Anthro's Attraction.

Chapter 3: Furry Fashions! (Part 2)

The changes were progressing slowly as planned. It was defiantly become very enticing for Ethan to watch all the models daily watch the things happening to them. But as per Ethan's orders it moved at an agonizing pace. For the entire change to finish they would each probably take somewhere along the lines of a week possibly two. Depending of course on how much will power each of the women had.

That had been one of Ethan's orders to Claire; the more self love, or willpower. Or even vanity the women had the slower the change and the more interesting it would be. Ethan would watch them daily go about their tasks. They were of course still separated fully and had only minimal contact with humanity. But they were seeing more and more of Ethan himself as time went on.

Day One...

The girls were all having a difficult time, it wasn't exactly the most surprising thing without a doubt, especially with them having their bodies changed before their very eyes. Wouldn't you yourself be a bit afraid as well? But that's beside the point.

First one we look at will be Jessica. She was the plain one after all and she was the one that seemed to have then weakest spirit. Because of that weaker spirit the changes were moving at a surprisingly accelerated pace. It almost seemed as though she was willing them to continue faster.

The bathing suit had spread out over her entire upper body. The changing pattern had moved mixed very well. Most over her face had remained the exact same, a gentle oval had been left bare skin so that the fur would be left out. Her ears had been covered and her neck, arms, and hands had also been covered. The transformation had come together and almost fully stopped near her belly button. Her legs and feet were covered and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Her ears were slowly being moved up her head and near the top. The cheetah print had been an excellent choice for her. It had mixed very well together with the color of her body and her hair. She was defiantly quite the luscious beauty. Ethan would come to her room and all the others with food, drink and anything they might need to be more comfortable. He'd always attempt to start up a conversation, try to alleviate worries and sooth frightened and frayed nerves. There wasn't anything else he could really do for them. He had to worry plenty about his own safety. They had been programmed for being unable to hurt him but the programming was loose and left some holes open he knew. He had designed it that way because he didn't want to be to lax with his needs.

It was the final meal of the day, and about seven o'clock in the evening. Each girl he tried to get some words of friendship out of. Each time he had gotten nothing but leers of hatred or harsh gestures or words. All of the other girls were progressing very slowly as their own vanity or self-love prevented the change from occurring fast enough.

For all but Jessica the changes were happening like a case of skin cancer. Crawling along their bodies and slowly changing them to what Ethan desired. A flash of the old saying 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'...Ethan had a bit to change for that one. 'Power corrupts...but absolute power is fun!'

Chuckling inside he looked in to Jessica. She was sitting there on the pillow laden floor her legs drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs, just sitting there staring at nothing. Obviously wondering what's happening and why her. But that of course isn't very surprising. As stated before it was very basic question... "Why me?" always the first question anyone asks in these situations.

Almost as if answering Ethan's own train of thought she looked up to the door and saw Ethan standing there on the other side. The doors were all see-thru plastic, but quite unbreakable. "Why me? Why us?" She spoke pleadingly obviously in an attempt to convince Ethan's soft spot.

"The better question my dear is 'Why not?' I've got the power and the means to control this entire planet and turn them into sex-crazed bimbos. I can have any women I ever wanted and ever will want. I can make myself totally immortal and any number of other interesting transformations, I do it because I can. I do it because I've got the power to. Be grateful that it's only a few people that I decide to take. Each of your small sacrifices goes to the great good of myself.

Besides, in a while you won't even care. You'll be too horny to even think straight much less ask questions. You're mine Jessica. You seem to have accepted the fact somewhat because you're changing the fastest. You change the most rapidly while the others resist. Why do you accept it?"

The fact that she actually talked to him had surprised him enough to strike up a conversation, no matter how limited it might be. Jessica took a brief moment to think about that...truly why does she accept it? Her thoughts flashed quickly through her mind. Her fantasies, her personal desires...everything moved quickly as she was trying to think of a reason why she'd submit to this madman's desires.

"I...I...I don't know...I used to have fantasies about being a cat girl. But that was when I was younger. I was no more than three or four years old when I had those. I'd play around in the yard and around the house dressed as a cat girl. When I got older...the ideas and fantasies just seemed to slip away and I shrugged them off as being childish and stupid."

Ethan couldn't help himself but to smile at that new bit of information. She honestly enjoyed it. That's why the changes were happening at such and amazing speed, she was allowing them to happen because it was a child-hood dream come true, well that was...interesting to say the least. It made his life much easier then, if she submitted like this he might actually have a new kitten to play with in only a day or two. Possibly less. He liked that prospect.

He gave Jessica her food then passed a gentle re-assuring smile on to her then looked her over once more. The changes had even moved quickly while he wasn't looking. What had been the top had all but completely disappeared. Having melded perfectly with her body. The fur was beginning to spread out from around her nipples slowly growing and moving across her body like a gentle wave. Her pink nipples stood out tautly against the contrast of her now sandy colored fur.

It was defiantly an erotic sight. However more was still to come. She still needed the tail and her body would become inevitably more shapely, it was one of Ethan's personal likes about a woman was to make sure she was well stacked. Liked a good amount up top.

Jessica could only gasp in surprise as she herself noticed the changes. She had some how touched her chest when she noticed how surprisingly sensitive she had become. Another part of the programming by Ethan was to make the models each more erotically sensitive so that they would break down quicker and quicker, nothing like pleasure to place a new emotional bias inside the brain.

Jessica ignored the food for a moment and just gently stroked her chest, pinching her nipples moaning out in satisfaction from the rampant emotions and feelings that were shooting thru her nerve endings at amazing speeds. She just sat there touching and stroking her chest for a few seconds until a hand slipped down to her crotch, gently rubbing and stroking.

More and more moans filled her room, the sounds of intense satisfaction then suddenly she climaxed shouting out her delight and moaning in the repeated after shocks of possibly the most intense orgasm the woman had felt in her entire life. Just sitting there for a moment she continued to moan, gasping for air and panting occasionally in delight.

Ethan just smiled as he looked at her form, "It will get much better as time goes on..."

He walked out and to his room where his own current kittens were waiting patiently for him on his bed. "Now it's our turn?" Vickie asked excitedly.

"Yes, it's your turn ladies. It's been far to arousing for me to stand here all day and not be able to have a raging hard on that just begs for your talents."

Both of Ethan's kittens smiled happily and nearly leapt on him. Almost taking him to the ground, they both stripped off Ethan's clothing at amazing speed but never making even the slightest rip.

Once he was naked he walked over to the bed and lay down on his back. He didn't need to do any work at all. The girls both saw his dick was rock solid and they both seemed to be even hornier than Ethan was. And that was a difficult thing to come by. The first up was Vickie since she had seniority in the pecking order of Ethan's kittens, crawling up the bed she let her tail slide across Ethan's legs while she moved towards his crotch with hers.

Her amazing tits swaying gently with every motion and then she sat down onto Ethan's dick, impaling herself with the massive member. An exceptional moan of delight sounded through the bedroom as the already soaked pussy of Ethan's Kitten was finally filled with something.

"Ooooooh... Ethan...we missed you sooooo much! Mmm, we were both so horny and...hmmm...ohh...mmmm...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...!" Vickie moaned out unable to finish her statement around her moans of sexual desire and lust as her hips were slowly gyrated around Ethan's throbbing length.

Ethan brought a hand up to each of her breasts and gently rubbed them, stroking their entire surface, gently pinching and tugging on her nipples getting even louder screams of sheer delight from his over active kitten. Grinning to himself he let loose an orgasm of his own spraying deep inside her and forcing a sudden shuddering orgasm out from Vickie as well. A shrill cry of orgasmic release ripped the room and then she fell to the side and off of Ethan with a smile...panting and shuddering at the bare movement of her body as it cause gentle orgasms.

Next was Nicole. She went quickly and skipped all foreplay and went straight to his meat. Impaling herself on him she received a quick orgasm from that alone. But it was hardly enough to satisfy the raging appetite of Anthro. Grabbing hold gently of her back Ethan rolled over and got on top. Thrusting in and out of her releasing moans and cries of ecstasy from the horny kitten.

Sucking and tugging gently on aroused nipples made this a quick wait for Nicole to find her own tremendous orgasm. Moaning intensely and shuddering violently as they both came together.

Ethan just smiled and lay down on top of her. Feeling the softness of her amazing tits against his chest before slowly pulling out of her with sucking sound and rolling onto his back. Vickie was just finishing her recovery and was ready and more than willing to go. But he wanted to rest for a short time so he brought them off quickly... "Anthro loves the Man."

With ecstatic cries of bliss they both quickly slipped into unconsciousness and allowed Ethan to rest. He kept the hard on and even came himself at the mere sight and sound of the twin beauties twitching in delight...

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