Master PC Dan's story

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I would like to thank JRParz, the creator of MasterPC and Upload-Matrix for inspiring this story.  They got my creative juices flowing again.  Thanks!  I am a writer.  This story is one of many styles of fiction that I can and do write.  If you would like to contract my labor, please contact me via email.


Fuego Caliente! Was the club's name. "Hot Fire!" in English, but English didn't really capture the true flavor of the words.  Dan really was getting to enjoy the multi-lingual capabilities of Master PC. What was next, Italian, French, Swahili?

It was Saturday night. His first night with Michelle and she had suggested this place. She had always been too gansta'ed out to be let in before. But thanks to Dan's dear friends, the Franklin Triplets, the line wasn't a problem.

 Michelle led him in. The meringue music was as loud as the air was hot and thick with sweat and musk. It wasn't so much as a dance floor as a place where scantily clad strangers dry humped to pulsing, thumping rhythm. The entire dance floor, a hundred couples, performed sexual positions, to the beat.

Michelle was sizzling. Her time in the dance group had prepared her well, or maybe she had snuck in her a few times before. Her meringue was hot! She whipped her hair around with both rhythm and abandon. Her arms, chest, hips, ass and legs all accentuated her entire sex, from top to toe. Her erotic movements shouted to the world that she was a wanton and she took joy in the fact.

Michelle was the soul of temptation, an ocean could not put out Dan's fire for her. She and he ground their crotches together until they were sweating both above and below.  More than once, their tongues entwined as part of the step.  Gropes, strokes and passionate embraces were all fair at Fuego Caliente!

No one cut in. All but the blind knew that Michelle was his for the taking, his strumpet, his whore. And he was her hot stallion, the man she rode hard and put away wet.

They had danced and drank until two in the morning and the sexual tension was getting to be too much for both of them, the damn needed to burst.

Michelle, gripped his head and shouted in his ear. "I know a place..." She bit his lobe for emphasis. No explanation was necessary. She took his hand and led him behind the stage and up a flight of stairs. In the corners, in the shadows, Dan spied a half dozen couples humping and making love.

At the top of the stairs, a bouncer awaited.  Michelle, breathless from the hours of dance and quick run panted, "We want a room."

The bouncer replied, "You'll have to come back later."

Something about the way the bouncer checked them out warned Dan off. "Come on honey."

The club was still rocking as Dan now led Michelle. The sign said it was open until 4 am. Screw that, they had better things to do.

Both of them, on the wavelength, jumped into Dan's car as soon as the valet brought it around.  Michelle's lips were on her man's cock before he got it in gear.

Her sucking was meant to keep her at her peak, not bring him off. So she slowed down as the occasion called for it. Between little moments of pleasure Dan was infinitely annoyed there wasn't someplace safe he could take his girls, someplace where he wouldn't be judged. But even Master PC couldn't change society.

They were barely parked in the garage when they burst from the car, ran up the stairs and leapt into bed. They tugged urgently at the damn, damn clothes.

Dan stood at the foot of the bed to eject his pants, shorts and shoes in one fluid motion.

Michelle lifter her butt from the bed, inserted her thumbs and shot off her spandex skirt and satin panties in one swift motion. She spread her legs wide, bent her arms behind her head, gripped the pillow and waited for the sweet inevitable.

Dan launched into her like a missile. No foreplay, that was what the dance was for. No words, they could never convey the need each felt. Just a hot fucking. He was fucking machine, in and out, grinding against her clit. He was a wild man. Was it the music? The hours of open lust? This hot senorita beneath him? Dan was out his head with the rut.

He HAD to fuck her. He HAD to fuck her. He HAD to come inside her. She HAD to have his spear driven deep inside her. She HAD to have his seed and have it NOW.

Michelle's hips rose to meet her man's thrusts. She met him need for need, lust for lust. There was nothing in the world now, except his dick, deep inside her and she HAD to have it and have it now. She began to grunt, the grunt became a yelp and the yelp became screams of encouragement to her big, sexy man.  "Ai, aiya, fuycuk, aiya, Aiya, AIYA! Fuck me. Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me. Fuck me Dan, aiya. Aiya, AIYA! AIYA! AIYA! AIYA!  Fuuuck MeeiayaaaaAAAAA!!!! "

The world didn't shake, it exploded. Michelle knew from that moment, she was his totally and completely. Dan knew he had made another conquest. He had taken her and there was no apology. He was her man and that was the way it was.

Both knew the other's thoughts. They nodded and began the second round. This time, Michelle presented herself, like a cow to her bull.. Dan mounted her and gave her the fucking she so richly deserved. A second load of hot jizz shot into his mate.

She swiveled and they locked tongues, all writhing bodies and exploring hands.  She had gotten her top off. He slid down to her breasts and sucked them for all they were worth.  One of her man's strong arms wrapped around her waist, drawing her close so his tongue could work it's devil magic. His other hand was confidently exploring his woman's sex, creating another surge of need deep with the bowels of her soul.

With a mighty shove of both her arms, she shoved Dan back on the bed and mounted him. She held his swelling dick and slipped it inside her. This time is was all about her.  Her body craved, no demanded it. Head back, long, full brown hair flying loose, two fulsome breasts bouncing up and down, Michelle repeatedly impaled herself on Dan's meat stake. Her lover knew that her entire being was focused on his, her lover's dick, deep insider her and the waves of sensation he caused. She would forevermore crave his dick inside her, like a rose craves the sun.

Movement at the door peeled Dan's sight away from the goddess riding him.  It was Kimmy, naked. Her hair long hair was in long braids to prevent tangling when she slept. Her white nightgown lay at her feet. Her body was hunched forward, breasts swinging loose; she was pleasuring herself, sharing the experiences, three fingers, plowing in and out of her Venus Crease.

Dan decided that his beloved Kimmy, would join them, soon, but not yet. This night was between Michelle and him. When Michelle noticed Kimmy watching, it made her hotter and she sped up her thrusts.

Dan fucked Michelle twice more that night. Once in her mouth and once, doggie style, in front to the mirror, so she could witness the ecstasy she brought him.  Each time, the pumping did not cease until both had climaxed.

In the morning, Michelle roused her new lover with a loving suck of his cock.

"Morning, Michelle."

"Morning, lover." She returned to her ministrations.

Dan would have let her continue, but he was hungry and he smelled bacon frying.

Kimmy had breakfast for three ready. They all sat around the table amicably. Michelle had helped herself to one of her man's white dress shirts. She deliberately chose one that had the smell of his cologne still on it. Kimmy was dressed in a long white nightgown. Dan was naked beneath his emerald green terrycloth robe.  Everyone was as content to this arrangement as Master PC could make them.

Dan left the table to use the head. When he returned, things were rather quiet. Something was up, he wasn't sure what.

"Daniel," began Kimmy. "This Fuego Caliente you and Michelle went to last night sounds fun."

"I asked Kimmy if she would like to go with us next week. She wants to. Do you?"

Dan pretended to actually consider it. "Sounds fun."

Both squealed with delight, hugging each other.

"Michelle, what was that place you tried to take me to last night? In Feugo?"

"Oh, that's a very well known secret of the club. They have private rooms to rent for people who get all horny."

"Make's sense. It's an old warehouse. There would be plenty of room."

"But that's not the best secret. I have heard that the owner Senor Martinez, runs a private club, in the basement. It costs $100,000 just to join and another $100,000 a year after that. Everything goes on there...everything."

Dan wondered how much of that rumor was to be believed, and of it was true, it tickled his fancy mightily.

"Well if I am going to go dancing with you two next week, I am going to need a new outfit." Princess Kimmy pronounced.

"At least one, sister. Can we go shopping today, mi amor?"

 "Sister? I am glad you girls are getting along."

"Along? Why, we are sisters. "

"We already agreed. We'll share, everything."

The two women shared a wicked grin. Their chairs scraped against the floor as they pushed them back. Then they slowly crawled beneath the table. Dan felt their deft, slender fingers undoing his sash and the cool air upon his penis.

"After you, sister."

"No, after you Kimmy, We agreed, you are the first."

"That's right, sister." And her lips descended upon his cock. Dan could tell it was her silky, raven strands upon his thigh. She preferred a tender technique. He grew hard in her warm, wet mouth. He heard his cock slurp out.

"Now you, sister."

"Gracias, sister." Now Michelle dived in, her technique was more passionate. Amber, flaxen hair brushed against his thighs now. The contrast was amazing. While Kimmy made love to his cock, Michelle devoured it. Her heat made his sperm boil in his balls.  She broke. "Now you,..."


Dan took control. These interruptions were driving him nuts. But they knew that. "Now, both of you, as loving sisters. Suck your husband.

Kimmy pretended to pout. "Are you going to bathe both your loving wives?"

Michelle was eager, "Yes. Are you going to bathe both of us in your cum?"

In a way, they were his wives. "Yes, I will bathe you both. Now, Suck"

Without further hesitation both mouths descended on his penis. Each shared in it equally. And though each kissed the head of his snake, neither one, for fear of depriving the other, capped it.

Each one popped a ball into her mouth and worked it, smooth hands caressed his shaft and that was it. "Here I come!"

Both young women immediately poised for the face bath. The milky seamen spewed forth in five or six spurts, bathing them both in gooey strings of fertility. The wives then descended on each other, wrapped in each other's arms, licking the precious seed from her sister's face. The differences in their skin color, hair and dress made for an erotic contrast.

Dan, seated above them, looked on in approval. If Kimmy was coming to the club next week, he wanted to check into the private club. With that kind of action on the dance floor there would no way he'd be able to endure the drive home. There was no way he could afford those kinds of dues, but with Master PC he might be able to swing a deal.

Dan left Kimmy and Michelle with the dishes, a credit card and instruction to make sure each was suitably attired for Fuego Caliente.

He hit the showers, dressed in sport coat, tie and slacks and then used Master PC to explore what was on the owner's mind.

Turns out there was a very private club down below. No SM, BD or Gay, not that anyone was against such things, it just didn't suit the demographic that Senor' Martinez was targeting. The entertainments and services the club provided were varied, complete, and suited his tastes.

No cameras were allowed. The clientele that the Senor was providing for would certainly have him killed if ever such a thing were even suspected. Dan liked that.

The rates were almost exactly what Michelle has heard only the buy in was $125,000. A few memberships were open. Now the trick was finding a way to afford it.

It turned out that the Senor was experiencing some licensing problems. Feugo was making a $100,000 plus a night and he wanted to expand, build two clubs like it. One in the Caribbean District and another nearby, but with Latin swing instead of disco. But the mayor was blocking him because the Senor wanted to use a Latino-American construction company, not the company that favored the mayor. But he was a stubborn man and, in his own way, honorable. He wanted to put some money into his neighborhood so on this issue he had chosen to be stubborn. But so had she. He had tried everything.

Dan saw his opening. He called and made an appointment with the senor for that afternoon.


Senor Martinez was a big, jolly man who's quick and open smile cleverly hid a sharp mind.  His rough, salt and pepper moustache matched his hair. He was forty or fifty and his face wore the lines of experience.

  From the readouts he received on Master PC, he was blessed with a mind for money. He smelled opportunity the way a shark smells blood in the water. He was as tough a businessman as they come, but as Dan learned, he was also a man of his word. He had never broken it, ever.

In preparing for this appointment, Dan asked Master PC to not only make him fluent in Spanish, but knowledgeable of the various dialects.  Senor had the distinct Nicaraguan accent.

When Dan called and told Senor could help him with his licensing troubles, Master PC's help was not necessary. Senor's instincts told him to made time to see him.  "Sooner started, sooner solved," they arranged to meet at the Fuego's main bar that afternoon.

The place was dark and cavernous. Dan had to wait at the door to let his eyes adjust to the dim environment inside. Then he stepped in. Fuego Caliente had no glamour by day. It smelled of stale, spilled beer, tobacco and sweat. The dance floor now only occupied by the janitor with a mop for a partner.

The two men shook hands and sat at the bar. The Senor offered Dan a drink. Dan didn't rise to the bait.

"Thank you for the offer but my father taught me, never, while one is discussing business. But my mother taught me how to be a good guest. So a ginger ale with lime, if you don't mind."

The waitress brought both men a non-alcoholic drink. They sipped and made polite small talk. Senor liked it that Dan taught at-risk children, and was able to teach in Spanish too. The city needed more teachers like him.

Dan complimented the Senor on running a successful business. Lots of good clean fun for the young people. Better than just hanging around.

Senor used that as the opening to begging the discussion on business. "Too bad the city does not see it that way."

"You mean the mayor, don't you?'

"I mean the city. Do you mean the mayor?"

"If the mayor is blocking the expansion of your ventures, then, yes."

"I am unsure who, if any one, is blocking my ventures. But if they were, they would be costing me a great deal of money. I was encouraged me to expand, renew the area. Now I cannot so much as fix a broken window."

"I might be able to fix that for the senor, as a favor."

"And how much would this favor cost?"


"It has been my experience that "free" is the most expensive price of all."

"I do this to earn your friendship, the hospitality of you and your club."

"Ah. My hospitality. The hospitality of my club doesn't come cheap."

"Nor should it. I am not promising anything that is not yours by right. You deserve the same representation in city hall as everyone else. I only offer you my friendship, and I hope to, someday soon, earn yours."

Senor understood such bargains very well. Dan was offering infinite support, friendship, if the senor extended his.

"Licenses would go a long way to earning our friendship."

"I will do such a thing for free and more at the rate of once a year, for your friendship."

"Twice a year would be friendlier."

"Since we are going to be friends, permit me this one time of rudeness. The construction equipment you have is costing you fifteen thousand dollars a day in options, the property another three thousand, plus all the losses of projected profits. It is expected to earn $100,000 plus a night as soon as it opens, correct? "

The senor's eyes narrowed in respect. This young man had done his research.  "You are asking for much. The buy-in alone...perhaps two such acts of friendship this year and one the following years."

"Agreeable. Senor, I know you to be a man of your word.   I wouldn't even be here if it were even a tiny bit less than so. I give you my word that I will be your friend. But I need your word that you will never inquire into my affairs."

Senor Martinez was not willing to go that far yet. "First, show me what you can do at city hall."

"Very well. But may I request no inquiries in the meantime?"

"How long will it take?" Dan could tell he expected weeks or even months.

"How about tomorrow? I have done much research already. Will you wait until then?"

Senor Martinez didn't know whether to laugh or kick the fool out of his club. But the chance of gain was so high and the risk so low...he went with his gut "I can wait for a day."

"Good. Now pardon me if I ask if there is anything I may bring to the table on your behalf."

"Oh, help with the election, my support and the community, we have discussed this a few times before.  But one thing I will not give is the construction contracts. With my contracts, a friend of mind can acquire loans that will help him get better equipment, bid for bigger projects and so hire more local people.  This I will not compromise on. It would mean a great deal for many good family men, a living wage.

 When I was hiding in Father Garcia's basement, he made me promise that I would help the people of the neighborhood.  When, through the kind father's efforts, I was spared from the wrath of the Sandanistas, I swore to make good on his request. There are only so many basketball hoops a man can build before he seeks better things for his neighbors."

"Then I think we have an agreement. Thank you senor, it has been a genuine pleasure." Dan shook the man's hand. It was big and strong from a lifetime of honest work.

When Dan left, Senor Martinez shook his head. During their chat, he had started to like and trust that young man. Too bad he was such a fool, and his time wasted.


The mayor will see you now."

Dan's heart leapt into his throat.  "Thanks, Ruby. " This was to be his first outing into the public sphere of power. If he screwed this up....he didn't want to even think about it.

The mayor was a political animal at the top of her game. He had monitored her,  her family and her secretary minds for over a full day in preparation for this event. Now he had to put all he learned and his Master PC given perceptive ability to the test.

The mayor herself was just coming in from her private bathroom. When she greeted Dan, it was with a cold and damp hand. Even the "old Dan" would have recognized this as a sign of contempt.

"Thank you for agreeing to see me, madam mayor."

She indicated his chair. He was a full head taller than the strong brunette. But when he sat down in the low-slung office chair, the positions were reversed.  The madam mayor's desk lamp was arranged to shine a knife of harsh, glaring light into the eyes of the person sitting in the chair.

"Certainly Mister Murphy. You are not quite what I expected."

"Is it because I am not Latino?"

"Well, yes. When the Latino Businessmen's Association calls and asks you meet with their representative you expect a Latino, but you are also not an attorney."

"No. I am not."

"In fact, you are a teacher at a local high school. You teach computers to at-risk children."

Dan knew she had ordered research on him. But he squirmed in his seat anyway, to lull her. It would go better for her if she were confident in her superiority.

"Well, I am not a official teacher."

"No you are not certified. Yet you teach young people in this community. But I assume you really care for them, since you've taken two rather beautiful ones into your home."

"Boy, you certainly don't mess around."

"I am a busy lady. And when you give your pitch, please do me a favor and don't posture like the men you represent are respectable businessmen. They're a bunch of grease ball nightclub owners with one foot in organized crime."

"Very well. Let's cut to the chase. I represent Senor Martinez. He has legally filed to build two dance halls in this city.  With your encouragement I may add, he bought the property and plans to bring about a hundred jobs and some positive recreation into the neighborhood.  But he is stuck with them; renovations haven't even been allowed to start. At every turn, he has been turned down for licenses. I have discovered it is you, personally, who was blocking his efforts all along.
I would like to know what he could do to make things go smoother between you two."

"Simple. He stands to make a lot of money from the clubs, but what is in it for me? He wants me to put him on the fast track, but he hasn't supported my campaigns, asked me who needs a job..."

"So it's a squeeze."

"No. It is reciprocity." She took an exasperated tone. Why was she explaining it all to him? She was being more candid than usual. Besides he was a new-meat. What was he going to do? Of course, that may be why they sent him, to put her at ease...."Listen. I get asked favors all the time what's wrong with asking for one in return? "

"But he doesn't want a favor. He just wants to get a license like everyone else."

"But he isn't like everyone else. And I need to get re-elected."

"He told me he'd happily support a mayor who made things easy for him."

"I also have obligations to people who got me where I am today, people in the construction business."

"That may be difficult. Mister Martinez wants to hire a local Latino firm."

"Why so he can exploit cheap immigrant labor? Listen. I don't care how many of his cousins-cousins are unemployed or how many green cards he can hire. I have got obligations that need to be met."

"Your friends in construction, their bid was three times more expensive, and they hire more illegals."

"Irrelevant. I did not say they were good.  I said they are to be hired. And until they are, those buildings will stay vacant."

"Mister Martinez understands friendship. He is willing to offer you compensation, to make up for your friend's loss. Aside from the already mentioned political support, the current investigation into your insurance deals will go away, both in the news and in the press. The three people considering running for your post, next year will reconsider. And then there is your son."

That last item got her attention.

"You son's cocaine habit has reached eight hundred dollars a week. And there is his somewhat bizarre behaviors, especially at night, especially in the kind that require all clients wear masks. We could make him better."

"You fucking Irish pig. You come in her with your fucking greaser boss and you think you can threaten me?  And my son? To my face. One phone call from me and you disappear."

"I was not threatening you. Blackmail is not my intent. I was promising him help, offering services the others could not possibly provide. Your son has a drug problem and some serious issues. We could cure him."

"Get the fuck out now."

Dan perceived that as soon as he left, the right-respectable mayor was going to have his body dumped in the bay, another "apparent suicide" of people who got in her way.  Of course, that worked to his advantage. If she called for legitimate help, like the police, he would have been screwed. But it was her desire to keep things in the shadows that protected him and made her alone, and vulnerable. "Okay. We tried it the easy way.
You've maintained an incestuous relations with your brother until his death, last year."

"Listen, you sonofabitch..."

"No, you listen!" The key command activated, the mayor sat there unmoving, unspeaking. Dan stood up from his chair, walked over to her desk and loomed over her. "You may speak, but only in a normal tone of voice."

"What did you do to me?"

Dan lied. No need for her either to wonder, or know about Master PC. In fact he had a whole series of lies ready so she would not find out about his miraculous computer program.

   "When you shook, my hand? Your skin absorbed a powerful hypnotic and muscle relaxant left over from the Cold War. (The he ad libbed) Oh, and thanks for keeping your hand wet, that sped it up. When I was a student, I found it in the psychology lab archives. Makes people sit down and take notice, doesn't it?
Now, about your brother, Robert.  I know you and he have been "in love" since you were teenagers.  In fact he is the only man you have ever loved, you husband included. Your son was conceived on your wedding day.  You and your brother had it all planned.
You knew Al couldn't hold his champagne. After you made sure Al got too drunk at the reception to fuck, you used the hotel's mutual balcony, slipped into your brother's room and enjoyed what you and he called for years, "the real honeymoon."

 "Slander. You have no proof."

"Don't I?  What about your son? Oh, and your daughter too, the recluse. She's your brother's too right? A simple blood test will prove me wrong. Of course that's the real reason you haven't sought medical attention for either one of them. You are afraid of discovery.
But I am still not going to blackmail you."

"Yeah, right."

"No. Blackmail is illogical. The only way you could ever be sure about my silence would be to kill me. Of course, I would have a failsafe.

"But if you are dead, you wouldn't enjoy my revenge much."

"Boy, you are as tough as they say. There you are, slack, in a chair, your career and family on the line and you still threaten me. You have balls, madam mayor."

"You aren't the first to try this."

"But you can be slow. Again, I am not going to blackmail you. I am here to show you we can mutually benefit. If you continually think that I can give you gifts, no one else can provide, then you will happily maintain our relationship."

"Okay. I am listening. What could you offer me?"

"You have been entertaining incestuous thoughts your son for some time now. Of course, it makes sense since he's the splitting image of your bother."

For once she was silent. Dan wondered if she was finally getting the idea of the extent of his power. "Your son likes your lustful glances and, during one of his 'club sessions,' confessed as much.  But he, like you, would never act on such thoughts, and of course he would never behave like your brother. Until now."

The programmer hit the intercom. "Ruby, would you please send Robert in."

At this the mayor's eyes grew wide. First at the fact that Janet took the man's orders then at the name...Robert. Did he have a look-alike ready?"

Ruby showed in her son, David.

"But Ruby knows David. Knew him well. Why would she not do anything?" At last the mayor began to sense the scope of Dan's plan for her.

David was dressed in some hip-hugging sacks and a loose satin shirt.  "Hello, Di." Not mom, "Di" the pet name Robert had for her.

Dan narrated, "He was quite malleable. Of course that was because of his mental problems, which I fixed by the way. No need to thank me. Frankly, I don't care who anybody fucks. It's none of my business. But you and your brother should have really considered the consequences before you made a baby."

"Di wouldn't even consider having a baby by another man, would you, little sis?"

"He really thinks he's Robert?"

"When he's alone with you yes. And from what I could piece together about Robert's personality, will act like him too. Of course he will adjust his behavior to whatever you say."

"It's not the same."

"Well that is a big adjustment from, 'fuck you, you Irish pig."

She simply grew red with rage.

"It will be same. You liked Robert's strength, his ...mastery. I have imbued your son with the same."

"You couldn't have. David is a..."

"Hedonist? Weak willed, unable to resist any pleasure? Well, David has been altered a bit...and Robert, well the 'proof of the pudding is in the tasting.' You may indulge yourself." Dan moved the chair to the corner of the room, killed the lights, started up his laptop and watched from the shadows, her back to him.

"Come here, sis.  I taste just the same, let me prove it to you." It was Robert's voice exactly, a man who wouldn't be denied. He unzipped his pants and removed his swelling cock.  With his left hand he held it. His right hand was held at groin level.  The hand bobbed, its fingers curled, beckoning his sister-mother-lover to feast on the flesh.

The mayor felt her juices flow, just like in the old days. Her pulsed raced. The man's drug and memories of pleasure were too much for her; she kicked off her shoes, arose and, with eyes fixated on her resurrected brother's manhood, slowly approached. She was dimly away of what sounded like typing somewhere in the distance. It was probably, probably....she knelt, like she always had done, at the feet of Elder Brother.

Her desire was a whirlwind. Her mind swam between herself and this...dream come true. She had to admit it. Robert always had this effect on her. It had been so long since...she reached for his sumptuous member...but Dave...Robert swatted it away. "What do we say first?"

Diane was thrilled beyond belief. How much did he know? This was perfect. Robert always made Little Sister say 'please' before she was allowed to suck Elder Brothers' big cock. It had always been that way. Ever since that weekend that mom and day went away, leaving Robert in charge.

It was as captain of the swimming team that sister had fallen madly in love. The memory of her Adonis, slick, emerging from the water, inflamed her still.  He was the handsomest, smartest and strongest man in the world. His seed was unworthy of the sluts who chased him around, only she, his sister, had the womb worthy of his seed.
Wasn't it then fitting that she was also the only woman worthy of his son?

She looked up and with the tone of voice she hadn't used in two long years, whined, "Please?"

"Please, who?"

"Please, Elder Brother."

"Di. You are my Little Sister. I love you. Come. Nurse the seed from your Elder Brother's cock."

Diane descended on her son-brother's meat and savored the taste. It was, in all things, just like her lover-brother's. The length and width widening in her mouth, the steady rise in temperature, even the pulse, telling her when she was about to satisfy her Elder Brother, as she had craved to do, everyday of her life, since that first glorious weekend.

He grabbed her hair with both hands and alternated between massage and pulling the hair back. "Reigning in the stallion's mare." He liked to call it.

  Diane roiled between two choices of bathing her face in his sweet, sweet, cream or drinking it down. Part of her remembered that she and her brother had an audience so she chose the latter.

The mayor was quite the little cocksucker. She lolled her tongue around the shaft, sucked on the ball sack and then, climatically, deep throated like a pro. Robert's dick went in and out of her mouth like a piston, previewing what Robert would usually do between her legs next.

The new Robert's breath shortened, his head raised to the sky, his fingers interlaced on his sister-mother-lover's hair and with a mighty groan, he came and came.  Diane didn't miss a drop.

Dan loosened his control.

A flushed, satisfied and slightly embarrassed mayor faced him.  "I suppose you took photos."

"What an ego. Again. I am not going to blackmail you. This is a gift."

"The drug?"

"Was just there to get you to listen. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Her silence spoke volumes.

"I am glad." Dan continued. He was in control now.  This was his office, not hers. "I don't judge what makes people happy.
So the deal is this. You get the paperwork on the nightclubs fast tracked. Senor Martinez will become your new ally in the Latino community. And in exchange, your husband's legal problems go away, and you get to keep 'Robert.'"

Still, the mayor considered the ramifications. Dan respected that.

"Take the deal, sis." Dave-Robert was in the corner, working his flaccid penis to stone with his hand.  "Then we can go back to making another baby." His voice even had Robert's timbre.

Finally, Diane was surprised; she wheeled at Dan in awe.

"That is your secret wish, isn't it? You always wanted just one more baby with Robert. Look at David. He is Robert, reborn. This vial I hold in may hand holds not only the antidote to the drug I gave you, but can jump start ovulation. You could be fertile in two minutes. All you have to do is agree."

"How did you...?"

"Irrelevant. What is important is that I can make your dreams come true."

"I agree."

"To everything?"

"Everything. Give me the vial."

"First a phone call. The sooner the paperwork gets to the Senor's desk, the sooner you'll get the vial."  Dan handed her the receiver to her office phone. "Now call whoever it takes and I'll leave."

It took her honor only two minutes to bung hole some poor civil servants into fulfilling her end of the bargain. They were used to it. She hung up.

"Everything's fixed. He'll have them on his desk tomorrow."

Dan turned to leave.

"Wait! The vial!"

"As I said, you will get yours when the Senor gets his."

"Sis!" Robert was pissed. He began to zip up his pants. "Guess I'll have to see you tomorrow."

"Wait! Wait." The mayor slipped, for a moment, into desperation. She had glimpsed her dream slipping away. She dialed again. This time she screamed and threatened Black Death. When she hung up..." He'll have the papers this afternoon."

"Fine. After I receive confirmation, a bike messenger will deliver the vial."

"Now wait a minute, asshole."

"David, David, David."

"Mom? What...Did we really?"

"What did you do?"

"Nothing, just brought your son back, with full memory of what you did."

"Oh, please put him back. I'll.."

"You'll be good from now on?"

David's imbecilic mind screwed his face into one of horror at what he had done to his mother.

"I..yes damnit."

David began to weep.


"I'll be good, I swear, just bring him back."

"Okay. Robert. Robert. Robert."

Like flipping a switch, smart, sexy Elder Brother was back.

"Anything else?" she moaned in relief.

"One thing."  The teacher approached and yelled in her face "Don't FUCK with me!"  For the first time, since her brother's hospitalization, Diane knew terror. In that moment, she knew, really knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if she ever even thought about crossing Daniel Patrick Murphy, She would suffer an eternity of pain.


"I'll report to the Senor. Enjoy."

"Now, Little Sister. Why don't you just bend over that desk of yours?"

Still craving release, the mayor eagerly obeyed her Elder Brother. She lifted up her skirt, wriggled out of her panty hose and waited for her Elder Brother's homecoming, just like it used to be. And an afternoon wasn't too long to wait.

Dan was in no rush to leave. He appreciated how Dave Robert expertly entered his mother-sister and pumped away. She was lost in rapture. Her Elder Brother was home and he was going to fuck her, fuck her, and fuck her, always.

Robert looked at Dan and winked, recalling Dan to their personal deal. Robert was actually David. Master PC had made him a brilliant actor. In exchange for getting his head straight and imbuing him with the personality of the uncle he so admired, he was Dan's willing agent.

In her nostalgia, Diane had neglected to remember what Robert was really like. Robert liked seducing his sister, but her mother's memories told Dan that Robert loved fucking his mother better. With Robert reincarnated, "David" was now actively pursuing his sister, Diane's daughter, Rebecca. Like grandmother, mother, like daughter, Rebecca was already yielding to David's embraces, but her mental processes were too slow for the new Robert's taste.  In exchange for curing her of mental difficulties that turned her into a urban hermit, Robert would gladly control Diane for him.

When Dan left the office, madam mayor was grunting with every thrust of her son.

"Sound's like she's doing all right, sick bitch." Ruby sneered. The mayor's long time confidential secretary had known about it for years. She was forced into helping the two connive hundreds of liaisons. She knew how to keep a secret.

"Of course she is. All my client's do. She won't remember you having any part in this. Better cancel her appointments for the rest of the day, though. Tell them it's urgent ' family business'
By the way, how is it with your family?"

Janet reflexively placed one hand over her new womb and beamed. "Just fine. Bill and I still can't thank you enough."

"Don't mention it. Just inform me when you change doctors.  I really do like helping nice people like you."

"I still don't understand how you did it all. I'm whole, really whole again. It's a miracle. Are you an angel?"

Dan reflected on the sordid business he had just completed. "Definitely not. But I try to be on their side as often as this world allows."

Ruby was sure that was true. Dan was such a nice man and good looking too. Seeing no ring on his left hand, she considered whom she could fix him up with.

"Keep me posted, all right Ruby?"

"Don't worry, Mister Murphy. My husband and I have talked this all out. I am on your side now."

He left early for his meeting with Senor Martinez.


Dan met the senor for dinner that evening. He brought Kimmy and Michelle. Both of them were dressed to the nines. Men envied him and woman wondered what he had going on as he entered with the exotic beauties hanging off each arm.

Dan felt comfortable bringing his two girls, only because the Senor had told it was fine as he had two of his own. Dan had to admire the man's taste in women. One was a stunning, full chested African Latina and the other a blonde. And of course, he had his guards. But it was the greeting that sealed the deal.

As Dan approached, Senor Martinez openly smiled, stood, and reached across the table to shake his hand. He addressed him as "My dear friend, Daniel."

The meal was excellent. Senor Martinez paid for it all.  After the champagne toast, Dan and the Senor dismissed the girls and talked business. Dan laid out the more ordinary conditions of the deal her negotiated between the nightclub owner and the mayor.

"So, you are pleased, my friend?" Dan opened.

"More than pleased, my friend.  The licenses, permit, everything was on my desk this afternoon. How did you do it? I must know."

"Do you remember our meeting?  Do I have your word?"

He acted insulted. "Of course."

"I am sorry. But it is business. I need to hear your say it. "

Now, he was insulted. "You have my word of honor."

"Thank you. You have mine. I simply offered the mayor a favor, like I did you."

"What kind of favor? The woman is a iceberg."

"That would be telling. If I told you hers, how would you ever trust that I would tell yours?"

"Like a priest, eh?"

Dan nodded over to the girls, who were occupying their time gabbing and sipping strawberry daquiris at the bar. "Not quite."

Both men laugh but Senor ended it first. "They are a bit young, eh?  That explains your desire to gain entrance into my club." The respectable man considered Dan's situation, "Well, girls back home get married even younger. Still a man has limits."

That last sentence was clear warning to Dan that he better not think the club was a haven for pederasty.

"No one approves of such things. A man has limits. I have always thought so."

"As long as we understand each other. Still. I do not like the idea I shall have to support her in the next election. The woman is contemptible."

"True. But I would not worry. I expect that soon she will announce her intention to 'spend more time with family' or the inevitable scandal will catch up with her."

  "You amaze me. One more thing, I mean no insult, but since you are going to be known as my friend, I would like you dressed a little better. He handed him a business card. See this man. Your first visit is on me."

"Thank you." Dan blushed. He guessed his clothes were a bit backward.

"Not at all. It is what friends do for one another."

The girls were called back and as Senor Martinez explained the rules of the Club, Dan looked forward to Friday Night more and more.


Gustavo, the tailor, had been impressed with Dan's physique but not in clothes.  After informing Gustavo that he was a friend of Senor Martinez, he got the "A-1 treatment."  Gustavo was from a long line of Havana tailors and took great pride in his work. When Dan slipped and spoke perfect Cuban Spanish to him, Gustavo was thrilled but then Dan then had to make up a story about an old girlfriend from Miami who taught him the ropes.
"Ah. Cigars and rum for my Cubano speaking client." Gustavo had a young girl whose sole job was making a client comfortable.
"I'll keep the cigar for a friend if you do not mind. But the rum....ah." The rum was terrific, slowly sipped with a twist of lime. "I need some stepping out clothes."

"Well, Georgio is still in, and Versacci makes decent suits now. May I ask the venue of their presentation senor?"

"Feugo Caliente, the club."

"Ah, si." Six tailors appeared and measured Dan in ways he didn't think necessary. While he was being taped Gustavo asked pertinent questions. "And sir will be dancing?"


"Buenos. Sir is still a young man." The senior man on the team reported to the forty-year old and whispered in Spanish. "We are fortunate. We have some suits in stock that we can alter. Will tomorrow be too late for senor?"

Dan was unused to this level of service. He lapsed into English, it seemed so plain, passionless.  "No. That would be fine."

"Now we show you the base styles."

It took an afternoon but, after trusting in Gustavo's fashion sense, Dan decided on one Armani and one Versacci with what Gustavo describe as "a Latin cut." Shoes appeared and were added onto the tally..., which turned out to be eleven thousand dollars. Dan was flattened.

          "I do not want to insult Senor Martinez. Let me pick up half." Dan was already thinking of what stock and/or sporting event he had to fix to afford it all.

"Please senor, Senor will not mind. On his last visit to out shop he spent , much, much, more."

The way he said "much, much" Dan had to figure it was in the hundreds of thousands. "Gracias."

"Besides, a man's greatness is measured by his generosity, is it not?"

Dan was beginning to get the idea.  And while he was here...I think I need some new business suits. I know its old fashioned, but I always liked three pieces."

"Of course, senor. Please follow me."

Dan was expecting to see a rack of suits waiting to be altered, but was a stack of bolts of cloth.

"Where are the suits?"

"With designers we can only alter. But since we have senor's measurements, simply pick out the fabric and we will have a suit, two pairs of pants and a shirt, ready in five to seven business days. Rush jobs are extra, to pay my men overtime." Dan picked out three fine woolens. Gustavo took notes. Even delivery was included.

He left the store very satisfied. He was the beginning of his enjoyment of the high life. And he really liked patronizing men like Gustavo who took great joy in their craft. Sure he dropped a few grand but for once, he was sure, absolutely sure that he was getting his money's worth, something he never got from a department store.


The parking lot was in an abandoned warehouse across the street from Fuego Caliente. Dan drove in at the designated alley. It was concealed and guarded.

 Kimmy was seated beside him all decked out in her ultra mini shorts and her snug hot pink shirt. Michelle sat behind in her leather mini-mini skirt and the same hot pink shirt. The girls had agreed on the same hot pink shirts to show that they belonged together, and by inference, with him. The girl's had bought tiny backpacks with modern cartoon characters on the back. Their ears, neck, wrists and even waist carried gold chains with a couple of gold charms attached. Their hair was pulled back, but left loose otherwise; they were looking forward to whipping it around.

Dan was dressed in his gray linen Armani and wore new Italian shoes to go with it. He was thinking he should have broken the new shoes in more.

Two bouncers manned the gate. One approached and Dan rolled down the window." Welcome. (no names were ever said outside the club) Two guests. "


The bouncer waved. The old loading gate on the burnt out warehouse lifted.  The old warehouse had been left gutted but the inside served perfectly well for concealed parking. Only the cargo elevator had been repaired.

A valet took the car. Dan and the girls headed for the lift. They descended into The Club.

The Club was not as he anticipated. It was filled to the brim with power. The men and women here were worth billions. Dan quickly perceived that what they really paid for was anonymity, the freedom to be themselves. Powerful men associated freely with mistresses, powerful women played with their boy toys.

Dan's reading that it wasn't a gay club wasn't entirely correct. There were a few lesbian partners here. They sought a place where they weren't judged if they were "gay enough" or needed to fear being "outed."

Here everyone was free to be himself or herself, without publicity or press. These powerful people, forces to be reckoned with in the real world, were simply rather chummy here. They were paying a fortune to be regular people again. Funny.

Only first names were ever used.  Gourmet food, single malt drinks, Cuban cigars, all consumables were included. Tipping was against the rules. These servants were paid a healthy five figures for service and discretion. Female prostitutes, usually secretaries and stewardess looking for an easy, couple of grand for a weekends' work kept the pressure off the waitresses, in case the mistresses weren't enough. No male prostitutes though or at least none that Dan could recognize.

Dan and the girls were welcomed like old friends. It was really quite extraordinary.

PDA's were expressly permitted.  In the track lighting, toys caressed and were caressed by their owners in the most private of places. Michelle and Kimmy joined in the fun, massaging their man through his pants while they fed him his steak dinner. He replied by slipping his hands onto their pants and shirts.

Oral sex, with discretion was permitted. This took the form of the mistresses slipping beneath a table, out of public sight.  Michelle and Kimmy took turns. First with Michelle feeding Dan, while Kimmy sucked his cock, then switching.

The sight of all these couples, sucking, moaning in the shadows inspired him to come as well. He grabbed the Latina's head. When she realized what the meant, she sped her strokes and braced her throat. Two days ago, in anticipation of tonight. Dan had programmed his sperm to taste like Dom Perignon '92.  Michelle make "mmmmmm" sounds as she sucked it down. Kimmy took joy in the fact that her lord had made her sister so happy.

Full, convivial, sex was not permitted in the club area. There were private rooms, set with various historical themes for that. There were also baths, showers, saunas, massage rooms and a business center. Rooms were not allowed to be reserved. It was a first come first serve basis only. Rooms were let out for the whole night. Instant maid and room service wasn't the norm, it was the rule.

The basement and sub-basement of the old warehouse connected via an old steam tunnel to Fuego Caliente across the street, which had a foundation about as large. Between them both, there was plenty of room for all the clientele. And the city tax department knew nothing about it.

Dan and the girls had gotten real hot and bothered, earlier than the clients that were used to such things. The dance floor didn't really start cooking until eleven.  So they thought they'd try out a room. All three voted on the India Room.

Dan played the part of Mogul and the girls were offered period costume, which they declined. The room was done on lush colors, with pillows and divans as sex platforms. Indian music emerged from the speakers, books of erotic Indian literature filled a shelf and a large HDTV lay silent in the corner. Curious, Dan hit the remote. The TV played good quality Indian porn, illegal in its own country.

Absolutely stunning girls with almond eyes, dusky skin full hair, round hips and breast danced for their master while two others sucked on him. The dancer wore bells on  her feet and hands. Swaths of silk and dyed gauze accentuated her sex better than nudity. She wore an odd bra that allowed the bottom of her breasts to poke out from beneath the swath, kind of a reverse cleavage. Her skirt's waistline dipped at her crotch stopping just short of her vuvla. The dancer waved her hips in an invitation as old as time. The gold rings and piercings were a bit too much for Dan, but Indian women certainly could be gorgeous.

The girls stripped. They danced to the music like girls Dan had admired, poorly. Dan began to wonder if he could program them to dance like that. But before he could wonder too much, the girls pinned him to the divan and fucked him.

Dan lay back on the divan and let it happen. Kimmy and Michelle adjusted the cushions on either side of the divan so each girl could straddle the chez-like sofa and still keep their feet on the floor.  The divan's upper half raised to give its user a full view of what was going on. Dan watched the slender, pale, dark haired, islander slung one leg over his legs. She held his thick cock between her thumb and forefinger and teased him a little. Their eyes locked in full, furious lust. She wanted it and he wanted to give it to her.

She took his cock and rubbed it against her clit. Her lithe body swayed back and forth. Her swan's neck and head joined in the motion and the raven sash that was her hair provided the background. Pale skin, dark hair, red velvet wallpaper, it was quite the canvas.

When she finally couldn't wait anymore, Kimmy inserted his meat into her slit. She bit her lower lip and uttered a moan that rose in pitch, as her pussy tasted more and more ecstasy and fulfillment.

Michelle took her place beside him, where he could see her without craning his neck. She stroked his neck and shoulders. While Kimmy mounted him, Michelle breathlessly panted hot obscenities in his ear.

"Oooo look! Those juicy breasts, that velvety bush.  It looks like a black feather, doesn't it? We know what it feels and taste like, don't we? Oh, yes we do.
Ouch, she's taking our shaft. She's guiding it in. Inch by sweet inch. Isn't she hot? Isn't she wet? All for you.
 What does her cunt feel like? Does it feel like yours, for it is yours, every hot inch is yours. Ooooh, she's pumping now, getting her pleasure from your long, hot cock. Oh she is bad, so naughty, don't you want to come inside that bad, naughty girl?
 Look at her. She wants you to come too. She aches for you to come. Look at her as she rises to frenzy, pumping faster and faster..."
 It was true. The sight mesmerized Dan. Her ponytail slashing back and forth, her tits bouncing, and skin glistening with the sweat of her sex all to the exotic music and incense sent him to a new height.

Finally, the Venus' neck snapped forward, her nails dug into her mate's side. Her shoulders hunched and the next intense level of the fuck began. The man's eyes locked with the woman's, now only their hips moved, moved the only parts that were important at the time, humping. Meanwhile, Michelle, kept on the siren's call.

"Ohhh. She humping now, humping her man, and humping his cock." Kimmy's eyes blinked, and returned to lost focus. "See that blink? She's coming, coming like a wave, coming like an ocean."
 Dan increased his action. "And you are coming too, you big, strong man coming in?" Both lovers unloaded. Dan screamed, unafraid of waking the neighbors for the first time.
 Kimmy collapsed against her lover's chest, planting small kisses, mumbling incoherent oaths of her devotion, humps slowing receding to warm, loving caresses. Dan had energy to burn. He cocked his head back and looked at Michelle. "Next."

"Nuhuh. I want to dance first."

A quick wash and a plate of ragout later, they were on their way to the dance floor, in a dark room of strangers performing a hot bump and grind. In the lift, Dan was handed his Blue Card.

On the floor, Kimmy, satisfied, was more slinky than hot. But Michelle gave back to the rhythm. More than once Dan was sandwiched and spooned between the two beauties and they mashed their crotches to the driving Latin beat.

The Club's policies followed him up to the floor; the barkeeps, waitress and bouncers had all the important patrons and their guests' face memorized. Nothing need be paid for.  Dan wasn't selfish. Kimmy flirted with a few, Michelle danced with a few and Dan got more than one hottie to bop. But they always came back to each other. A pair of bouncers gently stopped fellas from cutting in when it seemed like the any guests were really into one another.

Michelle took Dan by surprise. One minute they were dancing, the next, she grabbed him by the hand yanked him close and yelled in his ear (nothing above a yell could be heard above the sound system) "Let's go to a Blue Room!" She didn't wait for an answer and dragged him and Kimmy off to the side.

Fuego Caliente was an old warehouse. As such, it had dozens of the old fashioned storage closets lining its walls. Senor Martinez, or his decorator, had refitted these five by ten spaces as Blue Rooms. The wood doors were reinforced with sound dampening plastic. The only light above was always a cool blue. There was a small shelf with a washbasin and pitcher of water on the side, above head level and towards the back there was a foam rubber char, the kind that unrolled into a twin bed.  It was an efficient design. It was immediate to the customers needs and you needed a Blue Card to get in one.

Michelle pulled at the card from the beaded steel chain from around Dan's neck and slid it the key card slot. The blue light outside and above the private chamber winked out, indicating occupation. Michelle flung the door open and dragged the two in. Her blood was up from all the dancing and she wanted to ride the waves while they were still high.

Kimmy shut the door behind them.  Dan, instincts taking control, pinned Michelle face first against a cool blue wall, distaining the seat. He lifted up her mini and was pleasantly surprised to be grabbing her bare ass. Michelle hadn't had her panties on since the India Room.

Dan unzipped, Kimmy slid off his pants and the he jammed his cock into his chica from behind. Michelle barked with joy. '"Aiee!" but then purred Mi amor!" Dan reached from behind, up her shirt and grabbed her tits with both hands and then began roughly pumping her.

Kimmy turned into a tigress and cheered the fucking on like Dan was lifting weights and she was his spotter. "Come on, Dan! Fuck my sister! Fuck Michelle. Fuck her good! Fuck her from behind! Give it to her! Pump her! Hump her! Fuck that steamy pussy!"

Michelle was in heaven. The scene was hot and so was she. She was hot and heavy from hours dance-humping and now her man was driving his huge phallus into her while her sister passionately cheered them on. She blessed the day she had met these two.  Her pussy was a seething, churning mass of fuck. She never wanted it to end but after a dozen long minutes her body's need for release was too great. For the first time in her life, multiple orgasms shot through her body, once, twice, three times then she lost count.

When she came it was with such a scream that Kimmy later commented that the Blue Room's soundproofing wasn't to keep the music out, but keep Michelle's scream in. It was, by far, the best fuck of her life.  In the afterglow of hugging her man, she again realized that it was love too.  No other could have done that for her and she told him so.

All three took a brief respite. Kimmy used the water and bowl to wash her husband's semen from her sister's thigh and then cleaned Dan as well. Other toiletries were provided for by their small backpacks. Then everyone got their second wind again and hit the floor.


It was about three a.m. when they decided to try something else. Dan had gone through quite a bit so as not to go to the trouble of not driving home and he wanted to enjoy all the club privileges. He suggested a Japanese bath instead.

The Japanese Bath  was just what it said. It was an old coal bin changed into a large, tiled, bath area. The bath was not unoccupied. A pair of women was already soaking and two bikini clad private attendants waited patiently. They looked like twins and did not wear the club insignia (a small flame).  Dan was informed that it wasn't unusual for guests to bring their own servants.

Club attendants arrived to wash and scrubbed all three then departed.  The Japanese Bath was meant for soaking, not for getting clean. Drinks and fruit were dropped off for Dan and his guests. Then the soak began. Michelle seated on Dan's left, Kimmy on his right, the two girlfriends at the opposite side, about four feet away and the twin servants, silent as ever, on the side.

It was all quite congenial. The women were naked, as were Dan, Michelle and Kimmy.  They chatted. The two women were a couple. The senior and dominant one was Moira and her girl was Raine.  Moira had short reddish brown hair and a perfect full figure. Raine was gorgeous, as befitted someone of the clubs' wealth. Raine was a classic California bimbo, blonde, fit, with big, phony tits. Moira just might have snatched her off a beach.

"Say, is that thing real?" Moira, asked and pointed to Dan's penis.

"Yes. It is."

"Well aren't you girls lucky. Here's to you." She lifted a beer in salute and drank.

Small talk ensued with Moira downing two more beers. With each chug, her glance went to Dan's dick. With beer providing courage, Moira asked. "You know it might be the beer talking, but I have never seen a real dick that big. I have always heard 'size does matter.' Do you mind?"

Dan looked at the girls. Kimmy frowned in disapproval. Michelle piped in with, "If you promise to give it back."

They all had a good laugh. Michelle leaned behind Dan and whispered something to Kimmy. Dan didn't quite all of it, but he did catch the word, "jealous." Kimmy covered her mouth a giggled at that.

"First come, first serve. Carved in stone." Moira and Raine floated over. Moira reached down and held it in her palm. "Loose as a goose.  How big does it get?"

"I never measured." Dan lied. "But about a little more than double."

"You are kidding."


"Let's see."

"Sorry. But I've..."

"Show her, Dan." Kimmy interrupted. Her face was filled with pride and arrogance. Her competitive streak was controlling her now. "Show her what we go home to every night.

"Yes, mi amor. Show her." Michelle just thought it was playful fun.

"Well, okay. But I need some inspiration."

"No problemo. Raine, suck him."

Raine, did go down, without hesitation. Dan had to admit her tongue had skill. But after Kimmy and Michelle, it was little more than masturbation, emotionless.  Moira felt differently.

She watched, fascinated by the scene. Raine came up for air and then dove down again. After the third dive, Dan signaled he was erect and Raine quit. His boner was caused  mainly from him remembering the Blue Room in vivid detail. (Me mouthed as much to both his girls.)

"Mercy. Mm. Mm. Mm. I haven't seen such a cock outside of porno. She curled her hand around it to prove she wasn't dreaming. "Looking for a few good men. You know it's easy to find pretty girls nowadays but no surgeon can fake that."

"Thanks." Dan kept his arms around the girls.

Moira didn't let go. "You girls mind if I give him a ride? Come on. You get it all the time."

"Thanks but I don't really swing that way." That was it for Dan. He did swing that way but she was beginning to creep him out.

"Darlin' I am the most powerful investment banker in this city."

Dan frowned, this was wrong, she was wrong. He didn't like it when she said, "the most powerful" not "one of the most" or "a powerful".
 "We are not supposed to talk about what we do in the real world." Dan could see she was not going to let the matter drop. But what was she going to do? Entice him with Raine and/or the twins? He wanted to pull her hand off but could bring himself to lay a hand on her. Why not?

Moira released him and floated back. "Fine. It's a free country."

Her mouth said fine, but her face said, "I'll get you." How could she have been such a powerful banker and be such a rotten liar?

"I've got work to do anyway." Moira stood up, allowed the twins and Raine to towel off. After she was dried and wrapped, Moira walked over to her laptop.

She sat on the bench. Unzipped her PC from its case, flipped the lid and turned it on. While the system booted, she smiled at Dan at the girls from over the top of her screen and ordered Raine to get her another beer.

The opening screen came up. She entered her password. That was when Dan kicked her in the head as hard as he could.

  Moira's laptop hit the tile floor and its hinge snapped. The loose screen displayed the opening credits for Master PC. Moira lay stunned on the floor beside it.

Dan had slipped out of the bath while Moria was trying to concentrate on the laptop screen through a beer-induced haze. None of Moira's mute slaves warned her of his approach. They were programmed just to wait for their Mistresses commands, not serve with any independent thought.

The timing was tough, he had to wait until after she entered the password and before she entered his identity. The attack method was important too.

"You know Moira. As a banker, you really shouldn't put idioms into your contracts.  Its 'no man will lay a hand on me.' Right?"  Dan kicked her in the gut, knocking out her wind. "Six pack abs too, huh? Too bad you forgot your lats. He kicked laid a thunderous blow to her kidney. There are holes in your programming I can drive a truck through."

One more kick to the gut and the soft executive was down. Dan was beginning to realize that personal, physical power, not just appearance, was very big thing in the Master PC world. If Moira had realized that before setting out to seduce people, Dan would be her fuck toy by now.

Kimmy and Michelle were horrified.  Their gallant husband had just snuck up on a middle aged woman and kicked her in her head.  For the life of them, they couldn't fathom what she had done to deserve it.

"Kimmy. Put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. Michelle tie her up" Both went to work. Michelle was setting to work tearing a towel into strips.
Kimmy came back from a search. "There is no sign, no lock either."

"Must be a public place. Okay, watch the door I have to work fast." Dan couldn't touch the laptop. He could tell that the video was still attached but he just couldn't lay a finger on it. Michelle and Kimmy couldn't bring themselves to touch it either. Dan tried touching it with a pen, no go. Michelle was gagging the semi-conscience Moira when he got an idea. "Is it am the only who will touch my computer, Moria?"

He and Michelle scraped her body over to the keyboard. Using her fingers, Dan flipped it right side up. So far so good, and then, using her fingers like a stylus, began to hunt and peck. "Gotta watch those idioms." He smiled.

He had to work quickly. First, "Moria" let Dan type directly onto Master PC. Then he made her slavishly obedient to his commands. Real initiative was removed but whole truth was always forthcoming. He healed her (dragging her out of the bath would have been a tad suspicious.) and left it at that. "Lets' go."

After toweling off and dressing in club robes, the entourage proceeded to the India room. Dan had left the TV on and now was a group Kama Sutra scene. Only the toiletries and linens had been changed.

Once in the room Dan began to ask Moira questions. It turned out she was a very average investment banker who worked in the largest firm in the city. Four months ago a young woman had given her Master PC in exchange for a million dollars.

"Why didn't she just command you to give her the money?"

"Not the same. Unlike what they say on TV, that kind money is highly traceable, she needed my cooperation to cover tracks and make sure she had an intractable way to use the funds. Any slave command she gave me may have caused me to create a flaw in the system."

"Fair enough. Do you have any more copies of Master PC?"

"Two. One at the office, one at home, on CD,  hidden in my music collections."

"Idiot. That's the first place a hacker looks. Never mind. Did you complete her transaction?"

"Yes. And after using Master PC on to make me a financial wizard, it was easy to figure out a way to cover my tracks. I have forgotten anything else about her."

"How many of these girls do you have?"

"Just these three."

"So few?"

"I was more interested in money. Living with three was getting to be a pain in the ass. After a while, I simply borrowed whomever I wanted, then tossed them away when I got bored. " Dan expected that would have been his fate.

"Okay, who are these girls you have?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Raine was a gift from the girl I bought Master PC from. I have no idea where she got her. The twins I picked up at Lone Pine Mall when the fancy took me. I have no idea who they are, nor do I care. I call one 'Suck' and the other 'Fuck.'"

"You are monster." That last was from Kimmy. Michelle was just pissed.

"I know." Honest regret crossed Moira's face. "I wish I could stop."

"Wipe her Dan. Do to her what she did to these girls." Michelle urged him.

"She's a monster, Dan, do it." Kimmy agreed. "It would only be fair."

"Oh, and when people called you white trash and Michelle a gansta slut, and wanted to toss the both of you in society's trash heap, what did I do?" They both looked properly ashamed.
But I can't leave her the way she is. She would destroy herself. Moira go to sleep." There was plenty of room. Moira arranged a nest of cushions and slept.

Dan was able to restore the twins. He allowed them to eat, drink and go to the bathroom. Good thing too, their electrolytes and blood sugar was dangerously low. He programmed them to get fully mentally and physically restored to the state they were in before Moira kidnapped them, after she dropped them off at the mall.  They would never remember a thing. Then, as some sort of compensation, he freed them from ever suffering from illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer's, even near-sightedness. Moira would make sure each was provided for the rest of their lives.

Dan tried to restore Raine, but it didn't work. Moira, being the sloppy programmer she was, didn't bring a power cord. Before the battery on the laptop died he was able to bring her back to a baseline personality, life skills had survived the wiping. For safety's sake, he compelled obedience and rationality, even when she was self-aware.

"Okay girls. The twins (who were eating ravenously in the corner) will be okay.  I am going to bring Raine into self-awareness but her life is lost.  She'll need some support. Reprogramming is fixable, but wiping is not."

Kimmy pouted her lip sympathetically, "Poor thing." Michelle looked defiant and nodded.

  The battery read 2%.  Dan hit SEND and crossed his figures.  Raine awoke from her horrible dream.  The girls hugged Raine and Dan shut down the broken laptop.

"Where am I?"

Imagine waking up and having no idea who you were, but knowing you should know. Dan laid it all out in a straight face. Raine was lost, at sea.  She took it rather well. She cried for a half an hour, mourning the death of herself.

Dan decided then and there that he hated Wipers.

Raine stood and looked in the ornate mirror.  "So this is what I look like?" She had forgotten even that.

"Probably not." Raine looked at him. Dan felt like a heel. But the bad news had to come. "The Wiper may have used a process that allows the restructuring of the body as well as the mind."

"So I may not even look like this?"

"No. She could've even changed your race."

"No one will ever recognize me. No one will ever find me."

"It would be a million to one shot."

"I want to kill her." She pointed at Moira.

"I understand, but then you've first identity would be as a murderer. I cannot permit that."

Raine collapsed on the cushions in purest defeat. "Then what is to become of me?"

"I can offer you a fresh start, a new name, new abilities, even a new body. Tabla rasa. You can re-invent yourself. Some people would envy you."

"They aren't me. How long before I make my choices?"

Kimmy butted in, "You are welcome to stay with us as long as you need, right sister?"

"Right." Michelle put her hand on her shoulder and Kimmy followed suit.

"I am tired."

"We are all tired. How about we get some rest? No one will leave this room."

With that, the group lay down to sleep, each girl lay on her own pile of cushions, naked. The room was tropically warm, like India itself. Michelle and Kimmy snuggled up to their shining knight.

Dan was already figuring on adding to his physical prowess and how to gently avoid any blanket programming from other Master PC's.

During the night, in the dim light, Dan felt the loving caresses of Kimmy and Michelle on his cock. They knew he loved to wake up to that and they were happy to indulge him.

Little did the two know, that Raine was watching. Kimmy and Michelle's earlier conspiratorial whispers had woken her. She lay still and kept her eyes partially closed.

That night on the pillows, the three made love, quietly, so as not to disturb the others. Dan sucked and nibbled as each set of breasts was offered to him. Their skin was smooth as silk.

 Dan favored Kimmy first by going down and sucking on her peach. It was as sweet and juicy and the nectar dribbled down his chin. Little moans and gasps escaped from Kimmy. Michelle slid under her man and sucked his cock while he performed cunnilingus on the black- haired beauty. When she came, she muffled the sound with a pillow.

Kimmy was still recovering when Michelle presented herself  right beside her sister. Dan started at her sensitive tits and licked his was slowly downwards. He worked the thigh, the labials and then jammed his finger upwards, pressing her g-spot. When he was sure he got it, his tongue descended on her clit.

Kimmy came aware to scene, rolled over on her side and suck on her sister's sensitive mammaries. Kimmy sighed in contentment. Michelle was so excited she couldn't even form words.

It took Raine a moment to figure out what was going on, but when she did, it excited her and she wanted to watch more. When Kimmy rolled over on Michelle she felt a physical change down below, wetness.  She also felt a need to touch her own breast. Slowly she moved her left hand, under he robe, to a bare nipple, hoping they wouldn't notice. She circled her areola, slowly softly.

To stop her from waking the guests, Kimmy swiveled from behind Michelle and allowed her to take her breast full in the Latina's mouth. And there it stood, two beauties sucking each other's breasts, quietly moaning. And Dan between Michelle's thighs rubbing and licking all her buttons.

Kimmy felt her sister about to orgasm so she locked her mouth on hers and muffled/shared the experience. Dan had not come yet.

After a breather, Raine hoped that wasn't the end of the show. It wasn't. Both women got on all fours and presented their asses to their lord.

Dan first slid into Michelle. She threw her head back and arched her back with the initial penetration. Then Dan went to work. He fucked her with strong, masculine strokes.

Raine's hand now moved from her breast to her cunt. She slipped three fingers in and out, matching the man's, thrusts. She imagined what it was like. She imagined it felt even better than her hand.

Dan chose to have he and Michelle come together. As his cock recovered, he put Michelle on her back. Kimmy, still presenting to her stallion went down on her sister and lapped up the tasty seed. Then Dan mounted her. She too arched her back in rapture.

Raine was imagining how it felt, then something happened to her. A shiver of pleasure rippled through her. She bit her pillow, staying silent. Raine became aware of the sight of Michelle and Kimmy licking each other's pussy clean like cats. Dan was staring at her. He knew she was awake. He smiled warmly, his blue eyes twinkled seemingly just for her.

After a time, the room returned to slumber.

Dan awoke first. He pulled in the breakfast tray from outside and poured himself a huge orange juice. He was very thirsty. Everyone was still asleep, whether it was from orgasms, malnutrition or command, except Raine.
  She was up, using the headphones to watch the Indian Pornography. Dan stood behind her, not disturbing her, quietly sipping his juice. When she saw his reflection in the tube, she took off the headphones and pointed to the lead dancer on the screen. "I want to be like her."

"I can do that." replied Dan levelly. "But in what way? Physically or mentally?"

"Both. Neither. Ohhh. Why do you have to be so difficult?"

"I don't mean to be. It is actually the choice that's difficult."

"I want to be like her, Beautiful. Admired. A dancer. Look at the women, even they envy her."

Dan smiled. The age-old cycle, people seek identity through love, and love comes from beauty, or so they think. "I can do it, not here, but my home. First we all need a good breakfast." Dan woke the room. Room service brought a hearty English breakfast. Kimmy and Michelle, being the champs they are, tried to make Raine feel at home.

The twins were quiet and Moria still earned mean glances from everyone, except Dan. He understood her temptations all too well. Dan picked up the phone.

"Desk. How may I be of service?"

"This is the client in the India Room."

"Yes, sir."

"I want all the video tapes and books in this room in my trunk before we leave."

"Yes, sir. (Not even a blink) and anything else?"

"No, that will be fine."

They all dressed, and left with Moria following Dan and Michelle with her, keeping her honest. They waved to Judith and the six of them entered the house. The girls carried in three boxes from Dan's trunk.

Having a tax attorney who knew about Master PC would be a great asset. Dan set to work programming her new morality and loyalty. He was able to cut and paste much of his previous instructions. By noon, Moira was a relatively decent person, who was incredibly loyal to Dan and liked her new self so much, she wouldn't dream of changing it.
As a personal touch, he disposed of that nasty cranberry hair dye and "weed whacker hair-do" and gave her some decent short brown hair. Her juices would taste like the finest twenty-year-old single malt Scotch.

Moria left to prepare, then return the twins back to the mall. And Dan went upstairs for lunch. Only Kimmy and Michelle were in the kitchen. Dan panicked, "Where is Raine?"

"Upstairs, crying."

"Si. All we did was ask her if she wanted to watch TV. Then she got this confused look on her face and asked to be excused."

"Did you scan in all the books?"

"Yes, and the video too. If we are going to do this more often, we are going to need faster scanners."

Dan took his sandwich and milk. "Looks we better get this over with. Is one of those for her?" they nodded. "Let's go. Dan picked up his laptop and headed for the master bedroom. Funny how she had chosen this room of all others.

"Raine? It's us."

"Oh. Hi. I am sorry. You have been so kind to me, rescued me, and all I do is cry like a silly girl."

"Eat something you'll feel better." Kimmy handed her sandwich and milk.

"Hm. Good. I wonder if it's my favorite." Now she was wandering into the morose.

"Kimmy and Michelle said the TV upset you?"

"Yes. I thought I knew what I wanted. But on the way over her I saw so many women, so many choices. If I had watched more TV, I don't think I'd ever make up my mind." She stopped eating and drinking and begged, "Please Dan, I can't stand this anymore. "

"Okay. I didn't ask for this job, but if I am going to do it, let's do it right."

Kimmy and Michelle perked right up. They loved it when he became a man of action. "Stand in front of the mirror." It was like sculpting, with Michelle and Kimmy as well as Raine chiming in. (Master PC made sure none of them thought this the least bit queer.) As requested, Raine became East Indian.

 It turned out that many shades of skin were available, but she settled on a medium dusk. (Kimmy liked lighter, Michelle liked darker, go figure). Her hips were rounded and her breasts became a normal but attractive 38 c-cup.  Everything was bouncy and new. Dan increased her height so he could lengthen her legs. Her lips were made full but not fat or pursed. Her eyes were changed into a beautiful almond color and shape.

For the girls, it was like the best dress fitting ever. Raine was catching their excitement and the baseline girly in her came out. Some things Master PC could not eliminate easily. She was almost happy.

The three girls took great care in her hair. It was midnight black, not the same black as Kimmy's. It was long and almost coarse. Raine loved the result and wanted as much as she could get. The dancer's hair was very long, to her ankles, so he grew it to that length.

When he improved her health and tone to athletic levels. The girls started to compare with each other.  Kimmy and Michelle stripped as each stood back to use the mirror.

Kimmy was the tallest, fairest and most slender, an elf. Her breasts were upturned and her ass was the shape of an upturned valentine. Her hair, was full, wavy and inky blue. Kimmy typically wore it up, fastened with wooden lacquer pins.

Michelle was tall, with powerful limbs, her skin a cocoa brown. Her breasts were sensitive and they hung down like juicy melons. Her ass was very small but very strong and it melded into the curve of her long legs very well. Her hair was brown and very fine. She chose to wear it long, to the small of her back.

Raine was now the darkest of the three. Her breasts were rounder than Michelle's and her ass and hips fuller than Kimmy's. She had powerful oval thighs to match her ass so she was perfectly proportionate. Her eyes were tilted up. All in all, everyone approved.

The girls squeezed and prodded each other, testing out each other's attributes. Dan was busy with other things. He was programming, fine tuning Raine's abilities, smarts and health when Kimmy whispered in his ear. "Will she enjoy men?"

Dan was surprised by the question, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, silly, have you made her breasts sensitive and sensitive down there."

"Not yet." Dan complied. Seeing Kimmy get her request, Michelle had to get hers in, "Don't forget to teach her how to dance, and those books."

Again, Dan complied. He imported the scanned sexy books and hit SEND. Raine's eyes opened wide. With a devilish look, she grabbed Kimmy in a very special place. "Oh!" Kimmy was instantly thrilled. Raine tried it on Michelle with comparable results. The girls pinched back. They were all having the giggles.

Dan resisted the temptation to program in an orgy. He took the time to program in loyalty, obedience, acceptance and an open mind into her. Time flew, he was deep in code, wondering what to do about her history, when he looked up. Kimmy and Michelle were staring down at him. Raine had left the room,

"We've decided. We need to keep her."

"Wait a minute."

"No. We thought about it in the kitchen. Where would she go? What would she do? She was lost, just like us."

"And after this, we know we can be sisters."

An arousing thought to be sure. "But I can't program her to love us."

"We thought of that."

"Raine, you can come in. He's ready."

Raine entered. She was waiting just outside the door.

"Tell Dan how you feel about him."

The inputted Indian erotica put her passion into words. "I love you, I loved you since last night when he looked down on me, when I was touching myself. When you three joined, I desperately wanted to join as well."

Dan wondered how much of that was the baseline personality that got her in trouble in the first place or left over code.

"See. It's all settled. She wants this and we just can't put her out on the street." Reasoned Michelle "Besides this a big house."

"And..." Kimmy leaned forward and spoke softly, lovingly. Her long hair was a blue-black halo around her heart shaped face, her moons hung down. She curved one hand around his head. "This wife of yours is starting to want a baby, and it takes at least two women to keep this man of mine happy."

Dan agreed. He had wanted to see her belly swell with his child for some time now. For his family, he'd do it. He  gently pushed Kimmy away. He protected Raine's loyalty and lovebut not her awareness. Her new ego would begin, here, with them.  SEND

Raine's eyes again went wide, but this time with fulfillment she so desperately sought. She knelt before Dan. "My lord and husband." She bowed, approached him, put his laptop aside, swayed up to him and planted a deep, soulful kiss on his mouth. Michelle and Kimmy smiled and left their new sister to get to know her new husband better.

Kimmy liked to make love tenderly.
Michelle liked to make love passionately.
Raine made love as an art.

The foreplay was exquisite. Dan blessed every author that contributed to the Kama Sutra. She unbuttoned his fly and gave him the blowjob of his life.

 She was truly an artist. Except for the fellatio, he didn't come that whole afternoon, but it didn't diminish his bliss. Raine kept it alive nibbling, kissing, sucking and licking nerve clusters over Dan's whole body.  It was heading into evening when he could not take it any more. She introduced him to position that latched each's legs around the other.  Thanks to Kimmy's advice, Raine pleasure and orgasms was as great as his. Yet, they still maintained the embraced, kissing.

She uttered, "I love you." And hummed a song in a language Dan could only assume was Hindi.

That evening, when the finally went downstairs, the other wives applauded. Dan was pleased to see Raine blush. Dinner was reheated for them. Then Raine showed off her new dancing skills. To their delight, she also had a lovely singing voice. Hindi was truly suited to song.

Later, over tea, Raine explained she was singing in Punjabi. Inspired, Michelle asked her husband if he could teacher her how to speak French, Kimmy asked for Hawaiian. Dan affirmed that he could have them speaking fluently by the end of the hour.  The two of them brought him the laptop and zip.

 They had the first of the "Master PC" orgies.


Dan had left Kimmy and Michelle to walk to school while he cycled ahead with Suzy and got things set for the day. No one would be around for another hour.

She was wearing the new starched white blouse and pleated pink shirt, white knee socks and black flat shoes she bought yesterday. Her blonde hair was tied back in two ponytails and she wore only light makeup.

Her bike was simple, with a white wicker basket on the front. She was the epitome of a good little girl.

"I really like that new outfit. You should stick with that look." She practically creamed right there.

The exercise and the power Master PC gave him made Dan bold. He started up the laptop and zip just in case. He nuked his bowl of water. Then he began his new daily regemin.

"I have to change out of these bicycle clothes. I am always sweaty when I get to work. I need a sponge bath before I put on my work clothes. Understand?"

"Yes. Mister Murphy."

He pulled off his spandex shirt, revealing his rippled chest. She bit her lip until it bled.

The microwave bell rang. Still only in his jock strap, Dan removed the bowl of hot water he used to sponge himself clean at work. When he turned around, he looked for Suzy, but she was much closer than he expected.

"Mister Murphy. I have something to tell you." Her eyes never met his.

"Make it quick."

"I love you."

"Thanks Suzy, I love you too."

"I know I am ugly but...what?"

"I said I love you too."

"You do?"

"Sure. You are always a big help in class. Want to help me now?"

Suzy lit up lit up like a Christmas Tree. "Sure."

"Okay. Help me with my morning bath."

She pouted. "Can I do that?"

"The water's getting cold. You going to help me or not?" She nodded and frisked where she stood. "First thing.  You'll need to strip down to your undies, don't want to get water on those nice clothes."

Suzy shyly unbuttoned her blouse, hung it over a chair, unhooked her skirt and did the same. She was quite the vision in her white bra, panties and knee socks, like a tart Alice. Her tits and ass were young, firm, delicious.  "What do I do?"

    "First soak the sponge in the bowl of hot water. Suzy followed each step, slowly, carefully, so as not to displease him, "Wring out all the excess water. Now stroke it down my body. Start at my shoulder. "Dan held out an arm , "Then down to my wrist. Good. Now rinse it out and start in another place. It is important to rinse it out each time."

Suzy started at his shoulders and proceeded. She was fascinated with his strong, fit, muscles. Suzy finished his inner thighs.
Only one place remained to be cleaned. "You will get at it better if you were on you knees." Suzy knelt. "Now take off the jock strap.  It's okay. I do get sweaty down there. "

She pulled down the jock strap without hesitation this time and inhaled. The smell of his sex, to her, was heady, like fine wine. She loved it and couldn't remember feeling any other way.

With great care and precision, she washed his penis. It was the most handsome thing she had ever seen. She sang quietly to herself as she soaked it down.

"Suzy. Now you need to get it erect, to expose all the tissue." She took it in her hands and massaged it.  Dan looked down at the little pony-tailed maiden in the virginal white underwear massaging his penis with the greatest of enthusiasm and snapped to. Suzy washed his boner, without any shyness. "Next time, I'll bring rose water." She promised.

 "So. How does this experience make you feel?"


"Giving me a sponge bath."

"It felt really good. I liked making you smile." With Master PC he had simply torn away all that the modern media and high school had polluted this girl with. In her core, she received joy from making others happy. A thousands years ago she would have been revered as a saint. But in today's society, she was an idiot, a fool, ugly. Dan would make her revered again.

 "Mister Murphy. Can I make you happy for the rest of my life?"

Again. Responsibility caused him to hesitate. "Only as long as it makes you happy."

"It does! It does! Let me show you."  It was her dream come true, she sucked her beloved man's cock and wasn't ashamed. She was finally free of shame and self-consciousness she felt wanted and desired by this man when no one else seemed to care. She wanted to make him happy.

Dan was happy. Suzy corkscrewed her mouth around his shaft, teabaggged his balls, making little sucking sounds, licked like it was a Popsicle and when she could tell he was ready, deep throated him. Up and down his shaft disappeared into the geisha's mouth. Dan could feel his semen churning and he allowed it to do so. He stroked her head with both hands and emitted sounds to show his pleasure.

Suddenly, with just her eyes, she looked up. Her expression was sheerest joy.

He warned her. "Suzy. I am coming. Drink it down. Driiinnnnk itt awwwwwww."

Spurts of his cream entered her and overflowed. Master PC had seen to it she would love the taste of Murphy's Irish Chowder, just like it had seen to her basking in the aroma of his crotch. She gulped it down with relish.

With his thumb, Dan helped her insert the rest of his seed in her mouth, like they were loose strands of pasta and sauce. She spoke. "'Didn't know it tasted so good. Yum. Did you like that? Did I make my teacher happy?"

"You know it."

"Then I feel beautiful." That was the first time in her life she had ever said that.  His seed was going to digest I her belly, now he was a part of her. The idea set her heart on fire. She would never leave his side.

"Now we have to get dressed for class."

"Mister Murphy? Can I dress you?"

"Okay." And so, Dan mused as Suzy buttoned him up, he had just gained a valet. He would program her to know everything from shorthand to sewing. The last bedroom, the smallest in his house. was finally filled.

"I wish I could spend the whole day with you. I wish you taught all my subjects." She helped him with his slacks and frowned. "This is wrinkled. I am going to have to bring an iron tomorrow."

Sex always got Dan thinking. "Why not? He had been worried about his girls being in the same building with Timmy. He had prined the school council, hell, the whole town for single sex classes.
 There were a few old portable classrooms right next to his that weren't ever used, except for storage. It could make it like a mini-campus. The entire portable area should remain under the protection of his old Master PC program. It could work.
 But needed teachers, money, builders and permission.


A day later, in addition Andrea and Tanya were waiting for him when he and Suzy rode up. Andrea was excited and worried, "You wanted to see me?"

"Right." He let everyone in and locked the door behind him or her. Suzy began her daily routine. First she started heating the water, and then she changed out of her rifing togs and into to her white bra and cotton panties. Andrea was unfazed. Tanya was curious.

"Andrea. I am starting a program here, just for girls and I want you to head the language department. You will teach English and French and be their counselor"

As they discussed the details, Suzy washed Dan in her usual manner and showed Tanya how to do the same for her mistress. The adults, naked, talked while their girls bathed them.

Without anyone's ego in the way, the details worked themselves out quickly. The girls toweled of their lord and lady, then started to help them dress, but Andrea halted Tanya from doing so.

"What's wrong?"

"My husband. He doesn't want Tanya living with us. (Dan had already shut Tanya's mother up by making her pregnant with a boy and sending her husband to the state house of representatives.) He's threatening a divorce."

So that was it, she was afraid. Dan once heard a theory that everyone had a limited amount of courage. Andrea had run out of hers. "Good. He was in the way. You will agree to the divorce. Tell him, in private only; you don't want the house, his money, any part of his restaurants, or anything else, just your freedom. Ask for mediation. Say it will be easier and cheaper than court.

 Before the mediation session, you will suddenly reveal you know about all the money he has hidden from the IRS, mistress and everything else I can dig up. He will bend over and give you everything you ask for, in front of lawyers and a magistrate and he won't have the protection of courtroom rules to fall back on."

 She stood their quivering and not from the cold. She had been dwelling on this dilemma for weeks, unwilling to bring it before him. Now, he had solved all of her problems in one fell swoop. Andrea instantly knew what she had to do. She brushed her slave to the side and took this man herself.  She plunged her tongue inside his mouth and drank of him. She wrapped her right leg around him, then with her right hand, slipped his cock inside her. She needed to feel his strength once again, to give her courage. She wrapped her legs around the small of his back and jerked up and down.

Andrea had a dancer's frame, thin and light. Even without his new physique, Dan would have been able to lift her. He gave of his strength and pumped her. She let go of him with her arms and leaned back, enjoying the fact that he could hold her. A few pumps and they came together like waves crashing on the ocean.

Wiping off her mistress, Tanya managed to speak what was to be her last utterance of half-rebellion, "I thought you hated men."

Andrea, her courage recharged, locked eyes with Dan. "Maybe I just hadn't met one yet."

Dan knew that Andrea was still a lesbian, just like hetero women sometimes enjoy a good muff dive. But he was sure he had made a loyal follower. She would always be his high priestess, because she was sure, absolutely sure, he would always win. And so, she would always win too.


Moira Argyle was a very successful investment attorney. With Master PC at her side, she had built the city's fastest growing investment firm in just less than eight months. People in her business smell winners fast and quickly jumped on her wagon.

Already, her firm booked close to a billion in assets. People were begging to be put on her client list. But when Dan called she cleared her whole day for him. Her secretary, a man, acted like he had been told to expect his call. It could have been the Master PC control Dan had over her, knowledge of the power he possessed or a mixture of both.

She had leased a handsome, old Crocker Bank Building. Dan walked in and saw the busy suits zipping back and forth, staring at green CRT's and talking on the phones with various degrees of panic.

He guessed she had over thirty people working for her, now. Kimmy had sent him out in one of his good Gustavo business suits and made him promise to stop for a shine. Good thing too. All the secretaries we male and even they wore expensive suits. Moira hadn't completely over her need to reverse the glass ceiling but an employer who understood the value of a good secretary enough to pay them well was a positive sign.

The main receptionist made Dan feel very welcome. He treated him like a VIP. Coffee, tea, croissant, anything. When he was served coffee, it was in bone china, not a paper cup. It wasn't five minutes before he was sent upstairs. The receptionist carried his brief and laptop, so he'd be free to carry the coffee.

 Moira's secretary sent him right in. Moira stood and greeted Dan. They shook hands and she ushered him to a worktable. The receptionist placed Dan's things on the table and left. Moira shooed her secretary out with a pat on his butt.

 Moira's office was spacious to say the least. Dan and two roommates had spent their college years in smaller quarters. She had a panoramic view of downtown. Her desk was a sleek rosewood and green tinted glass number imported from Denmark. The worktable matched the desk and it was big enough for small conferences.

"Glad you could see me." Dan thought he better at least feign politeness. The last time he had met Moira, he had kicked her brutally and used her Master PC to confine her will, while freeing a girl whom she had enslaved herself.

"I am very glad you contacted me. I have been wondering when you would check up on me."

"Glad? I thought you would be...taciturn at best."

"True. You did leave me aware of what you did to me. But I have had time to reflect. Basically I am still myself, you just gave power to "the better angels of my nature."

I thought about what happened between us and where I was going at the time. It might have been a good thing.
Like that poor slave girl I acquired. I did not really like having her around every second of every day. I really value my independence and privacy.
But the thought of having a slave, a real pure slave someone I could do anything to her and she'd thank me for it. It was so...."


"Addicting, I was thinking."

"I know what you mean. I imagine that's how the concentration camp guards felt."

"I was becoming what I hated most, people who treated women like pieces of meat. You saved my soul."

"You are kidding me."

"Not at all. Sex was never my thing. Money and power is what gets me off.
 Before you met me, I had spent all my Master PC time climbing from a very junior partner to a financial giant. I was only just becoming acquainted with the wider world of decadence.
 I honestly don't think I would have been able to resist the temptation. All that I ever dreamed about, wealth, walking the halls of power, would have been sacrificed for one more fuck or worse.
As far as I am concerned, you were a blessing. Only another Master PC could have stopped me. Now, all my dreams have come true. I walk the halls of power, I still get all the dick and cunt I want, and I am able sleep at night. I owe you big one."

Dan knew that his Master PC prohibited her from lying in any way, shape or form to him. He also knew from painful experience that one couldn't trust that program. But his increased perceptions informed him of her candor.

"Thanks to you, here I am. You know what I planned for you. I am lucky you just didn't do the same to me, or kill me." A thought occurred to her. "You aren't here to kill me, are you?" If Dan ordered her jump in front of a bus, she would do it.

Dan laughed. "Actually I was hoping you would be my new financial manager."

She laughed too, to relieve her tension. "A little different. Sure. I'd be happy to. "

Dan produced the briefcase with all his financial data. He was quite proud the six hundred thousand or so dollars he had socked away. Moira looked at with a jaundiced eye. "Not bad but I can do better. I usually don't handle accounts this small anymore, but I owe you one."

"I would like to be friends."

"Please. That's for suckers. This is business. I'll need power of attorney, are you okay with that?"

"In for a penny, in for pound."

"Good. My associates will have all the paperwork  done in three days, before I leave for Washington. Or I'll kick their ass."

"Why so soon?"

"Allan is making another report to congress. With Master PC I can read his mind and get in my purchases before the shoe drops."

"Damn. I'll want to be in on that."

"You will. That and a lot more. Just sign those forms. In fact..." Moira got on the intercom and put a fire under her junior partners, while she read more of Dan's papers. "Your nest egg is already in the six figures. Capital is down, expenses have gone up."

"My household has grown, and I am starting a new school program."

"I like the school thing. Could be a good tax shelter."
Moira raised one eyebrow. "It is not your own personal Harem?"

So. It was time. Dan laid it all out for her, Jimmy, the real purpose of the classrooms, everything. She took it rather well. "You should have him killed."

"Suppose he's given himself super powers, like us? And how about all the girls he controls? Once he's dead, how we ever undo what he does? (Moira winced at that. She had once purchased a "wiped" girl. ) You know Master PC keeps no records. And all his extra copies? Fanatic followers?
He's like the old Soviet Union, better him in control until I can figure out a way to pull it ALL up root and branch.
No. First we watch and look for signs of weakness. We have a big advantage he doesn't know we are here."

"Now I know why you expected a Master PC attack."

"And you should too. He got the thing off the net. Who knows how far it has gone?"

"I use it very sparingly now."

"Good. You know what he uses it for, money wise?"

"No. Tell me."

"He has crack dealers, robbers and other crooks hand over their cash to him before they turn themselves in."

Moira laughed so hard she almost cried. "I make more money in one minute than all those assholes make in a year.
All that power and he extracts dime bag money from corner-market crack heads?
Why, with a punch of my SEND key I could order the ENDRUN executive committed to transfer all their cash to my offshore accounts. Or order Bill to sell me his controlling shares for pennies on the dollar."

"But his way has the advantage of improving my neighborhood. Still, why don't you do that?"

"That would ruin everything. No. I am here to 'ride the wave, but not steal the wind,' as the saying goes."

"How do you work here?"

"I started on my own, of course. But you can't do much of anything alone. At first, I recruited the brightest minds in the business. I laughed when they left their firms for mine. Then I simply recruited the cutest and upped their intelligence. Lately, though I've taken a cue from you and the people who's personality would need the least pushing and just improving their skills and looks. Its easier than trying to keep track of everything I every programmed them with.
Of course, everyone is loyal and keeps secrets very well.
Now, if you have no more questions, what are your financial goals?"

"I'll be needing to buy a house, maybe more than one..." The discussion continued to lunchtime. Moira suggested they continue the conversation at the Huntington.

The Huntington Hotel was a walnut paneled, executive steak affair. The well drinks were a single malt scotch and real Russian vodka. Dan had a peppered New York and Moria had the crab.

Moira told Dan, in an obtuse way, that his  "advice" about programming that PC was very effective. As soon as she got home, she had modified all her past programs, just in time too. One of her best junior partners was about to make a move against her. She let him and few of the more clever people go, then "worked out" a little more on herself.

Moria's previous appearance had been...defiant. She had taken little or no care of her looks. Now, the hair that grew on her head wasn't a m?lange of weedy reddish-brown. It was a pure auburn with an immaculately layered cut. Having taken care of her physique more methodically, her figure was more shapely, teeth whiter, the works. " In a gentler age, she was the kind of woman who was called "handsome."

Bill Dryden and Ben Showenstein dropped by and said "hi." Moira introduced Dan as a former computer whiz kid, who was now running an innovative school program for girls and was milking her for funds. Ben passed on it. Bill asked Moira if she was going to support it. With a sly look to Dan, she stated, "Yes. Someone has to take care of at-risk girls." A little more chitchat followed. Dan kept up pretending to be a charity case. Mister Dryden moved on.

"Those two are chomping to be on my client list." Moira confided. Dryden's a big time lawyer who got lucky with a very clever partner. Showenstein is the number one real estate magnate of the city. Dan had no idea. They looked like older, regular men to him.

'So. You really going to back my program?"

"Yes. I owe it to Raine and the twins. A kind of penance. Is $100,000 ok?"

"Uh, yes."

"Nice idea too. A tax break I control financially. Who's on the board of directors?"

"I don't have one. I've been making all the decisions. But that's going to change."

"Speaking of changes, Dan. I've been curious about something. Did you change yourself physically with Master PC?"


"So that big thing of yours I got in trouble for..."

"Probably is smaller that you have given your own boys."

"Figures. But it reinforces my belief that someone up there likes me. I mean what are the odds that you and I meet?"

They concentrated on the food for a while. "Dan, something else I have been curious about. What else did you do to yourself?"

Dan knew where this was going, "Moira I could tell you, but how about I show you? This is a hotel, right?"

"I am not really hungry."

"Let's go."

In Moria, Dan had a very competent sexual partner. She was not shy about stating her needs or her curiosities. Being bi, she was also very open to all sorts of things. She sucked Dan's cock and loved the champagne taste he had given to his semen. She roared when she heard what flavor he had given her juices. Dan didn't like Scotch, even 12 year old single malt, so he changed her to butterrum for the day.
Dan fucked every orifice in Moria twice, bringing her to orgasm each time. Over her protests, he used some of tips that Raine had taught him to arouse her over and over. His stamina amazed her and the notion of how powerful each partner was, drowned her. More than love, she loved the idea of absolute power fucking absolute power. No one would be like Dan. He wore her out.

He told her how he could turn his swimmers on and off and even adjust their genes. "It should work with eggs too. You want to be a mother?"

"I might try it. I've always had this fantasy of pawning the child off on nurses for all the messy stuff, like they did in the Romeo and Juliet days.
Dan, you would have to be the father. Anyone else and I'd just use Master PC to get my way and a parent should have second opinion."

Dan didn't bother to suggest she could share the program. Moira was still into power way too much for that. "Well, let me know. The nurse idea is a good one. Powerful ladies have done that nurse thing for hundreds of years and it worked out as well as any other system."

 The rest of the afternoon went very well. Dan showed Moira how to pre-set and record Master PC commands. Between the two of them, they discovered that the mind reading function was passive and relatively safe. Having a savvy Master PC partner was very beneficial to them both. Moira brought ideas on how to operate within "the system." Dan brought the computer expertise. Master PC was good for knowledge and skills, but still there was no substitute for experience.

That day, Moria did something that made a huge impression on Dan. She did nothing. She had such competent help that her firm practically ran itself. She, the owner, merely made broad policy decisions and kept Master PC to herself. Everyone else was happy to make millions for themselves and her

He had made up his mind. He needed to parcel out the responsibility for the school. Unlike Moira, he needed to be able to trust them with some of the Master PC program. And Kimmy. What Moira said about relationships really hit home.

Before he left that day, Dan had given Moira his power of attorney. They had agreed on his split of liquid and solid investments. (No more gambling.) She had a clear idea of his intent and plans.

That very day she was funneling all his money to her hottest accounts and she wanted to sponsor his school besides.

Little did he realize just how grateful Moira and how awesome an investment tool Master PC was. When his statement arrived next month, his eyes practically shot out of his head. He was a millionaire.

Two days later, a ten thousand dollar check, made out to Dan and endorsed by Bill Dryden hit his desk.


Dan needed the old, abandoned portables that sat around his repaired and updated. Ruiz, Senor Garcia's builder seemed the natural choice. So he dialed up his friend and asked for a favor. The Senor listened and grunted in approval of the project. He said he'd call back within the hour.

Later, when he was on the phone with Mister Garcia, Ryan perceived a little tension in his voice. He was in his shop at the time, preparing his classes, so he scanned his thoughts.  The offer to the gym was genuine.

At the gym both he and Senor Ruiz, the construction padrone, would goad him into a box. Both he and Mister Ruiz believed, rightly, one could tell a lot about a man by the way he fought.  That was all Senor Garcia knew. But when he called Senor Ruiz to confirm the appointment, Ryan was treated to a different POV.

Signore Ruiz was a refugee as well, that's how the two padrones met. But Ruiz was from El Salvador, a climate rife with informers, death squads and betrayal. He didn't trust "The hacker." While Dan was in the gym, he would be separated from his omnipresent laptop, his hard rive dumped and his files examined.

Ryan didn't blame Ruiz. If he had grown up in El Salvador, in the seventies, he might be the same way. If he lived.  So what to do?

If Ryan refused, it would be rude. Senor Ruiz hadn't thought of breaking into the man's home, yet. He had some scruples, he just wanted to know, from experts, if he was just a gifted hacker, or a spook. He had to give them something.

Master PC was still only on his zip drive, he could leave that at home. Most people used them only for backup. He had to wipe the remains of the word files he pasted on the Master PC, which would be easy enough.

Thne he needed to look like a hacker. Well, he certainly had enough of that stuff lying around. He loaded his hardrive with the newest "shareware" hacker stuff available.  Then, for panache, he burned a CD-ROM of some of his exclusive stuff, definitely illegal, non-gov shit and put it in and old "Andy Williams Holiday" CD case and left it in his car.

Now for the fighting: Dan had a feeling that Master PC could allow him to kick the collective ass of an entire Shao Lin temple. But he knew that real martial arts changes one's mind. Dan's liked himself the way he was. He tried to think of an art that suited his personality.
 Boxing was an obvious choice. Dan's dad had taught him the basics. But he never like the idea of two poor men beating the crap out of each other for the amusement of the fat cats, ringside.
 Still, the more Dan thought about Timmy, the more Dan thought learning a martial art would, be good. He typed in...


Dan found he knew the moves and had the right muscle groups, but he still didn't know what he was doing, so he gritted his teeth and adjusted his mind.


Just in case, he remembered a martial art blend that started in the fighting dens of Liverpool, Newberry. Newberry is a hybrid. It was boxing, but added some hand to hand combat, karate and ROC commando tae-kwan-do footwork and a few other things. Dan liked it because he heard everything "worked" and since Irish-English invented it, he could be relatively sure his worldview wouldn't be completely turned around.


Hmm. He felt normal. He tried a kick out. OOOWWW. Damn. Just because he was fit, didn't mean he was the right kind of fit.


That was better. Try it again. Good.

He went of stairs and announced to the girls what was planned for the night and they seemed thrilled. He told them only about the boxing. And they were still girl enough to look forward to being surrounded by hot, sweaty, fighters.

There was no need to tell the girls that they were going to be arm candy. The padrones would have their own and they were determined to out shine them. They made Dan late. Eventually they settled on one piece tight dresses that ended above the knee showed off their generous attributes. Not quite slutty but nowhere near virginal. Dan would be the envy of every red-blooded man in the gym.

He made sure his house was locked up. And they left.

Dan arrived, parked and entered. His Master PC boxer knew the smell of a real gym. This was not one of the new yuppie work out places, this was a place where men bled. The hardwood floor where the fighters worked out now was where the grandstands would be set up for the weekend smokers.

Each of the men's girls was allowed to roam the gym and ogle the athletes while the signors talked business.

Dan casually chatted with Senor Ruiz. It was the way things were done. It was more important to discern the man than the business deal.

Ruiz was no fool. He knew Dan was holding a secret. The real question was if Ruiz would allow Dan his secrets and trust him anyway. Ruiz could tell that Dan was committed to education and that spoke well for him but he was of the old stock and that require more physical proof.

"Do you ever box, Dan?"

"My father taught me enough to defend myself, Senor Ruiz. But I am hardly an expert."

"Nonsense." Senor Garcia played his part. He too was curious about this young man who twisted mayors around his fingers. "You are Irish. They are famous boxers."

Dan saw the trap and lied, "Well he and my uncles did arrange a few events. But most of my boxing was done with my family who were similarly trained." (At least that last part was true. Most of the boxing Dan did was against his brothers.)

"Come Dan. I happen to know that young Angel there is short of a sparring partner for today."

Dan declined. They promised Angel would go easy and the dance went on for another half and hour the dance continued. In the end, Dan acquiesced with sincerest humility.

The prep was all very surreal. He had never done this before, but he had. As his hands were taped, it was like a massive case of dejavu', courtesy of Master PC. He recalled, through the haze, his hardrive was probably being dumped by now.

The old salt who served as his trainer shot an appreciative glace at the taper. Dan's boxer physique did not escape his expert eye. "Do you work out, sir?"

Dan knew every work would reach the two padrones, "My dad taught me everything he knew from the Army. I've stuck to every word. I hope I do Okay out there."

"You'll do fine." The trainer knew that Angels' job was to test this man. He was going to get a few real shots. If he didn't go down, he'd do better than six out of ten of Angles' latest opponents.

Dan started to look forward to it. He had created the classic hacker hardrive. Kimmy and Michelle were on the sidelines, sipping champagne, cheering him on. The padrones and their girls were watching as well, with a critical eye. Any other eyes in the gym were glued to the girls more than him.

The result was forgone. Dan knew he had to lose. There was no way "Joe Blow" from off the street could beat a trained fighter. No. He was going to lose, but how he lost would make or break his deal. First of all, no deception. He would come at Angel, honestly and as a good sport. He would keep on being good sport after he took shots to the head and gut.

But that didn't mean he was going to embarrass himself either. He had said his family had trained him so he had to demonstrate his father was a serious man too.

Dan wore all the pads. But an inner voice warned him that the pads weren't to cushion the blow, they were to protect the real boxer's hands.

Angel had an experienced face and a fit body. The inner voice warned him that he was a left-handed, like Dan, and a real piece of work. The meet at the center of the ring was very informal.

 Dan showed off, playing into expectations, the eager pup. "Wow. Southpaw huh? Me too. I never fought another leftie before. Hope I just do okay."

Angel just nodded and grunted. They touched gloves. Dan inserted his mouthpiece and they went at it.

Dan put up his guard. Angel was not a patient man. He went right after him. Angel was a bit surprised. His first quick jabs were effectively, and professionally, blocked. How good was this guy?

As for Dan, the immediacy of Angel's assault caught him off guard, almost. The boxer's reflexes took over and blocked his first staccato jabs.

Master PC had taken care of footwork too. When Angel went for body blows, Dan was able to back peddle and avoid the worst of the impacts. He could hear the girls cheering him on. They thought he was getting pummeled. But Angel, and padrones were not fooled. Dan was holding his own.

Angel was the bull of the ring. He was the only person Senor Ruiz dared ask for this chance to earn a little extra cash. This Anglo was showing more cajone's than he expected.  The hangers-on still stared at the chicas, but the boxers were beginning to turn their eyes to the ring.  The new meat's style was definitely about ten years old, but very functional.

In the end, Angel hit him a combination and he went down. Dan's boxer's mind told him he forgot to ask for timing.  The girls squealed and ran to his corner. The men in the room grunted in satisfaction.

But he got up and went in for round two. This is what the padrones wanted to see. Angel thought he had his number but Dan learned from his mistake. He tapped into his dancing timing and did much better. While he was doing that, he used his photographic reflexes in combination with his boxer's eye and shot back a few respectable blows. The first one especially, since Angel had gotten overconfident and dropped his guard.

Dan noted that Angel's modern style neglected to defend against left-handed uppercuts but that was way more than he supposed to know. So he stayed in the ring. Angel with better timing got inside his footwork and worked his gut like a bag. But Dan stuck it out.

At the end of the three rounds, Dan was still standing and he had shown the padrones what he wanted. He came at opponents in a straightforward fashion, one hit didn't put him down and their opinion mattered to him enough that he'd take a beating for it.
He heard the bell. The match was over. He dropped his guard. A second later, Angel clobbered him with a right hook to the head.

The fiery young boxer was more than a little upset that this old amateur he had been paid to knock down was still standing. The rage he channeled in the ring, he channeled now. To everyone in the gym who knew boxing, they could tell the blow was cheap shot.

Dan Murphy went down, one pissed off Irish Mic got up. "Come on. I got something for ya."

"Its only three rounds fellah." Said his corner man.

"Its four now."

"Sit down old man." Sneered Angel through his mouthpiece.

"With Nancy boy punches like that, the only way, I'll stay down IS if I sit. Come on." With his left glove, he beckoned.

Angel looked at the great men. Things had gotten more than interesting for them. Both nodded. The girls were silent, worried for him. Dan was a teacher, a gentle man and computer geek, not a boxer. Angel was going to kill him.

Angel rinsed once more, spat, replaced his mouth guard, clapped his gloves and hunkered into the ring. "Better have a lot of ice at home, old man." Angel smiled. The old man was angry. Angry fighters were always stupid fighters.

Dan knew Angel expected him to charge, so he gave him what he expected. Angel covered his face and exposed his rock hard chest. A novice would beat up his hands going against the fighter's arms. A man with some training would exhaust his power against his rock hard chest. Dan did the latter, hammering his fists against all of Angel's lower chest. Angel kept waiting for Dan to tire, but he never did. He even threw an occasional hook to Angel's head to make sure he didn't dare change his guard.

As normal in such things, Angel didn't feel how powerful Dan's blows were until he rested. His stomach cramped terribly and he was a little hunched over when he entered the ring for round five. His trainer yelled that he needed to go on the offensive, he couldn't afford that kind of beating. "No shit." Thought Angel

Dan had eyes only for Angel. The girls were saying something but he couldn't hear them for the blood pumping through his ears. His opponent was appreciating just how hard he could punch. Angel would be cramping when he approached. He was also angry, indignant, he would go for a knockout. His "little voice" told him that if his perception was true, that left lots of possibilities open.

Angel came out aggressive, determined to finish it. Dan baited him by dropping his left guard. Angel took it and tried to straight-arm him. Dan ducked under the blow, landed a left hook on his open right side. That rocked him. With his stomach cramped he also left his midsection open. Murphy slid a left uppercut up into the man's chin. That sent him to the canvas.

Six seconds later, Angel got up. The rest of the round was indecisive. Angel was wary of the old man now.

The next round, Angel showed all his skill. Dan showed only how much punishment he could take and keep on coming.  In the end, the gym manager threw in a towel. Angel was the clear winner.  But when the bell rung, he didn't try any cheap shots.

Kimmy and Michelle rushed to his side. He felt bruised all over.

"Very respectable, Mister Murphy."

"I hope you are not seriously injured."

"Oh, it's not the first time a Murphy looked like this. We heal fast. So. Can we do business?"

"Yes. Si."

"Good. Because I don't think I could negotiate like this again." They laughed. Dan did little more than cough. "I think that young man, Angel, was right. We better pick up some ice on the way home girls. Kimmy, you drive."

Then he remembered a message to give the men. "Girls you get my things, will you? I'll stand here." They left and the men talked. "I should not have lost my temper like that."

"Perhaps. But we understand."

"It must be the Irish in me. I was taught to respect a fair fight, but when someone hits you in the back like that. Well we just keep on coming and never stop. You know how it is."

Senor Ruiz, again, was no fool. He wondered what Dan knew and what it all meant. Senor Garcia did not wonder and his estimation of the teacher went up notch.

"Pardon me. I am hurt and have no manners left. I knew that today was more than just business. I promised you my friendship. That's why I got into the ring and why I did what I did. You will see what I will do for my friends, and opponents."

Ruiz had lost faith in men but Dan came close. "I will call you tomorrow with the specifications. Heal quickly."

The girls arrived with his bag and laptop. While they were loading it in the truck, Senor Garcia got a few private words in. "How much do you know?"

"All of it. It was very obvious. Such things are necessary. Few men like us exist anymore. Tests and tolerance are necessary."

Back at home, Dan checked his Master PC record of Mister Ruiz's thoughts. Dan had not impressed him. He disapproved of the way he lost his temper after the cheap shot. But, in the end, he satisfied himself that Dan was a harmless hacker, useful and honorable, but who could be taken down if the need ever arose.

The report on Dan's computer was less than impressive. But then they hadn't found the CD-Rom with the good stuff. Sigh. He fiddled with Senor Ruiz, just a bit, to make sure he didn't fuck his golden goose. Then crawled off to the tub to soak.  While he soaked, he thought.

Today had taught him a valuable lesson. Master PC may embued someone with knowledge and power, but it will always the users will behind it. If it ever came to another Master PC fight, willpower would be the key.

The End of Part Three