Master PC: An Exploring Mind

Chapter Two - Erika

by Damned Dragon

A year had passed, and Jaylene had come to be as she envisioned herself: a slender, 135 pound redhead standing a surprising 5’ 10” tall. This was, of course, a far cry from the 190 pound, 5’ 4” pudgy girl she had been. She was graduating in the top ten percent of her class, which was no mean feat considering her grades before. The redhead had also become friends with several people, and was happy with the way things appeared to be.

However, the program she had received always rested at the back of her mind. It was entirely too easy to mess around with the program and cause problems. During the past year, the young lady had found more and more of a fetish nature in her mind and soul. Since several people in her past had caused her problems…maybe it was time to revisit them and see what could happen.

Ericka Stonebrenner was still struggling along in her classes at college. She had failed the second semester of that year, not having buckled down enough to pass, it seemed. Feeling a little guilty about what she had caused, but still wanting to keep Ericka in a punishment, Jaylene commanded the program to bring Ericka to Jaylene’s new apartment. While she waited for her guest to arrive, she tried to find Joanna with no luck. It seemed she had moved out of the program’s range. Oh well, another time.

As Jaylene waited for Ericka, she browsed through Ericka’s profile, and noted the few minor changes that had come about since the previous year. Ericka had apparently gained a few pounds, and had a mild case of depression coupled with her homophobia. Doing some deeper digging, Jaylene noted that Ericka hadn’t had an orgasm since that fateful day. Under the current attachments header, Jaylene found that she had no boyfriend, either. Small wonder, if she got no pleasure from them.

Just then, Ericka arrived at Jaylene’s door. She knocked, and was completely confused when she was answered by a stunning redhead that she didn’t recognize. “I…I’m sorry,” Ericka stammered. “I think I have the wrong apartment…”

“No, my dear Ericka,” replied Jaylene. “You have found the right apartment. Why don’t you come in?” The redhead gestured, and Ericka moved into the living room. “Would you care for something to drink?” Jaylene asked.

“Um, water please,” came the timid response.

“Just a moment, then, Ericka. Have a seat if you like. I’ll be right back,” Jaylene commented. Stepping out of the room, she first headed to the computer and entered a couple of commands.

--Ericka Stonebrenner shall obey anything that Jaylene Anna Mortese tells her to do. [Enter]

--Ericka Stonebrenner shall not notice the computer or anything relating to the computer in Jaylene Anna Mortese’s home. [Enter]

Scurrying into the kitchen, she quickly drew a glass of water for Ericka and returned to the living room. The redhead handed the glass to Ericka and sat down in a comfortable recliner. Gazing at Ericka, who had by this time sat down on the couch, she waited for Ericka to speak. Ericka was wearing a tight black silk blouse, and a tight black latex dress that hobbled her steps quite effectively. She was also wearing six inch black stiletto heels.

After a moment, her patience was rewarded. “I’m sorry…but I don’t think I know you…”

“Oh, of course not. You’d hardly be expected to recognize me after last year. But I recognize you, dear. I bet you are wondering why you are here,” noted the slender redhead.

“Yes I am, actually…Who are you?” asked the blonde.

“I am Jaylene. Please refer to me as Ma’am or Mistress Jaylene, my dear,” replied the woman.

Confused, Ericka replied, “Yes, Ma’am, I will. Wait a second…Jaylene? As in Jaylene Mortese?”

“Indeed,” came the reply. “Jaylene Mortese, the girl who made a change in her life…and yours. Didn’t you ever wonder why your life took the turn it did?”

"Yes, I did…it scared me! I haven’t been able my school work as well as I used to. And I failed last year and I have to do it all over again, Ma’am.” Ericka was thoroughly confused now, not understanding why she was telling this woman anything.

“I bet things have gotten a bit…interesting…for you on the personal front as well, haven’t they, Ericka?” Jaylene’s green eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Huh? What do you mean?” blushed Ericka.

“Ericka, I want you to answer my questions truthfully. When you leave here, you won’t have to anymore, but for now, be honest…and don’t forget to refer to me as Ma’am or Mistress Jaylene.”

The now terrified woman began to spill out her story. “It was about a year ago, I think…All of a sudden I couldn’t get any pleasure from guys, Ma’am. I tried and tried, but it was like I didn’t feel anything from having sex with them. They all said I was great, and had the time of their lives, but I didn’t feel anything.” Horrified, she continued.

“At the same time, I started getting horny around women. I don’t know why, but there it is, Ma’am. And no matter what I do…I can’t seem to cum!” The blonde woman burst into tears at this.

“So you are telling me that you haven’t cum in about a year now, and that you get aroused around women, and feel nothing from fucking a man, is that right?” commented Jaylene. “It seems that you left something out, my dear. How are you feeling right now?”

Horrified, Ericka instantly replied, “I’m really horny, Ma’am. I want to cum so bad, but I know I can’t…I need to cum so bad though!” Bright red, Ericka hid her face in her hands.

“I can make you cum, Ericka…but you need to tell me what you left out a moment ago. Tell me what you do at night, and how it makes you feel,” commanded Jaylene.

“Oh god, Ma’am, it is so humiliating…” Ericka stammered, fighting with all her mind to keep quiet. Failing, she continued, “I have to wear a tight latex hood that I can’t see out of and a huge gag in my mouth, Ma’am, and the biggest butt plug I can fit in my ass. If I don’t, I can’t sleep at night, no matter what I do…I went for three weeks before I figured out what I had to do…it was hell, Ma’am, and I feel like some abused toy whenever I sleep…and I have to wear eight inch heels whenever I’m not at work or in school! My feet hurt so much, Ma’am, I can barely walk,” the blonde woman cried.

“Good,” replied Jaylene. “Have you humiliated anyone since this happened to you? Taught anyone their place?” she demanded.

“No, Ma’am,” came the trembling reply.

“I didn’t figure you would. It seems you have been taught your place instead, have you not? I remember that you were going to teach me my place in the world at one time…”

Astonished, Ericka sat bolt upright. “How did you…”

“How did I know? I was right behind you when you were talking about it. And you got what you deserved instead. I can make it worse for you, Ericka. I can make it much worse…and I think I will—because you still deserve it for all that you have done to other girls.”

“Oh, Ma’am, please no!” sobbed Ericka.

“Be quiet,” commanded Jaylene. Immediately, Ericka’s moaning and sobs silenced. “Much better. Now, Ericka, you didn’t tell me everything. You can’t wear any underwear, because of what you feel when you do. You can’t wear anything other than silk, latex, leather or rubber on your chest without it itching like crazy, can you?”

The now mute woman shook her head, still sobbing.

“And what’s more, you lost all your body hair below your neck. From the neck down, you look like a little girl. And you still hate the thought of being with a woman…that’s why you can’t cum, Ericka. Only a woman can make you cum. And guess what? I’m going to make you’re life a living, breathing, teasing hell for you. If you obey what I tell you, things will go easy for you, and you will be rewarded. If not…

“From now on, whenever you are awake, you will be horny. It will never go away, and you will always be constantly aware of how horny you are. Being horny will make you feel humiliated, but your humiliation will turn you on more. The only way to reduce your humiliation is to pass your tests with a 97% or better. If you get less than a 90%, when you get home you will get in the shower and give yourself an enema, 1 quart for every percentage point under 90%. You will repeat this twice.

“In addition, you cannot get any pleasure from having sex with anyone unless you are dressed completely in latex or rubber. This includes over your head; you will have tubes to breathe through in your nose, and the outfit must fill your pussy and ass as well. All your holes must be available when you are dressed this way. The outfit must also have a corset that reduces your waist from the 27 inches it is now…down to 20 inches. You must work as hard as you can to get it to close completely; you cannot cum unless it is completely closed. Also, you will keep track of your orgasms. For every orgasm you have, you must give two orgasms to each partner you have at the time. Until you do, you will not be able to orgasm again.

“Whenever you breathe in, you will feel a large cock stroking deep into your pussy, and when you breathe out, it will stroke out. If you hold your breath, you will feel like someone is sucking at your nipples and clit while the cock strokes faster and faster into your pussy. However, each time you cum, the cock will switch from your pussy to your ass, or your ass to your pussy.

“Finally, Ericka, you must track down all the people you have humiliated in the past. You must visit at least one of them each month until you have visited them all, at which time you will return to me. You will offer to let them humiliate you by serving them for a weekend as anything they wish, as long as it stays on their property. You will obey their commands as long as they are not illegal and will not permanently injure yourself or anyone else. You will be unable to cum during this time.

“Understand, little girl?” demanded Jaylene. By now the terrified blonde woman was shaking, literally. Ericka nodded her head, and Jaylene grinned. “Good. Oh, one more thing. You can’t tell anyone, in any way, what you found out here. And just so you know…once you have visited everyone you’ve humiliated, I’ll release you from most of this stuff. I do feel a bit sorry about doing this too you…but I know what you have done to some of these people, and I have a fairly good idea of what you intended to do to me. So I can handle my guilt. You’ve gone a year without cumming; I wonder how long it will be before you can cum again? You can speak, quietly,” commanded the redhead.

“I think it will be at least two years, if I manage to visit someone each week, Ma’am, before I can cum again,” the tear-streaked blonde murmured.

“Sounds to me like you better get busy. And one other thing….you are no longer a homophobe. Girls are just as good as guys to you now. I suggest that you thank me now, by making me cum.”

Instantly, the blonde dove for Jaylene’s crotch. Ericka pulled off Jaylene’s tight leather pants, revealing her neat patch of pubic hair just above her glistening slit. For several minutes, Ericka nibbled and sucked at Jaylene’s pussy, her tongue darting into Jaylene’s wet slit while her hands moved up and caressed Jaylene’s sensitive tits. Jaylene fought it as long as she could, but Ericka’s expert blowjob skills drove Jaylene over the edge rather quickly, proving that a tongue worked just as well on a pussy as a cock.

Recovering slowly, Jaylene looked at Ericka. A thought popped into her head, and she grinned evilly. “Ericka, I am going to get someone. You are going to suck him off after he fucks your ass. If you can get him to cum in your ass, pussy, and mouth before you leave, you can cum before you leave as well. Deal?”

Confused, horny, and starting to tire out, Ericka nodded. If only she could cum…she could feel a cock in her pussy, fucking her in time with her breathing, and it was driving her nuts. She wanted to cum so bad…

Jaylene left Ericka on the floor while she went to track down someone suitable. Quickly making her way to her computer, she did a scan for nearby males with a fetish for bondage. Quickly picking one out, she sent a command for him to come to her house, and bring his “toys”. Then she adjusted his stamina upward, and commanded his cock to completely fill whatever hole he happened to be fucking from that point on, no matter who it was. She also put in a command that he would not know she was there, and focus entirely on Ericka. When he was finished with her, he would leave, taking his toys with him, and forget the episode entirely.

About ten minutes later, a man in his late thirties showed up, carrying a heavy black bag. He walked inside, and found Ericka, still collapsed on the floor. The blonde looked at him with lust in her eyes. Quickly opening his bag, the unknown man pulled out a few lengths of rope, and quickly tied her into an extremely tight hogtie, with her ankles nearly touching her head, and her wrists bound to her knees. Quickly rigging a tripod setup, he hung her up at waist height for him, leaving her entirely exposed.

Jaylene sat on the recliner, smiling a smug little smile as the man began to pound into Ericka’s tight slit. Ericka began to moan, with the man’s cock pounding deep into her, driving her lust even higher. The blonde woman writhed in her bonds as the man thrust deep into her, over and over, his engorged cock stretching her pussy to the limit. He gave guttural grunts as he pulled her into him, slamming hard into her body. He continued, occasionally adding loops of rope about her body, tightening her bondage till she could barely move. Finally, after about twenty minutes of this, he finally came, spurting into her tight pussy.

Ericka felt him pull out of her, and almost begged for him to continue, she was so close to cumming. Instead, he lowered her down, still bound, then reset his tripod. Then he wrapped several loops of rope about the base of her tits, trapping each one in it’s own prison. Then, while she tried to get used to this feeling, he untied the rest of her, but then completely surprised her when he pulled her legs forward, and forced her to lie with her ankles bound behind her head and shoulders. This trapped her arms in front of her, and exposed her tits almost as badly as before. He then quickly pulled her arms behind her trapping her already tight legs against her slender body, and bound them tightly with more rope. Finally, he hoisted her up by the rope binding her tits, and hung her from the tripod.

Ericka almost screamed in pain as she was lifted by the rope. Somehow, all that came out was a needy whimper; she was still trapped in the throes of her lust. She begged for him to take her, to let her cum. Instead, he pulled out a tight rubber mask, with two tiny nose holes for her to breathe through, and with a long tube sticking out of the mouth area. He slowly but firmly worked the end of the hose into her piss hole…and she started to drain into her own mouth. Ericka was forced to suck on her own piss as the man took a quick thrust in her still-wet pussy, then withdrew and started to shove his way into her virgin ass.

Now Ericka did scream, as his massive cock stretched her nether hole. Amazingly, little sound came out from under her tight hood. He started pounding deep into her, rocking her dangling body back and forth from her bound tits. With her ankles trapped behind her head, and her arms behind her back, there was no way to stop him, not that she really wanted to. After all, she might be able to cum soon…

The blonde woman occasionally heard Jaylene in the background, as the redhead made some comment or other. Her hearing was too muffled by the mask to tell what it was; but knowing that Jaylene was watching was almost too much to bear. The unknown man continued to pound into her ass, as her mouth filled with her piss. Ericka drank it down, thankful that it wasn’t anything worse, as it so easily could have been.

This continued for almost an hour, with the man occasionally adding some lubricant to his cock to ease his stroking. With every breath, it still felt like someone was fucking her pussy as well…Ericka was one well screwed woman, and she knew it. Finally, as her tits were a dark purple from her suspension, he came deep in her ass. He lowered her down and untied her, and took off the mask and its hose. He started to pack up his toys, and got ready to leave as Ericka realized her chance to cum was about to walk out the door.

“Oh please, sir, use me some more!” she begged him, crawling to him. “Please, let me give you a blowjob too!” The desperation in her voice made him smile, and he slowly agreed. But first, he pulled out a special hook. The tip was well rounded, to avoid any injury. He inserted this into her well-fucked ass, and took out a length of rope. He quickly braided it into her hair, then pulled her head back and tied it tightly to the hook. There was no way for her to stop him from thrusting deep into her throat now.

Then, he sat down on a chair, and let her set to work on his overworked cock. Jaylene grinned at the arrangement, as cum dribbled out of Ericka’s stretched pussy and ass. Jaylene felt a bit guilty at what she was making Ericka do, but she still recalled what would have happened to her a year ago. Deciding to make things a bit more interesting, she went to her computer once more.

--Ericka Stonebrenner shall take immense pleasure in serving orally. She will do the best she can whenever she is presented with this duty. At then end of her oral service, she will feel a mild orgasm, and her arousal will be suppressed for one day. Additionally, the sensation she feels when she breathes will stop for one day, and when it resumes, will switch either from her pussy to her ass, or her ass to her pussy. However, she will always assume that she must deep-throat a male’s penis, and that if she is not bound, what ever position she is put in she must remain in until her oral service is over. [Enter]

Returning to the living room, Jaylene noticed that Ericka was working on the man’s semi-hard cock with a relish. She nibbled as best she could, sucked at the head and balls, and ran light circles with her tongue along his shaft. The man slowly grew hard again, and as he did, Ericka began to slowly suck him deep into her mouth. Interestingly, whenever her air was cut off, she shuddered, feeling as if the pounding in her pussy was going overtime.

As time went on, Ericka spent more and more time with his massive cock crammed down her throat, but never long enough to make her pass out. Her body was rocking back and forth with her feelings of double penetration, a real cock in her mouth and a phantom one in her pussy. Over the course of the next two hours, she worked his arousal as high as she could, trying her hardest to get him to cum. It was difficult, as he had already cum twice in the past few hours; but her desperation and primal need forced her to continue.

Finally, the man spurted a final load of cum into her mouth, and she did her best to swallow it all. Amazingly, he still had a very large load, and he sprayed it onto her face, then rocked her back quickly to shoot the rest on her generous chest. Her head was still trapped back, and the cum from her earlier fucking had dried on her legs. The fresh cum dribbled down her face and chest, running in streaks down her tits and onto her belly. As soon as the man finished spurting, Ericka screamed in pleasure as she was overtaken by her own orgasm, a year in the building. Even if it was only a mild one, it was more than she’d had in a long time.

The man didn’t bother to release her. He simply dressed, picked up his bag, and walked out the door, leaving her in her pleasure. When the man was gone, and Ericka was starting to recover, Jaylene untied the rope from the hook in Ericka’s ass. With a groan, Ericka sat forward and slowly pulled the hook out…and licked it completely clean to her own horror. Evidently she had started to feel as if it was a cock in her ass.

“So, Ericka. Now you know what I can cause, and what might be in store for you if you don’t follow directions. I really doubt that you will cause any trouble. Now…tell me where Joanna McDermott is.”