Master PC: Creampie Edition

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Chapter 5 - Farewell Presents

(MF, exhib, cum fetish, mc)
Chris woke up to the blinding light from the half open window blind. He reached over to the night table for his watch and saw that he was half and hour late for the last half day of the conference. If he just had a quick shower and skipped the usual full breakfast down at the hotel restaurant, he might make the morning session of the show on time. Chris was up till the small hours of the night trying to figure out what the future held for him and his family. The possibility presented by the Program seemed endless, as demonstrated by the events during this conference trip.

Chris realized that he could not just keep on altering women from the street, nor would he want to. That would just made a lot of people suspicious of what had happened to all those women. He, in theory, could try to alter the relatives too as to not to notice the changes. But Chris realized that was impractical as the number grew exponentially. It could get out of hand very easily, quickly.

He could make himself a millionaire, but Chris was already working at a job he enjoyed very much and the combined income of his job and his wife's was more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle. Also, Chris did not want the IRS to knock on his door any time soon.

So what was left to do? Chris pondered that question as he waited in line for a cup of coffee and a sandwich on the conference hall. Just when he was paying for his food, Chris spotted Andrea walking past a roll of exhibitors half way across the hall. She was dressed again in her navy blue suit with a thin cream t-shirt underneath this time.

Chris sat down with his food next to the food court and fired up the Program on his laptop, leaving his coffee and breakfast on the table. He decided that Andrea's hot body was just too good to pass up so he quickly input the instructions into the Program. A couple of minutes later, he reviewed all the instructions and when he was satisfied he picked up his cell phone and started instant messaging Andrea.

"Do u missed me lst nite?" Chris typed in the cell phone.

"Chris? Where r u?" Andrea's reply flashed on the cell phone screen a minute later.

"The cafe, east of the hall."

"OK, meet u in 5" typed Andrea as her well trained fingers danced over the keypad.

Chris was just finishing his sandwich when Andrea dropped her tight body onto the chair opposite him. "Oh breakfast on the go. Did you oversleep this morning?"

"Well I didn't get to bed till late."

"That sounds interesting. Did you have company then? Is that why you didn't called me?" quizzed Andrea playfully.

"No, no, no. You wore me out that's why I didn't call you! I need my rest!" smiled Chris, loving the conversation.

"Bull! More like you've worn out my pussy! So when is your flight home?"

"Mine is at lunch time. I will have to leave in a couple of hours. What about yours?"

"Afternoon flight. So do I get to have farewell presents?" asked Andrea while looking lustfully at Chris.

"What kind of presents would you like?" Chris replied, though he could guess the answer as he programmed in himself.

"Well let's see. I would love to take some of you back to remind me of you." smirked Andrea, as she crossed her legs slowly letting Chris looking all the way up her skirt through the glass tabletop.

Words stuck at Chris' throat when he saw that the black stocking he assumed Andrea was wearing was in fact pantyhose. His eyes traveled further up and through the pantyhose material he could see she had an impossibly small white satin bikini panties covering her sweat pussy.

"I am meeting up with a potential customer in 30 minutes. Do you think you can manage to show me some of my presents now?" Andrea leaned towards Chris and asked him softly. She was rubbing her feet on his calf as she talked.

"I think we can manage that. Follow me." Chris got up from their table and walked towards the side of the hall. Andrea followed right behind him slightly confused. Then she understood what he had planned when they were heading towards the back of the hall and a door marked 'Stairs Exit To Main Street'. With each step Andrea could feel herself getting aroused. She was still confused as to how being close to Chris could make her so horny. Every time they met up they seemed to end up having fantastic sex that left her so satisfied and wanted to have more. And Chris was the first person that had fulfilled her secret cum fetish. She loved the feeling of her body being covered in cum but she had always thought it was perverted and thus never told any of her previous boyfriends. Of course, Andrea did not know that Chris implanted that fetish into her brain in the first place.

Once through the door, they went down two flights of stairs so they were not in immediate sight of the unlockable door. Immediately they were in each other's arms and locked their lips together. One of Chris hand went to the back of Andrea's ass and pulled her tight against his growing erection. Andrea on the other hand, was already trying to unbutton her suit jacket with one hand while the other was pulling her t-shirt out from the confine of her skirt. Noticing this, Chris ran his free hand under her t-shirt and up her bareback. When he reached her matching white stain bra straps, he expertly unclasped it with his hand. He then ran his hand around her body to the front, sneaking his hand under her bra and cupping her firm upturn tit. Her nipple was already hard like a pencil eraser and as Chris brushed his thumb around her nipple he could feel the goose bumps around it.

Pulling her lips from Chris', Andrea was mildly surprised "Mmmm... very impressive. Not many men I knew can undo my bra that fast and easily. Let me return the favor and unwrap my present now." To return the favor, her hands went downward and slowly pulled down the zipper on Chris pants. Then she unbuttoned the front of his underpants and pulled out the already rock hard cock. Clear pre-cum was already leaking out from the cock slit and soon Andrea hand was slippery with it.

Knowing that they did not have much time, Andrea pushed Chris backward towards the wall and declared, "Let me have the first of my present now." With that, she got down onto her knees and started sucking Chris' cock with all her skills. Copious amount of pre-cum leaked continuously into her mouth and Andrea had to pause and swallow frequently.

"Ummmm! I love you mouth. Keep doing that with your tongue!" moaned Chris as he moved his hands to the back of Andrea head. He held her head and started fucking his cock in and out of her mouth in deep and fast strokes. Each time he pulled his cock almost all the way out, letting Andrea to use her tongue on the head of his cock before he plunged his cock all the way in till it touched the back of her throat, causing her to gag momentarily.

"Here comes your present! Ahhh!" Chris pulled his cock out, leaving just the head in her mouth and started blasting his customary large amount of cum into Andrea mouth.

"Mmmfff! Wheffff!" moaned Andrea through her nose as she tried very hard to save all his cum in her mouth without either swallowing or letting it dripped out through her lips. The feeling of cum coating the inside of her mouth sent pulses of pleasure through her body. She acutely aware of her nipples as her loose bra cup brushed over them over and over. She could feel her pussy wet with her juice under the satin panties as her pussy lips slide against each other every time she moved.

When Chris opened his eyes after cumming and sending ropes after ropes of cum into Andrea mouth, he saw that her immaculately styled hair were now a mess from his rough handling. Strands of her blonde hair hung around, framing her gorgeous face. Her lips were still locked tight against his cock and her cheeks were ballooned out to store his cum. He released his hands from her head and gingerly Andrea pulled away from his cock and closed her mouth trapping all the cum inside.

Andrea stood back up with a smile on her face then she carefully opened her mouth to show Chris how much cum there was in her mouth before closing it quickly and started swallowing the cum down to her stomach. She had to swallow five times before all his cum was gone.

"Yummy! Thank you for the first present." Andrea said playfully. "Ooooh, you are still hard! Does it mean I can have my second present now? Can you cum again this soon?"

"Babe, I will cum for you anytime you want. Let's see. We only have 10 minutes, where would you like your next present?"

Andrea did not give an answer but instead she walked towards the stair railings and turned around with her back facing Chris. She then leaned forward, sticking her ass out and turned her head towards Chris, "I want that lovely cock in my ass. I want to go to my meeting with my butt full of you cum. Can you do that for me?"

Chris groaned and stepped towards her beautiful tight ass. He ran his hands underneath her tight skirt, bunching it up around her waist, and soon he could feel the elastic band of her pantyhose. He grabbed both the pantyhose and her satin panties and pulled them down her around ass, leaving them half way down her thighs. He ran his fingers down Andrea ass crack towards her pussy, and found her pussy already hot and dripping with slimy juice. Chris stuck two fingers into her pussy to collected some of the juice and spread it around Andrea asshole making it shiny. He then used his control over his cock and made it leaked pre-cum again, lubricating the length of his cock.

Andrea could feel the head of his cock pushing against her asshole, "Go on, please put it in me!" She arched her back further to try to his cock in her ass.

"Uunnnmmm! Uunnnmmm! God, fill my ass with your cock." Andrea braced herself against the staircase railing as Chris slowly pushed his cock in inches by inches. When the whole length of his cock was buried in her ass, Chris could feel the contractions of Andrea pussy through her ass on his cock.

"Fuck! I'm cumming..." Andrea was cumming on cue as Chris had programmed. She gripped the stair railings with force her knuckles were white as her first orgasm of the day traveled through her body.

Chris held still while Andrea rode through her orgasm. Once the force on his cock relaxed, he started fucking in and out of her ass slowly at first. With her bra loose under her thin white t-shirt, Andrea tits swayed with the rhythm of their ass fucking. With every sway, her hard nipples rubbed against the insider of her bra and sent flashes of pleasure to her brain. She loved anal sex before but she had never cum while being fucked in the ass without her clit being played with. With Chris, it was as if new nerve endings had grown in her ass that connected to her clit. Andrea wondered how great she would cum if she was fucked both in the ass and pussy at the same time.

Chris could never get tired of fucking this woman. She was just simply amazing and her ass was so tight around his cock. It was like a combination of someone was sucking and massaging his cock at the same time. Of course he had made her ass to be sensitive to sexual intercourse just like her pussy but never in his mind would imagine what her ass was doing to his cock at that moment. Then he noticed that they only had another five minutes left from Andrea watch. Reluctantly, as great as his cock felt fucking her ass, Chris knew they had to finish soon or else Andrea would be late for her meeting.

With the labored breathing and erratic thrusting of Andrea ass, Chris knew she was close to orgasm again. Without breaking a stride, he leaned forward and moved both of his hands through the opening of her t-shirt to her tits. By now Andrea bra had worked itself on top of her tits from the swinging giving Chris unrestricted access to her nipples. With both set of thumbs and forefingers, he pinched and squeezed Andrea hard nipples.

The immense pleasure from her nipples pushed Andrea into her second orgasm. But soon the feeling from her nipples turned into pain and her orgasm was short lived. Just as she started coming down from the peak, she could feel Chris plunged the whole length of his cock into her ass and pinning her against the stair railing. Chris hard cock grew even larger and then when it started pulsing Andrea knew he was cumming inside her. At the same time he released his gripped on her nipples and the combination of feeling her ass being filled with hot cum and the blood rushing back into her nipples sent her into another orgasm. Dots of white light appeared in her vision and she felt light headed from the force of her orgasm.

Before long both of them finished their orgasms and their senses returned. Sounds of heavy breathing filled the confine of the stair well and both of them had worked up a sweat from the animalistic fucking.

"My God, what am I going to do without you fucking me everyday?" moaned Andrea while resting her head on the up slope of the stair railing. She was enjoying the post-orgasm feeling and her ass still filled by Chris cock, trapping all the cum inside. Then she saw the time on her watch, "Shit! I only have couple of minutes left!"

Chris pulled out quickly and saw her asshole stayed open for a few second before slowly closing up. Before he could see it close completely, Andrea had already pulled both her panties and pantyhose up over her ass covering her soaking pussy and leaking ass. Then he watched Andrea put her bra back to the proper place and done up the strap with amazing ease, as she turned around to face him.

"Thank you for the presents! Can we meet up later so I can have my last presents?" Andrea asked softly while tucking her t-shirt back into her skirt, while Chris was stuffing his now soft cock back into his pants.

Despite being covered by her bra and t-shirt, Chris could see the impression of her still hard nipples on the white t-shirt. It would not be professional if she turned up meeting the client with hard nipples so he pulled her suit jacket together and buttoned up for her.

"How do I look? Do I look ok?" quizzed Andrea as she tried to fix her messed up blonde hair but failing.

"You look fine. In fact I think you look very sexy this way. But then I am biased. Now go and close this deal. Meet me at the hotel room when you are done. I will be waiting for you." Chris told her as he guided her up the stair back to the conference hall.

As they walked across the conference hall looking nothing out of ordinary, Andrea squeezed her ass muscle tight trying to keep the cum inside. Some of the cum had came out before she closed her ass and now Andrea could feel them soaking into the back of her panties and spread across her ass cheeks. The front of her panties did not fair any better as the pussy juice she secreted during her three orgasms was now also soaking into her panties. Normally she would hate this as cotton panties would just stick to her crotch but these satin panties did not do that. Instead they slide around her crotch with every step she took and Andrea knew that would keep her horny until she met up with Chris again after the meeting.

Chris and Andrea parted company once they walked near the stand Chris wanted to visit. When they said their brief goodbye, Andrea suddenly noticed that her breath smelly like an adult theatre! Good job she noticed before she met her client! She quickly popped a chewing gum and walked to her meeting place.

The next hour was very productive for both Andrea and Chris. Chris managed to visit all the vendor stands that he set out to visit and by the end of the hour he had everything he needed. For Andrea it was both productive and exhilarating. She managed to persuade the client to sign up for her company product, partly due to her sale skill and partly due to her great 'just fucked' look. But what excited her most was the fact that while she acted professionally outward, the whole time Andrea was mindful of her arousal and the soaked crotch that caused it. She worried that her client could sense the smell of cum from her body or her breath but if they did they were not giving her any clues.

Andrea almost ran back to her hotel room after the meeting had finished. On the way from the conference hall to her hotel, Andrea spotted a female washroom and an idea struck her. She quickly walked inside and got into a cubicle. Once inside, she unbuttoned her suit jacket and untucked her t-shirt. Then with skill only a woman could possess, Andrea took off her bra without taking off her jacket or t-shirt and stuffed the bra into her handbag. She then got out to the washbasin and fixed her hair properly, taking her time.

Leaving her suit jacket unbuttoned, Andrea walked out of the bathroom towards the hotel elevators. She could feel her tits bounce with each step she took. When the elevator door opened, a bellhop was standing there with a trolley trying to get out. But he stopped in mid-track when he saw the unsupported tits with rock hard nipples in front of him.

Andrea almost laughed out loud when she saw the face of the bellhop. He was like a deer caught in the headlights and after a few seconds of staring at her tits, he looked up and his face turned a deep shade of red. He then dropped his eyes in embarrassment and just pushed the trolley out leaving Andrea the empty elevator.

When Andrea opened her hotel room door, she assumed that this would probably the last time she fucked Chris. Although she hoped they could get together once they got back to their hometown, Andrea knew Chris had a wife and probably would not want to make this into an affair. Little did she know what Chris had planned for her as he lied on her bed waiting for her during the last ten minutes.

Andrea was not completely surprise when she found Chris lying naked on her bed waiting for her. She could see that his cock was already hard and point straight up at the ceiling. She dropped her bags on the floor and took off her suit jacket as she approached the side of the bed.

"I think someone is raring to go again. Did you wait long?" Andrea knelt down on the side of the bed and ran her hand up and down Chris cock.

"Only a few minutes. I take it that you want your last present in your little hot pussy?" Chris asked as he propped himself up on his elbows.

"Of course! It is the only place you haven't cummed in today." Andrea took her hand off his cock and took off her t-shirt, showing her bare tits and nipples to Chris. Then she stood up and undid the zipper on the side of her skirt. Slowly, almost like a strip tease, Andrea slide the skirt down her pantyhose covered legs leaving her clothed in only her satin panties, pantyhose, and her heels.

"Oh my, you look good enough to eat!" grinned Chris. He sat up and locked his mouth over one of the perpetually hard nipple.

"I would love to have your mouth on my pussy but I don't want to lose the cum from my ass. So you just have to fuck me instead. Now stand up so I can lay down." Andrea and Chris swapped position and soon she was laying flat on her back on the bed.

"I want to keep your cum in my pussy all the way on the plane journey back. So you just have to fuck me this way," said Andrea smiling. She raised her legs so they pointed at the ceiling and slowly rolled her pantyhose around her ass until they reached her knees. Then she pulled her now grey satin panties aside with one hand, exposing her swollen and red pussy to Chris, while spreading the pussy lips with the other hand.

No men on Earth could resist such a sight in front of them and Chris was no exception. Andrea pussy was red and puffy with her fine pubic hair matted down by her juice. He quickly got onto the bed and knelt in front of Andrea, lining his cock with her pussy. He then placed her legs on his shoulders and placed his cock head at the entrance of Andrea dripping pussy. Slowly he pushed in and almost without resistance half his cock was buried in her pussy.

Seeing and feeling that she had Chris cock inside her, Andrea moved both of her hands to her tits. Just as her hands reached her tits, Chris pushed the other half of his cock into her.

"Fill me so good! Arrghh... Fuck me and fill me with cum!" Andrea moaned as Chris pulled his cock out of her slippery pussy. He saw that his once clean cock was now covered with a coat of Andrea pussy juice. From where he was, he could smelly the strong fragrance from her pussy. What a hot woman, thought Chris. Sure he modified her somewhat but nothing substantial like these. She must be naturally hot to response like this. If only he was not married, he would marry Andrea in a flash. Then Chris realized that was not really a problem as long as he 'made' Sandy 'understand' the situation. Chris put the thought to the back his mind and started fucking this hot woman in front of him.

Andrea body was in such high state of arousal before she got in the room that after twenty minutes of non-stop fucking from Chris, she had cum half as many times with each orgasm coming faster and stronger than the last. The position they were in also help a lot as Chris cock bumped into her g-spot with each thrust. Her body was almost completely exhausted from all these orgasms she experienced and was covered in sheet of sweat. Her hands no longer rubbed and pinched her nipples; they merely rest on top of her tits. She has stopped thrusting back at Chris long ago and the only outward indication that Andrea was still conscious was her constant screaming and moaning.

Chris was never seized to be amazed by the ability of the Program. While he was waiting for Andrea to turn up, he made various modifications to Andrea including that from then on she would be multi-orgasmic. And now he was witnessing the fruit of the modification. He knew from the contractions he felt on his cocks that Andrea had already cum half a dozen times. The intervals between each cum were getting much closer and the contractions were getting much stronger. So strong was the last one that he had trouble pulling his cock out from her gripping pussy despite the fact both of their crotches were wet with their combined juices.

He moved his right hand from her hip and grabbed both of Andrea legs in front of him; at the same time Chris increased his fucking to a frantic pace. Then his other hand moved across her body and attacked her inflamed clit with his thumb. This instantly sent Andrea into one huge continuous orgasm. Chris continued his dual assaults for another five minutes, and during that time Andrea body was locked in from one mind-blowing orgasm to another. "Fuccck! Arggghh!" was all that came out from Andrea mouth during that time.

After five minutes the pressure on his cock was so great that it was painful to Chris. So he stabbed his cock in for one last time with all his strength and released his cum into Andrea pulsing pussy.

As with many times in the last couple of days, the feeling of cum blasting into her pussy sent Andrea into one last orgasmic peak. Her pussy clamped down on the throbbing cock in her pussy one more time and then darkness fell upon her vision.

When Chris finished cumming he realized that the multiple orgasms had been too much for Andrea and she lied unconscious on the bed. Carefully, he moved her legs off his shoulders to one side and slowly rolled Andrea onto her side. Then while keeping his cock embedded in her pussy, Chris lied down next to Andrea resting body and cuddle up. Soon both of them dozed off and sleeping contently.

Ten minutes later Andrea came to and as her mind clear, she could feel the warm body of Chris up behind her. Then the feeling of her pussy still full of his cock reminded her of the sex they had before and the amazing orgasms she had. Then she remembered she had a flight to catch so she gently slide away from Chris cock. She pulled her panties over her pussy once his cock came out and Andrea then quickly pulled up her pantyhose. She turned around and kissed Chris on the cheek then she proceeded to put on the rest of her clothing.

Andrea was packing up her belonging when Chris woke up. "Wake up sleepy head, I have a plane to catch."

Chris rubbed his eyes clear and decided that he would enjoy watching her running around packing in her tight skirt and t-shirt. After a few minutes, he got dress himself and soon they exchanged contact information and bided their farewell. Chris went back to his room and started on his own packing as Andrea headed towards the airport in a taxi.

As Andrea stepped through the airport terminal door, she almost stopped in her step as her pussy and ass muscles relaxed (a surprise Chris had programmed for her) and two large loads of cum started streaming out into her already saturated panties. Andrea squeezed her muscles tight stopping the flow of cum and the few steps she had to take to get to the ticket counter were one of the most difficult she had taken in her life. Tried as she might, cum continued to sip out from Andrea pussy and ass throughout the whole trip home. Her muscles got more tired as time went and by the time she had collected her luggage and was pushing them to the car park, most of the cum had leaked out from her body. Andrea could feel her entire crotch and her inner thighs wet with cum. Her satin panties slide all over her pussy lips and her pantyhose over her thighs. These feeling made her horny all over again, despite the great sex Andrea had earlier that day.

Andrea hoped Chris would contact her, as he was the first person that really satisfied her sexually and her fetish. Unfortunately she also knew that he was married and loved his wife very much. She did not think Chris would risk his marriage over a fling at a conference. Andrea resigned herself to the situation and concentrated on the road ahead of her.

At the same time Andrea was pulling into her driveway, Chris was settling down into his seat on the plane. He felt a hint of guilt as he turned his thoughts to his lovely wife Sandy. He had not planned on cheating on her but after two days of amazing sex he had no regret about it. Chris decided he would make it up to Sandy when he got back home. As he rolled the thin blanket over his body and settled down on the pillow for some shuteyes, Chris wondered what his sexy wife had installed for him.

To be continued