Master PC: Anthro's Attraction.

Chapter 2: Fuzzy love.

Author: A Spiffy Anthro

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Disclaimer: Any names, events, and happenings in this story are from the writers own mind. Don't get pissed at him if you see a resembalance to anything in life outside of this writing.

Ethan was having the time of his life. He had gotten the money from his original command quickly and it made him rather enjoy his life. People were having no problems with him and best of all he had an absolutely gorgeous female to play with when ever he wanted.

Speaking of that female Vickie was currently on his bed. Purring and moaning gently between her gentle stroking of her pussy and breasts. Ethan was helping her out by gently petting her breasts eliciting glorious moans and purrs of pure bliss from the cat girl even as she continued to finger herself.

Even though Ethan was enjoying himself petting his lovely toy and having her gently stroke his dick with her tail his thoughts were wandering. He didn't care if this wasn't right by the normal standards of ethical society. After all his life's motto was "Never let society's sense of ethics prevent you from voicing your opinion." He was doing just that, voicing his opinion.

He decided that he wanted to increase his holdings. He had recently moved the Master PC program up into a computer he built from the ground up to his room. Looking over to the screen that was forever on he smirked to himself as claire had sat down on a stool and looked to be reading a book.

"Claire" Ethan spoke up.

The computerized figure placed the book in her lap and smiled over to Ethan even though she couldn't truly see him, she knew what he looked like when he modified himself. "Yes Master Ethan?"

Ethan just sighed to himself and chuckled. "How many times must I ask you simply call me Ethan? Oh matter. I'd like you to do something for me. I want this house to myself. I need to have it modified so that anyone involved with this house forgets about it and continues on with their life. My parents and sister will find another place to live and move out. Make it atleast a somewhat decent place for them. But I'm going to stay here...I've grown to like it."

Claire --because of deep rooted programming that Ethan didn't want to tamper with-- smiled and relayed the request back to him for verification to make sure that she's got everything correct. Ethan gave her the go ahead and everything was set into motion.

2 weeks later...

Ethan was enjoying himself. He had the house to himself and his little pet. He had gotten the place fixed up. He had also gotten a large contracting force to rentovate diffrent areas. The basement was now liveable and warmed. The living room, dining room, and gray room --Gray room so named because everything in it was wel...gray.-- had been combined into one massive room.

He had gotten a surround sound entertainment system put into the new Room, wide screen TV, the whole works. The old computer room and the Kitchen had been combined to provide more room for the kitchen.

The master bedroom and what had once been his sister's room had been combined as well. Fixed up and modified to suit his personal tastes, a large screen TV, king sized bed, and of course the Computer were all placed in there. Again the surround sound and his personal assortment of games and systems were put into the new Master bedroom. His old room he kept and used as storage area. He had the attic modified to allow to more housing and cleaned it out.

He kept a guest room just incase his little kitten ever wanted to sleep alone. It was rarely used if you couldn't guess.

All in all Ethan was having a great deal of Fun. He was going to add another wing onto the house starting in the next week and it was going to be to accomodate the new arrivals he was planning.

2 more weeks later...

It was two more weeks before he had added the other wing. Normally it would probably have taken almost a month but he had three construction companies working on the project and it had gotten done very rapidly. It had taken a week to build and then another week to furnish and move around adding what he wanted.

The Second wing connected flawlessly with the house and reached just as high. he had almost no yard left but he didn't go outside much anyway. He had a pool outside and sometimes went for walks with Vickie just to see the world, sometimes he'd go for a drive to the mall and pick up some new clothing for himself or a toy or two for his pet.

In the second wing there was two floors, there were four bedrooms total. In each bedroom was atleast one window, a king sized bed, a light gray carpet and a TV. Central Air conditioning throughout the house kept it comfortably year round.

Ethan sighed to himself in his room, oh this was going to be interesting. It had taken him four weeks total of planning and re-planning until he had what he wanted.

Looking over to Claire he let himself have a half grin at two things. First was the sudden cry of orgasm from the almost constantly horny Anthro. And second was from his ideas of what he was about to do.

"Claire, I know you haven't been kept very busy. But now the wait is over. I've got another bit of changing I'm going to do."

Claire whom had learned how to tap into the computer's Webcam, looked over to Ethan. She had changed her appearance at Ethan's request. Now she was a tiger stripped Anthro. Breasts perfectly formed and with a gentle covering of fur that made her look even more attractive than she was..even though she was only a computerized image. "Oh?" She had gained a few quirks that Ethan thought were funny and interesting.

Her most interesting quirk was when she was excited about something (Especially changes and using her programing) her ears perked up and her tail began to swish back and forth just like a cat.

"Indeed. I have a woman whom I'd like to change. However I want it to be a slightly slow process and I want to be able to see it happen."

"May I have her name?"

Ethan gave her the name and the image appeared next to claire, rotating in 3D. "For beginers I want her breasts to enlarge...they're to small. I think a nice pert D cup would be fine. Oh! And Claire, just show me what the changes will look like, I want them time activated." On the screen the girl's breasts quickly expanded to a nice firm large D cup. "Good. Again the fur and the tail please. And as always a bit darker color than her skin now. I think I'll make a Macro as well. The fur and the Tail will be named Macro One."

As he said the changes all over the girls body fur sprouted and a long delicious tail grew from the base of her spine. "Mmmmm...good. Now this command I want to happen right now. I want her to come over her right now and lay down on my bed and fall asleep. Nobody will try and stop her and of course she'll believe it's perfectly natural."

He heard the door open seconds later, the girl walked up the stairs to the room and lay down on the bed and instantly fell asleep. "Excellent. Now she can never wear clothing again, she just doesn't feel like she needs it. As her breasts grow larger she will become increasingly horny. By the time they're finished growing she will be much like Vickie, however her breast and vaginal sensativity will stay the same. I'll make the other modifications myself. She won't leave this house and everyone that remembers her..has forgotten her except me. The changes that I have made for her --Excluding the one about her unable to leave the house until I allow it-- will take place over three days."

Claire reviewed the commands back to him in a shortened form and then once he accepted them the fun began.

For three days he watched the changes begin. Her name was Nicole and she was a very attractive girl. She was already not bad looking before Ethan had gotten his program but right now? Oh she was something to behold. The first day was interesting as she was a bit concerned but quickly that passed once Ethan gave her the commands for obedience and the same command about "Anthro loves the Man."

Originally she had very little up top. Probably about an A cup or so, possiably a B. Ethan had been longing for her for a long time before but finally he had her as his, and he had a number of fantasies concerning her and finally they were coming true.

She slept in the second wing for the first day, but by the end of the second she was getting very aroused by alot. Her breasts had expanded to a very pleasant C cup and were visiably changing to a D. Her tail had begun sprouting at mid day on the first and now was fully formed. The fur had climbed up her body and her ears shifted and rose to the top of her head.

Ethan woke up on the morning of the third day by a feeling of something around his cock. Blinking his eyes slowly he looked up and was staring at Nicole, gyrating her hips around Ethan's penis slowly. Moaning in extacy as Vickie's tounge worked it's magic on Nicole's nipples.

Nicole's pussy rippled slowly then clamped down around Ethan's dick as he orgasmed sending her into the heights of pleasure as a powerful orgasm tore through her body leaving her gasping for air. Ethan smirked to himself and looked to both of them, "Anthro loves the man." Instantly their cries intermingled in a combined chorus of delight and pleasure. Falling forward one ontop of the other they sat their twitching and breathing heavily. Smiling to himself as he felt nipples pressing gently into his chest and looked down he saw Vickie was the one to fall forward first. Nicole ontop of her.

Looking down his hand slithered over to Vickie's dripping pussy and he slid two fingers in slowly. Gently stroking the kitten's soggy nether regions. Moans of pleasure rippled from between the lips of the fingered kitten while Nicole just merely layed there purring intensely at the feeling of Ethan's still hard dick deep inside of her.

"Nicole, can you please get up. You need to let Vickie have a turn." Reluctantly she complied and quickly his hard erection was once more inside a fleshy vice of a pussy as Vickie gently slid herself down onto him. "Mmmmm...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh..." Vickie moaned out as she began to rock herself on Ethan's pelvis.

Looking over his second pet carefully even as his hands payed attention to Vickie's breasts releasing further moans of intense satisfaction from her. "'' Oh. Oh. Oh. OH! I'm CUMING!" Vickie shouted out as her pussy clamped down over Ethan's penis and milked him until he came. Another orgasm shot through Vickie's body and she fell forwards onto Ethan purring deeply as she fell asleep from just basic intense satisfaction.

Grinning to himself her rolled over and gently pulled himself free from Vickie eliciting another moan of enjoyment from her as he then looked to Nicole. Concentrating her increased her breast size. The D cup was nice but her thought it would be nice to have a bit larger...the slowly swelled to an triple D cup. Almost identicle to Vickie's.

A nod to himself he climbed onto the bed and impaled the newly re-formed Nicole. Planning on whom he should change next...

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