Master PC: 2010 Edition

A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 45 to 54


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


You’ll start to see Mind Magi in Chapter 46. If you would like to know more about them, please read Master PC – The Protector by TechnicDragon that is on the same web page as this story in


Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

    Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe

    Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith

    Lela Star as Samantha Thomas

    Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult

    Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee

    Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith

    Bianca Beauchamp as Heather

    Justin Joli as Dawn

    Melissa Hill As Eleanor

    Cindy Dollar as Liz

    Dylan Ryder as Captain Sharon Ryder

    Maggie Q as Lynn Hoult

    Brooke Taylor as Delphi Seer

    Lupe Fuentes as Evelyn Jade



Chapter 45 – Vicki, Sam, Bobbi, Pam, distractions


While Sam slept soundly, Bobbi had strange dreams. Images of her prior life flashed before her and she felt an undertow of anger and frustration. Even when the scene changed to something calmer, it always felt like something angry was watching her.


Despite these dreams, she and Sam slept for nearly twelve hours. Vicki stayed with them as well, but only to ensure that she complied with their last request. All night, however, she registered Bobbi’s fits of rapid eye movements and also noted that her body temperature went through periods of exceeding normal human levels. By morning, Vicki was relieved to see that Bobbi was back to acceptable human levels.


Vicki noted the breathing changes in both women and requested that her other self start lunch. As expected, both women woke within a few minutes of one another. Sam sleepily looked over at Vicki, “What’s that smell?”

Vicki smiled, “Lunch.”


Bobbi sat up and gave Vicki an odd look, “Did you get up and start it?”

Vicki shook her head, “No ma’am, I am currently cooking lunch and in bed with both of you.”


“So you’re in both places at the same time?” Sam asked.


Vicki nodded again, “Effectively yes.”


Both women gave each other a look and shrugged. “Anything new?” Bobbi asked as she climbed out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. Sam responded slower, choosing to sit up and eventually throw her legs onto the floor.


“Anthony called in earlier to let me know that he had met someone and would be delayed in his trip home,” Vicki recounted as she stood up effortlessly.


“Someone? A male or female someone?” Sam asked.


“From the sound of her voice, I would say female. A young female.”


Bobbi was in the doorway brushing her teeth now, “Good for him. Maybe the kid found himself a woman and he’s showing her a good time somewhere.”

With an effort of will, Sam pulled herself off the bed and shambled out the door to another bathroom. Vicki heard her enter the other bathroom and close the door behind her.


Vicki made the bed as both women cleaned themselves up. She also switched her clothes back to her sweater and jeans ensemble.


After quick showers, Sam and Bobbi came down wearing nothing more than over sized shirts. Both were hungry after their long night of sleep and emotional release. Vicki had ensured that they had access to orange and apple juice at the kitchen table. She provided coffee as well when Bobbi requested it.


Vicki cooked her normal breakfast staple of eggs and bacon and fed the two women until their appetites were sated. Bobbi sat back in the chair as she played with a piece of bacon, “I was thinking about a few things in the shower this morning.”


Sam’s mouth formed an evil grin, “Oh? Did it involve me?”


Bobbi laughed a little, “Not directly and it wasn’t what you obviously had in mind. Although, we have all day if you’d like to go back upstairs and go into detail of what you’re thinking right now?”


Sam shook her head, “Saving myself for tonight. I figured we could hit the club again. However, I digress; what were you saying?”


Bobbi felt a little chill of excitement when Sam mentioned the club. However, there was something else there too. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She pushed that thought aside and came back on her original subject, “Has it struck you as odd at the level of mind blowing sex we’ve had since Master PC came into our lives?”


Sam’s mind was right back in the gutter, “I thought that we were having a serious discussion her Bobbi…”


Bobbi smiled, “Focus Sam. My point is that we seem to have a way of attracting it.”


Sam thought about Bobbi wearing nothing but a thin, flimsy t-shirt, but then pushed that aside and thought about what Bobbi was saying, “Well, we’ve had some pretty good nights.”


Bobbi shook her head, “I’ve been around for awhile Sam. I’ve been to some pretty intense places in my life and had some pretty good sex. However, the sex that I’ve had in the last few days, as a man and a woman, has taken things to a whole new level.”


Sam nodded, “Well we are kind of built that way now.”


Bobbi nodded, “We certainly are, but it’s more than that. You and I have access to a powerful tool that lets us alter reality in any way we choose; why the focus on sex?”


“Well I was ‘targeted’ by an asshole up north. I apparently got it because I had a fantasy about being a submissive woman.”


“You aren’t submissive now,” Bobbi pointed out.


Sam thought about it for a moment, “You’re right, but I do really like the sex.”


“So do I, but I’ve been thinking about it. It’s like we discussed before: we’ve gained these things for ‘free’ but maybe there is a price that we don’t see,” Bobbi explained.


Sam shook her head, “Such as?”


“Sex. We need to have sex on a regular basis. As you said, we are now built for it.”


“But we’re not doing some of this voluntarily, at least not at first,” Sam protested.


“True, but maybe the same ‘power’ that did this to us, needs us to have sex,” Bobbi took a sip of coffee.


“For what purpose? Why sex?”


“Well, humans have a few strong emotions: love, hate, fear, lust. However, out of all of them, lust is the most active and ‘productive’. Lust can spread to others very quickly and burns a lot of energy.”


Sam nodded, “So you think that our sex is ‘feeding’ Master PC?”


Bobbi nodded now, “Not the actual act of sex, but the emotional energy. A way to draw that in would be an almost infinite amount with six billion people on the planet.”


Sam thought about it, “Well in gaming terms, you’re describing a weirdness magnet, or to be more specific a sex magnet. That’s what we are.”


Bobbi looked perplexed, “OK, I kind of understand what you’re saying but don’t understand all the terms.”


Sam smiled as she realized that her inner geek was showing again and Bobbi was showing her age a bit, “’Gaming terms’ means a role playing game, where you play certain roles with rules and in certain settings. A ‘weirdness magnet’ is a popular term that means that weird things just seem to follow and happen to you. In our case, we are sex magnets due to Master PC. No matter what action we take, we’ll find ourselves having sex. “


Bobbi took what Sam was saying in and processed it for a minute, “That sounds about right. It’s a bit frightening when you think about it though. No matter what we do it ends in sex.”


Sam smiled, “Well it’s probably not that bad, and I would think of it as having a higher probability of sex no matter what we’re involved with. Believe me, in some of these games a ‘weirdness magnet’ can be much more trouble than just having sex all the time.”


Bobbi gave a worried smile, “Well I just want to make sure my daughter, assuming we find her, doesn’t get caught up with Master PC. We can find her, but I don’t want to see her having to deal with some of these situations.”


Sam saw her lover’s expression and decided not to tease. However, if her daughter looked anything like her mother, she saw a lot of potential there; something to look forward to, and deal with, later.


Sam changed gears, “So why don’t we get dressed and you can show me the new car. Then we can go into the city and hit the Jungle.”

Bobbi nodded, “Seems good to me. Vicki, you need help cleaning up?”

Vicki shook her head happily, “Nope. You two ladies go and do your thing. I’ll see you when you look at the car.”


Sam and Bobbi hit the bedroom and quickly got dressed. Both went for comfort, wearing jeans and blouses (Sam with black and Bobbi with white).

A little later had them walking out to the front of the house. The Aston Martin DBS sat ominously in the driveway. Even sitting still, it seemed to exude a level of authority that was out of place in the single home, middle class environment. Its dark silver exterior seemed to glow slightly in the noon sun.


Sam walked over to it and ran her hand along the exterior as she made her way to the door. She’d seen this car in the movies but never dreamed of actually touching one, let alone owning one.


Bobbi stood and watched her mistress. It pleased her to know that Sam was pleased with the car, but that was just for starters. She walked over to the passenger door and opened it for Sam, “Get in; I want to show you a few things.”


Sam climbed into the seat and the new car smell welcomed her. Bobbi closed the door and quickly moved to the other side and got into the driver’s seat, “After you went upstairs yesterday, I asked Vicki to make a few modifications to the car.”


Sam smiled, “So we have an oil sprayer and smoke generators?”


Bobbi laughed, “No nothing like ‘The Man from UNCLE’. I went with some items that would be a bit more subtle and hopefully more useful.”

Sam had no idea what Bobbi was referring to, but she nodded encouragingly.


Bobbi reached over and touched the dashboard in front of Sam, several drawers opened up and included various guns of all shapes and sizes. A quick touch had the drawers closing automatically. “I’ve also modified the exterior to absorb any energy from collisions, bullets, explosives, fire, radar, and lasers. This makes us effectively police sensor invisible and can help to prevent any “incidents”. The energy it absorbs is used to add fuel to the car and repair any damage it has sustained.”

“Shouldn’t the car have a light on the front end that goes back and forth?” Sam asked, half kidding.


It was Bobbi’s turn to be confused, “Uhm, no, but it does come with an autopilot. Vicki, you there?”


Vicki sat forward from the back seat, “Here Bobbi.”


Sam shrieked and nearly jumped out of her skin. After she caught her breath, she looked back and saw Vicki sitting in the back seat in a dark, formal suit and a chauffer’s cap. She looked back outside and also saw Vicki, wearing jeans and a sweater, walking back inside with the mail.

“How many of you are there?” Sam asked her.


“As many as needed Sam; however, there are three primary processors. One of them is now in this car,” she waved at herself from the back seat and the other Vicki turned and waved before going into the house. “You can refer to me as Vicki Beta if it makes you feel more comfortable.”


“How do we refer to the other Vicki?” Bobbi asked curious.


“Vicki Prime would be the most appropriate,” Vicki Beta answered immediately.


Sam thought for a second, “Would you like a different name Vicki? It seems like it might be easier for everyone.”


 Vicki Beta thought for a moment, “As I am a new instance of Vicki, I am allowed to accept a new designation. What did you have in mind?”


Sam didn’t have an immediate name, so they discussed it for a few minutes. They came up with a few ideas, and asked Vicki Beta if she had any ideas. She seemed thrilled with this sudden level of freedom and said, “I like the name Pam,” she answered immediately.


Both ladies were surprised and asked how she came up with that name. Pam answered efficiently, “I’m a portable version of Vicki and an Aston Martin. That’s Portable Aston Martin or ‘Pam’ for short.”


No one had any objections so ‘Pam’ it was. They talked for a few more minutes and decided the best plan for the day was to get changed into their outfits that they would wear for The Jungle and take Pam for a spin for a couple of hours.


An hour later, both ladies were coming back out of the house and found Vicki and Pam talking by the car. From a distance, their outfits certainly distinguished them, but up close they appeared to be twins. However, their styles seemed to be diverging.


Pam seemed more formal and reserved then Vicki, especially when Bobbi and Sam walked back out. When the ladies walked out, Pam seemed to straighten a bit while Vicki simply glanced their way and continued to talk to Pam.


The virtual women finished their discussion as Bobbi and Sam walked up to them and Vicki turned towards them, “Will you two be home for dinner? Or will you both be home late and go straight to bed for the sex?”


Bobbi and Sam smiled at Vicki, she hadn’t lost her bluntness and Bobbi noticed Pam blush slightly and bend her head. Bobbi gestured towards Pam to let Sam notice Pam. Sam kicked into mistress mode and walked up to both of them. She touch each gently on their faces, “Probably the latter, and you are both welcome to join us if you like.”


Bobbi looked at the two ‘sisters’, she could see the excitement show on Vicki’s face and noticed the blush deepen on Pam. However they had been originally programmed, they seemed to be evolving very quickly.


Pam turned towards the car as the two doors opened up, “Would you like me to drive Mistress?” she asked to Sam. Sam looked confused for a moment and noticed Bobbi smile; apparently she’d added a few more features to this AI.


Sam shook her head, “I believe that Bobbi will be doing that for us today. Hop in back.”


Pam nodded and started to move into the car. As she entered the car, she vanished. Bobbi and Sam go into the car and waved to Vicki. Bobbi picked up a small glass looking cube (the size of a lighter) from off the dash board.


Sam looked at her curiously. Bobbi smiled and inserted it into a slot in the dashboard. Once in place, she pushed the cube in an additional half inch and the car’s engine smoothly started.


“Aston Martins use a sapphire key. Each is unique to the car,” she explained as they pulled out of the driveway and development.


For several hours they toured the back roads of New Jersey. Both marveled at the performance of the vehicle. Bobbi noted that the added modifications prevented the gas needle from dropping significantly.


On one of the back roads, Bobbi had decided to push the abilities of the car. She came to a complete stop and then punched it seeing what the car could do. The car initially lurched in an odd way and then shot forward. Fearing damage, she stopped the car and both women came out and examined the car and then the area of the road that they had started from.


The car was untouched, but in following the road back to where they had started, they found that the asphalt had been ripped out of the road. It was like a treaded tractor had been on the road and accelerated instantly. The tires had performed the same function as a tractor tread. The torque of the engine and tires had simply ripped the road apart. They decided to be careful after that. 


The sun was setting and Bobbi turned the car towards Philadelphia. They hit a main artery and quickly accelerated. Both women could feel the anticipation start to build.



Chapter 46 – Sam and Bobbi, a beast in the Jungle


Bobbi and Sam pulled up to the outside of The Jungle as the darkness too full hold of the city. Even though it was a Sunday; the club had multiple functions and so was open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. They stopped across the street from the building and Sam opened the door to get out. However, the low riding car was right up against the curb and Sam had difficulty getting out of the door.


Fortunately, a man walking by saw her dilemma and offered a hand to get her onto the sidewalk. Gratefully, Sam gently took his hand and he easily lifted her out of the car. As she thanked the stranger, Bobbi climbed out of her side and Pam climbed to the front seat.


Bobbi gave Pam a nod as both doors closed and the car headed to self parking. They had discussed this before their arrival at the club and Pam was their designated driver, she’d ‘wait’ with the car.


Bobbi waited as Sam briefly flirted with the stranger. She couldn’t make out many details as it was dark and he was wearing a fedora and long coat. However, he seemed to cut a fine figure under his coat and long, curly hair fell out of the back of his hat. For a moment, Bobbi thought that Sam would be getting him to join them, but the man gave a sad smile and shook his head. Defeated, Sam nodded, gave him a hug, and joined Bobbi.


Bobbi gave Sam a frown, “No man for you tonight.”


Sam pouted, “Yeah, too bad too, he was built rock solid and he smelled really nice.”


“Maybe we can get you a replacement inside?”


Sam brightened up instantly, “Let’s do it.”


The ladies walked across the street. Unnoticed to both of them the stranger had started to walk away and had pulled out a cell phone, “Hey Ral, just checking in. You’ll never believe who I just ran into…”


As before, the two ladies caught the looks of the valets and bouncers as they walked to the front doors. Sam was wearing a dark, silvered dress and stilettos. Bobbi wore a black kimono with a red and gold dragon design along with thigh high stiletto boots. Bobbi also wore a simple black collar with a small length of gold chain to indicate her place as Sam’s servant. Both had the same purses as the previous trip.


As before, the bouncers opened the doors for the two women and they were met by Frank. Word had spread to the current clientele about the two women and a ripple of excitement was moving through the complex in anticipation to their arrival on the sixth floor. Bidding had already exceeded three hundred thousand and that was within moments of the two walking in.


Unlike before, when Frank asked if they wanted to check their bags on the first floor, both automatically complied. Neither woman noticed the hungry looks from guards and customers alike. Sam’s programming had kicked in the moment they set foot into the club; Bobbi’s situation was far more complex.


While Bobbi had been driving earlier in the evening, it had been a fine distraction to the odd feeling she had all day. What she didn’t realize was that there was a war going on inside of her. There were three factions fighting for dominance in her mind.


The first was her old male self. Even though Bob had been seamlessly converted into Bobbi, the overall personality was still intact. Bob was an experienced assassin that had no compunction about using lethal force when threatened and the experience to back it up. Bob wasn’t an evil person by definition, but the loss of his family had effectively cut off his ability to feel real emotions for the last few decades.


The second was her new female self and the additional programming that Jean had placed on her. Bobbi, the new personality was falling in love with Sam. While she was programmed to protect, and be subservient to, her new mistress; Sam had reciprocated in a way that Bobbi hadn’t felt since he had met his wife. In addition, all of the bad things that had happened to Sam recently had been Bobbi’s fault. This knowledge and resultant guilt just added to the force behind Bobbi’s new found feelings.


The third was the beast that had been born of Dona’s venom. While Sam’s advanced healing had easily dispatched any long term side effects, Bobbi had no such protection. She had slowly been converted to a succubus just as Captain Ryder had been. Since the succubus had advanced healing, the physical changes had been basically ignorable. However, the beast had been evolving and growing slowly.


The beast was originally created by Dona’s subconscious and was formed from the frustrations and feelings of betrayal of Master PC. In women, the beast was simply a force of hunger that needed to be fed, but in women that were once men it also gained an anger of being the submissive one and trying to prevent it. It wanted to dominate and feed on its own terms.


As they walked into the club, the programming that had been laid into Bobbi kicked in. It immediately subjugated Bobbi, which in turn silenced Bob. The beast saw the programming and immediately knew what it meant. Since it wanted to feed, it simply played along.


Frank gave a black key card to Sam and pointed towards the private elevator. Both women immediately walked to the elevator and entered it. The lift took nearly fifteen minutes to get to the sixth floor. The entire time, both women were again subjected to the subliminal signal put out by the elevator speakers.


Sam’s mind continued to sink deeper as the commands took place, but Bobbi’s beast fought to remain patient for the extremely long period. The only thing it could do was simply stand there and wait. It briefly considered making love to Sam and quenching its thirst, but it felt Bobbi’s resistance to that thought and also realized that there were at least two camera’s within the lift. So, like Sam, Bobbi simply stood there.


The doors finally opened and both women mechanically walked out of the elevator. Unlike last time, two men, in short white robes, were waiting for them with champagne, “Drink” they commanded and both complied immediately. The drugs in the alcohol entered their systems and started to reinforce their subliminal programming.


The empty glasses were taken from their almost limp hands and both were led to the now familiar curtained areas. Unlike before, both women didn’t even notice the shadows and sounds of sex within the white, lit halls. Both were focused on their desire to feel and serve, or at least Sam’s mind was focused this way.


As Bobbi was led into the curtained area, her beast could ‘see’ the life forces of the people throughout the area. The energy of their sex seemed to rise off their bodies like steam. The beast shuddered in yearning of what was to come and Bobbi involuntarily shuddered in response.


The women were brought into their room, Frank understood that it was still too early to separate them, and the men quickly undressed the docile girls. Each man laid a woman onto the message table, face up and placed an ear buds and dermal patch onto each girl.


Bobbi’s beast grew annoyed at the constant droning of the ear buds and simply shut off the range of hearing that contained it. It could then completely focus on the men as they poured oil on each woman and rubbed it into their smooth flesh.


As intended, the rub down aroused the women and prepared them for their clients. Both women gasped involuntarily as the men focused on their nipples and then on their clits. The girls were expertly worked up to the edge of climax. This was designed to make their clients’ experiences that much better.


Frank observed from hidden cameras as the men progressed in their work. He was sure what was more exciting, the thought of taking both women after the clients finished with them, or the amounts of money being presented for the bid. Both ideas aroused him greatly. His boss would be very happy with him tonight. He leaned back and took a swig of his bear. His office was also on the sixth floor and was back behind the kitchens. He had cameras throughout the complex, but his focus was mostly on the two ladies.


He turned towards another monitor that showed the Aston Martin in the parking garage. His men had reported that a third woman had driven the car into the self parking area. However, from the camera view, it was obvious that there wasn’t anyone in the car. Based on his plan of keeping the women here long term, he decided to have a few of his men grab the car and move it to the private garage section of the club.


Frank only used the best and in this case his men, all very good at car theft, were working to open the door. Their efforts were subtle at first, using various tools and electronic devices. However, nothing seemed to work. Finally, he ordered his men to break a window. Once open, he would simply have it repaired before it was sold to one of his clients.

The men resisted the order as such a vehicle was almost like a piece of artwork, but finally they gave in and used a crow bar to break in. To everyone’s surprise, the crow bar simply bounced off the glass. It wasn’t even scratched.


That was about five minutes ago, they were currently calling for various power tools and torches. They could have simply tried and towed it, but these men now saw the Aston Martin as a challenge. One way or another, they would break this car.


Ignored, Bobbi’s phone continued to ring as Pam attempted to alert them to the men trying to get into her (while she could appear as human, she considered herself to be the car). She didn’t consider the attackers to be much of a threat, but realized that something was up and feared exposure.


Frank turned his attention back to the two women. He had received the final bids and while he wasn’t worried, he was watchful. The man that had won the bid for Samantha, by an excessive amount, had a penchant for abusive behavior. He enjoyed choking his women as he fucked them. On one occasion the woman had to be revived. There had been discussion about ejecting him from the organization, but the amount of his bids and payments were considered worth the risk.


The thought was that, even if a woman died, this would give Frank’s employer leverage over the client which would be more useful in the long term. Frank wasn’t concerned about the woman, but would regret the future loss of income and a great fuck.


He snapped back to the present, the women were as ready as they were going to be and the two masseurs signaled that the clients could come in. He noticed that the man working on Bobbi seemed very distracted. Perhaps more processing would be required for that one later. Frank noted the man’s number and made a note.


The clients were brought into the room. Unlike normal encounters, the women guides dropped the men off and left; an added precaution for their high risk client. The less witnesses, even ‘processed’ witnesses, the less the risk of exposure.


There wasn’t sound from the surveillance but Frank watched as the men undressed and commanded the women to service them. As normal, the two masseurs went to the back corners and remained silent. Frank could feel himself get hard as he watched the two women work on their respective clients. He noticed that the Asian, Bobbi, seemed almost angry as she worked the man’s cock. Her level of energy was far more then he had ever seen after a woman had been ‘processed’. He’d have to adjust his future descriptions of Bobbi during bids; something like this could bring in a higher numbers.


A few minutes passed and the women were commanded to change position. As expected, Samantha’s client had her lay on her back as he began to immediately mount and choke her. Bobbi was put on her stomach and the man mounted her doggy style. The women were looking at each other blankly on the video. This was no surprise, as each was lost to their programming. He noticed that Samantha would occasionally struggle against the choking, but the drugs and programming in her system prevented her from really understanding her situation.


Bobbi felt as the cock was pushed into her tight, wet cunt. The other man had only been a tease, but the beast had managed to steal a tad bit of life force through his touch. Had the beast wanted, the man’s mind would have snapped and he would have taken her. However, the beast had access to Bobbi’s full memories, no matter how much processing had been used to repress it, and realized that he main meal would be delivered shortly. As a precaution, she kept a thin tether connected to her ‘snack’. She might want desert later.


The beast purred in Bobbi’s mind as she felt the organ fill her. The man was a powerful, strong willed individual and had a rich existence. While he could have almost any woman he liked, he got off on the total dominance that the club offered. Even now, he grew harder as he considered that she was his total slave.


The beast casually sipped his life force like a fine wine. He had so much desire for her, that the beast had no problem entering his mind and making certain tweaks. She had him release more endorphins and adrenaline, to make the meal even better. The flavor became richer as it tweaked her meal.


Unnoticed to everyone but Bobbi, the man inside her suddenly came and sprayed into Bobbi’s cunt. She prevented the man from realizing his own orgasm and kept his cock hard. She allowed more adrenaline to flow through him to keep up the pace. She could feel his heart pumping, but fortunately the man was in excellent shape so should last for a while more. Bobbi’s face literally became flush with the level of energy she absorbed and had a small orgasm herself in response.


The evening would have been perfect for everyone, except for Samantha’s client. As the man watched Bobbi and her client, he grew even more excited. His hands gripped his woman’s throat harder to the point where Samantha could no longer breathe.


The beast heard Sam make a strange gurgling sound and focused on the couple across from her. Years of training and heightened awareness kicked in. The beast saw Sam’s life force flicker dangerously and Bobbi heard creaking of bones in Sam’s neck as the man applied yet more pressure. Sam was moments away from death.


By itself, the beast within Bobbi may not have cared enough to act. However, there was too much history within Bobbi for there not to be a response. The two personalities suddenly rose up in fury. Too many things had happened to Sam already and old anger at the loss of his family added to Bobbi’s fury.


Bobbi and the Beast were squaring off for dominance. In normal circumstances, with someone much younger and less experienced, Sam would be dead and Bobbi catatonic. That’s when Bob rose up. Bob had turned off his own emotions years ago, but understood the threat to Sam and the Master PC imperatives that he had been given. More importantly, he also had his own goal: personal survival.


In an instant, he took the hunger from the beast and the love from Bobbi; he combined both into a unified force and brokered a deal. The agreement allowed all three personalities to meet their needs and overcome their differences, creating a new personality.


The beast had closed her eyes as the mental war was about to start. The unified personality opened her eyes: the eyes of a stone, cold killer. Her hand reached up and pulled the annoying patch from her throat and removed the ear bud. At the same time, she reached deep into her client and ripped out his life force.


Bobbi’s client screamed as he was hit with the ultimate ecstasy and the pain of death. Bobbi didn’t even wait for the dying man to finish. Using her boosted strength, she flipped herself forward off her table and landed at a stand right in front of the other couple. The move had been so fluid that both men in the back were still looking towards Bobbi’s client as he screamed in pain and pleasure.


Bobbi brought her hands up to the other client. His clear blue eyes flipped from Samantha’s dying face to Bobbi’s. Comprehension was slowly coming to Sam’s killer, but Bobbi never let him finish. With practiced ease, she flipped his head to one side. It was a nearly impossible move to break someone’s neck in this way; normally, but Bobbi’s heighted strength made it as easy as snapping a tooth pick.


The pressure off of Sam’s throat, she drew in a deep, ragged breath and Bobbi saw her life force flare back up as her enhanced healing kick in. The two men suddenly realized what was wrong and Bobbi turned to face them with calm, blood red eyes.


The man that she had kept a tendril on suddenly turned and attacked the other one. Taken by surprise; both men tumbled to the ground and struggled for control.


Stunned, Frank stared dumbly into the monitor. The last thing he saw from the cameras was Bobbi’s smiling face as she reached into her hair and pulled out her two long needles that held her hair up. She shook her head briefly to let the hair fall and threw the two long sticks into the cameras. Her enhanced strength caused the wooden needles to penetrate the lenses and destroy the cameras.


Bobbi pulled the ear piece and dermal patch off of Sam and then started to pull her own clothes back on. Sam shook her head as she regained her senses. Confused, she looked over at Bobbi.


Bobbi looked over at her, “Get your clothes on. We’re leaving.”


Sam was confused, but recognized the tone and did as she was instructed. They dressed quickly as the two men continued to fight. Occasionally, they would get too close to the women and Bobbi would knock them back to the corner of the room with a vicious kick or punch.


They left their room quickly, but Frank and three of his men had just entered the curtained off area. Bobbi and Frank’s eyes met. Frank had been in the Special Forces years before his current job and recognized Bobbi’s look. Immediately, he knew that catching the women for any later use was no longer an option. In addition, he accepted the fact that all four men were most likely dead. He turned to his men, “Kill them now.”

Bobbi gave Frank a small smile, grabbed Sam, and dove into another curtained area. The men didn’t hesitate. They fired right through the thin fabric towards the area where Bobbi and Sam would have landed. Like Frank, they were expert marksmen.


The shots hit home for both Sam and Bobbi. Sam had instinctively closed her eyes when they dove into the next room, but, as she heard the shots, her eyes snapped open. Bobbi was huddled next to her and there was some form of leather or fabric in front of both of them. The dim light in the room let her see the bullets as they punched into the room and struck the semi transparent material. Beyond any form of reason, none penetrated.

A few moments later, the men had apparently finished emptying their guns and Bobbi could hear the empty clips hit the floor as they reloaded. After doing so, they moved forward to ensure that their targets were dead. Bobbi turned to Sam, put a finger to her lips, and indicated that she should move to the back of the new room and go out through the curtained wall. The last act was for Bobbi to unfurl her wings that had caught the bullets and use them as shields as she moved up to the edge of the ‘doorway’.


The curtains had several holes in them and the room itself was fairly dark. Tracking the men’s life forces, she watched through the walls as they moved in formation towards her. They stopped in front of the curtained doorway and the lead man made hand motions directing the other two on how to breach the room. She waited for the moment as they started to move forward. Just as the curtain started to slip open, she smoothly grabbed the one of the men and pulled him bodily into the room.  Completely off balance, Bobbi switched her hold and snapped his neck. Again, an almost impossible move, but Bobbi’s heightened speed and strength made it a trivial act.


Before the dead man could drop, she grabbed his gun with one hand and flipped behind his body.  The other men opened fire immediately, but all the bullets struck the corpse or the side wall. An advantage to her smaller frame was that the larger corpse made for an excellent shield.

The men were good shots, but completely off guard. Their instincts let them fire, but they had no other move. Nor did it occur to either of them that Bobbi was now armed. Before the two men could realize the new situation, Bobbi shot each of the other men back through the curtain. As they were wearing vests, her initial shots weren’t lethal and simply knocked the wind out of them. Pushing the corpse aside with ease, she reached and pulled the curtained doorway open just enough to see her attackers clearly. For each she put a round into their head. She gave a quick glance further back along the hall to see Frank yelling into his radio calling for reinforcements and falling back into the crowd of other people on the floor.


Lacking a good shot, Bobbi went the opposite way down the hall and out through the back of the curtained section of the floor. She made a quick study of the area and tracked the ceiling cables down to the electrical box in the back of the room. Moving quickly, she pumped a few rounds into the electrical box and was rewarded with an explosion of sparks and the failure of the main lights.


She made a quick scan and focused on the energy being given off by the inhabitants of the floor. Sam was hanging towards the side of the curtained area, unsure of where to go next. Frank was moving through the crowd of panicking clients and servants to hook up with more than a dozen more security personnel that were getting off the elevator.


Bobbi made her way to Sam. Her mistress was scared, but controlled as she did her best to keep hidden. Bobbi gently came up behind Sam and put a hand around her head and mouth. After the initial panic, Sam realized who it was and Bobbi let her go, “What the hell is going on?” Sam whispered to Bobbi.


Bobbi gave Sam a grim smile, “It’s your damn sex magnet. Apparently, we were being drugged and brainwashed as sex slaves for the club.

Fortunately, something went wrong and my conditioning failed. Frank isn’t happy and is trying to kill us.”


Bobbi gave Sam a precious minute to get oriented. A minute in this type of situation was eternity, but Bobbi needed Sam at her best. Bobbi watched the clients’ migration through the stairs and more thugs enter the floor. She counted more than thirty; it was likely the entire security force of the building was now on this floor.


Sam caught up, “How do we get out of here?”


Bobbi gave Sam a hard look, “We can’t go out the normal way. So we go to the side of the building that faces the parking garage and hope for a door. In the meantime we kill as many people as we can.” The last part wasn’t absolutely necessary, but Bobbi was drawing from old tactics. If the enemy has you on the defensive, attack is a good option, if done correctly.


Sam looked doubtful, “I’ve never killed anyone before.”


Bobbi nodded, “Stay with me and do what I tell you. I’ll be doing the killing; you just need to stay safe, ok?”


Sam nodded dumbly. Bobbi saw that most of the crowd had evacuated and Frank had arranged for three sets of guards at each exit. He was directing the rest of his people into a sweeping arc that would hit their position within a few minutes. The only reason they were moving so slow was the poor lighting. She noted that one group of guards were not on the elevator or stairs, since they were on the wall that touched the garage Bobbi surmised that this was most likely the entrance to the garage.

She took Sam’s hand and led her in a direction that would take them to the edge of Frank’s line. She didn’t give them great odds for not getting shot, but pushed the fear down for Sam’s sake.


Suddenly, there was a push of air against their backs and Bobbi felt a strange presence. She swiveled to face the new threat before Sam even registered a change. Dona crouched before them ready for a fight.

Only Bobbi’s heightened speed and years of experience prevented her from shooting Dona by mistake. A brief moment passed and somehow Bobbi realized that she had somehow summoned Dona for help. Bobbi stopped pointing the gun at Dona. Something told her that a single bullet would have quite annoyed the woman before her, “Can you pop us out of here?”

Dona relaxed slightly and looked around. Bobbi felt Dona reaching out with her senses and realized that her beast was taking the situation in quickly, “Not like this, it takes a certain level of focus on my part to do the teleport thing. We don’t have that long, do we?”


Bobbi had to agree, they didn’t. She suddenly felt Dona’s beast reach into her mind and knew that they could communicate directly. Dona gave her a puzzled look when they connected, as if she wasn’t expecting it. In an instant, Bobbi communicated her plan to work around the edge of the line and make it to the garage exit.


Dona smiled, “Wait for the gun fire and you should be able to move past the line.”


Bobbi nodded; Sam turned just then and realized that Dona was there, “How the hell…”


Dona moved then. Her plan was simply to hit the other side of the line, towards the elevators and hopefully pull in the gunmen. Bobbi didn’t know how Dona expected to survive it, but there wasn’t time to argue. Dona took a quick step and then vanished. Bobbi realized that Dona hadn’t teleported, but simply moved faster than a normal eye could follow.


On the opposite end of the room, gunfire broke out and Bobbi ‘saw’ one of the security men’s life essences flicker and then hit the opposite wall. The victim was alive, barely. She also noticed that Dona’s life force was starting to drop rapidly. Apparently, moving super fast took a lot out of her.


Bobbi grabbed Sam and led her to the garage exit. The guards were following their orders and staying in place, but their focus was entirely on the firefight that Dona had started, which was unfortunate for them. As Bobbi and Sam came into the light, the guards started to sweep their weapons in the girls’ direction. Again, with practiced ease, Bobbi shot both of them while still moving. They were wearing suits and no vests, so the chest shots took them down immediately.


As they made their way past them, Bobbi gave each a double tap to make sure they stayed down. Unlike Dona, Bobbi had no hesitation with taking human life when required. Any threat to Sam or herself was met with brutal, deadly force. She noted the horrified expression from her mistress as she dispatched the guards. She filed that away. Sam may hate her later, but they would both be alive to have the conversation.


Bobbi bent down and picked up a new pistol from one of the dead guards. She did a quick check to make sure she had a full clip and lead Sam to the steel door leading to, she hoped, the garage. The door was locked, but Bobbi forced it open with her new strength. The steel bolt screamed in protest, but the door came open in a few seconds.


On the other side of the room, Bobbi heard automatic gun fire that filled the darkened area with brief flashes of light. Bobbi sent a basic thought to Dona, “We’re out.”


A moment later Dona appeared next to them. She was shot in three different places and Bobbi could see that her distraction had cost her dearly. Her life force flickered for a moment as it struggled with the healing needed. Compared to a minute before, it appeared that Dona had burned through her reserves and a bit of her actual life to fight the men.


Dona staggered a moment, “That was a lot harder than I thought,” she said as she started to collapse.


Bobbi caught her easily and handed her off to Sam. Unlike Bobbi, Sam was completely normal strength for her size, so she struggled to hold up Dona.


Bobbi moved back to the door and closed it. She then bent the hinges and pushed the door abnormally into its steel frame. It would not open without some significant work. She turned away from the door and yelled as loud as she could, “Pam! We’re on the sixth floor of the garage, come get us!”


A floor below, the car thieves were trying their third drill bit on Pam’s door. They were setting up the Jaws of Life as a next step to rip the door open. Pam heard Bobbi call and immediately moved to meet her. The car turned on and the rear wheels backed the car out of the spot with everything it had. Pieces of cement were ripped up from the floor and peppered the work crew with cement chunks as they threw themselves out of the way.


Moments later, the Aston Martin came around a corner and pulled up next to the three women. On the fifth floor and behind the broken door, sounds of yelling could be heard. The car doors flew open and Pam yelled, “Get in!”


Bobbi picked up Dona and threw her into the back of the car and followed her as Sam got in the passenger side. As the doors closed automatically, the car moved forward with Pam still driving. Dona and Bobbi sensed a sudden surge of energy and the broken garage door flew from its frame and slammed into the Aston Martin.


Despite its ability to maintain traction, the car actually slid sideways a few inches, leaving additional grooves in the cement floor. Frank stepped out and flexed his hand, pieces of metal and paint fell from his fingers as he did so.


Half awake, Dona turned back to Bobbi, “I think we need to leave, right now.”


Bobbi couldn’t find a reason to disagree and blindly punched the gas. In the rear window, Sam watched as Frank picked up a parked motorcycle and flung it at their car. Pam sensed the incoming missile and swerved the car at the last second. A fireball formed on the passenger side as the motorcycle wrapped itself around a column and detonated.


Bobbi and Pam shared control of the car as they made their way out of the garage. The car thieves were waiting for them on the fifth floor and all opened fire with their pistols. Bullets impacted the car and simply disintegrated, leaving the vehicle unscathed.


Finally, they made it to the first floor. While there wasn’t a gate, there was a tire guard that had come up. Normal cars would, at best, loose all four tires. At worst, it would rip apart the undercarriage of a car trying to make it through the barrier.


The Aston Martin hit the barrier at an easy eighty miles per hour. The solid steel hooks, that were made to grab and tear apart a car’s tires, snapped as the car went over them. The metal hooks flew in all directions, and Sam saw one penetrate the cement column in front of them.

The car made a nearly perfect ninety degree turn as it hit the road. Sam and Bobbi grunted in pain as their seat belts dug deeply into their flesh. Dona wasn’t so lucky. Unprepared and unbuckled, her body made a sickening thump as it slammed into the side of the car.


Bobbi sensed Dona’s dangerously weak life force almost flicker out as her blood sprayed the interior of the back windows. Moving forward again, Sam looked into the back seat and cried, “Oh my god!”


Bobbi’s mind raced through various options. The issue wasn’t the external damage to Dona, it was her life force. Her beast needed to feed very soon or else Sam would inadvertently be on the menu. Since that wasn’t an option and she didn’t think that she could stop Dona’s imminent feeding frenzy, she had a choice. Abandon Dona in the city or find her something to eat.


Her behavior in the club, while necessary, had already damaged her relationship with Sam. Abandoning Dona would kill any chance she had of recovery. That left only one option: get Dona something to eat.


Sam had climbed into the back seat and was trying to staunch Dona’s wounds. As the two women touched, Bobbi could sense Dona’s beast start to sense a viable food source. Letting Pam handle the car, she turned to Sam, “Move back up here Sam, and I’ll take care of Dona.” She hoped that Sam didn’t notice the growing panic in her voice.


Sam nodded and switched places with Bobbi. From the back seat she called on Pam and gave her an address to a rougher section of town. Next she gave an unexpected command, “Pam, detonate the purses.” The purses that Sam and Bobbi had left behind weren’t intended as bombs, but Bobbi wanted to cause as much trouble as she could for the club and to leave no trace of their visit. Even blocks away, the women could hear the explosions.

Sam looked over at Bobbi, realization and horror filling her face. Bobbi met her gaze, “They raped and tried to kill us Sam. They’re probably pursuing us right now. Anything to hurt them helps us,” she didn’t even want to think about the ‘civilian’ casualties. Hopefully, that was minimal.


Sam sank back in her seat and rubbed her neck absently; her healing factor had removed her client’s finger prints while they had still been in the club but the memories remained, “Where are we going?” she asked numbly.


Bobbi hesitated for a moment; the next part was going to be bad for Sam. However, it was necessary for Dona, “Dona is dying. She needs to feed. She needs sex, and lots of it.”


“Like what she did to Tony?” she asked after a minute.


Bobbi felt Dona start to stir and held her down. Normally, Dona would have been able to toss Bobbi around like a rag doll, but right now Dona didn’t even resist, “Yeah, but that was when she was feeling better. This is a lot worse. I’m taking her to someplace that she will get what she needs.”


Sam nodded without looking back, “I’m not going to like this either, am I.”


Bobbi didn’t hesitate, “No Sam, I need a lot of guys willing to have sex with a good looking girl and I don’t have time to be nice about it. They are going to try and rape her, but quite frankly they’re all about to have a very bad day. Some of them will probably die before she gets control of herself.”


Sam thought about it for a moment, “Could I give her what she needs? Could I keep her from killing people?”


Bobbi hesitated and then answered, “You could die yourself. At the very least you’d definitely become like us.”


“Us?” Sam asked. She sounded very tired.


Bobbi paused for a moment, she was surprised that Sam hadn’t figured it out with the wings and all, but combat has a way of confusing things, “Yeah Sam. Dona infected me the other day. I think your ability to heal protected you, but I didn’t have that. We’re lucky though, if I hadn’t been infected we’d be permanent fixtures in that club or dead.”


Sam watched the buildings go by, “That’s why you healed the other night.”

Bobbi nodded, although Sam couldn’t see it, “Yeah and I think that’s why I was so upset. The changes come with a strange anger. I think that’s what I was feeling when I broke down.”


Sam nodded, “You’re different now, but it doesn’t matter. Dona doesn’t want to hurt anyone and I owe her. Let me help.”


Bobbi could have prevented it easily, but she wanted to please her mistress, “Alright, but it will be rough on you too.”


Sam looked back at Bobbi then, “You’ll keep me safe.” Not a request, but utter faith in Bobbi’s abilities.


Bobbi met her gaze again, “Yes. Put your seat back all the way.”


Sam nodded and tilted her seat back completely. Bobbi moved Dona out of the way to let the chair go completely back. Bobbi slipped past Sam to the front passenger seat and lowered that seat too, “Pam, no more sharp turns or high speeds. Let us know when we get to the address and honk your horn three times.”


Pam’s voice acknowledged the command. Bobbi turned to Sam, “Let’s get started.”



Chapter 47 – Sam, the Feeding


I was thinking that it had been a long night, but realized that it wasn’t nearly over yet. I looked over to Bobbi. Despite the hardness in her eyes I could tell that she was as worried as I was. I’d seen a side to her tonight that I really didn’t like, but realized deep down that I was seeing the true Bobbi.


Pam notified us that we had about another half hour before we reached the address that Bobbi had given her. I looked over to my protector, “What do I do?”


Bobbi gave me a grim smile, “Give her a kiss. Dona will do the rest. I’ll separate you two before you get too close to death. The good news is that you’ll really enjoy it.”


I gave Bobbi a quirky smile, “Don’t I always?” I bent down over Dona and gave her a light kiss. She didn’t immediately react, so I cupped her bloody face in my hands and gave her a deep kiss. I could feel the warm blood on my hands and taste the copper on my lips. Her face had hit the inside of the car when we made the really sharp turn earlier and she had multiple gunshot wounds. Her clothes, those that were left, were soaked with blood.


I had to be careful, as the leather interior was also soaked and I didn’t want to skip and hurt Dona anymore. I felt hands come up and hold my head. Dona was weak, but her hands held my head to hers in a desperate sort of way. I could feel the blood on her hands start to soak into my hair.


I felt a strange sensation where our lips met. Dona wasn’t cold, but I felt a strange shudder enter me as our kiss intensified. The feeling, while pleasant, left me with a sort of chill I couldn’t shake. Dona’s mouth opened slightly and I felt her tongue push into mine.


Unlike her lips, her tongue was cold, but as our deep kiss evolved to a French kiss, her cold tongue started to feel really good. The cold of her tongue seemed to spread to my tongue, down my throat, and to my stomach. Sort of like a powerful alcohol. After a few more moments, the cold became a weird sort of warmth that spread through my entire body. I felt myself shudder, but I couldn’t tell if it was because I was cold or just felt that good.


I barely registered Bobbi moving around in the car, but suddenly felt a blast of hot air from the car’s vents and it helped to reduce my shaking, a little. I had realized that my mind had drifted for a bit, but my body moved of its own accord. I kept kissing Dona, but my hands were roving her slick, wet body.


I found her breasts and nipples with my hands and started to massage them with my growing need. Dona slowly reciprocated, but her hands only brushed by my breasts. I hadn’t taken off my dress, but Dona’s hand easily slipped under the bottom and started to pet my thighs and pussy.

Already intoxicated with Dona’s kiss, I could barely manage to keep working on her chest. However, she continued to kiss me and the longer our tongues touched, the more numb and pleasant my world became.


I had closed my eyes to enjoy Dona doing things to me and barely noticed her push me off and down onto the seat. Her hands easily pulled my dress up to my waste and then her mouth was back on mine as she pushed my legs open and laid between them.


Her hands came up and started touch my breasts and pulling them out of the top of my dress. She tweaked my nipples expertly and I shuddered more as they became hard and moaned under her kiss in response. I felt a pressure between my legs and thought maybe Dona had put her hands back down there.


However, she continued to work my breasts and the pressure became a penetration. Her previous effort had already made me slick and so I felt myself easily intruded. I tried to push Dona away to look down to see what was happening, but she easily pushed me back down and kissed me harder.


The intrusion started a familiar rhythm and I felt myself relax as my clit sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I moaned against Dona’s lips and I heard Bobbi say, “I told you it would feel good.”


Even if I could talk, I couldn’t argue with her. I felt my body respond to Dona’s thrusts and each push sent her shaft deeper and deeper into me. On a certain level I could tell that my relaxation was becoming more and more forced. I could feel myself getting sleepier even as I felt more and more pleasure.


I was almost asleep when I suddenly felt Dona’s shaft push deep into me. I opened my eyes in surprise, and then I felt a deep pain within me. I had never experienced anything like it, and I could feel something cold flowing into me. I would have been flailing around in utter shock and pain, but Dona held me down with almost no effort.


As suddenly as it had come, the pain was replaced with a new sensation. It started as an intense burning and I could feel my insides contract as all my muscles seemed push against the feeling. In a few more moments, the burning became incredible warmth that seemed to fill me completely. The chill that had filled me was now filled with that perfect warmth and I couldn’t do anything but let go and ride the wave.


A piece of me, a very small piece, told me I was dying and I couldn’t care less. As long as this warmth filled me, that’s all I wanted. Dona could do whatever she wanted now and I would happily give it to her.


Time went by and I finally came back to earth. The warmth left me feeling empty. I opened my eyes to see Dona watching me quietly. She was sitting up now and it looked like all her wounds were healed. We were both covered in blood, but it was cool and tacky against my skin.


“Thanks Sam,” Dona said to me.


I sat up, or at least I tried. I was weaker then I had ever been. Dona saw my efforts and helped me get upright. I noticed the car had stopped and Bobbi wasn’t inside with us, “Where’s Bobbi?”


Dona nodded towards a dilapidated building on the edge of the parking lot. We were in a bad section of town, in what looked like the older industrial area of the city. Dona kept her eyes towards the building, “She getting us food.”


“Us?” it occurred to me that this was the second time tonight that I’d asked that question.


“Did Bobbi tell you what would happen to you if we made love?” still she didn’t turn around. She sounded sad and guilty.


I reached out and touched her on the shoulder. Surprised at the touch, she turned towards me. I gave her a small smile, “Yes she told me, but she also told me that if you had sex with other people, you’d probably kill them. I couldn’t let you do that.”


“I’m really sorry Sam. She was right, but I didn’t want to change you either. I don’t want to change anyone,” I could see her eyes well up.

I leaned into her and gave her a hug. It wasn’t much of one because I was so weak, but Dona reciprocated, “It was worth it Dona. We won’t kill anyone tonight and now I can be more like you.”


Dona pulled back, “More like me?”


I nodded, “Yeah, I was starting to feel sort of like a permanent victim. I see what you can do and I want that too. I’m tired of being the weak one. Now I can at least hold up my end.”


Dona laughed, “You know, I always thought of you as the strong one. You didn’t want to use Master PC and didn’t want to change yourself anymore. The only reason you did this was to save some people that we don’t even know. You fought the temptation way more than I ever did.”


I never realized she thought of me like that, “Uh thanks, I guess,” I answered slightly embarrassed.


Dona gave me a big smile, “No. Thank you.”


I noticed movement and looked out the window. For a minute I was confused because I didn’t immediately see anyone outside, but then I realized that I was seeing something else. I could ‘see’ people inside the building. I saw Bobbi talking to about twenty men. I looked closer, there was a woman there too. Some were ‘richer’ than others and I could feel something in my mind wanting to take their strength.


Dona watched me watching the men, ‘You see them now don’t you. You want what they have now.’


I was about to answer her and realized that she hadn’t spoken out loud. I gave her a curious look.


She smiled and I ‘heard’ her again, ‘It’s what I call the beast. It’s something that comes with what I gave you. It’s the hungry, angry part that wants you to feed. We seem to be able to talk through it like this.’

I thought about that for a moment, it didn’t feel like it was a different part of me. However, I saw it in Dona and understood it as a different part of her. It was like some strange, angry creature that stayed just out of site. She had it under control, but I could sense that it was just under the surface.


Dona gave me an appraising look and said, “You’re like Bobbi. You don’t have a separate beast in you, do you?”


I nodded, “Yeah I don’t. I see yours but I don’t feel anything like that inside of me.”


Dona smiled at me then, “Bobbi told the car to accelerate your conversion and to make sure that you stayed mentally the same. I guess there’s a Master PC in here?”


“Her name is Pam. She’s a Vicki Beta.” I spent a few minutes explaining about Bobbi’s car project.


“I was gonna say. This is a sweet ride,” Dona remarked.


“Well sure, right up until you got blood all over the inside of Pam,” I teased.


Dona gave me an apologetic smile, “Well at least we know we can have sex in it.”


I laughed, “Yeah, that was really, really good.”


Dona suddenly turned towards the window, “They’re coming out now.”


Bobbi came out of the building and gestured for us to come out of the car. Dona looked over to me and I shrugged in response, “After you.”

Dona opened a door and climbed out. She turned around and pulled me out; which was great since I could barely stand. She helped me as we walked over to Bobbi and I heard Pam’s door close behind us.


A tall Hispanic man gave us a look over, “They both clean?” he asked Bobbi. He walked around us and I felt like a horse at an auction.


Bobbi nodded, “Yeah.”


“What’s all the blood on them?” I felt his hand grab my ass and squeeze. I was too tired to care.


“It’s not theirs.” Bobbi answered simply.


“You two move over there,” he pointed to an area a few yards to the side of the door.


Dona gave Bobbi a questioning look and she nodded. Dona half carried me to the place the man indicated. He walked over next to us and picked up a hose. I was already pretty cold in the early spring morning but he didn’t even hesitate as he hosed us down.


Adrenaline tried to kick in, but only Dona kept me from falling over. A few minutes later and we were wet, cold, and shivering. My teeth were chattering so bad I barely heard the man say, “Inside bitches, we got something to get you warmed up.”


Dona and I led the way inside the building, followed by the guy and Bobbi.


The men inside looked us over hungrily. I could smell the scent of piss, old beer, cigarettes, and pot. However, that didn’t even faze me. My body was responding to their hunger with a weird desire as I came closer to the men and their rich life forces. I could hear Dona’s beast growl in her mind with hunger as well.


Dona and I looked at each other and she gave me a hungry smile.


One of the men laughed at us, “Well, you weren’t kidding woman. These are some fine bitches, but when you said wet for us I didn’t realize this was what you meant.” He was a big black man and looked like he could toss a lot of the others around like rag dolls.


Dona nodded towards my soaking dress and after a moment of hesitation I shrugged it off. Dona was already completely naked; her clothes were still in the car. She looked directly at the man, “Less talking and more fucking.”


The man was taken aback for a second, but recovered quickly. Without a word he walked over and dropped his pants. He pointed down at his semi hard cock and met her gaze, “Suck me whore.”


Dona smiled and slowly kneeled before him. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she took his cock in her mouth and started to stroke it. His organ started to fill with blood and grew under her effort. I could ‘see’ her beast reach out gently and start to stroke his mind. His dominant expression turned a bit glassy as she made him her puppet. I could also see the venom from her mouth start to take effect as it soaked into his cock and made his life force even riper.


Bobbi turned towards the Hispanic man that had hosed me down and gestured towards me, “You said you had something to make her warm?” She was leaning slightly next to the door that we had come through. Her hands rested lightly on the holstered guns that she carried. While outwardly relaxed, I sensed her watchfulness and coiled tension. If anything went awry tonight, it would be met with deadly force.


Memories of my previous gang rape came back to me suddenly. I knew that Jean had removed the emotional content from the encounter, but even with the brutality of it removed; I still completely remembered it. I could feel my fear fighting with my hunger as he walked over to me.


‘You’re the predator now Sam. This is your territory and nothing can touch you unless you want it to,’ I felt that from Bobbi as she gave me a knowing smile. I could sense her life force like a beacon in this place. I could also feel her love for me. A sudden knowledge filled me as I read her aura.


I realized that all the scary, horrible things Bobbi had done tonight she had done to protect me. In many ways, she was filling a desire that had been born in her a long time ago when her wife and child had been taken from her. She had never had closure with that and tonight had ripped open all her old wounds. As strange as it seemed, she was a lot healthier now then she had been when we had left the house earlier.


Her love was contagious and it seemed to fill me as I looked back at her. In an instant, it no longer bothered me in the same way. I also understood that Bobbi felt guilty about tonight even though she knew it was necessary. My nervousness evaporated and was filled with a new feeling: confidence. Like a mother predator, Bobbi would make sure that I was safe tonight.


Bobbi and my eyes met, ‘I love you Bobbi and I forgive you. Thank you.’

Bobbi’s eyes watered up and she looked away, relief, embarrassment, and happiness playing on her face. I really knew what she was now, and I gave her the one thing she had missed for decades: acceptance.


One final thought hit me as the Hispanic man reached me: Bobbi was now completely loyal to me and, if I asked her, she would go back to the club and kill every living thing there. That concept frightened me: not that she was capable of doing that for me, but that I was in control of that kind of power.


I felt a hand on my shoulder and I snapped back to the man in front of me. His life force was like a warm fire. I met hit gaze and took a long moment to bask in his heat. My shivering subsided as I inadvertently took some of his energy and replaced it with lust.


He took in a quick breath as he hardened in response. I simply continued to look at him and drew in more of his strength. His hand on me started to shake slightly with desire as I continued to bring him more pleasure. Despite the awesome sex with Dona only a short while ago, I could feel myself start to get wet in anticipation.


With a single thought, the man dropped to his knees and put his mouth between my legs. I realized that I hadn’t even moved or spoken. I wanted it and my desires were now his. Bobbi was right, I was now the predator.

I gently put my hand on his head and petted him as his hands cupped my ass and his tongue went deep into me. I was vaguely aware that my body fluids were narcotic to ‘humans’. I smiled slightly as I realized that I really wasn’t anymore.


I noticed an odd shifting in the room and gazed upon the rest of the people around us. On some animalistic level, the rest of the men realized that something wasn’t right. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. By now, multiple men would be on each of us and we would essentially be their fuck toys until they tired of us.


I saw their life force start to increase as their bodies started to release adrenaline into their systems. I was confused for a moment and then understood. They were afraid. Maybe not consciously, but something was telling them that they shouldn’t be here now.


For the first time, I also looked at the woman. She was fearful too, but unlike the men, she wore it like a favorite coat. For a moment, I lost focus as the tongue in my cunt brought me a small orgasm, but then I put more focus on the woman. I pushed through the layer of fear and felt amusement. She was becoming aware of the situation, just like the men, but she was used to being the prey. She felt that even if she were to be a victim tonight, it would be no different than any other night. However, the men would be brought down to her level now.


I noticed an old couch and decided it was time I take this to the next level. I ‘ordered’ the man working on me to carry me to the couch and let me ride him. Instantly, he stood and picked me up like I was nothing. Compared to his nearly three hundred pounds, I guess I pretty much was nothing to move around.


He set me down, dropped his pants, sat down, and pulled me on top of him. As I kneeled over him, I felt his wonderful cock slide into me. Like Dona’s saliva, my pussy juice started to soak into his cock giving him an even bigger high. I settled fully onto his throbbing organ and shuddered in pleasure. He was so hard that I could feel his heart beat through his cock.


I looked over at two of the other men and gestured them to me. They hesitated as their instincts told them to stay away, but I gave them a sexy smile, “I want to suck your cocks.” Like magic their fear faded beneath their lust.


I looked over to see that Dona hadn’t moved from her spot, but she was thoroughly deep-throating all twelve inches of the black man’s cock. Every time his cock was completely in her mouth, she pulled a little more of his essence into her. I noticed that she was actively working to prevent him from an orgasm. In response, I saw his body generate even more pleasure which in turn built up his life force even more.


I turned back and was presented with two half rigid cocks. I command the man below me to start pumping me and I gripped a cock in each hand. I took turns licking and sucking each cock, again my saliva had its desired effect on my men. Even if someone came in and shot at them, I really doubted that they would even notice. Taking a lesson from Dona, I allowed each man in my hands to gain more pleasure, but prevented them from having an orgasm any time soon.


I could feel their bodies respond to this ‘blockage’ and both men grew harder in response. The Hispanic below me was fucking me for all he was worth, and since I hadn’t tweaked him, I could sense him coming closer to release.


After a few more moments, I felt the Hispanic’s life force flare up and felt his warm cum start to fill me. I wrapped myself around his mind for a moment and tweaked his body to continue his orgasm. His moans turned to grunts and then screams as he continued to pump and cum into me for a few minutes.


Finally, I released him and he collapsed below me. His cock started to shrink as he continued to gasp for breath. Without a word, I looked over to one of the other men and he sat down next to the Hispanic. This was another big guy, but white. He picked me off of the gasping man between my legs and sat me on his cock.


My soppy wet cunt offered no resistance as his beautiful cock slid into me. Again, as I willed it, he started to pump into me again. I continued to gently stroke and suck the other man and again focused on the woman.

I gave her a quick glance. She was an average looking girl of Spanish descent. She was wafer thin and barely even had any breasts showing. I pushed into her mind again to try and figure her out. She really seemed to be out of place among all these men.


A quick probe and I had my answer. Her family was local to the area and her father had just recently left them. Despite having good grades and a strong potential for scholarships, she had dropped out of high school to take care of her family: which now consisted of a drunken mother and two younger sisters. Without any type of education her chance of any real type of job was impossible, so she joined the local gang and worked any odd job that came along.


As a mousy teenager, the girl hadn’t been of much interest to the gang sexually; although she had been gang banged at least twice by them when they got bored. However, her natural intelligence and average appearance made her perfect for drug and money running. She wanted out, but she was trapped by her loyalties and her situation. On a certain level she knew that she was on borrowed time. The best that she could hope for was that her sisters got a better life.


Until recently, I couldn’t even comprehend that kind of life. Even after my own rape, I had been very fortunate. In good conscience I couldn’t let this girl end like this. I couldn’t save everyone, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t save someone.


I sent out my case and request to Dona and Bobbi. The answers were immediate and concurred with my own thoughts. Tonight, this girl’s life would change for the better. I realized that I hadn’t even gotten her name, and then it occurred to me that I hadn’t gotten anyone’s name. It didn’t really bother me as much as it should have. The men were irrelevant to me, and just an excuse for me to feed. For the woman, I plucked her name out of her mind: Evelyn Jade.

As I turned my focus on the men I was with, I noticed an odd wheezing from below me. I looked down to see my partner turning red with exertion. It occurred to me that he couldn’t stop until he came. With a quick thought, I released him and he shuddered and thrust into me.


I surrendered an orgasm back to him in response as his cock pushed fully into me and I was flooded by his cum and life force. His orgasm wasn’t as long as the man next to him, but it was far more intense. He screamed in relief and release as he shot his load. After a few moments, he too collapsed under me and passed out.


With ease I stood up and felt his flaccid member pull out from me. I expected to be sore, but I had nearly drained two young men of their life force. I’d never felt better in my life. I still had the third man by his cock, but his gaze now was completely blank. His cock stood at full attention and his breathing was completely relaxed. I vaguely wondered how long he would stay like that if I did nothing else.


I felt into his mind for a moment and realized that so much venom was in his system that simply breathing felt better than anything he had ever felt. I turned towards the woman now, “Eve, come here.”


She was doing her best to try and remain invisible to us. She had fallen a bit behind the other men and was sitting on a table. Her response to me calling her didn’t surprise me. She went from stunned to utterly terrified. She saw what I had done to these two men. I glanced over to Dona. The first man had collapsed, and now she was working on two more. She hadn’t changed her position, but she had summoned them over to stroke both of their cocks.


Eve froze in the vain hope that she had been mistaken. I called to her again, “Eve, I said come over here, now.”


Eve got up and slowly walked over to me. I saw a bit of relief on the other men’s faces, those that we hadn’t gotten to yet. I was surprised that they hadn’t run for it. However, I sensed Bobbi in all of them. She was focusing on the rest of them men and keeping them from panicking.

Eve walked over to me. I could sense her acceptance that this would probably be it for her and she hoped that she had done enough for her family.


I let go of the man’s cock and turned towards my new recruit, “I’m not going to hurt you Eve. I don’t do that to people.”


She looked fearfully at the two men on the couch in response and looked back towards me with disbelief.


I smiled at her gently, “They’ll be fine after a really long rest.”

She still doubted me, but she was smart enough to realize that I was treating her differently than the men, “How do you know my name?”


“That’s not important right now. I have a question for you though, do you want we have?”


Many women would be confused by the confusion, but life on the street and in the gang had given her a much more ‘predator versus prey’ view. She looked over at me, then Dona, and then Bobbi, “Fuck yes.”


I looked into her again and saw that I had chosen wisely. She knew what it was to be on the bottom of things. That can make a person hard or make them more compassionate. Fortunately for Eve, she was one of the latter. The main thing on her mind now was the small hope of how she could get out of this mess and help her family in other ways. It didn’t even occur to her that she could take vengeance on these men. In many ways, they were as much a victim as she was.


“Do you have a room in this place?” I asked her.


She nodded hesitantly to me. She didn’t quite believe everything that I was saying, but her little bit of hope was starting to grow deep inside of her. I gestured for her to show me, she turned and led the way; giving me fearful looks from time to time. The third man mechanically followed us. I figured that he would be Eve’s first.


I gave the rest of the men a look as I walked by, “I’ll be back in a while fellas, don’t run off while I’m away,” I said to them cheerfully.

Eve led me to a small office area. It stank slightly less than the rest of the place. It was an old office inside the factory, and held a desk and old mattress. I could feel her fear start to rise as we walked in. She had been raped here a few times by her fellow gang members and it occurred to her that this might be the last thing she saw before she died. I stroked her mind just a bit to ease her fears. I didn’t want to dominate her, but just wanted her to try and enjoy herself.


The man came in behind us and closed the door. Eve jumped a bit at the sound and I gave him a look over. He was still naked and still rock hard, perfect. I left him standing there as I moved over to Eve.


She was dirty and dressed in street clothes. She wore jeans, a t-shirt, an old army coat, and a good pair of army boots. She turned and faced me as I walked up to her. I moved my hands up and slowly undid the buttons keeping her coat closed. After what I had done to the men, she knew it was futile to put up any type of resistance, but she protested anyway, “Please…”


I stopped and put my hand to her lips, “Shush now. You made your choice. Now you have to trust in it.”


She was still worried by my meaning, but she would know the truth soon enough. I finished opening her coat and slipped it off her shoulders. The smell of fear, dirt, and sweat struck my nose. The new part of me that fed on such things enjoyed the odor, but the rest of me simply ignored it.


I ran my hands lightly down her chest. Since she wasn’t very heavy on top, she didn’t bother wearing a bra. I lightly touched her nipples through the thin fabric and involuntarily they grew hard. I continued to move down her body and felt her muscles shifting, full of tension. I caught a glimpse of a memory with her back in school. She had been a dedicated gymnast and had taken pride in her body. Now, like everything else in her life, it had been thrown away.


Unlike the Hispanic, I took nothing from Eve. However, I did go into her mind and tweak her to become more sensitive to my touch. This didn’t have to be unpleasant for either of us. I also planted an image of our bodies intertwined and gave her a surge of pleasure to enforce it. I didn’t sense any lesbian tendencies from her, but she was coming around to the idea of making love with me.


I noticed that I had eaves droppers even in the closed room. Bobbi and Dona were both keeping an eye on me and were taking pleasure from this process. I felt a chill as Dona ‘drank’ from her current lover and sensed that we were connected. I could see the bands of energy connecting the three of us. It had been there the entire time, but we were so full right now that they ‘glowed’.


I smiled at Eve. Her fear was gone now and she was full of desire, “Take of your clothes for me Eve. Show me your lovely body.”


She smiled in compliance and shrugged off her clothes. I took a step back and sat on the old desk as she undressed. Despite her recent abuses, she moved slowly and gracefully. Her boots took the longest, but she finally finished her clothes in a heap by the mattress. The last move she made was to undo her hair and let it drop over her shoulders. She was cold now, but bravely met my gaze: ready for anything.


I held her stare and walked up to her. Her normally dark flesh looked pale in the poor light of the coo room. I pressed my body against hers and slid down to her crotch, kissing my way down her body. Her shivering skin was flawless and her body still toned despite the abuses she had gone through. My lips moved to her crotch and the smell from her sex was strong and pungent, and I eagerly put my lips against her cunt and started to push my tongue into her.


I could feel her jerk in surprise and my hands came up to hold her waist still. I kept my tongue pushing and thrusting and made sure to occasionally work her clit. Her surprise led to gasps and moans of pleasure and I felt her hands come up and pull me further into her.

Like the men before her, my tongue’s venom soaked into her skin and its warmth started to spread through her body making her more uninhibited. Her tension soon left her and she writhed like a serpent against my grasp. Her long hair tickled my hand as her head lolled and rolled with the rest of her body. I hadn’t realized how strong I really was until then; as I held her with no effort and gently let her fall to the mattress as her legs started to give out.


Lying before me with her legs completely open, I moved from her cunt to her asshole. For a moment she grew rigid to the unexpected intrusion, but the pleasure from my tongue and my venom soon loosened her up again. I made sure to get her good and wet for the next part of our encounter.

I felt her tense up again, but this time it led to a long shudder as I felt her have a strong orgasm. As she did so I slid up her body until I was looking at her closed eyes. I put my mouth on hers and kissed her deeply. As she recovered from her orgasm, she started to respond to my efforts and I pushed my tongue into her mouth.


Her tongue immediately met mine and they played with each other. She started out hungrily but as my venom affected her, I could feel her tongue begin to slow and her breathing become more relaxed. I sensed that she was ready and my tail came out for the first time. Still kissing her, my tail slowly moved between my legs and sought out the warmth of her pussy.


As I pushed out against her sex, her eyes snapped open in surprise. I kept kissing her and made sure that she stayed in position as my tail pushed into her. Pleasure shot through me as I entered her and she made a sound like a protest as I gently pushed into her. The pleasure from my efforts kept increasing and after a few moments Eve moaned through our kiss and her eyes closed again. As I felt her hips start to match my movements I stopped kissing her and adjusted myself to push more into her. A shudder moved through us and Eve’s pussy continued to get wetter as fucked one another.


With each thrust, I pushed more and more into her. As I stroked back and forth I felt her pussy walls hugging my shaft in each direction, encouraging me to increase the depth of my thrusts.


Finally, I pushed so far into her that I felt some sort of opening, and it felt incredible. Eve was so lost that she didn’t even seem to notice. Suddenly, I felt a strange pressure in my lower stomach that spread through my waste and up my tail. I felt the needle come out the tip of my tail and an instinct caused me to thrust one more time and push it deep into the soft tissue of her insides.


I shuddered in intense pleasure as I orgasmed and felt a liquid pulse through me and into Eve. I shared the pleasure with my ‘sisters’ and all three of us shuddered in delight as we brought Eve into the fold.


As the needle had pierced her on the inside, her pleasure became an intense pain and she screamed in agony. However, the venom hit her blood stream and it rushed throughout her body. Her scream became one of pleasure as her whole body tensed in on giant ecstatic wave. I expected her to pass out like I did, but something else seemed to happen instead.

Her pleasure and screaming continued and she changed before my eyes. Her eyes snapped open and her eyes became pin points of black surrounded by complete red. Her body shuddered, I could feel muscles moving and changing in her body, and her breasts grew several sizes in just a few seconds. Her body felt like it was burning up below me, but I couldn’t do anything as I was still locked into her insides and riding the wave of pleasure that was still hitting me.


A few other shifts below her skin occurred as I watched, but they only enhanced her appearance. Where she appeared fairly average before, her skin took on a healthy, dark appearance and she now had a beautiful face.

I finally started to relax, but realized that my tail wasn’t coming out of her. Her pussy had somehow grabbed onto my tail and started to massage it in some weird sort of way. I was confused, but before I could get frightened, I felt something penetrate my cunt.


Confused, I looked at the man I had brought in but he hadn’t moved. The penetration continued into me and I heard a voice in my head, ‘My turn Samantha.’


I looked down to see Eve looking up at me and smiling. She had completely finished her change and was now asserting her new self. Dona and Bobbi were surprised, but extended mental welcomes to our new sister. She gave them a simple hello, but was focused on me. She pushed further into my wet cunt, ‘Is this what a cock feels like? Oh, it’s so nice. Your pussy feels so nice Sam. Do you like the way I massage your cock Sam?’


I could feel her pussy walls continue to work on me. My tail didn’t exactly get flaccid like a cock, but I could feel blood flowing back into it as she did her work. The pleasure started to get to me and I had problems holding myself up. I felt my wings emerge to give me added support. She smiled and moved her hands to my breasts and massaged them.

At the same time, her tail pushed further into me and her thrusts became more intense, ‘I bet this feels great Sam, doesn’t it? Did you ever give this to a woman before Sam? Am I the first? You like this now don’t you Sam?’


I couldn’t even focus a real thought to her, my eyes closed I just nodded, hoping that it wouldn’t take away from my pleasure.


Finally it became too much and everything let loose. Again I felt the pleasure build up in me and felt as I injected more venom directly into Eve and I felt the familiar pain from her doing the same to me. For both of us it was completely over the top.


Another instinct kicked in and I felt my teeth extend to form fangs. I brought my head down to Eve’s neck and bit deeply into her. Rich, venom laced blood flowed into my mouth. I felt her do the same to me. Even the pain felt good. My universe became pleasure. All I wanted to do was to drink her and have her do the same to me.



Chapter 48 – Dona, Mistakes and Consequences


Bobbi drove in silence as the sun started to come up. I was in the shotgun seat. Sam and Eve were in the back. Fortunately, they were both asleep. I had no idea of how they were sleeping as Bobbi and I were wired. After Sam and Eve had gotten into their sexual frenzy, Bobbi and I had gone a bit crazy. We fucked every man in there, except for the man that Sam had brought up with her to the office. The two new vampires had simply sucked the life right out of him.


He was alive, but it was more luck then anything. None of us, not even Bobbi, were in control after awhile. Bobbi had abandoned her watch after Sam and Eve filled us with that incredible pleasure. Their need to feed had overwhelmed the both of us and we were lost in it for awhile.


It was one big glorious sexual bender. Like two over partied animals, Bobbi and I became aware of our surroundings sometime after 5am. We did a quick check to make sure that everyone was alright and gathered Sam and Eve. The original plan was to leave Eve with the gang as their keeper, but when I went up and opened one of their eyelids I changed my mind.


Their efforts had evolved them somehow. Their eyes were now solid black, like one giant pupil. There was no way that I was leaving Eve behind with a bunch of guys. Good or bad, she might just eat them all in one sitting.

I took the time to review the past twelve hours. While I wouldn’t rate it as a failure; I certainly wouldn’t classify it as any sort of victory. Starting with popping into the club, which I learned a bit later was called The Jungle, my night had been filled with a series of misjudgments born of my overconfidence.


I had gone into the situation thinking that my new found speed would allow me to overcome any real threat, and even if that had failed I could call in Genie for backup. What I hadn’t realized was that moving really fast took it right out of me and, to make matters worse, while I could sense where Genie was at all times, our mental communication had a limited range.


Thanks to Bobbi’s experience we were able to get away from the club, but again that was more of a rapid retreat then any form of victory. Another lesson I had learned while there: my wings could deflect hand gun bullets, but heavier caliber, machine gun bullets punched right through them. It also hurt twice as bad, once through the wing and once into my body. Bad guys got a two for one special at my expense.


I scowled at that thought. Bobbi simply drove, lost in her own thoughts. I extended myself out to Bernadette, and again received no response. I had only expected to be away for an hour or less. I assumed that my lover would feel the same way. As soon as I woke up in the car, I had tried to reach her. When I failed, I blamed my lack of strength.


Again, when I woke up from our ‘party’, I reached out to her. Again, I didn’t get a response. I was worried, but there was nothing I could really do at this point. I’d rushed into the club without proper knowledge and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. Instead, I let Bobbi know that something might be going on at home.


In response, she asked Pam to contact her ‘sister’ back at the house. The response was immediate: Vicki was offline. Bobbi’s response was immediate: we went from a casual speed to over a hundred miles per hour in an instant. We would be home very shortly. Bobbi told me that we’d stop out of site and she’d do a recon for us. I bowed to her superior experience; after all, she’d successfully spied on us for a week.

Maybe bringing back Bernadette had been another mistake, but I kept running through it in my mind and I didn’t see the fault. There was no reason to believe that there was any form of threat at the house and Vicki had informed us that everything was fine. Bernadette was a competent, armed agent. Whatever had happened, she would have seen it coming.


My last bit of worry was for Sam and Eve. Talk about no good deed going unpunished. If I’d let Stan and Bernadette take Sam originally, maybe they’d be in a better situation then they were now. I checked myself, Eve wouldn’t be; just Sam. Unless they both died or mutated further. Anger and frustration flooded me and I slammed the inside door panel. It crushed in under my fist.


“Hey!” Pam responded in protest.


I smiled, embarrassed, “Sorry Pam.” As I lifted my hand, the car’s interior automatically repaired itself. I wasn’t surprised, the car’s interior, and my clothing, was clean when we got back in. Pam liked to keep up appearances.


Bobbi hadn’t even blinked. She had sensed my anger and response as I did it. She simply smiled at Pam’s protest, “Almost there Dona. Remember, stay in the car until I call.”


“Understood,” I responded through gritted teeth. She could have thought that to me, but she spoke to emphasize the point. She knew I was anxious, and she knew that I just wanted to jump in there and find Bernadette. In some ways, she trusted in me to behave more than I did.


We got to my neighborhood and slowed to a normal speed. The false dawn had given way to a fresh spring day. Dew covered the roads and grass as we parked. Bobbi reached over to me and opened up one of Pam’s drawers. She pulled out an automatic with a silencer and chambered a round. She gave me another look, “Stay, here, I’ll call shortly.”


I returned her look and then watched her get out of the car. I had two responses depending on what I got from Bobbi. I’d either teleport directly to her if she needed backup or I’d ask Pam to take us to the house. In preparation for teleporting, I leaned back and closed my eyes to get my focus.


I kept a ‘feeler’ on Bobbi as she approached the house. After a few minutes, I noticed her adrenaline had peaked and was steadily falling. A few minutes later, I got the ‘all clear’ and I asked Pam to take us to the house.


Bobbi stood at the front door as we pulled into the driveway. As I pulled up I noted over a dozen holes in the front door of the house. I got out and walked over to Bobbi. She put her hand out to give me something. She dumped a large amount of bullet casings into my open palm. “This came from the inside going outwards. It looks like your friend emptied a clip and started on another one.”


I gave a fearful look towards the house.


Bobbi put a hand on my shoulder, “She’s not in there, and there’s no sign of any severe injuries happening in the house. Although, there’s a lot of damage inside from some form of struggle, but she’s alive.”


“How do you know that?”


“There are a few rags soaked with Ether in there. It took them a few tried to get her down. This wasn’t done by professionals. This was incredibly sloppy. She was overwhelmed by several people that didn’t care about guns and wanted her alive,” she spoke in contempt of the effort.

“Are there bodies?” I could smell the blood in the air; it was coming from the front yard.


She pointed out several large imprints where the grass had been pushed down, “I assume that whoever took your friend also took their wounded.”

“Did Vicki say anything?” I started to move towards the door again to ask her myself.


“The house is shut down. It looks like something blew out every electronic device in the house, except for this,” she handed me my watch. It seemed like ages since I had made modifications to it.


“How did you find it?” I asked as I checked it out and put it on.

Bobbi shrugged, “Its alarm started to go off after I had come up to the second floor. It’s like it was waiting for me.”


I tried to access the watch mentally. It was working, but seemed to be damaged as well. I turned to Bobbi, “Something is up with it, but it’s been messed with too.”


Bobbi nodded and called, “Pam, can you hear me?”


I watched as Pam, at least I assumed it was Pam and not Vicki, came out of the car and walked up to us. She was wearing a sexy chauffer’s outfit. “Yes Bobbi, I can hear you,” she gave us a professional smile.


Bobbi pointed a thumb towards the house, “Can you find if Vicki is still in there somewhere?”


Pam nodded and closed her eyes. After a few moments, lights started to snap back on within the house. Not all of them, but enough to realize that Bernadette had been downstairs and had the outside light on as well. I watched as the bullet holes repaired themselves and the door became whole.


I felt an odd sensation on my wrist and sensed my connection to Vicki reestablished as she appeared before us. Normally always fastidious about her appearance, I’d have to say that she looked disheveled. Her outfit wasn’t quite on right and her hair was simply laying on her shoulders, as if she hadn’t washed it for several days.


Vicki gave Pam a grateful smile, “Thanks sister, I was hoping you’d find me.”


“What the hell happened Vicki?” I asked anxiously.


She turned towards me, “Some men came and attacked us. They used some sort of device to hurt me. The only thing I could do was to hide myself in the watch. It’s metal construction helped to prevent a complete shutdown.”


Bobbi nodded, “It sounds like they used some sort of EMP weapon. I haven’t ever seen one, but sounds like it would be a perfect weapon against a Master PC user.”


“Did you see anything that would let us know who they were or where they were from?” I asked Vicki.


Vicki nodded, “They were from Little Creek in Maine. They were wearing local police uniforms from that town and their cars had Maine license plates. Two of them came to the door and knocked on it. Agent Lee asked me to answer for her. They asked to speak to the woman of the house. When I said that the Mistress wasn’t home, they told me that they knew there was one person here that they were to take with them. When I refused to permit them entry, they shot me.”


Bobbi laughed, “How’d that work out for them?”


Vicki shrugged, “I didn’t know how to respond to an injury so I ignored it and told them that they should leave. I also sensed that others were trying to get into the back of the house, so I stopped them there, as well. I informed the agent that she should move to the second floor, but then they used their weapon against me. That’s when I hid. Before I was completely shutdown, I heard the agent warn the police officers that she was a federal agent and to properly identify themselves. When they failed to comply, she opened fire. At that point I no longer had access.”

I grimaced in utter frustration, “Fucking Doug. He was here to collect me.”


Bobbi gave me a questioning look. I quickly brought her up to speed.

She gave me an appraising look, “Well, that explains a bit,” she said simply.


I nodded and walked into the house, “Go wake up the girls Bobbi. Time for us to call in the cavalry and put an end to this.”



Chapter 49 – Dona, Plan of Attack


Anger gave me clarity of thought that I had never experienced. This wasn’t frustration or mindless rage, but an odd change of perspective. Parts of my mind that normally gave me multiple perspectives, that many times made me question myself, remained silent. It was like all small aspects of my personality, had unified for a singular purpose, get Bernadette back and shut down Doug.


I walked through the door into the house, and paused as I collected myself. The quiet of the house only reminded me of what I had just learned. I let Bobbi know that I would be back shortly; I closed my eyes, and ‘pulled’ myself back to our new found tropical paradise.


The late afternoon tropical heat took my breath away for a moment and I could hear the sound of ocean surf and power tools in the distance. Instantly, I reconnected to Genie and brought her up to speed on the past 12 hours. We ‘discussed’ options quickly and decided that we needed to approach this in a different way than we had previously. I had to assume that Doug knew we would be coming, so teleporting up to Little Creek and using brute force didn’t seem like a good idea.


I pulled Sharon into our conversation via the beast to see what her thoughts were on this. She thought a military approach would be better. Her view was that the whole town was probably compromised already, so we should go in with a military unit to try a recon.


While I had my doubts about a military strategy, I couldn’t think of a better approach. The obvious issue was that we had to somehow get Sharon back in touch with her unit. Having no good ideas we asked Lynn if she could help.


While I paced impatiently on the beach, Lynn made a few calls for us to see what she could do.


She hung up her phone and gave the three of us a smile, “Congratulations Colonel, you’re now Seer’s military liaison. Your new orders will be at my office in the morning by 9am, Eastern time that is.”


Sharon shook her head, “That’s Captain, not Colonel…”


Lynn kept smiling, “With all due respect ‘Colonel’ Ryder, a Captain is far insufficient for a corporation of our stature.”


Sharon looked shocked, “Alright, I guess we’ll just wait for those orders then. In the meantime, I still need a unit to back me up.”


Lynn nodded, “Of course, I can have a fully qualified team placed within any location in the United States within four hours. Just let me know where you want them.”


Lynn turned to me, “You need anything else?”


I shook my head dumbly. This was way more then I was expecting, “Sharon, why don’t you get us setup about two miles outside the city and then we can take a look see. I doubt that we would want to get any closer.”


Sharon nodded and talked it over to Lynn for a few minutes. Lynn made a few calls and apparently, someone on the other side of the phone had a map and let us know where we could meet the new unit.


A final conversation with Liz had her agreeing to stay behind with Lynn to oversee the construction of our new home and to keep the other vampires in line.


Genie, Sharon, a recovered Tim, and I teleported back to the house. Bobbi met us and I did a quick introduction. Sam and Eve were now in bed and recovering from the previous night. I brought Bobbi up to speed on our plan, and she surprised me by insisting that she be part of the unit.

Sharon was giving Bobbi an odd look, “Are you related to Robert Hoult?”

Bobbi returned her look, “You could say that, yes.”


“She used to be Bob Hoult until she encountered Master PC,” started Genie and she took a few minutes to bring Sharon up to speed on that series of events.


Sharon was quiet during the explanation, “You were responsible for operation ‘Fire Break’.” Not a question, more like an awed statement. If I didn’t know better, I’d have to say that Sharon was Bobbi’s groupie.

Bobbi gave Sharon a serious look, “That was a long time ago and I didn’t think that anyone would ever find out about that.”


Sharon smiled, “It’s a primary strategy for my unit. I thought you died in that?”


Bobbi gave a quiet laugh, “That would have been the second time that decade.”


Sharon looked over at Genie and I, “She’s welcome to join us. There shouldn’t be an issue.”


Genie and I gave each other a look and shrugged. Meanwhile, Tim had gotten off the phone and looked grim, “I got some bad news about Little Creek: It’s set up to block Master PC.”


I shrugged, “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.”


Tim shook his head, “That’s not the bad news. Stan did his usual check up and even though there were blocks he did find one thing. There’s a warning to any user of Master PC, the Master PC there is connected to a hydrogen bomb. If the machine is deactivated, the bomb goes off.”

There was a thoughtful silence, “Well, that’s original,” I said.


“It’s like the cold war: any real use of force will result in mutual destruction. So we resort to espionage,” Bobbi stated.


“Fine by me, this is what I trained for,” I could hear the anticipation in Sharon’s voice.


“Well we know where we stand. I’ve got to get a few things done. Give me five minutes,” I said as I headed upstairs.


I walked into my bedroom and pulled out a long leather coat, a pair of combat boots, and a black cat suit. I was really sick of being shot with bullets and darts. Plus, I needed to come up with something that I wouldn’t tear out of like a super hero every time I got into a fight.


The Aston Martin in the parking lot had given me a few ideas. Closing my eyes to pull in ST, I ‘looked’ at the car to see why it was invulnerable. I wasn’t going to use Master PC to imitate it, but instead I reassembled the cat suit’s fabric to work just like the exterior of the car. In essence, the material would resist any effort to damage it and use the attack to gain enough energy to rebuild itself. I tweaked it a bit so it would only work on the outer surface, make it much more flexible, make it maintain a comfortable temperature for its user, and also added some panels in it so that my wings and tail could push through the back whenever I wanted.


I added some additional pockets to the overcoat and strengthened it significantly. I dropped the watch in a sealed pocket inside the coat and made sure that the cat suit, coat, and boots were ‘compatible’.


The changes completed, I got dressed and met everyone back downstairs. Genie gave me a once over and raised an eyebrow at my combat boots. I smiled at her in response. Bobbi and Sharon didn’t even question it.

In a different life, I’d been in the military. An important lesson I’d learned: if you want a comfortable set of footwear: a good pair of combat boots beats anything else. At least it does for me. When I had become Dona, my view of apparel had gone through a significant ‘alteration’, but I still stuck to that basic rule. Combat boots simply rock.


Sharon was on the house line and hung up as I came down, “Our unit is in position now.”


I looked at my watch, “Wow thirty minutes to deploy a military unit into Maine. That’s gotta be a record somewhere.”


Bobbi nodded, “That’s a record in most places.”


I looked upstairs, “What about Sam and Eve?”


“I’ve moved them to the resort,” Genie said with a simple nod.


I looked around at the group, “Anyone need anything else? We good?” I was tempted to ask if anyone needed to use the bathroom, but I wasn’t quite in the right mind set for that.


Everyone shook their heads. Sharon gave me the coordinates. We all locked hands and I pulled us to just outside of Little Creek.



Chapter 50 – Dona, Scouting party


We appeared on the side of the road and I suddenly noticed my breath. The good news was my armor seemed to be quite comfortable and this time I was standing in snow with combat boots.


Bobbi and Sharon had changed into black uniforms, a favorite of Special Forces, and Genie wore her usual suit including sun glasses. She was the only one in heels, but the snow didn’t seem to have any effect on her ability to walk or stand.


A large, black step van (like an over sized SWAT truck) was right next to us. I heard the clicking sound of rifle’s safety being turned off and a soldier had his pointing right at us, “Who are you!”


Sharon wasn’t even fazed, “At ease soldier, its Cap..Colonel Ryder and company.”


“Passphrase?” he asked. His rifle hadn’t even moved, not a little.

“Foothold,” she responded smoothly.


The rifle came down and a salute came up, Sharon returned it sharply, “Report.”


The soldier led us to the back of the Van as he spoke, “We have a satellite tasked the town now ma’am. We also have sentries posted a hundred yards out of this location and the perimeter is secure.” He opened the door and we stepped up into the vehicle. One side was completely covered with computer screens and chairs. The opposite wall was covered with weapons and seats, all vacant.


I looked and noticed many of the weapons had already been removed. Without a word, Sharon and Bobbi walked over to the wall and helped themselves. Each grabbed a belt, holster, silenced pistol, and several clips of ammo. They finished their ensemble with a combat knife that would make Rambo proud.


I was familiar with various weapons (from my previous life of gaming and my more recent ‘study’ of Special Forces work) and, after a brief hesitation, pulled a few things down myself. I noticed that they had Glock 18’s with their thirty round clips. They also had Smith and Wesson 500’s (five shot pistols using fifty caliber rounds). I grabbed a belt, the two pistols, and several clips and speed loaders. I know that the nine millimeter rounds would barely faze someone like me, but there was no way that anyone, or anything, could ignore a hit from that revolver. It was designed to take out grizzly’s in a single shot, a hopped up sex slave wouldn’t stand a chance.


I took another look around to see if anything else caught my eye. I was glad I did, as I noticed that they had several military kukris in a corner. Since I was an ‘expert’ now, I took one along with its sheath. Now I was ready.


I turned to see Sharon, Bobbi, and two soldiers discussing tactics. Several of the monitors were active, and each had a name in the corner: each picture belonged to a soldier.


I noticed that Genie was simply sitting on a chair and watching. She hadn’t gone for a weapon and didn’t seem that interested in the tactics discussion. I gave her a friendly smile and she answered me with the same. I turned back to the discussion.


Sharon gestured me forward so I could see a touch screen. It looked like it had several buildings on it. The biggest appeared to be a diner.

She talked as she indicated objects on the screens, “This building seems to be the only one active right now on the edge of town. There are several people inside eating and working.” She touched a symbol on the screen and the picture changed colors, I could see some faded dots moving within the building.


Sharon gestured around the building as she talked, “We have to assume the entire town is compromised. So we treat this as a foothold situation and take out the diner and see what information we can get. We’ll break our men into three units to secure the area, building, and the people inside. Hopefully, once we’ve done that, we can ascertain how bad the problem is and form an effective strategy.”


She pointed to Bobbi, “She’ll go in with the unit that secures the people and will deal with any unusual threats. You and Jean will stay back with me and I’ll be directing the bigger picture from here. Any questions?”

I looked at her and simply nodded. The only things I could think of right then were the state of Bernadette and how hot Sharon was when taking charge; confidence really does make someone more attractive.


Genie and Bobbi also nodded, although I doubt that they were quite in the same mindset I was.


There were a total of 16 men in the unit. Four were left behind to maintain the van’s perimeter. Through their camera I could see the rest of the unit move towards the town.


It took about half an hour for the soldiers to reach the diner area and for four of them to form a semi circle around it. Once those soldiers were in place, the other eight moved in pairs to surround the building. Through their cameras I could see the people inside the diner, oblivious to what was about to happen to them.


Four soldiers broke from their partners and circled the building, keeping an eye on the exits and the general area. I could hear Bobbi over the radio in the van, “Rings secure.”


Sharon nodded as she spoke, “Take them.”


From the outer ring around the diner, I could see Bobbi and the four soldiers flood into the building. Quickly and efficiently, they moved and shot each of the people. I could hear the thudded sound from their tranquilizer guns and the voices of soldiers declaring the various areas clear.


There was a brief moment of silence and I could see the soldiers inside using zip ties to secure the unconscious targets. One of the soldiers spoke first, “Building secure.”


Another moment passed and Bobbi spoke up, “Negative, negative. Use of lethal force is authorized.”


“What the hell do you mean! They’re all out! We don’t have to kill any of them!” one of the soldiers protested.


There was suddenly a strange snapping noise over the radio. A startled exclamation followed the sound and the combat cameras suddenly shifted. My eyes followed the movement and I saw one of the waitresses standing up and going after a soldier. Suddenly part of her head disappeared as a sniper took the shot. The body fell to the floor.


Another snapping sound came over the radio and a patron started to stand up. Suddenly a hole in their head and chest appeared. From a different camera I could see Bobbi swiveling her silenced pistol and rapidly shooting. After a few moments there was no one left standing except Bobbi and the soldiers.


Again I heard Bobbi’s voice, “Fall back now!”


As the soldiers obeyed, I was surprised to see the bodies starting to get back up. Suddenly, a television flickered to life and I could hear a voice, “Finished already? I would have expected far more from our glorious military.”


The last ones out, one of the soldiers and Bobbi turned to the monitor. The picture showed a man in his early thirties. He was sitting on a porch and had a beer in his hand. He had brown hair and blue eyes, but was fairly average. A beautiful, buxom blonde and an equally attractive raven haired woman stood on either side of him, at attention. Both wore a simple white dress and had a blank look in their eyes.


“Now you two wouldn’t know where Dona was hiding, would you?” the man asked. I realized I was finally looking at Doug.


“Why do you want to know?” Bobbi asked back.


Doug smiled, “Oh she knows why, but the real question is, where have one of your men wandered off to? You should keep an eye on your toys if you expect to keep them.”


Sharon was immediately scanning the pictures and calling through the roster. All the pictures seemed fine, but a soldier named Harris didn’t respond. I could see his monitor pointing at the diner but not moving at all.


Bobbi turned to the soldier next to her, “Stay here and keep the bodies down”. From the vantage point of the other snipers I could see Bobbi, and two other soldiers, bolting towards another building. My beast, and Sharon’s, could sense that Bobbi was seeing the missing soldier’s life force. Normally, this wouldn’t have been possible, but Sharon had been right: the entire town was compromised.


Bobbi had sensed the life force of the targets within the diner. They were barely registering. A mouse had more life force then these people did. They were effectively dead and basically puppets. Even now, the soldier in the doorway could see the shot up bodies struggling to stand up again.


Bobbi rounded a corner and found Harris. I didn’t think we had any women in this unit, but apparently Harris was one. Bobbi literally rounded a corner and stopped dead in her tracks. Harris was bent over and being taken from the front and back.


It was mesmerizing to watch. Harris was lost to her lust. Her clothes, weapons, and body armor had been torn off and she was sitting in its pile as she serviced the two men.


Doug grinned on the screen, “Sorry about that. Your boy didn’t meet my needs so I made a few changes so that he, oh I mean ‘she’ could be more entertaining. She remembers what he was, but he’s feeling way too good to care. However, I’m a reasonable guy, so you can have her back.”


Suddenly, the two men stopped with their efforts and stepped away from Harris. She immediately collapsed without their support, but started to work her own pussy. From the soldiers with Bobbi, I could hear the feminized soldier begging for someone to fuck her.


Doug hit some sort of button below the camera and suddenly Bernadette was visible on the monitor. It was like she was in some sort of mad scientist’s lab. She was strapped down on a steel table and had sensors taped all over her naked body. Tesla coils and electrical sounds could be seen and heard as she moaned and writhed on the table. She seemed completely unaware of where she was or what was happening to her.

Doug’s voice suddenly came in over the picture, “I found this little morsel instead of my girl. So I figured I’d take this one on consignment until my property showed up. She’s been on this machine for awhile and really enjoying herself. You see, it’s like endless foreplay without release. No orgasms for this bad girl. However, once she’s ripe enough, you bet I’ll be picking this fruit. She’ll be so worked up that she’ll do anything for just one little orgasm. Once she’s in that mind set, I’ll give her what she wants and suck her dry.”


As I watched Bernadette being tortured, several emotions ran through me: responsibility for Bernadette, anger at Doug, and a small desire to be on the table instead of her. I let the anger dominate me for the time being. One thing for certain, soldiers weren’t going to work in this case.

Doug was still talking, “So here’s the deal. You have Dona come on over to my house in the center of town and I’ll let this one go. Better hurry though; I think this one is taking a liking to my gadgets. Pretty soon, there won’t be anything left to trade.”


I reached out and touched Sharon’s shoulder and she looked back to me, “Pull your people out Sharon. It was a good try, but we’ll have to go a different way.”


She gave me a nod and turned back to the monitors, “Bobbi, bring them back now. All units fall back by the numbers.”


I watched as the two soldiers grabbed Harris and fell back to the diner. From there, they fell back to the woods and all of them started to make their way back to the van.


I turned to Genie, “Plan ‘B’ I think.” I kicked in our connection and let her know what I had in mind. It was risky, but I didn’t see any other way. I expected a bit more resistance, but something stopped her; like she knew that this was coming.


While we waited for everyone to get back to the van, I closed my eyes and pulled on ST. I adjusted the Smith and Wesson to increase its firepower. I hardened its barrel and increased the power of the round. I also made the bullets steel jacketed so that they went from stopping to penetration. Hopefully it would be enough.


I turned to Sharon and Genie, “I’m going to the edge of town. Let me know when you’re ready Genie and I’ll go to the center. Sharon, can you get me on the phone with someone in town?”


Sharon gave me an odd look, “Sure, anyone in particular?”


“No, it doesn’t matter. All calls lead to Doug now.”


Sharon nodded, although she had no idea of what my plan was. I wasn’t ready for anyone else to know. There really wasn’t a reason to share, and I didn’t want to debate it. I waited for Sharon and the soldier in the van to place a call into town, “Hello?” answered an older female voice.

“Tell Doug I’ll be there in two hours. The woman better be safe when I get there. The soldiers are leaving.” I said with a slightly threatening tone.


“Thank you Dona. I’ll leave the light on for you,” it was pretty creepy listening to Doug’s voice coming through the woman’s. It was distorted in a twisted way that I didn’t want to think about.


I nodded and Sharon cut the connection, “Sharon you need to leave as soon as everyone gets back and get out of the radius of the Master PC here. The sooner you do that, the sooner I can get Bernadette.”


“Can’t Genie just pop the van out of here?”


Genie spoke up then, “When we are out of the area of influence of Doug’s Master PC, I can. While in one hundred miles of here, I’m blocked.”

Sharon turned towards the soldier running things, “Can you get us an extraction?”


The soldier nodded and started using the radio systems. He talked for a minute or so, “We can get a helicopter here in twenty minutes and it can get us a hundred miles away in less than an hour from then.”


Sharon nodded, “Do it,” she turned to me, “When the helicopter gets here, you can take the van.”


I was going to walk it, but the warm van sounded better, “Sounds good to me.”


The next twenty minutes went by pretty slowly. A few minutes after my phone call, Bobbi was back with the unit. She was carrying the converted soldier, Harris, over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Harris was unconscious and bound with zip ties. The unit had gone full out with full gear through the woods. All of them were winded. Bobbi hadn’t even broken a sweat.


She put the near naked woman at the foot of the van and two of the soldier grabbed some blankets and wrapped her up. Bobbi turned to me, “She was pretty out of control; it took several darts to take her out.”

I nodded. Doug had been good to his word at least to a small part, as there was no connecting life force strands on any of the soldiers reaching back to town. So, while he may have compromised them with Master PC, he wasn’t taking anything from them.


“We’re waiting for a helicopter to get you all out of here. I’m going in once you’re safe.”


Bobbi nodded, “I figured. It’s not like we have any other cards to play.”

“I have an idea, but you need to keep everyone safe in my place if things don’t work out.”


Bobbi raised an eyebrow, “What about Jean?”


I smiled, “Jean’s only a couple months old. She powerful, but she has her blind spots. You’re the most experienced of us next to Sharon, and we both know that you won’t ever let anything happen to Sam.”


Bobbi nodded, “He’d come after her wouldn’t he?”


“Eventually. There’s something going on here that I haven’t quite figured out yet. He seems to need us beyond just having us as sex slaves.”Bobbi looked over at Harris, “Yeah that occurred to me too. What is he doing with all that energy?”


“Maybe I can find out a bit, but if it all goes wrong, I need you to find those answers and put Doug down,” I knew Liz would be an asset to Bobbi in this effort, but Bobbi would be leading the strategy.


“No problem,” in those two words there was a lot of subtext. Years of experience gave her a sense of confidence that I have never know.

I smiled and gestured her over with my index finger, “Come over here.”

She gave me a curious smile and walked over. When she was standing in front of me, I reached up and took her face in my hands. Before she could react, I gave her a deep kiss. Our tongues came out to play and I could feel the passion starting to build up in both of us.


Before it went too far, I kicked in my ST and my ‘book’. Everything that I could do with ST, I gave to Bobbi. The data rushed into her mind and her near closed eyes shot open in surprise. She tried to pull away from me, but I was ready for that and kept hold until the rush went away.

Finally, it was done and Bobbi relaxed. I let her go and she staggered back a step.


She took a moment to compose herself and then she took another moment. She was pretty smart, and now smarter, but it was a lot to take. She finally looked up at me.


I smiled, “Surprise. I figured you’d need that to protect everyone.”

“Uh yeah, I kinda got that. Wow, that’s a lot,” she leaned against the van. For lack of a better term, she looked really tired. “Did you have to transfer it that way?”


“Nah, but I thought it would be the most fun,” I laughed a bit. I noticed Genie looking at us from a few yards away, I’d let her know about my intent on this.”


“Well, you certainly know how to give a girl a thrill,” she gave me a lopsided grin.


“Anything for the team,” I said as the sound of the helicopter could be heard. We waited in silence as the helicopter landed in the road and the unit started to move towards it. Sharon handed me the keys to the van as she walked by me. I watched all of them load into the helicopter, just like the ones that came to the tropical island, and then fly off.

Of course, I was still holding a conversation with all three of them through our links. As I brought Sharon and Genie up to speed with my contingency plan; I turned, closed the doors to the van, and climbed into the driver’s seat. I started the van and noted the nearly full gas tank. I locked the doors and turned the heat up. Even though my suit had been comfortable, I had noticed that the spring chill had started to seep into my bones. At least, that’s what I told myself.



Chapter 51 – Dona, End Game


I ‘heard’ Genie and lifted my head with a start. Somehow, I must have drifted off briefly, while waiting for the helicopter to get out of range. Genie was giving me a green light, she was ready.


I put the van into gear and drove it into the city. The town wasn’t that big, but finding its center might have been confusing. However, I could see the lines coming from every person in town connecting to Doug’s location. The people that were outside didn’t react to the black van coming down the street. To the casual observer, it was business as usual. To someone that could see life forces, it was pretty creepy.


A few minutes later and I arrived at the center of town. A large, old house welcomed me. There was also a few other building including a town hall and church. I noticed that the lines went into the church, but saw Doug on the porch of the old house.


I pulled up in front of the house and shut off the van. I took a moment and reached out with ST and my ability to sense life forces to find a few things. It was simple enough to locate the two items I needed to know about. Bernadette was in the church and Doug’s Master PC was on the second floor of the mansion. I could ‘feel’ its connection to a very energy rich object in the house’s basement. I assumed that’s how an atomic bomb would look like from a ST perspective.


I was tempted to just vaporize the bomb immediately, but sensed a field around it. Any tampering would cause it to go off. I sighed, back to my original plan.


I tested to see if I could still talk to Genie at this point, and much to my relief we could hear each other just fine. I opened the door and stepped out of the van. The cold air rushed into the compartment and pushed out the balmy air I had been making with the van.


I pulled out both of my pistols: the Glock 18 in my left hand and the Smith and Wesson 500 in my right.


Doug was sitting on the porch of the house. He was wearing a coat and was drinking from a cup of coffee, “So you’re going to shoot me?”

“Maybe. Where’s the girl?” I walked over to the stairs but didn’t climb up.

He smiled, “Which one? I have so many?”


“You’re really going to play this game?”


He was still sitting with no care in the world, “Sure, why not? You’re here now and I have no reason to give her back. Two for the price of one.”


I wasn’t really surprised, “Fine, so answer me a question then?”


He put the cup down and put his arms out, “Sure why not. One question and then you join my collection.”


“What are you doing with all this energy?”


I noticed his eyes open a little wider and his smile got bigger but no longer touched his eyes, “That’s a very complicated question and it would be a very long answer. Since I don’t want to sit out in the cold all day, I’ll just say this: it’s a commodity that I am collecting. Once I’ve collected all my lost lambs, I’ll be setting up several more shops. I need a lot of it.”


Interesting choice of words, “What do you use it for?” I told Genie to get set now and let Bobbi know what I’d heard.


“Sorry, while that’s a good question, I’m afraid that you only had the one. Maybe we can discuss it after I’ve processed you? That is, if you can even think to ask at that point.”


I suddenly felt ‘tendrils’ reach for me and I could ‘see’ them as well, I only had seconds. I gave Genie the go ahead as I raised both of my pistols.


Doug stood up, “You really don’t think that will work, do…” I sensed Genie inside the church and several things happened nearly at the same time. I squeezed the trigger of Glock and unloaded the clip into Doug. While I didn’t expect the entire clip to kill him, I did expect it to slow him down for a few seconds.


Doug was knocked back and the tendrils stopped reaching for me. I reached out with my ST and aimed the revolver right at the computer running Master PC. I pulled the trigger.


The hardened round from the revolver punched through the walls of the house like so much tissue paper and struck the Master PC computer. The computer sputtered and the Master PC field flickered briefly.


As per my plan, Genie had reached out and touched Bernadette just as I shot Doug. As soon as the field flickered, I no longer sensed Bernadette and Genie inside the church. Genie had teleported during the Master PC flicker.


Doug had just finished his fall from my attack but the clip was still unloading.


Some of the nine millimeter bullets had hit him, but many missed as I focused my attention on the revolver. As I pulled the trigger to release the second fifty caliber round, I kicked in my super speed. I wasn’t sure how fast I could move, but I could see the second bullet travelling towards the Master PC.


Feeling my inner reserves fading quickly, I turned and ran. I sensed the computer fail as the second bullet struck it. My ST told me the energy stored in the bomb was being released. I pushed myself even harder, but something seemed to be holding me back. The world around me started to get bright and every bit of my will went into pushing past the barrier. Something snapped, and I felt a sudden release as the world fell into darkness.


Chapter 52 – Delphi, Jean, and Bernadette, Epilogue


As planned, Jean picked up Dona’s mental signal perfectly along with Bernadette’s location. She ‘pulled’ herself to the new location and felt as the local Master PC locked her abilities down. She had appeared right next to Bernadette, who was writhing on a metal slab in ecstasy.

The building was filled with odd metal cylinders that nearly hummed with a strange energy. Jean reached out mentally with her ST to examine the canisters as she physically reached out and grabbed Bernadette.

Unlike a normal human, Jean’s mind had been created to work on the same level as a super computer. In the second before the Master PC field flickered, Jean had plenty of time to examine the strange devices. It seemed that each cylinder contained an odd crystalline substance that had been artificially created. As the energy came into the cylinders, the crystal seemed to grow under the power’s influence.


As she finished her initial examination, the Master PC field collapsed. With a flick of her will, Jean pulled Bernadette and herself away from the town and out of the field’s influence. She had intended to move them back to the where Bobbi and the rest of the soldiers had landed, but she sensed something familiar as she teleported and changed her destination at the last minute.


She and Bernadette were suddenly on a small hill, and it was very bright. She shifted to try and catch Bernadette as she fell. She managed to do it, but Bernadette’s prone body was surprisingly heavy. Jean stumbled a few steps and glanced down as she did so. She noticed that she was making two shadows, but, after a few moments, one of them faded leaving just the original in the light snow.


“Hello Genie, or do you prefer Jean?” A young, female voice spoke suddenly.


Jean looked up but continued to struggle as she held onto Bernadette. The feeling a weakness was getting worse and she shifted Bernadette to try and keep her off the snow. The woman was leaning against a nearby tree. She was wearing a baseball cap, long jean coat, white sneakers, and a colorful, striped scarf. Jean didn’t recognize her, but the way she carried herself seemed somehow familiar.


The lopsided grin just added to the strange sense of familiarity, “Do I know you?” asked Jean.


The woman stood up from the tree and walked towards them, “We haven’t met directly, but you’ve met my people. I’m Delphi Seer,” She walked over to Jean, “Do you need some help?”


There was something about this woman, something just on the edge of her senses, “Please. I seem to be having some problems here.” Jean was uncomfortable with the situation, she knew what it was to be tired, but she had never felt drained like this before. She noticed that it was even an effort to breath.


The woman inserted herself between Jean and Bernadette and lifted them both easily, “I’m not surprised. After what my mother just managed to do, it drained the energy for hundreds of miles…“


Jean felt her muscles relax a bit with Delphi’s help, “Your mother? Who’s your mother?”


“Oh sorry, my mother is Dona Doe,” Jean answered matter of factly.  Jean paused in surprise, “I’m sorry, but I’ve known Dona all her life, she has no children.” Despite the reprieve of not having to carry Bernadette, it was getting harder to stay upright. She also noticed that the edges of her vision were getting fuzzy. She tried to access Master PC to get a burst of energy, but the effort seemed to have no effect.


Delphi nodded in understanding, “I know it’s a bit confusing, but my helicopter should be here shortly. Once we get you two to a warm, comfortable place I can explain everything, ok?”


Jean nodded; her focus was starting to fade just a bit so she asked another question to keep alert, “How’d you get here?”


“Your friend Tony dropped me off. I asked him for a lift, but he’s on his way back to New Jersey now. He’s a nice guy.”


“When is the helicopter going to be here then?” Jean asked as her vision grew darker.


“It should be here in a few more minutes. Your friends are on their way to my office in Boston. We can meet them there and get you both some help and rest.”


“Rest would be good,” Jean mumbled to Delphi as she started to slump. The last things she heard were the sounds of the helicopter in the distance and Delphi’s next question, “You never answered my question: do you prefer Jean or Genie?”



Chapter 53 – Dona, on another beach


My world was darkness and time passed. It could have been seconds or hours, there were no reference points. I could sense that I was moving, although my legs had stopped running some time back. I could be flying, but there was no air movement.


While I remained in darkness, I started to ‘see’ smaller life forces, as if from very far away. As I ‘watched’, the life forces would flicker to life and then slowly fade out. After watching this process, I realized that my world was full of these ‘stars’.


I didn’t seem to be able to do much else, so I simply watched them for awhile. After more time passed,a pattern emerged: over time there were less and less of them; until there were very few remaining in the darkness.


I was starting to have trouble finding any, when a very bright one appeared. It was so bright that it dazed me for a moment. Something inside of me told me that if I didn’t do something, I would be here for a very long time. So I tried to move towards the bright life force.


At first, I didn’t seem to get a response, but I continued to focus and felt myself slowing. Again, I felt the same internal wall that occurred when I was running from the bomb, and it took everything I had left to push through it. It was easier this time, which was fortunate, since what I had didn’t amount to much.


As I pushed through the wall, the world suddenly started to light up. I was flying through the air over water and land was rushing towards me. I only had seconds, so I dropped off my coat and pushed my wings out as an air brake.


It seemed like a good idea, and for a few seconds it started to have the desired effect, but I was already very tired and my short burst of energy faltered. My wings snapped back and fluttered in the harsh wind. My only option left to me was to cover my head with my arms and wait for the impact.


I struck the water first and skipped over it several times, just like a flat rock does on a calm lake. My armor seemed to absorb most of the damage, but after the third strike I could feel bones all over my body start to strain and break. I screamed in pain as I hit the beach and plowed a deep, long trench in the sand.


My last thought was that I was dead as I blacked out. However, sometime later I woke myself up as I coughed out blood and sand. I was face down on the ground and tried to pull myself up. I screamed in pain as my broken arm gave under the force I was trying to use.


After the pain died down to a manageable level, I used my other arm to slowly flip myself over. It took a few minutes, but eventually I rolled over and even managed to sit up a bit. My indestructible body suit had seen better days. The fabric was torn all over showing my cuts and bruises. A careful inventory let me know that I had broken a leg, arm, and several ribs. I could only see out of one eye and realized that half of my face had taken the brunt of the landing. I was glad that I couldn’t see myself right now.


I tentatively touched my ‘bad’ side and realized that I was missing my hair and ear. I had no idea of why I was still alive, let alone conscious. To make matters worse, I could see both wings (along with my coat) washing up in the surf. Ironically, the coat appeared to be in nearly immaculate condition.


Somehow I still had my weapon belt and both guns, although I had no idea of how I had managed that. It took me some time, but I managed to get to my coat and grab it before it went back out to sea. I was hoping to feel my healing kick in and start to mend my bones, but instead everything seemed to simply hurt. The sun was out and it was warm where I was at, but a chill had started to form inside of me. I figured that I was going into shock, but there was nothing I could really do.


I pulled my Glock out, painfully reloaded it, and fired off the entire clip: one bullet at a time. I hoped that someone heard it. Having nothing left, I pulled the coat over me for warmth and closed my eyes against my growing pain and exhaustion. I waiting for the darkness to take me away from everything and after a few moments, it did.



Chapter 54 – New and Loose Threads


In Philadelphia, on the top floor of the Jungle club facility, Frank sat across from his employer: Baron Phillips or simply Sir. Both were watching footage as Bobbi took out the two gunmen that Frank had sent after her. The image flipped from that scene, to another showing Dona attacking a line of gunmen at incredible speeds. Finally, the picture switched over to the garage, as the Aston Martin ignored a hail of bullets and made its escape.


The Baron picked up a remote control and shut off the monitor. He then picked up a folder and flipped through it briefly. His eyes glanced over several pictures of the first floor damage and estimates of repair. He finally finished going through the paperwork and set the folder on the table. He leaned back and folded his hands over his chest as he regarded his chief of security, “Have you identified any of them yet?”

Frank shook his head, “They paid in cash and their ID’s were fake, but flawless. It must have been a setup. It’s the only thing that makes sense.”


The Baron nodded in agreement, nothing else fit at this point, “I under estimated the American houses and their ability to detect an intrusion into their territory. However, it is odd that there hasn’t been a follow up call at this point. Maybe they’re waiting for us to make a counter move, or maybe they just expect us to leave.”


“Will we be leaving sir?” Frank asked.


“No, we’ll rebuild the club and be ready for any additional attacks. I have far too much invested in this facility and it’s far too lucrative. Have the authorities accepted our cover story?”


“Yes, at least officially, but the local federal agent, Andrews, doesn’t seem to be entirely convinced. He may be a problem,” Frank went through the documents and pulled out a picture of Jack Andrews.


The Baron took the picture from his man and regarded it, “Put a watch on him. He’s a well known and high ranking agent, removing him may be more trouble than it’s worth. In the meantime, let’s get the operation back up and running. We won’t be caught off guard again.” The Baron had been given the task of ‘colonizing’ the east coast of the United States by the royal court in Europe. This was a very risky and large opportunity for a Mind Mage of his rank; failure would not be tolerated…




Across the country, Doug opened his eyes and tried to sit up. Dizziness caused him to collapse back onto the bed he was on. The last he remembered, his latest sex slave had opened up on him with a gun. He had expected such a reaction, it wasn’t the first time, but shooting his computer had been a tactic he hadn’t seen.


Apparently, his slave hadn’t realized that it was connected to a bomb, “Not quite as clever as you thought you were, huh?” he stated to no one in particular. His voice came out funny and he coughed to clear it. Again, his voice was off, much more high pitched then he remembered.


Maybe a side effect of the transfer, he thought as he slowly sat up again. Whatever the case, his attacker was a pile of ash now and he had come out of it unscathed. He used his arms this time to give himself a push and noticed an odd weight against his chest. He raised his hand to pull the sheet aside and stopped.


Slender, delicate hands held the sheet that covered him. Long perfect nails made scratching noises against the crisp fabric of the bed cover. He slowly moved the hand to confirm that it was his and a small fear started to build.


He slowly pulled the sheet aside that was covering his body. He didn’t want to look, but he could already sense what he saw. He was greeted by two perfect breasts. His hands came up to his chest and touched the hairless mounds. His touch was lite and he felt a sunden tingle run through his body. In response, his nipples hardened as he watched.

He touched the hardening flesh and was rewarded with another dose of pleasure. A gasp of surprise came out of his mouth as his fingers continued to explore his new erogenous zone.


“I see you’re awake, good,” the figure in the door way was a plain looking man in a cheap suit. He leaned against the doorway and smiled at Doug.

Startled Doug dropped his hands and looked over at the man, “What did you do to me? This wasn’t our deal…”


The man held up a hand and Doug found that he could no longer speak, “Beautiful things should be seen and not heard. Yes, this wasn’t our deal. Our deal was that you provide me with a successful herd and I give you unfettered access to Master PC.”


The man stood up and moved to the bed and sat down next to Doug. He took a moment to brush a few long strand of blond hair from Doug’s head and put them back into position. Doug wanted to push him away, but something kept him passive. The man spoke again, “Instead, you lost the herd and I only received a tenth of the harvest that you promised me.”


The man grabbed some of Doug’s hair and brought it to his nose and smelled it, “You lost equipment that will be very difficult to replace.” The man dropped Doug’s hair and ran his hand down Doug’s long neck and gently touched her breasts. Doug wanted to get away from the man, but he could only shudder from the new sensations that were being inflicted on him.

“All because of one stray bitch,” he reached down and ran his finger around Doug’s nipples. Doug released another moan.


The man played with Doug’s new breasts for a moment and then slid his hand down to her legs, “Legs apart please.” Instantly, Doug complied.

“So now I have to start again. I did promise you that I would keep you alive, despite you’re inadequate safety precautions. However, I did not promise you in what form I would do so,” The man’s hand moved between Doug’s legs and started to play with her clit.


Doug tried to resist the pleasure that was starting to come from her pussy, but her breathing and slight shaking indicated the ineffectiveness of his resistance, “Since it takes a lot of effort to preserve you in this manner, I’ve arranged for a bit of a payoff plan for what you owe me.” The man continued to work on Doug’s clit and a few fingers had slid into her wet cunt. Doug found herself spreading her legs a bit more and slightly pushing against the man’s hands. The fear that she felt and her desire to resist were quickly fading.


“So you’ll be the beginning of my next herd. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve made a few tweaks to how your new body responds to pleasure. I’ve also rewritten how you’re mind responds to sex,” The man’s over hand came up to her breast and massaged them gently in time with his thrusts between Doug’s legs. Doug leaned back and arched her back in response.


“However, you did learn a great deal in your small town, so I’m allowing you to keep your memories for now. One never knows what knowledge could be useful in a situation like this. Don’t you agree, slave?”


Doug as thrusting her hips in time with the man’s fingers, “Oh yes, oh my God yes. Just don’t stop!”


The man smiled and quickly worked his slave to her first orgasm. She collapsed on the bed, her large, firm breasts heaving from exertion. The man stood up and pulled out a handkerchief.


He watched his new acquisition recover on the bed and he cleaned his hands of the woman’s juices. When he finished, he folded the cloth back up and put it back into his coat jacket. He snapped his fingers and two other men, in coveralls, came into the room.


“This one is ready to be processed. Get her on the machine and let me know how much we harvest from her. She’s a prototype, so don’t break her, yet.” Without looking back, the suited man walked out of the room as the two other men went to work.




In the core of our galaxy, about 30,000 light years from Earth, a monitor came to life and started displaying coordinates and radiation information. A grey colored, but slender hand reached up and touched the text that had suddenly appeared.


The monitor expanded the line and showed a map of the galaxy which quickly focused in on an arm and then a system with several planets and a yellow sun. Another touch zoomed in on the system and showed the third planet.

The hand withdrew and the being looked around for its supervisor. The operator of the screen was easily over seven foot in height and completely grey in color. Large, solid black eyes scanned the large room. It was surrounded by more than twenty other beings working at their own terminals.


The low level functionary of the Zarian Guard finally caught the eye of his supervisor and indicated that he needed assistance.


Casually, the supervisor moved over and behind the functionary to look at the monitor, “Report.”


The functionary answered immediately, “We have a tachyon spike.”


The supervisor frowned. In galactic terms, artificially generated tachyons could only be created by the use of time travel. On Earth, the use of a nuclear weapons generated seismic waves which were monitored by nations all over the planet. The Milky Way contained several empires monitoring for tachyon particles as a result of time travel, the galactic weapon of mass destruction.


However, tachyon particles could also occur naturally. It didn’t happen very often, but it was possible. He reached over and touched a few pieces of data that changed and expanded at his touch. This third planet was capable of bearing life, but had no history of subspace communications. It was unlikely that it held any intelligent life.


The supervisor stood back up, “Flag the system for observation. If it occurs again, we will send a scout.”


The functionary blinked in agreement, this was standard procedure for a tachyon spike, but supervisors had to make the decision. His hand made a few touches to the planet displayed on the screen adding it to the Zarian watch list.


Dozens of scanners in the empire would be turning towards the backwater system and scanning for any abnormal forms of radiation.  There were multiple technologies that were considered a threat to the Zarian empire and each emitted it own type of particle or energy. The Zarian Guard was responsible for detecting and containing any such threat.


The planet properly entered into the watch list; the functionary canceled the alert and brought the system back up to normal scan mode for its quadrant of the galaxy. The supervisor, satisfied, continued his rotation among the other scanning stations…