Master PC: Creampie Edition

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Chapter 6 - Recollection

(MF, exhib, mc)
Chris got out of his car and popped the car trunk. He was pretty much exhausted physically as well as mentally after the long drive home from the airport. The flight was not too bad, Chris slept through most of it. It was a nightmare once he got out of the airport car park though. It did not help that he landed just as the rush hour started. Chris mind was more or less blank as he wheeled his luggage up the driveway towards the front door, and missed that fact that Sandy's car was already in the driveway.

He left the luggage at the base of the stair and made his way upstairs to the bedroom, hoping for a quick shower before his wife came back from work. Only when Chris stepped into the bedroom that he realized there were noises coming from the en suite bathroom. Just as he about to investigate, the bathroom door swung open and his gorgeous wife walked out from the bathroom. Chris thanked himself that he had used the Program to make himself physically healthy because otherwise he would have a heart attack or a stroke by now.

Sandy was standing in the bathroom doorway with her weight on one foot, slightly bending the other legs across. Her left hand rested on her hip while Sandy leaned against the doorframe with her right arm stretched way up. Her long blonde hair was dyed light brown with blonde highlights and was styled like Jennifer Aniston, framing her smooth face. That and her pose would normally rise the blood pressure of any male but what she was wearing would cure the blinds, and probably turn gay men straight.

She had a two-piece silver outfit on with a pair of black high heel boots. Chris guessed that they must be at least 4 inches and came up nearly to her knees, making Sandy's legs looked much slimmer and longer than they already were. Her outfit, if it could be called that, basically consists three kitchen towels. Her top was in the handkerchief style made famous a few years back by also Jennifer Aniston. The difference here was that Sandy's top was much smaller and its shape completely distorted. Its top edge hung on the tip of her tits, barely covering the nipples. The top's pointed front bottom was only a few inches from the top edge so the bottom edge failed to cover the bottom and the side of her tits. With Sandy large tits almost defying gravity, the bottom edge of the top was hanging in mid-air away from Sandy's body. Chris could see the shadows made by his wife huge large nipples under the silver handkerchief top. The top moved back and fro with each breath Sandy took. The silver miniskirt was made up of two small pieces of material tied together on both side by strings, leaving a two inches gaps on each side. The bottom of the skirt barely cover Sandy already wet pussy and the string tie sides advertised the fact she was not wearing any panties.

"You like?" Sandy asked as she ran her tongue over her wet lips.

"Ah, sure..." replied her husband after picking up his jaw from the floor. After surveying his sultry wife outfit, Chris saw that her skin was flawless and was lightly tanned. Then he remembered the de-aging command he had set before he went on his business trip. His wife skin was smooth like a baby bum and free of blemishes that came naturally with age and sun light exposure, and the light tan contrasted nicely against the silver outfit.

"I missed you lots these last couple of days. I was horny all the time and kept thinking about what we can do once you get back." Sandy told her husband as she stepped forward and started to undress him. One by one she unbuttoned Chris shirt buttons, "And I think I had been a bad girl..."

Chris stepped back until he was against the side of their bed. "What do you mean 'you have been a bad girl'?"

"Well," Sandy pushed her still stunned husband onto the bed and took off his shirt for him. "When I went to the mall to shop for this outfit and other things, I was so horny I may have flashed my body to some people in the mall." She got onto the bed herself and sat astride her husband upper legs. She then started working his trousers off as she continued her story.

"I went to the mall first to get a couple of outfit, which I will show you later, and when I was trying out the outfits in the changing room I got horny. So I decided to leave out my bra when I put my work clothes back on. When I checked myself out in the mirror I could I was showing lots of cleavage." Sandy slowly worked her husband trousers down his legs and she realized that her silver outfit must be slutty enough. The huge tent in front of his pants was already soaked through with his pre-cum.

Sandy then proceeded to unbutton the front of his pants and took his cock out through the opening. She wrapped her small hand around the rock hard but slippery organ and stroke up and down slowly. "So I was walking through the mall to the car park and all I had was my suit jacket to cover my upper body. I could see and feel every man and boy had their pair of eyes on my chest."

"When I walked past the food court, there was this group of young college guys hanging around at the table. They were joking around quite loudly but they saw me walking down their way, everyone just stopped talking! I didn't look at them but I knew all of them were staring at my chest first then my ass as I walked past their table." Sandy ran her free hand down her stomach and onto her left inner thigh. Slowly she pulled her micro skirt up and revealed her wet pussy to Chris.

"Oh honey, the thought of all those men staring at my body made me so hot. I could feel myself getting arouse as I continued walking through the mall. By the time I got to my car I was so horny that I was ready to jam my fingers into my wet pussy and made myself cum in the car! But I could see people getting to their cars nearby and I got scared. So I drove across town to another shop where I got some more outfits including the one I have on now." As Sandy was speaking, she smoothly untied the knot of the string on the side of her skirt. She worked the string out from the holes on the skirt one by one, until the skirt was held together by one piece of string at the top.

"Babe, it is time for you to unwrap your homecoming present!" Sandy told her husband, offering the string to Chris.

Chris moved his hand from the taunt, smooth thigh and pulled the string. The micro skirt parted and he used his other hand to take the skirt away from Sandy's hip.

Sandy shuffled forward and slowly lowered herself onto her husband's rock hard cock. Chris saw her shiny pussy lips spread to let in his cock head. Soon his entire cock disappeared into her pussy and their bodies met at their groins.

"Mmmhhh... your cock feels so good. Fills me up just right," sighed Sandy. She put a finger over Chris' lips, "No, no, no. I am the one telling the story. You just lay back and enjoy the ride."

"Anyhow, that shop was more than just a cloth shop. There are also magazines and toys on display, and there was two guys reading at the magazine stand as I walked in. Both of them as well as the man at the counter stared at me when I walked in. By now I was very horny and getting a bit hot, so I had unbuttoned my suit jacket before I went in. So those men saw me walked in, my face and my chest flushed with my jacket barely covering my tits. I could feel my pussy gushed as I made my way to the clothes section." Leaning forward Sandy was grinding her pussy against the slippery but hard cock, working it in and out of her pussy.

Chris could not wait to hear the rest of the story. Before receiving the Program, he had tried to get his wife to expose herself in public many time without success. And now she was doing it on her own initiative, in an adult sex shop no less! Chris reached behind her back and searched for the clasp that held her top together. He found that, like the skirt, her top was held together by short string. Once untied, the tiny handkerchief top just fell off Sandy's body. Chris grabbed Sandy's tits and pinched her delicious nipples, prompting a moan from her. As his wife continued riding up and down on his cock, Chris could see cunt juice leaked from her cunt lips and dripped down onto his balls and inner thighs.

"I could tell from the corner of my eyes all three of the men were staring at me as I browsed through the clothes... So slowly and deliberately I went through the rack, aahhh, picked out a few sets and held up against my body." The feeling of her pussy filled by her husband cock was affecting Sandy's body. Her concentration was interrupted each time her clit was bumped on the down stroke. Her breathing was getting shallower and shorter, and Sandy was finding it hard to continue her tale. Matter was not helped when Chris started thrusting up to meet her own.

"Mmmnnn... that's it. Give it to me." Sandy moaned, "If you keep this up, I won't be able to tell my story."

"Fuck the story! I want to fuck you instead!" Chris settled the matter by grabbing her hip with both hands and bounced her body hard on his cock.

"Oh fuck! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck your slutty wife!" screamed Sandy. "Fuck! Fuck! I'm going to cum! Don't stop!" With Chris taken control of their fucking, Sandy freed her hands from his chest and moved to her own. Her palms cupped the underside of her firm tits and as Sandy pinched her nipples with her fingers, the pain and pleasure took her body over the edge.

Even as he was bouncing his wife body over his cock, Chris could tell she was getting very close to cumming. He noticed that it did not take that long time for her to have her first orgasm. Either she was really turned on before they started or it was something else. Then Chris remembered that Sandy now possessed a much younger body than her age suggested. He recalled vividly how wild she was when they were dating in college. They fucked at every possible opportunities and every possible locations, some more risky than the others. Sandy then would cum within a minute or so of fucking and would not stop until he cummed himself. Oftentimes when she was really horny, Sandy would have a true multi-orgasm for the whole duration and Chris was envy, if sometimes jealous of that. But time and priority had taken its toll. Both Chris and Sandy were no longer young and their work had taken more from them than they realized. But now with his possession of the Program, Chris's body felt and behaved like a twenty-something again, and apparently so was his wife with her rejuvenated body.

Sandy's scream and her stiffen body brought Chris back to reality and he pulled his wife body hard against his and let her rode through her orgasm. Soon Sandy slumped forward and lay on top of her husband, her body twitching sporadically in the aftermath of her orgasm.

"My... If sex is always this good after you go away for a few days, you should do that every week!" Sandy whispered between breaths. "Hey you haven't cummed yet, have you?"

"How do you know that?" joked Chris.

"Are you close?"

"No, not really."

"Ok, do you want to hear the rest of the story while I catch my breath before the next round?" queried Sandy, and got a moan in return. "So, you like hearing your slutty wife showing her body off to strangers, do you? You nasty man."

The lunge of her husband cock, still deep in her pussy, was answer enough for her. "Where was I? Oh yes. After picking out some clothes, I walked up to the man at the counter and asked where the changing room was. He pointed at the corner of the shop where there was just a rope up high holding an old curtain. His eyes never strayed away from my almost bared chest and my pussy was getting wetter as I made my way to the makeshift changing room."

"After I hung up the clothes and tried to close the curtain, I realized that whether by design or not, the curtain was too narrow to cover the whole opening. Whatever I did a good 6 inches gap was always on one side or the other. Then I realized I could use that to my advantage and left the gap opened on the left side where everyone in the shop could see me through it."

"Then I turned around with my back facing the gap and started undressing as if no one could see me. Since there wasn't a stool to sit on, I had to bend down to take my skirt off. I knew that would showed the men outside my ass and my long legs so I took it slower than necessary."

Chris could no longer hold out so he gently rolled their still attached bodies over on the bed, with him ending on top of his wife. "Did you take your panties off?"

"I thought about it but I was a bit scare and not ready to show them everything yet. Good thing too as my panties was soaked with my juice and probably stuck to my pussy!"

Chris caught the 'yet' bit and his heart skipped a beat. He could not wait to see what his wife would do next. With that, he started fucking his wife wet pussy.

"That's it. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it good." Sandy teased, "Give it a good pounding. I need to be punished after I let all those men to see my body."

That was music to Chris' ears and he picked up his pace. "What happened next?" he asked as Sandy wrapped her long tan legs around his waist.

"Grrnn, then I tried on all the clothes, each time making sure the men outside got an eyeful of my body. Arrggh... Couple of times I played with my nipples to get them hard to see how the outfit looked that way." Sandy was amazed that she could already feel another climax approaching. She no longer cared about telling the story and had left much of the details out.

Chris did not care either as his imagination ran wide while his fucking getting more frantic. He could just see his wife stripping down and trying on slutty outfits while men were watching on. He knew those men would love to close the shop and fucked his wife till they were exhausted, and then more. The thought and image of his lovely but yet slutty wife being fucked in all three holes sparked his orgasm.

"Fuck! Fuck! Take this! Ahhh..."

Sandy was having similar thoughts of her own. What would she do if those men did not behave themselves and decided to rape her? Would it be rape? She probably would be more than a willing participant in her then condition. She had never cheated on her husband and the mere thought of having sex with another man made her hot. Then she thought those men probably want to have their way with her at the same time! The image of being triple penetrated burnt into her mind as she felt her pussy being filled with hot cum and triggered her own orgasm.

Chris awoke with a start and realized that he had dozed off. Evidently so had his wife. She was sleeping on her side, legs curled up slightly. Her round and firm ass was facing him and as he sat up on the bed, Chris could see the bottom half of her ass was still wet with their combined juices. So were her inner thighs and the bed underneath. He contemplated whether he should wake her up by cleaning the mess up with his tongue but then a thought popped into his now devious mind.

He got off of bed quietly as not to disturb his wife and went to the bathroom to clean up. He then put on a pair of short and went into his study to unpack his laptop. While it was booting up, Chris thought about how he was going to accomplish what he had in mind. It could not be too obvious otherwise Sandy would not go along unless helped with a dose of the Program. That was not exactly what he wanted as Chris still trying his hardest to modify his wife as little as possible.

"Bong!" Emails were popping up on the screen.

Chris went through the subject lines and most of them were just work related. He could deal with them next Monday, this was the weekend after all. Then one email caught his eyes. It was from Andrea and it read, "Hi Chris. I had a great time last couple of days, and would love to meet up with you again. I know you are married so I understand if you don't want to. Give me a call, you have my number. XXX Andrea"

"You are not working already? You just got back." Sandy asked from the study's door.

Chris quickly close the email and turned around, "No, just checking that's all. Nothing special, just the same old crap."

"Good! I intend to have you to myself all this weekend." Sandy was dressed in her robe only and was holding the bunched up bed sheet in her arms.

"Laundry?" Chris noticed that the robe was one of her shorter ones and showed off her long tan legs to great effect.

"Uh huh. Unless you want to sleep on the wet spot tonight."

"So what plans do you have in mind for?" asked Chris.

"Oh, you know. The usual. Wine and dine. Shopping and may be clubbing tomorrow night?"

"No sex?"

"Silly, sex is what we're going to do in between!"

"Ok..." said Chris as his wife walked away.

Chris wondered what he had done to deserve all these good luck. With a bit more luck, he might be able to arrange what he had in mind in time for Saturday night. He opened the email program and clicked on 'Reply'...

To be continued

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