Master PC: 2010 Edition


A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 20 to 24


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

    Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe

    Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith

    Lela Star as Samantha Thomas

    Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult

    Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee

    Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith

    Bianca Beauchamp as Heather




Chapter 20 – Sam’s training


We walked out into the bedroom and our Mistress was sitting casually on the bed, her legs crossed. She gestured to me and pointed at her feet, “Kneel here and put your face down.” I did so and she put her feet up on me. Shoes dug into my back. My pain gave me pleasure knowing that I was of use to my Mistress.


“Put your hands on your head and rotate slowly.” My head was down but I could still look to the side and see what was happening. The slave had complied and was quietly rotating. She did one rotation and stopped.


The Mistress was instantly on her feet and had grabbed the slave just as I had earlier. I heard a slight gasp come from her and knew it was from the pleasure that the slave was receiving to teach her pleasure center to enjoy any touch of our Mistress. “I did not tell you to stop slave, did I?”


The slave tried to answer, “Sorry Mistress, I just thought that…”

Our Mistress was very displeased. She pushed the slave to the wall and put her other hand on the slave’s cunt. Again, the slave let out a gasp of pleasure. I could almost see the new slave’s look of surprise turn to bliss under our Mistress’s power. “Slave’s don’t think. Slaves do.  Understand?”


I saw our Mistress’s hand shift slightly and realized that at least one finger had slipped into the slave’s cunt. The new slave answered between gasps, “Yes Mistress.”


The mistress pulled her hand away from the slave’s cunt and held it up to her, “You’ve soiled my hand whore; clean it.” I felt a pang of jealousy as the slave sucked and licked the Mistress’s fingers clean.


The mistress emotionlessly watched as her hand was cleaned. Once completed, the slave looked up to her mistress for approval. Another mistake, the slave realized as she met her mistress’s gaze. It only took a few seconds, but the slave broke the look and cast down her eyes. I saw a quick hint of a satisfied smile flash on our mistress’s face.


She ran a hand over her property’s face (the slave shuddered in pleasure), “When waiting for instruction, slaves keep their hands behind their backs at all times and keep their chests up. They should never speak unless spoken to and should always keep their gaze down. Do you understand?”


The slave had been looking down, but she had almost been slumped with her hands at her sides. While keeping her head down, she put her hands behind her back so that the wrists met and made sure that she stood erect, “Yes mistress.”


“Excellent,” The mistress rewarded the slave with a flip on one of her upright nipples. Again, I saw the slave in pleasure. Again, I felt a pang of jealousy.


Without looking in my direction, our mistress spoke to me, “You, come and stand here, next to my new pet.” She ran her hand through the new slave’s hair and gave it a slight tug. Again, I saw her shiver under the attention.


I quickly moved into the Mistress’s desired position. Now, we both stood before her in the standard slave position. I felt her hand brush my hair and gently pull it. “I’ve noticed that both of my slaves have certain ‘unique’ traits. This one is flavored.” Our mistress put her finger into the new slave’s cunt again. She pumped her a few times and then removed it. She held her hand in front of me and ordered, “Taste it.”


I liked it fully, once and then again. I then took it into my mouth and sucked on it like a small cock. I knew this wasn’t what my mistress wanted, but I was feeling a lack of attention. I was rewarded immediately.


Our mistress grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so I was forced to look directly at her, “I said taste, whore.” That inner hunger in me fed on the pleasure that filled me from my mistress’s touch. “What flavor slave?” she asked in my ear. Her breath on my ear caused my cunt to quiver, just a little.


“Strawberry Mistress, I whispered with an almost moan.


She turned her attention to the other slave, “This one’s hair changes length when she’s aroused. Normally, her hair is only neck length; however, when this slave submits her hair gets much longer.” That almost knocked me out of submissive mode, I was not aware of this. However, now that she pointed it out, I did feel the hair all the way down my back. Again my mistress pulled my hair to emphasize her point.


“Your mistress desires that you both share a trait that is unique to me. Would that please both of you?”


“Yes mistress,” we both answered in unison and immediately.

“Excellent, do not move,” she reached down to both of us and tweaked each of our nipples until they were red. We both shuddered but held our stance.


The mistress then pushed us both against the wall and said, “Don’t move or speak; otherwise, I will stop.” I felt myself penetrated by several fingers and a thumb on my clit. I could only assume that the other slave was being equally treated as I heard the faintest of whimpers, followed by the sound of the slave’s breast being slapped, “I said silence!”


She started to roughly pump both of our cunts. After a few moments, the sounds of wet, slick pumping filled the bedroom. I could only focus on maintaining my stance and keeping quiet. Like before, it felt so good my eyes started to water and a few tear fell from my eyes.


The new slave gave out first and screamed and whimpered. She writhed on our mistress’s hand in mindless pleasure. Her screams finally broke me. My body involuntarily started to move and I reached around and humped the mistress’s hand. I knew that punishment would be forth coming, but I couldn’t care anymore.


The hand withdrew and I realized that I had closed my eyes. I opened them to find myself collapsed on the floor next to the other slave, also crumpled on the floor. Our mistress was licking her fingers clean; when she saw me looking at her she reached a hand down to my mouth (the hand that had pleasured me) and ran a finger along my lips. Instinctively, my tongue cleaned my lips and I tasted butterscotch.


Our mistress smiled briefly and then straightened up, “While you failed to follow my instructions, consider that payment for how I’ve changed you,” she pulled a small mirror out of her pocket and showed us our faces, each in turn. I gasped when I realized that my eyes were light crystal blue. I looked over to the other slave and realized the same was true for her.


“For now on, when you submit to me, your eyes will turn to that color. Otherwise, they will return to their normal color. Does that please you?” she asked us both.


“Yes mistress,” again we both answered immediately.


She moved to the edge of the bed, “You may now both undress me,” she commanded.


We scrambled to our feet and went to our master. The other slave and I worked in tandem. I was in the front and the other slave in the back. I would unbutton and she would remove the clothes. It took a few minutes, and the new slave was sated enough to not make the same mistake I had made earlier: she didn’t take an opportunity to touch the mistress, but worked efficiently.


Once completed, we maintained our positions. I in front and the other behind, “You will please me now,” she turned to the newer slave. “You failed me first so you will pleasure my ass,” she turned to me. “You will take my cunt. Do not forget my clit, whore. Or you will take this failed one’s place.”


She moved her legs apart, and spoke, “Begin.”


We started our work with great enthusiasm. The new slave was hesitant at first, but the Mistress assisted by grabbing the back of her head and pushing her further in, “Your tongue slave. I must feel your tongue in my ass.”

I was having better luck up front. The mistress was pleased with me as I felt her cunt grow wet under my ministrations. My one hand assisted by rubbing her clit in time with my tongue, my other hand worked its way up to her breast and started to gently rub her nipple. Glancing up I noticed that the other slave had moved a hand up to her other breast, continuing to tease her.


Something odd happened then. The last time I had been trained, our Mistress had been an artificial personality. She had felt pleasure, but it was the pleasure allowed by her programming. Now her primitive side kicked in: the piece of her that had been formed when she was brought back to life; the part of her mind that needed to feel pleasure as an instinct. Her virgin pleasure center was starting to be flooded with endorphins that she had no real control over.


Our mistress started to crumble. First it was just a shudder, and then she started to tremble. The hands that had been guiding both slave’s heads, now settled on them for support. The Mistress suddenly reached out to Master PC and tweaked her slaves to feel pleasure when she felt pleasure. The more her system was flooded with endorphins, the more ours would too.


“Fuck me slaves! Fuck me with your tongues, your Mistress demands it!” The other slave and I fought to obey under the tide of pleasure we both felt. It wasn’t like an external orgasm now. I was like everything just felt good. It was the ultimate high. The only thing that kept us going was the knowledge that we could even feel better if we just obeyed our mistress.


This pleasure loop couldn’t be sustained. The mistress came with a scream of pleasure and release. It was her first one as a living being and she screamed in a glory that she didn’t know existed until now. The other slave and I collapsed as she screamed. We both writhed in pleasure. Everything felt good, but we couldn’t even define it. The only thing we could manage was to masturbate in response to what our pleasure centers were telling us.


Hot, sweating, and writhing; the three of us were lost for hours in pleasure. Later on, I could only define it as insanity. Can you overdose on endorphins? Eventually, we all blacked out from it. Our bodies simply shut down and everything went black.


Chapter 21 – Sam meets John


Sunlight woke me up. The sun must have been on me for a while and its glare finally forced me awake. I looked over and saw Dona and Jean still sleeping deeply on the floor.


I sat up and immediately regretted it. I was sore all over and my vision swam for a minute. I also realized that I was very thirsty and hungry. As I used the bed to pull myself up to a standing position, I also realized that I had to pee really badly.


I stumbled to the bathroom and made it to the toilet. I plopped down on the seat and let myself go. A slight burning sensation reminded me of what I had done to myself. Suddenly worried, I looked at my panicked face in the wall mirror across from the toilet. With relief I saw that my eyes had turned back to their ‘normal’ dark blue.


Finished, I wiped myself (I remember the first time I had to pee as a girl; it had taken me ten minutes to just to figure out the mechanics). I found a robe in the bathroom cabinet and went down stairs in search for food.


My feet were sensitive to the cold floor as I left the carpet and hit the kitchen tile. A few minutes of searching led me to glasses and a bit more led me to the soda in the fridge. I hated water from the tap and was glad to find the alternative. A few more minutes let me find the bread and make some toast.


I sat down at the kitchen table and munched quietly. The house was completely quiet. When I had first walked into the house, I had chalked up to blandness of the house to just being clean. However, now that I’d walked through the house a bit more, I saw that the trend was black, white, and chrome. It didn’t look bad, just very sterile.


The towels and blankets also matched this theme, all white. The only reason for the black was the various appliances in the kitchen and living room. Curious, and with the quiet getting to me a little bit, I wanted to talk. “Vicki?” I called quietly.


Vicki walked in from another room, as opposed to appearing out of nowhere, “Hello Sam. Enjoying the toast?”


I munched happily, “Yes, thank you Vicki. Can I ask you a question?”

Vicki had gone to the sink and had picked up a wash cloth. She immediately started wiping down the counter and toaster where I had made a mess. “Yes you may Sam.” She answered with a chipper tone.


I motioned with the piece of toast in my hand to my surroundings, “What’s with the house? Why the lack of colors?”

Vicki stopped cleaning and looked where I gestured, “I have no idea. I’ve never thought about it.” She went back to cleaning.


Figured, I was talking to a computer program, “So what do you think about?”


Vicki finished cleaning and rinsed the wash cloth out, “Cleaning, washing, maintaining the day to day finances. I also actively monitor the internet for Master PC updates and local frequencies for information that could threaten the Mistress or Dona.”


“Can you cook?” I asked still hungry.


“Yes, would you like more toast?” she paused and looked directly at me.


“How about eggs, bacon, and pancakes?” I hadn’t seen those in the refrigerator, but I was hungry and bored.


Vicki didn’t miss a beat, “When would you like it?”


“Thirty minutes?” I wondered if she would go out and buy it or something.


“Of course, I will fetch you when it is ready.” As I watched Vicki went to the refrigerator and pulled out the various items. I knew that there weren’t eggs in there before, but there was now a fresh carton on the counter.


‘Alrighty then’, I thought to myself. I’m glad I didn’t ask for steak and eggs. I got up, “I’ll get cleaned up Vicki, but I’ll be back.” She waved blithely as she focused on her new task.


I started to move back upstairs when I heard the door bell ring. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I wasn’t in a hurry or tired; the soreness had been slowly leaving me as I had moved around. “I got it Vic!” I called as I moved to the front door.


I padded to the front door, and was thinking about wearing sandals for now on for these cold floors, but once I opened the door, I completely forgot about my cold feet.


A man stood in the doorway. In his hands he held half dozen rose plants in small pots; all in a box. He was just over six foot and had medium blond hair; the kind of blond that forms when you have brown hair and stay out in the sun all the time. He had a strong jaw, beautiful brown eyes, and I would swear he rippled when he breathed. He was wearing work boots, jeans, and a simple colored t-shirt.


It took me a few seconds to realize he was checking me out too, “Hi.” I said plainly. With the door open a cool breeze flowed into the house and filled my robe. I could feel my nipples harden and push against the fluffy robe.


“Uh hi,” he said a moment later. “I’m John. I was wondering if Jean was here.”

I smiled politely, so this was John. He must really like Jean if he didn’t completely lose focus with me, “I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam. She’s still in bed right now, can I help you?” I suddenly felt like a little girl in front of this guy, and swayed a little bit back and forth play fully.


For a minute I thought he was going to make a pass at me, but he broke the porn moment and handed me the roses. Caught off guard, I simply took them. “These are for her, she said she really liked this kind of rose and she had asked that if I found any more of them to pick some up for her.”


“Yeah, no problem John, I’ll let her know you were by.” I felt a strange throbbing starting up between my legs. It was very minor, but I had no illusion of what that meant. All that sex last night and I was still up for a little more with the first guy to open the door. I had to get a grip.


John suddenly got antsy; now that he didn’t have a reason to be in the doorway. “Thanks a bunch Sam. I got to go to work now.”


“What do you do for a living John?” where you could wear these types of clothes to work, I thought to myself.


“Landscaping; I run my own business,” he answered as he turned to leave.

Oh, the boy next door. He might as well be here to change the plumbing, I thought to myself as I watched him leave. I could see the muscles in his butt ripple as he walked. After a few more moments, I closed the door and carried the plants into the kitchen. The smell of breakfast was starting to build up as the bacon was now just starting to cook.


I dropped off the roses on the counter, and started my journey back upstairs. I went to the guest bathroom to avoid waking anyone up and hopped into the shower there. The water felt good on me as I lathered myself up. I started to think about what had happened yesterday and the fun I had with Dona.


My hand drifted over my breasts and eventually ended up with my fingers directly rubbing my clit. As I started to work myself up again, my thoughts raced through the last few days. Once I got back to Jack, my mind stopped there and focused on the point when he took me with his hard cock.


My fingers crept into my cunt and I fucked myself deeply in time with his remembered thrusts. My other hand went to one of my breasts and rolled my nipple between two fingers as I worked myself up to a quick orgasm.

Ten minutes later, my hair was in a towel (I was going to just let it air dry, but medium length hair was nice until you were no longer interested in having a cold and wet bunch of hair sit against your back) and I had found a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I made it back down stairs just in time for Vicki to have my plate ready. I felt pampered as I bit into the first bite of bacon.


I was halfway through with breakfast, when I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. Jean and Dona both came into the room. Dona was in a white fluffy robe, like I had found earlier; but Jean was dressed in a slightly torn up pair of jeans, a bra under a white t-shirt, and a pair of plain white sneakers.


Vicki turned towards them and greeted them cheerily, “Would you two like breakfast after your long night of sex?”


I was drinking some soda and nearly spit it out, Dona turned completely red and coughed, and without losing a beat Jean simply answered, “That would be nice Vicki, thank you.”


Dona and Jean sat down at the table, and Vicki put out glasses and poured them some juice. Dona took a sip and looked between Vicki and Jean, “So Genie, we really need to work on Vicki’s etiquette. We should probably work on yours too, while we’re at it.”


Jean frowned slightly at Dona, “I think our etiquette is fine, don’t you agree Vicki?”


Vicki turned from the pans she was cooking in, “Yes Mistress, our etiquette is perfect.” She smiled and turned back to working.


Dona looked towards me for support, I simply shrugged. This was her doing; she should be able to clean up this mess. She turned back to Jean, “At least cut down the sex references, normal folks don’t typically talk about sex like that with people that they don’t have sex with…”


Jean smiled slightly, “We aren’t ‘normal folks’.”


Dona took a drink of orange juice, “I think you know what I mean.”

I tried to be helpful, “Maybe we should have sex with Vicki, that way she can talk about sex in front of her without a problem.”


Jean was about to jump in on that one, but Dona held up a hand to her and turned to me, “Not helping Sam, not helping.” Then she turned back to Genie, “No.”


I tried again, “I’m just saying.”


Dona’s hand turned to me now, “No.” She looked around for something else to focus on, that’s when she saw the roses on the counter. “That’s new.”

I followed her gaze, “They’re from John. He says hi Jean.”


Jean got up and picked up the roses. She put them to her nose and sniffed. She smiled a little smile.


Dona smiled, “I told you all that teasing would pay off for you Genie.”

“He does it because he likes me. Not because I tease him, “she put the roses back down. “I’ll do that after I eat.”


Now that Jean had put the roses back down, I took the opportunity to ask her about the night before. “Jean?”


“Yes Sam?” she turned towards me now. Sam noticed the change in my tone and I could see her mood change slightly.


“Uhmm, did you tweak us last night? I mean, not just the eyes; I mean later on.” Normal folks we were definitely not.


“Yes, but I put it back when I woke up this morning,” she answered calmly as she sat back down.


“How?” I asked. I was half a mind to ask her to never do that again, either; but a part of me wanted her to do it again.


“I ordered Master PC to make the tweak. ST doesn’t really work on that level.” She took a sip of juice.


“She doesn’t need a terminal like we do Sam. She is literally plugged into Master PC.” Dona spoke up.


“How does that work, how are you plugged in? What are you plugged into exactly?” I didn’t think you could do that.


Jean thought for a second, “I’m not truly ‘plugged in’, but when Dona offered to make me alive; I translated my program into a living brain. Since the brain is simply a biological computer, Master PC now ‘runs’ inside my brain. In addition, I added all of my commands to prevent any type of attack or detection by other Master PCs. I also ensured that I didn’t lose any performance by moving to this new form.”


Wow, “Wait a minute, your brain runs as fast as a computer?”


“Brains are a neural network, so it runs as fast as hundreds of computers.” She responded with a smile.


“On that note Genie, how many instructions did you give yourself when you converted to human?” Dona asked.


Again Jean paused, “I did it as a computer so it came out as one long command.”


Now I was curious, “How long Jean?”


Another pause on her part, “If you wrote it down, it would probably take between fifteen and twenty normal sized pages. I scanned through the fiction archives and incorporated every defense I could find, plus I added a few extra precautions.”


“Wow.” Note to self, don’t mess with the Mistress.


Dona was staring at Jean with what looked like awe.


Vicki turned around, with two plates of food, “Breakfast is served.”



Chapter 22 – Agent Jack and the Reapers


By noon, Agent Jack Andrews realized that he had somehow walked into the twilight zone. His morning had been filled with hours of describing Agents Doe and Smith. His boss had called him up the prior night and reinforced his ‘need’ to help the two other Agents: Ravens and Lee.


Around noon, the annoying agents had left and Jack had been looking forward to eating the week old sandwich that had been festering in the police station’s food machine. As he started to pull the sandwich out of the container, his office phone had ringed. For the next twenty minutes, he spent writing down names, accounts, and other pertinent data about The Reapers directly from the leader of the gang, Joseph Diangelo.


At first, he was going to hang up on him as a crack pot, but the gang leader had started to state items that had been stolen from each victim. Something only the investigative team had a full list of. There was something odd about the way that Joe listed everything out. It was almost the same way in which the Jane Doe had described the attackers. Jack filed that tidbit away.


For the next week, Agent Jack Andrews was busier than he had ever been in his life. Rounding up the gang members and tracking down all the evidence. As the week progressed, the gang itself became irrelevant as the organization that was using the gang as a cover started to unravel. The city became flooded with FBI agents as the massive scale of the organization became known.


Arrests were rampant at all levels of city government and tons of drugs and money were discovered and impounded. Organized crime was set back for at least a decade, if not more in the North East part of the country. Jack soon dismissed the interoffice problems that Ravens and Lee had presented along with any hope of real sleep.


By the end of the week, six long days later, there were only three mysteries left that had no apparent answers. First, Bob (the brains behind the entire structure) was never found. Second, Joe’s second in command had simply disappeared (no one could remember what he looked like, not even Joe or several victims that had been helped by the guy). This was in spite of the call that the body guard had made to Jack letting him know where two victims were and requesting an ambulance. Third, three hundred million dollars had been transferred (and eventually lost) right before Joe had called Agent Andrews.


Those small details were easily absorbed by the huge scandals (only Joe claimed to have ever seen a ‘Bob’, no one else had ever seen him to the point where Jack’s bosses were pretty convinced that Bob was a fiction) and didn’t prevent Agent Andrews from being promoted to the head of the FBI bureau in Philadelphia.



Chapter 23 – The girls watch from the side lines


We were all eating popcorn watching the news on the flat screen. It showed Agent Andrews behind a podium listing out the last of what had been discovered by the Reapers investigation. News footage flashed at the bottom of the screen indicating the items found, officials arrested, and Andrews’ promotion.


The man looked tired. If the news accounts were right, he had been working for six days straight unraveling what had been built over two years. You could tell though, that he had been wired for this type of thing. He would be doing the job until it was done; sleep and food were irrelevant to that goal.


Sam turned towards Genie, “Thanks for the promotion Jean.”


Genie just smiled. I had seen Sam light up every time that Andrews showed up, “You really like him. Don’t you Sam?”


Sam blushed and grabbed some popcorn to cover up her embarrassment, “He was nice to me,” was all she said in response.


I dropped it then. Since she had been raped prior to her meeting the agent, I couldn’t blame her. Plus, he was pretty good looking.


The last week had been pretty bland. Genie had gardened, I had puttered on the internet, and Sam had been watching TV. We had gone out shopping a few nights, and the closets were now full of clothes for all of us.


I had wanted to start the pursuit of Doug, but Genie had asked that we wait until the whole gang thing had settled out and for Anthony to arrive. I had been resistant to the suggestion, but Sam and Genie ‘convinced’ me of the error of my ways (that was the second night; we went shopping the next day).


There had been a few other conversations that we needed to have as well. Sam had apologized to me for taking advantage of my slave fetish. I accepted her apology if she promised that she would do it again after we had finished with Doug.


We had also had several discussions about Master PC. First, Genie had explained to Sam that she had removed the emotional content from what happened to Sam with The Reapers. Sam had no problem with this and was relieved as she thought that she was still in shock and that some day it would break open.


We also agreed that Sam and I would receive no more modifications from Master PC. Despite any positive affects, Sam was adamant on this point. This left her with accelerated healing that Genie had given her (plus the eyes). I was a bit worried, but realized it was probably for the best. We’d just have to keep her out of the front lines, if possible.


Anthony had finally called us the day before, and he was due to arrive in a few minutes. This was the last piece that we were waiting for before starting to focus on Doug. We had all, independently, decided to wear what we were most comfortable with. Genie was wearing her grey suit; Sam and I were wearing shirts, jeans, and socks. However, as where Sam’s shirt was black, loose, and hung down to her knees; my shirt was pink, tight, and exposed my stomach.


The door bell rang. Normally we could have simply had Vicki answer the door, but since this was a meeting with someone ‘not in the know’ about Master PC, we’d given Vicki the night off. It had been an ongoing conversation on and off all week about what we were going to show Anthony.


“I got it,” I said as I set the popcorn down and got up. I padded down the hallway and opened the door. As soon as I opened the door, I knew that something was wrong. I hadn’t known Anthony very long but there was this odd look on his face: worried maybe.


However, I also realized that there was another man directly behind him. Before I completely focused on him, I heard a weird spitting sound and felt a stinging in my stomach. I looked down and saw a short dart protruding from it. I tried to reach for it, but my hands and arms didn’t respond. Before I could do anything else, the world turned off on me.


Chapter 24 – The girls meet Bob


Bob Hoult sat back in the metal chair and looked at the three women hanging from the rafters. Taking them down had been surprisingly easy if you kept in mind that they had taken down his entire organization in less than an hour.


Unknown to anyone but himself, Bob had placed hidden video and audio devices in The Reapers’ headquarters (he actually installed them in almost every main area in which his organization had existed). Assuming that there had been some sort of black ops group on his organization’s trail, he had watched in awe and shock at what ‘Agent’ Smith had done with his protégé Joe. Of course, he now understood that Joe was compromised and didn’t fall for the simple trap that Smith had set up for him.


He had also watched the small blond woman toss the large gang members around as if they had been helium balloons. She didn’t seem to have any real training, but possessed an extraordinary amount of strength.


The only one that seemed normal was the short Jane Doe that his gang had failed to kill off. He had noted that she had healed from her almost fatal injuries in a matter of a few days, and had planned for that appropriately.


Once the women had finished disassembling his organization with a simple conversation; he had followed them back to their house. For the past week, he had been keeping the house under surveillance and had watched their various sexual antics.


He had also been able to keep tabs on Tony and had managed to insert himself with the boy when he had made a call to Smith. As soon as Tony had put the phone away, Bob had revealed himself to the kid at gun point and had him place a self locking explosive belt on his own waist. An instant hostage, Bob and Tony had taken the provided limousine back to the house where the women lived.


Once the blond had opened the door, Bob had quickly and efficiently tranquilized all three women. He had tripled the dosage on the darts to compensate for any unusual biology. He then had Tony drag the women to the basement where each was hung up by their wrists. He had also set up a drugged IV drip for each of them that would maintain them in a drugged sleep until he saw fit to shut off the flow of the drip.


Finally, he had handcuffed the kid to one of the support columns in the house’s basement. He would have normally killed him as a matter of course, but he suspected that he would need a ‘clean’ test subject very soon.


While working for the NSA, he had heard some odd rumors about a computer that could affect people’s minds. He had never encountered it before, but it appeared that these women had somehow found something like this. He would never have suspected this, except for the laptop that they had recovered from the Reapers’ headquarters.


Once his hostages had been properly ‘contained’, it had been a trivial exercise to search the house and find the laptop. When he powered it on, he found that the operating system was protected by a password. However, he had expected something like this and he began his next step of the ‘investigation’.


He turned to the Jane Doe that had been raped. He knew the laptop was hers and also assumed that she was the weakest of the three women. He pulled out a syringe from the bag he had brought along (the same bag that contained all the drugs that he felt would be required for this trip), walked over to the short brunette hanging from the ceiling, shut off the IV drip, and then injected the syringe into her arm.


“What the hell are you doing now?” demanded Tony.


Bob looked over to the kid. He was in no position to demand anything, but Bob did have a bit of the teacher in himself. “I’m giving her something to make her much more, compliant. It’s amazing what you can find if you know where to look.”


After a minute or so, the brunette’s eye’s fluttered open. They seemed to focus for a few moments, but then the affects of the syringe started to have its affect. Her growing look of discomfort and panic soon faded into drug induced bliss.


She tried to speak through her daze, “Wha… what’s going on?”

Bob spoke gently to her, “Shhh… You’re safe and warm honey. Do you understand?”


She paused as her fogged mind processed the information, “Ye… Yes.”

Bob smiled. When he had seen the way that Smith had treated the other two women their first night back in the house, he realized that the two smaller women were already submissive in nature. The drug simply encouraged that behavior.


Tony was having none of this, “Wake up bitch, don’t listen to this asshole!”


Bob pulled his tranquilizer gun out and shot the kid. Moments later Tony slumped down on the column, unconscious.


The girl hadn’t even noticed the outburst. She was too busy riding the high that the syringe had provided. “What’s your name honey?” Bob asked her gently.


“S…Sam,” she said dreamily.


“What’s your full name Sam?” Bob asked again.


“It’s Samuel Thomas.” She stuttered out.


Bob raised an eye brow in surprise. He knew about the missing student from the room in which the girl had been raped. As far as he knew, the police hadn’t located him yet. He decided that this new data could wait.

“Sam, could you tell me what the password for your laptop is?”


“No…” she resisted. Bob wasn’t surprised. However, this was his favorite part of interrogation.


He gently ran his hand over her face and breasts. The women were all still in their clothes, but ‘Sam’ hadn’t bothered to wear a bra. Both of the two shorter ones hadn’t bothered apparently. However their breasts seemed to be self supporting.


After a few moments, Sam let out a little moan. “Do you like that Sam?” he continued to gently touch her face, neck, and breasts. He could feel her nipples start to harden through the shirt.


Again she seemed to resist a bit and gently shook her head back in forth in a negative motion, but after a few more minutes of tender caresses her resistance changed to drugged acceptance. Her feet were barely touching the floor and she them to maneuver herself to help guide his touch.


Bob stopped touching the girl. “You didn’t answer me Sam so I stopped. Do you want me to touch you again Sam?” he almost whispered in her ear.


“Yes, please touch me again,” she tried to move towards him but the roped prevented her from moving too much.


“So you do like it when I touch your breasts, like this?” he now used both hand and messaged her perfect breasts through her shirt. As he flicked her nipples with his thumbs, he felt her shudder. “Tell me you don’t want me to stop.” he commanded her gently.


“Please, don’t stop,” she mumbled urgently.


“You’ll do anything to keep this going, won’t you Sam,” he ran one hand through her hair. She moaned in response.


“Yes, please. I’ll do anything,” her eyes were half closed, but he could swear that they had changed color; another question that needed further investigation.


He stopped touching her again; she made a slight sound of frustration. “Tell me the password Sam and I’ll make you feel really good. Just one password and I’ll put my cock in you. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yessss…” she whimpered.


“Then give me the password, now.”


The girl, in obvious distress, complied. Bob walked back over to the laptop and entered the sequence. The laptop chirped in response and the main window to Master PC appeared. Satisfied, Bob walked over to Sam and turned the IV drip back on.


Sam rubbed up against him in anticipation. “Please, please fuck me,” she moaned.


He turned towards her, reached up and grabbed a handful of hair as he yanked her head back. Her now light blue eyes fluttered completely open in response to the pain. However, the affect was short lived; it was like she enjoyed it on some level. “Don’t worry cunt. I’ll be fucking you and your friends soon enough. For now, I need to you to shut the fuck up.” He released her and let the drugs do their work.


He watched her struggle on the rope. She moved erotically and even managed to swing briefly into the blond next to her. He grew hard as the brunette rubbed her hardened nipples against the unconscious blond. After a minute or so of begging, grinding, and pleading, she was finally unconscious.


Bob walked back over and sat down in front of the laptop. His dick was pretty hard now, but he knew that he was on the clock. He started investigating the program that was in front of him. After several minutes of looking around, he realized that it was some sort of real world modeler program.


While it did seem to be able to ‘modify’ the mental views of a target, or targets, it was also able to change them physically as well. He brought up Samuel’s profile and checked out the log files. He realized, according to the program, that Sam used to be Samuel. He also noted the errors in the logs and observed that he had been trying to change himself back to his male body.


Bob looked over to the hot female form of Sam, hanging in front of him; a perfect sex toy. With a snort, he opened up the backup profile for Samuel Thomas and deleted it. Bob had many uses for a willing whore so easily programmed. He had no use for a young college boy.


Despite his understanding of the program, he was still cynical. He turned his attention to Tony. He instructed Master PC to make Tony his target. The man’s prone form showed up as he was in front of Bob: handcuffed to a metal support beam.


He changed the image’s hair color from brown to pure blond and made it neck length. Once he finished the command, the program asked him if he wanted to execute the change. Bob clicked the execute button.


He looked over at Tony and now saw that the unconscious man now had long blond hair.


Awed, he told Master PC to reverse the last change. When he looked at Tony, his crew cut was back.


As he continued to poke around, he realized that he could modify the rate of the change. Smiling, he spent the next hour making modifications and laying out the change process for the kid. Smiling, he hit the execute button.


Bob rotated his chair toward Tony and watched the process unfold. The handcuffs fell off of his wrists and Tony fell back to the floor. His eyes slowly opened up and the click of the explosive belt indicated that it too had fallen off of Tony.


Tony sat up and looked over at Bob, “What the fuck are you up to you bastard?”


Bob just smiled, “I’m making you my bitch, literally.”


Tony got to his hands and knees and noticed that he was no longer cuffed and the belt had fallen off. He also noticed that Bob’s gun was across the table. He knew that now was the time to take the old man out.

Tony tried to make himself leap to his feet in order to tackle the old guy, but he simply moved forward a bit. He also noticed that he was rock hard.


“What’s wrong Tony? Cock got your tongue?” Bob laughed at his confusion.

The cockiness of the guy just pissed off Tony more. However, he realized that he was now even harder, “What the hell?”


Bob’s smile got bigger, “I figured you’d be pretty pissed off. So I decided that you needed an outlet. The angrier you get, the hornier you get. Eventually, you’ll be so horny that you won’t be able to think straight. You’ll do anything for release.”


Tony moved another foot towards Bob “Fuck you old man.”


“That’s the idea kid. You fucked me last week, now it’s my turn.” Bob watched in glee as Tony struggled for focus.


Tony had a severe case of blue balls now, even as he moved forward, the friction of his underwear started to feel really good. He glanced over at the women hanging from the ceiling, trying to use them as fuel for his need to beat this guy. Instead, he thought about what it would be to stick his dick into them. How they would scream when his hard cock impaled their wet, tight cunts.


“Yo Tony! Focus man! Over here.” Bob jeered at the young man.


Tony snapped back to the moment and moved up to Bob. Still on his hands and knees, he could barely gather the will to look up at his captor. He raised a hand to grab onto the guy and pull him down to the floor.

Bob looked down at Tony, “Here’s how its gonna work now Tony. You’re going to pull my dick out and you’re going to suck it. The more you suck it, the more you’ll like it. The more you like it, the more of a perfect whore you’ll become. Now get to work.”


Tony tried to stop himself, but his hand that had been reaching up now fell onto Bob’s cock which was hard inside of his pants. Automatically, his hand found Bob’s zipper and worked to release Bob’s shaft. His other hand came up smoothly to help. He realized that as he complied with Bob’s perverted request, the more mobility he had.


Tony was just on his knees now and he watched himself release Bob’s dick. “No, this is fucked up. I’m not gay,” he mumbled to himself.

Bob enjoyed Tony’s suffering, “Don’t worry kid. In a few minutes you won’t be. Now get to work.”


Tony was confused by the old guy’s statement, but found himself obeying the command. He bent forward and used his hands to start pumping the shaft while his mouth automatically started to work the head. He was repulsed by his behavior, but a small part of him enjoyed the taste of Bob’s cock. A bit of pre-cum came out of the head and for some reason that excited Tony’s addled brain even more.


After a few moments, Tony’s right hand moved down to his pant and he quickly released his own cock. He was still really hard, but he noticed that it was smaller somehow. However, it still felt incredible when he wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke it as he worked on Bob’s cock.


A part of Tony was still entirely disgusted by what was happening to him. As he was only using one hand, he took the cock into his mouth and throat. At first he almost gagged, but he felt his throat soften and adjust. He now took the entire shaft in and used his hand to fondle Bob’s balls.


He noticed that the monitor next to his captor showed a buxom, slutty looking blonde. With the picture in his mind, he imagined that he was fucking the blond. He saw himself move up behind the woman (in Tony’s mind she was naked on her hands and knees) and put his cock right into her beautiful ass.


Bob watched in fascination as the changes took hold of Tony. His hair had started to extend out of his head, cascading out into long straight, blond hair. His waist line shrunk as her head continued to pump on his dick. His whole body seemed to shrink inside his clothes, except for his chest grew with new breasts and Tony’s shirt tightened around that area.

Tony, lost in his fantasy, had started to make deep toned grunts.  However, over the next minute his voice went up and softer and became sighs. His right hand continued to jerk himself off, but his dick had shrunk into Tony’s body and formed a perfect clit. He instinctively slipped a finger into his deepening cunt and continued to masturbate himself.


Tony’s fantasy changed perspective. He was now the woman, and he felt a cock sliding in and out of his wet cunt. He looked back and saw that the man was now Bob, his master. The old man’s cock felt glorious inside of him and Tony started to feel her cunt tighten around the large cock.


Bob watched as Tony’s facial expression went from hatred and defiance into pure sexual lust. After another moment, Tony’s eyes fluttered opened and met Bob’s eyes as she continued to work his cock.


Bob reached down and grabbed a bunch of blond hair. “You love being my slut, don’t you Tony?”


A lopsided grin came onto Tony’s now completely feminine face: including mascara and red lipstick. “You know I can never get enough of your cock baby.”


“Oh I know Tony. How about you stand up, take your clothes off, and use your cunt to fuck my cock?”


Instantly, Tony was on her feet and complying with Bob. Her clothes hadn’t changed, so except for her D sized breasts, it wasn’t undressing so much as shaking her loose clothes off. As soon as she was naked, she moved over Bob’s naked cock and maneuvered herself down on it.


Bob’s cock slipped effortlessly into Tony’s wet, tight cunt. Tony started to move up and down on Bob’s cock. She started to sweat with the effort and moan lustily, as she couldn’t get enough of Bob’s cock.


Bob maintained a mocking tone, “Don’t you hate me Tony? Don’t you want to save your friends?”


Tony didn’t even loose a beat, “Shut the fuck up and fuck me.”


Bob smiled and started to move in time with Tony, he stood up and pushed her onto the table next to the laptop. On her back now, Tony’s hand worked her clit and breast as Bob continued to pump into her.


Her head lulled back and she screamed in ecstasy as she moaned. She started to encourage Bob now. “Fuck me Bob! Fuck me like the whore I am! I love that cock! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!”


For the next few minutes Bob complied, but since he hadn’t made any changes to himself; his stamina could only last so long. Grunting with the best sex he had ever had, he pulled his swollen cock out and pulled Tony‘s face back to him, so that she was kneeling before him. He jacked his cock and sprayed her face with the biggest load in his life. Tony took it all like the good fuck toy she was now, and then licked his cock and herself clean of all cum.


“You wanna go again baby?” she cooed.


Bob looked over at her. He had completely amped up Tony’s sex drive and realized that he hadn’t come close to meeting it. “Not right now baby. Why don’t you go upstairs and make yourself feel good for daddy?”

She looked a little disappointed, “Ok honey, but don’t keep my pussy waiting too long, ok?”


Bob turned to the computer, “Sure baby.”


Tony, naked, walked up the basement stairs in search for the right place to masturbate.


He turned his attention to the three women hanging up before him. He decided that he would deal with each woman in order of the threat they were to him. So first was Agent Smith.


He brought up the targeting system for Master PC and entered her name: ‘Jean Smith’. The program hesitated for a minute and then showed a weird error window: ‘Target chosen, but image unavailable. Proceed?’ Bob clicked on the Proceed button.


It was tougher without the picture, but he shrank down the height, build, and made her Asian. He noticed that many of the settings seemed to start off incorrect, such as sex. However, Bob assumed that these were default settings, or errors from the program, and changed them appropriately.  When he was done, he had configured Smith to become a smaller, Asian woman that had the memory of her previous life but was totally subservient and loyal to her new master.


Satisfied with his choices he executed the commands.