Master PC Dan's story

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During fourth period, a senior office helper handed him a note from the principal's office.
Computers down in library. Need fix by tomorrow. -Ms. Chin

Sonuvbitch! There's goes lunch and probably dinner too. Dan's deal with the district provided that he "share his expertise" with the school. What that meant in reality was that they got free a free tech support department. Dan wouldn't have minded except the teachers were so damn lax.

 In his old company, if someone crashed the server he was in deep shit. That meant the company wasn't making any money that day. Here, no one gave a rat's ass what rule or instruction they disregarded, they had tenure. They didn't even bother to remember the error codes or commands.  Just telling what flashed up on the screen in big bold letters them would have saved him hours.

 With this non-informative note, it could be anything, from a power surge to a virus. Dick! He'd have to lug everything over there.

He taught for a period but didn't enjoy it. The anticipation of X amount of monkey work ruined everything. At lunch, he grabbed his tool case and headed for the library. The librarian, Ms. Chin, was pert little unit, young too, only in her twenties. Dan considered asking her out as he walked up to her desk
She did not even bother to look up at him. She was finishing up some paperwork. Dan recognized her method from his days at Silicon Valley. She was trying to get out on time because she had something or someone planned for tonight.

"I'm here. What did the computer's error message say?"

She graded with one hand and dismissively waved Dan away with the other. "All I know is that that they were working fine yesterday."

She had more important things to do than make his job easier.

  Dan looked at the sick computers. A very aggressive worm had wiped only six student computers' hard drives.  It was probably nothing fancy, just a pirated factory code that told the computers to re- initialize their hardrive.  Dan already had a backup zip drive ready. "Always keep a backup" was Dan lifelong motto. Taking that extra second to back things up had made him quite sought after in his private sector days as well as saved him hours of agony.

  He was reloading the second of the sick computers when Ms. Chin finally decided she had the time to spare.

 "So. What happened?" Despite the fact he was enabling her to go on with her lessons for the week, her tone was not gracious.
 "Somebody wiped their hardrives." Dan's tone was sour.  People always asked these questions, but they never understood the answer.

 "A virus?"

 "No, a worm. Both are bad but behave entirely differently.  It probably came through the server. Nothing I can't fix though. (Ms. Chin was unimpressed.) Who was on the computers here when it happened?"

 "Why here?"

 "The attack was very specific. Hackers are sometimes like pyromaniacs, they like to watch what they burn. So, who was on the computers?"

 Ms. Chin rattled off six names, one of which was "Timmy" a notorious hacker.

 "And you just let Timmy use a mobile workstation?!"

"Of course. That one." She pointed.

Dan looked around and saw a one of the disabled workstations rolled over and left by the carrels. It's user would be completely unsupervised. "You know he had been banned from the network! And you let him just roll a workstation over there?"

 "But he had had a hard day, and he promised me he wouldn't do anything bad."

 The phrase "We are not here to be their friends. We are here to teach."  Came to mind but Dan bit it back. She was the only real  teacher there.  He was only listed as a volunteer. "I can't believe you were that irresponsible."

 "Do you have any proof that, for sure, that he did it?"

"Let me see, six computers go down in one network neighborhood, attacked by a very powerful worm, and one of the boys on the network just happens to be a notorious hacker.... what am I suppose to think? "

 "It could have been downloaded from the net, right?"

 "He was on the Net? Nobody was supposed to even let him on the computers."

 "I think you better check your sources before you go around accusing people."

 "Accusing?" Dan was flabbergasted. What was the woman's problem?

 "If you are going to shout, I have better things to do."

 "Well, Ms. Chin, let me tell you that I will check this out.  And a little piece of advice, if you think you have earned the friendship of a boy who is willing to take advantage of your kindness and wipe your computers, you are wrong. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this comes back to bite you in the ass."

 "Next time you use that word on me, I will sue for sexual harassment."

 "What word? Ass? All I meant was that...never mind." This Chin knew how to take the offensive and hold it. For the umpteenth time in his life Dan dearly wished he had the personal assets to win an argument.  His lack of personal skills had cost him before. "Can I get back to fixing the computers?"

 "Just don't let it happen again." She turned and left, point made and with better things to do.

"Bitch." Dan mumbled under his breath. There was no getting through to some people. "What do you care if you make more work for me?"

Dan sighed when he looked at the workstation that Timmy had used. Not surprisingly, Timmy had taken the one with a CD Burner. He could have a dozen copies of the downloaded worm. Oh well, it's not like someone couldn't get a dozen worms off the net if they knew where to look.

Of course, the situation begged the question, "If it's so easy, why then wipe the harddrives at all? Answer: To cover his tracks. Logically, he must have installed a program from the web, then realizing how cool it was, wiped his and five other computers to muddy the waters. An accident would have just wiped out his computer, the school server, all the computers working at the time, or emailed itself to all the computers later. No. This spreading was too artificial, too deliberate.

 But Timmy left a witness and the knowledge that only he, of the six users, had the skill to surgically wipe six computers. Dan wondered what he had downloaded that was so valuable as to risk expulsion.

He would have to check all the server's download records. Reloading all the other hardrives would take him close to seventh period. He'd get to the server records after school.  Then he's take the tapes home and examine them there, in comfort.


Seventh period was a free period. Students entered the "Leper Colony" (as the faculty dubbed his tech class for at-risk kids) to work on research projects, type up papers and the like. Kimmy returned and looked busy.

Dan had been the senior systems analyst at his old company, so he recognized the difference between someone really hell bent on a project and someone who killed time with trivial busy work. Today, Kim fell into the latter category.

Four-thirty rolled around and everyone had gone, almost. Kimmy was still there. Only Kim was getting any work done on her assignment in Visual Basic. She was distracted and worked very slowly. Every punch of the keypad only seemed punctuate her misery.

Kimberly Dolan was a fine blend of Japanese, Hawaiian and Caucasian. They all blended beautifully. She had the Nipponese fair skin and dark hair. Her Hawaiian heritage rounded her face and figure and graced her tresses with more fullness than the usual, spidery, Japanese hair. Her Caucasian blood came out in her long legs, sculpted knees and heart shaped face. Dan could see it all.

Kim's hair was her pride and joy. It was deepest black, but the kind of black that shimmered inky-blue when the light caught it just right. She usually wore it loose, to where it brushed against the very top of her butt cheeks. It was full, heavy and a very gentle, long wave rippled through its entire length.  Other girls teased her in their jealousy.

From the cruel teasing he had witnessed the other girls deliver, Dan knew Kim had developed early. She sported a lovely set of upturned, "Ethiopia" shaped 36 D's, if Dan were any judge. But she was one of those girls who wasn't very uncomfortable with such a "worldwide" display of her womanhood.

He swiveled his monitor to get a bit of privacy and summoned up Kim's file. She usually came by at the end of Free Time. He would talk to her then. Meanwhile he'd learn all he could.

Kim was not the brightest, but she was as sweet as honey and, unlike most of the juniors Dan encountered, had a genuine work ethic. She could have been fine in the regular school. However, her counselor had noted that the poor girl's unstable home life made that impossible.

"Unstable" was an understatement. Dan has seen barroom brawls with more organization.

Kim's mom was an addict, usually meth. She was constantly in huge, public screaming matches, arrested, moving from one landlord to the next, running from collection agents and shacking up with men she insisted Kim call "Uncle" or at worst, "Dad."  The list of legal guardians was a long as his arm.

Yet, through it all, foster homes and all, miracle of miracles, Kim stayed sweet. And though Dan saw dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep, he never saw a bruise. Kim, could have, should have, been all right, if there were any justice to the world.

Now Dan had been warned that he must never be alone with female students. So he followed procedure, propped the door open, and called Kim to him. "Kim, I noticed you don't seem happy here, yet you didn't go home. May I ask why?"

Kim defensively held her arms across her chest and just looks down, silent.  For all the world, Dan was reminded of a frightened little rabbit... make that a terrified rabbit.

Her hair was pulled back, in a purple scrunchy, revealing her heart shaped face. Her skin was almost translucent, yet it wasn't pale.  Her face was as free from freckle, mole or zit as the driven snow. She was a little buck toothed, but at that moment her red lips were closed and her head was tilted down, eyes downcast, ready to accept discipline.

"I wonder if she has any idea just how fetching she is right now? " Dam mused. "Kim, you seem to be staying later than usual.  I know I am a guy, but what are you feeling awkward about today?  Let I help?"

"Please. I don't want to go back home like this."


"I can't tell you. Please just let me stay a little while longer. A little longer and my mom will be home."



Dan frowned. He usually went home at four/four thirty tops. He liked to ride his bike home in daylight when cars could see him better. But Kim's face scrunched up with such a pitiful expression of pleading, that his heart melted.

"How about six?" Kim jumped on her toes with joy. Dan guessed it was a good answer. "I've been asked to check out the computers in the library. You can finish up on the Visual Basic, ''kay?"

"Okay, Mister M, thanks!" She practically skipped over to her terminal. As she turned, Dan appreciated her figure. Her cheeks formed two beautiful teardrops under her clam digger pants.  Again he halted himself.

"Kim. One last thing. As long as you're here, the classroom door remains open, right?"

"Okay!" And she dived into her work, much relieved and oblivious to any reason why her teacher did not want to be alone with her.

Dan was just avoiding liability, no male instructor was ever above suspicion, "Guilty until proven innocent." were the watchwords.  He wasn't sure what Kim was hiding from. With her home life it could be a million things. He flicked open his cell phone and ordered pizza and pop at 5pm. When he signed up to be a teacher, he didn't realize his hours would be this long.

 Dan walked to the main school building. It was getting chilly. His toolkit was heavy. He had just left a perfect reason for a jail term in his classroom. He sang, "What a long strange trip it's been..."

Dan's Computer Enrichment Program was an odd duck, like a lot of ad hoc education programs are nowadays.  Technically, he was not part of the school but got to draw on its students and had to answer to the principal.  The faculty envied his independence and perceived huge funding. Still, they came crying to him whenever their server went down.

 The funding was a joke. Dan was officially a volunteer. He had taken this job, after he retired early from a software company. His friends said he was nuts to leave early, but he knew the boom couldn't last forever. He didn't get absolute top dollar for his shares, but he got plenty. He had made his fortune, now it was time to give back to the old neighborhood, just like he promised.

 Dan had heard about this program that was supposed to heal the "digital divide." The school district would get federal "seed money" to set up a computer lab and all the school district would have to do is maintain it.

 The former class geek was accepted with open arms. The principal wanted him to just sit around and work a web page lauding what a great job he was doing. The faculty wanted him to everything technical thing, from loading CD-ROMs on the server to putting toner into the copier. And the school district wanted his money, all of it.

 The school in general got it's cut too. With a month left in the old school year, the principal funneled off Dan's funds to buy two new servers for the main building and foisted the old ones off on Dan. The principal proudly called the new servers a "school mainframe." It was hacked and crashed before it was a month old.

 A portable from the 60's was upgraded. Dan scrounged up some ancient 486's. The machines not fit for doorstops, except whatever business had donated them to the district had built in huge pathways. So, with the few grand left over from Washington, Dan bought one kick-ass server and turned the old comps into nodes. Between Dan's personal stash and the district's buildings filled with purchased and donated out-of-date tech, he was able to slap together a relatively decent system over the course of a summer.

The software was all business apps, not the cutesy "makes learning fun" crap. Freshmen started out learning how to really word process and by the time they were seniors they could data warehouse in Linux, or so Dan hoped. The program was still only in its second year.

But as part of the deal for using school grounds, he was supposed to provide tech support. That was what he was on the way to do now. The librarian had reported that six of her workstations were down.

As he headed for the machine's room, Dan reflected on what he knew about the hacker, Timmy. He chuckled. "Mainframe." Timmy had called the school's hub servers a "mainframe;" like any high school outside of the Hamptons would have a Cray in the basement.


It was a well-kept secret, but standard operating procedure in today's schools that all downloads and chats were automatically shunted into a drive for later review. 99% of the time students used it legitimately, downloading web pages on the life cycle of the frog and that stuff.  If they downloaded something bad, it was usually just foul rap lyrics, sordid teen love emails or dirty manga cartoons. But parents insisted that their children be safe from sexual predators. Dan insisted on preventing contamination. So any chats, attachments, pict files or huge downloads were automatically recorded.  Everyone did it nowadays.

Dan was amazed that anyone using a school ISP would expect any privacy. If something went through the school's phone lines, the school had access to it; Email, everything. (Students should really read those release forms better.)

Dan preferred a tape backup for the server. It was long running, held tons of data and this model did not have a rewind gear. A hacker could never erase it. And people who didn't know better would assume it was "primitive" and overlook it.

He didn't want to leave Kim alone for to long, so, he simply put in a fresh reel, launched this weekend's update of  "Bugsmustdie 5.1a" and left. He'd scan the tape to see if anything was downloaded from the net at about the time the computers crashed and if Timmy's workstation was the designated recipient.

Back at the lab, Kim had put on her coat. True to her word, the door was still open and she was still working. While he re-scanned for viruses and the like, he checked up on her. The Basic assignment was done, well too. And it looked like she was typing up a long History report.  "Looks like a long night for me too, Kim."

From the time differential of when the computer's clocks reset to the time it was at present, Dan figured the time of the illegal operation and looked at the download log. One large file appeared near the right place and time. It was ten megs, way too big for a normal worm, but that could be just its shell, its "Trojan Horse."

Someone had used a "spatula" program; one that rewrites cookies and web addresses and sends them to the server's ordinary recorder a list of over a thousand harmless sites. It was invented for guys who liked to surf Internet porn while on the job. He had busted a couple temps in his time.

Dan's recorder did not use the site addresses it was handed, it simply recorded the data stream itself. When headers and footers were rendered irrelevant, cookie cutter boss programs have no grip. Still, it would take time to sherlock everything.

The pizza and pop arrived. Dan offered and Kim accepted without complaint. Dan worked through his meal, like a good geek. Non-greasy keys were a sign of a weak mind.

When Bill, the janitor, arrived for the usual vacuuming, he too shared in the cheesy bounty, then left. Six o'clock came all too quickly for Kim. It was six-fifteen when Dan had to remind her it was time for her to go. She was reduced to playing games, all her work done. It was getting cold and about to get really dark. On her way out the door, she looked as happy as a whipped dog.

Murphy was genuinely moved. It was then that he did something he swore he would never do, he got involved with a student's personal life.

"Kimmy. Come here." She walked over in small steps. "Look at me." Her big brown eyes flicked up to meet his gaze. He tried to sound both gentle and strong at the same time. "Listen. If there is anything I can do. If you need someplace safe... I can help. You know?"

"Thanks, Mister Murphy."

"Here." he went to his briefcase and he noticed Kim visibly tensed. Why? He got out his business card. "This has my cell.  Keep me in mind, Okay? I mean it. Anything, anytime call me."

Now she relaxed, like she had just avoided some huge disaster. "What?' he wondered?

"I will."



Kim had left and so should have he. His personal computer system took up half the finished basement. He could finish the work faster and in more comfort. But his blood was up. And he might need something from the tech room, so he put on a pot of coffee and buckled down.
Sector, sector, there it was. Something called "Master PC"

Dan didn't open the worm. He transferred it to a very disposable heavy duty zip drive, isolated its pathway through his computer then hit....

Minutes passed. The zip whirred like its entire hardrive was being rewritten. "Wow. This is a serious worm." Then, what Dan assumed to be, the traditional "In your face!" message appeared.


He began to think.  It should be safe.



Dan entered a fictional name.


Range? What the hell is this thing? A hacker weapon? No matter what it was programmed for, it was limited to his system.

Dan entered his name. Suddenly, a 3-D image of Dan himself popped up on the screen and rotated. It showed him, sitting, wearing his black polo shirt, gray pants, even the correct frame of his glasses.

"Wow. Nice graphics. So it's activated my web cam. All without turning on the red light. Night touch.  Must be a spy program. " Dan surfed through the pull down menus and deduced that he could morph his image in basically two ways. There were scroll bars that could enhance or reduce specific physical or mental abilities or attitudes and there was a text window that allowed for more "free form" instructions. "The character on the screen will behave precisely as instructed." All in all, a pretty sophisticated system.

"So. It's a game. You capture someone's image and then play with them. Pretty funny."

He tried the free form box, "CHANGE HAIR COLOR TO BLONDE. FULL HEAD OF HAIR." "Send" seemed to be the command of choice rather than execute or return.


His scalped itched, subconsciously he thought, as his screen image turned blonde, his images hairline moved forward and the did grow a bit fuller, longer too.

"Way cool dude!" he joked. "Nice. Let's try the scroll bars." Dan upped his physique's strength to the max and  increased his height to 6'4".  SEND. "ARRRRGH!"  Suddenly, he was wracked with pain in his waist and feet. It was like he was like a comic book monster. Desperately, he kicked off his low-tops and undid his belt. His shirt buttons and seams popped. After the pain subsided, the extent of Master PC's power began to dawn on him. "Holy Shit." His image was on his knees, just like he was, only with no shoes, loose pants and a torn shirt.

"It alters reality." No wonder Timmy, the hacker tried to remove any trace of it. Now the world was at the mercy of an adolescent boy, a smart one too. "Shit."

No records or UNDO button existed.  He knew his height, 6'1", but he guessed his pre-miracle fitness level at above average. (He was an avid cyclist.) That restored him to mostly normal. "Will I ever be normal again?" At least he had the clothes he used to cycle to work.

He had to get privacy. He packed the tape and the zip into its case, slipped it into his backpack and cycled home. On the way, he wondered if Master PC could do more than undo all the damage it had done to him. Hell, he wondered if it could lower his pulse rate, or even his cholesterol.

Once home, he rushed into is basement and while the computer system installed Master PC onto his Q drive, he took a long, hot shower and planned.

"Okay. Timmy has a copy of this out there.  I have to find out if he has done anything with it yet." Dan had met Timmy. The boy was very smart, impatient and very frustrated with the world, like a lot of boys his age. Only now, Timmy's frustration had an outlet.

As he dried himself, he admired his muscle's newfound definition.
Back at Master PC, he re-entered his stats but this time he was dressed only in his loose terrycloth robe. He brought his hair back to its normal, pre-summer brown. But he left the fullness.

He looked at the scroll bars. He found he could print the current settings, so recording information was possible if inefficient. He couldn't help but be disappointed at his body fat. His cholesterol level shocked him. "Damn pizza." He mumbled.

Just in case, he printed his read out. Then he began to gently fiddle with his readings. He lowered his body fat, cholesterol and pulse rate. He increased his strength without significantly affecting his size. Reflexes and hand-eye coordination were bumped to the max.  He liked his sky blue eyes and left the rest of his familial features alone. As the coup de gras he shaved seven years off his age. SEND.

"That felt soooo good!" He rushed over to the wall of mirror tile that covered his North Wall. The house's previous tenant had used this room for workouts. Now, Dan finally got some use. He was as buff as a comic book hero and he looked years younger... because he was! He went over to the old fridge he had rigged just for kegs and poured himself a celebratory cold one.

He cranked up the heat, slipped on shorts and admired himself.  Damn. He looked good and no side effects that he could see. Wasn't there always a price to pay? This was too good to be true.

He hustled to the computer and searched the help file for "consequences, physical."  The computer displayed a file in text the most significant passage was:  "There are no internal consequences to physical enhancement. All cardio-vascular, cerebral and other considerations are automatically adjusted for. However, dramatic physical or mental changes may produce un-intended results. Clients should actively seek to prevent adverse outcomes and inexact terminology."

"Good news and bad news. It looked like all the little things were thought of, but altering my intelligence (could I alter my intelligence?) might alter my personality as well, unless I specifically instructed it not to. Beware the Midas Touch!

Okay. Let's try the open-ended text and see if the program is as really as user friendly as the help menu makes it out to be.


Just like that, his skin was free of everything from the mole on his upper arms, to the acne scars on his cheeks. He poured himself another and thought.

He chuckled.  "Ah to be young!" It must have been the beer. Dan wondered what screen the hacker had accessed. He summoned up the scroll window for genitals and saw his mediocre stats. He couldn't resist the temptation.

He put his dick up to fourteen, no ten (no need to scare anybody) inches, expanded the diameter a two scoches, increased his load capacity from three to ten ejaculations a day and as he slid the "endurance" bar higher and higher; he hoped it carried over to bicycle racing too.


"Oh yeah, baby!" Dan was sold. This machine was the best thing ever. Now he had to keep it secret. Who knows what god put this thing out there? There were only three reasons he could think of why anyone would put this program out there. One:  the gods were playing games with human kind, two: the gods wanted some poor bastard to have a whole lot of fun with the world. Somehow, in his heart of hearts, Dan, knew it was latter. There was nothing to fear from its creators. But...

One. There was at least one other person out there with this program, Timmy. He had at least to find out what he was doing.


Swiftly, the PC typed back.




Dan suddenly realized he would have to take precautions. Only a rare teenage boy would like Dan having "veto" power over his godhood.  Dan typed in Timmy's name.

Timmy appeared. He was sitting at a desk, probably programming who knows what. Wait. He's a teenage boy. He's probably after what Dan was after at his age, girls. This gave him some slack.  But all his years on the planet gave Dan a good idea about human nature. Timmy would start small, but then he would seek bigger and bigger thrills, each one guaranteed to top the next.

But when he typed in,
FORGET ALL ABOUT MASTER PC Dan received an alert.


Damn.  Dan summoned up Timmy's stats and watched the boy climb his way to godhood.  Dan considered turning himself into a superman, flying over there and hitting him with atomic eyebeams or something and ending it right there. But that wasn't his style. He was a simple man, who didn't think of murder as a solution. He just wanted to help people and didn't want to take the responsibility of stopping a monster in the making. Besides he hadn't done anything so bad.

Dan remembered that master PC behaved precisely as programmed. In the programming world there is a golden saying, "I know that's not what you intended, but that's what you typed."

"He will be targeting students, teachers and staff he knows. He barely knows I exist. My students don't travel in the same circles. I bet we aren't even on his radar.  Dan typed in another command.


With a sigh of relief, Master PC did not send Dan an error message. Timmy mind would not be changed, he would simply continue as he was. Now the two were at stalemate. There was always a way around programming, and as long as he did not confront this new god directly, he would be safe. Still Dan programmed in.


Still, he had programmed around Timmy's defenses, someone could see the loophole in his. Before he went to sleep that night, he set to work with some of his obsolete equipment to create a backup copy of himself.

The next day was amazing. Dan had trouble finding clothes that really fit. For his ride to school, he was thrilled to find he fit into the racing togs he wore in college. For the classroom, he settled for an older pair of slacks and an oxford shirt that showed off his new musculature and made a palm pilot note to go shopping.

Dan arrived early. He wasn't as tired as he should be and Cycling seemed to be effortless. He made the trip a whole ten minutes faster!

But the school was a different place. Master PC could control minds. From now on, any one of his students might be Timmy's willing minion. He scanned for signs of abnormal behavior and was blinded by clarity.

Dan's heightened perception was overwhelming. It was like a veil had been torn from his eyes.

As his first period class moved through its lesson, Dan was aware of things he never noticed before. Kim subconsciously swayed her upside down heart shaped ass at any boy she was talking to when she walked away.

Shelly, though loudly iconoclastic, slavishly followed the latest Goth fashions. She shot hateful glares at Raquel, the cheerful, full figured Latina girl on a constant basis. Railing against Raquel's interest in fashion and magazines.  It was now clear as day. "I think you dost protest too much." Dan thought.

And his new perceptions picked up another sexual tension in the room. The girls were noticing his new physique and they liked it... a lot.  Dan enjoyed the approval of the young girls more than he cared to admit.

Growing up, he had never been very good at reading people. He had a few girlfriends but had always "played" them badly. This new perceptive ability made him feel confident around girls for the first time his life.

He leaned over Kenisha to obstensively examine her screen. He knew she was appreciating his cologne at the same time.

He made a discrete show of lifting and moving his workstation. Lan, the pert, Vietnamese beauty, cleared her throat.  The show of his new muscles had set her mouth to go suddenly dry. Yes, adolescent girls were the slaves of hormones as much as boys.

Michelle, a longhaired, sultry, Puerto Rican, unashamedly appreciated his new physique, and paid him a compliment.  "Looking goooood, Mister M."  as she entered the class. Dan thanked her and returned a polite "you too." When she wasn't hung-over or sleepy, Michelle did look good. She had fine brown hair, with highlights, that went down to the small of her back. She had developed nice round tits, a tiny, tight ass, long legs and flat belly. And she didn't mind wearing clothes that showed off her fitness. She looked strong too.

Kim pretended not to notice the play between the two. (Funny, the same way Dan pretended not to notice her.) But during class, she stole quick, furtive looks at the "new Dan" when he thought he wasn't looking. Feeling devilish, Dan turned suddenly turned and looked her in the eye, "busting" her. She was so flustered; she couldn't type anything for five minutes.

As fun as showing off was, it was one of the best classes Dan had ever taught. With his new found sex appeal, management time was minimal. Did girls really cause that much trouble? Did good looks really help that much?

He attached his zip drive, the one with a copy of Master PC.

The bell rang and Dan immediately hit his privacy screen.

There were more and longer "goodbyes" from the girls than usual and Dan knew why. Kim was last.  Again with a pitiful look. "Six O' Clock again, Mister M?"

Dan was about to decline. He really wanted to spend some time alone with his new program. But his new perceptions screamed that this girl was afraid, deathly afraid, of someone at home.  He kicked himself. "I was thinking Chinese tonight. You allergic to anything?"

Dan picked up a real wave of relief amid her quick shake, smile and "No, nothing."

"Fine. See you then." Kim left and this time Dan couldn't help but notice her lovely, lovely sway. "So I get heightened perceptions. But now I am aware of more problems, so I feel guiltier if I do not help. I guess it's one of those "unforeseen consequences" Master PC warned me about.  Ignorance is bliss."

Still, he wouldn't trade it for anything. At last people were not near the mystery they used to be. And he had a new ten-inch cock he was dying to try out

It would be at least fifteen minutes before the next batch of students shuffled in. First period, with its early risers was the best. Second period was the worst. They were often hung over from the night before, stoned from the period before or just plain un-interested in anything he had to teach them.

"Time for a little attitude adjustment." After a quick cut and paste of the class roster into the Master PC text box, Dan adjusted their attitudes, literally. From that day on, they would see the value of computers...wait. They might notice the change in their behavior and word would eventually seep into Timothy. It had to be subtle. He needed time to think and he knew just the distraction.

The class from hell came in. Metalheads, Stoners, Slackers and just plain Beaters, this period had it all. All these guys, without exception, were on the short route to jail, homelessness, a long dirt nap or reh-hab for the lucky ones.

"All right you guys.  I've hooked up joysticks to all the terminals.  I've loaded the latest chase, sport and role-playing games in the CD tower. You can even use the external CD players to listen to music. Go for it." Not one even bothered to ask why.
This left their teacher totally at peace, totally working on improving their lives. Dan knew that he could change their lives for the better. The trick was getting them to make them think it was their own idea. He started with the class list of girls and added a key sentence at the end of every thought to conceal from them that they had a sudden, violent, change of mind.

The first trick was just getting them to let him teach.




 And if being physically attractive, not offering them million dollar skills, is what took to get their attention. Fine. Then let's give the public what they want. I want their total attention with as little change to their base personality as possible. I won't change their energy, just re-direct it."


And he couldn't help but throw in just a little vengeance for all the shit they put him through for the past four months.



After making sure that when they diddle themselves to his face that they'd have the best orgasm of their young life, he added a little education and a little repetition to be on the safe side.


Dan couldn't resist. He laid it on thick. "So this is what power, real power feels like. Feels good."


 Good. That would get their hormones working for him for a change, without having them fall all over him. He then retroactively pasted the same commands into the first period girls, except Kim.

For the boys he upped their ambition level, eliminated any drug dependency and added a genuine appreciation of him and the things he was trying to teach them. Sam Wills had serious health problems and Dan could only hope he fixed them. He would have to review him better at home.

All he need to do now was type "send."

All the while they played games, listened to filthy lyrics and chatted. If they could only smoke, this would be their heaven. If they assumed that Mr. Murphy had given up on them, like the rest of the world, they were wrong.  And then he paused.

Dan seriously reflected. Did he have the right to do this? Change their lives permanently. Yes. But only if he assumed responsibility for everything he did to these people afterwards.

Should he alter their minds? Why not? Haven't poisons, advertising and a brutal world affected them even more? He would simply be the one using unimaginable power to hold back the hosts that corrupted these children.

In the end, Dan quietly said, "Fuck it. I admit it. I will be a bastard, if I do this. But I will be their bastard." And he typed in SEND.

As he was just about to hit the "enter" key and turn their lives around, he felt his old penchant for the theatrical come back to him.

"Class. May I have your attention?"

Most almost stopped what they were doing. "While you young Neroes were fiddling. Rome burned." Dan discreetly hit "enter."


Not with a bang but with a whimper. Little by little the games and music went off. The boys and girls inquired about long neglected assignments.  Boys listened to everything Dan said and girlish eyes followed every move he made. Once, in bit of ironic revenge, he stretched. The schoolgirls watched, fascinated. Three were particularly impressed.

Suzy, the short, lanky girl with the foul mouth and stringy dishwater blonde hair, actually let out a small moan of purest want. Jasmine, the saucy, full figured Filipina squirmed in her seat. Clearly, she was already picturing tonight in her head. And the Queen MetalBitch of the all, Suzanne, sucked in a breath past her bitten her lower lip.

The boys, as programmed, focused on work and never noticed a thing. With the drugs, emotional and mental poisons out of their system, it was a like whole new class. These children were actually were more like themselves than anytime in their lives. They learned, laughed and had a great time.

Despite protests, Dan dismissed five minutes early. He wanted to get a head start on programming the rest of the classes. All the girls said goodbye to him. Jasmine and Suzanne flirted a bit and Suzy appeared like it hurt to leave. But they all left eventually. Some promised to come back for seventh period, but for once they meant it.

This time, he typed all the free form text in an older, word processing format, saved it for later and then pasted it into Master PC. It required a little re-formatting, but now he had a record of just what he did to these kids.

He promised himself that it would only be harmless fun and he was actually helping these young people. After all, he had already cured three drug addicts and what he thought was a case of TB. Anything, above smoking, that wasn't life threatening he would pass. He would not change their base personality and he sure as shit not go all politically correct on them. Dan liked teaching in a school with a mix of people.

He would have to print out some guidelines for himself, restraint would be hard.

Third period came and went. He repeated his performance but this time he added, to aid his teaching more conventionally, axioms like...


Again he left Kim out of it.  A man had to have limits.

Dan also eliminated alcoholism, two budding cocaine dependencies, had them at least consider cut down the pot to recreational time. Sam turned out to be in the early stages of arthritis and a case of herpes.

Fourth period was a dream. Everyone listened closely; they all did what he told them first time. And yes, the girls bathed him in looks of affection, romantic love, and even a little tongue-rolling lust.

Relishing his newfound power and control, Dan lowered himself next to the Tanya Chang. She was a nasty bit of work of ever there was one.  Smart-mouth. thought-she-knew-everything and everyone-else-was-dirt on-her shoe-only money mattered type. She was hot all right, from her curled, full, deeper-than-shoulder length, black hair, all the way to long elegant stems you could suck on for a week. Her hair was perfectly moussed, gelled and styled every second of every day.

Tanya used sex as a weapon and everyday she went out loaded for bear. Today, she had squeezed into a trampy, lime green single knit mini-dress that hugged her figure. Before today, she would blab away on her cell phone right when he was giving a lecture. He had overheard she was fucking some rich college kid and a few he didn't know about.  She was going to marry him, poor bastard.

Today, Dan bent close, on the pretense of examining her screen. She could feel his hot breath in her ear, yet Dan's body maintained a proper stance, not touching her in the slightest. He paused, right there. Despite her best efforts, she tensed. He could see her pulse racing up her neck. From the corner of his eye, he saw a couple of other girls stab her with jealous looks. It was he, (that was the point he wanted to make) which broke the tension. "You forgot a lot of formatting, Tanya. That's sloppy work. You are going to have to do better or I may have to replace you."

Dan straightened above her. The jealous girls were savoring Tanya's downfall.  Wise Mister Murphy was chiding her. He relished the moment. "Do you want to be replaced?"

Tanya rushed to answer and then caught herself. "No! I ah mean no...I can do this. Sorry, Mr. Murphy."

"Come on. Concentrate. Get this perfect. NOW!"

When he shouted, she practically peed in her pants. So eager was she for his approval. She launched herself into her programming.  It was the best day of his life.

The lunch bell rang. The students were now filing out when they used to bolt. All the girls hung back a little behind the boys and chatted with their new favorite teacher. Dan was a bit curt. He was some important business to do.

Tanya Chang really hung back, this annoyed him. "Miss Chang, please go."

Seeing as she was finally alone with him, she left her Prada backpack on her chair and slid up to him. She had adjusted her mini to give Dan a full sight of her beautifully round 34 D's. "I am really sorry Mr. Murphy. I promise not to do it again." She put her full, juicy lips into a pout, held her arms behind her back and swayed. Here doey brown eyes looked up at him through her bangs.

Dan smirked and actually felt good about this obvious attempt at manipulation. Her baseline personality really hadn't been changed. That probably meant the same for everyone else.  He tried to say the most devasting thing to her possible. "Look, Miss Chang, you have been deliberately ruining this class for weeks. And flashing me your melons only makes you look sordid." In one swift action, he stormed over to her station, picked up her backpack and swung it out the door into the yard. "Now, get out!"

All the students in the yard stared. A humiliated Tanya Chang ran, as fast as she could in three-inch stiletto heels, cradled her pack in her arms and ran, tears forming in her eyes.

The teacher foresaw a happy cycle, at-risk kids in... promising, monkey-free people out. Meanwhile, he fixed innumerable health and psychological problems.  True, Timmy the Hacker was still out there, but these kids were such outsiders, even when they showed up to class he bet they were under everyone's radar.  For now, the risk was worth it. For them, Master PC was a gift from heaven. Dan had taken precautions and enforced a bit of discretion on them, he hoped it was enough.

That  Friday night at his house, Dan basked in the glow of that day. A shower before bed. Dan was hot and dusty from his work in the attic. It was about nine.  It was in the shower when he remembered the fantasy command he had given the girls. "The girls would be going to bed about now."


He slipped on his flannels pj's, slipper, robe and walked down to his basement.  He turned left at the laundry room and swung the false piece of paneling aside. He entered his code into the Strongdoor.

The neighborhood wasn't completely safe and he needed to protect his investment. Everything was insured, but like every geek, it was the configuration he had worked for years on that he wanted to preserve, The builder assured him it would take nitro or an industrial hydraulic jack to get into his basement now.

He woke up his server, and turned on all of his eight nodes. Between of his career in computers and having access to the High School storage rooms, Dan was able to assemble quite the "Command Center."  Feeling quite like the "evil mastermind," he corked cheap Chianti, put a few sinister movie soundtracks in the surround sound and sat back in his Norwegion leather office chair.

Master PC ran on seven terminals. In each terminal he typed in the name of his favorites. Suzy, Jasmine, Suzanne, Shelly, Raquel, Lan and of course, Tanya. The three-D images of each girl appeared on each monitor.. Beside which the Mind Window, scrolled by their thoughts and sensations.

Suzy was lying on her belly, legs bent and calves in the air. Her chin rested on her hands.  He assumed she was watching TV.  She wore a comfortable tank top and a pair of denim cut offs that rode up.

Jasmine was on an invisible phone.  She wore gold satin pajamas.

Suzanne was in jeans and a low cut t-shirt that showed plenty of cleavage. She zipped up her puffy jacket and resumed sipping something and chatting. He assumed she was at a kegger of some sort. He confirmed it by checking her intoxication scroll bar.

He sent her home, with a sober friend. When he checked to see how she planned to masturbate to him that night, it turned out she had a picture of him, in his cycling gear between her mattresses at home and had used it for inspiration before. Interesting. No need to disappoint her. He redirected her and her friend to his house. They were way out in the woods, it would be an hour before they arrived.

Raquel was painting her toenails. He thoughts flashed on the screen in Spanish. A Master PC command later and Dan knew all Spanish, even the more obscure dialects.

In her native Spanish, Dan commanded her dress in something Mister Murphy would like to see her in. From a box her mother did not know about, she produced a sky blue silk chemise and paraded in front to her mirror. She looked like a lingerie model. Oh, she might get fat later, but her full chest and healthy buttocks could have made her.  She would picture seducing Dan in that tonight (hell, she had done so already) and he programmed her to consider him in whenever she wore it.

Raquel proceded with her fantasy. Her mother and father were asleep next door, so she was very quiet when she took her Western saddle down from its stand. From its hinding place insider her boxspring she removed her strap on dildo. She then strapped it on the saddle so it was standing erect.

Dan was shocked to say the least. His idea of masturbation was a little diddling. Apparently, young women thought differently.

She slipped was discman and danced in front of her full length mirror. Her hips swayed lewdly. She pushed up her jugs, offering them to her fantasy teacher. She turned her head to the side and put her arms behind her back, allowing the straps on the chemise to fall, exposing her big, caramel tits. She pinched them. Her lips pursed into a tiny "o" as she did so. She bit her lower lip, hips gyrating all the time. She tossed her head hair violently, it was time.

She reached under her chemise and hooked her thumbs into her panties. She slid them down, lifted the sopping silk to her face and inhaled her own arousal. Then they fantasy continued. She took off the discman and spoke, playing her dream role.

She spoke in a  baby-ish voice, full of pleading and false innocence. "Oh, Mister M, you are so strong. I love you so much. Don't you know I much I love you? Let me show you. My cunny is so wet for you, my little cunny is so wet, I am so beautiful when you are inside me, so big, inside my cunny..." Slowy whe lowered her self onto the dildo equipped saddle. Her head titled back farther and farther as her fantasy lover penetrated her inch by in. At last she felt the leather against her thighs. She was full, but not satisfied.

She raised and lowered her pussy, slowly at first. He arms, braced on the carpet. She lolled her head from side to side, in tempo with the lustful humping. "You feel so good Meester M. Feel so good inside me. Make me feel so beautiful. Oh, ai."

He hips went from bounce to pogo. "Oh yes. I feel you. My cunny needs it so much." He head was sanpping from side to side in tempo. Then she squeezed her jugs, roughly. "Oh! Ai!"

The stimulation of her tits made her frantic for climax. The pogo motion became a jackhammer. Her head whipped from side to side.

Now Dan took some control. He forbade her to orgasm her as usual, but feel all the pleasure and more. It would be like she plugged her clit into a wall socket and her g-spot sent lighting bolts of bliss straight into her brain. All the while, Dan's image would be square in her mind.

The jackhammer became a rodeo, huge tits bouncing. She was desperate to come, for some relief from the razor's edge of seventh heaven. Diabolically, he let her go on this way for three whole minutes while he thought of an appropiate trigger. Sweat poured from her body, her mind desperately sought the last sex straw as she rode the saddle. He thought of it at last, he whispered fantasies into her mind about feeling his semen splash inside her, then allowed her to come.

Raquel bit her lip until it bled, stifiling her scream of joy. Her back arched, her head spasmed from side to side. Wher he sexquake subsided, she slid off the dildo and twitched in the aftershocks. From now on, seed inside her would trigger orgasm.

As Raquel put away her paraphenailia she reflected on how she had never come so good before. She intuited Mister M was to thank and wondered what the real thing would be like. She wanted the real thing.

Shelly was watching TV. She interested Dan only so far as it included Raquel. So he simply, Dan commanded her to include Raquel, as well as him, in her tonight's masturbation session, like he knew she secretly wanted. She wouldn't be able to help herself.

Lan was performing her nightly facial, getting ready for bed.  Her sister, Thu was hogging the mirror. Dan checked her stats and programmed her nerves to hypersensitivity whenever she thought about him. Even the simple act of putting on a shirt would cause her to coo when she thought of him at the same time. She would be in bed soon so he would visit her later.

Meanwhile, Jasmine was off the phone and in bed. He fantasy had him buying diamonds, furs and limo rides and she was diddling herself to that. Anything she wanted, he got for her. The two of them were on the French Rivera sharing a kiss on a marble balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. They made love on the balcony while the sun warmed them and breezes cooled them off.  He licked her and did all the things she liked before. Dan swore he loved her before he entered her. He lasted a long time and she came. Then she dozed off.

 "That's sweet but a bit dull. What a whimp." Disappointed, Dan looked in on Lan. She was waiting for her sister, in the next bed to go to sleep before she diddled herself. Rather than risk another limp-dick soap opera, he put her to sleep and invaded Lan's dreams.




 Lan's dream is not a pleasant one. In it, she is a servant to a wicked Queen and the wicked princess.  The land is an oriental one of rice paddies and rain forest. The castle is based on the Buddahist temples she has visited.
 In her dream, vague commands are given by the Queen and Princess. Lan runs around trying to fufill each command but her hair falls out as she runs. She never reaches a destination. Requested bread turns to snakes in her hand. The Queena and Princess are furious. The courtiers laugh and laugh at poor servant girl. She is sent the hot, stemy, sweaty, kitchen that looks just like the Dan's Classroom (ouch!) where an evil chef watches over her.  The cylclone of the nightmare never ends, orders, failure, humiliation.

 Dan decided to intervene.

 The evil chef pulls off his mask and reveals himself to be a handsome Prince from a foreign land. (Mister Murphy)  He had heard tales of her great beauty, but sought out a humble girl. So he disquised himself and came to the kitchen.

 He lifts her up with one hand. He kisses her. It feels better than any kiss ever. (Lan "mmmmed" in her sleep.) Suddenly, she is cool, clean and dressed in silk. He says she is the chosen one. He takes her to the garden, just outside the kitchen door. There is a pond, is it cool and clear. A willow tree provides shade. White Lotus flowers bloom on the dark, moonlit waters.

 The two lovers undress. She is not ashamed. He is the hansomest man she has ever seen. They dive in. They splash and play in the cool, clean water.  They touch. They are waist deep in the pond. She knows what is coming next. She wants it. The Prince is her destiny, her fate. She embraces both it and him. They kiss and tounges entwine. (Lan moans in her sleep.)

 The Prince kisses down her chin, her neck, to her left breast. His kissed are the breath of life itself. (Under the covers, Lan's left hand moved to her left breast and groped it.)

 The Prince lifts her by her armpits and sucks on her right tasty mouthful. Lan is in heaven. The Pirnce makes her feel really loved and appreciated for the first time in her life.

 She gives of herself fully and without reservation. She wrapped her small legs around his hips and lowers herself around him. He slips inside her filling her to the brim in more ways than one. (In the real world, Lan let out a real moan of escatacy as her dextrous fingers caressed her slit.  Dan made her both her clit and g-spot were attached, safely, to the dream.)

 The Prince and Lan sink beneath the surface of dream-pond and fuck with no gravity to weigh them down. Bouyantly they hump. Dolphins (girls like dolphins) swim by and approve of the new lovers. (Back in the real world, Lan was gasping with every dream thrust, working her way to orgasm.)
 Suddenly, before she could cum, a long claw drags Lan by her shoulder to the surface, away from her prince.

Thu woke Lan up, shaking her by the shoulder. "What do you think you are doing you little slut?"

 "Huh? What?" Lan realized where her hands were and her eyes went wide. "It was just a dream."

 Thu smacked her a good one across the face. Dan kicked himself for not putting Thu soundly to sleep as well. Then the mother entered, roused by the rukus.  "What is going on here?"

 "Your little slut daughter her was fucking in her sleep." Thu was triumphant.

 "That cunt belongs to the family." Mother smakced her repeatedly. "You here me? You leave it alone. If you cannot have blood on the wedding night we are shamed." She smacked Lan on last time for emphasis. "Now go to bed. Fortunately, your father is a heavy sleeper."

 Lan hid under the covers in tears. Thu went to sleep. Her mother went back to bed muttering to herself that sons would be less trouble.

 "Well, this is my fault." Dan accepted responsibility. Suzzane would be arriving soon, so he made it a quick cure. He healed Lan and wiped any memory (except the dream) from the three. He made her sister and her mother much heavier sleepers. Lan would visit her Prince as often as she liked.

 Now he took some vengence for himself and poor Lan.


 Their castle was in flames. The acrid odor of smoke filled their nostrils. Beautiful and terrifying Amazon warriors, threw Thu and her mother down before the mighty Prince,  Murphy.

 You have gravousely erred. You have abused your rights and responsibilities. Now your house is thrown down and you are at my mercy.
This was all your fault."

Mrs. Tran's true colors came through, "Do not hurt me. I will do anything."

 "Do not presume to make deals with me, woman. I will say. You will do. Period." He threw a horse sized double dildo between the two. It kicked up dust.

 Thu looked at it, completely stumped. Mrs. Tran, who had led a full life, knew what it was and what was expected of her and her daughter. She somehow sensed that if she did not comply, more, serious pain would follow. "Come here daughter." She commanded.


 "Just come here."

 Thu didn't like her tone of voice. She knew something was up. "No."

In the real world, Dan didn't have time for this.

 A squad of gorgeous amazons, grabbed the slender Vietnamese beauty, ripped off her silk dress and splayed her legs. Her sex was completely at her mother's mercy. Everthing was lit by the hellish backdrop of their burning castle. Mrs. Tran looked to the Prince who nodded the go ahead. Slowly, she screwed the mammoth latex column into her daughter.

It hurt at first, but, thanks to Dan, Thus' dream pussy accepted its entire girth. Dan made sure her body looooovved the sensation, even as her mind railed against the outrage. It was quite the debate. What would win? The limbic center or prefrontal lobe?

 Thu's mother slid the monster double dildo in and out of her daughter. Soon, it slid easily in and out, slurping with the young girl's juices. (In the real world, Thu thrashed about in pleasure/shame.) The elder hoped that outraging her daughter would satisfy the dream tyrant. No such luck.

 A group of four amazons, repeated the daughter's process on the mother and forced her onto her end of the rubber horse cock. The warriors swung them back and forth, in a mutual plunge. It was when Dan noiticed Thu attempting to grind her clit against her mother's during the bump did he release some control.

 Mr. Tran was apparently as big as a thumb so Mrs. Tran started getting her jollies too. The Prince approached. "Thank me."

 "What?" The Tran girls gasped between thrusts.

 "Thank me for this, or I stop it now.

 The teen, Thu, did not hesitate. This was the best dream of her young life. "Thank you. Oh. Thank, you, my prince." Dan had to sensitize Mrs. Tran to his image before she willingly complied.

 In the real world, the doorbell rang. Suzzanne and her friend had arrived. Dan slipped on some sweats and left the Vietnamese mother and daughter humping to the rythym of "Thank you, my Prince."  They no longer need the amazon's assistance. They would orgasm soon enough. He left it up to them if they chose to continue the dream. They would remember the dream, and the conquering Prince's face, his own.


 Suzzane was leaning on Ashley's shoulder. "Oh. Mister Murphy. I am sorry. She told me this was her house."

 "Well it looks like she's had a few. A real coincidence."

 "We better go." Ashley was an ugly girl, more than a bit fat. She was wearing the pajama bottoms that were in fashion nowadays. It was an invitation to the boys, more brazen than even the hot pants of Dan's youth.

 "Wait. I can look up her address. Besides, do you need to use to the bathroom? Or do you want to keep wandering around her all night looking for her house?"

 "Okay. Thanks."

 "No prob." Dan cradeled the drunk for her and laid her out on the sofa. "The bathroom is over there, at the end of the hall."

 As Ashely had her leak, Dan contemplated his next move. Suzzane was a bitch, openly defiant, mean as they came. Her request for Ashley to drive her home came more as a command.

 Tonight was more of an experimentation of control. He had used fantasy and dreams to control people. That was a valuable lesson. Maybe Master PC could forcefully program people, but would the chains someone forged themselves be stronger?

 Would simple bribery work? And would it work well? He got the laptop with the Master PC zip booted up, After making sure no one would ever realize he was on the computer, he typed in the SOP commands  then pre-set  the morpher.

 Ashley returned. She was so fat, she hadn't been able to wipe herself thoroughly and smelled of feces. "Did you get her address?"

 "No. And I am not going to. Ashely, how would you like to be beautiful? You will tell me the truth."

 "I want to be beautiful more than life."
 "I could make you beauttful." He hit a key on a copmter she would never "see." "Look in the mirror above the mantle."

 Ashley was thin. Not only thin, but gorgeous, curvaceous. She could have been a swimsuit model. Her facial features were recognizable, just better, like her new fuller, more luscious red lips. Her pajama bottoms were falling off and she grabbed them. Her neckline showed off the tops of her new 36D's.

 "36-24-34 are you new measurements. Like them? Oh and your type 2 diabetes is history, along with all addictions and the diseases those awful boys gave you."

 Ashley thought about it. It was true. She usually thought about meals day and night, but not now, nor did she feel the need to be filled in the mouth, by food anyway. She licked her lips and stared at Dan's crotch. She was having thoughts she had never had before in her life.

 Oh she had sucked cock before, mainly to keep a boy. Most wouldn't fuck her ever, so she had gotten really good at blow jobs. She had desperately hoped to keep a boy that way. Instead all she got was a reputation. But she had never wanted to have oral sex before, not like this.

 "What did you do to me?"

 "Everything comes with a price. You get this body and all people think better of you. In return I get two things. I think you know what the first thing is." He baited, she bit.

 "And the second?"

 "Suzanne. Leave your friend here. If anyone asks (and they wouldn't ask, but no need to tell Ashley that), she ran off in the woods after taking a pee on the way back.

 "Deal." No hesitation. Screw Suzanne. Best friend or no, this was her chance at the brass ring.  She dropped before Dan, opened his robe and released his member. She sucked like a real pro, not even blinking at his real size. Dan had supplanted her hunger for food with a hunger for his semen.

  She took it all in, never gagging.  The second she agreed, her inclination flared to a passion. She wanted him to come in her mouth. She craved the taste of his cum more than she craved all those other foods in her lifetime. Dan's creamy white spunk was now her ambrosia, nectar of the gods.

 Dan was ready to go, all the voyeurism had gotten to him. He launched into her mouth and she drank most of it all down. Ashley "mmmmmmed" with every swallow of its creamy goodness. With her fingers she licked the backspill from her face. For the moment, she was content, a cat in cream.

 "Again." Dan instructed. "This time fondle your breasts I think you will find them most pleasing."

 "Was he ready to go again so soon? "Ashley wondered. She had seen dicks as big as his, but surely he was bragging. No. His dick was getting hard again. This time she licked more that deep throated. Sitting on her haunches, she did not care if Suzanne did wake up. She had sold him to this man for a new body and a new...cuisine.

 She cupped his sack with one hand, then tried fondling her....omigawd. Her breasts never were so alive before. She quickly shifted the other hand to her other teat and worked them both, meanwhile her tongue never letting up on the source of her joy.  Again her lover's dick trembled, she freed one hand to take it in her mouth. The same flood, not diminished a drop flooded her cheeks, she pinched her areola and came like a avalanche.

 Again, she wiped off every sweet drop. She was beginning to love it.

 "Again." Dan instructed. "This time finger your clit. You will like it."

"Now he must joking." She scorned. But no. That great tasting dick was angry again. She was impressed, her eyes went wide. "What kind of animal are you?"

 "The kind you like."

 Three times had to be his limit. But she was really getting into it now. She sucked, she licked, she kissed, her right hand on her breast send jolts of sex into her brain, then her left hand slipped under her pajama elastic, sought out her button and....omigawd! She stopped sucking for a second...almost. Her clit has never felt so good before, this man was the devil, she knew that now, but she kept fingering, fondling and sucking for all she was all felt too good to stop. The young girl was overwhelmed. For the third time the flood filled her and two orgasms followed.

 Ashley knew that must be his limit. Three times was most mens' but she didn't want to stop. She wanted him to give her more orgasms like she just had.

 Dan saw the disappointment in her face. "Don't worry Ashley. There is more."

 Impossibly, the devil-mans' cock was hard. This time she stripped off the sluttly clothes that hindered her hands' access to her new, sensitive nerve endings.Twice more Ashley devoured Dan's cock and was devoured by her own passions in return. Murphy would have tested his new dick to the limit, but the tissue was getting raw (a flaw in his programming) from Ashley's voracious tongue.

 "That's enough."

 Suddenly, Ashley felt sated. It was the most erotic night of her young life.

 "Good. I've shown you the carrot and now the stick. If you mention any of this to anyone you will be fat again. I can do it too. Look in the mirror if you doubt me."

 Sure enough. She was as fat and ugly as she ever was. And she was very, very hungry.  Now, she was naked, she hated seeing herself naked. She knelt and pleaded with Dan. He was stone. "If you tell anyone, I will know. If you think about telling anyone, I will know. I am the only one who can make your dream come true. Look again."

 Hoping for the best, Ashley looked. She was a swimsuit model again. "Thank you."

 "One more thing.  Here is $200 dollars. Buy some new clothes.  Have some dignity. Stop dressing like a slut, got me?"

 "Yes, sir."

 "Now go. I may have a use for you later."

 Ashley left thanking him profusely. Her family and friends would not be shocked at her new appearance. In their minds she had been working out and exercising for months.  Dan had never promised her happiness, but at least she had her health.  The only people who might notice were her old doctor and Timmy. Shit. Now he'd have to add Ashley to his classes. He had just made her a target.

It would be interesting to see if she did blab, who would turn up at his door? Police? Parents? Other fatties? He looked at Suzanne, passed out on his couch. She was out of shape, but young. So she still had her figure. Nice tits, nice ass and a round face with blue eyes that could have been pretty if she ever had a though that wasn't mean and cruel.  Her hair was brown, until she burned it with peroxide and cut it short. She wore those same awful flannel pj pants.

Dan needed to explore how effective Master PC was when the commands fought with a person's basic nature. Suzanne was an ideal candidate. She was six feet tall and used her height to terrorize other girls. She was always the leader when Kimmy was taunted. Once she was expelled for scarring up another girl's face for life. She was back in the school system next week.

He justified what he was about to do as "protecting" the other girls in the school for her and a school administration that like to pretend everything was just peachy.

 "Now what am I to do with you?"

 Turning her into a good little girl had its appeal. It would go completely against her grain. It would have to be extreme and Dan would have a chance to measure everyone's reaction to a sudden change in personality. And no one would ever suspect she and he ever associated.

 Dan set to work. He started with the basics, like health and fitness. This was real fun. He morphed her into shape, tightened her ass and fixed her breasts. Before her areolas were a dirty brown, now they would be pink, as her labias would be brightest pink. He de-loused her hair, returned it to its normal dishwater-blonde and grew her tresses to shoulder length. He removed all the hair from her neck down.  He cleaned out the cigarette and booze damage to her throat, lungs, brain and liver and even re-installed her hymen. He removed any and all blemishes from her skin. Her nails were made perfect and her hands smoothed.

 Then he programmed her mind. She was a giggly little girlie girl and loved it. She would love anything feminine; dolls, make up, kittens, ponies, fashion, and pink unicorns. She would love spending time on the phone, at the mall with her friends, gossiping, make-over parties, baking cookies all that stuff. She'd envy the cheerleaders and Martha would be her hero. She loved being neat and making things just right. When she grew up she wanted to me a mommy, or an interior decorator. She preferred tea parties to keggers. In all things she was the epitome of the feminine.

 And she worshipped Dan. She thought he was dreamy. She would get these funny feelings around him and her you-know-what would tingle, she would get all weak in the knees and she wanted to kiss him all over and, then you-know. She wanted to be Dan's good little girl more than anything in the world and to have him fuck her silly.

 Dan looked up from his computer. Instead of a skank passed out on his sofa. He now had a perfect little angel but she still smelled. He sent Master PC to the Mind Screen. He verifid his programming like a pro.

 "Suzy. Wake up."

 Suzy, not Suzanne, arose, yawned and stretched. "Morning Mister Murphy."

 "It's not morning, Suzy. You dozed off."

 "I'm sorry."

 Dan smirked. "I am sure you are. Phew! I bet those clothes stink."

 "P.U. you are right."

 "How about you throw them in the laundry, then go take a nice hot bath to relax?"

 "Can I?"

 "Sure. Here's my spare robe. Take them off now. Then start the tub; the big one near my master bedroom. It has some perfumed soaps there. I know you like those." He tossed her his old robe. She went around the corner to change. He took the opportunity to read her mind.

 The mind screen was split. One side was all in shades of pink and it was, essentially, dancing at how nice MisterM was being to her. The other side was in black and blue. It was Suzanne and it was screaming. For the real consciousness, it was like watching a movie of oneself. You want to stop what's going on but you can't even touch it.

 Facinating. Apparently one could achieve different layers of conscienceness with Master PC. Dan needed to tell Master PC to fully integrate changes into a person's mind. Right now, Suzy, the reprogrammed superego was acting without the id or ego of Suzanne. Dan wondered about the subconscious and if it could be separated.

 Suzy had changed. She handed off to Dan the rags with distaste. "Thank you Mister Murphy."

 "You are welcome. Now, go take a bath. Hurry up now, like a rabbit." He patted her onher butt. Suzy giggled and ran while Suzanne yelled and writhed inside her prison.

 While he was putting her clothes in the washer, Dan checked on the Trans. From that family, he would judge how powerful the subconscious was. Mother and daughter were now awake and in their kitchen. They talked in whispers about the dreams that had stirred them while they sipped warm milk.

 Dan heard the water running. His tub was oversized. It would be a while before it filled, so he probed the mother and daughter's minds to see if there was something dildo-ish around. The mother, while getting the milk had noticed a cucumber in the crisper and blushed at wicked thought that crossed her mind.  She repressed the thought of it.

 Dan reminded Thu of its presence and put it firmly in the forefront of Mrs. Tran's thoughts. They would remember how big and long it was, big enough for both. Their conversation grew awkward. It was getting tougher and tougher to avoid the words that burned on both their tongues.

Would they be able to resist the memory of a dream's pleasure? He activated the machines that recorded the video stream from the drive to the montitors and headed upstairs. The bath should have been filled minutes ago. He grabbed his chianti, laptop and headed up.
 Dan entered his old bath. There were bubbles in the tub, the lights were out and candles were everywhere. The radio was turned to a classical station. Suzie's hair was done up in a bun and she lurked beneath the bubbles as he entered.

 "Looks like you made yourself comfortable. Its been so long, I had forgotten I had that old bath stuff.

 "You shouldn't be in here." Suzy's voice was more deliciously naughty than stern.

 "It's my own tub. I wash myself here everyday. I was going to take a bath when you were done, but it looks like you plan be here for a long time."

 "I am sorry." She genuinely pouted. "I'll get out."

 "No. I've got an idea. The bath is big enough for two. How about we bathe together?"

 She was shocked. "Can we? That is so bad."

 "Why? It's just bathing. People do it all the time in Japan. It's no big deal.  And wouldn't you like to bathe me? I would like to bathe you."

 The sweet young thing yielded to her most basic needs. "Okay. I would. Really."

 "Fine." Dan stripped. She held her eyes, as he sunk into the sudsy hot bath. "Ah. That's good. You will find a loufa and sponge over there. Get it, while I get a few things ready. Dan got his laptop and chiatni handy, but safe from the soapy water.

 Now it was time to try some forceful control and compare its effectiveness against the more willing kind. Master PC revealed that Suzy was thrillled. Her pussy and titties were all tingly and warm. She hoped this would be a special night.

 Suzanne was weeping, wondering when this nighmare would end.

 "Suzy. I am going to try an experiment. You are going to tell me all about Suzzanne."

 Suzy pouted. "I don't like to talk about the old me. She was mean."

 "Don't you want to make me happy?"

 "Yes. Oh yes!"

 "While you wash my back, tell me Suzanne's biggest secret?"

 "She always felt ugly."
 "Really? I always thought she was rather pretty."

 As the man and woman bathed each other, the picture became clear. Suzanne was filled with self loathing. She had tried suicide twice. Dan checked Master PC. Suzanne was crying hard now, her secret was out.

 Dan enoyed having the pretty, young blonde bathed him. The soapy strokes of her smooth hands were exquistie.  He programmed her to like bathing him and have a fascination for the idealized world of a Japanese geisha.

He enjoyed soaping her down as well. She responded beautifully. She hummed and sighed and cooed with his every stroke. He stroked her breasts and caresesed every fold of her Venus mound. She lay back on his shoulder, lost in bliss, helpless.

 Dan checked on Suzanne and something interesting happenened. With her secrets laid bare, barriers down, the joy and contentment Suzy had felt had leaked into the ego. Suzanne enjoyed it too and wanted more.  Suzy was winning. Time for a test. Only one part of his body lay unwashed.

 Suzanne hated the idea of sucking cock. Fellatio was for that loser, Ashley who couldn't keep a man any other way. It disgusted her. Fucking sure, but she drew the line at sucking any boy's nasty penis. All her years of slutdom, she had walked miles to home rather than succome.

 Dan atttached Suzy's pleasure centers to the idea of sucking his, and only his, cock. Like it or not, her pleasure center would shoot off like a thunderhead everytime she kissed his manhood. She would feel the most beautiful when performing the harlot deed.  What would win? Rapture or repugnance?

 He stood. "Suzy. Wash it."

  At first, the good girl was reluctant and Suzanne backed her up.  But eventually she did. Dan lay down and programmed her for a greater "appreciation" of the male form. (Suzy was still programmmed to not "see" the laptop.)

 Dan stood again, "I think it still needs more attention. Don't you?"

 Eyes wide with the thrill of seeing suck a beautiful thing up close, Suzy announced, "Oh yes." She did everything to make her man happy and that made her happy. As she kissed the source of her lord's strength. She loved it, every inch.

 Suzanne was feeling the pleasure now too.  She was also feeling the sense of "place" and beauty that was so lacking in her life. Suzy stopped to catch her breath, but Suzanne now urged her on, the feeling of belonging was more than she could resist.

 "So." Dan concluded.  "Pleasure is good, but fufilling a need is the real addiction." Somewhere in the process, the Suzanne screen disappeared. With the pain and emptiness gone, it surrendered its life to Suzy. Her own id murdered it. The id wanted to be as happy as Suzy. Now, only happy little Suzy existed.  When Dan came inside her, she orgasmed, not at her own diddling, which was considerable, but at the mere thought that she had sent her lord into bliss.

 Suzy giggled at the oozy mess her lord's cum made on her face. "I love serving you my lord."

 "Would you like to serve me like this forever?"

 "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes, please, all I ever want to do is make you happy!" she dove into his thighs.

 Later, she dried him off and slept next to him. Sometimes she would wake up and just watch him snore for hours. She couldn't wait for morning. She was to me her lord's "little alarm clock" and stir him at nine o'colock with a blowjob.

 Dan woke to the feel and sight of a tight young thing sucking his cock. He was getting used to this.  Suzy washed him as he showered. Dan had a feeling Suzy would burn water, but frozen waffles were fine until Master PC made her better.

  First order of business was her clothes. They were embarassing. He took Suzy shopping and got her some regular clothes. Suzy picked out a very femine pink blouse and a sky blue shirt and a whole slew of make up.  Then he took her to a specialty store and bought her a real silk kimono and accoutraments. Suzy thought she had died and gone to heaven. It wasn't until one that he brought her by her family's house.

 It was a run down clapboard affair, a complete dump. Dan dropped her off and sat in the car altering her mom and dad with Master PC. Dad was now mister fix-it and mom the happy homemaker. They would think they were inspired by Suzy. Befor he drove off, Suzy's dad was scouring the rusty mower, intent on gardening.


It was Saturday night.  Dan had slept in most of the day. It had been a long night. Around nine, he resumed his experimentation.

Tanya was making out with someone. The shoulder loops of a black halter-top dress, hung loose at her elbows. Her bare breasts moved with a fondling. This was interesting. He sipped the Chianti.

Her thoughts were a jumble of oohs, ahha and "that's uncomfortable." Enough waiting. Let's find out who. He typed into Jasmine's command screen.


Lo and behold up came the name

Knock me over with a feather. She was frenching her French teacher, a married one at that. He couldn't blame her, Andrea was a slim beauty who taught dance after school, She had long, fine, brown hair and even if her tits were bit on the small side of a 30 B, she had a fabulous ass. Only a really bad case of acne spoiled her looks. It scarred her face.


Tanya: She likes having young lovers and I use that against her. She makes me feel so good, as good as those other girls. And she makes sure I get good grades.

So. Tanya was a lesbian, bi at least. And Andrea was very, very naughty. Who knew that high school was such a hidden soap opera? Dan explored the situation, trying to discern the complete picture.


The thought that followed was mental equivalent of biting on a grapefruit rind. Andrea had noticed something was wrong.  Dan booted up the other node and typed in the French Teachers' name. Her blouse and bra were off.  Her slim, wool skirt, nylons were still worn, but her feet were bare. It looked like something one would wear to an expensive dinner. He opened up her thought screen.

Andrea: Shit. What's wrong now? I was just getting off. "What's wrong sweetheart?"

Sweetheart?! This was so much fun. Time to fix things. Dan went straight to work. He had to type fast and the there a few missteps but for the two lovers the night went like this.

"Well, for some reason I' m having trouble concentrating."

"Really. What's on your mind?"

On the screen, Tanya instinctively saw an opening to use Andrea as the intrument of her revenge on the handsome computer teacher. Dan wondered at how twisted the bitch was.  Tanya saw no conflict between vengeance and thinking well of someone. "Well, and this is real embarrassing, it's Mister Murphy. He yelled at me yesterday. "

"The computer geek? He's a major league asshole."

Upset as he was before. Dan grew angry at that comment. He had met Andrea exactly twice. He could read how jealous Andrea was, but there was no need to be insulting. "Asshole, eh? Honey, you have no idea."

Tanya knew just what teachers should not ever say. "He sexually harassed me. Talked about my melons. "

"That's sexual harassment."

Dan struck back by dictating Tanya's next words and attitude.
"I always thought he was well... hot. But lately I've just gotten the hots for him. I showed him my tits in an attempt to manipulate him. And that made him angry. Gawd, I'd do anything for him to forgive me. I am so sorry."

Internally, Tanya was panicking. Why did she say make that confession? Dan noticed she was a more concerned by how much personal leverage Andrea would gain over her with that information, not where those words were coming from. She never was too bright.

"That can't be, honey. You're a lesbian."

"I know I like girls. They make me feel better than any of the boys I tried. (Dan dictated) But just the idea of his monster cock plunging inside me get me all wet. (Dan then sent her juices flowing.)

Andrea was a pissed as hell. But she was trying not to let it show. "I'll make you forget that man."

Lovingly, slowly, over minutes, her lips and long fingers licked and flicked Tanya's breasts, her most sexually attune area. Her tongue performed little twists on her areolas. When Andrea thought she was aroused enough, she bit Tanya's nipple hard, her favorite trick, usually it sent Tanya into a mild orgasm. Tanya moaned but only moaned. Tanya's musk filled the back of the SUV so she knew she was aroused.  Andrea breathed deeply the scent of her lover.

Andrea told herself, "So tonight is a 'slow night.' It's Okay. It happens." But she was getting a bit annoyed. She wished she was better looking so she could hook up with a less demanding partner.

Andrea removed her reaming clothing, and resumed kissing. Then she kissed and nibbled her way downwards. Andrea marveled and envied Tanya's smooth snowy, skin. Then she began her work on Tanya's sex, bound and determined to show her the joys of womanhood.

Both kinds of lips parted, a tongue extended from only one set. Andrea performed all the little sips, nips, nuzzles and licks that she knew Tanya liked. And she was right. Tanya did like them, a lot. Andrea's looked up at Tanya's face; she was usually a much faster climax than this. Her eyes were closed in purest rapture; her breath came in halting pants and moans of ache. It was just their bad luck that Dan was holding the cork on the genie's bottle tonight.

Dan had halted all hope of sexual release in Tanya. Oh, the arousal was there, BOY! The arousal was there, Dan increased her erroneous zone sensitivity to porn star levels. He allowed her to "somehow sense" that orgasm, sweet, sweet, release was not available. Something was missing. Dan sipped Chianti and took his own sweet time before he told her what that something was.

A lifetime later, Tanya was still riding her sexual razor. Andrea had her tongue on her clit, her right hand grinding her o-spot. Through the waves of esctacy, she considered how Andrea prided herself on being attractive to women and to not get her off would be a terrible blow to her ego.  When Andrea shoved a vagina-juiced finger up her ass and began swirling, she ceased to care about her at all.

Tanya's hidden frustration at having all this goodness happen and getting no pleasure out of it swelled to the point of screaming. Dan waited until her thought window begged, screamed, "Why? Why? WHY! He sipped again, savoring the moment. He tossed her the answer like a bone to a hungry dog.

Tanya was programmed to think it was her own subconscious, her inner self, that spoke to her. It spoke with tiny, clear voice that cut through he roaring sensations, like whistle over the surf.

"It's because you do not want Andrea between your legs. You know whom we need. Say his name and make it true. Say his name and get us off. Say his name and let it happen. Say his name. We need him..."

Dan was ready to keep at it for a while, but Tanya took the hint and ran with it." Mister Murphy." She whispered, not trying to alert Andrea.  "No." Dan retorted. "It is not enough. We need to fantasize it is him pleasuring us. We need to scream his name." Master PC, at Dan's behest, provided a boost of sweet agony to punctuate Dan's demands. When she fantasized it was Mr. Murphy's lips and hands touching her Dan allowed the arousal gates to open a bit.

Andrea was a bit taken a back. Tanya had never been this horny before. The lush Asian was suddenly trashing her head from side to side, her full, loose curls whipping around. One strand got in her teacher's eye. But when she lifted her head to rub it, Tanya grabbed her head and shoved it between her breasts. "Please, Oh Ah Don't stop. Gawd, Please, more.

Andrea noticed something strange. In all their encounters, Tanya had been the aggressor; she had never said "please" before. Because of her scars Andrea always felt it necessary to play the submissive seducer to get a lover, but if Tanya wanted things a little different tonight it was great by her. "Do you want a little?"

"NO! Finish it!"

She didn't even finish her sentence! Tanya knew what was the next step in their sex dance. They had been "tangoing" for months; Tanya had always insisted that she be brought off, before Andrea got hers. Fine. But Andrea was annoyed; she had looked forward to being in the drivers seat for once.

Reviewing their images. Dan was pleasantly surprised to see both women were shaved.

 Tanya had been able to hold back shouting out Mister Murphy's name, so far. She anticipated that she would not be able to hold back any longer and Dan made sure she sipped on the idea like he was sipping on the nice Chianti.

Tanya's eyes were shut, picturing a naked Mister Murphy. She should call him by his first name, NO! She liked Mister Murphy better.

Starting with that first "NO!" Dan had to type less and less. Through her thoughts, Dan perceived that Tanya was indeed a natural submissive. Her aggressive behavior was subconsciously a test to find the really strong, dominating mate she secretly craved.

The shouting, the tossing of the purse, the embarrassment, all had genuinely turned her on. She had thought about him all day, getting angrier and angrier and subconsciously, as she grew angrier, she was turning him into her ideal stud.  A man who would bend her over and throw his meat into her. She knew it and she was ashamed of herself.

In reality, it was Andrea was working on Tanya's button. In Tanya's mind, it was completely her new master, Mister Murphy, so Dan cut her loose. "Yes. Yes. Oooo feels soo good. Yes." The seats, her thighs, Andrea's chin, anything next to her fleshy gate chin was sopping with her secretions.

Tanya, now of her own volition, imagined that Mister Murphy has moved beyond cunnilingus and was slamming that big beautiful cock of his into her. She begged on bended knee. "Please, yes of please, fuck me it fell soo good hharder, faster, please oh! Mister Murphy o! Oh! Mister Murphy o!"

Shocked at hearing his name, Andrea tried to withdraw, but Tanya's thighs and hands immediately clamped down. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Mister Murphy! Mister Murphy! Mister Murphy Misterrrrrrooooohhhhh, Meerrr phaaaaa IIIIi eeeeeee. Tanya shook like the San Andreas, an orgasmic spasm of an epileptic proportions shook, her eyes, rolled into the back her head and her eyelids fluttered.  She achieved Buddha-like bliss throughout her body for four minutes before she lapsed into unconsciousness. But before she passed out, she held the image of her new man in her head and mumbled the words. "so good, so good " over and over again.

The drive to Tanya's house was quiet. Dan left them with Andrea frustrated and plotting revenge. One thing was for sure, a dildo and an imagination would not do, for either of them. When they did choose to confront him, Dan would be ready to deal with them and their needs.

Dan closed Tanya's and Andrea's files He wanted to check up on Suzy.


Dan commanded her to reflect on her situation. It turned out that Suzy lived in an attic room. She was belly down on a futon that sat above a vent that connected to her parents 'bedroom. Suzy masturbated by watching them through the vent.

The vent was not above their bed, but it was at just the right angle (Suzy had seen to that) above their old-fashioned standing full-length mirror. In the reflection their daughter could watch almost their entire coupling and imagine the rest.

Satuday night was the sex night for Roubs. It had been for years. Despite the opinion of their, bitter, maladjusted children, the Roubs were an average, relatively happy couple, who did not deserve all the grief their daughters gave them. "Ahh. Teenage angst" Dan had heard more than a dozen bitchy comments from Suzanne about her family, but she never said how much she enjoyed watching them get it on.

It was natural for a child to learn about sex by spying on their parents, where better?  But then to trash them in public to strangers wasn't.

He summoned both of them up on Master PC. Ugh. They had definitely let themselves go. First Dan improved their looks as much as he dared.  He dropped ten pounds off of each and removed all cellulite and varicose veins.  To make sure fireworks happened tonight, he upped their sex stats. Jonathon would never need viagra and Faith would never have any problem getting lubricated down there for her husband's new and improved cock.

Dan hoped these karmic gifts would balance out what he had done to their little girl.

Dan tiptoed into the Roub's mind. Jonathon was reading a book and Faith was watching TV. Sex was in both their minds. But it had gotten dull, routine after a while.  His book of fiction was about New Orleans and Jonathon was reflecting on a passage where hero had fellatio performed on him by a high class whore. He desperately wanted some oral sex, but his wife never wanted it.

Dan checked the wife. Turns out she would love cunnilingus but her husband would never agree to it. Both of them had the same objection, the found the pubic hair repugnant but neither would shave. Dan, and Master PC, removed their stubborn streak.

Jonathon put down the book and rolled over to his wife of twenty years. "Honey. I got an idea. How about for Saturday sex, I shave you? You know, down by your lovely pussy."

Tonight she agreed, but only if she could shave him too. They both eagly made a quick trip to the bathroom and Suzy was treated to a most erotic sight.  Her parents, first Jonathon than Faith, started shaving each other's genitals. Faith ended up using a depillary for the really close in places but her husband's straight razor did the job everywhere else.

Suzy was in heaven, or would have been if she could see them all, all the time. Faith was starting to shave Jonathon but Suzy couldn't see. She wanted to learn, so she could do it for her lord. The vent and mirror was fine for viewing the quick missionary, but too confining for covering this kind of thing. Dan had to fix that.

He remembered how a Carney hypnotist made people believe different environments and tried that. In reality, Suzy walked down the stairs, borrowed the chair by the hallway phone and swung the door to her parent's room wide open. In her mind, she was still on the futon, somehow with a view of it all, her imagination filling in all the gaps. Her parents never heard or saw Suzy. As far as they were concerned, the door was closed.

Minutes passed, alternating between gentle lathering and the ruff sound of shaving. Husband and wife shared little jokes and teases about "Muffy the poodle." They wiped the whiteitsh pubes off on a towel, wiped each other off with a warm washcloth, stood, looked at each other and waited. "What now?" They asked. Dan told them.

Jonathon turned Faith around, sat her on the bed and began his first cunnilingus. Dan programmed into him with the tricks he learned, "start at the thighs" "circle the labials for a while" and as the sainted comedian said, "lick the alphabet." Faith was bucking like a rodeo star. Meanwhile, Suzy was fingering her quim.

Faith had her hands laced in Jonathon's hair, refusing to let the bliss end but Jonathon wanted to get his soon. Dan helped Jonathon a bit out a little but improving Faith's sensitivity. In response, she flopped back on the bed and began pinching her tits. Moans, gasps and undulations erupted from her like a volcano.

Jonathon's chin was sopping and his wife tasted...tasted like a fine ripe juicy peach. She was so sweet and he loved this facial invasion of her sex. He would have mumbled "I love you honey" over and over" but his faithful tongue was involved elsewhere.

Thanks to the increased sensitivity, Faith came with a scream. And that might have been a mistake on Dan's part.
Flushed, hair tosseled, pupils dilated, Faith was a wild woman. Now she knelt before her big strong man and gave him the sucking of his life.

Suzy slipped her three free fingers into her mouth. Dan locked the image of him firmly in her mind.  As far as she was concerned, it was Dan she was sucking. Her father was just inspiration.

 All the hair, balls and all had been shaved off. Jonathon found his newfound sensitivity pleasant to say the least.

Faith was a glutton for her husband's cock. What she lacked in skill she made up in fevor. Kisses, loving caresses, licks and deep throats were all performed with gusto. She would learn.

Suzy's ass ground into the chair. Yes. This was what she wanted, Dan and Master PC made sure. She desired with her whole being, to perform oral sex. Though her father was hot, she knew who she wanted to bathe, shave and suck...Mister Murphy, she wanted to be handsome, gorgeous, Mister Murphy's attendant. She wanted to see to his every deed. But she was so unworthy!

Dan was loving this program. Before he was done, Suzy would be the perfect, perfect young lady, his own personal geisha.

Stephanie almost ruined it all. Stephanie was Suzy's oldest sister. She was more like her mother, with long 'brownette" curly hair. Suzy's hair was like her father's long, "dishwater" blonde.

'Suzy, I heard mom scream. What is going on? Oh! "

Sleepy Stephanie finally realized what was going on. Her mom was sucking her dad like a demon while her sister watched. All were lost in lust. Her little sister was slurping three fingers while plumbing the other hand in and out of her pussy. The phone's chair's vinyl glistened with her sister's juices.

So deep into the sex trance was Suzy that she merely bent her head and look at her sister slack jawed. Never for a second did she stop slurping or sliding her fingers into her wetness.

Stephanie ran into her room and slammed the door.

"Shit." Dan acted fast. He closed Jasmine's window and summoned up Stephanie. The lovely nineteen-year-old was sitting on what be the edge of her bed trying to come to grips with what she had witnessed. Dan helped her but before he helped her, she searched her and her families' mind, so her could know her.

It tuned out that Stephanie was the nag of the family. Still a virgin, she attended church regularly. To say she was prude would not be overstating it. She was the best looking girl in the congregation, she never worked out so her figure was all softness; strictly watching her diet, so she would never get fat. The hoops she made the boys jump through were, in Dan's opinion, ridiculous. He knew from experience that there were plenty of nice girls out there who didn't make boys prove they thought "all the right thoughts" before they went out on a date. Oh, and she hated the air her little sister, Suzanne, breathed, not that Dan could blame her, but all that was going to change.

Dan justified himself by saying he was saving Stephanie from a lifetime married to a wuss, or a house of cats. Then he altered her memories.

The door wouldn't be wide open. It was open just a crack. And Suzy was just being curious about sex, like all girls her age, just peeking, not raping herself to the exquisite thought of a man's cock in her mouth. She would take the high road and not embarrass her sinner of a little sister by mentioning it. Besides mom and dad were just frenching. Then Dan put her to sleep.

Jonathon came like a flood and Suzy came with him. Faith (Dan made sure) drank down his sperm and savored every ounce.  Suzy moaned, aching to again gulp down her man's, Mister Murphy, glorious sperm in the same fashion. Then a part of him would become part of her. You are what you eat. Dan sent Suzy back to bed.


 Sunday dinner at the Roubs, this was when the final, climatic chapter of Suzy's capture would take place. And there was the lesson he needed to teach Stephanie.

He had spent half the day on Master PC preparing the family, especially Suzy and Stephanie. His laptop lay ready his trunk, with saved commands ready to launch with the touch of a button, in his car's trunk.

He rang the doorbell. As written, it was Stephanie who answered the door. The handsome stranger standing there took her breath away. He was tall with rugged features square jaw and blue eyes that looked right through the girl.  When he looked at her, she felt naked.

Stephanie, self-consciously, held her cardigan tighter over her breasts.

"Excuse me, is this the Roub home?"

"Yes. Yes it is."

"Hello. I am Mister Murphy, Suzy's teacher. I believe I am expected."

"Uh. Yes. You are. Please come in."

The handsome teacher entered with grace and power. He held a dozen roses in his right hand.  Stephanie had just shut the door when Suzy entered wearing a royal blue with gold inlay kimono. Her blonde-brown hair was exquisitely coiffed and led in place with lacquered sticks. She bowed with infinite grace, deeply; reverently "May I take honorable sensei's coat?"

Dan looked at Stephanie and smiled, and gave a "what's a guy to do?" face. "Yes, please Suzy."  She helped him out of his wool overcoat and then scooted off, slippers whispering against the hardwood.

Faith and Jonathon entered.  Dan offered the woman of the house the bouquet. 'my mom always said, if you're going to give flowers, give roses."

"I'll just go put these in water." Faith left the room.

"So you're the famous Mister Murphy?" Mr. Roub began.

"Please, Dan."

Stephanie, who's heart had been beating a bit quicker since this handsome stranger's arrival, liked the sound of that name. The roses were a classy touch. For once, she couldn't fault her sister's taste in men.

"Dinner's will be on the table in an hour. Want to have a sit?"


"Can I offer you some Irish, Mister Murphy?"

Stephanie blushed. "How could her father offer him whiskey? Oh please, please don't accept." She begged Fate.

"No thanks. Just don't like the stuff, sorry. But if you have some red wine, if you don't mind..."

"Well he drank. But only red wine, not crude whiskey or worst of all, beer." Stephanie consoled herself.

"Not at all. I've got a bit of everything around here." Jonathon departed leaving the two alone.

Dan loved this game. Stephanie had spent five years breaking the hearts of decent boys who loved her, yet just didn't measure up.  Dan wanted to see what would happened if the tables were turned. "Nice house."

"Thank you. Much nicer because of your positive influence on Suzanne. "

"You mean, Suzy? Don't you?"

Stephanie did NOT want to displease this man. She assumed it was because he was a guest. "Okay. Suzy."

"Well, I was just glad to help in any way I can."

Stephanie, in her usual mean way, tried to forge a bond through mutual disparagement. "Of course now she has this Japanese fixation. Silly girl."

"Now, wait a minute.  True, she may be a bit enthusiastic, but isn't everyone at her age? And the ancient Geisha's were considered the most elegant and desired women of their time. Isn't it natural a young woman to want to be the same? Don't you?"

Stephanie had insulted him. She wanted to crawl away into a hole. "I guess she's right."

"No I mean don't you want to be considered elegant and desirable?"

Suddenly, the simple print dress Stephanie had chosen to wear that day seemed awfully frumpy. He hated her. She wanted to cry.  How could a man make her feel this way?

"Turns out the misses bought a couple bottle of some K-J merlot, today. OK?"

Dan winced, He made a mental note to program into them some discernment in wine. "Fine. Only where is it?"

"Suzy insisted on bringing it out herself, to the 'honorable Mister Murphy.'"

"I am embarrassed."

"Don't be. I am just grateful she's finally thinking of someone else for a change."

The talk turned to the vast improvement in Suzy. The men took her interest in Japan, and by inference her schoolgirl crush, with magnanimity. Meanwhile, Stephanie was quietly thinking to herself. "Stupid. Stupid girl. Why do you care what this man thinks. He drinks. Probably a Catholic too.  It's obvious he only cares about Suzy. Why not? She is so simple and servile."

 Suzy entered elegantly carrying a tray with two glasses and the wine in a decanter.  A silver bell, in the shape of an open-mouthed carp, whose purpose to Stephanie was unclear, also set on the serving tray.

First she handed a glass to the "honorable guest." She took the decanter, knelt beside his chair and poured his wine, without spilling a drop. "Honorable father" received the same treatment.  The tray was placed on the piano. The tiny bell was placed atop the magazine stand next to "honorable guest's" right hand.

"Please, honorable guest, do not pour another glass for yourself. Simply ring this bell and this humble daughter will gladly pour the wine for you, or anything else you may require."

Dan examined the silver carp. "Nice bell."

"Honorable Father picked it out."

Jonathon shrugged. "She said she needed a bell. I found it in a pawn shop."

"Now I must help honorable mother prepare the dinner. Please remember me, and the bell. "  Suzy slinked into the kitchen.

"Wow." Dan feigned surprise.

"Yeah. You are quite the celebrity around here. How did you do it? "

"Do you like the change?"

"You kidding? It's 'honorable father this, honorable father that,' she even practices the piano without complaint. "

 Stephanie seethed. She always practiced the piano, like a good daughter but her miserable excuse of a father was forgetting to mention that. And now this man was talking about her wicked slut of a little sister again. Her natural ego moved the prude to get the conversation back where it belonged, on her.  "Is the wine good?"

If the President had started singing rap, Mister Roub couldn't have been more surprised. Dan shot her dad a look. Jonathon, curious to see where all this went, nodded his assent.

"For a cocktail wine, it's not half bad."

"Daddy, may I try a sip?"

"I thought your were against wine."

"Please dad, people drank wine in the Bible all the time."

Jonathon bit back the retort she had given him when he had once said the same thing to her. "Okay. A small sip."

Dan had to draw this out. "I don't know. You aren't twenty one."

"My dad just gave you permission."

"Oh. Okay.  I am no expert, but I can teach you the basics. Come over here."

Stephanie could smell his cologne. It was perfect, strong and masculine, yet not overpowering.

"First, stick your nose I the glass and inhale. That's very important.  Believe it or not, most of the taste comes from the nose."

Stephanie breathed deeply, as he instructed. "Like a cold."

"Sort of." Dan was looking at Jonathon, feigning perplexity. Jonathon was not feigning.  In Jonathon's mind, Dan had entered the realm of miracle worker. Now maybe he could enjoy a drink in his own house in peace.

Dan continued his instruction. "Air is very important to wine. The alcohol molecule serves a purpose. It carries the flavor to the nose."

Stephanie bent her head to the teacher's glass, with one hand, she held her loose, brown curls behind her head, so as to not enter the cup. She inhaled, tenetively at first, then with fullness. She loved the smell. The vapors of the rich, fruity tannin was more than pleasant. It filled her senses.  She already wanted to taste it. What was it about tonight?

Dan had to stop her from bringing the glass to her lips. 'Whoa. Wait." It was quite the tease.

  So next we thinly sip the wine between our teeth, mixing it with air to release its flavor."

Dan held the glass to her lips, "Sip but do not swallow." She sipped, just like he told her.

It was delicious! Beyond anything she had ever eaten, smelt or touched before and she had this man to thank. Despite his instructions, she swallowed.

"You swallowed. I told you not to."

"I am sorry. It was reflex."

"Well that's too bad. Your dad only gave me permission to feed you one sip. Not two."

Stephanie was gravely disappointed. "Daddy? Just one more sip, please?"

"If Mister Murphy doesn't mind. It is his wine you are drinking."

Stephanie's face said "please" far more elegantly than any words could. Dan drew it out. "Well. Okay. But you can't disobey me again, not if you want to really learn."

"Oh, I do want to learn."

"You will be a good girl, now?"

"I always am."

"Of course you are. All right. Smell..."

Again the rich scent flushed her senses.


She sipped and the flush became a flood, but she didn't dare swallow, not and risk his displeasure again.

"Good. Now, a lot of people say chew. I think that step is irrelevant. Now, Stephanie, you have taste buds all over your tongue. When wine tasting, we give them all a shot. Swirl it around your tongue."

Her eyes went wide in joy. Did anything ever taste so good?

The wine grew warm and the flavor declined.

"Okay, Stephanie. You can swallow now." Stephanie did. Her belly felt lovely and warm.

"See? Not bad is it?"

"Oh, heaven's no. It is the yummiest thing I have ever tasted. Can I have some more?"

"Ask you dad."

"Daddy, can I have some more, please?"

"Well, you are almost twenty-one...."

"Thanks daddy!" Stephanie reached for the bell, but Dan snatched it away.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Getting Suzy to get me glass too."

"This bell and this decanter was given, in trust, to me. If you want more wine, you can get it yourself." He said levelly.

From heaven to hell. Stephanie was furious and stalked out of the room.

Jonathon pursed his lips."Ohhh. You've done it now."

"Have I? " Daniel quietly sipped his wine. A moment later, Stephanie emerged from the kitchen with a full glass of wine.  This time she took the chair close to Dan, her posture full of defiance.

Dan ignored her, and talked with Mister Roub, who was quite used to ignoring her too. It drove her nuts. When dinner was called, her glass was empty.

Suzy served the dinner as elegantly as she served the wine. Throughout the meal, she sat at "the honorable guest's" right hand, at his beckon call, perfectly serene.

The potatoes and roast beef was great, if the wine mediocre. Of course, Stephanie didn't find the wine mediocre.

During the meal, through the fog of alcohol, Stephanie thought she was hearing the most peculiar conversation.

"So you don't mind?"

"Hell no. Suzy would you mind?"

"Honorable father, it is my dearest wish. Nothing could make me happier."

"Oh, Jonathon, let her. Better this nice man than some boy she meats at school."

"Well. You do seem to make her happy. Well..okay. You have my blessing."

Suzy lost her composure then. She leapt up and hugged her father and mother. They returned every once of affection.  Both of them seemed a little teary eyed.

The man of the house spoke. "Well I suppose it is time for us old people to go to sleep. Never mind the dishes we'll clean up in the morning."

"Our baby's all grown up Jonathon."

"Guess so, Faith."

The old married couple left.

Suzy knelt before her teacher. "What now, my lord?"

"Clean up a bit here. I need to get a couple of things from my car."

Stephanie felt herself being lifted up by strong hands.

"My lord, she has polluted herself beyond the point of service."

"Fear not, blossom, your sensei still has a lesson to teach her."

Groggy, Stephanie was placed in a chair by the fireplace. Dan threw another log on the fire. The warmth increased her sleepiness.  She closed her eyes, slightly aware of the sounds of someone leaving the house then entering a few moments later. She heard the sound of something hollow hitting the hardwood floor, near her feet. Then lots of little clicks.  And then...

"Stephanie. Sober up."

"Her eyes opened wide."

"Oh! Did I get..."

"Drunk, a little. Only two glasses, but you are so unused to it."

"I am so sorry." She was so embarrassed, she went red.

"We are all human. Besides you are sober now. Wine?" He held out a glass. "You'll be fine, now that you know to take it slower."

She took the glass and his advice. But she still sipped at her new favorite thing in the whole wide world. Wait. There was one other thing...

"Mister Murphy."

"Please, Stephanie, call me Dan."

Was she really going weak it the knees, just like that? "Okay, Dan. Where did you find out about wine?"

"Oh I just took an interest in it. You know how it is. You are accidentally introduced to something and then you want more."

Oh Stephanie, admitted to herself, she knew that. She wanted see more, much more of Mister...Dan. Her eyes, not for the first time tonight, surveyed every inch of his masculine form, not even sparing his crotch, which betrayed the presence of a huge package. "Dan?"

"Yes. Stephanie?"

"Do you have girlfriend?"

"Would you like to be my girlfriend, Stephanie?"

His boldness startled her, she buried her eyes in her glass for a moment to think.  When she glimpsed up, his ice blue eyes bored into her, piercing every secret. Her mouth failed her. "If you don't mind." (What a stupid thing to say!)

"No I don't mind, the idea. But you see, Stephanie to be a man's girlfriend you have to love them."

"But I do love you!"

"I am sure you think so. But you need to love someone despite their differences, not because they agree with everything you think or say. "

"I can do that!"

"Well the wine did show me you are willing to try new things."

"See? I am willing to try!"

"But you also need to be willing to serve."

At this the good church girl drew back. Dan had left her this reserve to make his triumph more savory.  "Serve?"

"Yes. Serve. You need to not only want, but also need to serve the man you love. And through service, reach fulfillment."

Stephanie's mind was reeling. Was it the delicious wine? "What do you mean, 'serve'?"

"Glad you asked. Your little sister, is the perfect example of servitude. By pleasing me, her lord, she receives pleasure. You could learn from her."

"Learn what?"

"Allow me to demonstrate." To Stephanie's relief he finally rang the silver bell. Suzy appeared in the kitchen, wiping her perfectly painted and manicure nails on the apron that covered her nakedness. The kimono was too good for kitchen work. Stephanie was shocked.

She bowed and remained so. "Yes, my lord?"

"Suzy, make yourself presentable then come here."

Suzy departed.

"Now, Stephanie. We will show you how to become the perfect girlfriend. But you must promise not to get up unless I give you permission? Do you promise?"

She held back.

Dan stood up nonchalantly, "Fine if you don't want to be my girlfriend..."
She panicked. She could not let this man walk out of her life. "No! Wait. I promise."

To her infinite relief he sat back down in the lazyboy. He complimented her. "That's my girl."

Stephanie Ester Roub beamed. He was staying and he had called her "my girl."

"You see," he began and she perked right up, eager to give him her full attention. "Suzy is, right now checking her hair, kimono and even putting lotion on her hands and feet, all to please me. She loves making me happy. Do you understand?"

Stephanie nodded. She was beginning to. She would have loved to make him happy. "Can I make you happy?"

"You can make me happy by just sitting there. " After than comment, a forklift could not have moved her.

Suzy re-entered the living room and approached, her head bowed the whole time.

"Now, Stephanie, watch how your sister makes me happy. Do not speak."

Stephanie bridled at the news. She was the one who was going to make Dan happy, she was! But a stern look from him kept her nailed and silent.

Suzy stopped just at the foot of the lazy boy. "My lord, rang for Suzy?"

"Yes, Suzy is your master's wish that you pleasure him."

Even with her head bowed, Dan could see her wide smile spread. "It is this unworthy one's greatest wish to please her lord."

Dan stood and extended his arms. Suzy deftly undressed her lord and carefully folded every bit of his clothing over the sofa.

Stephanie tried to shut her eyes, but her own lust won out. The man standing naked before her was strong, sleek, her ideal. She envied her sister like never before. But she would stay in her chair. She would be the good girl and so win her boyfriend. And then we would...she dared think it...make love.

Her silk kimono softly rustled as she knelt before her naked lord. She looked up at him for the last ounce of permission. He nodded. She sucked.

Despite her mental turmoil, Stephanie could not rip her eyes away from the sight of her little sister sucking the cock of her boyfriend to be. Her sister was taking her place. It should be me doing...wait...that was dirty...wasn't it?...but he said he was going to be her girlfriend....." She couldn't speak, but she could moan. She couldn't stand, but she could squirm in her own pool of pussy drool.

Suzy took a moment to grin triumphantly at her sister then returned to more pleasuring of the lord she so dearly cherished. She loved being a geisha.

Dan finally spoke at Stephanie. She bent every effort to hearing him, perhaps this would be the time he would let her go!

"You see, Stephanie. Perfect servitude brings perfect bliss. Look at your sister. Have your ever in your life seen anyone more beatific?"

No she had not. It was true. For the first time in her life, as she looked on her baby sister plunging her mouth up and down on that great shaft, she noticed how truly beautiful she was.

"Will you serve me too, Stephanie?"

At last! A chance to speak. "Yes, Dan! I will! I swear!"



"My what?"

"Yes, my lord." Stephanie sighed with a welcome release of tension.

"Wouldn't you rather call me Dan?"

Stephanie thought. "No. I loved it when I called you my lord."

"There you go. Now at your foot, you will find a box. Strip and put on whatever you find inside."

Stephanie ripped into the box with enthusiasm. She hoped it would be an embroidered silk kimono, like her sister's. But the box was too small. Inside was only a pair of white, cotton underwear, the kind she had seen her sister wear under the kimono.

"My lord, where is the rest of my kimono?"

"Wretch! I have no kimono for you. You have to earn a kimono with the kind of devotion your sister has proved. Now put it on."

In full blush, Stephanie slipped off the simple print dress. Suzy has ceased pleasuring the great man and both were simply watching the strip.  As each level of clothing came off, Stephanie couldn't remember ever looking so beautiful. Her breasts seemed just a bit larger, firmer and alive to the touch. Her figure was a bit shapelier and her ass, she couldn't resist caressing it perfect smoothness. From deep inside, a little voice, unheard until tonight, granted her the knowledge that she was always this beautiful, but it was only her awakening to serving others that made such beauty possible. Dan, her lord, made it all possible.

Stephanie was so enthralled with her body that she was a bit disappointed to slip on the white cotton panties. At least her breasts were still free. They felt so good.

"Your sister tells me you play the piano."

"Yes, my lord." The honorific for the great man was coming easier to her lips.

"Good. Now play something classical while your sister copulates with her lord.  Observe how being my concubine brings her joy. You may also sip wine, but take care not to get drunk.

It was the most erotic lesson of Stephanie's life. While Dan stoked a fire, truly a man's job, Suzy set about the living room with scented candles.  While Dan waited, she laid out a mat, a stick, a rough cloth and bottle of oil before the fire.

Suzy undressed. She unbound her kimono, and underwear, leaving her naked. She was far more beautiful than Stephanie remembered. The knobby knees and weirdly shaped breasts were all gone. She was still short, but now she was all curves. Her legs flowed from her hips like poured cream, her hips were full but not fat and her breast...her breasts were full and juicy. Stephanie could easily picture a child sucking on them. There, with the glow of the fireplace flickering on her perfect skin, she knelt, sitting back on her thighs, naked, not expecting or wanting anything, simply waiting, with Zen-like patience, to be recognized.

In the firelight, Dan lay face down on the mat. Suzy dropped some of the sandalwood scented oil on her hands and rubbed it, imbuing it with her warmth. Then she massaged her lord.

Stephanie had never had or even seen a massage before, she had always found it distasteful before now. So engrossed was she in the simple act of caress, she almost lost cadence. "Where did Suzy learn that?" She wondered. Stephanie yearned to both learn massage massaged by her.

When the rubbing was done, Suzy took the oddly curved stick and gently scraped the dead skin and excess oil from he lord's back, legs and arms, cleaning the stick with the rough cloth after each stroke. Any left over oil was rubbed in to ease any irritation. With that side done, Dan rolled over on his back and allowed Suzy to perform the same function on his other side.

Stephanie caught herself staring at Dan's penis. It was still slack, in control. She had never even seen a real penis before. She should have been repulsed, turned away.  It was large, full, and manly. As her woman's mind wandered onto just what the penis was for, she took a larger sip of the red wine than she normally would.

At a signal from Dan, Suzy crawled over him and kissed him as she knew he liked to be kissed. Her naked body entwined on his, but as time wore on, Stephanie was quite sure that Suzy was not making love with him, she was making love for him. She was simply a vehicle for his pleasure, and in bringing him a measure of happiness, she achieved her greatest dream.

Stephanie's fingers were beginning to get tired but she played on, fascinated. Dan never even considered doing things his little geisha liked. Making him happy, doing all the things he wished was the only thing that made her happy. Every moan that escaped his lips, every quiver, sent a jolt of bliss straight into her brain. During these jolts, Suzy clenched her teeth and always drew in a sharp intake of air between her teeth.

Stephanie sipped more wine. Her lord, Daniel's wisdom in granting her the panties was now obvious. She was completely aroused by the erotic scene playing out in front of her.  Her..pussy..drooled at the sight... without the panties her juices would surely have dribbled off the wooden piano bench and onto the floor.

Suzy had succeeded at her task. Her man was aroused. Now it was Stephanie's turn to gasp. "His penis was huge!" she thought to herself, "How would Suzy, or her, ever fit? It is so red, inflamed, and angry. The head is purple as a plum, a sweet, juicy plum." Sip.

Suzy, the welcome vessel of her lord's penis, lay back on the mat, legs spread and knees in the air. Her lord, in a moment of inspiration seized the bottle of oil and squeezed it all over Suzy's chest. She yelped for how stethoscope cold it was. Then he entered her.

Stephanie stopped playing, she couldn't help it, and she had to get a better view. The lord plunged into his vessel that raised her hips up to greet him. Limbs, lips and chests all ground together in one slick, oily, mess. He pumped with power and the geisha welcomed every ounce of his power.

 The elder sister was fascinated and without her knowing had begun to stroke her cunt in sympathy.

Suzy came with her lord. (Not that it mattered, she would have been equally happy if it was just he came.) She with a cry of joy and her lord with a grunt and deep-throated groan. The restless pumping slowly subsided. Dan withdrew and stood up, body glistening with oil and sweat.

"Stephanie. Who gave you permission to stop playing?"


Dan cut her off. "I..I..I.. Don't you know by now? It's never about yourself." Suzy began washing her secretions of her lord's, dick with a bowl of warm water. Dan stood there, unmoved, waiting for the tall, curly brown haired girl to answer.

Suzy took a moment from he happy task to chide her sister, "She is a wicked girl, lord. She always thinks she knows better than everyone else. She even corrects honorable father in public. And of course, I told you about the vicious rumors she had been spreading."
"Yes. The rumors." Stephanie new lord frowned at her. "Shame on you Stephanie, you hadn't even met me. "

"I am so sorry if I knew what a nice man you are, I would never have said those things."

But Suzy was having none of it. "She lies, lord. She makes up rumors and judges people she hasn't met all the time. She is an evil girl."

"Not true. I go to church."

"Now Stephanie, it takes more than going to church. What was the last charity event you helped out in?"

Stephanie was thinking for way too long.

"Being good means serving others, Stephanie. Church is good, but have you helped out in your church's soup kitchen? Food drives? Rummage sale? How about in winter when the churches collect blankets for the homeless? No?"

Stephanie hated the poor, dirty, drunk people. They made their beds, let them sleep in it. But she didn't tell that to this man who's approval she craved so desperately, so she just stood their, again wanting to crawl in a hole and pull it in after her.

It was no small triumph for Suzy, who was now wiping up her lord's cum from between her thighs." See, lord? It as your faithful servant reported, she has no thought of anyone but herself."

Dan reached down and caressed his faithful geisha's cheek. "You were right." Suzy beamed in reply, then shot a mean "your gonna get it now" look at her sister. "Allow me to punish her for you, lord. Punish her for daring to speak against you."

"Suzy. I thought I taught you better than that. Tonight was not going to be about education."

Stephanie didn't like the sound of that. "Education?"

"That's right. Tonight, you learn the value of serving others."

"Please, Master no. She doesn't deserve to serve you. She is unworthy, polluted by spite and pride."

Dan smiled, all those cheesy geisha novels and their Victorian dialogue was certainly rubbing off on Suzy. And he had to admit it; she took to it like a duck to water. Still better reign her in now.

"Like Kimmy is unworthy?"

That got her. Suzy folded to the floor like a demolished building, "No. I would never speak so about my shining Princess Kimmy. She is as far above ordinary women as the sky above the dirt."

"And why is that?"

"Because you say so, lord."

"Very good. " Dan pretended he hadn't carefully thought his next step out. "Now, Stephanie what are we going to with you? Can't let you go spreading rumors about me, clearly you have earned a punishment and yet must be taught a lesson in service at the same time, but how?" Dan let Suzy say it. It was more dramatic that way.

"Sodomize her."

Dan raised an eyebrow. "Now there is an idea."
Stephanie panicked, "Please no, it's so dirty." Again Dan cut her off.

"Shhhh. You do want to make me happy don't you?" She slowly nodded. " And you do want to be truly happy don't you?" ?" She slowly nodded again. "Then trust me to teach you the lesson of the peace serving others can bring, with the ultimate act of subservience.
 Suzy, oil your sister up. You know where."

From the malicious smile on her lips Suzy was going to do a rough job of it. Dan couldn't have that. The chance of tearing the first time was too great. So he altered the little sister's point of view.

"Suzy, come here." He waited until she was close and only spoke to her, so only she would receive the words that triggered a perfectly accepting consciousness. "Listen closely.  Your sister is flawed, but not evil. Our mission is to bring her happiness. We will do this by teaching her to truly serve others. You will be helpful and kind, but firm, as you help me teach her things. Now, continue with what you were doing."

Unseen and unnoticed by the sisters, Dan hit a few keys on  Master PC. Stephanie bent to his will. Suzy poured out a dollop of more oil on her finger and inserted it in her bud, rolling it around.

Stephanie thought it would feel bad, but it didn't, in fact it felt good. Really good. The goodness ended when her little sister removed her swirling finger and hissed in her ear, "Now you'll learn from the master. Stephanie, I don't hate, you, really. He wanted you to be happy. That's why he is doing this."

"What do I do?"

"Do what I did. Relax and focus on what he taught me, "With perfect service comes perfect happiness."

Dan finished his adjustments to the new mindset Stephanie would receive and rejoined the scene. Anticipating her lord's wishes, Suzy oiled up his rock hard cock and guided its head to her sister's bud. When her lord's cock slowly entered her sister, she sat back and enjoyed her sister's enlightenment.

As the cock slid into the prostrate prude's ass, Dan completed the programming. "You see, Stephanie, this isn't about anal sex, this isn't even about feeling good, though it does feel good, doesn't it?"

"Yesssss! Oh yessss." It did feel really good. Logic dictated that the discomfort would increase with penetration, but it didn't, only the pleasure. What was going to happen when it all went in?

"It is about service. Now, focus on the fact you are serving me."


"That's right, concentrate on the idea you are making me happy, my pleasure, not yours. Your pleasure will increase, trust me."

Stephanie tried it, anything to increase the new sensations that rocked her being. She focused on the fact she was being a servant.  Suddenly, violently, she was instantly transported to a new plane of joy. At the time Stephanie was thinking that no human being could contain such ecstasy, but the thought of serving others sent her to whole new level.

Daniel's member began to piston in her, and she lost her mind. She didn't know if she was on earth, she felt like she was lost in space, awash in a stormy sea of emotions, she needed a lifeline, a point of light to give her focus, to draw her out of her Bacchanalian abyss. Her sister called to her.

Suzy was squeezed her head, forcing her to look in her eyes. For Stephanie it was like someone was calling her to from a beach and she was being pulled out to sea. "Stephanie, remember the secret I taught you!"

"What was it?" The waves of sensation emitting from her ass were making coherent thought all but impossible.

"I can't tell you. You've got to remember it yourself."

Stephanie desperately searched her mind, "What was it...ooohhhhh, yeesssss..She said.....aaaaaaaaa, wait was... uuhhhhhhh..." before another wave hit, she blurted it out, "Perfect service, perfect happiness."

It was like a lighthouse beam had found her. Drowning in a stormy sea, became body surfing on a friendly beach. Stephanie kept chanting her mantra over and over, matching her new lord's manly thrusts.. Perfect service, perfect happiness." Perfect service, perfect happiness." Perfect service, perfect happiness."  When she finally felt her lords seed fill her cavity, she came herself, not for any personal eroticism, but just from the knowledge she had served him well."

He disengaged. "Looks like you learned your lesson."

Stephanie sat on her haunches before her lord, cum oozing onto her thighs. "Yes. Service to others brings happiness."

"And how do you feel about me?"

"I would serve you above all other men."

"Good news, Suzy, it looks like our sister is cured of her selfish streak."

"Naked, Suzy hugged a planted a very un-sisterly kiss on Stephanie. Stephanie didn't judge the rightness or wrongness of it. She simply accepted her sister's kind gift of her sex and retuned it in kind. It was the giving that made her horny. She was moving on to her beloved little sister's neck, when she noticed something.

"Oh! Why Suzy, you are real blonde. A beautiful color, too. When did you have time to dye it?" It was true, the dishwater blonde was now a rich, true shade of sunny yellow. Still done up in an elaborate geisha bun, it framed her face like a halo.

"It was a gift of our lord, for my faithful service. You know I always wanted to be a true blonde."

"I am so happy for you!" The sisters hugged and kissed and again. This time it was Suzy who broke the bond. Still on her knees she approached her master, who was busy working on his computer. She supplicated him in whispers. Behind the screen Dan nodded sagely. Then they both looked at Stephanie. Suzy's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"What is it, lord?" Asked Stephanie, hoping that it meant another chance to serve.

Dan spoke, blue eyes glittering in the firelight "This faithful geisha has supplicated her lord for a favor for her dear sister, and it pleased her lord to grant this small thing. Now. Stand and look in the mirror."

Stephanie stood and looked into the mirror above the mantle. Her hair was now deep red. It was still curly, longer if anything, but deep red.

"You always wanted red hair sister, right? To go with your green eyes?"

"Yes. But how?  Even my complexion matches!"

"It will serve to remind you of the lesson of the wine, do not judge until you taste. As for how, don't you know that perfect service makes all things possible?"

"Of course," thought Stephanie, "how could she have been so foolish? "

"And speaking of wine. Let's see what your remembered." Stacy's lord removed the computer from his lap. "

Stephanie knelt at Dan's feet and took his penis in her hand.  She inhaled deeply, "Scent." His crotch smelled musky and manyly. "Sip." She took his penis inside her mouth. His cum's texture was like warm, runny toothpaste and the taste was slaty and satisfying. "Swirl." She lovingly lolled her mouth aorund her lord's dick. She cupped his balls and focuse on how a good a servant she was being.

She felt his dick twitching. Her lord grabbed her curls in both hands and held her close. She knew what was coming next. Huge gouts of semen filled her mouth to overflowing. But she didn't swallow. She just kept the sweet jism in her mouth, rolling its flavor, this, her new favorite of all things.

She showed her lord and her sister the pool of white in her mouth and awaited permission to swallow.  She didn't want to swallow, she wanted to taste it forever, but practicality won and and her lord told her too.

Then, the short full blonde geisha and the statuesque, curly redhead descended on him, using every resource they had to bring him joy. They both were perfectly happy, serving perfectly.

End of Part One