Anthro's attraction.

Chapter 4: The Final Transformation.

Written by the Spiffy Anthro.

The time was up. One week had passed, he had showed quite a bit more patience than he thought would have been possible given how well hew knew himself. But he had to accelerate the changes, if not to satisfy their pleas but also to satisfy his own urges. He had quite a good idea of what he was going to do with the girls once there were transformed and he did have a few...clients set up and waiting patiently.

He made a few recordings of Vickie and Nicole and then sent them out to a couple of magazine companies. Penthouse, playboy and Perfect 10, all the companies accepted his terms and found quite a bit of interest in them. They defiantly seemed to be very...interested in having a few of the girls join them for a photo shoot and have them pose in the magazines.

Looking over to the computer that he kept the password on just in case one of the kittens actually learned how to use it...again. Speaking to Claire. "Anthro Loves the Man." Both Nicole and Vickie suddenly cried out in orgasm, they were both servicing each other. It seemed to be the only thing they did when they weren't sleeping or servicing Ethan himself. Not that you'd see Ethan complain.

"Yes Ethan" Claire's glorious image appeared on the computer screen.

"I've grown tired of how the girls are changing so slowly. I want the full changes to be put into effect immediately, and put double re-enforcements on their desire to obey and increase their sexual arousal by a factor of three. I have some clients that want to see the girls, and they need to be in perfect order. But leave Nicole and Vickie unchanged from what they are now. I have trouble keeping up with them as it is."

Claire relayed the orders back to Ethan and then they happened. As per Ethan's orders the changes were done as soon as the order was placed in. Nodding to Claire he smiled and looked over to the first pair of his kittens, then sighed to himself and made his rounds to release the girls, as each of them were let out of the rooms that had been their homes for a week straight they each leapt up and clung tightly to Ethan purring and cooing in delight.

Jessica was especially happy to see him, rubbing her body over Ethan's just like a cat would trying to mark their territory. It was rather interesting and arousing, after all five were brought together it was nearly a struggle to keep them off of each other. As arousing and unbelievably attractive as it was to witness there were simply things that had to be done before the kittens could be allowed to play with each other.

"Girls. Please settle down and if you would all have a seat I could begin the introduction to your new lives." He motioned over to a number of cushions which they all took quickly and settled down watching him like a child watches a parent.

"You've all been completely changed. You're biology now shares equal traits feline and human, some of you may notice that you're more human than others or more feline than others." He motioned to Clarissa when he said that. She had grown whiskers and her hands had changed slightly into paws. While Sarah had remained mostly unchanged save for the tail and the fur.

"There's no real specific reason why some of you are changed heavily while others remain mostly unchanged. It was simply the luck of the draw and I know you will all enjoy your new bodies more than you could ever have enjoyed your old ones.

"To begin with the basics you will notice that you're all amazingly sensitive. But only to erotic stimulation, the reason for this is because I decided to make you that way. I like to see my kittens enjoy themselves, and I only like to inflict a little bit of pain. It's purely psychological and within a few months you won't even be able to remember how you looked like before you met me.

This seems to come as a surprise to those of you that can still think straight for more than a few seconds without wishing you'd be fucked. However that's perfectly normal for any creature with the arousal level that you're all at. If it hadn't been for the gathered modifications that I made to each of you, you would all probably have died by a dopamine overdose in the brain. So don't fret too much.

As you can probably all guess you've been designed for sex, and quite a lot of it, that's exactly what I had designed you all for in the very beginning, however I seem to have come across a new option for you. You'll all be fucked silly on a regular basis however you'll be continuing the career you wanted to pursue when you came to me. However this will be much different than that career as you'll be nude models. None of you will be truly nude because of you're fur but you are all very gorgeous women. And people will pay a good amount of money to see you, and even more money to have you in bed."

Smiling at the mostly vacant expressions he chuckled to himself, they probably would be dead if they weren't modified to be able to process the dopamine and add it to their milk and vaginal fluids, so that if anyone drank their milk or ate them out they'd be even happier and even more aroused. Quite the interesting little twist he put there.

"Now to give all of you girls a chance to get used to your bodies you may now play with each other. I know you've all been dieing to do so since I let you out of your rooms, but now you won't have to wait any longer." No sooner did he finish than did they suddenly leap onto each other. The only one that was left out of a partner was Jessica, but she didn't seem to mind, because Ethan was still there.

Purring gently to herself she walked with an incredible bounce to her breasts and a gloriously sexy sway to her hips. This compounded with the motion of her tail made her motions extremely erotic, without a word she wrapped her mouth around Ethan's and pressed her glorious breasts into Ethan's chest. The purring continued and got a bit louder as her nipples brushed against Ethan's bare flesh, he didn't bother wearing much clothing any more, only a pair of boxers and even then they got in the way sometimes.

Reaching down slowly he slipped two fingers inside Jessica's already dripping pussy and began to move them around slowly. Continuing to gently arouse the already aroused kitten and bringing her to new heights of ecstasy. It was simply incredible to watch the kitten soaring on her body's natural drugs, finally he dick slipped out from his boxes and Jessica had enough playing. Gripping his cock gently she began to work it, gently stroking it and bringing it to even more aroused state. Then she lifted herself up and slide down on top of his pulsating member.

Groaning out in delight she continued to climb the stairway to heaven. Thrusting gently then with increased hurry she pushed herself down onto Ethan's erection, her erect nipples gently brushing with Ethan's chest causing even more and more aroused state in the both of them until with a cry and a rumbling purr Jessica released coating Ethan's boxers and he dick while he released spraying deep inside her.

Dropping to one of the pillows he lay back while Jessica pleasured her self while he did nothing, simply willing his dick to stay hard and enjoying the amazing sight of the Kitten continuing to impale herself on his member. At that moment he decided something...

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