Master PC: Creampie Edition

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Chapter 4 - Shopping For More (MF, exhib, creampie, mc)

As Sandy walked out of her office building, she could feel the eyes of the security guards on her body. She was not surprised really considering what she worn to work that day. On her newly improved body was her light grey designer pants suit. It was figure hugging and would look great normally but Sandy left out the shirt part that morning, opting for just her black pushup bra underneath the low cut jacket. The result was huge amount of cleavage on show for everyone to see. The only other items of clothing she worn were a pair of G-String to avoid visible panty lines and a pair of 3 inches high heel to make sure everyone know she was coming down the road.

With her husband out on business, Sandy did not need to rush home so she decided to go shopping after work. After what she called the 'Kitchen Episode', Sandy realized there were more to being sexy and sensual than just revealing nighties and underwear, worn for special occasions. She had been thinking about that on and off for the last two days and now she thought she knew what she needed.

After parking her car in the shopping mall car park, Sandy made her way straight towards one of the clothes shop. This was not one she went to normally as it catered for a much younger market, but Sandy knew it had exactly what she needed now.

Sandy closed the changing room door behind her with a large bundle of clothes draped over her arm. She then took off her suit jacket and her bra, and picked up the first item of the pile to try it on. It was green backless tank top and was not something the 'old' Sandy would even look at. The top was really designed for someone with tits at least one size smaller. The 'old' Sandy would need to wear a bra with the top otherwise her tits would look too droopy but the bra would ruin the backless side of the top. But now Sandy would not need to wear a bra anymore so the top was back on the shopping list.

'This looks pretty hot to me.' thought Sandy as she surveyed the image on the mirror. After tying the strings that held the back of the tank top together, the tank top molded to her torso like a second skin. With her tits larger than the tank top designed for, most of the top half of her tits was on show with her now puffy hard nipples barely covered. The top was padded on the top half to give some support but Sandy knew that would be the first thing to be removed once she got home. Sandy turned around and saw in the mirror that most of her back was bare for all to see and one pull on the strings was all it needed to take the top off her body.

'Mmmm... If I were a man I will like to fuck myself too.' mused Sandy and proceeded to pick up the next item off the pile. It was a pale blue cotton athletic miniskirt so she took off her pants and put the skirt on. It hung loose on Sandy's ass and only covered the top quarter of her tanned thighs. From the mirrors, Sandy looked at herself and felt and looked five years younger in those clothes. What she did not realize is that Chris had started a slow de-aging of her body before he flew away. The body Sandy saw on the mirror was actually already two years 'younger' than her current age. By the time Chris came back from his trip, Sandy's body would be reverted back to her college day condition.

The next and last items from that shop took Sandy awhile to find but she thought it would be well worth the effort. It was a white short sleeve crop turtleneck, just like the infamous one worn by Britney Spear at the Kids Choice Award a few years back that had caused huge controversy. The other piece of clothing was a cargo pants, again just like the one Britney Spear worn, but with a twist. This pair of pants had a extremely low cut waistline as pioneer by Levi's jeans.

When Sandy finished changing into the outfit, she was certain Chris was in for a huge surprise when he came back. Standing in front of her was what looked like a mature version of Britney Spear, but with even larger and firmer tits. The pants waistline was so low that the top part of her G-String was showing. Sandy made a mental note to leave the panties off when she next wore this outfit. All she needed to complete the outfit was a pair of sneakers and Sandy already had a pair in her wardrobe. It was a shame she did not has the sneakers with her, otherwise she would not change out of this outfit and went home dressed like Britney Spear. Sandy could imagine the amount of lusty looks she got if she walker around the mall dressed like that.

With all the clothes tried on, Sandy changed back to her more respectable suit but decided to leave out her pushup bra. She felt very exposed as she was paying for her clothes at the counter. Sandy could feel the strong air conditioning flow around her upper body, and the thought that she could completely expose her tits by just undoing a couple of buttons made her horny.

By the end of the short walk to the car, Sandy could feel her pussy lips sliding against each other on her juice. Unfortunately it was still early and the car park was full of people trying to get home after some shopping. Otherwise Sandy would jump into her car and masturbated right there on the spot. On her way home, Sandy took a slight detour and visited another shop to buy some more items that Sandy was sure her husband would be impressed with.

Chris sunk into the coffee house sofa with his cup of coffee and tried to absorb the day's material from the conference. The first day of the conference was cramped full of new material that he needed to learn and it was pretty exhausting for Chris. And now he could finally sit down and enjoyed the rest of the evening. He then remembered Andrea, the sultry brunette that he fucked on the plane...

After getting into the taxi at the airport together, Chris arranged to have adjacent rooms with Andrea in the hotel. He then used the Program to send her out on some errands and instructed her to wait for him in her room. He found out that Andrea was here at the conference on her own, doing a presentation for her company. That made life so much easier for what Chris had in mind for her, without any colleagues to deal with.

When Andrea opened the door to let Chris in she was dressed in a fire red shirtdress, black stockings hold up with matching suspender, 4 inches red sandals, and nothing else. The dress had buttons all the way along the front and currently Andrea had most of the buttons done up. This was because Andrea was not allowed underwear this evening and she was terrified at exposing herself. Seeing this, Chris had Andrea to unbutton the bottom two buttons. This allowed the dress to split along the center and revealed to the world that Andrea was wearing stocking when she walked. Chris then unbuttoned the top three buttons himself to show off Andrea modest cleavages. He then examined the rest of Andrea and was glad that she had carried out his instructions to the letter. Andrea's light brown hair was done up in a ponytail, leaving her face uncluttered. She had just enough makeup on to accent her already beautiful face. Both her fingernails and toenails were well manicured and painted in the same fire red as her dress.

Chris then took Andrea to a nice Italian restaurant across town to make sure no one at the conference saw them together. As they walked across the car park towards the restaurant, Chris could see Andrea was trying very hard to walk slowly as not to show her stockings. He smiled with himself and knew this evening would be so much fun watching Andrea. When they entered the restaurant, Chris could see that most of the male eyes were on Andrea. He had make sure when he make the reservation that they would be sit in a secluded booth at the back of the restaurant. So when the waitress walked them to their booth, Andrea had no choice but let everyone in the restaurant knew that she was wearing stockings underneath her dress. And when she tried to sit down and slides across to the center of the booth, Andrea realized there was no way she could not exposed her stockings and her naked upper thighs to the waitress.

After they had placed their orders Andrea and Chris started chatting like old friends, courtesy of the Program. Chris enquired about Andrea company's product and that started a deep conversation about the pros and cons of the product. After awhile, Andrea excused herself and went to the bathroom. By this time, she had a few cup of wine so she did not care whether anyone could see what she wore underneath the dress. As she sat down on the toilet to pee, Andrea realized that she was getting horny from talking to Chris and her pussy was moist with her juice. Then when she was touching up her makeup in front of the mirror, Andrea could see the impression her hard nipples made on the red dress. She did not understand why she was attracted to Chris or why she kept having images of them having sex in her mind. Images of them having sex in the car with her tits hanging out of her dress, Chris fingerfucked her in the cinema, and many more kept popping into Andrea's head.

Of course Chris knew exactly why. While Andrea was out doing the errands to buy the clothes she was wearing, Chris was sending instructions to her. He had planted keywords that would increase her horniess every time she heard the words. He had also increased her sexual imagination and made sure that every image she created in her mind would include him.

When Andrea came back from the bathroom, the appetizer was already served. She sat down and in the process flashed Chris her stockings top and naked thighs again. As she started digging into her food Andrea absentmindingly unbuttoned another button on the top of her dress, exposing more of her tits and her chest. Then her hand moved down and unbuttoned the next button on the other end of the dress, this time exposing her thighs almost all the way up to her pussy. They carried on chatting as if nothing untoward had happened and when the main course arrived Andrea repeated the unbuttoning, leaving only two buttons holding the dress together. Even in the dim lighting, Chris could see almost all the way to Andrea's navel from the top opening of her dress. His eyes then moved south and saw that Andrea's fine light brown cunt hairs were all shiny and were matted down with her juice.

Chris continued dropping the keywords into their conversation and by the end of the main course, Andrea was ready to jump on Chris and fuck him right there in the restaurant. Instead, she made her way to the bathroom again and tried to calm herself down. When she got inside the bathroom, Andrea saw herself for the first time since her last visit to the bathroom and was shocked at how little her dress was covering her body. Her dress had opened up from both the top and the bottom leaving only three inches in the middle that was covered. Most of her chest was exposed and if she moved too quickly, one of her hard nipples would be uncovered. The bottom of her dress was opened almost to her navel and while it looked almost decent as Andrea stood in front of the mirror, she realized that as soon as she sat down the dress would split open and showed her pussy to the rest of the world.

Andrea did not remember when was the last time since she was so aroused, well since this afternoon on the plane actually. Despite the relatively thick material of her dress, Andrea could still see the deep impression her hard nipples made. And as she shifted her weight from one foot to another, she could feel her wetness on her pussy. Andrea parted her dress with her hands and from across the mirror she was shocked to find that her groin was covered with her hot juice. Without thinking, she moved one of her hand to her pussy and slide one of her finger down her slippery slit.

"Ughh..." grasped Andrea as she started playing with her clit using her juice covered finger.

Right after Andrea left for the bathroom, Chris pulled out his laptop from his shoulder bag and boot up the Program. First he made sure no one noticed anything untoward happened in their booth. Everyone, including the waitresses, would see them eating and chatting happily in their booth, albeit with Andrea dressed like a slut. After Chris made sure no one would disturbed them using the Program, he left his laptop in the booth and walked towards the bathrooms.

When Chris pushed open the ladies bathroom door, he could not believe what he ran into. Leaning against one of the toilet door facing the mirror was the gorgeous Andrea in her red dress, with one hand deep in her wet cunt and the other underneath the front of her dress pulling her nipple. Wet squirting noise emanated from her fingerfucking and soft moans from her mouth. Her head was thrown back also against the toilet door and her eyes were closed, deep in the enjoyment of her own pleasure. Obviously Andrea did not notice Chris presence in the bathroom and continued grinding her pussy against her hand.

Chris walked the few steps towards Andrea and took out his rapidly hardening cock. When he places his hand on top of the hand Andrea had over her cunt, her eye snapped open and when she opened her mouth to say something it was immediately covered by Chris' lips. At the same time, Chris parted Andrea's dress, lifted her other tit out and pinched her already hard nipple.

Andrea could feel Chris' cock rubbing against the back of her hand, making her skin slippery with his pre-cum. She moved her also slippery fingers from her pussy to Chris' cock and wrapped her fingers around the twitching cock. Chris replaced her fingers straightaway and he plunged two fingers deep into her hot velvet slit. The angle was difficult for Andrea to really pump her fist over Chris' cock so she slowly slides down the toilet door. When she was squatting in front of Chris her face was inches in front of his cock dripping with pre-cum. She took the cock head in her mouth and slowly pushed forward till it reached her throat. The taste of the pre-cum attacked her taste bugs and she ran her tongue all around his cock trying to taste as much of the pre-cum as possible.

Sensing her craving of his pre-cum, Chris commanded his cock to release a slow continuous stream of pre-cum. Then he placed his hands on either side of Andrea's head to guide her mouth in and out over his cock.

"Oh yes! Use your tongue." Chris could feel her tongue all over his super sensitive cock. He could see and feel the suction her mouth made each time she pulled away. He could hear soft moans from Andrea's nose each time she swallowed his never ending supply of pre-cum. Even then a lot had escaped from her mouth, dripped down her chip and onto her bared chest. He glazed downward and saw her hand moving at a frantic pace over her wet cunt. What he could not see was the large amount of cunt juice pooled on Andrea's hand and was slowly dripping onto the bathroom floor.

Andrea feel the cock in her mouth grown even larger and could tell Chris was going to cum soon. She looked up and locked her eyes with Chris', and that was the trigger he needed.

"I'm gonna cum... Gonna cum in your mouth!"

Despite his artificial control over his orgasm, the sight of Andrea looking up at him with lust while sucking his cock was too much for him. The floor gate was opened and the first jet of his extra thick cum flew out of his cock and coated the top of her mouth, as she was just pulling away from his cock. He plunged his cock in until it reached her throat and released another jet of cum. He could see her mouth ballooned out trying in vein to keep all his cum in. Chris helped her by pulling his cock all the way out from her mouth. Andrea closed her mouth to swallow all the cum the moment his cock left her mouth. Just as his cum was sliding down her throat to her stomach, Chris continued his massive orgasm and started plastering her face with stream after stream of hot cum.

Andrea used her hand on his cock to direct the flying cum onto her face, but some missed her face and landed on the toilet door right behind her head.

"This is so hot! Keep cumming on me!" Her fingers were still rubbing her clit frantically, trying to bring herself off. But with the Program's block still in place she was held right on the edge.

When Chris finally stopped cumming, he stepped back to lean against the wash counter to recover. By now Andrea had both of her hands down at her cunt using one hand to fingerfuck herself, while using the other pulling and pinching her clit in bid to cum. Lines of cum were running down her face and her neck. Some landed onto her shoulders and top of her tits. With him mind becoming clear from his orgasm, Chris suddenly remember the block he placed on Andrea while on the plane. And as his laptop was outside in the restaurant booth he could not remove the block, so Chris did the next logical thing. He picked Andrea up and shovelled her against the wash counter. Andrea had to pull her hands away from her pussy to stop herself bumping into the mirror. Before she knew, Chris got behind her and pushed the whole length of his cock into her pussy.

"Ughhh! Fuck! Fuck me! Make me cum!" Andrea cried as her arousal soar higher, if that was possible. She had always fantasized having sex in a public bathroom, but she never had enough courage to do it. Now she has done it twice in a day! Chris' cock pumping in and out of her pussy pushed her closer to her orgasm and her pussy started contracting around his cock, just like when they were in the airplane's bathroom. Streams of her pussy juice and Chris' pre-cum ran down the inside of both of her legs, soaking her stockings. Her tits now longer restrained by her dress, swung back and fro as Chris kept fucking her with long deep stroke.

Chris then grabbed a handful of her ponytail hair and pulled her head up so he could see her lust filled, cum covered face while he fucked her hard. He could tell she was despite to cum with her fucking back with her ass in tune with his fucking. Strangely Chris felt sorry for her so after a few more pumps, he buried his cock all the way in her cunt and cum for the forth time that day filling Andrea's cunt full of his white sperm.

"Cumming... Arrgghhhh! Oh yeah, cum in me." Andrea started to cum when she felt his hot cum hit the interior of her pussy.

Chris could not see Andrea cum when they were in the airplane bathroom but this time he could watch her cum in the mirror. He felt her body stiffened and her cunt clamped down on his cock with amazing force. Then from the mirror, he saw her eye lips flutter and a deep flush appeared on her upper chest and neck. 'What an amazing woman. I have to keep her somehow.' thought Chris while continued filling Andrea up with his cum.

By the time Chris finished cumming Andrea was laying on top of the bathroom wash counter, limp from the force of her orgasm.

"Oh my God! You fucked the shit out of me again!" said Andrea softly while enjoying the post-orgasm feeling.

Chris pulled his cock out finally and said, "Put this on now. Please."

"What?" asked Andrea as she was handed a pair of cotton bikini panties in matching color to her dress.

"I want to eat you pussy full of my cum but I want to do it in our hotel room. So put on the panties to keep the cum in." replied Chris as he was pulling up his pants. "You DO want that, don't you?"

"You are a nasty man!" smiled Andrea. She stepped into the panties and pulled it up to her pussy over the black suspender belt, trapping all the cum between her pussy and the small pieces of cloth. She had her doubts whether the tiny panties would be able to hold all the cum in before they got back to the hotel.

"Don't wipe them off, leave them there." said Chris when he saw her trying to clean the cum from her face.

"But people will see and know what we did!"

"Sure, and does that idea make you hot and horny?"

"I guess so..." admitted Andrea.

They settled the bill after they made their separate ways back to the booth. In Chris' car on their way back to the hotel, Andrea tried very hard to squeeze her pussy muscle so no cum leaked out. But her pussy muscle were all tired after all the fucking she did that day so by the time Chris was parking in the hotel car park, most of her panties was no longer fire red. Rather it was a dark crimson red because the panties were saturated with cum.

On their way to their adjoining rooms, Andrea could feel the cum slosh around her groin. Cum was working their way around coating the front of her pussy all the way to the back of her ass. And she could smell the cum whenever they were not walking.

No words had been exchanged between them since leaving the restaurant. The anticipation of what was to come seemed to weight heavy on their mind. Only when they reached their rooms that the silent was broken.

Before the door was closed, Andrea had already stripped off her dress and was lying on top of the bed in her suspender, stockings, and cum soaked panties. She spread her legs wide and could not resist slipping her hand under the waistband of the panties to feel her wet pussy.

"Mmm... Are you going to eat my pussy full of cum? See how wet it is!" Andrea told Chris as she took her hand out and showed him her hand. A thin layer of cum was all over her hand and strands of cum hang between Andrea's fingers. Then she put her fingers into her mouth and slowly licked the cum off each of her finger.

Seeing this Chris got naked quickly then crawled up the bed stopping when his face was inches from Andrea's panties covered cunt. Under the dim hotel light, he saw the panties was saturated with cum and some had escaped. Her bare inner thighs above the stockings were also wet with cum and Chris stuck out his tongue and started licking them clean.

Then Chris could not wait any more and he grabbed the panties with both hands and slowly slides them down Andrea's legs. As the panties moved pass her ass, her pussy came into view and Chris skipped a heart beat. 'This looks even more delicious then straight after sex!' he thought. The entire front of her cunt was covered with a layer of pearl white cum. Thick globs of cum were trapped between some of her cunt hair, and strands of cum ran between her cunt and the crotch of the panties. 'I can't wait to do this with Sandy!' Chris mused.

Finally free of the panties, Andrea relaxed her pussy muscle and a stream of cum ran out and dripped down her ass crack. She felt like a slut as she had always clean up straight after sex. And she had never have so much cum up her pussy in her life. She was amazed by the amount of cum Chris shot into her pussy. It was like he pee in her but with cum instead. 'No wonder why I can't swallow them all.' thought Andrea.

Chris saw the river of cum running out of Andrea's cunt and without a word, he dived in and started licking the cum up in earnest.

"Oh yes! Eat my pussy! Lick me clean!" Andrea shouted and grabbed his head with her hands to grind it against her pussy. She could feel him licking around her swollen pussy lips then once they were clean of cum, he stuck his tongue into her pussy to get more. His nose was bumping into her clit and sent wave of pleasure through her body. Soon she was fast approaching climax again and Andrea fear that, like before, she won't be able to cum unless she had his cock in her.

"Stop! Arrgh! Fuck me now! Uggh! I need to cum!" cried Andrea between moans, hoping that Chris could get his cock hard again to fuck her.

Knowing why Andrea wanted him to fuck her, Chris kept on licking and tongue fucking her. With his cum already inside her pussy Andrea should be able to cum, Chris reasoned. And soon enough he was proved right. Andrea's pussy started the familiar contractions around Chris' tongue and he withdrawn his tongue and concentrated on sucking her clit.

"Oh! Oh! Fuuucck! Ahhhh! I'm gonna..." Andrea screamed and bucked up against Chris's mouth. Her orgasm crashed through her like a tidal wave. She instinctively clamped her legs around his head, trapping him with her thighs. Chris continued sucking her clit through her orgasm, despite Andrea's hands trying to push him away.

"No more!!! No more!!! Too sensitive!" moaned Andrea as she tried to get Chris away from her over-sensitive clit, but Chris had his hands on her hips and was much stronger. Within seconds, to her great surprise, Andrea could feel another orgasm approaching!

"Godddd! Fuckkk!!!" Andrea screamed as she went through another bone crushing orgasm. Her pussy contracted wildly again and pushed out more cum, cum that was deep inside her pussy.

Chris had heard of multiple orgasm but Andrea was the first person he saw experienced it. He continued his sucking for another five minutes and Andrea had as many orgasm as between. When he finally got up from her crotch, Andrea was lying there semi-conscious covered in a layer of sweat. Her cunt twitched sporadically and her body shook in the aftermath of her orgasms. Chris wished he had a camera with him to capture this moment as he felt a woman after sex was the most beautiful moment for a woman.

Then Chris noticed that his cock had regained its hardness without his command, as if shouting out for release. So he walked up to the head of the bed and stood in front of Andrea's sleeping face. He then aimed his cock at her face and commanded his body to have an orgasm. His cock started going off like a fire hose and pumped globs after globs of hot cum over Andrea's face.

After his orgasm subsided, Chris pulled the sheet over Andrea and left her to sleep. He wondered what she would think when she woke up next morning naked with dry cum all over her face, as he got into his room for the night...

With his conscious back to reality, Chris noticed that last night memory had an positive effect on his cock. It was fortunate that he was sitting down; otherwise all the people in the coffee shop would see the big tent in front of his trousers. He had decided that he would give Andrea a rest that night as he needed time to think about what to do with her once they got back from the conference. Then there was still the question of his wife.

To be continued