Anthro's Attraction.

Chapter 3: Furry Fashion Show! (Part 1)

Author: A Spiffy Anthro

You should know the entire deal by now. So I'm not going to even bother running through it again. My thanks goes out to Fast Frank for this idea! I do try to reply to all feedback I get from my reader so feel free to send me any feedback you want whether it's questions or hate mail at Now...on with the story!

It felt like a sudden bolt of lightning....the orgasm that rippled through his body that is. Good lords! He had never felt anything this good in his entire life, he had to modify his staying power twice more just to be able to keep up with the raging sex drives that his kittens possessed.

Nicole and Vickie were almost constantly aroused and the entire house had a good aroma of satisfying sex at nearly all times of the day. The only times that it didn't reek of the odor of sex was when the three of them were in the bath together. Ethan had called back one of the construction companies and had a massive whirlpool installed and the old guest room ripped out and the upstairs bathroom re-done to accommodate the whirlpool.

If you had never seen a soaking wet Anthro it was quite a sight indeed. Absolutely amazing! A wet cat looked like something horrific but a wet, it gave Ethan a raging erection just seeing it. But that's of course with the off chance that he didn't have a hard on in the first place.

Fur clinging to their stunning bodies, dripping wet... Ethan honestly didn't know what he'd done to deserve getting the Master PC program but he was more than elated to receive such a wonderful gift.

Ethan was currently being serviced by Nicole, with Vickie intently lapping up at the other kitten's dripping pussy. Even with his member deep inside of Nicole, Vickie some how managed to get down and deep inside of the other's pussy. Lapping out the juices as they flowed continuing to make them flow even harder as the kitten was sent into higher and higher realms of ecstasy.

Finally Ethan could last no longer and he gently slipped out from Nicole with a wet sliding sound and he just sat back and breathed slowly trying to find a way to use the Master PC program to his advantage again. He had more than enough money and was receiving payments of about ten thousand dollars weekly from various rich men, whom Ethan had...helped out. But not too much, and it was on a "No questions asked" basis. So he got what he wanted and the rich benefactors received pleasures of their own from various people that they had desired.

Looking over to the twin kittens...Vickie with her gently mocha colored fur. A gift from her Latin heritage, and Nicole with her skin a bit of an off white color, both with a mane of black hair. Vickie's mixing with her skin color quite nicely and making for an incredible sight. And Nicole's a delicious and sudden offset to her coloring.

The idea came to him slowly as he thought about what Nicole had looked like before, and what Vickie had looked like before. It was almost hard to imagine but it wasn't so difficult that he didn't remember what they had looked like before only a few weeks earlier.

The image that appeared in his mind was another few girls. But it was going to be an interesting process indeed. Especially as Ethan thought carefully about the way to make it was perfect! So Ethan began setting his plan into motion...

One Week Later...

Everything was set up. The models were arriving and he had given them free reign of the guest section of the house. There were only a half dozen there all told. He has put an ad in the local paper that he need models for a fashion show he was going to put on. Saying that he was looking for "New and dazzling talent for the fashion world."

Women--especially models--were so easy to manipulate sometimes. He had about 50 calls within the first day and had to sift through them. Finally he had picked out five. And a week after the ad was placed he had the runway set up in the basement. Lights spread out, various cameras and some bathing suits.

Each of the bathing suits had different prints on them. However all were obviously based on cat's patterns. He had chosen the women from all various backgrounds and cultures. An asian, a latina, a luscious little black girl with the most gorgeous ass he'd ever seen, a blonde, and a rather plain but still attractive brunette.

He had handed each of them a bathing suit. And told them to go behind the curtain to change. To Ming Lei, the asian, was handed a leopard print bikini with a small thong back. To Clarissa, the black girl was handed a clouded leopard print bikini with the same small thong. To Jessica, the brunette was given a soft cheetah spotted bikini again with the same small thong. To Amber the blonde was given a dashing white tiger print. And to Sarah the Latin minx was a jaguar print.

They each went back to change and then Ethan put on the music and the show began. Ethan had already given Claire their names, and had set it on a special command. Each and every step the models took...the more they back Ethan's property. And joined the ranks of his kittens. Finally the show ended and Ethan smiled and said they could go change back to their normal clothing. He said he would call them each individually in the near future and let them know when he could use them for a future fashion show.

They all went back in unison but quickly startled gasps were emitted from the screen, yelps of surprise and a quick scream of terror was heard from behind the protection of that covering.

You see...Ethan had placed the correct command for each of the women. Every step they took, the bathing suits became more of a part of them. In all meanings of the words. Every step they took their bodies absorbed the suits. Every step they took they become more of what Ethan wanted them to be. His kittens.

The first to rush out was Jessica. Looking worried, here eyes wide as saucers and still trying vainly to find a seam where the suit ended and her skin began. Looking helplessly at Ethan she asked confusedly..."Ethan...what...what...what's going on?"

A smile had passed over Ethan's face and he shook his head. "Go retrieve the other girls for me...I'm not about to explain it to each of you individually." Jessica seemed like she had been scolded by her master, and looked crestfallen at the slight rebuke. But she did as told and all six women were standing in front of him.

"Without a doubt you're all wondering what's happening to you. Well that's not exactly very surprising. You see, I've got some rather...strange tastes in women. I like my kittens from all walks of life. I prefer mixing it around and having some fun. The more the merrier for me. What is happening I've been asked? Well I've chosen you six to join my litter of kittens. You are all going to become Anthros." Once more Ethan smiled as the dumbfounded look passed over their faces.

"I forgot for a moment that I'm talking with normal least for a little while you're all still normal. To explain what an Anthro is. An anthro is a combination of human and animal. Such as the idea of Anthropomorphism, is giving human traits to a non-human object or creature, an Anthro is the perfect culmination of that. They're part human and part animal.

I have a personal fetish towards Anthro's that base themselves around feline heritages, thus why you are wearing bathing suits that have feline prints on them. You see, each of the prints that you are wearing will slowly grow across your entire body. It will change the pigment of your skin, completely changing you. Then it will become fur. Then you will all grow tails. Then to complete this attractive change your ears will slide up to the tops of your heads and become like the cat's who's prints you wear."

It was that little evil genius explaining the whole back story of the plan that normally completely fucked up the entire plan however, all of those evil geniuses never had the Master PC program on their side.

"Sadly I'm going to have to split the six of you up into independent rooms for now. For fear of you trying to take out aggression on each other, since none of you can hurt me." Ethan smiled at the almost guilty looks of rage, fear, and curiosity that crossed the gathered faces as he pointed out something that they had all tried to do, but never managed to move.

"Without a doubt I could simply give you a command not to hurt each other and you wouldn't but I want you're changes to progress independently of each other so that when you each finally come in contact with the other the reactions will be honest and....rather interesting to say the least.

Now if you would all follow me, I'll bring you to your rooms."

Ethan had only four rooms on the extra wing for the house but he also had two rooms in the basement of the house, since it was renovated. First door was opened and Jessica was gently shuttled inside with a soft re-assuring rub to her back and a kiss to her lips.

Then the second door Ming Lei was gently shuttled in and again the re-assuring rub to her back and the kiss to her lips.

Walking with now four kittens in tow he moved to the addition of the house. Third door was opened and Clarissa was shuttled in, the now common kiss and gentle rub was accepted and the door was closed.

Fourth door was Amber's.

And the fifth was Sarah's.

Returning to his own room he had Claire open up images of the other women on one wall of TV screens. Normally he'd use the vast wall of TV to TV. But with Claire learning more and more every day she could tap into more and more of his house and nearly run it for him. There was only one Screen empty because it was 3 screens down and 3 screens up.

It was going to take a few days for the changes to be brought to a completion. But he had already planned out of what it was going to end up as...

Hahaha! I'm evil I know...but you're going to have to wait for part 2 of the Furry Fashion Show to find out how each of them change and how each of the girls change! However if anyone wants to send me personal requests for each of the women's changes I can see how I can work it out.