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Last Update: July 26th, 2013
Three full years since I've updated this!

Deleted bad sites, updated sites, & added new sites!


Erotic Mind Control Story Archive  is the most AWESOME Erotic Mind Control Stories site on the NET!  Special thanks to Simon bar Sinister, who has collected (and continues to collect) the greatest erotic Mind Control stories collection ever assembled!  Also check out the MC FORUM where a lot of the writers and fans of this genre discuss mc related topics - and lastly, if one of your old favorites happened to be pulled - check out the OLD MC ARCHIVES.

The Breast Expansion Archive is a BE site I used to frequent back in the late 90s.  I also archived stories there but hadn't updated in years.  I also wrote a couple of tales, "Curse of the Growing Boobs" and "Cravings" for the BE Story Club

The Overflowing Bra is another AWESOME BE site site.  They archive a lot of stories there, many with mind control in them.  Some of my earlier work is located there - and a tale or two that can't be found anywhere else on the net.

FictionMania TG Stories Archive 
This site has the greatest collection of TG stories on the net!  My preferences lie with the magical tales.

Alt Sex Stories Repository (ASSTR) Archive
Hundreds of authors and a whole slew of websites - all hosted by ASSTR - to include my site.

Alt Sex Stories Moderated Postings Archive
New stories added daily.

Stories On Line
New stories added daily and it houses a ton of my stories as well! 

New stories added daily.


A Strange Geek's Stories Page
Melissa's Initiation is the tale that turned me to look further, and what I found is an incredible writer.  Other hot tales include Hall of Fame reads, The House at the End of the Street & it's sequel, Now This Won't Hurt a Bit.  Expect some of the finest EROTIC MC seduction scenes this side of MARS!

An indepth look at Erotic Mind Control
Fetish Mind Control has to do with achieving arousal from the practice, or perceived practice of altering the way the mind works, thinks, or perceives.

Farleven's Stories & Toons
The author of 'Cindy's New Program', 'Free Ride I & II', and Who Wants to Rule the World'! If I were selecting my top ten personal favorite writers, Farleven would be among them!!!

Darksong's Den
A room filled with pleasurable reading material all written by the dark one, J. Darksong.  I must also point out that several of his stories have been inducted into the JR Parz Hall of Fame page!

bobwhite's Mind Control Erotica
bobwhite has proven his ability to elicit HOT action during his female-female scenes!

The Flying Pen
Awesome writer...some HOT mind control erotica...check him out!!!

Wise Guys Story Page
Wise Guy writes FDom with a flair... Fans of erotic hypnosis and romantic fiction will enjoy this site!

Homer Vargas Stories Page
Great writer who slants towards females dominant stories and has tons of his female characters getting pregnant!

Victor Ramierez's Home Page
Remember the classic Mind Control story called, The Analyst?  He now has his own site!

The Cactus Juggler Story Page
Cactus Juggler writes mind control female dominant stories usually involving female - female with humiliation themes.  I personally have enjoyed his stories!

Suechan's Hypno Site
Another drawing/comic site dedicated to Hypnosis and Mind Control.

Hypnosis In Media
Terry O'Brien has run this site for a very long time... proving great information!  Enjoy!

Magical Transgender/Transformation/Age Regression/Shrinking Links

Nifty Transgender Stories Site
This site carries a tremendous collection of transgender magical sci-fi stories!  Also has my six stories and includes a variety of lesbian stories.

Transgender Graphics & Fiction Archive
A must take a look site - trust me!

The Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archive
Stories where Hot Young Females are magically turned into Mannequins & Wax Statues, Living Statues Robots, Androids Dollies & there is magical transgender and transformation tales as well!

Sapphire's Place
A TransGender Fiction Archive, which hosts many great TG stories!!!  And a sluw of Spells R Us stories!!!

TG Comics
A TransGender Fiction Archive, which hosts many great TG stories!!!  And a sluw of Spells R Us stories!!!

The Minimizer's SW Site
A TransGender Fiction Archive, which hosts many great TG stories!!!  And a sluw of Spells R Us stories!!!

The Transformation Stories Archive
A MEGA archive of transformation stories of every nature!

AR Archive
This is for Age Regression fan!

Adult Fan Fiction
Stories involving your favorite television, comic book characters, movie characters!

Miscellaneous links

Rolfe Kanefsky Screenwriter & Director
Rolfe Kanefsky is the writer and director of some of the best erotic mind control films on DVD!  He's responsible for Pretty Cool, Alien Erotica I & II, Rod Steele 0014 - You Only Live Until You Die, The Ultimate Attraction, Restless Souls, Sexually Bewitched, and some of the Butterscotch films!  Rolfe is also well known for films such as There's Nothing Out There, The Hazing, Tomorrow by Midnight, and Jaqueline Hyde!  His site has a whole variety of goodies, including a large collection of pictures, news articles, and some movie trailors of films he's either written or directed or both.  Incidently, Rolfe also has the option on one of my scripts, RING OF DESIRE!

Galaxy of Terror
Dedicated to those wonderful and wicked B-Movies featuring monsters, aliens and creatures looking for more Earthly delights. The kind of films you remember seeing once long ago late at night and have wondered "What was the name of that movie where...?" Leading the way as the title picture is Roger Corman's GALAXY OF TERROR, but there are others such as EVIL DEAD, THE ENTITY and ROSEMARY'S BABY. The movies come in all flavors, ranging from PG oriented movies like GHOSTBUSTERS to adult films like LA BÊTE.  As an example of the great films you can research, check out the Erotic Mind Control film called " The Ultimate Attraction ", written and directed by Rolfe Kanefski!

Naked Blades
Its mostly erotic swords and sorcery stories, although some of the stories do include mind control.  A lot to choose from!!!  Some great art work!

Damsels In Distress Archive
This site is the creation of Curvasions... a very talented & imaginative poser renderer.  He focuses on female dominant and known throughout the community for his Natural Slave stories.

A great link site to sleepy and hypnosis related sites amongst other things. Includes paysite, normal sites and groups too. Definitely worth crawling through some time...


Simply put... fine poser rendering of everything!
Some nudity, but focuses more on soft sensuality and eroticism...

"R" & "X" rated poser rendering - various categories!

Prime Movers Stories Site
Poser Rendering Mind Control Control Stories

3D Monster Stories
Poser Rendering Monsters with a Mind Control twist.

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