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Master PC: Brian's Journey
Chapter Three: Three Wishes
by tpimux

Brian sat back in his booth, still reeling from the power of his orgasm. Looking at his PDA he began to enter the list given to him by the General Manager of Bazooka Joe's, one of the hottest strip bars in town. He couldn't help but grin as he began to load a list of new fuck toy playmates.

Kelly stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She hadn't felt this wonderful in a long, long time. She'd never had such powerful orgasms in her life, or so many in a single session. Running her finger tips over her tits, unable to keep from giving her nipples each a little flick. It was like her nip's were now directly connected to her clit as jolts of pleasure shot through her. Smiling to at her reflection as she licked the last drop of Brian's cum from her lips as she thought, "My, my, my... what a man," her pussy beginning to wet as visions of having his cock in her again and again rushed through her mind.

The next thoughts she had shocked her at first, products of Brian's last commands to her via the Master Control Program. She began to wonder who else she could introduce to him, which of her friends or girls from the club would he like? The mere idea of finding him another lover, or 2 or 12 for that matter, seemed so right. After all, if she could do something, anything, for him that would please him made her feel wonderful! At how could a few more lovers not make him happy?

She began to see Kiira, the Japanese-Swedish hottie that ran the clubs lingerie shop, sucking and fucking Brian till he came all over her face and chest just like Kelly had done just a few minutes ago.

Or maybe Honey, the big titted door girl, bent over and taking his cock in her ass while her tits swung back and forth till her hole gaped from being thoroughly reamed.

Kelly felt a droplet of her pussy juice run down from her cunt and down her the inside of her thigh as she thought of maybe sharing Brian with one of the girls, letting him take turns with them as they shared cunt, ass and mouth.

She had to take a deep breath to regain her composure and slowly opened her eyes with her mind made up. She would certainly help him find other lovers, what had he called her? His fuck toy? She smiled; she would certainly be his fuck toy, anytime, anyplace. She knew she would do anything to please him, anything at all just to feel that kind of pleasure again.

"Well, I guess I'd better fix myself up and get back out there and see what I can do for Brian." She spoke softly, smiling sexily at herself as she fixed her hair and then reapplied her crimson red lipstick, unable to keep herself from thinking about wrapping her lips around Brian's cock again. Focusing again, Kelly made a simple adjustment to her semi-bra, which again sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. As she again tied off her tuxedo shirt and fastened two of the buttons thinking, "God my nipples... they've never been this sensitive before. It must be him."

Smoothing her micro miniskirt and tugging it down, which barely covered her ass and now hairless slit, she spun on her 5-inch spike heels and headed out the door back to the VIP lounge.  She was eager and anxious to see what she could do for the man that she had just met and then sucked and fucked in the course of less than an hour. She hoped that he'd take her again soon.

Brian looked up again as the dancer he was watching half ass her way through her set on stage was replaced by another girl. As he watched her strut like the queen she obviously thought herself to be Brian was startled as Kelly had snuck up behind him and licked his ear.

"Like what you see?" she asked, whispering huskily in Brian's ear.

Allowing a sly grin to cross his lips, "Maybe just a little."

Pressing her chest into his side, "Her name is Lynette. She thinks she's a princess."

Brian reached down behind, wrapping his arm somewhat behind her so he could get a handful of her ass. "A princess huh?" giving her butt a little squeeze, eliciting a soft moan from her.

Laying her cheek on his shoulder, relishing the feeling of his hand stroking her backside, "Yeah, it's like she thinks everyone working here should be at her beck and call. C'mon, she's pretty... but there are a lot hotter girls here than her. She acts like we should all be her personal attendants, waiting on her hand and foot and the customers should just hand her the money without her having to do a thing."

Brian mulled that over in his mind as he looked Lynette. Her hair, a light blonde somewhere between honey and platinum, hung down to the bottom of her shoulder blades with the bangs pulled back into a ponytail. Her nose looked just a little big for her face, lips a little thin as well. Brian continued making mental notes of her few flaws. It was a short list, she was a pretty young woman.

"She refuses it wear a thong, much less a g-string, like all the other girls. And then she wonders why the guys just watch for a few minutes and then go to another stage. It's like she wont take her clothes off till somebody drops at least $20, and that rarely happens." Kelly continued. "Sure you wanna meet her?" thinking this might be her first chance to find Brian his next lover, yet wishing it wouldn't be Lynette.

Brian made up his mind, he'd have this 'Lynette' or whatever her real name was. It was, he decided, time to get nasty. "Maybe in a little bit."

He guided Kelly towards his table, plans forming even as he spoke, "Would you do me a favor and ask Mr. Dane to come in and then get me another drink please?" still stroking her ass.

"I'd be happy to," she smiled and gracefully slipped out of his arms and headed to the door back to the rest of the club while Brian sat.

A few minutes later Dane sauntered up and slid into the booth next to Brian, "What's up?"

"Well I was just starting to feel that I was keeping you late. You should get home to your wife."

"You sure? I don't want to leave my best client hanging and all."

Brian smiled, "Yeah I'm sure. Go on and get outta here. I'm gonna get outta here myself in a little bit."

"OK, if you're sure. Oh yeah... I think that hot little waitress of yours has got the hots for ya. Play it right and you might get some of that." Dane spoke with a hushed tone hinting at conspiracy.

Not wanting to let his new advisor in on what had already had occurred, Brian decided it was best to play dumb, "Gee, do ya really think so?"

"Trust me, Brian. I may have been married for 6 years now, but I can tell these things."

Brian just smiled and did his best to act shy, thinking, "If you only knew."

Dane stood up and shook Brian's hand and added, "Have some fun and see what you can do to hook up. She's a damn good looking woman." With that he turned and headed out, ready to see his wife.

Brian watched Dane leave and then turned his attention back to his PDA. Pulling up the Master Control Program. Picking up his list of dancers with their real and stage names. He looked up Lynette by her stage name, finding her real name (Mina Dael) he quickly entered it into the MCP.

Almost instantly he was looking at her profile and the rotating image of her. Scrolling down he studied her stats until Kelly returned. Closing the flip top cover, he turned and smiled at her, noting that something as simple as giving her a warm smile seemed to have an affect of her.

Kelly walked back into the VIP room after seeing Alex Dane leaving the club and found Brian sitting in his booth clicking away on a palm computer. As she walked up to the table he flipped it closed and smiled up at her. She felt a tingling all over and smiled sexily back at him, carefully handing his drink over, she felt a warm blush rise from the tops of her breasts up to her face... not to mention down across her nipples and then to her clit. "God this guy makes me so fucking hot. I just got the fucking of a life time and I'm getting horny all over again," she thought.

Brian patted the cushion next to him, indicating she should sit. She was noticeably excited to again be able to get close to him.

"Forgive me, but I have a couple of things that I just have to get done." He whispered into her ear.

Kelly shuddered and squirmed in her seat, "OK... why don't I get Lynette to come in for a minute so you can get to know her?" She was eager now to make Brian happy.

"That'd be good. I do want to get to know some of the other girls."

Kelly leaned forward, "I bet you do," and gave him a wet kiss, relishing the feeling of having him suckle her lower lip. She then got up and started to leave.

"Oh yeah," he quickly added, "What time does Lynette get off tonight?"

Kelly slowed down, figuring he had already picked out another playmate, and called back over her shoulder, "Midnight, she's one of the early girls. I'll send her in for ya in a few minutes," and gave him a knowing wink.

Brian knew that she thought she had a good idea of what he was thinking and played along, "Guess I want to see just how much of a bitch she is for myself."

Kelly just smiled and turned back to the doors again.

Returning to his PDA and the MCP, Brian looked over Lynette's profile. Her image in MCP appeared to show that she was sitting someplace having a cigarette. She was 19, just old enough to work in the club. She had a decent body, nothing spectacular and had obviously never taken much care to stay in shape. Her 32Bx28x36 showed potential, but needed some work. Brian started formulating how to shape the 5 foot 2 inch tall wanna be a stripper with an attitude.

"So you 're the big shot that got Bobby fired huh?" came a voice with a snotty tone.

Brian looked up to see Lynette standing a few feet away, she had a look on her face that seemed to say to him that he'd better make it worth her time or she would just turn and leave.

He gave her a quick once over. While she was dressed nicely, it was a long way from every other stripper in the place was wearing. Her skirt came just below her knee, not very flattering or sexy for that matter. Her sweater was loose, but cut short still showed a little bit of her midriff, and that she could use some time in a gym. What caught Brian the most by surprise were her shoes. He'd spent his fair share of time in strip clubs and this was the first time he'd ever seen a stripper wearing flats.

"I think he managed to get himself fired."

Lynette/Mina shrugged, obviously growing bored and sipped her drink, "Yeah, yeah... whatever. I was told you wanted to see me, so here I am."

"God damn, what an attitude." Brian thought to himself while taking a long drink before saying as politely as he could, "Well, I'm thinking of investing in the club and wanted to meet some of the people that work here before I make up my mind."

"Oh so you have some money huh?" she asked, and seemed to go out of her way to be as condescending as possible, "I guess that makes you special?" she added with a sarcastic tone.

Brian continued his ruse, ignoring her bitchiness, and motioned with his hand for her to sit, "Would you care to join me?" adding his most charming smile.

Kelly walked in, mostly to see Brian, but also to see just how much of a bitch Lynette was going to be. She strutted with a purpose to the table where they sat and sweetly asked, "May I get either of you something to drink?" smiling at him with a glimmer of lust still radiating in her eyes.

Brian had seen her coming and smiled back, "Not for me right now, Lynette would you care for a drink?"

The psuedo-stripper simply oozed disdain, not even having the courtesy to look over her shoulder to see who had been speaking to her, instead simply waving her hand as if to say that Kelly was dismissed. She also sealed her fate.

Kelly held in her laugh and rolled her eyes, spun on her heels and left her new lover alone with the bitch.

"So, is this just another waste of my time? Or are you gonna make this worth it to me?" Lynette said with a sneer in her voice. Obviously this little girl didn't know when she was in the company of her betters.

Brian decided to have a little fun with his soon to be toy. Pulling the wad of $100 bills out of his pocket he peeled off 5 of them and flipped them onto the table in her general direction. Then, with his sweetest voice, "I just wanted to speak for a few minutes. To get to know some of the girls here," as he picked up his PDA and flipped it open and began to write a few commands to her.

Lynette was actually caught off guard when this stranger so casually tossed out $500 to apparently talk to her for a few minutes, then her ego kicked in again, "About time someone made it worth my while to sit with 'em," she thought. In truth, this was the single largest tip she'd ever made and usually took almost 2 weeks to pull in $500.

Command to alter target's reality: You will be polite and answer all of Brian's questions, none of his questions honestly will seem to be out of order or unusual. You will stay until you are dismissed. You will refer to Brian as 'Sir'.

Brian clicked send and grinned to himself, thinking "This should be fun."

She noticed his grin and wondered what that was all about as she finally sat at the booth, taking her seat as far from him as possible so he didn't get any idea's.

"So tell me about yourself," he began, wanting to start slowly.

She just gave him another sneer, "What do you want to know... sir?" even as she felt a brief tingle.

Brian decided what the hell and just dug right in, seeing that while she would answer his questions she wasn't going to make it easy. "Do you have a boy friend? Or husband?"

"No, sir. I haven't been with anyone since I was 16," she told him and then immediately wondered why the hell she told him that. She usually told the guys that she was married (dumb ass stripper, eh folks?). And why the hell did she just call him 'Sir'?

"What about your family?"

Again she spoke without taking a moment to think about her answer, "My father left when I was 11 and disappeared with his secretary, haven't seen him since. My mother had an emotional breakdown a few years later and then baked her brain on coke. My sister took off when she was 13 and I dunno where the hell she is. I got shipped off to this exclusive all girls boarding school till I took off my self when I was 16 and haven't looked back since." Her voice now soft and sweet and polite, her mind racing as she couldn't understand why she was telling her these things that were none of his damn business.

"Guessing that you don't have a roommate, huh?"

"No, sir. I only have a small studio apartment. Too small to share with anyone."

Brian thought, "Hmmm, good... no family or other ties. No one to miss her," and then asked, "So why are you such a bitch?" already guessing the answer.

Taken back by such a blunt and, in her mind, rude, question. She wanted to slap him and walk out, but Lynette was completely amazed that she stayed right where she was and to her own voice confessing some of her inner most thoughts, "Why shouldn't I be. The world owes me. Why should all of these girls have a better life than me? Oh please. Why should anyone? I plan to collect on what's mine, at that's to be waited on hand and foot. Champagne and caviar." She went on for a bit more, explaining that her father had been a very successful executive and took his fortune with him, from that moment on she was determined that she would trample on men every chance she got.

Brian figured that he could understand that. At the same time he couldn't help but think that it was just like a woman to twist things like that.

"Well, tell me this... if you could have 3 wishes, anything you wanted, what would you ask for?"

Lynette thought this was an incredibly odd question but took a minute to think about her answer. "Well, sir... a nice house... or condo.  Whatever... just a really nice place to live.  Plush... with all the amenities. Top line stuff, ya know?"

Brian nodded and smiled as she continued, thinking just how perfectly this was going to fall into place.

"Nice kitchen, big too. Lot's of space all over. Big bed, huge bathroom. Something that a movie star would live in," she added.

Writing on his PDA, seemingly making notes, Brian pressed on, "Your second wish?"

She thought again, "I wish I was taller... and maybe in a little better shape." She was astonished once again that she had just confessed her unhappiness with the shape her body had, something she never would have admitted. She felt her face to redden as she blushed deeply.

"Well... that would almost count as 2 wishes... but I'll let it slide," he responded with a wink and a smile, think that some spike heels would take care of her height issue and knowing that he already had plans for her body. "Only 1 more wish. What would it be?"

She didn't even have to think about it and quickly said, "Money, I wouldn't want to ever worry about money."

Again Brian could understand that, and was glad that he would be able to help her in his own sort of way. He would give her exactly what she wished for... but there was going to be a price to pay.

He looked down at his watch, "Well, it's almost time for you to go home. Thanks for your time," and added his most charming smile.

Lynette/Mina was a bit confused. That's all he wanted to ask her about? How the hell would any of what she said influence whether or not he would invest in the club? She figured he was full of shit, that it was just a line to try and impress her, who can blame him though right? But then again he had to have had a couple thousand dollars in his pocket. Oh well, she thought, at least she got her money. With that final thought she stood up, "See ya," and headed out.

Brian just smiled and bid her good night, already writing on his PDA again. "Time for fun and games," he said softly to himself as the doors swung closed behind her.

As Lynette left the VIP room she decided that since she had already made good money for the night and knew that she wouldn't be called on stage again, she was through for the night.

"Let the bimbo's deal with the unappreciative jerks."  She mumbled, but had said it a little louder than she had intended to and it drew a few ugly looks from some of the girls nearby.

A few minutes later she was sitting in front of the mirror in the dressing room, packing the few things she brought to work with her. She felt another brief, gentle tingling in the middle of her brain, it only lasted for not even a full second. She sat back and shook her head as though clearing cobwebs from her mind and stripped down completely, something that she had never done before at the club because she felt uncomfortable doing so. She never even noticed that she tossed both her cotton granny panties and bra into the nearby trash can.

 Then while she changed into her baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt that was at least 3 sizes too big, she just decided that it was time to quit. "Yeah, that's it... I'm outta here. Fuck this place and these people." With that she grabbed her bag and headed to the manger's office.

Brian finished sending some new commands to Lynette/Mina and got his things together and headed for the door, it was time to leave before it got too late. Kelly walked him halfway there, very pleased with the tips she had gotten tonight. Both the thorough fucking she got earlier and the $500 tip he tucked into the front of her g-string before they came out of the VIP room, the folded up bill were still rubbing her clit just the right way.

They got about 20 feet from the club's foyer when she stopped and gave him a peck on the check, longing to suckle his tongue again but knowing that would draw undue attention and she'd hate to cause him any embarrassment. She then slipped a slip of paper into the breast pocket of his jacket.

"That's my number in case you wanna get together again some time," her eyes sparkling up at him, full of both hope and lust.

Grinning broadly Brian looked down at her, "Oh I think that you can count on that. We'll have to see how your schedule works out next week. Sound good?"

Kelly just nodded enthusiastically.

"Ok, I'll call soon hon. Now you'd better get back to work so you don't get either of us in trouble," giving her a wink.

Reluctantly she slowly walked backwards, not wanting to take her eyes off him even as he continued on his way out. Finally she turned and went to clean up the VIP room before anyone else went in and possible found some evidence of their frenzied sex... and to relive it in her mind again.

Brian stepped out of the main room of the club and up to the register where Honey, the bottle blonde door girl, stood talking to another, equally beautiful woman with radiant dark red hair tied back in a pony tail. Quickly running his eyes over her body Brian wasn't able to tell much other than she was about 5'5" and had a huge set of tits. Brian liked red heads.

As he walked up Holly continued to talk with her friend until he was a couple feet away when she turned and her smile seemed to light up the darkened foyer. "Hi there handsome!" she cooed as she walked around the counter again and slipped under his arm which allowed her to blatantly press her massive jugs into his side.

Brian looked down and into her eyes and smiled, "Hey yourself babe."

Honey just beamed and walked him to her friend, the red head. "This is Tammy, my rommie and best friend."

Extending his hand to Tammy, "Nice ta meetcha Tammy. You work here too?"

Tammy too his hand, thinking that this must be the cute guy Honey had been telling her about. He -was- cute. "Yeah, I work here too. I took a couple nights off though. Seems I picked the wrong night to take off." Giving him a sexy smile and a wink.

Brian smiled right back and gave Honey a squeeze at the same time, "Well I don't think I made it that an interesting night. But maybe I can make it up to you ladies if you'll let me?" Brian's mind was working over time, and knew he had have them both.

In a beautiful chorus of voices, both girls purred like only strippers can at the same time, "Maaaybe."

"Well, tell ya what... gimme your number and I'll give you a call tomorrow and see what we can put together?"

Honey and Tammy looked at each other, seeming to have some kind of psychic girl meeting about whether to give their home phone number out to a customer. After just a few seconds the both smiled at each other and nodded, Honey then turned and got a book of matches and wrote in it.

Handing it to Brian she spoke with a voice that could have caused many a hard on if she'd been a phone sex operator, her lips pouting, "Don't keep us waiting all day, or we may just have to find another stud who'll treat us right."

Brian laughed out loud, "Oh I wont, I promise."

Tammy chimed in, "You'd better not!"

He took the book of matches and placed it in his pocket, "You have my solemn word ladies."

Back in the dressing room Tammy snapped out of a little daydream, surprised to have been thinking about Brian. "That was weird," was all she could say.

Ten minutes later she was walking out, nose stuck in the air. She couldn't believe that Kyle, the General Manager, hadn't even tried to talk her into staying, not that it would have done any good anyways, she didn't even notice Brian standing in the foyer as she walked out the front double doors.

As she walked out she started to look around for a cab when she noticed the limo. Not that limo's were all uncommon, but there was something about that one. She stood there for a moment, not really sure why, it was like she was waiting for something. Brian then walked past her, turning and bid her a good night.

"Wow, I didn't realize how cute he is, nice butt too... wonder what his cock looks like?" she thought, and then wondered if maybe he'd give her a ride... in more way's than just home. That startled her, "Why the hell did I think that?" She hadn't thought of a man sexually in sometime. Not since that asshole she was dating 3 years ago tried to get her to go down on him, something she refused to do. She shrugged it off and shuffled quickly to catch up with him, she did need a ride after all.

"Hey, Mr. Archer... any chance I can get a ride home?"

Brian, knowing what was coming, stopped and feigned ignorance, "Wouldn't that be breaking some rule with you working here?" he asked innocently.

Uncharacteristically of just 30 minutes ago, Lynette/Mina pouted and looked at her feet and said in a cute, almost little girl voice, "Please? I'd really appreciate it." She found herself surprisingly meaning it too.

Brian acted as though he wasn't sure and was thinking about it, "Well, if you already quit then I guess that would be ok." The driver had walked back and opened the door for him, Brian stood aside and held is arm out showing her in to the back of the black stretch limo.

As more of the commands Brian had sent her earlier took seed in her being, Lynette giggled and scurried in and took a seat. Before Brian was even half way in herself she slipped off into a deep sleep, just as he had coordinated via the Master Control program.

Brian sat and saw her sleeping peacefully even as the driver, Roger Filmore was his name, closed the door. Looked towards the of the car he found the divider already up, giving him some privacy with his new play toy. He saw her chest begin to swell beneath her sweatshirt, growing from her previous handful to massive 40EE globes that would have made some of the top porn stars envious. Good thing he had remembered Kelly's discomfort earlier in the evening and had Lynette do away with her undergarmet's.

Her nose became smaller, becoming a cute little button nose that was up turned up just a
little bit. Her cheekbones raised a little bit, but retained her youthful fullness. Her lips becoming fuller and with a sexy pout to them.

Her eyebrows became slightly thinner, as though they were perfectly groomed while her lashes became fuller.

The rest of her changes went on unseen beneath her baggy clothes. That was part of the game Brian was playing with himself, he wanted to wait and see her when the final commands kicked in.

A few minutes had past and her physical transformation was complete. Lynette opened her eyes and never realized that she had been unconscious, much less at the radical changes to her body and mind. As far as she was aware they had just gotten in the car and they pulled out of the parking lot.

As if remembering something long forgotten she turned to Brian and asked in a sweet, soft voice and batting her eyelashes at him, "Mister, could we stop at the drug store right quick? Please?"

To keep her at ease Brian was happy to oblige her and used the intercom to tell the driver to stop at a 24 hour drug store that was just a few blocks away. As soon as they pulled up to the door Lynette opened her door and rushed in, not entirely sure what it was that she needed. Only that there were only a few things she -had- to get right away.

Lynette headed right to the cosmetic's case and picked out several things, a few different shapes of lipstick, some plush, compact, eyeliner... all the other usual things girls from the club always had with them. She'd never bothered before to make a fuss over her makeup, settling instead for a more bland look compared to the others. It all seemed perfectly normal for her to get it all. She found a cute transparent plastic makeup bag, she was thrilled that it had the Power Puff Girls on it and gave a little giggle.

She quickly wandered around the rest of the store, not entirely sure what she was looking for but was sure that she'd know it when she saw it. Finally she came across some cute little hair ties as she headed into the pharmacy section.

Lynette stood looking at the bottom shelf, staring at the bottles of the enemas. She wasn't sure at all why she needed it, only that she needed it. She reach down and got 2 and placed them in her basket, then just to be sure she grabbed another.. She didn't want to not have gotten enough. She looked over her basket and checked to make sure she had everything. Satisfied that she did she headed to the check out, grabbing a Coke on her way and a lollipop.

Brian had just given the driver their next stop and looked up as the door opened, "Well that didn't take long at all sweetie."

Lynette just giggled and sat down, noticeably closer than before, and handed him the soda, "Thanks for driving me around Mister."

He ran a finger across her cheek, sending an electric wave of pleasure thru her, with one hand as the closed around the Coke can, "My pleasure my dear, my pleasure." Brian was quite happy to see that things were moving along smoothly and that her new, albeit temporary, persona was slowly taking hold.

They sat mostly in silence as the car drove on to their next destination, save for her audible increase in her breathing as the MCP commands sent earlier began to slowly increase her attraction to Brian and she started to become hornier with each passing moment. He kept his and on her thigh which continued to increase her excitement.

A short time later they pulled up to a fetish clothing, lingerie and adult shop, stopping in front of the front door. Lynette just stared at the doors for a few seconds.

"Well, here you go. This is the right store isn't it?" Brian asked.

Suddenly she had a memory of asking him to stop here so she could pick up a few other things, "Oh yeah! Gee thanks mister!"

He just smiled as she opened the door, taking her bag from the drug store with her.

Walking in she looked around and was amazed at all the things she saw. She'd never been in a fetish/porno shop and gazed around in wonder. She realized slowly that she wanted to come here so she could find something hot to wear. Something naughty, kinky even, to turn on that nice, sweet, hot, sexy stud Mr. Archer. She looked around for a few minutes and found what she thought was the perfect combination of shoes, clothes, something sexy for underneath and a few other things. She asked as sweetly as any man had ever heard if she could change in the bathroom after she had paid for everything. The cashier just drooled and nodded, pointing towards the back of the store.

Less than a minute later she was striping down naked in the gross bathroom. Once she had her sweat's, shoes and socks off she started on her make up first. Glancing in the mirror and looking over her naked body,  she thought how cute her pussy looked with out any hair, she couldn't resist sneaking a finger down and giving her clit a little flick. The electric like jolt of pleasure made her squeal like an over sexed kitten.

From somewhere she knew it was import that she look her best, she had to look like the hot little slut that she felt like. She didn't know why, just that it was terribly important.

Once she was done with her face and satisfied with her look, she got the tiny bottle of lube she just bought and 2 of the enemas. She'd never had one before, and couldn't fathom why she was about to stick the tube in her ass and squirt all that fluid deep into her bowels, but wanted to make sure that she was fresh and clean everywhere. She carefully pulled the safety seal off both bottles and screwed on the top, thinking how the 4-inch tube/spout somehow reminded her of a little cocks. Blushing and giggling at such an idea, she took the lube and liberally greased up both of the spouts before bending over as best she could, resting on as little of the sink as possible and trying to keep her ass over the toilet at the same time.

"Ooo! That feels good!"

While Brian sat in the back of the limo he used his PDA and the Master Control Program to send a simple command to the driver...  Once he was done for the night he would forget everything about where they had gone and that a woman had joined him.

Once that he had finished with that he rolled the passenger side window down halfway so that he could see Lynette/Mina as soon as she walked out of the store. The anticipation was killing him. He had left the decision of what to get up to her, for the most part, after feeding her mind with what he thought was hot and sexy for a woman to wear, the command was simply that she knew exactly what would turn him on. He was really looking forward to this little surprise and to see what she had picked out and to see what her new body looked like in the flesh.

He had just taken his second drag off his cigarette when she walked out. Had this been a scene from a cartoon, his jaw would have dropped thru the floor of the car and the carpet would be soaked in drool.

Lynette looked like something out of either a porn movie or a wet dream, he couldn't decide for sure which. Her hair was done up in two pigtails, each hung past her shoulders. Her eye shadow faded from very dark gray to light pink at the corners. Her blush was light, but obvious. Her lips looked luscious with a thick coat of pink lipstick. His cock began to stir.

She had managed to cover most of her massive mammaries with a white shoulder-less crop top that was obviously stretched to its limit, the bottoms of her globes still visible from underneath. Printed in pink letters right across her tits was a single word, 'SLUT'.

She had a red, pink and white-checkered tiny micro flirt skirt that barely covered her crotch... giving anyone that looked close enough a glimpse of her white panties.  If a breeze caught it just right her panties would be visible, riding high on her hips above the waistline of her skirt. It was cut low enough to bare her midriff to just below her belly button. The tops of her opaque white stay-up stockings were clearly visible, little pick roses decorated the lace. Brian licked his lips and hoped a cop didn't come driving by anytime soon.

She was carrying her new cosmetic bag, the little strap over her shoulder, and a large plastic bag from the store in which she seemed to have her put her sweats and what ever else she bought in the porn shop. She stopped just outside of the doors to the shop, dropping her bag. She fiddled with her lollipop, trying to get the wrapper off. Once she got it off she popped it into her mouth as the wrapper slipped out of her hand.

Brian continued to watch, somewhat fascinated, as she quickly took the sucker back out of her mouth with an audible 'Pop!' and turned around, her back now to him, the cheeks of her tight new bubble butt visible, looking for the wrapper she had dropped and simple said, "Oopsie!"

Brian wasn't sure if this was a coincidence or if she had panned it all when she slightly spread her legs and bent over at the waist to pick up the offending piece of trash. A slight gust caught her as she was bent all the way over, knees barely bent as well. Her skirt flipped up for just a second and exposed her butt completely. In that instant Brian was able to se that she had chosen a micro thong, even tinier and skimpier than a g-string, it's small triangle sliver of cloth barely containing her nether lips. He thought he saw something catch the light from the street lamps between her legs too, but couldn't be sure before she stood after grabbing the piece of paper and her bag.

Lynette/Mina turned around, facing the cab once more, and licked her lolly. She had to take short baby steps to maintain her balance as she walked. Brain craned his neck and was thrilled to see she had chosen, on her own, a pair of extreme spike heels that looked almost like pointed ladies wing tips, except these had what looked to be 6 inches of narrow spike heel. His sly smile almost turned into a tooth grin, which he had to quickly conceal as she got closer, "Well she wanted to be taller."

She took her little steps towards the limo, teetering on her heels, hoping that Mr. Archer would still be willing to give her a ride. She felt so bad for even asking to go so far out of his way for her. He was a nice man, and so cute too. "I hope he likes my outfit."

As she got up to the window, she leaned forward and peered into the window, which gave Brian an excellent view of her ample cleavage. Purring like a kitten, "Mister, can you still give me a ride? Pleeeeaase?"

"I'd love to give you a ride babe! Hurry up and get your ass in here."

She squealed with glee and excitement like a teenager at a concert, hardly able to wait another second to get in and sit as close to him as possible. Opening the door and quickly slamming it shut behind her as she slid across the fine leather seat and got hip to hip with the nice man, working her way under his arm, the car pulled away and headed for Brian's house even as she tried to scoot closer.

Brian rolled his eyes over her again, savoring the look of her tight little body and gigantic tits encased in such a hot outfit. Maybe he'd just seen one too many Max Hardcore porno's, but she looked delicious and reminded him of that porn starlet Tammy Monroe.

"So what's your name little girl?"

She had to think for a second, then was able to remember her name, "I'm Mina. Nice ta meetcha!" giggling like a school girl and smiling sexily, each of the alterations to her going step by step just as he had planned.

Brian continued playing his game, "Don't you look like a big girl, are those your clothes?"

Mina's new memories of herself took a firm hold now, everything of her past life was forgotten now, re-written with those he made for her. She looked down at her lap and played with the hem of her skirt, which had risen and dared to expose her barely covered snatch, "Noooo... I had to sneak 'em out of my older sister's closet."

He was barely able to contain his excitement but managed as best he could, savoring each moment, making a mock gasp, "You took your big sister's clothes?! You bad girl!" giving her a wink and slowly stroking a finger along the top of her shoulder and neck.

Brian had used many of the same commands he had used only Kelly to adjust Mina, some with minor changes... tweaks as it were. Right now the one affecting her was the one that made her extra sensitive and sexually excited from his touch.  The feeling of his finger tip teasing her shoulder and neck was making her tingle all over and she could feel her juices starting to build as the excitement made it's way down to her pussy.  "Ohmigawd, ohmigawd... like my clitty wasn't throbbing already," was all she could think as she drew a sharp breath.

Brian could see that her breathing was starting to increase and heat was on the rise, "Why did you take your sisters clothes little girl?" he teased, already anticipating the answer but wanting to here it from her pouting lips.

Mina looked up at him, her lips pouting, "I was hoping that they'd make me look grown up and more popular with boys," batting her lashes at him.

Brian took her hand closest to him with his free one and slowly slid it into his lap and towards his crotch, "Well, you sure do look like a big girl," continuing to toy with her, "would you like me to teach you how to be really popular?"

Hearing him say that he would help her become more popular made her feel so excited and happy, and realizing that her hand was now being placed on his cock so she could feel semi hard beneath her palm as he leaned her father back into the seat caused her to blush from her head to her toes.

Brian left her hand stroking his cock and raised his finger across her stomach, feeling her shiver as her excitement continued to build. Slowly rising his finger to her heaving chest and then slowly across the letters printed on her shirt, "What's this say on your shirt little girl?"

Looking down and her shirt she read the word for what seemed like the fist time, "It says... SLUT."

Finding her left nipple, just beneath the T, he lightly flicked (almost causing her to orgasm) as he leaned into her ear, "Is that what you want to be? A slut?" and flicked his tongue across her earlobe.

As he spoke he realized that was exactly what she wanted to be. A slut. His slut. She knew and wanted more than anything to be his slut. She would do any and everything to please him, anytime and anyplace. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him. Her new life was upon her, her past forgotten.

All Mina could do was whisper huskily, "Yessssssssssssssss," and closed her eyes as he found her other nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He felt something else there, with her nipple, and was puzzled as to what to could be.

Brian slid his hand up under her shirt and pulled it up, exposing her bountiful globes. Her areolas where just slightly larger than a quarter, and like Kelly's new pair, Mina's nipples were now slightly larger than pencil erasers about 1/2 an inch long just the way he liked. What surprised him was that she had, again all on her own, attached nipple clamps that were joined by a thin silver chain.  He couldn't help but give each one a quick pinch, carefully tightening his finger and thumb around and pulling just a bit. He could tell that her excitement was high, on the verge of cumming, as she squirmed in her seat and her scent filled the back of the limo.

"Now that's nice... very kinky. Is that what you want to be? A kinky little girl slut?"

All she could manage was another nod, "Uhh huh... wanna be -your- kinky little girl slut." She continued her groaning and moaning, Mina's lust was rising. She was sure that he had some kind of mastery of her body as he kept bringing her to the brink and then pulling her back. She loved ever minute of it.

"You got some big fuckin tits, don't you slut?" as he continued to alternate teasing one nipple at a time, twisting and pulling carefully and then giving them a flick with his finger.

It was music to her ears, she managed to nod her head and give an affirming, "Big fuckin titties, Mister."

Grinning Brian went on, "I bet you could even suck your own nipples too, huh?" as he lifted her right tit towards her pouting lips.

Mina, in her need to please and arouse him, took the tit from him with her own hand and lowered her head and started to lick and suck her right nipple, then brought the left one up as well and gave it some much needed attention.

"That's a good girl!" he praised, making her feel so good for having done something he approved of. "You know, all the popular sluts with big tits lick and suck their own nipples, guys like that." Mina so wanted to be his popular slut, she'd have to be sure she remembered to suck her nipples for him.

Brian leaned in and joined her in suckling her nipples even as he reached down and raised the edge of her tiny skirt up to her waist, exposing her barely covered pussy, the micro thong already soaked and riding up between her lips.

Slipping a finger under her micro panties he leaned back as she continued to tongue and suck her right nipple, looking every erotic indeed. "Why you don't have any pussy hair!" he exclaimed.

Her face told her concern, "I hope that's ok. Maybe I'll grow some someday."

"Oh that's alright. I like your bald little cunt," as he tugged her panties up, causing them to easily slide up and parting her nether lips.

Looking down to see the beauty of her bald snatch, Brian found another surprise. He had seen something else between her legs when she had bent over earlier. "What do we have here?" he asked, pulling her micro thong over to the side and giving the chain connecting her nipple clamps and tug which caused her to groan.

Mina had also slipped on a clit clip. The glimmer he had seen was the reflection from the streetlights on the clear crystals that dangled form the clip along her pussy lips. Looking into her half opened, lusting eyes he reach down and pinched the ends of the clip together. As the wonderful pressure on her clit sharply increased, Mina's juices dripped from her waiting hole.

"That's very naughty," he said with a sly smile playing on his lips as he watched her wither in ecstasy, "do you know what happens to naughty little girl sluts like you?" He expected her to reply with something along the lines of either "No sir", "Anything you want sir" or something like that.

Mina instead pouted even sexier and looked at him doe-eyed, radiating her horny state, "Do they get... spanked, sir?" her voice sounded curious, almost afraid, and suggestive at the same time.

Again she astonished him, and Brian couldn't help but play along. "That's right. Hot little sluts love to be spanked," he whispered into he ear as he slid her clip off and released the pressure from her clit.

Mina let a sound from her lips that was a mixture of a gasp of shock and anticipation past her full lips as Brian pulled her face down across his lap. He raised her skirt and massaged her firm ass with both hands. Then with out warning he slapped her right cheek sharply, causing Mina to gasp loudly in surprise.

Brian then began a pattern of spanking one cheek and then the other, taking time to massage each stroke before delivering the next. Mina's mind and body were responding to other commands Brian had sent, that she would become excited by his slightest touch (like he had done with Kelly), but he had added that the more intense the contact, the more intense her excitement and pleasure would be.

Mina shook as she orgasmed each of the last 3 strokes were delivered, her mind swimming in a sea of pleasure she never thought possible and her gasps of pain turned to moans of pleasure.

Stopping at 5 slaps to each cheek, Brian was amazed at her reaction. Her taught stomach applied pressure to his throbbing cock and he fought to keep control, not wanting to blow his load in his pants.

Mina panted, barely able to utter a sound beyond a grunt and thinking "Ohmigawd..." over and over in her mind as she relished the feeling of his hands continuing to massage her ass even as he slipped fingers lower now and then to play with the rosebud of her anus and then to play with her clit thru her soaked panties that had slipped completely between her cunt lips.

Brian began to wonder what else she might have in her bag. Leaning over he picked it up with one hand, the other massaging her backside as she continued to lay across his lap. Looking in side he was pleased to find that she had picked up two vibrators, the sliver and gold, and a pink butt plug about the size of 2 fingers and about 5 inches or so.

"You have some naughty toys her slut. Would you like to play with them?" he toyed with her, holding the plug up for her to see as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Mina spoke with a husky tone, continuing her role as his little slut girl, "Oh mister! I don't even know what that is! I just took em from my sister's panty drawer. Can you show me what it is?"

Brian smiled at her, again thrilling her with how nice he was to her to show her what her role in life really was and now how to use her wonderful new toys. He reached down and tugged the thin strip of elastic that slipped between the cheeks of her ass pulling them down to her knees. After spreading her legs her a bit wider he took the butt plug and ran it up and down her slit a few times, covering it with her own creamy juice.

After coating it with a thick coat he held it up to her mouth, "Here, give it a lick and see how yummy your cunt is."

Mina had never tasted the essence of herself and just looked at the pink toy for a second before snaking her tounge out to give it an apprehensive taste. "Mmmmm... I do taste yummy," was all she managed before he pushed it into her mouth, smearing her lips with her cum. She sucked it like she was giving head to it.

To her disappointment he slowly drew it back out of her wanting mouth as a long string of her spittle strung out from her lip to her toy. Brian saw and was pleased to see her new toy was now slick with both her spit and her cum. He took it from her mouth and told her, "Now reach back with both hands and spread your ass."

Mina did as she was told, loving the feeling she got from doing as he instructed her, and reached back and grasped with both hands to spread her ass cheeks wide, doing so she arched her back even more and pressed her tits into the seat even more so. As he began to tease her rosebud, eliciting moans of anticipation.  As he pressed the first half-inch into her ass she gasped as she felt a little pain from her backdoor was stretched open just a little bit. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as the plug was pressed deeper into her ass, she ground into his lap with renewed desire, groaning and moaning as the pleasure she was feeling intensified and the pressure of her next orgasm told her it was going to be a big one.

After slipping the plug into her ass as far as it went, Brian slowly slid it back out till just the tip parted her rectum. She moaned, "Oh God yes!" as he took his time pushing it back in. Once it was back in place he gave her ass another slap, causing her to again gasp loudly at her surprise.

"Like that toy up in your ass little girl?"

Mina nodded as she tried to grind her cunt into his knee, "Oooo, it feels so good up there. Feels soooo nice to have my ass filled like that."

"Now reach down and pull your panties up, lil girl." He rolled her off his lap and back into her seat.

As she pulled her little micro thong back into place and her top back over her tits the limo pulled up to Brian's house. The driver got out and opened the curb side door open for them. Brian got out first and held his hand out to help Mina stand up. She had a hard enough time maintaining her balance being perched almost on her tip toes in her pink 6 inch spike heels. The addition of the 5 inch plug in her ass was making her swoon and made it hard for her think of anything other than fucking and sucking like the hot little slut she was.

Brian turned to the driver, "I'm going to need a ride first thing tomorrow morning. Say about... oh, 9 o'clock?" and shook his hand.

The driver nodded with a smile, not taking notice of Mina, "I'll be here at 9 o'clock sharp, sir" as he felt the tip being palmed and pressed into his hand." As he walked back to the driver's door he glanced down at the money Brian had slipped him, very pleased to see the two $100 bills.

As the car pulled away Brian wrapped his arm around Mina, not so much as to help her walk but to get a handful of her ass. He loved seeing her teeter on her heels as she took quick baby steps to keep up with him.

After ushering her into the house, looking around quickly wishing that he would have had time for the maid service to come over like he wanted. That only gave him another idea for later on.

Returning his attention to Mina as she stood with her back to him, sucking on her lollipop. He grabbed her by the waist, holding her in place, as he stepped up and pushed into her ass so she could feel his raging hard on thru his pants.

Mina cooed at the feeling his bulge being pressed into her backside and his hands grasping at her tits, playing with her nipple clamps. She was dripping again, loving the feeling of her juices flowing from her pussy and then down her thighs. She could feel the tops of her stay up stockings beginning to get soaked just like her tiny panties. She giggled as the thought how wonderful it was to be Brian's slut. She felt special at being so popular with this wonderful man.

After playing with her tits and teasing her nipples, gratified with the moans she was making and how she was rolling her ass back and forth against his cock, Brian decided it was time to get down to it. Cupping one of her massive tits with one hand, he turned her around to face him as he used his other hand to lower his fly.

Mina turned as she was guided and hearing his zipper she looked down. "Oooo! Yummy!" as she saw him pulling cock out. She knew she'd never had a man's cock in her mouth before, why though she couldn't imagine! It looked so tasty and licked her lips as she thought of stuffing as much of it as she could into her mouth.

Brian pushed down on her shoulder and she instantly squatted, knees wide, till her face was only inches from his dick. "Open" was all he said. Obediently she looked up at him and smiled sexily at him before opening her mouth and being fed her first taste of cock.

She moaned around his tool, savoring the taste and feeling of it against her tounge. She gagged just a little bit as she took it to the back of her throat. This caused her to only salivate more, covering it  a thick layer that slid down the shaft and then his balls to drip onto her exposed tits.

Brian held onto pig tails, using them like handle bars as he slowly fucked her mouth. He pulled out of her warm and wet mouth, her tounge flicking at the tip,  and rolled his cockhead over her lips and chin and down a bit himself. Mina wrapped her massive tit flesh around his rod and began to give him a vigorous titty fuck, taking the head into her mouth when ever it popped out from between.

After several minutes of alternating between fucking her mouth and her tits it was, he decided, time for the main event. "Stand up Mina" he told her, helping her stand. He turned her around again and led her to the couch where he bent her over the arm, her ass high in the air, back arched, legs spread wide with her knees bent only slightly. She looked back over her shoulder at him, panting with lust.

Brian took the hip straps of her panties and pulled them down, lovingly watching as the slid down and out from between the lips of her cunt and the clit clip, a string of her juices stringing out and following them down. Kneeling down behind her he carefully slipped her clit clip, causing her to shake a bit as the pressure was released from her clit. Leaning forward he sucked her clit between her lips before running his tongue down her slit and then jabbing it into her hole. All the while Brian resumed sliding the butt plug in and out of her ass.

Mina was going crazy and shook as yet another orgasm rushed through her, covering his chin and filling his mouth with her cream. She was ridding a wave of pleasure and didn't even notice as she drooled and hand begun playing with her own tits again, raising them so she could suck a nipple into her mouth.

Standing up again Brian shed the rest of his clothes. Once naked he stepped up to the plate and slapped her clit from behind with his cock a few times before lining it up with her wanting hole. "Ready for it slut? Ready for my fuck-stick?"

Mina called out loudly, "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt with your big hard cock! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He pulled the plug from her ass and then slowly pressed his cock forward, taking his time to savor the feeling of the walls of her pussy as he slid in. Mina was moaning into her tit as she suckled on her nipple, loving the feeling of being filled with man meat.

Brian took a few more slow strokes, pulling out till just the tip parted her holiest of holies, before picking up the pace. He began to pummel her, slamming his cock in and out of her as he slipped his finger up her ass.

Mina had turned into a mass of nerve endings and felt like each was stimulated to it's maximum as she began to unconsciously push back into him, meeting his thrusts and causing him to fuck her even harder as he took long hard strokes. Brian pulled out and slapped her ass with his cock and smearing more of her cream on both cheeks. He stuffed his cock back into her sopping twat, swiftly burying it to the hilt and riding her hard.

After about 15 minutes Brian decided that he wanted her final hole he hadn't had yet. He pulled out of her pussy with a loud slurping sound, taking a second to scoop up as much of her lube on the head before lining it up with her asshole.

Feeling his cock pressing up against her rosebud, Mina knew what was coming (pardon the pun again) and moaned, "Stick it in my ass... filly my ass with your hard cock... fuck my ass! Fuck my ass mister!"

Brian loved hearing her talk dirty, increasing his pleasure in the moment. He pressed his rock hard tool into her backdoor, watching her asshole stretch open slowly to allow him entry to her butt.

At first Mina again felt pain as the helm of his rod passed beyond her rosebud, but it quickly turned to pleasure as the rest of her ass was filled to bursting with his tool. She grunted as he pumped her butt, creating feelings of intense pleasure she'd never dreamed of before. This is what she was born for she realized. She was a slut. An ass fucked, cock-slurping slut. Visions of cum spurting from his cock began to fill her mind.

With out warning he out of her ass, "Get on your back whore. I wanna watch your face while I fuck your ass." He followed her around the end of the couch and watched as she sat, ass barely on the edge of the cushion, and then laid back. She spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up till they were on either side of her full tits and held them back by wrapping her forearms on the inside of her calves and grasped her ankles. She looked as if she had almost rolled herself into a ball.

"Please fuck me more mister. Stuff your hard cock in my tight little asspipe. Ream your little slut's ass!" she panted, licking her pouting lips as she looked into his eyes as she continued to pull her ankles farther back, finally getting her knees behind her shoulders. She reached down with her fingers and spread her pussy lips and ass cheeks wide for him.

Two hours ago there was no way she could have twisted herself into such a lewd position, but Brian had foreseen a need to use the Master Control Program to give her the flexibility of a master contortionist. He looked down and thought, "It don't happen often, but now and then I have some damn good ideas!" and smiled broadly. He loved seeing her like this, spread and stretched out like a perfect fuck toy that she was now. He slapped her clit with his cock again, sending electric like shocks of pleasure through her, before lowering it down to her gapping asshole.

Slipping back into her ass Brian groaned, "Damn you're hot slut!" Mina knew that she was pleasing him and was so happy that he'd taken her and was fucking her so thoroughly, "Thank you mister... Oooo... jack your cock off in my... Oh God!... in my hot, tight... Oh God!... tight little cock socket's! Oooo!"

Brian was grunting as he pumped her ass, pulling all the way out of her ass and then shoving it back in without any mercy. He repeated this about a dozen times before just pumping her hard and fast and leaning forward just far enough to play with her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and fingers.

 Mina began to chant "Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me, fuck me!" over and over as yet another orgasm built to a frenzied pitch. Brian lean back and tried to stuff even more of his 10 inches into her ass. Mina moved her fingers to play with a lit. Stroking turned to rubbing turned to spanking her own clit. As he slapped her clit she came, harder than all the other times this evening before all put together.  Brain watched in amazement while he continued his assault on her asshole while her cum began to squirt out of her cunt, splashing on his stomach and chest.

Brian began tried to concentrate as best he could, readying himself to blow his load. "Half a cup, half a cup" was all he could think through the cloud of passion and pleasure he was feeling.

Three more strokes later and it was time, "Open up slut!" he barked as he jerked out of her ass with another pop. Mina obediently opened her mouth as he rose and brought his cock up to her face, not exactly knowing what he was going to do, but not caring either. She knew that she was do anything for him. Anything that he wanted.

Brian got about a foot from her face when his cock erupted. A thick, hot stream of spunk launched from the end of his cock, rocketing towards her face and pouting lips.

Everything seemed to slow down for Mina as she saw the stream of cum shot out from his tool. She barely got her eyes closed as she felt it splatter on her chin, coating her lips and cheeks. Instantly she loved the feel, aroma and flavor of his cum and smiled as he continued gushing all over her.

He moved up closer even as his seed continued to flow. As he moved tried to move up her body he left peal like strings on her heavy globes and up her throat. And still he came more. She had swallowed 3 mouthfuls, gobs of it flowing from between her lips to slide down her chin and neck.

Brian straddled her face and pushed his cock into her mouth till his balls were resting against her slime covered chin. Mina opened her mouth and throat eager to take his cum right from the fountain. Loving the taste of herself on his cock mixed with his cum she sucked him hard, rolling her tounge over it as her mouth was filled again and again. He pushed until he was in her throat and shot three more spurts right down her throat before he was through.

Pulling out of her mouth and flopping over onto the couch and looked at her. Mina was covered in his cum. One of her eyes was plastered shut, it was in her hair and dripping from her forehead. Her cheeks, chin and lips looked like someone had poured runny yogurt all over her. She had it all over her tits including where it had pooled up and the bottom of her neck. He watched in fascination as she lowered her legs and took her fingers from her snatch, which was still dripping. She used her fingers to scoop all of his seed she could find, licking her lips. She sucked her tits clean as best she could trying to get it all before to oozed down between her tits to her tummy. She wiped it off her forehead and out of her eye. She suckled her fingers like they were little cocks, "Mmm! Yummy!" like she was licking up candy. What she couldn't lick up with her tounge or get with her fingers she just rubbed into her skin like it was lotion.

Hiking himself up on the couch and leaning over Brian slapped his dick in her face, "Had fun tonight slut?"

Mina just giggled, trying to either catch his cock in her mouth or lick it as it bounced all over her face, "MmmHmm! That was fun mister! Can we do it all again sometime?" she smiled brightly like she'd just had the time of her life.

Smiling at her beaming eyes as they looked back at her he told her, "Oh yeah! I think we'll be playing this game and some more too!"

Mina smiled brightly and giggled some more as she started playing with her cum coated body again.

The End of Chapter 03: