Master PC- Compile Error

"Karen Bailey, Nerd Patrol". Damn how I hated saying that, but it pays the
bills. Being the only female at work in this company, everyone else was
conveniently out when the call came in. Only an hour left until quitting
time, and I get the call. Some guy out in the ?burbs has a program stuck on
his screen. No, he doesn't want to reboot, he needs software support. Great,
a software ticket, and I got to go to the house. I ask a few more questions,
and don't get very useful answers. It's a custom program, but he won't tell
me what it is. He promises a bit extra if I come out now, so I hang my pride
up and get my bag and head for the car. Customers aren't supposed to tip us,
but we don't talk, and sometimes it comes in handy.

14 Regency lane was a fancy spread. Big house, nice yard, lots of trees.
There was an expensive car out front, swimming pool in the back.  Or at
least that's what it looks like; it's surrounded by a high hedge. But I hear
splashing, so it's a safe bet. I heard some women laughing and playing. Some
people get all the luck. So I ring the bell, and the laughter stops. A mans'
voice calls out "Be right there!", so I wait.

The door opens, and this guy peeks out. Damn, what a hunk. Nice hair, great
body, good muscles, and what looks like a better package. I'm interrupted in
my inventory by his voice again. He was firm, rugged, and loaded with
confidence. His voice commanded attention, and sounded sexy. Hope he's not
an asshole.

"Alan Gray. You're here about the computer?" he asks, with a look that would
melt me, if he didn't just look at me like I was the plumber. An equal
amount of excitement and annoyance filled me as I nodded. That really got on
my nerves; it's partly the 'uniform' (button down shirt, a feminine tie, but
jeans and tennis shoes. At least I had 'forgotten' the regulation pocket
protector. But the look just wasn't flattering to anyone, much less me.

I'm about 5' 7", blond hair, and contacts over brown eyes. I've got boobs,
but not enough to really attract attention. My legs and ass were a bit too
wide from too many drive-throughs going from customer to customer. If I ever
wished I was better looking, it was now. I looked up shyly as he motioned me

The entrance way was marble flooring, brass rails, and wooden paneling.
Everything here was screaming 'expensive', so maybe the tip I got would be a
good one. We passed a couple of bedrooms, and finally found the den. I had a
good time watching him walk; he knew how to put a strut in it. Somebody was
a very lucky woman.

In the den was an old tower unit, and a CRT. Guess his business wasn't in
IT. I looked at the screen, and saw a few things open, and in the center of
the screen, was an open window, and a frozen cursor. He gestured towards the

"I got stuck in this, and it's very important that I don't lose the session.
Do you think you can help?"

I pondered it for a second.

"What is it?"

He got a funny look on his face, halfway between annoyance and...fear? In a
flash, it was gone, and he smiled again. Nice smile, I could get used to
that first thing in the morning. What was I thinking?

"It's just a game, but it's been running so long, I don't dare turn it off.
It doesn't save sometimes, and I've got a message saying 'compile error'. "

Ah, that explained it. Either it didn't load right, or the files had gotten

"Do you have the original program?"

He got that look again. I got the impression that he really didn't want to
discuss it. What was so important about a game? Oh well, I get paid either
way. So I looked over to him. He had a smile on his face, somehow
patronizing, which put my back up a bit. I don't like to be treated like an

"Can I drive?" I asked him.

"Sure, sure, I'll be in the back. Just yell if you need anything"

He sauntered off towards the bedrooms, and shut the door behind him. Good, I
could get things done with some peace and quiet. I did the usual bits with
the boot log, the registry, and all those other techie things that make
programs do what they were supposed to. Turned out his program was corrupted
by something, couldn't tell what, probably malware or virus. I ran the usual
programs to take care of that, and then I found the original source code. I
pulled up the program, hit 'save?, and then rebooted.

He was in the bedroom still, alone, dammit. If I ever wished I was better
looking, and then got a shock as someone came out through the den past me.
She stopped in front of me, looked at the screen, and smiled.

She was drop-dead gorgeous. I hated her instantly. She was wearing a, strike that, she was poured into a bikini. The biggest tits I'd
ever seen (they were way too big to be called 'boobs'), and standing up like
the Rock of Gibraltar. Waist-length brown hair, perfect body, perfect green wait. Perfect blank. Thank heavens. Obvious arm candy and no
threat. The lights were on, but no one was home. As I positioned myself
between her and the screen, she seemed to come out of whatever trance she
was in.

"Hi! are you here to fix the computer?"

No, I'm here to warm the chair. "Yes ma'am. Mr. Gray was losing a program,
and needed some work"

She perked up. "Goody. He really likes to play on it" she leaned closer and
whispered to me.

"Isn't he just the best looking thing?"

Or at least that's what I thought she said, she was about to smother me in
her bosom. If one of the male techs had shown up, that would have been a
career-ending temptation. Fortunately, I was immune.

She smirked. "I just can't get enough of him. I'll see ya" Then she giggled
like a teenager, and let herself in the door to the bedroom.

I sighed, and went back to the computer. I suppose I should run the program,
just to make sure that it worked. Whatever it was.

I fired up the program, and watched the window pop back up. "Welcome to
Master PC. Become a virtual God to those around you" Oh, fantasy. Well, it
didn't look like anyone was coming out of the bedroom soon. I just hope they
didn't start...

I started hearing a rhythmic motion, and some low moans. Shit, that was
gross. I'm getting screwed professionally, and he's getting screwed
literally. That didn't help much. I was horny enough from being without a
guy, and I was trying to concentrate on finishing up, when I heard the door
open, and someone else came in the room.

It was a black woman, but sculpted, and sinewy. She had the same hair, and
incredibly, the same oversized, Soviet-era-sized boobs. She smiled at me,
but then went blank when she saw the screen. Two of them? This guy didn't
know when to quit.

I looked up at her. "Hi, I'm just fixing the computer". She didn't say
anything, just opened the door to the bedroom, and walked in. The door shut,
and then I heard squeals, laughter, and more bumping. Great, just great.

Trying to shut out the porno scene playing itself out in the next room, I
looked at the program again. Hitting the enter key, a picture of someone
sitting in a chair rotating around and around. Someone that looked like a
wire frame I checked a mole here, a scratch there. It was me all

Ok, this was interesting. There was a webcam attached, but it couldn't see
all of me. This was intriguing. I clicked the mouse on my 'body', and a
whole menu of choices came up. Hair, eyes, dimensions. It reminded me of a
graphics program one of the other techs played with, called Pretend Pose, or
something like that. There were entries all over the place. Well, where to

The ass, those buns needed firming up. I tweaked this control, and that,
until I had something that would turn men?s' heads at 20 paces. Boobs? Why
not? I dialed up about 3 cup sizes, no need for a whole new wardrobe. Longer
hair, more of a honey blond than the flat blond I had, longer lashes, fuller, not that full.

Finally, I had the dream body, and hit the Enter key again. Suddenly I felt
like I'd been bitch-slapped, but in a good way. My clothes hung in places,
and were too tight in others. I saw a mirror on the wall, and almost dropped
my bag at the sight. Good Lord, I was beautiful! It worked!


I started thinking. There was no way this could be working. It violated
several laws of physics. I couldn't look like this, he'd figure out what I'd
been doing, and there'd be hell to pay. I turned around, and listened. They
were still doing sexual gymnastics in there, but sooner or later, he'd pop
his cork, and out he'd come, bimbos and all.

I looked back to the screen. There was a message "revert to original??
Hurriedly I hit 'yes', and then the familiar 'whomp' happened, and I was
back to myself again. Plain, old, chunky, normal, boring me.  Fuck, I
couldn't stand it. I got to thinking, and wondered what he'd do if it did
start working on me. Would he even want to?  Would I wind up a bimbo like
those other two? I thought about it, and did some old Dungeons and Dragons
thinking to enter a quick command.

"This program will not modify any part of my mind or body without my
consent. This program will hide any reference to my use or modifications
from any other user, without my consent. This program will not show any
record of my use, without my consent". There. That should do it. I saw some
profiles of various people he?d changed, but I didn?t have the time. I
needed to find out how to get my own copy. This was too good to pass up.

Checking his Internet history and email files (never deleted...amateur), I
found where he'd been sent this program. A quick forward through his email,
and it was winging it's way to my inbox. A couple of tweaks later, and the
history was removed as well. This bore some investigation. I explored a bit
further, found some mental controls (mental? right). Several past examples
were stored there, including instructions for the subjects to blank out if
the Master PC screen was displayed. Well, that explained the blank looks. I
looked at the two women?s' 'profiles', and read their 'instructions'. What a
pig. He'd turned them into nymphomaniacs, increased their sensitivity,
breast size, breathing abilities (I could imagine), on and on. My opinion of
him was heading for the basement, as I read his own profile. A cock of
amazing proportions (when finesse doesn't work, get a bigger hammer...sigh).
The picture of him naked was...distracting. Pity, he could use some

No, wait. That was over the line. I checked again and erased all remaining
signs of my probing. He didn't seem the type to figure it out, but I was
taking no chances.

I heard things building to a climax in there (pun intended), and then it got
quiet. It was not a minute I heard some giggling, and someone throwing some
clothes on. I wouldn't have a chance to investigate further, so I started
packing up, and getting ready to leave.

Gray came out of the room, a smug grin on his face (pig). He looked up, and
smiled that smile again. "Everything working?"

I nodded.

"Good. Now I want you to listen carefully. You didn't see anything unusual

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I nodded.

"I didn't see anything unusual today" I said, playing along.

"you fixed my problem, and did a good job"

"I fixed your problem. I did a good job"

his grin got wider.

"you'll take the credit card info and the hundred dollar tip"

That took some acting not to react to

"I'll take the credit card info and the hundred dollar tip"

He looked at me. "that's all. Thanks for fixing my computer"

I shuddered slightly, and 'came out of it'

"You're welcome"

I collected my gear, and left. I could hear him chuckling softly. I was
tempted to chuckle too. Once I got my copy working. Hope I made it to my
copy before he made it to his.


Thank heavens, last call, and a Friday too. I had the whole weekend to check
this thing out. I went home, threw something in the microwave, made a quick
salad, and checked my mail. Stopping only for the 'ding' on the microwave, I
searched for the help files, and finding them, started to read.

It was a lot more like that Pretend Pose program than I thought. I found you
could change the interface, position controls, and affect bodies, minds, and
perceptions of those around you. You could make any changes you wanted, and
no one would be the wiser if you parsed your instructions correctly. You
could enhance, prevent, or erase changes with code words, gestures, or
whatever tickled your fancy.

Damn this could be dangerous. Especially in the wrong hands. I wondered what
'Mr. Gray' was before he found this. Probably not the rich playboy he was
now. I hadn't found anything about getting money, so he must have
?influenced? someone to hand it over. Hmm... my review time was coming up. A
fat 10% raise would be helpful.

Back to the modifications, though. I looked through the logic of the
commands, scratching out a word here, a tweak there. There was a multiple
'undo' feature, so I could always go back to the way I was. I saved myself
as myself, then password-protected it, and got to work.

The next half hour was silly; I grew my boobs to fill my shirt, changed my
butt around, changed hair color, eye color, just time in front of the
mirror. I finally settled on what I wanted; a good solid D-cup, brown eyes,
smooth, silky hair, a beautiful face, and curves that went on forever. I
didn't go for that bimbo look I saw at his house, but just enough to command
the attention of any man I wanted.

Now that was the problem. I'd had a boyfriend until recently, but we'd just
gone into stasis. It wasn't going anywhere, so I ended it. The sex was ok,
and he wasn't bad in bed once I taught him what I wanted, but that was over.
I'd been missing something good and solid to put where it'd do the most
good, but all this changing, and all the sound effects this afternoon had me
pretty horny.

I could have any man I wanted now, but which one? Or more than one? Nah,
things were complicated enough with just one.
So where to find a good one? Some quick changes to be immune to Aids and
other diseases, prevent pregnancy, and everything else, and I was off to the

That was the second problem. Nothing fit any more. I'd need that raise just
to pay for new clothes. I didn't want to spend the weekend sewing, but what
else to do? Looking around, I found something that worked, barely, and threw
it on. Shopping time.

Friday was also payday. I had some extra with the hundred, but I'd have to
make it stretch. I went into a few places, but found myself shopping for men
more than clothes. I was having problems concentrating with that building
itch down below. Only a couple of silly teenagers laughing at my outfit
allowed me to focus on the task at hand.

I got some simple things that could do double duty. I even found some stuff
that would work for the job (dorky clothes are always in clearance...). But
I kept looking around at all the guys in the mall. There were some good
looking ones, there always were, but they usually had a hundred or more
pounds of girlfriend blocking the view. Some of the guys were probably more
interested in the boys than the girls.

Finally, I saw my target. Scrumptious, tall and lean, and a cute butt. He
was in a bookstore, and I walked up to him, and then froze. What do I say?
Will he like me? I got within about 5 feet, and couldn't go any closer. He
looked up, and gave me the once over. I felt tingly all over, and opened my
mouth. I just couldn't get any words to follow them. He finally spoke.


"Hi". Well, that part was over.

He stood there, expectantly. I wanted to say something. He seemed
interested, but eventually he lost interest, and wandered away.

"shit shit shit" I muttered. I had the looks, but inside, I was the same
awkward woman I was before I started. I could make the pitch, but I couldn't
close the deal. Hanging my head, I took my things home, promising not to cry
until I was inside.

I sat back down at the computer, wondering where I went wrong. Maybe this
was what the mind control was about. I snickered, thinking about 'mind
control'. Images of Spock and mind melds, movies, and sci-fi novels. Sheesh.
Would it work?

Checking the help on mind control, I increased my self-confidence by 20% and
my conversational abilities by 30%. There, never at a loss for words, and
never afraid to use them. Charisma? there was a setting for charisma. Ok, up
by 10%.

I found that you could influence other's attitudes as well. Oh, did my crew
need some cleaning up. But then again, they fit the way they were. Old
boyfriends? I don't know; it felt like cheating.

I stopped typing, and looked at the ceiling. I could do better than this. I
had the confidence, I had the looks, I could do anything I wanted, have any
man I wanted. A whole world of possibilities. The clubs were still open. I
never really had much luck there, being outclassed by the other women there.
But I had looks and brains, a deadly combination. What was I waiting for?

I was waiting for Tami. My best friend, she would be available tonight. It's
no fun going out by yourself. With two, you can get 2 guys, and you avoid
the psychos who go out alone. I reached for the phone, and started to dial,
then stopped. How was I going to explain my new looks?

I sat, looking at the phone. Well, I could just make her ignore it, but I
wanted to share this with someone. Maybe I could give her some of the gifts
I had. The two of us would be unstoppable. I called her, being mysterious,
and she went for it. I told her I'd had a makeover, and I wanted her
opinion. And was she free for a little clubbing tonight?

I knew she was curious, since I didn't usually go much for that sort of
thing. I needed a little more self-confidence, in her opinion, so she might
think that her efforts were paying off. She was over in half an hour, and I
was almost dressed when she rang the bell.

I opened the door, and there she was. She looked at me with a confused

"Excuse me; I'm looking for Karen Bailey"

"No Tami, you're looking at Karen Bailey"

"That can't be right; you don't look like her at all. Can I come in?"

"Sure, right this way"

She came in and looked around. "Ok, I'm being punked, right? Where is she?"

I had trouble controlling my grin.? I told you before. Would you like to see
an explanation?"

She looked at me, obviously still confused. I went to the computer, and
reverted to my original settings. She watched me melt back to the plain Jane
old me. She just stood there, her jaw heading for the floor.

"How the FUCK did you do that?"

I grinned still wider. "Watch"

I went back to the 'optimized' version. As I filled out and glammed up, she
just stared at the new me.

"Karen? Is that you?"

"Every inch. Want to see how it's done?"

"uh, yeah. And Karen?"


"Can you do me too?"

"Thought you'd never ask, girlfriend"

Over next hour, we played dress-up, trying this and that. By the time Tami
was done, she was an E-cup (as if she needed it), a few inches taller, and
as drop-dead gorgeous as anyone had a right to be. Her brown hair hung to
her waist, everything was firm and trim, and she?d gone for violet eyes.
Something about Elizabeth Taylor, she said. Tami turned out to be, still,
just more Tami than usual. She wasn't interested in the mind control aspects
of it, but she did some things to her body that would get her in trouble, if
any man was lucky enough to slide into home. Unless he'd eaten his Weaties,
that is.

I didn't really play with my fun buttons, just a little here and there. I
wasn't a glutton about sex, but I did like to come. I didn't want a lot of
distractions, until I found a guy to be distracting, if you know what I
mean. I'd show a guy a good time tonight, but he'd have to work for it.

We grabbed our things, and headed for the club. Sometimes we'd get stopped
by the bouncers, but this time, the line almost parted to let us in. Every
man in line watched us. I'd never had that kind of attention before, and I
found it...exhilarating. I looked over at Tami, and knew what my face looked
like without a mirror.

The turntable didn't scratch like it does in the movies when we came in, but
I noticed the song changed as soon as the DJ saw us. It was something about
a girl being wrong like me. Maybe that was a left-handed compliment, but I
smiled at the DJ, and made his day. I saw a lot of men following my every
move, and a couple of women, too. The women didn't have the same expression
that the men did. I think I made the same face when I saw those bimbos at
that last job.

Tami and I got a table, and considered our options. We saw a few men looking
like they had something to ask us, which was fine by me. I saw one that was
kind of cute, but for some reason he seemed intimidated. Ordinarily, I would
have been fine dancing with someone like that, but he seemed to think I was
out of his league. I was about to say something witty to Tami, when the door
opened again.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw next. It was Mr. Gray, with his two
forearm-warmers in tow. They looked like the return rack at the bowling
alley, after all the bowling balls had come up. They must have put the
velour industry on full standby for those evening gowns.  But we were back
to square one, as all that masculine attention drifted away.

I was torn between anger (at the women), jealousy (the same), and fear (what
if he recognized me?) Tami didn't know the story behind the program, but I
just hoped that I'd made enough changes not to attract attention. He breezed
past us like we weren't there, and took a table on the other side. He
nuzzled the neck of one of them, who giggled appreciatively, and slid her
hand up his leg.

I looked at Tami. "you want to go?"

She pondered this for a moment. "No. They're here with that guy, so I doubt
they're going to be much of a problem."


"No, they're just arm candy. He'll probably just dance and drink a little,
and leave. Besides, there's not enough guys here yet"

I rolled my eyes. Well, there was that. No sense dancing until there was a

We chatted about the week, looked over the men, and had a drink or two. I
wasn't going to get loopy, but I had a pleasant buzz. I kept looking over at
Mr. Gray from time to time, and watched what was going on. They weren't
fooling anyone; I could see wandering hands and fingers among the 3 of them.
Since I already knew what would happen when they got home, I didn't see the
need to flaunt it in public, unless that's what he had in mind.

I guess I got careless, because he caught me looking at him. He smiled that
strange smile, and beckoned us over. I shook my head 'no', but Tami seemed
game. She got up and went over to where the three were, and I didn?t have
much choice  but to follow. He introduced us to Chloe and Anzanya, as they
were called. They should have been on their guard, but they just smiled much
like he did. I didn't see the point of putting up with this, until he spoke.

"You want to join us for a drink"

"I do?" I said in a flat monotone.

"That's right. And your friend does too"

"She does?" I murmured, trying not to let the sarcasm out.

"Yes. You might even want to join us at the pool at my place"

Oh come on.

He whispered something in her ear, and Tami started giggling. To my growing
dismay, Tami seemed to be going for it. It sounded like the hypnosis bit was
actually working with her. Probably that program again. I hadn?t foreseen
this, I figured he?d be a homebody. She was totally unprotected against him.
She looked at me with puppy-dog eyes (which are only supposed to work with

"C'mon Karen, it'll be fun. He's got a friend" she sang.

Mm'hm. I could imagine. I'd give even money that he'd make a beeline for the
PC. I'd have to keep an eye on that. I didn't know if I wanted to go through
with it or not.

"Besides, Karen, I drove."

Oh yeah, that did put a crimp in it. Well, maybe the guy was cute, but I'd
need some convincing.

I looked him straight in the eye. "Well, I guess so. But no funny stuff"

He affected an innocent expression that said butter wouldn't melt in his

"Of course not. You can leave any time you like. But you'll have fun, I

"Karen, please?"

"Ok, I suppose"

She almost danced a bit, and hugged me quickly. She put her mouth to my ear
and whispered.
"You wouldn't believe what this guy is packing. I have got to see what's
down below"

"Tami, you're acting like you're crazy. What's gotten into you?"

"It's more what I hope gets into me"

I'd never seen Tami act like this. I mean, she obviously knows how to have a
good time. And she's never really lacked for male companionship. But I'd
never seen her act like a slut before. It didn't bother any of them, but I
was thinking they must have enhanced themselves somehow. Maybe some sort of
auditory cue? He didn't smell any better than most guys, so unless there was
something else...

I at least got them to let us follow them back. Though I knew the way, I had
to play this cool. I knew what was in store; they'd make an excuse to get to
the computer, then stretch us like silly putty while they turned us into
nymphomaniacs. Well, sauce for the goose, buster, sauce for the gander.

On the way over, I asked Tami about what was going on.

"Don't you think it's a bit strange, after 5 minutes you want to follow this
guy home?"

"I know, but he?s so cute"

"What about his entourage? 3 girls and 1 guy? How much of him is there to go
around? Is he like a bucket of chicken? Do you want light meat or dark


"Well? I'm just surprised; I've never seen you act like this. And there's
something about this guy you don't know"

"Like what?"

"Remember the program I showed you? I got it from him. And he doesn't know.
And he can't know, or we don't know what he'll do"

"That's the pig? He seems nice enough to me"

"Well, when I was there, and found the program, I entered some commands on
myself. And one was that nothing the program did on his PC would affect me
unless I wanted it to. I thought it was a joke, but his sexy persona just
isn't registering with me. And you're just bowled over by this guy. I don't
want to see you get hurt"

"I'm a big girl, Karen, I can look after myself"

"I know, but this is just going way too fast for me"

She grinned again. "I know what I'm doing. I'm in complete control"

I shrugged. Somehow I didn't think so.

We got back to his place, and he made some drinks. I figured he wouldn't try
anything with that, since he had the program. Sure enough, he disappeared
shortly afterwards, and came back with a 'cat that ate the canary' smile on
his face. Tami didn't look any different, but she seemed a lot more needy,
especially towards him. She was touching his arm, smiling, and talking in a
little girl voice sometimes. I'm glad I had a light supper, because I could
almost gag.

The doorbell rang, and then he went to open it. I heard another male voice,
and soon he was back with another guy. And what a guy. Tall, lean, just
enough muscle to pleasantly fill out his clothes (expensive, to say the
least), and eyes you could drown in. Now this was more like it. Maybe this
trip would be worth it after all. Nice hair, just a little facial hair, and
cheekbones you could cut yourself on. Someone had been giving him lessons.
Something in the back of my mind was setting off alarms, but something down
below was setting off alarms of her own.

"Hi, I'm Paul Dorcova. Alan said he had a party going on, and invited me
over. I'm pleased to meet you"

I smiled back, checking him out. Tami looked over with a 'see? see?'
expression on her face. Maybe we'd both get lucky tonight. Or maybe they

Alan handed out some adjustable bikinis, that would more or less fit us (the
'twins' suits should have 'Goodyear' on the tops, at least), and we retired
to one of the bedrooms to change. She was as excited as I'd ever seen her.

"Did you see the other hunk? You are going to have a good time tonight,

"He could still turn out to be an asshole, Tami"

She waved that away. "Don't try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I
think we're both going to hook up tonight"

"I'll keep an open mind"

"You do that Karen. Lighten up, have fun"

We changed into the bikinis, and stepped towards a hot tub (and a pool? I
wondered what he'd done to get all this money). Paul was sitting in front of
the PC, but was getting error messages.  He didn't see me looking, but I
could see rising consternation on his face. Two guesses as to what he was up
to, and the first didn't count.


He almost jumped like a scalded cat. "Sorry, I didn't see you. I didn't know
how long you'd be, so I was looking at one of Alan's games"

Right, and we knew what sort of game that was.

"I do computer consulting. Want me to take a look?"

"No, that's all right. I can probably figure it out. But you're ready for
the tub, so come on in"

He closed things down, but not before I saw several 'access denied'
messages. He shot an ugly look at Alan, which was returned with relative
confusion. Hand signals were surreptitiously being sent, but I took it all
in with hidden glee. If he wanted some fun, he'd have to earn it the old
fashioned way.

We got in the tub, which was already warm and bubbly. Tami sidled up to
Alan, while I got close (but not touching) to Paul. We both noticed that the
Arm Candy patrol was missing.

"What happened to your friends?"

"Oh, they were tired, and went to bed."

Of course they did. They were probably parked and waiting. Sheesh. Of
course, they wouldn't have fit in the tub with all of us, though they would
hardly have sunk.

"They actually wanted to be alone for awhile. But enough about them, what
about you?"

Paul seemed definitely interested. A point in his favor, easy on the eyes,
and it had been too long between men. I could feel Puss starting to act up.
I try to ignore her, but sometimes she has her own way. Sigh.

I made some vague noises about being in the 'computer business'. He made
some conversation about gaming, and I made some more talk about Evercrack,
an online game. That got his attention, as I saw the wheels creaking along.
He mentioned a role model program that Alan had, which got him a sharp look,
and a quick head shake. He mentioned something about creating a character,
which got an even more concerned look from Alan, which connected the dots
quite nicely. He was trying to control me, and couldn't understand why it
wasn't working on the program.

Alan was making frantic, small signals to Paul, and either he was telling
him to steal 3rd, bunt, or drop the subject. I couldn't figure out which.

Tami, feeling ignored, started kissing him, which distracted him enough to
let me talk with Paul by myself. He reached and put his arm around me, which
felt nice. I snuggled closer to him, and our eyes met. I decided to kiss
him, and we soon were wrapped around each other.

Damn, he was one fine kisser. I could feel Puss start up again, and she was
becoming harder to ignore. I could also feel something getting longer and
harder, which wasn't helping the situation. My nipples were hardening, and
they were rubbing against the fabric, which suddenly seemed in the way. He
reached behind me, and deftly untied the knot holding the top on. I
stiffened, but then relaxed, as I could feel where this was going. Soon a
couple of strong hands were massaging my breasts, which went straight to my
pussy. I was getting very excited. I peeked over, and Tami was about in the
same situation, but was enjoying herself. I was too distracted to pay much
attention, and Puss needed attention, and soon.

As he tweaked my nipples, my hand worked its way down to his package. Some
delicate tracings with my fingernails indicated something very nice; not the
war club Alan was sporting, but something that would tickle every part of
me. I rubbed lightly up and down on him, which made him stiffen. We both
knew where this was going.

"Damn, you're huge!" I came out of it for a second, to see Tami with a
handful of Alan's cock; which actually broke the surface. If he was any
longer, he could blow himself, which was a weird thought. It was still
distracting, but I knew that something like that would leave me bed-ridden
for a day. Back to the one I had in my hand.

I had to have him, so I slid his trunks down around his knees, to get a
better look. His ass fit my hands as if they were carved out for the
purpose. I gave them a squeeze, and then motioned him to sit on the edge of
the tub. I wanted a quick suck, and I'm sure he wouldn't object to it.

I'd had a boyfriend once that was quite descriptive in what he wanted, so
I'd learned to please a man fairly well by then. I'd had no complaints about
it. I took one long, slow, agonizing lick up the bottom of his rod, pausing
just below the head to do some swirly, slurpy things that made it jump, and
get even bigger. I looked up into his eyes, to let him know I liked it. That
got him even hotter. I lowered the tip between my lips, and made circles
around the tip, all over him, and then took him in my mouth.

He tasted great, and I bobbed up and down, delighting in the raspy breathing
he was making. When you have a man like that, and his total attention,
there's nothing else like it. I tasted a bit of precum, and slurped it away.
I'd have to slow down soon, or he'd shoot in my mouth. That was fun, but
Puss was a mess of slick, empty need that only one thing would take care of.
Maybe later, but I wanted mine too.

I rose up out of the water, and pushed his chest back to the floor as I
started working my way up him. I grabbed his cock and positioned it at the
entrance to my pussy, then flicked the tip over my clit, which just made me
hornier than ever. Sliding him down inside me, I closed my eyes as I
concentrated on every glorious inch that filled me up. I bottomed out, and
then started working myself over his body. I did a sort of slow, hula-type
rocking over his rock-hard shaft, getting every part touched by him.

Tami was bent over the other side of the pool, and Alan was sloshing in and
out of the pool, and her body. She gasped with every thrust, but I couldn't
pay any more attention to it, because I had to start getting some serious
fucking. I bounced up and down on him, feeling myself getting closer to
orgasm as his pubic bone hit my clit, and his whole member throbbing inside.
He wasn't going to last much longer, but neither was I.

Paul was looking up at me with the most lustful expression. I'm sure I
matched him; I was heading for a hip-shaking orgasm. I could feel it
building inside me, wave after wave rising until I felt the shock go through
me, and I was crashing and bucking on his hardness. He matched my orgasm
with his own, and I felt him pump his hot come deep inside me. I loved it;
this was what I had been missing for too long.

Tami and Alan weren't there yet or maybe not there again. Tami was glowing
with sweat, and I saw that well-fucked expression on her face. She was
working towards a second orgasm, the lucky bitch. By the way he was pounding
into her I knew he wasn't far off.

Suddenly, I saw his butt clench, the way it does when a guys' nuts draw up
and start shooting into you. Tami could feel it, and was getting quite loud.

She screamed with pleasure, and I could see come leaking from the both of
them. He must be loaded for bear. She was gasping, trying to get in enough
air, and he was a little drawn out, though something said he was still ready
for more.

I got a good look at his cock as he pulled it out. It was every bit as big
as it looked on the screen, and I'm sure that Tami would be bow-legged for a
week. He saw me gazing at it, and smiled. "You want it?"

"I'm fine with Paul, thank you". Tami just slumped down and groaned.

He seemed disappointed, but turned back to Tami. I could see he was still
hard, so he had staying power. Maybe later.

I was confused myself. I'd just had the wildest sex of my life (computer
technician? what life?), and I was still ready for more. Why did I lose
control like that? I thought I'd fixed the computer, but I didn't recognize
the wild ride I just had. I'd never had sex like that before; guiltless,
purely passionate, just spur of the moment. This was living.

Maybe that was it. I remembered what I put would in, that nothing would
change unless I wanted it to. Maybe I had. I saw the way Tami was affected
by Alan, maybe a little of that proved too seductive to ignore in Paul. So
if I hadn't, I might be one of the Blimp sisters by now. I had to figure
this out. It was fun, but I just had that suspicious feeling. I'd have to
look into this later.

What a place to be, torn by desire and suspicion. I couldn't figure out if I
felt this way because I wanted to, or because I was made to. I was
interrupted in my thoughts by Alan, who invited us to spend the night. Tami
was bobbing her head a bit too obviously, so I just went with the flow. I
was almost ready for round two with Paul anyways, and a sly look by him let
me know he was too.

That fit into my plans. I had to knock him out, and then get to that
computer before anyone else had any bright ideas. Well, there was a great
way to do that, and have another delicious orgasm as well. I picked up my
things and headed back into the house. I took his hand, and he put his arm
around me as we headed for a bedroom. Tami and Alan went to the other one,
and I shut the door behind me as we entered.

I wrapped myself in his arms as we passionately kissed. My hands started
roaming over his body, and his were on mine. Out tongues slid over and under
each other as we eased down on the bed. We came to a stop with him lying
next to me. I felt his fingers as they tweaked my nipples, making them long
and hard. I was working at making something else long and hard too, and my
hands wrapped around him and slowly started to stroke him. I rose up
slightly, and began to kiss my way down to his cock. His fingers wrapped
themselves in my hair, guiding me down to what was about to happen.

I flicked the tip as I started to work on bringing him up to something
fuckable. I tasted his pre-cum again, and this time, I noticed it didn't
taste the way it usually does. It was actually pretty good. I don't know
why, but I had no doubt that he'd engineered that little surprise, but right
now, I needed him rock-hard, and fucking my brains out.

I bobbed up and down on the hard member, licking him in all the right spots,
fondling his balls, and stroking between his legs to massage his prostate.
It was working, as I felt him stiffen even more. The drops spilling out of
him were becoming a steady stream, still tasty, and I had no problem
swallowing them down. His hands formed over my head, pushing me down towards
his climax, but I had other ideas.

Finally he was hard enough for what I had in mind. I lay down next to him,
and in a husky voice said "fuck me". He rose up over me, and effortlessly
slid all the way in a single thrust. That's one of my favorite things, to be
horny enough to avoid any awkward adjusting, just get right down to it. His
hips spread my legs out, and I felt him fill me, even better than before. I
was soaking wet, and we were making sloppy wet sounds as he thrust into me
again and again.

I was getting just the right attention; my clit was standing up and getting
brushed by each thrust of his hard meat. It felt so good, I had to encourage

"Oh yes. Fuck me Paul, fuck me harder, make me come" I moaned, as his pace
quickened. I could feel the tension rising, and knew I'd be coming soon; I
just had to pace him so he came when I did. His breath was coming in short
sharp bursts as he drove into me, groaning every time he bottomed out.

"You like that pussy? Does it feel good?" I asked him, my own breath getting
ragged as he pushed me towards my climax.

"Oh. yeah. You're so tight. I love fucking you"

That made me feel great, watching his hips grind into me. I wrapped my legs
around him, grabbing his butt cheeks and squeezing him, pulling him even
farther into me. I needed him to pick up the pace.I wasn't going to last
much longer and neither was he. Time to do the 'Harry met Sally' bit, and
get my reward.

"Oh gawd, yes, fuck it, fuck that pussy! Make me come! I want to feel your
come gush into me. Fill me up lover!"

He was panting and wheezing, as I drove him on with my legs. I was bucking
back and forth, slamming my poor puss into him as he plunged back and forth.

"Fuck me, fuck me...harder!" I gasped, as he began to work in earnest. I was
being pounded; every part of me was getting fucked. The bed began to creak
as we swayed back and forth.

I could feel his balls draw up as he slammed into me, and knew he was
moments away. I could feel myself starting to go too, as my pussy sent waves
of pleasure from my head to my toes.

"Shit, I'm coming! Ah gawd it's good" I shouted. "Fuck me...oh fuck me!"

I felt his shaft swell up as he came too, blasting me with hot come, sending
me into a second orgasm. I grabbed his butt again and held him tightly
against me as he pumped more of his wonderful jism deep inside. I felt like
I was seeing stars, but I just felt my pussy clamp down as it milked every
drop from his hardness.

"Oh yeah, you're so good" he whispered, as he sank heavily on me. I didn't
mind that for awhile, it felt close and safe. I hugged him to me, and then
slid to one side as his sweaty body slid off my own. We had wrecked the
sheets, and anyone would have known what was going on. I could hear Tami in
the next room; evidently her stud had more staying power. No matter, I had
what I wanted, and I'm sure he had too, from the satisfied grin on his face.
His eyes shut, and in no time he was drifting from afterglow to dreamland.
Disappointing (the sweet time after a good fuck is the best), but I kept my
pout to a minimum, and slipped out the door.

First thing, check the computer. Thank heavens it was on, still at the
program. This guy WAS an amateur. Probably had the same thing in mind as I
did. He'd even left the session on Master PC up, with a lot of increasingly
frustrated comments after each 'access denied' statement. Looks like I was
in for bigger boobs, horniness, and sensitive toes (toes?). Everybody has
their kink, I suppose.

Second thing. I started typing in commands. "Everyone in the house but me
will climax after some good sex, and slip into a deep sleep". I heard the
two build to a crescendo in Tami's room, so that was fine. I hope she had a
good time. I'd already climaxed after some great sex, and didn't need an
encore. No interruptions.

Third thing. Who were these two women, and where did they disappear to? I
looked them both up. It made for interesting reading; Chloe was a real
estate agent, and Anzanya was a lawyer. They'd been instructed to find this
house, and then move into it. Oh boy would he be in for it if they ever came
to. Should I? No no no. By morning we'd be out the door, and ready for our
next adventure. From the look of things, eventually he'd mess up, and they'd
mess him up. Don't interfere with Karma's work, especially when it's

Fourth thing- insurance. "This copy of Master PC will in no way interfere
directly or indirectly with my copy of Master PC. Any commands concerning me
or Tami will appear to work to them, but will work on Tami or I only if we
consent. Alan Gray will forget about the technician who came to repair the
computer, or will misremember it as being a guy. Paul will be nice in the
morning, and Tami and I will leave to go home. Paul will stay awake for at
least 5 minutes after climax from now on, and be intimate with his future

Oh. Forgot.

"Tami will be able to be objective about Alan, and only accept him if he
moves out the Chloe and Anzanya. Alan will realize this will never work. So
will Tami. Tami will not be pregnant. All of them will remember this as a
nice time, but not be too concerned about repeating it"

And finally- "All traces of this or any modifications made by me to this
copy of Master PC shall be invisible to all but me. All changes made to all
parties from this copy of Master PC by me shall also be invisible and

That should do it.

Yawning, I returned the screen to its original state (expletives intact),
and stumbled back to bed. Even though he was asleep, Paul did cuddle well,
and kept me warm all night.

The next morning, Tami and I woke up and got dressed. Paul did have a useful
side after all, he could cook. We had an excellent breakfast, and then it
was time to go. I gave him a sisterly peck, which he accepted with a little
crestfallen grace, but the two centerfolds had woken up, and it looked like
the 4 of them would be consoling each other. Horizontally. We shut the doors
on the car, and drove off.

"Did you get the number?" Tami asked. She was a little tired herself.

"No, he was nice, but not my type"

"No, the number of the freight train that went through my legs. I am so

"I can imagine. I can also imagine the poor horse that's missing it"

She giggled. "Oh Lord, it was good while it lasted, but I'm about fucked

"What was the deal with those other two women? I didn't hear a peep out of

"They're bi. They were doing each other while watching us."

"Oh. Well, I'm not surprised"


"That program I showed you. I lifted it from him when I was fixing his PC.
He could make you think anything he wanted"

"Did he..."

"I don't think so. Whatever he did, if he did anything, I undid after
everyone went to sleep"

"You sly bitch"

"And don't you forget it. Actually, I had a better time as me. I just gave
myself a little more credit, and I did some things I'd always wanted to. And
I didn't need a computer to do it"

"Will he be able to do anything to us later? I mean, he was cute, and all,
but I'm still numb down there. It's a wonder I'm not pregnant"

"I took care of that, too, hon. Just for last night, though"

"Thank you! I didn't think a guy had that much in him. I've seen wet spots,
but not a puddle. I don't want to think about it"

"Well, we still have my copy. I also set his program so we wouldn't be
affected by it. I'd already done it for me, but I'd forgotten about you.
That's why I got up again. I didn't want you joining his harem"

"Thanks again. I don't know what happened to me last night. Usually I'm a
little more hard to get, but when I saw that cock, I just..."

"I checked his profile out. His sexy voice acts like an aphrodisiac, so his
pillow talk would have you ready to go in no time"

"Well. That's cheating. But Karen, I saw you almost rape that guy. You were
a tigress! Are you sure you didn't protect yourself against things?"

"I thought about that, until I went back and found what I typed in. I said
'without my consent'. I thought Paul was quite the stud, and you know I
haven't had that much luck with guys, especially the good looking ones. It
was a fantasy, and once I started fantasizing, I started consenting.  And I
had my fantasy, and boy did I enjoy it! But once it was over, it didn't have
any hold over me. It was probably the best of both worlds"

She stared ahead as we neared my apartment. She shook her head slightly.
"You know, we could do the same thing to guys. We could have stud muffins
stashed in yours and my place, to do us whenever we wanted. It's tempting."

I smiled, and shook my head. "Yeah, but I want more than just mindless
fantastic sex". She raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"No, I mean I like the great sex, but I want love too. I'm not going to take
the first guy I find and make him into a playtoy. I mean, sex is great, but
what do you do the other 21 hours of the day?"

She laughed at that. ?I know, I'm tempted too. But there's lots of fantasies
we can try. We don't have to look like we do, and we can be someone one
night, and that person would disappear."

"What, you plan on knocking over a bank or something?"

She frowned, and playfully slapped my arm. "No! But who needs a bank when
you can find a nice, rich hunk?"

"I still want someone who wants me for me"

"Karen, honey. Look at yourself. Are you still you? You've played with your
self-confidence, your conversation, and I don't remember those two handfuls
sprouting from your chest yesterday"

I sighed. "Well, I don't think I'm going to change the insides all that
much. But it does give me plans for the outsides. Here's what we can do..."

And that was it. We're still at it. We've been black, white, Chinese,
Indian, tall, short, redheads, blonds, and some exotic combinations you've
probably never seen. We could be anyone, or anything. Every weekend we pick
something new to be, and wreak havoc on the local males. The best part is
since we're never the same thing twice; the jealous girlfriends and other
competition don't have a chance to track us down. And the men are so
grateful! Someday, I'm sure we'll settle down, and find real, caring,
passionate, and hunky guys. But until then, we're having too much fun.