Master PC: 2010 Edition

A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 35 to 44


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


You’ll start to see Mind Magi in Chapter 46. If you would like to know more about them, please read Master PC – The Protector by TechnicDragon that is on the same web page as this story in


Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

    Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe

    Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith

    Lela Star as Samantha Thomas

    Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult

    Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee

    Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith

    Bianca Beauchamp as Heather

    Justin Joli as Dawn

    Melissa Hill As Eleanor

    Cindy Dollar as Liz

    Dylan Ryder as Captain Sharon Ryder

    Maggie Q as Lynn Hoult

    Brooke Taylor as Delphi Seer

    Lupe Fuentes as Evelyn Jade


Chapter 35 – Anthony, Sam, and Bobbi, Master PC


Sam and Bobbi both opened their eyes slowly. They were in Sam’s bed and tangled together with their sheets and clothes mixed in. Both remembered fondly of their love making the night before. The club and its patrons, plus their massages, had really added fuel to their lovemaking when they got home; although now both could only remember faint, but erotic memories from their visit.


Somewhere in the house, they heard Anthony’s voice calling out. Groggily both sat up and climbed out of bed. Bobbi took a moment and itched at her leg. The wound that had been there from Dona’s tail was almost completely healed. At this rate, in a few hours it wouldn’t even be noticeable, “Vicki,” Bobbi half whispered, her throat dried out.


Vicki appeared before them in a simple pair of dress pants and a men’s dress shirt, “Yes Bobbi?” she stated in a normal tone.


Bobbi cringed in discomfort at the sudden noise and she noticed that the light hurt her too. She was obviously hung over. She gestured towards her leg, “At some point did you tweak my healing factor? And could you tell Anthony that we’ll be done in a minute?”


Vicki focused for a second on Bobbi’s naked form, “No ma’am. That was not in your Master PC configuration. Would you like the same healing ability as your mistress?”


Bobbi considered it for a second, “No thanks Vicki. I’m still getting used to being, me. Let’s leave the additional changes for a bit later.”

Vicki nodded, “Very well. Would you and your mistress care for something to eat? You were both up quite late last night.”


Sam had already gotten her pants on and was just pulling a t-shirt over her head, “That’d be great Vicki, any word from Jean and Dona?”


Vicki shook her head, “No ma’am. Neither the Mistress nor Dona have contacted me.”


Sam looked over at Bobbi with a frown. Bobbi returned her gaze with a slight shrug. Sam looked back at Vicki, “We’ll be down in a minute.”

Vicki nodded once and vanished. A few moments later, they heard Anthony’s yelp in surprise. Bobbi smiled a bit as she fished out a robe from the closet, “You realize that this is the first time that the boy is meeting Vicki, right?” she said casually.


Sam looked slightly embarrassed and then smiled again, “Well, don’t worry about it. She’s probably explaining how we were having hot lesbian sex all night and that’s why we’re running late. Vicki has no tact.”


The ladies took a few minutes cleaning up. Finally, Bobbi shook her head a final time to get her hair to lie properly and moved to the door, “She’s not bad for a fake computer projected person.”


“Artificial Intelligence, Bobbi,” Sam stated as she followed Bobbi out. It was moments like this that Sam realized how old Bobbi’s mind really was. Both came down to the first floor, the odors of lunch started to fill the house. They walked into the kitchen and saw that Anthony was watching Vicki in fascination as he drank a beer.


Sam raised an eye brow, “Bit early for that isn’t it Anthony?” She walked over next to Vicki and proceeded to grab a glass and get herself water from the sink.


Anthony smiled slightly; he seemed to have recovered completely from his ordeal, “Its nearly one Sam. But I guess you gals were too busy to notice.”


Sam looked over at the stove clock as she sat down, Anthony was right. She realized that she and Bobbi must have gotten home really, really late, “Ah. That would explain why I’m so hungry.”


Bobbi had been looking through the fridge. Dissatisfied she sat down at the kitchen table, “Vicki, can you get me a tall glass of orange juice when you have a moment. Vicki immediately grabbed a glass, went to the refrigerator, pulled out a pitcher of orange juice, poured a glass, and placed it down in front of Bobbi. Bobbi thanked her politely, as Vicki went back to making lunch.


Sam looked at her for a second, “Why didn’t you get that when you were looking through the refrigerator?”


Bobbi smiled, “There wasn’t any juice in there when I looked. Vicki is there any type of food you can’t produce upon request.”


Vicki, still busy cooking didn’t even loose a beat, “No Bobbi. Are steak sandwiches not satisfactory for lunch?”


Bobbi shook her head, “No Vicki, steak sandwiches are fine with me.”

Anthony shook his head as he continued to watch Vicki, “I’ve been watching her since she started. None of the food she’s cooking was in the refrigerator when she started, including this beer,” he took another swig.


Sam shrugged, “I didn’t really notice. I guess Dona and Jean don’t like grocery shopping.”


Anthony nodded towards Vicki, “There are a lot of people starving in the world and she can pull whatever she wants out of a refrigerator.”


Bobbi gestured with her orange juice, “Correction, whatever we want out of the refrigerator. Vicki doesn’t need to eat. Do you dear?”


Vicki, again didn’t look as she answered, “No ma’am. Would you like me to?”


“No Vicki, just making an observation,” Bobbi drank more of her juice. “I’m not sure that feeding the world would be a good idea anyway, at least not like this. The food has to be coming from somewhere, and I’m not sure we want everyone to pay the price.”


“Price?” Sam asked, “I don’t think there’s really a price with this. I haven’t seen anything.”


Anthony exchanged a knowing look with Bobbi, “There’s always a price Sam. Maybe we’re just in the sample part of the exchange.”


Bobbi thought for a moment, “I’m not sure of that either. We may already be paying it, just not in a way that we really notice or understand.”


The conversation died down as Vicki served them lunch. All three of them ate in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Vicki busied herself cleaning up the dishes and wandering around the house as lunch proceeded. The only odd thing was that Bobbi couldn’t get enough. In the time that the other two ate their one sandwich, Bobbi ate three.


As they finished Sam looked over to Anthony, “So do you want to go after Jean and Dona? They haven’t shown up yet, and I’m a bit worried. Vicki hasn’t heard from them since they left.”


Anthony had finished his sandwich first and was already back to his second beer, “I guess that’s my new job,” besides, he thought to himself, the last few days had been some of the weirdest sex he had ever had. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hang around this house for a prolonged period. “You know where they are?”


“Vicki?” Sam called out and Vicki popped her head around the corner. She rattled off the Eastern Pennsylvania address.


“Where the hell is that?” Anthony had no idea where Miner’s Pitch was located.


Vicki smiled and walked back into the kitchen, “I can program the car’s GPS if you’d like?”


Anthony smiled at her, “That would be great Vic. I guess I get the car today girls?”


Bobbi smiled, “Why not, besides I’m thinking that Sam and I need to move up our level of transportation a notch. We’ll need it for when we go back to The Jungle.”


Sam smiled in pleasant memory, “I was hoping you’d want to go back there. Last night was a blast.”


Bobbi nodded in agreement. She could feel butterflies in her stomach in excitement as she thought about another trip. “Oh I’m thinking that we’re going to be regular customers there, unless you object Sam?”


Sam shook her head as she finished stuffing the sandwich in her mouth, “Nope.”


Anthony watched the exchange in surprise, “You two aren’t coming with me?”


Sam paused for a second, “Do you want us to?”


Anthony flashed back again to the last two days and took into account that Bobbi had been his former torturer, “Nope, you two have fun. I’ll chase down Jean and Dona. However, you two do have cell phones, don’t you?”


Bobbi nodded, “I do. Vicki, do you have a phone line in the house?”

Vicki nodded, “Yes ma’am. Dona set it up to connect directly to Master PC in case of problems.”


The next hour was spent explaining what Master PC was to Anthony and exchanging phone numbers. By the end of it, both Anthony and Bobbi had set up check in times to Vicki to ensure that no one else would ‘get lost’.


Sam watched the exchange quietly, letting the two ‘experts’ compare notes. She was fascinated in the way that Bobbi seemed to steer the conversation. Although, physically she was now younger then Anthony, a few minutes of discussion demonstrated that Bobbi’s experience was far superior.


They made their goodbyes and the girls got themselves cleaned up as Anthony took a bag of equipment and left the house. After Sam and Bobbi had showered and changed, they moved down to the living room. Vicki was across from Sam and Bobbi. Vicki was back to her school girl outfit and Sam and Bobbi had gone ultra casual with big t-shirts and underwear.

Bobbi had brought up her equipment bag and had started to show its contents to Sam. “Now, since you can’t make yourself super human and I don’t really want to, we’re going to go through a few basics on how to protect yourself and how guns work. Ok?” Bobbi had pulled a gun out of the bag and demonstrated it to Sam. It was a 9mm automatic with a fifteen round clip. Patiently, Bobbi walked through its use and general safety tips.


Sam, as a geeky college student, had a strong familiarity with guns but only from a gamers’ point of view. He’d never actually touched or held a pistol. Bobbi took a few hours teaching Sam and answering all her questions. Bobbi also had Sam stand and worked with her to practice standard shooting stances and some basic defense moves to protect herself.


Vicki watched the entire exchange quietly. She literally absorbed everything that Bobbi had discussed. Bobbi also took a few moments to request that Vicki ensure that any guns weren’t exposed to non-residents of the house.


It was nearly five when Bobbi finished her lesson. “Vicki, you can get us anything we need, right?”


Vicki nodded, “Yes ma’am, as long as it is within our current monetary constraints or we can use Master PC.”


Bobbi thought for a moment, “So you can also modify items to make them stronger or more efficient.”


Vicki nodded, “Yes, so long as you authorize the use of Master PC.”

Bobbi smiled evilly, “Fine. Make a purchase of an Aston Martin DBS V12 in the color black please. It would be helpful if you could deliver it here as well.”


Vicki lost focus for a moment, “There is a dealership within two hours of here. Will 8pm be sufficient for delivery?”


Sam looked between Bobbi and Vicki, “Wait, it’s a Sunday and 5pm. Are you using Master PC right now?”


Vicki shook her head, “No ma’am. I have the dealership on the phone and am transmitting the required documentation to them right now. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with the time.”


Bobbi chuckled a bit, “Sam, Vicki is purchasing a $300,000 car. We’re on a whole different scale of doing business. If you wanted to, we could have the entire contents of this house moved to a different place within hours, starting now. Anything can be bought with a sufficient quantity of cash.”


Sam nodded, “So I’m gathering. The Jungle is a place like that, isn’t it?”


Bobbi smiled, “The Jungle is the ultimate example of what enough money can do for you; although, they do seem to be walking a fine line. I just can’t quite put my finger on it,” some memory tugged at Bobbi but every time she almost had it, it would fade away again.


Bobbi frowned, lost in thought.


Sam touched her leg in concern, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s strange; I haven’t been with, uhmm, a man yet. But I had a weird dream last night about our massages,” Bobbi stuttered through the statement.


“What kind of dream?” Sam had a feeling what the dream was about already.

Bobbi drew in a ragged breath, not from stress but from excitement, “It’s just that I dreamed that a man had sex with me. No, more like he ‘took’ me: he pushed himself into my ass and he took me. It was weird, but I loved it. I even remember the pain, but it was a good pain, you know? Does this make any sense?”


Sam put an arm around Bobbi. She felt her new slave shivering in excitement. Bobbi’s nipples were rock hard and pushing against her thin shirt. “Yeah, it’s ok Bobbi. Your new body has needs and sometimes you just have to go with it. My first time, my real first time was with Agent Andrews. It was mind blowing. You just need some of that.”


Bobbi took a deep breath, “You think so?”


Sam nodded and ran her hand down Bobbi’s back, her nails tracing lines down the shirt. “You know, I bet the private dance floor would provide you a good ‘opportunity’ to get a little,” Sam gave Bobbi a tender kiss on her neck. Bobbi gave a little moan in response.


Sam whispered in Bobbi’s ear, “Would you like that slave? Would you like to fuck a man for me? Would you like to have a long, hard cock push into your virgin pussy for me? Would you like to cum for your mistress?”


Bobbi shivered and closed her eyes, “If it would please you.”


Sam pulled back and smiled, “I think it would. No doubt, it would please you too.”


Bobbi nodded submissively.


“Vicki, how long do we have before the car is here?”


Vicki had been watching the interchange openly with a strange expression, “In about two hours Sam.”


“Is something the matter Vicki?” Sam asked her. Bobbi was still recovering from Sam’s teasing.


“No ma’am, but can I ask a question?” she asked curiously.


Sam paused briefly. She didn’t know that Vicki could ask questions, “Sure Vicki, feel free.”


“Why do you do that with Bobbi?” Vicki gestured to Bobbi.


“Do what?” Sam asked confused.


“Arouse her and then leave her alone. She is obviously in distress.”


Sam glanced over at Bobbi; she was almost fully recovered from her initial excitement. Casually she slid a hand up her back and grabbed a bunch of hair. She slowly pulled Bobbi’s head back and then used her other hand to trace a path from her neck over her breast. “You mean like this Vicki?” she asked the hologram casually.


“Yes Sam. She seems very distressed at the moment,” Vicki frowned.


“Slave, is Vicki right. Are you distressed?” she gave a tweak to Bobbi’s nipple.


“No mistress,” Bobbi breathed out. “I’m glad that I can be of use to you.”


“You see Vicki, she likes it when I do this,” she petted Bobbi breasts and thighs. Bobbi squirmed a little in response, but Sam held her steady. “This is the pleasure that being a sex slave brings you. It’s the ability to just feel without thinking; knowing that you only exist for pleasure.” The words seemed to resonate in Bobbi as she purred.


Sam gently released Bobbi’s hair and turned fully to Vicki, “Does that help you Vicki?”


Vicki nodded slightly, “A little bit, but I guess I really don’t have your perspective or desires.”


Sam smiled evilly, “Can you change your programming Vicki?”


Vicki nodded, “Yes ma’am. I have the ability to completely adapt to the needs of the residents of this household.”


Sam thought about it for a moment, “Well, why don’t you give yourself the attributes of an 18 year old lesbian that is really, really horny.”


“Of course ma’am,” Vicki’s face showed her arousal start to form. She looked around helplessly, “Sam, I believe I need your assistance.”


Sam smiled innocently, “In what way Vicki?”


Vicki’s hands slowly started to wrap around her own body and she started to rock back and forth. A small amount of sweat broke out on her body, “I feel a strong need for something, but I have no idea of how to satisfy it,” her voice shook as she spoke.


Sam sat back comfortably on the couch “Bobbi, would you be kind enough to show Vicki why we spend so much time having sex?"


Bobbi dropped off the couch and crawled over to Vicki. When she got in front of Vicki, she sat up and pushed Vicki’s knees aside. She ran her hands down the naked legs of the aroused girl and casually tickled her thighs.


Vicki bit her lower lip.


Bobbi noticed that Vicki’s panties were starting to get wet. She used one hand to pull the material aside and used her other hand to start rubbing her clit.


Vicki instantly bucked. Her hands slammed down on the chair and she writhed on the seat in sheer pleasure. Bobbi had a hard time keeping her hand on target and finally switched to her mouth and tongue. Her hands were now locked on Vicki’s ass to keep her mouth in place.


“Are you in distress Vicki?” Sam asked mockingly.


“N…No….Ah….N,” Vicki couldn’t seem to form the words.


“You know, if your own hands play with your nipples, it feels even better,” Sam started helpfully.


Vicki’s hand instantly went to her short, dress shirt and tore it open. She wasn’t wearing a bra under the shirt and her hands immediately started to massage her breasts.


It turned out that Vicki was a quiet lover; at least she started as one. Over the next hour, Bobbi sucked and lapped at Vicki’s sex. Sam watched fascinated as the AI learned how to cope with the pleasure that Bobbi was providing for her. The first orgasm caught her completely off guard and she yelped in delight. Over the next few orgasms, she seemed to be amazed and shocked at the same time.


By the end of the series of orgasm, Vicki had started to talk dirty to Bobbi, coaxing her on, “That’s it Bobbi, suck that clit. Uh huh, yeah that’s it baby. Oh yeah baby, make me cum now, make me cummmm…”


Sam stood up and walked over to the still seated Vicki. Vicki was responding perfectly down to the gasping of breath as she recovered. She bent over Vicki and pulled her head up so that they were both looking at one another. Sam put her lips over Vicki’s and kissed her deeply. The girl didn’t respond at first, but over the next few seconds she started to reply in kind.


Next, Sam pushed her tongue deep into Vicki’s mouth and started to tease her tongue. Again, a few moments later, Vicki’s tongue responded and they took another minute or so to let their tongues dance. At the end, Sam pulled away and let their tongues be the last to stop touching, a bit of saliva bridged their tongues for an additional moment and then snapped.

Sam smiled, “All better Vicki? Are you satisfied?”


Vicki slumped down in the chair and smiled happily, “Yes ma’am.” She put her hand out to Bobbi and petted Bobbi’s head affectionately, “Isn’t it traditional that I reciprocate to my partner?”


Bobbi looked up hopefully at Sam.


Sam smiled at her hopeful slave, “Normally yes Vicki, but in this case my slave will be receiving her orgasms from a lucky man tonight, when it suits my needs. Isn’t that right Bobbi?”


Bobbi’s head slumped in defeated acceptance, “Yes mistress.” However, on the inside the words and anticipation just added that much thrill to what was planned for at the club. Bobbi almost felt butterflies in her stomach.


Sam stretched, “I’m going upstairs for a while and taking a quick nap. Please wake me in thirty minutes Vicki?”


Vicki hadn’t moved from her slumped position, “Yes ma’am.”


Sam walked upstairs and Bobbi went to the kitchen and had a glass of ice water, a precursor to the cold shower she would be having shortly.

She walked back to the living room and sat back down across from Vicki, “You going to ever move again Vicki?”


Vicki held her head up slightly to look at Bobbi and gave her a satisfied, tired smile. “Do you need me to?”


Bobbi smiled back, “No, but I’m going to need to have you make a few Master PC changes to the new car when it gets here.”


Vicki didn’t lose the smile, “Yes ma’am. I can do that without moving.”

Bobbi nodded, “That’s my girl. Here’s what I want you to do.”


It took longer than Bobbi expected, which she attributed to being extremely horny, but at the end she happily stood up and left to get a shower.



Chapter 36 – Jean, Tim, and Stan


Jean’s eye’s snapped over. She was laying face down and breathing in the cold ground of western PA as dusk set in. Without moving she took a moment to recreate the last few moments before she was knocked out.


Somehow the Master PC in the house had been disabled. While most of the changes had remained in place, Jean’s access to Master PC allowed her to instantly drive the two females into an immediate series of uncontrollable, multiple orgasms. Jean had forced the orgasms on the girls for the next twenty minutes until their strengthened bodies succumbed to the sheer pleasure and passed out.


Ravens had been bracing for another assault, as he and Jean had repelled several in the last hour. His suit had been torn and ripped as the females returned again and again. However, the two vampires had also started to show wear and tear. They were nearly nude now as their clothes had not been able to survive the constant tossing about by Jean.


Ravens simply watched the process as the two vampires writhed sexily before him in complete ecstasy. However, if he was aroused he didn’t show it. When they had finally collapsed he had turned to Jean, “You’re doing that I hope?”


Jean pulled some lint off of her suit. She had barely been touched, “I was getting so tired of having to throw them back. You would think that they would have figured out that I was their superior.” Ravens noticed the “I” and not the “we” although Jean had stated it without any tone of arrogance on her part.


Ravens started to move towards the ruined front of the house, “Let’s go get our partners before they go for us again.”


Jean doubted that they would be awake for some time. Even enhanced by Master PC, their systems had been completely exhausted; however, she followed the agent without comment knowing that he was worried for his partner.


As she followed Ravens, she had felt a strange biting sensation in her back. Having experienced it previously, she immediately reached behind her to remove the dart. However, almost immediately, she felt three other darts strike her. One struck her in the neck, almost directly into an artery. A moment later her brain shut down. She had adjusted herself to be resistant to normal tranquilizers, after Bobbi’s attack, but she had only assumed one dart.


Ravens heard the thud as Jean collapsed to the ground. He turned to see what was happening and saw the bright red fins of the darts protruding from her black suit. He reached for his gun, and started to run for cover. Several pricks immediately told him he hadn’t moved fast enough.

Snapping back to the present, Jean listened for a few more moments and let her healing factor finish removing the sluggish feeling that filled her. She requested a Master PC scan of the area and after the third try her sluggish mind got the command right. The scan came up negative and so she picked herself up.


Her body heat had thawed some of the ground, but it had refrozen onto her suit. She realized that if she had been human, she would probably have had a bad case of frost bite. Fortunately, she was unaffected. Also fortunate, Ravens had collapsed on the stairs in front of the house and appeared to be unharmed.


Jean performed another inquiry of the area. Immediately, she knew that Dona, Bernadette, and the five active vampires were not in the immediate vicinity. As she did this, she walked over to Ravens and picked him up with one arm. She carried him inside and put him on one of the almost intact couches. The last thing she did was to use ST to remove the drugs from his system and increase the oxygen in his blood to hasten his recovery.


As Ravens moaned, Jean moved to the second floor and did a quick search of the bedrooms. Surprised, she found the Master PC sitting untouched and fully active. She walked over and pulled up the log files to see what had happened. She scanned the text and put together that somehow someone had logged into the system and reversed some of the last changes. They had also tried to simply reverse all changes, but had received errors based on the permanent changes made to Liz from this damaged version of Master PC.


Realizing that the people that had attacked tham didn’t know what Master PC was (or at least she had to assume that since they didn’t touch the fully unlocked system), Jean made a few commands to unlock all the victims/users that were within range. She then used her internal Master PC to reverse all the changes to the victims currently hiding in their cars. She also commanded them to be comfortable and sleep until dawn, when all the trunks would automatically open and they would awake with no memory of the last week.


Satisfied that she could make any additional modifications to the victims and users of the vampire’s copy with using the computer, she commanded her Master PC to pull over the log files and configuration data of the computer in front of her. A moment later she had what she wanted. She glanced at the computer and, using ST, demagnetized the system’s hard drives. She then rebooted the computer to ensure that she got everything. The computer came up with the anticipated error. She shut it off and turned around to see Ravens leaning in the doorway, still weak from the long, cold sleep that he had just woken from.


“Where are our partners?” Ravens asked surprisingly calm.


“I assume that they’ve been taken by whoever drugged us.” She stated, slightly frustrated.


“Can’t you just use Master PC to find them?” he asked.


“Master PC has a limited range. I can ‘move’ the area of search if I have some form of target to lock onto. For instance, I was able to track this copy, and so was able to shift where I was using Master PC. However, they are currently out of range.”


He looked at the disabled PC, “I take it you fixed everyone in the cars?”


She nodded, worried, “Yes. They’ll wake up tomorrow, back to normal and able to continue their lives. This system is disabled now, permanently. Do you have any ideas on where we can find our missing people?”


Ravens made a hard smile, “I don’t but my boss may have a few ideas.” He reached into his pocket and was surprised to find his phone still in place. Obviously, these folks weren’t impressed by an NSA agent or cared if he made any calls.”


He dialed up Stan as Jean watched. The phone barely rang once and Stan picked up, “Tim! Where the hell have you been? I was ready to send out some extra agents to find out where you were.”


Ravens waited for Stan to calm down. Once he had, he quickly brought him up to speed to where they were. “Got any ideas of how to find them Stan?”

“Sure, I’ve just stepped out to get some food. I can be back at my system in less than twenty minutes and get some satellite intel….”


Jean put her hand on Tim’s shoulder, “We need this faster.” Suddenly, Tim was looking directly at Stan. Both took a minute to get their bearings and hang up their phones. Stan had just reached his car with a bag of fast food.


Jean had teleported herself and Ravens to Stan’s location. “What is the address of your facility?”


Stan paused for a split second and realized that he pretty much had to go with it, for now. He told her the address to the old CIA facility.


Jean reached up with her other hand and gently grabbed Stan. Suddenly, all three were just outside the front doors of Stan’s building.


Stan paused for a second, putting the pieces together in his mind, “Agent Doe or Smith?”


Jean turned and opened a door for the two men, “Smith. Jean Smith.”


Stan walked passed into the warmth of the building, “Nice to meet you ma’am. Follow me.”


The building was empty this time of night and so they were unmolested as Stan made his way back to his office.


He sat down in front of his old PC and typed in a few commands. “What time were you knocked out?” Jean answered immediately with the time that she felt the first dart.” The system was probably older than a decade, but after some brief typing the new printer connected to it came to life and printed out a picture. 


Stan pulled out the sheet of paper and placed it on the table in front of Jean and Tim, “This look familiar to either of you?” The picture showed the top view of the house that Jean and Tim had been at only minutes before. The high quality picture showed multiple teams of men in black, each group in nearly precise formation, moving in towards the house. Tim leaned over to get a better look, but Jean was focused on the older PC.

“You are not using Master PC,” Jean gently reached out and touched the computer. A look of wonder touched her features.


Stan noted that she was on the opposite side of the computer and couldn’t even see the screen, “No. I wrote it myself. How did you know?”


She absent-mindedly continued to gently caress the warm exterior of the yellowed monitor, “An active copy of Master PC would,” she struggled with a word for a second, “interfere with me. However, while I can feel that this device holds the same potential; it doesn’t seem to operate in the same manner. It’s more, primal, than that.”


Stan thought about it briefly and then nodded, “I can’t argue with that, but with your partner gone I would think that we should stay on that problem.” Stan wasn’t sure how much he could trust this person, or if at all. She’d obviously come into contact with Master PC, but something was different about this woman. Something that he would explore later, once things had been sorted out.


She nodded and switched her focus onto the sheet, “The weapons they carry correspond with the darts, but I didn’t see them directly.”


Tim nodded in agreement, “These guys were really good. They waited for us to neutralized OPFOR and then took us out.”


Jean gave a strange look to Tim.


“Opposing Force,” he explained.


Stan started typing more at the computer, “These guys didn’t seem to know about Master PC. Once the local Master PC had been disabled, nothing else was activated.” He typed some more at the system. Reading the results, he typed in additional responses.


“I noticed that as well, the system had been unlocked and some basic reversals had been made. However, the system was ignored in favor for taking seven people.”


Stan stopped typing, “Seven?”


Tim gave Jean a questioning look.


“Our partners, the three female vampires, and the two male vampires,” she stated plainly.


“We didn’t see the guys,” Tim stated questioningly.


“Dona disabled them before they could act.”


“Oh, I wondered what had happened to the front of the house.” Tim nodded.

Stan looked over at Tim, “What happened to the house?”


Tim gave Stan an odd look, “As far as I could tell, and I didn’t see a lot, but Agent Doe blew it up. I assumed that the doors were locked.”

Jean shrugged.


Stan looked back down to the computer and typed a few more things into the system, “It seems that these soldiers took the hostages and left in three black vans. The vans hit a private airport about sixty miles out and then took a transport plane off the coast. They are following the coast north right now.”


“Do you know where they are headed?” asked Jean.


Stan typed in a few more commands, and then sat back, “No, they did not register their flight path. If I gave you their exact location, could you get to them right now?”


Jean shook her head, “I’m not comfortable moving to such a precise, moving location. Once they land though, I can put us there.”


“With their remaining fuel, that should be in less than three hours. I’m not sure who else I should send in there,” Stan sat back in his seat.

“Agent Ravens and I will be sufficient to the task. Can you tell me what the status of Dona is?” Jean asked nonchalantly.


Stan shook his head, “I can locate their plane and everyone on it is alive. The only reason I know where they are is that they took Bernadette. I set it up so that I can track any of my active agents.”


Tim nodded as Stan had explained this a while back and it was how they had found Bernadette the day before. He looked over to Jean, “What do you mean that we’ll be ‘sufficient’. There may be hundreds of people that we’ll have to fight. You may be able to handle a few overzealous vampire chicks, but this is probably a well defended location.”


“Irrelevant. They show no real knowledge of Master PC. They are either over confidant or they do not really understand what they have captured. In addition, the fact that they did not take us can only mean that have no idea of what we can do.”


The matter of fact way that Jean listed out the situation gave Stan a sense that the person in front of him was truly a force to be reckoned with. “How long have you known about Master PC Jean?”


She looked over to him. There was no indication of any form of deceit, lying, or ego, “All my life.”


Stan had a hunch and went with it, “How long has that been Jean?”


“Around a month,” she said matter of factly.


More pieces started to fall into place for Stan. Tim opened his mouth to ask a question, but Stan held up a hand to quiet him, “You were made by Master PC.”


“I was made by Dona with Master PC,” she corrected.


Stan had read about that, but had never encountered it directly. Most Master PC users preferred to use other people for their purposes. Most didn’t even consider ‘making’ someone new. “Could you explain the full process to me Jean?”


Jean’s eyes moved to the old computer, “I will but first you need to explain how your system works,” she again touched the system lightly.


Stan knew this was coming, and based on how Jean had come into being, was ready to handle the request. He nodded towards Tim, “Take a break Tim. Give us an hour, will you?” Coming from Stan, Tim knew it was more than just a request.


Stan and Jean remained silent while Tim walked out. Stan knew it annoyed Tim, but he didn’t really want his agents to know how he did the things he did. He also didn’t want to expose Jean’s creation process to anyone who really didn’t need to know it.


 The office door closed, and Stan looked back to Jean. He indicated a seat and Jean took it, “Tell me what you know about the book, Mysteries of the Mind?”


Jean paused for a few seconds and her face went completely passive, she refocused and looked at Stan, “It is a fictional book written about as the ultimate source of a Master PC system. It’s referenced in the Master PC story, ’I am the Master’.”


Stan nodded at Jean’s answer, “It wasn’t always fictional Jean. I had encountered the book at about the same time that the story takes place. However, I had encountered it as a German translation, not an English version. It was part of a collection of books that I encountered when a neo-Nazi group was taken down by the FBI in the early eighties. I was part of the forensic team that cleaned up after them. I had kept the book as a sort of keep sake. I knew German and wanted to keep it to sharpen up my skill with the language.”


Jean smiled a bit, “So I assumed that it was ‘educational’?”


Stan laughed, “You could certainly say that. It took me awhile to fully understand the book. However, as the months passed, I actually started to follow its instructions. I studied the words of power and had just started to master the first four. Like the story, I realized that I could program a computer to imitate the use of the words. Which is what I’ve done here,” he gestured towards the computer.


Stan had also continued to study the book and its teachings. He had become quite good with them over the years. However, it did take a lot of effort on his part. In order to keep things quick, he relied on the computer. However, there were times when he made changes with his own ability, but he made sure that no one ever saw it.


“Do you still have the book?” Jean asked.

Stan leaned back in his chair, “Probably the last on the planet. What the original master started, I finished. I’m surprised that you haven’t spotted it yet,” he said with a smile.


Jean did a quick scan of the room and found the book on the shelf. She stood excitedly and was about to reach for the book; however, she hesitated for a moment and looked at Stan for permission. He nodded his consent and she excitedly pulled it from the shelf. Focusing for a moment, she pulled down a working knowledge of the German language from the internet. She then opened the book with shaking hands and started to read it.


Stan watched the woman, fascinated. It had taken him years to first fully understand and then use the book. The geeky part of him wondered how quickly a child of Master PC would take to learn the words. The way she seemed to be ignorant of things, but then quickly pick them up had him suspecting that she had some form of direct mental link with Master PC.

Stan nodded towards Jean as she read the book, “Now spill it Jean. How were you made?”


Over the next hour or so, Jean simultaneously read through the book and described the process that created her. She did so without hesitation, and answered all of Stan’s follow up questions in the same way.


She closed the book and handed it back to Stan. He put it back on the shelf.


She looked at the book on the shelf, “Shouldn’t you destroy it?”

Stan shrugged, “Maybe my children will read it someday. Maybe it’ll be the only thing to save the human race. Knowledge by itself isn’t dangerous. It’s the inability for most people to be able to handle it properly. The writer worked hard on making that book. I’ll let her work survive.”


Jean thought about that for a moment, “Why did you let me know about it? You seem to have spent your entire life stopping people from using Master PC. What makes me so different?”


Stan smiled at her, “I don’t stop people from using Master PC. I stop users from abusing it. Up until now though, I hadn’t run into anyone else that seemed to look at it from a conservative perspective. Everything that I’ve seen you and your ‘sister’ do indicates that you feel the same way as I do.” He leaned back in his chair and sighed, “Despite my work, things are getting worse. It seems that my little group will get completely overwhelmed without allies. I’m hoping that your team can give me a hand.”


Jean nodded, “Assuming Dona does not object, I see no reason why we can’t be partners,” she stuck her hand out and Stan took it.


The system chimed and Stan typed in an additional command or two. He smiled in cold satisfaction. He raised his voice so that Tim could hear him from outside the doors, “Get in here Tim! We’ve got the target now!”

Tim came in as Jean looked curious, “They’ve landed?”


Stan shook his head, “Not yet, but they can only be going one place with their flight path and remaining fuel. It’s a small island off of the Massachusetts coast called Nomans Land. It’s an old military base that’s been setup as a no fly zone and wild life preserve for over a decade. It’s the perfect place for a hidden base.”


Jean stood up. “I’ve looked up the coordinates. You ready to go Agent Ravens?”


Tim nodded, “Got the vest and the gun. Nothing else seems appropriate in this case. Stan, you agree?”


Stan nodded, “For a raid on this place, we could go all out, but I don’t think that you’ll need it. Give me a call if you need air support though, that I can provide.”


Tim checked for his cell phone, “You got it boss.”


Jean nodded and reached out to touch Tim.


“Good luck you two,” Stan was talking to an empty room.



Chapter 37 – Dona and the Hostages


I came back from a dark place. I noted that my hands were manacled and I was hanging from the ceiling. As I woke up a bit more I also noticed that I was probably in some sort of vehicle as I could feel a rocking feeling in response to the way the ceiling and floor seemed to move around me.


I was fairly fuzzy and I guessed that drugs were being pumped into me from the needle in my left arm. I was wearing some sort of mask that blocked my site and a lot of my hearing. Slowly, I tested my restraints for any sort of weakness. Being drugged up, my strength eluded me. I also noticed that I really couldn’t focus enough to use ST. Every time I settled my mind to pull onto ST, I would find myself falling back into the comfortable darkness.


My efforts must have drawn some sort of attention; I felt hands touching me around my neck, arm, and wrists checking my restraints. I moaned slightly at the attention and pathetically tried to pull away. I could feel the breath on my skin and realized that I was naked.


“I think this one is resistant to the drugs,” I heard my inspector say.

“Turn up the dosage by ten percent, we don’t want to damage the cargo,” I heard some beeps nearby and suddenly a burst of liquid fire entered my arm and spread to my chest. My muscles seems to tense up in response, but quickly the fire went away leaving a greater sense of drowsiness and lethargy. I moaned in response to the better high that I was riding.


“Oh, I think she liked that,” said my inspector.


“Really? I wonder what else she likes?” The second voice was closer now.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my breast. Fingers tweaked my nipple.


I tried to pull away from the violation and moaned a complaint.


“Seems like she isn’t quite out yet, guess we better test her some more,” said my inspector. Suddenly, I felt a warm tongue on my other nipple. Again I tried to pull away, but any movement caused me to simply swing. The tongue on my nipple stayed in place and I felt a small thrill as my nipple hardened under my captor’s tongue.


I felt my other nipple under a tongue as well. For a minute or two, I simply hung there; riding the drug induced high and feeling the pleasure emanating from my breasts. I was almost ready to doze off, but hands from my captors starting to rove over my body, teasing me to a more wakeful state.


I heard a strange noise and realized that I was moaning in pleasure, “Oh someone likes her titties licked. I wonder what else she wants licked?” I felt hands and a tongue tasting its way down to between my legs. The tongue and hands spent a few, long moments tasting my stomach and thighs.

I whimpered in slight frustration at the teasing, and suddenly the warm tongue was on my clit and pussy. I felt myself getting wet under the effort. I wanted to use my legs to wrap around that wonderful tongue, but I was so weak from the sedative, that I could only hang and moan.


As one of the men worked on my pussy, the other one started playing with my ass and breasts. At first, I could only gasp and moan in encouragement at my unseen captors, but the more excited I became, the more that my internal beast woke. It was being equally affected by the drugs being pumped into me, but I started to become aware of other presences within the very small area of our vehicle.


Like the encounter with Liz, I started to ‘see’ other individuals and pick up on their level of essence. For a few moments I just floated away when I felt a small orgasm carry through me. However, as the orgasm left me it left another surge of adrenaline. I was barely coherent, but I wanted more. These two men wouldn’t be enough for me. I reached out and found what I was looking for. One of the soldiers was ‘bigger’ than the rest.


His life force shined bright within my vicinity. My desire allowed me to focus on the individual and I filled his mind full of pictures of what was happening to me. As my captors worked me over, I channeled that feeling to the source of my need.


It almost wasn’t enough, but I started to feed from the two men touching me now. Their light banter stopped as they became lost within their own lust. I fed from them and took just a little of their life within me. A fair trade, as I increased their pleasure from touching me. Even if a fire broke out right now, they wouldn’t be able to pull away from me now.


My beast became impatient and channeled more desire towards the rich source of life. It started to move towards me and I groaned in anticipation. One of the captors took this the wrong way and I felt the tongue leaving my pussy. Suddenly, I felt a hard rod of flesh push against my sex. Lifting me up into a better position, he entered me.

He started to pump into me, filling my hole with his hot, hard cock. I could feel our juices start to run down a leg as he mindlessly continued to pump into me. My beast tightened my pussy and increased his pleasure. He started to speed up and adrenaline filled my captor. The other man had enough with touching, and I felt another cock enter my waiting asshole.

Both men fell into an instinctual rhythm. There was little I could do but enjoy the pumping of my two holes. My comfort increased as the pressure was off of my wrists by the men holding me.  They took from me what they wanted and I did so in return. The men started grunting with the effort as they fucked me.


I was connected to these two now and even though I was manacled from the ceiling, they were now my toys to be discarded as I saw fit. A small piece of me realized that I could simply command them to release me, but the beast was driving me now. To keep my rational mind occupied, it simply increased my level of pleasure until I could only focus on the cocks that were within me.


Distantly, I heard a door open and the man I had summoned came into the room. Realizing that the two men fucking me currently were no longer required, my beast flooded their brain with endorphins and forced both of them to ejaculate into me.


As the new source of life approached me, both men shook in ecstasy and filled me full of their cum. Having satisfied me; both of them dropped to the floor unconscious.


The man walked over to my hanging form and tossed the other two men out of his way. A large hand pushed into my pussy and came out with a combination of juices, “Now for a real man.”


A moment passed and then I felt another rod of flesh push into me. This one was different. It was huge, his cock must have been a foot or more, and it was wide. I moaned in pain as he pushed into me, but my beast sighed in satisfaction. I felt as if I were being torn in two, but once his full length finally entered me; I felt my pussy walls form around his wonderful cock.


Like the previous man, this one lifted me up and started to fuck me. My strength had returned to a certain extent and I felt my legs wrap around him to keep his cock inside of me. I felt his teeth nipping into me. I felt the warmth of blood coming from my skin, but my beast changed the pain to pleasure to keep me occupied.


Normally, something like this could only last for a few minutes, but my beast locked the man into the rhythm and sipped from his life like a fine wine. Each thrust into my soaking pussy caused him to lose just a little more. The part of me that normally was against taking someone’s life force started to enjoy it as much as the beast. After all, I was being raped by this man, and this was just karma leveling the playing field a bit. As I dipped into his mind, I saw that this wasn’t the first time that he had done this. He had killed women before and he had no intent of letting me live once he came.


I wasn’t concerned however; the beast was preventing him from finishing. This only made him pump me harder and faster. He would be dead before he finished.


“Back off Harry! We need these people all alive,” a female voice pulled me out of the dream of sex that I was enjoying.


The man answered her but didn’t stop, “Fuck you Captain. This whore has it coming. There’s plenty left for the other geeks back at the base.”

I saw her come up behind my current meal and try to grab him. The man was distracted, but he was also experienced. The female had just wanted to pull Harry away, but Harry twisted slightly and grabbed her hand. He flipped her over and she hit the ground. I heard a sickening crack as the captain’s head hit the floor and she stopped moving.


Her neck broken, I saw her life force fading. Harry turned back to me and started to mindlessly fuck me again; a slave to my beast. Like the two other men, he wouldn’t stop unless he came or he died.


My conscious mind recoiled at the horror of the situation and fought the beast. This man could have tried to resist me, but his death was due. However, the captain had tried to protect me and died for it.


Unnoticed by the man, my tail extended. My needle came out of the end and I thrust it into the woman at my feet. The feeling of my needle penetrating the stomach of the woman sent another shiver through me. I felt the venom flow out of me and into the nearly dead woman. As I ‘watched’, the energy left the man, entered me, and then shifted to the woman.


The life force of the woman flickered for a moment and then started burning bright. She was now connected to me, in the same way that Liz was, and it was a small price to pay for her survival. Distantly I heard a small crackling sound as the venom repaired my new sister’s neck. The woman shuddered at my feet, unnoticed by the man, as my venom ensured her survival and continued its work.


My final burst of effort to save the woman pushed me too far and the beast took me. Had I not saved the woman, I could have held the hunger back and spared the man his upcoming death. However, I had picked the woman and so now my body hungrily continued to feed from the man that was raping me. After almost an hour, the man completed his task and I felt his release as his heart failed. His death throes lasted for minutes and my legs continued to hold him in place to capture every last drop of his life and cum. Spent, I loosened my legs and heard his body drop to the cold floor of my prison and nothing more. His life was completely drained.


I expected others to come in to see what was happening, but no one seemed interested. With my beast sated, I lost the will to fight and once again the drugs took me back down into a deep sleep.


A large jerk woke me again. I realized that I was in a plane as I heard the engines scream as they slowed the vehicle down as it landed. The woman at my feet had stopped shuddering, but had wrapped herself up around my feet. The drugs still took most of my strength and any real ability to focus, so I was helpless as the plane came to a stop.

Suddenly, I heard screaming from somewhere nearby and lots of gunfire. It only lasted for a few moments and then it was completely quiet. Time passed and I felt myself start to slide back into the comfort of the drugs being pumped into me, but I heard a door open and quick footsteps approach us.


I heard a man call out, “They’re here Jean! They’re all here!” I recognized the voice but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


I heard the sound of chains being rattled and heard someone else enter the room. I knew the presence as soon as it was near me. It was Genie, come to rescue me apparently.


I felt a sharp pain in my arm as the needle was removed and the cloudiness started to go away. Suddenly my world was painful, blinding light as my hood was removed. As I got use to the light, I could see Genie’s relieved smile looking back at me. I noticed that she was cradling me was in her arms and she was crying.


I clumsily lifted a hand and touched her face, “I missed you,” was all I could say.


I felt her tears landing on my flesh, “I missed you too. I was so worried,” she started to cry harder.


“I’m ok now Genie. It’s over now,” I shifted and put my arms around her and we rocked together for a while. Eventually, I felt a touch on my shoulder and I looked up. Ravens was giving me a worried expression, “We need to go. I have no idea of how long all these people are going to remain passed out, or if there are reinforcements on the way.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but I had to agree that we should be somewhere else.


I looked around and saw the men and women in blankets and looking confused. I noticed that Liz was still unconscious on the ground (someone had put a blanket on her) and Bernadette was wearing Raven’s suit coat. I realized that my tail was still out and took a moment to retrieve it. Ravens saw the tail retract but said nothing.


I kissed Genie on the forehead, “We need to go now honey. I don’t know what you did to get to us, but we need to leave before trouble finds us.”

She slowly opened her eyes and took a moment to clear her tears. She sniffed a few times and then nodded to me. We helped each other stand. Genie took over her suit coat and handed it to me. I took it gratefully as I realized that the plane’s heat had been shut off and that it was getting cold.


I looked around and spotted the Captain that had nearly died trying to save me. She lay there and continued to shudder and moan occasionally.

I gestured towards her, “She’s coming with us too.”


Ravens looked over towards the unconscious woman, “Who’s she?”


I smiled grimly, “She’s mine.”


He looked back to me. He looked like he was about to say something, but shrugged instead.


My hand found Genie’s and I enjoyed it’s warmth for a moment, “Can you take us away from here Genie? Can you take us somewhere warm?”


Genie smiled and then she focused on something that I couldn’t see. She nodded, “Hold on Dona.”


Suddenly, the interior of the plane vanished and was replaced by the brightness of the sun on my almost bare skin. A warm, gentle breeze caressed my skin gently and I heard the sounds of the beach nearby.



Chapter 38 – Someplace Warm, Sydney’s Island


When I asked for someplace warm, I had been thinking about the house in New Jersey. However, Genie had realized that the house wouldn’t be practical for all the people we had with us and also thought that I wasn’t quite in the mood for a meet and greet with Ravens’ and Bernadette’s boss: Stan.


So I found myself on a near tropical paradise, somewhere in the pacific. Genie gestured widely with her arms, “Welcome to Sydney Island, someplace warm.”


I couldn’t complain, although Ravens didn’t look happy. Most of the other folks, they just looked confused. However, Bernadette took the situation in stride and started to get things moving. We had appeared near some older buildings. They were at least fifty years old, but still serviceable (as I watched, Genie made a few tweaks to reinforce the old wood and stone buildings).


Bernadette wasted no time in putting the prior hostages to work. In a few hours, they had a fully functional building that was serviceable and gave us a bit of shelter. Genie asked Bernadette if she wanted assistance with the ST. In theory, she and I could ‘build’ some pretty significant things, but she just shook her head and let Genie know to keep it on the subtle side. Basic work like this was therapy for what these folks had been through and was good for keeping their minds occupied.


I finally found out everyone’s names. The two men and women were: James, Dave, Dawn, and Eleanor. All had been inhabitants of a retirement home. Neither the men or women really remembered what had happened for the past week, but none had complaints about what they were now.


Dawn was a perky, red headed woman. Like many red heads, she had pale skin that seemed to go with the red. Her clear blue eyes and solid C sized breasts just added to her happy, perky presence.


Eleanor, or ‘Elli’, was also a red head, but her hair was much darker and did well to frame her brown eyes. Again, she had nice C sized breasts, but her skin was slightly tan. Dawn tended to be the more practical of the two, and Elli tended to be the more adventurous and seemed to enjoy thinking outside the box.


James and Dave were both over six foot and were perfect male specimens. Even in my reflective mood, I found myself watching them moving about the settlement. Their pale skin quickly became a wet, bronzed tone under the pacific sun. Their muscles rippled in utter perfection as they worked.

James was a blond and Dave a brunette. While they appeared to both be twenty or so, they worked in a fairly steady and methodical way which was a true indication of their mental age. The sense of young male competition didn’t seem to be as strong as one would expect with these two; although, they did seem to enjoy themselves and confidently met my gaze when they caught me watching them.


All four of the vampires were fascinating to watch when they worked together. Unlike Ravens and Bernadette who would push themselves from time to time, the four vampires moved at a casual pace. They did their part, but they never seemed to get overly excited. It was like they moved to a different beat then the rest of us.


At one point, James accidently jammed his hand in the door. As opposed to jumping and screaming, he took in the damage and didn’t panic. He calmly removed his hand and asked Dave to help him out. Dave came over and examined the damage. It was necessary for him to painfully adjust James’ fingers so that the accelerated healing would work right. Both took it in stride; an impressive display of self control for two twenty year olds. However, for two eighty year olds they were just happy to be enjoying a renewed youth. 


During the day, I had a brief discussion with Genie and she indicated that, much like what was happening to the Captain, Master PC had only been partially responsible for their changes. Trying to ‘fix’ them with Master PC would, at best, have unexpected consequences. They weren’t enthralled by Liz anymore, and they didn’t seem to mind their new life, so that was good enough for me.


Ravens worked as hard as the rest of them, but he also made a few calls back to his boss to let him know what was going on and that everyone was safe (apparently, he had a satellite phone). By the end of the day, as the sun was settling, we had all settled down and were resting in the building that had been cleaned out (it was more of a dorm style building with a kitchen and only a few individual rooms).


I stayed on the surf until the end of the day. With heightened healing most of us did not suffer in the sun and a first priority was finding clothes (a search through the old settlement had found several items which Genie radically repaired and sized via ST). However, by the end of the day Ravens was looking a bit rough. Without him knowing, I slipped him the same healing ability as I had given Bernadette. Later in the evening, he seemed much better and the redness of the sunburn had faded to a healthy looking tan.


The earlier events on the plane had shaken me a bit and I wasn’t really in the mood for people. Since everyone else had seen the aftermath of what had happened, they gave me the distance I needed. So most of the day, I just sat on the beach and let the water lap at my feet. Bernadette and Genie would check on me from time to time and give me updates.


I realized that although I had severed the control that Liz had over her people, through my beast I was now connected to Liz, Sharon, and distantly Bobbi. The first two made sense to me; I had no idea why I had the same type of connection with Bobbi. My beast, or at least the part of me that I identified as such, seemed to claim them as mine and with only a slight effort I could know what they were doing. Bobbi’s was the weakest, but seemed to be gradually growing in strength.


I also realized that I had a connection with Bernadette and Genie. Unlike the other three women, this was more of a direct connection. I realized over the period of the day that I just simply knew where they were and what they were feeling and thinking. I also noted that they had the same ability.


So while I was physically separate from the group for most of the day, I had several conversations with Bernadette and Genie. The consensus was that we were ‘spiritually compatible’ and so operated on the same mental frequency. That made sense between Genie and I, but it didn’t make as much sense with Bernadette. Going through what we knew about one another, we did find that we were both born on the same day and same year and we both had an ease with one another like we knew each other for years.

Had events been different, we may have met up at a much earlier time and ended up married. However, I was grateful that I knew her now and Master PC allowed us a ‘new’ beginning. Genie didn’t mind this new facet to our relationship. In fact, she expressed her pleasure at how Bernadette could be an additional ‘anchor’ for me.


Another point of interest for me was the Mysteries of the Mind. Genie shared that she had picked that up from Bernadette’s boss, Stan. I should have been more interested, but just sort of listened as she described to me what the book contained and what it meant. Quite frankly, I just wanted to let the warm water lap my feet and soak up the sun.


It was the setting sun and the cooling air that finally got me moving and I was the last to come into the refurbished dorm just after sunset. It was a beautiful site and a drastic difference from the cold spring that I had been experiencing the day before.


Ravens had managed to get the old cast iron stove cleared to the point where he was burning some of the older wood in the dormitory to keep the building comfortable.


We gave Liz and the Captain (her ID had her name as Captain Sharon Ryder) both their own rooms, as they hadn’t woken the entire day. Elli and Dawn had found a huge amount of coconut trees and had James climb them and grab some. The coconut juice tasted good and the inner meat was very filling.  Meanwhile Dave had chased a few sea gulls down and added that to the dinner menu (Dawn had grown up on a farm so cleaning a bird for eating was no challenge).


The last piece fell into place thanks to Genie. The center of the island was dominated by a salt water lagoon. However, with only a momentary effort, Genie purified the lake and now it was a major source of fresh water. She even arranged for a permanent spring in the lake to create a continual source of fresh water.


Bernadette and Genie had become the natural leaders of the group. Although as I walked into the building, I noticed that they seemed to treat me with the same ‘deference’ as the other two women. Our connection allowed a sort of unity in thought. It wasn’t a conscious effort, it just seemed that as Bernadette or Genie asked someone to do something, it made perfect sense to all three of us.


We had managed to scavenge a few lanterns from the buildings and found some oil for them (apparently, the whole settlement had been abandoned with an aged, but somewhat intact storage building). So we sat down for dinner and had a general conversation about what had been happening for the last week.


Genie and I took turns describing Master PC, the corrupted copies, what had happened to Liz and me, and how that created the series of events that led us to being on Sydney Island. We lightly touched on how Genie and I could manipulate matter with our ability of String Theory, which answered the whole teleportation questions.


Once we had moved through that discussion, we had a bit of a show and tell. The four vampires (James, Dave, Dawn, and Eleanor) and I compared notes. Since Bernadette, Genie, and Ravens had spent some “quality” time with them in one capacity or another; they were able to fill in some of the blanks about what they had been up to.


Apparently, these vampires had some ‘vampiric’ beneficial traits, but really none of the disadvantages. They had the teeth, they had strength and endurance, they could mesmerize, and they could perform very short bursts of super speed. However, sunlight didn’t seem to bother them and they had no direct need to ingest blood.


Their super speed fascinated me. It was more accurate to call it super agility. They could make quick dodges and movements, but the ability seemed to be limited by their physical bodies. After a single movement, they dropped back to normal. In theory they could dodge a bullet, but only one at a time.


I came up next. I explained what had happened to the Captain while I was being raped. Apparently, my beast was a bit of an exhibitionist as I could almost hear it purr as I demonstrated my wings and tail to the group. I initially felt a bit embarrassed, but Bernadette asked if she could touch one of my wings which sort of broke the ice of the rest of the group and suddenly I was being ‘petted’ by the entire crowd.


When I had defeated Liz, we had exchanged something. As I watched the vampires, I felt the same things flowing through me. However, I kept that knowledge to myself (Bernadette and Genie may had picked up on it, but I didn’t bring it up).


However, as much as I enjoyed it, eventually everyone settled down and we all decided it was time for some shut eye. Genie had no need for sleep and stated that she was going to explore the island. I couldn’t think of a reason why this was a bad idea and so didn’t object.


The four vampires broke off into pairs and started cuddling. Bernadette asked if she could bunk with me (reminding me that I still owed her a debriefing), but I asked if we could just keep each other warm for the night.


Ravens kept to himself; I couldn’t blame him, out of all of us he was the most normal. To make matters worse, he seemed to be giving Bernadette some odd looks. I asked her what was going on and she explained that up until a day ago she hadn’t spoken with a southern drawl. Ravens wasn’t happy with the change and wasn’t sure that she wasn’t under some form of Master PC influence.


I frowned at the thought of my new partner loosing that sexy accent, but she gave me a kiss and assured me that this was the person she would be now. When I had helped her with her own internal issues, it had allowed a long forgotten part of her to merge with the person she had become after Stan had fixed her up. She was in a much better place now and thanked me again.


It had been a long day and it didn’t take us very long to doze off.



Chapter 39 – Liz and Sharon wake up


Later that night, the building started to cool as the old stove ran out of fuel. I woke suddenly and a chill ran down my spine, but not from the cold. Curled up with Bernadette, I moved my head up and did a quick sweep of the room.


Ravens was missing, although his blanket was still in its place. I took a moment to focus and sensed him in the room with Liz. Liz was awake and so was Sharon. Sharon was also with them. Another shiver went through me and I realized that I was starting to get really horny. Without thinking, I casually ran a hand along Bernadette’s side causing her to moan lightly in response.


I started to move my hand towards her breast to give her more pleasure, but realized that I was starting to feel good because Liz and Sharon were starting to feel really good. I pulled my hand back and extracted myself from Bernadette. I needed to make sure that Ravens didn’t end up the same way that Anthony nearly did, dead from being drained.


I carefully stood up and walked across the cold floor. We were all still wearing clothes in the cool, summer night air but I didn’t have any shoes. As I approached the back room, I could hear the two women working over Ravens. My inner beast could sense what they were doing to him and it wanted its fair share.


My intent as I walked over to the back room was to make sure that Ravens was ok and settle the women down. However, by the time I reached the back room I noticed that somehow my clothes were now in a trail on the floor behind me. The door was closed and I pushed it open a crack to see what was going on.


A lamp fluttered in the corner illuminating the scene for me. Ravens was laying on the floor. Liz was riding his cock and Sharon was sitting on his face. Both women faced each other and were kissing and playing with each other’s tits as they both rocked back and forth. 


Sharon had her eyes closed and seemed to be in perfect bliss from Raven’s tongue. Liz was quietly egging Ravens on with trash talk, “That’s it baby. Oh your cock is so nice in my pussy. This is my cock now. Fuck me with it.”


I wanted to go inside, but instead I found one hand moving to my cunt and the other to my breast. I tweaked a nipple and felt that my pussy was already wet. I slipped two fingers into my pussy and pumped myself in time with Liz’s movements up and down on Ravens’ shaft.


I must have been whimpering as I fucked myself. Liz’s back was to me, but Sharon’s eyes snapped open and she gave me a seductive smile. Her beast was fully in control and the whites of her eyes were the same blood red that I knew matched my own.  I met Sharon’s eyes and we just stared at each other as she enjoyed Ravens’ tongue and I fucked myself.


My beast was whispering to me. It would be so easy to just let them be or even join them. I could see myself taking the man’s hard cock in my mouth and cleaning it of Liz’s pussy juice. Meanwhile, I could ride Sharon’s tongue to my first orgasm. They would let me do it. Liz and Sharon were slaves to my beast and I could tell that Liz had completely enthralled Ravens.


Just like Harry the day before, it would feel so good to have his life flow out of him and pump it all into me. A sudden whimper from Bernadette kicked me out of my fantasy. With a force of will, I pushed the beast back and stepped into the room.


The change in the room was palatable. I closed the door behind me and the women both stopped what they were doing. Confusion and fear were on their faces now. As I had kicked my beast back, it now did the same to the two women. After a moment, I could see their expressions change to a look of realization of what they were doing to Ravens and that it had to stop.

Both of them stood up and I saw that their eyes return to a normal color. Ravens was exhausted from the efforts of the women and simply lay where they had left him. Gently, I put a blanket over his nude form and turned off the lamp.


The three of us quickly left the room and went into the other room. In the near dark of the night, none of us had any problems seeing. Again, I was the last to enter the room and gently closed the door behind me.


I turned to look at Liz and Sharon and found them facing me with their heads down in submission. I let the beast guide my actions as I walked around them, inspecting their bodies for anything that displeased me. I realized distantly that Sharon’s breasts had become much larger, although they were still firm. When we had brought her in, she was an A cup, now she was a definite D. I put out one hand and casually touched them as I continued my inspection. As I brushed their backs, their wings unfurled. I gently caressed them and ran my hand down the small of their backs between their wings, I knew I liked it and confirmed they felt the same way as each moaned in response.


Staying behind them, I knelt and ran my hands down to where their tails should be. It only took moments, but each tail came out and curled around my hand. I sensed a bit of unease from each woman, as neither realized that this was now an aspect of their new bodies.


I gently rubbed the tip of each of their tails with my thumbs, knowing that they were as sensitive as a clit or a head of a penis. Liz, previously being a man like myself, simply moaned and enjoyed it. Sharon’s response was much more impressive.


I could feel Sharon’s tail tense and her wings slowly extended. I had never fully extended my own wings and realized that her wing span exceeded six feet. The sharp needle came out from Sharon’s tip and I saw a tiny drip of venom form at its tip. I used my tongue to remove it and enjoyed the taste.


I turned to Liz’s tail and rubbed and licked it for a few more moments until her needle came out as well. Like two cocks, I continued to work each tail and watched as each woman shuddered in response. Again, each needle continued to ooze just a bit of venom.


“Liz, Sharon, turn around and sit down,” I requested of my sisters. Sharon retracted her wings a bit to comply and I let go of their tails. They both turned and knelt before me. Both had the same look of lust that I’m sure I did, along with the red eyes. However, I did notice that while Sharon simply had red in place for the whites in her eyes, Liz’s eyes also were completely black: so where her pupils ended the red started.

I realized that Liz and my changes had combined within her. She was now vampire and succubus. Something told me that my eyes were now the same as hers. I had taken her blood into me and along with them a vampire’s traits.


Refocusing, I picked up the blanket that was on the floor next to us. Quickly extracting my own tail, I held it up to the two women. I slowly extracted my own needle and closed my eyes briefly to enjoy the pleasure that it gave me. I held up the blanket with both hands and brought the needle down in one swift move.


I looked at each woman to make sure that they understood what they now possessed. They both nodded in understanding. Liz and Sharon tentatively reached out and grasped my tail. As I had done previously, they now both massaged and licked at my member. I was surprised at first, but it felt so good that I quickly relaxed as they worked me in an easy rhythm.


I closed my eyes to enjoy it more and in a few moments felt myself being pushed back and laid on the ruined blanket so that I was on my side. Sharon continued to work on my tail and Liz pushed her head between my legs. I felt her warm, wet tongue on my sex and she offered her cunt in exchange.


I kept my tail relaxed, but used my hands to pull Liz to my tongue. We stayed like that for awhile, Liz and I in our 69 and Sharon quietly working on my other member. However, I felt Sharon’s beast stirring in need and knew that I should meet it. In addition, my own beast needed to feel more of Sharon. My ‘coupling’ with her earlier hadn’t been for pleasure and I needed that now.


Moving from Liz, I shifted over to Sharon and pushed her to the floor. Like Liz the previous day, my wings unfurled and I gently pinned Sharon to the floor with them. I used my hands to touch her breasts, stomach, and neck as I kissed her hard. My tail’s needle retracted and then I pushed it into her wet pussy.


Sharon cried out in shock and pleasure and I used a hand to cover her mouth. I used my tail like an extra long cock and it flowed in and out of her. Her back arched in pure pleasure as I dominated her pussy.


Suddenly, I felt firm hands on my hips and a penetration inside of my pussy. Liz was now fucking me doggy style and I lifted my ass to give her better access. Like Sharon, I was wet and ready for a good fucking, but I barely contained myself as Liz’s member penetrated me as deeply as I had penetrated her the day before.


I almost collapsed at one point, but Liz’s hands held me up and gave me the additional support that I needed to continue my work on Sharon’s pussy. We all now had the enhanced healing factor and so our beasts had the full run of us and we continued to fuck each other.


My beast broke first and I felt my tail penetrate Sharon longer and further than before. I felt it come into Sharon’s uterus and felt the needle come out and penetrate her walls. My venom pumped into her and entered her blood stream. Only my hand on her mouth kept her from screaming in pain which then transformed into rapture.


I felt the surge start to drop off but then it was my turn. With a sharp motion, Liz pushed her tail deep into me. I felt it penetrate into my lower stomach, but before I could react I felt a sharp pain followed by growing warmth that enveloped me.


Oddly I heard a muffled scream and realized it was me. Liz had moved her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and her wings had enveloped me to keep my thrashing to a minimum. Still shuddering, I felt her lips caress my neck and then two sharp penetrations. I would have panicked, but the enveloping warmth kept me sedate and weakened my struggles. Liz held onto me now with little effort as she tasted me while I writhed in pleasure in her grasp.


I vaguely realized that Sharon had passed out beneath me and started to pull my tail out. I tried to shift away from Liz, but all I could really do is shudder in pleasure as she gently shushed me. Finally, the darkness took me too.



Chapter 40 – Jean cooks marsh mellows


Jean hadn’t moved far from the dorm that contained Dona. She stayed a few dozen yards away until she heard everyone’s breathing settle into a normal, relaxed rhythm. She turned away and from the dorm and looked out over the ocean. It was a moonless night, so she adjusted her eye sight to compensate for the lack of light.


She commanded Master PC to alert her of any threatening situation to Dona and started to walk. She wasn’t sure where she was walking, but she hadn’t been around for very long and wanted to enjoy what the island had to offer. In a normal sense, she was barely more than a month old. While her use of Master PC and direct access to the internet (currently out of range) allowed her to be a quick study, things like the beach or even warm weather were new to her. She hadn’t even realized that things could be warm until Dona asked her to get them to a ‘warm place’.


She quietly walked along the edge of the beach and enjoyed the world in a way that few people could. Her heightened senses picked up a family of birds just a few yards from her position, huddled in the tall grasses. She sensed a few bats flying through the sky in search for insects that buzzed along the edge of the new lake she had made earlier in the day.


She had walked for nearly a mile when she caught the scent of burning wood further up the beach. Curious she continued to follow the beach and in a short while caught the ambient light of a small bonfire about twenty yards in from the water. She focused on the fire and saw a man quietly sitting on a log next to the fire. She queried Master PC for more information, but the program wasn’t aware of the man’s presence.


Jean could have felt fear at that point, but again this wasn’t something that she was really aware of. She had never had a reason to be afraid, except when Dona was missing. But she had never encountered anything that could pose even a slight threat to her well being.


She continued to walk up to the fire and now stood a few yards from the man. He didn’t seem surprised to see her and met her with a smile. Gently he patted the spot next to him on the log; an invitation for her to sit.


Seeing no reason not to, she complied with his invitation. He picked up a stick and pulled a marsh mellow from his jacket. He pushed it onto the end of the stick and handed it to her. She gave him a questioning look.

He smiled again. He was an older man, maybe in his fifties. He was exceptionally handsome for his age, and the smile wrinkles just made him that much more likable. He had a fluffy, grey beard and it matched his curly grey hair. “You put the marsh mellow end into the fire and cook it until it turns brown.”


He picked up another stick, pulled out another marsh mellow, put it on his stick, and started to cook it in the fire.


She watched him for a moment longer; he was dressed in a heavy coat with a hood, jeans, and work boots. He could have been a factory worker, but he carried himself with an air of authority. This was someone that was used to being obeyed. Finally, she followed his lead and started to cook her marsh mellow.


A few minutes passed and he pulled out his treat. It was on fire and he blew it out. Carefully, he took the skin off of the melted sugar and ate it. He then worked on the end of the stick. A bit of it got onto his beard, but he didn‘t seem to mind. Having finished his meal, he pulled out another marsh mellow and started the process again.


“You shouldn’t burn it, but I kind of like it that way. Things shouldn’t always be perfect.”


Jean pulled her treat back and attempted to repeat the same process. However, when she pulled the skin off, part of it fell onto the sand and she took a few minutes to finish the rest. She reached down to reclaim the last of her marsh mellow, but the man interrupted her, “Leave it for the birds. You don’t want to get sand on you with your fingers sticky like that.”


Disappointed, she nodded. The man offered her another marsh mellow. She set it up and started to toast it again.


“Aren’t you curious as to who I am?” asked the man.


“You’ll tell me when you’re ready I guess,” Jean answered simply.


“I see. Can I ask you a question Jean?” he asked her.


“Sure, but it will cost you another marsh mellow,” she said as she ate her next one. She had done better this time; she still had to blow it out, but was able to eat it all.


“Fair enough,” he answered and handed her another one. “You know all the words of power from Mysteries of the Mind now. Why aren’t you using that instead of Master PC?”


Jean didn’t answer for a minute as she watched her marsh mellow cook, “Don’t need to yet. Plus, I don’t want to work on that scale. A hundred miles is enough range for me.”


The man finished his third marsh mellow and leaned back, “You could have a lot more power than you do now. You might even be able to fix Dona without any more drama.”


She pulled her marsh mellow back. It was a golden brown and cooked perfectly. She pulled the perfect skin from the treat and ate it. She smiled at the taste and finished the rest. She put her stick aside, “Do you have more marsh mellows?”


“Sure. Do you want another one?” asked the man.


“Why don’t you eat another one?” she asked him.


He thought about it for a minute, “Well, I like them, but only a few at a time. Too many can make you sick or turn you off of them.”


“It’s like that. I have what I need and Dona is doing her thing. Too much could be a bad thing. I like what I have and when I want more I can get it.”


He nodded in understanding, “You remind me of my daughter. She’s a lot like you are. She has a good head on her shoulders and has a keen sense of balance about life. I think you’d like her; although, she does tend to take herself a bit more seriously than you do.”


She raised an eyebrow, “Is that a bad thing?”


He chuckled, “No, it’s just different. Maybe you’ll start being more like that when you’re older.”


“I’ll let Dona know that she should keep me in check,” she smiled at him.

“Family is good for that. It’ll be the most aggravating and satisfying thing that you’ll ever have,” he mused.


“So I am coming to learn,” she responded simply.


He grew quiet, “It’ll get harder for you Jean. You and yours are going to have to make some tough calls. You do your best to keep them safe, but sometimes the people you protect the most will have to protect you too. When that happens, you need to accept that they have to pay the price for their decision.” He stood up and nodded to the fire, “The fire will burn all night for you, feel free to enjoy it. I need to get back home.” Jean heard a distant rumble over the sound of the surf.


“Will I see you again?” she asked quietly, looking up at him.


“We’re both going to be around for a long time Jean. I have no doubt that we’ll meet again.” He started to walk away towards the surf.


“I’ll bring the marsh mellows,” she said a few moments later. She watched him walk towards the surf. Lightning flashed in the distance ahead of him; the sudden light made her blink when she opened her eyes again he was gone.


She was comfortable by the fire and watched the distant lightning dance across the sky until dawn.



Chapter 41 – Bobbi’s story


Bobbi let her forehead rest on the shower wall and let the cool water run over her back. She let the water take her tension and arousal as it ran off of her and down the drain. After a few minutes she adjusted the water to remove the chill from her bones that had started forming.


While she completely accepted her female form, she was still adjusting to the physical nature of her new body. For instance, she got cold quickly and wasn’t nearly as strong as she used to be. Plus, there were still a few times when her new size also threw her off. Her old body hadn’t exactly been physically imposing, but with a loss of just a few inches she noticed how people treated her differently.


She rinsed her hair and did a cursory clean up of her body. She didn’t want to linger too long because she didn’t want to get herself worked up again and didn’t want to be late for her mistress. The one thing she really enjoyed about her new situation was that she didn’t have to always be the one in charge. She still thought a few steps ahead when it came to Sam’s safety, but now it was about her love for her mistress not about power plays.


She shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel, she did a quick dry of her hair and face. She walked over to the mirror and used it to wipe some of the steam away so she could see her face. She paused as she saw her reflection. The slight, happy smile on her face and the content look in her eyes held her attention for a moment.


Bobbi saw the reflection frown as memories came back to her. Realization started to fill her, followed by a subtle level of anger that started to grow. Her hands, still holding her towel, started to shake and the cloth fell to the floor.


The increasing anger filled her being as the reflection still held her. A shaking hand came up and hit the mirror. Slowly at first, and then more quickly, Bobbi mindlessly started to smash the wall sized, bathroom mirror. She could still make out the reflection and she saw it was screaming at her.


Redness started to cover the reflective surface as Bobbi continued to swing her fists. Finally, the last of the glass fell away and the woman disappeared from site. The anger started to leave her and she realized that someone was screaming. She felt hands on her. They were pulling her from the bathroom and into the master bedroom.


The screaming seemed to follow them as they came out into the bedroom. She noticed that the white carpet had flecks of red on the floor. The hands pulled her to the bed and set her down. A warm body pressed against her and one of the hands held her head gently.


For a few moments she resisted the comfort that was being offered. She pushed against the body to move away, but the hands holding her were firm. Time passed and she felt herself being rocked back and forth gently. The screaming seemed to be dying down and somewhere Bobbi realized that she was the source of the noise.


The rocking continued and the anger passed more. Pain was radiating from her hands and feet, but the comfort she felt from being held prevented her from moving. She also noticed that she was crying and sobbing.

Eventually, Sam managed to calm Bobbi down and let her sit up. She was careful to keep both hands on the distraught woman. Vicki had brought out some extra towels for Sam and she grabbed one of the smaller ones and started to work on Bobbi’s hand.


Bobbi’s hands and feet were a mess. The glass from the bathroom mirror had cut into them. It was all that Sam could do to get her out of the bathroom and onto the bed. Sam had stepped on some glass herself, but her accelerated healing had quickly allowed her to recover.


Slowly and gently, Sam slowly started to pull glass out of Bobbi’s hand. When she was done one hand, she wrapped it with a towel and moved to the next. Bobbi simply cried quietly. Not from the pain of her hands, but for some other reason that Sam didn’t yet understand.


Once her hands were wrapped, Sam moved to Bobbi’s feet and repeated the process. Again, Sam moved slowly, ready to grab Bobbi again if the distraught woman started to get violent again. However, the fight had left Bobbi. The woman simply watched Sam as she did her work.


As Sam wrapped her last foot, Bobbi looked over to the bedroom dresser mirror. Again, she held her own reflection’s gaze as she spoke, “I was married.”


Sam looked up at Bobbi and followed her gaze to the mirror and then looked back, “Where is she?”


Still looking in the mirror, “She’s dead. She died nearly thirty years ago.”


“I’m sorry.”


“So am I.” A wrapped hand came up and touched her face. “I haven’t thought about her for a long time, until now.”


“Is that why you smashed the mirror Bobbi?” Sam had moved up and held Bobbi again.


“I suppose so,” it hadn’t felt like it was her, but obviously it was.

“What made you want to break the mirror Bobbi?”


“Her,” Bobbi gestured towards the mirror. She was still looking at her reflection. “That’s my wife.”


It took a few moments for Sam to get it. When she did though, horror and sadness filled her, “You made yourself look like your wife.”


“Yes. I hadn’t thought about her face for years. I really couldn’t recall it, but when I worked on Master PC. I could make you all look any way I wanted. I couldn’t even see it happen in the display. When I used it though, the first thing I did was make her again.” Bobbi even realized that she sounded like her wife.


“We could fix that you know. I could call Vicki and…”


Bobbi looked directly at Sam, “Please don’t. I miss her so much and in a way, in a weird way, this is ok.”


Sam didn’t understand, but she didn’t need to. If this is what Bobbi needed, then it was fine with her, “So long as you don’t break any more mirrors, ok?” Sam gently ran her hand over Bobbi head and hair.


Bobbi smiled, “I’m sorry. I guess when I realized who I was now, I just kind of broke.”


Sam nodded. She didn’t really know what to say, but she wanted to be there for Bobbi.


“I had a daughter too. I used to do a lot of bad things for this country Sam. I was in another country and was doing things there that needed to be done. However, even in a bad place you can find love. They call it going ‘native’,” she smiled sadly at Sam.


Sam returned her smile, but didn’t say anything.


“I found her and we lived together for a year. We had a daughter. However, after awhile people found me. They found us. A local warlord discovered me and came after us.”


“So this warlord killed your family?”


Bobbi flashed back to coming home to a flaming house. It had been a simple cabin and it burned easily. The flames were already consuming a big part of the house, but he managed to get in part way, only to find his wife dead on the floor, she had obviously been raped and then murdered. He hadn’t been able to find his daughter though.


However, Bobbi knew that Sam wasn’t like that. She didn’t have that kind of worldly experience and didn’t need to be exposed to it. So Bobbi simply nodded, “My wife yes. I never did find out what happened to my daughter.”


Bobbi had spent the next few years tracking down the warlord and his men. It had taken some work, but he had found everyone involved and killed them. None knew anything about his daughter. As far as he knew she may still be alive somewhere.


“You know we could find her right?” Sam said encouragingly.


“What do you mean?” Bobbi asked not understanding.


“Your daughter; we could use Master PC to find her for you.”


Bobbi hesitated. Part of her wanted to desperately find her daughter. However, another part didn’t want her involved in this Master PC madness, “Maybe we could locate her. It’s been a long time, but I would like to know she’s safe.”


“Vicki?” Sam asked.


Vicki immediately appeared, dressed in a conservative suit, “Yes Sam?”


Sam looked from Vicki to Bobbi, “Go ahead Bobbi, ask her.”


Bobbi looked over at Vicki, “Can you find my daughter Vicki?”


Vicki closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them, “I can start a search based on your history. However as Master PC only has a hundred mile radius range, it will take me some time to search. Would you like me to proceed?”


Bobbi nodded, “Yes, but only locate her. Do not change her situation in any way unless I tell you, ok?”


Vicki nodded, “Yes Bobbi. I can do that,” she paused for a moment and then said, “I have started the search. I will let you know what I find.”

Bobbi smiled, “Thanks Vicki. Oh, and could you fix my cuts and clean up the mess?”


Vicki looked at the room, the damage in the bathroom, and the blood. The woman focused for a second and the rooms became spotless. Everything was back to the way it was before Bobbi had come upstairs. Vicki looked at Bobbi, “I’m sorry Bobbi, but I could not find any injuries to fix.”


Surprised, Bobbi and Sam looked at one another and unwrapped the towels on Bobbi’s hands. There was no sign of any injury. The same was true for her feet. “Maybe Dona or Jean tweaked your healing ability before they left?” ask Sam.


Bobbi shrugged, “Maybe. I guess we can ask them when they get back. If it’s ok with you Sam, can we just stay home tonight and cuddle? I’m not really in a good place for the jungle tonight,” a piece of her still wanted to go, but it just didn’t feel right to the rest of her.

Sam nodded, “It’ll be there tomorrow. We can go then.” She looked over at Vicki, “Want to join us tonight Vicki?”


Vicki nodded, she had never turned off her own changes, and the thought of cuddling with the two women appealed to her, “Yes, please.”


Vicki undressed and joined the two other women. The car was arriving just then, so she sent a copy of herself to meet and process the purchase. Meanwhile, an additional copy ran the search for Bobbi’s daughter, secured the house, and shut everything off.


It had been a long day and the three women were quickly asleep in the master bedroom as the other Vicki’s kept the house running.



Chapter 42 – Anthony, picking up strays


Anthony arrived at the address in Miner’s Pitch about an hour after sunset. He parked along the lonely road and pulled his pistol from his duffel bag. As he climbed out of the car, the smell of smoking wood and cold met him. There were no lights except for the thin crescent of moon that lit the yard in front of him and one or two lights on inside the house. The faint light glinted off of the cars spread throughout the front yard.


Falling back on his training, Anthony made his way to the front of the house. He carefully moved his way through the cars, making sure that there were no hidden threats as he moved. He made it to the stairs leading to the front door of the house and the increasing burning smell showed him that it was coming from what was left of the front entrance way.


He quietly slipped into the front of the house and did a quick search of the first floor. There were obvious signs of fighting, but no bodies. After ensuring that the first floor was secure, he made his way up the stairs. The house had been open to the outside for some time, as he noticed that there was very little warmth left inside the house.


He did a quick search in the second floor to verify what he already suspected: whatever had happened, it was over. He withdrew from the house the same way he had come in and made his way back to the car. While there was no sign of any person in the vicinity, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there were people around him.


Back in the car, he pulled away from the house and called back to Vicki. He let her know the situation and she let him know that Dona and Jean hadn’t called back to the house either. Considering it a dead end, he turned the car around and started to make his way back to New Jersey.


He was ten minutes in his drive and started to think about getting dinner when he saw the woman.  At first he thought it was just a figment of his imagination, but as he came up on her he realized that it was a lone woman that was hitch hiking on the back road.


As he came up on her, she didn’t seem that unusual. From what he could tell, she was just five foot, and fairly thin build. Unlike the women that he had seen in the last few days, she wasn’t built heavy on top, and seemed to give off a relaxed hippy type of feel with a baseball cap, long jean coat, and white sneakers. A colorful, striped scarf seemed to add to the free spirit aura. Over one should she carried a medium sized duffle bag indicating that she was probably not a local.


As he got closer, she turned and put her hand out (thumb up) and continued to walk down the dark road. Thoughts of how someone like her would be vulnerable in a place like this, he didn’t even consider not picking her up. He stopped next to her and pulled down the electric window on the passenger side.


She bent down and rested on the window sill. She was just as nice close up as she had been when he was looking at her on the road, “How far you going?” he asked in a friendly sort of way.


She gave him a simple smile and looked him up and down. Her clean blue eyes sparkled as she thought things through. A brief moment later, she seemed to make some inner determination. Anthony thought that she would have been more desperate for someone walking alone on a back road in fifty or so degree weather. She didn’t even seem to be phased, “However far you’re going, that’ll work for me.”


“Well, come on and get in then,” he said. The cold air flowed into the car and he adjusted the heat to compensate.


She tossed her duffle bag into the back seat, climbed in, and buckled up. After the door was closed and the window back up, she undid the top of her coat, and pulled her hat and gloves off.


While the cold didn’t appear to affect her while she was walking, she gratefully put her hands out and washed them in the warm air from the car vents. Once her hands were warmed up, she ran them through her short, platinum hair to remove the affects of the baseball cap, “Thanks for picking me up. I was starting to think that I was going to be walking all the way to the East Coast.”


Anthony had been focusing on the road, the only lights came from his car’s headlights and the inside instruments. He had been watching her movements from the corner of his eye. He didn’t really consider her a threat, but it had been a weird week, “You going somewhere specific?”


“There’s a place that I need to be at in a couple of days, but I’ve got some time before I need to be there. How about you? Where’re you heading?”


Anthony kept his eyes forward, “Back to some friends in New Jersey. This is their car and I need to get it back to them.”


She leaned her head against the head rest and closed her eyes. Anthony was surprised at her comfort level with him, as they had just met. Not opening her eyes she said, “When you get some gas maybe we could get a bite to eat?”


He glanced over at her briefly; she was still completely relaxed, “What makes you think that we’re stopping for gas?”


“Your low fuel light,” She said simply, her eyes still closed, “It just came on.”


Surprised, he looked at his dashboard and saw the light. It hadn’t been on a few moments before, “Sure I don’t see why not. There was a town I came through a few miles down the road. We’ll hit there.” Anthony wasn’t in a big hurry to get back to Jean’s place. He wasn’t sure he would survive the girls there.


Anthony glanced over at the woman again. She was fairly young, and he enjoyed the way that her smaller breasts rose and fell as she breathed deeply in her relaxed state. Her open coat exposed the red sweater underneath and the car’s lights did a good job accenting her assets. He thought he was only looking for a moment, but the car started to hit the rumble strip on the side of the road and he had to snap the car back onto the road.


Again, she kept her eyes closed, “These back roads can be tricky in the dark in this part of Pennsylvania, sometimes things can sneak up on you,” She said it with a touch of humor, the smile in her voice.


He cleared his throat, realizing that he’d been busted, “My name’s Tony. What’s yours?”


“It’s Delphi.”


“That’s an unusual name.”


He could hear the happy tone in her voice again, “My mom was an unusual woman and thought the name appropriate.”


Anthony kept his eyes forward and thought about it, “Was it?” he asked a minute later.


“Sometimes, but other times not so much,” he could almost hear the sadness in her voice.


“Oh,” not the deeply intellectual answer he was hoping for, but he really didn’t understand her answer. They drove for a short while and he saw the lights shining in the night from the town up ahead. He slowed as he came up to it, and pulled into the only gas station in the small town.


This was an older town. No young kid behind a glass wall at this station, instead an older gentleman met him as he climbed out of the car and Anthony paid him for a full tank of gas. Anthony busied himself filling up the tank but still took the time to further check out Delphi.


Under the harsh lights of the gas station, her skin looked pale and almost translucent. However, the way she was relaxed and comfortable with herself, she seemed to radiate a level of confidence that he hadn’t seen often. He would have compared it to Jean, but it was more of an aura where Jean seemed to project it to whatever she was focused on.


Anthony finished with the gas and got back into the car. In his brief conversation with the gas station owner, he had been told of the diner two blocks down.


“We’re hitting the local diner. Apparently it’s the only place open around here.”


She opened her eyes and sat up, “Sounds good. I haven’t had decent cooking for awhile.”


He thought about the amount of fat he was about to eat and reserved comment. She was pretty thin and so some old fashioned cooking with everything soaked in lard was probably something she could use.


They found the diner easily enough, parked in the nearly empty parking lot, and proceeded to go into the diner. An older lady met them at the door and led them to a booth. Anthony was polite enough to help Delphi out of her coat and hung it up along with the scarf and his own coat.


“A gentleman, haven’t seen one of those for awhile,” Delphi mused as she sat down.


“Not sure about being a gentleman, but mother did manage to get a few manners into me before I left,” he kidded as he sat down across from her.

They checked out the menus as they enjoyed the heat from the diner. After a few minutes, the waitress came up and took their orders. Anthony ordered soup and salad but Delphi ordered meatloaf and potatoes. Her meal came with a salad as well. He was curious as to how she would be able to eat all that food, but the night was young.


The salads came out first, along with a bread basket: Anthony, always watching what he ate, took one roll and ate it with the entire salad. By the time Delphi was finished her salad, she had eaten the rest of the rolls and asked for a refill of the basket.


Anthony watched in amusement as she wolfed down the rolls, “Hungry?” he asked her teasingly.


She smiled, “There are days when I don’t get to eat. Those days that I do eat, I like to store it up.”


“I’ll have to introduce you to a friend of mine; she has a kitchen to match your appetite.” He thought of how Vicki would handle this woman.

“She likes to cook big meals?”


“Her food is endless. She could cook all day.” He smiled.


“Sounds like my kind of gal,” she said as she finished her salad.


“If we go far enough, I’ll hook you up.”


She gave him a sexy grin, “How far is far enough?”


Anthony stuttered as he tried to respond. He hadn’t intended to hit on her and this type of situation wasn’t his strong point.


She saw his distress and smiled, “Relax Tony, girls like to flirt when they like you.”


It was his turn to smile, “Sorry, it’s been a long year and a bizarre week.”


She got a questioning look on her face, but the waitress came out with the main platters and they both busied themselves with eating. Anthony’s military experience made him a naturally fast eater. That and he only had a bowl of soup to go through. Once he was done, he watched in fascination as Delphi finished her entire plate.


Unlike the salad and rolls, she was much more paced with the meatloaf, and it nearly took her an hour to finish it. She took a few breaks and they made small talk about the diner, food, and the weather.


After she was finished, their small talk turned towards more personal events. Anthony found himself talking about his family and his sister. He omitted a few parts of the story, but kept the general facts in place.


Delphi explained that she enjoyed travelling much of the time and how she had been raised by her mom. Some parts of her story were fuzzy in the same way that Anthony’s had described his story, but he brushed that aside. They both seemed to enjoy the company and were surprised when the waitress came back and told them that they were closing up.


Anthony reached for his wallet, but Delphi was faster. She suddenly had three crisp, folded twenties and handed them to the waitress, “Keep the change honey.” The waitress thanked her happily.


Anthony tried to protest but Delphi shook her head, “Thanks Tony, but I had the meal and you had an appetizer. I respect your manners, but I’m no slouch.”


He knew he was defeated and so simply stood and helped her with her coat. As she put her coat on, he noticed a strange bulge on her back, under her sweater. It was too flat to be a gun, so he figured it was some type of knife. He couldn’t really find fault with it, as he still had his pistol in his coat.


They walked outside and Anthony was steeling himself for another six hours of driving through the night. Delphi walked up to him, and put a hand on his shoulder. She pointed across the road to a motel, “Maybe we should sleep tonight and head out tomorrow.”


Anthony briefly considered just getting back in the car, but he was trying not to yawn and he liked the close feel of Delphi next to him. He glanced from the motel back to Delphi and saw the half smile on her face. He recalled seeing that smile before, but couldn’t quite remember who it had been.


Anthony nodded and used his remote to unlock the car, “Yeah you’re right. Grab your bag and let’s go.” While Delphi grabbed her duffel bag, he transferred his to the car’s trunk. He really didn’t want to have a bag full of guns in the room with the two of them.


Relocking the car, they walked across the empty road and checked into the motel. He was going to get two rooms, but Delphi came up to him and put an arm around his waist, “Let’s save ourselves some money and get a single room.” She had that half smile again and her presence prevented any protesting.


They entered the cheap room and closed the door behind them. Anthony moved to the room’s heater and turned it up to get the chill out of the air. Turning around, he watched Delphi remove her coat and scarf and toss them onto one of the two beds. Her bag was already there; she sat down and started taking off her shoes. He simply watched her move as she performed the simple act. Eventually, she looked up and he realized that she was meeting his gaze, “You going to take off your jacket and stay awhile?” she smiled at him, using that teasing tone again.


He snapped out of it and followed her lead; embarrassed at himself. After the last few days, he thought that it would be awhile before he would even want to consider having sex with anyone. However, as he took off his jacket, and then his boots, he could feel a stirring in his groin as he glanced over at Delphi.


Again, he found himself watching her as she pulled her sweater off. It was fairly tight and it took her a moment to work her way out of the red knit fabric. There was a lump under the sweater at the small of her back and, as she twisted a bit, he noticed what the sweater had been covering. The exotic knife was sheathed and was partially bent, almost like a boomerang.


“Nice knife,” he said after she had gotten the sweater off. He was surprised that she was so casual at its appearance.


She smiled and pulled the sheathed blade off her back and placed it on the dresser, “It’s a Kukri; it keeps me safe when I can’t share a room with a gentleman.”


“Oh? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll take advantage of you now that you’re defenseless?” he asked her kiddingly.


She leaned walked casually over to Anthony where he sat, “I have two reasons why I’m not worried.”


He looked up at her, “Two?”


There was the lopsided grin again, “One, you have a gun which always beats a knife,” she took another step forward so that she was nearly touching him.


Caught off guard, he tried to think of some response to put her at ease. She didn’t give him a chance though as she pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him, “Two, I want you to take advantage of me Tony,” she bent over him and lightly kissed his chin. “You do want to take advantage of me, don’t you Tony?” she gently asked him with a teasing tone as she wiggled her bottom against his groin.


He must have fully recovered from his previous encounters as his cock grew large in his pants and struggled to break free. She felt his hard shaft through the fabric and looked down at its shape, “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Anthony was surprised at how hard and long he was now. He felt the head of his cock threatening to push over the top of his pants. He’d always thought of himself as average, but now he realized that he was bigger than he had previously been. Also, his level of sensitivity caught him off guard; Delphi’s minor rubbing was driving him insane with desire.

The pleasure built and kept him from coming up with more witty banner. Instead, he lifted himself and the woman up and flipped her onto the bed. She was so light that it didn’t even faze him as she hit the bed with a ‘woof’ sound.


Standing over her, he quickly pulled his shirt and pants off. Delphi, recovering from the sudden position change was about to say something, but her eyes locked onto his cock. Fully standing at a foot of length, it slapped against his hard abs as he pulled his pants and underwear off.

Anthony bent down to remove the final pant leg, and as he stood back up he felt a soft hand wrap itself against his throbbing pole. It was quickly joined by Delphi’s other hand and her warm, soft lips finished the set as she took his head into her mouth.


He looked down and met her gave as she swept her tongue around the head and then down his shaft. “Do you like the feel of my lips on your cock Tony?” A hand slipped down and cupped his balls, “Oh your balls are so full, and I bet you’re good for a couple of rounds.” She gave him a brief squeeze and his cock throbbed in response.


She continued to clean his cock with her tongue, moving it from the tip all the way down to his balls. Anthony could barely stay standing as she demonstrated her mastery. Finally, she pulled his shaft straight out and took it in her mouth and throat. At first it seemed that she would gag, but slowly she took it in and Anthony could feel as he slipped into her throat.


She continued the process as she slowly pulled him out, and then took him back in. She continued to fuck him with her mouth like this until he felt the inevitable tightening in his balls that signaled he was about to cum. She felt his change and speeded up as she fucked him with her hands and mouth. He instinctively put his hands on her head and grabbed her hair as she pumped him.


Finally, Anthony groaned and a rope of cum started to push out of his cock onto her face, hands, and mouth. She continued to pump him and made sure that she got every last drop. As he gasped for air, she cleaned herself and his cock, taking in every drop, “I love the taste of you Anthony. It’s a nice desert to a good meal.” Again, that sexy half-grin showed on her face.


She stood up and pushed him onto the bed. Catching his breath, he watched her slowly remove her clothes. Despite one of the largest orgasms he had ever had, he couldn’t look away as she stripped. Somehow, he could feel the desire start to rise, and his cock started to get hard again.


He could almost hear the fabric slide off of her perfect, hairless, and unblemished skin. She was a perfect example of womanhood: there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her and her muscles worked smoothly as she undressed. She was well defined without being over muscled and her firm, size B breasts just went to enforce her perfection.


 He looked down and over to Delphi, “I don’t know what it is baby, but I can’t get enough of you.”


“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she said as she walked to the side of the bed and climbed on. With one hand she pulled him flat onto the bed and straddled his face. He wasn’t a big fan of licking pussy, but he was so into her that he didn’t even question it. As soon as her legs were around his head, he grabbed her thighs and started working. Taking turns on her ass and cunt, he used his tongue to get as deep as he could into each of her holes.


She writhed on his face as his tongue did its work and several times he felt her give a little shutter as her cunt got wetter.


Finally, she’d had enough and slid down to his now hard cock. Without looking down, she lifted herself and pulled his cock into her. Anthony had thought that her blow job skills beat anything that he had ever felt, but her tight pussy seemed to suck in his cock as she started to ride it. He grabbed onto her hips as he watched her back writhe in pleasure as her body pumped his cock.


He let her enjoy herself a bit in that position, but his body wanted more and he sat up and flipped her around again. Now, in a doggy position, he started to pump into her at a rate that he liked. As his cock had never been this big before, and he didn’t even realize the affect it would have on a woman.


He realized that he was reaching further into a woman then he had ever before, and she screamed in ecstasy as he buried his rod up to its base. As he continued to pump, she started to meet his thrusts as if she could get an extra length into herself from her effort.


Again, he felt his balls start to tighten and he tried to pull out of her. Instead, Delphi pushed up against his cock and started to flex her pussy muscles. Suddenly, his pleasure increased which caused him to shoot his second load. A small part of him worried about what had just happened, but the rest of him pushed his cock further in to her wet hole to make sure that pleasure lasted as long as it could.


A few minutes passed but his cock barely relaxed. He pulled out of her and she turned to look at him, “Oh Tony, you are such a good find. I hardly ever get to go more than once in a night.”


She ran her hands along his body and back down to his cock. As her hand massaged his organ, she kissed him deeply. He tried to think about why he was able to perform like this, but as she kissed him he stopped caring. As he separated from Delphi, he swung her around and pushed her down onto the bed.


He leaned between her legs and thrust his cock deeply into her. He had never considered himself a lady’s man, but he really started to feel great about fucking this beautiful woman. She started to trash talk again as he built up speed, “Oh Tony, give me your cock. Push that beautiful cock in me. Show me how you fuck a woman.”


He found himself answering, “You like this bitch? You like my cock in your pussy? It’s my pussy now. No other cock can give you what I got for you. Say it. Say how much you love my big cock in your tight pussy.”

Delphi wrapped her arms around his neck and locked eyes with him as he continued to pump into her, “Fuck me Tony. This pussy is yours now Tony. Earn it baby, keep fucking me and pump me up with your cock juice.”


For the third time, he pushed deep into her and felt his cock push his cum into her. Both of them shuddered in release. For a minute or two his cock kept spasming more cum into her. She slowly petted his head, “That’s it Tony, let it all out now. Just let it all out.” She gently encouraged him.


He slowly pulled out and collapsed next to her, “Shit Delphi that was fucking great."


She kept her arms around him and cuddled with him. The both were covered in sweat and various juices, but neither really cared. She kissed him, “Thanks for that Tony. I think I finally scratched that itch.”


Within a few minutes, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.



Chapter 43 – Bernadette, Sharon’s story


I woke to the sound of someone walking on squeaky floor boards. I realized that Dona had left me sometime during the night and I had curled up under my old woolen blanket to keep out the morning colt.


I sorted through the confusion of images that left me as I woke. It was a series of images ranging from the mundane to the erotic.  I remember it involved the Captain that Dona had ‘changed’ and Liz, our ‘hopefully’ reformed vampire. However, it also involved a bonfire and marsh mellows. I had no idea of where that had come from, and let it fade back to my subconscious from where it had obviously come from.


Jean had just come inside. She was doing her best to be quiet, but the old building wasn’t cooperating. However, as I sat up I noticed the rest of the folks were still asleep. I also noticed that Tim’s clothes led a trail to one of the back rooms. That was a bit surprising as Tim had not been very approving of the whole situation. The last thing I expected was for him to be having any sort of sexual encounter with any of these women.


With Dona missing, I assumed that the two had somehow hooked up and made an evening of it. I felt a pang of jealousy as the emotional content of that thought hit me. Despite everything, any time I thought about Dona being with someone else it hurt me in a way that I had never felt. For my short time of knowing her, it surprised me how close I was to her.


In a way I still considered Dona to be more of a Don. Jean and she had explained about what had happened with Master PC and Doug. However, even as a female I could ‘sense’ that he still held a few of his mannerisms and views back. On some level, he still hadn’t accepted or even dealt with, being a female.


I felt an odd sensation and realized that Jean was staring at me, ‘You eaves dropping on me Jean?’ I thought over to her. Jean, Dona, and I had discovered this ability early yesterday and had all gotten quite adept at it. However, even though Dona and I could easily block our thoughts from each other, I always had the feeling that Jean heard more then she let on.


Jean, sitting down and drinking some of the water we had gathered yesterday smiled and nodded, ‘Yes.’


‘Well, what do you think about it?’ I was sitting up against the wall, still enjoying the warmth of my blanket.


‘I hadn’t until you brought it up. Dona has always been Dona to me. However, it’s logical that she has a long way to go before becoming a full female. Don had intended to use Master PC to explore his sexuality and not stay a permanent female. However, like Samantha, there is effectively no way for him to go back to his old life. Unlike Samantha, she hasn’t really had time to deal with the situation or acknowledged it.’


‘Eventually she’ll have to,’ I frowned at Jean.


‘Yes, but not today; maybe not for some time. However, I suspect he’ll need us both to be there when she does.’ She had a blank expression with that statement. Sometimes I wondered how her mind actually functioned.

She smiled at me as I thought that. More like the cat that ate the canary than anything else.


‘You know where she is?’ I asked.


‘Yes. Since her last kidnapping I now know where you and she are at all times. I also know your physical state. She is in the back room with the two other women. I also note that Captain Ryder has picked up vampiric characteristics, which the other two had yesterday. No doubt, they had a lot of fun last night.’


‘No doubt,’ sur nuff I felt that jealousy rise back up.


‘You shouldn’t be jealous Bernadette. She is your soul mate. Sex is part of her nature now but you are the one that matters to her the most.’


‘I was raised as a one partner kinda gal, Jean. It doesn’t sit with me well when my man, or woman, is off gallivanting with a couple of other folks.’


‘Before Dona changed, she was quite the devoted husband Jean. You’re dealing with the fantasy version of that person now. Stay with her long enough and she will settle down. Keep in mind too, that she has been programmed to be very promiscuous. Once that programming is removed, that will also work towards making her wander less.’


She just listed this out like describing a recipe for cooking cake. I wish I could see it that way too.


‘I could fix that for you if you’d like Bernadette.’


I held up a hand, ‘No thanks there lady, and even if you can poke in my head I’d appreciate it if you’d pretend to not hear me unless I’m directing things to you.’


She stuck her tongue out at me in response. Then she smiled and winked. Getting up from the table she casually walked to the first room, gathering clothes as she did so. She opened the door and dropped many of the garments into the room.


She closed the door and went to the next room. She opened it and looked inside. Her face blank, she turned to me and gestured that I come take a look. Keeping my blanket wrapped around me, I moseyed over to the door. I made much less noise as my old training kicked in and let me avoid the squeaks of the protesting floor boards. Sur nuff Jean raised an eye brow when she saw my silent walk and I gave her a big smile. I knew that Jean had some pretty impressive abilities, but nothing beats good training and experience.


She gestured towards the room and took a step back. I moved forward and looked inside. It took me a minute to understand what I was seeing and I had to squint to get a better look in the dim lit room. Jean stepped in behind me and closed the door.


Indirect light was coming through the old windows and I waited a mite to give my eyes a chance to adjust. Obviously, Liz and Sharon had woken up during the night. Whatever this vampire thing was, it was affecting all three women equally. They were neckkid and sleeping snuggled up to each other, but their wings had formed a strange sort of cocoon around each one. I could make up their feminine forms through the skin as the cocoons swelled and contracted as they breathed deeply.


I had observed Dona’s wings when she went against Liz the other day and last night; so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see them all with wings. However, their behavior certainly wasn’t human. As I watched them, I also noticed a strange smell. It was almost like honey dew. I drew in a deeper breath to enjoy the smell and felt a strange feeling come over me.


Before I realized what I was doing, I knelt down in front of Dona and touched the skin of her cocoon. I could feel the warmth of her body come through and I put my palm against it. Dona’s heart beat was strong in the wing and I brought my other hand up to bask in it. I leaned my head against her wing and enjoyed the sound of her, and the other two, breathing.


I started thinking what it would be like to pull back a wing and kiss Dona. I could almost make out her form beneath the wing and ran my hand sensuously along the area where the breasts pushed out of the thin flesh. I could feel my mate shudder beneath me and I smiled a bit as I could hear her start to purr.


As I continued to touch my lover, I actually started to move my hand up towards where the wings met. I ran my fingers down the ridge and enjoyed it as a slight moan come from Dona inside her shell of flesh. I started to feel myself get aroused at her response.


The erotic moment was suddenly disrupted when a wave of cold water hit me and everyone else in the room. I jumped up in complete surprise and turned to see Jean in the door way with an empty bucket.


“What the hell was that?!?” I yelled at her. In part to show my irritation and in part to make sure she heard me over the screams of protest over the other women in the room.


Calmly Jean put the bucket down and thought to me, ‘Do you really want to be like Dona, Bernadette? If you do, don’t you think you should make that choice clearly and not as a result of falling for one of their abilities?’


I started to protest, but I suddenly saw an image of what I had just been doing with Dona. I realized that, while it had been enjoyable, I was certainly not acting in my right mind, ‘Thanks Jean and sorry.’

She smiled, accepting my apology.


Dona was standing up and pulling her wings back into herself. The other two women were doing the same, “Really Genie? You could’ve just shaken us awake.” It was colt and all three were neckkid so she was using one of the old blankets to cover herself.


She looked over at the other two and then closed her eyes. Her look of annoyance fell away as she broke into concentration. The worn blankets, water, and miscellaneous pieces of cloth in the room disappeared. Nearly as quickly, the air in the room shimmered and all four of us were wearing jeans and shirts.


She opened her eyes and looked around at us, “That’s much better.” She looked over at me, “Sorry I wasn’t with you this morning, but the two ladies woke up and were fairly hungry. I had to rein them in a bit to keep them from eating your partner. I mean that in a bad way.”


So much for Tim thawing on the subject of this group, “Is he ok?”


Dona nodded, “They wore him out a bit, but he’ll be fine with some sleep. Good news though, Sharon and Liz are ok.”


Both of the women were a bit disorientated about the whole clothes thing but managed to nod my way. I nodded back, “You up for a few questions Captain?”


Ryder met my look and I could see the military discipline kicking in. She was used to being the one in charge and her response didn’t surprise me, “And you are?”


Dona deflated the situation, “She’s Agent Bernadette Lee and this is Agent Jean Smith. In this building you have the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Anything they want to know, I want to know. If they ask you something, then treat it as if it’s from me. Understood?” There was a tone there that I didn’t quite get.


I knew Dona did things because she cared and was willing to push to help people. However, this was different. Right then, she projected authority. However, she looked at me and gave me an embarrassed smile. I could see the color in her cheeks as if she had just done something wrong and was sorry I had to see it.


The affect on Ryder was impressive, “Sorry Ma’am. I meant no disrespect.”

Dona walked over to Ryder and touched her face, “it's ok Sharon. It's been a strange week for everyone and I just want us all to get off on the right foot.” She turned toward Liz and gently touched her face in the same way, “You too Liz. We need to work together to make sure that things don’t go bad.” Both women responded to her touch with pleasure and I noticed a bit of tension leave both of them.


At that point we heard stirring from out front as the rest of the building started to wake up. We all walked out and sat down around one of the tables. The others saw us walk out and nodded our way. They were still paired up from the night before: James with Dawn and Dave with Elli. They told us that they were going to go out and get cleaned up. I suspected that they had more in mind then that with the way they were touching one another.


After they had left, we sat down at one of the tables. I passed a bowl of cut up coconut meat over to Liz and Sharon. They ate the food hungrily and it took several glasses of water for both of them to quench their thirst.


I waited a bit for them to eat and once I saw that they were at the ‘not so hungry stage’ started in on Sharon, “So now that you’ve had a chance to eat, do you want to tell us why you were at the house and what your team’s purpose is?”


Sharon took a moment to consider the question. I could see her weighing things before she started talking. No doubt years of training were telling her that she shouldn’t say anything, but I suspected that her world view had gone through a few major changes in the last twenty four hours.


She started talking and just let it roll out, “We’re hunting aliens. We’re a special unit designed to hunt down and contain alien incursions.”

I noticed that most of us, except for Jean of course, were sitting with our mouths open. After a moment Dona asked the question, “You mean like people who are not US citizens right?”


Sharon smiled a sad smile, “No. I mean the kind of alien that isn’t human.”


Jean looked confused, “What’s an alien that isn’t human?”


More confused looks towards Jean, Dona explained patiently, “Beings that are alive and were not born on Earth. Another common term is Extraterrestrial.”


“Are there a lot of them on this planet?” Jean asked again.


To Liz and Sharon, Dona held up a hand, “Jean came up in a very isolated environment. Sometimes it puts her at a disadvantage.” She looked over to Jean again, “No. Publicly there are some rumors but there’s never been any real proof.”


Seeing Jean satisfied for the moment, “So Sharon, how did this whole thing start?”


Sharon lean back a bit, “In 2007 there was a series of events that took place in New York City. Several people were killed, but there were reports of beings able to perform multiple feats that were considered impossible.


“Such as,” I asked.


“People were reported to be able to heal with a touch; others performed great feats of strength. There was even a group of soldiers that somehow were dispatched to the locations and gained some of these abilities. However, something happened to remove their memory of events and all records leading to their presence in New York. Many of them are part of my unit.”


Dona and Liz were exchanging looks back and forth across the table, “Was there a vehicle found that had been destroyed by a telephone pole. I mean, not just a pole falling on it, but as if someone had used it as a hammer to completely destroy the car.” Dona asked, but kept her eyes locked with Liz.


Sharon was shocked but answered, “How did you know about that? I’ve seen the pictures, but that’s in a classified document.”


Dona and Liz busted out laughing. Jean and I were a bit puzzled, but Sharon started to look frustrated, “What’s so damn funny? You both don’t believe me?”


Dona looked over at Liz, “You saw the report too then?” Liz nodded in response.


“It was on national television back in 2007, Sharon. They played it for weeks. Someone came out and told the world about Master PC. He claimed that it was over, but a few months later more reports came out about a new version of Master PC. We’re talking about worldwide coverage,” Dona explained.


Something was bugging me, “Dona, I don’t remember any of that. Sharon obviously doesn’t either, and I’ve both spent a lot of time hunting down Master PC users and keeping a lid on things.” Sharon nodded in agreement.


Jean backed me up, “She’s right Dona. I have done multiple, detailed searches on the internet and have found no references to these 2007 events.”


Liz started in, “No way lady, maybe you just missed it…”


Dona held up her hand and silenced Liz, “Believe me when I say this; if Genie says she looked for something on the internet and didn’t find it, it doesn’t exist there.”


I tried to put some pieces together, “For the sake of discussion let’s say that both groups are right; how can this be the case?”


Jean answered, “Liz and Dona are users of Master PC. You two are not, correct?”


I nodded and Sharon asked, “What’s Master PC?”


Jean took a few minutes to explain it, which answered her question but didn’t really help her confusion.


I put us back on track, “You’re a user of Master PC, aren’t you Jean?”


“Yes, but I was not alive in 2007 and so don’t have any of these memories,” she said simply.


I wasn’t as surprised as the rest of the group, except Dona of course. I kind of already knew several things about Jean but this put it into place for me. We had another long discussion on that topic and it was Jean’s turn to get us back on track.


“What was your response when you got Master PC? When it became available to you? Did you believe it was real?” Jean asked Liz.


Liz shook her head and laughed, “Hell no. I thought it was some weird spam that was going to hijack my computer. I’d only read about it on blogs before that.”


Jean turned to Dona, “Yours was the same,” she stated. Dona nodded in response.


“What are you getting at Jean?” I asked.


“I believe that someone used an equivalent force to Master PC to erase the events in 2007. However, as someone gains access to Master PC, they remember the prior events.”


Dona and Liz thought about it and slowly nodded, “That feels right. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have approached installing the software like I did,” Dona said.


“True, I would have spent the last three years looking for it,” Liz said.

I turned towards Sharon, “So you’re basically in the same line of business as the rest of us. You’re hunting down Master PC users, unless you’ve actually seen aliens?”


Sharon shook her head, “I’ve seen some weird things, but nothing like a real alien: although I can’t really claim to be human anymore.”

“Sorry about that Sharon, it was either this or leave you dead,” Dona said sadly.


Sharon gave Dona a smile and put her hand on hers, “Harry was an asshole and he shouldn’t have been doing anything with you. I’m just sorry that you had to be put into that position.”


Dona grabbed Sharon’s hand, “Well I’m glad I made the decision I did. I like you way more than that guy.”


I was about to ask what we were going to do now, but Jean held up a hand and cocked an ear. After a few seconds the rest of heard it too: the ‘thump thump’ of heavy rotors in the distance. They seemed to be getting louder.


Just then James burst into the hut, “Yo! You all need to come out here and see this!”


We quickly got up and followed James back out.



Chapter 44 – Dona, the Seer Corporation


As I left the building, the thumping sound continued to get louder. I heard the sound before and recognized it as a helicopter. However, as the sound continued to approach it became apparently to me that I’d never really understood how load a helicopter could be. In addition, there was more than one of them.


I watched the military channel a lot, but couldn’t quite place the name of the vehicles. Each had dual rotors, one behind the other, and each was carrying a large cargo container. I threw Bernadette a questioning look. She caught my gaze, “They’re Chinooks.”


Three large helicopters came in at a few hundred feet above the water. As they came over the beach, they moved several hundred yards away from us. We watched them slow and gently lower their crates onto a fairly clear area of the beach. Once they detached their cargo, they flew a bit closer to us and landed.


I began to get slightly alarmed as I saw several armed men, in full combat gear, leave each vehicle but they were a minority in the group. The rest of the people coming out of the helicopters were wearing overalls and looked like some sort of workers (as they climbed out they were putting on work helmets and heavy gloves).


One of the last people to leave the vehicle was a slender, female. She was dressed in a suit and wore sunglasses to block out the brightness of the morning. She had a few words with some of the soldiers and then some of the workers. She spent a few minutes pointing to various areas and gesturing towards the crates.


Genie turned towards me, “Should we go say hi?”


I shook my head, “They obviously know we’re here. Let them sort themselves out and then make the first move. Any thoughts Bernadette?”


She shook her head, “Sur nuff they aren’t government. The military wouldn’t be as well equipped as these folks are. I agree with you. They might be a tad cranky if we bothered them before they were completely sorted. Let’s see what they come up with.”


We didn’t have long to wait, a few minutes later the woman was joined by another man, also wearing a suit. He handed her a brief case and gestured our way. One of the soldiers said something to her and she seemed to wave him off. Another brief discussion and the suited man seemed to take over directing the soldiers and workers.


The woman made her way towards us. While she was sharply dressed, her boots had been chosen for the sandy ground. She walked towards us fairly quickly. Her level of confidence was quite impressive. I was wondering if she were going to evict us. After all, it wasn’t our island and so it would be a quite reasonable request. She probably assumed that we had our own means of transport somewhere on the island.


The nine of us simply stood there as the woman walked up to us. She stopped directly in front of the group and removed her sunglasses. She was very attractive and I could see that she was a mix of Asian and Caucasian descent. Her dark hair was long and straight and moved with the breeze. I put her around five and a half feet tall and had small but firm breasts under her suit. She must have been in good shape as she wasn’t even sweating from the sun and walk.


She scanned the group quietly and then gave us a smile. She walked casually over to Genie, “Am I correct in assuming that you are Jean Smith?”


The effect was amazing; effectively the entire group froze in shock. Except for Jean of course, she simply didn’t function the same way and didn’t lose a beat, “I am. You are?”


She put her hand out to Genie, “I’m Lynn Hoult. Can we talk inside? I don’t mind the sun, but I’m not really dressed for the occasion.”


Jean took Lynn’s hand and shook it. She then half turned and gestured towards our old building, “We can go inside if you’d like?”

“That would be nice, thank you. We have a lot to discuss,” Lynn said as she moved to the building.


Dumbly we all started to follow her inside. As we walked, I noticed Lynn scanning the building’s interior, “You’ve done fairly well for what you started with, and this building was pretty beat up when we inspected it last year.”


I was still playing catch up, but Genie was way ahead of me, “Are you related to Bob Hoult?”


I thought towards Genie, ‘Who is Bob Hoult?’


I got an image of Bobbi in my head, ‘Bobbi was Bob Hoult before Master PC.’


Lynn nodded to Jean as she placed her brief case onto the table, “He’s my father. I was told that you could tell me about him?” she kept her professional and friendly tone in place, but I could hear the anxious tone slipping in as well.


Genie started to answer her, but I touched her arm and she looked at me questioningly, “We can, but it would probably be better if we got you two together. He’s been through some changes lately and it would be best if you two met face to face.” Understatement of the year, but this conversation was weird enough without explaining the whole Master PC sex change.


She gave me a worried look, “Is he ok?”


I nodded and smiled, “Yeah, but like I said it would be best if he could explain everything to you directly. We could get you two together pretty quickly.”


She smiled back to me, “Once we’re done here, I would appreciate that.”

Genie picked up on that statement, “So what are you doing here and how do you know who I am?”


Lynn clicked open the brief case and pulled out a folder. She opened it up and handed the top bundle of paper work to Genie. She started to page through it, as Lynn spoke again, “I was informed by my boss that you would be here today. My company purchased this island several years ago. The document you are holding is the title to this island and the legal transfer to your ownership.”


Genie continued to read the document. The ramifications of what Lynn was saying were still sinking in. Lynn grabbed another folder from the briefcase and opened it up. She unfolded a large map and spread it on the table. It showed some sort of super modern village. I recognized the shape and layout as the area of the island we were on, “In addition, my company is at your disposal to establish a fully functional living environment for this island. We are recommending that your island be set up as an exclusive resort and that you would be able to pick and choose your clients. Apparently, you have access to techniques that regress aging and my corporation is committed to supporting your efforts.”


She pulled out another folder as we watched. Genie simply put down the title and picked up the folder with the village layout and used that to examine the large map, “I see no system for providing fresh water. Your resort assumes a fresh water supply.”


Lynn nodded and handed her another folder, “That’s correct. My company assumes that you have established a fresh water supply and so has not included facilities for desalinization. This folder contains plans that assume you would like to keep the island private and not have visitors. In either case, my company’s resources at are your full disposal.”


I’d had enough and sat down, “What’s your company’s name?”


Lynn pulled out a card and handed it to me, “The Seer Corporation. It’s named for the family that founded it and it has been around for more than one hundred years.” The card had Lynn’s name on it as Chief Finance Officer and the symbol of the all Seeing Eye that is on dollar bills, minus the pyramid.


Bernadette asked a question then, “What’s the net worth of your company?”

Lynn pulled out another folder and handed it to her, “My Company is privately owned and is not publicly traded. However, we have nearly a trillion dollars in assets worldwide. Our primary focus has been in banking and venture capital, but there has been an emphasis on alternative power and semi conductor technology since the 1940’s.”


She pulled out a hand drawn picture from her brief case and then looked back at us and then me specifically.  “You are Dona Doe, correct?”


I nodded dumbly, “Yes. How could you possible know that?”


She smiled, “My employer tends to be very eccentric and also comes up with information about people and events that exceeds any normal level of expectation. It takes a lot of getting used to.”


Lynn handed me an envelope with my name on it. I noticed that it had a wax seal on it holding it together. I’d never seen one of those before, but recognized the eye from the business card. My hands shaking, I opened it and read the multiple sheets.


‘You’ll be need this very soon,’ the note read. The first two sheets were mathematical equations, all carefully hand written. I took a few minutes to read through it and realized that it was an addition to my ST ability. Once I read it, I understood the manipulation of time on a level that I hadn’t before. I realized that my ability to teleport was a form of this, but I hadn’t approached it from this direction. The information now allowed me to move faster on a continuous basis as opposed to the agile movements of the other vampires.


The next page started with, ‘Please carefully read the following.’ As instructed, I did as the page asked. It was a list of dates, times, and coordinates. Each line ended with a language I had never seen before. I assumed it was some sort of instruction, but had no reason why it would be important.


I noticed that almost all the dates were in the past, except for the last which was tomorrow night. There were two more pieces: the second to last was a basic instruction, ‘Please learn the kukri and special forces training immediately.’


The last statement hit home the hardest, ‘Please trust in me and my agents; in the same way that you would trust yourself and the ‘Armored Watcher’.’ It was signed Delphi Seer.


The ‘Armored Watcher’ was a long time favorite character of mine in multiple role playing games. I used it as a basis of many of my passwords and in my mind it was a catch phrase that only some of my oldest friends would know. I sometimes thought about ‘what ifs’ and one of those types of scenarios were my friends trying to contact me covertly. The ‘Armored Watcher’ would be a sure fire way to make me pay attention and trust the source.


Now that I was in a completely different life, I was even more surprised to see it. I folded the papers carefully and closed my eyes in concentration. I implemented the requests quickly. I modified my ST to allow the manipulation of time and I opened the Book and pulled in all the Special Forces training I could find. Finally I pulled in complete Gurkha training (my special forces training was only based on American training) including the use of the Kukri.


I opened my eyes, went through the pages again, rechecked that I had all the lines memorized with the locations and dates, and used ST to dissipate the pages into vapor.


Both Bernadette and Genie were looking at me oddly, “What was that all about Dona?” Genie asked me.


I gave them a small smile, “I’ll go into it later, but let’s just say that we can trust Lynn and her company.”


Genie and Bernadette could sense me mentally and felt my emotional state. After a few moments both nodded to me in acceptance, but I knew that this conversation wasn’t over.


Genie turned towards Lynn, “Based on Dona’s trust, we will go with your company’s recommendation about the resort.”


Lynn smiled and nodded, “Excellent. My people have brought in communications and temporary shelters to start the building process. The cargo ship should be here in the morning.”

We sat down and went into detail about the new resort’s layout and its operations. One of the initial decisions we made was that Liz and the four vampires would be in charge of operations (on a day to day basis).

The next step was for Sharon to get in touch with her unit. Over the next hour, we walked back out and met with Lynn’s initial team. Part of that was providing Sharon with an encrypted satellite phone that she was able to program and get in touch with her team. Surprisingly, this was not unexpected. Her base and unit had protocols on how to ‘come in from the cold’ and she easily passed her people’s tests.


Since Tim was still asleep, Bernadette contacted Stan and let him know that everything was fine. Relieved, he let her know that he was ‘working’ with the covert group that Sharon was a part of and ‘integrating’ their goals to include Master PC users. Apparently, he’d been doing some tweaking of his own.


Over the next few hours we continued to work with the group to get the site down and integrate our group with the corporate workers. While Lynn and her assistant kept themselves on a more professional level, the men and women that had been flown in had no problems with ‘fraternizing’ with all of us. I suspected that, at a minimum, our new vampires would be very busy entertaining our new friends.


I reminded everyone to be careful. I didn’t want to end up with an island full of vampires or succubae. Everything seemed to be going well as we hit the early afternoon. We even had a good meal with the supplies that Lynn had brought with her team.


As we were finishing up, suddenly I felt a jolt of adrenaline shoot through me. I stood straight up, completely alert for any danger. I noticed that Liz and Sharon had done the same. We all looked at each other and realized that the danger wasn’t here. The danger was coming from Bobbi, something was very wrong and she was in danger.


Genie and Bernadette looked at me in alarm. With a thought, I brought them up to date as well. I sort of knew where Bobbi was, but not exactly. I decided that I would teleport back to the house and get a better lock on her, assuming she wasn’t in the house itself.


In an instant, we agreed that Genie would stay behind to keep an eye on things. I also decided that the same went for everyone else except for Bernadette. I would take her back to the house with me and drop her off (assuming that Sam and Bobbi were not there). Our thoughts were that, after I helped out Bobbi, Bernadette and I would have some one on one time.


If we got into trouble, I’d mentally request support from Genie, so didn’t see the need with bringing in the whole group right away. With that, Bernadette asked for, and received, a pistol with extra clips from a puzzled Lynn (Genie would have to catch her up after we were gone). I took my new lover’s hand and we were suddenly in the backyard of my house.