Master PC: 2010 Edition
A TG Story by Beladona, Chapters 15 to 19.

Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.

Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.

Cast (the women that inspired me white writing this story)

• Jessica Lynn as Dona Doe
• Jessica Jaymes as Jean (Genie) Smith
• Lela Star as Samantha Thomas
• Katsumi as Bobbi Hoult
• Kayden Kross as Bernadette Lee
• Jenna Haze as Vicki Smith
• Bianca Beauchamp as Heather

Chapter 15 – The Reapers

Joe was a simple sort of guy. He liked his women, his guns, his booze, and his drugs. Anything else was just a trapping that really served no purpose. As the head of The Reapers, he had done his best to show his boys the true pleasures of life. Big houses, flashy cars, and lotsa money; these were just the results of the things he liked.
Joe reflected on his life in the last two years. Back then, he was more like the other guys: all about what he could have; not about what he could feel. However, all of that had changed when he was approached by a middle aged white guy.

Normally, Joe would have taken someone out who was stupid enough to openly approach him in the middle of his own turf. However, there was something about the guy; some sort of weird presence. He realized right then that he wanted what the white guy had: power. So he didn’t kill him.

It was the right choice. It had taken almost a year, and he had to take out a few of his own gang that couldn’t see what he was doing: those that might be a threat to him later on or those that just didn’t get with the program. The guy had showed him how to make friends in high places. How his women and his drugs could buy those that he previously thought untouchable.

After awhile, he realized that everyone was really the same. The only thing that separated people was power. The white guy, Bob, had explained that he had learned all about how things worked with large groups of people. The government had trained him to go to other countries and raise an army from nothing.

It was a good gig for Bob until the government had shut things down on one of his jobs, his last job it turned out. The government had dumped him and left him for dead. It took some time, but Bob had survived and made it back to the states. For obvious reasons his old bosses didn’t know he was back, but Bob had decided that he wanted a piece of the pie for himself; so why not use his years of training to get it.

Bob had trained Joe. A little bit of training was how to fight, but a lot more of it was about how to get people to follow you. Joe took to it like a fish to water. Joe made some mistakes on the way, but Bob was a patient teacher and kept him out of too much trouble. After the first year, Bob had requested those things that Joe didn’t care about: those material things that could be taken and given. In exchange, Bob would keep an eye on things and make sure that the big picture didn’t come knocking on his door.

The last six months had been the culmination of Bob and Joe’s efforts. They had been bringing in millions of dollars of drugs and guns into the north east region of the United States. They weren’t the biggest or baddest of the groups, but they were one of the most successful. When the government agencies started to get wind of what was going on, Bob had told Joe about the rape gangs.

The rape gangs would go out and rape random women all over the city. The idea was to draw up resources from the law enforcement groups and force them to focus on the public fear. Funds that would normally go to anti-drug or anti-gun efforts would suddenly be forced into anti-gang efforts.
Joe had been skeptical at first. He suspected that Bob’s story about being left behind wasn’t entirely truthful and Bob had a bit of a twisted streak; but Bob had been right so far and so Joe set up The Reapers.

The Reapers were more of a force of nature than anything else. Joe would let them out about once per month to create havoc for a night. Their only orders: bring anything back to him of interest and if you got caught you died. Two of his gang members had been caught by the police and Joe had demonstrated that he was a man of his word. The Reapers didn’t care; they were picked for their twisted tastes and loyalty but not for their brains.

Joe was in his favorite crack house in Chester, just south of Philly. He was perusing the newspaper and looking for the latest news on his pet project. Joe, as a six foot black man, was dressed in a shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Even sitting back in a chair with his feet up on the old table; he looked like he could twist a steel bar like it was nothing and that’s what he wanted to project. However, Joe was typically a quiet man and liked to read when he could. The newspaper was more of an acceptable media then a novel (the last time he brought in a book to read, he had to kill a guy who cracked a joke about it).

The strategy of The Reapers was working perfectly. His real businesses were running smoothly while the cops and the Feds spun up to deal with the public menace. Just last week, he had them run through the University of Penn. He had seen the picture of the girl that had been chosen as a target. She was a pretty little thing. Joe wasn’t into the actual gang activities, he had learned that being the guy in the shadows was the best way to keep oneself alive, but if he had known about that chick when they had found her; he would have had to make an exception.

Bob had given him a call the day after and let him know to keep things cool for a month or two. Apparently the girl was alive, but in critical condition. Bob was trying to find out where she was and would let Joe know when he found her. As long as she breathed, The Reapers would be at risk.

However, Joe thought to himself as he flipped through the paper, The Reapers were starting to outlive their usefulness. It was getting time to maybe put them down. Rabid dogs had their use, but after awhile they would bite their owner.

His cell phone rang by Joe’s feet; he recognized it as Bob’s ringtone. He sat up and picked up the phone, “Yo.”

Bob spoke simply, “The girl and a couple of Feds have been taken by your people and are on their way to your location.”

Joe raised an eye brow. This was a new tactic, usually he told Joe where to find a survivor and he would send in a few trusted men. “Why the change?”

Bob paused on the other side of the phone, “No change on my end Joe. It looks like some of your dogs have learned to play fetch. My information is that they took out the driver for the Fed’s car. The Feds and girl think they are going back to Washington, but they’re being driven right to you.”

Not good, thought Joe, gang members in The Reapers showing self initiative was very bad, “So we close the deal on this?” ‘Close the deal’ meant kill all the gang members. The plan was simple, call a meeting and blow the building. The bombs were already set; all it would take was two calls: one to get them to their meeting site and one to set the building off.

“Yes, but first find out what the Feds know and who they’ve talked to. We’re in a good place right now Joe, the more we know, the more we stay where we’re at. Call me when it’s done; we’ll discuss our next move.”

“You got it Bob,” Joes started to hang up, but his partner stopped him.

“Joe, be careful with this group. There’s something we’re not seeing with these agents. I pulled a couple of strings and got nothing. I think they might be black ops.” Bob wasn’t exactly nervous, but this was as close as Joe had heard him express the emotion. He’d seen Bob kill two guys twice his size and not even raise an eye brow.

“Bob, you want me to just shoot them when they pull up?” Joe had pulled his gun out of his pocket and it was now on his lap.

“Normally I’d say yes, but if there’s a new player in town, we need to know it. I know this is weird Joe, but if they ask for simple stuff, no matter how odd; just give it to them. We may have just stumbled onto a section of business that we have no power in. If these are the wrong kind of people, they don’t care what we’re doing and they will ghost us as easily as hitting a button on a remote control. Understood?”

“Damn Bob, yeah I got it. Should I just go out there and suck their dicks for them?” Something had spooked Bob.

Bob laughed nervously, “Nah, I don’t think that will be necessary. Just call me when you’re done.” Bob hung up.

Joe closed the phone and laughed to himself. He’d seen a lot of shit in the last two years, a few Feds he could handle.

He stood up when one of his guys called to him from downstairs; Joe had his ‘office’ on the second floor and shared it with a few special rooms for a few of his women, the drugs, and the money. The crack heads and drug users were left on the first floor along with their ‘handlers’.

A limo had pulled up outside of the house. It was likely the first limo that had ever been in this section of town. Joe came down to one of the bigger rooms and had his men clear it out so that he could meet his guests. He sent two of his best men (from the gang, not from his back end organizations; the only man that knew anything about his others efforts was Tony and Tony was never more than 5 feet from him) out to meet the guys that had taken the car.

Tony was a white guy around five ten, had a crew cut, and built like a brick wall. He was a go getter and never, ever showed you what he was thinking. Joe had been in some sticky situations over the last six months, but Tony’s ability to get shit done quietly and efficiently had save his ass in a few of those situations.

He didn’t wait long. He wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe something like those guys from the covers of news magazines that showed the military contractors: big tough dudes that were poured into their suits. What he didn’t expect were three hot women.

Two of them were in suits, and the third was in slacks and a white blouse. The two shorter ones were discussing clothes and something called “ST”; must be some new label or something. He was surprised that they didn’t seem concerned, but that kind of lined up to what Bob had told him.

He ignored the women and remained sitting behind a table he had just set up for this meeting. He was bracketed by Tony and one of his gang members. There were five other guys in the room; the two that had taken the limo, the guy he had sent out, and two other guys that had been placed in the corner. The only people that did not actively have a gun in their hand were Joe and his three ‘guests’.

His guy that had been sent out lead the group and dropped off two id’s and a money clip with at least $10,000 in various denominations onto the table. In different circumstances, these three women could be having a hell of a night on the town.

Joe finished fanning through the money and pocketed it. Next he picked up the two ids and took a look at them. They seemed authentic, but a few things tipped him off that both ids were new. Mainly, the leather of the wallets was perfect; the fresh leather smell was strong on both of the flapped wallets. Another thing was the cleanliness. Both ids were perfectly clean, no pocket lint, no scratches.

He read the names out, the most obvious item, “Agent Dona Doe and Agent Jean Smith.” Unnoticed by Joe, the small blond turned to the taller brunette and mouthed the word ‘Jean’ with a quizzical look. The brunette, without look towards the blond, shrugged in reply.

“Welcome ‘agents’. I suppose this is the part that you tell me that I won’t get away with this or some such?” Joe looked up as he spoke. He looked over the blond and the shorter brunette; he noticed that the shorter brunette was the girl that his gang had nearly killed a few days before. His information must’ve been wrong, or more likely there was a big piece missing. Both girls were perfect, hot, and sexy.

His eyes moved to the taller brunette. He noticed that like Bob, she carried herself with an air of authority. His men noticed it too. None of them would meet her eyes. Not that they had to work very hard to do that, as most of them were nearly drooling at the two other women. It reminded him of what happened when you released a female bitch in heat into a group of male dogs.

Agent Smith smiled at Joe, “We could if that would make you feel better, but we’re here for business and I don’t think either of us really wants to spend our time making idle chit chat.” She kept her hands in her pockets, her body language openly challenging Joe to make the next move.

“Fine, I’ll play along. What is it that you want to trade?” he ignored the other two women; they were harmless enough.

“More like payment past due I’m afraid. You and your ‘boys’ have been having fun all over the city with random women; all against their will. I notice that you have two women in another part of this building. I’m not sure if they are willing or not, but since they have so much narcotics in their system I doubt that they really understand what is happening to them right now. You’ll need to arrange for their release after we’re on our way.” Tony gave Joe a quick concerned look, Joe casually gestured to Tony to ‘stand down’.

These women, or at least the tall one, were definitely a threat. A casual thought went through his head that it would be interesting to try and break her. Take her power and make it his. Bob had been right though, this woman was kinda scary. He kept his demeanor casual, “Anything else?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is. I believe you are in possession of a laptop that was removed from a student’s apartment during the period of time when your gang was raping our associate?” Agent Smith nodded towards the short brunette.

Joe noticed that, the two shorter women were actively flirting with most of his men. Only he and Tony seemed to be immune. He called to the man that had escorted them in and handed him the badges, “Turk. Hey Turk, I’m talking to you man!” Turk was a good man, and Joe was surprised at how he had to get him out of the spell that the two women had put on him.

“Yeah boss?” he finally managed to ask, he was still only half paying attention though.

“Go in the back room, and see if there is a laptop. Bring it out here, now.” Joe had to emphasize now more then would normally be necessary. Normally, someone would have gotten shot by now, but since he was intending to kill almost everyone involved in the meeting, he really didn’t see the point.

“Maybe you should send the other two to make sure you get the right one?” asked Agent Smith.

Normally Joe wouldn’t give a shit what some cunt wanted, but since most of the gang members wanted to fuck the two women anyway, it seemed like a good way to clear the air. He didn’t know what Smith ‘thought’ would happen, but he knew as soon as the two hotties were out of site, his men would rape and kill them. He glanced at Tony to see if he had any objections, Tony glanced his way and shrugged.

“Sure babe, why not? Why don’t you all go back and check on this laptop; let the adults have some grown up time.” The men didn’t even bat and eye. They used their guns to lead the two short girls out of the room.

As Agent Doe turned to leave, Smith tossed a weird comment her way, “Make sure the laptop is turned off.” Doe nodded to let Smith know she understood and then everyone left.

Joe waited a minute until the noise of the men and women could no longer be heard. The crack house was run down, but he had put in some extra insulation and reinforcement to the old building. In case of a fire fight, bullets wouldn’t stray from room to room, and business could be conducted in relative silence.

Now it was just Tony and the lone agent. Joe decided it was time to get to work. He wanted to know what she knew, but he wanted her power too. The best way to do that was to dominate her. He got up and walked up to her, so close that he could smell her.

Most women would start to look away at this point or get defensive, but most women were shorter then he was. With the low pumps this woman wore, she was nearly the same height that he was and she locked eyes with him. Wow, he thought to himself, this chick really was hardcore.

Quickly, he brought up a hand and grabbed her face and leaned in towards her. He had done this to other women, a little taste of pain and humiliation. Even if they tried not to show it, Joe had been trained to sense the fear that a person gave off. Some people, like Agent Smith, were naturally convinced of their own superiority. However, once they had a taste of real pain and humiliation, they started to crumble inside. Joe needed that now, that would be the path to taking this cunt’s power.

Joe held the woman for a moment and waited for the wave of fear to roll off of her. He sneered in anticipation. Nothing happened. Actually that wasn’t the truth entirely. The unfortunate truth was that Smith never broke her gaze from Joe and even in this position she was far more superior then he could ever hope to be.

Bob had told him a story of old samurai warriors. It turned out when two of these warriors faced each other, the physical fight only started after a mental one occurred. The two warriors would have a brief battle of wills, and the looser attacked first. It was said that some of these warriors could even visualize the entire fight before either of them even moved. The attacker had already lost, but to do anything but strike would mean great dishonor.

Joe thought the story was bullshit right up until this moment. By resorting to physical violence with Smith, he had demonstrated his inferiority. Now he understood what Bob had meant. Joe had just met his alpha. He knew it and she knew it.

He let her go and took a step back. Tony had seen this process from Joe before. He knew that this was the first step to putting an uppity girl in her place. He didn’t like it, but he knew that this path pretty much assured that the stupid bitch would live another day, so he didn’t voice any objections. This was different though, Joe never backed off once he started. He tried to ask Joe what was going on, but Joe raised a hand to silence him.

“Who the fuck are you? What are you?” Joe asked Smith quietly.

Smith straightened herself up and touched her jaw with one perfectly manicured hand. She felt where Joe had touched her as if she were remembering the pain and considering it. A slight smile formed on her face, “Which lie would you like? A government agent? Some private contractor? A hit man?”

She gave Joe a minute to answer but Joe couldn’t think of anything good to say. Tony continued to watch his boss and the woman quietly exchange words.

She spoke again, almost teasing, “Joe, the questions you should be asking are what do I want and how do I get out of here alive?”

Joe took an extra step back and looked back towards his gun. She knows my name, he thought to himself. Tony realized that something was very, very wrong. He raised his gun and pointed it at the agent.

The woman ignored Joe for a moment and looked at Tony her smile vanished, “Anthony Myers. The answers to your questions are: Yes, your sister did die in this house. No, it was not your fault; she died of an over dose against her will. Yes, Joe’s organization did provide the drugs in order to prostitute her.”

Joe turned towards his number one guy, “What the fuck is she talking about man?”

Tony swung his gun towards Joe, pinning him in place. His eyes were locked onto Joe, but his question was for Smith, “How do you know all of that?”

Smith, still looking at Tony said, “The same way that I know you were in the Army six months ago and went AWOL when you heard your sister was found dead. The same way that I know you’re looking for her killer, you blame yourself for not being there for her and that you hate yourself more every day that you work for Joe.”

The next noise in the room was the hammer of Tony’s gun being drawn back. Tony shifted into a standard shooter’s stance as he did so. “I got this now woman. I don’t who you are, but I can deal with this. You should go and make sure your friends aren’t in trouble.”

Agent Smith looked at Joe and back to Tony, “I appreciate your ability to ‘deal with this’, but by now Joe’s men are either getting fucked by my girls or they have been disabled. Since these were some of the same men that raped Sam earlier this week, I expect the latter situation. Too bad though, Dona’s been wanting something like this for a few days. Also, the laptop has been shut down now; so I know that they are in complete control of the situation.”

Tony was getting a bit twitchy, his life had been completely fucked for the last six months and the guy responsible was right in front of him. The way Smith had spoken to him; there was no doubt in his mind. “Fine, but this asshole has to die for, not just my sister, but all the women and people he’s hurt.”

Smith walked over to the gun that Joe had been trying to get to. She was careful not to get between Tony and Joe. She picked up the gun, ejected the clip, ejected the round in the chamber, and removed the top part of the gun. “Tony, this asshole is only a pawn to someone else. He was chosen as a front for the real person in charge.”

Joe tried to object to the statement, but Smith turned to him and said, “Quiet slave and sit down over on the couch. The grownups are talking now.” Turning back to the table, Smith tossed the pieces of gun onto it and picked up the badges.

Joe found himself obeying. He tried to fight it, but instead he moved to the couch and sat down quietly. Once he was seated, he set his hands on his lap. No matter how hard he tried, he could only watch and breath.

Tony lowered his gun and looked at Joe and then Smith in awe, “If you could do that when we walked in, why didn’t you just have us just shoot each other?”

Smith smiled one of her small smiles, “That’s a bit complicated, but mainly because Dona asked me not to. She doesn’t want to build up any negative Karma.”

Tony put his gun away and looked at Joe again. This time he gave a quick laugh, “Dude, you’re incredibly fucked.” He then turned towards the Smith, “What do you want me to do then?”

Smith kept her smile, “I believe someone of your skills would be of use to me. You can work for me or you can go back to the military. I assure you that the Army path will be much easier for you, but working for me will be far more interesting.”

Tony thought about it briefly, he liked the organization of the Army, but he felt that he owed Smith now. Plus, he was curious to see where this would go. “I choose you.”
“Excellent. I believe you will find two other women in this house in need of medical assistance. After the four of us leave, I want you to call for help,” she pulled a business card from inside her suit and handed it to him, “I want you to call Agent Andrews at the number listed at the same time you call 911. I want you to ensure that after these women recover that you split the cash in this house between those two.”

Smith walked over to Joe and snapped her fingers, once, “Joe pulled out the wad of cash that he had pocketed earlier. She pulled a couple of hundreds from the clip and threw the rest over to Tony. He caught it with ease, “That’s your payment for your first assignment. Leave a message at the second number on the card. A car will come pick you up. Bring anything you need with you when you are picked up, you won’t have easy access to it for some time. Any questions?”

“No ma’am,” his old military attitude seemed appropriate now.

Smith nodded and turned towards Joe, “Your mistress has some tasks for you slave. Are you ready to perform your tasks?”

Joe tried to fight it and lost, “This slave would very much like to serve.”

“Excellent,” she walked over to Joe and brushed one hand gently across Joe’s face. He shuddered in ecstasy. He couldn’t fight what was happening to him, but the more he gave in the better it felt.

“Joe, I want you to transfer all your money into the account on this card,” she produced another card and tossed it on Joe’s lap. He still hadn’t moved, except to watch his mistress with what could only be described as rapture. Joe didn’t quite feel rapturous, but he didn’t feel angry either.

“Once you have done that, you will then contact your employer and arrange a meeting with him. Unknown to him, you will also contact Agent Andrews and tell him everything you know and about the meeting you have arranged. You will cooperate completely with the Agent and ensure that both your employer and yourself go to jail for the rest of your lives. You will do your best to convince your current boss’s and your parole boards that neither of you should never be released. You will know you are doing this against your will, but you will only be able to act in the way that I command as you know it will please your mistress. You will not be able to discuss this actual conversation with anyone, ever. Do you understand slave?

Deep down Joe screamed, but on the outside he said, “Yes mistress.”

“Then begin.” Joe grabbed the card, stood up, and left the room.

Tony watched him leave and turned back to Agent Smith, “I’m glad you believe in Karma. Otherwise the world would be in big trouble.”

Smith thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement, “Probably.”

Ten minutes later, the three women were back in the car and on their way. Their driver had been knocked unconscious and not killed. Joe watched his mistress leave in her limousine from his second floor office. He picked up his phone and started dialing his bank. He mechanically followed each step of his mistress’s instructions. Inside, he was screaming in rage and fear.

Chapter 16 – Dona and Sam

Things had gone extremely smoothly so far, I thought as our car pulled away from the crack house. I knew that Genie had made a huge amount of changes (including her name it seemed) when she became alive; but the way that she handled Joe just awestruck me.

I did my best to follow Genie as she described what she had done after Sam and I had gone into the back room. I had to admit, what I caught of her description was very impressive; but I didn’t catch as much as I should have.

The problem was having that Sam and I were sitting next to each and she kept moving. That in itself wouldn’t normally bother me, but I had so wanted to fuck at least one of those guys back there. However, the thought of what they had done to women previously (and especially to Sam) kept me at bay.

I fully admitted to myself that I had fun when I had convinced all of them that they should undress and line up for me to give them all blow jobs. They were so turned on, that they probably would have shot one another in order to have sex with Sam and me. Once I had them lined up, it only took me a few swings to take them all out (again, modifying myself to be able to move a couch by myself without breaking a nail apparently had alternate applications). Sam was familiar with Master PC, but this impressed her (she had been bracing herself to have to humiliate herself again; I could see she was visibly relieved when they were all unconscious).

The laptop was now safely in her possession. I was surprised when Genie had asked me to shut off the laptop, but at the point when she asked I thought it best to just comply. Once in the limousine, she had explained that Master PC was still operating on the laptop and that it was somehow interfering with her ability to tap into her copy. I wasn’t sure why this would be the case, but I wasn’t tapped in the way Genie was, so I didn’t see a reason to debate it with her. Plus, as I said, I was really horny.
Sam was asking if she could turn the laptop back on now so she could switch herself back to her male form. I could tell she was kind of horny too, but she was more worried about getting back to her college and seeing her family again.

Genie agreed, “Feel free Sam, but do not try more than just that specific command, ok?”

Sam gave a strange look to Genie, “Ummm sure, any reason why?”

“Once you’ve executed the command, we will discuss it.” She said mysteriously. Even in my distracted state, I did note that Sam had pegged Genie as the alpha of this group. Only a few days old and she’s already calling the shots, they grow up so fast. I gave a little smile at my, sister?

I needed to talk about something to prevent myself from jumping Sam or Genie, “So Genie. What’s with the beds, by the way?”

Genie looked over to me and said matter of factly, “I like the big bed, and you only had one.”

“So why was I in the guest bed?” Somehow I didn’t mind, but again need to talk about something.

“I created the bed to support your weight so that you would not get bed sores. You were asleep for days. Plus, you snore.” She tossed that out there, waiting for me to snap up the challenge.

I didn’t take the bait, “Why didn’t you simply create a better bed for yourself in the guest room and modify my bed to allow me to stay there?”

I heard no guilt as she answered me, “Because a bed like your bed would be impractical in the smaller guest room. Apparently I like the bigger bed.”

“So you stole my bed then?” I asked mischievously.

Genie didn’t lose a beat, “My assumption, Dona, is that we would share the bigger bed. There is sufficient room for the both of us. Do you object to sleeping with me?”
Damn it, I should have seen that one coming. Now I had the image back of Genie and I in my king sized bed. What we were doing didn’t involve sleep. I shivered and turned my attention back to Sam, “That thing booted yet?”

Sam nodded happily, “Just logged in to the interface. Now let’s switch me back to normal. You know I even made a back up copy of myself before I changed into a girl.” Sam type a few quick words and with a decisive move hit the enter key. I waited a moment with Sam; but, as I suspected, nothing happened.

She bit her lower lip, it looked cute to me, but I knew that wasn’t her intent. She typed in another command and hit execute again. This time she didn’t physically change, but her clothes did suddenly alter (she was now wearing a black suit like ours, except her suit wore more like lingerie with a super tight top and mini skirt). I assumed that she was just checking that Master PC was still working.

She typed in another command and hit the enter key again. Again, nothing happened. She looked up at Genie and then to me. I could see the panic in her eyes. It was just starting, but left alone it would soon overwhelm her. “I don’t understand,” said Sam, “The copy tests out ok, but I get a denied error.”

Genie held out her open hand to Sam, “Give me the laptop dear, it won’t help you the way you thought it would.” I loved it when Genie went all commanding. I knew it was part of my programming, but I felt myself getting wetter.

Sam, to her credit, didn’t simply comply. However, she did look up at Genie and gave her a scared, but defiant look.

Genie gave her a sympathetic smile, “I’ll give it back honey, but I just want to show you something so you understand, ok?”

Sam, feeling less threatened, nodded and handed over the laptop. I put one arm around Sam and gave her a little hug, “Just let her explain and then we’ll talk. It’ll be ok.” Sam looked over to me; her eyes were brimming with tears.

One of the things they hardly ever talk about with Master PC stories is the emotional roller coaster of the feminine psych. I’m not saying that guys aren’t like this in some of the same ways, but one of the reasons that I always wanted to be a woman was so that I wouldn’t have to be the strong one. I suspected that if I took a longer look at my subconscious drives, this would show up. I was guessing that most people like me (and Sam) felt the same way, at least on some level.

I nodded to Sam and we both looked back to Genie. She had turned the laptop back towards Sam and I (we were sitting opposite to her in the limousine) and apparently was typing in a command. She did it effortlessly.

“Sam, I’m asking Master PC to show you what your subconscious desires are. Do you understand?”

Sam nodded and was about to ask a question, but Genie started to speak again. “You did not receive Master PC by sheer chance. This copy was sent to you and it has been modified to insert instructions into your subconscious. These instructions are shown on your list in red, do you seem them?” I recognized them from my list.

Sam was quiet as she read through the list. Unlike me, she didn’t fall apart. I did see the tears roll off of her face, and continue to do so as she stared at the keyboard. Genie and I didn’t move a muscle. Neither of us had really talked this out, or how this would work. However, we both knew what sort of things Sam was feeling right now. I knew Sam believed Genie. While it had been a shock to me when I first saw it, when I saw the list I immediately knew it was completely true. Her first question was spoken quietly and surprised me a bit.

“Have you two been programmed too?” she asked with a bit of sadness.

I looked over at Genie, my turn, “I am, but not Genie. That’s why she’s with us. She’s here to help us, right Genie?”

Sam hadn’t looked away from the laptop at all. Genie leaned towards her and gently lifted her head so that they were looking at each other, “Yes I am. Do you believe that Sam?”

Sam nodded slightly in Genie’s hand, “Yes, I guess so. I don’t know what to do though. My life, my family,….”

Genie shushed her and used a hand to brush her hair aside, “I can take care of that for you if you like. I can make sure that your family won’t hurt from you missing, until we can get you back. Would you like me to do that for you?”

Sam nodded again, “Yes. Yes please. I don’t want to touch Master PC anymore. I don’t want to lose myself anymore then I already have.” She was so quiet when she said that.

Genie nodded back to her, sympathetically. She stopped petting Sam and leaned back next to the laptop. She exited out of the program and shut the laptop down. “This will be here anytime you want it Sam. However, I will be happy to do these things for you anytime you ask.”

Sam leaned back and wiggled in next to me. She laughed a little and turned towards me, “Can I ask you something Dona?” I sensed her embarrassment.

“Sure Sam, anything you want.” I put my hand on her leg as a support type of move, but I would be lying if I said it was completely innocent.

“I’ve been kinda horny since the crack house. The FBI agent sort of helped, but even with what they did to me, a small part of me wanted to do it again. Not all of it, not the pain, but the sex. Is that how you feel too?”

It was my turn to make a little embarrassed laugh, I raised my hand up to her face and caressed it, “Yeah Sam, and I used Master PC a lot more then I think you did. Even if Master PC would let me do it, I can never go back to what I was before. I have to control myself almost all of the time now. Even now all I want to do is kiss you and make us feel really good.” It was more then I wanted to say, but I didn’t want this closeness to go away.

“Then why don’t you?” Sam asked her voice a bit shaky now.

“Because you’ve been through all this crap and I didn’t want to push myself on you like that.” I felt myself tearing up again. We looked at each other, our faces only a few inches away from each other.

I was hanging on by a thread now; I wanted her so bad it hurt. Only the thought of what the gang had done to her and what had happened to me with Genie stopped me. I knew that in some ways, I would always be a slave to Genie. Sam had a better chance of avoiding that then I did, and I was in a very dangerous position for her. The wrong step and we would drag each other down to perpetual sex slavery.

I think too much. I did it before Master PC and raising my intelligence with Master PC didn’t help. If I had been thinking less, I would have known that Sam needed sex too. We’d been programmed both in the same way, and there was nothing I could do about removing the instructions. We could help each other with the pain of desire though.
Sam leaned forward and gently held my head with both hands. She shushed me and kissed both of my eyes. She then leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. She tasted like cherries.

Chapter 17 – Agents Ravens and Lee

After the other agents had taken his only witness away, Agent Andrews had finished dressing and was back across the hall in his temporary office. Normally, he would have left the wing (everyone else was already gone, even the cops), but since he had been anticipating a long interrogation he had his cartons of files moved to this room.
Having nothing better to do, he was in the process of going through his notepad and comparing it to various case files. Based on the descriptions provided by the Jane Doe (he had compartmentalized ‘Sam’ into the sexual experience that was the best of his life, Jane Doe was another person), he had started to find the gang members that seemed to form The Reapers.

After a few hours he was back in full work mode, when he heard a knock on the door to his ‘office’. He looked up from his papers and saw two agents in the door. Both were dressed conservatively in basic black suits (black suit, white shirt, black tie, black shoes, and sunglasses). Unlike the last two agents, these two were fairly attractive but didn’t really project it. A man and a woman: both Caucasian and blond. Beyond that he couldn’t really find any real differentiating traits.

The man spoke as the woman checked the hallway, “Agent Andrews I presume?” The man projected calm and professionalism.

Agent Andrews sat back in his chair, “Who’s asking?” he challenged.

The man pulled out his ID and flashed it to him, “I’m Agent Ravens and this is Agent Lee. I believe you were expecting us?”

A feeling of annoyance started to rise in Jack. This was the crappy part about government. It was so big, that sometimes the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing, “Well I was told to expect a couple of people from Washington and to cooperate fully with them.” He looked through his pile of papers and found the orders he had been handed earlier. Ravens looked puzzled, but Jack didn’t really care at this point. He found the document and handed it to the new agent.

“What’s this?” Ravens asked. He looked at the piece of paper like it was some sort of alien object that he had never seen before.

“That,” Jack said with emphasis, “Is a copy of the orders that two other agents handed me when they came and collected my only witness.”

Ravens professional look slipped a notch, “The other agents? Two of them?”

“Yes, two women. Agent Doe and Smith. The document was in order; I recognized my boss’s signature.” Jack tried to fight the temptation to talk to Ravens like a five year old. He noticed that Lee had also come in and was now examining the document that Jack had handed to Ravens. She was not in her happy place.
“When were they here?” Ravens asked Jack.

Jack looked at his watch, “About three hours ago. Sorry you two made the trip for nothing. Anything else I can do for you two?” He was waiting for some sort of emotional frustration to rise out of these two, but the look on their faces was more like disappointment. It was like they were expecting something like this to happen.

“Not right now, but we’ll be sending a sketch artist your way. We’ll need you to describe the two agents.” Ravens stated it like he had asked Jack to pass him the salt.
‘This was new’, Jack thought and a bit of worry started to replace his annoyance, “Are you telling me that those two weren’t agents?”

Ravens paused for a second before answering, “Not sure, that’s why we need you to work with a sketch artist.”

Jack went back to his original stance: A government screw up and these two need to clean it up, poor bastards. “I have a case to work. If you want me to spend hours working out a few sketches for some of your own people that will require a call from my boss.”

Ravens gave him a small smile, “No problem. You’ll have the call tonight; expect the artist to be in your police office tomorrow at 9am.”

Jack sighed. “Fine, do you need anything else?” Jack was now completely out of patience. He decided that he liked the previous two agents better.

Ravens looked over at Lee, she shook her head. Ravens looked back to Jack, “No Agent Andrews, I think we’re done here for now.” He saw Lee fold up the transfer orders and put it in her pocket; he had made copies as soon as he had gotten dressed just in case people needed to see it. He suspected that these orders would be coming in quite handy in the next week or two. Ravens and Lee turned from Andrews and walked out of the wing. Lee might have been a bit of a bitch, but she had a perfect ass and Jack watched it sway as it left the wing.

Chapter 18 – Sam meets Vicki

The trip back to the house took us about an hour. Sam and I had barely noticed. The sexual tension that had been building up in Sam and me all day drove us to a level of sex that nearly beat my experience with Genie. A difference for me was that Sam and I were equals.

We were so in sync that as one of us started to need a certain kind of attention, the other would meet it. It might have been Master PC, but we were like some sort of synchronized fuck team. I’m not sure what Sam did when she made herself a girl, but every orifice had a flavor. I tried them all, several times. I didn’t have the same advantage as Sam, but she didn’t seem to mind.

During our fuck session (what we did couldn’t be called anything else), Genie had simply watched. I wasn’t sure if she was turned on or not, but apparently I had a little exhibitionist in me now because Genie watching us just made me hotter. I wasn’t quite in a good mind set, or position, to ask Sam; but I assumed that she also enjoyed the audience.

When the limousine came to a stop, Sam and I had pretty much run our course. Our clothes were all over the compartment, and we had gotten to the warm sexual glow phase. We were both covered in sweat and various juices, as was the bench seat we were sharing, but we were cuddling together and so didn’t mind.

The privacy window came down a crack and the driver announced we were home. I had no doubt that he knew exactly what we had been doing back here. The privacy window blocked normal conversations, but I really doubted that our screams and moans had been missed.

Genie shifted to the door (she had the laptop tucked under her arm), “Ladies you have five minutes to get dressed, and try to make yourselves presentable. I don’t want to the neighbors to think we’re promiscuous or anything.” With that she exited the car and reclosed the door.

My guess was that it really took us ten minutes. I really couldn’t keep good time right now and my watch was one of the last things I found. I won’t say that Sam and I were “presentable” when we opened the door to leave; but we were wearing clothes, mostly (our dress shirts, bras, and panties were in my hands when we got out).
We were in our driveway and I led Sam to the door. I didn’t have any keys, but we hadn’t locked it when we had left earlier. I saw Genie handing the money that she had kept when she had given Tony his down payment. She had pre-paid for all day use of the limousine, so this was all tip for the driver (how much for getting knocked out and locked into a trunk for a few hours, I had no idea).

“Home sweet home, “I said as I walked in with Sam in tow. The sound of our heels clicked on the tile floor in the quiet house.

“Vicki? You around?” I called out for my ‘new’ computer companion. I expected to hear a disembodied voice, and so was slightly startled when a full sized Vicki appeared.
“Yes Dona. I assume that this is Mr. Samuel Thomas?” Vicki asked energetically. I noticed that she looked more like a school girl now. She was still a younger version of Genie, but her hair was only shoulder length, light brown with blond highlights. She also wore a size too small dress shirt that emphasized her size B breasts and an ultra short plaid skirt that would occasionally flash her white panties. White sneakers and socks completed the ensemble.

“Yes Vicki, but please refer to her as Ms or Mrs? She’s going by Samantha Thomas now.”

Vicki turned to Sam “Welcome Ms. Samantha Thomas? Perhaps you and Dona would like to get cleaned up after having sex?” Sam and I both blushed and then giggled a little.

Sam turned to me and smiled, “You make her with Master PC? She’s pretty cute.”

“Basically yes; although Genie had an active hand in her development,” I turned to Vicki, “So what’s with the outfit?”

Vicki pointed towards the back of the house. “While you were out John stopped by. I believe he was here because he wanted to see the Mistress and yourself. Although he asked about the equipment he had loaned to the Mistress. No doubt, he will want to visit more now that Ms. Samantha Thomas is here. I decided that these changes were required as they are typical items that have been shown to arouse American males. This alteration will draw his attention and reduce the chance that he sees something that he should not.”

I nodded. I really couldn’t fault her logic.

“Vicki, call me Sam. Who are John and the Mistress?” Sam asked.

“John is our next door neighbor. I believe that the Mistress and he are starting the courting process to initiate sex. The Mistress is the Mistress, you probably know her as Genie or Jean Smith. She is Dona’s Mistress and Dona is her slave. Therefore I call her by her title.”

My blush went a bit deeper, “Really Vicki? Really?” I couldn’t deny it, but had hoped to avoid that with Sam for, oh I don’t know, a day?

Sam looked at me like she was reappraising me. After a moment she simply said, “That would explain the whole bed thing.”

“She said we could share,” I mumbled defiantly.

Just then Genie walked in, “Did I miss anything? I see you’ve met Vicki.”

“Nope, Vicki was just catching me up on the living arrangements,” Sam said with a smile. “I’m going up and getting a shower. You wanna come wash my back Dona?”

“Sure. I would say that might be the best idea I’ve heard of all day.” With that Sam and I bounced up to the master bathroom. Genie knew that she was missing something, but didn’t pursue it.

Chapter 19 – Sam gets curious

It started with a shower, but after we got ourselves decently clean, we moved into the Jacuzzi bathtub. Most of our lust had been satisfied in the limo, so we were happy with cuddling in the tub while the bubbles soothed us. The Jacuzzi tub was big enough to allow both of our small frames to sit comfortably; both of us were facing the faucet and Sam was straddling me from behind.

A few weeks ago I would have been very careful about what I told someone that I had just met, but now I felt Sam and I were practically married. For the next hour I went through everything. I kept out a few details, like the original me, but when I was done I felt a lot better. Genie was a good friend, but Sam was more like me at this point and I could sense that no matter what happened we were in this together.

When I finished, the only sound was the moving water. Sam had even stopped moving her hands on my shoulders (she had been tracing soap lines on my back while I talked).

“So let me get this straight? You can manipulate matter to your will, you’re fabulously rich, you made Jean and Vicki, but now you’re pretty much Jean’s sex slave because she was trying to help you out. Oh, and we’re both gonna end up as sex slaves to a guy names Doug in Maine unless we find some way of breaking into his Master PC and removing our programming?” she paused for an answer, to make sure she got it right.

It seemed like a lot more when I went through it, “Yeah, but I was thinking about renaming Vicki to Alice. Seems more appropriate with the whole ‘wonderland’ thing, and you didn’t mention that Genie and I are now FBI agents.”

“Yeah, nice way to keep a low profile,” I could hear the smile and mocking in her voice.

“It was the only way we had to get you out of government hands,” I half defended.

“Well I have to say that I had that situation under control. I believe that Agent Jack and I were coming to a good place in our dialogue,” she said dreamily. Her hands ran down my sides with her finger tips lightly caressing the sides of my breasts. She shivered at the memory of it.

“You mean ‘came’ don’t you?” I teased. My hands ran over her thighs.

“That was just phase one of my conversion technique, phase two was cuddling, and then of course there was phase three.” Her hands had moved back up to my shoulders, and her hands were lightly touch my neck and running through my hair.

“Phase three?” Her hands were petting me now. She would occasionally tug on my hair, very gently, and each tug gave me a tiny shiver of pleasure.

She leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “More sex, more cock, more fucking,” she brushed her lips against my ear. “What was it like?” she asked me.

“What was what like?” I was following the best I could, but most of my attention was on her hands. They just wouldn’t stop and seemed to have a mind of their own.

“Being dominated: having someone take over some completely that the only thing you can think about is pleasure and simply existing to be fucked?” Her fingers of one hand had woven themselves into my hair and she pulled my head back to rest on her shoulder.

Her other hand ran over my hardening nipples and glided over my stomach. “Was it really bad? I mean, we were chosen because that was how we were wired to begin with right?” Her hand had reach my pussy, I felt her slip a finger inside of me and her thumb was resting on my clit; she rubbed it in time with her next questions, “Don’t we want to be fuck toys? Don’t we just want to fuck and suck? Don’t we want a master or mistress to tell us what to do? To fuck us? To make us feel really good?”

Her hand was working on my cunt and clit. She had been almost whispering, but now her tongue and lips were caressing my ear and neck. Her other hand was still keeping my head back and she was pulling on my hair now, hard. However, the work Genie had done to me still applied; the pain just added to the pleasure.

A piece of me pushed back between to moans, “No, it’s not like that.”

Sam was enjoying herself now, “No? Then you want me to stop? Just tell me to stop.” She licked my ear again.

“Please. Please, no.” I barely managed. My hips were pumping in time with her hand now.

“Please what Dona? Please stop or please don’t stop?” She teased.

“Please, please don’t stop.” I thought I had pushed through all the horniness, at least for awhile. But now the pain was back: the pain that could only be filled by orgasm after orgasm. A small piece of me feared what was coming next, but the rest of me soared when it heard it?

“Please don’t stop, what?” Sam asked now, she pulled my head back a little further telling me what she wanted to hear.

I was forming the words. Maybe the last time I would be able to say them, but then I heard another voice.

Genie was in the bathroom and leaning over Sam and I. Literally, one minute Sam and I had been alone in the bathroom, the next she was looking at Sam, not four inches from her face. Genie’s presence froze Sam instantly and snapped brought me back from the brink.

“Sam? What are you doing with my slave?” Genie’s words, my Mistress’s words, brought me to an almost calm state. Sam let up on my hair and I could feel her shrink from Genie’s gaze.

“Uhm, I was giving her pleasure?” Sam’s confidence that she had expressed just moments before was now absent.

“That’s not what it looked like to me Sam. It looked like you were stealing my slave. Is that what you were doing Sam?” Genie hadn’t moved, she was still bent over in an almost impossible position and holding it with no effort.

The significance of what she had been inadvertently doing started to sink in, “Uh look Jean, I just sorta figured that it would be…”

My mistress cut her off, “I’m looking for a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ Sam.”

Sam paused for a second. I could almost feel the thought process from Sam. Things were being set into place now. The pecking order was being formed. “No.” She said quietly.

The next question shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. I hadn’t moved since my Mistress had appeared and now my eyes were closed. I didn’t want to catch her displeasure.

“No what Sam?” Genie asked.

Sam paused again. She even stopped breathing for a bit, and then she let out a slight shudder, “No Mistress.”

Genie paused for a breadth and then asked quietly, “Are you sure that’s what you really want Sam?” No ‘iron’ in her voice this time, kind of sympathetic.

Laying on top of Sam the way I was, I felt her nipples harden against my back, “Yes Mistress. I want to be your slave.”

My Mistress stood up then. “So be it. Get out of the tub, both of you.”

She stood back now, as we complied. When we were out, Mistress handed us each a towel. “Dry yourselves.” We complied.

Once we were done, our Mistress took the towel from me and handed it to Sam. “Clean this bathroom up, once you are done come out to the Master bedroom. Do you understand slave?”

Sam nodded and our Mistress raised an eye brow in disdain. “Yes Mistress.” She added quickly.

My mistress directed the next comment to me, “Come with me slave.” She had already turned around and walked out. I quickly followed.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and stood in front of my Mistress. Something was really bothering me, and my Mistress picked up on it.

“You have something to say slave?” she asked curious.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered; my gaze was at her feet, as was my place.

I felt a gentle hand touch my chin and pulled my chin up so that I was looking at my Mistress’s face,”Then ask me Dona. You are not my slave, remember.” Just like that my slave mode turned off.

Back to being myself again, I grabbed her hand. “I don’t want you to do this to her. For me it was a mistake, but we have a chance here. She’s not nearly as far gone as I am, is she?”

Genie smiled and brought her other hand up to hold mine, “No, but she needs this. She’s been programmed just like you. Right now she doesn’t have an anchor to hold on to. If she gets pulled in as a slave without the right master, she may never be able to pull back.”

It clicked for me. “So that’s why you set up Vicki the way you did? That’s why you work the way you do. You’re my anchor?”

“Of course. Otherwise, every time you started to go into your slave mode, you wouldn’t have a way back.” She smiled sadly.

I smiled back to her, just as sad, “You know she was right? We both have always wanted this as men. We both want to be sex toys. It’s a big fantasy.” Just talking about it excited me a little.

Genie nodded, “I understand. Remember that we both know what’s in your subconscious. Is it what you want full time? You want to be a mindless sex slave?”

I answered immediately, “No. Not all the time, but I do so love it.” I felt my cunt quiver just a little.

Genie smiled, “That’s what I’m here for Dona. I’ll always be your master; anytime you want it. Would you like to take a break for the day, or would you like to be here for Sam’s training?”

To my credit, I thought about it for a moment, but Sam had gotten me going again. I broke eye contact and looked again at her feet, “I would like to stay, if it would please the Mistress.” When I had formed the words they seemed kind of silly, but as I voiced them it was like something hit a switch in my brain.

“It would slave. Now go and see what is taking my new servant so long. Assist her if she requires it,” she commanded.

I turned and walked back into the bathroom, Sam was just finishing up. “Our mistress commands your presence slave. Do you need assistance?”

She turned to me, “No Dona, I just finished,” she answered casually.

I walked up to her and grabbed her the way that Mistress had grabbed me in the virtual room. She flinched a little at the unexpected pain. I was sure that Mistress would see to that presently, “I am not Dona. Property does not have a name, unless Mistress desires it. We are whore, slave, slut, or nothing. Property has no purpose but the purpose that it is given. Do you understand?”

The slave looked frightened a bit but answered, “Yes.”

I let her go and took a step back, “Good, the mistress will be pleased that you understand your purpose. Follow me.” I turned and walked out of the bathroom, the new slave in tow.