(Chapters 30-33)
by Ryver

Chapter 30

Well, maybe that was a little overly optimistic on my part. The
perimeter was cordoned off in bright yellow police tape, and there
were a few squad cars sitting possessively in the parking lot. A pair
of officers was keeping watch next to the security gate leading into
the parking lot. They eyed me with suspicion as I approached. The
taller and broader one walked forward with an upraised hand. "Sorry
sir, no civilians allowed inside. This is a police investigation scene
as of last night."

A mustached, paunchy, middle aged man in garishly touristy civvies
with a badge at his waist came strolling out the front door with a
clip board in one hand, gesturing with his other to a younger
uniformed officer about something. The plainclothes detective's eyes
locked onto me when he noticed me standing there. Then he turned back
to his 'assistant' and the younger officer walked over to me as the
detective turned around and walked back inside.

"Sir, is your name Mr. Rhein?" he queried as he approached.

"I usually go by either Aram or Mr. Von Rhein, actually. Can I help
you out?"

He quirked a smile, and quickly pinched the brim of his cap.
"Actually, Detective Whitewater wants to ask you a few questions. He
said you were here yesterday during the, uh, incident."  With a
gesture towards the front door, he asked, "Care to step inside and
have a word with him?"  I nodded and followed the young officer

Sergeant Whitewater had set himself up in the security office, with
one other plainclothes officer, and a uniformed officer. He looked up
from the monitor he'd been watching as I entered, escorted by the
younger officer. Apparently they had admitted a delivery person from a
Chinese restaurant into the investigation scene before I had arrived.
There were little white paper boxes half full of a wide variety of
Chinese foods strewn around the horseshoe-shaped security-desk area.
Captain Whitewater smiled as he whipped a strand of chow lo mein into
his mouth, then stood up, putting the food on the table with a grin.
"So, you're Mr. Rhein?" he said, extending his hand for a handshake. I
accepted it with a slight wince.

"Mr. Von Rhein. It's good to meet you, Sergeant. I hear you're in
charge of the investigation of the attack that happened yesterday?"
He sat back down, and motioned at another chair for me to do likewise.
I accepted the invitation.

"Well, I gotta tell you this is a weird situation. I mean, it looks
like an overdone hit job, really. I mean, one of your employees was
whacked, but other than that, it seems everyone's just fine. And as to
the guys who did the whacking . . ." He shifted in his chair, poking
his cheek with his tongue as he cocked his head. "I don't suppose
you've got any kind of chemical or biological agents in this facility
that would account for what happened?"  He was baiting me. He knew I
shouldn't know how the attackers died, since I hadn't been at the
scene at any time.

"Well, what happened?" I asked, which seemed to slightly annoy the
detective. He narrowed his eyes and continued.

"Well, suffice to say that those guys won't be bothering your facility
again. In case you didn't know, they're dead. The coroner looked into
it last night, and the first few autopsies suggested acute heart
attacks. Do you find that as odd as I do?" he asked, raising his
eyebrows while picking up the box of chow lo mein and a pair of

"If you find it incredibly bizarre, then yes," I answered. "That is,
assuming the hit men weren't senior citizens."  This earned me an
annoyed glare from the detective as he sucked in another greasy strand
of Chinese noodles. "Any word on where our security men were?  Are
they all right?" I asked.

"Apparently the hit squad zapped 'em with some tasers," Sergeant
Whitewater replied through a mouthful of noodles. "I guess no one was
on main watch in here," he waved at the monitors displaying the video
feed from the security cameras with a thinly disguised look of disgust
with our security's inefficiency. "So I understand you were in the
conference room with the doctor and the supervisor when the actual
assault on your facility occurred."  I nodded. "And also, that you
were present when Dr. Zane was shot."  I nodded again. "Do you think
there's any reason that the attackers chose to focus in on Dr. Zane,
and leave you and the supervisor unharmed?"  He sat back, with a smug
look settling into his broad features.

"Well, I understand Dr. Zane was involved in some unsavory
experiments, and that he may have made some enemies throughout his
career. In fact, the main reason for my visit was to talk with him
about discontinuing his projects, and to restructure the facility's
operations."  The detective nodded, picking at his food.

"Well, that's pretty convenient. I don't suppose you'd know who the
doctor might've pissed off, do ya?"  He asked with a slight sneer,
before slurping up more of the greasy noodles into his puckered maw
and washing them down with a swig from a Coke can.

I briefly spread my hands in a gesture of helplessness. "Not really. I
never heard any names. However, some of Dr. Zane's projects apparently
involved human subjects, much to my annoyance. You might want to start
with the people involved in his experiments. Bob, the supervisor of
this facility, should be able to get you in contact with them for
questioning. That's the best I can offer right now."  The detective
waved his hand at an officer passing by the door. The young woman
peeked in the door to see what he wanted.

"Well, that's a start, I guess," he said, nodding his head with a
resigned sigh. "Thanks. Lieutenant, is that supervisor still here?"
The female officer shook her head, and the detective sighed. "Well, I
guess that's all for now, Mr. Von Rhein. I assure you we're looking
into this. If you remember anything that you think might be useful for
our investigation, call this number."  He handed me a business card
with his extension number at the station beneath his name. And with
that, Detective Whitewater rose from his chair, and walked out of the
room, leaving the remains of his food on the desk in front of the
monitors. "Dammit, Larsen, I thought I told you I wanted those
scrapings taken care of by noon!" I heard him bellow as his voice
receded down the speckled white, linoleum-tile hallway.

The uniformed officer in the room listened to something through his
ear piece then looked at me, gesturing for me to follow him as he
walked out of the room towards the front exit. As we got to the front
door, he opened it and waved me through with a smile and a promise
that the police would be out by the end of the day, having already
completed most of their work the previous evening and this morning.
They'd even let the glass repair men come by once the forensics team
had finished documenting the conference room and other areas of
interest. I took another look at the building, and felt I'd done all I
could to allay the concerns of the investigative team at the moment.

As I walked towards the front gate, I felt my world begin to start
swimming, as it felt like my spirit was leaving my body and flying at
a ridiculous speed across the countryside. Eventually, my vision came
to rest in the back of a limousine traveling east towards Nevada from
Barstow on I-15, where an unkempt, young man was sitting with an open
laptop in, well ... in his lap. His wiry brown hair hung down to his
neck, framing his sneering face. Across from the boy were two women
that looked like living wet dreams. Full breasts, lips, and asses
complimented perfectly tones arms and shapely legs. Graceful necks
supported their statuesque faces on smooth, slender shoulders. Their
skin looked as smooth as silk, and as soft as heaven. They were locked
in a passionate embrace with one another, with the grim-countenanced
boy paying hardly any attention to anything other than his computer.

Moving my viewpoint to where I could see over his shoulder, I
immediately recognized the program he was using. On the monitor, I
could see one of the women's images rotating on the 3D display.
Apparently her name was Samantha Anne Walters, and she was actually
34, not the 19 year old beauty she currently looked like. I watched as
the boy changed her stats to increase her breast size from a 38 DD to
a 44 EE. He clicked send, and of course the woman's breasts began
expanding. Then I saw the modifications this child had made to these
ladies. "Will love the taste of George Edward Gearhart's cum," and
"Gets sexually aroused by obeying George Edward Gearhart's orders,"
were several examples of what I could see in the "personality
description" area of Samantha's profile. Apparently most of this kid's
commands were aimed at attaining sexual power and release.

Unfortunately, he wasn't being very creative about it, and decided the
best way to go about this business was by rewriting these two women's
personalities, and reshaping their bodies to look like something out
of a sexual fantasy. I had to admit, the physical modifications were
arousing, but I took issue with the stamping out of free will. I
figured that if you were just going to create a sex slave (or multiple
sex slaves), you might as well start with a block of wood instead of a
person, because there would be almost no emotional or character
differences between the two options once you were done with the

I noticed that his version was 2.5, and was relieved I'd programmed
the command for my versions to continually upgrade themselves. This
meant my version could override George's version, so I decided to use
my out-of-body Master PC ability. I opened up a new file, and entered
George's name. Once I saw his 3D from spinning in the display area, I
checked his stats, and noticed he was only 18 years old, and still in
High School. "Great. What is it with these high schoolers and this
program?" I mentally complained to myself.

"Okay, basically a kid who hacked into a site and snagged a copy of
the program. Wonderful."  I noticed George's intelligence was actually
pretty high, resting just beneath genius level intelligence.
Apparently he hadn't bothered to improve himself in any way, other
than to increase the size of his penis to a foot long. "Well, okay, I
can respect that decision," I thought to myself. "However, other
decisions you've made . . ." I thought as I entered a statement into
the special text box.

"The George Edward Gearhart currently using Master PC version 2.5 in a
limousine will never realize that the entity, or entities, involved in
making the following changes was, or were, in any way involved with
making the changes to the aforementioned George Edward Gearhart.

1) The George Edward Gearhart currently using Master PC version 2.5 in
   a limousine has his vision altered slightly so that all effects he
   has on others, both good and bad, are visually prominent to him.
   This is not usable in the event of George Edward Gearhart being
   involved in a feud or struggle with another person which was
   instigated by George Edward Gearhart.

2) The George Edward Gearhart currently using Master PC version 2.5 in
   a limousine is aware of how people feel whom he deprives of basic
   rights, including life, liberty, happiness, and freedom of thoughts
   and deeds. This knowledge will be intensely experienced empathically.
   Likewise, George Edward Gearhart is also aware of when he enriches
   people's lives, and also intensely experiences this knowledge

3) The George Edward Gearhart currently using Master PC version 2.5 in
   a limousine is always aware of his connection to people around him
   while he is conscious, and how what he does to others will return to
   affect himself.

4) The George Edward Gearhart currently using Master PC version 2.5 in
   a limousine is unable to ever again use any version of the Master PC
   program with any malicious or uncompassionate intent, nor to have
   another entity use any version of the Master PC program in such a
   manner on George Edward Gearhart's behalf or at his request, whether
   either direct or indirect in that request. For the rest of his life,
   George Edward Gearhart will be able to use the Master PC program only
   in ways truly beneficial to the well-being of himself and others."

I clicked "send," and saw George stop typing. He looked around, shook
his head, and then looked at the ladies in front of him again. He
looked out the window and laughed nervously, then looked back at the
ladies who were still cavorting with each other in a simulated
passion. All of a sudden he typed something in his computer, and the
limo pulled off to the side of the road. Then he typed something else,
and the women stopped squeezing and kissing each other. George looked
at them for a few minutes, then started crying. The women just sat
there with vacuous expressions, not feeling any emotions or thinking
anything, since they hadn't been told to. What happened next surprised

George sort of jumped in surprise and looked right at me, and actually
knew I was there. I wasn't sure if he could see me, but realized
belatedly that I'd worded my commands in a way that could explain
this. But instead of trying to do anything to me, all George said
between sobs was, "Thank you."

I tried to communicate a sense of compassion, and hope for him that he
could set right the things he'd done. Apparently it worked, because he
actually smiled, and it seemed like his previously cynical, angry
features melted away when he smiled and nodded before returning to his
computer with a determined look on his face. I decided my work was
done, and willed myself to fully return to my body.

I snapped back to full awareness of my physical body, and noticed an
officer was standing next to me, looking at me as though I'd been
standing still for a few minutes. Apparently that's exactly what I'd
been doing. "Um, sir, are you all right?" the officer asked as he saw
my eyes focus on him.

"Oh, just lost in thought there for a moment, I guess. Did you ever
find out where the shots were fired from?"

"Well, yeah."  He pointed to the plateau to the east. "Apparently from
over there, just off the property. A few guys even found some stuff up
there, actually. Weird shit though, from what I hear. Sorry I can't
tell you more right now," he apologized as he walked off back to the
building with a friendly wave.

I smiled and waved back as I exited the property, ducking and pulling
up the police tape as I passed under it. "If they only knew how weird
it really was," I chuckled as I briefly looked up at the blazing sun.

Chapter 31

As I was walking around the corner of the gate to an area where no one
from inside the compound would be able to notice me disappear, I
suddenly felt the distinct sensation of someone watching me. I
visually scanned the area, but didn't notice anything out of the
ordinary. On a whim, I extended my awareness of the Field to see if I
could get a more detailed read on my surroundings.

I detected a live human body far down the road, hiding behind a low-
resting billboard advertising the pleasures one could expect upon
visiting the Sahara Casino. With a slightly closer inspection, I could
sense the person was holding a piece of high-powered binoculars up to
their eyes, and that they had a car parked behind the billboard.
Cleverly hidden inside the car's trunk was a secret compartment with a
sniper rifle. Also in the secret compartment were several boxes of
ammunition for the weapon.

I guess I had physically looked at the guy, because I sensed him get
nervous, and move to the car, opening the trunk and accessing his
sniper rifle with the practiced ease of a professional. He quickly
loaded a clip, and cocked the bolt, filling the chamber with a
powerful, armor-piercing projectile. Once that was done, he crouched
next to the side of the billboard, obscured by some scrub brush, and
took aim at where I had been standing just moments before.

Fortunately for me, I had tapped a subspace bridge with the Field, and
teleported myself to several paces behind him, making sure that my
instant healing ability was fully active. I have to give him credit.
Before I could even say a word, he swiveled about face, took aim at my
chest, and fired. He was quick, but I had anticipated something like
this ever since he went for his weapon, and had "thickened" the air
between us with the Field, which caused the bullet to stop halfway
between us, hovering in midair. I decided it was time to initiate a

"Well done, but as you can see," I motioned to the floating projectile
before creating a pocket of normal air beneath it to let it fall to
the earth, "ineffective. What's your name?"

He lowered the rifle, then brought it back up, and fired another shot,
with the same effects as the first shot. "Hmm. Neat trick," he
muttered, as I let the second bullet fall to the ground. He then
charged at me, freeing a wicked-looking blade from a sheath on the
back of his belt. He soon realized the futility of this action, as he
couldn't get any closer than six feet away from me before the air
became too resistant for him to move through. "Damn."  He stood there,
apparently trying to think of a way to outwit my defenses.

He decided to take out a small half-cylindrical item, and press a
button on one end, before planting it with the flat side facing me in
the ground, and then ducking behind his car. I slightly thickened the
air a bit more. I have to admit that I'd never seen a claymore mine
that small, but it was certainly just as effective as the regular
ones. Well, it would have been, if these had been normal
circumstances. Luckily for me, they weren't. As such, there was a loud
explosion that sent a lot of the desert floor flying up into the air,
then a muffled sound as the thickened air absorbed the brunt of the
impact of the directed explosion. The hit man peeked out from the
other side of his car, and cursed under his breath when the dust
cleared enough to where he could see I was still standing. My black
suit wasn't even dusty.

I got a good look at him for the first time. He was about 5' 7" tall,
with short black hair, and thick eyebrows furrowed above his stylish
sunglasses. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a gray t-shirt. He
looked to be in his early 30s. His car was a very unassuming-looking,
dull blue Honda accord. All in all, this guy knew how to blend into
the crowd, even in the middle of nowhere. He'd even managed to park in
the shade of the billboard, to further avoid notice. I guessed he
wasn't used to being spotted.

"Look," I called over to him, "Why don't we just cut the crap and talk
about what you want like civilized people?"  I let out a small laugh
under my breath. "I hope by now you realize that you're not going to
be killing me today."

He slowly stood up, and walked around his car, until we were facing
each other. "Right. So I guess now you kill me, huh?" he asked without
emotion, crossing his arms with a roll of his eyes. "Mr. All-powerful
God-wannabe against Joe Schmoe. There's a fair fight," he muttered

"Chill out, dude. I don't wanna kill you. I just want to understand
why the fuck you're tailing me, and why you tried to take me out when
you noticed I saw you."

"Whatever. Maybe I'm just a concerned citizen who doesn't want some
weirdo taking over my country. How's that?" he quipped.

"Take over your country?  Sorry, not interested. Too much on my plate
already. As to the concerned citizen bit, aren't you kind of a little
too well equipped in the weapons department for that explanation to

"Not really. In case you've forgotten, this is America, and ever since
a few weeks ago, we've been able to buy automatic weapons over the
counter at gun shops."

"And you're telling me they sell those claymore's over the counter
too, I suppose?"

"Why bother buying those?  Just download the instructions for making
one over the internet. It's cheaper that way, anyway."  He steeled
himself, and glared at me from over the tops of his Oakleys. "Anyway,
if you really want to know, why don't you just look up blood debt in
the dictionary, you asshole."

"What do you mean, blood debt?  How do you owe me one of those?"

"You owe me. You killed my little brother a few days ago. Why'd you do

"Who was your brother?"

"Don't play stupid with me," he sneered. "You were just in the
building where he died."  The hit man started pacing back and forth.
"I don't know how you did it, but I know it was you. Jack told me
about how you drugged him and interrogated him after killing my
brother and his team. Don't try to pretend you don't remember."

"Oh, so your brother was on the team that invaded my building and shot
at me?"

"He wouldn't have shot at you. He never even carried a gun. His job
was security; opening doors and crap. He never killed anyone, even
though I tried to teach him how."  The hit man looked like he was
holding back tears. "But the world's not a fair place. If it was,
you'd be dead along with that fucked up Dr. Zane, and Jim wouldn't be.
He'd be back home with his wife and daughters, and those people you
kidnapped would be home with their families."

I just stood there, too stunned to speak. I'd realized that what I'd
done was foolish, but I hadn't realized how incredibly wrong it had
been. I hadn't even considered these things before now, and I could
feel my heart become heavier with the knowing of them. For a while, we
both just stood there in silence. Then the hit man picked up his
rifle, threw it in the trunk of his car, and opened the driver's side
door. "Just so you know, you're a dead man walking."  And with that,
he slid into the car, slammed the door, gunned the engine, and peeled
out around the billboard and onto the highway.

"Wonderful. Another perfectly handled situation, Aram. You're getting
to be a real pro at fucking things up."  I just stood there for a
while in the modestly useful shade of the billboard, returning the
air's turgidity to normal. I looked at the receding speck of blue that
was the hit man's car. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to react to
the blast force of the remotely-detonated C4 that sent me into

Chapter 32

I woke up in what seemed to be a cell of indeterminate material
(smooth and whitish looking), and my torso, head, and limbs were
strapped to what I could only guess was an examination table in the
middle of the room. I tried to access the Field to get out of the
situation, and felt . . . nothing. Not even a flicker. "Wha-?" I
managed to slur before a pounding pain in my head forced me to stop
moving my mouth.

"Ah, you are awake," boomed a voice through an overhead speaker. You
must notice by now that you are unable to leave without our consent."
There was no humor or enjoyment in the tone of the voice. Just cold
observation, as if it were mentioning the time of day. "Be assured
that you will not be able to access your special ability here. We
regret the discomfort you may experiencing at the moment, but it is
necessary for our purposes."

I decided to remain silent until I could better assess the situation,
and when hopefully it wouldn't hurt so much to speak. The voice
continued. "We have noticed a series of anomalous nano-activity spikes
in this sector over the last several weeks, and have determined that
you are the cause of this activity. You must understand that we do not
suffer such activity in our sector. In the past, it has proven to be
very disruptive."  My mind was swimming with questions about who these
people could possibly be, and where they could have put me where I
couldn't access the Field. There couldn't be such a place, could

"Rest, now. We are altering you so that you are no longer a danger to
us. When you awaken, you will remember this, but be unable to speak of
it."  I heard a soft hiss of gas being pumped into the room, and soon
I was unconscious again.

I had a bizarre dream, which was surprisingly erotic. I dreamt that I
was strapped to a table, and that a sexy woman walked into the room,
and began to caress my body with her hands and her tongue, causing my
body to tingle with pleasure, and . . . something else.

Everywhere she touched me, I became softer, and more curved. She
touched my hands and feet, and they became smaller, and daintier. When
she touched my arms, the muscle melted away, leaving soft, supple
limbs with hardly any hair. In fact, wherever she touched me, the hair
seemed to melt away, except for on my eyebrows, lashes, and the top of
my head. I could feel my cock rising as it became harder with every
stroke of her hands across my body

She ran her silky smooth hands along my legs, and the flesh beneath
her touch became soft and curvaceous, leaving shapely, feminine legs
in her wake. As she cupped my bottom, I could feel it plump up in her
hands, becoming heart-shaped as my waist narrowed to wasp-thin. Her
hands slid from my backside to beneath my cock, where she slowly and
gently pressed against my scrotum. Her caress sent shivers of arousal
through my body as a pussy formed itself beneath my dick. I could feel
her fingers moving in and out of my wetness as she brought me higher
into an aroused state.

She caressed my abdomen and torso, reshaping the flesh beneath her
hands into a slimmer ribcage, and budding breasts. The skin pushed out
more every time she passed her hands over my nipples, causing my chest
to swell out more and more, until my breasts were as large as ripe
melons, but pert.

She bent over, and began to kiss me as she massaged my shoulders,
neck, and hair. She caressed my face, and I could feel it changing
into a softer, elfin shape. My tongue became more sensitive with every
thrust of hers into my mouth, and soon I was moaning in need as my
throbbing penis ached for attention.

Sensing my need, she straddled my hips, and slid her wet pussy down
onto my waiting cock, causing me to gasp in pleasure. Strangely, it
felt as though my penis was growing slightly within her as she rocked
back and forth on me, whimpering in lust as she kneaded my breasts,
causing the nipples to become hard as she would occasionally pinch or
squeeze them. My body tried to cause my head to thrash, but I was
restricted by the restraints. I did, however, notice a swash of dark
hair move by the corner of my vision.

She began to move faster, moaning with abandon as she squeezed my
engorged cock with her pussy walls, her lubrication running down my
newly feminine ass crack.

It felt like my body was on fire with need as she coaxed my cock with
her tight cunt, causing me to gasp and grunt as I was forced to stay
immobile in the restraints.

All of a sudden, the pitch of her moans increased, and she began to
twitch as she let out a loud groan of ecstasy. As her vagina spasmed
around my shaft, I came hard, erupting a huge load of cum into her
warm canal.

And then she spoke, in a dreamy voice. "Sleep."  And I felt myself
drifting away into darkness again, but this time wrapped in a warm,
buzzing sense of pleasure. I could hear the woman giggling as she
licked my breasts while I slipped deeper and deeper into nothingness
in a ship of seductive sensations.

Chapter 33

When I came to again, I was naked in a dark room, lying on what felt
like a regular bed. The sheets were soft; they felt like satin. As I
fluttered my eyes open, I noticed a slight breeze blowing across me,
causing my nipples to feel incredibly sensitive. I couldn't help but
gasp at the sensation. As I did so, I quickly sat up, and felt a heavy
swaying sensation on my chest. "What the fuck?"

The lights gradually slid up in luminosity,  smoothly transitioning
the room from dark to light. "Ah," said the voice from before. "You
are awake, now."  With the advent of the light, I noticed two huge
swellings on my chest. I guessed they were at least an E cup. I
lightly reached my hands up beneath them, and gently squeezed them to
make sure they were real. The jolt of pleasure that hit me confirmed
they were actually there. I accidentally brushed a nipple, sending a
shockwave of pleasure through my body. I noticed I still had my dick.
In fact, if anything, it looked slightly larger. However, I couldn't
feel my balls, and so I reached down where they should be, and - OH!
I had a slit there, and it was incredibly sensitive. Just brushing my
fingers against it almost sent me over the edge!

My ministrations on my breasts were causing my male member to quickly
rise to attention, begging to be involved in the proceedings. I fell
back into a lying position, causing my huge tits to jiggle from the
impact. My dick bounced around a bit, but ended up pointing at the
ceiling as it hardened into what looked like 12 inches long, and 3
inches wide. It looked incredibly anachronistic jutting up from my
feminine body. I couldn't help but be turned on by it, and began to
twist my sensitive nipples, and then use one hand to begin stroking my

"God!  What am I doing?"

"Ah, yes," replied that cold, clinical voice of indeterminate gender.
"Your body is more sensitive than before. We decided that in order to
prevent you from doing anything dangerous, we would provide you with
ample . . . distraction."  I couldn't help it, I continued
masturbating and massaging my massive tits as the voice continued
speaking. Shit, I thought I had more willpower than this!

"Surely you realize that the pleasure center of the brain, when
stimulated, overrides almost all other cognitive areas. As such, we
have designed your body to provide you with too much pleasure to form
any plans more detailed than fucking anyone fortunate enough to be on
hand for the rest of your waking life."

Despite my attempts to get myself to stop, I couldn't, and I felt
myself building towards an intense orgasm. I worked my hand to the
base of my shaft, so that the ends of my fingers began slipping into
my cunt as I worked my dick. I couldn't help but pant and whimper with
lust as this caused a shiver of powerful sexual energy to rush through
my quaking body. As my fingers went deeper and deeper with each
thrust, I felt my orgasm build until it burst like the Hoover dam,
causing my cock and pussy to both gush copious amounts of sexual
fluids, as I lost all muscle control in the throes of the most intense
orgasm of my life.

But the damndest thing was that I was still horny as hell!  That
didn't make any sense!  I shouldn't be feeling like this right after
orgasming, but - My train of thought was interrupted when I was forced
to suddenly gasp in a tingle of excitement and surprise, as I felt
another orgasm building from the continued attention of my hands on my
tits, dick and pussy.

My mind began feeling numb as orgasm after orgasm washed over me,
until I couldn't concentrate on anything at all except the unending
waves of sexual pleasure bombarding my body. After a long time, I have
no idea exactly how long, I passed out from exhaustion, drifting
blissfully into a sex-induced slumber.