Master PC: Creampie Edition

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Chapter 8 - Taste of the giant

The sound of the chatting and giggling dragged Chris away from his sex filled dream world. He dreamt that he met Eliza Dusku on the set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and had turned her into his sex slave. They had sex all over her trailer and the Chris watched the filming of a dialog scene from behind the camera while his cum was running down the inside of both Eliza Dusku legs and down to the floor. As Chris head cleared he tried to hold onto the dream. When he finally opened his heavy eyes an empty bed greeted Chris. 'So the girls has already been up,' thought Chris. He got out of the bed and got into the shower. It had been three weeks since their initial encounter with Andrea and since then she had been visiting Sandy and Chris frequently during the week and weekend. Since that wild weekend three weeks ago, Chris had dialed back some of his changes to both his wife and Andrea. For one thing, the cleaning had gotten a bit too much with Andrea squirting pussy juice all over the place every time she cum, which was pretty frequent!

When Chris finished his shower and gotten dressed in simple polo shirt and chinos, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. There he found his wife and Andrea were enjoying coffee and looked to be ready to leave.

"You girls going somewhere?" queried Chris.

"I need to get home and get some work done," Andrea answered. "I asked Sandy to give me a ride home."

"We are just about to leave. You want to me to get anything back for lunch?" asked Sandy.

"That's ok, nothing for me." Chris found it amazing to watch the two sexy women as they got up and walked towards the garage. There was Andrea, dressed in some of the most slutty clothes one could find; and right next to her was his wife Sandy dressed in a plain white tank top and light blue tennis skirt. Such contrast in fashion but yet both women oozed sexuality, albeit in different ways.

Chris watched Sandy's car pulled away from the driveway and was reminded of the lawn needing mowing. Then he noticed that his neighbor Tom, opposite from their house across the road, was already half way through his front lawn. Chris ran up to his study and typed in Tom's name into the Program. 'I think I like this program more than ever!' thought Chris as his fingers typed in instruction for Tom to cut his lawn after Tom finished his own. Then he went back to do some web surfing before he got on with his Sunday chores.

As Sandy pulled away from their driveway in her SUV she could not stand it any more and had to ask Andrea the question.

"When was your first time?"

"My first time? Oh, that must be way back in high school," replied Andrea while trying to recall the details.

"No, I mean... The first time you discovered that you like cum." Sandy whispered. She stared straight ahead and tried to avoid Andrea eyes.

"Oh that! Well that's an interesting story you know," Andrea told Sandy. "You see, I've liked sex since I discovered it in high school. I did all the usual stuff, you know, blowjob, straight sex, anal sex. I've even licked a few cheerleader pussies!"

"You did?! Wow, I was in the cheerleading squad and never knew such things were going on!" complained Sandy.

"May be not in your school, but sure did in mine. At least while I was there!" Andrea giggled. "Anyway, it wasn't until college that I found out I liked cum so much. My then boyfriend and I were just having the usual Friday night sex after coming back from a club. I was giving him a blowjob to get things going when he pulled away and asked whether he could tit fuck me. I've never done that but probably because of the drinks I had, I agreed. So we moved into position and after he placed his cock between my tits, I used my hands to push my tits together to engulf his cock."

"His cock was pretty nice and long so when he pushed up from between my tits, the cock head appeared and pointed straight at me. I figured that if I raised my head I could lick the head with my tongue. So I tried that and sure enough, I could just lick the head when it was pushed all the way up. Seeing that, he put a pillow behind my head so my neck won't get tired. So this went on for a bit and I thought this was pretty neat but nothing special. But from the moaning my then boyfriend making, he seemed to be enjoying it very much. So without moving my head, I looked up and made eye contacts with him. That pushed him over and he screamed out that he was going to cum. I was going to let go of my tits and swallowed his cock so he could cum in my mouth, but I was not fast enough and he started cumming with his cock still between my tits."

"I looked down and I actually saw his cock slit opened and a stream of white cum flew out from it. It landed between my eyes, leaving a trail of cum right on the ridge of my nose. I was frozen by shock, as I never had cum on any part of my body apart from inside my mouth. Even then I always spitted out the cum when I gave a blowjob. And when I had sex before I always have the guy wore a condom. So the feeling of the hot sticky cum surprised me when it lands my face. Before I could react though, another stream of cum flew out and this time it landed on my right cheek. I figured no point in ruining his orgasm by being a bitch and acted all disgusted. The cum ain't going to kill me, you know." continued Andrea.

Sandy had been listening to the story in silence so far, not because she was shocked but because she was riveted by the story. Andrea experience was so similar to her own with Chris that Sandy could not be helped and remembered her own first facial in their bedroom. It had only been just over three weeks since it happened but it seemed so long ago. Sandy could vividly remember her surprise and arousal from her husband cum splashing all over her face.

"When he finally finished cumming, my face was crisscrossed with his cum. Right at that moment I changed my view about being cum on. The stickiness of the cum on my skin and how it slowly slide down my face turned me on so much! Some of the cum landed right under my nose and the smell of fresh cum was so intoxicating! I reached up with my tongue and licked some of them off my top lip and it tasted completely different than when I gave a blowjob. I started smearing the rest of the cum all over my face and my neck, making them shinny and smooth." Andrea subconsciously ran her fingers up and down her neck as she continued. Her action was not lost on Sandy and Sandy struggled to maintain her concentration on the road.

"Before I knew it my boyfriend had moved down and was slowly pushing his cock into my pussy. I was so horny at that point that I didn't even bother to ask him to put on a condom. I've never fucked a guy without a condom before so that was the first time I felt a naked cock in my pussy, fresh against fresh. My boyfriend was telling me how hot I looked with my face covered in cum and how he liked it when I smeared the cum all over. He started fucking his bare hard cock in and out of my soaked pussy and soon I was cumming."

Sandy realized they were getting close to Andrea house and she did not want to get there before the Andrea finished her story. If she was not driving, Sandy would have her fingers jammed in her pussy right that moment. Alas, all she could do was to squeeze her pussy walls together.

"As I came down from my second orgasm, I gathered the remain of the cum on my face and wet my hard nipples with it. Then my boyfriend fucked his cock in me with one last hard thrust and started cumming deep inside my pussy. I felt his cock expanded and throbbed. Then for the first time in my life I discovered what it felt like when a man blasted his cum in my flesh pussy. I could feel the hot cum splashed against my pussy walls and filling me up. That amazing and new feeling pushed me into my third orgasm, and the rest, as they say, is history." Andrea finished off her story just as they drove up her drive way.

"Wow! So you let guys cum on and in you from then on?" asked Sandy.

"Hell no, I was too careful to do that. Why don't we go into my house and I will tell you the rest?" Andrea suggested as she got out of the car and moved to open the house door.

Before Sandy could answer, Andrea had already disappeared into her house leaving the door opened. Sandy guessed there was not much point refusing Andrea's offer. She locked up the car, got inside and found Andrea in the kitchen brewing up some coffee.

"Please sit down," said Andrea as she turned around after switching on the coffee machine and found Sandy eyes glue to her tits. Andrea had took her bra off on her way to the kitchen to be more comfortable. But with her see-through blouse doing a rather bad job of covering her firm tits and the hard nipples on them.

"Oh, where was I?" Andrea continued. "Ah yes. After that night I got onto the pills so my ex-boyfriend could fuck me bare back and filled my pussy up with cum. But after I broke up with him, I hadn't really found any one that I feel comfortable with enough to let them splash their cum on or in me. Then I met this guy just about a month ago."

"How did you meet him?" quizzed Sandy.

"We met when I was away on a conference." Andrea said. "I was attracted to him straightaway and he fucked me silly for three days while we were there." Andrea had to remind herself not to give away any details such that Sandy would suspect the man she was talking about was her husband Chris.

"On the last day of the conference, I first gave him a blow job in a stair well in the exhibition hall and then had him fucked me in the ass. He left a huge load in my ass before I went on to meet a client for the rest of the morning!" Andrea reminiscence.

"Oh my God! You mean you didn't clean up?" Sandy was both shocked and turned on at the same time hearing this.

"More than that! All the time while I was talking to the clients, I could feel his cum slowly sipping out from my ass. I tried so hard to use my muscle to stop the flow but it was no good. By the end of the meeting, after two hours, I was sure I had a huge wet spot on the back of my skirt."

"Then as I walked back to my hotel room, I finally relax my muscles and let it all flew out. I could feel all the cum ran out and spread all around my crotch with each steps I took. Very soon, my panties were stuck to my crotch. And as the panties got saturated and the cum ran down my thighs, my pantyhose was getting wet and slides around my thighs."

"Mmmhhh," Sandy could not suppress her arousal anymore. "Fuck, this is getting me so hot!" She slides down the chair and slowly spread her thighs. The short tennis skirt did a poor job of covering Sandy's crotch and Andrea could see that a wet patch had already appeared on Sandy plain white cotton panties.

"And when I got back to my room, he was there waiting for me. So we fucked again and this time he left another load in my pussy this time. So by the time I was 30,000 feet up in the air flying home that afternoon, all three of my holes had been filled with cum." Andrea continued. "I was sure the guy sat next to me could smell it. I stink of sex but I was so embarrassed and excited at the same time."

Andrea got up and walked over to Sandy. She bent down and gave Sandy a passionate kiss on the mouth, "Poor thing, you are horny again already, aren't you? I would love to make love to you but I can't. I have plenty of work piled up already. Why don't you go home and fuck that well hung husband of yours?"

"I... guess... so..." moaned Sandy, as Andrea continued massaging her thick nipple through the thin tank top.

Only after much persuasion from Andrea that Sandy got into her car and drove towards home.

As he was browsing through the usual creampie newsgroups looking for inspiration, Chris came across a series of images that grabbed his attention. The images were all typical creampie pictures, just a shot of pussy covered with cum. With his new cumming ability, Chris could put any of these images to shame in the volume department. What really caught his eyes was the size of the woman's clit in all these images. It was huge! Chris worked out roughly from other objects in the images, like the woman's fingers, that her clit must be at least one inch long and half inch thick. In some of the pictures, the woman might be getting more aroused as her clit stuck out even further, close to two inches long. (See photos at

Chris found these images mesmerizing and he wondered what effect it would have on Sandy if her clit were like this. 'What the hell!' he thought. 'I can always restore it back later.' Chris bought up The Program and first saved Sandy's current setting. He then went to the physical section and enlarged Sandy's clit maximum size from her normal size to three inches long and one inch thick. Chris then linked the clit size to Sandy's arousal level and did the same with the opposite direction, thus recreating a feedback loop.

After that, he went to the psychological section and made sure Sandy would not be aware of the change and found the change out of place, but would accept it as was normal. Finally, Chris set the time frame for the change to occur over the next two hours. Just when he saved the new setting and clicked on the 'Apply' button, Chris heard Sandy pulled up onto their driveway.

By the time Sandy arrived home, much of her cotton panties were saturated with her pussy juice. However, Sandy decided that she would wait until the evening before she asked Chris to fuck her silly. She was hoping that the delay would intensify the experience.

Both Sandy and Chris got on with their weekend tasks for the rest of the afternoon. Chris was clueless to her plot, nor Sandy to Chris's. Around dinnertime Sandy suggested they went out for dinner, as she felt too lazy to cook.

When they arrived at the local restaurant and parked their SUV, the sun was just dipping under the horizon. Before Chris managed to open the car door and got out, Sandy had leaned across the seats and was unzipping his pants.

"What are you doing?!" asked Chris.

"What do you think? I want to get fuck before dinner." Sandy said as she fished out her husband rapidly hardening cock with her hands.

"But we can be seen!" exclaimed Chris. He was both anxious and excited at the same time. This was a new development that Chris had not anticipated. Although he had lowered his wife's inhibition in general, Chris had not specifically changed Sandy's view on sex in public. So she had developed this need all on her own accord.

"Honey, I want your cock in my pussy and fill me up with your cum." Sandy had, by now, Chris hard cock out of his pants and slowly stroking it up and down with her hands. "I want to feel your cum run out of my sloppy cunt all night." With that, Sandy lowered her head and took the cock into her mouth.

Chris resolve crumbled the moment his wife swallowed his cock into her mouth. If they were to have sex in the car, he might as well get comfortable. So Chris lowered his car seat all the way back and slide it all as far back as it could go.

Sandy's hands and mouth never left his cock as his seat moved down and back. Soon her head was bobbing up and down over his cock. She could feel her panted up sexual frustration flowing through her body. Sandy was acutely aware of her newly modified clit grew larger and more sensitive every second. When her clit poked out from under its hood and rubbed against the material of her slippery panties, soaked with her pussy juice, Sandy could not helped but let out a loud moan.

Chris felt his wife's tongue working overtime on his cock. With Sandy stretched across the car seats, her short tennis skirt was struggling to cover her panties covered ass. Chris could see her squirming on her seat. He realized the sensation her new clit giving her must be driving her crazy. Chris moved his hand that was on Sandy head to her ass. He pulled the hem of her skirt up and ran his hand over her part dry, part wet panties. He then slipped his fingers underneath the panties through the leg hole and slowly worked his fingers from her rosebud to her pussy.

Not surprisingly, the entire area was already covered by Sandy pussy juice. Since his first encounter with Andrea, Chris had noticed the difference in pussy juice between her and Sandy. Andrea's was thin and runny whereas Sandy's was thick like syrup.

Sandy was moaning constantly since she felt her husband hand inside her panties. When Chris hand finally moved far enough to reach her clit, he found it exactly how he imagined it. It was huge and thick, and protruded out from Sandy body like a mini-cock. Using his forefinger and middle finger, Chris trapped the giant clit between them and slowly stroked it like his own cock.

"Grgggghhmmmm! Arrrgggmmmm!" screamed Sandy with her mouth still full of her husband cock.

Seeing her reaction, Chris immediately sped up the tempo of his fingers and knew that his wife would cum within seconds if he continued with this pace.

True to form, after only a few more seconds of frantic stroking of her giant slimy clit, Sandy cum explosively. Chris could feel the contraction of her pussy and their lips through his palm from the outside. If it were not for her mouth full of his cock, Sandy's scream would have alerted everyone within 100 yards that she was cumming like never before.

Chris kept up playing with Sandy clit gently for another thirty seconds to prolong her orgasm. Then he took his hand out of her panties and slowly extracted himself from Sandy mouth as she slumped across the central console. Chris looked up and determined that no one had noticed them yet. He opened the car door and got out with his hard cock hanging out from his open zipper, still coated with Sandy saliva. He walked to the other side of the car, opened the passenger door and found his wife laying there face down. She was still recovering from her orgasm. Chris gently turned her over so Sandy lie on her back across the high seat of the SUV. He then grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him and the side edge of the car seat.

"Oh yeah, give me your cock." begged Sandy. She spread her legs as wide as the car door opening allowed and hooked her legs around her husband waist. With one arm, she propped herself up on the seat while playing with her swollen nipple through her top using her other free hand.

The car seat provided the perfect height for Chris. His cock rested right on top of Sandy pussy, covered by the short tennis skirt and her white cotton panties. Chris pushed the skirt up to reveal the half soaked, half dry panties. He could see the lump her giant clit made on the front of the panties. Not wasting any time, Chris pulled the crotch of Sandy panties to the right and aimed his cock head right at the entrance of her pink pussy. Without further a do, Chris plunged his whole cock into his wife hot pussy in one long stroke.

"Arrhhhh! Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard!" Sandy shouted betweeen her teeth.

"You want my cum? You want it all the way up your pussy?" asked Chris as he started fucking his wife frantically.

"Oh yeah. Give it to me! All the way up my pussy!" Sandy replied in between moans. "Fill me up please!"

Chris could sense that she was ready to cum again, by the way her body was tensed up and the familiar rash that appeared on her chest. He moved one of his hand from holding her waist to the lump in front of Sandy panties. With his thumb and forefinger, Chris lightly pinched her engorged clit through the pussy juice soaked panties. This sent Sandy into her second orgasm in the car park.

"Cummminggg! Cum with me! Cum with me!" scream Sandy as her body convulsed through another orgasm.

Chris let go of his orgasm block and he could feel his cum travel from his glands and through his cock.

"Here it is! Gonna fill you full of cum!" Chris moaned between his breaths. At the very last second before he removed the orgasm block, Chris decided to pay his wife back for the risk of public sex by doubling his already copious amount of cum. Thus, as he plunged his cock into his wife pussy one last time, an enormous stream of cum flew out from his cock into Sandy pussy. Chris then pulled his cock out, leaving only his cock head inside her pussy, thus allowing more cum to flow into it. Despite that, Sandy pussy was soon overflow with hot cum and Chris was still pumping more and more cum out. Large glob of cum ran down Sandy ass onto the back of her already wet panties.

All things must come to an end, as the saying goes. Chris finally finished cumming and lay on top of his wife inside the car. With his enhanced stamina and recovery time, Chris was as fresh as a daisy within seconds. He stood up and carefully pulled the reminder of his cock from his wife pussy. Then quickly he let the crotch of her panties sprang back to its rightful place. Chris made sure that it covered her steaming pussy properly and then he helped his wife to stand up.

"Time for dinner honey." Chris announced.

Sandy walked a few steps away from the car on her weak and wobbly legs, while Chris locked up the car. She tried to tidy herself up and straighten her skirt.

"Do I look decent?" Sandy asked.

"Sure, if you ignore your rock hard nipples, your 'just fucked' glow on your face, and that huge wet spot on the back of your skirt; then yeah you look fine!" Chris joked.

"People can stare all they want. I don't care after I've been given the best fuck of my life, and my pussy is full of your cum." Sandy declared. She wrapped her arm around Chris and the couple made their way towards the restaurant's front door.

A young cheerful waitress greeted them in the restaurant. She asked the usual questions, how many people, smoking or non-smoking, while she retrieved the right number of menus. She then led them towards their booth across the restaurant floor. As the trio walked across the restaurant floor, both Sandy and Chris noticed that most male eyes were fixed on Sandy, green with envy. Chris was very proud that his wife was the object of desire of so many men. Sandy was both very excited and embarrassed at the same time. She was sure that everyone knew they just had sex outside in the car park, even though all they could see in the darken restaurant was the imprint of her stiff nipples on her thin tank top.

Finally they reached their booth; Sandy and Chris slide into their perspective vinyl seats and looked at the menu the waitress left for them.

The waitress came back a few minutes later asking whether they want anything to drink. "You guys fancy any beers? Or soft drinks?"

"Mmm... let me see. Do you have any drink that is CREAMY?" Chris asked and watched Sandy for her reaction.

Sandy's eyes were as large as a saucer plates, staring daggers back at her husband. Neither Chris nor the waitress noticed Sandy squeezing her thighs together to try to slow the flow of her husband hot cum out of her pussy.

"Creamy? I don't think so." The waitress answered, slightly confused.

"That's ok. Never mind. I will just have a beer then." Chris said.

"I will have a glass of red wind." Sandy ordered.

After the waitress left their table Chris could not help but asked his wife, "So honey, what brought this on?"

"You mean in the car park?" whispered Sandy. "Ever since we met Andrea, I realized that there is so much I don't know sexually. I want to experience more everyday and this morning Andrea and I had a girl-to-girl chat and I realized I need to open up and be more adventurous. Take the bull by the horn, so to speak."

Chris did not really know what to say. Most of his modification to his wife so far were on a superficial ways and did not touch upon deep psychological issues. This was really a great development as the possibilities were endless if Sandy was susceptible to more suggestions and alterations.

Then Sandy leaned across the table and told Chris, "I can feel your cum leaking from my pussy. There will be such a wet spot on my skirt."

"Why don't you pull your skirt out and sit directly on the seat instead?" Chris suggested.

Sandy looked around and slowly lowered her hands down towards her hips. When she decided that no one was taking notice of them, she quickly lifted her hips and pulled the back of her short tennis skirt out from underneath her ass. Then just as quickly Sandy sat back down on the seat.

"Better?" enquired Chris.

"Uh huh. Now I will just leave a wet patch on the seat!" Sandy giggled.

Just then the waitress returned to take their orders. Sandy and Chris placed their orders and they turned their conversations back to something mandate and normal. However, Sandy kept the heat up by teasing her husband by telling him how she felt throughout the dinner. Sandy told him how her ass was slick with his cum and how the seat was so slippery with their combined juices that she might fell off the seat.

From Chris perspective, Sandy was an image of innocent in front of him. Dressed in regular everyday type clothes and minimum makeup, Sandy looked like a young wife having a nice dinner. The only things that betrayed that image were her constantly hard nipples and the wanton look on her face. Of course, no one could see Sandy gigantic clit and her cum and pussy juices covered pussy and ass.

They finished their food soon and when Chris was settling the bill, Sandy got up and went to the bathroom. She looked back briefly and saw the huge wet patch she left on the vinyl seat. She walked all the way to the bathroom with a smirk on her face.

The bathrooms in this restaurant were of the old fashion type, as the restaurant building itself dated back at least 30 years. The bathrooms were situated on the baseman level and the bathroom was just that, a single occupancy toilet with a lockable door. There were two bathrooms in this baseman, one for the ladies and one for the men.

Sandy went into the one marked for the ladies and turned around to close the door. Just then Chris pushed himself in, closed the door and locked it himself.

"I've paid the bill. But I haven't had my desert yet." grinned Chris.

Sandy knew what he was referring to, and it made her shivered with excitement. She looked around the small bathroom and noticed that although it was not the best bathroom she had ever visited, it was very clean and tidy. She lowered the toilet seat cover and sat herself on top of it. Slowly, Sandy spread her slender legs apart, showing her husband her gleaming crotch.

Chris got down to his knees and started kissing his wife inner thighs, alternating between each one. Soon he could taste his own cum as his lips moved towards her pussy. When he finally reached the junction between her legs, Chris planted a kiss on her pussy through the wet panties. His nose accidentally bumped into Sandy giant clit and her body jerked involuntarily in reaction to the pleasure from her clit.

Chris grabbed the side of her panties and Sandy helped him to take it off by lifting her hips then her legs over his head. Once the panties was off, Sandy hold onto her legs with her arms to keep her legs in the air. This presented her red and swollen pussy to her husband. Chris could no longer wait and he dived into her pussy, licking up all the juices on the outside. When it was all clean, Chris stuck his tongue into Sandy wet pussy and started sucking out all the cum that he deposited in there less than an hour ago.

As her husband feasted on her leaking pussy, Sandy looked down at his face and saw the huge clit sticking out from her pussy. She hooked one of her foot onto the toilet paper dispenser to keep her leg spread. This allowed her to move her free hand down and started pinching and rolling her large sensitive clit between her fingers. Within seconds she worked out the routine and Sandy was jerking her super large clit like a man jerked his own cock. Her arousal soared and her pussy contracted and pushed out more cum for Chris to drink.

Soon, the last bit of cum was drained from Sandy pussy into Chris mouth. And Sandy was getting close to a climax. Chris nudged her fingers away from her clit and locked his lips over it instead.

"CHRIST! Suck my clit!" Sandy whispered, trying to keep the noise down and not to alert the restaurant staff.

Once Chris was sure her clit was secured between his sucking lips, he then flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit in rapid fashion. This pushed Sandy over the edge and she started cumming quietly but intensely. She grabbed her husband head with both hands and pulled it hard against her pussy.

Chris kept on a slight sucking as Sandy enjoyed her orgasm. When her climax subsided and she finally let go of his head, Chris pulled away from Sandy's now clean pussy and left his wife panting on top of the toilet seat. He knew he had to fuck her again, as Chris lowered his pants and took out his cock.

Knowing time was of essence; Chris mentally commanded his arousal level almost close to climax. His body reacted to this suddenly change by releasing a constant stream of clear pre-cum out of his already hard cock. Chris held his wife waist with one hand and fed his cock into her gapping pussy with the other. With the head of his cock firmly lodged inside Sandy pussy, Chris grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed his cock all the way in with one stroke.

Before Sandy knew it, Chris had pulled out and then slammed in a second time. He kept his cock embedded deep inside and released his cum for the second time of the evening. Even though she had felt his cum blasting inside her pussy many time before, Sandy still felt the intimacy it generated by feeling the man she loved leaving his seed inside her.

The couple was recovery from their quick and raw sex when they were startled by the noise of someone getting into the man bathroom next door. Fearing that they might get caught, Chris quickly pulled away from his wife and pulled up his pants. Sandy got off the toilet seat and smooth down her tennis skirt, her panties forgotten. She then flushed the toilet to disguise their noise as Chris opened the bathroom door by a crack to check whether the corridor was empty. Confirming that indeed no one was around, Chris opened the door wide and Sandy quickly stepped out and walked towards the stairwell. As he followed his wife up the dimly lit stairs, Chris could see the cum he recently pumped into his wife pussy was dripping down the inside of Sandy's thighs. He had to restrain himself from grabbing her bare ass with his hand. They hastily walked out of the restaurant and the moment they were outside, they burst into laughter.

"Did you see that old man at the table on the top of the staircase? His eyes were so large! He must have seen the trail of cum on my thighs!" laughed Sandy. She wrapped her arm around her husband waist as they made their way to their car.

"You sure look like you enjoy that." Chris answered.

"So do you. I am so happy you didn't freak out when I jumped your bone in the car." Sandy confessed.

"Now, why would I refuse sexual advance from my beautiful wife?" said Chris, opening the passenger door for Sandy.

"I love you, honey. You are so good to me." Sandy said, as her husband got into the driver seat. "You don't mind my pussy leaks all over my seat do you?" she asked batting her eyes like an innocent girl. Sandy spread her legs and pulled up her skirt to show how much cum was flowing out of her pussy onto the leather seat.

"This is the sexiest thing I've seen in my life." Chris confessed. "You can drip any time you want, as long as I am there to see you lick it clean afterward."

"It's a deal if you promise to fuck me hard while I do the licking." Sandy proposed.

"Done!" Chris drove off, hoping that traffic be light so they could get home quick. "You're the best, you know. And I love you forever baby."

To be continued

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