Master PC: Aram Von Rhein's Story

by: Ryver

Chapter 27

After Kendra and I had rounded up the other transformees, we headed
down to the main level, where Bob was still working on the computer.
He looked up with surprise. "Oh. Wow, who are ... are they ... never
mind," he eventually mumbled as he logged out and rose from his chair.

"Bob, I'm going to leave these ladies in your personal care until all
we've discussed has been taken care of," I gestured to all of the
girls except Kendra.

"Make sure they get some decent clothes and personal effects,
including some jewelry. I'd say a budget of ten grand each should do
it. Take it out of the company slush fund, and have the expenses
notarized for taxes. I've got some things I need to take care of. Do
we have accompany car in the lot, by chance?"  Bob nodded and threw me
a key, and I took Kendra by the hand out the front.

"It's the black beamer in space 10," he called out behind us, and I
gave him a smile and a thumbs-up through the lobby window as Kendra
and I exited the building.

"You, my dear, I have something else in mind for," I continued,
looking at Kendra, who had draped her arm through mine as we'd been
walking. "What do you want out of life?" I queried, looking at her as
we walked out the front door and into the parking lot. I used the
lock-beeper to find the car, and we walked over to it. It was in mint
condition. Ah, the joys of owning a multi-billion dollar company.

I opened the passenger door for Kendra, then shimmered myself a valid
ID for Kendra into my wallet before getting in on the driver side, not
bothering to buckle my seatbelt. Kendra looked at me with a twinkle in
her eyes. "I want freedom to do what I want. I want to travel, visit
the Riviera, Paris, and Athens. I want to get a college degree, and
teach art at a university."  She paused, and looked pensive for a
moment. "And I want to fall in love, but I'm not sure that's gonna

"Why not?" I prodded as I turned the ignition and pulled the car out
of the parking lot. The engine purred with the satisfaction a woman
who's just been given a Tiffany diamond necklace right after a long
string of orgasms. "You're a beautiful woman."

She laughed. "That's just it. Like you said, I'm a woman."  She
paused, exasperated. "At least, now I am," she muttered."

"Would you rather be a man again, then?"  I asked, pulling onto the
highway heading into Las Vegas as twilight began to set in.

"Not anymore, I guess ... I don't know. It's confusing."  She looked
at me with a pained expression, her eyes watering a bit, but with a
look that said she was trying to pretend she would be all right. "I
suppose you know about the project I was involved in."  I nodded, and
she continued with a forced laugh. "Yeah, I guessed as much. You know,
I never wanted any of this," she gestured angrily to her curvaceous
body. "Damn him. I wish I could kill him!"  she raged, pounding her
fist into the dashboard. "Sorry," she mumbled, lowering her head with
a defeated sigh.

"If you're talking about Dr. Zane, someone beat you to it." Her head
perked up. "He was killed in the security breach, earlier today ...
You know, the reason everyone was evacuated."  I merged seamlessly
with the racing traffic, the car handling like a prize racehorse as it
effortlessly accelerated to fifteen over the speed limit, keeping pace
with the other slow drivers on the road.

"How'd he die?" Kendra sniffed.

"Bullet through the head. He was sitting across the table from me when
it happened. Pretty messy stuff, really."  Kendra harrumphed at that.

"Still too good for him. That fucker deserved something worse than a
quick death," Kendra spat venomously, looking out the window at the
city lights. "So what're you bringing me here, for, anyway?" she
gestured at the debauched expanse of glittering sin stretching into
the dusk of the desert.

"It's the nearest bastion of quasi-civilization. I figured you were
due for a night on the town ... no strings attached," I hastily added
with a chuckle, grinning as I pulled onto the exit ramp for the new
part of town. I steered the black beamer into a valet parking area in
front of the Venetian. I got out of the vehicle, motioning for Kendra
to do the same. She was still in her silk robe, but didn't let that
keep her from getting out of the car. After I handed my keys to the
valet, and linked arms with Kendra while walking in the front doors, I
whispered, "The first order of business is getting you some clothes.
They've got a few nice shops here. My treat," I smiled as we walked
into the first available clothing outlet located near the front
entrance to the enormous hotel. We got a few stares from tourists who
either appreciated or disapproved of Kendra's sparse garments.
However, being Vegas, the stares weren't as numerous as they would've
been in a more conservative city.

Once we stepped inside the apparel shop, the saleswoman took one look
at us, and gave Kendra and me a plastic smile that said she was used
to dealing with people she thought were hookers, and also used to
dealing with executive types like myself bringing those hookers in.
Whatever she thought, she seemed satisfied to assist us as long as I'd
be paying. I was glad I'd brought my new no-limit black American
Express credit card (which I'd received as a stipulation in my
contract with Belltech). But just to be on the safe side, I also had
my ATM/check card right next to it in my suit's breast pocket.

"Whatever she wants," I told the saleswoman, handing her my Black
AMEX. As soon as she saw that, she realized I meant what I'd said very
literally, and she swept into action, recruiting the other saleswomen
to assist her with preparing the viewing room in the back. With a
genuine smile, she ushered us into the viewing room, and offered us
seats in regally appointed leather seats. A chilled bottle Dom
Perignon on ice was waiting on the table next to two elegant glasses,
and a bowl of fresh fruits and cheeses.

Much to my delight, Kendra allowed herself to have a good time,
getting into the spirit of an aristocratic shopping experience. She
actually giggled a few times, and she was smiling a lot. Overall, I
remained mostly uninvolved with the selections, with just the
occasional answer to a solicited opinion on one item or another. I'd
never seen so much satin, silk, and generally frilly fabric in my
entire life, up to that point. Kendra viewed models in lingerie,
evening gowns, daywear, swimsuits, and simple business ensembles.
Despite her earlier protestations about being female, she certainly
seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Thanks," she whispered in a fit of giggles as she leaned over with a
caress of my hand between small sips of champagne. "I appreciate
this."  And then with a grin, she was back to asking the saleswoman
things like, "Yes, but do you have this in sky blue?  And that one,
but hemmed up a few inches?"  The salespeople were very helpful, but I
guess that tends to happen when they know you've got no limit on how
much you're prepared to spend. All told, at the end of the evening I
saw an expense sheet that was more than twice what my annual salary
had been at my last job. It was sobering, but hey, I had cash to burn,
and all things considered, even a $53,098.67 bill was a laughable sum,
considering I still had more than eight billion in my personal
accounts, with more coming in as the year progressed.

I threw in a hefty tip for the good service; $25,000. Maybe a bit
high, yeah, but why not?  Having a lot of money's useless if you can't
spend it when you want to. Soon everything was altered (in the shop,
and very quickly) and paid for. The salespeople assured us they would
have a bellhop move what Kendra wasn't wearing out of the store up to
a suite in the Venetian, which the salespeople had taken the liberty
of checking out for me for the week. With that, I gave Kendra her new
valid ID, and she dragged me out of the store and into the casino.

Chapter 28

"You still up to this?" she grinned. "Because I gotta tell you, having
been cooped up in that hospital for almost a year, I'm feeling pretty
crazy."  I couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey, tonight's up to you. Whatever you wanna do is fine by me, as
long as it doesn't involve hurting anyone."  With a nod and a
mischievous grin, she dragged me to a $1000-minimum, no high limit bet
roulette table in a large VIP area.

"Hey, where can I get some chips?" I asked a nearby patron.

"Over there," he offered brusquely, pointing to an exchange booth
before continuing on with a shake of his head. I walked over to the
teller with a gesture for Kendra to wait where she was. She saw me,
and nodded. I got to the exchange booth, and slid my ATM card under
the glass.

"How much would you like sir?" the disinterested female attendant
asked me.

"I think five would be a good start."

"Five thousand?  Sir, you don't need to come here for that. The

"No, not five thousand. Five million," I corrected politely. "Just run
the card, please," I said, sliding my ID under the glass. With a
start, the woman ran the card, and looked closely at me, then my
driver's license, then back at me, nodding before she turned to the
chip drawer.

"How would you like that, sir?  If you don't want to carry all the
chips around, we can give you a casino card. All the tables have card
readers, and they can dole your chips out there. Or if you'd like-"

"How about $100 thou in thousand dollar chips, and the rest on the
card," I suggested, and she nodded, running the card through her
machine, and showing the balance at 5 million. Then she withdrew
$100,000 and the display noted the difference, taking the balance down
to $4,900,000. She looked at me for approval, and when I nodded, she
gave me a paper to sign, verifying my permission for the transaction.
Once that was squared away, she gently pushed everything back to me,
including a canvas bag for the chips. She smiled, and I threw her one
chip in gratitude, which made her smile grow quite a bit wider in a
heartbeat. "If you need anything else, sir, just ask," she grinned as
I began to collect everything on the counter.

"How about one more of those chip bags?"  She immediately procured
another, sliding it to me. I nodded, and put about half the chips into
the new bag, then walked over and sat down at the roulette table where
Kendra was waiting. She'd gotten a Bloody Mary while I'd been busy,
and was sipping it while watching the action. As I handed her one of
the bags, I asked, "You know how to play, right?"

"Yeah, I've seen people do it before."  As the bets were being placed,
she took out about five chips and put it on red, then put another five
chips on 7. "My lucky number," she grinned as the croupier said 'no
more bets,' and everyone sat in eager anticipation of the outcome.

Well, I wanted Kendra to have a god time, so ... yeah, I kinda
cheated. I used the Field to sort of 'nudge' the ball onto the seven.
And since the seven is red, that meant that Kendra screamed like she'd
just won the lotto. The croupier looked a little piqued, since his
table had just lost $180 grand to Kendra. But the beautiful thing
about roulette is there's no known way for anyone to cheat at it, so
all he could do was try to be professional as he counted out the
chips, and pushed them over to us.

Apparently Kendra was inspired by her bit of luck, so she put half of
her winnings on number 7 again, disregarding everything else
(including the odds of the same number coming up twice in a row,
apparently), telling the dealer where she wanted it, and receiving a
professional nod. That was 90 $1000 chips. I saw the croupier smile.
Undoubtedly he saw all of the money the house had just lost returning
to it on this round. "Oh well," I shrugged as I repeated the
performance of the last wheel, causing the ball to land on 7 again.
Kendra and the croupier both looked shocked this time, as did everyone
else at the table. The croupier almost visibly blanched as he
calculated how much he owed her.

"Ma'am, do you by any chance have a card with us?" he hopefully
inquired. I quickly slipped the card into Kendra's hand, and she
smiled as she put it on the table. The croupier looked like he was
picking up a scorpion that wanted to fuck his eyes with its stinger.
He ran the card, and the display showed the balance move from $4.9
million to $8.05 million dollars. After he put the card back on the
table, a floor boss relieved him from his station with a visibly tight
squeeze of his shoulder, but not before I passed the old croupier a
handshake full of chips and a sympathetic smile.

Everyone could tell the pit boss was determined that this foolishness
would end now, though his expression was very professional as he
called for bets. With a mischievous little smirk, Kendra kept her 90
chips on the table, and plopped her entire bag of chips down on the
table, telling the new croupier she "wanted it all on seven, if you

With what could only be described as a sickened expression, the
croupier nodded and spun the wheel. Well, I was still feeling slightly
mischievous, so I did a repeat of the performance, causing the ball to
land on 7 again. The floor boss, who probably wouldn't be a floor boss
much longer, stared in shock as he muttered something about impossible
odds. Nonetheless, to his credit he emptied the contents of the bag
into a weighing bowl, which showed the contents were equal to $2.54
million dollars. "Um, ma'am?  Do you still have your card?" he asked
blankly, undoubtedly seeing his career evaporate.

After Kendra put the card back on the table, he picked it up and ran
it, and the display showed the balance move from $8.05 million to
$92.05 million. He sullenly returned the chips to the bag, and put it
back on the table. The amusing thing was that he was hoping she would
lose most of it back to the house, since that's what tended to happen
in games of chance. "Well," I thought to myself with an evil chuckle.
"I guess the house won't be winning this time."

At this moment, some guy in a suit worked his way through the crowd,
and tore the dealer away from the table, shoving him into the arms of
two burly, waiting security men. "Goddamn it, didn't you hear me?  I
told you to close this table!"  The floor boss checked his earpiece,
and then realized it had somehow been switched off. Guess who'd done
that right after the floor boss had arrived at the roulette table?
Yep, guilty as charged.

The man in the charcoal suit was accompanied by several more security
guards, who began pushing everyone farther from the table. Everyone
except the people who'd been playing, anyway. To us he turned his
attention with a deep-rooted grimace. "You realize we can't allow you
to continue your game. I apologize, on behalf of the Venetian. You
will be paid what you're owed, but I'm afraid that was your last round
tonight."  He put the card back on the table, and pushed Kendra's bag
of chips toward us. "However, please feel free to visit again. Just
don't use this table," he begged with a forced smile. Then he asked us
to accompany him to the back, so he could square our account with the

Once in his office, Mr. Jones, as he introduced himself, offered us a
complimentary VIP room as he processed our winnings, occasionally
grimacing at the balance in what I imagine he thought was a
surreptitious manner. "Actually, we've got a room here," I replied as
he handed me back my cards. He told us the VIP suite was more
luxurious than our current room, and would be free of charge. "Well,
we had some clothes delivered to our room already."  With a smile he
waved that away as no concern, and assured us they would be moved if
we decided to use the VIP suite. "Well, sure, why not?" I decided as I
caught the look of excitement on Kendra's face at the prospect of a
room upgrade.

I gave Mr. Jones the information to transfer the winnings to my
private account. The receipt showed that Kendra had won $95.38 million
dollars. I showed it to her. "Not a bad haul for fifteen minutes of
work," I grinned at her. It was evident, however, that she was not
paying much attention to anything other than the fact that she was now
very, very rich.

With a wild grin, she dragged me up to the room. We almost didn't make
it, since she sexually attacked me in the elevator before we could
even get to our floor. But after a few tries, we managed to get into
the hallway, and then to our room. As soon as the door was closed, she
fucked my brains out until we passed out from exhaustion on the
luxurious, king-sized bed.

Chapter 29

I awoke at dawn to the unequaled sensation of a hot, wet mouth
vigorously working up and down my shaft. I looked down, and saw
Kendra's luxuriant mane of blonde hair swishing against my pelvis and
the silk sheets as her head bobbed up and down on my tool. I guess she
noticed I was awake, because she picked up her pace, twirling her
tongue around my swollen cock as she worked her magic. Before long I
felt my balls twitch, and my cock spasmed as my load was blissfully
released down Kendra's throat. She gulped it all down, greedily
slurping up any cum that had escaped through her tight lips and
trickled down onto my balls. As she lay there, gently licking and
sucking on my nut sack, I asked her a question.

"Do you remember the last person Dr. Zane turned into a woman?"  She
murmured in the affirmative and giggled, not looking up from her
administrations. "What's funny?"  She looked up at me, letting her
smooth, dainty hand take over what her mouth had stopped doing.

"It's just that I had a good time with her, was all. Why do you wanna
know?"  She cocked her head in question as she looked into my eyes
with sexual hunger, and a hint of amusement as she continued lightly
stroking my shaft back to turgidity.

"How do you like surprises?" I asked with a grin. At her confused
expression, I shimmered into the form I'd been put in my Dr. Zane's
process, and Kendra gasped in surprise, when my cock had disappeared.
"Oh, sorry about that," I mumbled apologetically as I shimmered into
the same body, but with a raging erection. This time Kendra still
looked shocked, but the lust was evident in her eyes as she glanced at
my tool and licked her lips.

"You know, I was hypno-programmed to enjoy sex with men and women,"
she said with a wry grin as she moved herself up my body so that she
was staddling my pelvis, pressing my cock against my abdomen. "This
has got to be a dream," she mused, but was jolted from her reverie as
my dick twitched against the wet folds of her vagina, eliciting a
rutting groan of pleasure from her full lips. With a shaky sigh,
Kendra lowered herself onto my thick tool, and began gyrating her
pussy on my shaft with moans of delight.

I grabbed her shapely ass and squeezed as she rocked up and down on my
swollen cock. With a gasp of pleasure, she locked eyes with me, and
began to gently knead my breasts in her smooth hands. I moaned in
pleasure as she began to lightly tug at my nipples, and nearly came
when she bent down to start tonguing them. I started slapping her ass
and panting in lust. After a few minutes, we both orgasmed, both
screaming in ecstasy as we felt orgasms roll through our bodies. We
lay beside each other for a few moments, basking in the afterglow of
our orgasms, lightly stroking one another's breasts and arms on

"Well crap. I guess that explains how you turned back into a guy.
You're a metamorph," she giggled while tracing a long-nailed finger
around my left nipple. "So how do you like being a member of the
fairer sex?"  And then with a quick glance at what was between my
legs, "Well, mostly, anyway."

"Hmm. Honestly, the sex is a lot better. Being multiorgasmic is kind
of addictive."  I turned on my side, and ran my hand down the outer
slope of her waist, resting my hand on her shapely hip. "But I guess I
need to ask you, do you want to be a man again?  If you want, we can
make that happen."  She looked pained, and very undecided, so I
continued. "Look, you don't have to decide now. Just let me know when
you reach a decision."

"Well, okay. I mean, yeah I used to be a guy, and all. And I feel like
my life was stolen by that bastard," she hissed with more venom than
you'd expect from her beautiful face. "But still, like you said, the
sex is better, I'm way more attractive as a woman than I ever was as a
guy, and I'm kind of used to everyday chick stuff now."  She grinned,
and tugged at my cock. "But I still miss having one of these, on
occasion," she giggled with a light tug at my equipment. "I'll get
back to you on that, okay?"  I nodded, and she grinned as she hopped
out of bed for a shower in the opulent bathroom.

As she was getting ready, I thought about last night, and how much
money we'd made. "I wonder if we broke the bank. That's a shitload of
cash," I muttered, shimmering into my male body in a charcoal gray
Saville Row suit, with a black silk tie, highly polished designer
shoes, and a white shirt with silver cuff links. When Kendra got out
of the shower, towel wrapped around her head, she looked at me with a
shake of her head. "I guess that's another thing I miss. Being able to
get dressed and do my hair in under a half hour."  I laughed, and she
took the towel from her hair, and snapped me on the ass with a laugh
of her own, and walked back into the bathroom to blow-dry her hair.

I idly noticed that all of her clothes had been put in the room,
presumably before we'd gotten in last night. In my defense, I'd been a
little too pre-occupied to really notice or care. I briefly used my
computer ring to do some business-related things, like taking care of
the authorization for the expenses Bob had sent me a request about for
the ex-patients of Dr. Zane. Also, I decided I needed to learn how to
design a few new items. First on my list was directly related to
Kendra's predicament.

I thought about what I'd need to know to create a machine that someone
could use to change shape. I decided it would be best if it were
stationary, so it would be hard to use on the fly for criminals and
spies. I also decided I should design it so that it could change
gender and minor aspects of a person's appearance.

As an additional feature, I decided to create an additional function
that I could activate, which would provide a person with the
connections necessary to 'get their foot in the door' in a limited
fashion with use of the Field I'd designed. It would basically grant
them the ability to reach the limit of human potential (without Master
PC intervention) with the Field, in time. This would mean that after
about five years from activation, the average person would be able to
optimize bodily functions, use minor telekinesis (moving objects up to
200 lbs in weight), fly at speeds up to 40 mph, and in some instances,
use teleportation on their immediate person. In another ten years, the
abilities would be about doubled, and then remain pretty stable after
that, with only minor increases in ability. However, this feature of
Field awareness was a function which could only be activated and
deactivated by myself.

"Okay," I muttered. "Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there
be light," I murmured my developing mantra, and immediately felt the
familiarly exhilarating flood of knowledge wash through my mind,
illuminating me on how to design what I'd envisioned. I shimmered back
with a nanite package for a machine to make the body-morphers, and sat
down on the bed, flipping on the news.

"And the Dow Jones got another big boost today as industry-leader
StarBell, under new leadership, has announced plans for exciting new
technology to be introduced to the market this coming quarter. And in
other news, oil prices are up 23 cents a barrel since yesterday. Back
to you in the studio, Mark," the announcer said to the camera. I
flipped the TV off. I decided I'd use one of the packages when I got
back to Venus, and I'd start production there, shipping the machines
via portals to the Alpha Labs facility after a warehouse expansion had
been built by the main building. Suddenly my attention was diverted
from my ruminations on the body-morphers.

Kendra walked in looking radiant, and flashed me a winning smile as
she sifted through the closet to pick out an ensemble for the day. I
opened the door, and saw a paper outside. I picked it up, and noticed
it was Friday. "Hmm," I mused as I closed the door and threw the paper
on the nearby table. "Kendra, I've got some business to take care of
today, but don't let that stop you from exploring the town. I'll leave
you the keys to the car," I said as I tossed them onto the bed, "And
I'll take care of setting up a bank account for you, too, to put all
your winings in."

"How much was that, again?" she asked with a dreamy smile.

"Um, a little over 90 million dollars, I think. Good thing it was at
the Venetian, and not some operation in old downtown."  I smiled as
she began putting on a comfortable-looking pair of jeans, a designer
long-sleeve shirt, and some pink 2 inch heels. "Should be enough to
have fun with, if you don't do any more gambling."  I donned a serious
expression for her benefit, before continuing. "Do you want to go with
me to set up an account?  I hear there's a Bank of America office
nearby."  She nodded, and once she had a purse in hand, we left the
room, heading to the lobby and out to the front of the building.

I used my computer ring to call a limo, and it was at the front exit,
waiting for us, when we arrived. Kendra was thrilled, and let out a
whoop of joy before we climbed in, and the limo driver asked me where
we wanted to go. "Bank of America," I responded, and he left the
Venetian grounds.

After winding through the ridiculous Vegas traffic, we found ourselves
at a Bank of America Office, which looked more honest and responsible
than any of the other buildings in sight. I handed the limo driver a
$100 bill, and told him to just wait in the parking lot until Kendra
and I came back. He nodded with a pleased grin, discreetly pocketing
the cash in the breast pocket of his suit jacket.

Kendra and I walked in, and were quickly set up with an officer of the
bank. Her nametag told us her name was "Suzie."  She was an attractive
brown-haired woman in her mid-thirties, with an infectious grin.

"Hello, and welcome to Bank of America. My name's Suzie, but you can
just call me Sue," she said with a little laugh. "How can I help you

"Well, Sue," I replied, looking at Kendra with a smile, "My friend
here just won some money last night, and we need to set her up with a
few accounts. A savings account, a checking account, and an investment

"All right," replied Sue with a tilt of her head. "And your name,

"Um, Kendra. Kendra Stone," she answered with a slight blush.

"Well Kendra, I assure you that our bank is very secure, and it would
be a very good choice for someone looking to start a new account. Now,
we have a few different options for all the account types you
mentioned. For the savings account, you have an option to connect it
to your checking account in the event of an overdraw. Does that sound
like something you'd want to do?  Remember, there's no additional fee
for that."
Kendra nodded. "Great. I'll put you down for that. And for checking,
we have a few different types of accounts, as well. For instance, if
you'll usually have less than $200 in your checking acc-"

"Um, that probably won't be an issue, Sue," I interjected with a
slight chuckle.

"Great. Well, for our more affluent customers, we have a checking
account which is not only free, but actually provides you with a small
interest yield every quarter. That comes to about a 1.2% yield per
year. The only catch is that the minimum balance is $10,000.00."

"That sounds good," Kendra nodded, eliciting a smile and a nod from
Sue as she typed something into her computer.

"Excellent. Now, in regards to investment accounts, we have these
options available," Sue offered as she procured a tidy spread sheet,
turning it on her desk so we could see it. "As you can see, there's
our low-risk, low-return investment profile tier, our mid-risk, mid-
return profile tier, and our high-risk, high-return profile tier. The
returns per profile per month are listed right here," she said as she
pointed to a side column with percentages listed. The percentages
ranged from -5% all the way up to 41%. "As you can see, there is the
possibility that you can lose money with investing, although our
investment brokers are quite good."

"Hmm," mused Kendra as she picked up the sheet for a closer
inspection. Eventually she nodded and returned the sheet to Sue. "Do
you have a pen?"  Sue immediately handed her a black stylus, and
Kendra circled three investment profiles, handing the sheet back to
Sue once she was finished. "I'll do these."

"Good choice," Sue replied as she began entering information into her
computer. "So, we've got everything ready to go. All we need to do now
is put some money into your accounts, and we'll be all set. We accept
cash, checks, and check cards. So whatever's most convenient-"

"Go ahead an transfer it from this account," I said as I proffered Sue
my ATM card and a piece of paper with my account number, and the
bank's routing number. "Deposit $92.05 million into Kendra's checking
account, and then she can tell you how to divvy it up from there."  To
her credit, Sue's eyes didn't saucer out or anything. She just nodded
with a smile, and punched in all the numbers.

"Well, there it is," Sue said as she turned her monitor for us to see
Kendra's new checking balance. "And I'll need your signature here,
sir. And yours right here, Miss," she said as she offered a black
stylus pen with a piece of paper to verify and finalize the

Soon, Kendra had some starter checks, and a check card. They pressed
the card while we were waiting, which was nice. I remember they used
to mail those things out days or weeks after you actually got your
account. Kendra ended up putting most of her money in checking ($55
mil), with $33.05 million in savings, and $1 million in each of her
investment profiles.

In addition to Kendra's large account, I deposited a billion into a
checking account for myself, and withdrew ten million in cash (all
$1,000 bills), which turned a few heads. The bank graciously provided
a tasteful, ink black, polished leather attaché case to put it in.
"Thanks, and come again," Sue cheerily waved as Kendra and I walked
out the glass front doors and sat down in the limo.

"Where to, Sir?" the limo driver queried through the lowered visor
between the front and back of the limo.

"Kendra, do you have any friends around here?" I asked.

"Well, not in Vegas, but nearby, yeah."

"Okay," I said, once again addressing the limo driver. "You'll be
driving Kendra around for the rest of the day, I guess."  I handed him
two $1,000 bills. "Just make sure she has a good time and stays safe,
and there's more where that came from, okay?"

"Sure thing, Sir. No problem at all," he said enthusiastically,
shoving the bill into his breast pocket.

"Great. Just drop me off at Alpha Labs, and meet me in the lobby at
the Venetian tonight at about 7:30."

"Alpha Labs, Sir?"  the driver asked. "Do you know the address?"

"Not with me, but I'll direct you," I replied. Apparently this was
good enough for the driver, and we were quickly winding through the
traffic, and then on the highway heading South.

Once we were at the front gates, I noticed a glass-moving tuck and a
window repair crew replacing the glass that had been destroyed in the
attack yesterday. I felt a little guilty not bringing the beamer back,
but realized I owned it anyway, so I let myself slide on that one. I
decided that I needed to deal with the gender dysphoria situation as
soon as possible.

Oh, I almost forgot," I mumbled as I turned to Kendra, and gave her
five grand. "Here's some spending money. You might want to check out a
show or two back in town. And go ahead and pay for him wherever you
go," I added, nodding at the driver, "and I'll reimburse you later."
Kendra smiled and kissed me passionately, and after a few moments I
exited the vehicle, watching it recede under the scorching sun, down
the shimmering asphalt back to the highway. "Time to fix some
mistakes," I muttered as I walked towards the main building.