Master PC: Aram Von Rhein's Story

by: Ryver


Synopsis: Aram Von Rhein was a regular guy, until he found the Master PC program on the net. Many thanks to the creator of Master PC for such a fun universe to play in. ;)
If you're not of legal age to read this stuff, you shouldn't still be here.  But everyone else, please remember that this story is completely fictitious, with absolutely NO intentional resemblances or references to anyone living or dead. If you know you might be offended by profanity (curse words) or sexual scenarios and/or images, then please leave now, because this story has lots of profanity and sexual scenarios. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Chapter 1

I was sitting at my computer in my apartment one afternoon. I was wearing my tan cargo shorts and a black T-shirt, surfing the net and waiting for my girlfriend to get back from work when I decided to do a search for "Master PC.exe". I figured it would just ping a few clips of text from someone's story, or some client-monitoring application website (yes, I've run across those things before). Anyway, fifth on the search list came up as a site I hadn't seen before (some kind of blog site), so I clicked the link, and the page opened immediately (sweet, sweet blessed Ethernet 11mbps connection ... ahhh).

At the top of the page, it read simply, "YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BE A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MASTER."  The site had an essay about the philanthropic reasons behind the Master PC program, and it seemed like this person's take on it was that it was some kind of tool for humanity to reach a higher level of consciousness. Well ... none of the stories I ever read seemed to have elicited that kind of response in the characters, but I wasn't complaining. However, the site had a sidebar with some links, one of which was a "downloads" link, so I clicked it, and a list of available downloads appeared.

There was,,, and Hey, give me a little credit. Of course I downloaded the 2.5 edition (why use Windows 95 when you can use XP Pro?). The download window opened, I saved it into my Program Files folder in the good ol' C drive, and in about 1 minute the 10MB zip file was safely nestled in the hard drive. My computer emitted what I can only describe as a "satisfied hum."

Maybe more excited than I should have been, I opened the zip file and extracted the files into the folder. As soon as everything looked about right, I closed out of windows and rebooted (just to be on the safe side, after installing a new program). When everything opened back up, I went to the start menu and noticed there was a new program on the list.

"Okay, here goes ... something, I hope."  I clicked on the Master PC 2.5 icon, not really expecting anything to happen, but lo and behold; the window opened up which said:

"Welcome to Master PC's Command Center... the new and improved version 2.5!  The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's Representative. This version has been modified to natively protect the new user, you, from pre-existing commands which would prevent independent use of this program."

I could almost hear my computer mumble something in a decidedly bitter tone about a certain "Xanthos Pendragon," who I vaguely remembered hearing about.

"Holy shit!  I wonder if..."  I trailed off as I clicked on File, and "create new file."  A prompter for a user name appeared, so I typed in my own. Immediately afterwards, a window opened up asking if I wanted to create a password for this copy of the program. Of course I clicked yes, and then filled in the password as something equivalent to "Super-duper-man and a 54321 liftoff." (as if I'm going to tell you my real password.)  Sufficiently long and ridiculous, I hoped, to avoid anyone guessing it (I've since changed it, by the way).

As soon as all the mundane details were done, a window popped up asking for a name for a new "file."  I decided to type my name in again, and my image came up in the 3D rendering window, with my stats listed on the side. It listed me as 26 YRS OLD, MALE, among other assessments of body, mind, and "other."

"Holy crap, I'm only a 3 in sexual prowess?"  And that was the first thing to change. I bumped it up to a 10, but thought better of it and took it back to a 9. After all, no need to be perfect. That would take all the surprise out of life. "On to more important matters..."

I noticed my health was actually pretty decent, but I had a potential heart flutter ahead of me in about 30 to 40 years, and potential colon cancer in 50. So I nixed those, and decided to do a little minor remodelling. I also fixed the genes which had made me susceptible to diabetes.

My eyesight was actually better than perfect (I could see from 30 feet away what most people could only see from 20 feet away), but my hearing was slightly off, with a minor difficulty filtering out background noise during conversation. "So that's why it seems like I have trouble paying attention to people when we're talking."  I was a little miffed at that, but fixed it easily enough. My muscle density was already decent (a 6), but I bumped that up to a 10. And I lowered my body fat level from 13% to 7%. I wanted a little more definition, but I didn't want to look like a freak.

I lightened my slightly blonde hair until it was radiantly golden blond, not just dishwater-style blonde, and lightened my blue-ish eyes until they were iridescently glacial blue. I tweaked my facial structure just a bit so it was pretty darn symmetrical (getting rid of an ever-so-slight side-bite I've had ever since I got in a fight a few years ago; nothing major, but slightly annoying when I'm chewing food). In addition, I minimized my body hair so that it was all short and fine (my long leg hair had always been annoying, considering how much static it tended to produce in bed (yes, I've actually been able to see everything under my comforter while in a pitch black room, just by the light produced by electrostatic discharge between my leg hair and the sheets)). After that, I fixed up some other minor things, like straightening my teeth a bit, whitening them up just a tad (from a 5
to a 9). And of course, in line with every guy's list of changes that I've ever heard of, I decided to "enlarge" myself a bit. I took myself from 6.5 inches length, 2 inches diameter, to a more comfortable 10 inches length, and 4 inches diameter. I set myself at 6 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter when flaccid, because it's nice to maintain your dignity even when you're swimming in cold water. I double-checked to make sure everything was functioning optimally.

This is about when I realized I needed to do some other really important stuff; namely, prevent myself from being affected by anyone else's Master PC of any edition. So that's exactly what I did, next. I looked for the special text window, and found it resting unobtrusively in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

I typed in, "The Aram Von Rhein currently using this computer shall from this moment on be the only Aram Von Rhein which the Master PC 2.5 shall affect, until otherwise verbally specified in front of this computer, with conscious intent by the aforementioned Aram Von Rhein." Hmm. That seems like a good idea.

"Aram Von Rhein is immune to the effects of all versions of Master PC, both direct and indirect (an example of indirect effect being an entity attempting to use anything such as a force, power or ability bequeathed to said entity by any edition of Master PC in a manner which is not verbally sanctioned 3 times by Aram Von Rhein by using the phrase "you have my permission"). Aram Von Rhein is able to constantly, easily recognize when any entity is using any edition of Master PC within a spherical radius of 100 miles (which he can expand or contract at will to any dimensions) from Aram Von Rhein. Aram Von Rhein is able to pinpoint the exact coordinates of such activity. Aram Von Rhein is able to see all such activity via thorough, accurate
metaphysical visions while losing none of his ability to function optimally in any situation or environment. Aram Von Rhein's physiology is such that he heals from any injury instantly, using energy processes efficient enough that Aram Von Rhein's body is not at all negatively affected by the instant healing process. Aram Von Rhein is able to extend these aforementioned protections and abilities, in whole or in part, to as many entities as he chooses, by the act of touching said entity and willing said entity to receive the aforementioned protective abilities, or by making eye contact with said entity. Aram Von Rhein retains the ability to withdraw this protection by once again touching an entity to which he has extended the protection, and willing it to be gone, either in whole or in part. In addition, only Aram Von Rhein is aware of his copy of Master PC 2.5. No one other than Aram Von Rhein is able to either perceive Aram Von Rhein using the Master PC 2.5 program, nor find the Master PC 2.5 program in his possession. Furthermore, Aram Von Rhein's copy of Master PC (currently version 2.5, but this applies to all versions Aram Von Rhein may acquire in the future as well) and any and all computers belonging to Aram Von Rhein which contain said program, are immune to all direct and indirect effects of all other Master PC programs and their users (this encompasses all versions of the Master PC program, past present and future). Aram Von Rhein's family and friends are all immune to the effects of Master PC use which is not initiated by the person being affected."  I clicked send and felt a slight tingle.

The tingle increased, and in a second, I realized the program was currently processing all of my changes. After a few seconds, the tingle subsided, and I noticed I felt a bit more ... alive. I rushed to the restroom, and looked in the mirror, seeing my clear blue eyes, and rich blonde hair, topping off what basically looked like a leaner, sexier, overall improved version of myself. "Hmmm. Aram, version 2.5, I guess," I chuckled to myself. "But the frame's not much use without a good engine."

I rushed back to my computer and looked at my mental and personality stats. "Well, I guess these could use some improvement, too."  My overall personality rested at about an 8, which in my opinion was pretty damn good. I decided not to mess with it. My intelligence, however, was only a 7. I opened a sub-window and found that the individual specs were pretty good, resting between 6s and 9s, except for "understanding the opposite sex, which rested at an incredibly obstinate-looking 4. "Well, that changes now," I mumbled as I moved the slider up to a 9. And this gave me an idea, but I didn't want to do it in the intelligence slider, because what I was looking for would need to be slightly more flexible than what the slider seemed to allow

"Well, let's try this out."  I clicked on the special text window, and typed in, "Aram Von Rhein has the ability to instantly completely understand any subject, language and situation he desires to understand by verbally repeating the phrase "Let there be light" three times in succession within the span of ten seconds after focusing on said subject, language or situation with a desire to understand it for any duration of time. Said knowledge will be optimized for Aram Von Rhein's mental faculties, and will merge with his existing knowledge in an optimally efficient, non-detrimental, perceptually seamless manner, which will be pleasant to experience. Said knowledge will thereafter remain fully available for instant, accurate reference, but will fade into the mental background when Aram Von Rhein does not desire to think about said knowledge. Acquisition of said knowledge will never diminish Aran Von Rhein's ability to function as he is accustomed to doing, nor shall it ever alter Aran Von Rhein's fundamental personality. Aram Von Rhein's mental capacity and acuity will never decrease, but will rather continually increase at a steady rate, which will double the basic levels of recall, power, subtlety and overall quality of Aram Von Rhein's mental faculties every earth year, until such time at Aram Von Rhein decides to disengage the continuance of this option."  I clicked send, and felt a tingle, centered in my head.

"Whoa."  Just knowing that much knowledge was so accessible was rather (excuse the expression) heady. "But there's one more item on the list. I attacked the keyboard once again. "Aram Von Rhein's identity shall remain intact no matter what form he adopts (even a non-corporeal existence), either temporarily or permanently. Neither shall Aram Von Rhein's identity be considered changed by this Master PC program if Aram Von Rhein adopts the use of another name, either temporarily or permanently. With this in mind, Aram Von Rhein now has the ability to dematerialize from any form (with accoutrements such as clothing, undergarments, footwear, small technological devices, food, and valid financial currency, all at Aram Von Rhein's discretion), and materialize into any fully-functional, healthy, highly sentient, self-aware form (with accoutrements as before described) at will. He has the ability to remain in either a corporeal or non-corporeal form for any duration of time he decides. The time spent as a non-corporeal form shall be the default form between dematerializing from one form and materializing into another. As a non-corporeal form Aram Von Rhein has access to the abilities of the Master PC 2.5 program, with the ability to select and/or alter any form he decides on to inhabit upon materialization into a corporeal form. As a non-corporeal form, Aram Von Rhein experiences the passage of time as he would when in corporeal form. When in non-corporeal form, Aram Von Rhein has the ability to travel wherever he desires at any speed he desires (including instant relocation, or teleportation, from one location to another), including through all states of matter and anti-matter (if anti-matter is encountered), and is unaffected by physical, mental, and metaphysical forces, except when Aram Von Rhein consciously decides to be so affected."  And I clicked send.

I felt a powerful surge of energy wash through me in a blinding flash, and I passed out.

Chapter 2

When I woke up it was dark out, and I was sprawled on the floor. "Maybe that was a bit much for my first session," I thought to myself. "At least I was thorough, though."  And that's when my girlfriend walked in. Sarah's already a knockout. She's got a great personality. Luckily for me, that awesome personality goes with a killer body. She's got smooth, strong legs, a heart-shaped ass, a tiny waist (something like 22 inches), a great rack (her bras say 41 DD), a smooth, tanned complexion, a heart-shaped face with blue eyes framed by blonde hair, and a cupid's bow mouth that can suck-start a leaf-blower. What's more, she's a bit of a horn-ball, which is cool.

"Hey, I heard a loud noise, and- What the hell happened to your hair?  And what- what happened to your eyes?  And why are you on the floor?"  I could see the confusion increasing in her face as she kept talking. "Aram, is there something going on?  Why'd you dye your hair?  I mean, it looks nice, but your eyes ... well, they're kinda nice, too, I guess ... but what's going on?  I didn't think you wore contacts"

I got up, walked over to my bed, and sat down. "Um, well, you see, that's kinda hard to explain ... but I'll give it a shot."  I screwed up my face and quickly looked to the left. "I was messing around on my computer, and ran across an interesting program."  At this point I realized that I didn't want to go down the path that so many people I'd read about had gone down, dominating everyone the come across until their life becomes a big fuckfest, and I decided to walk over to Sarah. I put my hand on her shoulder, and said, "maybe this will explain some of it."  And I extended to her protection from people using the Master PC, and the instant healing factor.

All of a sudden Sarah looked at me like I'd just told her I was crazy or had just won the lotto. "Are you serious?  What the hell did you use?"

"It's called Master PC. It lets the user change stuff around him."  She nodded.

"And these changes ... did you change me?"  She looked worried.

"No, I didn't. Well, not really, anyway. The only change I made to you, if you want to call it a change, is that you're now immune to people using the Master PC program to fuck with you without your explicit permission. If you want to allow a change, you've gotta say, "you have my permission" three times in a row. Somehow, I figured that was a change you could live with."  I finally got a relaxed smile from her.

"Well, I guess I believe that. I mean, I don't feel any different, anyway. I don't really know why I was worried about it. Sorry."  She gave me a sexy smile.

"No problem. You know, I just figured you're pretty cool like you are."  THAT got me a big kiss. Yeah, with lots of tongue. And being a guy, I squeezed her plump ass as we found our way to the bed. She stripped her shirt off, and I noticed her huge tits being pushed up by her bra to form an inviting cleavage scene. I unzipped the back of her skirt, and slid it down over her ass, and then snuck my hand in under her thong panties.

She nibbled my ear, and stroked my cock through my shorts. I quickly got the hint, and took the shorts off. The underwear followed right after. We lay on the bed, and she moved her head down to take my cock in her mouth, using her perfect cocksucker lips to take my shaft into her wet throat. I could feel the tongue on the bottom of my meat, moving around. Suddenly I felt her stop.

"Holy SHIT!  What the fuck happened to your cock!  It's huge!"  She'd moved aside a bit and looked up at me with a look that was somewhere between confused and extremely aroused.

"Well, yeah, that's one of the changes."

"Fuck, I though you were exaggerating!"

"Um, is that a problem?"

Her answer was to laugh and said, "Only if you want me to give you a blowjob. However..."  She moved up, slipped out of her thong, and asked, "can that program make sure I don't get pregnant?"

"Sure. That's a piece of cake. All I'd have to-"  I was cut off as she moved over my throbbing tool, and impaled herself on it.

"Uunnnggh!  Oh my GOD!  It's fucking HUGE!"  I wondered if the neighbors heard that, but then realized I didn't care. Sarah pumped her cunt up and down on my shaft, squeezing her muscles around it. Her pussy was dripping with lubrication, and she was moaning with pleasure, clutching the sheets with white-knuckled hands, and gasping for air as she stared at the ceiling. "Oh my fucking GOD!  Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD!!!"  She started pumping furiously, and I felt myself close to an orgasm, and could hear myself grunting as I shoved my meat into Sarah's cunt again and again. Finally, I exploded my cum into her pussy, and that sent Sarah over the edge. She gave a last guttural groan, then collapsed on top of me, panting. "Holy fucking hell, Aram."

"So you're not gonna ask me to change it back, then?"

"Don't be a fucking retard."  After lying there for a minute, she rolled to my side and snuggled up beneath my arm. "You know, you could do a lot with that thing, if you wanted to."

"Yeah, but there's the moral side of it, you know. I don't wanna go crazy using it. You know, 'power corrupts,' and all that."  She looked at me with a disgusted expression.

"I'm not saying that I want you to go off the deep end with it. Just, you know, make some changes. Maybe you could, well, firm up my boobs a little, and make me a little more attractive."  Now it was my turn to give her a disparaging look.

"But you're already really hot, babe. Why would you want-  you want me to firm up your boobs?" I finally asked, after my brain had caught up with my ears.

"Yeah, well, obviously you made a few change for yourself, and those seem to be" her eyes flickered towards my crotch, "good changes."

"Well, if you're sure..."

"Hey, I'm asking you to make my boobs bigger and firmer. You are a guy, aren't you?"

"Bigger?  Umm, just a second."  I got out of bed, wiped off my cock with some toilet paper, and sat down at my computer. I pulled up the Master PC program, entered the password, and Sarah Marie Weitzel's name.

"Aram, what are you doing?"  I forgot she couldn't see the Master PC program, so I told her that's what it was. "Well, that kinda sucks, doesn't it?  I mean, why do you get to use it, but I don't?"

"Because I found it, that's why. Maybe you can use it later, but right now, just tell me what you want changed. Well, how big do you want 'em?"  She pouted a little, but finally spoke.

"Whatever. Just make 'em as big as you want."

"Okay. There we go. Wait a minute, you need to say "you have-""

"You have my permission. You have my permission. You have my permission. You jackass."

"Okay."  I hit send, and Sarah apparently felt the same kind of tingle that I did before, because she sort of jumped a little, and her boobs were definitely growing.

As an added bonus, I'd decided to make her bigger breasts more sensitive to pleasure as they grew, so that by the time they reached their full size, she could easily orgasm just by playing with her tits. I considered it was maybe a little more than she technically asked for, but decided it was definitely in the spirit of what she wanted. Besides, Sarah loved sex, and anything that made it better probably wasn't going to bother her too much.

"Oooh," she cooed as she massaged her enlarged mams. "Oh fuck, that's awesome."  She twisted a nipple and let out a gasp. "Oh."  I was getting hard watching her, and my cock was soon standing at attention once again. Sarah looked over and moaned as she squeezed a huge tit. I didn't need any further invitation.

I walked over, and leaned over on the bed, lying next to her. I took one of her breasts in my mouth, and started sucking on the nipple and aureole with my tongue, getting it wet, and blowing on it. This caused her to shudder with pleasure, and search for my cock with her free hand. Once she found it, she started gently squeezing it. "Please, again."

I nodded, and kneeled in position on the bed so my cock was in line with her raised pussy. Her slit was dripping with lubrication. I nudged the tip against her slit, then while I looked in her eyes, I thrust in to the hilt, eliciting a sharp moan of pleasure from Sarah. I leaned in again, and licked her nipple, sending orgasmic shivers down Sarah's body. She gasped and looked at me with a wild expression of abandon.

I pumped harder, and faster, sliding my thick cock in and out of her pussy until she raked her nails across my back with a deep moan, and then let her orgasm hit her with a shudder of pleasure. Mine was right behind hers, and I came in a gushing river of cum into her snatch, and could feel my seed mixed with her juices slipping out of her cunt as we both lay there, exhausted.

When I looked at Sarah, she had a dazed expression on her face, before she sunk her head into the pillow and passed out. I followed suit immediately, letting sleep claim me for a few hours.

Chapter 3

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone, and Sarah had left a note with a lipstick kiss on it by the bed. "Left for work. I might go shopping later. Should be back @ 5 or so tonight. Last night was amazing. Miss you 'til I see you. - xxx Sarah"

"Well," I thought, walking to the bathroom to relieve myself, "I guess I've got the day to myself."  I decided I'd try to get some kind of project going, using my new abilities. Nothing too daunting at first (well, considering the changes I made, anyway), but something I could use soon. Maybe I could build some nanites to interface with my conscious mind, so I could affect things around me kind of like a Jedi, or something. "Yeah, that's definitely high on the list. But first, Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light."

A wave of new information elegantly merged itself with my existing knowledge, and I immediately understood all the technology involved with creating safe, self-proliferating, self-balancing, slave-nanite technology. I realized, however, that I had none of the necessary manufacturing equipment to do the job, so I sat down and thought about how to create the first batch of slave nanites. After that, they'd kind of do their own thing. I had several options. I could teach people how to create the nanites, but that would take years in my estimation, since the actual technology involved seemed like something so far beyond any that anyone knew about (except for whoever created the Master PC program, who had done pretty much the same thing, but had keyed the nanite activity so it only responded to commands from the Master PC commands). I decided I wanted to create my own line of nanites, since fucking with the Master PC nanite line could wind up with more complications than I was willing to deal with, considering all the tasks they were involved in already, and everything they could be called to do in the future. Nope, definitely needed my own batch, with their functions keyed to my conscious thought, and an exclusively slave functionality.

Eventually I intended to allow other people to utilize the technology, but for now, I needed to make sure the interface between mind to nanite to environment was as perfect as possible. Then I realized I was being incredibly stupid.

"Well, shit. I should just materialize with my first batch of nanites."  Slapping myself on the head, I concentrated on dematerializing, and in an instant I found my matter being phased out from the physical plane, and into the metaphysical, or astral, plane.

Something I hadn't counted on was that as an astral entity, I could perceive most of the other stuff in the astral realm within my
vicinity. However, the physical plane was equally visible as an extension of the astral plane. In turn, I could tell that the astral plane was an extension of a higher plane of existence.

For a second, I thought about trying to follow the source, but realized that could be pretty stupid and dangerous. After all, suppose I met the source, and it said something like, "Well, dumbass, you sure didn't get here fairly by any stretch of the imagination, so off you go to live as an Appalachian goat for 2000 incarnations."  Well, I figured something like that could happen, anyway, and I didn't want to chance it. So I stayed on the astral plane.

Besides, the astral plane was pretty cool. After all, it was where magic, myth, legend and archetypes all seemed to reside. And if I said it was anything other than beautiful I'd be lying. To give you a faint idea of what it was like, imagine that everything feels 1000 times more real than it does than when you feel the most alive while you're awake. Now imagine that you can interact with your surroundings like you can in a dream. If you've ever lucidly dreamed, you'll know what I'm talking about, but if you haven't, I'm sorry. There really aren't words intense enough to describe it.

I could see spirit-like creatures flying around, and I could sense things that I'm normally not aware of. I could tell I was seeing some dreamers, on occasion. It was an intense first experience, and I was almost overcome with the incredible emotions of it to the point where I forgot why I was there. It was more than beautiful.

But back to the task at hand. I concentrated on materializing in my room with an aura of the slave nanites that I now understood completely. Once I materialized, they would replicate and have the ability to exert the user's influence everywhere they went. They were actually pretty ingenious. They were so small that they were virtually unaffected by normal physical forces like electricity, heat (and complete lack of it, all the way down to -273 C), and base matter. I further improved their functionality and durability by having them all connected via a subspace field. This would allow for physical teleportation, and other nifty effects, once the nanites had spread far enough, and had replicated to the point where they were of sufficient quantities.

The nanites were designed to interact with a user's surroundings when the user had the proper mental keys within him or her. I made it so use of the nanites was something someone could improve in the use of, over time. I wanted to make it more fun for people to whom I extended the ability to wield the nanites. I intentionally designed a few partial "flaws" into them; firstly, my ability to negate their activity to any extent, to any spatial and dimensional range, at any time, for any duration of time. Also, I made them relatively ineffective at messing with human consciousness. Frankly, I didn't want the temptation of stamping out free will. Besides, a few little safety clauses never hurt anyone, did they?

And then I materialized back in my room, as myself, but with a few added bonuses, like the ability to breathe underwater by having the ability to process oxygen incredibly efficiently from any environmental surrounding depending on the need for it, and the ability to absorb excess energy from things like fire or electricity, and either use it instead of food, or release it later). As I materialized in an instant, I was immediately cognizant of the aura of nanites surrounding me.

The nanites would have surprised me by reproducing as quickly as they did if I weren't already aware that they would proliferate through an exponentially increasing area until they reached the limit of space, with an initial velocity of c (that's 3.0 x 108 meters/second, or 186,000 miles/second, or simply, the speed of light), after which they would use their subspace field mass to propel their replication process increasingly faster through the universe. Once the limit of space was reached, and the nanites perceived themselves doubling behind themselves, they would cease to replicate, except when any were destroyed (which would be very unlikely), at which point they would only replace what had been lost. I hadn't bothered to check when this would happen, since I really didn't care, but I figured it would take quite a while, even considering the speed increases experienced as the subspace warp factors were ratcheted up by the nanites' spatial area's saturated mass.

So obviously, earth and mars were already saturated, and I could experiment immediately. However, I wanted to wait until I could access raw materials from other places; specifically Jupiter's satellites. Europa is composed largely of ice, which I wanted to relocate to the atmospheres of Mars and Venus, after doing a little clean-up on Venus with some nanite-assisted teleportation. I figured it would be about 15 minutes before this would be an option, but I felt no need to rush.

So, I went down to the kitchen, tore a chunk off a rye loaf, and grabbed a glass of milk before heading back up to my room to pay some bills online. I figured it was a good idea to avoid creating any blips for whatever radar-type system the government was using to keep people like me from surviving long enough to actually talk to people like you.

I kept glancing at the clock. I looked at the clock, and it read as 2:00pm. 13 minutes had gone by, so I extended my sense through the Field (as I'll refer to my nanite-saturated spatial area from now on) to check where its progress was now. Sure enough, it had just passed Jupiter's outer-most satellite. "Hmm, so there's actually 72 of them. Interesting."  I refrained from calling NASA, however.

Instead, I dematerialized briefly, then materialized again, but with the ability to survive in space conditions. I gave my body incredible exerted-force-resistance at will, to the point where I could survive at the bottom of the deepest ocean canyon, or in the middle of outer space, and anywhere in between. Also, I figured it would be handy to be immune to temperature extremes at will (like the absolute zero of space and the center of a hyper-fusion reaction that my nanites were able to withstand). As a final touch, I immunized myself to cosmic radiation, since I wasn't planning on staying inside any atmosphere for a little while.

I didn't really feel that different, but that didn't mean anything except it was working well. As a little test, I used the Field to create a subspace bridge to a remote Hawaiian island. I tapped the bridge, and found myself shifting to the island instantly. In half a second, I was standing near the vicinity of a somewhat contained lava flow moving through a groove of stone on a volcanically active island.

"Well, let's see if this stuff really works."  I almost chickened out, but finally willed myself immune to heat, and reached my hand down to touch the flow. I could feel that it was hot, but miraculously it wasn't painful. Emboldened, I reached down until I actually physically touched the lava flow with my hand, and then pulled my hand back to inspect it. I sat there for a moment, aware that sometimes an injury can take a moment to manifest, but after a full minute, my hand still looked and felt fine. However, I noticed my shirt was smoldering.

Encouraged by this, I stepped into the lava flow, and started walking up and through it. It felt like warm water. I noticed belatedly that my sandals were gone, and my shorts were on fire. "Holy cow, this is awesome."  I kept walking up the hill, until I noticed a group of people ahead of me, looking at the eruption from the mouth of the volcano. I decided to lay down in the lava flow and engage my non-breathing ability until they were gone. I guess I could have teleported, but I didn't think of that.

As I lay there in the lava, seeing the dull glow of the magma from the inside, I remarked on how much fun this was. "I wonder if anyone's ever even seen this, before?"  It was pretty; there were dancing colors inside the lava, with little flecks of lighter magma mixed in with the rest of the lava moving past my eyes. It reminded me of a river at sunset, kind of. Except it was warmer than river water.

After what seemed like ten minutes, I realized I hadn't had any need to breathe since I submerged myself earlier. So, that experiment successful, I slowly lifted my head out of the lava, when it bumped into something. "Oh yeah, it crusts over."  This time I used the Field to teleport to the ocean, just a little ways out from the shoreline. There was a loud hiss as the lava that was still on my body encountered the ocean water. I brushed it off, and looked at the shore, to make sure no one had seen anything bizarre. After all, I was still trying to stay off the radar of anyone who might be looking for me.

Something weird though, was that when I was home, I hadn't sensed anyone using the Master PC program, and now that I was here, I still didn't. Apparently the program wasn't as widespread as I thought it was. At least, I hoped that was the case.

At any rate, I dunked under the surface and started swimming downwards, being helped along by the undertow for the first little while, trying to get as deep as I could, to test my pressure resistance abilities. I remembered to will them on as I felt my ears starting to pressurize. After that, my ears felt fine. I kept going deeper and deeper, past the top strata of the marine ecosystem and into that darker part.

I was a little scared, because I'd seen jaws as a kid, and you always hear those freaky stories about giant squid and stuff in the water; particularly in deep water, which was where I was headed. But I figured I'd just teleport out of there if it got too weird. I had to release all the air in my lungs to get past a certain depth (I guess the buoyancy of the air in me kept me from descending too far. After I let it go though, I started sinking like a rock, and didn't have to work as hard to keep going.

Ahead of me I could see the edge of the shelf, beyond which was the vast darkness of the open sea, and God knows what else. I admonished myself for being stupid, which I realize was just an attempt to instill some false confidence in myself. Nonetheless, it seemed to help, and I went over the edge without any more fuss.  However, the sudden absence of any visible ocean floor once I left the shelf of the ocean floor made me a little nervous, and it didn't get any better as I kept sinking, with the light from above diminishing rapidly.

Almost in a panic, I looked up, and noticed that the light from above the water was nearly invisible from here, and then it was completely gone. I was in what seemed like complete darkness. That is, until I saw a light zip past me, connected to a very sharp-toothed fish. "Freakin' anglers!"

At this point I realized there was no real way to further gauge my depth visually, so I sent out my sense of feeling through the Field, and realized I was somewhere around 2,500 feet beneath the surface of the ocean. And if water depth pressure is the same everywhere, which it usually is, that meant that I was experiencing about 1,100 lbs force/square inch on every part of my body (regular atmosphere varies between 10 to 12 lbs force/in2). So, perhaps partly based on my irrational fear of deep water, I considered my experiment to be a success.

I tapped into a Field bridge, and shifted back to my room. I was sopping wet, and smelled like the ocean. I quickly dematerialized, then materialized with all of my abilities intact, but with a dry body, and new clothes that were identical to my old ones (except for the fact that they were composed of different atoms). "Note to self: remember to teleport to the bathtub, next time."

Chapter 4

I used the Field to dry the floor, and looked at the clock. It read as 3:15pm. "I guess that swim took a little longer than I thought."  I did an internet search for Venus, and found out why it was so bad off, atmospherically. Basically, when it was a young planet, its water vapor separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen too far away from the planet's main atmosphere. As a result, the Hydrogen dissipated into space.

The reason this took place much higher than the same process on earth was due to the closer proximity of Venus to the heat of the sun. This simple event set in motion a terrible greenhouse effect, allowing Carbon to become the dominant vapor in Venus's atmosphere. However, if the carbon could be removed, and replaced with water vapor (by creating a delivery system of raw O2 and Hydrogen, then it's possible that the atmosphere could become habitable by humans.

However, the process would repeat after a while, so there would need to be some sort of catalyst to facilitate the breaking apart of water vapor at a lower elevation from the surface of Venus. I figured the Field could provide that catalyst, as well as the means to rid Venus of its excess carbon via mass teleportation to a more useful area. Since gas is approximately 1000 less dense than a liquid of the same substance, I figured I could maybe even mix the carbon in with Venus's surface after I removed it, to create a little more surface mass. This would bring the surface gravity closer to that of Earth's.

Keeping this in mind, I tapped a subspace bridge with the Field, and shifted to where I was orbiting Venus from a discreet distance in space. First I used the Field to cause the cameras and sensors on the Magellan satellite and the others in orbit around Venus to keep reading the same information (I used a type of looping sensory display, and locked it around the various satellites). This was so some guy at NASA wouldn't look through the camera and wonder what the hell was going on  Again, that low-profile idea. I then focused, using the Field to carefully, and incrementally, teleport the mass of carbon gas to a frozen meteor ring form around Venus.

The disruption of the visible surface of Venus was incredible. With the massive movement of such large amounts of the atmosphere, there were terrible explosions caused by suddenly interacting elements and implosive voids where carbon gas used to be. I concentrated on using the Field to minimize these explosions and implosions as much as I could by suppressing their exerted forces, and succeeded to a degree. However, they still lasted for about a quarter of an hour. All things considered though, that didn't seem like such a bad job.

After the carbon had frozen in a debris ring around Venus, I could actually see the planet's surface. It wasn't pretty.

I instructed the Field to produce and disperse O2 and Hydrogen in the atmosphere, as well as a substantially larger proportion of nitrogen gas (which is what most of earth's atmosphere is made of). As an added feature, I used the Field to increase the amount of ozone in the upper atmosphere so that it exceeded that of earth. This was necessary because of the increased proximity to the sun's heat and radiation. Now, I needed something to keep the water vapor from dispersing at too great a height.

So, I set the Field to act as a catalyst to break the water vapor's bond at an elevation of between 5 to 9 miles above Venus's surface, which is about the altitude where that process happens on earth. That should prevent a recurrence of what happened before. After that, I checked the atmospheric temperature, and found it was quickly dropping to where it would eventually even out, at a planetary average of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This would be slightly warmer than earth, but not unpleasant. In the winters it would be as cold as a 10o F planetary average, and in the summer it would get as hot as a 110o F planetary average. Over all, a pretty livable temperature range.

"Okay, time to beef you up a bit, babe."  I focused the Field, and (carefully, this time) gently moved the carbon meteors through the atmosphere, until they came to rest on the planet surface. I nestled them in a bit into the crust, and then 'tilled' the soil a little by narrowly vibrating it for a moment at a super-sonic velocity. This had the effect of slightly smoothing out some of the surface's features.

Afterwards, I teleported some of Europa's ice mass into Venus's atmosphere. I brought enough to cover 2/3rds of the planet's surface with water. "Holy crap, it's almost starting to look like earth."  I then checked the atmospheric composition, and found it was nearly identical to earth's with the only real difference being it was slightly warmer, and had more breathable oxygen. I then checked the soil composition, and found that there was enough nitrogen to create fertile soil for roughly 1/50th of the land mass.

"That's not quite gonna cut it, I'm afraid."  So I focused the Field to temporarily create more nitrous soil. After a few minutes, it was done, and now 90% of the land mass was VERY fertile. The exceptions were the poles, which I left relatively barren, soil-wise. I figured that was all right, since I wanted those to be mostly ice, anyway. "Speaking of which..."  I teleported some more of Europa's mass (there was 70% of it left after this, now) to right outside the atmosphere, and brought it into the atmosphere at the polar caps, where it obligingly began to freeze into huge glacial masses. "That looks about right."

Next I used the Field to check Venus's gas and mineral deposits. Venus was rich in methane deposits, and precious metals. Unfortunately, it had almost no oil. "Well, I guess the dinosaurs back on earth were pretty darned useful for the car industry."  I used the Field to facilitate the slow production of large amounts of oil in lots of submerged air pockets in the planet's crust. In most of the rest of the submerged air pockets, I used the Field to slowly produce water. I left a few empty caves around; most of them pretty near the surface, with apertures opening to the surface, and some caves connected to submerged water pockets. After that, I stepped back, and sensed that the conditions were ripe for life.

The only problem was that there was no plant life yet. Yeah, the soil was fertile, but even cow shit won't sprout a shoot if it's been melted or burned to a cinder for billions of years. "Hmm. Breathable atmosphere, fertile soil, fresh-water oceans... Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light. Ahhh, okay. I shoulda thought of that."

I dematerialized, and then materialized on the now-borderline-habitable planet surface with two special nanite packages. One was specially designed to propagate floral life. Once released, the trillions of nanites would move to a unique location on the surface of the planet, and quickly construct a floral entity which was nonmalignant, and useful to human existence. Fruit trees, berries, grass (both kinds), lichen, et cetera, would all be fabricated initially within one hour, then would slow down to replicate their cells at normal rates. The second package was dedicated to producing fauna to interact with the flora. I tweaked the animals' physiologies a little, so there weren't any annoying critters quite like mosquitoes, or anything poisonous to humans. Where similar functions in eco-interaction were required, I caused the mosquito-like creatures to only suck animal blood, and for the poisonous animals' venom to be ineffectual against humans. This package would also take an hour to create the initial stock of fauna, and would then slow down to a normal speed thereafter. I dematerialized, and triggered the nanite packages.

"Well, that should do it, I think."  I relocated myself to my room, where I materialized as myself. I took a look around, and noticed the clock on the computer. "Sweet!  It's only 4:30!"  After dorking around on the internet for a while (hey, just because you can make a planet habitable doesn't mean you're all of a sudden averse to a little internet porn), I noticed it was 5:30 and Sarah still wasn't home. I figured she was just late, and I really didn't want to pry as to her whereabouts. I figured a few limits are a good thing.

Chapter 5

However, when 9:00 rolled around and she still wasn't home, I began to get a little worried. I probably would have been more worried if she didn't have that instant healing ability I'd given her, but I was still concerned. So, against my better judgment, I reached out with the Field to ping her location. Where I felt her was not where I expected to find her.

"What's she doing in that part of town?"  I noticed she was on the north side of the city, which was mainly occupied by cheap apartments, as well as the rare odd shop or bar. I quickly tapped a bridge to her location, and found myself shifted onto the metal balcony of an apartment building. Through the open window to the balcony's apartment unit, I could hear groaning, sucking and slurping sounds.

I took a peek inside, and what I saw surprised me a little. I didn't recognize the woman sucking and biting Sarah's huge tits, but she was pretty hot. Needless to say, my cock started swelling in my shorts.

I started stroking my meat as I watched, and licked my lips. I was a little pissed that Sarah was having some kind of affair, but it was hard to get really mad when the person she was fucking happened to be a hot chick.

Not wanting to just sit around and watch, I climbed in through the open window. Sarah and her lover quickly stopped what they were doing, tried to cover themselves with the clothes lying nearby, and looked at me. Sarah looked panicked. Her lover looked embarrassed.

"Uhm, h-hi Aram."  Sarah ventured. "Um,  I don't know what to say... I guess you hate me now."  She looked like she was going to cry, which was amusing in a way that disturbed me on some level.

I looked at Sarah's lover. "What's your name?"  She looked like she wished she could just disappear.

"Alex. I, uh, fuck it. Do you want me to leave?"  I shook my head, and unzipped my shorts.

"Nope, I want you to do something else for me," I said as I dropped my shorts and briefs, letting my cock spring out. I stepped out of my shorts that had pooled on the floor around my ankles, and kicked them
to the side of the room.

"Aram?" Sarah asked, looking like she'd just lost her footing in reality.

"What?  You were just fucking her a second ago. Don't you wanna share?"

Sarah just sat there for a minute, then dropped the garment she was covering herself with. "Well, if you're sure you're not mad..."

"I will be if Alex doesn't suck my cock right now."

Alex looked at Sarah, who nodded. Alex crawled on all fours over to my exposed dick, looked up at my face, then said, "You're one kinky son of a bitch."  With that, she leaned forward, and swallowed my cock in one motion, licking the underside as she bobbed her head up and down on my tool. I grabbed her hair, and began moving her head on my shaft.

Alex grunted, and started humming while she licked and sucked my cock. She reached around and squeezed my ass cheeks, burying my cock even deeper in her throat. I looked over and saw Sarah frigging herself, her face twisted in lust as she looked at Alex sucking me off.

I could feel my balls tightening, and apparently so could Alex, because she started bobbing her head faster, and sucking harder. She reached one hand up to my ball sac and gently rolled by gonads in her hand. That sent me over the edge, and I shot my load into Alex's hungry mouth. Like a good girl, she swallowed every drop she could. A little leaked out from the corner of her mouth, but she used her finger to push it back in. Alex looked up at me, and smiled.

I smiled back at her. "Bend over."  She looked surprised, but quickly complied. I knelt down behind her, and stroked my cock. It quickly got hard again, and I pressed the tip against Alex's ass. Grabbing her hips, I pushed the head past the opening, and Alex gave a little yelp. "Shh."  I squeezed her hips, thrust my dick deep into her back door, and started pumping my cock into her like a meat piston.

Alex started pushing back against me after a few thrusts in and out, and soon we were getting into a good rhythm. I looked over at Sarah, who was finger-fucking herself with all four fingers of her left hand, and twisting her nipples with her other hand. "Come here."  Sarah reluctantly withdrew her hand from her sopping cunt, and crawled over. "Get under her and take care of your friend's cunt."

Sarah slithered under Alex's body, and soon the groans coming from Alex were getting really loud. She started thrashing around as she slammed back onto my cock, and I could feel Sarah's hands and breath around my ball sac as she worked on Alex's pussy. In a matter of seconds, Alex started screaming in satisfaction, letting primal grunts escape her lips as she came hard. This did it for me, and I spewed my remaining jizz into her ass, with some leaking out the edge.

After that, I pushed Alex off my cock until she rested on her side next to Sarah, on the floor, and sauntered over to set her ass in a sofa.

I reached down and picked up some panties. I wrapped them around my cock, and wiped myself off, throwing the panties into the corner of the room afterwards. Sarah had started frigging herself again, and pinching her nipples. "I wanna cum."

"So cum."

"But I want someone to do it for me."  Her eyes darted back and forth between me and Alex. I made a decision.

"You've been naughty today. I think you need a spanking."  I looked at Alex. "Give it to her."  Alex came over and knelt beside Sarah, and Sarah positioned herself on her hands and knees. "Count them off to ten."

Slap. "One."  Slap. "Two."

"Harder, and yell out the count, bitch."  I crossed my arms

SLAP!  "Three!"  SLAP!  "Four!"  Sarah writhed as her ass began to turn red from Alex's disciplinary ministrations. SLAP!  "Five!"  SLAP!  "SIX!"

"That's more like it."

SLAP!  "SEVEN!"  SLAP!!  "EIGHT!"   SLAP!!  "NINE!!!"   SLAP!!!  "TEN!!!"  At this point, Sarah was wriggling uncontrollably as her ass was being assaulted by Alex's hand.

"Now kiss and make up."  Sarah turned around and pushed Alex to the ground. Then she straddled her and grabbed Alex's juicy tits. They ground their wet pussies together as I watched. "Okay, time for you to apologize, Sarah."

She stopped and looked at me. "But I thought I just-"

"Get on your hands and knees."  She nodded her understanding and put her sweet ass in the air. I knelt behind her, and positioned myself at the entrance to her well-lubricated pussy. With a quick shove, I entered her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me until I felt myself slap against her ass.

"UUngh!" she grunted in pleasure as I continued thrusting in and out, slapping her on the side of her ass. She whimpered a little from the force of my thrusts, but still ground her cunt against my cock, pushing back onto me in a steady rhythm. "OOOH!   OH GOD!  FUCK ME!  FUCK ME!  OH GOD!  FUCK ME!"

"Do you want to cum?"  She whimpered and thrashed her head up and down as she moaned in ecstasy. I took that as a yes, and began to increase the speed of my thrusts. I raked my fingers across her back, and slapped her ass hard, then grabbed her hips and pumped furiously into her snatch with my hard rod until she started screaming in orgasmic bliss.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!  FUUUCK!!!  AAAHHH!  GOD!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!"  As her orgasm subsided, I withdrew, turned Sarah onto her back right next to Alex, who was still lying down, and came all over their breasts and faces. Some of my cum got in their hair as they lay there.

"And let that be a lesson to you," I said as I lay down and relaxed. I looked over at Alex. "Clean my cock."  She moved her head to my cock and started sucking it clean. As I lay there, I used the Field to check the progress of life on Venus. It had reached full bloom more than half an hour ago. "Ah, where does the time go?"  I reflected as I lay there, Alex still licking and sucking my cock, Sarah passed out on the floor next to me.

Chapter 6

I woke up in the middle of the night, and saw that Alex had fallen asleep on the floor next to Sarah. "Hmm. I never did find out what triggered that little event, did I?"  I was hungry, so I found my way into the kitchen and raided the fridge. There wasn't much, just some milk and what looked like leftover pasta salad, but I drank some milk out of the carton, and ate some of the pasta salad out of the Tupperware container. When I was done, I put the stuff back in the fridge. But when I leaned up, I saw Alex leaning against the kitchen counter, looking at me with a quizzical expression.

"Hope you don't mind, I stole some of your food."  She waved her hand dismissively with a smile, and shrugged her shoulders.

"How could I complain?"  She smiled. "But just curious, how are you staying... um, well,  why aren't you furious with me and Sarah?"

"How long have you known each other?"

"That's kind of funny. We just met today. She came into the shop, and I-"

"Clothing shop?"

She laughed. "Sort of, if you consider PVC to be clothing. But we also sell-"

"I get it. So you met in a sex shop."

"Well, yeah. I mean, I work there and all, and she came in wanting to try on one of the corsets, and after she got into the booth, she leaned out and asked for some help. Does this bother you, me telling you this?"

I shook my head. "Nah, actually I think I might know why Sarah was so eager to 'get to know you' today. Well, yesterday. Whatever."

She looked at me with a smirk. "Yeah, well... about that. I just want you to know that I didn't try to seduce her, or anything. If anything, she came on to me."  She seemed at a loss for words.

"Look," I said, leaning back against the counter adjacent to her, "I'm not mad. I was at first, but then I thought about it, and realized I kind of contributed to the situation."  Alex just looked kind of confused. "You see, well, I did something to make her a little more sensitive."

"You mean you pissed her off?  I shoulda figured it was something like that. Kinda shit happens a lot. But usually the boyfriend gets pissed and does something violent, or just weird."

I couldn't help but snicker a little. "No, I didn't piss her off, at least not that I know of. What I meant was that I actually increased the pleasure receptivity in her breasts... particularly in her nipples."

Alex kind of leaned back a little, and looked at me askance. "So you're crazy?  That's too bad. You could make a living as a porn star. Although I bet lots of them are crazy, anyway..."

"No, I'm not crazy. Just-"  I stopped, trying to think of a way to tell her that wouldn't completely expose my abilities. "I, uh, I've been experimenting with some science projects (that was true to some degree, at least), and I came across some special stuff that I didn't expect to find."  I looked around the room, and found what I was looking for; the stove. "Here, don't freak out, and don't try to interrupt me here."

I walked over to the stove, and turned it on. "Okay, assuming this stove works, and it seems to, it emits heat, right?"  Alex nodded. "Well, I've kind of figured out a way to alter people's interactions with, and thereby their responses to, things like heat and electricity."  Alex looked like she was trying to contain a laugh from bursting out. "Here, just watch."

The heating coil was glowing red-hot at this point, and I lowered my hand onto it, absorbing the heat. Alex recoiled, then when she noticed I wasn't screaming, and my hand wasn't smoking, she stood there, stunned.

"Like I said, I can do the same thing with electricity, and electricity affects the human body it lots of ways. One is by sending
sensory reception to the brain from various parts of the body."  I took my hand off the heating coil, and showed my palm to Alex, opening the refrigerator for light. Alex grabbed it, and looked at it really closely, like I was somehow trying to trick her. Then she let go, and looked up at me with an expression of genuine interest. "And basically, what happened is that I affected Sarah so her breasts are about 10 times as receptive to pleasurable stimuli than they were before. And I can tell you, she's always enjoyed having her tits taken care of during sex."

Alex nodded. "Huh. Yeah, uh, that would explain why when I accidentally brushed her tits in the dressing room she jumped me like she hadn't gotten laid for a year."  Alex leaned back against the counter. "And just so you know, I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Sorry."  She gave me a coy smile. "But I'm kinda glad she didn't tell me, because you found us and... damn, you're a good fuck."


"How did you find my place, anyway?"  She went to the fridge, and got some milk, which she poured into a glass next to the sink. I mean, did you go by the shop?  But you said you didn't know she was going there. So how?"  She looked at me as she took a swig from the glass.

"Um, that's classified."  This got a laugh from her, complete with milk coming out of her nose, which caused her to lean over the sink and reach for a dish towel to wipe her face off. Once she was clean, she smiled and looked at me again.

"Seriously. That's some impressive detective work."  She cocked her head. "What's your name, again?"

"I'm not sure I actually ever introduced myself. My name's Aram."  I shook her hand, which was a little weird, considering the conditions of our first 'introduction.'  "Wow, I guess Sarah's pretty tired."

"Well it is the middle of the night."

"Right. That would explain it."

"Look, you already know where I live, but let me give you my phone number, in case you, uh, ever wanna drop by the store, or something."

"That would be nice. Thanks."  Alex grabbed a pen and paper from by the phone, and scribbled her name and number on it.

"The top one's my cel. The bottom's the house line. I've usually got my cel with me at work. Speaking of which, you should drop by and apply for one of the modeling jobs we do. We've got our own website, you know."

"I'll think about it. But I've already kinda got a job."  Well, making a world habitable for humans sort of qualifies as a job, I think.

"Yeah?  What do ya do?"

"Well, I'm kind of in real estate development."

"Oh, so you're rich. Shoulda figured."

Alex and I shot the shit for a while, and we talked about where we came from, and stuff like that. Turns out she was from California, land of the Govenator. Somewhere near San Diego, I think. She was in college, studying to be an accountant (yeah, I was surprised too), and had been living here for about 3 years. I agreed to give her a call, sometime, and to check out her 'modeling' gigs, which I suspected were right along the lines of what we'd been doing earlier.

While I was there, I also extended some protection to her; just the immunity from other Master PC programs and users, really. But I figured it couldn't hurt anything. After that, I decided I needed to head out and check on some stuff. Alex touched my arm, and said, "Well, you're always welcome here, if you need a place to crash."

"Thanks. Oh, and could you let Sarah know that I've got something to tell her, when she wakes up?"

"Sure."  I nodded my thanks, and after putting my clothes back on, walked out the door. I decided leaving by the window was a little weird. After all, I'm not Batman or Peter Pan.

Chapter 7

Once I was on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building, I used the Field to sense-check the status on Venus. It seemed everything was going according to plan. Out of curiosity, I also checked on the status of the nanite-saturated space area. "Wow. Way past the Alpha Centauri system. Shit, those things are fast."  At some point, I wanted to create some way for people to travel from location to location, like I could. So I brainstormed some ideas as I walked down the road through the muggy August heat of the city.

Hmm. With the NASA sensory data in a loop-like system, I could experiment on Venus without the concern being clandestinely observed by spooks. I guess the Hubble could see what was going on, but I figured they'd be using that more for stuff that was farther away, and not so close to the sun.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as a group of 5 or so young men (looked like 17-19 years old), who had been standing by a parked car down the sidewalk on this side of the street, gestured to each other in my direction and started talking loudly amongst themselves as they started to make their way in my direction.

"Yo, what you lookin' at?"  one of the young men politely inquired.

"Yeah, what you lookin' at, motherfucker?" one of his friends eloquently supplied.

I stopped, and tried not to laugh. Now, before I had the Master PC this situation would have undoubtedly spun itself quite differently. I would have either run (since I could see at least two of these guys carrying knives), or just tried to be accommodating. However, recent events had afforded me a few new options. "Well, I was actually looking at lots of stuff. You know, the sidewalk, your car, and 5 kids who probably shouldn't be out after dark."

I admit it was immature baiting these guys like that, but I'd grown up near a similar type of neighborhood, and had to contend with the constant bullying due to my ethnicity until my parents had finally moved us somewhere else. I guess that was partly why I wasn't forcing myself to act like I knew I should. And my answer of course had the expected result of inflaming the ridiculous sense of machismo that these young men obviously clung to like a lifeline.

"Yo, ese, that's a fuckin' stupid answer, holmes," the obvious leader of the group tactfully advised me.

"Yeah, fuckin' stupid," a new member contributed to the conversation.

"Well, I guess that's about par for the course of this conversation, then," I responded.

"Let's fuck him up!" the leader suggested, pointing a knife at me. "We're gonna carve you up, bitch."  (Apparently he didn't have very good eyesight, confusing me with a female canine which was apparently capable of speech.)

"You're sure you want to pursue this course of action?" I asked. But they were already rushing me, three of the 5 with knives drawn, and one with brass knuckles. The last guy just smashed a beer bottle on the wall of a building, deciding that would be a good weapon. "Okay," I said as I dematerialized and then instantly materialized with a few added abilities, including increased reflexes and flexibility.

The first two guys plunged at me at a full run with their knives, and immediately bounced back into their friends. I just stood there with a smirk. Apparently that was the wrong facial expression, in their opinion. "Check it out bro, he thinks he's some fuckin kinda ninja."  One of the knife-wielding duo which attacked me had apparently dropped his knife, after it had turned in his hand from the reflected force of his thrust and cut him.

I resumed walking, and the rest of the guys quickly regained their footing. "Why are you so upset?  Did I attack you?  Did I do something to your families?  Your homes?  Why don't you just put those knives down, and relax for a-"

I was interrupted as the third guy with a knife lunged at me, flanked by his buddy with the beer bottle. They both bounced off, and landed on their asses in the gutter. "Jeez, it's like you want to get hurt, or something."

At this point, one of the kids ran to the car, and reached in, picking something up. He brought his hand out, holding an automatic pistol and training on me. "See how you handle this, motherfucker." I put my hand up to warn him off, but he pulled the trigger before I could say anything.

I could tell that the bullet would bounce back and kill this kid, and even if it was him who pulled the trigger, I wasn't about to be involved in a murder. So, thinking fast, I used the Field to stop the first bullet in midair, and then I used the field to 'telekinetically' wrench the gun from his hand. It sailed out of his hand, eliciting a look of complete shock from his face, and flew into my grip (this kinda made me feel like Darth Vader in the Empire Strikes Back).

Well, after that, the kids just stopped what they were doing, and stared at me. "No one will believe you if you tell them about this, you know," I said, using the Field to atomically deconstruct the gun in front of their eyes, hoping this would convince them not to talk about what I just did. "They'll just lock you up in some loony bin. I'd advise you to just leave, and forget any of this ever happened."

They looked at each other, then one of them ran to the car, and jumped into the driver seat. The other kids all followed him, and before I knew it the car was peeling rubber on the asphalt as they sped away, at a speed that was way over the speed limit. "Well," I mused to myself, "so much for a low profile."  I kicked the beer bottle that one of the kids had dropped on the sidewalk into the gutter, and continued walking.

I realize I could have just teleported home, but another reason for my walk was to think about what I needed to do next. I decided that I should build a city on Venus, but wasn't sure what I should include in it, or where I should put it. I toyed with the idea of a sub-oceanic city, but that would be kind of weird. And frankly, I thought most normal cities were kind of ugly, so that meant that the regular design had to be upgraded both functionally and aesthetically. I thought back on different types of cities I'd actually found appealing, and decided that I liked two main things in a city's appearance. First, I liked cities with classical architecture. And second, I decided I really liked the idea of a cloud city, like Bespin in Empire Strikes Back. So, how could I combine these two seemingly disparate elements into a single style of architecture?

I decided I would have the basic structures be very functional and large like star wars structures. But the overall look would be more of a neo-classical, Greco-Roman architectural style, with columns, pediments, and lots of tastefully designed and powerfully placed sculptures, running water and flora to inspire people.

The city would need to be laid out in a circular arrangement, with the tallest building (naturally, with my personal chambers at the top, for the best view) being at the center. A generally circular, domed design in the structure of most buildings would provide a sense of spirituality for people living there. Think a 1.5 mile radius of tall white towers toward the center of the city (one to three times Sears Tower-type tall, but looking more like a tight cluster of circular, Greco-Roman decorated, huge white spikes) with huge arched windows, and full-circle-encompassing balconies.

Landing docks for spacecraft would be located in circular petal-like locations jutting from the upper sections of the towers. The interiors would be lavishly decadent, with gleaming white marble-like floors and pure white granite-like interior walls. The hallways would be lined with alcoved holo-sculptures, occasional portals, and occasional interfaces on one side, with high arched windows on the other. They would be mostly trimmed with gold and royal blue flourishes. The average circular-planned floor would end up having 10 to 20 ft high ceilings, and a ridiculous amount of square footage.

The exterior ring of the city, which would have a 5 mile exterior radius from the city center, would be comprised mostly of shorter structures (with a maximum height of 300 feet). Surrounding this would be a natural area for recreation. This ring would be designed to have a 12 mile exterior radius, and would be filled mostly with fields, forest, and gentle hills. Food manifestations and other simple facilities would be located in various areas. Its outer perimeter would be a white sand beach overlooking the outer-most human-occupied area; the water ring. The water ring would have a 15 mile radius. At its outer perimeter would be the inner-ring bulkhead of the support structure.

Now the supporting structure, or the undercarriage, for all of this would need to be pretty amazing. Not only would it need to keep the city aloft, but it would also need to regulate most of the processes that regulated the city and its surrounding environment. Water treatment facilities, electricity generation, soil fertilization, heating, and lots of other things we all take for granted (including some things we don't, like safe and loyal interactive AI for computer services). So, I'd need some source of power which was pretty huge, but controllable. Namely, one or more safe, controlled fusion reactors. "Well, I guess I knew this was coming. Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light."

I felt the familiar wave of knowledge wash through my mind, subtly correcting misimpressions about things and adding new information. "Hmm. Okay."  At this point, I didn't really need to physically witness what was going on, because I now realized I could just use the Field to do that, but I still liked to see the stuff happen. The support structure would need a radius of 16.5 miles, and a depth of 5 miles, for all of the functions I required, with the bottom looking like a giant saucer. I added a light-refraction shield (an invisibility cloak) to the structure as an added bonus at this point.

I would need to teleport materials from various locations to provide the raw resources for the city and its supporting structure, and realized that I would be creating a city which would not only be able to hover and move through the sky at great speeds without disrupting natural weather patterns too much, but which would also be, in essence, a huge, city-ship capable of intergalactic warp-speed travel. "Sweet!"

Well, being lazy, I dematerialized, and then materialized in a remote system within the Snickers galaxy, which had all the raw materials needed for construction of a city-ship like I was planning. Actually, there were enough materials to make millions of city-ships. I decided I would start with three. So I materialized with three highly-specialized nanite packages which would go about the business of constructing these structures. After construction, the nanite packages would become dormant until any part of the city was damaged beyond its own ability to repair. At that point, the nanites would re-engage until the repairs were complete. Afterwards, this cycle would repeat.

With these city-ships being built in the Snickers galaxy, I could relax about any interference with construction. My calculations
predicted that construction would be completed in one week or less, due to the complexity of the designs, and the staggering amount of special features I'd decided to implement into the structures.

For instance, the cities would clean themselves at a submicroscopic level using sonic pulses, and would be almost indestructible and very interactive (I'd built holo-deck-like chambers in lots of places throughout the city, including in all the educational, business, entertainment, and living accommodation areas.)  Also, I had teleportation portal-ways (like oversized doors with a portal-to-portal dial-key or voice activated connection) outfitted in every building. In a few select buildings in the city, I designed them to have industrial, hangar-sized portal-ways which were able to link with just about anywhere, including other portals of their immense size (think big enough to drive a Boeing jet through, and you'll have an idea of the size of the industrial portals). I installed some security measures into these locations which weren't necessary with the portal-to-portal connections)

In each living accommodation was a synthesized food dispenser which was able to create just about any kind of food anyone would ever need or want (the food and drink would be subtly maximized for the improvement of human health (people could import things like alcohol, if they really wanted it), with no sacrifices made in the taste). All things considered, I was breaking some new ground in a lot of ways with the implementation of this design, even if Star Trek did think of most of the ideas first (because Star Trek kicks just a little less ass than Star Wars, which kicks a lot of ass).

As a final touch, I added some safety features to the city-ships to facilitate intergalactic travel. I implemented a visually invisible
energy dome (it could be detected with passive and active radar) which would automatically activate in the upper breathable atmosphere. This energy dome would act as a shield on several levels: it would shield the human-occupied area from all forms of radiation and temperature extremes, as well as kinetic activity including comets, meteors, and hostile projectiles (up to and including the equivalents of a continual barrage of 1000 megaton nuclear warheads). In addition, the energy dome could be used as a barrier from extremes of temperature, and as an atmospheric barrier to prevent breathable air from escaping. Once engaged, the city-ship's atmosphere generators were designed to engage, and to create minor variances in meteorological activity, including occasional rain and minor temperature fluctuations.

After I was satisfied that this construction had all been successfully set in motion, I used the Field to tap a subspace bridge back home. The sun was coming up, so I went downstairs and made some tea and toast. Just for fun, I walked outside and looked up at the sky. "Well, the morning star still looks the same from here," I said, satisfied that Venus hadn't visibly changed its appearance from earth. "Good thing, too. Although, I wonder how long it'll be before NASA realizes what's going on". I sat down and watched the sun rise, sipping my iced tea and munching on some lightly buttered toast.

Chapter 8

Curious as to the notable lack of other Master PC users around, I decided to do a search around lunch time. I typed in the query, "Where is the nearest Master PC user?"

I sat and stared at the monitor for a moment while the progress bar moved to the right. Finally, it stopped, and a map popped up of the Western hemisphere, with dots at specific locations across the surface. It was ridiculously sparsely dotted. I'm talkin' I could almost count the number of dots on my hands and feet. "Hmm. One mystery explained, I guess."

I typed in another query. "Are there any Master PC users actively searching for other Master PC users, other than my own search?"  Again, I waited a moment for the progress bar. "No. Okay."  I typed a command into the special text box. "No Master PC user other than Aram Von Rhein knows of the existence of Aram Von Rhein, his Master PC copy, or anything relating to his existence, or the existence of Aram Von Rhein's Master PC copy. This command will not affect Aram Von Rhein, his life, or anyone in it who is not a Master PC user in any way."  I clicked send, and felt the familiar tingle, which I now
recognized as the nanite flush it was. Yet even now, I was impressed with the thoroughly perfect design used by whoever had built the Master PC program. It was almost as if the nanites themselves had created it... naaah. Luckily, my own line of nanites was completely independent, and completely insulated from any and all Master PC activity. Thinking back, that was a good idea to design them that way. I wondered briefly if magic existed. However, with such a personally observable example of Clarke's Law in effect, I had to admit it probably didn't matter. As far as just about anyone would ever be able to tell, what I was already doing was magic, no matter that it was actually all based in science. "Well, a mystery for another day, perhaps," I shrugged as I leaned back in my chair from my computer, stretching my arms and wrists. "Ahh."

Chapter 9

At about 5pm I got a call from Sarah. She was still feeling awkward about what she'd done, even though I told her I was fine with it, as long as it was hot chicks she fucked, and didn't mind sharing. She laughed, but I could tell she was uncomfortable. At any rate, she told me that she wanted me to make some more improvements on her body. I advised against it, but she gave me permission three times (as per her safety clause) to do whatever I wanted to make her more attractive to me, with the understanding that she might want to change back later. I told her that was fine. She told me she'd be out for the night dancing
with some friends, then hung up, and I brought up her file.

"Okay, let's see... enhanced clitoral sensitivity; we'll throw that to "max."  And overall sexual sensitivity; throw that all the way to maximum, too."  I clicked send, and then took a closer look at her file. She already had the healing factor, but I decided to give her the ability to orgasm as often ash she wanted during sex, and to have each orgasm be of maximum intensity. It read as "mind-blowingly amazing" on the scale. Right then I heard a knock on the door. I clicked send, closed out of the program, and walked to the door to see who it was.

I looked through the spy-hole and saw Alex standing in the hallway. She was looking from side to side down the hallway. When I opened the door, she just walked right in. "So you can change people, huh?  Okay, I want a few things changed."

"Whoa, what makes you think I can change people?"  I asked, curious how she got this information.

"Sarah. I told her what you said, and she explained what really happened. Science project, hell. This thing could change the world!"  She had a lusty gleam in her eyes, and I could tell just how she wanted the world changed.

"Right. So what do you want done?  A new hairstyle?  A manicure?"

"Nothing like that. I, um, I want to be really hot."

"You're already attractive, Alex."

"Yeah, but I wanna look so hot that guys cream their pants just looking at me."

"Well, I guess we could experiment, but there could be unforeseen consequences if we-"

"Spare me the lectures. Please. I mean, we're both adults, and I know what I want. Just fix me up. Here, I wrote a list of things I want changed. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your 'science project.'"  She handed me a list of things written on the back of the business card for the sex shop she worked at.

"Okay. Do you want any water, or anything?"

"Maybe a protein shake a little later."

"Right. Hold on, this will just take a minute."

I walked back into my room and opened up the Master PC program again. I typed Alex's name into the 'create new file' wizard, and started changing her stats. Despite myself, I started getting a hard-on when I saw the changes on the 3D display.

After I'd increased her bust size, and refined the symmetry of her facial structure, and her proportioning, I clicked send, and felt nanite activity in the guest room.

"Ooh, Aram!  Come in here and see this!"  I already knew what to expect, but that didn't prevent me from looking forward to seeing the fruits of my labor firsthand. I walked into the guest room and saw Alex lying on the bed.

"Thanks, Aram. This is just what I wanted. Oh my God, my nipples and cunt are so sensitive- I feel like I could cum any minute. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to fuck."  She looked at me hungrily, and licked her lips, flipping onto her back. She closed her eyes and gave a throaty moan. "Does that make me a bad person?  Knowing you have a girlfriend, but still wanting to feel your thick, hard cock pumping in and out of my pussy?  Mmm."  Her hand slid down her abdomen towards her already wet slit, where she buried two fingers in her snatch with a sudden hiss of pleasure, beginning to tease her pussy. My cock was pushing my shorts out now.

I walked over to the bed, and sat down. Alex felt me get on the bed, and pulled me on top of her, forcing her lips against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth as she fumbled to remove my shirt. I helped her by slipping out of it, at which point she began to undo my fly, and massage my cock through my briefs. "Ooh, it looks like you're just as naughty as I am," she purred as she lowered the elastic of my jockey shorts over the swollen head of my prick. She pushed my on my back, and yanked my shorts and briefs off in one hard pull, throwing them onto the floor. "Fuck me hard."

She straddled my swollen member, and positioned her cunt at the tip. Then, guiding the head into her pussy, she gasped, and impaled herself on my cock. "Uunngh!"  Alex began rocking back and forth, whimpering and moaning as she worked my cock in her vise-like, super-sensitive pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she started to whimper loudly in pleasure. "Oh, fuck, Aram. Fuck me, Aram. Oh, fuck. Fuck!  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!"  She moaned as she continued gyrating on my
throbbing cock. I reached up and squeezed her ripe melons, eliciting further moans of ecstasy from her pouty lips. "Oh, Fuck me, Aram!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  OOOoooaaAAAHH!"  she screamed as she exploded in her first orgasm. She started pumping furiously on my cock, and grabbed my hands as I continued to pinch her nipples and squeeze her huge tits. She screamed again in a second orgasm, and I grunted as I shot my load into her tight cunt. Alex collapsed on my chest, and whispered into my ear before she passed out, "Damn, you're addictive."

The end of Chapter 9.