Master PC: Creampie Edition

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Chapter 7 - Always Cum in Three

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Chris was not looking forward to this. Shopping with Sandy was never the most pleasant experience, with all the waiting, running back and forth between shops, and trying everything on. He had even tried to teach Sandy the joy of Internet shopping. Click here, click there, and boom, the goods are there couple of days later! Of course the joy of shopping is not just the goods but also more the action itself, as Sandy kept reminding him. To Chris, shopping seemed more like torture than pleasure but he knew it was part of the deal of having a gorgeous wife. You give some, and you get some. So instead of making a fuss about being drag through the shopping mall all day, Chris just sat on the sofa in the living room and watched the sport highlight of the night before while waiting for his wife to get ready.

He had to watch the sport highlight because after Chris sent the email, he went to the kitchen to get something to drink. He needed the fluid after all the sex he had has that day, first with Andrea then with his wife. He poured himself a large cup of cold water from the refrigerator and decided to talk to Sandy in the laundry room.

Sandy was just getting the washing machine to start when Chris walked in behind her. For the second time of the day, Chris was reminded why he loved his wife so much. Sandy was leaning over the large washing machine on tiptoe, even though it was not really necessary with her above average height. Her robe rode high over her back, exposing the bottom half of her bare butt. He knew she was doing it on purpose to tease him so Chris decided to make Sandy paid for it. He mentally commended his cock to full hardness and stepped behind Sandy, pinning her against the washing machine. He grabbed both of her wrists and pulled them behind her back. Using one of his hands, Chris held her wrists there while pulling her robe down her shoulders and partly down her back. With her arms now restrained, Chris took his cock out and buried it into Sandy's cunt in one hard thrust.

They ended up fucking there over the washing machine for the next half an hour. Sandy moaned and screamed from the moment her cunt was penetrated by her husband cock. Her clit was at just the right height to bump again the edge of the washing machine with each thrust and soon an orgasm overcame her. Then the washing cycle started and the vibrations sent Sandy into multiple-orgasm until Chris spilled his hot cum into her pussy the second time of the day twenty minutes later. Both of them were truly exhausted by then and they literally fell asleep on their unmade bed for the night.

And thus, Chris missed the sport news and much of his usual time alone in his study. When he woke up the next day, it was already mid-morning and he could smell the coffee brewing and bacon cooking from the kitchen. Thinking that his wife must be raring to go shopping, Chris went to the shower and got ready before going downstairs for breakfast. Alas, his wife kept him on his toes and Sandy was still dressed in her bathrobe when Chris walked into the kitchen.

"Wow! You are up and ready in 30 minutes and before me, no less!" teased Sandy. "Sit down and have your breakfast while I get ready. Eat it all, you need your strength today and it is not just for shopping."

The shower was still going after Chris finished his breakfast so he figured what was more appropriate use of free time then catching up with sport news. Sandy finally appeared after further thirty minutes and Chris again wondered what the hell woman did to get ready. Sandy was in her dress down mode so it was just tight t-shirt and jeans. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had just a small amount of make up on. Chris could not for his life work out how Sandy spent about the same large amount of time for dressing up or dressing down.

For the next four hours, Sandy and Chris went through the shopping trip in their own way. Sandy was looking at everything that caught her eyes while Chris walked with her spaced out most of the time apart from when he needed to make the usual yes/no answers that his wife sometimes wanted but never needed.

Chris put those hours to good use though. He might looked like the bored husband on a shopping trip with his wife to most other shoppers but his brain was working overtime. They were going out for a nice dinner that evening and then onto the club, where Sandy would meet Andrea for the first time. Chris was not sure how his wife would react to the idea of having sex with another woman. As far as he knew, Sandy had never has sex with another woman before despite the wild sex life she had during her college year. So Chris would need to use the Program when they got home and added some modifications for his wife. As for Andrea, he was not entirely sure whether he needed to use the Program at all. From the tone of her email, Chris got the impression that Andrea might be up to anything he wanted her to do as long as she got to have his cock. Or was it his cum? Chris only made the connection then as he trailed behind Sandy through the clothes section of a department store. So he was feeding Andrea's cum fetish, Chris mind suddenly made a connection between that and something else that had been on the back of his mind for awhile and he proceed to lay out what kind of modification Sandy and Andrea would needed.

Chris had it all figured out in his headway before the end of the shopping trip and he was pretty smutted about it himself. He could not wait to get home and implemented the commands to both his wife and Andrea.

Sandy's mind was not idle either. She was considering what clothes she should wear to the restaurant and club. Her urge to wear as little as possible to show off her new body was great but mentally, Sandy had not caught up with her physical development yet. Thus she did not feel Chris would approve some of the outfits she had bought earlier in the week to be worn outside of their home. As she was contemplating the clothing choices, Sandy noticed her husband far away look and put it down to his stressful job again.

On the drive home, Sandy and Chris both made small talk but the air was thick with anticipation for different reasons. Sandy was getting excited about what she had planned for her husband that night, and onto the early hours of the next morning if she had anything to do with it. Chris, on the other hand, could not wait to be the receiving end of what he had in mind for Sandy and Andrea for future and the coming evening would be the beginning of it all.

As soon as all the shopping and groceries were unloaded into the kitchen, Chris went to the study room in the pretense that he was going to catch up with works. In reality, he was using The Program to apply new modifications to both his wife and Andrea. Sandy did not suspect a thing as Chris worked in the IT industry so computers were part of their life since they met years ago. She had many household chores to do anyway so an occupied husband was much preferred than an idle and horny husband!

Time flew when one was having fun. By the time Chris had formulated all the commands needed for The Program, then checking for errors and loophole, then re-checking again, couple of hours had gone by. As he was finally satisfied by his work, Chris set the speed of modification and hit the 'Apply' button in The Program.

Sandy had already finished all the household chores a little while ago and now she was relaxing in the living room watching a TV show she recorded last night. This particular episode was one of the less well-made one, 'Probably saving budget for another episode,' thought Sandy. 'Lots of talking and not much action.' Then Sandy took notice the tank top and tight shorts that one of the female character was wearing in the scene. The outfit had nothing to do with the story or this particular scene apart from showing off the actress' almost perfect body. Sandy could not fail but impressed by the way the actress always presented the best side of her body to the camera, showing off the fullness of her tits outlined by the tight tank top or the curve of her ass covered by the shorts.

Unconsciously, Sandy wondered how would those firm, and possibly silicone enhanced, tits would feel in her hands. She caught glimpse of the impression of the actress' nipples on the tank top and the urge of running her tongue over them ran strong. As the scene in the show changed and another beautiful actress was on the screen, wearing a short tube dress, Sandy was curious how would she felt if she wore a dress, or any other outfit for that matter, like for a normal day without any underwear. She had already flashed some people in the mall but that was just a short time and in any case she still had her panties on. Going without any underwear would be a big leap.

Then the actress on the screen was walking away from the camera and her pert ass swayed left and right under the confine of the tube dress. The thought of touching that ass ran through her mind and Sandy could just image running her hand lower and felt the softness of the cunt lips. 'What would her cunt taste like?' wondered Sandy. Though no stranger to her own taste Sandy had never touched, let alone tasted, another woman in her life. These sudden erotic thoughts should have alarmed Sandy but of course Chris had done a thorough job and her mind took the thoughts as natural as contemplating what food they would have in dinner. 'What about having my cunt lick? What would that feel like?' The thought of having sex with another woman no longer seem alien and strange to Sandy. Now it became a curiosity.

Sandy was brought back to the present by the footsteps of Chris from the study room. He walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa next to her.

"How's the show?" queried Chris.

"Crap. Budget saving episode."

"Ah, one of those." said Chris. He noticed, as he walked into the room, that Sandy's nipples were hard underneath her t-shirt. Of course they would, considering the kind of thoughts he had planted into her mind just seconds ago.

"Well, you should get start on getting ready for tonight. You know you woman takes far longer than us man!" teased Chris.

Sandy elbowed Chris in the ribs playfully, jumped up and ran into the bedroom to get ready. She spent her time in the shower deciding what she would wear and ended up with what Sandy thought would strike a good balance of slutty-ness and sophistication.

As Chris and Sandy were driving to the restaurant, she was dressed in cocktail style dark purple halter-top with a black wrap around skirt, ending a couple inched above her knees. The halter-top had a deep V front, leaving a large amount of Sandy cleavage on show. From the other side, her smooth and tan back was on displayed from the top of her neck to the lower part of her back, as Sandy had her hair bunched up with a large purple plastic clip. She had worn this wrap around skirt many times to work. It had long string that ran around the waist and held the skirt up with a knot tied at the side. The overlapping of the skirt material meant one end of the skirt started from Sandy's right thigh with the other end covering the first and ended up on her left hip. To finish off the outfit, Sandy had a pair of three inches high stiletto heels on her bare feet. She had decided against wearing stockings or tights, as she loved the feeling of her bare flesh against her husband's during sex. Stockings or tights would just get in the way or slow down the undressing part.

Chris was happy with what he saw. Sandy's outfit was sophisticated but on close inspection and imagination, sexy. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra but was she wearing panties, Chris wondered. He could run his hand up her thighs now to check but Chris decided against it. He would rather be surprised later on that night.

Dinner was what they expected, great food, great wine, and great atmosphere. So by the time they arrived at the doorsteps of the club, both Sandy and Chris were pretty relaxed by the wine they had during dinner. The club was one of those late 'starters' so they were able to manage to find a nice, secluded table on the upper floor balcony overlooking the dance floor.

Chris looked at his watch after he sat the drinks on his hands down on the table. It was still another half an hour before Andrea supposed to turn up. So he decided to enjoy the time with his wife before the night of sexual activities begin. From the table, Chris could see most of the dance floor apart from directly below, unless he stood up and leaned over the barrier. From where he sat, Chris could also see the bar on one side with the entrance of the club facing it. Thus, he should have no problem spotting Andrea unless she was standing directly beneath their table, under the balcony.

Andrea turned up right on time and amid the flashing lights, Chris spotted her as she was making her way across the dance floor towards the bar. He told his wife he was going to the bathroom and reached Andrea just as she was ordering her drink. Chris looked up briefly to make sure his wife was looking at him. Sandy was more interested in the mass of people on the dance floor than the static display of club goers waiting their drinks, or their turns to order.

"So you decided to turn up after all?" quizzed Chris as he stepped right up against the back of Andrea.

Andrea turned her head towards Chris and shouted, "Hey! You are here! I was so sure you wouldnÕt be here at all."

"Are you ready for tonight then?" Chris shouted back, trying to converse over the loud music.

"You bet! That's why I'm here, isn't it? Where is your wife?"

"She's upstairs, sitting on her own right behind me. You know what you need to do right?"

Finally getting her drink Andrea turned around and whispered into Chris' ear, "Give me 10 minutes. I can't wait to see what you've planned for me." With that, Andrea squeezed past Chris and walked towards the direction of the stair.

As Andrea walked away from him, Chris finally got to see what she was wearing. From the back, he could see that Andrea was wearing a see-through white blouse tied at her waist with a dark bra underneath. She had a pair of very tight pants on that showed off her long, tight legs. The thing that really caught Chris' attention was the waistline of the pants. It was one of the extra low waistline styles that were so in fashion at the moment. The waistline was so low that Chris could swear he can see the crack of Andrea ass with each step she took.

Chris thought it may be tough to spend ten minutes in the bathroom but in the end it was out of his hand. As usual there was a long queue (though nowhere as long as the one for the ladies) of men outside the bathroom, waiting to relief themselves. By the time Chris made his way back to their table upstairs, more than fifteen minutes had past. As he approached their table, Chris was not sure how thing had worked out but what he found was Sandy and Andrea deep in conversations with lots of loud laughter in between.

Chris sat down next to Sandy with Andrea on the other side of her, "Hi honey, you OK?"

"Great! This is Andrea. Andrea, this is my husband Chris."

Chris and Andrea pretended to acknowledge each other as newly met strangers while Sandy continued, "Andrea asked me for the time, and she was stood up by her boyfriend. We got talking and apparently we both grew up from the same area!"

"Really? That's pretty spooky!" Chris looked past his wife and saw the smirk on Andrea face.

"Yeah, and we knew the same people but for some reason we've never met. That's so strange." Sandy paused as she took a sip from her drink. "As Andrea was stood up, you don't mind her joining us for awhile do you?"

"Mmm... sure, why not?" Chris pretended to be reluctant.

Sensing it Sandy leaned close to her husband and whispered into his ear, "Don't worry, we will still have our fun tonight. Who know, may be we can get Andrea to join in."

Chris was taken aback but he could not sure whether his wife was joking or not from the expression on her face. With that Sandy turned back to chatting with Andrea and left Chris alone. 'May be the commands from The Program are working better than I expect,' thought Chris as he enjoyed the sight of two sexy creatures sitting right next to him, waiting to be taken.

Sandy was having a great time herself as she chatted with Andrea. She could not believe how much in common they had. Of course Sandy did not know that Chris planted all the necessary information into Andrea mind that afternoon. As more people were getting into the club and dance floor, the music increased along. Normal conversation was no longer possible so Sandy and Andrea had to talk to each other mouth to ear fashion, close quarter. It was during one of these times when she had to lean towards Andrea while Andrea spoke into her ear that Sandy noticed Andrea's tits through the see-through blouse. Though not as large or firm as her own tits, Sandy was mesmerized by the deep cleavage created by the push-up bra Andrea wore. She wanted to see the rest of Andrea body while Andrea was still talking to her so Sandy moved away slightly to pick up her drink from the table. Quickly Sandy captured as much as she could and what she could make out made her heart skipped a beat. Sandy knew already that Andrea was wearing tight pants but she did not realize it was one of those new low waistlines one. With Andrea sat down, the low waist line barely covered half of her ass at the back and from the front, Sandy could make out the 'V' shape made by Andrea's front hip bone and her pubic mound. Sandy realized that there was no way Andrea was wearing any panties and she wondered how the tight crotch of the pants felt on Andrea's cunt.

Sandy realized that Andrea had been shouting in her ear, asking her whether she wanted to dance. So they took their drinks and made their way down to the dance floor leaving Chris to guard the table. They started off dancing just like every body on the floor and Sandy noticed that Andrea was a really good dancer. She was a nature as Andrea twisted and turned her body this way and that. Not before long, Sandy and Andrea were bumping into each other as they really got into the swing of dancing. It started off in the beginning as accidental bumps as the dance floor got more crowded. But soon, Andrea was deliberately bumping and grinding her body into Sandy's, making sure she was touching Sandy's tits and the sides of her ass. Sandy could not help but responded to Andrea electrifying touch and started grinding her own body back against Andrea. Their dancing did not go unnoticed by the nearby crowd and most of the men were stealing more than just glances at Andrea and Sandy.

Then the music was changed to a slower pace and Andrea grabbed Sandy's hand and led her through the dancing crowd towards the edge of the dance floor. There they found that Chris had vacated their table and was waiting for them with drinks in each hand. Both women took their drinks from Chris and as Sandy took a sip of her drink, she realized that her husband must had seen how they were dancing on the dance floor. If the club lighting were not dark, Chris would had noticed his wife blushed heavily at the moment. But that was unnecessary as Chris knew exactly how his wife would feel and while Sandy was still deep in her own erotic thoughts, he turned to face Andrea and raised his eyebrow.

Andrea leaned across and told Chris, "Your wife doesn't know it, but she is one of the sexiest woman I've met. Can't wait to get my hands on her pussy."

"You will, you horny slut." Chris laughed back.

Andrea then stepped past Chris and asked Sandy, "I don't think my bastard of the boyfriend will turn up. I would rather chat with you than stay here. You want to leave and go somewhere else?"

Chris chipped in, "Why don't we go back to our house? We have plenty of wine and beer."

Both Andrea and Chris could sense that Sandy was not keen on the idea and her mind was struggling to get a grip on the situation. On one hand, she knew that there were probably nothing between her and Andrea and all Andrea wanted was chat. And that her husband was just being a gracious host. On the other hand, Sandy could not help but felt that there was more to it than met the eyes. She could feel the attraction between herself and Andrea and deep down Sandy knew she wanted to feel Andrea body next to hers.

"What do you say, honey? Let's get out of this place." asked Chris.

"Yeah, let's go." Sandy threw caution to the wind and decided that whatever came will come.

As the three of them made their way towards the exit, Sandy announced "I need to go to the ladies before we leave."

"Good idea, I will go with you." Andrea told Sandy.

"Ok, I will go and bring the car to the front and wait for you guys." Chris answered and watched two sexy women queued up waiting to get into the bathroom. He still could not believe his luck. To have to so fuckable women, one so innocent but slutty, and the other one just outright nympho and kinky. Chris shook his head and proceed to pick up his car with a knowing smile on his face.

Sandy and Andrea chick chatted while they waited and within five minutes, they were both in their own cubicle. Sandy hiked up her skirt and pulled her dark purple lace panties down. It was then Sandy realized how aroused she was from the erotic dancing she did with Andrea. Sandy knew her pussy was wet but thought the rest of wetness was just sweat she worked up. As she pulled her panties down to her knees and sat down on the toilet, Sandy got a good look at herself. Her juices matted down her well-trimmed pussy hairs and her whole crotch was shinny from the excess juices that her tiny panties could not soap up. Her pussy lips were puffy and as urine streamed out from her, Sandy could see her engorged clit slowly peek out from the fold of her pussy lips after being released from the confine of her tight panties for the first time since getting into the club. She could see her clit pulsated with her heartbeat. Sandy closed her eyes while her bladder continued to empty, 'Oh God, can I be more horny?' Then she remembered her incident in her car, the masturbation session in the office bathroom, and the sex clothes shop exhibition. 'What am I becoming? A slut?'

Finally her urine was exhausted and the flow stopped. On impulse, Sandy decided not to wipe up her pussy juices so she dabbed carefully around her wide-open pussy to try to clean up, while leaving her pussy juices in place. Carefully she pulled the wet panties up her thighs and onto her mound. The front of the panties mashed Sandy now exposed clit against her body.

"Fuck!" hissed Sandy and she let her skirt down. She got out of the bathroom and found that Andrea was already waiting for her.

"Let's go, girlfriend!" smiled Andrea and both of them made their way towards the exit.

Chris was parking the car outside the club when Sandy and Andrea were just getting into their bathroom cubicles. As he sat in the driver seat waiting for the two women in his life to come out from the club, Chris noticed the time on the dashboard clock. 'Ah, the first set of commands should be activated in a few minutes.' thought Chris. He had carefully crafted multiple sets of commands for both Sandy and Andrea to be activated at different preset times throughout the evening.

The chilly fresh air was a nice change from the sweaty and hot atmosphere in the club. Andrea suddenly became aware of the perfume Andrea was wearing as they walked across the street to the car. The smell was intoxicating and novel to Andrea. Then it hit her; it was not perfume, it was the smell from Sandy's pussy juices! The realization made Andrea pussy tightened and juices up, damping crotch of her tight pants. She could not wait and got to their house so she could jump on Sandy.

Sandy and Andrea reached the car and Sandy decided that instead of sitting in the front seat and turned around to chat with Andrea, she would also seat in the backseat. Sandy was thankful that Chris had opted for the leather seats option, otherwise she would have leave a huge wet stain on the seat.

As Chris started pulling off the curb and headed home, the smell of pussy juice hit him for the first time. "Mmm... it works." muttered Chris.

"What did you say? Honey?" quiz Sandy.

"Nothing, just thinking about work that's all."

Sandy turned back to chatting with Andrea in the backseats and thought nothing more of what she heard.

The car ride home was uneventful. Sandy and Andrea did nothing but girl chatting the whole time, and Chris flicked his eyes at the mirror to just simply enjoy the view.

"Why don't you show Andrea our house?" Chris suggested as they stepped into the living room. "I will get some drinks ready while you do that." Chris hoped that Andrea would use this opportunity to make some advance toward his wife. Their house was not big so there might not be enough time for Andrea to do anything. If that fail, there was always The Program.

Chris was surprised at himself that he was actually pouring some wine while he concentrated his hear on the noise upstairs. They were first in their master bedroom, then Chris could hear the footsteps turned towards the study. Shortly after that, the footsteps were at the bathroom where it ended.

Andrea was not really paying any attention to what Sandy was saying as she showed Andrea the house. As she followed Sandy up the stair, Andrea could see the wet patch on the back of Sandy skirt. Sandy was also leaving a trail of pussy fragrance as she walked around the house, making Andrea more arouse by the seconds. She knew it was her chance when they made their way to the bathroom. Andrea closed the bathroom door behind her after both of them were inside. Before Sandy could turnaround, Andrea grabbed her by her waist and pushed Sandy into the bathroom sidewall.

"What?! Oommfff" One moment Sandy was showing Andrea the bathroom, the next her body was pressed tight against the wall by Andrea. Just as she about to ask what was going on, even though she knew deep down, Sandy could feel Andrea body pressed against her back. She could feel the pressure of Andrea tits on her bare back and Andrea hot breath on the back of her neck. Then the hot breath turned into a wet sensation.

Andrea planted wet kisses all over Sandy's bare neck and her shoulders. She moved her hands from Sandy waist down to her thighs. Slowly Andrea pulled Sandy's hip away from the wall and then wormed her hands beneath the skirt through the side parting. Her hands were greeted by the hottest and wettest pussy Andrea had encountered in her life. No wonder she could smell Sandy, judging by the amount of juices all round her mound.

"Oh God!" moaned Sandy as her pussy was touched by a woman for the first time. The touch was electrifying and sent Sandy into a frenzy.

"You like that huh?" asked Andrea while rubbing and pinching Sandy clit through her panties with her slippery fingers. "Then you will like this even more." Andrea turned Sandy around so they stood face to face, her fingers never leave Sandy pussy. Their lips were locked before Sandy had a chance to say a word.

Sandy surrendered to her body and kissed back. Their tongues met and each of their hands were all over each other body. Then Andrea kisses moved downward, first her neck then her exposed chest. When she went past Sandy navel and reached the top of Sandy skirt, Andrea pulled the string that kept the skirt up with her free hand. Slowly Andrea peeled the skirt open and exposed her object of desire for the first time. Andrea rolled the wet panties down Sandy hips and took the skirt completely off Sandy. With the panties still hooked on one of Sandy's foot, Andrea pushed Sandy legs wide apart and lifted one of Sandy leg over her shoulder. Sandy pussy opened up and Andrea tongue was on it in a flash.

That was Sandy body had been waiting for the whole night. Her orgasm started from her hypersensitive clit and quickly moved to her pussy, then all over her body.

"Ahhhhhhh! Urrrrgh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, uh uh uh uh! Fuck! Fuck!" Sandy cried between her breaths. She grabbed Andrea head with both hands and shoved it even tighter against her spasming pussy as Andrea tongue continued its relentless assault on Sandy pussy.

Just as Sandy started to come down from her orgasm, Andrea squatted down further and her tongue moved away from Sandy clit to her pussy hole. Andrea rolled her tongue and slowly pushed it into Sandy pussy. When Andrea tongue went as far as it could, Andrea nose was right up against Sandy clit and Andrea started rubbing her nose all over the slimy clit while tongue fucking Sandy pussy at the same time.

"Aaagggh! Cummi, cumming again, ohh, uggh!"

Chris was downstairs when he heard Sandy cry of her first orgasm. That was the cue he was waiting for. He made his way upstairs to the bathroom and took his clothes off one by one as he went. Chris heard his wife second orgasm when he was approaching the closed bathroom and then her third, forth, and fifth (a gift from Chris) as he slowly opened the bathroom door. There his wife was, almost naked and was having one big multiple orgasms (another gift). Her moans and cries were now one long stream of unintelligent sound.

Andrea was now kneeing on the floor with her hands on his wife butt making sure Sandy could not escape from her oral assault. Chris saw that Andrea face was all wet from his wife pussy juice and was dripping down her neck onto her chest.

Chris touched Andrea head lightly and she released Sandy from her clutches. Andrea turned and was faced with the cock that she dreamt about since Andrea and Chris parted at the airport. Sandy leg felt off Andrea shoulder and Sandy finally came down from her orgasms. When she opened her eyes Sandy noticed the present of her husband, "Honey! What are you doing here? I... Andrea and I... I can explain!"

"Don't worry sweetheart. I am not angry. In fact I like it." Chris nodded towards his erection, inches from Andrea face.

"So you are ok with this?"

"More than ok, now let's go to the bedroom."

Andrea was the first one to move and she shredded her the few items of her clothing along the way. Chris had to guide his wife out of the bathroom as she was still in shock about having her first lesbian encounter and then got discover by her husband.

Andrea was already naked in their bed, spread-eagle with three fingers up her pussy, when Sandy and Chris entered their bedroom.

"Doesn't that pussy look so delicious? Don't you want to eat it?" Chris whispered into his horny wife ear. "I would love to see you eat that pussy. In fact I want to fuck you while you are doing it." Chris took the halter-top off his wife and walked her to the end of the bed.

Sandy got onto the bed and bended down to lick Andrea inner thighs. Sensing this, Andrea removed her fingers from her wet pussy. Andrea guided Sandy head towards her pussy and Sandy tentatively licked the outside of Andrea pussy.

"Oh yeah, lick it. Stuck you tongue up my pussy, you horny bitch!" moaned Andrea. With her inhibition finally gone, Sandy devoured the pussy in front of her like a woman possessed.

In her position Sandy butt was way up in the air and Chris did not waste any time before stuffing his cock into his wife, pushing her against Andrea.

"Fuck her. Fuck you wife with your big cock while she licks my pussy!" cried Andrea.

Chris did not need any encouragement and started to work his cock in and out of his wife pussy with long hard stroke. By the sixth stroke, Sandy was cumming hard again. Andrea pussy muffled her moans. Chris loved to see and feel his wife cum. That was the reason he used The Program to change Sandy so that she now cum very easily. No more two or three orgasms each time they fuck. Now Sandy would cum at least ten to fifteen times, if not more. Chris had also changed her so that Sandy would have multiple orgasms more often, as evident in the bathroom when she got a great licking from Andrea.

Andrea was having a pretty good time herself too. The pussy licking she was getting was pretty good, considering this was Sandy first time. Sandy moans on her pussy made her tinkle with lust. As great a pussy licking she was having, Andrea knew she wouldnÕt be satisfied until she got Chris cum in her again. The thought of Chris cum tipped her over the edge and Andrea could feel an orgasm coming.

"Gonna cum, cum. Fuck her harder. Oh yeah, suck my clit. That's it!" Andrea could feel it coming. She felt she was going to explode and she did.

Sandy was sucking hard on Andrea clit when it retracted back into its hood suddenly. She knew Andrea was cumming and so she spread Andrea pussy lips with her fingers and licked her pussy. Suddenly Andrea pussy opened up and a huge stream of woman cum blast out and hit Sandy right on her mouth and face. Sandy almost choked and tried to pull away but her husband kept fucking her back to Andrea pussy. There was no escape for Sandy.

"Urrrggghh. Cumming so hard. Ooohhh."

From behind his wife, Chris saw blast after blast of woman cum hit his wife face and splattered all around the bed. Chris was so turned on by that scene that he decided to cum right there and then (it was not like he would run out). Burying his cock deep inside his wife pussy, Chris cum and deposited his customary gigantic amount of cum in Sandy.

"Yes! Cum in you slut wife. I want to eat your cum out of her slutty pussy!" announced Andrea as she came down from her orgasm.

The idea someone sucking her husband cum out of her pussy threw Sandy into the second multiple orgasm of the night. "Shhmmmittttt" her muffled cries were music to both Andrea and Chris ears.

After a minute of continues cumming, Sandy finally exhausted her own body and laid stoic on the bed over Andrea legs.

Andrea quickly worked herself out from Sandy and got around to where Sandy and Chris joined together. She lie down on the bed and pushed her head underneath Sandy puffy and slimy pussy.

"Ready for it, slut?" Chris asked Andrea.

"Give it to me please" pleaded Andrea.

Chris slowly pulled his cock out of his wife while holding on to her hips so she won't fall on top of Andrea. At first, no cum ran out of Sandy pussy and just as Andrea about to say something, a huge glob of cum dripped out and landed on Andrea nose. Not wanting to waste a drop, Andrea immediately closed her mouth over Sandy pussy and was rewarded by a steady stream of Chris hot cum.

Sandy woke up to the feeling of having her pussy suck expertly. Then she remembered what had happened and realized that it had to be Andrea who was sucking and licking her pussy. This was the first time Sandy was eaten by a woman in her life and her pussy spasmed involuntarily, squeezing more hot cum out onto Andrea mouth.

"Mggghh, you are eating my pussy... Oh God! So nasty." Sandy moaned as her body ran towards another orgasm.

Chris moved out of the way to give Andrea more room. He knew what Andrea craved so he grabbed her legs and pushed them skyward wide opened. Aiming his cock at Andrea pussy, Chris rubbed it up and down her wet slit.

"Come on, give it to me. Please don't tease me!" Andrea took her mouth away from Sandy pussy for a second to plead with Chris.

What could a man do when he was asked by a gorgeous woman to fuck her? Chris rubbed his cock on Andrea pussy one more time and then fed it inch by inch into one of the hottest pussy in the world (Chris made sure of that!). The difference in feeling between his wife and Andrea pussies were so huge. His wife pussy was soft and slick, kind of innocent, whereas Andrea pussy was what slut was made of. Tight, hot, and juicy. It grabbed his cock like Chris was being given a handjob.

Chris noticed that Andrea had shaved her pussy completely bold for this evening and her sensitive clit was bumping against his pubs with every stroke he made. This sent Andrea closer and closer to her orgasm and she sucked harder on Sandy pussy. In turn, this pushed Sandy into another series of body wrecking orgasms.

Soon the hot cum within Sandy pussy was no more and Andrea sucking was slowed to nothing. To rejuvenate the action, Chris pulled out and got the two sluts into the 69 position with Andrea hovered on top of his wife.

"Don't stop fucking me! Please! Put it back in me!"

"You stop eating my wife pussy, I stop fucking you." Chris explained.

Hearing this, Andrea restarted her licking with a newfound purpose. And she was soon rewarded with Chris cock in her hungry pussy.

Sandy wasn't sure what to do. All these were new to her and this was the first time she saw her beloved husband cock fucking in and out of another woman. Instinct soon took over and Sandy stuck out her tongue and started licking the junction where her husband cock and Andrea pussy met.

The contact of Sandy tongue was the trigger that both Andrea and Chris were looking for. Like the first time, Andrea could feel her orgasm worked itself out from deep inside her. And also like the first time she cum with explosive effect, her pussy spraying out torrent of warm woman cum. At the same time, Andrea pussy contracted and tried to suck all the cum out of Chris. It succeed and Chris shoot stream after stream of cum deep into Andrea, while also being sprayed by Andrea pussy cum. After a few seconds of cumming inside Andrea, Chris pulled out and shoot the rest of his cum all over his wife already wet face.

Sandy knew she was going to get Andrea cum all over her face again and she was looking forward to it. But she was taken aback when she felt his husband cum started hitting her face too. Sandy opened her mouth and tried to get as much of the mixed cum into her mouth. She was still savoring the taste of cum when she fell asleep with Andrea still on top of her. Andrea and Chris were all fucked out as well and they too fell asleep as soon as they untangled themselves.

To be continued

Author's Note:

Where would this night leads? I have a few ideas but if you like to contribute, email your ideas to me:)

Due to personal reasons I haven't been able to write much, if at all, for the last few months or so. Please bear with me as I try to pick up the writing again.