Master PC: Creampie Edition

Chapter 02: New But Still Same Wife

By OBOne (

Chris commanded Sandy to go to sleep once the cleanup had finished. He then made sure she accepted his new cum ability, and allowed his own control on the volume of his cum. After all it could get a bit messy! Remembering her wife's upturned tits framed by the blouse, Chris made the change so that Sandy's tits would no longer require the support of bra and doubled her nipples' length. The last change of the night was to make Sandy unable to get pregnant and lower Sandy's sexual inhibition. To make things more natural to his wife, Chris made the changes occurred over the next week. Chris sat back and surveyed the spinning image of his new wife on the screen. 'Let's see what will happen.' thought Chris.

"Honey, do you think my breasts are getting firmer?" Sandy asked her husband, two days later while getting dress for work in the bedroom. She noticed this morning that her breasts didn't settle into her bra as much and there was less pressure on the shoulder straps.

"They are? They sure look good to me from here! All those work you put in at the gym must be working."

After Chris went into the kitchen to get breakfast, Sandy went back to the wardrobe and started looking for something she hadn't worn in awhile. 'If my breasts are firmer, may as well put them to good use.' though Sandy as she pulled out the 1/4 cup bra Chris bought her a few months back. The cups of this bra only cover the outside bottom quarter of Sandy's D-cup breasts, leaving her nipples and most of her tits bare. The only other time she wore this bra was inside their home. Chris wanted Sandy to wear this bra to go out so he could see her hard nipples, but Sandy was too embarrassed to try it. But now with her lowered inhibition, Sandy's nipples were getting hard just by the thoughts of people staring at them on the street. Sandy finished getting dress and went into the kitchen.

Chris looked up from his newspaper when he heard his wife walked into the kitchen, and almost choked. He could see her hard nipples through her white blouse as if she was braless. Then he saw the faint outline of the bra straps on her shoulders and realised that she must by wearing that half cup bra! He got up and wrapped his arms around Sandy's waist from behind.

"Mmm... are you wearing what I think you are wearing?"

"You like it? It makes me feel so sexy feeling the blouse on my bare nipples. Hope you don't mind me showing off my breasts like this?"

Chris moved his hands upward and covered her tits with his hands while grinding his erection into her skirt covered ass.

"I take it you like seeing your wife showing off her breasts then?" smirked Sandy. "Don't get too excited, we both have to go to work."

By the time Sandy arrived at her office, she had gotten pretty horny by the feeling from her nipples. When she unbuttoned her jacket to hang it up, she noticed how hard and long her nipples were. They were sticking out from her blouse like pencil erasers and must be at least 3/4" long. She decided she better kept her jacket as she did not want her co-workers to notice her condition.

Chris decided to take a copy of the program to work so he could keep experiment with it if an idea hit him. However he was so backup with work from the week before that he did not get the chance to experiment until late morning. He brought up his wife and saw that she was sitting down, working, probably in her office. Her stats showed that she was pretty horny but would not act on it, despite her lowered inhibition. Chris decided to give her a nudge and started typing...

Sandy could not stand it any longer. Every time she moved her arms or body, her long nipples dragged across the blouse and sent shockwaves of pleasure to her brain and her cunt. She decided that she had to get relief or else no work would get done today. She picked up a few things she thought she would need and started towards the bathroom.

'What the hell am I doing?' thought Sandy while walking towards the bathroom. Everyone seemed to be staring at her tits even though she knew they could not see her hard nipples under the thick jacket. She was relieved that no one was in the bathroom when she entered. Sandy quickly got into the end cubicle, lowered the lid and sat down. She brought her hand inside her jacket and started playing with her tits, savouring the feeling she got from her long hard nipples.

Sandy stopped playing with her tits briefly and took out the pair of scissors from her jacket pocket. She spread her legs and raised the hem of her skirt, displaying the crotch of her pantyhose. 'Get to start wearing stockings, these are so inconvenient.' thought Sandy as she grabbed a handful of the pantyhose around the crotch. She then made a cut down the pantyhose crotch with the scissors, allowing direct access to her panties covered cunt.

Her hand shot straight to her panties covered slit and struggled to keep quiet within the confine of the bathroom cubicle. Her panties were already damp from being horny all morning and so when Sandy pushed aside the crotch of her panties and pushed two fingers into her cunts, she was not surprise to find her cunt full of hot juices.

Sandy knew she had to work fast as not to raise suspicion so she started rubbing her clit with the fingers from her other hand while putting a third finger into her hot sloppy cunt.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Sandy whispered through her teeth. Wet noises were coming from her fingerfucking so she brought her fingers out and into her mouth.

"Mmm..." Sandy took her hand from her mouth and started unbuttoning her blouse. Soon, her hand was inside her blouse playing with her tit.

Chris watched his wife actions on the program's screen, though without the surrounding so he had to use his imagination. But by the way Sandy's legs were spread wide, one hand inside her blouse and the other on her clit through the opening of her pantyhose, it wasn't hard to guess that his wife must be masturbating. Chris was happy with the changes in Sandy's behaviour so far, and to save himself for later he turned off the display and plotted his next modifications, leaving his wife to enjoy herself.

"Shit! Shit!" Sandy could feel her cunt contracting around her fingers and speeded up her rubbing on her clit. Her body tensed up and started cumming on the toilet seat. Hot cunt juices seeped out soaking the crotch and the back of her panties. Sandy had to bite her lower lip in order to keep quiet. Once she finally got down from her orgasm, Sandy quickly got cleanup and fixed her clothes. When she got back to the privacy of her office, she realised that the whole episode only took 15 minutes. With her cunt gotten its relief, Sandy hoped she could concentrate on her work for the rest of the day.

When Chris got home that night he found that Sandy had already there and started cooking. She was standing at the kitchen counter preparing food and was still wearing her work clothes. Like earlier that morning Chris walked behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist, pinning her to the counter.

"There are no work for either of us to go to now." said Chris kissing the back of Sandy's neck. He knew his wife loved to be kissed this way and would get her juices going in no time.

"Oh yeah? And what are you planning to do with THAT?" Sandy wiggled her ass back at her husband. She could feel her husband's erection pressed against the top of her ass.

Chris moved both of his hands underneath Sandy's shirt, up her belly and found her half bare tits. He was not surprised that her areoles already winkled and her nipples stiff. He started kneading Sandy's tits while lightly pinching her nipples with his fingers.

"Oh... that's nice... I like the way you play with my nipples." moaned Sandy, arching her back to thrust her tits into Chris' hand. She had always had sensitive nipples but with the modification made to her by her husband, it seemed now there was a direct connection between her nipples and her clit. Sandy's hands left the food that she was preparing and reached around to the space between them and down to her husband's groin. She grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. She could feel the hardness of his cock through the pants, its heat radiating to her hand.

Chris had started unbuttoning Sandy's shirt with one hand when he felt her hand on his cock. Soon the front of the shirt was opened completely and Chris could see from over Sandy's shoulder her rock hard nipples on top of her now extra firm tits. He pushed the shirt off her shoulders and started kissing all over her upper back. He could see the flushes on Sandy's white back. Chris then moved his free hand downward first feeling Sandy's flat taut stomach, then over the fabric of her work skirt and down to her pantyhose covered thighs. His hand travelled upward again, but this time inside the confine of Sandy's skirt. Slowly he reached the cut out hole Sandy made on the pantyhose earlier that day, and to Chris delight her bare inner thighs were already covered in her sticky cunt juices. Then to his shock, Chris found that her wife was not wearing panties! To do that meant Sandy must have taking off the pantyhose first then the panties, and finally putting the pantyhose back on. 'She must be feeling really horny,' thought Chris. 'The Program is working beautifully!'

While her husband was being surprised, Sandy had already undone his belt and zipper and had her hands full of hard cock, dripping with pre-cum. In no time, her palm was covered in pre-cum which made jerking on her husband cock even easier. But what she wanted is to taste that pre-cum covered cock in her mouth. She tried to twist around but Chris pinned her against the kitchen counter.

"Oh baby, let me turn around. I want to suck your cock." moaned Sandy.

"You can do that later after I've gave you the fuck of your life!" while dipping his finger into Sandy's boiling cunt.

Sandy screamed out loud when she felt the penetration of Chris' finger. She needed that so much, ever since her masturbation session in the office toilet. She parted her legs to allow Chris better access to her dripping cunt and could feel it being filled with more fingers. She then grabbed the hem of the back of her skirt with both hands and lifted it over her firm round ass. Sandy then leaned forward onto the kitchen counter and looked over her shoulder, "Fuck me. Give me your cock now."

Chris stopped what he was doing with his hands when he saw his wife pantyhose covered ass come into view. He could see the bottom of his wife's ass through the slit on the pantyhose made by Sandy in the office toilet earlier that day. He grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen counter and cut the pantyhose to completely separate the back of the pantyhose into two halves. He then pulled Sandy's hip away from the kitchen counter and did the same to the front of the pantyhose, turning it into stockings.

With that done, Chris positioned his cock at the entrance of Sandy's cunt and plunged into it with one hard thrust. That surprised Sandy and he pinned her against the kitchen counter again. Chris wasted no time and started fucking Sandy hard and fast strokes, making her tits swings back and fro.

Sandy was approaching her orgasm quickly as her extra sensitive clit had been working overtime, sending waves and waves of pleasure signals to her brain. She could feel Chris' cock bumped into her G-spot with thrust and sent her cunt muscles into contractions, trying to milk the cum out of her husband.

"Oh yes! So close, gonna cum... gonna cum... harder!" moaned Sandy. Then her body stiffened and her orgasm exploded from her slimy cunt, radiating out towards the rest of her body. Stars appeared in her vision and she opened her mouth to scream but no sounds came out.

Chris could feel his wife's cunt contracted as she cum hard. It felt like his cock was being sucked into her cunt. With his total control over his orgasm, Chris could have go on till he was exhausted but he wanted to test out his ability to recover. He removed the block he had on his orgasm and pumped deep into Sandy's pulsing cunt over and over.

Chris started cumming on the third pumped, his cock buried deep inside Sandy who had started coming down from her long orgasm. Due to the spontaneity of this sexual encounter, Chris had forgotten to lower the volume of his cum. He could feel his cum travel up his cock and exploded out and sprayed the inside of his wife's cunt.

"Cum in me. Fill me up with your cum!" Sandy told her husband when she felt the first jet of his hot cum splattered on the wall of her cunt. She had also forgotten how much Chris could cum and so she was taken by complete surprise when she felt a second full volume jet of cum shoot into her cunt, filling it up to the full. Then another jet, and another jet after that...

Chris supplies of cum may be large but not infinite, so after nearly over half a minute of continuously shooting load after load of the thick white fluid into his wife his orgasm was finally finished. He could feel his cum slowly drip down his cock onto his balls, and the occasional spasm of Sandy's cunt pushed more cum out. When he pulled out from his wife, he could see his cock was covered in a thick coat of their combined juice. A huge blob of cum dropped out from Sandy's still opened cunt and landed on the kitchen floor. He turned his wife around and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. Sandy spread her legs wide and presented her husband with a well fucked cunt, covered with a layer of translucent white liquid.

"My God, honey, you cum so much in me! I feel so full!" said Sandy. "See how much you've pumped into me?" She squeezed her cunt and another huge blob of cum ran out of her cunt and travelled down over her pink asshole. She dipped a finger into her cunt and when it came out it was shiny with Chris cum. Sandy sucked that finger in her mouth lustfully till it was clean of cum.

"Taste so good. Oh... your cock is still hard! Come and give me another load." said Sandy lustfully. She pushed more cum out of her cunt and spread them all over her exposed crotch and inner thighs.

Watching his wife's wanton display, Chris cock would have stayed hard even without his new ability. Sandy sat on the kitchen counter with her skirt bunched up around her waist, her pantyhose/stocking legs spread wide, showing her fleshly fucked cunt. Her blouse was off her shoulders, wrapping around her back cause her arms were still in the sleeves. Her firm tits bounced with every arm movements, topped with extra long, hard nipples pointing toward the ceiling.

Catching his breath, he realised that he was still fully clothed apart from his wet cock sticking out from the open zipper of his pants. Cum and cunt juice had stained the area around his cock on his pants, making it stuck to his crotch. Now that he had time, Chris quickly stripped off all his clothes while watching his wife smearing cum all over her cunt and licking her fingers clean with her tongue. Chris hooked his wife's legs over his shoulders and guided his still slick cock into her cunt once more, squeezing out another flood of their combined juice out of her cunt. After his cock was covered with even more juices, Chris pulled out and aimed his cock at Sandy's cum covered asshole.

"Fuck! Yes, take my asshole with your cock!" shouted Sandy when she felt Chris cock probed at her rarely used asshole. She only had his cock up her ass a couple of time before and she did not really enjoy the experience. But after being fucked so thoroughly she felt a longing in her ass. She relaxed her anal muscles to the passage of Chris slippery cock head. What Sandy did not know was that just before her husband left work, he changed Sandy's psychological resistant to anal sex.

With the copious amount of cum and cunt juices that had dripped onto Sandy's pink asshole, Chris managed to slip the entire length of his cock into Sandy's ass with ease. He then picked up her legs and threw them over his shoulders. This Sandy's ass even tighter and Chris would love to spend all night fucking this sweet ass. But he had other desire to be fulfil so after a few minutes of hard fucking, which brought another mind blowing orgasm to his wife, Chris once again let the flood gate open and shot another huge load of his cum into Sandy's ass.

While Sandy was recovering from her orgasm, Chris pulled out quickly and slided down to his knees. He was immediately confronted with the image that he had dreamed about for so long. Ever since puberty hit him, Chris had always been fascinated by cum on female body. On the face, on the tits, but especially on and around the cunt and ass. His face was inches away his wife's messy crotch. A river of cum was running down her ass crack and had started pooling on the kitchen counter surface. He could see his wife's cunt pulsing, the after effect of her last orgasm, pushing more cum out of her cunt. The smell of cum attacked his sense and gingerly his stuck out his tongue and moved towards the mess he had help created.

Sandy was speechless as she watched her husband's tongue made contact with her pussy. Of course she had been eaten before, but never after sex and especially not with two gigantic loads of cum running out from both her cunt and ass at the same time! The silent was broken when Chris started licking up all the cum and made contact with her clit in the process. When Chris finished cleaning up the cum mess, Sandy pulled him up and greeted with his cum covered face.

"That was... great... You had exhausted me!" said Sandy while trying to get off the kitchen counter where she had half sat, half lie on for the last half an hour. "I couldn't believe it! Twice in a roll, and so much cum too! I lost count on how many time I've cum. What had happened to you, Superman?"

Chris tried to say something but he was truly exhausted as well himself.

"Look! Your cum is everywhere! They are all over the back of skirt! I am going to have a shower before I finish cooking dinner."

Chris contemplated the recent turns of events while recovering in the living room. The program had allowed him to finally satisfy his cum fetish for the first time. He had altered his wife's body physically to how he liked it, though only in small amount so far. The possibilities seemed infinite to him at the moment, but he was also aware of the potential consequences. Chris decided he needed to develop a plan of action fast before modifying anything for the next time.

To be continued