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Master PC: Brian's Journey
Chapter One: A New User
by tpimux

Brian Archer sat back on his couch, still in disbelief and confusion of what the last few months had brought him.

"What the hell did I do to deserve this?" he silently asked himself.

A few months ago his life had taken a dump, straight down the shitter. In 1 week he had been laid off from his job, his wife left, preparing to divorce him, and she already had someone else... one of his closest friends, Arin Lind.  The icing on the cake was his 30th birthday, which he spent alone.  All of his 'friends' had rallied around his soon to be ex-wife. Coming over and moving everything out of the house and to her apartment while he was out one day, leaving the house virtually empty. Everything she wanted, whether she had room for it or not. At least she took the fucking cats with her.

Scratching the beard that had grown on his face as he tossed the empty beer bottle onto the floor. To say that the house had become something of a garbage pit was the understatement of the year. "Damn, I need a shave." He thought, dragging himself off the couch for the first time since passing out last night. "I feel like shit."

Rubbing out the grime that still lingered in the corner of his eyes he peered at the clock on the wall, it read 1:00pm. "Well at least the mail should be here... and I need that fucking unemployment check, some groceries would be nice."

This had become the sad routine since his life went to hell in a hand basket. He hadn't bathed in a couple of days, a razor hadn't touched his face in weeks, and laundry had gone undone for almost as long. Still he tried, in his own now pathetic way to get on as best he could.

"Check the mail and then hop online and see what job I can app for today." He said as he stepped out his front door, shading his eyes from the bright January sun. "Fucking cold today too."

Just to freak out the few nosy old housewives that seemed to know entirely too much about his personal life, he walked ever so slowly towards the mailbox, the 3 inches of unshoveled snow in his drive going barely noticed by his bare feet. Brian enjoyed this little mind game.  He knew that the old hag across the street would be just as shocked and offended to see him walking to get the mail in a pair of ratted out cargo shorts, sans shirt and shoes... as she would if he had stood out on his porch and jacked off.  He smiled to himself, "Serves her right, rotten old snatch."

Reaching into his mailbox he found his state issued unemployment check... and a letter. The odd thing about this letter was that it simply had his name on it. No street address, no return address, no stamp. "Where the hell did this come from?  He wondered and then figured it was something from the bitch or her asshole lawyer.  Well fuck them, not my goddamn fault she picked the wrong time to want a divorce." The one shinning thought of his recent past was that she had left and asked for the divorce after he had lost his job and thus wasn't awarded any alimony. That of course didn't keep her and her asshole (lawyer) from hounding him continuously for money they damn well knew he didn't have and she wasn't entitled to.

Brian began walking back to the house just as slowly as before, stuffing the check into his pocket and eyeing the odd envelope. Closed only by a wax seal on the back, he easily it broke with a finger he drew out the letter inside.

Mr. Archer

I hope this letter finds you in good health, all things considered.

Your current situation in life has come to my attention.  Quite sorry to learn of the recent events that has unsettled your world and I wish to do something about it if you are so inclined.  This gift, as it were, can be used for many things.  I suggest that you think about what the cause and effect may be of your use of it.

So right now... a yes or no.  As the Caesar that you may become might do, a thumbs up or down, a simple signal as to yea or nay. I am watching, but don't let that alarm you.


Without realizing it Brian had stopped walking about halfway back to his door. "What the hell???" he thought to himself as he finished reading, finally noticing the cold and ice under his feet. Thinking for another brief moment and again, giving a shrug and again thinking, "What the hell." With a sly grin to himself he simply held up his right hand, making a fist and held it about waist high and gave a thumbs up.

Brian turned and looked up and down the street and realized that there was no one close enough to have seen his simple gesture and felt like quite the fool. Just as he was turning back to the house, shaking his head and starting to laugh at himself, a black Mercedes 500SEC turned the corner at the far end of the block and drove quickly up the road, stopping in front of his driveway. The passenger door opened and out stepped the largest, and baldest, black man Brian had ever seen. This guy looked like he had had steroid injections into every individual muscle group and worked out 10 hours a day. He wore a finely tailored suite that would have made the host of that millionaire game show envious. The beast of a man walked with purpose, carrying what looked like an armored metal briefcase.

Stepping up to Brian the black man held out the case and spoke with a heavy Scottish accent, "For you, sir." After handing it over to Brian he simply turned, walked back to the car and got in. Brian looked on in curiosity as the car slowly drove off, noticing that it didn't have a license plate.

Brian walked back into his disheveled house feeling very confused and wondering what the hell had just gone down. "With my fucking luck the bitch just set me up with a briefcase full of cocaine and the cops will be here in a second to haul my ass off to jail."

Pushing off the pizza boxes and soda cans that littered his coffee table and setting the case down as he sat himself down in front of it and just stared at it for a while.

After what seemed like hours, minutes only really, he gave in to his curiosity.



He unlatched the clasps that held the case closed and slowly raised the lid. Being the 'techno' geek that he'd become, Brian's eyes widened as he saw what the case held. The outside of the case wasn't the only thing that was customized. The inside was filled with high density foam, custom cut to hold a laptop computer and a PDA of some sort, the likes of which he'd never seen before. Another envelope lay on top of the laptop.

Brian raised an eyebrow, muttered to himself, "Well here we go again" as he picked it up and opened it.

Mr. Archer,

The case before you holds two minor parts to the great gift that I have given you. I'm sure that you will learn how to use them to their full potential in a short time.

The gift that I have bestowed upon you is called the Master Control Program. With it you have the power at your fingertips to alter the reality of most anything, or for that matter, anyone around you.  By that I do not mean with in the program, virtually.  I do, in fact, mean reality.  There is no limit that I, the creator, the Master, have been able to determine. However, I strongly urge you to use common sense. For your protection, others that I have bestowed this same gift to, and in fact my own, I urge to not alter things in a radical manner.

Those that have not heeded this warning and drew attention to us have been dealt with sternly. It takes a great deal of time and effort to undo what they have done. With that in mind, please do not bring dragons back into existence. Summoning daemons is a particularly large pain in the ass. Use common sense, use this gift to create a better world for yourself and enjoy...  for a long, long time I might add. You'll understand soon.

I will note that use of this gift for means of revenge, if done so discreetly, is allowed.

As I have tried to stress, use common sense and all should be fine. Enjoy.  The laptop and the PDA are prototypes created by me. The operating system is proprietary. There is no CD or DVD ROM drive, no floppy diskette, no networking capability, etceteras.  It's only function is to run MCP. For your entertainment, and to help provide the illusion that it is a normal everyday machine, there are several entertainment programs included. Inside are twin 3.75Ghz processors and 2gigs of RAM, the OS is protected by 768bit encryption. Should the casing of the laptop or the PDA be breached... well let's just say that would be bad and leave it at that.  It's rather indestructible. So don't dwell on it too much.

The PDA is also proprietary and runs on the same OS. It has a wireless connection to the laptop and has a range of 2.5 kilometers. All data entered in the PDA is instantly copied to your laptop. You may also run MPC remotely from the PDA.

The range of MPC is much greater than you may, or may not, have read about.  Some of those that I have granted have written of their exploits, although they have been received as works of fantasy to my relief. You may zero in on any target anywhere on the planet. As I don't have any personal confirmation of life anywhere else, I haven't seen the need to extend that range.

The power source is a micro fusion battery with a life span of over 500 years. I have also included 5 spare batteries. If for some unforeseen reason you actually manage to drain a battery and do not have one of the spares at hand, you may also plug it into any conventional power outlet, this will not only power the machine, but will also charge the battery. I would urge caution when charging a battery, as it will consume an incredible amount of electricity and could potentially black out a large area.

The PDA recharges itself when placed backed into its cradle in the case. It can go with out charging for about a week, depending on usage.

When you first log in to the laptop and then the program you will become immune to any changes made via MCP to you other than those that you perform yourself. I'm sure that your imagination will grant you clear vision on how to further protect yourself.

I've rattled on long enough. It's time for you to begin exploring your gift and your new life.

With warmest regards,


PS- please be so kind as to burn this and the other letter. Wouldn't want anyone to find them and start snooping around into our private little club now would we?

Brian read it again, just to be sure his breakfast cocktail wasn't fucking with his brain, and looked at his new toys in the case. What kind of elaborate happy horse shit was this? It just didn't make sense. "Alter reality", what the hell did that mean? He got up, scratched his head and tried to make sense of it all as he got himself another beer. As he plopped himself back down on the couch, looking at the laptop and PDA, he figured that he might as well see what this was really about. He flipped up the top on the laptop to find that it was already powered on and prompting him for 'New User Login'.

"Well... what the hell, here he go." As he typed in his full name and then entered a 16-character password, no use in not playing it a little safe.
After a minute or so the machine finished its boot cycle and popped into its GUI environment. There were a number of your common icons for programs, mostly games that all seemed to actually be installed and operational. Then his eye found an icon, right in the middle of all the others that was simply labeled 'MCP'.

"Here goes nothin'..." he spoke softly to himself as he moved the mouse pointer across the screen and double clicked.

A new window popped open, blank with only a prompt asking him for 'New User Name." He promptly typed in his full name. He was then prompted again, this time asking if he wished to initialize password protection for this user.  Brian smiled and thought that he might as well play along and entered another 16 character password. The prompt closed itself and the pointer turned to an hourglass just long enough for Brian to wonder again what the hell was going on. Within a few moments a series of panes opened in the MCP window, the entire left hand sided being taken up by a single window. Another prompt window opened up asking him "Target Name and Location." Brian sat back and took a moment to see if he understood what he was actually being asked, and that he really wanted to find out. Finally he typed in his own name followed by Denver, Colorado, USA.  To his amazement, and the detriment of almost half of his beer, which poured onto his shirt, a 3D image of himself faded in... complete with the sundry mess of hair on his head, faded green t-shirt and shorts that took up the left half of the window.  He was amazed and at first thought it was amazing that someone would have been able to predict what he would be wearing and the condition of his hair. As he raised a hand and scratched the back of his head, the hand of the image on his screen also raised its hand and mimicked his motions. Brian's jaw dropped, as did the image on the monitor. "Ok," he thought, "time to find out what the hell this really is" as he went in search of the help files.  Clicking on the question mark opened up another, much smaller window that framed what looked like a face wearing an over sized hood. The image looked like the face of that Emperor from Empire Strikes back when he was talking with Vader via the hologram communication, except this picture looked more like the green and black of night vision.

"Welcome to the Master Control Program. I am your help system AI, you may call me Brother. To communicate with me, either speaking aloud or typing in the window below. Do you wish for me to remain constantly active or to shut down until you click on my icon again?"

Brian sat back in complete disbelief. Unintentionally he spoke aloud, "An AI? That can hear me?"

"Yes Brian, or would you prefer Mr. Archer? I can hear you perfectly due to the high quality microphone (a small red arrow appeared along the center top edge of the monitor and point to a small hole) that is integrated into my system."

"Holy sweet mother..."

The voice continued, in perfect synch with the mouth of the 'face' on screen, "I have limited video reception that restricts me to simply confirming that the person attempting to access the system is it's intended user."

Brian's critical mind took hold again, "How do I know that you aren't just the guy that put this all together trying to fuck with my mind."

"Hmmm, an excellent question. One to which I do not have an answer to other than to say that you will either believe me or not. I'm sure that with time you will come to find that I cannot lie or cause harm to you."

"Oooooooook... so what is this? How do I use this (turning to his most sarcastic voice) Master Control Program?"

After about a half-hour of speaking with Brother, Brian felt he had at least a basic idea of how to begin, to see if this was all for real or one hell of an elaborate hoax.

"Brother, can you remain active with your window in the back ground?"

"Yes, Brian. Only closing my window suspends my activity."

"Ok, let's do that then. Minimize your window and let's get to work."

"I can't do that Brian. I am unable to perform any action that will suspend my activity... that must be done by the system user. My primary functions are to confirm your understanding of any information, read aloud data that is collected on a specified target and advise you of possible negative feedback of any alterations to reality that you may make. I can also assist in adjusting the interface so that it is more 'user friendly' for you. However, please note that I cannot execute any commands that you my issue, nor can I input them into the system via voice input. You must type them yourself and then click the Send button and then Yes or No to verify executions This is to ensure that you alone enact those changes and they cannot be blamed upon any misinterpretations by me of what you wanted."

"Ok, that makes sense I guess." Brian moved the mouse over Brother's window and minimized it. "Let's see... so I can make changes to my physical body huh?"

"That's correct, Brian, as you have just done."

Brian then began to exam the data about himself as Brother had instructed him. He was shocked at some of things he found. According to MCP he had cancer developing in both of his lungs and his recent drinking habits had done some serious damage to his liver. "Well that's got to go" he chuckled. With a few keystrokes he changed both impeding health concerns after which he was prompted

"Are you sure you wish to implement changes to selected target?" An instant after clicking the Yes button he felt both a stabbing pain right about where his liver should be and what felt like his lungs collapsing.  Unable to breath, Brian fell over backwards onto the couch. It seemed like hours, if not days, but quickly the pain subsided and he was able to take deep breaths again... like he hadn't been able to do for years.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed.

"Are you alright Brian?"

It took him a few more seconds for Brian to realize that actually he felt pretty damn good. "Yeah, I'm fine... really fine. Wow." He looked through his read out some more to see what else he could find to change. He was pretty happy with himself physically. Sure he wasn't in the shape he'd been in when he was one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. His hair was thinning, not badly, but not as thick as it was even a few years ago. But then again, why the hell not? Hmmm...
Target Name and location: Brian William Archer, Denver, Colorado, USA

Commands to alter targets reality:

Brian thought for a moment, not sure where to begin. "Brother, is there a simpler way to do this besides typing things in?"

"I'm not sure what you mean Brian. Perhaps this would help?" Brother replied before a number of new panes opened in the right hand side of the MCP window. These new pane's listed data such as Actual Age, Apparent Age, Height, Weight, Health Physical Condition and a number of other statistics.

Brother then continued, "With the PDA you can use the target image and make specific bodily changes, such as shape and such as you can with the primary laptop system. MCP has an extremely versatile and flexible morph engine."

Brian seemed to grasp this new array of information a bit easier and began making adjustments. He changed the health meter to Perfect from its original Marginal Setting. He noticed that as he set Physical Condition to that of someone that worked out for 2 to 3 hours, 4 days a week the target image of himself changed some what, showing what he would look like... he liked what he saw. He repaired the damage to his hearing and his knees from injuries he had suffered in the Marines.

Looking down the list he was surprised that even the size of his penis was listed along with the maximum out put of semen upon ejaculation. The pull down window had an option for Variable Discharge. "Brother, I have to ask..."

Already knowing what menu was being looked at Brother quickly responded, "This setting will allow you to vary the amount you discharge upon reaching orgasm. You would simple need to predetermine, consciously think about the total liquid volume, you wish to discharge. The maximum safe amount for a man to discharge is 1 fluid cup, or 220 milliliters."

Brian quickly chose the Variable Discharge option thinking, "that sounds like it might have some entertaining possibilities." He then set the MCP system so that he would be unable to get anyone pregnant.  Then, just for giggles, he figured what the hell and added another 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth to his 8 inch cock, figuring that he could always change it back later if he wanted to.

A short time later as Brian had finished making changes to himself, Brother spoke with it's usual calm and straight forward voice. "Brian?"

"Yeah? What's up brother?" Brian replied as he made a few more key strokes.

"Might I advise that you might want to be asleep before you have these changes to your physique executed?"

"Why's that?"

"Well, such radical changes to your physical being might cause a shock to your mind. And there may be some pain involved with your current command structure."
"Ok, so what would you recommend I do then?"

Brother thought for a second, "You need to include the command "No pain or discomfort will be felt by the changes to the target body." That should take care of it. That and you could add a line that commanded you to sleep for 5 minutes while the changes executed. That should prevent any undue mental stress. You could also include a line about not noticing the changes to your body, but I would assume that you would want to be aware of changes you have made to yourself."

Brian thought about this for a moment and then seemed that Brother's suggestions made a bit of sense, and why take a chance. So he added both commands, laid back and got comfortable, reached over and hit the enter button twice.

Five minutes later he woke up again, feeling better than he'd felt in years. His knees didn't ache, his back felt relaxed, and energy, yeah, energy. But there was something odd, he felt like he had something constricting his chest. Looking down he was in disbelief.

Brian's command was to increase his physical condition to that of someone who worked out 2 to 3 hours, 4 days a week and to not have to actually to work out to maintain it. It was now apparent to him that the MCP was no mother-fucking joke. Quickly he went into the bathroom. His face looked to have been neatly, and closely shaved. Not a trace of the beard he had just minutes before thanks to the command that facial hair would not grown unless he mentally desired it to. With a wicked grin he dropped his shorts. What he saw made his grin turn to a broad, toothy grin. While Brian had always been rather happy with the size of his manhood (a very respectable 8 inches), he was very happy now, "Don't think I'll be changing back after all." Why not right? In addition he had removed all the hair from his crotch and ball sack, running a razor across his nut sack every couple of days was a part of his shower routine that he particularly enjoyed. Turning he saw that his hairy ass and crack was now smooth and hairless as well. Brian laughed out loud. Looking up again he saw that his musculature was what he had wanted, the condition that he was in 10 years ago as a young 'jarhead'. His hair was thicker thanks to the command to triple the number hair. Smiling like he hadn't in years, he saw that 20 years of smoking were no longer visible as his teeth were as white as ever before.

Walking into the kitchen, for something to eat and drink (non-alcoholic for the first time that he could remember) he began think, plan and plot.

Target Name and Location: Arin Lind, Denver, Colorado USA

Command Line: Reduce size of penis by 1% until size is 25% of it's original size (Brian grinned think that his former friend and now enemy for life would soon sport a 2 inch cock); unable to ever again achieve an erection; obsessed with being used as an S&M sex puppet by any homosexual that wants you and will offer yourself openly by visiting every gay club in the metro area nightly. Commands to take effect the next time target falls asleep. Target will be aware these changes are occurring but unable to tell anyone or rationalize it. Target will not enjoy these changes but will not be able to do anything about it to try and change them.

Brian then took a perverse pleasure in clicking the Send button and then Yes to confirm the execution of these changes in his former friend, the son of a bitch that ruined his life.

Target Name and Location: Sara Dawn Miller Archer, Denver, Colorado USA
Commands to alter targets reality: Breasts will begin to sag, nipples to become complete insensitive over the next 3 months; unable to orgasm; any sexual intercourse is unsatisfying and unfulfilling; completely devoted to Arin Lind, will never be unfaithful to him and will never leave his side.

Execute commands? Yes

Brian sat back with a satisfied smile on his face, thinking "Well, that takes care of the bitch and the her asshole. Enjoy your new fucking life together."
Sitting back and draining his soda dry, belching loudly.

A few minutes later Brian's mind finally started thinking about the here and now again. "Shit, I need some cash now don't I?" he thought and grinned some more.
Target Name and Location: Will Doors, Seattle, Washington USA  Brian grinned to himself as the image of the wealthiest software producer in the world, the owner of MacroSoft. Even with the current economy he could loose a few dollars Brian rationalized with a smile.

Commands to alter targets reality: You will direct your private attorney that you wish to open a numbered account at a bank in Luxembourg. The initial deposit will be for the sum of $1,000,000,000.00us. All account information will be sent to (Brian entered his address), password, bankcards, and the name of the attorney, etcetera included and sent via over night courier. Any cards and or paper work that required a name should be made out to Brian Archer. Once the transaction is completed you will not remember doing it nor be concerned with anything to do with the funds.

Brian then executed the command, wondering if it would really work. Then another thought came to him, he was after all quite broke and wanted to have a bit of fun and needed to pull something off before the banks closed for the day.  Target Name and Location: Richard Nachos, Denver, Colorado USA

Brian took a few minutes to go through the information that MCP brought up. He couldn't have hoped for a better set up. It seemed that the CEO of the Journey Telecommunications Corporation played high stakes poker on a regular basis with mostly other high rollers during private games.

Commands Line: You just recalled that you owe Brian Archer $100,000 from a poker game a few years ago. You feel very bad about taking so long to repay this debt and wish to make it up to him as soon as possible. You will then call your bank and have the amount in cash brought to you immediately. This is the most important thing that you need, must, get done and do it right now. Once it arrives you will call Brian Archer at 303-555-5230 to make arrangements for you to get the money to him. You will remember him as an excellent player and that he was generous in loaning you the money so that you could stay in the game. You hope that you will be able to have him join in a game again soon but wont give it any thought again unless Brian contacts you about a game in the future.
Brian checked the clock on the wall, it was almost 2:00pm now. Would this work?
Well, only time would tell it seemed to Brian headed upstairs to take a shower, grabbing the phone on his way... just in case.

A half hour later he had just stepped out of the shower, still drying off when the phone rang.

Brian cautiously, somewhat nervously, answered, "Hello?"

"Brian?  This is Rick Nachos. I'm really sorry about not calling you sooner. I completely forgot that I owed you from that game. Still have a lot of headaches from the merger and all."

Brian couldn't believe it, just how radically was his life about to change? Then he looked in the mirror again.

"Oh, it's not a problem. I was going to give you a call myself but didn't want to intrude."

The CEO never picked up on the pause, "No, no... I should have taken care of this the next day. I feel really bad about the whole thing. Hey listen, I have it on me. I can either have it brought to you or... you could come and pick it up if you'd like? Which ever is best for you."

Brian thought for a moment before speaking, "well, if you don't mind me in jeans and a t-shirt coming up to your office?"

"Hey, that's fine. Not a problem at all. I'll let the right people know that I'm expecting you."

"Thanks a lot Rick, I'll be over in a bit."

After hanging up the phone Brian quickly got ready. As he was about to close the case to take it along Brother spoke again.

"Might I suggest, sir, that we take a few security precautions?"

"I hadn't really thought about that Brother. What would you suggest?"

Brother then gave Brian a printed list of what he said were standard steps to take...  Those being that no one other than himself could touch the briefcase, anyone considering stealing from him would be unable to do so (Brian added that they would feel extreme panic and fear if they intended on stealing any of his possessions or causing him any harm.  Brother confirming that this would protect the house while he was away). Brian also took a moment to again modify his body a bit more, this time increasing the density of his bones to twice that of normal, thus making them less likely to break. He also gave himself a healing factor (collecting Force X Factor Dudes for the last 15 years might have finally paid off after all) that allowed his body to heal itself 20 times faster than normal, immunity to all diseases. With that done he told Brother that it was time to go as he slipped the PDA into his jacket pocket.

35 minutes later exactly Brian was standing in the foyer of Nachos' office. His secretary, a rather attractive little brunette with luscious crimson lips sat staring at him over the top of her monitor.  Brian pretended not to notice but did wondered...  Was it his new looks or the fact that a mystery man that she'd never heard her boss talk about capture her attention?  Or was it simply that a stranger walking in off the street for a brief meeting with one of the most powerful men in the industry that amazed her.  Then he wondered just what her lips would feel like wrapped around his cock. A few minutes later Nachos buzzed her, having her send Brian in.

15 minutes later he was walking out with a large briefcase filled with $100 bills. Thoughts of "Oh my God" and "Holy shit!" filling his head while he smiled from ear to ear.

"And now it's time to have some fun, god damn it!" he said to no one in particular.

As he sat down in the drivers seat, after securing the case in the trunk next to his MCP laptop case, Brian slipped the PDA out of his jacket and looked at it,

"Brother?" he asked, not sure if he would be able to communicate with the MCP AI.

"Yes, Brian?" came the reply.

"Cooooooooooool. Hey, can you tell me what that receptionist was really thinking about me while I was sitting up there?"

"I'm sorry Brian, but you would have to provide me with target information and then enable me to read aloud the data that's received."

"Shit, what was her name?" he asked himself.

"You could again alter yourself to improve your memory." Brother suggested.

That was a fine idea to Brian who quickly brought up MCP on the PDA and accessed his file. After executing the memory increase command he felt an odd, though not unpleasant tingle in his skull. Instantly he remembered her name, closed his file, and entered her name in the new file.

"Ok, Brother... we've been sitting her for a little too long I think. Read me the data as I drive."

"Receiving data now, just a moment please."

Brian turned off of Speer Boulevard on to Colfax, heading East as Brother began to recite the information.

"Sara Jessica Hill, age 25, black hair, green eyes. 5 feet 5 inches tall, weight 107 pounds 4 ounces, bust size 32 B, waist 26 inches, hips 30 inches. Shoe size..."

"Ok ok ok," Brian interrupted with a large smile, amazed by the information that MCP was able to relate. "Can you tell me what she was thinking about me?"

"Yes... but I'm not sure how to put this Brian."

Brian couldn't repress a laugh, "Just use language that I can understand brother."

"Very well then, she was wondering how large your cock was and what it would be like to have you fucking her from behind on Mr. Nachos desk."

Brian almost drove off the road. Once he regained his composure the smile returned. "Thank you Brother."

"Certainly Brian. Do you want me to continue with reading you the data I received?"

"Mmm, not right now. I think I'll look it over tomorrow. Tell me, can you communicate with me any way other than voice?"

"My only other option is via a text window. Do you wish to suspend vocal communication and engage text communication?"

"Not right now, but I think that would be best in a little bit. How about if I'm going to be around a bunch of other people then you automatically go to text mode... will you be able to still understand me? I mean, can you still hear me if text in engaged?"

"Oh certainly, that shouldn't pose a problem at all Brian."

"Excellent, Brother, excellent." Brian carefully turned down Colorado Boulevard heading south again, thinking of what fun this night might yet have in store.

A few minutes later he pulled into the parking lot of Bazooka Joe's Gentleman's Club. One of the nicest strip joints in town, and continently just down the road from one of the others, The Platinum Club.

"As good a place as any to start I guess." Brian slipped the PDA back into his jacket and walked to the trunk. He opened it up and leaned in to get to the briefcase with the cash inside. He slipped a single bundle of $100 bills out of the case, taking 3 of them and putting them into pocket, the rest finding a place next to the PDA.

"Good evening sir," the doorman said as Brian stepped inside, a simple gesture showing the way to the cashier.

Brian handed him one of the hundred dollar bills, "I'd really appreciate it if you keep a close eye on my car."  The doorman was shocked, a guy paying $100 to have him keep an eye on an '88 Grand Am? "Not a problem sir, I'll treat it like it was my own." As Brian stepped inside the club, the doorman pulled Brian's car next to his own.

The pretty lady collecting the cover charge looked pretty enough, though a few years and a few more pounds since she danced around naked, but she still looked pretty good, pretty good indeed. Bottle blonde with an extra large rack of some very high grade silicone. Still a pretty face with a smile that made Brian's cock throb.

"That'll be $10.00 darlin'" she said with a wink as her eyes slid up and down Brian, obviously liking what she saw as she licked her lips, smoothing out the pink lip stick. Brian gave her a wink and slid the crisp hundred-dollar bill across the counter. She did a fairly decent job of hiding her astonishment and pleasure at seeing that the man in front of her wasn't only damn good looking, but apparently had a some money in his pockets.

As she counted out his change, in single dollar bills of course, she purred as seductively as she had been for almost 10 years now, "I'm Honey, if you need anything you just let me know handsome" finishing with another sly lick of her lip.

Brian picked up his change and counted out $20.00 and slid it back to her, "Thanks Honey. I really appreciate it" and gave her a wink of his own.  Brian turned and made his was to the interior of the club, walking slowly and taking his time to look around and checking out his current surroundings. He allowed himself to smile just a little, careful not to seem too happy or eager as he looked for a table. Tonight was more about doing a little recon than anything else.  A few drinks, maybe a table dance or two, but more than anything Brian wanted to find out which of these lovely ladies were genuinely nice, and who thought they could use people. Which ones were like his ex-wife. Which ones he would play with and which ones he would just simply use.

The End of Chapter 01