Master PC: 2010 Edition

A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 25 to 29


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

    Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe

    Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith

    Lela Star as Samantha Thomas

    Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult

    Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee

    Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith

    Bianca Beauchamp as Heather


Chapter 25 – Bobbi and sacrifice


I woke up staring at an unknown ceiling on a cold, cement floor. I was still fully clothed, but my wrists were very sore and my hands were tingly. I also noticed that my right arm hurt.


I tried to sit up, and then thought better of it. Once my vision stopped swimming, I noticed that Genie and Sam were talking to a young, sexy looking Asian girl, “Genie? Sam? What the fuck is going on?”


Genie nodded to Sam and went back to quietly talking to the new girl. Sam walked over to me and helped me up onto a medal chair, “Remember that Bob guy? The one Joe worked for? We were almost his sex slaves.”


Another moment passed for me to take that in, “Say what? Where the hell are we?”


“Your basement,” she said simply.


As I rubbed my arms, I looked around again. I finally recognized it. I noticed a scab on my arm. I realized that I had some sort of needle mark in my arm; looking around, I saw the IV bags hanging from the ceiling, each separated by a length of cut rope. I started to put things together.

She confirmed my suspicions. “All three of us Dona. He had us dead to rights,” she said simply.


I looked up at her, now rubbing my sore wrists, “Fine I’ll ask, why are we having a coherent conversation and not fucking him?”


She looked at my wrists, “You never gave yourself accelerated healing, did you? You probably should you know, or have Jean give it to you.”

Annoyed, I looked at her for a second. Then I closed my eyes and breathed. I tapped into my ST and checked my body over. I corrected the damage to my hands, wrists, and arms. I also noticed some strange chemicals in my system. I eradicated that, as well. I then opened the book in my mind and found out what I needed to know about human biology and how the body could heal itself faster. I closed the book and used ST to make those changes too. I felt so much better when I opened my eyes.

Sam was looking at me in wonder, even the scab from my IV wound was gone, “Happy now? Now answer my question. Please.”


Sam stuttered as she switched gears again, “Uh sorry. Yeah, uhm, Bob got greedy and tried to use Master PC on Jean. Apparently, Bob likes Asians,” she gestured towards to new girl.


Note to self, do not piss off Genie. “So how did we get down and where the hell is Anthony.”


Sam smiled a sad sort of smile, “Apparently, part of the package included subservience and complete obedience. So ‘Bobbi’ cut us down him...herself. Anthony wasn’t so lucky. Apparently he, now she, is fucking herself into oblivion somewhere upstairs. If you listen you can hear her.”


I paused, and did indeed hear loud female screams of pleasure through the raftered ceiling, “It sounds like she’s having fun, but shouldn’t we fix that?”


Sam nodded, “Genie is ‘debriefing’ Bobbi now. We didn’t want to cause any problems with how Anthony was programmed.” Just then I noticed Genie indicating to Bobbi to go and sit down in a corner. She then moved over to Sam’s laptop and started clicking through it.


I got up and, with Sam, walked over behind Genie. Bobbi had been a busy boy, and Sam and I were lucky that Bobbi had started with our Mistress. I could process data as quickly as Genie and read the log as fast as it scrolled by. Sam hadn’t made any of those tweaks so didn’t catch it all. “Shit,” was all I could say when I saw the part where Sam’s backup profile had been deleted.


Sam looked over to me, “That bad?”


Covering quickly I nodded, “Yeah, there’s gonna be some long term stuff here that we’re gonna have to deal with carefully.” I placed a hand onto Genie’s shoulder and squeezed to emphasize I was really talking to her. I saw her give a slight nod in acknowledgement.


“Let’s fix Anthony first,” Genie said. Going through the log, she reversed each change to Anthony. Her last piece was to have Anthony go to one of the guest rooms and get some sleep. She also removed the emotional content of what had happened to him.


Again, I was able to keep up with Genie as she switched from screen to screen. I understood that in part, she was moving quickly to prevent Sam from realizing what she was doing. Genie then scrolled through the log and reviewed the changes that now affected Bobbi. The last thing she did was scroll as far back as she could in the logs to see if she could somehow work the same process for Sam’s original profile. A minute later, we confirmed that Sam was never going to be Samuel again.


Genie sighed and shut down the laptop. As she clicked the cover closed, I moved my hand from her shoulder, to her neck. I was now making skin contact with her and opened my mind to Genie’s.


I wasn’t sure if this would work, but instantly Genie and I were facing each other in the white room of virtual space. Unlike last time, we were both dressed in the same clothes that we were wearing in the real world.

“We have a problem,” I started.


Genie didn’t miss a beat, “I concur.”


“Any ideas to what we can do to get him back to his old body?”


Genie frowned, “Anything we do with her will be just as valid as her current body. I’ve already adjusted his reality to ensure that his female form would be accepted; but I also added the caveat that if he went back to being Samuel; reality would revert back. That is no longer possible.”

I sighed, “Time to rack up some negative karma I guess.”


Genie looked at me surprised, “I don’t think killing Bobbi would do any good now.”


I laughed slightly, “No Genie, I mean inflicting Master PC on Samuel. Make her accept the way she is and allow her to move on with her life. Otherwise, he’ll be completely screwed for the rest of her long life. This might even push her to accept being Doug’s sex slave.”


Genie thought it through, “We should also remove that memory from Bobbi, as well.”


“Makes sense,” I agreed.


“And we should purge this conversation and knowledge from you as well Dona,” Genie went on.


I had seen where the conversation was going and had my response, “For me that would make it worse. At least my knowledge of the act would let me eventually make it up to her.”


Genie didn’t argue with me. “I am also “reassigning” Bobbi to Sam. As you say, to ‘make it up to her’. She will be loyal to all three of us, but will be subservient to Sam. This will also allow for Sam’s dominant personality traits to rise up and strengthen. This will assist her in resisting the programming placed within her subconscious by Doug.


“All we need now is a big bow on it,” I said sarcastically.


Genie looked at me seriously, “You realize that your programming will acknowledge this as a use of Master PC.”


Shit, I hadn’t realized that. “We’ll mark that up to Karmic balance,” I said already accepting it. I really didn’t want to see Sam hurt like this. She’d had some fun as a chick, but this was a big, shitty pill to take.


“After we break the connection, I’ll make the commands. Are you ready Dona?”


“No, but let’s get it over with. Just promise me to kick Doug’s ass if I’m not in the right mind to do it?” I felt like I was signing my own death sentence.


She walked up to me, and touched my face gently. She then leaned over and gave me a kiss on my forehead, “Promise.”


We were suddenly back in the basement. I looked over at Sam to see if she noticed anything had happened.


She looked back at me puzzled, “What?”


I was about to say ‘nothing’, but I suddenly got really, really horny. I felt my nipples get hard and could feel the wetness form between my legs. I almost missed it, but I saw Bobbi shift from her sitting position on the floor and move up behind Sam.


Bobbi was taller than Sam, but shorter then my mistress. Bobbi was very close to Sam now, but you could tell that Sam was the one in charge of the pair. You could see it in the way that Sam accepted Bobbi behind her, like it was her place. Maybe I should be there too, standing behind Sam. Images of Sam and I in the tub replayed in my memory.


Sam brought me back again, “Dona, you ok? Your hair is growing again.”

Damn hair. I should get Genie to shut off that ‘tell’. The thought of using Master PC again got me hotter. I could do so much with myself with that. Maybe I could program Sam or Bobbi to use it on me.


I felt a hand on my shoulder, my thoughts clicked back to present and I turned to see my mistress looking at me, “Maybe you should go on upstairs and check on our other house guest, Anthony.”


“Yes mistress,” I turned towards the stairs and went on up to find Anthony. I heard some sort of protest from Sam, but my mistress silenced it. Since my shirt didn’t cover my waist, I felt my long hair brushing against my back as I moved up the stairs.


As I moved past an open bathroom, I could also see that my eyes had turned a light blue. I hoped Anthony liked blue eyed blonds. If he didn’t, no doubt I could convince him of the error of his ways.



Chapter 26 – Dona meets Anthony



Tony opened his eyes slowly. The increasing pleasure coming from below his waist had woken him.


The last thing he remembered was staggering into the bedroom and collapsing onto the bed in a deep sleep. Now as he looked, he saw that the blond who had opened the door for him hours ago was now fervently working on his cock.


Like a woman possessed, her head rapidly moved up and down his rock hard shaft. Her hands worked simultaneously on his balls and on his anus. Over the years, he had experienced numerous blowjobs; however, no matter how excited the woman was, there always seemed to be a limit to how far they would go.


For this one, no limit seemed to exist. As he watched, her mouth disappeared between his legs and her tongue traced a path over his thigh. Suddenly, he felt her tongue working and probing his ass. One hand moved to keep pumping him as the other assisted her mouth’s efforts. He could feel the pressure of a climax starting to build, but the woman seemed to sense it and pressed on his balls. The pleasure was still there, but his release had been pushed back.


She opened her eyes and saw that he was watching her. Her mouth stopped working on his asshole, but one hand continued to casually stroke him; keeping him fully erect. “Hello Anthony. Did I wake you baby?” she purred at him.


It took him a moment to regain the use of his mouth. He realized that it had been hanging open as he had gasped in pleasure. “Wha… what are you doing?” he finally managed.


She smiled naughtily, “Well Mistress told me to check on you. You were so asleep I couldn’t wake you. So I… improvised,” her tongue shot out and ran the length of Tony’s cock: balls to tip.


Under any other circumstances he would have just sat and enjoyed it; but today had been a very bizarre day and he felt that he needed to get his bearings, “Look, can you just stop that for a second?” A big part of him didn’t want this vixen to do anything of the sort.


Her hand slowed down and fell onto his balls. She started to message them gently, “Is this better Anthony? Not comfy with my hot, wet tongue on your dick?”


He could feel the pressure starting to build up again, “It’s uh Tony, ok? God, I barely even know you…”


She paused for a second and just froze. Then she moved her other hand to his shaft. She expertly worked his balls and shaft in tandem, “Its Deedee. I can see you’re so happy to meet me,” she pulled his dick up straight and licked the tip clean of a bit of pre-cum that appeared there. “Yummy.”


 Tony got to the end of his rope. This would officially be the second time he was raped in the same day. The woman was just over five foot and he had no doubt that he could toss her around like a doll. “I don’t know where you’re from Deedee, but when someone says no; they mean fucking no!” He sat up suddenly and moved to throw her off the bed.


Instantly one of her hands shot out and put it on his chest. Without using her nails, she pushed him straight back into the laying position on the bed. The air was knocked right out of him. It was like someone had just slammed a padded steel bar into his chest.


His mind had flashed back to the room where this woman and the small brunette had wandered off to. Agent Smith had told him that they could take care of themselves; and he had seen the aftermath. None of the gang members were dead, but some of them would be in traction for weeks due to broken bones. All of them would wake up with concussions.


She stopped the stroking with her other hand and looked him in his eyes as he caught his breath, “Look honey, we’ve both had a really bad day. This is like the second time I’ve been knocked out, and I really, really need this,” she squeezed his cock gently to emphasize the point. “Believe me when I tell you, I can keep you super hard for hours; regardless if you’re conscious or knocked out. I prefer a consenting adult, and really you could do a lot worse than me…” she sat up and ran a hand from her neck, over her breasts, and down to her crotch. She brushed his penis tip with her other hand to emphasize her look.


Between Deedee’s efforts and realizing that was not her physical match, he stopped fighting it.


Deedee felt his body relax, “That’s a good boy Tony. Now be a dear and let momma work on your cock a bit more.” Again, she attacked him fervently. After a minute or so, Tony could only hold her head as she worked his cock and deep throated him. Her hands never stopped moving either. His balls, stomach, nipples, and ass were all extra erogenous zone for her hands to explore.


Tony had a bit of stamina, but there was no way he was prepared for anything like this. However, every time he got close to an orgasm; she would just change a touch or apply light pressure somewhere. By the fourth time, he grunted in frustration.


Deedee sensed Tony’s mounting anger, “Oh I’m sorry baby. You’d be amazed at how much people have studied how sex works; and believe me when I tell you I’ve absorbed every book ever written. You’ll have an orgasm like you’ve never had before, but ONLY when I let you. For now, just enjoy the ride.”


“Bitch,” he grunted through the pleasure.


“Hey Tony, like I said, it’s been a rough day,” she disappeared again to work on his ass.


A few minutes later, she slid up his body. Both of them were sweating now, so there was no resistance between the two. She gave him a deep kiss and Tony found himself responding. He was on fire now and was gonna fuck the shit out of this bitch.


“Where do you want to stick it?” she whispered.


“Your ass,” he usually was reserved about his wants as he knew most women didn’t like it in the ass. Right now, he didn’t give a shit.

“Eww, naughty boy. I’ve never been fucked like that before,” she rolled off of him and stood up next to the bed. Putting her hands on the bed, she thrust he ass up like a bitch in heat. “Well, come on. Fuck me up the ass,” she wiggled her ass.


Tony was up in a flash and used his hands to spread out her butt cheeks. A moment of worry entered his mind as he pushed his cock into her. Normally he used some form of lubricant. However, his cock slid right into the bitch’s ass. He started pumping her for all he was worth. She worked her own cunt fervently as his cock penetrated her ass.

The entire time, she egged him on, “You like my ass don’t you Tony? You’ve never had ass like this have you? Tell me Tony, tell me how much you like this!”


Tony found himself answering her. He had never talked like this before during sex, but now he was so pent up he couldn’t help it, “Yeah bitch, take my big fucking dick. Your ass is mine now slut. This what you want? You want my cock in you?” He pushed harder in time with his questions.

Tony felt himself building up again. This time, he didn’t even slow to enjoy it, he just kept pumping into her for all he was worth. Anger and frustration fueled his effort. Harder and faster he worked. His heart was racing, but he knew if he slowed down just a bit, she could prevent him from cumming.


Finally, he let out a roar and pushed into her for all he was worth. The orgasm he felt was like nothing he had ever felt before. Every muscle seemed to scream with pain and pleasure as they were taxed to their limit. The orgasm lasted for minutes, and he could only roar in ecstasy and release as his cock pumped his balls dry. He barely heard Deedee screaming in her own orgasm.


Finished, he pulled his semi erect penis out of her and fell back onto the bed. He gasped for breath and could feel the same endorphin rush that he received from his ‘runner’s high. It took him a minute or two to realize that Deedee was back on his cock again; completely cleaning the flaccid organ.


“Good boy Tony. Now for round two,” she paused for a moment and closed her eyes. Tony felt something shifting inside of himself. The pain from screaming muscles suddenly diminished and he felt his cock hardening rapidly, somehow it seemed bigger then before.


She opened her eyes, got a lopsided grin on her face, and looked down at his cock, “Perfect.”


Tony looked at her face and saw that the white’s of her eyes had changed. They were now a dark red color. The same color of blood, “Deedee, your eyes…”


She looked slightly puzzled and really horny “Hmmm… maybe the ST? Oh well, I’ll clean that up later,” she stroked his cock very lightly. Tony gasped in unexpected pleasure. Now instead of his cock’s head being the most sensitive, his entire shaft seemed to even more sensitive, “How’s that feel baby. All the pain gone now?”


Tony realized that he had stopped gasping for air. The runner’s high was still there, but it didn’t seem to be running out. Deedee stroked his tight stomach, and Tony shuddered in pleasure. It just wasn’t his cock anymore, everything felt good.


Tony tried to talk, but he was overwhelmed. “It’s ok baby, I just tripled the flow of endorphins into your system and tweaked your adrenaline glands, more than enough for you to fuck me some more.”


Something about that worried Tony, but all he could really focus on was the goddess in front of him. She climbed up on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock. Her tight, wet cunt almost pulled his cock completely into her. She shuddered, “Oh that’s so nice Tony.”


She started to ride him now. Tony met her every thrust. After a few minutes, he started to sweat again. After thirty minutes, he started to feel a slight twinge in his chest. However, the pleasure he felt push it away. He afraid that he couldn’t keep going, but it wasn’t a problem now. His energy seemed boundless.


Deedee shuddered at another orgasm moved through her, “I want more Tony, more! Fuck me!” Tony complied. He barely noticed anything now, his eyes had closed a while back and he just kept thrusting into her.


Towards the first hour, he felt more pleasure from what seemed like multiple hands. He opened his eyes and realized that Deedee now had four arms. No, that wasn’t right. It was like wings now. Deedee had grown some sort of leather wings. They matched her skin perfectly and just seemed to add to her beauty.


Tony tried to ask her what they were, but he was breathing too hard now to say anything coherent. Even if he could speak, his whisper would be nothing compared to her screaming, “Give it to me Tony! Give it all to me!”


The pain in Tony’s chest finally cut through the pleasure; and he felt himself cumming at the same time. ‘Finally, I’m done,’ was all he could think of as his world went dark.



Chapter 27 – Sam, Dona’s dark evolution



I called after Dona as she practically ran up the stairs. One moment she seemed kind of sad, the next she went into hot, slave mode. I turned to Jean with the unspoken question.


She cocked an ear and followed the sounds of Dona’s movement through the house and then spoke, “Everything that Bobbi did and everything that happened as a result hit her deeply Sam. I’m hoping that Anthony can assist her with her needs.”


It took me a few seconds, but I caught up. “She’s going up there to fuck him?”


“I hope so,” she said. She made her way up the stairs. Bobbi and I followed her.


Back in the living room, we continued our discussion from earlier. It turned out that Bobbi was some sort of Special Forces guy, or gal now. Even though she was a hot Asian, she seemed to remember her life perfectly from before. However Bobbi did it, his programming had integrated his old personality with her new life. She was completely devoted to me.


Something was off with that, again I turned to Jean. She shrugged, “After what he caused to happen to you, I thought it was appropriate. Would you like me to change her to someone else?”


I turned towards Bobbi and ran my hand through her hair. Bobbi fell into the caress a bit and bowed her head submissively towards me slightly. Somehow, it just felt right to me. “No, I guess it makes sense as much as anything else. You ok with this Bobbi?” I asked our new family member.

“Yes, I would like you to be my mistress,” she said quietly.


“Ok, but just call me Sam when we’re in public. Otherwise, we’ll all start getting confused.”


“Yes Sam,” she snuggled against me.


We spent almost an hour going through what Bobbi knew. It turned out that she wasn’t the only one looking for us. There were a couple of NSA folks that had been coming to pick me up. Only pure luck allowed Jean and Dona to nab me first. They would have had little problem finding us as well, but Bobbi had taken steps to ensure that no one else would be able to find us.


I asked him how she had managed that, and almost immediately regretted the decision. While she was now my effective sex slave, her analytical mind went through the steps required to make a trail cold. I was only thankful that Jean had replaced the driver’s memory with an alternate address; otherwise Bobbi would have killed him along with everything else. Jean really didn’t know modern technology like Bobbi did. People were still useful in gathering data, but videos, GPS trackers, and toll charges went a long way to replace them.


We started to go into further detail about these NSA agents, but cries and screams filled the house. Various sounds of sex had been going on for a while now (Bobbi’s description about covering the trail was very thorough). For almost two hours in fact, but now those sounds were getting to a point where they were no longer ignorable.


Jean also started to look concerned, “Let’s go and take a look; at least to make sure that they’re fine.”


They sounded more than fine to me, but I was feeling a bit randy anyway and figured I could maybe sneak in and ‘help’ out Dona.


As we went up the stairs, the tone started to change. If I didn’t know any better, I would call them frantic and desperate. In the hall that connected all the rooms, I could distinguish between them: Dona’s screaming and demanding and Tony’s ragged, forceful breathing.


Jean started to move faster, no longer worried about being subtle. We could probably have fired off a canon in the hallway, and no one would have noticed. Jean got to the open doorway first and looked in. Her face went from slight concern to a strange look I had never seen on her before.


Something in me sent a flag up in my mind. I turned to Bobbi, “Stay here.” I knew she was some sort of ninja or something, but I didn’t want her to be up in the doorway right then. I padded up to the doorway and looked in the bedroom.


Dona was furiously riding Tony. He was breathing harder then I’d ever seen anyone breathe before. It was like he was so exhausted that it was taking everything he had just to keep his lungs working. He was still ‘participating’ with Dona as he pathetically tried to meet her thrusts. The white sheets had started to turn red with blood his blood.


I wasn’t sure where it was all coming from, but I did see blood from Tony’s mouth and nose. It would spray a little bit every time he breathed out.


But that wasn’t what caught my attention. These were only details that I would remember as I discussed this with Jean over a lot of beer and wine much, much later. What would be permanently ingrained in my memory of my first sight of Dona was the flesh like wings that protruded from her back and the tail that extended out from her tail bone and was busy doing something between Tony’s legs.


Just then, I noticed that Tony had stopped moving, and I heard Dona scream, “Give it to me Tony! Give it all to me!”


Jean had regained her composure, “Dona! Stop it now! You’re killing him!” I felt her presence shoot out at Dona with a level of force that I had never felt. It had no effect.


Jean looked on at Dona with, fear? The look quickly vanished and the dominant mistress was back. Her next statement threw me, “Mitch! Stop it!” That got Dona’s attention.


Dona slipped off of Tony, “Don’t ever use that name again bitch.”

Jean didn’t miss a beat, “You will speak to me respectfully slave. Or you will be punished.”


“You had your chance ‘mistress’, now I think you’ll serve me,” her wings flapped as she spoke. For someone that didn’t have wings or a tail a few hours ago, she wore them well.


Jean gave off one of her lopsided grins, “Bring it.”


Several things happened at the same time. I took a step back expecting all hell to break loose. I’d seen what Dona had done to a room full of guys. I knew that Jean was just as equally loaded for bear, so I didn’t want to be on the tracks when the trains hit.


Dona screamed in rage and flung herself at Jean. Dona hit the floor as Jean shifted just in time to avoid being tackled. I heard the floor boards under the carpeting crack as Dona landed. Dona, not prepared for missed or the failing floor, fell completely on her face. Still composed, Jean was now standing over Dona’s prone form.


Jean simply placed a hand on Dona’s head and said, “Let’s discuss this in private.” For lack of a better term, they both simply shut down where they were: Jean standing over Dona. After a few moments, I slipped passed them and went in to check out Tony. His body was covered in bruises and he wasn’t breathing.


“Vicki! You out there?” I called.


Vicki appeared out of thin air, as usual, “You called?”


I gestured towards Tony, “Can you fix him?”


Vicki looked over at Tony’s prone form, “He has just died. It appears his heart has burst.” She stated flatly.


“So fix him! Do it now!” I panicked.


“That would require the use of Master PC. Would you like me to proceed?”


“Yes,” Bobbi spoke up for me. “Fix him now.”


Vicki turned towards Bobbi, “You do not have permission for that level of access.”


I yelled at Vicki, “Give it to him! Just let him make this request!”

Vicki looked over at me again, “Of course, as you command Master Bobbi.”

Tony started coughing. I ran over to him. He was breathing now, but was still in bad shape. However, as I watched, his bruises started to fade and his breathing steadied out.


Vicki stated quietly, “He will recover in a day or so. His spark needs to recover.”


Relieved, it took me a minute or so to get the whole comment, “Spark?”

Vicki didn’t miss a beat, “His life essence is very low. Aside from his physical damage, it resembles the same state that Dona was in when she assisted the Mistress.”


I remembered when Dona had talked to me about how she had brought Jean to life. She almost died since she used her own life essence to kick start Jean, “So you mean that he lost it when he died briefly?”


Vicki turned towards Dona’s prone form, “No. It appears that he transferred it to Dona during sexual intercourse.”


I put aside for a second that I was talking to a hologram that apparently could see your soul. Something else worried me. Well, a lot of things were worrying me, but I was doing my best to wade through them. “Is it possible that Dona took it?”


Vicki looked back at me and shrugged, “Sure. That’s possible too. Do you want me to use your spark to accelerate his recovery?”


Fuck that. I shook my head, “That’ll be fine. I’m not sure I want to talk to him right now anyway.”


I turned towards Bobbi, she was running her hand across one of Dona’s wings, “Thanks for the assist Bobbi. How did you know?”


Bobbi gave me a sexy smile, “I was spying on you all for a week, remember? You’re welcome Mistress.”


I turned towards my other two friends. I had no idea of what was going on, but I could only hope that Jean had a plan. Bobbi turned back and ran her hand over the wing again. As I watched she went as far as to flex it. The wing easily expanded as she pulled. The skin didn’t stretch like I thought it would.


I walked over and bent down next to Bobbi. Tentatively, I reached out and touched the wing as well. It felt almost scaly, like a snake. As the wing moved, the scales barely showed up. I noticed that Dona’s tail jerked slightly as Bobbi moved the wing.


“Uh Bobbi, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this?” I whispered.


Bobbi was lost in fascination with the wing, “The scales are super flexible, but really hard. I bet they’re for protection more than anything else.” Bobbi didn’t notice as the tail flexed again.


“Bobbi, the tail; watch the fucking tail,“ It seemed to be moving now. More like a snake then a prehensile tail. Before I could say anything else, the tail flashed out at both of us. One moment it twitched the next it shot out at us both.


I’m not sure what it would have done, if Bobbi hadn’t been there. However, her forty years of training kicked in as the tail moved. I couldn’t follow it, but suddenly the tip of the tail was where my stomach had just been. Bobbi had managed to shift me a foot away and now sat between me and the tail.


“Damn. Glad your friend didn’t have super speed, or else that thing would be in your stomach right now. Sorry mistress, I got distracted.”


I smiled at my protector, “No touch, no foul right Bobbi.” I looked over at the tip of the tail, a vicious looking needle had come out of the end of it, and I could see some sort of green liquid starting to form a drop from its end.


Bobbi followed my gaze, and she whistled. “I thought they were out of it, but looks like the tail can work on instinct.”


“We’ll just keep our distance and see if Jean can straighten this out.” I backed away from the swaying tail.


“Sam? Bobbi? Do you require assistance?” Vicki’s voice sounded kind of weird.


It took me a minute to respond, with more effort than I thought it should take I said, “Yeah Vicki, just grab that tail and don’t let it hit anyone.”


“Of course Sam,” she moved to grab the tail and caught it effortlessly. “Do you also require assistance for your injuries?”


Bobbi and I had been missed and in point of fact I felt really good. “Injuries? What are you talking about?”


With her free hand she pointed first at Bobbi’s leg and then mine. We both had a long scratch on each. They looked like a cat scratch, and each had a thin layer of blood and green fluid coating on them.


I reached down to touch my leg. As my finger touched the injury, it didn’t hurt like I expected. It felt good, really good. I turned to Bobbi, but my head seemed to swing slower than it would normally. Was I drunk or drugged?


Bobbi was absently touching her leg’s injury. She seemed to be enjoying it. “Bobbi?”


She took a finger, now covered with the fluid and put it in her mouth. She sighed and looked over at me. I noticed that the whites of her eyes were now red. “I don’t think you should taste that Bobbi…”


She slowly reached over to me and pulled my face towards hers. I thought about moving away, but things were taking a while to process. She kissed me then, open mouthed. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, and I felt an oily liquid on her tongue touch mine. Somewhere I realized this was the tail’s venom, and it tasted like, butterscotch.


My pussy contracted in pleasure suddenly and I started to kiss Bobbi hard. I had a need now, a purpose. I was distantly aware of Vicki, Dona, and Jean; but Bobbi and I were now undressing each other. When we were done, I pushed her down and moved over her breasts, her stomach, and to her pussy.


I gave her a quick lick across her clit and cunt and then took a quick moment to reach further down and clean her wound with my tongue. The butterscotch taste filled my mouth. I went back to her cunt and buried my tongue into her slit. I felt Bobbi do the same to me.


Nothing else mattered now. My quiet moans echoed my slave’s as I worked her clit, cunt, and asshole. Occasionally, I would tense up with the pleasure of an orgasm and I would feel Bobbi drink in my juices. When Bobbi came, I would reciprocate.


Time went by, and eventually, we started to wind down. I rolled off of Bobbi and pulled her up to me. I kissed her again, deeply. The taste of butterscotch was just about gone now. After the kiss, Bobbi snuggled up to me and was almost instantly asleep. My mind had just formed the question about my eye color, but I fell asleep before I could ask Vicki.



Chapter 28 – Dona’s time out



I was trapped and angry. So much so that it took awhile to figure that out. Days passed. I was trapped in an empty room, and no matter how much I pounded and screamed I couldn’t get out.  I wasn’t hungry, tired, or even horny; I was just angry.


Once I became aware of myself, and my anger, I could only ride that wave for so long. The thing that finally broke my anger was curiosity. My hand felt sore and beaten, but there was no blood. And then I realized that there was nothing in the room, not even a source of light; just a plain white room. Time seemed to flow slower for me as I became aware of my surroundings.


After more time passed, I simply sat down and leaned against a wall. I was still piecing things together. Who was I? What was I doing here? Where was here? Why did I care? More time passed.


Mentally, it took me hours to piece myself all together again. I was a guy (Mitch), turned myself into a woman (Dona), made a friend (Genie), found a few more (Sam, Anthony). I had realized along the way that I was probably in the white room that was the virtual space that I shared with Genie. It took me a while longer to care enough to speak.


“Genie?” I should feel panicky I guess about being trapped in a room like this, but I was still working on caring enough to see if Genie was around.


A section of wall opened up and Genie walked in with a cardboard box and a folding metal chair. She unfolded the chair, put the box down, and sat down towards me. “Feeling better?” she asked casually.


“Not feeling much of anything right now,” I answered calmly.


“Makes sense,” she stated. She crossed her legs and put her hands in her lap.

“Why’s that?” I asked. I was talking now, but hadn’t moved since she walked in. Truth be told, I hadn’t moved for hours or more.

“Well basically, I had to piece your mind together after you tore it all up. You haven’t been yourself.”


My mind flashed back to myself pounding the walls in fury and screaming in pure rage, “Do tell.”


Genie gave a sad smile, “It seems that I was mistaken about those suicides, or at least some of them.”


She was referring to the suicides of the other victims of Doug’s Master PC, “In what way?”


“Apparently, they didn’t die. They just managed to change themselves in such a way as Master PC considered them ‘dead’. However, by changing my search slightly, I found several of them. They’re still around.”


Not sure where this was going, but hey I apparently had time to burn, “I’ll bite, why didn’t Master PC locate them the first time?”


“Apparently, while Master PC programmed the user’s subconscious to make them a sex slave; several of them adapted their programming enough to work around its intent. They may not have circumvented it, but their subconscious adjusted to the programming and made it their own. This changed them mentally and physically to the point where they were no longer the same target for Master PC.”


“So they got around the programming. Good for them,” fuck Doug.


“Indeed. However, there were consequences,” she said plainly.


“Always is Genie. We gonna go and rescue them too?”


“Maybe, however, in some cases we may not be able to survive it. Like you, they changed themselves heavily before they ‘adapted’. They might not appreciate our efforts.”


I wasn’t necessarily interested in any rescues anyway, but just sort of making conversation, “So why are we here discussing this?”


She looked over me curiously, “What’s the last thing you remember?”


I thought about it for a minute, “We talked about Sam. We still in that discussion then?”


She frowned, “No, this is a different conversation. About four hours of real time have passed since that discussion.”


It felt more like days to me, “How much of that time have we been ‘virtual’?”


“About two hours, but you perceived it to be much, much longer.”

“You gonna eventually tell me why we’re here?”


Genie kicked the box over to me. “When I used Master PC to ‘adjust’ Sam and Bobbi your subconscious kicked in. Like those other users of Master PC, your subconscious; your ID took over completely. You have a lot of issues Dona.”


My family had a long history of insanity, suicide, and depression; no news there, “So if my programming took over why am I not fucking Doug right now?”


Genie shook her head, “Not your programming; your entire subconscious. All of those items we saw earlier, they merged and formed a new personality.”


I tried to think about that for a minute, but while we know we have things that control us from day to day; thinking about what they are is completely different. Simply put, I had no idea of what my ID would really be like. “So that’s why I’m in virtual mode? My subconscious did it?”


Genie smiled a little bit, “When your ID took over, your subconscious and consciousness switched. So your subconscious mind wanted to be here and that allowed to move us into here. Your ID was not amused.”


“So I take it I wasn’t a happy fuck toy?” I nudged the box she had slid to me.


“Apparently not, you needed to be contained. Once that occurred, I was able to reassemble your mind as you know it, mostly.”


“Mostly?” now I was getting worried.


“I was able to reintegrate your ID and EGO to get ‘you’ back. I removed a few of your subconscious traits to prevent your ID from taking completely over, again. Apparently you were abused when you were younger and I’ve removed the damage to your subconscious.” She explained.


Was I really me without it? I remembered the events she spoke about, and I had decided a long time ago to put them away in my mind and leave them there. As I thought about them, they didn’t feel the same way as they used to. “So what’s in the box?”


She motioned to it, “Things you need to see.”


I opened the box. It was a pile of photos; the top one showed me giving Tony a blow job. I had no memory of doing it. I glanced through the first few pictures and realized it was one of our guest rooms. “I don’t remember doing this Genie. Where are these pictures from?”


Genie had moved behind me to look over my shoulder, “These pictures are from your memory.”


“That doesn’t make sense, how can I being seeing myself?”


“That’s how memory works, when you think about what you did you think about it in the third person. It’s the way most people’s consciousness work.” She took one of the pictures from a pile that I had formed after I had looked at it.


I thought about it for a second, and thought about having sex with Sam and Genie when we first got home. She was right, damn. “So I had sex with Tony?”


She nodded, “Yes, after my last change to Master PC, I sent you to Tony to have sex with him. I had assumed that your programming was demanding it. However, after the first hour of sex, your ID completely asserted itself and you took it to a new level.”


That sounded ominous, I kept flipping through the pictures. It looked like Tony had tried to put up some resistance, but after some ‘coaxing’ he relented. I speeded up looking at the pictures, about half way through the quality of the photo and the paper itself seemed to degrade. The pictures were now in black and white.


After a few more photos, I realized that I had physically changed in them. Apparently, I had sprouted wings and a tail. I looked up at Genie, “Really?”


Genie simply nodded. Something occurred to me just then, I raised a hand towards my back. Genie caught it and pushed it back down, “Finish the pictures first.”


I nodded and complied. The pictures remained in ‘poor’ condition but they told the story enough. By the time I was done, my hands were shaking. I saw what I had done to Tony and my attempted attack on Genie. I looked up at her, “Sorry, I had no idea.” Tears were filling my eyes up.


She bent over and kissed my head, “It’s ok honey, that’s why I’m here remember?”


I smiled up at her, “Is Tony ok?”


She nodded, “Vicki fixed him up. Just so you know, you just didn’t damage him physically…”


I sniffed a bit, “So I mentally hurt him too?” Great, I fucked Tony into a vegetable.


“I don’t think so. You took some of his spark. I think your ID was trying to replenish your body since you were low from giving it to me.”


I flipped back a few photos. I looked at the wings and the tail; it wasn’t a hard connection to make. “So I’m a succubus now?”


Genie looked puzzled, “I don’t know this term.”


That was new, but for someone that was a few weeks old, I shouldn’t be surprised, “I used to play a lot of fantasy role playing games. A succubus was a hot female demon that would charm men and drain their life force from them with sex. I’m missing horns and sharp teeth, but seems like I’m a match.”


“So these are creatures that are out in the world somewhere?” she sounded like someone that was working her way through a process or puzzle.


“I don’t think so. It’s based on myths from different societies. Even if they were around at some point, I’ve never heard of anything like ‘me’ in any modern form.”


“Are there other creatures like a succubus?”


“Sure, thousands of them. You should probably pull some data in from the internet or pull it in via Master PC if you’re interested.”


Genie closed her eyes for a minute and opened them again. The look of puzzlement had faded a bit, “Would you agree that people like yourself would have the same type of exposure to these ‘creatures’?”


I nodded, “Sure. There are dozens of games where you can assume the identity of one of them. Vampires and Werewolves are very popular.”

She put her hand out in front of me and flicked it; a picture appeared in her hand, “That explains a lot. Take a look at this.”


I took the picture and examined it. It had a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous brunette in classic white lingerie, riding some guy’s cock. She had her head back and her mouth was partially open in pleasure as she rode him. I looked closer at the woman’s mouth. Her canine teeth were extended unnaturally and blood was on her lips. I examined the guy in the picture and finally found the small puncture marks on his arm.


My mind was completely back on track now, “This one of our ‘suicides’?”

Genie nodded, “Yes.”


“We should probably get her before she really hurts someone.” Like I did.

“We should also probably get her because the NSA agents are aware of her existence and tracking her down too.”


I put my hand out behind me and felt for what I already knew was there. My hand brushed against the scaled texture of a wing. I could feel my touch on the wing itself. I absently brought my tail up and used it to touch the small of my back between my wings. A slight tingle of pleasure ran through me from the tip of my tail as it rubbed against my back.


I stood up and extended them fully for a moment. It was like stretching your arms to their maximum length. I just as quickly pulled them back and folded them up. They fit nicely against my back. I ran my tail along my back; again I realized that my ability to feel touch with my tail was just as sensitive as with my hand, but more pleasurable. I could feel the scales from the wings along my back, but the wings seemed to fit flush to my back. I suspected that with my wings closed, my original figure would be fairly intact.


I focused for a minute and ‘retracted’ my tail. Again, it was completely hidden like this. I forced myself to completely relax and noticed that neither my wings nor tail loosened. Just then, I also realized I was naked. I looked over at Genie, “Naked?”


Genie shrugged, “Talk to your subconscious about improving your mental image. You done playing, or do you want to bang around some more?”

“No, I’m good. Let’s go meet a vampire.” I opened my wings again and flapped.


“As you wish Dona,” Genie said lightly and disconnected us.



Chapter 29 – Bernadette Lee



Bernadette Lee completed her sixteenth lap for the morning. She looked at her watch briefly as she slowed to a brisk walk. As usual, she had made the run in the same amount of time as laps. She had been a part of the four minute mile club since she had joined the group, back in the early eighties.


Bernadette walked the broken down track and remembered how the track, grounds, and building had looked when it was new. She had been brought in at the age of eighteen, a broken teenager. The ambulance had brought her in from a Kentucky hospital. She and her family had been on a trip to Washington D.C. as tourists, but a scheduling mistake had allowed another train to be on the same tracks, but in the opposite direction.


The accident had killed nearly everyone, except herself. She had been pulled out of the wreckage a shattered woman. She had no family now and so became a ward of the state. However, the wreck had reduced her to the point of having to be completely cared for. With any luck, she may have healed to the point where she would regain the use of her left arm and hand. For six months she had been in the same room, living off of tubes and machines.


One night two male nurses had come into her room and moved her to an ambulance. The ride had taken all night. She never said a word and neither did they. She really didn’t care, she literally had nothing left. As dawn broke she was brought to the area she was examining now. Back then, it had been a CIA training facility. A tired security guard waved the vehicle in and she had seen how the false dawn had made the glass and steel almost twinkle.


She was unceremoniously unloaded and brought into the medical ward of the building. She was left there, under the care of the local doctor but the pain killers and various drugs that had kept her mind fogged from the pain were removed. By the end of the first week, she was in complete pain. Her body reported damage that there was no way to repair, but her body didn’t care. It screamed at her for attention.


She was exhausted and angry. At least where she had been at she didn’t have to care; now she was able to think freely and clearly. However, her mind was a prisoner of a destroyed body; and there was nothing she could do but suffer. When she was at the height of her pain, she met Stan.


Stan was a shorter man, but he wore a suit well and walked with a level of authority that wasn’t expected of a man of his stature. He casually walked in and turned to the doctor, “You sure?”


The doctor nodded, “This is the best you’ll get. In another few hours she’ll slip into shock and probably die from the pain.” Stan dismissed the doctor and pulled up a metal chair next to her bed, he didn’t seem at all worried about her pain or the doctor’s pronouncement. She had caught the conversation, and realized that this may be the last person she ever talked to.


He pulled out a wad of folded papers from his suit coat’s inner pocket. He was dressed in a fairly cheap, but nice, suit down to the conservative tie and basic black loafers. He flipped the papers open and looked up at her, “Bernadette Lee, right?”


He waited for her to assimilate the question and she managed to give a slight nod. He smiled, “Good, I would have been really embarrassed if I had brought the wrong mutilated girl here. You’d think that things like that couldn’t happen, but I do work for the government.”


He grew more serious, “You heard the doctor right?” Again, he waited patiently for the nod.


“Do you believe him? That you’ll be dead shortly?” He asked it casually, like it didn’t even bother him. She thought about it for a moment, and the anger came back. Her eye started to tear up, and despite the pain, she nodded savagely.


“Do you want that, or do you want to live?” again he waited for an answer. She realized that a nod wouldn’t do it, he wanted her to answer. Despite the tubes and machines, he wanted her to talk.


She thought it over a minute; it would be so easy to just lay there and ignore him. Maybe they’d even start the drugs up again, but a tiny piece of her, that last piece that was truly her, wanted to live. It was that piece that made her talk, no matter what the consequences.


“Live,” she got the one word out and went into a savage coughing fit, which trigger more pain and more coughing. Through it all, Stan simply sat on the chair and waited for her attack to drop back down. Once she was able to focus on him again, through tear soaked eyes, he said the strangest thing, “Good. Your training will start tomorrow. I’m Stan. Welcome to my team.” After that he simply got up and walked out.


She looked at the empty doorway to her room. She wasn’t sure what to expect, a huge group of surgeons running in maybe? Instead, after about ten minutes, her pain had dropped down to the best it had been for days. Without the pain keeping her awake, she simply passed out.


She woke up the next morning at 6am, precisely. She was lying in her bed; all of the medical equipment had been removed. She was wearing CIA sweat pants and a matching shirt. A full duffle bag was leaning up against the foot of her bed. Her body showed no signs of the previous six month’s damage or surgery.


She carefully got up and walked into the bathroom to the full length mirror there. Just that act alone was a joyous one. After turning on the light, she removed her clothes and looked at herself. She looked like a perfect version of herself, and was a bit older (in her early twenties), perfectly toned, her breasts were a little larger now between a C and D (she’d barely needed a bra before the accident). Her hair was now a nice shade of blond, as opposed to a light brown she had been before the accident.


She gently ran her hands across her stomach and breasts. Tiny thrills went through her as she lightly tickled herself. She wasn’t really horny, but she simply enjoyed the freedom of movement and her now perfected form.


She probably would have continued her exploration, but a light knock on the doorway to her room shook her out of her examination. She quickly put her sweats back on and was back out into the bedroom less than a minute later. A CIA instructor, in almost the same outfit she was in, was standing there with a clip board. “Bernadette Lee, right?” he asked with a tone that was used to quick answers.


She complied, “Yes.”


“The new class of cadets arrives in an hour, Stan sent me down here to fetch you. He said to get you settled into your permanent room now that you’re fully healed up. You need anything before we head out?”

This news didn’t surprise her, now that she thought about it; neither did her current physical condition. She wasn’t even hungry; just ready to go, “No sir. Let’s go.” She grabbed her new duffle bag and followed the instructor to her new life.


She saw Stan again later that week. He was an instructor in the new world of computers. The government realized that computerized information would be critical to safe guarding the interests of the United States abroad and had spent a huge amount of money to train their CIA agents in their use.


Bernadette really hadn’t been thinking that much about Stan, she was enjoying her training too much. The first day out, was the best day out. Their three mile run had barely winded her; nor had the pushups or the introduction to physical combat. There were a few individuals that could keep up with her, but when it came to the mental conditioning: those things that were designed to break down the new recruits and build them back up; she was the perfect recruit.


Anything asked of her, no matter how hard or how dirty or how demeaning; she did. Quite simply, she had nothing else and being trapped in her own body had given her a perspective that no one else could touch. She was thrilled to be alive. When she saw Stan at the head of the class, she could barely contain herself. She knew that he was the one that done this for her. Her level of gratitude went down to the core of her soul. She would do anything for him.


He ran through the roster and instructed the class to sit in front of their machines. He ran through his lesson and paid no special attention to her or anyone else. Despite her emotional state, she had no problem with keep up with the lesson and enjoyed it as much as she enjoyed all of her other classes.


Once the class was let out, she waited for the other students to leave. She noticed that the men were the first to leave, but some of the women hesitated before they finally left. It was like they all felt the same ‘presence’ that she had. Finally, they were alone.


Stan was sitting down in front of the classroom. She remained sitting at her seat, in some ways she felt more secure in her seat as opposed to walking down to his desk.


Stan smiled at her, “Go ahead and ask your questions Bernadette.”


“You did this right?” she asked point blank.


Stan nodded, “Yep.”


She thought for a moment, “No one else knows, do they?”


Stan looked slightly surprised, pleased, and impressed, “Very good Miss Lee. Looks like you’ll be a fine candidate.”


“You know that I’ll give you anything you want right?” she gave him a seductive smile.


“Do you want that? Do you want to give me everything?” he asked curiously.


“Does it matter what I want?” she hadn’t really thought that it did.

“Let’s pretend it does. What would your answer be?” his tone remained neutral.


“I don’t want to have sex with you, but everything else is on the table.” although the thought of sex with her savior did excite her in a way that was a surprise.


“Then why don’t you demonstrate to me how good of a job I did and graduate the top of your class. OK?”


“I’ll do that,” she responded confidently.


“Anything else on your mind Bernadette?” he asked.


“No, I don’t think so.”


He raised an eyebrow, “No questions about why you’re fully recovered?”

She shook her head, “I don’t care. You did it and that’s all that matters.”


Stan nodded again, “Fine with me. Off to your next class then. I don’t want to see my favorite student get a demerit for tardiness.”


The next six months were a joy for her. She did get to the top of her class. When she graduated she was fluent in Russian, an expert marksman, an Aikido expert, and one of the best overall students that the instructors had ever encountered.


She was assigned to CIA headquarters for the next few years as an analyst. She found that she had an aptitude for picking up patterns in the Soviet’s activities and was able to feed that information to her superiors. It didn’t hurt that she used those same talents on her co-workers and was typically one or two steps ahead of most of them.

All that changed when she got a call from Stan, “You’ve done well Bernadette. You’ll be getting orders to work some off site duties for a few weeks. Once you do so, report back to me tomorrow.”


He didn’t even introduce himself, but Bernadette could never forget that voice, “Yes sir,” she answered crisply. The next day she found out what her real job would be. 


The orders were in an envelope on her desk the next morning sent to her via interoffice mail. They contained her vacation paperwork for the next two weeks, satellite photos of a suburban house with a written address, and a basic set of orders. She was not to engage with anyone local to the premises, she was to enter the house, and remove any computers from the house hold. She was also supplied with authorization for an automatic tranquilizer gun, a normal gun, and five thousand in spending money (which was a huge amount in the late eighties).


The location was a house in the area of California that would eventually be known as Silicon Valley. Her flight was uneventful, as was her rental car trip to the neighborhood in question. She spent the next week simply watching the people going in and out of the house. After a few days she picked up the pattern. Women of all types would come up to the house, many of them somewhat attractive. However, every one of them came out transformed. Each was now a drop dead gorgeous super model beyond anything that could pass for natural.


Towards the end of the week, she noticed that some of the women were coming back with extra clothes or food. Observations through the windows always showed the women having sex with each other or the one man that was living in the house. The man was tall, dark, and handsome. He was perfect in every way and had a huge, foot long dick. His stamina was phenomenal as he fucked the women for hours at a time.


There was even a point where she saw one of the women, an obvious high school student come to the house. Bernadette observed her through the windows until she stood before the man. She stood there dully and easily complied as he commanded her to take her clothes off. The man then turned to his computer and typed for a few minutes. As he turned back around, Bernadette saw the high school student shimmer and change into the fantasy version of what she had just looked like. The man snapped his fingers and pointed to his now hard cock; the woman complied instantly with lustful abandon.


Bernadette now realized why she was not to engage the people in the house. She could see herself easily becoming one of those wanton sluts. The man not only seemed to have the ability to change the women, but to completely control them as well. If he wasn’t stopped soon, the whole region would become one big harem for him.


The actual job was easy enough; she waited for the woman to leave (after four hours of non-stop fucking). As the changed woman was driving off, she got out of the car. She was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. She was also wearing a thin wind breaker to cover her shoulder holster holding both of her guns. She put on a local pizza shop hat and an empty pizza box (both obtained from a pizza delivery boy for twenty bucks).

She casually strode up to the front door and ranged the bell. At the same time, she pulled out her tranquilizer gun and waited. When the handsome man opened the door, she simply shot him and watched him pass out on the ground.


For good measure, she shot him with another dart and she walked inside. The place reeked of sex. The man’s robe had fallen open to show his long cock, still at least ten inches as it lay limp next to his leg. She pushed the vision out of her head and went about her task. After a week of observation, she knew where the computer was. Within ten minutes, she had packed the computer and all associated paraphernalia. She then placed a few bugs within the house and left.


After about an hour (the darts would have put down a normal man for at least eight hours), the man woke up. She listened intently as he realized that he had been robbed. He ripped his house apart looking for his computer and then his back up data. It was now all safely stowed in Bernadette’s trunk. A final hour of listening confirmed that she had gotten everything.


She had the equipment flown back to the training facility where Stan was still teaching and went back to work; now about four thousand dollars richer.


That became her life for the next twenty years. She’d work as an analyst for a current agency she was assigned to (she was transferred to the NSA in 2000) and received a job from Stan every year or so. She’d find people or computers at various locations and retrieve them. She also noticed that she had never aged. On those rare occasions that she met Stan, he hadn’t aged either.


Most of the jobs were simple extractions; however, as time went on the users of these systems were getting more and more aggressive. Due to this and a few close calls; Stan had Tim Ravens joined her as a partner in 2006 as back up. Like her, Tim had been the victim of a near fatal accident that had left him without a family and a cripple. Stan had made the same ‘offer’ to Tim and he had accepted. He was trained by the NSA in the same way that Bernadette had been trained by the CIA.


While they both worked for the NSA, she worked as an analyst and he worked as a forensic specialist.


They had worked several jobs together with a great deal of success. The loss of the Jane Doe; however, had changed the pattern.


Which basically brought her back to the present; the loss of the Jane Doe had been a first for Bernadette and Stan. Stan had called Tim and Bernadette back to the old CIA facility in which he still worked. As far as she could tell, the government had long ago dropped the building, but Stan kept it functional to some extent. No longer used for training, it was now a ‘storage facility’ for the items that Tim and she had retrieved over the last twenty years.


Her cool down lap completed, she grabbed her towel at the starting point of the track and walked to the ground floor of the building. Several cars were parked in the old lot and she walked in through the main double doors.


Heated air struck her as she entered the building, and the clean modern look of the front desk and waiting area was the entire opposite of the outside appearance. A beautiful, red headed secretary smiled brilliantly at Bernadette as she walked in, “Hello Agent Lee. Stan is expecting you in conference room number one in two hours.”


She gave a friendly smile to the secretary, “Thanks Heather.” Heather had been part of the mission that Tim had extracted her from. Her first sexual experience had been to make love to Heather. Even though she had been under the influence, Bernadette had a weak spot for the woman behind the desk.


It turned out that Heather was on her second life at this point. She had been a next door neighbor to the Master PC user and she had been one of his first victims.  In her mid-sixties she had been a widower, but still had some of her good looks. She had always been kind to the boy, and as a “reward” the user converted Heather to a hyper-active nymphomaniac.


When Bernadette had tranquilized the boy, she hadn’t realized that Heather was also in the house. The distraught Heather had managed to take Bernadette by surprise and wrestle her to the ground. It had been a fight for almost an hour, but Heather hadn’t tried to hurt Bernadette just fuck her. Unfortunately for Bernadette (who also hadn’t wanted to hurt Heather), Heather had been rebuilt to never get tired.


Bernadette had lost the endurance contest, and Heather had eventually been able to lick Bernadette into a series of orgasms that exhausted her further. When the boy had woken up, Bernadette hadn’t even noticed as he went back to the PC and reprogrammed Bernadette to be Heather’s pet.

Fortunately for Bernadette, Tim had only been a few hours out and when Stan didn’t get a check in; Tim had been sent in to investigate and correct the situation.


Stan had removed Bernadette’s and Heather’s programming. Heather was a gentle soul that had taken the view of living life to the fullest. Even in this building of good looking people, she out shined them all. Heather was built almost like a human Barbie doll, and she seemed to be designed to wear latex. Her night job was working at a local strip club during the evening (her endurance had remained after the deprogramming and she had discovered her inner exhibitionist) and by the next morning she would be bringing in homemade brownies; using the same recipe that she had used forty years before.


Bernadette made her way down the halls to the gym area. As she entered, it looked like a model convention had just let out. Men and women were casually talking to one another. Each one, in various stages of dress, was a picture of perfection in their own right. Bernadette was strangely out of place as she walked in. While still a picture of beauty, she was not the over the top sex bomb that these others were.


Like the rest of the people, being in their presence didn’t faze her in the least. They had all seen each other naked at one point or another and so they all simply accepted it. They nodded in her direction or gave a simple greeting to her and Bernadette greeted each of them in kind by name. They had all been retrievals over the years and all were grateful for her intervention.


Many had been brought in as completely programmed sex slaves, in the same way as she and Heather had been. Stan had worked his ‘magic’ on each one to restore their minds (although a few unlucky individuals were so far gone that Stan had to give them new personalities that didn’t involve 24 x 7 sex). Many of them had decided to stay on to help others like themselves over the years. In return, they were employed by the federal government in various agencies and transferred to ‘record’ keeping run by Stan.


Bernadette had once asked Stan why he didn’t simply form a new agency. His answer had been simple, “If there’s not a name, it can’t be tracked or monitored directly.” She knew he was referring to Master PC; over a period of twenty years she had learned all she ever wanted to know about the program. Again, even before Heather had caught her, there had been several close calls.


She stripped and got herself cleaned up in the locker room shower. Several of the women and men had hit on her over the years, but she had turned them all down. Simply put, she just wasn’t interested in a relationship (Heather was a special case). Maybe it was her memory of being a cripple, but except for the week of being controlled by Master PC, she had never had sex.


She wasn’t a prude however, as the hot water struck her body her hand wandered down between her thighs. The males that she had just passed were fodder for her imagination as her thumb worked her clit and her fingers penetrated her pussy.


She imagined one of the men coming into the shower and just taking her right there. Her slick cunt would offer no resistance to the invading cock. Her other hand played with her nipple as she imagined Heather’s practiced tongue working its magic on her breast. She approached climax quickly, as her finger pumped her tight pussy in time with the imaginary man’s thrusts.


At the last minute, she moved her free hand from her breast to her mouth and used her palm to gag herself so that her moans couldn’t be heard from outside the shower stall. Sometime later she was cleaned up and back in her “uniform”: the typical government black suit with white shirt, black tie, and conservative black pumps.


She spent the rest of her free time grabbing some food from the local cafeteria. There were a few folks also eating and she joined them making small talk. Again, like the people in the locker room, Bernadette was the least attractive of the people at the table. They could have all been super models or in films. However, they all worked to keep their profiles and lives quiet. Like Heather, a few of the people in the building worked in some of the local dance or strip clubs, but any information they gathered from local politicians went back to Stan as an early warning system.


Occasionally, one of them would finally fall in love and Stan made sure that they were taken care of (sometimes to the point of welcoming them back after a few months from a failed relationship). The inhabitants of the building were supernaturally beautiful and a “normal” life was no longer an easy option.


The time finally rolled around for her meeting, so she finished her lunch and went to the meeting room. She was the last to arrive. Tim and Stan were already sitting down and a monitor had been set up showing a large back man in an orange, prison jump suit sitting quietly in a chair. He was in the interrogation room that Stan had set up in a secured section of the facility.


“Hey guys, so what’s up?” Bernadette sat down.


Tim nodded a greeting and Stan pointed to the monitor, “Hey Bee, say hello to the head of the gang formally known as the reapers. He’s an extremely vicious psychopath and has killed at least ten people in the city of Philadelphia.” ‘Bee’ was Stan’s pet name for her. She had no problem with Stan (or Heather) using the name, everyone else called her Bernadette or Lee.


She watched the monitor for a bit, the man simply sat there, “Did you neuter him Stan?”


Stan shook his head, “Not I. When I brought him down here I knew that something had gotten to him, and I had intended to correct it. However, after talking to him I realized that this was a case of righteous justice. He pissed someone off and got swatted. I’ve ordered him to be sent back to more appropriate facilities while his case is processed.”

“This isn’t a typical case of a ‘Master’ is it?” she didn’t like the term, but it was the most appropriate.


Tim watched the conversation unfold. Bernadette and Tim had formed a rather odd working relationship. In the field, he would do most of the talking. However, with Stan it was understood that she was the senior agent. In private, Stan occasionally spoke up, but it was primarily Bernadette that led the conversations.


“No. It looks like we have a new player on the board. Apparently, there was no sex involved with Joe and his gang. The accounts from the members was that the two female ‘agents’ that grabbed our target showed up at their headquarters next. The tall one brainwashed their leader while the other one took out several of the gang.” He picked up a remote control on the table and hit a few buttons for the monitor. It showed pictures of different gang members in various forms of hospitalization. None looked like they would be bothering anyone anytime soon.


Tim whistled, “How’d she do it?”


Stan smiled, “Apparently she and the Jane Doe asked them to take their clothes off and then she tossed them around like rag dolls. One member described it as if, ‘someone had put a 400 pound gorilla in a bimbo suit’. Once she wiped the floor with them, all three women took a laptop that the gang had stolen from a college student.”


Bernadette started to put the pieces together, “Any word from the student?”


Stan nodded, “There was a man hunt underway for the girl for three days. No one knew where she was, until her parents “remembered” that she was currently on walk about in Australia.”


Tim laughed, “Nice.”


Stan chuckled too, “It gets better, seems that there was a little confusion initially as the cops believed that ‘she’ was originally a ‘he’.”


Bernadette thought about it a second, “So this poor bastard used Master PC to change himself to a hot chick and gets himself raped within a few hours?”


Stan nodded again, “Don’t forget that she was beaten to within an inch of death and then miraculously healed the injuries over night.”


“So have you tracked them down?”


“No. Apparently the driver has been ‘wiped’ and every single record had been deleted. It looks like someone knew what they were doing when they covered the trail. We have no leads except Joe there, and it looks like the ‘rules’ that are affecting him were written by someone that is way smarter than I am. Anything I try to do to ‘fix’ him will probably blow up in my face.”


Tim shrugged, “So what are we doing here? If we don’t have anything to work with I guess it’s back to our day job?”


Stan shook his head, “Well, I don’t have anything directly on who these women are, but I have found some very interesting Master PC activity. It looks like dozens of copies of the program were pushed out from a computer somewhere in Little Creek, Maine. However, a few weeks ago a computer somewhere on the East Coast hunted down every copy and either removed it or altered it. The exception was in Little Creek itself; the ‘attack’ had no affect on that computer. In addition, I can no longer access that town.”


Bernadette sighed, “So another dead end?”


Stan chuckled, “On Master PC, yes. However, a basic internet search pretty much indicates at least one of the new ‘Masters’. In addition, the laptop owned by the college student has been activated a few times and I determined that the version on that laptop had been supplied by one of our new targets,” Stan used the remote again and a web page for Little Rock showed up.


It took only a few seconds for both agents to realize who was behind the use of Master PC. Multiple pictures showed a young man with multiple beautiful women hanging off of him like perfect arm candy. The entire site was slowly being converted to an online alter for Doug. They were even working to get the town renamed to Doug’s Ville.


Tim, “Oh my god. This is bad isn’t it?”


Bernadette and Stan both nodded, “It would be kind of funny if it didn’t have much larger ramifications.” Stan stated simply.


“So we’re off to take out Doug then?” Bernadette asked.


Stan shook his head, “Surprisingly no,” he used the remote again which showed the western side of Pennsylvania. It started from a satellite view and slowly zoomed in to show an older house in the country. Dozens of cars (including a few police cars) were parked around the house, but no one could be seen. “Reports are coming in about this place. The locals are calling in and stating that they have a vampire problem. That’s your first target.”


Bernadette shook her head, she thought she’s seen it all, but the use of Master PC always seemed to surprise her, “You sure that this is in our ‘jurisdiction’?”

Stan nodded and used the remote, the monitor showed a raven haired beauty having sex with a state trooper. She was utterly perfect in every way and was surrounded by two other women, all in white lingerie and all perfect. All the women were probably in their early twenties. Stan used a laser pointer and indicated the two women, “I’ve identified those two women as the people that have been missing from the Pittsburg area for at least a month. It took a while to match them up though, as all of them were at least sixty years old when they disappeared. Unless things are really off, vampire chicks don’t get younger.”


Tim looked over to Bernadette, “Besides who else could possibly handle something like this?”


Stan gave an answer, much to the agent’s surprise, “I suspect that our ‘fellow’ agents that snagged the Jane Doe will be showing up there sooner or later. They seem to have the same abilities, if not the same motivation that we do. So you two are picking up the information from Heather and your car is equipped and ready to go. This may be a tough one, so use the tranquilizers when you can, but don’t hesitate to use lethal force. I haven’t been able to use Master PC there, so you’ll be on your own once you’re within a hundred miles of the place.”


Bernadette pushed back from the table and stood up, “Let’s go Tim. Hopefully we can make it by 6:45am.”


Tim looked at her questioningly, “How’s that relevant?”


They had both walked out of the office as Stan heard her answer, “It’s dawn Tim.”