Master PC: 2010 Edition


A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 30 to 34


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

    Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe

    Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith

    Lela Star as Samantha Thomas

    Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult

    Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee

    Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith

    Bianca Beauchamp as Heather

    Justin Joli as Dawn

    Melissa Hill As Eleanor



Chapter 30 – Miner’s Pitch


It took longer than expected to reach Miner’s Pitch, the small town that Lee and Ravens were to investigate. By the time they were about ten minutes out, the sun was just setting and both agents decided that they would crash at the local motel in the main strip (which consisted of a few basic shops, diner, gas station, and a motel).


The town had been a victim of the fall of the steel industry back in the Seventies. However, unlike many towns which had recovered by tourism or becoming part of the growing IT industry in Pittsburg, this town had just stopped. The only thing that kept it going was the flow of patrons that hit the local stores and diner.


The agents parked in the motel’s parking lot. Next, a cursory look around the town showed that no one seemed to be below the age of fifty. They grabbed a bite to eat in the local diner (good home style cooking, a small benefit of being stuck several decades back) and then checked into the motel at its small office. Lee and Ravens had no problem with each other, but experience had shown them that having their own rooms was a long term sanity saver.


Bernadette opened the door to motel room and hit the light. Her bag was by her door and one hand was on her Glock pistol (still under her suit jacket). The décor of the room hadn’t been changed since the decade it was built (late Sixties maybe). Leaving her bag, she went into the room and did a quick search throughout the room, closet, and bathroom. Satisfied that there wasn’t anyone, or anything, hiding in the room; she brought her bag inside and closed the door. She latched the door’s safety chain and then placed a chair against its handle.


Over the years, she had developed this behavior as she discovered that odd things happened in areas controlled by a Master PC user. She didn’t think that the user knew they were in town, but just in case the chair in front of the door would give her a few extra seconds that could save her life.


She called Stan and checked in; letting him know where they were and what their plans were: hit the place just after dawn, tomorrow. Her check in complete (Tim would be checking in, as well, another precaution) she undressed and took a quick shower. Unlike her shower from the morning, this was quick and utilitarian.


An hour later found her sitting in bed in her underwear and t-shirt flipping through the five channels offered on the hotel room’s television. She spent a while learning the history of cow herding, but finally decided that she had learned enough and sleeping would be more productive. Fifteen minutes later, sometime after 9pm, she was asleep.

Sometime later her eye’s snapped open. Without changing her breathing pattern she carefully listened to see what had woken her. The only thing she noticed was that the wind had picked up outside. They were in the hills in this area of the country and even though it was spring, the nights were still very cold. She could hear and feel the cold air leak into the room as a heavy gust blew. Besides that, the room was completely quiet.


Relaxing a bit, she sat up and visually confirmed that everything was where she had left it. Another breeze of cold air hit her and her nipples grew hard in response. She shivered and picked up her watch, it had just hit 3am. Something had woken her, and she didn’t think it was the wind.

She picked up her gun and moved next to the door. Each room had a large set of windows next to the door covered by old, heavy curtains. Cautiously she pushed the curtain aside, just enough to scan the parking lot. The motel lights seemed to flicker when the wind blew, and there was enough dampness in the air so that the light didn’t seem to go very far from each lamp.


Years of work allowed her to quickly and efficiently scan the entire area; nothing out of the ordinary. She sighed and carefully let the curtain fall back into place. She took a minute to let herself relax and to let the building adrenaline drop back off.


She was about to turn away from the window and go back to bed, when she suddenly felt a presence. It was like someone was standing right in front of her; instinctively she grabbed the curtain and readied her pistol. She flung the curtain back and brought her gun directly in line with whatever was on the other side.


 A man stood smiling on the other side; meeting her gaze. He was wearing a barely closed leather biker’s jacket. His pale, hairless chest glistened in the bland light of the parking lot. His black, curly hair hung wetly around his face bracketing his blood shot eyes that seemed to be deep within his pale face.


She flicked the safety off of her pistol and aimed it directly at his head. She lined her site directly between the man’s eyes. She willed her finger to squeeze the trigger that would end this thing’s life, but nothing happened.


For a second, she thought that the gun had failed. She tried to glance down at the gun and realized that she couldn’t break his gaze. His smile broadened and his eyes opened up further. Bernadette could feel herself being pulled into them.


She and the man stood like that for several minutes. Her level of training and discipline battled the man’s gaze for control. She wasn’t conscious of the fight, on that level she was already trapped by his gaze. It was her instinct and training that pushed back.


For moment, she almost won the battle of wills. However, another man appeared beside the first. This one wearing a black t-shirt with conservatively cut blond hair. Like the first, he had the deep eyes and the pale complexion.


Against one of them, Bernadette would have recovered, but against two her will broke in a few more minutes. Despite her best effort, she could feel herself slip away. The two men pushed further into her mind, looking for something of use. After a few more minutes they found what they needed.

Bernadette had a small part of her mind that she kept hidden away. This was the part that had come out when she was masturbating in the shower the previous day. The part that wanted to feel good and fantasized about what a Master PC user would do to her if they caught her.


It was a very small part of Bernadette, but the things on the other side of the window fed it and gave it a life of its own. This new personality was the part that was in control now. Her normal consciousness perceived things like a dream now, the agent known as Bernadette was now locked away. The piece in control lowered the gun and smiled at the men on the other side of the window.


Her throbbing pussy and hardening nipples made her realize that the two men on the other side of the window had something she needed. She dropped the gun on the floor, pulled the chair out of the way and opened the door.


She was met by a cold breeze, but it only excited her more. She looked over the two men, “You two fellahs wanna come in fer a spell?” she said in her old Kentucky accent. Her parents had always told her that proper ladies speak perfect English; right now she was none of that. When she was younger she would occasionally see a whore on the street corner when they went to the city. That’s what she wanted right now, to be that whore.


The two men smiled, the brunette said, “As long as you’re ok with it ma’am. It’s pretty late and we don’t want to put you out.”


“Now what kind of lady would I be if I turned away such lovely boys as yourselves,” she backed up and gestured for them to come in. Both men walked in, while she hadn’t turned the lights back on, the light from the outside left no imagination to the perfect musculature that each man had. Her cunt quivered in anticipation.


The two men came in and Bernadette closed the door behind them. Oddly, the lights were still out, but no one seemed to mind. She turned to the two men and both were sitting on her bed, “So what did you two boys have in mind?”


The brunette nodded towards her, “It’s pretty warm in here, why don’t you take your clothes off.”


The small piece that was Bernadette realized that something was off, but she could feel herself break out in a sweat. Knowing that the men were watching, she slowly removed her shirt. She then peeled off her panties. Both were nearly soaked with sweat.


The blond one spoke then, “Why don’t you stick a finger in your cunt and tell us how wet you are.”


Bernadette was almost shocked by that, but she automatically put her hand down to her cunt and pushed a finger inside herself. The men watched casually as she worked her finger inside.


It felt slightly wet, but mostly from the sweat. This is what a whore does for her mark, she thought casually. She was about to speak, but the brunette spoke again, “I bet you’re really wet. Sluts always get wet for their men.”


Just like that, she felt her pussy start to get wet and her finger was suddenly moving easily in and out of her pussy. She tried to stop, but it just felt too good. She put one leg up on the dresser across from the men and put on a show for the men. This worked to get her even more excited.

Blondie laughed, “Oh the mistress is going to like this one. It seems like she has no problem priming the pump.”


The caged piece of Bernadette fought against the force that held her, but the cage in her mind was one of submission, humiliation, and pleasure. For a moment she pushed out of the cage and realized that these men were simply toying with her, but the piece in control liked that idea and it made her more excited. In confusion, her hand came back out of her pussy and she looked around trying to find something to make everything make sense.


Suddenly, the Brunette was right in front of her face, “Hey baby. Why’d you stop? You like this. You want to be a slut. You want us to make you feel good.”


Bernadette forgot what she was thinking about, her hands moved to the jacket that the brunette was wearing and unzipped his coat. Her hands slipped inside the coat and ran over his perfect abs and pecks. She deftly moved her hands up and pushed his jacket off. “You’re a pretty one baby. You’re all muscles. These go all the way below the belt too?”

“Why don’t you go down there and find out?” he said with a smirk.

The whore in control forced Bernadette to kiss the man and then run her mouth all the way down do his crotch. Her hands found his cock inside of his pants and she traced it through the cloth. She felt it getting harder and she felt herself getting hornier in response.


Shakily her hands unbuckled his belt and she pulled his pants down. His cock sprung free and stood upright. The musky smell of his cock hit her hard, and her mouth watered as she suck his cock in between her lips.

She worked it for a few minutes, and the man encouraged her, “Oh yeah baby, nothing like some southern mouth and pussy to show a man a good time.” She could feel the blood pumping through his cock and a bit of pre-cum pushing into her mouth. The pre-cum seemed to act as a weird narcotic, and she could feel herself becoming even more uninhibited.

She pulled his cock out of his mouth and ran it over her face and tits, “You say the sweetest things sugah. You ready for some Kentucky pussae?” her accent was getting harsher and more guttural as she got hotter. These poor northern boys were about to get fucked hard.


She stood up and worked the one cock in front of her with her right hand. With her free hand she pointed to the blond still sitting on the bed, “You boy. What the fuck are you still sitting there fer? Momma needs another cock.” In what seemed like a flash, he was off the bed and next to her, his clothes formed a path between him and where he stood now. Bernadette felt a fully hard cock placed in her free hand.


“That’s a good boy, let’s get you two lubed up,” she bent down and pumped each of them. She worked for a few more minutes to get both wet and lubricated for her pussy and ass. When she was sure that each cock was slick with her saliva and their pre-cum, she stood up and swiveled between the two men.


She positioned each cock for perfect penetration. “Come and get it boys.” The men needed no further invitation and pushed into her.


She felt the hard shafts violate both of her holes. They seemed to know what the other was doing so as one pushed in, the other did as well. In a perfect rhythm, they fucked her. She could only hang on to them as her mind soaked up the pleasure that they gave her.


They held her like for a long time, just pumping into her. Neither man tiring as they fucked their designated hole. Bernadette tried to scream in pleasure, but her throat and mouth didn’t seem to work right. She could only make little moans and grunts as she was fucked.


Both men didn’t even bother to withdraw when they came. Both of them pushed as deep as they could and Bernadette felt the warmth fill her as they squirted inside her. The fluid in their cum, acting as a narcotic, pushed right up through her ass and hit her blood stream directly. She shuddered in response to the high that their fluid gave her and she simply shut down. Her eyes rolled up into her head and the men simply let their victim fall to the floor, laying there she continued to shudder as she rode the high that she was on.


The blonde man turned to the brunette, “She’ll make a fine edition to the stable.”


“Do you think we should kill the one next door?” asked the other man.

“Nah, he’ll be along soon enough when he realizes that we took his woman. We’ll let the ladies deal with him.”


Bernadette didn’t even acknowledge the conversation about her partner. She was too busy enjoying the pleasure that filled her mind and shuddering in delight. She didn’t even notice when the brunette picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes; nor did she notice the frigid air on her bare flesh as they took her out into the night.



Chapter 31 – Vampire



When Genie and I had broken the mental connection, I found that Vicki was holding my tail and Sam and Bobbi were cuddled together on the floor after what looked like some mind blowing sex.

With a quick flick, I retrieved my tail from Vicki and gave her a questioning look.


“Your tail venom is apparently a serious aphrodisiac as well as a strong tranquilizer,” she stated simply.


I flicked up my tail and noticed the wicked looking spike that came out of the end, after a minute or two of flexing my tail I found that I could retract the spike/needle. I then pulled my tail and wings back in. Suddenly I was back to being just Dona.


I turned to Genie to ask her if she wanted to bring Sam and Bobbi, but then I noticed that Genie had lost a few inches, “What’s with the height change?”


Genie shrugged, “Since we’re interacting with more and more people, I felt a more ‘conservative’ height was in order. I assume it was a better change then say growing a set of wings and a tail.”


I smiled, “Touché.” Genie let Vicki know where we were going, and we both went to change. I wanted to wear the suit but realized that it was now grossly inadequate for how I was ‘designed’. Instead, I put on a white halter top (that wrapped around my neck and allowed my back to be bare), a small black jacket that basically covered my shoulders (I had to put money and my id somewhere, and didn’t think a purse would be appropriate), a simple black mini skirt with red pin stripes, and a pair of two inch heels (black of course).


For my tail I didn’t even bother to wear underwear. At the last minute I decided to put on a leather collar and matching black gloves with cut out fingers. I changed my nails to match the red in the pin stripes. Of course, I didn’t have any of these clothes to start out with, so I had to convert some of my other clothes to allow for this outfit (another use of ST).


I picked up my conservative mirrored shades and converted them to wire rimmed, rounded glasses (like the old fashioned 1800’s glasses), and made the lenses a red mirrored color. I didn’t need glasses at this point, but I always felt better wearing them as I had for almost thirty years prior to Master PC.


My uniform complete, I met Genie in the kitchen. As usual, her outfit was the conservative suit. She raised an eye brow over her cup of tea that she was holding as she leaned up against the sink, “Change of outfit then?”


I nodded, “I need the freedom of movement for my wings and don’t feel like tearing out of my clothes every time I need to flex.”


“Little chance of that now,” she said teasingly.


“Thank you,” I said ignoring any further baiting on the topic.


She sighed in defeat, “Well, it seems that I can no longer see into the area of our vampire. However, I know the location so I figured that we could try to use our ST ability to get there quickly.”


I shrugged, “Well how long would it take to drive there?” I wasn’t quite committed to teleportation yet, I had done it once instinctively to vomit in the sink, but wasn’t quite sure about national travel yet.


“About nine hours or so, but apparently our agents have already made contact with the vampire. The female agent, Lee, has been taken. As of an hour ago, Ravens has gone in to rescue her,” she said plainly.


“Ok, I give up. If you can’t ‘see’ into the area how in the hell do you know all of that?”


“I’ve requested that Master PC monitor all calls from that area. While Master PC can’t observe the area or monitor it directly; nothing was set up to block the phone lines,” said my Master PC lawyer. She had that little side smirk that told me she knew how good she was.


I smiled, “Well ok then. I guess we’re teleporting. Give me the coordinates for across the road from our vampire’s house.”


I closed my eyes and focused as she listed off the numbers. I felt the location solidify in my mind and sensed it as a connecting point to where I was now. I put my hand out for Genie to take. When I felt her hand firmly in mine, I “pulled” us to that new place.


There was no sensation, just like last time. The first indication was the cold, humid breeze that blew into me. I opened my eyes to the glare of the morning sun as it shown over the foot hills of western PA.


I shivered slightly, “Next time remind me we should get a weather report of where we’re going.” I quickly pictured myself standing knee deep in two feet of snow.


Genie pulled her sun glasses out and flipped them on, “You’re the one that wanted to dress in stripper clothes.”


I was about to make a rebuttal when we heard cries from across the street and from the right side of the old house. There were about two dozen cars parked in the yard, something bothered me about them, but I put it in the back of my mind as a shot rang out.


So much for subtle, I thought as Genie and I ran across the road and towards the sounds where the shot had come from.


It took us more time than normal, since there were so many cars. Finally, we made our way through them and spotted the source of the shot and yelling.


“Get off me!” the male NSA agent was wrestling with two women wearing sexy, white night gowns. Even from here I could make out their large fangs as they smiled to the struggles of the agent. He was already looking winded and was covered in dirt and leaves; the two women had stayed clean and didn’t even seem worried. Replace the agent with a kitten and it would have been far more appropriate for how they were acting.


Genie and I stopped a few yards away. None of them had noticed us yet. Realizing that they had probably been changed into super tough vampire chicks, I wasn’t foolish enough to give them any warning. Gesturing for Genie to follow my lead, I circled around and walked up to them from behind.


Quickly, I grabbed one of the ladies and threw her away from the agent with everything I had; Genie followed suit. Genie had aimed for the back of the house and I had aimed for the woods further away. Apparently, when I had tweaked myself as a succubus I had increased my strength further. It took a couple of seconds for either of them to hit the ground.


Genie smiled a little as she looked over to me, I knew what she was going to say, but she said it anyway, “Mine went further,” she then turned to the man on the ground that was just catching up to what had just happened. She put out a hand to help him up, “Agent Ravens I presume.”

She waited for a few seconds for Ravens to sort it all out. I had to give him credit though, once he realized where he stood in this situation, he adapted fairly well. He took the hand firmly and Genie helped him to his feet, “Agents Smith and Doe?”


“I’m Doe, that’s Smith. You wanna see our badges?” I asked innocently.


“No, I think your recent actions speak for themselves,” he looked over towards the wooded area where my throw landed.


I followed his gaze and suddenly realized I knew right where she had landed. Surprised I turned towards the other thrown woman and also know exactly where she was as well. Genie saw my sudden change in attitude and started to ask a question, I raised my hand up and looked at the cars and the house.


Many of the cars also had occupants; all of them in their respective trunks. I also ‘saw’ two men on the first floor of the house and two women on the second floor. One of them was definitely our vampire and the other was what I assumed to be the other agent.


I turned to both Genie and Ravens, “Be ready,” I said simply as I went to the nearest car (one of the two State Police cruisers). I gestured for them to stand by the car’s trunk and opened the driver’s door. After a few seconds I found the trunk release and hit the button.


I heard a hissing noise and a startled surprise from Ravens. I walked to the back and looked inside the trunk. One of the cops was in there (and still armed I might add), he was holding one hand up to block the light. His super pale skin and blood shot eyes told the rest of the story.

Ravens pulled his gun out and pointed it at the cop, “What the fuck is he?”


I gently reached out with one hand and put it on his gun. I waited for him to look towards me. Once I caught his gaze I gently forced him to lower his gun, “Victims. Be glad you didn’t come here at night.


Otherwise, you’d be in one of these trunks right now.” I used the other hand to bring the trunk back down. The hissing suddenly stopped.


“How did you know Dona?” Genie asked me.


“Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. I think when I changed myself I added a few extra touches. I’m seeing their life force?” Even as I said it, I could ‘see’ strange lines of force connecting each person in each trunk leading back to the vampire in the house.


Genie considered that statement for a moment, “I guess you were setting yourself up for long term hunting?”


“I guess so,” I shrugged a bit. Something suddenly caught my attention and I turned out towards the woods, “She’s coming back.” I sensed movement from the back yard as well, “They both are. You two are going to have to deal with the ladies in white. I’ll take the house.”


Ravens shook his head, “No way. My partner is in there…”


Genie cut him off, “You really think that you would stand a chance in there Agent? If we run interference out here, we give Dona a better chance against that vampire.”


As I said before, Ravens was a pretty quick thinker. He looked at me briefly, “Don’t let her become one of these things.”


I smiled, “No worries Agent, just watch my back.” I walked back towards the front of the house. I jogged as I went and simply walked over the cars to prevent them from slowing me down. The house had seen better days, but it was in fairly good condition for probably being built in the middle 1900’s.


I was about ten yards from the front of the house. I had purposely circled out this way as I knew that the two men were on either side of the front door. I assumed that they had the same abilities as the women. I could probably walk up and open the door and then spend hours in a super strength type of fight. Meanwhile, the vampire would be sucking the life out of Agent Lee (I noticed that the woman on the second floor pretty much was untouched, so far).


I figured I’d cheat. I heard screaming as the two women started their assault on Genie and Ravens. I focused intently on the doors and pushed everything else out of my mind. I could sense the structure of the door, its hinges, and the door frame. In a quick force of will, I moved all of the energy from the door and frame into the metal hinges that connected them.


The affect was that the door and frame dropped several hundred degrees; while the metal hinges rose in temperature by over a thousand degrees. For a long second, the only affect was a weird scream as the temperature extremes responded to each other. However, that was suddenly replaced by three massive explosions as each hinge detonated under the extreme, instant stress of touching the super cooled wood.


I watched the life forces of the two men fade as they were perforated by the super heated shrapnel. I quickly ran to the empty doorway and looked inside. Holes covered the area and little trails of smoke seeped from each one. The explosions would have killed ordinary men; however, the two that lay in the hall before me were unconscious, but alive. I could see their super healing trying to deal with the severe injuries. Hopefully, this whole thing would be over before they would wake back up.


I walked in and immediately found the stairs. I went up taking the steps two at a time. I reached the top and walked towards the door that I knew held the two women. I had no illusions at this point of thinking that the vampire didn’t know I was here. If the scuffle outside didn’t draw her attention, then the explosions were certainly a dead giveaway.


My high heels clicked on the wood floor as I walked down the hallway. I tried to think of something witty to say as I opened the door, but any really good comment eluded me. So I simply opened the door to the room and let it swing wide.


The room was elegantly laid out in what I could only think of as ‘Goth chic’. A large king sized bed covered in black silk sheets dominated the room. Or normally would have, if you didn’t take into account the beautiful, naked NSA agent cuffed to a table sized board writhing in ecstasy as the raven haired vampire gently stroked her perfect skin.

The vampire didn’t even turn her head towards me as she greeted me, “Welcome Dona.”


Two things occurred to me as I took the scene in: first, the sheer amount of life force she had consumed made her more than a match for me and second, if I had searched the other rooms I could have just shut off her Master PC. This realization formed my next words, “Fuck me,” I said brilliantly.


Chapter 32 – Sam and Bobbi, The Jungle


Sam and Bobbi woke nearly at the same time. They were still on the floor and Anthony was in his bed, breathing easily as he slept. Dona’s venom had left them surprisingly fit. Neither one barely felt the effects of their long stint of intense love making. Sam looked around and didn’t see anyone else. Sam glanced over at Bobbi; she shrugged at Sam’s unspoken question.


Sam grabbed the clothes strewn about them and indicated that Bobbi should follow her. They both got up and went into the hallway. Once outside, Sam gently closed the door to Anthony’s room.


“Vicki?” she asked quietly.


Vicki appeared before them at once, wearing black dress pants and a red sweater, “Yes Sam?”


“Where’d they go?” Same gestured around herself as she asked.

“The Mistress and Dona have gone to fetch another girl. They left about five hours ago.”


“They ok?” Sam asked with concern.


“I have no way of knowing that Sam. However, their absence this long is not unexpected. They did not seem concerned when they left. Their car is available if you would like to go after them?” Vicki volunteered.

Bobbi thought for a second, “If they didn’t drive to where they needed to go, did they order a car?”


Vicki shook her head, “No ma’am. They translocated to their destination using String Theory.”


Sam and Bobbi gave each other a puzzled look, “Translocated?” they both asked almost simultaneously.


Vicki nodded, “Yes, they instantaneously changed their location from the kitchen to the area where the next girl is located.”


Bobbi looked surprised, Sam laughed, “So they teleported?”


Vicki drew quiet again, and then nodded, “Yes, that term is appropriate.”

Sam looked over at Bobbi, “You really took on the wrong women.”


Bobbi smiled an embarrassed smile, “Obviously,” she gestured to herself.

“You think we should go after them babe?” Sam asked Bobbi.


“We’re talking about the two girls that took out The Reapers in a single conversation? We’re talking about the same ‘girls’ that just ‘translocated’ to somewhere else because they didn’t want to bother with driving there? No, I think that they’ll be fine. Why don’t we do out instead?”


Sam considered the new option for a minute, “You have something in mind?”

Bobbi gave an evil grin, “There’s a hot club in Philly called The Jungle. Someone like Bob could never hope to set foot in that place, but I’m betting Sam and her date would be able to move up to the front of the line to get in.”


Sam remembered hearing about the place. As a geeky college student there was no way he would have gotten in, but now he had to agree with Bobbi. Also, an advanced healing rate meant that she could drink all night. Sam returned the evil smile, “Oh yeah. I think that we could do that. We can always go after them tomorrow if they haven’t shown back up.”


Bobbi nodded, “Now you’re talking.”


Things moved pretty quickly after that. Sam and Bobbi got themselves cleaned up fairly quickly. Both used separate bathrooms to clean, dress, and do makeup (although makeup wasn’t really necessary for Sam and Vicki gave Bobbi some much needed assistance).


At Bobbi’s request, Vicki produced an appropriate license for her and a few thousand dollars in spending money for the evening. Bobbi volunteered to drive, and Sam had no problems with that. Sam had grown up in a city most of her lift and wasn’t that much into cars. The training and years of experience that Bobbi possessed showed as she took to the wheel like she had been driving the mustang for years.


They left the house in the early spring evening, and got to the club just after 8pm. They pulled the car up to the valet parking section, and the two women climbed out. The young valet barely caught the keys as Bobbi tossed them to the young man as he was very busy staring at the two women in awe.


With Vicki’s help, Bobbi had modified some of Genie’s clothes to form a black and red silk kimono with gold dragons running along its edge. Her normally straight, black hair was put up in a traditional Asian bun with two black chop sticks holding the hair in place. Sam was wearing a simple black dress that hugged body with her dark hair flowing free.


Both were wearing two inch heels: Bobbi’s in the form of thigh high black boots and Sam with more ‘conservative’ black pumps. Bobbi was easily half a foot taller than the five foot Sam, but the way that they carried themselves gave the impression that Sam was the one in charge.


They also had matching small, black purses. Both held their id and enough cash for the evening. Bobbi also carried a miniature automatic in a hidden section of her purse, a collapsible baton, and her original cell phone. She and Sam did not have the same ‘capacities’ as Genie and Dona; this was her way of evening the playing field.


The valet got into the car and took it into the club’s garage. The two ladies walked by the stand where another attendant handed them a ticket for their car. Neither of the ladies noticed the attendant pushing a concealed button hidden in the stand as they left.


Even though it was a Saturday, it still wasn’t busy at the entrance of the club. The crowds would start to form around 9pm or so. The two ladies walked towards the doors and noticed the two bouncers bracketing the doors. As they approached, each moved in tandem. Bobbi and Sam kept walking, but inside both expected trouble. Instead, the men each grabbed a door and swung it opened for them. One of them said, “Good evening ladies.”


Sam couldn’t help but reach out and lightly touch the bouncer’s face in front of her, “Thank you sir.”


Warm air greeted the ladies as they entered the first floor; the doors closing behind them. Inside, there was a coat woman to their left and another bouncer about ten feet inside to greet them, “Good evening ladies, I’m Frank. You’re new here.” He stated politely. He was easily three hundred pounds of pure muscle poured into a five hundred dollar suit. Bobbi also recognized the subtle bulges in his pants leg and coat, he was certainly armed.


The ladies stopped, “Yes we are, thank you for noticing,” Bobbi smiled and answered sweetly. Normally she would have let Sam answer, but realized that her mistress was new to this type of formality and environment. She was still soaking it all in.


He smiled back, a professional but friendly smile, “Would you like a tour of our establishment? We rarely receive guests of your caliber, and we want to ensure that you are in a position to take full advantage of our hospitality. Would you like to check your purses?”


Bobbi looked over to Sam for confirmation, she was still catching up, “Thank you no; but a tour sounds nice. Don’t you think Samantha?”


Sam had a lack of words, but gave a dazzling smile, “Sure.”


Bobbi gestured to Frank, “Lead on Frank.” Frank nodded and led the way and started to describe the club as he did so.


Bobbi half listened to Frank’s canned speech as she scoped the place out. She noticed several security members throughout the club. Some obvious and others mixed into the thin population of patrons. She also noticed the numerous security cameras that dotted the place. She had no doubt that any type of trouble that arose in the club would be met with efficient and likely deadly, force. As they continued to walk, the club’s lights started to dim a bit, adding to the environment of the place.


“What do you think Bobbi?” her mistress was asking. Bobbi reviewed the last piece of conversation. The topic was food.


“Yes Samantha, food would be good,” Bobbi’s stomach growled in agreement. Both ladies had been so excited about coming to the club, that they had both forgotten how long it had been since they had last eaten.


Frank led them to the elevator and continued to talk about the club. In a smooth, practiced voice he laid out the entire building. The Jungle was not simply a one or two floor establishment. The twelve floors held several restaurants, a casino, an exclusive ‘erotic’ club, meeting rooms, a dance club, a private bar and club floor, and two floors of exclusive hotel rooms for their long term clientele. Several floors were combined into double levels, so even though the building was twelve floors high, there were only eight that showed up on the elevator.


Frank hit the button for the restaurant floor. “Have you ladies been in town long?”


Sam giggled a bit, “We’re definitely new.”


Bobbi smiled in response, “But we’re very experienced.”


Sam smiled back at Bobbi, “True, but we’re open to new things.”


Bobbi felt herself blush a small bit remembering the morning, “Yes, it seems that we’re learning all the time.”


The elevator doors opened, and Frank seemed to be a bit relieved from the tension that had slowly been building in the small area, “Here we are ladies. I would recommend the steak house. Its considered one of the best in the city,” he stepped out of the elevator and held it open. “Why don’t you two get some food and then come up to the sixth floor.” He held out a black key card for the ladies to take.


As they left the elevator, Sam reached over and took the card.


“You’ll need that to get above the fourth floor. I’ll let them know to expect you?” Frank asked.


Bobbi and Sam looked at each for confirmation and then Sam answered, “Definitely.”


Frank gave one of his nice smiles, “Excellent ladies. I just know you’ll enjoy it.” He slipped inside the elevator and hit a button as the doors closed.


The restaurant floor was more like a mall of fine restaurants then a closed in area. This floor was busier than the first floor had been as various couples and business persons took advantage of the restaurants.

The ladies took Frank up on his suggestion and hit the steak house. The food, as described, was excellent. They were offered a house wine for free. Sam was floored with the level of service and quality of food. It had been sometime since Bobbi had either partaken of this level of service or been able to eat this level of rich food. She savored the steak so much more knowing that her old body would not have been able to handle it.


Before long they had eaten and had exited the restaurant. The bill had been significant, but the amount of cash they carried was barely dented. Bobbi paid however; as she realized that Sam would probably go into shock if she saw the bill. Service and food of this level was not cheap. Had she known that they were dealing with this kind of place, Bobbi would have requested for Vicki to provide a Centurion American Express card. Although he hid it well, the waiter had been shocked to have been paid in cash.


Happily fed, Sam and Bobbi headed back to the elevator. Bobbi steered them to the gold colored elevators off to the side. There wasn’t a button on the side of the door, just a card slot. Sam pulled her card out and slid it into the slot, a few moments later the door opened to the beautifully decorated elevator.


They strode in and Bobbi hit the sixth floor button. The doors slid shut and both of them could feel the elevator move slowly up to the sixth floor. A quiet, soothing sound filled the car. Not quite a recognizable theme, but something that both girls almost recognized, but couldn’t quite put their fingers on.


Neither realized that the other one had started to focus completely on identifying the music. The psychotropic chemicals in the house wine combined with the subliminal messages embedded in the elevators music soothed both ladies’ minds. Unlike the wait for the elevator, the elevator took more than five minutes to reach the sixth floor, as Sam and Bobbi were conditioned. When the doors opened, neither Sam nor Bobbi had noticed that any time had passed. To them, the elevator ride had only taken a few seconds.


A different beat entered the elevator as the doors opened and shook the women from their semi trances. Both entered and were met by another well dressed bouncer. “Good evening ladies, I’ll need your key card and both your id’s,” he asked politely. The music wasn’t loud enough to make yelling a requirement, but was disruptive enough to make discussions over five feet away nearly unidentifiable.


Both ladies obediently handed over their ids and the keycard. The bouncer scanned the ids and handed them back to them, he kept the key card. “You should both check your bags in to the check-in area. Your money will not be required here.”


Unlike downstairs, both ladies immediately walked directly over to the check-in room. A beautiful lady was wearing a tuxedo that had been modified to accentuate her nice figure. She took their bags and placed a numbered wire-tie id on each of their wrists.


Bobbi almost hesitated before she handed the bag over, but for some reason none of her instincts were telling her this was wrong. So she simply handed over the bag and let the girl place the band on her wrist.

They both turned to face the huge room. The entire double height floor of the building was broken up by several bars and twenty foot curtains that segregated some of the floor into smaller rooms. Various men and women in suits walked about, while others sat at grand tables with drinks, cigars, and cigarettes. Beautiful men and women, all minimally dressed in scantily made up tuxedoes were mixing in with the business people. Occasionally, a man or women in short white robes could also be seen.

One of the serving men walked over to the women with a tray holding two champagne glasses, “Ladies?” he offered the glasses to the girls. The man was well sculpted and completely hairless. A thin sheen of oil completely coated him. It took a moment for Sam and Bobbi to take their eyes off him and take the offered glasses.


This was beyond anything that even Bobbi had ever encountered. She suspected that this club had several illegal operations going on, but her previous effort to keep the various law enforcement agencies distracted had apparently let this operation bloom, unmolested.


Bobbi and Sam slowly sipped their champagne as they walked. They noticed that many of the business people were openly eyeing them. More like pieces of meat then the more subtle looks that one would expect, but the psychotropic laced champagne continued to affect the minds of Sam and Bobbi. As time passed they both started to enjoy the looks. Occasionally, they would half pose for their ‘audience’ in a semi-provocative way.

Sam had never dreamed that such a place could exist outside of movies. With Bobbi by her side, she wandered the area like a tourist. She noticed that occasionally one of the robed men or women would go to one of the patrons and whisper in their ears. Many times, the patrons smiled and turned them away. However, occasionally one of the customers would get up and be led by hand to an area that was blocked off by the white curtains.

Sam turned towards Bobbi, and pointed this out her. Bobbi had seen it and had no idea, but also realized that they had both run out of champagne. With an experience flick of the hand, Bobbi summoned over one of the men.

She took Sam’s glass and turned to the servant, “We need refills please. Also, what’s going on over there?” she gestured towards one of the curtained off areas.


The servant made a perfect, practiced smile, “Those are our spa facilities ma’am. Would you or your friend like to partake of the treatment?”


Bobbi would normally have said no, but she wasn’t in the same frame of mind as she had been when she entered the club. “What do you think Sam? Want a massage?”


The idea excited her, but she was also concerned with the idea of one of the servants working her over and the fear of exposing herself so much in a new place. However, she knew that Bobbi would keep her out of trouble, “If you think it’s ok, I’m game.” She said tentatively.


Bobbi surprised herself as she heard herself say, “I think it’ll be fine,” she turned back to the server. “Yes, we would like to have a treatment. However, we would like it together.”


The man didn’t miss a beat. Apparently, this was not an unusual request. He gestured to two of the men that had been just out of normal visibility due to the low lighting. Both men were wearing the plain, white silk robes that hung to their knees. They came out and each offered one of the ladies a hand. Automatically, Sam and Bobbi both smiled and took them.

They were led to and through the curtained area to reveal a series of well lit white areas. The fabric wasn’t quite as thick as the outer layer of curtains, and shadows could be seen in several of the ‘rooms’. As they walked down one of the curtained corridors, quiet moans of pleasure could be heard throughout the area. Most of the shadows were fairly undefined, but enough of them moved sinuously enough to give the imagination plenty to feed upon.


The minds of the girls continued to get further clouded as they were led into one of these areas. With practiced ease, both men stopped the women and without a word started to disrobe them. It happened so easily and quickly, that both women were too clouded to really respond to this act. Since both women hadn’t bothered wearing a bra; the undressing took only a minute or two. The men’s gaze never left the women’s eyes. It was like they held their gaze to keep them from moving.


Before they knew it, both women were face down on the message tables and the men were pouring oil onto them and working on their necks, backs, asses, and legs.


This went on for a while. Bobbi had been tempted to ask how her mistress was enjoying herself, but each time she started to form the words; expert hands would touch her in just the right way to ‘remove’ the urge. Each man pulled a jar from their respective drawers that held their oils and towels. In unison, they opened the jars and put it under the face of each woman.


Sam and Bobbi both responded in the same way, the mint vapor flowed into each woman through their mouth, nose, and face. Each instinctively breathed the scent into their lungs deeply, adding to their relaxation. What neither consciously realized was that the mint assisted in the delivery of additional psychotropic chemicals that were designed to make their targets even more relaxed and suggestible.


Bobbi’s years of training instinctively reacted to the hidden drugs. Despite her mind being almost completely clouded, her hands came up to push herself away from the source of the drug. However, she did this slowly enough for the man working on her to simply compensate by holding her head down in place. Bobbi’s new female form, even if it weren’t drugged, was no match for the force holding her in place.


Bobbi moaned slightly in protest and her body sinuously struggled as the spike mint vapor continued to do its work. After a few minutes, Bobbi quieted down and her arms completely relaxed again. Both men had held the jars in place through the struggles and continued to hold them until both women’s breathing had changed into a completely relaxed and shallow rhythm. The jars were removed and resealed. Next, each man brought out an iPod with ear buds. With practiced ease, they placed the ear buds into each woman’s ears and simultaneously hit play. Bobbi’s handler finished by arranging her prone form back to her message position.


The ear buds continued the work that the elevator had started. The specialized, subliminal messages began to condition Sam and Bobbi’s semi-conscious minds. In addition, both men pulled out medical patches, similar to nicotine patches, and placed one of each of the woman’s necks. The chemicals in the patch contained a different version of the psychotropic drug and synthetic endorphins that would flow directly from their jugular to the brain. The chemicals would block access to some parts of their long term memory (mainly those parts that allowed them to know who they were and the ability to remember anything) and leave them highly aroused.


Sam and Bobbi awoke about thirty minutes later. Any confusion that they would have felt was simply wiped away by the subliminal messages that encouraged them that they were safe and that they wanted this. In addition, the messages had worked to program their short term memories with multiple commands that they would be compelled to obey. As they slowly regained consciousness, each man started to message their bodies again. However, this time they primarily worked around the ass of each woman, their oiled fingers slowly lubricating their ass holes and pussies.


After another ten minutes or so, each woman was now moaning softly and had raised their asses for easier access. At this point the men stopped, one of them clicked into an intercom on the desk, “Number 243 and 244 are ready for their treatment now.” After which each stepped into the corners.


Sam and Bobbi were completely oblivious by now. All they knew was that the pleasure had stopped, so each moved a hand between their legs and started to work on themselves; each moaning and grunting as they did so. However, the programming disallowed any release unless provided by someone else. They didn’t have long to wait.


A few minutes later, two business men were led into the room by two tuxedoed women. What Sam and Bobbi had not realized was that the moment that they had checked their car into the garage, their pictures had been taken and passed out to the men and women on this floor. Each client had been provided a basic bidding device. Simply put, as the women were eating dinner and wandered this floor; there had been a fierce bidding war for the right to fuck them later that night.


The two men that came in now were the winners. Each were spending over a hundred thousand dollars for what they were about to do. The men allowed the women to first undress them and then withdraw with the men to the corners.


Each man had been briefed on the key words that each slave required now. The patrons walked over to Sam and Bobbi and pulled off an ear bud.

“Suck,” each of them said and the women instantly responded by stepping off of the message table and kneeling before their master. Each still wore one ear bud in to allow the continued stream of subliminal messages to sooth and control their minds. Sam and Bobbi felt as if they were in a dream now, each with their perfect dream lover. Each needed to please them and taste their delicious cocks.


Enthusiastically, both women worked their perspective clients’ cocks. Their tongues would occasionally wander over each man’s balls or asshole. Each also started to say the same thing as the messages continued, “Your cock is so big master. I love your hard cock.” Each was a puppet to the iPod that they were attached too.


The man on Bobbi bent over and said, “Ass.” Again, Bobbi reacted immediately: she stood up and turned around. She leaned on the table and stuck her ass in the air. Her hands immediately went back and spread her ass open, “Please fuck me in the ass master.”


The man needed no other encouragement. Without any pretense, he pushed his hard cock straight into Bobbi’s virgin ass. A bit of a sadist, the man smirked as Bobbi let out a gasp of pain. However, as her brain was effectively disconnected, she almost immediately forgot the pain and reveled in the fullness of the stranger’s cock filling her ass.


Sam’s master bent over and stated, “Pussy.” Blank eyed, Sam stood and leaned back on her table. She shifted up so she was on the very edge and spread her legs wide. Her left hand held herself steady and her right stroked her breast and clit. “Put your cock in my pussy master. I’m your fuck toy.”


Again, Sam’s master worked his cock into Sam. He enjoyed the mindless gasps of pleasure coming from his purchase. Sam fell back in pleasure. Both women saw each other and what was happening without any form of recognition, as the men pumped into them. Their gasps and moans joined those of the other ‘purchases’ from the other sheeted off areas.


After only a few minutes, both men came to strong orgasms. Neither man bothered withdrawing from their whores. Both had been assured of no diseases and no complications (the chemical patches ensured it).


As each business man came, the serving woman would step back out with a glass of ice water. As the man drank, the woman would bend down, and suck and pump their client’s cocks to ensure that nothing was left in their dicks, and then toweled them clean. Occasionally, a patron would become aroused again from the cleaning effort and the client was allowed to give their purchase an additional ‘treatment’. However, this wasn’t the case for either of these clients this evening.


The women that had led them into the room now assisted in dressing their respective client and then led them back out of the room. As the patrons were being dressed, Sam and Bobbi still followed their programming. Now that their source of pleasure was gone, their hands came back and worked their own clits. They did so in the position they were left in by their masters: Bobbi on her chest and Sam on her back. Again, they saw each other but there was no recognition in their eyes as they fucked themselves.


After the clients had left, Frank came into the room. He watched the women work on themselves, again with no chance of release. In a clear voice he stated, “Suck,” so that both could hear him.


Both women came to him, kneeled before him, and freed his cock out of his pants. Unlike the two clients, his cock was almost ten inches fully erect which was enough room for both women to work on. Eventually, both settled into a rhythm as Bobbi flipped over and tongued his ass and balls while Sam worked his cock.


He was surprised as normally two women in this state would simply keep fighting for the cock and not even acknowledge each other’s presence. However, even in this mindless state, the Asian brunette seemed to be the more submissive one. Curious he bent over and said, “Masterbate.”


Both women immediately started to work on their clits and pussies. However, they never stopped working on Frank’s cock as well. Normally, he would have picked one at a time and fucked them each. However, as he watched each woman slowly started to masturbate one another; their hands working in an unconscious way to please the other. It was amazing to watch. Eventually Frank could feel his balls start to tense and suddenly both women were working his cock again. As he came, both women worked in tandem to catch the thick ropes of cum that he pumped out. Again, this is not how it normally went. Neither woman consciously acknowledged each other, but they both worked together as a perfect team. Once they had licked Frank clean, they instantly turned on each other and formed a sixty nine. In a few more minutes both screamed in unison as they had their orgasm.


Both women took a few deep breaths, and then started the sixty nine again. Frank realized that they were still on their mindless instructions. Since they had no long term memory; they had simply pleasured themselves, forgotten they had done it, and started again. Most women would have been spent by now, but these two didn’t even look winded.


Frank realized that he was experiencing something far more special than any of the other men and women that had been brought in. With another simple statement, “Sleep,” both women stopped what they were doing and climbed back into position on the message tables.


He looked up at the two men that were waiting in the corners. “Use the blue iPods,” he then turned and walked out as the men went to get the different iPods from the drawers.


Most men and women were ‘catch and release’. That is, they were given false memories and if they ever came back to the club they would probably be given the same treatment (some did on a regular basis as if they knew on some level of what was happening and wanted it again).


However, the blue iPod was the enslavement programming. It would do everything that the normal iPod did, but in addition it placed a subconscious desire to come back to the club. In addition, repeated treatments would induce the target to change careers and permanently come to work for The Jungle.


Most of the men and women that worked on the fifth and sixth floors had been brought in with the blue iPod. Those that had come to work under more normal circumstances had been processed later to ensure no long term issues.


Frank smiled as he remembered the two women. They would be making him a lot of money for the club in the coming months.



Chapter 33 – Dona and Bernadette


I handed a cup of tea to Bernadette. Up until a few moments before, I had simply known her as Agent Lee, “Would you like sugar or cream. Sorry, I’m out of lemons.”


Bernadette woodenly accepted the cup of tea from me. She was understandably confused, but took the cup and set it down in front of herself, “Thank you ma’am, and no.” I noticed a slight southern accent, nice.


We were both sitting in my kitchen, across from one another. Besides the two of us, the house was empty. I was in a long t-shirt that went to my knees and Bernadette was attired in bandages and medical apparatuses that strangely didn’t inhibit her movements. She took a sip of tea and looked over to me, “What am I doing here and who are you?” She was having a hard time putting things together; based on the current situation I wasn’t surprised.


I smiled a friendly smile, “My name is Dona. What’s the last thing you remember?”


She held the cup in her hands, letting it warm her for a few moments, “I was in a hotel room and something was outside of my window.” She seemed about to say something else, but lost her train of thought, the confused look was still on her face.


“You know what Master PC is right?” I asked.


She looked over to me, focus pushing away the confusion, “Yes I do. You’re the vampire then?”


I laughed a little, “No. I’m one of the people that took your Jane Doe away. I’m Agent Dona Doe. That help a little?”


Understanding filled her, “Sure. That does make sense I guess. I suppose we’re at your place then?”


“Sort of, it’s actually an artificial construct that I created so we can have this conversation. Simply put, we’re in a sort of virtual reality.” I had picked the kitchen as I found it to be a grounding point for me and I needed a ‘safe spot’ for this conversation.


Bernadette raised an eye brow and knocked on the table a few times, “Seems real enough to me,” she said with some skepticism.


“Try that again dear,” I requested of the agent.


She smiled and knocked on the table again, instead of the normal wooden sound a weird chime sound came from the table. Surprised, she did it again, and again the table responded like a chime.


“Now look behind you out the window,” I said.


She complied and gasped. I hadn’t gone beyond creating the house. There was almost nothing outside. I had been surprised when I first saw it. Apparently ‘nothing’ in the mind really means that it’s nothing with quiet little ‘somethings’ running around in it. It was kinda creepy actually, but as soon as you looked into it there was a kind of primordial awareness of what you were looking at.


When Bernadette looked back at me, there was no doubt in her face at that point. Although, I could see a slight twinge of fear there, the same as mine I suspected. I stood up and pulled the curtains across the window. I had enough on my mind to have that window showing me the darkness.


I sat back down and waited. I wanted to blurt the whole thing out, but I knew that Bernadette needed to work her way through things.


“So if we’re in a virtual reality, where are we really?” she asked simply.


“Well, currently you’re strapped naked to a board and I’m having a sex duel with the vampire,” Unfortunately, I was also loosing. She was really good in the sack. The only reason I was holding my own was that I had apparently downloaded every sex manual ever made when I was fucking Tony.

She thought for a moment, “You’re losing, aren’t you?”


“Slowly, yes. So I need your help. You need to find the computer running Master PC and either shut it down or start reversing the changes.” Again, I should have done it myself, but didn’t think of it until after I opened the door to the vampire’s room.


She sipped on the tea some more, “If I’m strapped to a board, how am I supposed to do that?”


I smiled a sad smile, “The straps won’t be the issue. The problem is that you don’t want to be free right now.” I’d used ST to up her strength, healing, and stamina.


She looked surprised and slightly frustrated, “I don’t understand.”

I gestured to her, “Why are you all beat up? Usually, in this environment, a person shows up as they see themselves. Why are you like this?”


She looked at herself then. Her face changed to shock and then fear. I stood up and walked up behind her. I gently put my hands on her shoulders and I could see the blood spread under the bandages where I touched her. I also noticed that a bit of blood had dripped down on the floor and table from her simple act of drinking tea.


Hesitantly at first and then turning into a rush she explained to me what had happened to her. As she talked the wounds grew more severe and she started to lose the strength to sit up in the chair. I held her shoulders to keep her steady as she finished and slowly broke into tears.


“That was a long time ago Bernadette. Stan fixed you up and you’ve helped a lot of folks since then,” she had almost shriveled up in the chair. I noticed she couldn’t even grasp the cup anymore.


“That’s not me. This is me. I should be dead, just like the rest of them,” she cried and pounded her hands against the table in frustration. Stan had been careful not to alter the minds of his choices in agents. However, he had failed to deal with the long term consequences like survivor’s guilt or being trapped in your own body for six months.


“There’s another piece of you Bernie: the piece that is in control of you right now. That’s the piece that just wants to feel and not think. It’s locked you away in your own mind. Why can it do that to you? I thought it was your subconscious, but it’s not. It’s just a different part of conscious mind.” I had ‘built’ the house inside of the ‘cage’ that Bernadette was locked inside of in order to have this conversation.

She looked over at me with fear and self loathing, “I’m fake. This is what I really am. I’m a cripple and a freak. No one could love me like this. Stan made up a fake me so that I could do the work, but that’s all I do. I don’t deserve (she spit the word out) anything else.”


My admiration for her went up. I realized that when she had told Stan that she wanted to live it was an answer that pushed through all of this pain and self hate. I knelt down in front of Bernadette and swiveled the chair towards me. “So this is what you really are then?”


She could barely nod, “Yes.”


I bent over and kissed her. It hurt her now crippled body, but it was the only thing I could do for her. I moved my lips from her lips and down her twisted neck. I could taste the blood as it soaked through her bandages.

“What? What are you doing?” she asked. I could hear the fear, horror, and awe in her voice.


I looked up to her, “I’m making love to you.” I went back to work on her neck.


“I don’t think that….” She quieted down as I moved to her breast and took a nipple in my mouth. With practiced ease I teased it to a hard nub. She whimpered in pleasure. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice me pulling the bandages from her body.


I trailed my tongue back up her breast and neck, pulling off the bandages as I worked. As my tongue wiped the blood away I could see that the wounds were no longer there. I could also feel her muscles and bones shifting back to normal under my touch.


My white shirt was soaking up the blood as well. After a few more minutes of touching and kissing, the shirt was completely drenched. The warm blood touched my bare skin and sent shivers through my nipples and stomach. I paused a moment and removed it with a quick gesture. I could see Bernadette taking me in now, desire growing in her eyes.


“Do you want me to stop?” I wasn’t a therapist. I had rebuilt myself for sex when I used Master PC and it was really my only tool that I had at hand. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was letting Bernadette accept that she was allowed to feel this way or unduly altering her mind. Either way, I think she needed it.


She thought for a moment. Her self-loathing fought with her desire to be something else, “No.”


If this had been a different type of effort, I would have pushed her harder. However, that wasn’t what she needed. I went back to what I was doing before. I would touch and lick and area, bring her pleasure, and then removed the bandages and wounds.


It took me a while to complete the process. When I was done I was again kneeling before her. We were both covered in blood, but there was no source for it now. It was the remains of her old mental image of herself. Now she sat before me, a teenager in the prime of her life. Eager for my touch; her doubts and fears had dropped to the floor with her old bandages and wounds.


I looked up to her and smiled. She smiled down to me in return. She was no longer in pain, and her eyes showed with a new sense of wonder and anticipation. I dipped my head between her legs and lapped at her fresh, young cunt. Her hands were on my head as my tongue penetrated her sex.

Deftly, I used my tongue on her clit and pussy lips. She started to shake at first and then buck wildly. My mouth filled up with pussy juice as she had one orgasm after another. By the third orgasm, she started to whimper in pleasure, “Oh god, please push your tongue in me. You’re tongue is so nice, please don’t stop.”


More time passed and her juices and shudders finally slowed. Her long need to be ‘honestly’ fucked had been met. I pulled my face back and looked up at Bernadette again. No longer the teenager; the woman that had been strapped to the table looked down at me. Confidence and satisfaction filled her face as she smiled, “Thank you Dona.”


“Anytime Bernadette,” I said it and meant it. There was something about this woman that was special to me somehow. For starters, I had been able to make this mental connection with her. That was something that was supposed to only be possible between Genie and I. I had no idea of how I had pulled it off.


When I looked at her and when our minds touched, I felt as if I had known her a long time. It was like she was my best friend and lover for decades. Everything about her was new and old at the same time. Somehow I knew she felt the same way about me.


I stood up before her and she reached down and brushed my thigh. It felt really nice and I could feel myself start to get more aroused.


Unfortunately, this was not the time for it. I placed my hand on hers and pulled it back. She looked at me curiously for a moment.


I smiled sadly, “Sex duel with a vampire remember? Having sex on both ‘fronts’ would make me an instant sex slave. Believe me when I tell you, neither of us wants that right now.”


She was disappointed but nodded, “So find the computer and shut it down or undue all the changes. Got it sugar. However, we are not done with this ‘conversation’, understood?”


God, her southern accent was so hot on her, I shuddered in anticipation. “No problem Agent Lee. If we get out of this, feel free to ‘debrief’ me anytime you want.”


She nodded and smiled, “How do we get out of here?”


“Leave that to me,” with a brief surge of will I broke the connection.


Chapter 34 - The vampire, the succubus, and the NSA agent


When I had opened the door to the vampire’s room and made the comment about my situation, I hadn’t expected an answer.


Again, without looking my way, the vampire spoke as she toyed with Bernadette, “You just wait your turn Dona. As soon as I’m done with this little girl, you can take a ride next,” she lightly ran her finger along Bernadette’s tight stomach, and the NSA agents muscles fluttered in response. Bernadette moaned a bit.


“You know that I can’t let you keep doing this, right?” I asked plainly.

She stopped and turned towards me for the first time. She stopped playing with Bernadette and raised an eye brow, “You think you can take me?”

I didn’t gulp, or at least if I were ever asked that would be my answer, “Sure, why not? Someone has to do it. By the way, what’s you name anyway?”


She had been kneeling before the agent and now she smoothly rose to her feet. Her long, dark hair flowed off her head and accented her eyes, which seemed to look right into me. She seductively walked up to me, and her sexy hips and large breasts moved perfectly with her movements. Like me, she was optimized for sex.


She wore a black cape with red lining, a black corset, and sexy, lace panties: a typical, almost stereotypical, vampire. “Call me Liz,” she stretched slightly, her whole body cracked as she flexed, “How do you want to do this?” 


 Again, I didn’t think I could take her physically. I briefly considered simply trying to use ST to do something nasty to her, but that took focus on my part. I suspected that she’d be using my head as a soccer ball as soon as she saw me start to focus. Besides that, I really wasn’t looking to kill her. That only left me with one alternative, “Sex duel?”


Her super confidant look dropped for just a second in surprise and then she laughed, “Oh dear, you really are desperate aren’t you?”

I shrugged, “Well if you really had your heart sent on fighting, we could do that too. Especially since both of us know that you’d lose if we did it without any abilities.”


That cut off her laugh. She gave me a good long look and then smiled, “Done. We fuck each other, no abilities, and whoever looses agrees to be the other’s slave. Permanently.”


Seemed a bit steep, forever could prove to be a very, very long time. However, no abilities meant that we were nearly even, I hoped. Besides, I figured that “loosing” at a sex duel wouldn’t leave a whole lot left of our minds at the end of the process anyway, “Fine, but the winner still has to deal with the Doug situation, and I mean that in a not nice way.”

She smiled wider at that, “Oh, that is so a deal,” she put her hand out to shake.


I put my hand out and took hers. As I touched her hand, she ‘flowed’ up my arm and I felt her soft, warm lips on my neck. I hadn’t even seen her move. I waited for the teeth, fearful that I had been betrayed, but after a moment she traced her way to my ear and I tingled in pleasure, “This is gonna be fun. You’ll make such a nice slave Dona.” Her warm breath made me shudder.


I reached back and grabbed a handful of her thick, black hair. Gently, I pulled her head back and away from me. Keeping her head back and arched, I slowly turned towards her and kissed the base of her neck. Slowly, I ran my lips up her cool, alabaster neck.


When I reached her chin, I moved my head back and positioned her head so that we were looking each other in the eye, “Maybe, but so will you Liz,” I punctuated the statement by kissing her hard on the lips. My tongue pushed passed her lips and into her mouth. Her mouth was moist and warm, the opposite of her skin.


Slowly, her tongue played with mine. My tongue tingled slightly, and I realized that her saliva must act as a type of anesthetic. The tingling moved from my tongue and traveled into my head. I started to withdraw it, but her teeth gently came down and trapped it between razor sharp teeth. She didn’t do it for long, but I realized it was long enough for her saliva to travel completely down my tongue and into my stomach.


When I finally reclaimed my tongue, I felt as if I had a few beers. The tingling had hit my stomach and spread through my entire system. I suspected that if it hadn’t been for my accelerated healing ability, I would have already been unconscious.


She had definitely noticed the glazed look in my eyes, “Feeling better Dona?”


I smiled a lazy smile back to her, “You cheated,” I had let go of her hair as I struggled to get my tongue back and now used both hands to pin her against the nearby wall. Holding her there gently, but firmly I used my teeth to snap the clasp that held her cape in place. I licked the spot where the clasp had been.


I looked up at her and then spit the clasp aside and into the wall next to her head. The piece of metal stuck into the wood wall next to her head. She glanced over at the piece of jewelry, a slightly worried look on her face, and then turned back to me. I smiled broader in response.

She tried to flash behind me again, but I held her firm. Failing to move, her hands came up and pushed my halter top aside from my breasts. She gently ran her nails on my breasts and then down to my tight stomach. Her venom still ran through me and combined with the pleasant sensation coming from my nipples. I couldn’t help myself as I briefly closed my eyes and enjoyed her caress.


After a few moments of this, I found myself relaxing my grip on her. Liz didn’t move from where she was; she didn’t have to. Her hands continued to work all over the front of me. Her nails traced paths of pleasure that ran from my neck all the way down to my waste. I barely noticed her cutting and flicking my shoulder coat off of me.


“That’s right baby, you just make sure that you hold onto the bad vampire,” she teased easily as she moved her hands back to my breasts and gently messaged them.


I could feel my hair lengthening in response to her touch. I was also sure that my eyes were starting to turn light blue. Taking back the initiative, I flipped my hands under her arms and lifted off the floor by a few inches. I stepped into her, and forced her legs apart. My legs too were slightly apart, in order to keep her legs opened wide. I could feel a cold breeze run across my naked, bare pussy. I shuddered for a second enjoying the feeling.


She looked startled again, and then smiled down at me. “Too bad you’re not equipped to ‘handle’ this kind of situation. It could have been a lot of fun.”


I met her gaze and smiled again. Still holding her gaze, I let my tail come out from under my skirt and moved it up to the front of her lacy underwear. Using the tip of my tail, I slowly rubbed her pussy slit and clit through the fabric.


A weird look came across her face and then she looked down, startled, “What the fuck is that?!”


“One good cheat deserves another Liz. Guess we can have some fun after all,” I continued to rub at her slit. After a few more moments, still holding her, I moved the tail up between us. As she watched the end of the tail in shock, arousal, and wonder I pushed the tip out of the end.

Fear shaded her features again as I let the tail wag back and forth. Her hands had stopped working on my front, letting me focus enough for what I did next. With a quick swipe, I brought the tail down and right back to her pussy.


“What did you just…” she started to asked, but suddenly the front of her corset split in two. Her perfect stomach and breasts were now exposed. Bending down, I brought my tongue onto one of her nipples and started to swirl it with my tongue. She purred as her nipple hardened.


I retracted the venomous needle and put my tail back to work, as I pushed the thin fabric aside and started to rub the end of the tail between her pussy lips. My tail started to tingle and throb. Over the next minute or so, this feeling traveled through my waist and started to affect my clit and pussy. I could feel myself getting a bit wet as my tail moved between Liz’s pussy lips.


A strange need filled me and I suddenly thrust the head of my tail into her tight hole. Both of us shuddered in pleasure as my tail start to push in and out of her. Her hands came up and cupped my face. She locked onto my eyes with her own and I suddenly felt myself falling into the depths of her eyes. A piece of me realized that she was mesmerizing me, but another part of me enjoyed the feeling.


Keeping one hand on my chin to hold my gaze, she traced her other hand down my neck, over a hardened nipple, over my quivering stomach, and under my skirt. She lightly touched my clit as she sank a finger slowly into my cunt. Between my tail and my cunt, I was feeling really good and starting to let my body go completely on autopilot.


“That’s a good girl Dona,” I heard Liz say, “Just relax and enjoy yourself.” She spoke just above a whisper and I sensed a bit of a mocking tone coming from her. In response, I felt my hands start to loosen on her shoulders and lower her back to the ground, “That’s it baby. Just go with it. I’m not going anywhere. Just let your tail enjoy my hot, wet cunt.”

I almost faded out as her eyes seemed to get bigger in my vision; however, something inside of me snapped. It didn’t last for very long, but I felt an anger rise in me. The same anger I had felt when I had been locked away by Genie in my own mind. That piece of me was happy to stay in the background as long as I wasn’t letting myself be dominated. I felt my eyes open wide and a strange heat filled my face.


Liz suddenly stiffened as she sensed the thing in me push out. Before she could recover, I gripped a shoulder hard and tossed her like a light pillow onto the nearby bed. Distantly, I heard the frame of the king sized bed snap as Liz’s body slammed against it. Only her own Master PC modifications allowed her to remain unharmed, but she was completely stunned.


Growling, I turned towards her and extended my wings. I leaped the ten feet and pounced on top of Liz’s prone form. Violently, I knocked her legs apart as my wings came down and pinned her forcefully into the bed. Each hand held a thigh and my face dipped down into her cunt. Licking my lips in a strange hunger, I savored the smell of her wet pussy.


My mouth came down onto her sex and my tongue pushed deeply into her. The delicious taste and smell started to slack my hunger. Liz started to recover, but it was too late for her at this point. As she fully became aware of her situation, pleasure flooded her body. I felt her hips buck in response to my efforts, wanting my tongue to reach deeper into her.


As I continued to work, my tail casually whipped back and forth. I was like a cat with a new toy. As it playfully swiped back and forth, it accidentally touched the NSA agent. For a brief instant, I felt my mind start to drop into hers. A small piece of me realized that I could make the same connection with her that I could with Genie. I pushed that thought aside as I focused on the task at hand.


Over the next few minutes, Liz changed from bucking to struggling. A part of her must have realized what was at stake and she started to struggle against me and my wings to break free. However, as before I was simply too strong for her. After a few more minutes, her hands had moved from my wings to my head. She started to ride my mouth as my tongue continued its work.


I smiled a little as I felt her first orgasm ripple through her. The first ‘blood’ was mine. I intended to hold her like this for the next few hours until she became a drooling slave of pleasure. A piece of me was excited by the prospect. I imagined her serving my every need.


I started to visualize how good it would feel to have her tongue in my pussy and how tight her ass would be as I pushed my sensitive tail up into her hole. One of my hands moved from her thigh and moved down to my own pussy. There wasn’t really any risk of touching myself and having a little fun on the side, I thought as my hand moved over my soaking miniskirt and found my pussy lips.


“Kiss me Dona. Please kiss me,” I heard Liz moan the request. I responded immediately, as I slid up her belly and our lips met. Something told me this was not right, but my body buzzed with pleasure and need. She gently put her hands on my face and licked her pussy juices off my face. For a moment, I feared that the tingling would suddenly come back from her saliva, but when it didn’t my fear faded a bit.


She smiled again, “Did you enjoy my pussy Dona. Did you like the taste? I bet you feel really good now don’t you baby?” she put her lips to mine and pushed her tongue inside my mouth. More pleasure filled me as our tongues danced in my mouth.


She pulled away from me, I gasped as I felt myself have a small orgasm myself.


She whispered to me again, “I’m going to taste you now.” She pushed me over and now she was on top of me. I didn’t resist as I felt her move down and in between my legs. My wings relaxed and fell onto the bed. She started to taste my pussy and it was my turn to put my hands on her head. Every time she pushed her tongue into me, my wings flexed open a little bit in response.


My mind was fuzzy as she worked me to my second orgasm. I felt her hands on my tits, working in tandem with her tongue. Losing control to my second orgasm, I shuddered in pleasure. “Oh yeah baby. I love that tongue,” I moaned as she kept working her tongue on my clit and then back to the inside of my cunt.


The beast within me purred in delight and enjoyed the feeling of release. Somewhere, after my fourth orgasm, I realized that I needed to get back into control. I tried to raise my head and arms up to push her off of me, but the pleasure made me sluggish. She glanced up as I tried to assert myself, and with a laugh she pushed me back down onto the bed. I capitulated in anticipation for my next orgasm.


After making sure I wasn’t struggling, she came up on one arm and casually toyed with my clit with her other hand, “You’re really good Dona, but when you licked up my pussy juice you drugged yourself up real good. In another hour, you’re going to be completely addicted to me. I’m going to be your perfect sex drug. You’ll do anything to get your next hit.”


She didn’t mock me like she had last time; she simply explained it in a friendly tone. I tried to get angry and let my ‘beast’ push through this, but it had nothing left. It seemed to be enjoying this more then I was. I put my hands on my head and moaned uncontrollably.


“Don’t worry baby. You can have me anytime you want and as much as you want. We’re gonna have a lot of fun.” She moved her head back down and I felt her tongue flick between my cunt and asshole. Again, the tingled started and I could feel myself build up to another climax.


I suddenly remembered my contact with the agent next to us. Casually, I pushed my tail out to the agent and touched her. Again, I felt myself falling into a connection and I left my own body behind. For the time being, for the next few minutes in real time, my body truly was enslaved to Liz’s venoms and her tongue.


A few minutes passed as I broke through what Liz had done to Bernadette and I worked through the agent’s own issues. Using my little remaining focus, I managed to ‘tweak’ Bernadette so that she had her own increased strength and healing.


When everything was ready, I broke contact with the naked agent. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bernadette’s eyes snap open. She was no longer mesmerized or under the influence of the toxins that Liz and her minions had injected into her.


I took that as my queue to grab Liz by the back of the head and push her tongue more deeply into my exhausted pussy. I started screaming to Liz to fuck me harder to cover the sounds of Bernadette snapping the leather straps holding her down onto the table.


Liz, sensing a near victory redoubled her efforts which what I wanted. Unfortunately, Liz was right. In minutes I just wouldn’t care anymore. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and started to ride the next wave of pleasure was Bernadette quietly walking out of the room.

Time passed as I started to slip further and further under. It almost felt like I was drowning, but I just couldn’t care. I started hoping that Bernadette wouldn’t be able to turn off the Master PC so I could just feel. No more thought, no more problems, all that I needed to know was that Liz would keep my happy. The thought aroused me now. And I could feel myself build to another orgasm. However, somewhere I knew that this would be the last one, and I welcomed it.


Something snapped. Suddenly, my mind cleared and Liz stopped working on me. I was still hot and horny, but not in an exhausted sort of way. She looked up at me, “What did you do?!” she asked in a sudden rage.

I didn’t answer. My strength and confidence had returned. Before she could react, I grabbed her again and flipped her back over. She struggled again, but I ignored her. Her teeth came completely out and I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back hard. Her mouth was opened because her head was so far back and I ran my tongue over her lips and teeth. Again, I felt the pleasurable tingle, but my accelerated healing easily removed it after a few moments.


I knocked her legs open with mine, and used my tail to push into her pussy, yet again. This time I didn’t bother to be gentle. My inner beast had reawakened, and it fueled me to fuck her. She struggled against me. She yelled and she screamed as my tail pushed further and further into her.


After a while, her protests turned to screams of pleasure and she simply held onto me as I pushed up to two feet of my limb deep into her. It was completely slick with her juices and it continued to flow in and out of her. More time passed and it was my turn to watch her fade and start to accept her fate.


Finally, she seemed barely there, “Do you give yourself to me Liz? Do you agree to be my fuck toy, my slave? Will you whore yourself willingly for me?”


Her mouth had been open for awhile as she gasped and moaned, and so it took a few moments to close her mouth and wet her tongue enough to answer me, “God, please yes. Fuck me with you big cock Dona. Just don’t stop.”

A strange urge had been building up in me as I made my demand upon Liz. When she gave her surrender, something inside me acted. The beast was laying claim to its property. I felt my tail push further into her then it had before. I felt a weird opening at the end of my tail and realized that I had reached her uterus.


I started to pull back out of Liz in surprise, but a violet orgasm hit me. On instinct, the needle came out of the end of the tail and penetrated into Liz’s side wall. She let out a scream of intense pain, as I felt the venom push through my tail and into her body. I continued to feel something deep within me surge and continue to push the venom out of me and into Liz.


Her scream changed tone and she arched her back up from pure pleasure as the venom hit her blood stream and made her mine. Her eyes snapped open and I could see the whites of her eyes turn a deep, blood red as she stared blindly at the ceiling. Her hands clawed at the bed and tore through the sheets and mattress fabric as the pleasure of change went through her. Finally, her improved body couldn’t take anymore and she passed out. However, even unconscious, her body shuddered for a few more moments and my tail still pumped fluid into her.


I would have been horrified, but the pleasure of my own release held me in place. In addition, I vaguely realized that I it all hadn’t been one sided. I had taken something from her as well. Finally, I was spent and I slowly pulled my tail out of Liz. A sickly looking green fluid leaked out of her as my tail came out. It was mixed with her vaginal juices and a bit of blood.


Exhausted, I fell next to her and worked on catching my breath. Liz was unconscious next to me, but I noticed that she would moan and shudder occasionally. I assumed that the venom was still doing its work. My clothes hung off of me, completely shredded and soaked in sweat and various juices.


“Wow. I guess I’m going to have to get into better shape before I debrief you,” Bernadette said from the door way. She said it in a light tone, but I sensed a slight bit of worry in her as she looked us over. “I’m gonna have to go out and get you some condoms though. I definitely think protection is called for.”


I flexed the needle back into my tail and then pull the tail back into myself. With another, harder, act of will I retracted my wings. Weakly I smile her way. I noticed that she was wearing a coat that she had found, which reminded me how cold it really was in the house. “Can you debrief me later lady? It’s been a long day.”


She had watched me in fascination as I went back to being just normal me and now she smiled, “No problem, why don’t you get yourself a nap and…” a strange look came over her face suddenly. I waited for her to finish her statement, but instead she slowly sank to her knees and then fell onto her face. I saw the tranquilizer dart coming out of her back.


A figure walked into the room wearing full riot gear, including gas mask and body armor, “Sleep time freak,” he said as I heard the hiss of the gun. I was so tired that I barely felt the dart hit me. I was incredibly weak, but still managed to try and get up. I heard another hiss and realized that he had shot me again. I made it a few steps towards him before I finally succumbed to the darts. The last thing I heard was several more hisses as the stranger fired his gun.