Master PC: A Masters Betrayal

by Black kitten blues

This is a story I wrote after reading all of the entertaining "Master PC" stories, but especially after reading the story titled: "Master PC: A Master's Beginning" written by The Other One. This however is a twist on what might happen if some naive amateur hypnotist played around with innocent peoples lives. That would never happen though...would it?

Let's meet the main characters:

Dave is a man who works, sleeps, and surfs the net. He lives alone in a tiny apartment. His ex-girlfriend betrayed him when she slept with his best friend. He wanted her back - he wanted revenge, and he didn't care who he hurt in the process.
kitten/Kirsten is a single working mother of a feisty 5-year-old son. They live in an old ramshackle home that needs a lot of work done. She spends her days between work, taking care of her son, cleaning the house, and spending a little bit of time chatting with friends she has made online.
Colleen is Dave's ex girlfriend. She had fun with Dave, but frankly it was getting a bit boring so she decided to have a little fun with his best friend. Now that Dave knows all about the affair, she asks him to keep hers quiet, as his best friend has no idea that she was seeing Dave in the first place...

Chapter 1

Dave just could not get Colleen out of his head. She was his first in many ways. His first love, his first sex, his first betrayal. Try as he might, nothing he could do could change the fact that no matter how badly she treated him, he wanted and needed to be with her.

While he was thinking of how to get her back, he got an instant message from a woman he used to chat with online.

"Are you the guy I used to chat with a few years ago? My nick back then was kitten."

"Kitten!! Wow! How are you? Long time no see and all that! What are you up to? You have -what- two kids?"

"Umm, no, just one, a boy, named Xander."

"It feels like just yesterday you were excusing yourself to go change his diaper."

"LOL, yeah, well he is 5 now, almost 6, and can do those kind of things on his own."

They chatted back and forth for several weeks, they seemed to have a lot in common and soon she grew to love him for who he really was, inside. They had exchanged photos, and while she wasn't the least bit attracted to his outward appearance, she was in love with his heart, and his soul.

He thought that she was a nice person, honest and kind. She listened to his problems, and tried to give him sound advice to help him. He told her that he thought she had one of the sexiest voices he had ever heard, and that her online nickname: "kitten" fit her perfectly. While it's true that he didn't think she was as attractive as Colleen, he still thought she had some potential. The more he talked to kitten, the less he thought of Colleen, and the more he started becoming the person he was before the betrayal. He was no longer depressed. He was happy, and everyone around him noticed the change in his attitude.

Even though he had decided long ago never to use the Master PC program to further his goals, he once again went to his trusty Mac and pulled the program out of its hiding place. He launched the program and its splash screen came up, displaying a 3D model of an androgynous figure that slowly revolved.

"Welcome back to the Master Command Center, Dave. Who do you wish to bend to your will today?"

'Maybe I can make kitten into the perfect woman of my dreams...' he thought as he pressed the spacebar and a dialog box appeared. "Subjects Name: ___________." Dave wasn't sure that he wanted to use kitten's real name since this was just an online fling so far, and he wondered if the Master PC program would work with just a nickname. Wouldn't there be thousands of 'kittens' out there? Would the Master PC know whom he was thinking about? 'Only one way to find out!" He slowly typed in 'kitten' and crossed his fingers as the program processed his request. Suddenly the rotating form started to morph into a realistic representation of the woman he knew as kitten. 'YES!' he thought excitedly.

He went to his Options Menu and brought up the Customization Menu. He assigned kitten to one of the buttons and was prompted with another dialog box: "What changes do you wish?"

For a moment he thought maybe he should make a backup of her original 'self' but then thought to himself, 'What's the point? This is for me, I want her to be my ideal than that, I want her to be my slave!'

After much consideration, he decided that she was much heavier than he he typed: "kitten will lose any excess fat, and her muscles will become toned." He waited and watched as the 3D model became svelte and toned. "Sweet!" He then looked at her chest and thought to himself 'it's pretty big, but you know what they say...the bigger the better!' He started typing again: "kitten, your breasts will grow to 40I size and become extremely sensitive. Your hair will change to a brilliant hot pink color and be thick and silky smooth." Dave laughed silently to himself as he thought of the anime screensaver he had that looked very similar to how he was changing kitten.

All of a sudden, Dave received an instant message from kitten:

kitten: "Dave, something wild just happened to me! You won't believe it! My body has changed; I'm thinner and my hair! My hair is PINK!" I think I must be hallucinating! I look sort of like that picture you sent me! What's happening to me? I can't be seen like this at work, I don't even look like the picture on my entrance badge! What am I going to do? How am I going to bring home a paycheck and support my son??!"

This is great, Dave thought to himself as he typed back to kitten:

TheOneDave: "Are you sure you aren't saying that just because you know what turns me on? Such a naughty kitten you are!"
While waiting for her reply he quickly switched windows and began to type:
TheOneDave: "kitten will forget the changes she sees on her body. Her conscious self will believe that she is as she has always been. She will cheerfully address me as 'Master' and refer to herself as 'Master's loving sex-pet.' She will obey every command I give her and will desire to please me any way she can. She will know instinctively that Dave is her Master and obeying Dave will always make her extremely horny."
TheOneDave: "kitten, how are you today, my pet?"
kitten: "Oh Master! Masters loving sex-pet is so happy to see you! What may kitten do for Master today?"
TheOneDave: "I want kitten to strip all her clothes off and play with her breasts for Master. But breasts isn't a very good name for them, is it, kitten?"
kitten: "I don't know, Master."
TheOneDave: "That's right, you only know what Master tells you, isn't that right, my kitten?"
kitten: "Yes, Master."
TheOneDave: "Such a good kitten. From now on, you can only think of calling them things like, massive melons, terrific titties, huge hooters, and jiggly jugs, right, my kitten?"
kitten: "Yes, Master."
TheOneDave: "Then go to it and leave me be for awhile, my kitten. I will let you know when you are needed."
Dave spent the rest of the afternoon tweaking kittens program. Making her extremely submissive, obedient, adoring, and most of all, empty-headed. He seemed not to have a care in the world about how this might affect kitten outside of an Internet chat, or how she really felt about him before Master PC started molding her to his image of perfection.

Chapter 2

Before all of the changes that Dave's Master PC Program made with her, kitten was already in love with Dave. kitten's real name was Kirsten; she had a son named Xander who was almost 6 years old. Kirsten worked in a Personnel Office and had a very stressful job that took a lot of concentration and focus to research employees' problems. Kirsten loved Dave, and wished she and Xander could be with him. She secretly hoped that this would happen if she just gave Dave enough time. She knew of Colleen, and what she had done to Dave, and sadly, she knew that a part of Dave still wanted Colleen in his life.

What could Kirsten do about it? He lived 15 hours away. Colleen lived in the same city as he did. Kirsten couldn't just pick up everything and leave at a moments notice. She was sole support for her son and herself. Her parents had both passed away and she really didn't have any family to help her out or spend time with. So, even though she desperately wanted to be with him, she had too many responsibilities where she was.

After the changes, kitten started forgetting things, like paying bills. Her water was turned off, she was broke, and she was robbing Peter to pay Paul. Peter (the bank) would soon notice that she had used her mortgage money to pay to have the water turned back on. She was afraid of what would happen then. Would she and Xander cease to have a roof over their heads? She also felt bad that her son's sixth birthday was only a week away and she didn't have enough to even make him a small cake or to buy ice cream - let alone a birthday present.

She also had to start wearing a wig to hide her pink hair, and baggy clothes to hide just exactly how much weight she had lost so quickly. Even though he had told her that she wouldn't notice the changes, her friends had and they, along with her co-workers were worried about her. Some of them even wondered if she was addicted to drugs. They had never seen her look so worse for wear. She looked exhausted, confused, and scatter-brained lately.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Colleen, having noticed the changes in Dave, and tiring of his best friend, decided she wanted Dave back, and that she would get him back at all costs. She approached him after work on Monday.

"Dave! Oh, my god! It's so great seeing you! I know that you have been avoiding me at work because of everything that has happened. I just want to say that I am so, so sorry Dave. There is no excuse for what I did, and I know that. It was just a fling, and well, it's over now. I have noticed you a lot more lately, you've changed, but I can't figure out how. Have you lost weight?"


"Have you been working out?"

"Well, a little bit. I try to improve myself whenever I can."

"Ohhhh, well whatever it is, I just love it! You are so sexy!" she purred.

"Just a minute Colleen, what are you saying?"

"Oh Dave, I was such an idiot to have hurt you, I just want to talk. Can we talk things over? I so much want to be your friend again, more than a friend if it's possible." She sidled up to him pressing her body closer to his, her thigh rubbing against his inner leg.

"F-f-f-fine, we'll talk. But I, I really don't think we can ever be more than just friends."

"I understand Dave, I just don't want to lose your friendship." She leaned in closer, her body pressing harder into his body as she kissed him on the cheek letting out a small moan, and a wink as she walked off toward the parking lot.

Dave might not have realized it then, but that night would change his entire world, and his kittens. He knew Colleen wanted him back, and he wanted her back more than anything, whether he wanted to admit it to himself or not. kitten hardly even entered his mind the rest of the day.

Dave decided he would talk to kitten, she was his, mind, body, and soul. She would have no other choice than to let him do whatever he wanted, it was her job to please him in any way, after all. The only thing Dave didn't take into consideration was how kitten had felt about him before all the changes. Everything was conflicting in her head, why did he want her back? Colleen hurt him! Now, he was hurting his kitten.

When he spoke to his kitten later that day, he told her that he would be chatting with Colleen that night. He never even heard her heart break as she listened to what she figured would be the last time they would speak together. She brushed it off, and tried to believe that he just needed to get things off his chest. Tell Colleen how he really felt about the way she treated him. She hoped that would be the extent of their talk.

"It's ok, Master, I understand. This is such a big issue with you that you need closure, you need to tell her how you felt, how much she hurt you." kitten said, trying to sound upbeat and positive.

"You can be online too, I will send you everything she types to me." He added in an off-hand way.

"No Master, I can't do that. You need your privacy. It will only make it harder for you if I am there."

"I will call you, my kitten, as soon as we are done talking. No later than 9 pm your time. Okay, my kitten?"

"Okay Master." She slowly put the phone in its cradle and began to cry.

Chapter 4

Kitten waited by the phone nervously. It was 9 pm. When would he call? She sat there staring at the phone, willing it to ring.

"Ring, damn you, ring!"

Nothing. She looked at the clock, constantly watching the minutes pass. 9:15 - 9:30 - 9:45 - 10:00. She thought to herself, 'should I call him? No, he would be angry, he would say that I didn't trust him. Doesn't he know that it isn't him that I don't trust? It's her! Colleen! He told me himself that she wanted him back! He told me himself that he was attracted to her. He constantly told me how attractive she was - is.' 10:30 - 11:00 - the phone starts to ring. 'It's him! It's Master! Oh god! It's two hours after he said he would call. Is he calling to tell me goodbye? Is he calling to say he still loves me? Damn! He went to voicemail!

After listening to his message, kitten was even more confused.

'He said he tried to call earlier, that he kept getting some error message like before. I just don't know if he is telling me the truth or trying to save me from being hurt. I don't know what is going on.' She thought to herself sadly.

kitten emailed him from work the next day. She wasn't getting much done at work anyway, and hadn't been for some time. It was hard to concentrate on work. She emailed her Master and told him that she would very much like to speak to him that night, if it was ok with him.

His reply:

Subject: Soitinly
I'm going to a friend's house for a while to hang out and provide much family guy goodness, but I should definitely be around later. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, I wish there was something I could do to help. :(

Till tonight!

kittens reply:
Subject: RE: Soitinly
It's ok, I'll be fine.
But she wasn't, she was worried. She waited and waited just like the night before, and just like the night answer. No call, no email, no instant messages. Nothing.

It was too much to bear. It was just barely after 8pm - 9pm Master's time. She ran to her computer and composed the following email:

I know it's just rotten timing, but I do feel really self-conscious about things. With Colleen coming back in your life, and being there, me here, and never having seen me face to face. You not being around tonight, (I know you told me way before about spending time at a friends) I just don't want to be hurt again. I want you to be happy, and if that isn't with me, then it isn't with me. I just hate not knowing, and wondering how long it will take you to decide that you really don't want me. That isn't the right wording, and I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill, but I have learned the hard way that not expressing my feelings and doubts just makes things worse for me in the end. Anyway, I'm going to go read for a while. I shouldn't, but there isn't much to watch on TV.

It was the next day before she heard anything from her Master. She hadn't been able to concentrate on her work, she hadn't slept in days, and the silence was slowly killing her. His reply to her was short, and didn't sound very hopeful to her at all. She deleted it without thinking. All it said was 'sorry, got home late and crashed on the bed.'

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