The Misadventures of Lara Croft

By Peril Master



Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, and all related characters are the property of Eidos Interactive and Paramount Pictures. All other characters were created by the author. This story is for personal entertainment only. No financial gain is intended.

Warning! The following story contains content of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers


Lara Croft stood proud and poised before the long and wide silent hallway leading to an entranceway thirty meters away. Dressed in an aqua tank top, kaki shorts, gun holsters, and all terrain boots, she held her trusty nickle-plated pistols at her sides, ready to mow down anything that moved. Lara hesitated, shifting her expressive eyes about the area. Burning torches lined the corridor, illuminating the place with flickering light .

A tight-lipped smile spread across Lara’s sensuous mouth. She stepped back, gathered momentum, and jumped. She flew through the air with the grace and skill of an Olympic long distance jumper. Her presence triggered some type of motion sensitive mechanism and the ground beneath her gave way. Lara landed several meters away and snapped her head back, glancing at the newly formed pit intended to trap her. How utterly predictable, she thought.

She suddenly dropped to the ground, landing flat on her belly.

Six sharp spikes emerged from the walls, criss-crossing the area of the hallway above her. The spikes missed her by mere inches--except for one. Lara heard a tearing sound. One of the spikes caught the material of her tight shorts and tore away part of the fabric covering her bum. It was a close call but she only suffered a minor scratch on her left butt cheek.

Lara snake crawled her way clear of the spikes, her eyes blazing with determination. She shot to her feet and then all hell broke lose. The ceiling above her came crashing down. Lara darted clear of the falling debris and dust, plastering herself against the stone wall. Three black and silver robots landed before her. The mechanical attackers were all identical in appearance. All three robots were seven feet tall with thick arms, legs, dome-shaped heads, and trim torsos.

Lara raised her twin guns fired at the robots. The bullets bounced off the thick armor, producing only harmless sparks and dents. She ceased her fire and sighed."Oh, bugger," she muttered.

The robots attacked, converging on her at the same time. The lead robot swung his forearm at Lara, forcing her to duck. The metallic arm smashed against the wall, sending stone chips flying. Lara dropped her useless guns and dove forward, tumbling between the pair of robotic legs.

In the control room . . .

“Oooooohhhh, yes!”

Bryce, Lara’s gadget man, gasped as he watched his beautiful boss pass between the robot legs. The tiny camera in the robot’s middle offered a great view of Lara’s bum which was prominently displayed in one of the four monitors on the console before him. The rip in Lara’s shorts revealed a pair of red thong panties and Bryce got a great close-up of her ass.

Bryce sat alone in the control room overlooking the training chamber, monitoring Lara’s every move. He was also in charge of controlling the booby traps and robot henchmen. At this moment, however, the last thing on his mind was controlling anything but his desire to cum! Bryce leaned forward, eyes glued to the monitors, gasping and groaning as his right hand pumped his exposed cock with a steady but intense rhythm.

“That’s a girl, Lara!” the gadget geek gasped. “Roll for daddy!”

The monitors displayed a different angle of Lara, engaged in fierce combat with the three robots. There was no doubt that she would prevail, but Bryce could care less about the outcome. His focus was on Lara’s perfect body as she kicked, swerved, ducked, flipped, and rolled along the ground of the makeshift tomb. Her supple thighs and shapely legs jutting out from the short-shorts were magnificent. Her bouncing breasts stirred his cock even more, driving  him wild.

In the training room . . .

Using her speed and momentum, Lara pushed off the wall, launching herself through the air. She executed a backward flip and landed on the shoulders of one of the robots. As she straddled the mechanical monster she drew a dagger-style knife from a sheath inside her boot. She raised the knife over her head and plunged it into the dome-shaped head of the robot.

Steam and sparks erupted from the shattered glass. The mechanical beast went berserk, flailing and thrashing its powerful arms as Lara rode him like a bull riding champion. One of the robot’s flailing arms smashed into one of the other two mechanical henchmen. The powerful blow sent the second robot crashing against the stone wall. Smoke spewed from its torso and a bluish net of electrical current gripped its failing body. The second robot collapsed, sliding down the stone wall. It hit the ground and didn’t move again.

Lara jumped off the shoulders of the malfunctioning robot and rolled along the ground. She shot to a kneeling position and watched the robot smash into the wall. It fell backwards, landing sprawled out in its back, twitching and releasing steam from its damaged head.

That left only one robot to go. Lara bounced to her feet and stood before the remaining metal monster, her breathing shallow. Her stance was confident and proud; hands on her hips, legs spread apart. Her head was slightly tilted forward and her eyes beckoned the mechanical beast.

A powerful burst of white mist shot out from the robot’s middle, striking Lara. It took her by complete surprise and she reacted too late. She tumbled along the floor in an effort to avoid the mist. She rolled to a standing position and suddenly felt light-headed and dizzy. Her knees weakened and she wobbled. Her vision blurred and everything around her appeared disoriented. She backed away and shook her head, attempting to regain her senses.

The brief hesitation cost her. The attack robot lunged toward Lara, reaching for her with one of its metallic arms. A claw like hand "shifted" and expanded into a wide pincer. It wrapped itself tightly around her waist and lifted her off the ground. She kicked and writhed in the robot’s grip, but it was too strong.

Lara recovered from the effects of the mist but the damage was done. The robot held her at arms length, dangling her hapless body two meters off the ground. She squirmed and struggled with everything she had but could not break free of the powerful grip. She eventually tired herself out and slumped, completely exhausted. As much as she hated to admit it, she had been beaten. She was a victim of her over-confidence. She noted it and stashed it away for future reference, vowing never to repeat the same mistake again.

Lara looked about the stone hallway, attempting to locate one of the tiny cameras on the ceiling and walls. With wounded pride she said, “All right, Bryce, you win. Put me down.”

The robot did not move.

Lara sighed. She knew her gadget man was really enjoying this. It wasn't often he got the best of her. “Bryce,” she said, more firmly. “Release me this instant.”

The metal arm retracted, pulling Lara closer. Before she could figure out what was happening, the robot went down a kneeling position. It suddenly draped Lara over its knee, forcing her to bend forward so her wiggling backside was completely exposed. The rip in Lara’s shorts had increased, exposing most of her red thong and round ass cheeks.

“Bryce!” Lara called out, squirming on the knee of the robot. “What the bloody hell are you doing?”

There was no response, not that Lara expected one. She did not wear a com-link so there was no way she could communicate with Bryce. But she knew he was watching her every move, and he controlled the robots. So what the hell was he doing?

The other hand of the robot disappeared into its arm. It was quickly replaced by a long, narrow paddle made of stainless steel.

Lara craned her head back, attempting to see what the robot was doing. She was now officially angry. “Bryce!” she called out. “You have exactly three seconds to release me, or I’m going to be very upset!”


The robot brought the paddle down on her firm buttocks. The blow was sharp enough to produce a startled gasp from Lara. Her buttocks burned and her anger rose. How dare Bryce do this to her?!


A second blow struck her bum. Lara grunted, clenching her teeth to keep from crying out. “Bryce, this isn’t funny!”


The paddle found her wiggling bum a third time. The blow was much harder and Lara let out sharp. “Owwww!”


“Aaaahhhhh!” Lara cried out. Her backside was on fire and she fumed with indignation. She bucked and thrashed about on the robot’s knee to no avail.


Lara closed her eyes and screamed. “Ooooowwwww!”


“Aaaaaahhhhh! (gasp) Bryce (gasp) you are in (ooohhhhh) serious trouble!”


The robot paddled Lara’s searing bum for the next five minutes. The blows were not really that harsh but the cumulative effect made up for that. Lara Croft, world renowned tomb hunter, was being spanked by a glorified pile of metal! SWAT! SPLAT! SWAT! SPLAT! She bit her lip and braced herself between blows, but her stinging bottom could take no more. Tears rolled down her face. Her ass cheeks reddened.

The robot was relentless.

 “Aaaaaahhhhh!” Lara cried out, delirious with pain! “No more! Stop! Please!”


Lara grunted, crying with pain. As painful and humiliating as it was, she suddenly felt something click within her. It had started after the third blow and gradually increased. Between the unbearable pain she felt. . .  pleasure! Her crotch throbbed and tingled with excitement. The notion of being helpless and submissive hit a nerve within her mind. Lara bit her lower lip, cooing with pleasure.


“OOOOoooohhhhhh!” Lara moaned, utterly lost in her mounting pleasure. The harsh pain added an element of depravity to her arousal and she was now incredibly horny. She squirmed on the robot’s knee, attempting to simulate her swollen clit.


Lara moaned again . . .  louder, shuddering violently. A few more blows and she would explode. Her body craved for satisfaction and release. With some effort, she plunged her hand inside the waistband of her shorts and inside her panties. She closed her eyes and found her clit. She stroked herself with a controlled but intense motion.
Lara suddenly felt powerful arms seizing her, pulling her pumping hand away from her clit. She opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by Bryce and her butler, Hillary. The robot suddenly released her and Lara hit the ground on her stomach, gasping and sweating.

Bryce and Hillary stood over Lara, staring at her with piercing eyes.

“Miss Croft,” Hillary said, shaking his head in disapproval. “You naughty girl. Taking matters into your own hands. Would you like for me to shag you?”

Lara moaned with pleasure upon hearing the question. “Yes!” she gasped. “Shag me now . . .  please!”

“What about me, Lara?” Bryce asked.

“Yes!” Lara said, standing on her hands and knees. She stared up at the two men seductively. “You both can shag me at the same time.”

Bryce stared at Lara with wry satisfaction. “First you have to give us both blow jobs.” He gave Hillary a side glance. “At the same time.”

Lara stood on her knees before the two men like a puppy begging for a treat. Her face was desperate and longing for satisfaction. “Anything! Just please fuck me!”

Bryce grinned. “Then what are you waiting for you globetrotting tart? Pull it out and get to work.”

Lara reached for Bryce’s fly.

Lara Croft sat up with a startled gasp. Her breathing was erratic and she was trembling. Perspiration covered her lithe body. It took a moment for Lara to regain her senses and realize that she was in her bedroom, on her bed--alone. Her heart was racing and she swallowed nervously. She looked about the silent room, further convincing herself that she was indeed alone.

“Bloody dream,” Lara mumbled under her breath. She felt the wetness between her legs and sighed.

It was a dream all right, but Lara knew there was more to it. A week ago she had received a mysterious package in the mail. Lara had opened a small cardboard box with no return address and found a crude ceramic sculpture depicting a man and woman copulating. It was also covered with a strange residue and she had gotten it on her fingers. Ever since then, Lara began feeling and acting strange.

Her thoughts were now completely dominated by sex. For the past week, Lara Croft felt extremely aroused and unsatisfied. Her nipples were constantly hard and her clit extremely sensitive to the point where she could make herself cum by stimulating herself through her clothing! She masturbated several times a day but that did not alleviate her desires. She would orgasm but almost immediately the same feelings of arousal returned. She also tried all kinds of “toys” but that did not help either.

Worse than that, Lara suddenly had the urge to fuck every male she encountered, including her gadget man, Bryce, and her butler, Hillary. She fantasized about being taken by them simultaneously. She wondered what it would be like to have Hillary eat her pussy. She wondered how Bryce’s cock tasted and imagined all sorts of wonderful things she could perform on it with her mouth and tongue. She ruined several pairs of panties that way.

And now she was dreaming about it. Lara knew it had something to do with the strange artifact. If she had not seen all the things she had seen, Lara would have dismissed such a notion. But she knew better. Everything started after she received that disgusting object. At first she thought nothing of it and dismissed it as a sick joke. She had meant to throw it away but somehow, inexplicably, she could not bring herself to do it. Thus far it had taken all her willpower to keep from fucking Bryce or Hillary. She couldn’t hold out much longer. Lara had to do something before she went mad.

But first she had to pleasure herself. Lara threw the covers off and rolled out of bed. Clad in nothing more than a pair of white cheeky panties, she made her way to the dresser drawer. She rummaged through her lingerie until she found the custom-made green dildo with the knobby ridges along its length. It was a gift from her American friend, Claire Cutright, and her favorite toy.

Lara climbed back on the bed. She raised herself on her knees, thrust her ass in the air, and placed her head down on the mattress. She inserted the green dildo in her cunt and pumped away, thrusting the instrument in and out of her wet pussy. Her other hand groped and squeezed her breasts, which seemed to be even more sensitive than before.

Visions of wanton sex flashed in her swirling mind. She was being fucked by beast soldiers in the Andes Mountains! She was being pummeled by an army of giant crab-like monsters in a large chamber! She was sprawled over a stone pedestal, being brutally sodomized by Dr. Carlos Cortez inside a cave! It was no longer enough to think about sex, but rough sex as well.

As her passion rose, so did her moaning and panting. At first, Lara kept her moaning to a minimum, biting her lip to keep from screaming. She certainly didn’t want Hillary to hear her. What would he think if he came rushing into her bedroom and found her like this? Then again, maybe if he hears me and comes in here he can  fuck my brains out!  That thought sent her over the edge. Her pleasure was mind numbing and she could care less about being heard.

“AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHH!” Lara screamed as she came. The overwhelming orgasm rocked her body, sending intense tidal waves of ecstasy sweeping over her.

Finally, Lara collapsed on the bed, spent and satisfied . . .  or so she thought. As soon as her head cleared and the last pangs of pleasure left her body, she once again felt the urge returning. She moaned with frustration.

Lara proceeded to entertain herself with the green dildo for the next three hours. The sun rose and morning came but Lara was nowhere near satisfaction. She stopped counting her orgasms after the tenth one but it was still not enough to suppress her desires. What she needed now was a man. She needed to have a real cock inside her!

No! I’m not a tart! This isn’t me! I’m  under the influence of something! I can’t let this happen to me!

Lara managed to subdue her passion long enough to walk to the closet and remove the cardboard box containing the mysterious ceramic artifact. She sat at the edge of the bed, holding the object in her trembling hands, her body still languid as a result of her unsuccessful attempt at self gratification.

She examined the artifact carefully, not really sure what she was looking for. The sculpture depicted a man and woman (with very large breasts and bum) engaged in  doggy-style sex. It looked fairly new so it could not possibly be of ancient origin. The figures were indistinct and had no details besides the obvious features. Still, it was very graphic and just looking at the six-inch tall artifact made Lara pant with excitement. What she wouldn’t give for someone to do that to her right now. She closed her eyes and squirmed uncomfortably on the bed. Her hand strayed toward her crotch.

No! Lara thought, opening her eyes. Get a grip! This isn’t the time!

She focused on the ceramic sculpture again, studying it from several angles. There were no markings or writing on it that would reveal a clue to its origin. There was only the obligatory tiny hole drilled on the bottom (located on the woman’s stomach) in order to “bake” the object when it was made.

On a whim, Lara shook the object close to her ear. It was hollow and there was something rattling softly inside. She brought the artifact closer, until it almost touched her ear. Yes, there was indeed something inside. Lara suddenly brought her arm down, throwing the ceramic sculpture against the hardwood floor. The artifact shattered on impact, pieces scattering in all directions. Among the broken ceramic was a business card.

Lara dropped to her knees before the broken object and picked up the card. There was a name printed on it in black ink: DR. T. RANCID. Under the name was an address: 3952 DOWNHAM.


Lara sped though the city streets, astride her roaring motorbike. She made a stunning vision, dressed in black skin-tight stretch pants, leather jacket, and heavy boots. She swerved around the early morning traffic with skill and precision, anxious to reach the address she had found on the business card.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the motion of the bike was driving Lara mad with excitement. Her clit was so swollen and sensitive that the vibrating seat between her legs sent constant waves of pleasure shooting through her body. Behind her oval-shaped tinted glasses, Lara’s eyes fluttered with ecstasy. She moaned and panted, fighting a losing battle against her responsive body. She fought the urge to pull over and give herself a thorough finger-fucking.


The single story house was located in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. It was fairly modern and stood between two other identical houses. Lara stopped the motorbike on the curb before the house. She killed the engine and shuddered as the seat stopped vibrating.

Lara took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts. Her sexual arousal was now a constant struggle and made it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Visions of sex,  depicting her in all sorts of torrid escapades flashed in her mind. The visions were becoming more intense and graphic by the minute. It was only a matter of time before she cracked and begged to be fucked by the first man she encountered.

Lara dismounted from the bike and turned toward the house. It was not what she expected. She glanced about the peaceful neighborhood, still not believing this was the right address. She reached inside the breast pocket of her leather jacket and pulled out the business card she had found inside the sculpture. She double checked the address. It was the right place.

Lara approached the front door of the house cautiously. Her heart raced and her breathing was shallow. She should have been thinking about a course of action. At the moment, however, her mind was replaying a rather intense fantasy; one that she had several times before she received the ceramic sculpture.

Lara was in Africa and had just raided a sacred tomb, but she had been captured by a dozen natives. They had never seen a white woman before, not to mention such a stunning one at that. It was only natural they satisfy their curiosity. She was dragged inside a primitive hut, stripped, and was being shagged by a dozen muscular and well-endowed natives. Two large cocks pumped away in her cunt and ass while she sucked on a third. The pleasure was glorious and Lara could not get enough. That fantasy had played out in her mind during several self-gratification sessions, and now it seemed even more vivid and real.

Lara leaned against the heavy door on shaky legs, panting as she pulled herself away from the images of the intense fantasy. She did not have the time or patience to be polite and pounded on the heavy wooden door. She wanted answers . . .  among other things, and wanted them now! She waited a moment but there was no answer. She grabbed the knob and turned the handle. The door was open.

Lara peered into the house through the partly opened door. She didn’t see anyone inside. She pushed the door open further, revealing a well kept and cozy living room. The idea that this could be an elaborate trap entered her mind briefly, but it was quickly replaced by thoughts of oral sex.

Lara stormed into the house and stood in the middle of the silent living room. Her eyes darted about the place, bracing for anything. Despite her state of arousal, her survival instincts surfaced. She raised her leg and pulled out a dagger-style knife from the sheath inside her boot. A gust of wind suddenly closed the door behind her. Lara spun toward the slamming door.

“Good morning.”

Lara jumped and turned toward the voice, ready to attack. A short and portly man of about fifty stood across the living room. He stood before an entranceway leading into a small kitchen. He was dressed in a robe and held a steaming cup of coffee. His thinning white hair was disheveled but his expression was indifferent. The fact there was an attractive knife-wielding woman standing in the middle of his living room did not seem to worry him.

Lara kept her guard up. “Who are you?”

The man gave Lara a confused look. “Shouldn’t that be my question? This is my house you know”

“Is your name Rancid?”

“Dr. T. Rancid,” the man said proudly. “Let me guess. You’re Lara Croft.”

That was all Lara wanted to know. She suddenly flung her knife at the little man. It flew past his face, missing him by mere inches before the blade impaled itself in the wall behind him. It was intended as an intimidating gesture but it did not bother the man at all. “You bastard! What did you do to me?” Lara demanded.

Rancid ignored Lara’s question and turned toward the knife on the wall. “Oh, my. Such a nasty weapon.” He turned to Lara, keeping his cool demeanor. “Little girls shouldn’t play with such dangerous things. You can get hurt that way.”

 His condescending attitude infuriated Lara even more. She stepped toward Rancid, who was several inches shorter than her five-foot nine frame, and grabbed him by the collar of his robe. “It was you! You sent me that . . .  that . . . thing in the mail, didn’t you?” Lara shouted as she shook him, spilling his coffee. “You’re behind everything! Tell me what you did to me!”

Rancid remained calm. “You know, Lara, there’s two ways we can proceed. You can threaten me with physical harm and hope that I talk, or I we can discuss it like adults.”

Lara suddenly gasped, shuddering violently. Her close proximity to Rancid excited her. He was, despite his less than appealing physical appearance, still a man. His expression had hardened and his eyes were intense. That turned Lara on even more. She closed her eyes and bit her trembling lip, fighting back the impulse to throw him down on the floor and fuck him wildly.

Lara summoned all her will power and released Rancid. She moaned with frustration and backed away from him, breathing heavily. “What did you do to me?” she asked, feeling a tingling sensation between her legs.

Rancid stared at Lara with satisfaction. “If you must know. That artifact I sent you in the mail was coated with a little invention of mine. I call it Dr. Rancid’s Amazing Love Potion. Clever. Don’t you think? Among other things I’m an inventor, and I have developed the ultimate female aphrodisiac. Very powerful and effective. I think you would agree. You don’t even have to ingest it. It permeates through the skin.”

“You sick bastard!” Lara gasped as her body tingled with excitement. Without thinking she ran her hands along her shapely body, caressing herself sensually. She stroked her thighs, sides, and then moved to her breasts. She palmed her 34-D mounds, moving her hands in tight circles.

Rancid watched with fascination. “I’m surprised it took you this long to find my hidden clue,” he said, thoroughly enjoying Lara’s devastating state. “I thought you were smarter than that. I’ve heard and read so many things about you. The great Lara Croft. World traveler. Tomb robber. Huh.”

“I don’t even know you,” Lara managed to say in a rather sultry voice. “Why me?”

Rancid uttered a tight laugh. “You’re wrong, Lara. You are very wrong. We know each other, all right. I’ll give you a clue: Gordonstoun Boarding School. Does that ring a bell? No. How about the name: Sheldon Wallace?”

Lara could barely concentrate on anything else besides satisfying her sexual cravings, but the name did trigger a chain of coherent thoughts. She stared at Rancid, studying his smug face carefully. Her eyes went wide with shock when it hit her. Rancid resembled her chemistry teacher, Sheldon Wallace,  back in Gordonstoun Boarding School. She studied Rancid’s face further, finally realizing he was actually Sheldon Wallace! He had gone gray and gained weight but his eyes . . .  He had the same eyes that had lustfully gazed at her every single day during class.

Rancid noticed the look of shock in Lara’s face, realizing she had finally recognized him. He smiled broadly. “Nice to see you again, Miss Croft.” He looked Lara up and down, sizing her up. “I see you’ve grown into a vivacious woman. Not that there was ever any doubt in my mind.”

Within her sexually tormented mind Lara felt apprehension and fear. There was a particular incident regarding Wallace or Rancid that fought its way through her swirling mind. It had been fifteen years before and Lara had almost forgotten about it, but now it came back to her.

Sheldon Wallace, Lara’s chemistry teacher, was a pervert. Lara and her boarding school classmates were constantly being ogled or accidentally fondled by him. His eyes were always lingering on their breasts, legs, and backsides. It didn’t help that the Gordonstoun Boarding School uniform consisted of a tight navy blue sweater, short pleaded skirt, and ankle length white socks.

Wallace had a special interest in Lara. At seventeen she was quite developed and he noticed that. He was constantly goading Lara into trouble and then giving her detention or assigning her cleaning duties. He never left the room and would watch as Lara cleaned the chalk board. On one occasion, Lara suddenly turned and caught him pretending to be tying his shoe lace when he was in fact looking up her skirt. Instead of being embarrassed or ashamed, Wallace flashed a leering smile.

Lara had enough. Later that day, she and two of her classmates devised a plan to teach Wallace a lesson. The next day during class Lara slipped Wallace a note, accompanied by a wink and smile. The note read: Meet me in my room. Tonight. Eight o’clock sharp.  As expected, Wallace could not resist the temptation. He actually showed up at Lara’s room that night. As her two friends, Wendy and Ashley, hid in the closet, Lara let Wallace into her room. She then proceeded to tease him by dancing seductively before him, performing a mock striptease. If he wanted her to go further, he would have to remove his clothes first.

By that point Wallace had lost control. He stripped off  his clothes and made a play for Lara. She backed away from the naked and repulsive man, holding back laughter as she noticed his small and inadequate penis. He was fully erect but his member measured no more than four inches. Lara led Wallace across the room, beckoning him with her eyes and index finger.

“Now!” Lara suddenly yelled.

Wallace stopped cold and looked on in confusion. He heard shuffling and giggling behind him and quickly turned. Flashes of light greeted him, blinding his eyes. Lara’s two friends snapped pictures if him, naked and erect with Lara in the background, pretending to be terrified. In a matter of seconds the two girls had taken over a dozen pictures. Wallace reacted with pure shock and horror. He covered his private area and turned away, but it was too late. He turned and glared at Lara, ready to explode.

Wendy and Ashley blew Wallace a kiss and ran out of the room, laughing.

Lara then proceeded to explain the situation to Wallace. If he did not leave her and the other girls alone, they would turn the pictures over to the head mistress. She also ordered Wallace to reduce the homework load and ease up on the rules regarding attendance and tardiness. Lara was very proud of that last request. Wallace said nothing and stared at Lara with burning eyes, trembling with anger. He turned away from her and gathered his clothes.

Wallace never bothered Lara again, and the workload lightened. The discussion of that incident provided Lara and her two friends with plenty of entertainment for the rest of their stay at Gordonstoun. Lara loved waltzing into Wallace’s class, ten minutes late, and taunting him with a knowing look. It never occurred to her that one day it would come back to haunt her. And here she was, standing in Wallace’s living room--horny as hell.

Wallace stepped toward the dagger Lara had buried in the wall and pulled it out. He approached Lara and placed his coffee cup on the coffee table. “You bitches did a great job of setting me up,” he said, invading Lara’s space. “I’ll give you that much. But now it’s payback time. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this day, Lara. I already did your two friends, and now it’s your turn. I’m surprised you’ve managed to hold out this long. I like that.”

Lara should have backed away, but her quivering legs felt as if they were cast in cement. Wallace’s brazen attitude excited her. She was wet, horny, and craving to be fucked. Wallace reached up and slid her leather jacket down her shoulders. His touch electrified Lara and a soft moan escaped her full lips. Her arms went slack and she allowed him to remove her jacket. He tossed it on the couch and stepped back.

Wallace placed the tip of the knife on her neck. Lara shivered as the cold metal made contact with her warm flesh. She closed her eyes, panting sharply as Wallace traced the blade down her chest. He grabbed a handful of the tank-top material over her right breast and pulled on it. She watched helplessly as Wallace sliced through the of tank-top. The  material snapped back to its original position, except that there was now a large hole in the area covering her breast. She had not worn a bra and her naked breast jutted out through the opening in the tank-top.

Lara should have struck out and sent Wallace flying, but her body was so overwhelmed with desire that it suppressed all other emotions. She was inexplicably intrigued by the outrageous action. Wallace proceeded to cut a second hole in the tank-top around Lara’s left breast, leaving her mounds free and completely exposed.

He stepped back and stared at the perfect pair of 34-D’s before him. “Beautiful,” he said, awed-struck by the magnificent breasts.

Wallace suddenly knelt in front of Lara. He pulled at the material of Lara’s stretch-pants, humming merrily as he carved out an opening in the crotch area. Lara had not worn panties and her private area was now exposed to the leering eyes of Wallace. He tossed away the piece of fabric and stared at her perfectly trimmed bush, noticing how wet she was. Lara’s clit seemed to respond to the cool air and she shuddered violently.

Wallace gazed at Lara’s perfect pussy. “Magnificent,” he whispered. He then stared up at Lara. “Would you like to be fucked, Lara?”

Lara closed her eyes, trembling with excitement.  Yes! Oh, god yes! I need to be fucked! I need to be taken like a common slut!  Instead, Lara shook her head “no.” She resisted with all her might, but it was a losing battle.

Wallace rose and stood before Lara. He casually wrapped his arm around her, encircling her waist as he pulled her against him. He squeezed her breast, producing a sharp grunt from her. “Come along my tall treasure. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. Uncle Wallace has something for a horny little girl like you.”

Lara offered no resistance whatsoever as Wallace led her away from the living room and down a narrow hallway. She leaned against him for support. Her trembling legs struggled in keeping her upright. She was putty in his arms, unable and unwilling to do anything besides pant and groan. Wallace led her inside a bedroom. Her heart pounded and her flesh tingled when she spotted the large bed. She was finally going to receive pleasure.

Wallace, however, did not lead Lara to the bed. He literally dragged her limp body past the bed and toward a wooden chair across the room. He forced Lara to sit in the chair and stepped toward a dresser. Lara slumped in the chair, dizzy with anticipation. She shot Wallace a curious look as he rummaged through a dresser drawer. What was he doing? She glanced toward the bed. They should be on the bed, fucking like their lives depended on it.

Wallace returned, carrying several bondage items: a roll of duct tape, a pair of leather manacles, and several different types of gags. He dropped the items on the floor, except for the leather manacles, and stepped behind Lara. An unpleasant thought suddenly lanced through her swirling mind. Lara did not want to be tied up. She wanted to be fucked, over and over.

Wallace gathered Lara’s limp arms behind her, draping them over the back of the chair. He inserted her wrists inside the leather manacles and tightened the buckles. “I love these things,” Wallace said as he inspected the tightness of the manacles incasing Lara’s wrists. “Rope is so common and cliche’. Don’t you agree?”

Lara replied with a frustrated moan.

Wallace picked up the roll of silver duct tape and began wrapping it around Lara’s upper body, anchoring her to the chair. He made several loops above her exposed breasts, tightening the tape after each turn. Without breaking the tape he lashed several more loops below her breasts.  Lara squirmed, but it was more out of her desire to stimulate herself than to break free.

After securing Lara’s upper body to the chair, Wallace stepped in front of her and knelt before her legs. He used more duct tape to secure her ankles to each of the chair legs. Her thighs were forced apart and her pussy was on display, ready to be ravished, devoured, or abused.

Lara groaned and squirmed frantically as her cunt twitched and ached. Wallace stood before her, riveted by her desperate attempts to free herself. He concentrated on her heaving breasts, swaying back and forth. The nipples were erect and he couldn’t resist pinching one of them with his thumb and index finger.

“Ahhhh!” Lara exclaimed, grimacing with discomfort. After the pain subsided, she resumed panting and moaning with growing intensity. Her pleading cries were further amplified by the silent bedroom. The aching of her sexually deprived body was almost too much.

Wallace shook his head with disapproval. “That won’t do. Let’s do something about that shall we.”  He bent down and picked up the assortment of gags he had brought with him. He studied Lara’s anguished face. “I wonder which one would look best on you? Ball-gag? No. Too common.” He tossed away the red ball-gag. “Cleave gag?” Wallace frowned and shook his head. “No. Too ineffective. Duct tape with packing perhaps?” He shook his head again. “No. That won't do.” He held up the final gag. It was a black penis gag attached to a leather strap. “Ah-ha! I think this one will do quite nicely. I’m sure you have plenty of experience with having large things in your mouth.”

Despite the mind numbing torment of not having her sexual thirst quenched, Lara’s mind still held on to a shred of sanity. She knew what was happening but couldn’t do anything about it. “Bastard! she suddenly said. “You won’t . . . (moan) get away with this!”

Wallace chuckled at her words. He stepped toward Lara and brought the penis gag down between her quivering legs. He suddenly pushed the tip of the rubber phallus inside her wet slit. The penetration was rough and Lara tensed, uttering a sharp grunt. Wallace smiled sadistically as he moved the penis-shaped object in and out of her well-lubricated cunt.

Lara’s primal instincts took over. It was not a real cock, but it was better than nothing. She bumped and grinded her hips against the rubber object, attempting to relieve her aching cunt. Before she could actually stimulate herself, Wallace pulled it out of her opening with a smacking sound. Lara groaned with exasperation and slumped back into the chair.

Wallace stepped behind Lara, gripped her chin, and held the now wet penis gag before her. “Be a good little lass and open up, Lara.”

Lara glared at the penis gag. "Don't you dare put that disgusting thing in my. . . urrrrmphhhhh. . . mmmm!"

Wallace pushed the rubber phallus past her full lips. Her eyes expanded as the object invaded her mouth. She shook her head and moaned as she tasted the bitter rubber covered with her own juices. She gagged and retched as the rubber penis completely filled her mouth. Her body convulsed and her breasts heaved as she reluctantly accepted the disgusting object.

Wallace fastened the single buckle behind Lara’s head, pulling it extra tight. "There. Much better." He stepped in front of her and waved a warning finger at his bound and gagged captive. “Don’t go away now. I’ll be right back.” He turned and exited the room.


Lara waited in the bedroom for several agonizing minutes. She knew Wallace had more devious plans for her, but all that paled in comparison to her ongoing sexual torture. She strained and struggled frantically in the squeaky wooden chair, her body begging for release. The pent up frustration at the lack of gratification suddenly boiled over and she did the only thing she could do in her present condition: she screamed.

“HHHMMMPHHHH!” She yelled, cursing her restraints. “Uuuummphhh! Hmmmmpphhh!”

Wallace entered the bedroom again, pushing a metal cart holding a television set and VCR. He ignored the muffled screams of his bound captive and positioned the cart directly in front of Lara. She finally stopped screaming and looked on, panting with exhaustion. Wallace finished setting up the electronic equipment and stepped behind Lara, holding a remote control.

He cupped one of Lara's breasts and began mauling it. She whimpered and groaned at his rough touch. “It’s time for a Gordonstoun reunion," Wallace said.

He pointed the remote control at the television set. The blank screen of the 19-inch television came alive. The clear image of a man and two women engaged in a threesome in a large bed suddenly appeared on the monitor. It could have been any typical porno movie except that the man did not possess the physical attributes usually associated with male porn stars.

Lara’s head cleared long enough to recognize the three players. She gazed at the screen with shock. The man was in fact Wallace himself. The two women were Lara’s two Gordonstoun classmates, Wendy and Ashley. They were older but still quite attractive. As the scene played out, Lara’s shock gradually turned to full-fledged arousal, even more intense than before.

She watched, writhing with envy as Wallace stood on his knees before Wendy. She was on her hands and knees, sucking his cock. Ashley lay on her back under Wendy, her face and hands buried between Wendy’s legs. The intense licking and sucking noises made the scene even more erotic.

“Were you aware that your two little classmates are nothing but little tramps?” Wallace asked. "That Wendy bitch can really suck a cock."

Lara continued watching the sexual trio on the screen, squirming and grunting in the chair. Her unbridled passion was maddening and threatened to plunge her into insanity. Every cell in her flesh seemed to come alive, begging for release from the sexual energy that charged her. It was like being at the edge of the most powerful orgasm in her life but unable to climax.

Lara closed her eyes and grunted, shaking her head. Perhaps if she looked away her passion would subside. Unfortunately, she could still hear. Wallace aimed the remote control at the television set and turned up the volume. The entire room filled with sharp panting, moaning, and sucking noises.

The smoldering desire surging through her body was unbearable. Lara arched and bucked as she tugged and pulled at her manacled wrists. Her breasts jiggled and spittle escaped through the rubber phallus filling her mouth as she screamed. The aching and longing increased with every passing second. She was literally going mad.

Wallace stepped in front of Lara. His face was cold as he glared at his squirming prisoner. “How does it feel, Lara? How does it feel to be promised something and then have it taken away? Think about that for a while.”

He turned and walked out of the room, leaving Lara in the throes of desire but with no way to alleviate her crazed passion. Lara shook her head and screamed through the penis gag, begging Wallace not to leave her like this. Her pleas were ignored and she was left alone to endure the sexual torture of not being able to climax. A single tear ran down her cheek and Lara Croft felt herself falling into insanity.


“MMMMmmmmmrrphhh,” Lara moaned, too weak to even utter a full-fledged scream.

The explicit video playing out on the television monitor had ended and the screen was blank. But the images and sounds of the threesome were still vivid and alive in Lara's mind. She had been screaming and grunting for the past hour and had worn herself out.

She was still bound to the chair. Sweat covered her anguished face and the neck area of her modified costume was wet from the drool that had dripped from her gagged mouth. She was physically spent but the flames of sexual desire still consumed her. At this moment she would have accepted death rather than endure this inhuman torture. She hung her head and sobbed.

Wallace entered the bedroom and stood in front of Lara. He was still dressed in his robe and carried her knife. “I think you’re about ready, Lara. No telling what might happen if your craving goes unfulfilled. One day I might find out, but not today.”

He knelt before Lara and cut away the duct tape securing her ankles to the chair. He stood and moved behind her. He quickly sawed through the tape wrapped around Lara that kept her anchored to the chair. He reached down and released her wrists from the leather manacles. Lara was finally free. She was too weak and exhausted to stand and remained sitting in the chair. She was too tired to even raise her hands and stroke her pussy.

Wallace reached for the leather strap securing Lara’s penis-gag and undid the buckle behind her head. He pulled the gag from her mouth, taking a long strand of drool with it. Lara let out a low moan as her aching jaws were finally allowed to close. She had accepted the gag and had actually performed fellatio on it. It was the only way she could relieve some of the pent up sexual energy.

Wallace tossed away the penis gag, He used the sharp knife to cut away Lara's top, leaving her completely topless. He knelt and inserted the blade inside the bottom of her tight pants, moving the blade up her shapely leg, slicing through the material with ease. He did the other leg and pulled away the remains of the pants. Lara sat in the chair, wearing only her boots and fingerless leather gloves. She lifted her head, gradually regaining her strength.

Wallace stood and tossed the knife away. It skidded along the hardwood floor and landed in a corner. He stared at Lara with lust in his beady eyes. Slowly and deliberately he opened his robe. He dropped the robe on the floor and kicked it aside, never taking his eyes off Lara.

Lara regained most of her strength and sat upright in the chair. Her breathing was heavy and she stared at Wallace with wanton desire. Her eyes journeyed down his old and out of shape of body, focusing on his stiff cock. It wasn’t much to look at, but it was still a tool capable of delivering pleasure. That’s all that mattered.

Still, Lara resisted. She trembled violently, fighting the temptation with all her might. She clenched her fists and shook her head, but her passion wiped out all common sense and resistance. Her body was now dictating her actions. If she did not get fucked, she would die. A surge of energy gripped her body. Lara uttered a frustrated grunt and shot up from the chair. Her eyes were wild and intense.

She charged at Wallace, tackling him to the floor. He landed on his back with Lara straddling his ample waist. Instead of lashing out and subduing him with her fighting skills, Lara plunged her hungry mouth on his lips. Her tongue slipped past his teeth and was soon exploring every inch of his mouth. She kissed him  long and hard and couldn’t get enough. Lara finally pulled away from his mouth and kissed every inch of his chest as she slithered down his body. She needed to have him inside her. Her life depended on it! She kneeled over him and impaled her wet pussy on his rock-hard cock.

“Aaaauuuugghhhhhh!” Lara moaned as the cock filled her cunt.

She tucked her shapely legs behind his thighs and leaned forward. She placed her hands on his chest and began rocking her hips against his middle. Wallace clenched his teeth and responded by wrapping his hands on her buttocks, mauling her flesh as she bounced on his cock. She rode him frantically, grinding her hips with an intense rhythm, uttering cries of pleasure and elation.

Wallace pumped his cock deep into Lara, penetrating deeper and deeper with each powerful thrust. Their mutual cries of pleasure echoed throughout the empty house and seemed to charge the air around them, further fueling their desire. It had been a long time coming and Lara mined every once of pleasure she could out of the incredible encounter.

It was mind-numbing and unlike anything she had ever experienced. Lara pumped away with reckless abandonment. She swirled her hips, attempting to stimulate every inch of her throbbing cunt. Her long braid bounced and swayed behind her, tickling her backside. She threw her head back and screamed. She continued pumping away, nearing her climax.

Wallace reached up and gripped her bouncing breasts. He palmed and squeezed her mounds as he panted and groaned beneath her. The fucking went on for what seemed like an eternity. Lara’s wild bucking gradually lifted them both toward a shattering climax. She felt Wallace’s thighs tighten and his cock swelled. He was about to cum! Lara went into a frenzy. Her own orgasm was dangerously close and she was determined to satisfy desire once and for all. She intensified her efforts and rode the cock with everything she had left in her.

Her final assault finally drove Wallace over the edge and he came. He thrust his hips upward, threw his head back, and uttered a sharp grunt. Almost immediately, Lara also came. Her body shuddered and spasm as the devastating orgasm gripped her. Her eyes fluttered as she screamed, experiencing sheer ecstasy. She felt nothing but pure elation. Nothing existed but the wonderful blissfulness that engulfed her. Her cunt tightened around the jerking cock and she felt the warm cum filling her. She threw her head back and screamed as every cell in her body exploded with pleasure.

Gradually, the pleasure subsided and Lara collapsed over Wallace, their sweaty and spent bodies pressing together. They panted and gasped, recovering from the incredible encounter. Wallace’s cock softened and Lara rolled away from him. She lay on her back on the floor, basking in the aftermath of the greatest orgasm in her life. She was finally satisfied.

As her head cleared, Lara turned toward Wallace. Her satisfaction eventually turned to anger and humiliation. She had always thought of herself as a proper lady. She prided herself on being aloof and in control when it came to men. No man would have her, except on her own terms. All that was now moot.  She has just been shagged by this repulsive man, and she had enjoyed every second of it. Lara Croft, daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, had descended into a common tart.

Of course Lara realized that it really wasn’t her. It was the drug. That didn’t change what happened and infuriated her even more. She glared at the disgusting man laying next to her, his huge gut heaving as he breathed. He had lifted her to ecstasy and cum inside her! Bastard! He won’t get away with this!

Lara spotted her discarded knife in the corner of the room. She raised herself on her hands and knees and scampered toward the weapon. She grabbed the knife and shot to her feet, disregarding her nudity. She darted toward Wallace and stood over him, holding the knife at her side. She didn’t need a weapon to take care of this pudgy man, but wanted to show that she meant business.

“You son of a bitch!” Lara exclaimed. “You don’t think I’m going to let you get away with this, do you?”

Wallace sighed. He placed his hands behind his head and stared up at Lara. “What did I say about playing with knives, Lara?”

Lara threw the knife down, burring the blade on the wooden floor between Wallace’s legs, missing his balls by mere centimeters.

Wallace looked down toward the knife, which was concealed by his huge belly. He expressed little concern that his private area was nearly lanced by the blade. He stared at Lara with mock reproach. “Is this how you repay the man who gave you so much pleasure, Lara?”

Lara bent down and pulled the knife from the floor. She stood over Wallace in a defiant stance. “Get up you bastard! I won’t miss again.”

Wallace propped himself up on his forearm. “Before we go any further, let me just say that you look really sexy when you’re angry.” Before Lara reacted to his comment Wallace continued. “Let me explain a few things to you, Lara. That wonderful arousal drug I developed is still very much in your system. In fact, you’re about to be incredibly horny again in a few minutes. I only gave you temporary relief. The aphrodisiac will stay in your system for . . .  Actually, I don’t know. I haven’t done the full research yet. But here’s the good news. I have an antidote that suppresses your . . .  desires, but it's only temporary relief, depending on the dosage. If anything were to happen to me there would be no antidote and you would have to deal with your passions on your own. I must say, I’m intrigued where that would lead to but I doubt you feel the same way.”

Lara’s heart sank. Her flesh was still drunk from the incredible sex and she had trouble concentrating. Wallace was bluffing. He had to be. Her hopes were quickly dashed when she felt a slight tingling between her legs. She shivered as goose bumps appeared on her skin. Her nipples hardened and Lara felt her arousal returning. She closed her eyes and moaned with frustration.

Wallace rose to his feet and stepped toward Lara. “And so it begins again, dear Lara. Don’t worry. Uncle Wallace is here to give you relief.” He took the knife from Lara’s trembling hand and tossed it aside.

Lara shook her head. She wanted to resist and fight, but her body would not cooperate. She just wanted to get laid. She suddenly had a burning desire to have a cock in her mouth. Inexplicably, she went down to her knees before Wallace. She gazed at his flaccid member, longing to have her full lips around it.

Wallace stared down at Lara with satisfaction. “Why don’t you give Uncle Wallace a hand and get it hard again.”

Lara wrapped her hand around the limp prick and pumped it, caressing and stroking the balls with her other hand. She was determined to get it hard and take it in her mouth. Wallace tensed and gasped as Lara worked on him. She finally got his cock hard and immediately wrapped her mouth around the head. She pulled back and licked the bottom of the shaft, making slurping and licking noises.

After she lubricated the entire cock she gripped the base with her hand and plunged her mouth down along the entire length. Wallace threw his head back and groaned. He placed his hands on Lara’s head and braced for the blow job. Lara tightened her lips around the shaft and bobbed up and down, varying her rhythm. Her cunt was streaming and she felt her juices running down her legs. The cock was so sweet and delicious and Lara could not get enough of it. She eventually lifted Wallace to orgasm. He shot his load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of the cum.

Lara and Wallace spent the rest of the day fucking. He took her in every position he could think of. They went at it in on the bed, on the kitchen table, on the living room couch, and in the shower. The fucking was intense and rough. Wallace relished every single groan, grunt, and scream from Lara. Each climax was more devastating than the one before. Lara’s lust was insatiable and Wallace was only too happy to quench her desires . . .  though temporarily.

Their day of copulation ended with Wallace fucking Lara in the ass as she was draped over the living room couch. It was painful yet exhilarating. She stroked her clit as Wallace reamed her, multiplying her pleasure. After Wallace filled her with his warm semen he pulled out of her. He left an exhausted Lara sprawled out over the top of the couch and retreated down the narrow hallway.

Lara remained draped over the couch, recovering from the pounding she had taken. Wallace returned holding a small syringe filled with a clear liquid. Before Lara could straighten he brought the needle down on her left ass cheek, puncturing the skin. She uttered sharp gasp when she felt the needle prick. Wallace injected the substance and pulled the needle out.

“I have just administered the antidote, Lara,” Wallace said evenly. “You are a wild piece of ass but I can’t go on pleasuring you.  I’m not a young man anymore. Still, you’re a great fuck.” He smacked Lara across her buttocks.

Lara straightened and turned toward Wallace. Her face was full of disdain as she rubbed her stinging backside where the needle had broken the skin. For an instant, she contemplated the idea of  inflicting pain on him. She quickly came to her senses and realized that would only make things worse, if they were not already.

“What happens now?” Lara asked, her voice dripping with contempt.

Wallace shrugged. “Now you can go on your merry way and resume doing what it is you do. Rob tombs and that sort of thing. You should feel nothing, at least for two or three months. Then it will start all over again.”

“What do you want from me?” Lara asked, her normally strong voice cracking. “What do you want in exchange for the antidote? Money?”

Wallace laughed. “Money? My dear girl, I don’t need your money. “

“You must want something. What is it?”

Wallace crossed his arms and shook his head. “Shagging you is enough, Lara. That's all I ever wanted. None of this would have happened if you hadn’t been such a bitch. You didn’t think I was going to spend my entire life teaching chemistry to rich prick-teases like you and not get a taste did you? It’s a little late, but I finally got it. And I’m going to keep getting it. When the antidote wears off, you can come back for another dosage. I’ll be waiting, Lara. We’ll have a little fun and then I’ll give you the antidote. It all works out.”

Lara could only seethe. She was used to having the upper hand and hated the idea of being at the mercy of this sick bastard. “You won't get away with this.” The threat sounded weak and hollow.

Wallace smiled. “You're welcome to try and hold out. I’m not forcing you to come back. It’s entirely up to you, Lara.”

Lara doubted she could keep her anger in check any longer. She had to get out of here before she snapped and killed Wallace, antidote or no antidote. She suddenly realized that she was completely nude. Wallace had shredded  her outfit. She couldn’t ride her motorcycle through the streets wearing only her boots and finger-less gloves.

Lara had to demean herself even more. She looked away, unable to keep eye contact with Wallace. “I need some clothes.”

Wallace looked Lara up and down with appraisal. “Not really. You look better without them.”

Lara glared at Wallace, giving him the coldest expression she could muster.

Wallace chuckled. “Oh very well. Although I’m not sure they’ll still fit.”


Lara Croft entered the mansion through the side door leading to the garage. Her cheeks were still burning with embarrassment and she was sure her face was beet red. She had just ridden her motorcycle through the busy city streets decked out in the clothes Wallace had given her. It was his way of humiliating her one last time and he had succeeded.

Lara walked down the corridor toward the spacious living room of the mansion clad in her Gordonstoun school girl uniform. It wasn’t a knock-off or a modified version of the costume, but one of her actual uniforms. Lara had mysteriously lost one of her uniforms during her days at boarding school. She had attributed it a laundry mishap but now realized Wallace had stolen it.

She felt and looked utterly ridiculous in the outfit. The short plaid skirt still fit, but it was tight and snug against her shapely hips and bum. She had obviously developed and filled out since her boarding school days. She did not wear any underwear and the skirt kept fluttering in the wind as she rode her motorbike. She had flashed more than a few drivers during her ride. The tight blue sweater decorated with the school crest strained, conforming to her 34-D breasts like peach fuzz. She still wore her own boots and that only added to her bizarre appearance. She was a grown woman squeezed into a school girl outfit with footwear that did not go with the outfit. It was a perfect ending to her wretched day.

Lara paused at the entranceway leading into the living room. Thus far she had not seen any sign of Hillary or Bryce and hoped she wouldn’t before she went upstairs and got out of this costume. She stepped into the living room and briskly walked toward the winding staircase leading to the second floor of the mansion.

She was halfway to the staircase when Bryce entered through an opposite entranceway. He was eating a huge sandwich and holding a bottle of beer. He stopped cold in his tracks when he spotted Lara, decked out in the school girl outfit. He stopped chewing his food and gawked at his beautiful boss.

Lara felt a hot flash sweep over her when she saw Bryce looking at her. Her face went cold and she held up a warning finger at her assistant. “Not a bloody word, Bryce. Is that clear?”

Bryce had his mouth full and nodded.

Lara walked past her confused assistant and climbed the winding stairs. In her haste to reach the second floor she failed to take into account that she was not wearing any underwear. As she ascended the stairs, she gave Bryce quite view of her bare ass. Bryce stood at the base of the stairs, looking up at Lara’s unintentional show. He watched Lara reach the top of the stairs and disappear down the corridor. He sighed, his face reflecting a goofy expression of pleasure. He had the best job in the world.


three months later. . .

In the back room of the city museum, Lara Croft studied her most recent find: the mummy of a yet-to-be-determined Egyptian king. She had found the tomb a week before in the Egyptian desert  and worked diligently at uncovering its secrets. The room was stuffy and windowless. Lara was dressed in tan shorts, turquoise tank-top, white socks, and all-terrain boots. The outfit was skimpy but she was still hot and sweating. She also felt something else.

The feelings of sexual arousal caused by Wallace’s drug had returned. The same thoughts of wanton sex that plagued her had resurfaced, and as intense as ever. Over the past two days Lara had buried herself in her research and tried to go on as normal, but her body betrayed her intentions.

 She was once again extremely  horny. She knew it was time for another dosage of the antidote. She had no choice in the matter. She would litterally go mad if she did nothing about her sexual impulses. Now she knew how a drug addict felt. Although a drug addict did not usually have to have wild sex with the drug dealer. Sex! Lara thought. That’s what I need. Lots of sex! She closed her eyes as her hand strayed toward the waistband of her shorts.

A rolling sound snapped Lara out of her trance. She opened her eyes and spotted a janitor standing near the entrance of the room. He was a scrawny young man with a rugged face and his uniform tag read: GARY. He held a mop handle, standing over a soap bucket with wheels.

The young man regarded Lara briefly, intimidated by her beauty. “Uh. . . um. . . I’m sorry, miss. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m here to mop the floor, but I can come back later if you’re busy.”

Lara stared at the young man, studying him carefully. He was not a bad looking lad, though he could stand to gain a few pounds here and there. Normally, she would not have given him any attention.“It’s quite all right,” Lara said. “I was just about finished. . . Gary is it?”

The young man’s eyes lit up when Lara said his name. “That’s right. Gary Bannister, miss.”

“Nice to meet you, Gary. I’m Lara Croft.”

“I know.”

“How do you know that?”

“Everybody around here knows who you are.”

Images of this young man pumping his cock into her suddenly flashed in Lara’s mind. She sighed and closed her eyes, uttering a soft moan. She supported herself against the table and exhaled.

Gary stepped toward Lara, expressing concern. “Are you all right?”

Lara suddenly looked up at Gary, giving him a sensual look. “It is so hot in here,” she said, pulling at her tank top. “Don’t you agree. . . Gary?” Her voice was low and heavy.

Gary swallowed nervously as his eyes focused on Lara’s full breasts. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin material of her tank-top. “It is rather stuffy in here,” he managed to say. "Perhaps you should go outside and get some fresh air."

Lara stepped out from around the table. She never broke eye contact with the young man as she stood before him. “I have a better idea. Would it bother you if I took off my top?”

A look of shock came over the young man’s face. It took him three attempts but he finally managed to shake his head and say, “No.”

Lara gripped the bottom of her tank-top and stripped off the garment with a single, fluid motion. She stood topless before the young man as he ogled her magnificent breasts. His face was pale and his mouth opened. His eyes bulged, ready to pop out at any minute.

“Much better,” Lara said. “Don’t you think?”

Gary nodded, focusing on Lara's erect nipples.

Lara looked down at her body. “Might as well do away with the shorts too.” She looked up at the beffuddled young man. “Do you mind?”

Gary shook his head, still in shock.

Lara unbuttoned her kaki shorts and pulled them down her shapely legs, keeping her knees straight as she did so. She was limber enough to pull it off. She straightened and stepped out of the bunched up shorts, kicking them aside. She stood before Gary clad only in her pink thong and boots.

Lara stared at him longingly. "Would you like to remove my knickers?"

Gary was speechless and could only nod. He stepped toward Lara and knelt before her. He hooked his trembling fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her shapely hips, stroking her smooth and warm thighs as he pulled the thong down her legs. Lara helped him by stepping out of her bunched up panties as he reached her ankles. Gary stood before Lara, floored by the act.

Lara took the underwear from his trembling hands and stuffed it into the pocket of his shirt. "Keep them as a souvenir."

 She suddenly stepped toward the young janitor, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him hard on the lips. Gary was taken aback by the action but did not resist or pull away as Lara kissed him passionately.

Lara pulled away and stepped back from the young man, who had a dazed look of pleasure. She went down on her knees before him, spread his legs, and placed her hands on his thighs. She noticed the huge bulge in his trousers and her heart seemed to skip a beat.

She looked up at him. “Do you mind if I suck your cock, Gary?” Lara asked.

Gary shook his head, swallowing hard. “Please.”

Lara Croft reached for his fly, determined to suck his cock like it was the only thing that would keep her alive. Then they would really get down to business.