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Master PC: Brian's Journey
Chapter Two: Let the Games Begin
by tpimux

Brian woke up about mid morning, feeling better than he had in a long time. He sat up slowly, wondering if it had all been a dream. That question was quickly answered as he saw the two briefcases and the memories of the previous night came rushing back. He smiled as he thought about the tiny little blonde in the schoolgirl out fit, "Damn what a great set of tits she had! And real too!"

At that moment the door bell rang, "Who the fuck...?"

Brian grabbed the pair of shorts he had worn the day before, barely noticing that they rode a bit lower now since he had lost 5 inches in his waist. He hurried to the door to find out just who was ringing his bell at the ungodly hour of 10 o'clock in the AM.

He jerked the door open to be met by a rather sickly looking Hispanic man, with thick glasses and greasy complexion. "Can I help you with something?" Brian calmly asked, not having the slightest idea of who the hell this guy could be.

"I have a package that is to be delivered to this address sir."

"A package? What kind of package?"

"I'm sorry sir, I'm not privy to the contents of it," the man at the door responded, now holding up a large legal sized envelope that seem to be stuff as full as it would go and sealed with at least one layer of strapping tape and 3 wax seals. The man simply handed it to Brian, smiled very politely and turned around to leave, seeming as though making deliveries like this were a regular thing in his life.

Brian watched the man walk to his car and drive away before closing the door and returning his attention to the package that he now held. He picked up a pocket knife on his way to the living room in the back of the house and carefully slit the envelope open and began to examine the contents inside. The first thing he noticed were the two credit cards slid across the table away for the other papers that spilled out from the package. They had his name on it, and were marked as being issued from the 2nd International bank of Luxembourg. "No fucking way!" was all he could say. Shifting thru the paper work he found the name of an attorney on a business card and a checkbook, also with his name. Brian could hardly believe it. "Ok, time to make sure this is for real."  Brian hurried up stairs and grabbed the case with his new best friends inside, the laptop and PDA. Taking them back down to the living room he set them down carefully and took out his PDA before going to the kitchen again for the phone book and a glass of water.

After spending the better part of an hour Brian finally decided on a smaller law firm. The kind with only 1 lawyer and a receptionist. He entered the name into the MCP and quickly reviewed the information that came up. It appeared that Alex Dane graduated 263rd in his class, was 27 years old, had no drug addictions, drank only on occasion and had quit smoking 2 years ago. Brian thought, "His fucking loss," as he fired up his first Marly of the day, no longer concerned about the possible side effects, and picked up the phone to call.

"Alex Dane, attorney at law. This is Marge, how can I help you?" the voice of an obviously older lady said after picking up the line.

"May I speak with Mr. Dane please?" Brian asked as politely as possible.

"May I tell him whose calling please?" the voice on the other end, a bit harsher than Brian expected.

"My name is Brian Archer. I've just come into... an inheritance of sorts and I'm in need of legal council. Is he available?"

There was a noticeable pause, Brian thought that he might have lost the line.

"Uh, yes... just a moment please."

A few moments later the line was picked up again, this time a man's voice spoke,

"This is Alex Dane. How can I help you Mr. Archer?"

2 hours later Brian was sitting in the waiting room doing just that. Waiting for Dane. It would be just a few minutes he was assured by the receptionist.
Brian had been wrong about her. She wasn't elderly. A more accurate word would be archaic and he thought with a chuckle that if she broke wind it would fill the room with dust.

The door to Dane's office opened up. Out stepped the young lawyer looking entirely unprepared for what was to come.

"Mr. Archer, please come in."

After seating his guest, handing Brian a soda from the small office fridge as he made his way back behind his desk, Dane asked, "So... you've come into some money? I'm not so sure that an accountant wouldn't be more in order."

Brian cut him off, "I've been given a large, and I mean large, sum of money. Or at least I believe that I have been. I don't know much about these things and need someone that can cut thru all of the legal babble and confirm it all for me." He then pulled out the package he had received earlier, less the credit cards and checkbook, and tossed it on top of Dane's desk and continued, "Now I may have seen 1 too many mafia movies, but I think that what I need is someone that can take care of things for me. That will be completely discreet and loyal. That's not going to even think about fucking me over and making off with a large chunk of what's not his. I'm prepared to pay quite well for the attention that I believe that I'm going to require." At which time he took out his PDA and began to scribble a message to Brother.

Dane took the package and began to look at it's contents, his eyes growing wider and wider the more he looked. After a few minutes he spoke again, slowly asking,

"What is it exactly that you need me to do?"

Brian looked up from his PDA, "Well, to be honest, the first thing I need to know is that the money is actually in that account, and that I have access to it. That I can move it around if I wish."

"Mr. Archer..."

"Please, call me Brian," with a smile.

"Ok, Brian. I really don't have any idea how to verify the money is there. That's not really my area. I'm specializing in defense. But... I think that I would be a fool to turn you away. I would be honored to take you on as a client. And from what I see here, you'd be a paying client to boot." He looked again at the bank papers in front of him, wondering if this guy was really a billionaire.

"Ya know, I know someone that might just be able to help us out."

"Then we have a deal?" Brian asked.

"Oooooooh yeah...uhm, but my fees could be a bit..."
Brian cut him off again, "Well, I was thinking that for this, confirming the money is there, that five thousand should cover it. Does that sound about right to you?"

"As in dollars?"

"And if the money is there," Brian continued, "I'm prepared to pay you a retainer of $250,000 per year, plus expenses of $25,000 a month. Of course I think that would entitle me to being your sole client, don't you?"

If it had been possible for Dane's jaw to disengage it's self from the rest of his head, it would have taken out a large chunk of the desk on it's way to the floor.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Dane could only nod.

"Oh, I want to keep it to a minimum as to who all knows that I have this money. It's no ones business really."

"Of course, sir."

"Now don't start with that crap. I'm still the same guy that you weren't sure about when I first got here. Now you just know that I might have an ungodly amount of money at my finger tips. There are times that I'll expect that sort of thing, but not when it's one on one, just me and you ok?"

Dane just shook his head in disbelief and smiled, "Fair enough Brian. What say we go find out about your fortune?"

They shook hands just after Brian sent a command that would instill Brian with the deepest professional loyalty from Dane to him via the PDA.

On the way out the door Brian used the phone to call a maid service, he was going to need his current residence cleaned like never before for what he had in mind.

Another two and a half hours later they knew for sure that the money was indeed there, thanks to Alex Dane's friend at the bank, and Brian was the only one that had access to the numbered account. He was still having a hard time believing this was all happening.

After stopping by Brian's house to let the maid service in, Brian decided that he was in need of some new clothes And then they were off to get some much need clothes. Time to look the part he was about to begin playing.

"Tell me Alex," Brian began as he was being fitted for a few suits, "do you have any friends in real estate?"

Dane's cell began to ring, "Umm, yeah... uh, do you mind? It's my wife."

"No, go ahead. I know there's hell to pay if you don't get it right away."

Dane smiled and answered as he turned and walked a few feet away, "Hey baby, you aint gonna believe what's happened today!"

A few minutes later he came back, "I think she hyperventilated twice!" he said laughing.

Brian smiled, "Well, I hope she wont mind if I make you postpone the celebration till tomorrow night. I want to look at a house or two and then would like to take in some private time and I'll need you around to ensure that I get it," as he walked to his jacket and took out his PDA, "by the way, what's her name?"

"Lisa, Lisa Ann."

Brian typed her name in and took a moment to look it over before sending Dane's wife the necessary commands to ensure that she didn't mind and to keep her from telling anyone else the exact details of her husband's new found good fortune. Now it was time for dinner, some place nice.

Honey buzzed the back office where Bobby, the manager on duty, was spending the last 90 minutes of his shift filling his sinus cavity with coke. Begrudgingly he picked up the phone, "Yeah, what?!" he barked.

"There's a guy on line 2, says he wants to book the V.I.P. room for a private party."


"Look Bobby, that aint my job and you know it. Just talk to the guy already." Candy really hated the prick and just hung up on him. Being a manger in a strip joint usually assured a constant steam of hot young women to fuck, but Bobby couldn't get laid if his life depended on it because of the way that he treated everyone below him.

Bobby mumbled, "Goddamn cunt" as he picked up the line. "This is Bobby, how can I help you?" making no effort to conceal it in his voice that he could give a shit what the caller wanted.

"Yes, my name is Alex Dane. My client wishes to reserve your VIP room this evening."

"Tonight?!" Bobby broke in, "are you fuckin' nuts? Or just stupid? I can't book the goddamn VIP room on this short notice."

"My client is ready to."

"Look jerk off," he broke in again, "I don't give a rats ass what you're ready to do. You have to book it at least a month in advance and you can't book it on a Friday or Saturday night anyways. And the last I checked, it's Friday, so have a nice night asshole."

Dane looked at Brian stunned as the cell ended the call. After telling his employer what had happened he was shocked again when Brian took the cell from him and hit redail.

"Bazooka Joe's, this is Honey," came the sexy voice on the other end of the call.

"Candy... you work the front door last night?"

"Uh yeah... why? Who's this?" was her reply.

Brian did his best to refresh her memory of who he was, she seemed to at least partially remember him. "Hey, my friend here called just a second ago about booking the VIP room and who ever he talked to was a king sized cock sucker!"

Dane looked around the restaurant a bit nervously as several of the other customers looked their way in shock at the language that Brian was using.

"Yeah, that was Bobby. He's the manager on duty right now."

"Please don't tell me he's the guy in charge," Brian said in disgust.

Candy came to his rescue, as it were, "No, he's just a part time day manager. Kyle is the GM."

"Well is he there?"

"Sorry sugar, Kyle wont be in for a little while."

"Hey, if I give promise to give you $100 when I come in later, would you call Kyle and have him call me back?"

"Uhhhhh" was the best she could do right at that moment.

"$200, and all you have to do is tell him that I want to reserve the VIP, tonight, that I'll be there in about an hour, and that I'll pay triple the usual rate. Can you do that for me hon?"

Candy wasn't sure if she'd actually heard what she did, "You got it babe, and you'd better not show up with out my $200!" Brian could almost feel her smile and see her again running her tongue across her lips.

"I wouldn't even think of it. Have him call me in the  next 10 minutes at this number..." Brian got the number from Dane and then relayed it to Candy and then hung up.

Turning to his lawyer, Brian got an evil look in his eye. "Ya know what we need man?"

"I'm almost afraid to find out."

"A limo."

An hour later the long black limo pulled into the parking lot of Bazooka Joe's, followed by Dane's SUV. (Brian had made arrangements for one of the valet's from the restaurant to drive it over for him and then take a cab back with a little help.) The limo pulled up to the entrance and one of the doormen came out and opened the door.

Brian stepped out second, both brief cases in hand, and pointed at Dane's truck, "I'd appreciate it if that got parked for us please," and then turned to the limo driver that had just walked back to them, "You can hang out, get something to eat. I'm going to be a while I think. Just don't be too far, ok?" and handed the driver another 1 of his crisp $100 bills. Alex Dane just looked on and chuckled to himself.

"Of course sir!" was the immediate reply.

He and Dane then walked in the front door, slowly like men with a purpose. It didn't take Honey too long to remember him from the night before, even though the clothes that Brian was now wearing a $500 suite, a far cry from the tattered jeans, t-shirt and boots from last night. Her eyes lit up and a smile that would have given anyone else a terminal hard on spread across her lips. She quickly made her way around the counter, her tits swaying and bouncing (that would have made said hard on spurt like a fire hose) as she hurried to Brian and gave him a sexy hug, pressing her massive globes into his chest, "Hi there handsome! I was hoping it was you!"

Brian played the gentleman and gave her a simple peck on the cheek, "Thanks Honey, I can't thank you enough for having Kyle call me back."

Behind them Bobby walked up, clearing his voice loud enough to be heard over the loud music blaring from the inside the club.

"Honey, what the fuck are you doing?! Get back where you belong!" Bobby blared.

Brian locked eyes with the manager, quickly realizing that this jerk suffered from what he called 'Little Big Man Syndrome'. "Why is it that every asshole that's 5 foot 5,  and weighs about a buck fifty has this attitude."

He slowly returned his gaze to Honey, who now looked as though she was about to cry, "Honey, would you please let Kyle know I'm here."
Not liking the fact that this guy seemed to want to call the shots, Bobby cut her off from getting to the house phone, "I'm in charge here right now, I'm the manager. What do you want?"

Brian just smiled as nicely as he could, "for you to shut your fucking hole. I have an appointment with Kyle, the General Manager of this establishment, your boss. Now move your ass."

Bobby was about to have Brian and Dane tossed out of the club and fire Honey on the spot, how dare someone speak to him like that and in front of a lowly employee.

"What's going on here, Bobby?" a voice from the front door spoke. Brian recognized it as one that he had heard about an hour ago and turned to face it.

"Kyle I presume?"

Kyle stuck his hand out, "Mr. Archer, a pleasure.  I seem to have interrupted something.  Is there a problem?"

"This guy..." Bobby began to spout off, mistakenly thinking that the question was posed for him to answer.

"Bobby, when I'm speaking to you, I'll be looking at you." Kyle gave his assistant manager an icy glare and which quickly warmed as he turned to Holly,

"Is everything ready for our guest here?"

Looking at the floor she replied, "No. I'm sorry, but..."

Already knowing the answer Kyle looked back at Bobby, "And why is that Holly?"

"Bobby wouldn't let me, said that I was full of shit and that you'd never close off the VIP room on a Friday night."

Holding his temper as best he could and continuing to stare at Bobby, "Mr. Archer, I sincerely apologize for this, this incompetence. If you still wish to have the room, I will reduce the rate we negotiated by 25%."

Bobby could only swallow, very hard.

Kyle spoke very loudly, "Seth, Greg... get over here!" his eyes never leaving Bobby, even as the muscle bound bouncers stepped up to his side. "Bobby, you're outta here. You've fucked up big time. And for the last. Get him outta here!"

Brian stepped aside, taking Honey, still in his arms, with him, and just smiled as the 2 huge brutes each took an arm and hauled the whiney little bastard outside.

"Mr. Archer," Kyle began.

"Please, call me Brian."

"I will personally see to it that the VIP is ready in 5 minutes. Is that acceptable?"

"Sounds perfect, thank you." Brian replied with a smile as he gave Honey's ass a playful squeeze. She just smiled up at him.

Five minutes later Kyle escorted Brian and Dane towards the VIP room, the eyes of every dancer in the room turning to look, their eyes trained on the 2 guys that just had the VIP cleared out. He stopped just outside the smoked glass of the double doors leading in, "Here's the table as you asked for Mr. Dane." And then proceeded into the VIP room itself.

Brian looked around, seeing that the entire room had been cleared out, including the bartender that usually worked the room. The only person still there was the pretty young woman that would be his personal waitress. Brian looked her over quickly, trying not to leer. She stood about 5' 7" tall in her low-heeled pumps. Her legs looked pretty good, but they cellulite was starting to form and there were a few varicose veins. Her tight miniskirt fell just above mid-thigh and still managed to show that her ass was starting to sag, not too bad though. Her chest would be too if it weren't for the lacey push up bra wasn't doing its job. But her face still looked very pretty, her make up done with care, but not as rich as the dancers, and her light brown hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. "I bet she was a real heartbreaker a few years ago," Brian thought as he continued to look around the room.

"Excellent, thank you Kyle. I really appreciate you this together for me. I hope I haven't put you out of your way or pissed off any of your customers." He said as he moved to the circular booth in the back of the room.

Kyle chuckled, "Well, some of 'em weren't too happy about it, that's for sure."

"Well, I guess that a round for the house on me is in order."

Being one to know when to take 'Yes' for an answer, Kyle smiled and nodded,

"Kelly here will be happy to take care of that for you."

Kelly smiled with genuine warmth and headed out of the VIP and on to the main bar.

"I don't mean to press the issue," Kyle began, "but there is the matter of the fee for the room tonight."

Dane stepped up at this point as Brian set both of the cases on the table at his booth, "Would a check be ok? Or would you prefer some of it in cash?"

Kyle was a it taken back by the casual manner in which his two guests handled a matter of $20,000. "I'm afraid that that I'm going to have to ask for half in cash as we discussed." His manner turning to business.

Kyle looked past as he heard Brain snap the locks, of what he was now thinking of as his wallet, open. Seeing that the case was filled with cash, "Hey, huh... I don't mean to imply anything, but..."

"I give you my word I'm not into anything illegal. I just have an ungodly trust fund and hate to take the chance that I won't be able to make cab fare." Brian cut in with a wink.

Kyle grinned at the joke, "Ok, I just didn't want to put our licenses at risk."
"That's understandable... here, take it all in cash. I think that I can handle that."

Kyle just stared as Dane counted out 10 stacks of fresh $100 bills and set them aside on the table, "If you'll excuse me for a moment, I think I need to get a drop bag for that."

"Not a  bad idea there Kyle." The lawyer replied with a smile.

After seeing that Kyle left, Dane turned and asked, "ok, I know it's none of my business... but what are you going to be doing in here?"

Blatantly lying Brian told him, "well I'm thinking about investing in the club. I want to see how they do business, how they treat people ya know? Get to know some of the staff maybe."

Dane seemed to accept this, "Alright man, you're sure you don't want me in here too?"

"If you don't mind hanging out, yeah." Brian continued after handing his attorney a stack of money, "I just want to think a bit on my own. I just want you to make sure I get left alone unless I ask someone in. If it starts to get late I'll get you out of here and get Kyle to put one of his monsters there." He finished with a brilliant smile.

Kelly came back in, carrying 2 drinks, "I believe the rum and coke is for you Mr. Dane, and the screwdriver is for you Mr. Archer?"

"Ah thank you Kelly! Perfect timing. Remind me to give you a big tip." Brian said with a wink. "By the way, what's Kyle's last name? I forgot."

"Oh sure, it's Simmons."

"Thank you, m'lady. Dane, I'd like to speak with Kelly for a few moments if you don't mind. Go on and enjoy yourself."

Dane didn't miss a beat as he took his drink and headed out to his table just on the other side of the dark glass doors.

A bit set off by his remark about talking with her, Kelly had a look of confusion on her face. Seeing as he sat back down again, "oh don't worry, I just wanted him to go out and have some fun. He's worked hard today." He took his PDA out and brought up MPC and entered in Kyle's name.  As he chatted lightly with Kelly, asking her how much she would usually pulled in tips on a night like this and where she was from, he also sent a command to Kyle to bring him a list of all of the dancers with their stage names and real names.  Then he typed in a command for Kyle to forget he ever did so.  Brian looked at it for a moment and then hit send.  As he finished, he casually asked, "By the way, what's your last name Kelly?"

Having become fairly relaxed with the conversation she quickly replied, "Adams... Kelly Adams at your service." Cutely adding a little curtsey just because, obviously thinking that her attempt at being cute wouldn't hurt her tip at the end of the night.

Brian chuckled as he now entered her name into the Master Control Program and thought to himself, "If you only knew."

Brian quickly sent her a command to answer any of his questions and that she would feel that it was perfectly normal to do so. He then turned to her and asked her to relax and sit, taking a sip from his drink and lighting a cigarette.

"So how long have you worked here?"

"Oh, about 2 years now. I like the hours and the money's not bad."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Nope, just a cat." She paused for a moment, "but there are times I sure need one." Grinning and laughing it off, a momentary thought of why she had said that, but it quickly faded.

"Why's that Kelly?"

 With out missing a beat she replied, "Well I haven't been laid in a while... I've burned out 3 vibrators in the last 2 months alone!" she couldn't believe that she'd just admitted that and felt rather embarrassed, her cheeks flushing.  Grinning Brian pressed on, "So, you like to fuck a lot then huh?"

"oh yeah, but I just haven't met anyone worth my time in a while so I guess I'll just keep investing in toys to keep my pussy happy." She smiled as she spoke, now feeling very warm as the heat from her blushing turning her face red.

"Beat you suck a mean..." He was cut off as Kyle came back in with a large money bag and one of his bouncers.

"I hope you're enjoying yourself Mr. Archer?" Kyle asked as he stepped up to the table. Normally, he frowned on his staff sitting and chatting with the customers, but if this guy was going to shell out almost 3 times the going rate to reserve the room all for himself... and pay for it with cash, then it was ok with him.  He then took the 2-page list he printed out and folded it together and placed them on the table... collected the money that was set aside for payment for the room, and immediately forgot ever doing it.

Brian sat quietly, as did Kelly, as the money was collected. Once he was done filling the bag and locking it, "I'll be out for a bit. I want to get this deposited. If you need anything, Kelly here will take care of it, just ask."

"Thanks Kyle. I will. I'm sure that Kelly will be taking good care of me."

Kyle just smiled and headed out, his bouncer in tow.

Turning back to Kelly, Brian asked, "Now where were we?"

Kelly perked up and smiled, "Well, I think you were about to ask if I sucked a mean cock." Saying so quite matter of factly, then wondering why the hell she was talking like this, why she so freely spoke with this man.

Smiling broadly as he sent her a new command, this one to have her talk a bit dirtier, especially about sex, and not to feel embarrassed because it was perfectly normal for her to do so, that it even excited her sexually, but only to and with him. After sending it he pressed her, "Well? Do you? Or don't you like to give head?"

"Oh I love to have a cock in my mouth... so yeah, I think I suck a pretty mean cock. It's been a while though." She giggled, beginning to relax and enjoying the conversation.

Brian sent a command to her to fall fast asleep until he woke her, but to remain sitting upright as if she was still awake and chatting with him. The instant he hit 'send' her eyes closed and she was fast asleep. "Time to see what I can do with this."

After going over her file in MCP, Brian began to mold the body of another person for the first time. He reduced her apparent age from 35 to 21, erasing the few wrinkles that began to appear on her face and restored her health to that of someone that did an hour of aerobics 4 days a week. By clicking on the morph application of MCP, Brian began to really get down to business. He erased the cellulite and varicose veins from her legs, lifted and tightened her ass and flattened her stomach. He then lifted her breasts, undoing the sag that time and her actual age had done. He studied the rotating image on the screen for a minute. He was pretty sure that her 38 C sized tits would provide a pretty good 'tit fuck', but just to be sure he increased them to a D cup and strengthened her back muscles to compensate for the additional size and weight.  She'd no longer need to wear a bra ever again.  He then reduced the diameter of her areolas down to the size of a quarter and shaped her nipples into pencil erasers and increased their sensitivity by 50% to include the pleasure associated with them.  Then he decided to do the same with her clit and G-spot while he removed her thick, full bush along with the rest of her body hair except for her eyebrows, eye lashes and (of course) the hair on her head.  And finally, he checked her personal preferences and was slightly disappointed that Kelly had a serious dislike for anal sex, but then he grinned when he found that he could change that, giving her a strong desire for it.  He quickly made her virgin asshole just as sensitive as her clit and added in the command that she not notice any of the changes or feel discomfort from them.  He finalized everything by giving her a strong dose of sexual desire for him, making it where she would not only get excited from his touch but also become submissive towards him.  As an afterthought, he added that she would feel great pleasure from pleasing him and sadness when she didn't.

At that point Brother sent him a message, "Brian, you will need to send a global command that the changes in her would go unnoticed by everyone, otherwise they will be and that could cause a problem."

"Ooo, and I've been warned about that. Ok, thank you brother."

"Certainly, you can send that out before waking her."

Brian smiled and hit send and then was astonished as he watched the wrinkles that had started to form on her face fade, then seeing her already impressive bust lift and swell. Quickly he sent out the global command for her changes to go unnoticed. He sat back for a moment and then really looked at her. He'd been right, she had been a heartbreaker, and she was again. He couldn't help but reach over and run a finger over her chest and copping a feel before waking her up. Then he used MCP to send her a command that she would not realize that she had been asleep, remembering only that they had been having a simple conversation and to wake in 5 seconds.

Kelly woke, not realizing that 15 minutes had passed, and continued where she had left off, "but as much as I like to give head, it sure doesn't come close to getting my pussy stu..." she stopped for a second and fidgeted in her seat.  Brian became concerned, wondering if he had fucked up the commands that he had sent her, "Are you ok?"

Due to the earlier command to answer his questions, Kelly quickly said, "My tits... I didn't think this bra was too small, but it's killing me. "
Brian then realized where he had gone wrong and quickly moved to cover it. "Well, uhh... didn't I see a little shop in the back of the club?" he asked innocently and reaching to touch her hand.

She tried to think but was distracted by the combination of the pressure from the her now too small bra that pressed tightly into her flesh, compressing her chest, and her newly sensitive nipples that rubbed into the lace of the cups.  Brian's touch was sending thrills of electricity straight to her nipples and clit and she could tell she was getting 'wet'.  " Uhh, yeah... it's just a little shop for customers to by things for the girls."  She stammered trying to compose herself.

"Well, why don't you go see if they have something you'd like? My treat?" he urged as he lightly stroked her hand before reaching into his 'wallet' and taking a couple hundred dollars out to give her.

Her arousal was starting to build, and the thought of wearing something sexy for this man to please him made him made her feel warm inside. "Well, I don't know," still uncertain if it was right to do even as thoughts of wrapping her legs around him began to float into her mind.

Brian decided to go for broke, "Well I think you should. I'd like it a lot if you'd get something. You don't have to get a whole outfit if you don't want. But you seem to need at least a new bra."

Hearing Brian say that that he'd like it sent Kelly over the edge. The idea of doing something that would please him made her feel like she hadn't in years. She couldn't keep herself from finding something even if she wanted to. Slowly closing her hand around the money he was pressing against her palm she again felt his skin on hers, her cheeks feeling flush, her arousal growing again. All she could do is nod and give him a lustful smile even as her cotton panty was starting to soak through.

She slowly slid out of from the booth, "Alright then, I'll be right back then" giving him a sly wink as she turned and left.

Brian sipped his drink as he watched her go, noting that while her legs were pretty nice before, but they looked great now. Sitting back and relaxing, he took some time to think about the radical changes that had come into his life in just a couple of days. All of it thanks to the MPC and the Master who created it. He let his mind wander and looked out the windows and into the rest of the club, that hot blonde from the night before was up on the stage closest to the VIP and looked rather bored as she put as little effort into her set on stage as possible. Brian sat and watched for a bit.

Kelly made her way to the back of the club, stepping now eagerly into the boutique the club ran. It wasn't much, just racy outfits for the dancers really. Girls at the club could buy new outfits and costumes for themselves at a generous discount, but the preferred method was (and still is) to get one of the customers to buy it for them.

Kelly looked around as she again tried to adjust her bra so that it didn't compress her chest as much, not to mention that her nipples were aching and driving her crazy. Kiira, the beautiful Japanese princess that ran the shop looked up and saw Kelly playing with her bra. "Somethin' wrong Kel?" she asked with a smile, already guessing the problem.

"My bra, it's killing me! Please tell me you have some in here."

"Sure, not a problem." Kiira said as she stepped behind Kelly, closing the door and locking it then lowering the blinds. "Go ahead and take it off and we'll find you something hon."

Kelly was already unbuttoning her tuxedo shirt, her nipples were driving her mad. She tried to reach behind her to unsnap it, but that only made things worse, she felt like she was about to cum. "Kiira, would you mind please?" Kelly begged.

"Sure hon, I got it for you. Go ahead and take your shirt off too." Kiira smiled as she helped Kelly out. "Well there's your problem babe, wearing a cup size smaller than you need will get ya every time!

Kelly was in the middle of letting a sigh of relief out and missed Kiira's noting the smaller cup size, and her eyes had already begun looking for something else. Her eyes immediately fell on a hot black lace demi-bra even as her fingers found her nipples on their own. Giving them a light pinch, "Mmm, he'd like that I bet."

"Oooh I see, looking for something for a special someone huh girl?" Kiira assumed.

Kelly snapped back to the then and there, quickly letting her hands fall free of her nipples that were now as hard as they'd ever been and yearning for more attention, "Oh, umm... not really I guess. I just need something for right now."

"Oh hun, go on. Treat yourself. These things are just as much for you as they are for him. I've always said that if you dress sexy, you'll feel sex and then you'll be sexy. Besides, what guy wouldn't like to see a beautiful chest like yours flowing out of something like that!"

Kelly was already day dreaming again about how much Brian would like to see her in that, and that made her feel both excited and warm and even wetter at the same time. She wanted to please this man she'd just met for reasons she couldn't fathom, it was important for her to do so. It made her feel so good.
Her mind was made up for her.

Seeing it in Kelly's eyes Kiira continued, "C'mon girl... let's find one your size. You want anything else to go with it?"

While Kelly looked to find a new bra he looked out the window to scan the club.  He noticed the blonde getting ready to step off the stage while she hurried to put her clothes back on. "Prissy little bitch, isn't she?" he said to himself and he could hear the sound of music grow louder.  Just then his attention was drawn towards the door and his eyes widened with lust and he could actually feel his cock twitching inside his pants.

Kelly had strutted in, taking slow strides in 5 inch spike heel pumps towards him, legs hinting that a little bit of body oil had just been applied. She looked down right hot. Her new, lycra jet black micro skirt barely covered her ass in the back, perhaps barely an inch below her crotch, modesty was not a consideration. It rode low enough to expose her belly button helped along with the fact she had taken the bottom of her tuxedo shirt and tied it in a knot just below her tits. That also helped draw attention to her robust chest. She had left the top 4 buttons undone, allowing a generous view of her ample cleavage. Her arousal was apparent as her nipples were quite visible as they pressed against the tightened fabric. Her lips were now coated in pink lipstick, a light touch of rouge colored her cheeks. Her eyes were also highlighted now, still subtle but drawing attention to her rather beautiful brown eyes.

"Kelly, you look absolutely delicious."

A fresh wave of pleasure and happiness rushed through her as she heard his approval and seeing it in his eyes that he indeed liked what he saw. "I'm glad you like it. I hope... it's not to much?" then added as she looked downward shyly, "or too little?"

Wrapping his arm around her waist and led her back to the booth he had in the back of the room, his touch exciting her all over again. He noted just a hit of black from under her starched white shirt and wondered about what kind of bra she had on that allowed her nipples to remain so prominent against her shirt.

"You seem to have found a style I like" he said quietly into her ear as she slid into the booth first, sending another thrill through her. Brian quickly followed and sat much closer to him now.

"You really like it?" she asked a bit nervously, her excitement and need making it hard for her to talk.

Brian kept his arm around her as he looked at her, smiling, took her hand and placed it in his lap so that she was then cupping his cock which was slowly hardening as thoughts of what he was hoping would happen.

The moment she felt his cock, the last of her self-restraint vanished. She melted into his arms as he kissed her, lips eagerly parting and inviting his tongue into her mouth. She suckeled on his tongue while she began to massage his manhood through his pants, feeling another rush as she heard him let a groan of pleasure loose.

Brian had moved his hand back up and cupped her left tit, feeling now where the fabric of her demi-bra began and ended. He couldn't wait to see, and not just feel it. That caused his cock to twitch to her delight. She was just as thrilled with the reactions of her own body as he reached into her shirt and found her nipple and rolled it between his fingers and gave it a careful pull.

Kelly couldn't wait any longer and unzipped his pants, freeing his cock, at last being able to feel it's warm flesh. Her juices were now flowing strong and with out her even thinking about it her legs parted. Brian broke the kiss, to her momentary disappointment, long enough to unbutton her shirt some more and replace his fingers with his lips. She felt exquisite pleasure as he sucked and nibbled and lightly pulled on her nipple with his teeth. Kelly was rocked with a powerful orgasm as he slipped his hand between her legs, spreading them a bit wider, and then grazed her clit thru the fabric of her new g-string.

Brian was delighted to find that she was completely drenched; the juices from her eager pussy were lightly smeared on the seat under her. His cock was continuing to grow harder with each passing moment. No longer able to wait any longer he released her nipple from his lips and pushed the table back a foot or so. Looking in her eyes, seeing the ecstasy and need in them, "Now why don't you show me what a good cock sucker you are?"

Kelly didn't need any more encouragement than that, her head swimming with lust and need as she quickly stood up and then squatted between his legs as Brian unbuckled his pants. He was barely finished when she popped the swollen head into her mouth. All he could do was lay his head back and enjoy the sensation of her very talented mouth. It'd been a long time coming (pardon the pun) and he'd forgotten just how wonderful a blowjob from a woman that knew what she was doing could be.

Looking down again he watched as she eagerly worked her tongue and lips. She popped it out of her mouth, continuing to jack him off, as she lightly teased his ball sack with her tongue. She obviously enjoyed it. She worked her tongue back up the shaft and the tried to again swallow his cock.

Kelly bobbed her head up and down, she couldn't quite get it all in her mouth or down her throat, Brian made a mental note to remove the gag reflex removed from future playmates, the saliva from her efforts sliding down the rest of his length.

"Get up here, I want to feel your cunt." He groaned as he spoke.

Kelly didn't consider that she was sucking off a customer that she had just met...  She didn't care that she was at work and just yards from the rest of her co-workers.  She released Brian's cock from her mouth and quickly rose, stepped up onto the cushions of the booth, slipped off her little g-string, placed her feet on either side of his hips and then lowered her dripping slit a foot from his face.

Brain held her in place by her hips and leaned forward, sucking her engorged clit between his lips before giving the rest of he slit a long slow lick. As his tongue returned to her clit another, stronger orgasm rocked her body. Kelly was floating on a cloud, lust and needing that cock inside her box more than anything in the world was all that she could think of, "Fuck me, please, let me ride your cock." She was practically begging him now.

Brian helped her lower herself, freeing her hands to spread her smooth and hairless pussy with one hand and guiding his shaft with the other. She stopped for a moment and relished in the feeling of the head of his cock, swollen and purple, as she rubbed it against her swollen clit.

Brian was also enjoying the feeling and the show, but he was ready to fuck for the first time in almost a year, "Slip it in baby."

Kelly could only nod 'yes', the only sound coming out of her mouth where her moans of pleasure. She groaned loudly as the head began to find its way home. She slid herself down not quite half way and then back up again 3 or 4 times when Brian took hold of her hips and forced to squat even farther down, filling her cunt with his cock burying it to the hilt. "How's that baby? Your pretty pussy all filled up?"

The only reply that Kelly could manage was to again plead, "Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fill me, fuck me hard, FUCK ME HARD!"

Brain was encouraged by her and began to meet her downward motions with more forceful upward strokes over his own. Kelly began to play with her clit with one hand and alternated between her nipples with the other.

After about 10 minutes of this Brian felt that he was about to reach his peak just as she hit another orgasm of her own. Remembering that he could now vary the amount of cum he could discharge he closed his eyes and focused for a moment. He decided that it was best to take it easy the first time around, but still wanted to see if he could fill her mouth and then some. "Mmm, a 1/4 cup of spunk should do I think" he thought with a smile.

He then leaned forward again and sucked on her right nipple, then looked up at her face, which was racked with pleasure.

"You are a good fuck. You like my cock baby? Like the way I make your little fuck hole feel?"

"Yes, oh God yes. Fuck me, fuck my cunt."

Brian grinned broadly as he slipped his hands around and spread her ass cheeks and then finding her puckered asshole. He began to rub her nether hole with a finger, "Are you ganna want me to fuck you again sometime? Are you gonna be my lil fuck buddy? My fucktoy?"

Another orgasm hit her as he slipped that finger to the 2nd knuckle up her ass, the pleasure washed over her from hearing that he would want to fuck her again, that she must have pleased him very much if he wanted to have her again sometime. "Yes, YES! I'm your fucktoy, your fucktoy. Fuck my cunt baby, fuck it."

Brian continued to play with his first slut, "You want me to come slut?"

Kelly now wanted him to come as bad as she had ever wanted anything in her life, "Please, cum for me. Cum for me please!" She was positively panting with the need for him to cum. All she could think was that she'd do anything for him, to make him cum, to please him.

"Suck me off Kelly. I want to come in your mouth, will you do that for me?"
She just nodded and moaned again and again.

Brain strained to hold back, "Now! Quick, get down there and suck me off!"

Kelly quickly climbed off his cock, now twitching as if it had a life all it's own, and resumed her previous place squatting before him. She took his cock, slick with her juices, and licked the entire shaft. She relished the taste of her own pussy for the first time and then filled her mouth with as much of his cock as she could.

Brian watched; excited even more as he watched her lick her juices off his tool and sucked with wild abandon.

And then it hit.

Feeling like the one of the larger sky rise buildings from Downtown had been sucked through the back of his head, and then shot out the end of his dick, Brian filled her mouth. Most of it shot directly down her throat, but her mouth quickly was filled with cum as it shot into her over and over again.

Kelly was amazed at the load of cum that Brian continued to pump out of his cock. She couldn't swallow fast enough and it was soon pouring out the corners of her mouth and dripping down her chin and then onto her tits. Still she worked on his cock, determined to get every last drop out, and relishing it's flavor and the feel of it in her mouth, on her tongue and as it slid down her throat.

Finally he was done. Brain laid back exhausted, amazed at the feeling of it all. Not to mention quite pleased. He looked down and watched as she continued first to lick his cock clean and then using her fingers to scoop the cum off her face and tits and licked them clean as well. His cock involuntarily twitched when she lifted each tit, one at a time, and licked them clean as best she could as well.

Finally he reached over to the table and got a napkin. Handing it to her he smiled as he spoke, "You missed some baby doll. Not much, but a little."

She looked up at him and took the napkin, her eyes not leaving his. She was seriously confused as to why or how all of this happened. She wasn't about to complain, but was having a hard time explaining it all to herself, but the feelings of pleasure she was feeling as well overrode them all. And were the hell did all that cum come from?

Brian leaned forward and kissed her forehead, glad now that he hadn't cum on her face... at least not all of it this time at least. The touch of his lips gave her another, if lesser, wave of excitement and breaking off the thoughts she had a moment before.

Brian gestured to the washroom in the back of the VIP room. "That was amazing, thank you. That felt fantastic. Why don't you go clean up baby. We'll talk some more when you come back."

Knowing that she had pleased him made her feel wonderful, and he was right. She probably did need to clean up. At least so that she didn't smell of spunk the rest of the night. Like his wonderful cum that he had shot into her mouth. She started to get excited again when Brian used his finger to scoop up another glob of his cum that she had missed on her chin and fed it to her.

"Go on, I'll be right here." He gave her a wink and a very satisfied smile.

"You'd better be!" she joked as she stood and closed her shirt before pulling her skirt down to better conceal her smooth slit.

As Kelly was walking to the washroom Brian stuffed his cock back into his pants while thinking, "Not a bad way to start the evening." He then picked up the PDA and sent her a few new commands, making her very happy about what happened between them, to not question how or why it happened. He then removed any possible thoughts of jealousy of Brian with another woman, that she would even eagerly introduce him to other women and want for him to have as many other lovers as he wanted, she would be happy to share him.

After clicking the send button, Brian's thoughts turned to what other fun and games the night had in store.

The End of Chapter 02