Forward by JR Parz…

"Rubberking sent me this story long before I opened the universe up for other writers... thankfully, I found the story on an old dics that I ran across." 

This story is a spin-off of "Master PC" by JR Parz, however I am only borrowing the control disk storyline.  I apologize for having to use it, but the author got there first.
{WARNING!!} This is an ADULT story. Those under 18 YRS should not read this. I mean it. You should be doing your homework and chasing the opposite sex, Yourselves! Not reading filth like this.

All persona's are copyrighted (I didn't say concepts) unless authorized. (c)

warning: this story deals with mind control/bondage/fetishism/extremely graphic depiction's of extremely graphic sex/incest/violence/sexual slavery/conspiracy
don't say you weren't warned!

echo's of the master PC
by rubberking. 10/27/99.

with apologizes

Rad pollock, ( Radford, was his first name) was wandering the two-block ruin where he was patrolling. (he was a security guard for Anco security co.(tm)  bastards!) he had had a hot, sweaty, miserable night and couldn't wait to go home to a cold beer and a hot porn flick, the best he could hope for on a Tuesday afternoon. The sun had come up an hour ago and he was poking through the rubble of the old Zeta-Corp computer co. the fire had burned it down four years ago under mysterious circumstances and because it was evidence, it was never cleaned up. Of the two stores, only the ground floor remanded. Part of one of the offices still stood, and Rad opened the door and walked in. hoping to find something he could use or sell. He needed the bucks as the company he worked for, like most security firms. Underpaid they're workers. and because of this, he didn't care that he could be fired for rummaging like this.

He saw a table and swivel chair, both scorched by fire. A box sat by the table and a burned up computer sat on the table surrounded by scattered papers and disks. He tried the computer, it was fried. He looked on the desk at the papers and saw a folder lying, stuffed part way under the monitor stand. This he picked up and the box as well, then he swept the disks and papers into the box and continued looking around. A filing cabinet stood in the corner, the fire had come very close to it. But, looking inside. He saw that the files were untouched. Since they were only a few of them, he placed these in the box too.

More than half of the little room was gone in the blaze. But, amusingly, several pairs of women's panties, were in various places about the room. A shiny bra hung from an antler on a blackened deer's head. He reached for it, wondering what it was.

It was smooth, and shaped for a large pair.(D's at least.) of breasts. The fire had crinkled the rubber bra under the arm straps, brown streaks ran diagonally under the left cup, he put this in the box too. A small manuscript lay on the floor in the far corner, it was water-stained and crumbled. But legible. The title read "experiments: master P-C. copy #63. /Todd la`bra/mind control/body modifaction/1719372# terminated 07/04/97'

Hmm. Later, he tossed the 'script in the box with the rest of the stuff, glancing at his cheap watch, he saw the he had ten minutes to leave before anybody showed up. With one more glance around, he scooped up the panties and threw them in and left. In four minutes, he was at the guardhouse and at 10 o'clock he clocked out and went home.

The drive, as always was uneventful and after stopping for some take-out, he arrived at his duplex. The mail had the usual, bills and coupons. He got the box out of the trunk and brought it in. setting it on the table, he ate dinner. After he cleared away, he pulled the box out and started to arrange and order the disks and papers and put the folder off to the side for a moment. He sorted the papers out and began to read.

They seemed to point to some program that allowed people to control the bodies of themselves and others. It mentioned mind control and hinted that something had gone wrong when someone got a little crazy with someone else in the building, the last note was scrawled on a blank sheet and said it was they're fault and they hoped god would forgive them for something. But, what that was wasn't there, the last line slid down off the paper. Rad looked at the folder. It was green. He opened it and a CD dropped out in his lap. The instruction booklet said "MASTER PC- your personal mind and body alteration program  "WARNING!" use of this program by unauthorized persons is prohibited.

Welcome, and thank you for becoming part of the test group of persons to try out this new technology. For thousands of years mankind has wished to change his or her appearance or age or to make themselves invincible, Ect. The desire to do this is universal, running through all culture and racial lines. We all want to be something or someone that we're not. To be stronger, bigger, more than we are. Well, now you can! With master-PC you can be anyone, improve your body anyway you want. Or you can control the hearts and minds of others. Make them act how you want them to act, change they're bodies to suit your wildest desires, enslave them if you wish. Anything at all! By participating in this study and signing the security agreement. You are a god! Remember that you must use the security protocols on your computers to access the program. Passwords ARE required after the Longstreet incident.

So, pop the disk in your computer and enjoy. The world IS your oyster.  ZETA-CORPERATION (c)1994

O.K.... Rad thought as he put the disk in the drive, lets see what you can do. The install screens asked extensive questions about his height, weight, measurements, lots of measurements. Hair color, eye color, Ect. Then asked him to stand up in front of the monitor. He did so and was scanned by a laser coming out of the glass. Whoa. That's new. he thought as he sat back down.

A split screen came up. On the left was a picture of him with his clothes on. On the right, a series of dimensions and philosophical and physiological texts with click-on menus were in evidence. A start-up screen said that he had been successfully scanned and his master profile had been stored for future use. Also, a copy of his profile should be stored in case of emergency.

He inserted a deskette and made the suggested copy and after labeling it, put it in his drawer.

Clicking the start screen off, he looked over the manual in the help section. My god! This program could do almost anything to the human body, or the human mind for that matter. It could conjure(?) matter from thin air. It could, it could..... could it?

He had to see. For an experiment, he typed : penis length 14in:change from 6.3in: and pressed enter. It felt like some one dropped a cat into his pants without him seeing it. He leapt up. His pants were suddenly too tight. He found the reset button and entered. His pants returned to normal. He stood and undid his pants, then striped bare and sat down again. He reentered the change and pushed the button. His cock leapt out to the stated length. Laughing, Rad twirled his 14in dick around and around. Stopping, he entered 24in length and 9in thickness. It lay on the floor. It was huge! And this was soft! It weighed twenty pounds if it was a cent! He reduced the length to 11in and the width to 6in. "now, to have some fun." He thought. soon he looked like a Greek god. He was 6'4 264lbs with a 72in chest, biceps 32in around, forearms as big as his old thighs, legs like Charles atlas and balls to match his cock. The chair now creaked under his weight and he stood. Walking to a door mirror, he admired his new physique. "Wow! Things sure have changed a lot in ten minutes." Thought Rad as he found another, stronger chair to sit in.  Finding one, he looked closer at the other controls for a while and changed some mental ones. Now he was 100 percent in control of his mind and body. He could stop his heart. If he wanted to, and start it up again. He now had a pleasant smell to his sweat and something else, he now exuded enhanced pheromones. Woman would now do most anything he asked of them. And men would be influenced to defer to him, making him "the leader" in any situation, he instilled the libraries of the world into his memory.

He sat and digested all this for a time, information swam in his head as he tried to order it, sort it, and put it away.

All the virtues and sins of the world walked in Rad's mind. he  wrestled with all of it, mastered it and set it aside.

Now, for my first conquest. Thought Rad. First he returned to the program. He increased his levels of sensitivity on his erogenous zones by two. Enabled himself to get and stay hard at will and allowed him cum as much as he wanted and as long as he wanted. Then needed some clothes. He scanned the clothing and was amazed, every kind and type was represented. From kilts and suits to suits of armor were arrayed before him. Looking through several files. He saw an armoni suit, worth $2500. He added some $300 shoes and underwear and socks and pressed enter. On the table beside the computer the clothes appeared. He dressed and went out.

He noticed right away that his car was too small when he hit his head on the door getting in, with the seat all the way back he was still cramped. But he made it to the bank in time to cash his paycheck. The teller's all fawned over him, getting him coffee and taking his check and asking him how much he needed. "give me $50.000.00 in small bills, and put it in a satchel for me. Would you?" he joked, the teller almost fell all over herself to do it for him.
Though, he had less than $250 in his account, he walked outside and got back into his car and drove to several dealerships. At the third one, he found a car that fit, a custom Mercedes. The sales lady wanted to give it to him for free. But, he gave the invoice price and drove home a happy man.

As he got out of his new car, Lola, the neighbor lady came stalking over to ask him who he was. With the first whiff of his sweat she became very nice and helpful. Answering his questions, she said she was single, her man had left a year ago, because she was such a bitch. She had no children and was essentially frigid and hated men, he brought her into the house and had the program scan her.

This was more than he had known about her in all the time he had lived here. She was a tired looking woman really, looked to be forty. But, was really twenty-eight. he had her strip. A limp pair of 36C breasts greeted him. Her stomach poached and her butt was flat. She had varicose veins in her cellulitic withered legs, she would take some work. He sat at the console and typed, soon she was 5'6in tall and had 40EE breasts, her stomach was flat and smooth, her butt was firm and plump. Her legs were long, smooth and well muscled. Her arms had good definition and her hands and nails were strong and clean, her Spanish features were pleasant and her eyes were green, her lips were full and pouted and she looked erotic when she licked them. He made her subservient to him in all things, made her bisexual, gave her the combined knowledge of all the worlds erotic arts. Lengthened and shaped her vagina and enlarged her clitoris to a half inch, lengthened and enlarged her nipples to one inch. Increased her arousal and sensitivity six times and allowed her to have increased vaginal lubrication. She would now cum as long and as hard as he said, and her own orgasms were lengthened and strengthed. Her asshole was now an intense erogenous zone and she also freely lubricated there now too.

A goddess to match to god, he thought to himself.

He took her hand and led her to his bedroom, Amid the dirty sheets and underwear on his creaking bed, he took her.

She stroked the head of his cock as he sucked on her long nipples, she cried out from the pleasure, he had, had her gag reflex suppressed and she drove the whole length of his pole down her throat, he was in heaven. When hard his dick was now 14in long and the head was 6in wide. But, she gobbled it right down. He swiveled her around and munched on her bare snatch, sucking her clit as it jutted from her cleft. Her juices flowed around his head and into his hair matting it, she mewled around his shaft from his attentions, her nose slapped his balls repeatedly and she twisted them and scratched them with her nails. She came on his face, her juice squirting him in the eyes and her thighs tightening around his head. He brought her off twice more and turned her over. She screamed for him to stick it in her, to fuck the shit out of her, to ram it up her ass and make her scream. He shut her up with a kiss and levered his cock in, the head wouldn't fit for a second and he rubbed it around in her cunt juices and shoved. She babbled as her lips spread and the first inches pushed in, she was clawing at his back and screaming as the next eight was crammed in, by the time he had the full length inside, she had gone limp and when he started pumping, she was crying. After a few minutes, she regained her passion and was slamming back up at him. "come on you motherfucker! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!! Oh, god! It feels like your pushing a horse into me! Oh yeah, more! More! MORE!!!. FUCK MMMEEEEE!!!!" he slammed into her a few more times then let himself come and told her to come too, It felt like someone ripped the flesh from his brain, he shot time and time again. He felt her cunt squeezing him in a grip that would rip the dick off most men. She jerked about, her limbs flailing, hands clawing his back. She let out an unbelievable wail as she started cumming, her powerful spasming cunt set him off too. He started pumping cum. He whipped his dick out and sprayed her face with it, her tits, her stomach and pubes were covered as she rammed her whole hand up her own cunt and shrieked for him to slime her. still he came and she caught and swallowed as much as she could get and he still he sprayed and came. He willed him self to stop and winded, he sat with her in his arms for a while. She was a mess again, jizz dripped from her. She was totally covered in it. She laughed, and said she would need a bath. He agreed and they both showered. Afterwards they went and got some dinner and talked about it. She felt like a million bucks, she said. She thanked him for giving her back a wonderful new body, and asked what now?

Giving it some thought, he repeated his visit to a bank and this time had the ladies transfer several million dollars into a new Swiss bank account and they went house shopping.

A huge old mansion with five acres and a high stone wall fit the bill. After Rad and Lola moved they're meager things in, they went shopping in Ernest. He now found himself drawn to the fetish oriented stores. Here he found stretchy clothes and other things that fired his imagination. He placed several large orders and left the stores. He had one more stop to make.

Yesterday he had, had a dead-end job. Was it only yesterday? At the security company, a short dumpy blonde named Cathy worked at the board, watching the people come and go. He walked in and asked for her and she turned and stared at him for a moment "how are you doing? Are you working tonight? What can I do for you, Rad?" she said then, she smelled something funny, she frowned for a moment wondering what was wrong then smiled weakly as the pheromones kicked her arousal level up a couple of notches. "come with me Cathy. I want to show you something. Something you'll like." Smiling, he led her from the building and showed her into the waiting car.

Back at the mansion, after running the program on her she was a knockout. Now 5'7 160lbs 44DDD breasts stood out from her chest. She no longer had a tire around her middle, it was smooth and flat. Her butt was high and firm. Her legs were perfect, her best asset as he remembered them from his old life, toning and shaping was all he had to do there, her face was reshaped and stunningly beautiful. She seemed as if she had dropped out a playboy magazine. He had done the same things internally to he as to Lola. But, with one difference. Above her smooth cleft she had 12in long and 4in wide cock, with knobby protrusions all over the head, a natural French tickler, it worked like any dick, it shot sperm. But, she basically had double orgasms when she came. Lola was jealous and wanted one of her own. But, Rad said not yet. That she would like this just fine, he had made Cathy sexually dominating, he had just extended a regular feature of her personality. In this case she lusted after Lola, and grabbed her hair and forced her to the new X-frame he had, had set up. After Cathy had her chained up, she started playing with her big tits, pinching and pulling her inch long nipples and she screamed out in orgasm in the first six minutes. Both women's pussy's turned on and they're juices ran down they're legs, pooling on the floor. Cathy picked up a tawse from a table and began to flog Lola's flopping tit's, she screamed as stripes sprang up on her skin. Cum jetted from her cunt as she came, coating the floor. Rad threw down a rubber mat to maintain footing and Cathy brought fresh screams as she applied the whip to Lola's cunt and elongated clit, causing another shot of cum to spring from Lola. By now, precum was leaking from the knobby head of Cathy's dick, dripping on the floor. She picked up a ring gag from the table and approached the frame, she thrust the gag into the unfortunate girls mouth and buckled the strap in place, leaving the cuffs on and placing a ringed leather corset on Lola, Cathy brought her down from the frame and led her to a rubber covered bed with a series of rods and rings forming the canopy. lying her down in the bed, she attached Lola's arms and legs to a square frame outlining the bed. Cathy got off the bed, walked to a wench off to the side and turned the crank. Lola rose off the bed a foot or two. Now her every hole was accessible, Cathy got on the bed and straddled her head, forcing her to stick her tongue out through the gag and to lick her pussy. Rad came over and hopped up and thrust into her cunt, making Lola shriek in to Cathy's slit, Cathy pulled back and snaked her hard cock into Lola's mouth through the gag and down her gullet, stroking her hair as she did so. Then, pulling on her hair to force her to deep throat the monster, caught between the two of them, Rad and Cathy drove into Lola's hole's. Even with the suppressed gag reflex, she was having trouble. Her breath wheezed out around Cathy's prick, making her checks bulge. Cathy withdrew and  helping Rad stay in Lola's gushing cunt, she turned a lever and Lola was turned vertical. Cathy stepped up behind her and rubbed her dickhead up between Lola's cheeks. She slipped the tool down under the pair and the knobs rubbed up against Lola's pussy, then back to her rear hole, Cathy gasped from the wild sensations, then eased the head to the puckering ring. Lola was too near delirium from the fucking she was getting in the front to notice what was happening behind her, until the knobby tip started to slip up into her ass. Then she started thrashing and whistling through the gag, trying to get them to stop this. Too late, Cathy drove up to the hilt in one long quick thrust. Lola's eye's bulged and her torso turned red. But, she was trapped. Quickly Cathy and Rad developed a rhythm, as one they drove into the thrashing body of the submissive Spanish beauty held between them, they could feel each other inside of Lola, separated by only a thin barrier of flesh.

As Lola tried to expel the cocks from her ravaged body, she only succeeded in gripping them tighter. They punished her with them, a wellspring of masochistic feeling erupted inside of her and she start having orgasms of monumental proportions. Like the Great Wall of China, they slammed into her. Causing blood to drip onto the rubber sheets along with blops of sex syrup. Cathy scratched and mangled Lola's tits unmercifully, one nipple was almost ripped loose from her tit. Rad shot a few times in Lola's weeping cunt, then pulling out, he stood and fed the head of his mammoth dick into her gagged mouth. Willing himself to, he shot pulse after pulse of jizz down her throat. Meanwhile Cathy continued to plunge deeply into Lola's bleeding asshole. Finally. She stabbed at her one last time and shot deep in Lola's bowels, Lola came, causing her to squirt another cupful of creme from her tortured cunt. Lola hung there and sobbed. It was one thing to have rapacious sex, it was another to be tied up and gang-raped!

They left her hanging and he walked to the computer again.  After he sat, he scanned the clothes logs again and calling up some items he pushed enter. In a flash Lola was covered in black shiny rubber from head to toe, in place of the ring gag, a 10in cock jutted from her rubber covered face another 6in dick tickled the back of her throat. Tubes shot up her nose. Sleeves lined her ass and cunt, a golden ring pierced her clit and wobbled from a hole in front of  her rubber covered cunt, two more dangled from her pierced nipples through the rubber. More dildo's stuck out from her thighs and her arms and her hands were stuck inside two monster rubber cocks where her hands used to be. A few more key strokes and her sniveling subservience was replaced with thoughts of raw animal sex. A rubber covered tail appeared at her lower back, tipped with twin cocks it snaked around and they slipped up into her holes, snorting came from behind her mask as they pumped her. Next, Rad typed in some more data and Cathy was covered in red rubber, she gasped as the tubes appeared in her nose, a respirator covered her mouth. Similar rings appeared in her genitals, plus a row of steel bars and a frenum ring ran through the rubber under the head of her cock, two more pussy's came to life on either side of her stomach and began leaking pussy juice. He thought for a while as the lady's got reacquainted.

He wanted more sex slaves for his harem. He also knew how to get them. He left the girls to they're own devices, after telling them not to go near the computer. When he left, Cathy was being fucked by Lola in almost all of her holes at the same time, they were quieter with the masks on, they're breaths coming out in snorts.

He drove to a nunnery down the road and walked in, he took the mother superior and a handful of wizened old nuns and drove back to house. In a half hour, with the help of Lola and Cathy. The church of pain came into existence. The mother superior was stunning, reshaped into an avenging angel. Her corset bound suit nipped her waist to less than 16in, a 16in rubber covered cock swung between her legs over her slit and a thick phallus tipped tail joined it there, idly slipping in and out, going between her cunt and asshole. Black rubber covered all the nuns bodies and various new sexual organs stood out from they're bodies. Black rubber replaced they're old habits and although shorter cut, they weren't that different. Respirators and masks of various designs peered out from under they're wimples. White trimmed the wimples and formed crosses between the women's newly enlarged and reshaped tits, sleeves lined they're cunts and asses. Pump-up vibrating dildo's fit in the sleeves and the bulbs dangled, urine ran down into bags tied to they're legs from catheters in their urethra's, they all rutted on the rubber covered rug in the middle of the room, the grunting and squeaking and slap of rubber meeting rubber filled the room.

Rad himself was now covered in black rubber. A respirator covered his face and two huge cocks jutted from his loins, above this a rubber covered pussy sank into his midsection with a ring in the 2in clit and piercings laddered his dicks. A pair of 64FFF tits stood way out from his chest and he played with the rings in them and thought of the last three days. He had gone from a loser to being the god of this church in just a few days, what could he do in a week? He turned and stood in front of his congregation and willed himself and hosed down his disciple's with long streams of jism.

A few days later he released Cathy and Lola from they're rubber and let them rest. But, they soon fell on each other and he found them sharing a large double dildo between themselves,. So, he put them back in with the still rutting nuns, he spent a day in with them and then gave each of them jobs about the house. Only Cathy or Lola went into town for groceries and to pick up the boxes of equipment that now arrived daily. Soon, during the day. The nuns, younger and happier now, and back in regular, if shorter, black rubber habits. whipped the large house and grounds into shape, repaired the chapel in back and set up shop preaching the new religion. Cathy and Lola cleaned the house and cooked dinner and set up the equipment for the nightly orgies. A man appeared, wanting to join the church. That night, wrapped in rubber and sporting four cunts and piercings all over. As the rubber nuns fucked and sucked him, He cried out for his old god to save him. But, he was too late, a new god had come to town. And no one could really hear him behind the respirator anyway.

A steady stream of people started arriving, soon they had to move the church to town, that was all right. The new religion was spreading fast. People walked down city streets wrapped in rubber from head to toe, it was getting hard to tell who was male and who was female. Rad had to get a bank of computers to hold all the data.

On Friday night, Rad walked into town. going into the church. As he entered, the old priest was being carried out by some of his nuns and he watched as the program was used on him. Instantly covered in rubber and sporting a couple of big dicks and a weeping cunt and pair of swinging udders. He ran back inside to get him a taste of that tail he had been missing out on for years. Inside, rather than break the law, parents were having they're children scanned and then educating and aging and then modifying them right there, fully grown adults walked from the room.

On the stage, fully fifty people hung from frames, ready for any use. Rad walked up to a black creature and stuck his dicks into two cunts and slid the cock on top into his slit, as he fucked her, he mumbled through the mask. "how are the numbers tonight Areahna? Are the converts still coming in?"  "Yes master," she panted as he drove into her, she was good. Undulating her belly and driving her dick back into me, she gripped me with everything she had. "Most of the state is now yours to command, and we sent prophets out to other states last month, we should be hearing from them soon." Grunting, I shot a couple of loads into her causing her to fire off into me, then I made a newly aged acolyte clean my rubber covered organs with its mouth and tongue, it twisted and played with my balls, till a slap sent it scurrying to a group of other rubber covered fuckers in the vestibule. I couldn't really tell what sex it was originally, so I followed it over and plunged up it's pussy and asshole together and it whined through the rubber dildo mask covering it's mouth. I rode the thing for an hour, shooting off several times and removing the gag to let it clean me up.

Walking onto the main floor I saw that the pews had been removed and rubber sheeting covered the floors and walls, a writhing mass of rubber covered bodies covered the sheet and cries rang out from those who's mouths were not gagged or resperated or otherwise occupied by rubber covered dicks or pussy's. The sound of flogging filled the air along with the sound of rubber slapping against other rubber bodies. A strange tableau presented itself, the reconverted priest was leading the rubber nuns in hosanna's of praise for the rubber religion while fucking the holes of two of the parishioners. A red rubber covered nun was stuffing a large dildo hand up the priest's bum, causing his sermon to lilt from time to time. So, as he fucked he was fucked in return and the fucking continued on and around the room. Various types of metal gleamed from sex parts and dangled painfully as weights of different sizes hung from them. Racks lined the walls and as one acolyte was released, another was chained upon it. Plain, mundane people were dragged in from they're homes, along with the old and infirm and the injured. Only to run out covered in rubber and to join in the sea of rubber sex, cured and whole and young and horny again. They dove into the  mounds of rubber covered converts and plugging in, plugged away. Modifications of every type graced peoples bodies, one(female?) walked by, a pussy where her mouth had been and more covered every almost every part of her. One where each nipple had been, her huge boobs slopping out sex juice unto the floor. A trio of rows of pussy's ran down her stomach and two more bracketed each side of her enlarged sex, two more lines ran down her back and three more filled the space where her asshole had been. She was joined by a trio that had cocks jutting from every surface. One even had a dozen jutting from it's head. She was then tossed down and impaled from every conceivable angle. The cocks she could not jam into her body, she serviced with the deep walled cunts that took the place of her hands, they all were thrusting away. soon, she was awash in sex cream and a another pussy person took her place as she was carried bodily off into the confessional by the rubber nuns, the nuns cocks filling her holes up as they went, her pussy hands bobbing up and  down onto several of them.

On screens, above the converts, pictures from the other churches filled the room with the sight of yet more rubbersex. In Cincinnati, a tall, tightly corseted, rubber nun, her wimple swinging to and fro, with three dicks hanging above her twin cunts and three assholes, a trio of huge dicks danced and squirted from her thick tail as she slipped one up one of her holes. 10in long dicks were the heels of her thigh high boots, as she extorted the new converts to join in on raping the now pussy covered rubber priest. Newly transformed, he tried to back away. But, was caught by a gaggle of acolytes and slammed down upon on the nuns tools. Surrounded, he was fucked mercilessly by his congregation, his cries unheard though the respirator and rebreather bag he wore. Soon, though. he was the one dragging the new converts in to be scanned and transformed. Laughing through the gasmask, he made suggestions as to what modifications were added to them, and then he was the first one to try them out as they emerged. A young mother screamed as her two children were educated by the program and aged to maturity before her eyes.  The girl was given a 20in tongue, with a gold ring though it, 44FF tits, a 15in long and 9in wide cock and two more cunts. One above her puckered asshole, the other on top of her enlarged primary, they squirted fuck-juices as she played with them. Suddenly bald, she was quickly covered in creamy see-through rubber and a pair of 10in platform knee boots adorned her feet. The boy was transformed into a woman with38 DD tits and two cunts above and beside his newly changed 12in long and 8in wide dick and tall ballet boots. Then, his hair disappeared an he was further modified and covered in black rubber and piercings. the pair turned and held the woman as she herself was given a thick dildo tail and two more pussy's and covered in white rubber, a set of towering heels and 40EEE tits with rings in them and they were set loose to enjoy themselves, they fell on each other, fucking deep into one another and they had to be carried from the room. The girls long tongue never leaving her mothers slot, the woman thrust her hips at it as she was dragged from the hall and the group was tossed into the sea of writhing bodies, her red rubber covered husband welcomed them, by sticking a few of his many dicks into them as the family held each other in a rubbersexual embrace and thrust at each other.

In Washington, at the national cheadrell. Thousands filled the floors and walls and hung from the ceilings of the converted church. You could almost smell the rubber burning, as converts and acolytes jetted cum all over each other and into the crowd. Flying twenty feet or more, strings of jism flew through the air and landed on rubber covered bodies as they themselves thrust and came into other rubber sluts cunts and mouths and asses. A line of rubber nuns thrust they're cocks into a line of white rubber covered singers as they all sang new songs and praises for  the new religion. A cock and pussy covered preacher told a sermon about how the sins of the past had been wiped clean by the new church. Absolutions and orgasms were the order of the day and all the people cheered and came into and onto each other. The preacher bellowed as he shot down a nuns throat, then draped her over the podium and drove into her ass from behind, another lower cock slipping up into her cunt. He slammed into her and she reached around with her hands and jacked off several of his other cocks lining his sides.  jism soon shot all over her back and into her holes as another nun stuck a dick down her throat and shoot her load into the first nuns slimy maw as the preacher kept on fucking her.

Rad was pleased, soon the whole country would be under his direction, another screen showed churches in other countries. The Russians were trying to storm the newly converted St. Petersburg cheadrell, with a few modifications, the bullet resistant nuns grabbed the attacking soldiers and after they had been converted, sent them back out after they're fellows. Soon, the whole square was quiet, the tanks and rifles and clothes of all kinds lay abandoned on the ground.

Smiling, he left the church, and returning to the house, found the two girls locked in a hot session in the living room. The mother superior and the local girls-school headmistress were swinging from the rafters as Lola and Cathy fucked them senseless. Lola now sported a weeping cunt where her mouth used to be, a 20in long and 12in wide cock bobbed above her weeping slit, 6in dicks sprang from her tits where her nipples once were, devoid of rubber for once, Rad could see the clit under her nose pop up in pleasure as she saw him enter. She waved one of her dick hands at him and he waved back, the other firmly embedded in the mother superiors asshole. Cathy on the other hand was covered in clear rubber, her dick plunged into the helpless schoolmarm, making her cry out in pain and misery as the bars and rings slid over her sensitive tissues. Lola's tail cocks slid into Cathy's cunt and ass, she visibly twitched as she shot off into the headmistress. The poor woman was unconverted and screamed in pain as Lola withdrew her hand cock from the mother superior's leaking buttcheeks and leaving her behind, she reached around and forced her giant dick hand up the poor headmistress's asshole, the lady's eyes bulged and I went to the computer to keep the two rubbersluts from killing this poor untransformed woman. I made some entries and pressed enter, the woman now sported an equal sized dick to Lola, her cunt was built to take this kind of punishment now and her clit stood out 2in. her ass freely lubricated around Lola's huge dick, easing the pain. A pair of 46FF tits jutted from her chest. She was covered in black rubber, her headmistress's dress, black rubber and suitably shortened. covered the catsuit beneath it and a round respirator protruded from the mouth of her face mask, tubes ran out from her nose and back over her head. A pair of cock heeled thigh-high rubber boots completed the ensemble she moaned as new sexual feelings washed over her and she began to thrust back at the rutting women in front and behind her. I replaced Lola in front of the mother superior, her rubber covered limbs swung wildly. But, she was going nowhere fast, I fisted her 16in cock for a few minutes. When she got hard, I slammed my twin dicks to the hilt in her primary cunt and asshole. She levered her tail cock into my ass and I griped her waist and drove her belly dick into me, and I fucked her as she fucked me back. Cum shot from her dick and sprayed the inside of my cunt, moaning inside my mask, a series of orgasms racked my body. Drawing back, her flagging dick covered me in sperm and I returned the favor by coating her bowels and cunt, the runoff dripping to the floor. Her tail cock slipped from my asshole and stroked my rubbered ballsack back and forth, coaxing more jets of cum from my cunt and dicks, and arching in bliss, she tore her hand loose from the restraint and pinched my clit and I came yet again.

The two ladies were done with the headmistress. As Cathy withdrew the woman jerked a few times and slapped herself down on the shaft once more, then it was withdrawn and she hung there grinding at nothing, unable to cum anymore. Lola went and put on her black rubber catsuit and mask and a pair of granny boots and returned.

We released the women, and led them to the main room. A master computer console sat in a corner, from here all the conversions being done were monitored and approved. He alone, controlled the program. They led the ladies to the huge rubber covered bed, an inflated ring kept all the love honey inside the bed area and made it slippery on the surface. On the covers, they squirmed. Cunts and dicks and assholes were penetrated and plumbed, Cathy kneeled behind Rad and squired him from behind and in turn he slipped both cocks up the holes of the headmistress, who in turn forced her huge dick up into Lola, who in turn drove her  giant cock into the front facing, mother superiors slit. The mother superior stuck her new dick into Lola's mouth-cunt and we all drove against one another. The slapping of bodies and squirting of juices and the fucking and sucking lasted a long, long time. They all fell asleep like that, those unconscious continuing to be fucked by those still awake. The ones asleep, cuming over and over in they're dreams.

Rad awoke to several mouths on his dicks, the mother superior was instructing the headmistress as how to give an outstanding blowjob. Already, he stood long and hard in her hands, she had removed the first mask to suck him through the mouth hole in the second mask, she snorted through her nose as she fed it down her own gullet.  Cathy straddled his face and seeing he was awake, slid her cock into his cunt and slid it in and out with her hand, her juices coated his respirator covered face, she idly played with the rings in his nipples, making him twist and writhe under her. Lola was wildly driving into a pussy covered red rubber nun whom had come in sometime during the night, stretched out over the house shaped rubber cushion, the poor nun was filled to the brim. A large majority of her holes were being filled by the cocks jutting from Lola's hands and body and tits, the nun screamed futilely. But, it was cut off by the respirator covering her face, Lola arched her back driving all of her dicks in and  torrents of jism flooded the nuns holes, eliciting fresh cries from behind the nuns mask. Lola pulled out one of her dildo hands and thrust it into her mouth-cunt, slurping sounds came from her face as she swallowed more cream, her throat bobbing up and down. Her face, all that showed, was a mask of contentment, meanwhile, the headmistress and the mother superior each deep throated one of his dicks and Cathy, hard now. Drove into his cunt in Ernest, soon, a torrent erupted from him and all four were coated in his slime. Then the head nun and the schoolmarm impaled themselves on his wagging dicks and rode him until they all came again.

They all played for a while more, exploring various combinations and copulation's. But he had other things to do and so, after spraying the red pussy nun with his third load he looked at the files she had placed on his desk, and looking them over, found to his delight that he was now. Basically, master of the world. He called up the video logs. And he watched, the footage of the fall of iron mountain complex was quite entertaining, the infiltration of the complex computer system had been a master stroke. A female soldier had unlinked to the  program from inside the complex even as the commanding generals had called for the sealing off of the underground bunkers. Their external cameras had shown them the great door swinging shut even as the outer perimeters had been overrun. They're men being disarmed and converted before they're own eyes, rubber clad men and women running straight into withering small and large arms fire and shrugging it off, as if batting at flies, the rubber people grabbing soldiers and passing them backward overhead, until they reached the rear. Soon, converted they did the same to they're fellows. The bases internal cameras showed the generals and command staff frothing at the mouth, trying to get orders from the pentagon or Washington, fifteen minutes later, a black rubber clad, masked man with a thick rubber dick on top of his head, claiming to be the president, called to tell them to lay down they're arms and join the new religion. The commanding general fired off two nukes and leveled his nation's capital. Then, while trying to call up the codes to fire the remaining missiles at the rest of the worlds command structures, a group of rubber soldiers, led by the female major who had unlinked to the program and was converted as many of her fellows as she could get her hands on, grabbed the general and the command staff and routing the program into their war room, Converted them. Soon the entire complex was theirs and the thirty foot high bomb-proof doors opened for the last time and all the converts came out and fell to fucking each other. The pussy and cock covered general was last seen muff diving the major who betrayed him.

The coverage of the fall of Beijing was fun, not because the ruling elite resisted, rather the ruling elite, being the only ones besides the military with access to computers. Had been the ones to convert the entire country. 2.3 billion people whom had, had little or no access to technology, now were turned into devoted rubber slaves by it in less than four days. Australia took longer because of the long distances acolytes had to travel to get to population groups. But, it was projected that the entire outback would fall in less than a week, in a months time. The entire world, except for a few hundred breeders, would be a peace for the first time in history.

Rad sat back in his chair. Now typed in and he requested the scientists and computer personnel of the whole religion to see to finding all information on the master-PC and sending it to him, he asked that all computer systems be linked to his system and that the mass conversions stop for the time being. He personally would see to any future conversions and that unconverted persons be brought to the prison near the mansion. After that, next month he declared an international celebration, for in the first time in the history of the world. Everyone was at peace.

Two days later, he again walked into town. Rubber people of every description walked the streets, every color was now in evidence, pink and blue and iridescent shades covered everybody, not just black anymore. People in rubber versions of they're old uniforms resumed they're jobs and went about they're business as normal.

However, rubber clad teachers and professors were sent to work for the computer programmers and anyone to do with child care was rerouted to a proper place, with no children to care for, mothers found time to care for they're homes and husbands or to seek work that was productive.

Soon a utopia arose, mankind was freed of strife and anger. The few who had not been converted to the new religion were allowed to live amongst them and were the ones to bring children into the world. A synthesis emerged. The rubber people gladly and diligently produced the good and services the mundanes needed to survive and the church received new converts in the form of children  that were raised by the mundanes. The normals didn't care for it. But, they didn't have much say in the matter, some converts renounced the church and went back to they're old lives, in several months time the ex-converts could have children again. This was allowed, everyone was free to do as they wished within reason, with no governments, all people were equal and free. However, all peoples were subject to Rad's control. If they acted violent or tried to form rebellions, they were soon overwhelmed and converted to rubber slaves for life.

Prosperity filled the land, all because of Rad, and black rubber.
Mary Jane mc`Faddion, awoke on a hard bed in a cell, water was dripping somewhere and she was thirsty, she had been having a horrible dream. but, it wasn't a dream, her family had all been covered in rubber and had been having raunchy sex with extra vaginas and penises all over they're bodies on the floor of they're home, when she had walked in and seen them, they had grabbed her and brought her here. Now she was in a block of cells on the first floor of the old Blamfeld prison complex, a few people were in other cells that she could see, a black rubber covered matron paced back and forth occasionally, her rubber skirts swishing, driving her huge penis into her own vagina and twisting on the rings in her overgrown breasts. groaning as she shot sperm into herself, she would sometimes spray the inmates down with it as she made her rounds, other times, when she brought food. The perverted guard would only surrender the food if she. Mary, sucked it off. until at last. gagging, a large load of the sickly-sweet stuff would shoot down her throat and a line or two would drip off from Mary's tear-stained chin and would fall to the concrete floor. And she would be fed. In other cells, men and women cried and pleaded to be let out. To see they're lawyers and to return to they're loved ones, some cried out threats of vengeance on the rubber covered people and whoever caused this revolution to happen. Mary didn't like for this to happen. Because, when it did. Matrons and guards would remove the offender and when next they saw the person. That person was now a rubber covered pervert themselves. And the guards and matrons would spend the day in front of the inmates engaged in all kinds of perverted sexual orgies. Driving they're normal and their extra organs and vaginas together and urinating and defecating on, and shooting huge amounts of semen onto and into each other. They're tongues were obscenely long. Some were split. Others were in the shape of penises. The ambiguous sexuality of the perverts was what troubled her the most. She saw men with vaginas and breasts, women with penises. Both sexes with tails and transmogrified limbs and bodies. Some with wings. Some were reduced to a single sexual organ, yet still conscious and alive.

She shivered, the thought chilled her. Yet, as sat. her hand strayed to her thigh and she caught herself as her hand passed over her mound, eliciting a shudder as she pulled it away. The intense sexuality of these creatures repulsed her and at the same time she found in herself the unmistakable signs of arousal and she found herself fantasizing about being violated by them, being penetrated by they're obscene organs. She shook herself. Putting these thoughts from her mind, she stood and walked to the cell door. It was almost time to go out to the yard for exercise and conversation with the gang. Her gang consisted of Betty, a lesbian auto mechanic. Carla, formerly a secretary to a high level executive. Stuart, a book wormish accountant and, she suspected. A closet Homo. Archie, a buff former marine. And Shirley, a grade school teacher, like she had intended to be. Once she had graduated from collage. That is, until the rubber people took over. They had all only been spared because of the strange amnesty, that had seized the beasts. They had been carrying her to one of they're damn churches, there to be turned into one of them. When, they suddenly stopped and after a moment. They turned, and brought her here. Sometimes she had wished they had just done it and got it over with, the damned monotony was killing her and the others just as surely as if she had started cutting herself when she got here and added another cut every day since. The door slid open and a leering matron stood by shaking her long organ at her, she looked at the creature. The rubber molded it self to every crease and wrinkle in her face, she was startled to see the face of a forty-five year old woman. Her features beatific in they're lust, as she caught the look, the woman smiled and opened her mouth. The glands of a large penis-like tongue were visible and then slid a full ten inches into view from between her overlarge lips. She looked hurriedly away and shuddered as the march began. They marched down the block and around a few corners. Then they arrived in the yard. A large partially paved field, with bleachers on the side and guard tower all around, she looked around and saw her click standing by the sand pit. Lounging in deck chairs, Shirley waved at her and she hurried over. Archie was grumbling, as usual. Shirley was trying to talk him out of trying to escape, probably to no avail. Betty was not helping, giggling and giving Archie tips and Intel about the building and the defenses, egging him on. Betty didn't like the tall macho, handsome soldier and actively worked to get him converted or moved to another block. So, she thought. She could have the girls to herself, sooner or later she would find one of them, and convert them herself, to her way of life. Mary was appalled at her. But, she liked Betty's confidence. For all that. She grabbed a chair and sat down next to Carla. The short well proportioned redhead was napping with a "rubber international" newspaper tented over her Asiatic features. The shapeless orange jumpsuit they gave the prisoners, still revealing a well formed body. Stuart, was curled up simi-cataonic on the ground, shaking. Seeing demons that may actually have appeared to him. But, not now. She  felt for him, he had seen his whole firm converted. He had escaped for several hours and had hoped to get away, when the rubber vision of his own girlfriend had spotted him and they had sized him and carried him to the converter. They had actually begun the process on him when they had stopped. His legs were covered in black and a pair of penis heeled, high-heeled boots ran up to his knees. The heels occasionally leaked some clear seminal fluid. He said they had full sensation and could shoot clear across the room if he stimulated himself any at all. She had never brought herself to ask how far the changes went up his body. His mind had been more than slightly warped by the experience. He said that he constantly had thoughts of perverse and twisted sex. Sometimes, he frightened her.

He moaned and a squirt of fluid shot from his heels.

She laid back and listened to Archie and Betty bickering and Shirley playing peacemaker. She dozed, after a time, a voice came over the loudspeaker. "ALL MUNDANES, REPORT TO THE PARADE GROUNDS, ASSEMBILY IN TEN MINATES. ALL MUNDANES TO LINEUP AND STANDOFF FOR INSPECTION. THE LEADER GRACES YOUR UNWORTHY PRESSANCE. TALKING WILL NOT BE PURMITTED. VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN CONVERSION. THAT IS ALL." She sat up and blinked. The argument had stopped. They all looked at each other, white-faced. The leader! The one that had started all this. Was coming here! Stuart sobbed softly, and they had to mostly carry him between them to the parade ground. "do you think they're finally going through with it? Or do you think this just another pep talk?" Betty asked as the measured off. The leader had come out a week after they had arrived. Telling them in his deep sonorous voice that he had solved all of mankind's problems with the conversion of the world, had given it back its own animal instincts and freed it to enjoy itself again. With no governments and no religion. Nothing but, rubbersex. It was mankind's next evolution. Mass mind. Controlled by computers and directed by the leader, mankind would go to the stars themselves. A woman in front had pointed out that they were no longer human. She was taken off and converted. Later she was seen in blue rubber with huge boobs, a tail with a trio of peni. her torso lined with vaginas, with her penis-hands pumping away into herself, her long, thick penis tongue plunging deep inside the block matron's vagina. In the time it took for her to think this, the anthem sounded. A hopped-up dance club tune, it sounded like a durge from where they stood. The guards and administrators stepped up onto the stage and lined up. Even so a few of them kept slipping slick organs into one another. A rubber coated God strode forward. He went to the podium and spoke. "I am Rad, the leader of the chosen. If there are new guests among you, know this. You and a few thousand more are all that remain of homo sapian sapians, the new order rules the world you once knew. Homo sapians sexis is now the dominant species. You are kept here for your own protection, outside you would not be safe. These acolytes," He waved his hand toward the warden, Who at the moment was shooting sperm all over the stage as a guard drove into her from behind. and the guards behind her. "Are strong enough to resist fucking you all to death, therefor it would not be prudent to escape, I could not ensure your safety. You will not be harmed. In a few weeks you will be relocated to a small hamlet. Homes and food will be provided. The area will be remote enough to stay reasonably safe and secure as long as you stay there. Communication with the others of your species will be provided as long as no one uses it for conspiracy or treachery. Any of our kind who still wishes to return to normal will rejoin your world. please accept them, they were taken against they're will and just wish to be "normal" again. And any of you who wish to join the collective may do so. We are not "monsters." However, with our superior strength and intelligence, we are more than able to injure you when we are aroused. There are no children in our world. all that came under our control during the conversions were aged and educated by the program. We do not procreate that way. If any of these are returned the your world, they will be unversed in human society and will need much attention. Because they will not have any social skills, please help them if you can. The collective is with us always. So, they will need a lot of love.

And, yes. We do love each other. You see it every day. But, you do not understand. Each and every one of us. Our bodies are alive with sensation, our skins swim with feeling and when we orgasm, we all feel the pleasure. If you join us you will know these feelings and more, our brains contain the sum of human knowledge and experience. We would welcome you. And now. Please return to your leisure." The warden blew a whistle and shot off again and they turned and returned to the exercise yard.

Once they returned to they're spot and resumed their positions. Carla turned her head and asked "what do you think about that? Relocated, like animals returned to the wild. I for one would like to get into some real clothes again. What did you think of his diatribe on the shared feeling of communal orgasm? Pretty wild. huh? How do you think that would feel?" they uneasily looked over at Stuart. Curled up again on the grass. Shaking and after a time a squirt or two of fluid came from his penis heeled boots. Mary looked at Carla and said "sometimes I wonder what it would be like? You know.. doing that to each other. What's the word, "fucking?" it scares me. I've been in collage for three years, straight out of high-school. And I've never Not once. And I get these feelings. I get hot-flashes. But, I shake them off. They're dirty, about...what they do." Carla shook out the paper and said "I forget you're just a kid. We've all been through a lot. I get them too. So, I masturbate. A lot! When watching gets me hot, I fondle myself and play with my pussy. There's nothing wrong with that. It's part of being human, a part that these "chosen" have reclaimed for themselves. I wonder about being one of them myself, I wonder if they retain they're individuality whilst being a part of the whole or if they loose that when they are converted."

The bell signaling the end of the exercise period sounded and they returned to they're cells for dinner.

A younger matron, with several large penises's and boobs with dripping vaginas. Wearing crotch-high twin penis heeled rubber boots over her scum covered suit. Another twin pair of penises on end of her tail drove lazily into her vagina and rectum. Demanded her middle organ be sucked-off. Before, she would hand over the dinner tray. Arched her back and shot a load of cream down her constricting throat and her head was slimed by the woman's other organs (DICKS?!) where had that come from? She thought as she tried vainly to work the (CUM!) out of her hair after the grinning matron handed her the tray and pushed her cart down and demanded the same of the man in the next cell. She sat for a while. The inmates who ran the asylum, started in on they're nightly entertainment in the middle of the block. Crying and moaning soon filled the building. As she watched, several writhing bodies thrust and jerked and shot sperm everywhere. Her nipples grew hard and sensitive. A fire started in her groin. She stroked her bush boldly, the crotch of her suit was becoming damp. She removed it. Her boobs burst forth as she pulled the zipper down. She reached up and held one, her nipple looked like a pink eraser. She stroked it and groaned with the feeling. She pinched it and a soft cry escaped her lips, the thrusting and moaning from the mass of rubber clad people rose in pitch and her arousal rose with it. Using both hands now, she kneaded her breasts (tits! Asses cunts dicks cocks!) her vision swam, as she mauled her 34c mounds. Her mind screamed at her as she slipped a hand to her vaginal lips and found herself soaking, she rubbed herself and threw herself onto her back. Turning so she could watch the show in front of her as she slipped a finger inside her dripping wet.. (PUSSY!!! God I want to be fucked! Look at that one, getting in the ass and four pussy's at once!!! See that one slipping the cunts in her boobs over two separate dicks ,as she sucks another off!?! Oh. That's a guy! He looks happy though. Oh god this feels so good!!! Why did I deny this to myself all these years?) she slipped in another finger and abruptly struck a barrier, her hymen. She sluiced her hand around inside awhile, making herself cry out loudly with pleasure as her thumb scratched at her clitoris. With an evil grin on her face she gave herself over to corruption and slipped a finger into her ass. (oh,god. Oh, god!!! Oh, godddd!!!!!!) OH,GODDDD!!!!!!! She screamed at the top of her lungs as she came for the first time in her young life, and gray and then blackness washed over her, her hands still working they're magic.

A few days later, several trucks came and took them all from the compound and they drove through several towns and cities till they reached they're final destination.

The trip through those towns was unreal and unnerving, everywhere were rubber clad beings in parodies of they're former clothing. Many carrying on with regular everyday tasks and large groups gathered together enjoying sex secessions in parks and alleyways and wherever the found an open spot.

One group stood out in Mary's mind. As the truck stopped in scarsburogh for refueling. she watched as a horned black rubber nun, resplendent with bat-like rubber coated membranous wings, four vaginas running in a line to her crotch, long penises with testes and piercings adorning her breasts and elevated a full foot skyward by dual penis-heeled platform mid thigh boots. Was leading a service and giving confession of a sort in the park across the street from the station they were in.

As the nun intoned an obscene prayer, a postulant  would kneel in front of her to receive the blessing, except in this case. The nun jerked-off the huge organ of a white covered male. devoid of even sight, he was sucked by the postulants mouth, spraying large amounts of the sticky juice down its throat. Rising, the next in line would have the process repeated, and so on and so on. As the truck resumed its journey, the congregation fell upon each other and the festivities began, Mary felt a low heat and dipping her hand under her new dress, found her pussy damp with juice as they bounced away.

They finally arrived in a medium sized hamlet far out in the woods. It seemed totally self-sufficient and they were led to various good sized homes to choose one to occupy. The houses had been obviously quickly vacated when they're owners were forcibly converted and then relocated to the cities. Things were left exactly as they had been when the houses were stormed by the hordes of the chosen. Dinners burnt in the pan or left on the table, wash in the machines or on the lines. Clothes and shoes lay scattered all over the town. It was eerie, to walk down the streets with one of the chosen leading a guided tour. The white covered organs of the guide dripping, leaving a trail on the ground that none of them wanted to step in. eventually, she found a cute little two bedroom house with a white picket fence around it. It was so Rockwell, it made her want to puke. But, she liked it despite that. Fully furnished, with a good sound system, a man and woman had lived a good life here before...

She didn't want to dwell on that... her gang moved into the houses around her and she found herself taking pity on Stuart, she asked him to move in with her. he couldn't walk around on those heels. Without being fully converted, the pain must have been unbearable, like walking around on your own genitalia. They found him a wheelchair and she took him everywhere with her. To the movies, in the fifty's style theater. Shopping, though he wouldn't look at her when she picked out lingerie, since it excited him and caused his heels to ooze. She had to give him baths, though at first, he had refused and tried to pull himself from the chair into the tub. She now saw him in his glory. Below his nipples, still flat and male. Three long and thick, dangling penises, covered in black rubber and two vaginas above his hips and a very large scrotal sack lined his front side and six more vaginas lined his back down the dividing line of his spine. A four penised tail hung three feet down from over his two anuses. If he sneezed the rosettes winked at her. He was terribly self-conscious of the way he looked and the feelings from the collective would drive him to curl up in screaming fits occasionally, a blanket pulled over himself to prevent covering the whole room in sperm when he came repeatedly. One night, after dinner. One of these fits sized him. He tried to race to his bedroom. But, before he could get there. The lust overcame him and he shredded his clothes as she watched. And sized two of his members one in each hand and throwing his head back, he laughed crazily and jerked them up and down, grunting in his revelry. She had watched all this, horrified. For a long moment. and then stuck her hand into her panties as she herself seemed to detach and become suffused with a white heat. Her hand was instantly coated in her juices and she brought it up to smell herself. When he turned in the chair and said in a voice she had never heard before, "I smell your sin little one, join us. This one is weak and can't kill or injure you. Take this flesh and experience us. Maybe, one day you will desire to become as we? Love with us, let us fuck you crazy." in a daze she wheeled him to the futon and lifted him onto it. As she striped, she looked at his form and the hard organs jutting from his groin and stomach, the leaking female lips oozing fluid and staining the covers dark. The penises jutting from the heels of the permanently attached  fetish boots twitching and squirting pre-cum. She sat on the bed and ran her hand around the heel of his left boot, he arched slightly and covered her hand in slime. slightly repulsed, she lifted it to her lips and tasted it. It was sweet. She wanted more. Scooting herself onto his thighs, she fisted the largest of his three cocks, the original. It swelled in her tiny hands oozing and throbbing as she pumped it. He was jerking on the other two and she reached up and outlined a pussy with her finger. Then slipped it inside, amazed as the resilience, the wetness of it, she found herself slipping her whole hand inside. He screamed in pleasure as she took one of the knobby heads in her mouth and sucked it. She smelled something wonderful, undeniable, suddenly her nose hit his pubic bone as she bottomed out on his shaft and she rapidly raised and lowered her head as she fellated him, her cheeks deflating, twisting his sack in her other hand. He shot deep into her throat, her muscles worked as she swallowed. Cum had shot from his other dicks as well. Her hair was a sloppy mess. She rose from his thighs and straddled his face. He snaked an overly long and thick tongue out and sank it into her pussy, striking her hymen, it rebounded. Before sinking in again and slowly, oh, so slowly breaking through. She shrieked, and collapsed on his face for a moment, her breath gone, and a line of blood running down his face. His tongue had not withdrawn from her snatch, and he began thrusting it deep within her, causing her to cry out in pain and lust. she smacked her pelvis down hard on his nose, breaking it in the process. A wild cry escaped her as her first orgasm loomed, and he grabbed her hips and pulled his tongue from her, only to spin her over his head and slam her down to the root on his main member. Her head swam and she started jacking his other cocks madly and slamming her hands into his cunts and pinching his small nipples as he mauled her little tits. She lost all control and hiked herself up and down on the thick shaft. tossing her head about and diving to suck his long tongue down her throat as she had a huge orgasm. bucking and thrashing about as it claimed her again and again, the space between them was awash in his slime. Blood and cum drenched the futon cover and being held in his arms, they jerked again and again as he shot spunk into and onto her belly and they went to sleep. Smiling together.

In the morning, as the sun shone through the shaded window. A sleepy eyed Mary rose up on her elbow and looked at Stuarts body as he snored softly. The black rubber felt strange, like skin and yet...not. He snorked as she ran her fingers over his various appendages, lingeringly tracing the outlines of his female equipment. She no longer smelled that fascinating smell from last night and she found herself more than slightly repulsed by what had occurred between them. Yet, the sex had been amazing, and fulfilling and very hot. There was no denying that. She smiled as he moaned in his sleep from her ministrations. His multi-organed tail wormed it's way up her leg, with a mind of it's own and one thing on it's mind. It paused as it brushed her nether lips. Lightly rubbing her moistening mons. She laughed and spread her legs enough for it to slip one of its heads into the entrance, gently pushing back and forth, teasing her. What do you know? The guys asleep and he'll never know he got lucky again. She thought. poor Stuart, lucky me... she reached down and grasped the mutant- vegetable shaped thing, and pulled it up to examine it. It was four dicks gathered together at the base and smoothly joined to the tail, it was an inch thick at the joint and the peni were veined and multi-tipped. One was thickly ribbed and had a ring of knobs behind the head, it was smooth and rubbery to the touch. One was washer-board textured with an extendible orbit at the end. It was harder than the others. One just looked like a richly veined penis. and the last... the last intrigued her the most, it looked like an ameba at the head. the smaller tube was covered in the wiggly fingers and they were thickest at the base on the head. She licked her lips. He had only come to terms with her bodies desires lately and she knew she shouldn't be doing this... she took the tickler headed  cock and rubbed it against her slit. It slathered  back and forth across her cunt lips with a mind of it's own. As she held it  and pushed it up and into her vaginas entrance. She gasped. Its little fingers thrilled her clit as it twisted and shoved itself in.  the first inch or so hurt a little and she bit her lip, her hips jerked with lust and she reached down and clinched the dick-shaped appendage and rubbed it back and forth between her cunt and her asshole.  positioning its head at the rosette, it leaked a small amount of jism and pushed against the opening, slipping the head inside just a little. Her lower body came alive. The ameba took the opportunity to thrust in a little deeper and lying back. she sighed as she clutched her tits and twisted her nipples. The anal intruder slipped in another inch and both cocks pulled back and plunged back in. her head rocked with pleasure and strangled cry escaped her throat. She became an animal again. The tail worked itself deep inside her holes and soon developed a punishing rhythm. Stuart was awakened by her trashing and rolled over to behold a wondrous sight. His roommate was impaled on the dicks at end of his tail. His accursed body was having its perverted way with her and it sickened him. But the damned thing was having it's way again and he watched his treble front dicks lengthening and growing hard, the cunts covering his freakish body started to leak slimy cunt-juice and he watched his arms go around her and draw her head down to suck on them. it didn't matter witch, the sinful feelings ran from one to another anyway. She screamed out in orgasm and jammed her head down, licking cunts and slathering on cocks. He shot cum several times and still they wouldn't go down! The girl had gone insane with lust and grunting, pushed him onto his back and rammed her hands into his cunts and bobbed from one cockhead to another in her squealing and cumming and rutting. Her head flew back, it was thick and white with semen. Her hair was a coated helmet, dripping the stuff. He watched her eyes roll back in her head and an eerie shriek came from her throat. He shot-off on and in her. She got up on one knee and ripped the tail-cocks from her orifices. With a crazed look in her eyes, she squatted and impaled herself on his lower two cocks. While madly jerking off the top one. She rode out orgasm after orgasm, taking him with her. flailing about like a rag doll. She finally threw herself off onto the floor and curled up in a ball on the rug, you would have to scrape the crust from her body. Shuddering, Still caught in the throes of sensation, one hand grinding in her pussy and the other balled up and rammed in her mouth. Soft whimpering came from her as she lay there.

Stuart looked down at her on the floor. "now you know how I feel." He whispered.

Stuart didn't speak to her for a week. He hated that his body could betray him so. Or that she could take advantage of it that way. And use him. She cooked wonderful dinners and tried everything she could think of to make it up to him. She didn't know what had come over her. She felt very uncomfortable whenever she looked at him now. Although she had used his incredibly sexual body for her own needs, she felt violated.

She got a job at the chosen's church. Hosing down the place and cleaning up. She wasn't allowed into the services though. But, she watched though the windows sometimes. The abilities of these people were nothing short of amazing. After awhile she would be left shaking her head as she went home and tried not to look and Stuarts shiny black body and would lay in her bed and fantasize. Masturbating... wondering if she was going insane.

Stuart cried out. His body was betraying him again, trying to take over and pleasure itself. Mary ran into the room to try to help him. He spied her and looked at her, trembling, even as his hands seized his cocks and pumped wildly. He cried out again and even from across the room she was coated in semen. The feeling subsided, and relaxing and giggling, he said. "sorry about that, didn't mean to put your fire out." They both looked at each other. Then started laughing hard for a few minutes. Tears flowed. And then she came and sat down by him "poor stuie, to be sized by the moment" they both laughed again and they felt very close.

"You know stuie, if you don't use your body. It will use you." She said.

He looked dubiously at her for a moment, then sighed. And said. "I just can't stand the idea of not being in the drivers seat of my own body. I know you want to try the equipment out again. But, let me make my own decisions about it, please?" he put his head in his rubber coated hands and sobbed softly for a while. Mary went over and put her arms around his slight frame and held and kissed him lightly about the forehead and shushed him.

After dinner and a flick, (john Wayne's "El Dorado" in black and white.) she wheeled him around town with the gang in tow.

Entering "jazzie's" the bar and pizza parlor. That one of the other groups of people in town reopened and manned, they went to they're area in the back and sat and played games for a while. Then Archie and Carla went in the back.

Stuart was doing a fair job at kicking Mary's butt at darts when, the music box went dead and "happy birthday" was heard from many throats as the whole gang walked from the back. Presents in they're arms. To be deposited at the table for him to open. Streamers and a cake were brought. The look of utter happiness on his worn face was thanks enough for the five friends and happy onlookers.

After the gifts were opened and admired. Mary got him alone in a corner and sat on a bench next to him. "now stuie, for my present... I had a talk with the mother superior of the "chosen's" church, they know you aren't happy with the partial conversion and have agreed to reverse it and release you. If that's what you want. I'll take you to be changed back Tuesday or whenever your ready." The poor boy's eyes rolled in his head and he fainted dead away.

He awoke in bed at home, with Mary snoring softly by his side. He watched her as she slept and marveled at her luscious frame as she turned in her sleep. Her chest rising and falling with each breath. Her nipples hardening in the cool night air, they stood out like rubbery erasers from her pert breasts. She murmured something and wrapped an arm about him. Her hand grazing the head of one of his cocks as it went around his chest.

He curled a lock of her brown hair around his finger and felt a wave of affection for her, this campy little collage student. Who had taken him into her life and cared for him, when all the rest of them had simply pitied him. or moved away, as people are wont to do to those different or strange or vaguely dangerous. She smiled in her happy sleep and hugged him tighter.

She brushed his topmost organ again and it began to respond. Flopping lazily as it arose. For once, it seemed right. He wanted her then, not just because his oversexed body was reacting to the presence of a warm receptacle for it's lustful juice. But, because he wanted to love her and repay her for her kindness to him. He reached out and stroked her left nipple, little bumps instantly stood out on the areola and she hiked her leg over his thigh and she pushed her mound against his knee, a slight moan escaped her lips as she did so. In her sleep her fingers began to trace the outlines of his left lower cunt lips, bringing moistness flowing from out of all of the female genitalia that covered him. His male organs too, responded and grew hard and throbbing. A line of vaginal juice ran down his side and onto her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked at it. Slowly her eyes opened and she looked at him. A question in her eyes. He stuck out his hand and stroked her hair and drew her up to kiss her lips. "Yes, since the end of this hell I've been subjected to, is in sight. If you still want to use this body and its limbs for your pleasure. Please, I want you to have its use. With my blessing and , because I. I... love you. And I want to make love to you." She gazed into his eyes and her face was a mask of contradicting emotions. Love, concern, fear, lust. And something else. He couldn't tell what just then. But, something...

She reached down and began jacking him off, bringing a shot of pre-cum splattering him on the upper chest. With a wry smile, she ducked her head and licked it off. Playing her tongue around his nipple and making it hard from her ministrations. She wiggled her ass up and positioned his lower cock at the entrance to her pussy and reached back to find his tail. Having found it she rotated it to position the washboard fucker at her puckered ass ring and slid it inside. Filled she rammed down on the front shaft and began riding. He stuck his hands up and grabbed her tits. using his thumbs, he circled the bumpy knobs and mashed them. His tail pumped away. Bringing cries of "Harder!" from her mouth. Wildly she was grinding away on top of him now. A mad look of lust in her green eyes. He brought her down to his chest and stuck his cock tongue down her throat, her eyes got huge as she burbled her first orgasm around it. It hurt when she bit down on it. But, he was past caring now. He spun her over onto her back and he began driving deeply into all three of her holes, all the while mauling her tits and nipples. She drove her hands deep into the cunts in his sides as she jerked about wildly, her orgasms running together. All humanity was gone from them now, they lived in a world of sloppy, grunting sex. Thrusting together was all that mattered. They came and came, over and over and juices covered them both and shot around the room as they cried out like animals and ground against each other till at last sleep claimed them in its warm embrace.

The next morning they did it again, and yet again in the evening, after dinner and long into the night. Days and weeks slipped by and he had almost forgot his appointment to get this cursed body changed back to normal. He was swept up with his love for her, and wasn't sure if he changed back to the way he was before. If she would still love him back like she did now. He had to admit.. this body has some advantages his old one didn't and still, he didn't like the way the damn thing just took over, every now and then. Making him watch helplessly as it drew her like a moth to a flame, then screwing her until long after she passed out.

One day he rolled over to her in the kitchen. And they talked about it. And then, she dropped a bombshell on him. She wanted to be converted, she said. She wanted to live a life of pure sex and love, to be nothing. But, a living sex object, a walking rubber sex doll. With nothing on her mind, except fucking and getting off. For the rest of her life.

He tried every argument he could think of. Then, he raved and screamed and stormed off. His feelings hurt and leaving her crying on the sofa in the living room.

The next day, he tried to dissuade her again. And again they left each other crying. The day after that, she came home from her job at the accursed church and announced that later that week she was going to be converted. That was it. End of story.

He woke the next morning, hearing sobs coming from her room. He pulled himself into the chair and rolled to her door. At his knock, she came to the door. Her eyes were puffy  from crying. He rolled to her bed and pulled himself onto it. Then he wrapped his arms about her and held her for a long time.

They fell asleep that way.

They awoke in the evening. The night birds chirping out their songs. As they held each other close, he spoke softly in her ear. "before this happened to me, I was nothing. A snotty little accountant with a boring job and no one to go home to. Now, I have everything a man could want, and the woman I love wants to be a fuck doll. Without you, I have nothing to look forward too. Life itself would have no meaning for me, knowing you were off, being sexed in a pit somewhere. Without any thoughts of me left in your head or left in your heart. I couldn't live like that... I just couldn't. so, if you really mean to do this, I'll finish my conversion and join you in they're world. O.K.?" by the look on her face he could tell she was stunned. "and don't try to talk me out of it for my own good O.K.?"  he said in response to her mouth opening to speak those very words.  " I want to be with you, wherever that is and whatever you're doing, I want to be there!"  she placed her cool hand on his cheek,  a look of adoring love spreading over face and causing her to blush deeply. "oh stuie, I love you so much. Are you sure this is what you want to do? They say if we don't want to be like them. after awhile, we can change back. Anytime we want. O.K. stuie? Is it O.K. say it's all right with you?" he clutched her to him "All right, honey. It's all right with me.." he said looking out the window at the birds flying in the deep blue summer sky. "it's O.K."

The rest of the week was spent living like there was no tomorrow. 'cuse for Stuart, as far as he was concerned. There wasn't. they rode bicycles around town, spent long days at the library. They acted like newlyweds out on they're honeymoon. The rest of the gang kidded them about it. until she let slip about the conversions to Carla, While making dinner for the lot of them. Then, conversation cooled. And their friends would gaze at them sadly when they left to go home. Worried for them, and they're future.

The final Friday before the new appointment, the gang threw a huge party for them. Basically a wedding party, the men wheeled Stuart down to the bar and got him stinking drunk and had Janine, an ex-tity dancer rub herself all over him. "to get him used to it" Archie said, hoisting a toast to his rubber wedding.

The lady's, on the other hand. Threw a bridle shower. They tossed presents and drank and cried and laughed. A few of them, led by Betty, Tried to talk her out of this "crazy scheme" and to go ahead and have stuie's partial conversion reversed. Try as they might, there was no budging her on it. She tried to explain to them, to no avail. They just couldn't understand. About two A.M. Betty ran crying from the house. Full of sorrow at loosing her friend.

With a wry twist of astoundingly good humor the mother superior said she would be honored to actually marry them. In a ceremony, before the conversions.
She had gotten to know the gruff woman over the months. Along with the members of the congregation. They, besides the patent obsession with fucking all the time. Were normal enough most of the time, even exhibiting a strange sense of humor at times. Stuie didn't know about this, that underneath the rubber, they acted just like people. He thought, that they were monsters and villains. And to a certain extent they were. They couldn't have humanity trying to kill them. She saw the logic in this and knew they were right. If it were strong enough. Mankind would try to destroy them. And in doing so, would probably destroy itself.

The next morning, at the church. Stuart was dressed stiffly in a new tuxedo, spats covered his deformed feet and he perspired freely. as he sat, waiting for his bride.

The music swelled. And Mary, preceded by Betty and Carla. Started up the isle and was deposited across from a panicking Stuart. The Mother superior had deferred to the occasion by wearing a cloth cloak over her rubberized frame. Archie  poked Stuart in the ribs, he handed him the ring in its case. With a look, Stuart thanked him, Archie smiled back at him.

The words were said, the pact made. The mother superior reminded them that the oath was binding, even in the world they would soon be entering. Stuart couldn't wait to get out of there and out of the scratchy tux. But, Mary was radiant. In her long-trained wedding dress, she practically glowed. The music came up again and they all filed out from the church, through a sea of rice and flowers.
The reception was  a bit stiffer than the wedding. Everyone danced with the bride and everyone cheered as the newlyweds fed each other cake and then it was time for the bouquet. Carla caught it, amid cheers. And another man whom was new to the colony, caught Mary's garter. All in all, a good time was had by all. But, Stuart knew the clock was running down, and soon they would leave all this behind them.

The reception ran late into the night, and soon only their friends remained. They shooed the last of the well-wishers out as the mother superior beckoned.
Mary and Stuart entered the  church office with they're friends in tow. Her cloak discarded on a peg. She faced them and spoke. "tonight, you enter a New World. I know Stuart, that your body has plagued you these many months. That is over now.  The raw sexuality you have experienced these few months will now make you whole. If you will look over these bodily modification sheets and make your choices and then sign these contracts, then, we will go ahead with the programming. Remember this though, if one of you wishes to be returned to this state later. And the other does not, the marriage will be rescinded. We do not allow division in our world."

Stuart let Mary make the choices for him. She giggled occasionally as she studied the paper and made marks to indicate her decisions. That done. The mother superior left them to make they're good-bye's.
Betty could not bear to watch, and so she hugged them both and left. Archie and Carla remained to see what changes the couple had wrought for themselves.
The mother superior reappeared. Picked up the papers and scanned them into the computer. She stood the pair in front of the monitor. A light washed over them as they were scanned themselves.

Back at the mansion, a figure swung suspended inside a frame. Rad was hooked into the largest computer system in the world. All of the worlds supercomputers were now linked and joined together. And at his command. In his VR helmet and using a pair of interface gloves. He knew everything in the world. Everything...
A query beeped for his attention, a couple was asking to be converted and to join the collective. He was amused, it was Mary, whom he had gotten to know through Stuarts body sometime earlier. He looked over they're request's. Mary's choices he was sure, Stuart was not that bold. He added a few fun and interesting additions and started they're conversion.

The light started at Mary's feet first and worked its way up. She now stood a good five inches taller than Stuart. The spike-heeled crotch-high rubber platform boots sported 9in dildos running like spurs, horizontally from the heels. Her vagina twisted as it was lengthened and widened. The lips pooched out in an obscene kiss as she flexed her strengthed muscles. Scum dripped down her leg and onto her boots.  Above her enlarged mons, a pair of long, thick penises appeared, the lower one larger and thicker than the upper. They dripped pre-cum as she jacked them up and down experimentally.  Her smallish breasts fairly exploded from her chest. They swelled to 44FF and were capped off with a pair of silver rings through the elongated inch long fingers of nipple flesh. A rustling sound was heard as a pair of bat-like wings spread out from Mary's back. She grinned maniacally and flexed them, sending a gust of wind swirling around the room. A thick penis-headed tail dropped down and three more anuses winked at Stuart and they're assembled friends. Mary threw her head back and screeched like the demon-woman she now was, as thoughts of dominating her man and fucking filled her head. As the light washed over her again, Her skin was covered in red rubber and horns pushed out at the top of her mask as they emerged. Her lips grew thick and full. and fangs, replacing her incisors, pushed down from the roof of her mouth. Flexing a new set of muscles, she found she could retract all of her teeth if she wanted. She turned and watched the light wash over Stuart as images of tormenting him flooded her brain.  Her tail came up and began to plunge itself into one of her assholes, making her cry out in pleasure and clutch at her big tits, twisting her rings as she pleasured herself.
As the light washed over Stuart, rings lined and pierced his clits, tits and cocks. He stood up from the wheelchair, proud and tall as the pain from his heels was transformed into pleasure in his mind. A pair of 40DDD tits sprang from his chest and a vagina and cunt lips replaced his mouth. His preternaturally long tongue became a giant prick, sliding in and out of his vertical lips. A pair of 10in penises formed horns on the front of his skull at he temples. and erected as they started pumping pre-cum from the piss-slits. Black rubber covered his entire body now. More cocks sprang from his elbows and knees as thoughts of submission, flooded his mind and he fell at his mistresses feet and began fellating her boot-cocks with his cunt-face. Mary plunged her boot-heel into one of his cunts, causing him to gurgle, as she shot hot sperm onto his quivering body from her cocks, and, looking over at their friends. Her split tongue darted out and licked her lips as she laughed at his pitiful ministrations.

They're friends were appalled. The previously shy and innocent Mary had become a sexual demoness, flailing at the submissive Stuart with a many-tailed whip as he groveled at her feet and sucked the scum from her boot-cocks.
She kicked him from her and thanked everyone for coming. They however, recoiled from her as she tried to hug them goodbye.

So Instead, she stood there and stuck her hand into her pussy and gouged her clit as they left. Eliciting an outerworldly scream from her throat as she came.
After the mundanes left. (she already thought of them that way.) she buckled a steel ownership collar on her slave/husbands throat and attached a lead to it.
Mary and the grinning mother superior suspended the slave inside a ten foot ring set in the floor and began to whip him nearly to death. Several types of fluids shot from him as he twisted in his bonds. Several more types sprayed the lady-demons as he came. The pain/pleasure knifed into his sick brain, as his tormentors approached and impaled him on they're cocks. His wife shoved her forked tongue down his throat and mumbled. "how do you like your mousy brown-haired wifey now, stuie? Hot enough for you?

How's about I do this? Huh?' she rammed her hand into one of his weeping slits. "How do you like it when I fuck you for a change? Well? Pussy-boy, speak!" in response he stuck out his long cock-tongue and she wrapped her own forked one around it and pulled it down her throat, as his new wife and the mother superior plundered every hole he had.

They fucked him for hours. Sodomizing and riding him for they're pleasure. They suspended him upside down and made him suck them off as they used huge dildos on his holes. They attached electrical leads to his clits and nipples and the heads of his cocks and they shoved probes with electrodes up his asses and cunts and proceeded to send enough current through him to fry him to a crisp if he were still human. He shook hard enough to break his bonds as the current ripped through his spasming body and he came like never before. the walls were dripping with cum, shit, piss and pussy juice when they were done with him. They were lovingly licking it all from his exhausted body as he blacked out.
The ladies were still horny when they're plaything checked out for the night. So, they fell on each other and inserting they're members into each other. They talked as they fucked.  "Wow!" said the demoness who had been Mary. "Its much better than I dared hope for. I want to fuck the world, and I can. Can't I?" the mother superior levered more cock into Mary as she answered "Yes, my dear you can. We all want to fuck them all, to shoot our juice into they're holes. This is what all new chosen want. But, we can't. not the humans any way, we can fuck amongst ourselves all we want. But, we will need more converts. So we must leave them alone to breed and make us stronger. Ooohh! I'm cumming!" the woman arched her back and filled Marys cunt with cum, it overflowed and pooled on the floor underneath them as she continued humping Marys pussy. The perverted nun picked up a large dildo and jammed it up one of Marys assholes beside her tail-cock and started pumping it as she continued. "we chosen fuck all the time. But, we each have a job to do. You and your husband will be figuring out how to return the few chosen who want to return to human form, to its community. You shall report directly to the leader about this. So take as much time as you need to figure out how to do this miracle. All right?" Mary found out the mother superiors name was sally. She had been a fiftyish homemaker when the revolution came. Now, her rubberized husband hung on the wall in the group living quarters downstairs in the dungeon. "Yyeeessss!!! More. I want cock! I want more cock! Give it to me!" Mary cried as they faced each other and ran a three foot long and one foot wide dildo between them and shrieked together as it popped into the enlarged entrances to they're cunts.  By this time, the floor was awash in they're pussy and dick juice and Stuart began to stir again. He watched the tableau before him. As his wife/mistress and the mother superior fucked the giant double dildo between them, screaming out numerous orgasms and jacking they're dicks and mauling they're tits as they shot him with they're cum. "are all males subject to our dominion as females, Sally? Are we the dominant ones?" Mary asked as she shot more cum from her cocks and hosed Sally down with her slime. Mary withdrew from Sally's toy and brought her own tools over to her new husband to lick clean. Sally lay in a pool of they're own making and thrust the giant prick deeper as she answered. "some are, some aren't. some females are submissives too. if they have a collar on they're someone's toy and you need to inquire  as to they're mistress's or master's desires as to they're use. Oooohh, SSShhit!!!" more jism shot from Sally's cocks and squirted from her cunt as she rammed the monster cock into her distended pussy almost to the other tip in her mindless lust. Stuart was in the process of jabbing his cock-tongue into the utmost of Mary's assholes as her tail-cock blurred in her lowest anus.  jacking her lower cock and twisting the ring in her left tit as she shot off again herself, drenching sally with her scum as she jacked Stuart off again.  After they're fun was over, they let Stuart down and walked to the showers. They removed they're outer clothing and boots, standing in only they're rubberized skins. The warm waters washed the residual slime and other juices from they're skin and the women flushed themselves and Stuarts many holes out with a dildo shaped enema nozzle. Clean again, they dressed and led Stuart by his leash to the housing kiosk and found a set of apartments. Sally left them as they received the card-key from the rubber matron and walked the hall to they're new home
down the hall form the center dining area, the rooms they entered were spacious and well equipped. In Mary's room was a large rubber-draped canopy bed with rings embedded in the frame. A series of cables ran the gambit of the room, allowing suspension in many different positions from the ceiling. Dressers were filled with bondage equipment and rubber underwear and hoods of various kinds. Walk-in closets were filled with rubber clothes of every description. At a side table a computer server sat. allowing the happy couple to change they're form and function at will. A slave version of "master PC" was installed for they're use.

In contrast, in Stuarts room. Bondage equipment was all there was. A square cage hung from the cables running around the top of the room. Several types of X-frames lined the walls. An isolation tank sat ominously in one corner. Rubber sheeting lined the walls and floor, leading to a drain in the center of the room. Tubes and hoses ran from outlets in the walls. some ran water, Other ones were marked as disinfectant and gelatin lube. A huge selection of sexual devices hung from hooks in the walls. Suction devices and vibrators and dildos of every kind and description hung over shelves filled full of devices Mary knew nothing about yet. But, she would try them all out on her new slave/husband as soon as she could.

Stuart began trembling with masochistic lust an soon as he had entered the room. He had begun leaking form his myriad cocks and cunts as Mary led him crawling around his new home.

Before she did anything else though, Mary took him into her room and bound him to her bed. Then she pulled an eyeless rubber hood over his features and left him there. She had to try out her new wings.

She was squirting juices herself by the time she made her way out of the church. Exiting the back door, she flexed her muscles and shook out her virgin wings. Experimentally, she moved them up and down a few times, sending dust and leaves swirling around her ankles. With a few hard beats, she felt herself rising above the ground and she cried out in pleasure as she grew more daring and flew up into the sky. Her cock-tail jammed itself deeply into her pussy as she flew off into the night.

"This is how angels fuck" she thought to herself as she shook as a series of  orgasms rocked her body and she sprayed cum into the sky repeatedly as she swooped and turned.

She flew for a long time, alighting here or there to rest her sore muscles, then flew back to the church to get her slave and eat dinner.

After a fine dinner of steak and vegetables and washed down with a nice wine, the community got down to some serious rubbersex. A heavy dance beat came from the loudspeakers as mistresses and masters chained and suspended they're slaves from every part of the room. The slapping sounds of whips and the screams and cries of pleasure and pain fought the music for dominance.

Many rubber fuck-sluts were simply dropped into a large pit in the center of the room and left to fuck as they would. A large amount of lube pumped into the pit made them even more slippery. After awhile a rubber-clad band began playing on a stage, backed by a wall of hanging slaves, they punctuated they're driving beat with the shrieks of the dammed behind them.

Mary chained Stuart down on top of a rubber covered rectangle and began riding him as others joined in. filling his holes and hers as they all ground together, seeking union as they shot cum into and onto each other. Her cries of ecstasy filled the air. Soon most of the room had slipped down into the pit and swam amongst each other, filling holes and spraying into them as they themselves were penetrated, in a world of smooth sensuous rubber. they found themselves consumed by sexual thrills beyond any she could have dreamt of.

After many hours of this, a klaxon sounded. Showerheads descended from the ceiling and began washing off and disinfecting the exhausted bodies, until they stumbled or were led or carried off to bed and more dreams of tomorrow's assembly.

Mary was exhausted, she pulled the lumbering Stuart behind her to they're rooms. Taken with a soft feeling for her new husband, she pulled him into bed with her and pulled a rubber sheet over them as she kissed him goodnight. Tomorrow would bring fresh pleasures for them. she sucked on his cock-tongue as they drifted off to sleep. Dreaming of each other.

Mary drifted back awake slowly, languidly. Her tail-cock wrapping itself around her husbands thigh,  And then slipped gently into one of his winking rosette's. he gurgled in his peaceful sleep and returned the favor. As several of his tail-cocks entered her orifices she snapped awake. As always his tickler tipped tail raised her to the heights of orgasm in just a few moments, causing her to shoot cum over the both of them as she spasmed in delight. Fully awake now she reached over and plunged her lower, bigger cock into the cunt above his right hip and began to plug away as he too awoke firing cum into the air from his wagging members. She twisted the big ball-sack at the apex of his legs, just to hear him groan, making him shoot over and over again.

she played with him for awhile. Seeing how many combinations they could find to fit they're organs into. How dominant she could be, if she so chose. Sighing afterwards, she told him of her adventures. About the ecstasy of flight. Without a word, he stood and walked to the computer station. As she uttered a command to return, he instead typed some commands of his own into the system. Light washed over them, in a flash. His own lips and mouth returned and an identical set of wings to her own sprang from his back. The thoughts of D/S games slipped from their minds, and they were basically themselves again. She wrapped her arms about him and kissed him deeply. Then showed him how to flex his new muscles and make the wings fully retract all the way into his back, So that they appeared to vanish into the rubber suit. Then, she had him fully extend them and work them up and down. In his fascination, she was knocked down by one of his swipes. He turned and gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply again and together the ascended the stairs to exit the building.

Once outside, he kissed her yet again. Then, working his wing muscles. He fairly leapt into the air, his wings beating sccocoto rhythms as he rose ever higher. She joined him in his happy flight and soon they were amongst the clouds and were copulating like the fallen angles that they were. Cum and other fluids filled the air. Soon they were so lost in they're lust that they lost track of where they were, and were tumbling as they fell from the sky. Like iccerius, they fell. Unmindful of the ground rushing up at them.

At the last second, wings beating furiously, they fluttered to the ground in a small clearing. Beside a stream.  Overcome with an utter and complete love for his rubber wife, they lay down and made a symphony of they're own.

They lay by the stream for a long time afterwards. Talking about the assignment they had been given. Stuart thought that the beat way was to "de-program" the ex-chosen carefully. After all this time under the spell of extreme sexual programming, they would experience a shock akin to withdrawal from drugs. They're debased minds wouldn't be able to take it. Mary wondered if it were even possible. To go back to being normal after this? She couldn't see it. Stuart said "some people just are not happy living this way. We owe it to them to return them to as regular a life as possible, if we can. Otherwise mankind is finished. With no more humans being born, if a plague hit the chosen or something else. All of this would have been for nothing."  Reversing the process seemed the only thing to do. Mary wondered if the leader could reverse the process. Stuart didn't know. He said "but, we can ask him. Let's go see him. Sally said we could if we needed to. Come on." He rose and pulled her up too. Then, they spread out they're wings and flew there.

Alighting on the well manicured lawn they walked up the stone steps and entered the mansion's main doors.

A white rubber covered Cathy showed them into the playroom and they stood and watched as she knelt under the desk and grotesquely opened her maw and sucked Rads Humongus dick down her throat. Mary looked on jealously. She could see the shaft pushing down all the way into her stomach. Her throat muscles worked around it obscenely. After he came for what seemed like ten minutes, she popped the head from her lips and ran her tongue around to get the last of his juice. This done, he pulled off the VR helmet and stood and walked around and shook hands with Mary and Stuart.

They asked they're questions and stated they're case and looked puzzled when Rad convulsed and collapsed to the floor laughing. He guffawed and wept and he peed himself. So hard did he laugh. "that's great! The one idea I didn't have! Ha HA!" he wheezed trying to get his breath back and failing as he rolled on the floor.

Finally, as the couple looked at Cathy and Lola who had run into the room to see what the commotion was and they all shrugged in confusion. As Rad pulled himself up to his hands and knees. Sitting back on his heels, he wiped the tears from his eye's and asked Cathy to bring him the master control disk he had made that first day. She returned some time later and handed it to him. He called up all of the computing power of all the mainframes and personal PC's that had been linked to his master control. And ran a scenario, based on all that had happened and whither it could be reversed. While they waited, his girls brought some sandwiches and drinks and they all got acquainted.  About halfway through the impromptu brunch, the computer beeped. Announcing it's finding that. Yes, it was feasible to reverse all that had happened and returned the world to "normal" if he so desired.

They sat and discussed the pro's and con's of the ways the Old World hadn't worked. And the question as to what to do about giving people the choice of staying the way they were or returning to they're old selves. And weather or not to let them keep they're memories of these past events. Upon these and a few other topic's. Rad ran scenario after scenario and they talked about all the things that had happened, late into the night. Giving Rad, no end to his mirth.
What was decided was this. To restore the original form of the Old World and subtly change some of the things about it.

The world powers would be deposed and eliminated. Religions would be abandoned. And sex would be free and easy again, no more AIDS or any other STD's or cancers. All that would cease to exist. But, slowly. It would take many years for these former  changes to take effect. With a few more key strokes, an Atlantis, covered in glass, appeared at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. As big as New York, the city would house all who remained true to rubber. A home at the bottom of the sea.   Rad sent out a query for all chosen to search they heart and decide if they wanted to go with them. And if they did, to come to Atlanta for departure. He freed everyone's mind so they could do so. He typed the final instructions to transfer the Master PC program to the new city and began reconstruction.

Mary and Lola walked down the side walk. Everywhere were people, people argueing, people sitting, people in cafes and cars bustled along the streets of New York. The girls had had a lovely time shopping and going to the theaters and they had even gone and watched the news crawl and the gaint TV screen in times square as the announcer comminted on the historic peace agreement between all of the leaders of the worlds governments to dismantle the armies and nuclear weapons from around the world, a new dawn was approaching and no government could excuse the incalculable waste and expense of the material the those weapons  required any longer. Even the smaller countries that lived to hate the religions and governments of their neighbors. Were unable to justify the huge costs anymore, and so. With the help of the united nations. They too, were dismantling they're armies. All the people of the world, had been examining the expense of government and religion. And they had been found wanting. Simply stated, No one would put up with it any more.

The women looked warmly at each other and gathered they're bags full of new designer latex clothes and sundries.

As they walked to the waterfront, they talked at length about the changes that had been made since last week.

How, after the master PC program had run. That everything had instantly returned to how it had been before the revolution.

How, no one knew anything had happened. No one knew that the world had been transformed into a world of rubber beings. And that all the governments had been overrun.

None of that had happened to these people.  Even the nuke attacks had never happened.

All these people knew was that, family's were important, that governments were bad and that they killed people. That organized religion made people hate each other, and that led to governments and war. That there was enough of everything for everybody, for life. That sex, far from being sinful. Was liberating. That there was more then enough food being raised to feed everyone on the planet, and that they wanted to feed everyone. Soon, poverty would cease to exist. Since everyone wanted something worthwhile to do,  business thrived. And that somehow, since all of the major plagues of the world had vanished overnight. That drug companies, faced with going out of business. Had rushed out a plethora of drugs to fight off the remainder of the worlds woes. And happily, quite a few sex-positive drugs and drugs for pleasure and relief of real pain came out. So, dying. When it came, was not to be feared, it was looked at as the end of a long and full existence.

Oh, sure. A few strongholds of hate and violence held out. But, they were isolated by they're own hand. Frightened by peace and with no major weapons and no nukes. They were harmless. No one would play with them any longer, the world had grown up and gone home.

Lola and Mary had dinner in a great restraint and walked out onto the pier. Walking to the end, they pulled off they're clothing and in they're latex skins and shoes, and working they're back muscles, they shook out they're rubber covered wings.

They joined hands and taking they're shopping and with a loving glance at each other, then they spread they're wings and flew off to the island that covered they're own world.  A world of rubbersex. They're men were waiting for them.

The End.