Master PC: Creampie Edition

By OBOne (

Chapter 3 - First Cheat (M/F, creampie, mc)

Chris barely had time to devise his long-term plan for his wife when he had to fly to another city to attend a conference. He was deep in thoughts about what changes he should apply to his wife when he noticed her walking into the airport waiting lounge. She was medium height, probably 5' 5", slim with a hint of good figures. Her body was covered by a navy blue suit with a white cotton blouse underneath. Her legs were covered in light brown pantyhose, with a 3" black high heels. Her light brown hair was pinned up in a very business fashion and a pair of thick rim designer glasses rested on her nose.

What caught Chris' attention was her air of confidence and sensuality. Every man's eyes were on her while she sat down in one of the chair and started working on her laptop. Chris decided there and then that he had to have her before he landed at the other airport. He opened up his own laptop and started tapping in instructions...

Finally after waiting for over an hour, the boarding started. Despite his seat is in the back of the plane, Chris waited until the businesswoman had gone through the gate before he did the same. When he got his boarding pass processed, the ground crew handed back to him his boarding card as well as a post-it note. Chris read it on his way to the aircraft and smiled to himself. On the note, written in pencil, was the name of the woman in question and her seat number.

On his way to his seat, Chris scanned all the passengers on the plane and found her seating in the business class still working on her laptop.

Chris got to work quickly once the plane had taken off. He taped her name into the program and her image came up straightaway. Chris first made everyone on the plane to ignore what he and she would be doing. They would see Chris and her working on their respective laptops in their seats. Then he commanded her to go into the bathroom, took off her bra and panties but leaving the rest of the clothes on, and started masturbating inside.

Andrea was a marketing executive traveling to the same conference as Chris, coincidentally. She was working intensely on her forecoming presentation when she suddenly felt the surge to go into the bathroom. Once she was inside, without thinking she automatically took off her silk panties and as she was wearing thigh highs, they came off in seconds. She then hiked up her knee length business skirt so it bunched up around her waist, and sat down on the toilet seat. One of her hand immediately shot to her pussy, stuffing three fingers into her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. The other hand started unbuttoning her blouse and once it was opened down to her waist, Andrea reached in and lifted one of her tit out and started pinching the nipple. She did not understand why she felt the urge to masturbate in an airplane bathroom so suddenly. It was not as if she needed to as she had already gotten off on her fingers twice that morning in the shower.

Just as Andrea's pussy juice started coating her fingers, the door of the cramp airplane bathroom opened and Chris squeezed in. He took his half hard cock out from his jeans and without saying a word Andrea grabbed it with one hand and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

Andrea loved to suck cock; especially one that was long and hard, like the one she had in her mouth right now, but why was she doing it with a complete stranger? Hot pre-cum rolled out from this stranger's cock into her mouth and the delicious taste made her put her doubt to the back of her mind. With her free hand, Andrea showed the stranger the deep cleverage created by her tanned 34C tits by lifting the other tit out of her blouse. She could feel her juices running out from her pussy down to her ass, as she started sliding on the cold metal toilet seat.

As good as Andrea's hot mouth was, Chris had something else in his mind. He pulled away from Andrea and said to her, "Lean back and open your blouse."

"But... I want to suck your cock."

Before Andrea finished the sentence, the slit of stranger's cock opened up and a long string of cum flew out and landed on the top of her right tit. The stranger then aimed his cock and covered her right tit with another long string of cum. Some of the cum bounced off her tit and landed onto her chin. The third string of cum hit straight center between her deep cleverage and it slowly ran down the gap between her tits. The feeling of the hot cum landing on her skin triggered off her orgasm and Andrea's body went stiff with pleasure. When she opened her eyes after coming down from her orgasm, Andres saw that the top half of her tits were completely covered by the burning pearl white fluid, and the top her white bra that her tits were resting on was also soaked with cum that are flowing downward.

Chris then pulled her up and swapped position with Andrea, with him seating down. He too felt the wet metal surface left by Andrea's cunt when he sat down. He turned her around so her tight round ass was level with his face and lifted her skirt up above her ass. From there, he could see Andrea's cunt and most of her top inner thighs were shiny with her juices, the cunt lips swollen with blood, and her neatly trimmed pussy hair was matted down.

Andrea tried to lower herself onto Chris's cock but he stopped her with his hands on her ass, with his cock barely touching her cunt lips. Then he slowyly moved her body up and down to rub his cock over Andrea's wet slit. In no time, his cock was shinny with the combination of Andrea's juice and his own pre-cum.

Andrea was in argony as the stranger rubbed his cock all over her pussy, it bumped her clit repeatly and sent waves after waves of pleasure all over her body. But that was not enough for her, Andrea needed his cock inside her but the stranger didn't seem to be in any hurry.

Sensing Andrea's frustration, Chris grabbed her hips and sat her down on his lap, burying his cock into her cunt in one smooth movement.

"Argh! Your cock is so big!" whispered Andrea, still thinking that other passengers might hear them. She held on to both sides of the toilet's walls to steady herself as Chris picked up the pace of their coupling.

After a few minutes of having the stranger's cock up her pussy, Andrea was on the edge of her next orgasm. She had her share of cocks throughout her college years but had never have received such a thorough fucking before. Her pussy was filled just right and his cock was just long enough to rub against her G-spot on every down stroke. She could feel the onset of her orgasm as her pussy contracted wildly around this stranger's cock.

"Yes! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!" moaned Andrea with her head limped and hanging between her shoulders, while Chris continued bouncing her up and down his cock. She grabbed one of her exposed tit and pinched the slippery nipple, still wet with Chris cum.

Alas, it was not to be as Chris had modified her body so that she would not be able to cum until his cock shot his cum into her cunt. He made the change out of curiosity but he discovered now that the sensation of Andrea's pulsing pussy walls was incredible to say the least! He originally planned to hold out just a few minutes to tease her but now he decided to enjoy the ride for a while longer.

Andrea was crazy with lust as she knew she would normally have exploded into her orgasm by now but she had not! She seemed to be hanging on to the edge and could not go off. In her frustration to help pushed herself over the edge, she started rubbing her clit but that just made her even closer but not close enough.

"Uhhh... fuck me harder... need to cummmm..." cried Andrea between breaths.

"I am cumming! I am gonna fill you up with my cum!" shouted Chris, as he released his second load of cum.

Andrea could feel the first jet of hot cum hit her pussy wall and immediately exploded into her long awaited orgasm. If there were a mirror on the toilet's door, Chris would have seem Andrea's eyes rolled back up into her head with her sensors being overloaded. She would have screamed out loud but all she could manage was silent moans. Her pussy squeezed hard on Chris's cock, as if to milk all his cum out from his balls.

Chris was surprised by her physical reaction to her orgasm and soon found her limp and unconscious. He had to hold her in position for a few minutes until she came around.

When Andrea came around, she found herself still sitting on the stranger's cock and it was still hard!

"Jesus Christ! That was the best fuck of my life!" she breathlessly told the stranger. But before she finished her sentence, the stranger pushed her up and forward so she was standing bent at her waist. She knew that her pussy must be right in front of the stranger's face. 'Oh God... Surely he is not going to do that?' mused Andrea.

Chris could hardly believe his eyes. Andrea's freshly fucked cunt was just inches from his face, with his cum slowly running out. He could see a large glob of his cum hanging off from Andrea's cunt lips. He had made sure that he put extra amount of cum in Andrea's cunt. He moved forward and planted his lips onto the pair of lips presented in front of him. He pushed his tongue in to spread Andrea's cunt lips and was immediately greeted by the taste of his cum combined with Andrea's cunt juice.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Eat my pussy!" cried Andrea as she pushed her pussy back against the stranger's face. She had never has her pussy eaten after sex but the stranger's tongue on her pussy was arousing her again quickly.

For the second time since Chris got into the small bathroom, he could feel Andrea's cunt starting to contract around his tonuge. He could tell she was close to cumming again so he pulled his tongue out and licked her clit.

Andrea felt the stranger's licking and cum for the second time. Her pussy contracted and squeezed out more of the stranger's cum onto his face. When she came down from the orgasm high, Andrea quickly stood up, picked up her panties from the floor and put them on. She then pushed her tits back into the bra and buttoned up her white blouse. She quickly left the cramp toilet, leaving Chris sat alone on the toilet seat. When she reached her seat, Andrea then realized that her body was reeked with sex. Her mouth tasted of pre-cum and her blouse had by now stuck to her chest as it was still wet with the stranger's cum.

When she walked out of the airport terminal at the end of the trip with her blouse still wet with cum, Andrea saw the stranger was waiting for her and she just knew she had to follow him and had his cock in her again.

To be continued