Master PC: Anthro's Attraction.

By The Spiffy Anthro

Final Chapter: The Master's Completed.

Another four months passed. With the money that Ethan had gotten simply from renting out the girls as sex partners he had enough money to pay for anything he wanted, saving up more and more money from the photo shoots and the like he was getting even more money, it was calculated out that from everything, Photo's online downloads, and sex he would probably have enough money to buy a small country for himself in three years. He enjoyed that thought...immensely.

Sighing gently to himself he simply pet Vickie. He had since moved out of his old home and had moved where all the people with the money to spend moved. California. A massive mansion that made the playboy mansion look like the slums of New York. He had all his kittens cared for, and had even gotten them all one partner to enjoy as they please. Most of the girls save for Clarissa and Amber, had chosen a woman as their partner. Because of the way the kittens had enjoyed there sex to the point of being obsessive about it he had to use the Master PC program to modify all of the girls partners. Vickie and Nicole didn't choose a partner because they seemed to like Ethan himself far too much. You would defiantly never see Ethan complaining about that love.

Both Nicole and Vickie had gotten pregnant during the time together with Ethan. He had made sure that the pregnancy would not be noticeable at all and their fit lean, gorgeous bodies wouldn't be visibly affected by the physical changes inside them. Checking quickly with Claire Ethan had learned that Nicole had a total of four new girls developing and Vickie had five. Not much of a big deal for Ethan, and he knew they wee all going to be girls because Ethan had made a request that they be so.

Before anything happened he had the length of gestation shortened down to only a few weeks. It was only two months before the small kittens inside both girls were developed however he had also made a few more modifications. The kittens that were born would not be allowed to have children until he deemed it, they would also develop into maturity in a matter of minutes. The latent genetic information inside them possessed all the knowledge their parents did and also it possessed the desire to pleasure and obey someone.

He sighed once and looked over to Vickie and Nicole, both of who were doing nothing but laying back on the massive bed that he used for his own personal use. Nodding once to them the both went into action. In amazing succession they had their children. Each slipping out with no pain and each no larger than a kitten would be from a real cat. But as per his command the kittens developed at an incredible pace. For all of them to become fully developed women it took 15 minutes. No time like the current to get down to business. Since the first being they laid eyes on was Ethan that was the exact being that they had imprinted upon. They would follow Ethan to the ends of the earth and would do anything for him, but he didn't have any real evil intentions for the newest additions, just a life of pleasure and servitude.

They were all perfectly formed; amazing hourglass figures that would have made any model alive flush with jealousy. Their hair was anywhere from shoulder length down to the middle of their backs. Their fur ranged in patterns from a flat black color to a brilliant white to even a few patched ones with colors of various differences on their bodies. One was even a brilliant lavender color that Ethan fell in love with instantly. Deciding that he would keep that one for himself and have the others join the original five girls.

They all could speak English perfectly, had no real problems with walking or talking, had a brilliant mind but what set this all back was a sex drive of a horny rabbit. As they all looked around gathering information about what was going on, even after only being alive for half an hour they began to explore their bodies, stroking and petting each other, licking and nuzzling, suckling and fingering. Each of them automatically moving forward with their own programming that Ethan had made sure was set in their very DNA sequences.

He sent them all off with a few servants that were called up to prepare. Saying that he needed nine rooms prepared in the home, since there were almost thirty bedrooms in the entire building there was not going to be any problem with finding a room for the new girls. He told the servants to take all of the new girls and bring them to a room; all save for the lavender beauty that seemed like something right out of an anime.

The lavender one was already getting involved with Vickie and Nicole, all three were panting and sighing as their bodies were rubbed together. Fingers probing dripping pussies and stroking firm breasts and taut nipples, the erotic sight was nearly enough to make Ethan cum right there in his pants, it truly was a sight to behold in any form. However...he had a form he was going to be.

Looking over to the computer he slowly walked over, the password was spoken which prompted the three oversexed beauties to cry out in delight but after a few seconds respite from the incredible pleasure they quickly resumed their endeavors of erotic exploration.

"The time has come's my turn to become an Anthro. I just want my body changed, nothing else. I want rustic colored fur, it resembles that of a cougar, keep my face the same, and be sure to include the tail."

As he said the commands his appearance showed up on the screen and it rotated in 3d. Smiling to himself he nodded, and then the changes began. It was perfectly painless but it was an interesting sensation to feel his spine growing longer as a tail grew his body was slowly covered in rustic brown colored fur, save for the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. His penis was slowly covered in a sheath of skin that he knew would be retracted as soon as he grew aroused. The sheath was even covered in the short fur, his musculature was increased slightly and his reactions were raised. He could do pretty much anything he really wanted to right now... including the three gorgeous kittens that each looked over at the smell of Ethan's new form.

Their eyes went wide and a purr rumbled out from the trio oh they were even more aroused now that they had another Anthro to toy with. Ethan held up both his hands and the girls stayed right where they are. They didn't move because they knew the command by rote, it was the same that Ethan did, and despite his appearance he was still Ethan and he was still in control of everything. A gentle motion with his hands accompanied his words; "Continue with what you were doing little ones. I will join in when I feel."

His voice had changed somewhat and had a feline rumble to it that even he thought added a certain degree of attraction. Smiling to himself as the girls nodded and went back to what they were doing. Moans and pants, gentle cries of passion echoed throughout the entire room, and that sheath about his penis was slowly being rolled back. Oh the attraction of three women all enjoying themselves was quite enough to have Ethan get the hard on of the century.

He continued to walk slowly towards the girls as they enjoyed one another looking over the group trying to decide exactly which one he wanted to have first. His eyes slowly settled on the lavender fur of the newly born beauty... well that will suit him perfectly. She had yet to be taken and he was going to be the first to do so. Purring gently to himself as he crawled onto the bed, walking slowly on hands and knees towards the rump of the kitten he had picked out. Sliding his hands up her legs slowly and across her side then over her breasts emitting a gentle purr and a smile from the other two girls.

Moving in for the enjoyment of the three of them he slowly slipped his massive tool deep inside her dripping pussy, oh she was defiantly enjoying herself with that! Moans of excitement were torn from her throat as she had her first sexual encounter. Ethan's hands moved gently across her fur-covered breasts even while Vickie and Nicole gently tugged and suckled on both of her pert and hardened nipples.

Working himself into a gentle rhythm he slowly found a pattern that worked well for all four of the persons involved in this stunning bit of sexual energy. His dick moving slowly, gently, inside of Maia's pussy, he had decided to name her Maia simply because it sounded beautiful enough to match the gorgeous kitten that he helped create. Smiling to himself as his eyes closed simply listening to the symphony of sex that was blasting every bit of his senses. Oh she was very nice, very tight inside and with every thrust her pussy seemed to ripple gently. Her nipples were singing to the tune of the talented tongues of Vickie and Nicole, however Vickie and Nicole weren't completely left out, while they moaned and suckled on Maia's tits they were both fingering each other, moaning and panting in delight to the unbelievable enjoyment that they were all experiencing.

Gasping once he closed his eyes tightly and then let out a gentle purr as he welcomed Maia into the group by letting loose a gentle stream of cum deep into the pussy of his kitten. (Could've made a pun but refrained) Smiling gently to himself as the simple feeling of her first cum inside her forced Maia to cum with force. Shouting out in pleasure she released her own flood of orgasmic fluids, falling slowly forward and to the side she lay there twitching gently dealing with her own mini-orgasms in the aftershock of her first major one.

A few seconds later the fingering pair of Vickie and Nicole both brought each other to powerful orgasms however they were able to survive for longer at least until Ethan brushed his tail gently against both of their nipples which sent them careening higher into the planes of heaven.

Ethan himself lay down on his back with his erect dick sitting comfortably on his stomach while it still twitched gently, covered in his own fluids and the fluids of the freshly fucked kitten.

Life is good... as he laid back he thought gently to himself how much his life had changed. Looking over he noticed Nicole slowly crawling over to him and he grinned once to himself. Life had defiantly changed for the better...


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