

"Egg them on. See what they would do in your place."

Kimmy: What would you do in K's place?
Tanya: What do you mean?
Kimmy: I mean you are all alone in DM's house. Your parents actually want your there.
Michelle: I'd strut around the house half naked to drive him nuts.
Raquel: I would fix him a nice dinner, romantic, with candles.
Suzy: I would show him what a good housekeeper I am.
Lan: Cleaning! I would lay in his bed, under the sheets, and wait until he came home.
Tanya: I would fix it so he caught me in the bathroom.
Jasmine: I'd ask him to take me shopping, and buy lingere'.

Dan couldn't believe this. Kimmy was having fun. Of course, it was good natured adolescent fantasy. But he could tell the girls were still holding back.  Dan used Master PC to magnify their arousal to the dirty talk about "DM" and for the moment removed any societal restraint on expressing their lustful imaginations and compelled frankness.  Then stretching his imagination, he made them empathic to each's arousal, a cosmic daisy chain. So he could see what was going on with the girls, without scanning all the monitors, he included Kimmy in the empathic chain.

Then he slid the station over so he could enter, at least with one hand, commands into Master PC. He still kept the screen so Kimmy would not see it. Then he rejoined with her.

She sat on her man's member with practiced ease. Dan whispered in his mistress's ear. "Up the ante. Talk about my cock." Kimmy squirmed in approval.

Kimmy: I saw him in his bicycle gear he has a huge package.

Michelle:  I know. I have to stop staring at it in class.
Raquel: Me too. Such a man.
Suzy: Stop it. I get wet just thinking about it.
Lan: I bet it hurts.
Tanya:  I bet it feels good.
Jasmine: That disgusting.

Kimmy: I have been having fantasies about DM. (Dan was pleased he had left her with initiative. She was using her understanding of the feminine mind to her lover's service, leaving Dan free to concentrate on other things like completely removing inhibitions.)

Michelle: We all have. Isn't that why we are here?
Raquel: And why not? He is so hot.
Suzy: And such a good man.
Lan: I wish all my teachers were like him.
Jasmine: I wouldn't mind being his girlfriend.
Tanya:  I thought I was the only one. But he is so strong. He just gives me an order and I want to kneel down and suck his cock. I love it when he bosses me around.

The chartroom stalled at that confession.  Kimmy said "Whoa. I bet that shocked the girls."

Dan used Master PC to adjust the girl's attitude. From now own, they would not only be open to any fantasy concerning Mister Murphy, but it would actually sound appealing.  They would think it was their new, more mature attitude of a young woman their age.

Kimmy, utilizing her own imagination and social skill, got the conversation stated again.

Kimmy: I am sure we all have our fantasies. It is perfectly natural. In fact it's unhealthy to keep them in. Let's share them.  No one knows who we are.

Dan knew that Master PC would win. And he could tell who was going to be first.

Suzy: My fantasy is that I am completely naked when he comes to work in the morning. We are alone. He is all sweaty from his ride. I take off his clothes. I suck his cock until he comes. It is the best tasting come ever.  I wipe him off. We dress. And then I stay with him all day long, until he takes me home. Then just stay with him, taking care of him for the rest of his life.

Lan: That is so lame.
Kimmy: No judgments here, remember?
Lan: Sorry.
Kimmy: Sokay. What is yours?
Lan: My fantasy is I wear these really tight, short cutoffs I don't wear anymore and my white halter top that stops at my belly-button. I don't wear any underwear. It's after school. I lean over him in my t-shirt. He can see my breasts through the fabric. I lean forward until they're inches from his face. Then I bring him over to my computer. I bend over to show him something at my computer. The shorts ride up tons and show my hairs. That's why I don't wear them anymore, but I know they just drive boys crazy.

 When I lean over, he's finally had enough. He spins me around, rips off my shirt and gobbles up my tits.

Kimmy squirmed on Dan, she was getting quite wet at this. So the other girls probably were too.

Lan: Then he throws me on his desk, rips off my shorts and fucks me real good. My legs in the air.

Raquel: Mine takes place after school too. But at his house. He gave me his credit card to buy dresses but only if he approves of them. So at his house I give him a fashion show off the pretty things he bought me.  First I start with the dresses.  He sits in a big black chair with a glass of wine. He wears a white shirt and black slacks.

Kimmy's butter was melting, she was getting to like this one too.

Raquel: Every dress gets a bit more revealing, then I put on lingerie for him, first nightgowns, then teddy's then, underwear, lots of red and black ones with lots of lace and stockings. Then I put on the bikinis. It ends with me wearing a red string bikini with triangles covering my tits and bottom. He says I get to keep them all. I rush to him on the chair. I smother him in kisses thanking him. He says I look beautiful.

Suddenly, I find my crotch is grinding against his. My vagina can feel his hard manhood, just beneath his slacks. It feels real good. He rubs himself to me.

Kimmy reached down and began gently rubbing her clit, picturing the scene. The other girls were doing the same. Raquel was typing slower now, like she would if she was only using one hand,

Raquel: I look down to find mi armor's mouth is right in front of me. He says my breasts are the most beautiful he has ever seen, not too big. I jerk down the left side of my bikini. He takes my breast inside his mouth. It feels so good.

Kimmy then began rubbing her left breast. Dan knew that if it wasn't for Master PC compelling them, he knew that these girls, especially Raquel, would all be logging off to diddle. But his fun wasn't over. They wanted to talk about him, didn't they?

Raquel: We are kissing with out tongues. Suddenly we are both naked. I am on the floor and on my hands and knees. His hands are over my ass, he says he like how full and round it is. The next thing I feel is him entering me from behind. I can feel his power. He says I am beautiful. He keeps pounding until...

Kimmy came at the same time. Dan imagined six girls getting off across this town. But it wasn't over. There was also Michelle. It took five minutes before someone typed on the screen. It was better than Dan expected.

Michelle: My fantasy happens on a hot, sunny day. We both are riding bikes. We ride all day. I know he can beat me any time he wants, but he respects that I can keep up with him. We ride into the hills, getting all hot and sweaty. About halfway up the hill we stop for water. I tell him I know a meadow at the top of the hill. We both know what's going to happen there.

 He proposes a race. He will impose a five gear handicap on himself. If he wins I do what he wants. If I wins, I get what I want.

I smirk at his arrogance and accept. The race begins. Our legs pump up the hill. (It was starting to turn Dan and Kimmy on, they both started undulating.) He looks like he is beat. I can see him. He looks tired.  I think I am going to win. Suddenly, almost at the top, he stops faking his tiredness. Even at a five gear disadvantage, he passes me easily, turns to smile with that smile of his and wins.

We let the bikes clatter to the grass. We are both sweaty and hot for each other. We peel of each other's clothes. Without silly foreplay this man throws me to the ground and takes me as his prize, utterly, completely. A real man!

Kimmy and Dan were pumping hard now. Dan gripped her tits to hold her on. She supported herself on the desk.

We'll rut like animals, he is a machine, relentless, tireless. He has no pity, no remorse. I am his woman and he has conquered me. We come together. And as he pumps his seed into me, I realize that this was I wanted all along. This and a dozen of his sons.

Dan and Kimmy lost it at that point. He fountained his seed into her with a massive orgasm. He held to onto Kimmy, otherwise she would have slipped to the floor and hurt herself.

Kimmy was loving Michelle's story. "Wow. That was the best of them all. If I hadn't cum earlier..."

"I know." Dan was approving, very approving of that fantasy too. He was going to have to get to know Michelle better.

Kimmy checked a few setting to see if that was all. "Wait."

"What's the matter?"

"I checked to see what happened to Jasmine. She went off line for some reason. But here look at this, " Kimmy pointed at the list, at the handle BLKBLD.

"Well let's see who that is. Keep 'em chatting. " Dan knew who that was. Blackblood. She shouldn't write her secret names on her notebooks for the world to see. But that was youth, wasn't it? Shouting to the world that you had a secret?

He summoned up the suspect's name. Shelly was on line. Dan used Master PC to more forcefully compel similar candor. After the IM appeared, he instructed Kimmy,  "Okay. Ask BLKBLD what her fantasy is."

Kimmy: Shame on you Blakbld. We shared. Now you. No one knows who you are.

Shelly: My fantasy involves DM and another girl.

Tanya: Tell us about it. Sounds hot.
Michelle: He is a lot of man.
Lan: Yeah.
Suzy: What girl?
Raquel: Whatever makes you happy.
Kimmy: Tell us all about it.

Shelly: I thought I was a lesbian, especially for a girl in the class. Then I started having these feelings for DM. Now may fantasies involve him and her.

She's so beautiful and sexy. I help her set up a romantic candlelight dinner for her and DM. I serve them both. I watch them grab each other's sex under the table. She thinks I can't see, but I know he knows I can.

 After dinner they get naked on a bearskin rug by the fireplace. She gets in the missionary position and he fucks her. The fire is roaring in the background. I watch from the kitchen door. The back of her head is to me, but he sees me. As he plunges into her, DM invites me to sit in the easy chair and enjoy myself. I remove my panties. I rub myself in time with them. We all come together.

He withdraws. I can picture it, dripping with his white semen, glistening in the firelight. He points to between her legs. I go down and suck his seed from R's  beautiful cunt. I can tell it tastes good. Then he fucks me from behind while I eat out my beautiful mistress. Again, we all come together. I can tell more. But it usually involves more of the same, my mouth going where they fuck. It feels so good to finally tell someone who understands.

It was near five, the parents would be home soon. They were logging off to plan tomorrow. Dan bolstered his or her discretion and deceptive capabilities so no one caught on. Life went on.

 Dan took Kimmy to the grocery store. She had a list all prepared and he stepped and fetch like a husband. It was quite the domestic scene.

They went home, ate dinner and enjoy a nightime round of connubial bliss. As they spooned, Kimmy brought up an interesting subject. "I really liked Michelle's fantasy."

"I could tell. I liked it too."

"Do you know her father beats her? Broke her arm last year."

Dan perceived she was going somewhere with this. "Really?'

"Yes. And she is now running around with a really dangerous crowd."

"Do you think she could use a little help?"

She squeezed him. "I knew you'd see it my way. And we have plenty of room."

Not for the last time he wondered, "What have I gotten myself into? I'll need a couple of days to research everything."

"Friday will be fine, thanks lover."

 So, she wanted Michelle to join them. Fine. He liked her well enough. But Dan swore that as many times as he got laid, as many people lived with him, Kimmy would always be the Queen of his Household. He just prayed that Master PC would let him keep that oath.


Michelle was shocked when she came home that Saturday morning at 4am. Her teacher, Mister Murphy, was at the kitchen table laughing with her father over coffee. The laughing ended when she entered.

Michelle was dressed in her "going out clothes, loose pants, unbuttoned loose flannel shirt open to a cotton hater top that showed off her ample chest. She was always confident about her body. It was the rest of her life, the majority of it, she had no clue how to handle.

Dan was appalled at her makeup; huge amounts of blue eye shadow, muddy colored lipstick, swaths of eyeliner and pancake plastered her face. It was the kind of thing that older women used to conceal their flaws. Michelle had such a naturally pretty face and skin; she should have been showing it off. Instead of making her look more beautiful, she looked grotesque.

"So. Again you left grandma alone to go out with those boys."

Michelle was very embarrassed to have her favorite teacher hear all that.

"Michelle, you father and mother are worried about you. Before you got to bed, let's talk."

Michelle didn't know Mister Murphy spoke such good Spanish, and with a Jalisco accent too! Normally, she would have simply run upstairs and ignored what her father yelled through her door. But for some reason, she sat down. Maybe it was her teacher's calm tone of voice.

"May I speak, Senor Aguerro?" Michelle's father nodded for him to continue.

This was very strange, her father loved to bluster. The notion that he let someone else address his daughter did not bode well.

"Michelle. Do you feel trapped?"

"No." but she knew she had ranted the exact same things to her friends many times. Had someone told? If so, who?

"It's perfectly understandable. You are the eldest daughter. As is traditional, you take care of your elderly grandmother and your younger brothers. When does that leave time for you?
 So you run away.  And you suffer because you love your grandma and little brothers. It makes you heart sick, you so beat yourself up this way." Dan waved at the trashy attire and cheap smokes she still held in one hand.

 The father spoke. "You will never make it college. You will likely end up like your friends."

 It was like he read her mind but she was stubborn. "You are wrong. You think I don't know what I am doing?"

"Oh, I know you know. My question is can you stop yourself? And would you like it if you could?" Dan was cool.

Michelle was silent. It was true, but she couldn't let anyone know.

"Mister Murphy has brought an offer, mia.  Just listen."

"You grandmother is very curable. She will be healthy. Your father will get a new job at the plant, one that will allow you mother to stay home and stop cleaning people's houses."


"I have a way with computers. Your grandmother will suddenly get on a very good medical plan, free. Your father's boss has a bank account he is hiding from his wife and the IRS." Dan was amazed at what the media had led people to believe hackers could do.

"Why are you telling me?"

Both men nodded top each other in secret agreement. Senor Arguello left so Dan could speak with Michelle. "Michelle, I want to be the one to set you free."

"Excuse me?"

"I want to be your patron. If you agree, your family will have all it wants, ever."

"If I am your whore, right?"

"No. I will simply be your patron. After a trial period of six weeks. You can leave at anytime.  I want to provide for you. You will want for nothing."

"And I have sex with you?"

"I was thinking more like bicycling." Michelle pulled back at that.  "But that's not it at all. I am promising you freedom, freedom from responsibilities, freedom from want and at last the freedom to do what you want. You get to choose something else, not pick from the menu that life has forced on you."

"I like my life."

"You do? Let's be frank. Do you see any of the boys you hung around with tonight being good husband material, getting a good job, getting a nice home?"

"I'd rather do that then sell myself to you."

"I like your bracelet." She held her wrist like at was scalded. Dan decided not to remind her of what she did to get the 14 carat gold bangle. She would just get defensive. "Look. You and I both know you are little more than an unpaid maid around here.  I got a nice house. You'll have a generous allowance and the freedom to, at last, to be the person you want to be."

"No. You are nothing but a pervert."

Dan saw her future as clear as day. Her own stubborn pride would ride her like a monkey down the path of destruction. While thinking she was making her own choices, she should bottleneck her choices more and more, until it choked the life out her. She would be miserable for the rest of her life.

Mister Arguello required no programming at all. In fact he squeezed Dan for additional cash. Blackmail was part of the man's scheme. But Dan and Master PC changed that.

Again, Dan was faced with the Master PC dilemma. Allow a person the freedom to destroy their life, or use Master PC to coerce them into becoming a happier, healthier person. And of course, Dan got something out of it too.  The choice was becoming easier each time.

The laptop was on a chair, beneath the table, unseen. Dan activated the first of a series of preset SEND commands.  He had composed them in such a way that she would think all this was all her idea. First, he eliminated her foolish pride, thus allowing to objectively consider the idea.

"Did you really come to rescue me, Senor Murphy?"

"I see a lot of potential in you, Michelle."

Then he made her more open-minded.

"Are you going to try and sleep with me?"

"Let's be clear. You are going to be my mistress. I will be you patron. We will fuck each other as long as we care. If and when we grow weary of the situation we are free to leave. I will never rape you."

"That sounds fair." She smirked.

"It isn't. You will remain open to any and all female companions I have (Michelle was not doubt thinking he was talking about simple "dates.") when you can not even see any boys even in the most casual fashion.

 You will leave your friends and this lifestyle behind.

 You will have to stay in shape and quite smoking, everything. You will have to be where I say and when I say, but I don't expect you to be a robot or slave. I would like you to enjoy the situation."

"And I would get....?"

"All the good things I mentioned for your family. (Michelle looked bored) A house, a thousand dollars a week allowance (her eyes went wide at that) and a car after a year."

Michelle sat and thought. Dan didn't need Master PC to know what she was thinking. She was going to screw him. She thought was going to take his money then sneak around like she did on her father.
 Dan was honestly prepared to live up to his end of the bargain. He hadn't needed to use Master PC on her father and his family, except to eliminate blackmail. Her Old Man was already thinking about what to do with her room
She could have walked away.  All he had done was remove foolish pride, not integrity. But if she was simply planning to cheat him, all bets were off.  Dan might as well play  "contract with the devil."

"I get a house. Not an apartment."

"I already promised that."

"I get to pick out the house."

"Let's just say it will be a mutual choice. Since I will be living with you from time to time I want a nice place too. I will want your very close by. If it makes you feel  better. The deed will be in you name...if you want."

Her jaw went slack and she tried to hide it.  "I won't have to share the house?"

Looking at the packed conditions she lived in, Dan couldn't fault that condition. "Well, there is me. But if later you want a roommate, as long as she doesn't interfere, that won't be a problem."

The little girl was quite overwhelmed. She hid her insecurity by upping the stakes. "I want the car now."

"Okay. If you want, we can go shopping tomorrow. But let's be clear. If you agree to this, I will be your patron. You will do what I say. You will see no other boys."

"I get a house, a thousand a week and a car."

"If you wish." Dan smiled.

Michelle knew this was too good to be true. But she also knew that chances like this came along once in a lifetime. She was a hot chica. And he was nice and not bad looking, for an old man. She heard of girls who lived their whole lives as prosperous men's mistresses, and they keep cabana boys on side. Why not use her greatest asset? "Agreed."

"Good. I have the contract on my laptop. Let me summon it up." He put the laptop on the table, not allowing Michelle to see the screen. With a frown he pasted in the text he had saved under "cheat" into Master PC.  He closed the "deal" window with a frown and hoped to use it later. SEND.

Michelle slowly stood up and gently closed the laptop case. "We have no need for contracts, mi armor."

"We don't? Do you want a house and a car?"

"I do not want any of those foolish things anymore. All I want is love."

"You won't mind sharing a house or me?"

"I'd probably just get lonely. And as for sharing you.." she rubbed his cock to attention, "I think that might be fun." She got worried all of sudden.  "Girls right?"

Dan smiled, "Yeah, just girls."

"Good I have no interest in any other boys. Okay?"

"Fine by me."

Michelle started grinding into Dan, quite happy to hump him right there, in the kitchen. But Dan wasn't. He did not want the little boys or her nice mother walking in on them. The kitchen was hardly comfortable and as Dan looked at Michelle he knew he wanted her dressed better.

"Later for that. Right now, get up stairs and pack. You will change into decent clothes that don't show your pubes and nipples to the world. Wipe off that hideous make-up. You will only take personal items a respectable girl would have.  I will buy you everything you will need to start your new life. Now go."

The baseline personality trait that caused Michelle to be drawn to strong men (and bad boys) thrilled her and she jumped to his command. Her family was still asleep when she and Dan left.

Later, her little brothers were the first to wake up. They wondered where their cereal was and went to complain to poppa so he would yell at sister and get her to fix them cereal. Poppa, to their shock, told them that they were old enough to fix their own cereal.

Kimmy had Saturday breakfast for three ready. She was thrilled to greet her new sister. She always liked Michelle and Michelle always liked Kimmy. ( ...or so Master PC had arranged. Dan told himself it was just to eliminate the awkwardness. ) Kimmy kissed Dan on his cheek and whispered compliments in his ear.

Over breakfast, it was Dan who explained to Michelle that is was Kimmy, the sweet girl, who suggested Dan rescued her.

Judith came in the back door and greeted the happy trio. She was just beginning to show. "So, are you Michelle?"

Introductions were made as Kimmy fixed her neighbor a cup of decaffe, for the babies' sake. "Kimmy told me all about you."

"Judith helped me when I first moved in. We had so much fun shopping."

"We sure did. Would you like to go shopping, Michelle?"

"Can I?" Michelle, after years of suspicion had a hard time that people could be so hospitable.

"Sure." Said Judith." But we'll need money." All three looked to Dan. He frowned and opened his wallet. This meant this was the last time he could shave points using Master PC. His bookie might get suspicious.

"Fine. You three go shopping. I have to watch a game anyway."

Once the plastic had been delivered, Kimmy piped up. "And we have to get some things for your room too."

Michelle looked shocked,  "That's right, my room, what's it like?"

"I'll show you." The two girls ran off leaving Judith with Dan.

"Everything okay?"

"Better than okay. Twins."

"And Jonathon and his mom taking it okay?"

"You kidding?  She already is sending us stuff."

Dan recalled all the times the Big Brown Van had been parked in front of their house a lot lately. "And Jonathon?"

"Warming to the idea. Quite clueless" She caressed her belly. "He's golfing now.
 You know Dan, it might be my hormones in flux, but I am warming to this idea too."

"What do you mean?"

 "I like the fact they are your babies, not his. You are so kind, taking pity on these girls in and all." She began to cry.

"Whoa. Why are you crying?"

"Because you took pity on me too."

"Hold it right there. No one took pity on you. You did me a favor."

"But I am so ugly now."

"No you are not. You are beautiful."  He kissed her salty tears and then her lips. Talk is cheap. "Jonathon's golfing." He stroked her breast, boy it was huge.  His kiss was returned and the hands went to each other's clothes. Judith was naked and Dan was down to his jeans when the girls came back.

Dan thought this was perfect opportunity to test his programming. "Don't leave girls. We could use your help. No, Judith, don't get dressed. This will be good for you, trust me.
 Girls, Judith is feeling ugly. Tell her, how does she look?"

"Ugly? Judith you are so beautiful."

"Si. A woman is never so beautiful as when she is fruitful."

"And she has Dan's babies, you know, twins." Kimmy added in a complimentry fashion.

"Really?" In awe, Michelle slowly walked towards Judith, she was never shy about expressing sexuality. "May I?" Judith nodded, she had done much the same when girlfriends of hers had become pregnant. Michelle rubbed the mother's belly. "You are twice blessed."

Kimmy's competitive streak and curiosity got the better of her and she joined the experience.

"See Judith? You are not ugly. These girls and I think you are beautiful."

"And your breasts are so big." Said Kimmy.

"They get bigger when you are pregnant."

Michelle, who always took great pride in her tits, grew curious. "Do they feel different? "

"They are more sensitive."

"Really?"  Michelle started stroking her left breast. Judith moaned.

Dan reeled. Had he programmed Michelle to like girls this much? Did he program Judith to be this open-minded and accepting? He did not think so.

Seeing how much Judith liked it, Kimmy grinned, "Have I ever properly thanked you for taking me shopping, Judith?" Then she descended on her right breast. Michelle was close behind. Judith cradled their heads in either arm. She was in heaven, moaning while the girls made "mmm mmm" sounds.

Judith's tits were so sensitive, the girls worked her to mini-orgasm in short order.

"That's good girls" Judith broke the hold. "You made me feel lots better, but now I need what I came for."  Dan considered what would be most comfortable for her. They went into the carpeted living room. He took off his pants and laid them on the floor. Judith mounted him and
then Dan noticed the girls standing there. "Can we watched?" Asked Michele wriggling in her heat.

"We wouldn't ask, except Judith is so beautiful." Pleaded Kimmy sweetly.

Neither Judith nor Dan made a verbal reply; they were into the mating dance now. The girls took their silence for consent. They ran fingers in and out of their tight little cunts and pinched their nipples. Meanwhile, Neighbor Judith rode their man to mutual orgasm.

When they enjoyed the post-coital cuddling, Kimmy and Michelle both kissed Judith on the cheek and whispered to her how lucky she was. Judith never felt so gorgeous in her life.

The End of Part Two