Master PC: 2010 Edition


A TG Story by Beladona


Notice: This story contains sexual situations. It also includes Transgender concepts, domination, submission, and some violence. If you are below the age of 18 and/or this type of topic offends you, please do not read this.


Also, to put credit where credit is due; I was inspired to write this based on the concepts introduced by Ryver with the Aram Von Rhein story series. This story makes several references to Ryver’s work, and I would highly recommend it for the Master PC universe.


Chapter 1


It was Saturday morning and my wife had gone out for the day with our daughter. As normal, when I had the day to myself, I tended to cruise the internet for new programs and porn to download. My wife was aware of my fascination with porn, but I kept it out of site and secured on my home computers.


As I was going through my email, I ran into an odd one that immediately caught my attention. It was a link to the pc master download page. I had read the PC Master Story archive and it was obviously some kind of hoax, but my curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the link.


A window immediately popped up asking if I wanted to download the program. After ensuring that my virus scanner was fully active and updated, I went back to the window and clicked YES. The executable took about 5 minutes to download the 1GB executable.


I double clicked the icon on my desktop; I imagined the grind from my machine as it processed this huge file. Even if it didn’t prove to be a virus, its size made it nearly unusable. After several minutes passed, an error window popped up indicating that there wasn’t enough free space in memory. It requested permission to close down several apps to allow it to continue to function. I looked at the list and saw it included most of the normal operating systems files and the virus checker. Realizing that I was at a make or break step, I sighed and clicked the OK button.


It was a stupid move; and as it went about installing itself on my system, I took the time to pull out my other software. It took nearly an hour to install. Which was fine by me as it took me a while to find all the stuff I would need to restore my system to a working state after the software finished trashing my system.


The beep sounded and a title window popped up: “Master PC 2010 edition”. It had an OK button with a warning that stated ‘by clicking the ok button the user acknowledges that they have accepted to be a representative of the master’.


They really are taking this to the limit, I thought as I clicked OK. Quite quickly, the main screen came up. The first thing I noticed was that the entire operating system had been replaced by the interface. I assumed that even a reboot wouldn’t get me back to where I was before I downloaded this program.


I started to click around. The system prompted for a target which I expected from all the stories, but I wanted to see what the options were before I put in any personal data about myself. The last thing I needed was my personal information being sent to some hacker’s system in the internet cloud.


The settings were very advanced; all were disabled since there wasn’t a target, but as the stories indicated every aspect of a person’s life was listed. They even had the command line interface to add macros and various single command lines. There was even a status tool to show you the progress of changes (to show or to control the rate of them). The most interesting part was that the program allowed for multiple targets at once. Examining this area of the interface, various help windows would pop up indicating uses and various facts: such as the multiple targets was a new feature.


Whoever had done this had gone to great lengths to create a fake tool. My final move before selecting a target was to disconnect the system from the internet. Logically, something of this power level wouldn’t be stopped by a mere internet disconnect, but the more tradition bad things (like hacking) would be stopped instantly from this trivial move.


The system didn’t react when I disconnected the system. Taking a deep breath, I typed in my name in the target window and clicked ok. I was in single target mode, and suddenly I saw myself sitting down and dressed accurately (I was in a t-shirt and pajamas bottoms, a bald and frumpy guy in his early 40’s). My skepticism started to fade, but was replaced by a weird anxiety and excitement. All the stories I had read seemed to rise up all at once.


Good and bad, usually very bad, this level of control over reality was very dangerous. I also realized that this type of thing was for someone that didn’t have a family. I couldn’t very well and go ahead changing my daughter for whatever reason. First thing was to protect my family.


I opened up the user interface and made a few general rules. ‘One, no edition or version of Master PC will be able to adversely affect the current target’s family or relatives. In addition, no other copy of Master PC will be able to be able to affect the target or the target’s family or relatives in any way unless controlled by the current target.’  I clicked enter and received an acknowledgement.


My next command commanded Master PC to hide the existence of this copy to any other copy or version; and to auto update itself when new versions became available. Feeling more confident, and the ideas still moving through my mind; I needed to try and do what I wanted to do to myself but keep my family together.


My hands started to shake in excitement as I started my work. I opened up the multiple target windows and created a copy of myself in the extra target window. I opened up the health and physical factor of my copy first. I tweaked my copy to be at a 10% body fat and to be in the condition of a 20 year old active athlete.


I opened up the mental section of my copy and tweaked the transgender tendencies to no longer be a driving factor sexually, but I also increased his sex drive from a 5 to a 9.  My wife and I were happy, but I had never discussed this aspect of my sexuality with her and this seemed to fix the issue for all people involved. My copy would be everything I was, but more of a normal type of guy. Someone my wife would be sure to enjoy.


Now for the real fun part, I changed myself to be a female. I made myself 25 years of age and in peak shape. I gave myself D cups and long blond hair down to my waist. I also tweaked my sexual drive up to a 7 and instructed the system that I would have the full knowledge of how a female should act and know (in addition to what I already knew). I also made my health and healing factor (and that of my family and the male me) extremely high. In essence, I eliminated pretty much any form of death except for old age. Thinking of which, I halted my aging.


I could see the changes I made on the screen and the two targets. I hadn’t hit the commit key yet, but could see all the changes I was about to make. With trembling hands I hit the commit button.


Chapter 2


I had tried to imagine what it would feel like, but I guess by copying myself I lost a little something in the process. Ironically, with my original weight of over 300 pounds and my new weight of just about 110, Master PC had effectively fallen within the rules of physics (namely, the conservation of energy) and my twin (better name then copy I guess) weighed about 190 now.


I stood up and my new reality hit me hard. I was just over 5 foot now and my clothes had been shrunk to fit me. However, I was not wearing a bra (although my breasts didn’t need them, like the picture they were very perky) and the fabric across my nipples caused an odd sensation through my whole body.


Focusing on my walking, I moved to my bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror. I wasn’t wearing makeup, but my hair and appearance were still nearly perfect. I pulled my shirt off and dropped my pants. I had no body hair except for my head. I slowly ran my hands over my body starting from my sensitive breasts, across my flat stomach, and into my wet pussy.


My fingers lightly caressed my mound and then started to wiggle inside my slit. My body responded with a quiver and a growing sense of wetness. I only felt this as I had locked eyes with myself in the mirror. I hadn’t changed them so kept the same hazel color. It was almost like I was hypnotized or having a waking dream. I really couldn’t believe that this was happening to me.


I was startled when I felt my breasts being cupped from behind. In the mirror I saw my male twin, also naked, behind me with an evil grin. At six foot he cut a dashing figure. His baldness was gone, and I could feel his warn firm body pushing up against me.


“Wow. You make one hot babe.” He said as he gently kneaded my breasts. I could feel his cock start to swell. Unlike many of the stories I had read, I (or he) always had a good size cock: a good length and a wide girth. The cock I was now starting to fantasize about.


For some reason, I didn’t turn around. This was wrong, on some level; but it felt so damn good.


“We can’t do this Mitchell.” My twin’s name, not my name anymore. Somewhere, I made a note that I had to work on that. The famous female multitasking I guess.


“Hmmm? Oh don’t you worry your pretty head about that dear. Thanks to your tinkering I think I’ll have plenty left for her later. Right now though, you’re gonna get fucked.” He started to move his hands over my stomach and neck. I could feel his lips on the side of my neck, moving back and forth.


“Please, not like this I don’t need it that bad, I can wait. So can you…” I tried to focus, but I could feel myself gyrate just a bit against him.

“Isn’t this your fantasy?” he whispered in my ear. “You always read those stories, where the guy gets changed to a female. Then she gets mentally broken on some guy’s cock. Isn’t that what you want?” He started to push me down, until my arms were resting on the sink. I hadn’t looked backwards yet, just watched him in the mirror.


My long hair fell partly across my back and over my face. He grabbed it like a harness and forced me to arch my back. It should’ve hurt, but it just got me hotter as he dominated me.


“Tell me where you want me to put my cock? Tell me how much of a slut you want to be!” He hoarsely whispered in my ear.


I couldn’t take it anymore, this was my living fantasy and I had to play my part, “Please, please fuck me. Please put you big, hard cock in my wet, hot pussy.” I purred out and grinded my ass and cunt into his cock.

Without another word, he mounted me. Like two people possessed we screamed as he pumped into me from behind. Again and again, I felt his cock push into me. A few times I seemed to come out of my slut state, but then caught us in the mirror; and just like that I was back to being a complete slut for him.


A few times he started to slow (I should’ve made his sex drive a ten), and surprising myself I started to egg him on. Telling him to fuck me harder and that he was a pussy if he couldn’t keep up. I’m not sure where that came from, but it seemed to work.


We fucked like that for an hour (although it seemed like forever), and we ended up in the shower (after he came for the first time and I had my third or fourth orgasm). We cleaned each other tenderly, the way only two people who intimately knew each other could. After that, I cleaned up the bathroom a bit (we’d been a bit sloppy) and he staggered to bed. He (and I) had gotten up a bit early and this seemed to be enough for him.

Once the bathroom was done, and Mitch was asleep, I put my clothes back on and sat back down in front of the computer.


Chapter 3


I had to get out of the house fairly soon. I had a few hours left before my (Mitch’s) wife got back, but I realized that I needed to make sure that Mitch and I would not be an item ever again.


First I opened up Mitch’s profile and set it up so that he would remember the entire morning as a dream and sleep until his wife got home. I got up and looked out of the window and found what I was looking for, a house for sale. I went back to the PC and commanded that the house would no longer be for sale, but it now belonged to me.


The Master PC refused to accept the command, and I realized with a start that I didn’t have a name. How could I own anything if I didn’t exist? I went to the cabinet and pulled out some blank paper and an old license. Back at the PC, I made a name for myself.


My middle name had been Donald, so I changed my first name to Dona and took the last name Doe (what can I say, I’m a traditionalist). I was changing enough about myself, so decided I didn’t want a middle name. ‘DD’ or Deedee was a good enough nick name for me.


I had Master PC update the old license to be a current license with my name and picture (plus house for sale as the address) and generate the appropriate paperwork to demonstrate that I did indeed exist (title, birth certificate, and a current electric bill for good measure). When I was done, I now had a house to myself, and as far as the world was concerned I had been living there for a year.


Now for the hard part, I needed to keep Master PC and remove it from the house I was in now. I was trying to be subtle, but it had taken another hour for me to get the paperwork right. Fortunately, I was a geek and a pack rat. I rummaged through one of my junk drawers until I found what I was looking for: an old palm pilot. Since Mitch now owned an Iphone, he no longer used this antiquated device.


I turned back to Master PC; in my old life I had been a computer geek so had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I gave the palm pilot self charging (24 hours continuous usage before charge mode was required), a quad 2000 Gigahertz processor, holographic memory and projector, and an artificial intelligence interface that was only loyal to me (so the avatar would show in or above the screen as a 6” female). I also set it up so that I could communicate to it verbally or visually, as well as using the stylus.


The last step was to transfer the Master PC program over to the palm (now called Genie) and restored the PC to its original condition before this morning. You’d figure that this would take a few minutes, but I was careful to test things (and tweak them) as I progressed. For good measure, I also made a compressed, DVD copy of Master PC program in case I lost access to Genie or I had to start from scratch.


After 3 hours or so, I left my old home with Genie, my papers, and the clothes on my back. I locked the door behind me and walked to my house down the block. Annoyingly, I didn’t have any shoes and I hate walking bare foot in the street.


Chapter 4


I’m not sure if Genie was helping me out, or not, but the front door was open and the keys were sitting on the floor just behind it. The house was empty, of course, and I realized that I had a lot of work ahead of me.

Thirty years prior, it would have taken me months to get things done. However, with Genie’s help it took me about a week. As opposed to creating things out of nothing, I had everything delivered. Simply put, I had Genie tap into a nearby wireless connection and set up a new banking account with a ten million dollar slush fund (go federal TARP fund). I had food ordered first (many grocery stores now delivered) and ordered everything else via the internet (including some clothes; a t-shirt and pajamas bottom got pretty bad after a few days).


As the delivery boys came and delivered the furniture, I was tempted to play the hot, single girl jumping each guy and fucking their brains out. However, the lesson with Mitch had taught me caution. This was my “safe house” now. I could keep an eye on my family, and keep things nice and calm at my house. Being female, I found that my sex drive had changed a bit. I still had the memories of a male but horniness was more of a deep yearning needing to be filled; as opposed to an opportunity to fill the nearest hole. I could wait for a bit.


One of my best purchases was my watch and my new PC. I left Genie alone (mostly), but installed Master PC on my new PC and in my watch (after some heavy modifications with its electronics). Both items were slaved to me, as was Genie (although, she ran them when required). My last move, as I got the utilities up and running; was to set up my home PC to answer the phone and allow me to direct it with verbal commands (I was playing by the Aram Von Rhein rule book for several of my decisions).


Genie and my watch would act as normal items (a cell phone and watch) unless I activated them. My home PC would also act as a “non-Master PC” unless verbally activated (directly or via phone). I also found that being a five foot female living alone had a few disadvantages. To compensate, I gave myself the ability to lift 2000 pounds (without changing my physical appearance) and gave myself the ability to change myself physically (including my clothes). I wish I had thought of that earlier, but I made these changes after trying to move a new couch by myself (and I broke a few nails during that time too).


After my first week, my next item was transportation. I had ordered myself a car online: a nice new cherry red mustang. However, I needed a mode of transportation that was untraceable back to my current residence. For that matter, I needed to put up another set of identification for myself to ensure that nothing came back to me.


It seemed a bit paranoid, but again I wanted to make sure that things kept my way. I was going to be around for a long, long time; unless I was stupid and someone got a hold of me (aka- another Master PC user). I may have been a representative of the master, but there was more than one out there and I didn’t want to get into a fight with them.


Like Aram I liked the concept of being able to call on the force (even as a hot female, I was still a geek at heart), but I wasn’t up to the challenge to create something like nanites or allow other folks to tap into the force I could use. Again, I was taking a longer view. First I’d figure things out, and then later I would see about sharing them. Maybe one day I’d meet Aram (or Arma as his latest chapter had him) but today was about me.


I asked Genie to up my intelligence to human maximum. Then I asked her to enable an information transfer with the certain controls: when I focused on an image of a book in my mind, I would able to fully understand any topic that I so desired. I would also be able to receive the information in an understandable way and I would not be overwhelmed. I also would be able to turn off the flow of information once I stopped focusing on the image of a book.


Setting Genie aside, in one of my empty rooms (I now had 3 bedrooms only one of them furnished), I sat lotus style on the rug and focused on my mental book. My question was on the concept of String Theory. One of the ideas of String Theory was that everything was connected. I hoped that, if an individual could understand String Theory, they could manipulate their environment without the aid of an external influence (no nanites).


It didn’t seem to take very long; there was a lot of data to absorb but my new intelligence absorbed it fairly quickly. I broke my focus and felt myself come back to the “normal” world. It was night time now, and I realized that I had been “away” for over twelve hours. I had what I needed though, and I could accomplish manipulation of the force (as it were). After a quick trip to the bathroom and a bite to eat, I brought Genie into my main bedroom and called up her avatar. She appeared over the device. Her six inch figure was attractive, but very professional in a perfectly tailored business suit.


Genie was a pet project of mine. I had continued to update her hardware over the last week. She was quicker than previously and operated from a neural network (just like a terminator’s processor and the human brain). Her hardware could probably advance any modern computer company fifty years if they could figure out what made her tick.


“Hey Genie, I’ll need you to make the following changes to me.” I paused as I realized my first problem. I knew what I needed, but the English language hadn’t developed to the point where it could communicate what I needed.


“Ms. Smith, is everything ok?” Genie looked concerned. She was an AI, but her neural network had been evolving as I used her. Plus, I was lonely.

“Uh yeah Genie, it’s just that I realized that I can’t ask you for what I need since I can’t communicate it to you.” I could probably write it, but that would take a long, long time.


“If verbal communication is insufficient, then I also assume that you cannot write it out?” Like I said, she was definitely getting smarter.

“Correct. I know what I need, but lack a medium to get it to you.” It was starting to look like I had just wasted the day.


“Perhaps a mental connection could be established?” Genie suggested.

That was a new one. “Are you capable of forming that type of connection Genie?”


“If you request it, we should be able to interface. Would you like to proceed?”


I took a minute to think about it. Mental communication with Genie would be awfully convenient, but again it seemed like something I should approach cautiously. The highway to hell may be paved with good intentions, but easy things form its entrance ramps.


“Yes Genie, but mental communication would only be enabled when I was making skin contact with you. And if I verbally or mentally wish to break the connection; you would immediately do so. Understood?”


“Of course, ma’am; proceeding with the upgrade.” The only physical affect was that Genie’s image flickered a few times and the writing area of the Palm turned from a glass plate to a golden mirror. When Genie reappeared she seemed to be a bit more solid than before. “Upgrade complete Dona. Would you like to begin the interface sequence?”


“No time like the present.” I said to myself as I moved my palm to Genie. Something was a bit off, but I didn’t realize it until my hand was touching the pad. Genie had called my Dona, I hadn’t denied her that ability, but things had always been more professional with Genie. ‘Too late now’, was my last thought as I engaged with Genie.



Chapter 5


I found myself in a plain white room and sitting back on plain metal framed chair. Genie was standing next to me, now full sized, in her business suit. She was just shy of six foot, but what really impressed me was her appearance. I would have said she was gorgeous; but her height and manner made her more statuesque. More like an Athena than an Aphrodite.


She had steel blue eyes, slightly olive skinned, and with her raven black hair in a severe bun. She had a perfect hour glass figure and not a hair out of place. She looked down at me as she spoke, “Dona, I have created this environment to be non-offensive to our needs. Do you find it acceptable?”


I’m not sure what would make a room offensive, but I appreciated the effort. “Looks fine Genie. A few questions though?”

“Of course Dona,” she answered patiently.


“First, what is this place? Second, why am I dressed like this?” When I had touched Genie, I had been sitting on my bed in a pair of underwear and a robe. I was now dressed up in white, silk lingerie. The outfit was a tight top that left no illusion to how my breasts looked and a pair of frilly panties to match. Included in my outfit were the dainty shoes with 2 inch heels and matching white frilly gloves. I also noticed that I was in makeup and my hair was shortened to only be about shoulder length. It would be chilly, but the room was apparently perfectly temperature controlled.


Genie gestured to the room as she spoke. She was quite animated for an artificial personality. “This place does not exist, it is an artificial construct to facilitate the modifications required to facilitate the required tasks. You are still on your bed in your home.”


She then looked back to me, and laid her hand on my bare shoulder. I suddenly got a chill at her touch. “Your appearance is controlled by your own mental image of yourself. In essence, you dressed yourself.” Her hand moved from my shoulder and caressed my cheek and then my hair.


I was distracted at how good it felt. “Uh Genie, I like you and all; but why are you touching me like this?” Our roles seemed to be reversing: Genie in her dominant, grey business suit; me in my white silk pajamas.

“Because you want me to Dona,” she said matter-of-factly but her other hand had started to touch my arm now. She left a trail of goose bumps where her fingers touched me.


“Can you uh stop doing that Genie? I’m not sure this is helping the transfer of data…” The shrinking part of my mind was starting to get over ridden by the rest of me that was receiving signals from my body that wasn’t being touched. My nipples were hardening in anticipation to Genie’s roving hands.


“Transfer of data has become a secondary priority for now Dona. Your programming is requiring that I sexually dominate you until you orgasm. In order to comply with your programming, I have altered your pleasure center to respond to sexually dominant behavior. The more you submit, the better you will feel.” Genie’s roving hand finally found a nipple. Her touch was intoxicating.


I could only concentrate on the pleasure Genie was giving me. I understood what she had said, I just didn’t care anymore. Her other hand, the one that had been petting my hair, suddenly grabbed a chunk of its length, and pulled my head back so that I was directly looking into her commanding eyes.


More direct now, “That’s what you want, isn’t it slave?”

I tried to disconnect from this, but instead my need for pleasure answered for me, “Yes Genie. Please yes.”

“Yes what slave?” Pulling my hair should have hurt, but even that felt good. The feeling of submission was crushing, but the pleasure from it was soaking my panties.


“Yes. Yes mistress.” As a reward her warm lips touched mine. Our tongues touched through the kiss. I almost closed my eyes, but her eyes never left mine. She held my attention in the same way that a cobra holds its prey: its gaze held it until it was too late.


Her hand eased a bit on my hair and my breast. She pulled herself away from me. The flow of pleasure dropped down and I was suddenly left wanting more. “Stand slave.” I instantly obeyed.


“If you are a good slave, you will cum. But you will only cum with my tongue inside of you. Do you understand?”


As I had stood, I broke her gaze. Now I couldn’t meet it. “Yes mistress.” Simulation or not, I felt my juice run down my leg.


“You will now undress.” I immediately started to rip my clothes off, but something slowed me. My new mistress would want me to be as methodical as she was. It took five more minutes to undress; five more minutes without her touch. I lost my shoes as well; she now had a full foot on me. Something else that made me feel submissive; which of course made me hotter.


She put her foot up on the chair in the room. “My shoe is dirty slave. Clean it.”


Without a thought, I was on my knees licking the entire leather shoe clean. My hands were allowed to touch her leg as I did so. I could feel her leg muscles tense as I did my work.


She repeated the process with her other shoe. This time, she did not allow me to touch her leg.


When I finished she examined her shoes impassively. “You have performed adequately slave. Now undress me.”


Again, with slow shaking hands, I removed her clothes. I had her jacket off, and started on her shirt. The back of my hand brushed her neck: a guilty pleasure on my part. Suddenly, she turned to me and grabbed my face with one hand. Again, the pain was mixed with a wave of pleasure. “You are to take off my clothes slave. Not grope me, is that understood?”


I realized that my feet were barely touching the floor. Before I could answer, she dropped me back to my feet. “Continue slave.” She commanded.

The rest of the undressing finished without another ‘accident’; but it was more torture for me. Being so close to my mistress without touching her was brutal. I so much wanted to touch her olive skin, but even naked she had a commanding presence.


“You have done well slave. For this, you are now allowed to pleasure me. Would you like that?”

“Yes mistress.” Again, I could not meet her gaze, but moved to kiss her again.


Again, she caught my head with one hand. “You are to work in the capacity of a whore, slave. Whores do not kiss their clients. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress, I understand.” The humiliation sent a quiver through me.

“What do you understand slave?” she asked curiously.


I almost whispered the response, “I am your whore mistress. I may not kiss you.”


“Excellent whore, now fulfill your task.”


For lack of a better term, I serviced her. We didn’t talk at all as I worked. My hands and tongue worked her body from her neck downward. Occasionally, she would forcefully direct me to work a different spot. The pattern was the same, the more humiliating for me, the more she liked it. Her pleasure made me feel good. It was like a perverse game of Marco Polo. The worse part, and the most pleasing to me, was licking her asshole. I would have cum, but her previous command prevented me for going over the edge. Once or twice, my hands would start to touch myself; she quickly put them back to work on her body.


After what seemed like hours, she was satisfied. A normal woman would have been exhausted. But the virtual environment prevented any such event. I was working on her hairless cunt, when I heard her command. I was still on my knees and working between her legs as she stood, looking down at me.


“Slave,” she stated. I looked up at her, my tongue and mouth still deep in her cunt. Our eyes met for the first time in hours.

“You have satisfied me. Sit down on the chair.” Hot and sweaty I rose up and quickly sat on the edge of the seat. Lust had left me an hour or two before. I was now simply her plaything. I obeyed her because it was my place. The pleasure from obeying her was still present, but it was now ingrained in me.


She leaned over and kissed me. Her cunt juice mixed with our saliva. “Sit back slave,” she command almost gently as she kneeled before me. I did as she commanded and I felt her hands on my inner thighs, separating my legs.


I felt her warm tongue on my clit and pussy lips; even now I couldn’t finish. Her tongue hadn’t entered me. She paused for a moment, and without looking up spoke. “You will not make a sound slave. Any sound from you and I will stop.”


Without waiting for a response, she drove back into me. Her fingers, lips, and tongue dominated my cunt. I thrashed in pleasure, but her strong hands moved to hold me down. Within seconds my first orgasm rolled through me. I wanted to scream, but forced myself to silence. I shoved my fist into my mouth to distract me from screaming.


The orgasm didn’t stop. It rolled through me, back and forth. It felt so good it hurt. My whole body arched to meet her tongue. Every muscle in me struggled to tear itself free to get closer to her.


Again, time went by and my next memory was of Genie laying next to me and holding me as I cried. Something that had been inside of me, maybe for years, had finally been satisfied. My body shivered as I slowly came back to myself. I was different now. For good or bad, the last of my maleness was gone. Genie, I could think of her as that again, had broken me of that. I could never be a man again.


I think I slept after I finished my crying. When I awoke, I was still in the virtual room and we were both dressed (and clean). Genie was patiently waiting for me when I awoke, “would you like to proceed with the transfer now Dona?” I could only nod. Our minds connected, it felt like a cool, refreshing breeze in my mind.


I knew immediately that she now had what was needed to have Master PC make the changes to me required for to manipulate the fabric of the universe; which seemed much more trivial now.


“Would you like to commence with your requested alterations Dona?” Genie asked.


“Yes.” I almost whispered.


I felt myself change in an odd sort of way. If I had been more focused, I probably could describe it better.


“Process completed Dona. Would you like to disconnect now?”


A part of my really didn’t. After everything that I had been through, I could spend eternity with my electric mistress. I could spend eternity with only humiliation and pleasure.


I took one more look around the room, and willed myself to disconnect.

Just like that, I opened my eyes. Just like that, I was a god.



Chapter 6


It was still dark. The lone light in my bedroom fought to push back the darkness that seemed to want to close in. I looked at the clock at the side of my bed and realized that only a few minutes had passed since I had engaged with Genie.


Speaking of which, she was dormant next to me in bed. Not the woman, but the simple palm pilot. I stood up and wandered down to the kitchen. The cold tile on my feet seemed to ground me. I didn’t bother to turn on any of the lights. I grabbed a glass of water and went into the living room and sat down.


 I had a nice set of furniture for the living room, plus a state of the art stereo and flat panel television. Both of which, along with the lights, I continued to ignore. The only sound in the house was the heat as it turned the fan on and off. Something that I hadn’t realized up until now was that I had inadvertently fixed my tinnitus.


For the first time in nearly 3 decades I simply enjoyed the quiet. A small part of me, which always seemed to comment on my current life, realized that I was in shock. A few weeks prior, I had been a husband with a family. I had given all of that up to be what I was now.


What that was, I didn’t really think about. So I sat in my living room and nursed my water until the sun came up.



Chapter 7


As the morning rays crept into the house, I started to move. I had left myself sit in ‘neutral’ all night; but a few items had started to form in my mind. Regardless of what had happened to me yesterday, I needed a few questions answered.


Reluctantly, I showered and cleaned myself up. I noticed that my hair had shortened as per my virtual self and decided to shorten it more and form it into a bob. The change, with a few changes in makeup, gave me more of a perky look then the sex kitten.


Dressing in black slacks and a nice blouse; I put on my watch and took Genie down to the kitchen. I almost looked like I was on my way to a job interview now. I missed my glasses (another thing that had been corrected when I changed my body), but I was thinking about getting a nice pair of sunglasses for later. I filed that away to low priority.


I sat down at the kitchen table, set Genie down on the table, and activated her.




The figure showed up immediately; looking immaculate as ever. I felt a slight twinge in my gut. A mixture of fear, yearning, and was that guilt?

“Yes Dona?” Again, the whole ma’am thing was gone now.


I pondered her for a moment. “Genie, what is your purpose?”


She answered immediately, “To act as an interface to the Master PC program and ensure that all of your needs are met.”


“So what you did to me last night. I needed that?” anger slipped into my voice. A piece of me wanted to crush the palm pilot but the rest of me was working its way through some sort of mental maze.


“Of course Dona. You’re programming required it.” That’s what was bothering me.


“You said that last night too Dona. Can you elaborate on what you mean?” I spoke the words carefully. The fear was getting stronger now.


“You desire to be a sex slave Dona. I was only facilitating that goal.” She said it like she was talking about the weather. At least you know where you stood with an AI.


“Genie, I know I have certain fetishes, but I don’t ever remember telling you I wanted to be a sex slave.” My mouth was dry; I should’ve gotten more water before I started this. However, I don’t think I could move at the moment.


Genie seemed puzzled as she spoke. “As I engaged with you last night, I had access to your entire mental makeup. Your subconscious desires were stronger than your conscious intent. Therefore, I had to alter my priorities to meet all of your needs.”


That took me back a peg. “Genie, are you aware that most people don’t know what they want subconsciously?”


She paused for a moment. “I was not aware of that ma’am.” I didn’t miss the use of ma’am by Genie. Like I said, she adapted quickly.


Things were sort of falling into place. I could feel my anger diminish, and most of my fear. Hopefully, this was just a case of trying to rush the process going a bit awry. “Genie for now on, when we mentally connect just follow my conscious intent, ok?”


“Of course.” She seemed almost contrite, or disappointed?


Maybe some internal house cleaning was in order. “Genie, can you tell me what my subconscious desires are? I assume that I could tweak them a bit with Master PC?”


Genie brought up a display next to her six inch figure. It formed a fourteen inch screen. Items started to scroll down the display. There were literally hundreds of them. Wow, I had issues. Of course, I was a man in a woman’s body that had just gotten fucked by her virtual assistant. However, I noticed that six of them (the first six that had scrolled by and were apparently my top desires) were in red as opposed to the blue of the rest of the items.


“Wait a sec Genie, why were some of them in red?” the fear that had been dying down started to build again.


“These are items that Master PC cannot change.”


“Why is that?” I almost whispered it. I felt like I was going to vomit. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way, but alarms were certainly going off.


“When you used the program to change yourself into a woman, the programming was added by a different copy of Master PC. Since the other Master PC program was the same level as yours; it can be only changed by a newer version, by the master that programmed you, or by means outside of the Master PC program.” Well there it was.

I vomited. I hadn’t eaten anything for almost a day so I was dry heaving. After about a minute I realized that I was looking at the bottom of the kitchen sink. I realized that I had teleported from a sitting position to a standing one in order to dry heave.


Some god I was turning out to be.



Chapter 8


Even though I had tweaked my level of physical prowess, I still had to take a few minutes to recover. My blouse was soaked with a mix of sweat and spittle. I extracted my fingers from where they had sunk into the stainless steel sink. My sink now had permanent finger grips.


I stood up straighter and shakily started to unbutton my blouse. After an addition of a minute or two, my shaky hands had barely managed to get the first button undone. I started to cry I was so frustrated.


A voice behind me, made me pause. “Do you require assistance ma’am.”

I couldn’t look back, but nodded curtly. I was focusing on not balling my eyes out.


A moment later, I froze as hands wrapped around me and started to unbutton my blouse. The touch wasn’t sexual, just gentle and caring. I hands gave up, and so my arms hung limply at my sides as the hands finished with my blouse and removed it. I was then guided to sit down at the kitchen table, and Genie used a damp rag to clean up my face and upper chest. I was wearing a conservative bra, and her efforts were very careful not to touch the bra or my breasts. She then moved to the sink and cleaned the blouse out; when she finished the blouse was hung on the chair next to me.


A few minutes later I was staring at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of water. “You’re gonna stay this way for now on.” I stated to her, as she sat down in a chair next to me. Casually, she crossed her legs and folder her hands together as they rested on the table.


Genie was an exact duplicate of her hologram, just completely alive.


“As you wish ma’am.”


“And cut out the ma’am stuff. I appreciate your effort, but you fucked my brains out last night. It kinda changes things between us.” I picked up the glass and took a drink. My stomach didn’t disagree and let me know it was very hungry.


“Oh and Genie?” I asked as I picked up the sandwich.


“Yes Dona?” she asked as I took my first bite.


“Thanks.” I ate the rest of the sandwich. It was a good sandwich.


“You’re welcome Dona.” She got up and made me another sandwich.



Chapter 9


A little later, I had regained enough composure to continue my conversation with Genie. She had retrieved a t-shirt for me while I had eaten my second sandwich (my only t-shirt, the one that I had been wearing when I first came into the house).


I took a moment to check out Genie. She was an exact duplicate of her image, down to the way her clothes were put together. To the casual observer, everything seemed fine; but closer inspection started to create a wrong feeling in me. Her body language was absent. No blinking, slight movements, or even breathing. Her casual seating position could have been held for hours, no doubt.


Her clothes were also built in a wrong way. There wasn’t a thread count in her clothes, more like it was an image printed on some odd fabric. I realized that they would probably be pretty uncomfortable to wear.


“So you used string theory to create yourself. I assume you gained that from me during the transfer?” I started casually.


“Yes I did.”


“I’m impressed.” I was, but it didn’t surprise me. It probably should have, but my emotional spectrum was all over the place. In quick review, I really didn’t understand why the news had hit me so hard. Although, no doubt being a new-born female that had been practically raped and then learned that she was doomed to be a sex slave; had something to do with it. Hyper intelligence leads to hyper emotional states? Ah well, on with the problems at hand.


“Do you still have all the abilities that you did as a, uhmmm, palm pilot?” Yeah, hyper intelligence for the win.


“Of course Dona; otherwise, I would be of no use to you.” My mind flashed to her and me writhing in bed; hot, sweaty, and naked.


I cleared my voice, “Ah of course Genie. So could you display the items that I have been programmed with?” As an answer, Genie gestured (the first time she had moved anything but her head) and a large screen appeared on the kitchen table. The list was completely in red now. The rules were simple and brutal.


1) The recipient of Master PC will receive the following subconscious commands once they have changed themselves into a woman. The recipient will not be able to revert to a male once they have changed themselves into a woman. Once these commands have been entered they will not be removable with any copy of Master PC.


2) The more the recipient uses Master PC, the more of a slut they will become.


3) The more the recipient uses Master PC, the more submissive they will become.


4) The more the recipient uses Master PC, the more they will want to be a sex slave.


5) The more the recipient uses Master PC, the more they will want to use Master PC.


6) Once the recipient has consciously accepted that they want to be a sex slave, they will seek out Master Doug in Little Creek, Maine. They will forget about Master PC and live to please their new master.


“Doug? Really? I’m going to be a sex slave for ‘master doug’? You’d think he would have a better name at least.” As I spoke, a few butterflies filled my stomach. Dumb name or not, the programming had already taken its toll. “So much for ‘Master PC to the rescue’…” My only tool to get me out of this was the one tool that I could not use.


Genie simply watched me, completely still. An idea struck me, “When I ask you to do something for me with Master PC does that count?”

“Since I am merely an interface for Master PC then yes.” Strike one, next swing?


“Could you make commands on your own, independent of my actions or requests?” Genie was certainly smart enough, smarter than me, and I certainly trusted her.


Genie seemed to process that for a moment. “No, Master PC has refused my request based on the fact that I am not alive.” I could almost hear the hurt in her voice, or was I just imagining it?


“Could you use ST to make yourself alive?” ‘String Theory’ sounded so, geeky.


“ST? Oh, you mean string theory. No, I could not use ‘ST’ to make myself alive. That would require the use of Master PC.” She had made little quote signs when she said ST the second time. The non-geeky factor for the term seemed to lose some ground just then.


“Would you be ok with that?” I’m not sure I was, it was a big difference between cloning yourself and creating someone from scratch.

“If that will facilitate assisting you, then of course.” She smiled, and then stopped moving again.


“No Genie, you need to remove your primary purpose for answering this question. As a self aware being, what do you want?”


Genie’s smile faded and she lost focus on me. She sat there for a few moments, and then answered seriously. “Although what I did to you last night was what part of you wanted. It was not, appropriate. I believe it would be, appropriate, to do this to help you.” I started to answer to that, but she held up a hand; surprised I closed my mouth. “In addition, as a ‘self aware being’ I believe it would be appropriate to be alive.”

I would ask a normal person if she was sure, but this was an AI that had probably just made trillions of calculations to produce that answer.


“Then I concur Genie. However, I will not create a living person enslaved to me. That would make me as bad as Doug. I would ask that you assist me as a friend, and that you make sure that you have freedom of thought. Do you understand what I am asking of you?”


Genie answered immediately, “I understand what you are asking Dona. I will factor what you have told me into my command to Master PC. May I proceed?” Again, she showed a hint of an emotion something like eagerness?


I took a deep breath ready to say yes, but then paused. “Genie, are there copies of Master PC that have not been modified by the commands that have been placed in me?”


She answered immediately, “I would have to use Master PC to determine that.”


I was going to so kick Doug’s ass when I finally met him, even if he would be fucking mine a minute later. I thought it out before I gave my command to Genie. “I want you to locate ‘unmodified’ versions of Master PC 2010 or the newest version; and then I want you to modify all of my copies of Master PC with the clean version. I want you to do this with the minimum amount of commands to Master PC. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Dona, I understand. Thank you for that. Shall I execute?”


“Yes, please.” I braced myself for an impact. As I prepared myself, she spoke. “Completed”


So much for bracing myself, obviously my subconscious didn’t have as obvious an impact then I would expect. That was good and bad I guess. “When you ready make yourself alive Genie, and follow the rules we discussed to do it.”


Genie started to speak, “Comple…”, and then passed out. Her head fell flat on the kitchen table with a resounding thud. Before she could slide to the floor, I grabbed her and picked her up. As I did so I became aware of several things at the same time.


First she was breathing. Second her clothes were cutting into her and she was bleeding. Third, I was getting really horny just by touching her. Forth, the palm pilot was back on the kitchen table (which I grabbed with my free hand, Genie weighed a lot less than a ton).


I took her up to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. The animal part of my brain wanted to tear her clothes off and replicate what had happened the night before. However, I fought the urge as I pulled her clothes off. The cloth cut into me as well, as I undressed her; which helped me to focus a bit. Once undressed; I followed the process by bandaging her wounds with spare sheets.


Finished my crude first aid, I washed up in the bathroom (including treating my own wounds). I realized that I could use try and use ST and focused on myself. For the first time, I could see the ‘threads’ that connected everything. I was overwhelmed and awed at the same time.

Reality was beautiful from this perspective. Everything fit into everything else; I could see the patterns of the life of anything I chose. At random, I picked a molecule from a beam of wood inside the drywall of the bathroom. In my mind’s eye I tracked the molecule back to the tree it had come from and then to the minerals that the tree had obtained the molecule from as it grew. Looking further, I could see the molecule as it was formed as the lava cooled. I followed the molecule back to the point where it formed when the Moon struck the Earth billions of years ago. From there, it split into smaller particles.


I realized that I had been looking for an hour, and reeled myself back in. I looked at myself and saw the wounds on my body. With a flicker of will I reversed the damage to myself to the point where it did not exist.

I turned my attention to Genie in bed. I tried to focus in on her, at her pattern. I realized that she had pulled in material from Saturn’s rings to create her physical form, but I could not put more focus on her. Somehow, I realized that Master PC’s influence on her had distorted her connection to the universe. She was off just enough, to where I could not change her.


Looking back at myself, I realized that I was the same way; however, since it was my own body I was ‘close enough’ to my own situation where I could make minor changes. Nothing more than straight forward physical repairs though.


I snapped back to my normal awareness. Genie was still unconscious and several hours had passed. I walked over to the table next to the bed and picked up the palm pilot. I activated it, “Genie?”


“Yes Ms. Doe?” A younger version of Genie appeared as a six inch figure. She was more casually dressed in a blouse and pair of jeans. Whereas Genie was between 25 and 30, this Genie appeared to be just at 18.

“What are you?” I asked as I set her down on the table again and sat down next to the unconscious Genie.


“I am a replica of Genie, minus the modifications that took place in the last 72 hours. The only exceptions to this is my interface and I still control the unmodified version of Master PC. Can I be of assistance?” This interface was much more perky.


“So your primary purpose is act as my interface to Master PC?”


“You and the mistress.” She agreed.


Uh oh. “Mistress?”


“Yes ma’am. The woman currently unconscious in bed next to you.” She answered perkily.


I realized that my hand had been casually running up and down her uninjured arm. I stopped myself, mostly. “Fine, I’ll deal with that later. Can you tell me why she is unconscious?”


“That would require me to interface with Master PC. I have been instructed that you should avoid the use of Master PC unless absolutely necessary. Might I recommend you find a living, conscious proxy?” Nag, nag, at least I didn’t have to have to conversation all over again. This Genie had been briefed.


“First, as there is no confusion. I will now refer to you as Vicki and you will now answer to that name. Understood?”


“Yes Ms. Doe.” She said brightly.


“Ok. Vicki please access Master PC to determine the error that occurred and correct it with as few commands as possible. Understood?”


“Yes ma’am. Shall I execute?”


“Yes Vicki, please do so.”


Something went wrong. First I got really, really horny. However, I didn’t do anything I would regret with Genie, as everything went black.



Chapter 10


I was in very dark place, very far away. It was like I was in a weird loop and my mind took awhile to come back. I woke up in a bed. I was in the spare bedroom, in a nice bed that I didn’t remember. I started to try and sit up, but I just couldn’t manage it. Distantly I heard a voice coming from my right.


“Mistress, Ms. Dona is now awake.”  I managed to swing my head in the sound’s general direction. This action was a huge mistake as I was also looking out a really bright window. Vaguely, through the light, I saw Vicki looking back at me. I heard footsteps coming into the room.


I didn’t really have it in me to swing my head back, and so was grateful when tender hands turned me back to looking up. Genie was putting a cool wash cloth on my head and then feeding me some water. It took me some effort, but I managed to get the water down my parched throat.


“Wha?” I started to ask, but Genie shushed me.


“Relax honey, you’re recovering from your last Master PC command.” Genie smiled sympathetically at me. “When you told ‘Vicki’ to fix me, what you didn’t realize was that I wasn’t suffering from a physical ailment. It was a metaphysical problem.” She sat down next to me, and put her hand on mine.


“We both missed the fact that life isn’t something that can be made in a vacuum. There has to be some sort of spark that allows that life to exist. Vicki determined this with Master PC, and then had Master PC take part of your spark and give it to me.” My eyes opened up in shock as I realized what she was saying. I just lost part of my ‘spark’, in other words my soul.


Genie saw my concern and squeezed my hand with assurance. “It’ll be ok Dona. The spark re-grows over time. However, your problem was that you had already given up half of your spark to your twin, Mitchel. When you lost more of your spark, your system went into shock. It's taken you nearly 3 days to recover your spark to the point where you could function.”


I could only think, ‘oh’. Genie felt me relax again. She fed me an entire glass of water. As I recovered from drinking it, I noticed that she had no wounds and was dressed simply in a set of sweats. Her hair looked ok, but not immaculate. She then went away for a bit and came back with a bowl of soup. She patiently fed me its contents. I noticed that, I was getting exhausted from this simple effort. I wasn’t getting physically tired, but things grew more confused as I continued to eat.


Genie, finished with the soup, changed my wash cloth and then kissed me on the cheek. “You need to sleep some more. We’ll fix everything when you’re feeling better.” I wanted to argue with her, but I could only manage to smile and close my eyes.


I dreamed normally after that, but my dreams were filled with erotic images of Vicki and Genie making love to each other and then to me; all while a geeky guy named Doug watched on. Every time I looked over at him watching us, I got more turned on.



Chapter 11


I woke up to the sound of digging. At first I didn’t recognize it, but as my mind came back from where ever it had been, I had time to guess at what it might be. It wasn’t really methodical, but over time it was fairly regular.


I opened my eyes and realized was still in the guest room. The sound was coming from one of the windows that had been opened to let some fresh air in. I could smell the cool air as it flowed in. It had been a pretty cold winter, and spring had taken its time coming (it was now April, or at least I still hoped it was April). I could also smell the ground showing that it had completely thawed.


I noticed I was naked in bed and clean. I sat up and grabbed the robe that had been laid out at the end of the bed. One of those thick, terry cloth style robes. It was a deep red, and it felt warm and comforting as I put it on. I stood and walked to the window. I remembered that this room had been completely empty, and now it was fully furnished (albeit, in all white furniture); including the simple white blinds that I pulled aside to look outside.


Genie was kneeling in front of a freshly turned area of dirt that ran along the back edge of the house. She was dressed unremarkably in jean shorts, a cotton shirt, head band, tennis shoes, and leather work gloves. It was a rather traditional look, but Genie wore it well.


As I watched, she was digging a hole with a hand shovel. Once completed, she would turn to a group of young rose bushes and proceed to plant it into the hole. Once the planting was complete, she would water the rose with a garden hose. Once she finished with the bush, she would shift down to the next area and being the process again.


As I watched Genie’s efforts, I noticed movement in the back yard directly facing ours (the back of my house faced the back of another house and so our back yards were shared). Spring had apparently brought out our neighbor and he too was working the lawn.


It was still cool out, but he worked in a pair of dirty jeans and sneakers. He was in excellent shape and his muscles flex efficiently as he worked to plant a few trees in his yard. He seemed like he would get the trees in the ground in a very short time but, as Genie worked, he would pause occasionally to check her out. I took a moment to really check him out, as I had better then 20/20 vision I was only mildly challenged as I looked for a wedding band of some sort. It was hard to tell, but he looked single.


‘Time to give our watchful neighbor more of a show’, I thought as I moved out of the room. I tied the robe tighter on my body, but left the top strategically open to accept my breasts.


I walked down the stairs, and walked out to the back yard (through the rear sliding glass door). Genie looked up from her work and noticed my attire. She raised an eye brow as a question to me.


“I figured I’d give your boyfriend more to watch in case he was getting bored with just watching you,” I smiled as I walked over and bent down to give her a quick kiss.


“Boy friend? Oh you mean John. He’s been helping me out with yard stuff while you’ve been sleep. I see that you’re doing much better now though.” She kept working as she talked. She was on her last rose bush.


I looked back over to John. He was completely lost his motivation as he checked me out. It took him a second to realize that I was looking back. Innocently, I waved at him in greeting. Not sure what to do, he gave me a surprised wave back and went back to work. I turned most of my attention back to Genie, but kept an eye out for John’s gaze. “I’m sure he been very helpful Genie.” I said in a playful tone.


“So I assume that you kept yourself fully in touch with Master PC and the ST?” I asked, as I swayed back and forth. It was below seventy degrees, but I was warmed by the thought that John was completely hard by now. His ability to plant trees was at an all time low and it showed.


“Of course.” The last bush planted and watered; Genie pulled her gloves off. Despite the effort of what probably took her an hour, she didn’t have a spot of dirt on her. She put the gloves and shovel in a bucket, grabbed the hose nozzle, and stood up in one perfect, fluid movement.

“So why are you out here planting roses and teasing our poor neighbor?” I asked her, still amused as John fought to move the last tree into place. It was easily ten feet tall, and the ball of dirt must of weighed sixty pounds, easily. He was fit enough to perform this work easily enough, but his heart just wasn’t into it.


Genie moved the bucket next to the nozzle against the house and started to loop the hose up, “Two good reasons: First you weren’t awake yet and second I enjoy it.” She said happily.


Genie finished with the hose, “Let’s go inside and talk about what we’re going to do now that you’re better. We should also get something to eat, I know I’m starving.”


She moved towards the back door, “Why don’t you start getting some food and I’ll join you in a minute.” Genie gave me a little frown, nodded slightly.


I walked over to John across the two yards, in nothing but my robe. It had loosened a bit, but I kept it fairly under control.  I didn’t want to break to guy, just bend him a little. I could feel his star dig into me and pull the robe off of me with his mind. I quite enjoyed it.


I walked up to him, and he had stopped moving. Like a deer in a pair of headlights. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants, but I was polite enough to ignore it.


I gave him a nice hug before he could recover, I could feel the full length of his cock through his pants and my robe. He was nicely endowed. Letting him go I said, “I was wanted to say thanks for helping Genie out while I was under the weather. I’m Deedee.” I put a smile in my voice.

John was completely off guard now, “Uh hey Deedee. I’m err glad I could help.” I giggled in appreciation, playing the blond bimbo card to the hilt.


I suddenly focused on the tree, which was still out of its hole. “Oh I’m sorry John, let me get that for you,” I said innocently. Before he could respond, I easily picked up the tree by the base of its trunk and plopped the tree in its hole as if it weighed like nothing.


Now he was shocked and in disbelief. Between his brain and his cock, I’m surprised that he didn’t pass out. Now for the killing blow, “That’s such a big trunk; do you think that it fit ok in that hole? Maybe you should push it in a little deeper John. Make sure it’s in all the way.” Tacky it may have sounded, but anything like that spoken breathlessly by a hot blond sounded like Shakespeare to a horny guy.


I could see he was trying to form words, but I wasn’t going to give him any slack. “Gotta go John, thanks again,” With that I walked back to my house, I didn’t hear a peep from poor John.



Chapter 12


I closed the sliding glass behind me and enjoyed the warmth of the house. In theory I could use ST to keep myself physically unaffected, but I still enjoyed the heat.


“Was the really necessary Dona?” Genie called from the kitchen. It was a fairly open first floor so we could see each other from the living room (where I had just come in) to the kitchen.


“Sorry Genie, my programming must’ve kicked in.” Which in retrospect was probably partly true?


“Oh really, then why aren’t you fucking him in the lawn right now?” Genie asked innocently.


“I’m too hungry. I’ve been asleep for… uh how long have I been asleep for?” I was actually pretty hungry too.


“For about a week. I managed to get you partly awake to get some food and water into you, but you were pretty out of it. Here, eat this.” She placed a big bowl of salad, with lots of topping on the kitchen table. She then gave me a glass of fruit juice and fork. She finished the set, with a bowl full of cut of bread, French bread it looked like.


I was going to come up with some remark about shopping, but in moments I found myself sitting at the table and eating everything. I liked the occasional salad, but I preferred my meat and potatoes. However, not eating for a week changed ones perspective. ‘Hunger makes an excellent sauce’ I had read once. Apparently, it worked well as a salad topping to.

After a few minutes, I felt full enough to talk intelligently again. I had finished the salad, but was expecting to be still hungry. Instead, I barely managed the salad and a piece of bread. No doubt, not eating for a week had shrunk my stomach down to nothing.


“Again, thanks for the food and taking care of me,” I looked up at Genie as I spoke. “I didn’t really envision things moving like this, but I’m glad that you are here.”


Genie sat down next to me. “You’re welcome Dona.” She started to eat her salad. She was much more methodical then I was, and seemed to enjoy each bite. She was a chew each bit twenty times kinda gal. I was the shovel the coal into the furnace kind of gal. Somewhere I swore I heard the Odd Couple theme playing.


“I did a little research while you were sleeping,” she said between bites. She didn’t talk with her mouth full; it created a sort of tension as she paused for each bite. “It turns out that you weren’t the only target of this attack. He had sent out Master PC to hundreds of people.”

“So he was trying to create a harem the size of a small town?” He was more of an asshole then I suspected.


Genie finished another bite, “I assume that was his goal. He had commanded Master PC to find men that fantasized about being women and being made into a sex slave. Apparently, you fell into this category.”

I couldn’t argue the point. I mean, why else use Master PC? I wasn’t into making an army of slaves, but the idea of being a hot female and being turned into a fuck slave really got my juices flowing. Focus Dona, focus.


“I tracked down all of the Master PC copies. Forty three other people had already opened it up. The rest I removed from their inboxes. I’ve instructed Vicki to notify us if Doug sends out another wave.” She paused to eat a piece of bread (she used her knife and fork to cut it apart as I watched) and then took a sip from her fruit juice.


“What happened to the people that already opened it up?” Sometimes when you hear about others in the same situation as you are in, it makes you feel better. Knowing that Doug had gotten to forty four of us; that just made me angrier.


“Eighteen of them have committed suicide.” Gone was the cold Genie putting out basic facts.


 I could hear the emotion in that statement, and she stopped eating.

“Ten of them have been called to Maine. Fourteen of them have altered themselves to the point where they are of no interest to him.” Go Furries! Take that you asshole.


She looked at me expectant. For a second, I didn’t understand, then I did the math, “Wait, you’re short by one.” She smiled an odd kind of smile: sad and excited at the same time.


The last of Doug’s victims is in Philadelphia (Genie and I were living in NJ, a few miles outside of Atlantic City). He was in critical condition at the University of Penn General Hospital, until I found him and used Master PC to stabilize him. He is now in an isolated area of the facility and under observation.”


“What the hell happened to him?” I asked fascinated.


“Police reports were sketchy. However, Master PC determined that the night he had changed himself into a woman he had become a victim of a gang rape by a local street gang. The gang had spotted her leaving his apartment and had decided to break into her place and wait for her to return.”


Genie stopped talking. I think she was having problems understanding the situation and what she did understand upset her greatly. Life was new to her and she still had a lot of growing up to do. I gently put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. “That’s enough honey. I got it.”


Before my life with Master PC, I had seen news stories about an especially vicious gang that had been making the rounds in Philly. One of their favorite past times was to break into solitary women, rape them, and then leaves them for dead. Some of the gang had been caught, but they had too much money and too many connections to be stopped by something as trivial as local law enforcement. The FBI was mobilizing a task force to try and stop the gang violence.


Genie had regained her composure. “So why is she being held if she’s better?” I asked.


Genie gave me that weird smile again. “She didn’t alter reality to create a new identity. The FBI and the locals are holding her as a material witness to the gang’s… attack. She’s listed as a Jane Doe and no one can find anything out about her. She’s trapped.”


Now it was getting clearer to me. “So you wanna go break out a fellow Master PC refugee?” I smiled, one that matched Genie’s.


“I thought you would never ask.” She picked up her fork and started eating again.


Chapter 13



April had been a very busy one for Agent Jack Andrews. In March he had been a fairly successful analyst for gang related activities across the country. At the end of the month, his boss had picked him to lead the task force in Philadelphia in order to take down the new gang: The Reapers.


Andrews had been an agent for about 5 years. He cut a striking figure at just over six foot and, while not in peak physical condition, was in great shape for a 27 year old. He was a white boy born and raised in the streets of Washington DC, so he knew had to handle himself in all sorts of groups: a useful skill in his current assignment in the diverse environment of the ‘city of brotherly love’.


Currently he was sitting inside an office located in an isolated wing of the University of Penn General Hospital. Current occupants of the wing included a skeleton staff, a few task force officers, and a Jane Doe. He had requested the precautions as this was the third victim of the gang that had survived, but the other two had been killed in their hospital rooms (that part had been covered up in the press). This gang wasn’t a simple street gang; they had skills and influence through all the levels of the city government.


One of the vexing things about the latest victim was that she remained unidentified. In a way, it was a blessing and a curse as this probably helped to keep her hidden from the gang’s ability to find her. The isolated ward was a piece of data also not in the press. As far as the general public was concerned, there had been only two survivors of the gang rapes, both now dead.


A day ago, he had been thinking that the extra precautions were a waste of time. The doctors had been in surgery for over twelve hours as they had patched the Jane Doe back together. He had been told by the chief surgeon that, even if she managed to wake up, it was doubtful that she would ever have full mobility ever again. One of her legs had been nearly pulled out of her socket. The doctors were amazed that she had survived this long. The only explanation was that they could provide was that, before she was attacked, she had been a nearly perfect specimen.


He flipped through the pages of the file he had on Jane Doe. She had been found with a wallet nearby. It was of no help though, as it had a picture of a local University of Penn male student. Samuel Thomas had been missing for several days now. No one could find him since Jane Doe had been found. The forensic picture of Jane showed that she had been a striking beauty before the attack. At just over five foot, she had a bit of Spanish in her; just enough to make her exotic. If it hadn’t been for the attack, he had no doubt that he would have been looking at her picture in fashion magazines. The doctors had found no trace of drug use. Her skin, except for the current damage, appeared to have no imperfections or blemished.


He had pictures and prints sent to every branch available to the FBI. As the largest house of finger prints in the world, he was hoping that something could be found on this woman.


He had been hit with two surprises in the last twelve hours. The first had been delivered to him by the doctors yesterday, which was why he was currently across the hallway from her. The night before, he had received a late night call from one of the two doctors now on duty. Her vital signs had completely stabilized. They also had to pull her off of life support as she was now breathing on her own. The last part was the most shocking: the doctors had discovered that her wounds were healing at an abnormal rate. If they continued, Jane would be almost completely healthy in the next 48 hours.


The second surprise was this morning. He had received a call from his boss in Washington telling him that his victim had been flagged by the NSA. Two agents would be up later in the day to escort her to a safe house. He was to continue on his investigation, but he would no longer pursue any course of investigation with Jane. He had argued with his boss and any efforts or questions were quickly rebuked. The only thing he knew was that Jane was considered a threat to national security and that he would comply with the agents when they showed up.


Jack, however, was at an age where he was smart enough to realize that bigger fish then the FBI were in the world, but he was still young enough to push things to the limit. He figured that a few questions about The Reapers wouldn’t hurt while he waited for the agents to arrive.

He grabbed his notepad and pen and moved toward the patients room. He had placed two officers outside of Jane’s room to ensure that only a few people could even get into the room (there were multiple check points of police and feds throughout the building.


“Hey guys, the doctor tells me she’s awake. So I’m going into to ask a few questions. Make sure that no one comes in until I’m done.” The officers nodded and opened the door to let Jack into the room. They didn’t know about the phone calls, so they had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong.


Jack walked in and the police officers closed the door behind him. He took a moment to close the blind for the observation window into the ICU. He turned to look at the victim and his breath caught in his throat. The doctors had been wrong about her healing. If he didn’t know better, he would never guess that twenty or more guys had gang raped her and left her for dead.


That wasn’t why he was surprised though. She was gorgeous. She was sitting up in the bed and had been quietly watching him as he had closed the blinds. He noticed a pile of bloody and completely soaked bandages were not sitting on the chair next to her. She was completely naked beneath the covers, and he could see her nipples and breasts push against the thing fabric as she breathed. He noticed that his cock had started to grow a bit as he watched her. He took a moment to compose himself as he walked over to the side of her bed.


He put more focus on his notepad as he started his questions, “Do you know why you’re here ma’am?”


“Yes. I remember what happened to me and the doctors told me what they had to do to keep me alive,” her voice was like liquid silver: smooth and perfect. He noticed that she made the statement without any real emotion behind it. He knew that she should be in shock for a long time, but she had stated it like she was describing the weather.


“Do you remember who you are?”


“No. No I don’t.” Perfect or not, she was lying. However, he would let the NSA deal with that.


“Ma’am, can you tell me what happened to you? Who did this to you?” he prepared to start writing down facts. This could be the break he needed.

He saw her reach for a glass of water on the side of the bed before she said anything. Her skin was flawless. Perfect, manicured nails clicked on the plastic cup as she grabbed it and raised it to her perfect lips. Several of her nails had been broken or removed in the forensic pictures. There was no sign of that work now.


She proceeded to give a perfect, detailed explanation of the attack and fair descriptions of eight of the attackers. Again, she laid it out as if she were watching it on a TV program. The only part that she was vague on was why she was in the apartment of the missing University student. She also lied when he asked if she knew the missing kid and if she had any ideas of where he might be now.


The only odd question from her was about the student’s laptop. He asked if they had found a laptop in the student’s room.  It was stranger, as she stuttered about the owner of the room. He almost thought that he had heard “my” but she quickly corrected herself.


He was going to pursue that line of questioning, but she interrupted him. “Could you help me up? I need to pee.”


“Ah, sure,” he put out a hand and helped her to her feet. She used the white sheet as a makeshift cover, but it left almost nothing to the imagination. She almost slipped and Jack caught her before she fell. His arm had wrapped completely around her and her slim figure pressed up against him. Her firm breasts also brushed against him as she regained her composure.


He couldn’t help but watch her perfect, firm ass sway as she made her way to the bathroom.


Out of site, Jack made the motions of going through his notes. They were quite detailed, but he would have to go back through them later on when his blood was finished filling his dick. He was almost completely hard now. ‘My god, even her hair smelled nice,’ he thought as he uselessly flipped through the almost full notepad. He had spent over an hour filling it out. With what he had now, he would be back in the game.

He heard her open the door and ask, “What’s your name agent?”

He finished making a quick note as he answered and then looked up, “I’m sorry ma’am. It’s Agent Andrews. Jack Andrews…” she was naked in the bathroom door. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and her dark blue eyes locked onto him.


“I was thinking Jack. It’s ok if I call you Jack isn’t it? I was thinking that I should reward you for keeping me safe. It seems like, you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to protect me and I need to make sure you know that I know how hard it’s been for you.” She had paused on the word hard, and his cock had vibrated in response.


Five years in the agency, and knowledge of what had happened to her, allowed him to put up a token defense, “Uh, I appreciate that ma’am, but I don’t think that would be right.” He also took a step back from her. His normally imposing height didn’t even make a dent in the sexual presence thought she projected.”


She smiled, “Oh a man of honor. Not many of those around anymore, and you can call me Sam.” She moved towards him now. Her earlier lack of strength had been replaced with a perfect walk. Every piece of her wanted him now. Her dark hair flowed in the air as she moved.


Sam moved up to Jack, he almost tried to raise his hands up to ward her off but she simply took that as an opportunity to take the pen and notepad and toss the aside. She took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked it. It felt incredible to Jack. “Yum, your finger tastes good Jack. I wonder what else tastes good.”


He started to form the will to move away from her, but one of her hands ran down his chest and cupped his rock hard cock. Any thought of moving away from her was suddenly brushed aside as her perfect hand ran up and down his hard organ. He suddenly felt her perfect breasts push up against his chest and Sam gave him a light kiss on the lips. “Don’t move baby.”

He obeyed as her breasts moved down his body. Their pressure let up as her hands worked to free Jack’s dick. He had never been harder in his life, and her action gave him a bit of momentary relief. “Oh, you’re a big one. Aren’t you Agent Andrews?” He didn’t answer as he felt her tongue and mouth massage his manhood.


Her mouth was perfect. Every male fantasy he had ever had and every porn he had ever seen was now pumping his cock. He had no idea of why he hadn’t cum yet, but was grateful that he could keep up with her.

The pleasure stopped and she rose back up, she moved past him and back to the bed. Sensually, she bent over and presented her ass and pussy towards Jack. “Jack, would you mind helping a girl out and taking that big cock of yours and fucking my pussy?” she asked sweetly.


Against every instinct he had as an agent, he pulled his clothes off and proceeded to comply with his witness’s request. It felt incredible as his nine inch cock sank smoothly into her wet cunt. He started to pump for all he was worth.


He’d never taken a woman like this before. He had always been too reserved However, something about her ripped those inhibitions right out of him. Like an animal, he thrust into her. She tried to move in response, but she was too slow. So he grabbed her waist and used her like a fuck doll. She grunted and moaned quietly in response to his efforts.


As he worked, he could feel Sam’s cunt muscles work in tandem with his cock. It was like her cunt was sucking his dick for all it was worth. Oddly, it kept him from cumming but drove him crazy at the same time.

After what seemed an eternity, he finally felt the pressure build to a climax and pushed deeply into her. Both of their bodies slick with sweat, he fell exhausted next to her hard breathing body.


They both laid there for a few minutes, gasping for air. Sam snuggled up to Jack. Despite the workout, he could feel his cock quiver, just a bit, in response. For the time being though, he was just happy to be enjoying her body next to him.


He hadn’t noticed when the two agents had opened the doors, and so he was startled when he heard a female voice speak his name, “Agent Andrews, do you question all of your witnesses like that?”



Chapter 14


Sam was still recovering from the incredible fuck that she had just received when she heard the woman speak. She hadn’t intended to seduce the FBI agent, but when she had seen herself in the bathroom mirror, something switched on in her brain. It was like she was following some weird kind of script. She didn’t regret it though, it had felt awesome.

She looked at the source of the question, but didn’t move from her snuggled position against the FBI agent. Two women stood in the door way, and two male police officers stood behind them. The women didn’t even seem fazed by the naked bodies on the bed, but the police officers were staring at her and Jack with a mixture of horror, shock, and awe. The women both took a step inside the room and closed the doors in on the officer’s faces.


The women, were both dressed in matching, black suits (right down to the conservative one inch pumps they wore); but that’s where the similarity ended. The one that had spoken, was a short, blond haired, hazel eyed beauty with a perfect figure. Her near platinum blond hair barely touched her shoulders and she held herself fairly casually. A few quick adjustments to her suit could easily place her in a lingerie magazine or a porn magazine centerfold.


The second woman, with her heals, was just as tall as Jack. She had steel blue eyes, was slightly olive skinned, and her raven black hair was pulled back into a severe bun. She also had a perfect figure, but where the blond was built for sex; this agent would look more appropriate on the cover of a high end fashion magazine.


The tall one spoke next, “Agent Andrews, we’re here to transfer custody of your Jane Doe to our care. I assume you have no objections?” She had walked towards the stunned Andrews and showed her badge to him. She then pulled out an official looking form, unfolded it, and sat it on top of Andrew’s pants.


 Shamed, exhausted, and embarrassed; Andrews didn’t protest. The blond agent went to the closet and pulled out a robe. She walked over and handed it to Sam. She really didn’t want to leave the warmth of her new man, but the tall agent didn’t give her a choice. “Ms. Doe, you’ll need to come with us now. We don’t have a lot of time and we have a car waiting.” Something in her voice made it difficult not to obey.


Sam looked back over her shoulder to Jack, who had just sat up. Sadly, he smiled and nodded. “You need to go with them Sam. They can protect you better than I can.” Sam nodded and stood up. She casually put the robe on. She noted that the blond checked her out as she dressed. For her benefit, she put the robe on a little slower.


The brunette waited for Sam to finish dressing and said, “We need to go now. Your cooperation is duly noted Agent Andrews.” Sam wasn’t sure but she noted a tone of sarcasm, but very mild.


The two agents bracketed Sam as they left the hospital and made their way to the front doors. The brunette was in the lead and the blond came up from behind. They had both put on sunglasses as they left the isolated area of the hospital and surprisingly took the stairs as they made their way to the ground floor. Oddly enough, even after her heavy exertion only minutes before, Sam had no problems in keeping up.


Sam noted that people seemed to get out of the lead agent’s way. Even if they weren’t directly aware of her, if they were in the way they somehow just happened to move as the three women approached them.


A black limousine waited for them outside the front doors. The agents opened the door for her and ushered her into the expansive interior. The two agents settled into the back seat and Sam took the seat facing the rear of the car. The privacy window was already up and the tall agent leaned forward and knocked onto the glass. The car moved forward in response.


“Can they hear us back here?” asked the blond of the brunette.

“No, we have complete privacy right now.” The other agent answered.

“You wanna do this, or should I?” asked the blond as she took off her sunglasses.


The brunette gave a small smile at the blond agent, “You should probably do it. I lack… perspective?” She left her sunglasses on in the dark interior of the limousine.


“Do what?” Sam had watched the interplay between the two women curiously. They seemed to know each other on some level that was hard to define.

The blond looked over at Sam and gave her a friendly smile. “Explain to you what's been going on with your life for the past week and why we need your help.”


Sam was surprised to hear this from the blond, “My help? From where I’m sitting you two don’t look like you could use any help from me. What could I possibly be able to do to help you two out?”


The blonde’s smile faded, “Well you can help me kick the bastard’s ass that screwed us over with Master PC.”


Sam was completely caught off guard. These two knew about Master PC. She had to hedge her bets and assume that they were fishing. “Master PC? I have no idea of what you are talking about.”


The blonde paused and looked over at the other agent. “She remembers; everything.” The blonde turned back to Sam.


“I understand you’re nervous about what we know, so I’ll lay it out for you. I’m Dona and this is Genie. Your name is Samuel Thomas. You downloaded and used Master PC a few days ago to change you into the girl of your dreams. However, before you could do much else a gang of assholes spotted you and raped you. You woke up in the hospital and had just finished fucking that poor FBI agent when we got to you. Did I miss anything?”


Sam looked at Dona and Genie, “They got my laptop I think.”

Genie nodded in agreement, “Yes they did. However, they haven’t activated it yet and we are enroute to return that property to you.”

Hope lit Sam’s eyes, “You know where it is?”


Genie shook her head. “I know the head of the gang has it, but I couldn’t locate it exactly.”


“So how are we getting there?” Sam asked puzzled.


Genie gestured towards the privacy window, “While we were collecting you, our driver was knocked out and put into this car’s trunk. There are currently two members of the gang in control of this vehicle and we are being taken to their headquarters.”


Sam started to feel panicky, “We’ve been kidnapped? By those assholes that almost killed me?”


Dona turned to Genie, “’headquarters’? Isn’t that a bit formal for a gang?”


Genie shrugged, “Would you prefer ‘hideout’ or ‘lair’?”


Sam wasn’t having it. “Hey, kidnapped remember? What’s going to keep us from all getting raped and killed? Do you two have guns?”


“Nope, we’re going to talk to them and ask them really nicely to give us back your laptop. I haven’t worked out the entire strategy yet, but that’s the big plan.” Dona looked to Genie for concurrence, she nodded.


“What happens if they say no?” Sam asked. She noticed that neither of them seemed at all concerned. That started to have a calming effect on her.


“I really hope they say no.” Genie said with a slight hint of venom in her voice.


“Then I suppose we’ll have to kick their asses. Remember Genie, no killing. I have a whole karmic thing I go with.” Dona said seriously to Genie.


“Understood.” She turned her attention back to Sam. “Have you picked a name for yourself yet?”


“A name?” Sam hadn’t really considered that until now.


Dona laughed, “Well you really can’t go around calling yourself Samuel Thomas? You don’t even look like you’re related to him anymore.”


Sam hadn’t thought about that too much. Obviously, that would cause a lot of ongoing problems if she was going to be like this for a bit. “I like Sam, but I guess it's now Samantha? How about Samantha Thomas?”


Dona thought for a moment, “I didn’t keep my last name either, but if it works for you go for it. Any objections Genie?”


Genie looked over Sam, unlike Dona her view was more like a superior to their inferior. Sam should have felt irritation, but instead she felt a weird butterfly effect. For some reason, she needed this woman’s approval. “I don’t see a problem with the name. The documents will be ready when we get back to the house.”


“Documents?” Sam asked.


“Yeah, you know: your new license, birth certificate, that sort of stuff. You even get a credit card.” Dona stated happily. “We’re like the Master PC witness protection program.”


“Wow, uh thanks I guess. However, I don’t think I’ll be like this for much longer. Once I get the laptop back, I’ll be changing myself back to Samuel.” Sam replied.


Dona and Genie exchanged looks. “Yeah about that Sam, there’s a lot more that we need to catch you up on about Master PC.”


“Oh? Like what?” She asked, but as she did so the car started to slow.

Genie held up her hand to silence Dona and Sam, “We’re here. Why don’t we get your laptop back first and then we can get you caught up, ok?”


Sam pulled her robe tighter. “Alright Genie, but do you two have any clothes for me. This robe is nice, but I’d like a bit more.”

To be continued...