Master PC: Anthro's Attraction

Author: The Spiffy Anthro

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His day started off normally enough. Rather basic. Not having anything to do at all, as usual. Ethan wasn't exactly the most exciting guy to be around. At only 17 years old he had dropped out of school. Had no job. Seemingly no future. And no real cares about that lack of a future.

Begining his day as always he crawled out of bed at about noon. Threw on some clothes and went downstairs. Shaking his head slowly and taking his glasses off he rubbed his eyes and began to fix breakfast. Bacon, French Toast, and a pot of coffee. Dull drugery of nothing to do.

Eating his breakfast he watched a bit of TV then got bored with that. Deciding to go on the computer he booted up his system and signed onto the 'net. Checking a few forums he then did a quick search over the web. Not expecting much of anything he typed in 'Master PC'. Having done this dozens of times in the past he didn't expect much in the way of results. Just your normal list of stories based on it.

But today was diffrent. First item on the list was Master PC v2.0. Yawning again finally feeling the effects of his second mug of coffee taking effect he clicked on the link and it brought him to a website. Nothing was there. Then a link flashed onto the screen. Below the link it said "You've been chosen by the Master. Accept the gift".

"Well this is definatly weird. But what the hell, I've got nothing else to lose." He mumbled to himself and clicked on the link. A download started and asked him where he wanted to place it. Putting it into the place he puts almost all of his files he let it download. A hundred meg file, in 10 minutes. Gotta love DSL.

Quickly doing a virus scan over the file and the whole computer he made sure that he wasn't going to get ripped off. Then he opened up the file and it blossomed into a screen. One that he had grown familar with by reading stories. Stories he never thought would ever happen to him.

A small woman appeared on the left of the screen and she asked in an amazingly sexy voice that gave him a rock hard erection, "Welcome to Master PC version two point oh. I will need your full name please." Ethan typed it in the box she motioned to.

"Very good master. My name is Claire and I will be your guide. Would you like to be reviewed on the newest updates for this version?" Ethan clicked yes.

"To begin with there is litterly nothing you cannot change now. Master PC has a range of one light year. You have the ability to modify anything about yourself or someone else, including genetic structures deeper than ever before. There is indepth voice recognition software built right into the program. No more need to type in information to have commands issued. Simply speak what you want and I'll be able to hear you. Please try it so that I can make sure it's working."

Ethan was dumbfounded. It's a veritable dream come true! Well don't fuck it up now man! Go for it! "Claire? Can you understand and hear me?"

"I understand and hear you perfectly Master Ethan." Ethan just grinned widely. This is awesome. "Master, to begin with is there anything you would liked changed about yourself or would you like to change other people first"

"I think I'm going to change somethings about myself first Claire. First I want my eyesight to be perfect. Second I want my posture perfect. Third I would like to have my staying power in sex increased by a factor of 4 from what it is right now."

"One moment while I process this for you Master and then I can verify that I have it right. Perfect Eyesight. Perfect Posture. And sexual staying power increased by a factor of 4?"

"Yes." Claire got a far off look in her eyes then suddenly Ethan felt himself sit up straighter, his vision got blurry and he took off his glasses. Then he felt a tingling sensation in his penis. "Ok. Next thing. I want to be able to control my erection. I want to be able to teleport myself and people by thinking about the person and the destination."

Again Claire verified and then got the far off look before the changes occured. Ethan tested it out by making himself go limp then suddenly get rock hard again. Grinning to himself he nodded satisfied.

"Next thing up Claire. I want to have 50 million dollars sent in cash from various wealthy people, to this home. And I want everyone to see anything that happens around me as perfectly normal unless I personally want them to notice something diffrent." Again the clarification then the far off look and everything happened.

Then ethan got an idea. He had wanted to do this for the longest time and now, suddenly he has the ability to do so! A grin crossed his face. "Alright Claire. Next request. I want to be able to modify peoples minds and bodies without Master PC. Don't worry I'll be keeping you around." Claire Verified then ethan felt a quick wave of dizziness then it passed.

He closed his eyes and then concentrated. Bringing up an image of someone in his mind then he spoke the place he wanted the person to appear. He opened his eyes and then looked over to claire. "Put a password onto the system that can only be opened when I say "Anthro loves the Man". And then close out please, I'll need you later."

"Of course master." Claire got the far off look then the Master PC program shut down.

Ethan dashed through the kitchen and up the stairs. Opening the door to his room there on his bed was one of his closest friends. Very confused, but obvioulsy not bothered because of the command he had given to everyone within the Master PC range of influence.

"Hello." Vickie said. "That was strange...why am I here Ethan?"

"I brought you here." He sent out a mental command for the command he gave that everyone around him not notice something wrong to be canceled. "You will not scream. You will not call for help. You will not attempt to harm me. And you will not try to run."

Vickie's eyes suddenly got wide and she stood up and just stood there. Obviously trying to understand what's going on. "Ethan...what's...what's...what's going on?"

"I brought you here lovely. I've recieved a wonderful gift and I plan on sharing it with you." He sent a command for her to strip off her clothing.

Wide eyed and obviously frightened she complied to the unspoken command. First came her shorts, then her panties. Shirt and bra quickly followed. "You're even more gorgeous that I could have guessed from your pictures."

Looking her over carefully he made a show of his changes. Gently touching her sides with his index finger he made her waist a bit thinner. Touching her stomach he made it a bit more firm. Running his finger down her legs they got firmer and more shapely. Running his finger over her arms he made them more attractive. Then he stared at her breasts. Gently touching both of them the began to swell.

"What...what...what the hell?!" Vickie almost shouted but couldn't raise her voice over a conversational tone. Her breasts continuned to swell, ever firming instead of drooping. The growth finally stopped at a large firm DDD cup.

Touching her breasts once more he began to increase their sensativity. A tingling sensation coursed through both her breasts and she began to breathe heavier. Gasping out for air as the sensations continued to pick up. Stopping the sensativity when it was three times as powerful he did the same to her nipples but increased them by five times as sensative.

"'" Vickie moaned gently as she cupped her larger breasts. "What did you do to...mmmmmmmmmme?" Vickie pleaded as she stroked her breasts gently lavishing in the sensations.

"I believe that's very obvious. Now please follow me" Out of his room he went with the still naked woman behind him. Down the stairs and to the computer. Booting it up he opened up Master PC. "Anthro loves the Man".

"Welcome back master Ethan. How can I be of assistance?"

"I would like to make modifications to a woman."

"Very well. May I have her name, or the proximity of the woman in question."

"She's within three feet of me."

"One moment." Claire paused and next to her appeared the image of Vickie. Still naked and still stroking her breasts.

"I want to make her an Anthro. A long tail, very short fur, very silky fur. Ears. No wiskers though. I want the fur to be a bit darker color than what she is now. And leave her nipples bare but her breasts will be covered. I also want her vaginal sensativity upped by an extra 50%"

As he said the changes they appeared on the smaller model of the woman. Using his mouse to rotate around the image he smiled and nodded to himself. "Perfect Claire. Do it for me."

And on the real Vickie it began. Starting at her feet soft luxiurious fur rippled up her body spreading out along her shoulders and down he hands. Her ears moved up the sides of her head to the top and began moving around. A long tail sprouted out from the base of her spine. Then the extra sensativity hit, sending a long pationate moan out from her.

Then Ethan smiled. "Vickie. You love me. With all of your heart. You find more pleasure in my pleasure. Whenever I say the term "Anthro Loves the Man" you will have an incrediable orgasm that will increase your love for me."

The commands set in and then Vickie threw herself on Ethan. Nuzzling her head against his chest and purring between moans of satifaction from the contact of her breasts against Ethan's body.

"Come now my pet. We're going to have some fun." Ethan then motioned for her to follow him. "Claire, please close down and activate the password." The computer shut down and Ethan lead his anthro pet up to his room. Stripping off his clothing as he went. Shirt, pants, socks, boxers. Finally when he reached his room he smiled at his kitten and pulled her into a gentle hug planting a kiss on her lips running his hands down her sides.

"Lay down on the bed my pet." Vickie leapt to the bed and layed down on her back spreading her legs to Ethan's raging erection. Setting himself on the bed he knelt down and gently kissed her nipples. Nuzzling the fur on her breasts softly and then began to suckle her nipples. Postioning himself he then rammed into her, a massive moan suddenly erupted as she exploded into an instant orgasm from the sensations.

"Oh...oh...oh....oh...oh...mmmmmmm...mmm....oh....yes!" She cried out again and again as he thrust deep into her gently licking and caressing her nipples. Biting and suckling. By the time he felt ready to come she had already come going on six times. One final push and he exploded deep inside her. She released an expansive moan and then sighed at the release, her expression one of pure bliss. Sliding out of the dripping wet pussy, he layed down next to her. Propping his head on one hand and began to stroke her breasts and pet her gently.

"Anthro Loves the Man." Vickie suddenly screamed out in another massive orgasm that made her entire body shudder and quiver in delight her tail wrapping around Ethan's cock and gently stroking it, just to increase the pleasure she recieved from the pleasure he recieved.

"This is going to be fun..."

To be...Continued...

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