Master PC Dan's story

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Dan recalled from one of his old psych classes that attractive people got away with a lot more. They had no idea. The school board, mostly women, was putty in his hands. Admiring eyes followed him everywhere he went. If his physique and Gustavo's flattering clothes weren't enough, Master PC certainly was.

Two of the board members, one, a pert, shorthaired blonde and a henna colored housewife who must have worked to stay in shape, invited him over to their houses later in the week to discuss the issue in-depth.

Grant money flowed seamlessly. Dan had his class of girls write the applications and prepare the presentations for the grants themselves. It was a legitimate use of office suite publishing and a little p-point creation besides.

Only two of the foundations needed a Master PC "nudge" after they saw the girls themselves pitch the idea for a single gender learning facility.  If he felt guilty, Dan reminded himself that he was saving girls from the mindless slavery that Timmy, who still lurked in the main building, offered.

Other portables were repaired and a new science portable purchased. Now they needed a science and a math teacher and the girls wouldn't have to go near Timmy for anything.  Timmy had already assaulted an attractive, yet stern teacher, so Dan felt obliged to save someone from the monster.

It was a fine, crisp day.  Ellen, the pert blonde, wore a simple white cardigan over her robin's egg blouse, and cotton tube skirt. Dan wore some new slacks, shirt and his old, favorite bomber jacket. "Thanks for seeing me, Janet."

"No problem, Dan. Glad you can make it."

"You married, Dan?"

"Do you care?"


They didn't even pretend. She simply led him upstairs to the bedroom and after four multiple orgasms in three hours of sweet, salty sex, Dan was pretty sure he had her vote.

He let her sleep while he helped himself to a veggie burrito and a beer. While the burrito water molecules got excited, Dan used his laptop to revitalize himself for his next meeting, then left.

Candice, the older one with henna hair, was a nice lady. With no "push" from Master PC, she was obviously quite infatuated with Dan. She had sure spent hours if not days, planning this little get together/meeting. Dan wondered if she had ever admitted to herself how she really wanted it to end.

  She brought him to her kitchen table, fixed him coffee and cookies she had freshly baked just for him.

She wore a very feminine full-length skirt and a faded pink shirt. Subconsciously, she had let one more button open on the shirt than the design called for. She had swept back her shoulder length hair with clips to show off her nice, oval face, hazel eyes and warm skin.

As she prepared the coffee, Dan admired her figure. Her skirt showed off her slim waist and revealed just enough leg to get him interested to see the rest of it. He was enjoying the pretense. It was like a school play. His introduction with Ellen was brief.  This time he was going to savor this moment.

They sat next to each other at the table. Dan showed her the layout of the new mini-campus on his laptop's screen. She simply looked deeply into his eyes. She couldn't help herself, "Are your eyes really that blue?"

Dan feigned awkwardness, "Uh. Yeah. Are you eyes really that hazel. And are those flecks of gold?"  They spent several minutes satisfying each other's curiosity about eyes. Dan tried to return to the science room.

"How old are you Dan?" Dan was recognizing what was happening, this woman was regressing to what she must have been like in high school, the last time she had a crush. He could also perceive that she wanted him to be young. His youthful looks thrilled her no end. Now she could pretend she was young too, fresh out of college, still unattached, millions of opportunities.  He decided to tell the truth. "I'm as old as I want to be." Candice thought he was being glib.

The hour progressed. Dan "accidentally" bumped against her knee, rubbed against her shoulder and stood behind her, whispering in her ear, while pointed out things on the computer screen. She was getting quite distracted. When he sat down beside her, she moved her leg so it rested against his, but not so forcefully that it couldn't be pawned off as an "accident." All this talk of business was boring her. "What hobbies do you have?"

"Cycling. And you jog, right? It certainly keeps you in shape. I always wanted to start a cycling club at school."

"I heard its good aerobically, but it doesn't keep your arms toned."

"Sure it does." Dan removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeve." See? Feel that." He took her hand, moved to his bicep and flexed. "See? That's all cycling." She was in heaven.

"You are right. You are strong."  Her breath was becoming heavy.

"Oh, it's nothing. I am sure your quads are as strong as mine. "  He pulled her hand to his thigh. "Hm. The wool won't give a good impression. Do you have anything I can change into?"

She gulped. "My husband has some old shorts."

Old shorts, that meant he was out of shape. The picture was becoming clearer. "That will be fine. Maybe you will take me jogging later."

The idea that she was going jogging later justified it with her.

She took him upstairs and rummaged until she found her husband's old shorts and then, naughtily, she handed him a muscle tank top rather than an ordinary t-shirt.

Dan changed and then reentered the bedroom.  The shorts showed of his entire package. The housewife swallowed, stared in amazement and pretended to be looking at his thighs. "Nice legs."

"Thanks." He motioned her to him hand guided her hand to the back of his thigh and up over his buttock "See? Quads and gluteus. Fit. Now let's see if your jogging does the same for your things for your thighs. No need to change, just lift up your skirt."

"Here? I don't suppose it makes a difference. I run in shorts all the time anyway." She pulled up her skirt and showed off her legs. She was very vain about them and had reason to be, long and sculpted pins of ivory that they were.

"Do you mind?"

"No. Go right ahead."

Dan felt her muscles, first with a coach's touch, then with a more personal flair, massaging them. Candice, closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation, when she thought Dan wasn't looking.

He stopped, "Well the thighs are good. But I still think cycling gives me tighter gluteus."

"I beg you pardon. I have "buns of iron." Try them."

"Okay." Dan kneaded her ass.  "Yep, these are firm all right."

Candice had had enough. She turned and with fingers splayed, she felt his chest. "Your chest is very well built. Cycling certainly gives you the hard body, Dan."

Pretence almost gone Dan countered, "I could say the same thing about your chest, Candice." He brushed her tits. "Mmm. Very firm. And you give me something hard too." He pulled her to him so she could feel his massive cock in the press of her abdomen.

She looked up at him dreamily then her hand crept down and explored the shaft through the fabric.

"Go Ahead."

Still in disbelief of her luck, Candice pulled down the hot young stud's shorts and let his penis spring free. Her eyes went wide, then she dropped right to her knees and sucked it, savored had been so long.

After she reacquainted herself with a hot, vital cock, Dan pulled her up to him. They Frenched passionately, but Candice was an experienced woman, she knew what joys lay ahead and she would not be denied. She pulled him to her bed. They fell down on it and they tugged at the clothes until they were naked.

Her tits were big and loose, but not shapeless. Dan found them enjoyable and so did Candice. She wanted a hard young cock between her legs and Dan gave it to her.  He had to admit she was a very hot lay. She met his stabs by with energy. Every time he plunged in, she did something where her pussy squeezed around his dick with a firm, greasy grip.

She was experienced, active and very grateful. She did more than participate; she initiated sex; like the sixty-nine and Dan rewarded her energy with a dose of hot jizz down her throat. She drank of his elixir of life because she had been jonesing for it for years.

He was fulfilling her dreams. He had simply fucked Ellen. But this was something more. When they were finally spent, the lovers talked.

"God. You were great."

"You too."

"But we better get dressed. My daughter is due home any minute. You know her."

They talked in the same adult fashion as they dressed.  They were respectable when the Shelly and her boyfriend arrived.

Shelly was a beautful carrot head with freckles, high, pinchable cheeks and a decent figure, even if her beast were only the size of ice cream scoops. By any standard she was cute, but she was filled with self-loathing and let everyone know it.  She stomped into the kitchen with her boots and ratty overcoat like her mother's prescense was a personal insult.

Her boyfriend was a handsome young man. Dan didn't know him. He was about six-two, 200 pounds and built for speed, probably a jock of some type. His handome, chilsed features could have nabbed him any girl in the school. What the hell he was doing with the sour faced, proto-lesbian, Shelly? "Teen love is a strange thing." He recalled.

"What's that idiot doing here? Not like I have enough to endure him at school."

"Shelly, dear, Mister Murphy and I were just discussing how he was goingto make the school better."

"The only way to make that school better is to burn it down."  Shelly's biggest fan, herself, smirked at the show of wit. She grabbed a flavored iced tea that her mother had bought especially for her and took her boyfreind through the swinging door into the living room. Everyone seemed eager to have her leave the room.

"I am sorry."

"Don't be. I teach her remember?"

"It's just that there is something eating at her. I wish I knew what it was. You said this school was going to have couseling?"

Dan didn't tell Shelly's mom about her daughter's crush on Raquel. They just talked about the new school for a few minutes. The time was close to leaving. Dan imposed on his new intimacy to ask a personal question.

"No offense. But what is that guy doing around, Shelly?"

"Brian? I wonder too. Of course some boys have a thing for redheads."

As Dan reflected on Candice's own, darker shade of red, an idea occurred to him.  She wanted a young lover. No doubt Shelly was getting off on giving this poor guy a major set of blue balls. He plugged in the zip drive. "Candice, before I go. I am expecting an important email. May I check it please?"

"Sure." She left to do the dishes and give the fellow adult some privacy. Soon, Dan had finished his emailing, put the computer in his case and said goodbye. In the next minute, she noticed the vase at the top of the cabinet was dusty. It occurred to her that Brian, sweet, handsome Brian would get it for her. "Brian, could I borrow you for a minute?"

Brian entered and performed the task easily enough. As he streched his young muscular arm upwards, Candice, primed by the afternoon delight, curled her tongue up 'til it touched her nose. "You know, Brian." She stroked his bicep. "With my husband gone all the time, I could sure use a young man to help me with chores around the house."

Dan scripted the next line, giving the shy young man words. "You don't' know how long I've waited to hear you say that. I've been hanging around Shelly, just to be next to you."

"Really? How sweet!"

"Really. You are so hot, Candice."

The lovers kissed. Candice's breath came in gasps, "It's so wrong. No one must know." They resumed their standing writhe. Then Shelly came in. There was her ex-boyfriend and her mother in the throws of passion, one of his hands up her skirt and tounges down each other's throats.

"What the hell!!!" Shelly screamed.

The couple was unfazed. Her mother used a commanding tone. "Shelly. I am stealing your boyfriend.  Come on Brian, let's get some privacy." Candice, the more experienced of the two, led the young man out by the hand.

Shelly stood there in stunned silence as they passed by. Dan could not resist. "Hello Shelly."

"Where the hell did you come from?"

"Shut the fuck up." Shelly stood there, dumb. "What a bitch you are. For the first time in your life are going to be happy for your mother. You are going to keep the secret of the woman who feeds and clothes you.
I keep your secret, the way you dream of being Raquel's slave. If you are really good, I may even get the opportunity to make your fantasy come true.
Until then, you will not utter one insult to your mother or in my class. If you do..."  SEND

Instantly, an image flashed in Shelly's mind so vivid as to be almost real.  She was taking on five fat executives, her father's business partners.  The ones in her ass and in her cunt, she rode. She jerked off two more with her hands as she took her father in her mouth. Worst of all, she loved it. It was her greatest fantasy come to life. No one turned her on like a balding, fat, old man with gray pubes. She loved grey, sweaty pubes in her face. All five men came together and the jizz  shower sent her into orgasm.

She awoke on the floor, still twitching. She was herself, still feeling phantom sensations of penetration. Shelly felt like throwing up.

"That was just a illusion. But I can make it a reality. Remember. Keep a positive attitude or else.

"Heeloooo everybody!" came a shout from the living room.

"Who is that?"

"My Aunt Kelly."

"She'll need adjustment too."  Kelly paused as Dan typed a bit. "I am done. I will go now. Remember."

Dan passed Kelly on the way out. "Hi, Kelly."

"Hi. Who's he Shell?" Kelly was bit younger than her sister, Candice. But she much more sophisiticated, much more "with it." She dressed in a smart blouse, short skirt, heels, make-up and apparently  did not like bras. She was full figured and had lush shoulder legnth brown hair with steaks of henna red. Very much like Raquel, Dan noticed.

"He's..." Dan knew an insult was on her lips but she bit it back.  "Mister Murphy, my...favorite teacher." She forced a grin.

Kelly could sense the tension. "Oh. Hi. Where's your mom?"

Shelly went silent. Dan took over. "She's upstairs making love with Brian."

"Oh, I am so glad." Kelly performed Dan's words beautifully. "Brain's been mooning over her like forever. And your Dad has been neglecting his bedroom chores so badly. I am glad she's finally getting some. Aren't you glad too, Shell?"

"Yes, glad."

"See you tomorrow, Shelly." Dan apparetnly left, shutting the door behind him.

"Wow! What a hunk. You never told me he was so good looking, Shelly."

Shelly ran upstairs to cry. Kelly followed her upstairs to console Shelly, as usual, and investigate the source of the groans and sighs.  As hoped the lover;s had left the door open, Moira was riding her stud like a madwoman.

Kelly proceded down the hall to Shelly's room. She knew what was coming, both her mouth and her pussy salvated in anticipation.  She opened the door to Shelly's dim room. The little redhead was weeping on her bed. With practiced ease, Kelly sat on the bed's edge and unbottoned her shirt. Shelly, still sobbing a bit, nursed at the big chest to comfort herself.

Claoked by master PC, Dan watched the whole scene. This was the reason Kelly wore no bra when she visited. She rocked Shelly back and forth and comforted her, giving her suck. When she stopped sobbing, Shelly removed a dildo from her nightstand. Aunt Kelly took off her skirt and spread her legs. Shelly knelt at her feet and nonchalantly inserted into her Aunt. She pumped slowly, still wore out from the day's events.

The Aunt spoke, "Now that you mother has taken a lover, we can be more open. She doesn't dare judge us now."

Dan allowed them to see him. "I am afraid I can't allow that."

Kelly was shocked. "How did you get here? You left."

"Did I?"

Shelly was shocked, she knew what was about to happen. Or thought she did.

It took Dan the better part of the afternoon to straighten out the poor girl's head. The aunt never touched her again.


"Grow or die." For a long time, it had been an axiom Dan aspired to live by. It had gotten him into a new field; it had gotten him in (and out of) four startup companies until the fifth that finally paid off. He was no stranger to risk.  Now his "company" was growing, too big for him to handle.

If this scheme of his was going to work, he was going to have to get some help. He needed to bring in partners. The logical choices were the women who had been his willing, more or less, partners since he acquired Master PC. But to do the jobs he needed, he was going to have give them copies of Master PC.

It was a huge risk. Dan had already learned that there was no such thing as a "PC Proof" mind or an absolutely loyal slave. It was all just programming and programming could always be circumvented.  Could divide up their power? He thought about it for a week, drew up flow charts, statements and as many proof commands as he could think of in the time a full teaching week allowed.

Kimmy, his queen, was the nurturer of the group. She would get a copy of Master PC that only offered the scroll bars regarding physical and mental health. Michelle, his first concubine, was always the most aware of the human body than any of them. She would get the morpher. His secretary, Suzy would get the text receiver loaded in a notebook with a secret second drive, the kind that looked like a motherboard, programmed to accept her special shorthand. Andrea, the priestess, would receive the ability to read and transmit thoughts and emotions. It would aid in her counseling efforts. Moira had her own Master PC and his..what millions by now? She already had his power of attorney, when, not if, things went South.

Dan considered banning each part of the program from affecting him, but what if he got in trouble? Needed healing? Or restoring his mind? The risk was huge either way. He decided to go with sharing, besides the loyalty protocols were still in place.

"Quite the commitment." On that track his mind wandered. Dan perceived Kimmy would have the biggest problem with this and that would hurt him personally. His emotional anchor had always been Kimmy. It was protecting her that kept him from hiding. He had always promised that she would be her queen. She ran his house. All the women deferred to her authority. That satisfied her female ego.  Now he was making three newer women equals in power. She would need a trump. Oddly enough, the ace Dan thought of, neither shocked, nor frightened him. It seemed perfectly natural.

Friday, Dan announced that Kimmy and he would have Saturday night alone.  Michelle and Raine's eyes went a little wide and then they leered. They knew what Kimmy would be getting all Saturday night. Kimmy blushed. To mollify the other two (not that they were, or could ever be, jealous) Dan allowed them to shopping for jewelry Saturday day, as long as they went to a place Gustavo, his tailor, recommended. The two squealed in delight and kissed Dan. Kimmy, bless her, was more excited about a whole night alone with her man.

  Michelle favored almost all plain gold with just a hint of emeralds. Raine preferred the look of silver, rubies and rose colored pearls against her dusky skin. Kimmy eyed a complete set of dark, black pearls, which seemed luminescent against her skin. The Polynesian pearls seemed to call to her like a sister. But the matched set cost in the six figures. Instead, she settled on a modest silver and sapphire set.

 For fun, the nice Mr. Sebastian asked the young ladies if they would like to try on some rings. He had just dusted off these two nice shelves for a client and wanted some pretty young girls to appreciate them before he put them back into the safe. Michelle and Raine dove right in.

Kimmy, thought the smiling, innocent looking Armenian gentleman to be quite the salesman. Still, there was no harm in dreaming. A beautiful old-fashioned ring caught her eye.

Mister Sebastian complimented her taste. He had picked it up in at an estate sale. The diamonds were smallish. The main one was only a half carat, the rest smaller, but the were of the finest quality. He showed her how the platinum ring was worked; even where it wouldn't show, a sign of real quality and the settings were strong. Raine thought the diamonds and platinum were too colorless. Michelle thought it was too cold, not warm like gold. Mr. Sebastian and Kimmy shared a frown at their opinion.

Shopping done. The girls went home. Mr. Sebastian's security service would delivery the majority of the merchandise to home later, along with the cufflinks, pen, pocket and pocketwatch Dan asked for.

  Dan could just imagine the girl-talk when they helped Kimmy dress. Michelle would be bawdy. Raine told her how lucky she was. Kimmy rebutted that maybe those two would find something to do. All three giggled.

By any standard, Kimmy looked hot as the sun, and now she glittered like it too. Michelle and Raine presented her like they were two older aunts. "Have her back at a respectable hour!" "Or have a darn good reason for keeping her out late!"

Fuego Caliente's limo took them to the Club. Champagne and fresh, out of season strawberries were waiting in the car. Kimmy and Dan fed each other. Again, the food and the company at the club were excellent. Moria was there, now with a willing partner, as well as a Senores Ruiz, Garcia and a few other high power types that had taken a liking to the young philanthropist.

Dan ordered the five course meal. The best parts were the Quail with herbed rice was and fresh gelato for dessert. Unfortunately, their romantic meal too a long time.  There was a larger crowd, it being the start of three day weekend, and the rooms booked early.  There was only one theme room left, the Vietnam Room.

"The Vietnam Room?"

"Yes, sir." The efeet concierge grimaced. "The name had not had the appeal we hoped for, and the attendants have been rather reticent shall we say? Of course, it did better than its previous occupant, the Turkish Room. But it is the only room left."

"Come on honey. It will be fine." That was Kimmy, ever the sweetheart. Dan was still annoyed, but there were two more couples behind them in line.

"We'll take it."

The room was really nice. It was a wonderful blend of Zen simplicity, rainforest affect with a bit of Indo-Chinese decoration thrown in. A long, panel waterfall made it sound like it was the monsoon season. Orchids grew on trellises, on pillars and all the walls, under halogeon lights. It was warm and a bit humid but the ceiling fans provided adequate cool relief, like an ocean breeze.

It was a larger room and eclectically furnished. The floor was done in a combination of grass and bamboo mats. Against one wall, lay two large wooded barrel-tubs. The chairs were mixed. There were cushions, a futon, chaise lounges and folding chairs. An odd thing, like a huge bamboo-log rope ladder connecting the high wall to the floor was affixed in one corner.

But the king sized net hammock, strung between two pillars and directly underneath a big, slow fan caught Dan's eye. It looked comfy and he had never "done it" in a hammock before.  He took Kimmy's hand and walked toward the hammock. Both Dan and Kimmy wondered what the catch was. What was wrong with this room?

The room's two attendants approached with downcast eyes, casually offering trays with spilled wine and sloppily piled fruit. They had sour expression on their face. He could already tell. They were planning to make the rest of the night miserable for them. Dan thought they looked a bit familiar.

Both women were slender, graceful and beautiful. One was older, in her early thirties, the other in the high teens. They both had wide mouths and full, juicy lips. Their black hair curved in at the nape of their long, alabaster necks and continued to the below the shoulder blades. The two women wore traditional Vietnamese gowns of fine white silk that hugged their willowy frames.

There was a definite family resemblance. Were they mother?  Suddenly, Dan recognized them. It was the Trans, Lan's mother and older sister!  "So, this was what happened when people followed their dreams."

 When they looked up, both their eyes went wide with recognition. They knew him as the conquering Prince of their dreams. Tonight would be interesting.

It was a good thing Dan had brought his new notebook, the one with a second motherboard armed with Master PC.  The night was going to be perfect for Kimmy. She was going to be Queen of the Night and the Tran bitches weren't going to spoil it. After he pasted in the SOP loyalty, secrecy and "don't see the computer" portocols, like he always did, he programmed the mother and daughter to love and appreciate Kimmy like no one else. Tonight at least, they they would be more than enthusiastic employees.

Where before they only moved as fast as necessary to avoid being yelled at, now they moved with celerity, happy at their job. Before, they performed any little task like it was scrubbing toliets now they gladly jumped to their new mistress' command. No more clattering platters and spilled wine, their grace would make a Bolshoi green with envy.

With the first SEND, things got interesting. The two descended on Kimmy like she was a pop star and they their No.1 fans. They fawned over her without shame, hesitency or regret. They complimente her clothes, her hair, her bodya and her choice in men.

As the guests nibbled on fruit and each other, they dressed the lovers in loose silk robes and slippers. Thu, the daughter, played piano while Liu, the mother, bound up Kimmy's long blue-black hair with lacquered pins. Both women never spoke, but the eyes of one binding Kimmy's hair spoke of great envy.

The lovers drank chilled German Rhine wine while the Liu danced elegantly. In the pearl handled looking glass, Kimmy admired how they had bound her hair. Her long tresses always got in the way when she performed oral sex on her beloved, but now...gently, she unfolded her lord's golden and bent to make love to his manhood. Her man moaned in pleasure. She licked slowly and tenderly, bobbing her head up and down at times, making little slurping noises and sweet "mm-mm" sounds, cupping the place where his seed waited.  Her silken gown caressed her breasts and added to her arousal.

She felt air on her behind.  The music and dancing had stopped. The mother and daughter were now were admiring her ass. They stroked and appreciated her perfect, snowy skin. Then they began to nibble on her perfect half moons like they were rice cakes.  They couldn't help themselves. It was too delictable. Kimmy was getting quite wet.

She rotated onto her back. She was still beneath her lord's cock so it flopped onto her face. This allowed the Vietanmese girls to give full attention to her thighs and sex.

Liu fetched a wooden toy swallow with a long tail. Thu took Dan's place, sitting on her haunches. Kimmy rested her head on top her soft thighs. Thu lowered her breasts to Kimmy's face. Kimmy frowned. Thu's breasts were small, immature, not as nice and full as Michelle's or Raine.

It was like Dan read her mind. The daughter's breast grew, larger, smoother, fuller and more perfectly round. The "cupcakes" magically transformed into "water balloons." Kimmy sucked gladly. The girl gasped in surprise, then hummed in bliss. Thu used her long, painist fingers as a comb and slowly spread out Kimmy's hair unitl it looked like a bucket of ink splashed over her alabaster thighs.

The older geisha, with the swallow, began to look prettier, much younger, but the experience stayed. Both of them became very fit. Their muscle definintion was impeccable. Every muscle was tight and firm. The mother lost any hint cellulite, vericose veins and crows feet.

The purpose of the swallow became clear. When held  by the tail and instered into the vagina, that head of the bird hit Kimmy's g-spot perfectly. She went into orbit. Only Dan was missing.

After her first orgasm, Dan mounted her and rode her to another. Each girls' mouth lovingly attended her mistress' breasts with their mouths. Dan's tongue and hers entwined and they both worked to orgasm.
 Kimmy was ever thoughtful, "It's a shame, Dan. Why don't we get these nice girls off too?"
 Kimmy's took Thu, who now tasted like white wine. Dan took the older one who tasted like plum wine.  Both girls as first sincerely deferred. It was they who were supposed to be serviceing them. But Dan and Kimmy wouldn't take no for an answer.

 Murphy had granted them the usual hyper-sensitivity down there. Thu whipped her heads from sided to side, screaming. The older woman showed some control and manuvered her head under Kimmy's dripping cunt.  There they lay for a half and hour. Thu on her back being licked, Kimmy on her knees licking Thu, Liu on her back licking Kimmy and Dan on his belly, licking Liu. All four moaned and slurped, surging waves of content interrupted by lightening flashes of orgasmic energy.

  All the women got off at near the same times, like a string of firecrackers. Dan perceived that Kimmy and he were now their favorite clients, if not beginning to fall in love with them.

 They went to the tubs to clean off.  The Trans seperated the two and one joined each in the tub. Liu got Kimmy.  Kimmy's eyes were dilated with lust. The idea of being bathed a girl her age with the sexual experience of an older woman excited her no end.

 Thu required a little teaching. She had not been with many men and was still figuring out what to do with her new tits. Dan was happy to tutor her. Dan slipped into the hot water first. Thu slipped in next. She washed him off with a cloth, exploring his muscles while she did it. While she studied him, he studied her. Her eyes were deep pools of caramel, jawline wide, accepting, her lips ful and read, very kissable. He took her. She dropped the cloth in surpise.
 He rammed his tongue down her throat and grabbed her tits. She tried to pull his hand away but he was relentless, impossible to resist. Thu struggled to push him away. His hands moved to her waist and he lifted up and closer to him then impaled her on his meat spike.

 Thu's head lashed back at the new sensation of a fat-ten inch cock insulting her womb. Dan pumped his intruder in and out, sucking meanly on her right tit as he did so. Little by little Thu went from pushing away, to pressing down on his shoulder, to wrapping both her arms around the man and riding him for all he was worth.

 Dan looked over at Kimmy's tub. Kimmy had her head back and eyes closed. Liu was sucking on her right nipple. Liu turned and gave the raper of her daughter a wicked grin of appoval. Dan pumped faster. Without warning, Thu convulsed. She gripped Dan painfully tight. She splashed water on the floor. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she almost fainted. Breathlessly she whispered in Dan's ear, "Thank you, my prince. Please fuck me like that forever. I dreamed about this day. I love you. I love you both, but I love you."

Lots of sex and very little cleaning was done. But Kimmy was almost always the center of attention. When the Tran's dressed the clients in their dance clothes, Dan presented his Queen with the first of many surprises that night, the black pearls. Kimmy was thrilled. They shone against her Polynesian skin like they knew they were home.

They hit the dance floor. Kimmy was flaunting every bit of it. Her hair had been undone and she was wild with joy. The other women envied every centimeter of her pearls.

Lots of dancing and two visits to a Blue Room later, they were back in the Vietnamese Room. The girls practically skipped to greet them.  Dan and Kimmy stripped, the girls sponged them prior to the bath. Kimmy's hair was done up again. Dan ordered his notebook  and very special item brought in.

They hit the tub before getting sweat, and other juices, on the nice silkrobes.  Dan ordered the girls to light hundred of candles, incense, kill the lights, and then wait behind the privacy screen.

There, naked in the tub together, the lovers kissed. Kimmy gentlly, tenderly slid her man inside her. It was a very intimate "hug."  With his dick inside her, Dan proposed to Kimmy. "Will you marry me?" From the box Liu had brought in, Dan produced the antique ring she had so admired. "But wait. Before you say anything, I have something to explain to you."

Dan booted up his notebook and showed her all about Master PC. He told her everything she hadn't told her before. He explained to her what he had done to her, Darrel and everyone and why he did it. She sat in stunned silence.

He had allowed her some cognisince of his power, but he had never been so all emcompassing. He had to tell her. If she was to be his wife, it was the only honorable thing to do. Never did she pull out his dick.

She took a tone of voice like she was talking to a child, or a man. "Daniel, for a long time I knew you had this power. There were too many amazing things happening around you.
 Hush. Let me finish.
 When Darrel was feeling me up, I knew I was going to be just like my mother and her mother, a slut. Sure, I tried to deny it, but when his hands hit my breasts and pussy, I knew. Up to then, had denied it,  the feeling was too strong.
 I wanted to be monogamous. But my body wasn't going to let me. I was so relieved when he left...and then that night. I knew I could be faithful, the way I always wanted to be.
 You took control. You did what you thought was best."

Dan interrupted. She was taking too much resposnsibility. "I should have told you how I felt. I loved you, even then."

"Please. We both know society won't allow that. Anyway, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if you had, with the way I felt then, I would have cheated on you."

"So? Your answer?"

"Yes. I will marry you. But I think you better not allow the others such temptation, not without lots more programming anyway. I trust them less than you."


"Really. My life showed me the dark side of human nature. People may mean well, but their weaker sides often win."

"So. About being my wife...?"

"Of course I will. I've been your "wife" for a while now and I like it, but only on two conditions. One: You lock down those other women stronger than me. Two: You get me pregnant. I'm enough of my mother's daughter that my womb has been practically aching for you to put a baby in it."

"Here? Now?"

"That Master PC will make it possible right?" She turned to the scroll bars Dan had shown her. She slid her and Dan's "Fertility" keys all the way to the right, maximum. "Oh yeah. I can feel it down there. You ready?"


"Then Mister Murphy slip that ring on me, then slip it into me. We have babies to make."

Dan slipped the ring on her finger. They kissed, deeply, permanently, and then she straddled him. Dan pumped away. His wife responded matching his movements. Dan felt his balls churn with fresh sperm.

Dan undid the pins and her hair fell loose, framing them both. While Kimmy bounced up and down on his member, Dan typed in the code "ADJUST EGGS AND ALL SPERM MAKE PERFECT CHILD" and then SEND.  Kimmy looked at him with curiosity. "Just preventing birth defects. She nodded and the mating continued. It was like her pussy was sucking every inch of his cock into her.

The notion that they were making a baby put a fire in each of them. Kimmy's cunt had never been hotter, or squeezed his cock so (he wondered if Raine had taught her that trick) nor had his need to ejaculate been so intense. Their love was making this sex the best ever.  They both came together, but quietly, privately, but no less intensely. They remained in embrace for many more minutes.

"He will be the most beautiful baby." Whispered Kimmy. "I love you."

The geisha's were called back in to prepare the hammock for bed. The presence of Kimmy's ring did not escape their notice. Before the net was ready, he put  another load into his wife's pussy. Then again before they slept.  Surely this was the biggest stud the Tran's had ever seen. "What a lucky girl." They both thought.

Kimmy and Dan shared the hammock, swaying gently. Kimmy curled up on Dan. But during the night, he felt a stirring. Kimmy was gone. Bathroom? He looked around for her.  She and the Tran girls were over on the bamboo-log rope ladder, fucking.

The purpose of the ladder was now clear its odd shape allowed for lots of open sexual positions. Thu was on a middle rung, legs spread, open to anything. Kimmy stood in front of her fucking her with a strap on didlo. The curve of the ladder, allowed the Polynesion to easily reach and pinch the girl's nipples. Below, between the rungs, Liu lapped at her mistress' pussy juice like she was dying of thirst. Thu came. Kimmy tossed her off the ladder before her spasms subsided.

 Dan wondered what she was like at home when he was gone. His little sex kitten could be quite the cat when she wanted to be. Kimmy grabbed Liu by her mane, bent her over and fucked her doggie style. Then she commanded Thu to expose her self to her mother's tongue. She promptly complied. Liu arched her back in orgasm then dove back into her daughter.

Kimmy, unbuckled the dildo, leaving it in the mother and motioned each to attened her needs. Thu, she guided to her pussy, Liu licked her ass. The two Vietnamese girls, on their knees, licked the sex of Kimmy's pale, lith figure. It was more worship than sex. The island girl came with a tremble, stroked the heads of her new pets and whispered approval. Both of them smiled.

Kimmy slipped in next to her man, "Like the show?"

"Very nice. Got me hard."

"So I see. Want to get on of those bamboo ladders?"

"Want to get two sex slaves?"

"Don't joke about that. That's Timmy."


 Dan awoke to the daughter, sucking his dick to hardness.  Liu was poised to do the same to Kimmy's pussy but was fascinated by the sight of her daughter sexing up the Prince. When Dan lifted up his head, Thu simply looked up with her big brown eyes and smiled. Her mother was watching her daughter's fellatio with envy.

The luscious girl ended the blowjob and began to stroke the man's penile between her new mammaries. She mouthed, "I love you." with every rocking motion. It felt good, like pushing between two velvety pillows. When she was sure she had gotten his attention, she dismounted from the hammock, got on the floor, bent on all fours and presented herself to him. She had a lovely hourglass figure. Her ass was small yet round. Her lips were sweet, pink, glistening and very appealing.

Taking a moment to render himself infertile, he mounted her. He pumped the young Thu the way she liked it, rough. He jackhammered into her hard, no mattter how wildly she thrashed.  He spanked her ass red. Tears of pleasure streamed down her face as she took in the meaty log.

Thu buried her face in a pillow, so as not to wake Kimmy. It was the best fuck of her life. Women would do so much for a good climax. A bit sadistically, Dan dammed up her orgasm, forbidding release until one giant burst, all smothered in her pillow. He withrew, dripping. She collapsed on one side, panting like a little bird.

Dan ordered the mother to leave Kimmy and lick him clean.

Dan resumed his sleep. Kimmy at his side the Trans beneath them, should they need any little thing.  An hour or so later, he was stirred again by lips. Kimmy straddled him, she was using his flaccid dick to tickle her clit. Her hair been released to sway free. Dan could feel the spidery stands tickle his thighs. Masterfully, he allowed himself to become stiff. Lost in lust she slipped him in.

  She winced once, then looked at Dan as she gyrated her hips, like a slut, as she rode him. Dan used a technique that caused his dick to his her g-spot. She fingered her clit at the same time, like Raine did. When she came, it was like a great iceberg had sheered off a cliff face and plunged into the sea. And caused them both to fall out the hammock. They laughed for what seemed like eternity.

An hour later, Kimmy resumed her attentions. Dan performed but even his bearings were beginning to grind. When all three wanted him at once, early in the morning, he had to shout "No! I need some sleep. Go over to the ladder and entertain yourselves." Then he rolled over.

In the morning Dan woke and the girls were just winding down. Didlo's and fruit littered the bamboo ladder. Kimmy and the Trans glowed in a  sheen of sweat. Nothing could wipe the smiles from their faces.

When the fiance's were about to leave, the Trans knelt in front of them, blocking their way.  Despite the rules of the club, they had to ask a few things.

They were the wife and one of the daughters of a poorly endowed man from a wealthy and traditional Vietnamese ?merican family.  He had leased them into the Club for a break in the membership fee. He wanted to be a big shot. He was even running for the state legislature. He was hoping a Club member would help him out.

"That was a very foolish thing to do. No one talks business here."

"He knows that now. I just wanted to thank you both. We had the first good time we ever had here."

"I think you spoiled her, honey."

Dan was just about to laugh, when Mrs. Tran interrupted. "I think he has, miss. And you have spoiled me and her. We would love to see very much more of you."

"Enough of this shit." Kimmy took the Master PC from Dan and typed in a command. "Now bitch. Tell me the complete truth."

Mrs. Tran suddlenly lost all her pioise, her face twisted in a mask of rage, "This whole thing is my idea. You are the only powerful people we have really met. It was all blackmail scheme that also served my needs. That stupid huband of mine would never think of it." Thu began to cry.

Dan reestimated Kimmy. "How did you know."

"Girls know these things. Now I think to need a little punishement. " Mrs. Tran spent the next fifteen minutes prostating herself in front of the Murphys swearing whole love, loyaty and her unworthiniess. She kissed their feet. "That's better. And now you Thu, how do you feel?"

"Mother made me do this."

"Sure she did." Kimmy and Master PC lashed out again.

Thu's attitude changed from fearful to suppliant. "I love Dan with all my heart. When he or you fucks me I feel so much better than when mother fucks me. When I watched you two make a baby I was green with envy."

Kimmy looked at Dan expectantly. He confessed.  "Okay. They had me fooled."

 Knowing this he couldn't leave them here, to ruin the Club for everyone. Dam. He was going to need to buy another house. "Tell your husband a member of Club has decided to help him. It will cost him two leases and something else."

"We're getting married, John and I." Mrs. beamed.

Both Dan and Kim were surprised, John more so. Kim was used to her mother's mercurial mood swings and impulsive acts, even though they were mostly drug induced and she was sober now, the expectation remained at least subconsciously. This would be Mrs. Dolan's fourth marriage.

  John, however, hadn't Kimmy's prejudices. He had used Master PC to program out Mrs. addictions, evened out her body chemistry and encouraged "the better angels of her nature." Also, Kimmy wasn't privy to the conversation where Mrs. expressed serious misgivings about John's recent behavior. The sudden turn around was dramatic. Of course, Dan might have missed something.

Kimmy hugged her mom.

"Congratulations, Tina. I hope it works out this time, really I do."

"Thanks, Dan, Kimmy. I know it will. We've been to counseling and the parson explained everything. I feel so much better about this marriage."

Dan felt better too. He knew counseling could work wonders. "Consoling? Tha sounds good."

"Who's the 'parson," mom?"

"His name is Hauser, Parson Hauser. And he's a lovely man. John found him first, then he asked me to go too. At first I was real reluctant." She hung her head, "I was actually thinking of leaving him, and our arguments had gotten so bad of late.
 His church sounded like one of those "hell and brimstone" kind of places that I never liked. But he kept asking so finally I went." The she perked up, like someone had pulled a string.

 "Boy, was I glad I did. I have never felt so loved in my whole life as I did the first time I went to the Hall. We sang, we prayed and I felt the power flow through me like a river.

After the services, John invited me to the Couples Club. It has people just dating and married couples. The Parson said it is so young people can see what a healthy relationship is like.

 We have herbal tea and cookies and discuss the Bible and other things, like how to what makes marriages successful."

Kimmy tried to be encouraging "Sounds nice."

Dan was more skeptical, this dramatic a change didn't feel right.

"It's the reason I came here. Everyone is so nice there. Kimmy, I know I haven't been a good mother to you in the past. But I want to make up for it. I think you and Dan could really benefit from this group."

"I don't know Lisa. Not a lot of people would understand our May-December relationship."

"Well, I am Kim's mother and I can see you are the best thing to ever happen to her. You have my and John's approval and we'll be right there. Well?"

In the end it was Kimmy's pleading that changed his mind. This was the first semi-nice thing that Lisa had done for Kimmy in years. But they made a deal. He'd go to the service and if he didn't like it they'd  just leave.

It turned out the congregation met on Saturday, the parson thought it was more Biblically correct. Dan and Kimmy put on respectable church clothes and attended.

The second they entered the church (actually and old vaudeville theater) they felt a sense of belonging and contentment. Dan and Kimmy sang, prayed and had a grand time. Dan would have even "testified" if he knew how.

The Parson was electrifying. He was a tall, thin man with Nordic features, ash-blonde buzz cut and black plastic frame glasses. He wore a slim cut suit and tie of cheap black cloth. Dan had no real recollection of what the man said, but he would have followed him to the ends of the earth.

At the end of the meeting, the Parson's wife gave the Congregational announcements. She was an absolute stunner. She had her long, soft hair bound up in a bun. Her face was Germanic, full, fleshy by still tight and high cheekboned. Her eyes were light-blue, like ice. She had heavy Dcups, round hips and a wasp-thin waist. She was beautiful. She told everyone where to go with a soft, warm voice and a sweet smile.

 Dan thought. "She is perfect for a minister's wife. This is right and proper considering how wrong interracial marriage is. What was Kimmy again?"

Several groups, Youth, Elder and Couples were congregating in various rooms right after services. When she came to the description of Couples' group, "for people married and contemplating marriage"  Kimmy squeezed Dan's hand. She gazed lovingly at him. For Kimmy, it felt so right.  Dan was wondering what the Parson would think about him having a mixed wife.

The women served herbal tea and cookies. Dan hated herbal tea, but considering that he was about to swear off alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants forever, he thought better get used to it.  That girl of his, Kimberly, seemed to be thinking the same thing. She frowned at the taste too.

The chairs were arranged in two concentric circles. The women sat in the center, to talk. The men sat in the outside circle, right behind their women. The Parson's wife, Heidi, guided the opening round of conversation. The chair behind her was empty.

Heidi looked like she was going to greet Kimberly, but then she looked at Dan and then asked for questions.

Tina, Kims' mom, started, "Heidi. I've been a bad fianc?. I asked John to pick up his clothes and he said I was nagging him. That got him upset and he yelled at me. I don't want to be a nag. What should I do?"

Heidi calmly explained, "I remember when Aaron and I had the same problem. It occurred to me I hadn't simply explained what the situation was clearly and calmly. When I did, he reminded me that he works hard all day, and that it was my job as housewife. (All the women, including Kimberly nodded, accepting the wisdom.)
 And because I follow the rules, and do not change them on him we get along fine."

Two tall, slim girls, about sixteen years of age, in print dresses entered the room and took up chairs to either side of the door. One held a video camera, the other a small spotlight and extension cord. By their proximity to the stage earlier and their appearance, Dan assumed they were the Parson's twin daughters. They were beautiful, slender and had the severe features of real ice maidens. Blonde hair, blue eyed and dressed in consrvative flower print dresses and hair buns. They listened politely.

Heidi answered another question, much like the first. And then the Parson entered. Everyone stood, even Dan when he entered the room. He took the chair behind Heidi. He scanned the circle with a look so critical, a headsman's' axe would look cuddly in comparison. Dan hoped he measured up to the great man's expectations.

"I see we have a new couple."

"Yes, dear. John invited them."

"What are their names?"

"Kimberly and Daniel."

He squinted, "What's you race girl?"

"Oh a little Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese and white."

"Hmph. A mongrel. And you are white?" He looked at Dan.


"Decadent, but still white. How old are you?"

Dan wilted, "Thirty-five."

"And you?"


The Parson turned in a boiling rage, "How dare you! She not eighteen! She has to be eighteen! It's a sin I tell you! A SIIIIIN!" Then the boil turned down to a simmer.
"But what can I expect from a race of drunks and Papists? I hereby curse you. You, mongrel will seek out a gang and allow yourself to be taken in turn by each of them as befits your low station." Kimberly ran out of the room in tears. Kim's mother was agreeing with Parson.

 "And you, sinner. I curse you. I command you to go, consume an entire bottle of your whiskey, then confess your guilt at the local police station."

Dan left immediately to do just that. It was the Parson's judgment that he had sinned, so he guessed he deserved to be punished. He bought a fifth of Jameson and drove home, taking massive pulls of firewater, slowing only to stop from puking.

He knew his girls would try and stop him from his penance so he stumbled through the back door and headed to his control room. It took him three tries to enter in his code. He was barely through the door when he passed out.

When he came to, it was dark. He was thirsty as hell, still drunk and disappointed in himself. He regretted that he could never fulfill his penance. He would surely pass out again before he could consume another bottle. While he pissed in the basement's toilet, his inner sellf struggled to think of a way to escape this terrible compulsion to get arrested.

If he could only convince his super-ego to re-program himself.   He told himselt that he couldn't drive drunk and. That wasn't moral. His super-ego agreed. He would make himself drunk later.
But he first must get himself sober enough to type. Still woozy, he stumbled to a terminal and booted up the wonder program for the last time. He typed in his own name, then entered


Master PC did its job, very well. Dan not only felt 100% better but serious minded as well. As Dan really wanted, the program listened to his ego  and had interpreted "sober" in both contexts.

In the light of the computer monitor, Dan reflected on the day's events. They seemed strange. He decided to relive his morning.

As a precaution against Timmy, Dan had set up a video recorder to record his thoughts as they scrolled by on a screen attached to an input-less Master PC disk.

There it was. Master PC commands appeared on his thought screen. The "good parson" was controlling everyone who entered his door. He didn't waste time wondering how he had gotten by his firewall, he just countermanded all his orders. Fortunately, the Parson was either a bad programmer or never thought to encounter another Master PC programmer. Dan felt his old self-come bad again.

 "Apparently a direct Master PC command ovverrules granted mind control. I wonder what would have happened if he added programming to make the single, timed event, instruction permanent." He almost lasped into his old geek mode when he cared about nothing but code.

"Wait! Kimmy!"

Quickly he summoned her up. She had finally walked to the cruising part of town. A carload of boys pulled up.  He had to get their full names, quick. He had Kimmy pour on the charm. Once one guy gave his full name, the rest was easy.

Dan turned their lust to gallantry and Kimmy's inviting struts into a request for a ride home. Dan monitored them closely on the way home. Turns out the boys were normally very nice, just boys who like cars and cruising.

 As she drew closer to safety, Dan's wrath grew. What the Parson did to him, he could forgive, but polluting his mind with that racist shit that soiled his love for Kimmy, and putting her at risk of AIDS or worse...."I am coming for you Parson Hauser and boy, am I pissed!"

The young men refused any offer of "gas money" they hopped back into their beautiful old Camero, with Our Lady of Guadalupe on the hood, and drove away. Later, Dan rewarded them with perfect health, mental acuity and virility for the rest of their and their descendant's natural lives

Dan explained to Kimmy the evil parson had mind controlled them but he lucked out. They shared what they had thought about each other, while under the parson's control. Kimmy was made to feel dirty, unworthy, subhuman, fit for breeding only with other mongrels. Dan confessed his unworthy thoughts.

Dan was going to kill him. Sweet Kimmy was worried about her mother, "If mom felt the same way that I felt. She'll be John's slave. He's so abusive! We have to rescue her."

"Kimmy. You know I love you and you mom. But she'll just fight us and the congregation will back her up."

"Then we'll get the police..." she frowned. That never worked in her experience.

"I'll take care the Parson."

Kimmy looked into her man's eyes and saw the primal Irish Mic, staring back at her. "Do it. I'll clean up this mess, then fix dinner. And honey, make it painful."

Dan descended into his dungeon.


Dan knocked on the door of Parson Hauser. Heidi answered. "You are back so soon?"

"Are you questioning me, woman?"

She collapsed to her knees, "No Patriarch."

Dan crossed the threshold on his left foot and shut the door. The parson was an amateur programmer. He cut Dan off from tampering with him directly, but forgot to protect his peripherals, like his wife. Heidi was programmed to slavishly obey all Aaron's' commands. So he simply had Heidi believe he was her husband in every way. "Question me not again. Continue your business."

Aaron and his daughters were gone to visit a member of the congregation. They wouldn't be back for hours.

Dan had considered flying over to his house and feeding the Parson his balls, but he thought better of it. With Hauser dead, he may never figure out how to fix the people in the congregation.

First, he had to find the computer. It was probably in the house somewhere. The thater/church was an unlikely place as he just rented it on Saturdays. The house was new. Dan hadn't seen any phone lines going to the basement, so he began his search for the offending computer on the ground floor. A power and phone cord led into a closet under the stairs. The door was locked, the key was barely hidden under the carpet on the seventh step. "This guy is so stupid."

The entire closet was taken up with his work. The computer was a newer laptop with scanners and the like stacked on milk crates. "This guy's a mess." While it warmed up, Dan checked the shelves and two bank boxes. The shelves had standard software, no Master PC. The bank boxes contained dusty sheafs of canary yellow legal pads. Dan picked the oldest one looked about for the newest. There it was, under the printer tray. He scanned the newest. It was in pencil and recounted his "casting out" of Dan and Kimmy at yesterday's meeting. "Asshole."

Dan stopped to see if Heidi had heard him utter the word her husband would never say. She was vacuuming. The laptop was password protected, fortunately the parson was using an office-type OS that allowed the boss access no matter what protection the employee put into it. (It was something the salesmen told the only purchasing bosses.)

 Dan thought it might be so he had brought his favorite hacking programs with him. Getting his USB plugged in was a bit of problem in the cramped, dim, space and the closet has a sweet stink to it that gave Dan the creeps. So he simply relayed what he needed onto the living room coffee table.

He linked the computers, typed a few keys and waited a minute while his programs did their stuff.

Heidi entered the room, vacuuming and quite naked. Despite the experiences of the past week, Dan was shocked. He walked to the door and saw the prim dress she had been wearing on the coat rack by the door. This was how she usually did her housework, naked.

A stranger would never have known she was the mother of two. She was young, her early thirties tops. But there wasn't any cellulite, stretch marks or varicose veins...just pure legs. There was no hair but on her head.

Dan could not help but admire her, she was a stunner. She was firm, top and bottom. Her tits had to be D's and her tush begged for a good bumping.  Her skin was tanned to a coppery brown, matching her brown, satin curls beautifully. She turned to look as the man she thought was her husband and Dan noticed, for the first time how large and lovely her eyes were. And such long lashes, he longest he had ever seen. Her mouth was luscious and curved downwards at the ends.

She stopped vacuuming, responding to his stare, "Does the Patriarch wish something?"

"Yes. Turn around. Let me look at you."

Heidi smiled, and did as she was told. She loved obeying her Master.

"Now come here. Turn around." Dan felt her fine full ass but she was wooden. "Do you feel anything?"

"No, Patriarch, not until you give me permission."

Wow. His control is total. "I give you permission to feel this, and just this." He kneaded her buttocks some more. They were velvety soft and firm.

Heidi immediately had a sharp intake of breath and began moan. "Feels so good, my Master."

'Turn around." He tried out her breasts. "You may feel this...slave."

"Oooooh yesss. It is my greatest pleasure.." as she spoke, she made sexy movements with her body and wetted her lips.

Dan was getting to really enjoy this Master/Slave bit. As he thought about trying to try it on Kimmy pulled his hands away. Heidi continued to play her part.

"Oh! Patriarch!" She looked shocked and ashamed. "I am so sorry for tempting you!" She fell to her knees and trembled. "I am a wicked temptress the whore of Babylon, Delilah, Jezebel. Punish me as I deserve. Let me feel your righteous anger!" She waited for a pat reply that did not come.

Dan was shocked.  "Was this what I was enjoying? Not like this. I am not going to let power corrupt me like this." Reflexively, he turned to the Parson's PC. His password was only three characters long, "Lot."
"A wicked 'foreign' wife and two beautiful daughters. That explains a lot." He frowned at the unintentional pun.

 He looked down on the prostrate figure. He still needed to find the master copy. This guy was a hack, so..."Heidi, I am too busy to punish you as you deserve. I have work to do. I would like some music. Come with me." They walked to the CD case by the stereo. One by one Dan asked Heidi if she had listened to each CD. Finally, he came to one she couldn't even see. Bingo. After checking the rest of the CD's and see it was an original, he had Heidi pop it in the microwave and nuke it.

 He went back to laptops.

"Don't you want music, Patriarch?"

"I have reconsidered. Put in a videotape instead. My most recent favorite tape."

Heidi unlocked a shelf Dan hadn't noticed until now.
The tape she selected blew his mind.

  It was the theater. It was a very special Saturday. Parson Hauser stood on a raised dais on the stage. All the women of the congregation writhed on the floor around him screaming for him to "know" them. They offered up their bodies, they dropped and opened their legs, they used their fingers to show even more of their sex. All of them were shaved. They screamed they loved him, that he was the only seed worthy enough. They promised him money, power, their children if only he would take them. The women were young and old. No girls though. Aaron bathed in their idolatry. There was Tina, whoring it up with the best.

But why hadn't this Saturday been like that? Dan went to the locked bookcase. It had four shelves. They were labeled, Youth, Couples, Seniors and Congregation. He took one to the newest of each.

He braced his stomach and started the senior tape. Each senior in turn pledged him their wealth when they died. One man showed the parson his new will. The Parson was well pleased with them all.

The Youth Group: The tape started with the boys marching out of the room. The Parson sat the head of a circle of very young girls. As soon as the boys were gone, all the girls one by one, knelt in front of the man. Each one in turn promised him and him alone, their maidenhead on their eighteenth birthday. Their oath ended with, "And may your seed quicken in my womb."

The Couples: The film started with the Parson sitting down at the head of the double circle. The new couple was introduced, Samuel Moss and Jessica Swenson. The woman was a beautiful longhaired blonde. The man was well dressed.
After the introduction of the new people, the men stood behind their women, pulled them up by their hair and shoved them toward him saying, "Take our women. We have done with them. May they find more worthiness in your tent than ours." (Dan shook. He would done that to Kimmy.)

 The parson replied, "You John Gilder; with you, I am pleased. You have delivered a new and wealthy man and a beautiful young wife to our house. You may have my wife as reward.

 So John was still an asshole. Their whole recruitment was his play to get a crack at Heidi. Baseline personality intact, he was still an asshole.

 The man who must have been John Gilder stepped forward to take up the prostrate Heidi. The Parson took Jessica Swenson by the hand and led her away. Before the camera followed them, Dan could see the other men, swapping their pliant women like baseball cards.

 The camerawomen, who must have been the Hauser's girls, followed the two into a makeshift bedroom. Two of the elderly ladies, who had just put the clean sheets on, left.
 Jessica Swenson was eager, but not experienced. Brighter, pre-set lights came on and one of the twins helped her undress. Then the other (the camera must have been on a tripod) helped her father undress.

 Dan had to admit, Jessica was beautiful. She was so angelic, her long straw colored hair laid behind her as she laid back. Her fine downy bush was a delight. She had a perfect figure and teats made to give babies a good suck. Then it crawled on top of her. Dan fast-forwarded.

Hauser' "lovemaking" was artless, merely masturbation. Jessica took no pleasure in it, except that she had been with the "master." The Hauser girls intruded with camera, obviously,  Daddy was the star. They especially put the camera behind him so it caught his penis going into her cunt. Dan morosely wondered if it was his favorite shot or theirs.

That was enough. He kept the worship tape. Then told Heidi to replace the tapes perfectly.

The Parson had had written all his Master PC instructions on the canary tablets. One person or couple, one tablet. The oldest tablet, actually three tablets, was for Heidi. She had been programmed to be the perfect fantasy slave.
 Next came the twins. Dan had programmed their bodies but...there was nothing else. Those two girls actually did all that willingly? "What a house of horrors." Dan muttered. For two daughters to do all that to their  mother was too terrible to conceive. Dan had wanted to revive Heidi, but now, he wondered if she remembered all that had happened to her, she just would blow her brains out the first chance she got. This had gotten real complicated real fast.

 He revived her but shelterd her from her memories by distancing her emotionally from them, like a nightmare. Andrea could help her later.  He re programmed her for grateful loyalty to him, her rescuer. He ordered her to dress, then brought her back to awareness. As programmed, she was clam. Cool, collected and knew what was going on. She had accepted it and moved on.

He sent Heidi out for some lunch, two half gallons of Brand XXX, a few other items and then set to work; first on revenge, then on healing.

He talked to himself, "Okay. I found probably the only copy, a record of all he did. Now I can take care of business. Dan accessed the Parson's hardrive, entered his substitute key caps program, aligned all the sectors and did all that was necessary. He had copied all the graphics, the digital morpher would display an error message, but the text would work just fine. One could type in words, but Phony scroll bars provide the rest. Oh he might catch on, but by then it would be too late.

He called Kimmy to say everything was fine, she might want to come on over. (It was five-minute drive.)

When the Parson entered his house with his girls, each had something in their hands, one had a camera, and the other a light. He held a new videotape. Laughing and giggling in anticipation of a night's entertainment in front of the TV, they walked into the living room. Their laughter ended there.

All three were shocked to see Dan in the easy chair. In front of him, on the coffee table were two full half gallons of the cheapest rotgut whiskey.

"Parson. I am so glad to see you."

"As I you, brother..."

"Daniel, sir. I am sorry but I have disappointed you."

The three looked carefully at each other then around the house. Heidi was nowhere to be seen.

"You see, sir, I tried to get drunk like to said, but I can't handle my whisky. I always pass out before I can finish a whole bottle. There is nothing I can do. I've tried fucking everything." Dan added the last bit to really piss him off...and boy he was.

"You are drinking in my house!"

"Well, sir, I can't help myself.  I feel so bad to desecrate your good house, like this. But I knew you would be able to help me with my atonement, help me to finish these two bottles. My spirit is willing but my body is weak."

A wicked look entered the Aaron's Hauser'seye, "Do not fret, my son. I know just how to fix that."

"Finally got the hint, huh, dipshit?" Dan thought.

Just like clockwork, he went to the closet. Dan knew the Parson like to watch. The twins sat next to each other on the sofa, in suspense for the punishment their father would inflict on this intruder.

There was a little typing for inside the closet. Dan figured it was Hauser just making sure he didn't notice the laptop. He had just begun to worry when the asshole appeared, just as planned. "Now, how can I help you, brother."

"Well, sir, I need to be able to swallow at least a whole bottle of whisky..." as Dan spoke, the parson hunted and pecked. The twins looked over his should, holding back their glee. "And I really don't like the taste, so it's hard.

And I am so strong; he went over to the fireplace poker and with his Master PC augmented strength, bent the cold iron rod like a wet noodle. The Parson stopped typing and the girls' eyes went wide. "Sorry about the poker, Parson, but whisky gets me a little crazy and I am super strong when I am crazy . I don't want to hurt anyone.  I don't want to be super strong.  I just want to be normal. Can you help me be normal and passive?"

Hauser typed.  "I can even help you be below normal stregnth, my son."

"And take orders?"

"You will be the soul of agreement."

"Bless you, Parson."

The Parson had entered in every command Dan had fed him. This was a minister who loved irony. He looked up at Dan and hit SEND. Then he suddenly had a craving for whiskey. He reached over, unscrewed a cap and started chugging. His daughters were dumbstruck.

Dan let the bubbles rise in jug for a few seconds, then cut him off. "Stop." The Parson stopped. His larynx was too burnt to speak. "Thank you Aaron, you piece of shit." The twins froze. Somehow the tables had turned. "Now shithead, what do you say to handing over control of your bitch daughters?"

"What sir?" he gasped.

The girls bolted for the door, but Kimmy and Heidi were waiting for them. Master PC had enhanced their strength and fighting ability to where the two girls had no chance. Too bad their father thought girls should be soft. But they were stubborn so it took a few minutes to be subdued.

Kimmy and Heidi put the girls into submission holds and drove them into the living room. In that time, Parson, had gotten over his initial surpize. Dan kept his precious whisky just out of reach. "How?" Arron Hauser croaked.

"Let's just say 'there is many a slip between what is typed and what reaches the hardrive. Now for the girls.
Parson, begin programming them exactly the way you programmed your wife. But do not send anything until I tell you too. He whimpered and began to do so. "Pussy." Dan spat.
Then the Irishman rubbed his hands. "Girls cease your
struggles." They obeyed, gladly, their arms were sore.
 "There is your father. He will agree to do what I say until the last trumpet. He is about to make you slaves. Why? Because he is weak.
 He underestimated me. He failed to recognize the superior, stronger man, me, when I was right across the room from him. He his paying for his lack of judgment.
 Though I could kill him, that would be too easy. I am about to send him to Central America to work in a dirt-poor Mission for the rest of his life. You can join him, doing missionary work, or you can throw this pathetic wretch over and serve me.
 I remind you that though he is agreeable, this piece of shit will be aware of your loyalty or betrayal."

"Can we talk?"

"So, finally a word. Heidi what do you say to your daughters? Can they talk?"

Heidi spun her around like a top and smacked her hard across the mouth.

"I'd say that's a 'no.' Your answer?"

The twins looked at each other and nodded. "We will serve you. He is weak."

Hauser whimpered and began to cry. Dan mocked him, "Awww. Going to cry? Where's the strong Parson now? Of course, that what you always were, weren't you, a scared little boy? Pity.
 Why are you surprised? Weren't you the one who taught them this master race shit?
 Come over here girls. Tell your father here who your man is."

Kimmy and Heidi released the two. Calmly, coolly, without hesitation they book-ended Dan and put their arms on his shoulders. Sephra spoke "He is our man now, father."

"Tell your father, who is worthy of your perfect wombs now."

"This man is worthier of our wombs." Manon announced.

Dan ordered the daughters to kiss his cheek and fetch him a beer and waited until Aaron stopped typing. Of course, Kimmy and Heidi kept them under strict guard.

The twins brought in a beer, poured into a glass and on a tray.  "Thanks girls. Aaron, you do not have to agree with the next suggestion. You are going to be a missionary no matter what. You have a lot to make up for.
Right now, I am giving you the freedom to program your daughters to be whatever you want. You heard them, they discarded you  like the loser you are. What are you going to do about it. I give you two choices, make them slaves, just like Heidi used to be, or should I let them walk out of here
What will it be?  Make them my slaves or let them be free? Vengence or mercy? "

Dan turned to the twins and grinned. The two crouched in fear. "Ooooo. I wonder what he's going to pick girls? Don't you love it when evil destroys itself?"

Aaron Hauser lashed out at his betrayers with a SEND keystroke. The twins stripped, hung up their dresses on the coat rack by the door, returned to the living room and knelt before their new master, Dan Murphy. They had perfect symmetry. Their skin was ivory smooth, flawless; their white-gold  hair their bodies long and slender.

Dan announced, "That's lovely." He looked at Heidi, her eyes burned with fierce satisfaction. Kimmy seemed to be appreciating the scene. No doubt wondering what she could do with a little help around the house. "Let's go upstairs shall we?"  Kimmy and Heidi brought the camera equipment. Aaron brought his laptop and his whiskey.

The house was huge, a new modern one, financed by a senior who was banker. Its master suite was immense, in the modern fashion. It had a fireplace, a huge bathroom, (that led to the twins' bedroom) a huge bed, stereo; TV and another locked cabinet for more videotapes.

Heidi had requested a very definite vengeance. Kimmy cranked up the strip lighting and then operated the camera. The scene began.

Heidi lay on the bed in naked, full wanton regalia. Dan had restored the youth Aaron had stolen. She was in her late teens; young, vital, full of the juices of life. She tossed her hair back, spread her legs and writhed. She squeezed her tits with abandon and moaned. Dan wondered how much was acting. Sshe got him hard fast. Kimmy noticed. He did not apologize.

Now Dan played his part. He stripped and showed off his cock. (The parson had never altered his penis, he just made the girls think it was plenty big. Heaven forbid, something in him should be less than perfect. Sex was the woman's job after all.) Heidi was genuinely impressed. Dan slowly walked towards the woman who wanted it, wanted real bad.

Aaron interfered. "Touch not my wife. Take these, my virgin daughters instead."

"Okay."  Dan switched direction. Aaron sat down. Kimmy filmed and Heidi stood behind her.

The girls stood slowly. Each in turn kissed Dan, slowly, hesitantly on the lips, then his cheeks. With their hands they explored his male from. They had never been this close to a man before.

"Nnnnno." It was Aaron. Miraculously, he had been able to talk.

Dan left the girls. He approached the typist. His attitude was casually contemptuous, "What's' the problem, Ron?"

"They are not eighteen. It is wrong."

"You are a hell of a guy to talk about what's wrong, Ron. With all you did? So you can do anything to a girls as long as she's eighteen? What about respect? Love? With all the suffering in the world, sleeping with a girl that knows what she is doing is wrong?
 In any case, you obviously didn't do a good enough job of programming. Give me that laptop.
 Dan went to work on the laptop he had had rigged to send the name "Aaron Hauser" to the hardrive whenever the typist entered "Daniel Murphy" or form thereof. 'Well Ron, let's lock you down. You will now be 'fanatical' about following my orders. You will be religious about serving me to the best of you abilities. Right, Ron?"

"It will be by sincerest pleasure, sir."

"Of course it will, Ron. Now Ron I am also giving you the ability to type straight no matter how drunk you are. I am taking the digital morpher screen out of hiding. Then we are going to play a little game.
 You see Ron, you're programming, and life for that matter lacked imagination. The same thing over and over. You crave that whiskey, don't you Ron?"

"More than life, sir."

"That's what you typed for me, was it? Pretty evil, Ron."

"You are right, it was."

"'Course I am right.
  Kimmy, the shot glass please? Ron I am going to have sex with your daughters now, and you get to do more than watch. Inside, I have left you able to understand this punishment of all three of you.
You understand, Ron, I, an inferior, Irish Papist sinner am going to take the maidenheads you have waited what...?"

"Sixteen years." Heidi contributed and smirked.

"Sixteen? Sixteen years for. And you are going to help me. Would you like that?"

"I sure would."

"Of course you would. I am going to hand you back this laptop. For every thing you do that contributes to the sexual experience of your daughters and I, providing that Heidi or Kimmy approve, you will be rewarded with one shot of whiskey. For every two suggested things you enter promptly you will get one shot, but you will never, ever effect me directly or thwart me, will you?"

Ron looked genuinely horrified, "Never!"

"Course not." Dan was more confident in his "partners in crime" than his programming, when he handed the laptop over. Heidi would keep an eye on her family. Kimmy would protect him.

Dan walked over to the girls and they began stroking him again, exploring, working towards his flaccid penis. They have never touched one before. They had seen acts of depravity and women brought to rapture by its brethren and they were curious. Then Ron coughed.

Dan took it all in stride. "Keep going girls. Yes, Dan?"

"I really want this whiskey, sir, but I can't think of anything. Would you please give me an example?"

"Sure. Set for the highest humanly possible sexual feeling when I touch their breasts." Ron typed it in and Heidi poured him a half shot. A nano second after hitting "SEND" he slammed the booze down.

Dan reached out with both hands and pinched perfectly symmetrical breasts. The twins gasped, threw their heads back, buckled at the knees and clutched his hands to their breasts. Both of their faces flushed and their pupils dilated

Then the French kissing began. Still standing, Dan took their mouths each in turn, he pulled them to him by pulling on peachy ass cheek. Dan worked his way to each of their breasts, he had just left Sephra breathless and turned on her sister, when she turned to her father, "Bigger breasts!" she gasped. Somehow, Manon managed to add, "Pointy and firm, not sag..oh!"

Ron did his job and the next thing Dan knew we was sucking on firm GG's. Kimmy was filming it all. Dan was curious to see how Master PC's changes appeared.

Ron was typing more fluidly now and the girls dragged Dan to the bed. "Our vaginas are on fire, master! Put out our fire!" Each lay on the bed, begging for the pleasure of being the first.

"I will fuck the girl who sucks my cock the best."

Both leapt to the challenge. In all physical things they were equal, but Sephra could suck the label off a baseball bat. Manon merely kissed, licked and used too much teeth. Sephra went right for the deep throat, sucking with commitment. While his cock was inside, she lolled her tongue around it. "I love the taste of you manhood." She uttered between gulps.

Something wasn't right, "Ron, have these girls really like dirty talk."

"Your big cock tastes salty and sweet."

"I will fuck you first, Sephra, you wanted it more." Sephra squealed in delight, threw herself on her back, and kicked her legs into the air. "Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me, make me bleed." Dan slipped on in and fucked her. Her hymen tore, she bled. Judging by the gallons of quim lube that poured out of her, Ron made sure she was having a good time. She bucked, she screamed, she sang and called out Dan and the Lord's name alternately with "Fuuuuck" Sephra came with the force of a locomotive. After she quivered her last, Dan asked her how she liked it. "I love being fucked by you, lord." Kimmy had it all on tape.

Manon had been undone in the sucking, she was bound and determined not to be undone in the fucking. As Dan withdrew she was immediately plying his member with her lips and tits to urgently fulfill his need to fill her need. She leaned over to Sephra and asked,  "How was it sister?"

 "The best sister. I have never felt anything so glorious in my life. We are so blessed."

Then Manon presented herself to Dan, She bent herself over and spread her vulva with her fingers, like she had seen so an women do before. "Fuck me, please. Put your big, hard, hot dick inside me. I hope it is still sticky from my sister."  Her thighs were glistening with cunt drool went Dan mounted her. Manon went nuts, she let herself go, she screamed, she thrashed, next to her, fucking Sephra was like fucking a sack of potatoes. She worked her clit with her fingers to cum quickly. Blood dripped on the carpet.

Bored, Hiedi began to get dressed. Kimmy took the distration and whispered an order into Ron's ear.  Then poured him a full shot. Ron typed and slammed it down.

Hiedi stopped at her skirt. Suddenly, she appreciated just how erotic the sounds emminating from her bed were. Curious, she turned to see the sexual tableau played out before her. He rescuer was certainly giving her beautful daughter a rousing good fuck. It struck her as quite erotic.

What was she doing getting dresssed. She slipped off her panties, shirt, bra and let herself enjoy sex again.

Manon was not done. She guided Dan to his back. Kimmy knew what her man like to see in a good 'rodeo." And she whispered her idea to Ron, who, eager for the brown stuff, eagerly typed it in. Heidi ordered Sephra to serve Dan wine while he fucked her sister.

It was hard but not impossible for Sephra to bring the glass to her master's lips. Manon was bouncing on his lovely cock; her huge tits still flew about even though she was pinching them. She was in a state of constant bliss. Then Kimmy's command kicked in. her long blond hair grew and grew. It flourished all the way until it lay on the bed. It had not lost any of its fullness and had even added a windows' peak making Manon's face heart shaped. Her eyes upturned and achieved and almond shape, not oriental, but staggeringly exotic. Dan looked over at Sephra and the same thing had happened to her. They had become actual nymphs.

Kimmy stood behind the gorgeous Heidi and whispered in her ear. "Quite sexy, isn't he?"

Heidi, nodded dumbly.

"Tell me, Hiedi. Do you find me sexy?"

Heidi's only reply was to turn and passiontley embrace her new lover. The two women sank to the floor , tongues locked in a kiss.

The next two hours, for Dan, were a blur of blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes and red wine. Flesh interlocked with flesh and he thought he had cum himself out. His new elves passed out with the last multiple orgasm he had brought them to.

Only Heidi was there, she looked sated and tired. "So we are done."

"Yes. His dreams and theirs are now shattered." Ron, wasted, passed out. "So, what are you going to do now?"

"Disband the congregation. I am going to try see if my family is till speaking to me."

"I'll have these two take care of things until you get back. Where's Kimmy?"

"She using that magnet of yours on the rest of the video tapes."

"I am tried Dan. Kimmy says I can crash at your place. Okay?"

"Sure. I'll clean up here."

She smirked. "Bet you will."

He was naked and sticky and she in jeans and blouse, but it didn't seem to matter. He tried to be compassionate. "Listen. I did the best I can. You will remember, if distantly, all of this. Kimmy and I are the only ones who will know your suffering. The time may come when you'll need someone who at least understands. I hope you will let us fill that need."

They hugged. The woman left.

  Dan took up the laptop. Just to make sure, he removed any foolish pride Heidi might have to accept his offer of aid. Then he looked around

  The half-gallon empty, Dan let Ron pee, pass out back on the chair and not die. The women wouldn't be coming back. He used Master PC to revitalize himself and his new elfin slaves. He ordered them to change the bloody, soiled sheets, wash them and then wash themselves.

They were so used to their mother being their maid, he programmed them to be admirable housekeepers and obedient to the designated woman of the household. When they returned from the laundry room they headed for the shower. Dan contemplated the pitiful figure of Ron and talked to it.

"You have a lot to atone for. Maybe all the missionary work I command you to do will count for something.
 You know, I could have been you. I still can." He locked the bedroom door. "There is something I must do. I gotta try. How could you lust after other women with a wife, like that?" Dan typed in the necessary commands.

The shower stopped. They came out clean, wet, and perfumed by soap and shampoo. They knelt at his feet, bodies glistening. "Master? You in the mood?" They would revert to their selves in the morning, but now the girls were the exact image of Heidi, their mother, except their reddish-brown curls now reached to the floor.

The tan skin, the full hips, perfect tits, perfect figure, legs, velvety skin and the eyes that a man can lose himself in, were all there...twice. He buried himself in her/them, his love slaves, and the whole of the night.


Additional teachers were still needed. One for Math, another for science and if he could find a history/English type he could satisfy all the state requirements and take some of the pressure off Andrea besides.

Dan had to petition each department for a specialist.

In the math department, Ms. Grant was the obvious candidate. She was pretty, spirited and a natural for Timmy's peccadillo to dominate. She taught freshmen and was unlikely to encounter him, but it took only one unlucky day.

When Dan asked for volunteers the room of math people went silent. They were locked by the dual chains of jealously and suspicion. He was about to saunter over to his laptop and "inspire" Ms. Grant to volunteer. Then, to everyone's shock, Alice volunteered.

Alice Ghent, a defrocked nun, fifty-ish battle-axe and burnout extraordinaire was actually volunteering for something. For years all she did was grumble, moan, bitch and count the days to retirement. She was a poster child for the non-tenure of teachers. "I want to teach girls when they don't have lot of boys around. Maybe then they won't be afraid to be show off some smarts.
Oh, and don't bother to get a science teacher. I'm certified in that too.
Do I get money for supplies?"


"How much?"

"Not much, but its still four times what a current science room in the district gets."

"Hmph. I'll need it to start out. Curriculum?"

"You decide. You have to use an approved text, but we got a grant to buy you whatever texts you need."

"Sold. Let's go." She dragged Dan out of the meeting by one arm.

"You really surprised me, Alice."

"Don't be. I've been wanting to do this sort of thing for years, but these damn ACLU wannabe's held me back. Idiots. I used to run an all girls school. They work great.
Do you think I could do some admin too?"

"Sure. But isn't the department supposed to vote on assigning you to the program?"

"They want me gone anyway.  Now about the money..."

As Dan thought about it, Alice was a good choice. Her blunt character WAS likelier than Grant's to piss off Timmy. She would add a respectable face to the "all girls" program. And one look at her shape and bleak outlook on life, Dan knew he could perform the miracles she craved.

The history and English part was tougher.  The current department was stretched to the limit so Alice advised going for a student teacher.

After a long process, the three of them Andrea, Alice and Dan, chose Clare Donahugue. Andrea liked her because she was pretty. Clare had a wide, fleshy mouth, freckles and long, wavy clover-honey brown-blonde hair.  Her broad smile was quick and infectious. Clare was a child of nature, a vegetarian, slim with small breasts, but it suited her sunny dispostion.

  Alice chose her because she was qualified. She had her degree in both history and a double major in English lit and Poetry. Dan chose her because she had a, na•ve' charming optimism about working in the inner city. She would have been eaten alive anywhere else.

The faculty was set. But he needed to keep the students completely away from Timmy, the predator. PE and lunch were likely places for someone to catch his eye. For PE, Dan had "convinced" a large cycling concern to donate road cycles. Students brought their own lunch and ate in the classroom on rainy days. Field trips were mandatory, once a week.

Alice thought Dan's program was school, "like in the old days."  Clare thought she had struck gold with an innovative new program. Andrea thought that she would have the opportunity to provide counseling again, especially to sexually conflicted teenage girls, like Shelly. Dan's was just to keep everyone safe. Learning would just be a bonus.

Dan used Master PC to make sure Alice and Clare didn't think anything untoward was happening. If any students expressed an interest in Dan, it was brushed off as the usual silly schoolgirl crush. Kimmy and Michelle were his foster children. Suzy was just a student intern  with a case of hero worship.

 In keeping with his policy of programming to suit a person's character, Dan investigated Alice. It turns out that since the days of her father, a tough old teamster, she appreciated strong male authority figures. Dan went with that. Alice would no sooner doubt Dan than her dear departed father.

 Dan did her a favor. He shaved off a few years, rekindled her interest in exercise and diet, and uplifted her attitude. Alice became aware that she hadn't felt so good in years. On her own, she put two and two together. She owed all to Dan and this program of his. Her life had meaning again. She would have died for him.

 Clare was full of hope and dreams of changing the world. Dan would be the enlightened savior she had sought, lo these many years. Through her dalliances with Buddhism, Taoism, shamanism and Wicca, etc.; at last, she had found a worthy leader! Of this she felt absolutely sure. Dan was the savior of the sixty schoolgirls in the program and her.

 Unfortunately, it had the side effect of Clare interrupting every conversation with "Dan said this" or "Mister Murphy wants that." She dumped that poor sap of a fianc?, to focus on her "career." But it couldn't be helped, the stakes were too high.

Dan still stayed attractive to the girls. Michelle, Kimmy and Suzy played it cool in the class when others were around. Andrea was his High Priestess, Alice was his faithful sergeant, Clare his worshipful apprentice, and Kimmy was the lady of His House. Michelle was his mistress.  Suzy his good right hand. Things settled into a healthy routine and then the girls took the imitative.

It was only two weeks later when Dan entered Andrea's classroom. As one, the schoolgirls stood and kow-towed, forehead to the floor and said, "Welcome, Mister Murphy." Dan was surprised to say the least.

Andrea stood beside him and whispered, "They are waiting for you to recognize them."

It took him a moment to figure out what she meant. "Good morning, young ladies. " The twenty odd girls sighed with contentment, and stood at attention until the adults finished speaking or the order to sit was given.

"Very good, ladies." Andrea clapped once and they returned to their seats. They sat erect, hands folded at the lips of the desk, awaiting the next instruction.

Andrea turned to Dan. "You like?" He nodded. "A little discipline works wonders and they do so love to please you."

It turned out that Andrea had trained all the girls, even his favorites, to do that. Alice liked the order imposed on the flightily young things. Clare liked it that the girls were so respectful to their teacher, it reminded her of her time in Tibet.

The next week, it was Alice's turn to add to the program...uniforms. Dan didn't know why Alice had asked him to her class that afternoon. It was a fashion show. Alice and the girls chose the uniforms, with advice from Raquel and Shelly. Kimmy had told them that their beloved teacher's favorite dresses were Edwardian, long skirted affairs and the uniform reflected this.

They were long, loose shirts, and white blouses with a white lace neckerchief. The jacket ended at the waist and had gold broidery along the sleeves and abdomen. White knee stockings and black leather shoes, (no sneakers) were required. The skirt and jacket were deep emerald green. There was a cooler outfit, with below-the-knee pleated skirts, short sleeve shirts and cardigans for summer and a cycling outfit to match. But the whole effect was prim and proper, down to the white silk undies. Hair was done up.

Dan approved of the new uniforms; they were elegant, demure and hid a woman's charms like a Christmas present looks better wrapped. Timmy seemed to like girls who flaunted it, so it worked that way too.

Kimmy had helped Alice acquire sewing machines. The spare portable was converted to a sewing class with Kimmy, Raquel and Shelly as the main instructors. With a bit of help from Master PC, they all learned how to sew masterfully.

Clare and Andrea wanted the girls to experience the arts. By field trip, guest and work out, she taught them dances and songs from around the world. Every girl's natural talents, thanks to Master PC, were brought out quickly and with a modicum of practice. Soon, every one of them could sing, dance or both.

Everything was working great. Timmy has disappeared somewhere and hadn't been seen in weeks. The parson fixed the congregation, then left for Honduras. The twins took care of the house, awaiting their mother's return.  Moira had made Dan a millionare. Andrea, rich from her divorce settlemnt had bought the house across from Dan. She fixed dozens of mental health problems at the school, like Shellys, and even opened an office in her new home.
Everyone seemed happy with their lovers.

Dan bought the proprty next to his and began its remodleing complete with a swimming pool. He'd need it when the Tran women left.

  Best of all, Kimmy was beginning to show.


 Linda was tired of taking her father's ugly sexual assaults. As soon as she had gotten ahold of his PIN number and had siphoned off a few hundred bucks. She was gone. She didn't like leaving her mom and little brother but she had no choice. For the umpteenth time, she wonderd why such a bad thing had happened to her.

 She was regular girl, only twelve. She got decent grades, played on the basketball team. She wanted to go to college and be a vet. Now what? Maybe five years on the street, get a GED then join the navy.

She'd hitchhike to go someplace cool, like Seattle. There was lots of teen homelss there. But it was a long way to go and it was late, nothing but creeps out this late. Sleeping under the freeway would be rough, but it was preferable to being raped. On her first night, she had lucked out. Someone left quite a nest here. She didn't wonder about what happened to the previous occupant. All she knew was that he left $52 in cash and a carton of smokes blowing in the wind, so he problably wasn't returning. She helped her to a cold can of turkey chili and his mylar blanket. Then she dozed off.

 Whe she awoke, a handsome prince was standing before her. He waved his hand and suddenly she was dressed in fashion black leather. A full length mirror appeared before her to show her new physical perfection. The handsome prince waved his hand again and the mirror's image changed. He showed her his castle. She knew exactly where it was.  She started walking there.

 A friendly driver gave her a lift. He was nice and offered her a missle popsicle.  She accepted the kind offer. The pospsicle had a creamy center.  He dropped her off a third of the way to her destination. The second kind stranger had a popsicle too.  He told her that he would drive her if she sucked on it. It seemed a strange request, but she had to get to the castle.

 Carol couldn't pay the rent. The landlord was sypathetic. He knew what a drinker her husband was, but he wasn't a rich man. His family counted on the income of the property. She had to go. He had let Carol stay two whole months free. When Ed still didn't show up, she and the the kids were out on the street. All four of them slept in the old Impala on a dirt road by the river. Her life hadn't started out that way, now they were homeless.

 During the night, Little Ed woke her up. A handsome stranger had appeared. With a wave of his hand, he dressed her as Cinderella and the children and princes and princesses. He pointed the way to his magic kingdom and invite all four to stay with him for the rest of their lives.

 To improve her milage, Carol threw out all their possessions. They wouldn't be needing them any more. She would pawn her great-grandmother's cameo for gas money.

 "Jeff man, you are crazy." That's what the kids used to say in school. He was the class clown, always doing stupid stuff. Then he dropped out of high school and they went to college, forgetting all about poor Jeff.  He had nothing to do but shoplift and hang around the house.  When he stole his mother's credit card to buy stuff for his friends, his parents finally broke down and really yelled.  He finally had to slap his mother around. That shut her up good, it was her fault for yelling at him anyway. He was getting big. No, they couldn't push him around any more. He didn't think it was any big deal at the time, he stole lots of stuff from them in the past.  Killed the dog too, threw it out the car window, man that was funny.
One day, Jeff woke up and his family was gone. He couldn't find them.  The sheriff threw him out of his home the next week. Jeff roamed the streets, talking to himself, making great plans.

The shelter tried to get him to see the doctor, he did.  Doctor said he got bi-polar something-or-other. Mental is what he was, ill. Dang right he was ill. Pills felt good for a while too, almost got a job, then the meds wore off. Who needed them anyway? He knew one day he'd get his big break. Someone would recognize him for what a genius he was, cure him too. Then he'd find someone to love.

And then the magician appeared to show him the candy castle. Jeff carjacked a Lexus, shooting the in the process and drove off.

Mrs. Mitchell looked at her calender. It had the words "Visiting Day" written on Tuesday. Who on Earth did she have to visit. Not her husband, surely. He was killed the last time he sold some grass....wasn't he? It all was a blur.


 It was a weird Spring day, the kind that looks sunny, but thunderheads whip up at a moment's notice; too hot for a coat, too rainy for a shirt. There was a knock on the Murphy residence. Suzy answered. "Stephanie! Come on in."
Steph was cold, drenched like a drown cat. "Let me get you some clean clothes. I'll ask Raine to make tea."

"Later. I need to talk to Daniel." She was serious as the grave.

In the living room, Dan tuned off the game and listened to soaking girl, while his female companions saw to warming her up. "It's the homeless, Daniel. I voluteer at the shelter and they are all disappearing.
The police aren't helping. Everytime one says he will, he gets reassigned from above. It's some sort of conspiracy."

"Where are they going?"

"That's another weird part. It's like a giant migration. They are all going to the new prison outside of town. No one can talk them out of it."

"It's like a comic book."


"Nothing. I'll look into it." Master PC confirmed Dan's suspicions. Timmy was programming the homeless, but for what? Timmy, like Dan, had upgraded his defenses. Now he and all his minions were shielded even from even mind reading.

Kimmy entered the control room. "Dan, someone here to see you." He went upstairs. It was Ruby, the mayors' secretary.

"Her honor received this by special courier."

"It's addressed to Robert."

"Yes, well Robert had become quite the force behind the mayor, don't you know. I read it and thought I better give it to you."

Dan read the invitation. It was to a slave aution to be held in the south wing of the new correctional facility, next Saturday...a slave auction. Dan sensed that if Ruby wasn't sheilded by him, she would have given the letter promptly to Robert and then kept silent about it. And Robert would be equally compelled.

The doorbell rand again. This time it was Liu, the wife to the newly elected State Representative of Dan's district. She, too, held an invitation to the slave auction. It was for her husband. He was invited to come the Saturday following Robert.

Judith waddled in from the kitchen. "Dan you won't believe what my husband just got."

"An invitation to a slave auction."

"No. A slave."

Sure enough, Jonathon had himelf a little nymphette for a slave. She looked barely sixteen and walked around the house in the nude. Of course she looked like a centerfold. Jonathon introduced her as "Amber" thie new maid. He fully expected Timmy's promises to be fufilled concerning wives and neighbors. He didn't know that Dan and Judith had been wiped from Timmy's notice, or that Dan had put Judith in the Master PC "loop." Dan and Judith, no fools, played along at first.

"See, Dan? He hired a maid."

"How considerate. You do need a lot of rest."

Amber just sat there, dumbly, waiting to be fucked.

"Where did you find her?"

"A guy I know. She'll do anything I say. Anything. Won't you maid?"

Amber finally showed signs of life. He eyes twinkled like stars and she spoke like an English schoolgirl "Oh yes, sir. I do so ever love pleasing you."

And Judy doesn't mind if I she sleeps with me, do you Judy?"

"No, of course not. The guest room is fine for me."

"Can I get a maid like this Jonathon?"

He frowned. "I don't think so. The guys who does this is pretty particular. But I tell you what. I am thinkng of going back. You can have Amber when I'm done with her."

"Thanks. Jonathon, let me shake you hand. What a lucky guy." As he shook Jonathon's hand he gripped it hard, crushing it, snapping two fingers. Jonathon screamed. Then Dan used his boxing skill to land a flat left hook on the bum and put his light out. Amber just waited.

"Sorry, Judith."

"For what? Not punching him twice? If I weren't so fat, I'd kicked his ass. What an idiot I was when I was young. That's it. I want a divorce. "

"Be glad you didn't kick his ass. He would have complained to Timmy and that would have been bad."

"What now?"

"I could change him back into the man you married."

"Fuck that."

"Okay. I turn him into the most obedient man on the face of the planet. He can tell us all about how he got Amber here."

"And what about Amber. Can you fix her?"

"If he just altered her, yes. If he wiped her, no."

"You mean she'll be like that forever?"

"No. There are things we can do. Raine was wiped like that once."

"Really? I never knew."

Dan slung Jonathon over his back. "You watch her."

"What are you going to do?"

"Convene a council of war."


In lieu of any command to counter Jonathon's last words, Amber followed the uncoscious body across the yards. Judith, huge with preganncy waddled behind, back aching. It turned out to be good thing. She gave the girls a good idea of what lay in store for them if Timmy wasn't stopped. It scared them shitless.

Jonathon told them how he made the cut. Timmy had first recruited the men behind the power, like him. It was his groups job to hand deliver invitations to the men he knew were powerful and succeptible.  After a welcoming blow job, the men were guided to rooms that accomodated different tastes. The climax of evening of was the slave auction.

 Prisoners and homeless people, the dregs of society, were transformed by Timmy. One could alter the sex slaves just like one ordered options on a truck, for a paltry hundred dollars a feature. "Amber" just might have been a black man in a previous life.

 Though the big time auctions took place only once a week, the correctional facility was going day and night. Mothers forgot about their sons, brothers about sisters, wives forgot husbands, anyone sent there was considered dead by them. Politcians and guards turned the other way, by spell or consent. It was a Master PC doll factory, it was Auchswitz.

 When the horror subsided. Judith sent Jonathon off to lick the toliets clean with his tongue. At his wife's command, Jonathon told Amber to stay. Everyone stared at Amber, the omen of things to come.

 Dan checked her out. She was wiped. He couldn't change Timmy's commands but he could wipe her brain and reprogram her from scratch (Again, just like a computer. Passwords could lock you out, but you could always just wipe the hardrive.)

 Dan hoped that the English accent might be real, so he scanned into her mind the character "Besty" from a Jane Austen novel. He found the forty page character analysis on the net, porgrammed her to simply accept modern conviences and hoped it was enough for now. He put in his usual safegaurds and programmed her juice to taste like toffee. SEND

 "Hello sir, oh dear!" She tried to cover her bikini with her hands. Judith copvered her with a blanket. Dan typed in modern day modesty levels while Michelle got her a spare school uniform.

 Thinking better of it. He simply made her believe that she was an amnesia victim and Dan and Judith were her kind guardians and then added the usual gaurds and wards.

 When the three returned upsatirs, all of the women had come. They were all afraid. Dan wasn't. He should have been.

 "Don't worry everyone, I have a plan."


Living death was approaching. Dan had no regrets he had a great run. He had changed over sixty young lives for the better and there weren't hellavu lot of men who could say even that. Everyone had been provided for.  Moira had his power of attorney and a firm idea of what he wanted. Of course, if the man he was meeting really got determined, Dan, the girls, Moira, were all dead...or worse.

Dan was not exaggerating. Even with his limited experience of the near omnipotent Master PC, he could easily imagine a dozen ways one could make a person suffer excruciating pain, while living it out an otherwise normal lifetime. For the umpteenth time he reminded himself to not to appear as a challenge.

Right on time, the modern Apollo opened the sound dampening glass doors of the airport coffee shop. Dan took one deep breath, consciously lowered his pulse and waved.

The superman walked over to Dan's table, took the chair opposite him, and spoke in a golden voice that Pavarotti would envy, "Give me one good reason I don't wipe your mind right now."

"It wouldn't be convenient."

Phoebus raised an eyebrow.

"All right. It wouldn't be very convenient."

"Convince me."

"All the airport security, video tapes etc. you would have to all the trouble of eliminating."

"You have two minutes."

      "As you know. I have a copy of Master PC from our school."

      "And how did you accomplish that? I wiped it out and set a half dozen false trails."

      "I submit that any explanation is a waste of time. I understand you are a damn fine computer programmer.  You could probably think of a half dozen ways you could have overcome such difficulties yourself."

He mulled it over for about three seconds and nodded. 'Damn how smart was he?" Just then were interrupted by the barista.

She handed him a foamy cup, "Your hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon, sir."

 "Thank you."  And the god sipped.

The barista was a lovely thing, in her early twenties with fine short black hair that curled into the nape of her willowy neck. A healthy pair of breasts double tented her shop apron nicely. She lingered a bit to bathe the god in a "come hither " expression that would've melted Antarctica. For him, she performed a runway model turn that invited him to appreciate her strong, firm buttocks all the way back to the counter.

Both men lost a moment in appreciation of the girl's Stairmaster ethic when, Dan realized. "He did not order any coffee! And he did not touch a computer."

Dan must have let his horror show because the handsome young man smirked confidently while he sipped the cream. "Keep going. Don't let me interrupt you." He said between sips. His tone was one of purest amusement.

"Well at least he isn't angry at me." Dan thought.

"Okay." Dan continued his pitch. "Do you know what paradox is?'

The god's eyes flashed green in anger, like when the sunset hits the see. He must have thought Dan was insulting his intelligence. Dan braced for impact. "Of course I do. What am I an idiot? You teachers always assume..."

"Whoa. No offense meant, I swear. It was just a turn of phrase."

His heat lowered to a simmer, for now, but it was clear the teacher's Judgment Day was in the offing. "Go on." Apollo slowly nodded, indicating he should continue, but continue cautiously.

"An immovable object hit by the unstoppable force."


"Right the Juggernaught." Dan held his breath; this was the part that was tricky. If the god saw Dan as an opponent, he was a grease spot.

"That's what we have here."

At that point Dan expected more anger, but again Phoebus surprised him. He simply raised one eyebrow and spoke two words, "Conflicting instructions."

Dan let out his breath in a long sigh.  "Yes. We are essentially operating in the same area. If your copy of Master PC was to give you say...the power to always read all minds. And mine granted always prevent the reading of my mind..."


"Right. Omnipotence vs. Omnipotence. It would work for our "patients" too.  Things could get complicated very quickly."

"The program's creator would have thought of that and added a failsafe."

"Probably. But dare we try it out?"

"I was just going to rip your mind open and be done with it. But now I am glad I had nothing else planned for this afternoon. The resulting conflict could have been unfortunate."

"It wouldn't have happened."

The cold look he received reminded Dan that in the Iliad, Apollo's arrows could also bring slaughter and disease. His reptilian, predatory voice shot chills down the mortal's spine. "If that is a threat, I'd like to see you try."

"It's not like that. I couldn't take the chance that you wouldn't just scan me anyway and thereby destroy the world. So I left my mind unguarded."

For a moment, and moment only, something like respect flashed across the Sun's face. "You would sacrifice yourself to preserve the world."

"I'd die either way. But this way, only I suffer."

"You and everyone else you love who knows about Master PC. Don't shit me."

"I need you to trust what I say."

He laughed softly, "You expect me to trust you?"

"No. I expect you to trust in your own ability. Scan me. I would offer you my laptop here, but I don't think..."

Dan never finished his sentence. In a flash, the god saw the teacher was telling the truth. He searched his entire consciousness. All the little man wanted was to improve the lives of some forgotten misfits, get laid and stay moderately rich. Quite modest dreams actually. But too much was at stake for the god and this man was not a complete idiot. He locked down the man's mind in such a manner as to never threaten him again. Dan would never know he had been tampered with and was now the god's willing slave.

   "I have scanned your mind. You are quire correct when you assumed our paths, and commands, might have crossed. Ironically, you chose to confront me just when my household and I are moving. I am off to bigger things."
 I really don't know what you expected. Frankly, it makes me laugh."

"The fact I choose to decline so much of Master PC's power, master?"

"That and your incredible naivet?'. The world is a shithole. Why did you ever think that I would ever let a loose cannon like you exist?"

"Because you were once alone, too. I hoped you would remember and would leave me to help others who are like the old you, master."

A full minute passed by. The entire coffee shop shared the silence of a god who was once a lonely, misunderstood, child, unappreciated by peers and adults alike.

"I have changed my mind. You will return to the work you do, and you will only use Master PC to help the students only with health and social issues or learning disabilities. And you will always add the command that I can always overwrite anything you program."

"Yes, master. Of course, master. But may I humbly suggest you assign me a coordinator? That will prevent any accidental conflicts."

"That may be prudent.
You surprise me, slave. This meeting was actually enlightening. I expected this was going to be some tedious begging for your life, or some ridiculous threat. I have already survived much worse." You make speak.

"I expected as much, master.  May I add that I am most sorry about discovering it was you who hacked the school's server last year, master. If I had known how glorious you were then, I would have sooner jumped off a cliff."

"I had honestly never blamed you, Dan-slave. You were just doing your job. You weren't the one who decide to prosecute me for a schoolboy prank. Or were you, slave?"

"No master, I actually thought they were too harsh on thee."

The god had programmed him for the truth and he was confident in his programming. "My work is done here. As we are leaving tonight, I doubt I will ever see you again.  But you will continue my work at the school. You will protect my identity. And as a reward for your courage, I will program that barista you so admired, to serve you forever."

"Master is generous."

"Yes. I am." And the god, on feet, not a fiery chariot, left the shop.

 The barista knelt at Dan's side. "How may I serve you?"

 Dan declined. "Thanks. That's enough. You can go back to work now." He didn't want to appear ungracious to his master, but he had important work to do. He was compelled to serve Timmy to the best of his ability. That left little time to rest.

 Dan dismissed her with a wave, sending her back to work. Her eyes frowned up at missing a chance to serve her second new reason for living.  But she kept and eager eye on him.

Dan sat and made notes on his laptop, plans for his upcoming accommodations to the school. Minutes passed. Dan's cell rang. He put it to his ear. It was Kim. "Dan, can you talk? Are you in a meeting? "

"Yes, I can. No, I am not."

It was those two things, the call and each response, that triggered the hypnotic command. His subconscious mind came awake. Slowly, deliberately, Dan booted up Master PC and inserted one compressed CD-Rom after another, re-installing his consciousness.

Jackie, the barista was worried. What could the man be doing?

Kim was just entering the shop; spare laptop slung from her shoulder and her cell phone still pressed to her ear.  Her brows creased her face into the cutest fretful expression.

"You Okay?" She held his head and checked his eyes.

"I'm still alive. And he didn't wipe my laptop. That's a good sign."

"What did he do to you?"

"You tell me. You had the Master PC monitoring my thoughts."

"You are clean of contain nation. No commands of his remain."

Jackie didn't like the sound of that. Could her beloved master be plotting against the Great Master? That was not allowed. Great Master had not seen fit to let her know how to contact him. He must be trusting her to take of it herself. She would.

"I cannot believe dumped my entire consciousness and reinstalled the backup copy. Everything seems to working fine. We can fine-tune anything at home. We better do it for everyone we know, just in case.
Did he notice you?"

"No. The airport clouded my presence beautifully. I was just one of the dozens staring at him, girls and boys."

"Well, with him out of town, that will give us some breathing room. That and the fear of paradox."

"So we won?"

"Too early to tell, but we did survive." He reflected on her face, beaming relief at him, and to comfort her he added, "Only because I have people to rely on. And I understand the value of keeping a backup copy.
 Still. If all we do is keep under that guy's radar, I will be happy."  The two left holding hands.

"This won't happen again, will it sweetie? You know, confronting him like that?" Kim looked carefully at his face. She knew her man well. It was his simple, stupid, heroism that drew her to him in the first place. Now she dreaded the consequences.

He chuckled at the thought. "No worries, love. There is nothing and no one that could ever convince me to fight that guy."

The barista followed her old, treacherous, master and his woman out the door.  They talked strangely, plotting against the Great Master. She followed the two to the parking garage. She ran to the employee lot and waited for them at the exit.

If her suspicions were right... She felt under her seat, it was still there, the thing her ex-boyfriend (What she ever seen in him?) had given her for protection. She had trouble remembering how to use it.

A van stopped at the gate, giving her plenty of time to recognize the girl the Master was speaking. She was sitting in the passenger seat. She followed.

In the van, the mood was celebratory. The music was cranked up. Dan and Kim were laughing. The school was safe.

They had checked the readouts, Jimmy replies looked good. He would avoid the school from now on. He would think Dan was in his power and be afraid to tamper with any one of his student's minds for fear of activating a paradox. Everything they were worried about seemed to turn out okay. They headed straight home to share the good news.

Michelle and Raine were there to greet them. Both girls were worried sick about Dan, so when he showed up unhurt and victorious, the hugged, kissed and began to drag him to the sofa for more "congratulations."

Then the doorbell rang. Kim turned, "Hold on you two! The fun better not start without me." She went to answer it.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!  Four explosions, no louder than firecrackers sounded from the doorway. Dan poked his head out of between the girls to see what the noise was and was greeted by a sight that would haunt him forever. Kimmy lay on the floor clutching her chest and gasping for breath. The barista stood above her holding a small, smoking pistol.

Dan ran, took the pistol away and leveled her with a jab to her jaw. Then he looked down. Kimmy had the wind knocked out of her. Three vertical buttons of blood welled up on her shirt, the fourth under her chin.  Her eyes were wide. She knew she was dying. Dan was about to cradle her then he grabbed his laptop on the entryway table and turned the power on. He placed the laptop on the floor by her head and cradled her as the system booted up.

"Don't worry baby. I'll make you all better."

She couldn't get the breath to speak. A bloody bubble came to her lips instead of words. She grabbed his shirt with one hand.

"Hold on baby. You have got to hold on. Master PC is loading it will make you all better. But you got to hold on!"

The longest minute of his life passed. The password screen was up. He had Michelle hold her while he entered it.

Master PC was there. He heard a gasp from behind him.





He knew what was wrong.  He looked at Michelle. She shook her head. Kimmy was dead. Master PC couldn't fix that.

The coroner reported that the mugger's pistol had raised in elevation with each shot. Starting at the chest, he placed the last .22 bullet in, under her chin. It insulted the medulla to such a degree that Kimmy was quite literally dead before the body knew it.

The funeral was somber. Her mom, the whole school,  Moira, Heidi, Judith turned out for it. Dan was a mess. He had been holding it together, arranging his fianc?'s rosary, funeral, and wake. Only afterwards, then he lost it.

Down in the dungeon, he prepared for combat. He drew on every cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, comic book P.O.S. he ever read. He never left. Master PC took care of his need for food and sleep if not eliminate fatigue entirely.

Meanwhile, in the real world, his friends, lovers and students worried about him and what the path he was preparing to take. Clare, brought into the inner circle at last, used the computer class to reconstruct Jackie. She downloaded the millions bars of line code that composed her conscienceless. Then using Dan's search and destroy protocols the whole class made her good as new.

Her name was Jacqueline, Jackie to her friends. She had a mom, a dad and two little brothers, which she practically raised. Her boyfriend worked while he went to college and he loved her very much.  She played club soccer and volunteered at the shelter.
 She had cute apartment that took her months to find and an economy car, two payments from hers. She had a cat, Fatso. Clare chose not to burden her with the memory of what someone else made her do. Her apartment was lost, her boyfriend gone astray, but her family and Fatso took her in until she could get on her feet again.

Everyone camped in Dan's house waiting for him to emerge. Michelle was on watch when it happened. It was Sunday.
Michelle imagined this was how the angels must have looked before they destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Dan was magnificent and terrible at the same time. It hurt to look at him. His "sword of flame" was in actuality a hard light construct, one of many he could create. His shield was undefeatable. His speed, agility, strength, every physical ability was ramped up to supernatural levels. He could control the weather, laze light on a whim, fly, summon meteors from space, command the earth, freeze time, warp space, ...all with a thought. His mind was a cosmic hammer of Thor; every psi ability anyone had imagined and put into print was now his to command.  Still, it might not be enough.

What would happen when two men who commanded the impossible should battle?

"What are you going to do, Dan?"

"I'm going to send that bastard to hell. Like I should have done in the first place."

"Hell?" Michelle was aghast. Could Master PC know of the place?

"I am going to teleport him to the heart of the sun. Let him regenerate all he wants as he is eternally crushed to dust and burnt to a cinder."

Michelle stuck with the plan, "Get him to realize that any plan he comes up with on his won is flawed." And if he has made himself immune to teleportation?"

"I'll enclose him in earth and fly him there."

"93 million miles?" That was Raine joining in. She stood next to Michelle. Standing between Dan and the door.

"I'll fly fast."

"Can't let you do that Dan." It was Andrea. "You might cause a paradox, destroy the world."

" I'll be careful."

"And what about all the people he programmed? You know he set it up so no one but him can change them but him.

"Once he's dead I will find a way."

"Suppose you don't?" It was Heidi, back from visiting her family. "Suppose they are that way forever? You remember what I was like. I lived to be a toy for his amusement. If you had killed him, I would have simply starved to death, pining away. Will you be allowed the time to cure them"

Dan winced. The memory of not having enough time to save Kimmy hurt him like a knife of ice in the brain. Andrea appeared in the doorway. She was the cleverest of them all; this was going to be good. "Well?" The avenging angel demanded. "You have something to say?"

"No. I just thought you might like to say goodbye to Judith before you go out to possible die."

That was unexpected. "Sure. She home?"

"Yep. She's home a lot nowadays. Can you turn that light off? We don't want to scare the neighbors."

Dan entered "normal mode." He and Andrea crossed the backyard. Judith, who was now huge and a bit wobbly answered the door. Dan was about to speak when he noticed the naked nymphet in the living room. "Who is that?"

"Oh. That's our new maid. Sheldon was worried I'd hurt myself."

"She doesn't look like a maid. She looks like that that princess chick from Episode I."

'Isn't that amazing? I thought the same thing. But Jonathon assure me she is just a normal maid."

"She doesn't seem a lot of help."

"I suppose not. But Jonathon, the dear, assures me she is the best thing for out house. I am sure its true. He says she'll help me when the children arrive."

At the last, Dan stormed out of Judith's house, slamming the screen door behind him, into Andrea. "That was a damn dirty trick Andrea! Timmy's behind Judith's lobotomy isn't he?"

"Yes. An the 'princess' was once a prisoner in an all male correctional facility."

"All the more reason to kill him."

"Jimmy is the only one who kept records of who went where. With his big brain, we assumed he's just memorized it all."

"He cannot continue."

"Agreed. But what about all his victims?"

"Collateral damage."

"Isn't that what Jimmy would say? Isn't that what you would have called 'lazy programming?'"

Dan could have flown to the prison, but he was still into his old habits. He went into his back, kitchen door before departing to the street from his front door. He would have too, except dozens of women blocked his way.

"Can't let you do that, Dan." Said the priestess. "Too many people are counting on us to rescue them from Jimmy and Master PC. "

Dan was a fury. He could have killed them all, blasted the flesh from their bones, burnt them to dust, and microwaved their innards "Get out of my way."

Andrea kept on speaking, using her empathic powers to reach him. "Kimmy didn't die to defeat Timmy. She risked her life to help others. If you really loved her you would continue in her mission, helping others."

"IF I LOVED HER!" A Seraph eyes aflame, lidless turned his wrathful face on Andrea. She shat in her pants and crumpled in terror. "IF I LOVED HER?! I LOVED HER LIKE THE EARTH LOVES THE SUN!" The symbol of divine justice then turned on the crowd of women blocking his way. They were kneeling, but still in his way. "AM I TO BE FORESWORN?!" The windowpanes rattled, the women held their ears. "JIMMY MUST BE PUNISHED!" He was ready to kill all in his way. He raised his bright sword. One sweep would do it.

Heidi, married to an abusive husband for years, had reached her limit of terror long ago. She spoke quietly, calmly. "God saved all of Sodom for five good men. Would you do less?"

Clare spoke, quietly, calmly "Think of the innocents. Think of Kimmy."

That was enough. The angel's flame burnt out. To someone who didn't know, it may have been sudden. To an insider, it had been building for a long time. Dan hadn't cried at her death, her funeral or any other time in the past month. But now, hearing her name spoken so readily, let loose the flood. Shame and regret flooded him. He wept.

Molten tears burned holes into the hardwood floors.

Depression set in. Dan undid all the "angel" code. He was glad the girls stopped him. And angry fighter was a stupid fighter and the Seraphic power he had summoned could have shattered the planet. Still, life dragged on...Kimmy was dead.

It was his idea to lull the god. Fool. Now Kimmy was dead. He should have made all his lovers immune to such attacks. He should have thought more on the barista and the inevitable "super-commands" Jimmy would put into anyone he programmed. He had failed. His sweet, sweet Kimmy had paid the price for his hubris.

He taught, plowing through Linux and RTL. He had sex, but neither Michelle nor Raine brought him joy. Fuego Caliente seemed banal.

The women who loved him despaired for him. Many despaired for his mission. Jimmy was accelerating his program. A decision was reached. There would be a talent show, at the school. Its purpose was to show Dan just how much good he had actually done in the world. And how  much he was loved.


Clare organized a talent show. The first performance was for just Mister Murphy, the girls insisted on it. It took pace in the performance space, the largest of the portables. The desks were stored. Pillows, cushions and old beanbags chairs served as seats.  Everyone was there, ironically, except for Clare. Her mother-in-law had insisted on that night for a shower and the wedding was only eight days away.

While some served the teachers wine and finger foods (the students were quite the cooks now, too) they performed song and musical instruments for his pleasure. They enjoyed their new gifts, Dan enjoyed being able to give them to them. But then it got embarrassing.

The girls began the dance portion of the performance. All the dances were cultural and if not highly erotic, designed to inflame the lust of the young men, then highly flattering.

Michelle and Raquel performed a Mexican dance. Since this was all happening on the dance room floor, they were able to dance around Dan, ruffled cotton shirt sailing around, disorienting him, and making him dizzy. Then Lan in traditionally Vietnamese long dress, swept gracefully around him. Her long fingers waved delicately. Tanya leapt in. She wore golden silk "pajamas" with yellow dragons on it and a permanent smile. Her moved were balletic.

All three had circled him as their turns had come and gone. Dan was becoming more hot and bothered. Kimmy performed slow, traditional Hawaiian dance in a flowered sarong, festooned with real purple orchids. One by one, they all came, and each time the dances were hotter and more erotic. Edita just finished up her Tahitian hula when Raine entered all painted, dressed in gold and scarves and performed the most erotic dance of all.  She was all hips and tits and round, fleshly thighs and inviting, pleading arms. In her art, she was practically begging Dan to take her right then and there.

Dan tried to remain cool, but it was hard, very hard. As he looked around the periphery of the room. He could see all sixty of his girls in exotic, ethnic dress and they had all danced for him. Andrea was there, as was Alice playing the music. Like it was all perfectly normal, rehearsed.

The music stopped.

Andrea addressed Dan. "Mister Murphy. The girls have something to say to you." One by one, each girl stood and thanked him.

It all started with Suzy, "Without Mister Murphy, I would have been pregnant by now, then a slut living on government assistance like my mother."

Michelle: "Before Mister Murphy, I measured my worth by how much I could take from boys before they could take what they wanted from me."

Candice: "Thanks to Dan, I am over my sexual frustration and my relationship with my daughter has never been better."

On an on it went. Dan had, cured anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, mental disorders, health problems, the effects of abuse, neglect, addiction and a small host of other ills with which society and these girls could not deal. They all, at some level, knew that Dan had given them the strength to do, what they could not do themselves, and the loved him for it.

It was too much like Hauser. Dan was going to leave, but Andrea, standing, pressed down on his right shoulder. "I know what you are thinking. This is not Hauser this is US. You have helped all of us. Now we need to help you with your problem. "

"What the hell is going on..?"

Unfazed, Andrea continued, "Somehow, you have been convinced that you are unworthy to be loved. We, your, wives, priestesses, sisters, daughters disagree.  You must accept a token of our love." Andrea clapped once, music, whirling, Mediterranean music began.

Then an unknown belly dancer appeared. She whirled and gyrated her belly and ass. On her fingers she wore and rung, little brass cymbals and on her anklets she wore small silver bells. Her face was veiled; her hair was long and black. Who was this? Raine was right there.  The mysterious dancer wore a belt of dangling scarves more that a skirt. Beneath it, she was naked. Her pussy was. Perfect. Pink, glistening. Her perfumed locks whirled about Dan's head, intoxicating him.

The dance began low and languorous and was building. Dan felt his mouth go dry. Joining in the conspiracy, one girl served him wine, while another filled his glass immediately. The Salome' stripped off her tops and swung her cantaloupes afore him. Her green eyes were dilated with lust. The music rose to crescendo.

Dan felt small, delicate hands pull him backwards and down so he lay on his back. He didn't realize there were cushions behind him. The dancer stayed in his view, sometimes giving him a look from below. A dozen more small, delicate hands pulled at his clothes. He didn't fight it. "Have I drunken so much?"

He tried to get up but his priestess whispered in his ear. "Do not fight it, great one. They asked me to plan this. Truth is, I didn't select her for me, but for thee. You will always need three.  We all wanted it, the dancer especially. It is our way of expressing how much we love you. She is our offering.

Andrea held his head. She used her Master PC ability to receive and transmit thoughts and emotions onto Dan, He could feel every girl in the room. They really loved him. His eyes welled, unashamedly.

Dan laid back down. All ten inches of his flagpole stood proudly up I the air. The girls...hypnotized by its magnificence sat on the edge of their knees in anticipation. It epitomized all that they loved. It was life itself. Dan perceived that this had ceased to be a show, it was now a pagan ritual and these girls were his worshippers.

The music almost reached crescendo when the belly dancer, pulled off her veil and wig. It was Clare. At her behest, Michelle had given her larger breasts, "To give his children suck."

She couldn't take the lust anymore. Andrea changed her position and broadcast Clare's senses to every girl in the room. As one, they gasped. Their heads jerked, forward or back, their hand grabbed their favorite e-zone. Raquel, overwhelmed, dropped to all fours, slack jawed and wanton, cupping her mound.

With Andrea still broadcasting, Clare spread her legs and impaled herself ferociously on her king's penis..fufilling her greatest dream. All sixty young women shared in her cry-moan of joy.

Andrea, somehow still lucid, whispered in her husband's ear. "I have put the fire of creation in her womb, Daniel.. Her wedding day is today, to thee. She could not accept any other man's son, not with you so close. WE planned this all, all of us. She wants it. We all want it, for you. All you need do is activate your sperm.
Do it. Fill Clare's belly with your child, like you did Kimmy's and accept the gift of our love."

Sixty young girls, moaned, sighed, cried and shouted Dan's name, pleading with him to accept their love. They were feeling all of Clare's lust and joy.

 He knew that if he did, he would be accepting their love and hence, responsibility for all their lives. But he knew now, that he was worth of that trust. They, his lovers, and the women who mattered had judged him worth.  He activated his sperm.

Clare hadn't stopped dancing. Her abs still undulated. Her shoulders, arms, breasts...every bit of her, every nerve joined the ancient dance of the fuck. The cries originating from around the room were almost indescribable. Every girl was sensing Clare's ecstasy, but in her own way. Lan made tiny barking noises in time with the thrusts. Shelly blasphemed horribly and laughed. Raine and Michelle turned to each other, groping, sucking on each other's tongues.

Andrea, the priestess, was enjoying the scene most of all.  She was receiving Clare's sex and receiving the sex as a broadcast, a looped message: Orgasmic mirror facing a mirror, cum feedback, she thought her nerves would explode.

It was an orgy and, in a way, Dan was fucking all sixty women at once.

The girls ooohed and awed as their teacher bounced up and down on that magnificent man of theirs.  Of course, he met her thrust for thrust. He was soooo virile. They couldn't resist the call. They all moved in and began stroking the pair, feeling every iota of the joy Clare felt.  They whispered obscene encouragements and vulgar pleadings into the lovers' ears all hoping to receive his seed next.  Suzy told Clare how much they loved her and happy she was for her. Ashly hissed she hoped for Clare would bare a big cocked son, so she could fuck him too.

It was his seed, the fulfillment of their womanhood that they craved more than their next breath.

When at last, the sunny, wavy haired, belly dancer experienced her mind-blowing cumming, she and the young ladies spasmed as one, ecstatic beyond all reason, suffused, saturated, pierced through with love/lust for Daniel Patrick Murphy.

It wasn't an orgasm. It was an epiphany.

Kimmy was Queen of his Night. Clare would be Queen of his Day. He would never forget Kimmy, but Clare's sunny dispostion would help heal the wound left by her loss. Andrea was right, Clare was good choice.

Afterwards, panting, light giggles and nonsensical mumbling oaths were the only sounds coming from the limp bodies. They dreamed of Dan doing the same thing for them just before they got married.

One by one, and at once, they had all showed their teacher how much they loved him and he accepted it all.

The dance for the parents has held in the theater that night. The parents were thrilled. They expressed their eternal gratitude. Mister Murphy was turning their girls into confident young women.

They had no idea.


Everyone was outside, on the prison's playfield milling about. Timmy and his entourage were there, in their robes and boy was he pissed. All the slaves were running to him to explain that they had not seen a fire and no, they had not pulled the alarm bell.

A slave approached and handed Timmy a cell phone, "Here is the cell phone you asked for, master."

"I didn't ask for a cell phone." Still he took it. The phone rang. He flipped it on. "Hello?"

"Hello, Timmy."

"Who the fuck is this?"

"Just someone who's a hundred and one miles away and wants to talk."

Timmy didn't buy the hundred-mile bit. Otherwise, how did he know when to use the phone?  He used his eagles' vision to scan the horizon, at least for a video camera. He kept him talking. "You couldn't call me at the office? Did you trigger the fire alarm?"

"Mea culpa."


"I wanted to get your attention."

"Minor hacker trick."

"And I wanted everyone clear of the building."

Timmy's balls tingled with fear. He turned.

Streaks of fire and iron fell from the sky.  The meteors struck, with inhuman precision, Timmy's section of the prison. Bits of concrete and dust flew everywhere.  The slaves panicked and ran for their lives. More meteorites fell and the pattern became clear. After fifteen minutes of the explosive pounding, the star stones had hammered Timmy's haven to dust and smoke.

Timmy picked himself up and looked at the pile of ash that was once his home. It was his heaven. He had fought for its possession. He had spent months perfecting it, and now there wasn't one stone standing on top of one another. He screamed into the cell phone. "I am going to gut you like a fish!"

Dan ignored his ranting. "Thanks for asking. You'll find no one was hurt. For that moment I made them all impervious to harm."

The dust and smoke stretched for a mile and a half and was making it impossible for Timmy to see. He took the only surviving laptop with Master PC on it from its Protector and dashed off in the direction of a rise of land that would be the perfect place to observe the football field. Meanwhile he kept his assailant talking, playing to his ego. "How did you do that?"

"I took a cue from you and gave myself all sorts of superhuman abilities and statistics. The one you just witnessed was 'control meteors with my mind.' 'Course those were just micro meteors but you get the idea. And now that I have destroyed all your PC's you'll get a better idea of what I can do."

Timmy felt triumphant. His attacker didn't know he still had a computer with Master PC on it. The dust that obscured his vision obscured his too. He knew he had covered about 500 yards, when Timmy thought better of attacking him and quickly flattened behind the tiny embankment of a muddy drainage ditch. Now if he could only trick him into revealing his name.

"Who are you. Why are you doing this?"

"Tell me Timmy, when you reprogrammed all those convicted criminals, did you ever bother to find out if they were really guilty or not?"

Timmy blanched. He had not. But who the fuck cared? "If those guys were scum. If they didn't do that crime, they did lots of others no one knew about."

"Like slavery?"

"Don't tell me you haven't tried it out." Silence. Timmy had scored a hit. "Great, isn't it? But seriously, all I meant to do was recycling those guys, giving them a new lease on life and they finally contribute to society for a change. Better than keeping them locked up at the taxpayers expense."

"So being a senator's fucktoy is contributing to society? And the little children of those bastards you sold the slaves too? Did you give any thought to them? And the homeless.  Most of them could have been cured with Master PC. But you didn't bother. Do you know how many of them are now in a coma, on life support waiting to die because of your lazy programming."

"Well what would have me do? "

"How about program each and every one so you fix their mental and moral deficiencies. Or would that be too much effort?"

"Hey, That's a lot of people."

"You didn't seem to have that problem when you restructured an entire prison population. Of course there was some money in it for you. A couple of hundred dollars for each person, wasn't it?"

Timmy was pissed. This guy knew too much about his operation. He thought his security had been better. Using force was going to be a problem. He couldn't see the guy and he had superpowers. His brilliant mind inspired him to try guile when force was useless.

Timmy still had the supernatural charm Master PC had gifted him with. "I never thought of that. Is that what you would have done? Damn. I am having a real conscience attack. You know what. I'm glad you destroyed by slave factory. I had it coming. But I can start over."

"I bet you can."

"No you are right. I have been lazy. I am big enough that I can admit I have been in the wrong. But I'd just get lazy again. I need someone to run the charity end of my operation. Look I am not a bad guy. I screwed up. I admit it. You have made me realize I could have done things a lot better."


Timmy rejoiced. Even over the phone, his Master PC charisma worked fine.  "Really. What's you name?"

"Z. Matthew James."

Another Matthew. When he won this battle, he'd wipe that name from the face of the Earth. "What does the "Z' stand for."

"It's ugly. I don't use it."

Timothy tried typing in his enemy's name before he pressed the point. "Z. Matthew James" worked just fine. He was sitting down and typing while on a cell phone, much like himself. Timmy could see that he had copied his body to a great degree. He was in a golf shirt, slacks and Jordans, and he was definitely black.

He, was lying down too so as not to be seen.  But he WAS within a hundred miles.  First he would cut off his balls. REMOVE ALL SUPER POWERS AND ABILITIES FROM Z. MATTHEW JAMES.

Faithfully, the Master PC morpher revealed a more human, if still great looking enemy. Now to make him eat his balls. MAKE Z. MATTHEW JAMES MAKE HIM A 90lb WEAKLING. HE WILL COME TO ME AND BEG TO OBEY MY EVERY WHIM. HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS HIS MASTER PC. The command went through. Timmy was triumphant. The idiot hadn't thought to protect himself from Master PC assault.  He'd fuck with him later and his punishment would make the other Matthew's seem like paradise.

"Hello. Timmy."

Timothy jerked up to find a handsome middle-aged man looking down at him. He was dressed in dark sunglasses, jeans and wool shirt. He had a headset mike and a very odd custom palmtop.

He was not African American. He had dark curly hair olive skin, and Semitic looks. Timothy's photographic memory recalled him as a bidder from the first slave auction. "You were one of my first customers."

"Yes. "

So, that's how he knew. But he seemed mortal enough. Timothy, with all his godlike powers was not afraid.

Timothy slipped a little bit on the earth and then stood. "You aren't Z. Matthew James, your name is Jonathon Stein."

"You may say that."

"Get ready to be fucked five ways to Sunday, asshole."


"Because you tried to kill me."

"I don't think I could if I tried."

"So why attack me?"

"I didn't attack you. I attacked where you lived."


"You see I bet you still made yourself able to affect, notice I said "affect" not "effect" yourself with a Master PC but only if you entered the commands."

Now, let me show you something. "With a wave of his hand all the dust settled, and the dark stranger pointed to a column of black smoke in the distance. "See that column of black smoke, that's you old house, burning down."

"So what?"

"So, in about two minutes, you are going to be, technically, homeless."

Timothy panicked, he tried to used his laptop but found himself unable to do so.

"You see, on ly last visit, I change my appearnce to look just like you. Then I ordered you "Protector" to alter the Key Caps in that laptop. Whenever zed-period was typed it switched the next ..."

"Timothy Jacobs has the same amount of characters as "Matthew Jacobs." The name was chosen to get me angrier. And I suppose the color palate was altered to make my image seem African American. Undone by the control panel. Shit.
I suppose I shouldn't bother trying to attack you."

"You could. But in less than minute you are going to join the ranks of the homeless. I will be very humane. I do not hate you any more. Pity, more like."

"What's going to happen to me?"

Jonathon Kline did not seem triumphant he seemed only..sad. "You should know, you programmed it."

"It's hell."

"Better than you would have planned for me." He stepped closer.

Suddenly, Timothy hit on a brilliant idea. He hadn't typed that he couldn't use someone else's Master PC. Surprising his opponent, he snatched his palmtop away and used his speed typing ability.

Six months later everything was back to the way it was. Timmy was planning to take a month off and program slaves to cover the world with Master PC and bring world peace.

The real world: Clare walked up behind Dan and rubbed his shoulders. The final stage of this battle had shaken a lot out of him. He sat in a chair by the door, mournfully watching a CRT screen.

"All the girls seem fine. Back to normal with no shock at all. But it will take years to recover the ones Timmy shipped out and then adapt everyone to society again. What's he doing?" She pointed to the figure in the hospital bed. His eyes stared vacantly outward, but he typed fluidly on the laptop that rested on his legs.

"In his mind? Or in reality?"


"In his mind he just finished dismantling the powers of villain that just happens to have all his powers and all his backup plans too. Of course, he is actually dismantling himself.  He had sex. Then he plans on taking a month to program people to cover the world in Master PC."

"Won't that take..."

"Decades and then there is escaping government notice."

"He is very dangerous."

"I know but I am not a killer. It is where I draw the line. I had him take away all his abilities, back up plans, and copies of Master PC. Then I have checked and triple checked his mind and his slave's minds with all the powers at my disposal.  Even if he comes to, Jonathon is the guy who will go after, not me.
"Funny. He hates himself you know."

"He's not the only one.  You need to be fresh.  Get some sleep. I'll watch him."

"Yeah I am tired. 'Night honey."

As soon Dan was gone Clare left too, taking both laptops with her. Timothy's mind, as programmed, compensated for the computers loss and began another scenario. Judging by the body motions, it involved sex.

A couple of minutes later all the girls filed in. They were Timmy's favorite six bimbettes. They were there to take their gigilo home. Now they could fuck him all they wanted and not have to share him with the world. They would keep him and keep him happy.

The End