NEW UPDATE! 14th November 2006
Writer and Director, Rolfe Kanefsky
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 Rolfe  posted this on his own website on October 25th, 2006 titled BLONDE & BLONDER in production!

Hey all,

Lots of good news! First off, NIGHTMARE MAN had now won seven awards in three different festivals. American World Pictures in handling international sales and will be screening NIGHTMARE MAN at the AFM on November 2nd at 1:00 at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. Our wins thus far include BEST PICTURE, BEST ACTRESS for Tiffany Shepis. BEST ACTRESS for Blythe Metz. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESSS for Tiffany Shepis, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST EDITING for Victor Kanefsky and BEST SCORE for Christopher Farrell. Also, lots of magazine press out there. The new issue of Fangoria has a five page spread on Tiffany. She will also be covered in the December issue of Jane Magazine hitting stands at the end of November. Also the new issue of Sirens of Cinema has a nice review for NIGHTMARE and the new issues of Cult Movies and Screem should have reviews and coverage of my films and career.

On to PRETTY COOL 2. It is almost done. The trailer should be on-line at my site, our website and on in the next couple of days. Keep an eye out. We are about a week away from a finished film and itís looking and sounding really good.

And now the big news. A script I wrote a long time ago, called BLONDE & BLONDER just went into production in Canada. Bob Clark ("Porkyís", "A Christmas Story", "Black Christmas") is directing and the film is starring PAMELA ANDERSON and DENISE RICHARDS! Also EMMANUELLE VAUGIER ("Saw II") just signed on. Filming began last Monday on this 3.5 million dollar comedy. Check out my "Other Projects" section for the original poster when I tried to make this film almost ten years ago.

So, October turning out to be a pretty interesting month and itís not even Halloween yet. Because of all this, I mean actually be able to sign with an agent again. Weíll see.


 Rolfe  posted this on his own website on September 28th, 2006


Well, NIGHTMARE MAN is going well. It playing festivals and getting a good response. Deals are being locked down with companies right now for AFM and domestic. A myspace website for POCKET GIRL: PRETTY COOL 2 is up now. So far, only some artwork is up but more should be added soon.

In other news, I just received a phone call from Mark Headley, producer of CORPSES! Apparently, there has been some negative comments floating around the internet about my experience on CORPSES. Mark wishes for those comments to be removed. Since I do not run or operate any of those websites and can only control my personal website (this one), I just want to state for the record that Mark Headley is the kindest, gentlest, warmest, and most sincere human being I ever met. If I could have his baby, I would. Mark treats people with respect and understanding. He is a perfect person. Personally, I think he is an angel sent down from heaven to help filmmakers like myself create works of art. Just one look at his resume and it is apparent that he only gets involved in quality movies and elevates every production he works on. If you have money to make a movie, please give it to Mark Headley. You will not be sorry. It will be money well spent. I donít think itís even possible to praise him enough. The man is a saint and all comments that do not praise and worship him, should be burned and destroyed! Letís face it, the man is practically a God in the filmmaking community. Any reports, statements, interviews, or letters that say otherwise are false. He is a genius when it comes to production. He makes every cent count. Donít pay attention to any bad remarks about this man. Mark Headley produces movies with a passion Iíve never seen before or since. He is truly the greatest human being who has ever lived.

With that said, I now believe we can all live in peace and harmony and the world will be a better place.

Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on February 28th, 2006, regarding the status of PRETTY COOL 2

Yes, there is a PRETTY COOL 2. Right now, the official title is PRETTY COOL 2: POCKET GIRL. It has been shot and is now in post-production. It will take many months to have a finished film. Hopefully, it will be completed by this summer. It was independently produced so there is no distribution in place yet. MTI HOME VIDEO, the company that released the first PRETTY COOL, has expressed interest but there is no deal yet.

Hopefully soon, my website will have some pictures of the cast. Today, a photo shoot took place with many of the cast for a up-coming poster.

Here's a short description of the story: Walter Bukell, a high school senior is giving the latest cell phone technology for graduation, he finds it comes with a magical electronic GENIE inside. Meanwhile, Walter's best friend, Agatha is working on a machine that gives off a special tone that makes people do whatever you tell them. Due to a freak electrical storm, a bolt of lightning strikes Walter, his new cell phone, and Agatha's device at the same time. The female GENIE inside the cell starts to think for herself while making Walter's dreams come true. Whoever he calls on his cell are forced to do whatever he wishes. Walter uses this power on his mother, father, brother, his brother's hot college girlfriend, Agatha's, Agatha's sexy stepmom, a house of beautiful playmates who are in a live reality show called THE PLAYPEN, as well as a busty female jogger, two bikini girls on the beach, a goth guy, a mime, and himself!

It's a sexy outrageous comedy with tons of mind control fun. It will be rated R and contains nudity, sexual situations, many orgasms, erections, farting, burping, hiccups, people acting like animals, lesbians lusting after gay men, weird dream sequences, lactation, masturbation, breast fondling, crotch abuse, and much, much more!

The cast includes Tiffany Shepis, Joy Giovanni, Brandi Williams, Kristin Novak, Kristyn Green, Jennifer Day, Angela Dodson, Julia Lehman, Sarah Edwards, Hanna Putnam, and of course, Robert Donavan.

Hope that answers your questions,

Best Wishes,


Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on November 21st, 2005, PRETTY COOL 2

Just giving an update. The first draft of PRETTY COOL 2 is now complete and casting has already begun. We're looking for about a dozen girls for the sequel. Lots of MC. Most involving women and dealing with just about every bodily function. Some sexy, some not. It is a comedy and aimed at an "R" rating, like the original.

Thanks for all your suggestions in the last post. Don't be upset if I didn't or couldn't use your the ideas. If things go as planned, production is supposed to begin on December 10th which is incredibly fast. It is being aimed as a straight to video feature and probably won't see any theatrical play.

No planned shower scenes in this one but there is a big scene involving girls in a jacuzzi and a house full of "Playboy-type playmates" that the lead character has a lot of fun with. Like I said, none of the characters from the original PRETTY COOL are set to return. It's a completely different story with different characters but the MC is just as featured if not more so and there's a slightly darker tone to some of the commands. So, I guess you can say, it is more evil.

Now, like with the first one, a talented and attractive cast is needed to make the thing work. It's a cute, funny, and sexy story with just enough heart. I tried hard not to just copy the first film but some of the situations that people seemed to like are re-addressed and hopefully made funnier and sexier in this one. The orgasm on command sequence has been updated and expanded upon but do not expect Summer Altice to return. It's just not going to happen.

But we are seeing some very beautiful women and hope to find another wonderful cast. With any luck, production will be wrapped before the end of the year.

At least, MTI Home Video is already expressed interest in releasing the sequel so it shouldn't take over five years to make this one and see a decent release.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on October 11th, 2005, EROTIC MC in JACQUELINE HYDE

Just giving a heads up that JACQUELINE HYDE is coming out a week from today (on October 18th) from Warner Home Video. I don't think Blockbuster will have it yet but many other chains and of course, Netflicks and Amazon will be carrying it. There is some self-afflicted erotic MC in the film as well as many transformation scenes, BE, and other sexually weird stuff. Please support JACQUELINE HYDE if you can. If it does well, some of my other MC-themed projects might be able to get produced, like RING OF DESIRE and THE RED ROOM.

You can check out many pages of pix, trailers, and reviews at my site

Also, for BE fans out there, a short sexy comedy, MOOD BOOBS is now complete. A 30-something minute DVD will be for sale soon containing the 18 minute short starring Tiffany Shepis and another 12 minutes or so of behind-the-scenes material and trailers. Curious to see who might be interested in ordering a copy. Any takers?

Besides that, I'm just plugging away in post on NIGHTMARE MAN and prepping a new horror project entitled THE DEVIL INSIDE.

Also, in one of my last posts, I asked if people would be interested in a well-produced short dealing with erotic MC and nobody really responded. Do shorts not interest people or is it a money thing?

The BE community seems to have really gotten behind the concept when dealing with BE material. I was just wondering if the MC community is into this type of product or not. I'm not talking about doing x-rated films, but dealing with the actual erotic mind control elements without explicit nudity. Like with MOOD BOOBS, the short deals with the growing aspect and not naked breasts. This is why I feel MC and BE can hit more mainstream venues because it's not just about getting people naked and having sex.So, the question is, Is there support for this kind of venture?

By the way, Get the UNRATED version of JACQUELINE HYDE.  It has more special features including over 20 minutes of deleted/extended scenes and a 22 minute behind-the-scenes featurette. As for the film, the cut of the "R" rated version and the "unrated" version are exactly the same. There is no difference at all! The "unrated" version is only unrated because of the bonus features which do contain a little more nudity and sex, including a 8 minute sequence that was cut from the film do to pacing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. So far, the reviews have been mixed. Some people have gotten it and some have written it off as just a late-night skinamax flick. I think there's a lot more to the film than that and if you watch it just for the sex, you may be disappointed. It is not shot as an out and out erotic film although it is erotic as well as horrific.

If you want to read who really understood the film (aka they liked it) check out and as well as the reviews.

Hope that helps.


Best Wishes,


Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on June 20th, 2005, Pretty Cool

Well, tomorrow, Tuesday June 21st, PRETTY COOL hits video. I believe Hollywood Video will be carrying it and it should be for sale at among other websites. I have seen the final released DVD and am pretty happy with it. Once more for the record, it contains the "R" rated version. The MPAA gave us an "R" without any cuts! There's a new director commentary on the film, 33 chapter stops, new animated menu pages, 33 minutes of deleted/extended scenes with optional commentary on these as well, a 5 1/2 minute photo gallery that contain about a 100 photos- many never before seen, the newly mixed trailer to PRETTY COOL as well as the bonus trailer for THE HAZING. A bio/filmography section about most of the actors, myself, and the producer. And there's a hidden easter egg in there as well.

A few reviews have hit the internet so far. This is what some have to say- "I didn't think they made outright sex comedies anymore. Sure movies like AMERICAN PIE and ROAD TRIP veer in that direction, but a film where a guy becomes able to control people's minds- and thus get lots of girls to take off their clothes--...PRETTY COOL is miles ahead of the recent spate of unfunny National Lampoon movies...Often hysterical...we haven't seen movies like this since the era of PORKY'S and H.O.T.S."-

Rotten says "A high school comedy that posits itself somewhere between AMERICAN PIE and WEIRD SCIENCE... highly-sexed escapades ensue, with director Rolfe Kanefsky steering his film into wickedly funny, entirely tasteless territory." says, "I was waiting to see PRETTY COOL for almost three years, and now that I finally have, I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed...A nice little reprieve of the teen sex comedies of the 80s...Sexy and hilarious...Check this one out."

And had this to say, "PRETTY COOL" was pretty cool... I felt that I was being brought back to the era of 80s sci-awry comedies a la "WEIRD SCIENCE" or "MY SCIENCE PROJECT"...there's plenty of sexual humor and a fair amount of nudity. Goody! And it's funny too!...You really ought to check it out. It's funny and a great throwback to the comedies that prevailed when I was a kid."

So, overall, I very pleased. This is exactly what I was going for and some critics have gotten it.

And there's more good news. JACQUELINE HYDE has an official release date now. It's coming to video/DVD on October 18th through Warners Home Video! I'm working on the DVD now. It should contain the 94 minute feature, a comentary track by myself, Gabriella Hall (producer/star) and Blythe Metz (star), a 22 minute behind the scene making of and around 20 minutes of deleted/extended scenes.

Although not confirmed, CORPSES may be officially released through York Entertainment once again (don't ask) on July 26th.

But back to PRETTY COOL. It's out tomorrow and if people rent or buy it, I'd love to hear what you think. After five years of struggling to get it out, I want to really enjoy this moment, at least for a day or two. Spread the word. Tell your friends or anyone who you think may enjoy this type of sexy teen comedy with a strong element of erotic MC.

JR Parz has a big review of it on his site and there are over a hundred new photos and the trailer available for viewing at my site

Again, thanks for all the support over the years. If this does well, it may open the door for more mainstream MC in movies. Who knows?

Best Wishes,



As for the concern about Emmanuelle and Pretty Cool.  Here's the back story. Alain Siritzky wanted to make a series of Emmanuelle films that ripped off "Being John Malkovich". I came up with the structure for the series concerning the headband and necklace to make the whole concept portable. I also thought that the inventor should be a cripple to give the series more heart. By entering the mind of someone else, they can experience things that they can't normally because of the wheelchair. Looking back now, this was a bad idea for an erotic series. HBO didn't like the idea of a handicapped person and only aired one episode.

Anyway, I wrote the "bible" for the series and the first movie, "Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters". That was all I planned to do. However, Alain then wanted one of the movies to be kinda like AMERICAN PIE. Now, being a fan of teen sex comedies of the 80's, I knew I could write something like that. So, I offered to write the script. It was a straight out Cinemax flick set in a high school environment. There was some humor in it but it was basically a late night sex flick.

Alain read the script and liked it a lot. He thought it was very funny and asked if I would direct it. I said no. He said it could be a mainstream comedy. I knew it couldn't be that in it's current form so I said if I can rewrite the whole thing, shoot it on 35mm and hire my own casting director to find the actors, I would consider it. He said okay.

I then sat down and struggled to turn an erotic script into a mainstream comedy. Usually that wouldn't be so hard except, Alain insisted that there be enough sex so he could sell it an erotica as well. I'd have to shoot two versions.

This was an almost impossible task and I couldn't make it work. I was about to give up when I came up with the hook. A nerd who wants to be Tom Cruise. From that opening monologue, the rest of the script came together. However, the script still had to have a connection to the series. Holly Sampson, the actress playing Emmanuelle, had to be in the story as did the headband and necklace and scientists that invented the device. I worked all of that into the storyline, making the whole thing a little confusing. Too many subplots in my opinion. I actually begged Alain not to make me shoot the erotic scenes once we had the cast because I knew the film could really work with these talented actors. He refused and three days before filmming began, I thought the whole thing was going to fall apart. We lost one cast member and if the rest of the cast walked, I would have quit the project. They were actually in discussions with another director to shoot only the erotic late-night version with a different cast. However, the rest of actors stayed on board and the film went ahead at the last moment.

I then shot PRETTY COOL, alternative erotic footage for the European release and EMMANUELLE'S INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS at the same time! I was literally shooting scenes for three different movies on the same day!

When it was all said and done, I knew I had the makings of a really good teen comedy, PRETTY COOL, and two typical late-night erotic flicks. Of course, Alain decided to finish the erotic movies and left PRETTY COOL out to collect dust. He refused to come up with the money to edit, mix, color short, finish the film! So basically my father, myself, and my father's post company deferred all the work and finished it anyway as best we could.

I was pretty happy with the "final" result but Alain didn't know how to sell it. PRETTY COOL was now a commercial low-budget mainstream teen comedy and that's not what his buyers buy. Then the William Morris Agency stepped in and truely killed the film!

Because of their work in PRETTY COOL, two of my actors; Will Burke and Amy Brassette ended up signing with William Morris (a big talent agency). Anyway, William Morris also sometimes handles films. With two of their clients involved, we thought they may get behind PRETTY COOL and help us sell it. They wanted to see it and insisted on a private screening. A few days later we heard back from them.

They told Alain that they wouldn't handle the film and the reason was that it was like a sexy version of "Saved By The Bell". It's aimed at high school kids but there's too much sex and nudity so high school kids wouldn't be able to watch it. There's no audience for this in their opinion.

Because of that, Alain was convinced that he had a film that was unsellable. He wanted to just sell and release the European sex version and I fought a long time to stop him from doing this. I felt PRETTY COOL worked and if he released the other version, it would kill any chance of PRETTY COOL ever getting released and finding it's audience.

About a year later, I talked wth an ex-agent from William Morris who knew the guys who screened the film. He found out that these guys NEVER screened the film. They watched about five or ten minutes of it but because they are "William Morris" they had to come up with a reason of why they weren't interested so they gave Alain that whole bullshit excuse.

Well, time went by. Alain stayed true to his word and didn't release the erotic version in the states but didn't try to sell or release PRETTY COOL either. So, finally I made another film, THE HAZING, with another producer. He sells the film to MTI Home Video and they do really well with it. So, I say, "Hey guys, I have another film that you may want to take a look at" and send them PRETTY COOL. They love it and say they will release it. I convince Alain to let them run with it, a contract is signed, and before you can say, FIVE YEARS LATER, PRETTY COOL hits video to positive reviews and hopefully an audience of new teen-agers and adults that will enjoy the film.

And there you have some of the story behind the making and releasing of PRETTY COOL.

Rolfe e-mailed me this on 24 May 2005

Hey JR,

Just wanted to say hello. I believe the DVD for PRETTY COOL is done and will still be out in stores on June 21st. I've attached the artwork that will be the box for PRETTY COOL. Also, we just signed the deal for video/DVD release of JACQUELINE HYDE with...(drum roll)...Warner Brothers! So, it should get a pretty good release in October! They are also interested in our next two pictures and they want more sexy horror. I have a new script THE RED ROOM (Amityville Horror" meets "The Entity") that may be perfect for them.

In the meantime, last weekend I shot a short film entitled "MOOD BOOBS" for my biggest fan and now producer (he put up all the money) from the BEA. Now, that's it's been shot, I told him he can begin talking about it.

When finished, it should be a funny and sexy 12-14 minute short about a young woman who wishes for mood boobs- aka Breasts that change in size and sensitivity depending on her mood and things get out of control. Lots of breast expansion and when they grow, they also cause spontaneous orgasms. When she calls her female friend to help fix the wish, things get even more wild. The short stars Shaina Fewell and Tiffany Shepis. Anyone interest in funny BE should get a kick out of it. I don't know what the plan is for distribution yet. But it was a lot of fun and is really loaded with Breast Expansion. Might appeal to the people over at National Lampoon.

Hoping to do a commentary track with Tiffany on CORPSES for its October release from Lions Gate Entertainment and still hope to start production on NIGHTMARE MAN (new horror film) in July.

Alain Siritzky is in Europe right now having someone shoot erotic scenes for a new series. It's suppose to be another sci-fi erotic alien show and I may write the three scripts needed after I see the footage brings back..

But my two new horror scripts, RED ROOM and VAPOR both have strong erotic elements and some erotic MC but of a darker nature. There's a slight "Scanners" element to RED ROOM when the entity possesses the husband and he has a lot of evil fun manipulating the women around him in sexual ways.

VAPOR is about a mysterious yellow mist that gets inside people and controls them, making them do things against their will. Sex and violence runs rampant throughout the script. This is my "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" crossed with "The Fog".

So, as you can see, I haven't given up on these kind of material yet. Hopefully PRETTY COOL  and JACQUELINE HYDE will do well on video to prove there is still interest in the erotic side of comedy and horror.

Best Wishes,



Thought I'd check in with the lastest new.

Okay, it's official. PRETTY COOL will be released on video/DVD from MTI Home Video on June 21st! The DVD will have my "R" perferred cut of the feature, 33 minutes of deleted/extended scenes, a long animated still gallery of pictures, the revised trailer (new music), an easter egg, cast and crew bios, 33 chapter stops, bonus trailer for THE HAZING, and a brand new director commentary track on the feature and all the deleted scenes.

CORPSES is finally coming out in October through Lions Gate! I hope to do a commentary track with Tiffany Shepis and maybe get them to include a blooper reel as well.

We are very close to securing a good distribution deal for JACQUELINE HYDE. If it goes as planned, the film will be available in all the stores. I don't know the planned release date yet but will let you know when I know. Hopefully, the feature will get a "R" without any cuts. Also, there should be a 22 minute behind the scenes documentary, and 21 minutes of deleted/extended scenes, and well as a commentary track on the disc.

The screening of JACQUELINE HYDE at the Brussels Film Festival last month was a great success. People really enjoyed the film and it was a great honor to get selected alongside such films as RING 2, WHITE NOISE, BOOGEYMAN, ROBOTS, TEAM AMERICA, KUNG FU HUSTLE, etc...

At the moment, I'm in prep on a new film that I hope to begin shooting in July. It is a straight horror film but Tiffany Shepis (THE HAZING, CORPSES) and Blythe Metz (JACQUELINE HYDE) will be starring if all goes as planned.

Alain Siritzky gets back the domestic rights to ALIEN EROTICA aka ALIEN FILES in May, so maybe I can convince him to release the special edition 2 disc set sometime later this year. No new erotic films in the pipeline at the moment. The genre is still very slow right now.

In the meantime, I'm writing another script that I'd describe as a cross between the films "IMPULSE" and "THE FOG". One or two erotic kinda MC scenes may sneak in before I'm done.

I also may make a short film that really focuses on BE called "In The Mood" soon for those of you who like that sort of thing.

So, things are looking up a bit. Hopefully at least three of my films will be widely released this year and I'll have another ready by the fall.

In case people are wondering, I have no idea when EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA, the other INVISIBLE MAN movies, or any more of the SEX FILES series, EMMANUELLE 2000 series, or CLICK series will be released on DVD or cable. Alain has all rights back but needs to find a distributor or release them himself. At the moment, there are no plans to do either.

But if JACQUELINE HYDE, CORPSES, and PRETTY COOL do well, I think I'll have an easier time finding money for future projects.

Best Wishes,


If you didn't like SHUAN OF THE DEAD (the British comedy zombie flick) then you probably won't like CORPSES. My film is really a comedy or I call it a zomedy. With no budget and no time and every problem you could have while making a film, CORPSES was forced to play on its only strength, which was the humor. Please do not compare it to DAWN OF THE DEAD, 28 DAY LATER, or RESIDENT EVIL. If you're expecting something like that, you will hate CORPSES with a passion. But if you're in the mood for a very light silly zombie comedy with some gore and nudity, you might get a kick out of it. Some have compared it to RE-ANIMATOR and I take that as a very high compliment.

Just keep in mind, CORPSES was really made for almost no money and it was the worst experience I ever had making a movie. I kinda like it for what it is but it is in no way close to my original vision. The cast is the only reason it works at all. Robert Donavan, Tiffany Shepis, and Jeff Fahey are great. If you think of it as a homage to "ED WOOD (the filmmaker) and Troma films, then you can sit back and have a good time. In other words, watch this film with low expectations.

I do not believe PRETTY COOL is available in the UK. I know DEAD SCARED aka THE HAZING is and CORPSES is coming out in June.

Domestically, PRETTY COOL should be available on, and hopefully in Blockbuster, Tower, Hollywood Video, etc...All the big chains. You can also go to MTI HOME VIDEO website and probably order it directly from them.

Rolfe e-mailed me this on 7 February 2005

Hi JR,

I'm in a waiting period so there's not much to report on any front.  It looks like the deal for PRETTY COOL is almost done and may be officially released in June.  Still sending JACQUELINE HYDE around, but kind of waiting until the Brussels festival towards end of March to see if that gives the film more buzz and interest thus increasing our position for sales.

Still waiting for a definite answer if the remake of HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW is going to happen or not.  If not, I hope to be in production on another independent horror film by May or June. CORPSES has probably been pushed again. I'm hearing end of the year now, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Alain has no erotic movies or series in development at the moment. He's just trying to sell some of his past library of films.

The last few posts and questions I sent to the MC forum got very little response so it doesn't feel to me that people are that interested in these erotic flicks.  That's why I haven't been writing much on the forum.  I was a little surprised that EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA got such a weak response.  I thought there was some strong erotic MC even if the film itself was lacking a bit in plot and performance.

The erotic content of JACQUELINE HYDE seems to be hurting sale potential.  Too sexy for a horror film, I'm being told by some. Since the sexy stuff isn't selling and people tend to want their horror straighter, I think I will try to move away from this
kind of material. If I can't do anything with the last script I wrote, a sexy horror film about an Incubus and Succubus, I'll have to drop the sex stuff. I still believe there's a market for this stuff but I can't seem to find the support.

If a decent video/cable deal isn't struck on JACQUELINE HYDE within the next few months, then we may start to sell the movie over the internet. I'll keep you informed if that happens.

Wish I had more positive news but at least, PRETTY COOL should finally get a decent video/DVD release this year through MTI Home Video.

Of course, if Alain calls me up with another erotic series in place, this could all change but at the moment, erotic films are on the decline.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this on 5 November 2004

Hey  JR,

Haven't talked in a while. I was happy to hear that you enjoyed THE HAZING. Don't know if you had a chance to see EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA or not. Curious what you thought. I just got some good news about PRETTY COOL. It looks like a deal has been struck with MTI Home Video (same company that released THE HAZING). It looks like they will be finally releasing the film on video and DVD in the states! I will be supervising the DVD and do a commentary track for the film. There will be some bonus material and if it is successful, they may do a follow-up, special UNRATED version of the film. Since PRETTY COOL never got a theatrical release, this seems like a smart way to do it. If everyone enjoys the official "R" rated version of the film, then releasing a second special edition version later on may do very well. And just so you know, there are more scenes that I didn't even include in my original bonus disc. Anyway, it will be great to finally get this film on the shelves. I'll let you know when I know more about an official release date.

Meanwhile, I am in unofficial prep on the horror remakes of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and MUTANT. The first is a slasher film from the early 80's and MUTANT is a zombie movie.

JACQUELINE HYDE has its first official screening this Saturday, Nov. 6th at 11:00 a.m. and next Tuesday, Nov. 9th at 1:00 p.m. at the AFM. There's a new cool poster on my site. I've attached it as a link with this e-mail and a brand new trailer is up at my site as well. The trailer does contain some slight nudity and a glimpse at one of the BE scenes in the film.  Hopefully, we'll make some good sales with this film and then can use it as a launching pad on the next slate of films.

On the erotic front, Alain Siritzky thinks he will be locking down a deal with a company from India to produce two new erotic series. ALIEN KAMASUTRA, a kind of third SEX FILES series, and MR. STEELE GOES BANGKOK, continuing the adventures of ROD STEELE 0014. After the AFM, I may start working on the pilot scripts to both series.

In other news, Alain Siritzky got back the domestic rights to all the films that Roger Corman has had and never released. He also got the cable rights back so hopefully many of these films will finally get shown on Cinemax and he may release the rest of the CLICK and BUTTERSCOTCH movie that were never seen. It's a library of over 77 erotic titles now. Quite a few have never been seen in the states.

I would still love to read your second BE story whenever you can send it. Hope all is well. The sales of JACQUELINE HYDE will be a good gauge on how the sex element sells. See if it helps us or hurts us in today's marketplace which will obviously effect the interest in RING OF DESIRE or not.

But if HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and MUTANT go, my next year will be pretty tied up with those films and possibly some other scripts that I'm developing for the same producers. I've turned in treatments for THE UNINVITED and WITHOUT WARNING, two more 80's horror "gems" that they are planning to remake. I don't know if you've seen the originals and if not, don't bother. I've taken both concepts in very different directions.

Keep in touch.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on October 1st, 2004, Emmanuelle Vs. Dracula


Just wanted to let everyone know that I saw EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA is scheduled to show tonight on Cinemax (October 1st and throughout the month). Again, it's very high in the erotic MC vampire arena. The film has many, many problems but I'm curious to see what people think of it.

Also, THE HAZING has been getting a great response and seems to be available in most video stores, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, etc... If anyone had a chance to see it (even though it isn't erotic MC), I'd love to hear any responses.

JACQUELINE HYDE is getting closer to completion. Again, I hope to have it finished by November 1st.

In the meantime, no official word on any new erotic series from Alain Siritzky, although there is some talk about shooting something in India. Possibly, a erotic "Species"-ish sci-fi sex series. Also, more talk (only talk though) about continuing ROD STEELE 0014 with maybe STEELE GOES TO INDIA or STEELE GOES TO BANGKOK.

One encouraging piece of news on PRETTY COOL. MTI HOME VIDEO, the company that released THE HAZING, saw and loved PRETTY COOL and are willing to give it a real domestic DVD/video release. However, they still have to reach an agreement with the producer, Alain. So, there's no deal yet. But if they were to reach an agreement, I would think the film could be released in five to six months, maybe next summer.

Just found out CORPSES will be getting released on November 30th through York Entertainment. No erotic MC but a slightly BE that some may be interested in.

Anyway, once again, those with Cinemax who like sexy vampire flicks, check out EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA. You may enjoy parts of it.

Also, a favor, if anyone has seen and enjoyed THE HAZING, my producer was wondering if someone could post a good response on since there is a negative one up there now and may affect the sales. Most of the reviews have been wonderful but that negative response from someone who obviously wanted Brooke Burke to star in the film and not just be a cameo may sway people away from checking it out.

The success or failure of THE HAZING on DVD may have a big impact on some of my future projects and my ability of raising money to make more movies like RING OF DESIRE and others that some of you might be interested in, from happening.

So, if anyone can spread a postive word of mouth about THE HAZING on and IMBD, I'd be very grateful.

Also JACQUELINE HYDE will be screening twice at the AFM on November 6th and November 9th. It's not open to the public but I'll let you know how it all goes down.

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Rolfe  posted this on the MC Forum on September 10th, 2004, ROLFE'S MOVIES


I've been out of town for a while so I just wanted to check in with a small update.

THE HAZING, my horror/comedy hits video/DVD this Tueday, September 14th. Blockbuster ordered 20,000 units so finally one of my films should be fairly easy to find. There is no erotic MC in the film but it is sexy and there are some fun things in it so check it out if you can. Another reason to see it is that MTI Home Video (the company that is releasing it) is considering releasing TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT and PRETTY COOL. I've just sent them the DVD's. If they do well with THE HAZING, there's a good chance something can be worked out for a real release of these other features. Alain (the producer on both films) gave me permission to talk to them, so we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, JACQUELINE HYDE is almost finished. Hope to have all the sound and picture work done by the end of October. There was recently a screening of THE HAZING at the Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ and we showed a clip from JACQUELINE HYDE. The reaction was great, especially during the BE moment. The audience applauded. With any luck, there will be another special presentation during the Chiller convention in New Jersey Halloween weekend. I'm hoping to be a guest at the convention with Gabriella Hall.

In the meantime you can check out the teaser trailer and website of JAQUELINE HYDE on my site or

EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA is still planned to premiere on Cinemax on October 4th so keep an eye out for it. Again, not a great movie by any means and I did NOT direct it but it does deliver in a strong way on the erotic MC level.

Still talking about releasing a box set of SEX FILES next year that would include the 2 disc special edition director's cut of ALIEN EROTICA.

In the meantime, I'm looking for an agent and paying work. This year of working for free has to end soon. I can't afford to keep it up.

I'm doing an interview for Insider Magazine and Toxic Magazine on September 21st and am excited to see the reaction to THE HAZING. So far, there have been about a dozen reviews on the internet and they have all been very, very positive. Along with the 4 page article in Fangoria and a full page ad in the issue about to hit the stands, I hope people take notice. A successful video release could definitely help JACQUELINE HYDE which in turn would help get some of my other projects off the ground like RING OF DESIRE, NEVERMORE, and my latest screenplay, NIGHTMARE MAN.

No new release date for CORPSES which is a shame with all the popularity of zombies right now.

Final note: A new website should be launched in the next few days. Check it out. It's pretty cool.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this on 4 August 2004

Hi JR,

Some quick good news.  My website has moved and is up and running at   Many additions include seven pages of photos from JACQUELINE HYDE and the horrific teaser trailer will be added soon. Also, more trailers are up including THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE, ROD STEELE 0014, TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT, PRETTY COOL, THE HAZING, and CORPSES.  More space is a great thing.

Also, a few of the photos show some behind the scenes stuff of one of BE scenes with Gabriella Hall.

But the best news is, I just got the new issue of FANGORIA and there's a wonderful four page spread on THE HAZING and myself. The magazine should be hitting newstands this week (issue #236).

Also THE HAZING will be screening at the Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ which takes place from August 27-29th. I'll be attending and will find out soon which day and what time the screening will take
place. A new Press Release on the film is currently on MTI Video's website. I believe the site is

Hopefully all this positive press including Tiffany Shepis' interview in a magazine called Draculina that's all out now will amount to some interest in JACQUELINE HYDE and all the future projects. Fangoria mentions some of them in the article. This is probably the best international press I've ever received. I've been trying to get into Fangoria for ove 15 years so I'm very happy.

Also the edit for JACQUELINE HYDE is going well and we should have a good first cut of the film by the end of
this week.

Best Wishes,


Rolfee-mailed me this on 3 August 2004

Hi JR,

I'm still in New York so that's why I'm using the yahoo e-mail. Anyway, I got and read your CRAVINGS story. It was simple but fun. I'm glad they liked it and paid you for it. Would love to read the "CURSE" story when it's available.

I'll be in New York until the 1st of September.  Hopefully, I'll have a good cut of "JACQUELINE HYDE" by then. After that comes all the music and sound work. Still hope to have it all finished by the middle of October.

Recently wrote another script. Straight horror. Also, I'm working on a romantic comedy that does contain a character with a BE fetish. Just writing it for the hell of it but we'll see what happens when it's done.

THE HAZING still is scheduled to hit video/DVD on September 14th. The Fangoria issue with the article on THE HAZING will be on newstands by August 19th. A new issue of DRACULINA has an interview with Tiffany Shepis and she talks about THE HAZING and CORPSES.

Blythe Metz's interview on JACQUELINE HYDE is now posted on They also have interviews with me, Nectar Rose ("The Hazing"), and Lorilie New ("Corpses").

My home page website is changing servers. We had to take down all the trailers because of space. If this new server works out well, everything will be back up as well as trailers for "ROD STEELE", "THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE" and a teaser trailer for "JACQUELINE HYDE".  The new website will be "" There should be links to it from I'll let you know when it's all up and running.

EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA is still planned to premiere on Cinemax on October 4th. I believe Playboy magazine is
doing a spread on the new Emmanuelle girl when the film hits cable. They're trying to do a tie-in.

There is also talk about launching the naked shopping network again and perhaps playing the infomerical I directed. It would be great if Alain could get that going and start selling the films that he owns and many people seem to want to buy.

Nothing new on PRETTY COOL as far as a release is concerned. Also, CORPSES is on hold. It will not be coming out August 24th as originally planned and there is no new release date as of yet. I believe York Entertainment is having some inner company problems so, who knows when it will hits video stores. Typical.

So, in the meantime, I'm just pushing the press on THE HAZING. The DVD will have two commentary tracks, a behind the scenes piece, some cast interviews, hopefully a few deleted scenes and such.

Alain gets the rights back for ALIEN EROTICA next year so hopefully he will try to release the SEX FILES box set that I designed to include seven films as well as the bonus disc for ALIEN EROTICA that contains lots of goodies. We'll see.

So, right now JACQUELINE HYDE is my life and I hope to make some money with it one of these days. There is some self-inflicted erotic MC in the film and a few BE moments. One of them is great! Everyone who's seen it asked how it was done because it really looks real.

Heard you're getting Cinemax in October just to see EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA. I'm not sure it's that good. I do have many problems with the film but all in all, it's still probably the most erotic vampire film dealing with MC that I've ever seen. Once again, my name is nowhere on the film.

But, the seduction of Lucy at the dinner table scene, the scene with Mary and the vampire in the bedroom, the scene with Vampire Lucy making two of her girlfriends make out with each other, and about five or six other scenes are very hot in my opinion. If you liked the jacuzzi scene in PRETTY COOL with Summer Altice, you'll probably really enjoy the two scenes on
the patio chairs where the vampire uses his power to turn on both girls in a big way! One scene involves a voodoo doll.

Overall, probably the film has too much sex but I doubt most people will complain about that. In short, there are six scenes like the "NOW" scene from PRETTY COOL. Only these are much longer and much more explicit.

By the way, there is a film called STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN AT SUNDOWN that I recently saw. It has one pretty erotic vampire MC scene in it. No nudity but it was fairly well done. The film is available on VIDEO and DVD.

By the way, the horror script I just finished, is mostly set in a location that would also work for RING OF DESIRE. If I manage to set this script up, I may look into doing it back to back with RING OF DESIRE if that's at all possible. I would still very much like to make that script into a film and still believe it could make some money. Just a thought.

Hope all is well with you. Congratulations on your pay day for CRAVINGS.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the MC Forum on July 13th, 2004, PRETTY COOL

Sorry, I've been out of touch. I am just starting the post work on JACQUELINE HYDE.

As for PRETTY COOL, yes, the auction is over. I'll be talking to my producer when he gets back in town and see how he wants to preceed with the film distribution. There's a company handling it but I don't think anything's going on. Also, it seems the theaterical deal is just sitting there as well but I can not auction any more copies until I know more about what the game plan is with the film. Sorry.

As for Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie. Yes, this is the alternative version of PRETTY COOL. It is a very different version of the film. An entirely different cut, downplaying the humor and characters in exchange for more late night Cinemax-style sex. I am not fond of this version of the film and I think it cheapens the whole  movie. I was forced to shoot this version so it could be sold as a standard erotic film. I included scenes from this version on the bonus Pretty Cool 2nd disc but this is not the way I hope people discover the film.

Emmanuelle Pie focuses a lot more on Emmanuelle and the whole feel of the film is different with almost all of the really funny stuff deleted. I know there were a couple of territories, very few, that bought the entire Emmanuelle 2000 collection and Emmanuelle Pie was one of the seven films. However, in most territories, Emmanuelle Pie was removed from the package in the hopes that PRETTY COOL would one day see a real release. So, that's the story there.

Again, I hope the few winners of the auction enjoy the film and I will let everyone know if and when PRETTY COOL becomes more available.

In the meantime, THE HAZING hits video/DVD on September 14th. CORPSES is scheduled for around August 24th but may be pushed back a little. EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA is suppose to premiere on Cinemax on October 4th and JACQUELINE HYDE should be finished around the beginning of October as well. No release date yet.

I believe EMMANUELLE IN PARADISE, another one of the Emmanuelle 2000 titles comes out on DVD tomorrow (Tuesday, June 29th) from Concorde. It does deal with the mind control headband and necklace even though the box doesn't mention it at all. Concorde obviously does not like the whole mind control angle since none of their CLICK releases or Emmanuelle 2000's have ever used it in their advertising.

Also, look out for a new website "Red Hot Planet". It is an attempt to do another "Femme Fatales" type magazine. It goes on-line on July 5th and there should be a big article on me with sidebar interviews from Nectar Rose from THE HAZING, Lorilee New from CORPSES, and Blythe Metz from JACQUELINE HYDE.

Also, the August issue of Fangoria is suppose to have an article on THE HAZING and may mention my other projects.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the MC Forum on June 4th, 2004, More Pretty Cool DVDs

Well, there has been a big demand for PRETTY COOL and I have a very limited supply left so I'll do the auction thing one more time. Highest bidders get copies. There are now some reviews of the film on-line so everyone can decide for themselves what they are willing to pay. Check out JR Parz's review or Kevin Smith's.

I am offering the same two disc DVD collection of PRETTY COOL. This is the feature plus bonus disc of deleted scenes, trailers, bios, easter egg and animated menu pages.

Also, I have a few advanced copies of EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA. It is suppose to premiere on October 4th but if someone out there really wants to see it early, let me know what you're willing to offer.

CORPSES is now done but it is not an MC film and will be getting released in August so please don't ask for copies of that film. I'm not selling it.

There should be a trailer up for THE HAZING this weekend on my website ( and I begin post work on JACQUELINE HYDE come July. So, I have a little time to get your PRETTY COOL orders out this month.

This auction for PRETTY COOL will end on June 9th.

By the way, there's a new website and hopefully new magazine starting in a week or so. It's called "Red Hot Planet" and it focuses on the women of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and sexy films. They are doing a big interview with me and should have some exclusive photos from THE HAZING, CORPSES, and JACQUELINE HYDE up soon. They are also doing some sort of contest/giveaway for hats and posters to my first film, THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE.

Well, that's about it for now. E-mail me directly at for those interested in copies of PRETTY COOL, EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA, and TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT. (TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT is not an erotic film.)

Again, I am very pleased by the warm response PRETTY COOL received from those who have seen it.

A few words about EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA. I did not direct this movie. I wrote it under a false name and even though it has problems (it's very low budget but was shot on Super 16mm), I still think it's kinda fun and loaded with erotic MC vampire activity. The most erotic MC vampire activity that I've ever seen. Tops the EMBRACE THE DARKNESS series, in my opinion. I do think many will enjoy it. Plus there are a few erotic scenes that I actually did direct and I supervised most of the post work. But if you're looking for "Van Helsing" type of action and effects, look somewhere else. This movie is a low-budget erotic movie. There's smoke and vampire teeth but no state of the art CGI, castles, bats, or much blood.

The film does have a male vampire seducing Emmanuelle and her female friends during a bacholorette party that sexually turns on everyone, transforms an uptight girl into a nympho, turns straight women into lesbians, and gives everyone a lot of mental orgasms. Much squirming around due to voodoo spells, vampire fog, and such. There's at least 12 erotic scenes in the 85 minute movie and by my count, 14 cases of erotic MC in the feature. Some of MF, some of FF, some are FM.

EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA stars Natasja Vermeer as the new Emmanuelle (appearing in Playboy in October, I believe) Beverly Lynn, Laurie Wallace, and about 9 other attractive, naked women.

Hope this update pleases many of you. I do think when JACQUELINE HYDE is finished, it will also be a film that'll appeal to fans of this genre. But it is a lot darker and a little more twisted. I hope to have the film done by the fall.

p.s.  EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA is suppose to premiere on Cinemax on October 4th. I do not know when the DVD/video release is yet. Concorde owns the film so it's anyone's guess when they'll actually release it.

If all goes well with JACQUELINE HYDE, then I'm hoping I can move ahead with my next slate of films for my company. IMAGES OF FEAR, NEVERMORE, IN THE WEB, and DEMONS SUCK! or RING OF DESIRE may be in that batch.

Best Wishes,


And on May 21st, 2004, Subject: Movie Update

Happy to hear the very positive response to Pretty Cool. There is still talk about a small theatrical release in late summer/early fall. We'll see. Thank you all for your kind e-mails and I'm very happy you enjoyed the film.

Just wrapped shooting JACQUELINE HYDE. Pretty happy with how it went. It's a sexy horror thriller. Not any real MC but a lot of body shifting, some mental orgasms, and a few nice BE sequences. I'll be editing this summer and hope to have the film finished by end of September.

As for THE HAZING. It officially comes out on DVD September 14th through MTI Video on their Redrum label. I'm suppose to do a commentary track next week.

August 24th is the release of CORPSES, my zomedy for York Entertainment. It may get pushed back a few weeks though. There is a trailer on-line now on their site, I believe.

Also, EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA will be making it's cable debut on Cinemax, October 4th. It's the only film that HBO bought of this new series so far. So, I guess the hard work paid off. In my opinion, it is one of the most erotic MC vampire films ever made.

So, there's a lot of horror, sex, and sexy horror coming your way soon. Hopefully both THE HAZING and CORPSES will be available at Blockbuster stores everywhere. Concorde has the video/DVD rights to EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA but I do not know when they plan to release it yet.

Still no video/DVD deal for TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT or PRETTY COOL. I know a lot of you are still interested in getting copies of PRETTY COOL and I'm sorry that I couldn't make more available. Maybe I will be able to in the near future. Can't promise anything yet though. But interested parties can e-mail me directly with prices that they are willing to pay and I'll see what I can do.

I hope to start a new website dedicated to JACQUELINE HYDE and future projects for my production company. It will be linked to my original director page

I hope to have trailers for THE HAZING and CORPSES up soon as well as some still from JACQUELINE HYDE.

As you can see, this year is turning out to be a pretty productive one so far. Hope it keeps up. Thanks again for all of your support and kind words of encouragement.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the NEW MC Forum on April 03, 2004, Subject: Pretty Cool's DVD

There is still some talk about a small theatrical release for PRETTY COOL this summer.  I begin shooting JACQUELINE HYDE on April 26th, so things will be quite busy in the coming weeks. If there are any issues, you can e-mail me at

Rolfe posted this on the NEW MC Forum on March 12th thru 18th, 2004, Subject: Pretty Cool's DVD news

Just wanted to thank everyone once again for all the interest and offers for PRETTY COOL DVD's. The auction and bidding is over and as of 8:00 p.m., March 13th - all WINNERS have been notified. Congratulations to the winners of PRETTY COOL. Other bidders keep in touch.  If and when more discs are made available, I will let you know.  Thanks again, everyone. Once payments are received, all DVD's will be mailed in a standard DVD plastic case complete with color sleeve, and with two colored-labeled discs inside. Once again. PRETTY COOL DISC ONE contains-

1) Feature length movie- (widescreen) 92 minutes
2) Animated menu page
3) 33 Chapter stops and scene selection pages
4) Cast and Crew bios
5) Some press info
6) Original trailer


1) An hour of deleted and extended scenes. Over 30 scenes!
2) Nine additional trailers
3) Animated menu page
4) Animated still gallery with music
5) Deleted scene selection pages
6) Hidden Easter Egg clip with Summer Altice (Very Hot!)

I hope everyone enjoys them. A lot of effort was put into making these discs as packed and enjoyable as possible. A few sound glitches in the animated menu page is apparent but none of the movie or the bonus material is affected. Both discs should play fine in any DVD players that accept DVD-R's and DVD+R's.

Right now, I am in pre-production hell on CORPSES that starts shooting Monday and I don't have a full cast yet or all of my locations. It's very frustrating and annoying.  Actually, the response to PRETTY COOL has been one of the more pleasurable things this past week and a half! I wish I could give everyone a copy of the movie but that just isn't possible right now. If some of the winners flake out and don't send the payments, I will be keeping all of your bids and contact the next person with the highest bid on the list.

Meanwhile, a few of you made it known that you are also interested in my other films, TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT and the 2 disc collection of ALIEN EROTICA: Director's Cut. I could have a few of these DVD's made in a few weeks, so those who are really interested, let me know. I will not hold another auction but am curious what people are willing to pay. If it's worth making these discs, I'll do it. Please remember, TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT is NOT an erotic movie at all. It's a black comedy thriller about four college students that take a video store hostage for the night and stars Alexis Arquette and Carol Kane. I'm very proud of this movie but it is not in the erotic genre.

Once again, thank you all for the kind offers and support for my movies. I hope the winners enjoy their discs and that this auction was all worth while.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the NEW MC Forum on March 3rd, 2004, Subject: Pretty Cool's DVD news

Hi Everyone,

The new message board looks good.  I've gotten a bunch of e-mails about the PRETTY COOL DVD's. Okay, the master discs are done. However, there is one or two small glitches that need fixing. It should be taken care of next week. I can probably get my hands on about ten copies of the PRETTY COOL double disc collection. These discs will officially be called "screeners". They are DVD-R and DVD+R. Make sure your DVD players can play these type of discs. I'm told the DVD-R should play in 90 percent of DVD players but make sure yours is one of them.

Now, I've got some potentially good news. There are talks about getting PRETTY COOL and TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT into theaters in a limited region run (maybe 20 theaters). I'm very excited about this but because of this, showing screeners must be kept low. Now, I know some of you have really, really wanted to see this movie so I will allow ten double-disc screeners to get out. Everyone interested in buying a copy of PRETTY COOL should respond on this forum just so I can get a good updated list to how many people there are. These available ten discs are expensive since duplication on such a limited amount is costly. When one is making a thousand copies, the cost goes way down but I can't do that yet. Therefore those of you who really, really want this movie and are willing to pay in excess of $30.00 dollars for the 2 disc set, e-mail me at

Those who want to see the movie eventually but don't want to pay this much, just respond to this forum below and I'll let you know when it becomes available at a cheaper cost. However, I do not know when this will be yet.

Sorry about this delay and I hope the film holds up to the wait. Remember, it's just a fun teen comedy that focuses on a high school kid who gets the power to control people with his mind and does tend to use his powers in "R" rated sexual ways. Example: making women become aroused, orgasm at the word "now", making himself invisible in the minds of the cheerleader team so he can sneak into the locker room unnoticed, mind swapping, turning a girl mentally into a cat in heat, and so on. The film stars ALEXIS THORPE ("Days Of Our Lives", "American Wedding", "The Forsaken"), SUMMER ALTICE (Playboy playmate, "Grind", "Scorpion King"), AMY BRASSETTE ("Cedric The Entertainer Presents") HOLLY SAMPON ("Emanuelle 2000"), and many other beautiful women and of course, ROBERT DONAVAN ("Rod Steele 0014", "Alien Erotica").

Just to recap, the first disc contains the feature film (widescreen), the original trailer, animated menu page, and cast and crew bios. The second disc contains an hour of deleted/extended scenes, many trailers to my other previous films, an animated still gallery and hidden easter egg. Roughly 90 minutes of material. The deleted scenes contain A LOT more UNRATED material that is very sexual. If you enjoy PRETTY COOL the movie and want more in the erotic mind control arena, then this second disc delivers in a big way! My guess is, this second disc will never be available when/if PRETTY COOL gets a real Blockbuster video release.

So, that's it. The ten of you who e-mail me personally with the highest bid (starting at thirty dollars) for the 2 disc package will be contacted directly for mailing and payment info, so make sure you send me a return e-mail address. Doing this auction style is the only fair way I can think of since so many seem to want to buy this movie.

Again, please check that your DVD players can play DVD-R and DVD+R's. I would hate to mail discs that won't play on your systems and have them returned.

On other news, EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA should almost be finished but I haven't seen the corrected sound version yet. I start filming CORPSES, my zombie movie on March 15th and JACQUELINE HYDE on APRIL 19th. The new issue of Celebrity Skin should be out next week. There is a three page article on "THE FILMS AND FILLIES OF ROLFE KANEFSKY".

I'll be flying to Florida this weekend for the midnight premiere of THE HAZING on March 6th in the Florida Film Festival in Orlando.

In other DVD news, I do have master copies of TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT and the 2 disc collection of ALIEN EROTICA so those of you interested in these titles, let me know. They too could become available soon.

As you can see, I'm busy as hell. All this on top of the AMERICAN FILM MARKET which just ended today. Hopefully soon the wait for PRETTY COOL will be over.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the MC Forum on Feb 13, 2004, Subject: Pretty Cool's DVD news


Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm hard at work on the 2-Disc DVD-R's of 'PRETTY COOL' among other things. But it's turning out really nice. With the exception of a commentary track, I've been able to get everything that I wanted on the 2 discs. Right now, DISC ONE will have the entire feature, the original trailer, 33 chapter stops, and maybe a quick bio page on the cast and crew.

DISC 2 has a nice animated menu page, an HOUR of deleted and/or extended scenes, an animated five minute still gallery set to music, nine additional trailer that include: 'There's Nothing Out There', 'The Ultimate Attraction', 'Rod Steele 0014', 'The Misadventures Of The Invisible Man', 'Passion & Romance: Double Or Nothing', 'Alien Erotica', Alien Erotica 2', 'Restless Souls', and 'Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters'. The disc will also have a hidden easter egg that Summer Altice fans should enjoy. So, all together the second disc has about ninety minutes of goodies.

I'm hoping to have both discs finished sometime next week. After that, I'll see what it takes and how much it costs to burn copies as well as figuring out packaging. Maybe one day, I'll be able to include a commentary track on both the feature and all the deleted scenes but for now, it's a pretty good double disc. More than I thought I'd be able to get.

Also, just saw the almost finished version of 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA'. With the exception of a few sound problems, it's pretty good. Anyone interested in erotic MC dealing with vampires should probably check it out.

So, that's it. I'm still not taking orders for 'PRETTY COOL' until I find out how many I'm able to make and how much it's going to cost. Also, remember, these copies will be DVD-R's, not normal DVD's that sell/rent in stores. Not all DVD players can play them so please, make sure your decks are capable before making any orders when the time comes.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the MC Forum on Jan 30, 2004, Subject: New trailer up

Just wanted to let you know. The trailer for 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT', my dark comedy thriller starring Alexis Arquette and Carol Kane is now up on my website on the 3rd page of Rolfe's films 'Tomorrow By Midnight' section. It is not an erotic MC movie but is a film I am very proud of. Some of you expressed interest in it, so check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. Once again, the website is -

Good news on the PRETTY COOL DVD's. Next week, work is supposed to begin again on the DVD's. Over an hour of bonus deleted scenes and outtakes have been selected to appear on the 2nd bonus disc while the movie, trailer, and hopefully a commentary track will be on disc one. I'm going to try to include some more trailers and possibly a still gallery on the second disc as well.

I also hope to have a DVD-R of TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT ready by the end of Feb. as well, so anybody interested in that film after you've seen the trailer, let me know. It will be one disc with the movie and about a half hour of deleted scenes, extended scenes, and bloopers as well as, hopefully, a commentary track.

Meanwhile, production begins March 1st on CORPSES. Tiffany Shepis is set to star. She also starred in my last film, THE HAZING. You can find a lot of picutres of her on my fourth page on THE HAZING in the Rolfe's films section of my site.

The PRETTY COOL trailer is also still up and running. At least now with these trailers, you guys can see what I've been up to the past few years. Hopefully when a trailer is made for 'THE HAZING', I'll get that up too.

Also, EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA should be done very soon. No release date yet on this title but since Concorde owns it, I'm sure they'll get around to putting it out eventually. Much erotic vampire hypno in this feature. If you like to see women being mentally manipulated to get aroused and orgasm on cue, this is the film for you. Definitely tries to top the erotic MC content of the 'Embrace The Darkness' vampire series. The erotic seduction scene with actress Beverly Lynn as'Mary' is very hot in my opinion.

That's it. Working with the f/x people right now for the expanding breast gag in CORPSES. It's not an erotic film but as always, I tried to slip in a few moments. It'll be a zombie film with a few over the top scary, sexy moments if everything goes right.

But JACQUELINE HYDE has much more erotica in it. Hopefully, I'll start shooting that in April.

Again, hope some of you check out the new trailer.

Best Wishes,


Rolfepostedthis on the MC Forum on January 25, 2004, Website Updated

Nothing new on PRETTY COOL but did update some stuff on my website if anyone wants to have a look. New page added to THE HAZING section. 52 stills and a link to a new interview. Also, additions to my Upcoming Projects page. Moved Jacqueline Hyde to the top, followed by CORPSES, a new zombie film I'm doing for York Entertainment. I'm told a trailer for 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' will be added before the end of the month. Nothing MC about it but it's a good thriller that I'm very proud of, so check it out if you get the chance. I'll know more about how 'PRETTY COOL' will be represented at this years AFM in L.A. starting Feb. 25th later this week. Should have the DVD-R's ready before then with a little luck.

Meanwhile, just finished a polish on my JACQUELINE HYDE script. It is still a very sexual horror film. Dark but erotic and kinda perverse. For those who like a much more serious tone to their erotic material, HYDE should deliver. For lighter fare, there's still PRETTY COOL. And I'd say, EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA falls somewhere in between.

Anyway, right now the plan is CORPSES will start shooting around the 9th of March and JACQUELINE HYDE a month later. I'm now in the middle of casting both projects.

That's it for now.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted Posted this on the MC Forum on January 18, 2004, Subject: PRETTY COOL

Unfortunately, the DVD-R's of PRETTY COOL are not finished yet and my editor/DVD author has gotten busy on another job. He thinks he can still finish the DVD's by the end of Feb. but it will cost me a little more money. So, I'll see what I can do but don't expect anything until March now. Also, I may only have fifty DVD-R's made so there will probably be a very limited supply available.

Anyway, until I can be sure when the DVD's are ready and the price, no orders will be taken yet. I don't want to promise something I can't deliver. Sorry about this and I was afraid this would happen. I was trying to slip it in and a lot of the mastering has been done but not all of it. So, until I know the job is done, the wait will have to, unfortunately, continue.

Believe me, I find this just as frustrating as you do. When I made this fun little sexy comedy FOUR YEARS AGO, I did not think I would still be waiting for it to come out nor did I think I would ever have to try to release it myself. Now, I'm afraid the 'build up' to this release has been so long for those of you interested, that you may wind up being disappointed by the actual film.

In the meantime, there's nothing I can do but keep making new films and hope they see the light of day. I'm starting 'CORPSES' a zombie film next month and JACQUELINE HYDE is scheduled for March. THE HAZING makes it debut at the Florida Film Festival as a midnight movie in early March and EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA should be finished by the end of this month. Concorde has the domestic rights but there's no telling when they will release it. Since, THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN has all been but ignored on DVD/video, who knows what kind of release, if any, these new erotic films will receive. Right now, horror is in and erotic films are out. Sad but true.

But I'm not giving up. There are strong erotic elements in JACQUELINE HYDE and I've even thrown in some sexy moments into CORPSES. There's a BE gag and some horny zombies. So, even though I may not be making any more erotic films for a while, I will try to continue working in some of these elements within these other genres.

That's all for now.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this Holiday Greetings on December 23, 2003

Hi JR,

Just wanted to check in with you before the end of the year.  Hope all is well.  I wanted to let you know that I'm still plugging away on trying to get "RING OF DESIRE" set up.  Kevin Eastman wrote seven treatments for the HEAVY METAL movies himself and I was told to revise them, while trying to stick to the artwork created and incorporate as much as my original scripts as possible, since they didn't want to have to hire writers to write seven brand new scripts.  So, I re-adapted some of my previous scripts, using Kevin's names and locations.  The seventh story idea I presented was "RING OF DESIRE".  I wrote a new one paragraph description, changing some of the names and moving the story to a small townhouse on the outskirts of Paris instead of a cottage at the Cape.  I have no idea what will happen but I'm trying.  I'll let you know if anything progresses. Obviously, I won't hear anything until next year.

Nothing new on the New EMMANUELLE series pilot and my horror film for York Entertainment.  It's a tough business.  Nothing new on THE HAZING either.  So, I'm still working on the 2 disc collection of PRETTY COOL.  Saw the mastered DVD of the movie.  It looks great with 33 chapter stops!  Still lots to do but it's coming along.  As of this moment, I plan to start filming JACQUELINE HYDE on March 8th with Gabriella Hall.  Hopefully, it will go as planned and be the beginning of my own company where I can finally be in control of my own product!  After the endless wait for "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT", "PRETTY COOL" and now "THE HAZING" to get released, it would be a nice change of pace.

One last thing, Alain loved "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA".  He thinks it's the highlight of the new series and I'm pretty pleased with it. Very erotic with lots of MC.  If you liked "Embrace The Darkness", I think you'll enjoy this.  Anyway, have a great holiday season.  If you get another script written, I'd love to read it!

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted Posted this on the MC Forum on December 13, 2003, Subject: More Movie news including PRETTY COOL

Another update. PRETTY COOL DVD is still being worked on. Hope to do a commentary track for PRETTY COOL and TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT the first week of January. It looks like PRETTY COOL might become a 2 DISC COLLECTION. One disc for the movie, commentary track, and a trailer or two. The other disc with possibly over an hour of deleted material! If it becomes a two-disc set, the price is going to change. It obviously costs more to burn two DVD's than one. However, I should be able to sell just the movie DVD by itself at a slightly lower rate. I think the double-DVD is safer so I don't have to worry about potential buyers aka (Blockbuster) freaking out if they find a hidden menu of uncensored material. With two discs, I will also have more room to transfer the film at a higher bit rate (better quality) and be able to include the full hour of bonus material versus the twenty or so minutes I would have been able to fit on the single disc. I hope this discussion doesn't upset everyone. I do not know what the price for the double disc collection will be yet.

Other news, just finished working on 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA'. It's a very erotic movie, loaded with vampire mind control mostly dealing with sex. Overall, I'm happy with it considering the budget and limitations. But the actresses are good and the seduction scenes are pretty hot.

Looks like 'JACQUELINE HYDE' will be the first movie for my new production company instead of 'IN THE WEB'. HYDE is a sexy horror film that will star Gabriella Hall. I plan to make two versions. A domestic version that leans towards the horror elements and an international version that leans more towards the erotic. This way both markets should accept the film. I hope to go into production in late February.

Before that, I might be very busy, finishing the PRETTY COOL DVD's (of course), writing a new EMMANUELLE series for HBO, and writing and directing another horror film in late January. I'll know next week if these two assignments are definite.

On THE HAZING front. Brooke Burke is the covergirl of the new STUFF magazine that's on stands now. It quickly mentions THE HAZING in her article. I'm told there's a lot of interest in the film but no deal has been finalized yet.

The CELEBRITY SKIN issue about some of my previous erotic films should be out in the March edition. I'm told it's now a three page spread and is turning out nicely.

Also, the HEAVY METAL project is still being discused. I think making seven live-action movies based on HEAVY METAL magazine is a cool idea so I hope it happens. Treatments have been written. The stories range from aliens, to assassins, to vampires, to time travel, to witches, to mermaid zombies! Would be fun to make some of these.

So, that's what my week was like.  Oh, one last thing. I recently had about 200 slides from PRETTY COOL and THE HAZING scanned into the computer so, hopefully soon, some of them will start turning up on my website. Also, the trailer to 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' might be up before the end of the year.  It has nothing to do with MC but I'm very proud of the movie.  Incidentally, there should be about a half hour of deleted scenes and bloopers on the TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT disc, but it should all fit on one DVD so a second disc isn't needed.  Anyway, I would love to hear what you guys think and check it out if you have the time.

Best Wishes,


Incidentally, there is an UNRATED red box, which is much more sex oriented and an 'R' rated blue box regarding the 'The Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man'.  My original combined cut of both films is the perfect combination of 'misadventures' and sex, but this version was not released. The 'R' cut is the closest one that's available right now, although some people have complained about the lack of nudity and sex in this specific cut.  By the way, the duck joke is very weird and a lot of people don't get it. Hint: If you watch all three of the duck appearances in a row and pay attention, you'll probably figure out the gag. It's stupid but kinda funny. At least, I thought so.  The RED UNRATED box is a lot more sex oriented. There's a lot of fun moments like the mime scene and the ghostly butler that you didn't see. However, the film ends before they go to Morocco. The stuff in Italy is the final act of the first film. The rest was from part 2 'Power Flower'. The way they cut it now, the fashion show does come out of nowhere and makes little sense. What you're seeing is a half hour of the second film that's been chopped down from its original 90 minute running time. So, an hour is missing that explains a lot. Now, the UNRATED RED box doesn't have any of this stuff and I don't know when they will release the full UNCUT version of 'Power Flower'.

To explain the runaway show sequence out of context is almost impossible but I'll try anyway. It's a part of Judy's three wishes which are never established in this version.

Quick rundown for those who bought the 'R' rated version. After the genie turns Kelli into another woman and she accidently destroys the genie's flower home, the genie moves into Kelli's left breast so whoever rubs her left nipple three times gets three wishes. Another character, Betty, (who is barely established in this cut) rubs Kelli's breast while putting on her body make-up. This summons the genie who grants Betty three wishes. Betty wishes to be beautiful, which begins a whole breast expansion gag that gets out of control as the film progresses. Betty also wishes that her friend, JUDY, be able to achieve orgasms.

At this point, Judy starts to have non-stop orgasms until she rubs Kelli's butt (where the genie is now living) and gets three wishes herself. One of her wishes is to be a clothing designer one day. The genie grants her wish thus starting the sudden runway/fashion show.

There's a lot more wishes and plot points during all of this but that's basically the simple path to the fashion show sequence. In chopping out an hour of the 90 minute film, this got lost.

Oh, also the bit about them cutting Kelli's part from the movie. This is because Maurice gets three wishes earlier and wants to be irresistible to women. The genie transforms him into a dog that women find adorable. That's why Maurice has disappeared and since New Kelli's scenes were with him, they cut her part.

The whole genie thing is a 'Monkey's Paw' type of story where five people and their fifteen wishes intersect and cause much chaos before the conclusion of the film where many character learn an important lesson. In the current 'R' cut, you are only seeing two people get their six wishes so three characters and nine wishes are missing. That's why it's so confusing.

But now it all makes sense, right?

If Concorde ever decides to release a box set of the entire 'BUTTERSCOTCH' series, then I'm sure it will be released in its original uncut form. But since they're released some of the film now, I highly doubt they will ever release it separately.  My producer, Alain Siritzky, said that we should one day release a box set of just my movies. I wouldn't mind. We actually have enough to release a 7 disc set. But, don't hold your breath. I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Rolfe posted Posted this on the MC Forum on December 5, 2003, Subject: Movie Update


Okay. Here's the latest. PRETTY COOL is in the editors's computer and working properly so DVD-R dubs can be made. I selected about thirty minutes of deleted bonus footage as well. He has to put these additional clips in the computer, create some menu pages and we should have a DVD. However, at the moment there is no time to do this. The latest Emmanuelle series has to be completed by the end of the year and that is top priority. So, it looks like 'PRETTY COOL' DVD's will not be ready until sometime in January. Sorry, but I was afraid this would happen. I'm at the mercy of the post schedule. So my DVD's for PRETTY COOL and TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT will have to wait a little longer.

In other movie news, I just found out another 'CLICK' movie is getting released on DVD and video from Concorde next Tuesday (December 16th). It has been titled 'LEGALLY EXPOSED' formerly known as 'EROTIC CURSE OF CAIRO'. Once again, the clicker device is invisible in the marketing. In fact, it's a terrible box cover and the tagline has nothing to do with the movie. This was the 4th film in the CLICK series, so for those keeping track, 4 out of 7 of the film have been released now.


The second was 'SEXUAL DEPENDENCE DAY' now known as 'SEX, LIES & POLITICS'.

The third was 'FOR THE LOVE OF THE CLICK' and has not been released domestically yet.

The fourth was 'EROTIC CURSE OF CAIRO' now known as 'LEGALLY EXPOSED'.

The fifth was 'BALLS OF THUNDER' know now as 'ROD STEELE 0014: YOU ONLY LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE'.

The sixth was 'FOR THE LOVE OF THE CLICK' and has not be released yet and the seventh is 'SECRETS REVEALED' and has also not been released.

There is still talk about releasing a box set of all the CLICK movies and another box with all the 'INVISIBLE MAN' AKA BUTTERSCOTCH movies.

Besides that, I'm still as work on 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' and found out that Concorde has the rights for this entire new series and will probably start releasing 'EMMANUELLLE'S PRIVATE COLLECTION' next year. I've seen first cuts of all the movies. The only one that has strong erotic MC is 'Dracula'.  There's talk about a yet another new EMMANUELLE series with HBO. No plans for any MC in the new new series.

Meanwhile, 'THE HAZING' is being screened for buyers. No word about a sale yet but a lot of interest. Tiffany Shepis, one of the leads of 'THE HAZING' will be doing a lot of press on her other recent horror movies 'Detour', 'Bloody Murder 2', 'Death Factory', 'Scarecrow', and 'Embrace The Darkness 3'. She plans to talk a lot about THE HAZING. Fangoria Magazine and Femme Fatales should be covering the movie in upcoming months.

In the meantime, I'm still working on launching my own production company and hopefully will begin directing 'IN THE WEB' towards the end of January. It's a sexy horror mystery thriller dealing with hypnosis over the internet. There is one very strong moment of erotic MC dealing with a B movie actress and a mind control program that she receives over the internet. A nod to JR PARZ but very different, so don't worry. I'm not ripping you off, JR.

So, that's it. Working on raising money while I finish supervising 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA', cross my fingers that 'THE HAZING' gets sold, waiting for the editor to have time to finish mastering 'PRETTY COOL' and still curious to hear what people thought about 'EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN'.

Oh, also Concorde will be releasing another 'EMMANUELLE 2000' movie, entitled, 'EMMANUELLE IN PARADISE' early next year. I think March. It's part of the series dealing with the mind control headband and necklace. The follow-up to 'EMMANUELLLE's INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS'. However, I had nothing to do with this one. Nothing special but might have some MC moments that are worth seeing.

Again, thanks for your interest in my projects. I am happy about all the people that want PRETTY COOL but I will not accepting any orders until I know I can deliver the product. Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted Posted this on the MC Forum on Nov 27, 2003, Subject: PRETTY COOL


I wanted to thank everyone for their responses. I'm still getting in requests for the DVD. Unfortunately, I've been having some e-mail trouble that I'm still trying to sort out. I've been receiving my e-mails from three different accounts and since I'm in New York until next week, it's getting a little confusing. I'm trying to keep track of all the various requests for PRETTY COOL but I'm worried that I might have missed some. So, once I have everything in order and I have a definite idea when the DVD's will be ready, I might ask you guys to write in again. Reply e-mail addresses would be helpful. A lot of you have not provided address information. Don't do it yet but when I'm ready with the DVD's, I will need that information.  Right now, I'm working on getting as many deleted clips and outtakes organized on DV CAM so I can include them on the disc. Many of you definitely wanted some of these unrated bonuses. I hope to have a regular page of deleted material and also a hidden easter egg of some of the more extreme scenes. I think this method will be best to give you guys what you want while not getting in trouble with the 'R' rated issue.

For your info, there was a film entitled 'Delta, Delta, Die!' that was 'R' rated but had some very NC-17 material in the special features section. Well, some parents saw this nude footage, complained and Blockbuster and Hollywood Pictures pulled the film off the shelves. So, one has to be very careful in this area.  Anyway, that's the plan. I'll put as much stuff as I can on the DVD. Sorry about how long this is taking and I'm still not promising that these DVD's will be ready by the end of the year. I'm trying to squeeze this in while the new seven movies for 'EMMANUELLE'S PRIVATE COLLECTION' gets completed.  Speaking of which, 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' is turning out okay. Just saw the latest cut and it's getting there. Some nice MC moments, I think.   Also, just curious. Has anyone had a chance to check out 'EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN' and if you did, what did you think? Also, I haven't heard anything about the first CLICK movie that's out, 'SEX, LIES, & POLITICS'? Even though I had nothing to do with it, I wonder what people thought.

Oh, I just did a phone interview for a magazine called CELEBRITY SKIN. They are planning to run a two page spread on some of my previous erotic features in an upcoming issue. The editor is a big fan of 'ROD STEELE' and 'EROTIC INVISIBLE MAN'. I talked a bit about 'PRETTY COOL' and 'THE HAZING' as well.

Nothing new on 'THE HAZING' yet and for those interested, please remember this is a horror/comedy and not an erotic MC film. Although there are some sexy scenes.  So, that's where everything stands at the moment. Sorry I have not been able to get back to all the individual e-mails. Hopefully, this letter has answered many of your questions.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,


p.s.  You can find out more about my film on my website but there is lots of info on JR Parz's site. He's got a whole Favorite MC movie page with links and my weekly or monthly updates of information.  Some of the films are available like 'The Ultimate Attractive', 'Rod Steele', 'Alien Files', 'Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man', 'There's Nothing Out There', 'Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters', 'Restless Souls' and can be purchased on Amazon or Best Buy.  Some others, 'PRETTY COOL', 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT', 'THE HAZING', 'BUTTERSCOTCH: POWER FLOWER', 'SEXUALLY BEWITCHED', 'ALIEN EROTICA 2', 'CLICK: SECRETS REVEALED' are not available yet. I'm trying to master some DVD's of a few of these titles. Again, there is much info on JR's site, especially about 'Pretty Cool'.

Rolfe posted Posted this on the MC Forum on Nov 17, 2003, Subject: More PRETTY COOL news

First off, I'd like to thank everyone's interest and excitement in PRETTY COOL. I'm glad you all dug the trailer. It was downloaded from a VHS tape so I'm happy it looks as good as it does. The finished DVD should look much better. I should have a test DVD of just the film this week to review it.  However, I've been talking to the guy who can burn the DVD's and he said that we can possibly put close to 2 hours of video on the disc. Since the 'R' movie runs 92 minutes that means that I might be able to add some deleted scenes and a still gallery to the disc as well as simple menu pages and chapter stops. This will take a little time to do but I think it's worth doing and I'm sure you guys will enjoy some of the uncensored scenes. So, I hope to work on this come the beginning of December and with any luck, have the first batch of DVD's ready by the end of the year. But I also have to create the boxes and artwork. Since I don't know how much this is going to cost me and the fact this will only be a limited batch, I can't tell you the price yet. Unfortunately I can't afford to mass-produce 5,000 units at this time so I really need to know how many of you are really serious and want to order even if the movie is in the $29.99 dollar range. If I can put this together cheaper and lower the price, I will but please remember, this film cost a half-million to make and hasn't made a penny yet. And it's a good movie shot on 35mm with some really good actors. It is not some amateur 'adult' video that was shot in someone's basement with a camcorder. Anyone who has seen some of my previous movies should know that they are professional independent motion pictures. Low-budget compared to Hollywood but not no budget!   PRETTY COOL cost more than all of my other previously released films.

I'm planning this release just to test the water and prove to my producer that this movie has an audience and can make money. (I'm paying for this all out of my own pocket.) You're the only site that knows about this advance DVD release. If this proves successful, I hope more DVD's will follow. My movies as well as some others from Alain's collection.

I don't know if a film this size has ever been unofficially released this way. It's an experiment and at this point, has to be kept low profile. I don't want this small release to threaten any larger major distibution sale in the near future. So, for the record, these DVD's will be considered advance screeners shipped to increase awareness in the title and meant to spread a 'buzz' about the picture.

So, now you know the details. Right now, I'm moving ahead. More stills from PRETTY COOL' should be added to my site within the next few weeks and possibly a short clip from the film. Also trailers for 'Rod Steele', 'Tomorrow By Midnight' and 'There's Nothing Out There' should be on-line as well sometime in the near future.

Besides that, I've been working hard on 'Emmanuelle Vs. Dracula' to help make the film as good as it can be. Like I said before, I believe there are a number of hot MC scenes in the film and this one should be a highlight of the new series.

P.S.- Anyone who gets a chance to rent/buy my 'Invisible Man' movie that comes out Tuesday, let me know what you think. I've waited seven years for this DVD to be released so I'm curious to hear the response.

Best Wishes, Rolfe

Rolfe posted this on the MC Forum on Fri, Nov 14, 2003, Subject: PRETTY COOL & other movie news

Yes, the trailer to 'PRETTY COOL' is finally up on my website at if you look at 'Rolfe's Films' section and then click on the 'PRETTY COOL' page, you should find the link to the trailer at the bottom of the page. I hope you like it and please, let me know what you think and if many of you are still interested in getting a DVD copy.  The DVD is being made now. I saw the first pass and the quality is pretty good. This DVD will just be the 'R' rated feature with some chapter stops and maybe one menu page but nothing else. I would like to make a SPECIAL EDITION collection with deleted scenes, commentary, and such but that is just not possible at the moment. I'm going to try to run off a few dozen 'PRETTY COOL''s so those who would be interested in this first edition of just the movie, let me know. However, there are talks about another company coming in to try to set up a domestic deal but this won't start until next Spring sometime if it does happen. So, I wouldn't hold
my breath.

In other news, 'The Erotic Misadventures Of The Invisible Man' hits video and DVD in both 'R' and 'Unrated' version next Tuesday, Nov. 18th. No special features but it's a fun film and the UNRATED version is full of invisible man sexual material with some aphrodisiac chocolates thrown in for good measure. The 'R' rated version has more of his adventure and some funny stuff involves a genie with Kira Reed but much of the sex has been trimmed out including the BE scenes, magical hat that arouses the opposite sex, woman wishes for orgasms, and other fun moments. No idea when the 'unrated' version of the film known as 'Butterscotch: Power Flower' will be released.

At the moment, I am supervising the post-production of 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA'. Even though I did not direct it, there are some really good moments in the film and I am trying to make them better. At this point I can't say what the final result will be but there is a lot of erotic MC in it that should appeal to fans of this genre. If you like vampires and hypnotism, even better. Much mental arousal going on with male vampires controlling women, female vampires controlling women, female vampires controlling men, etc... It's probably the most out and out erotic MC movie that I've worked on. It should be completed by the end of this year, so I'll let you know how it turns out. No matter what though, even at this stage, it will be well worth checking out. It is part of the new series, 'EMMANUELLE'S PRIVATE COLLECTION'.

'THE HAZING' screening went well. Buyers are looking at it now. Our sales rep expect to have a deal in place before the end of the year. Many companies interested but too early to say who will get it and what kind of release it will receive. I hope to have more photos from the film on my website soon.  Also, hopefully more trailers will be available. Working on getting 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' and 'ROD STEELE 0014' on-line.

As for new projects, I'm hoping to start my own production company next year and begin work on my first feature for the company towards the end of January. At the moment, a thriller entitled, 'IN THE WEB' may be first up. It deals with B movies, the internet, hypnosis, murder, webcams, and sex appeal. There is one scene that should definitely interest fans of this site.  So, hopefully many of these movies will be available soon. Thanks again for your continual support.

Best Wishes, Rolfe

Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on Thurs, Oct 30, 2003, Subject: Films update!

Well, tonight is the world premiere screening of 'THE HAZING'. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well. Once again, anyone in L.A. who would like to check it out. The screening is at the Los Angeles Film School, 6363 Sunset Blvd at 7:30 p.m. tonight October 30th.

On other fronts. I saw the first pass at 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' and was pleasantly surprised by it. Although it is very low budget, they stayed to the script, the actresses are attractive and their performances are engaging, the sex scenes are nicely shot and the vampire erotic content is extremely high. Much hypno vampire sexual action that includes mental orgasms from across the room, women transformed into lesbians, women controlled to become uncontrollably aroused, vampire women controlling men, and more. Basically, it's all erotic MC. I'm going to help supervise the re-edit in the next week or so to make it even better. I think when it's finished, this will be a film that many MC fans will want to check out. It takes the erotic MC content of 'Embrace The Darkness' much, much further.

Also, in the works-- I'm having some DVD-R's made of both 'PRETTY COOL' and 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT'. This first batch will just be the films with no extras. They will both be my preferred 'R' cuts. Eventually, I hope to include commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, and such.

I should know in a week or so more about these DVD-R's. They should play is newer DVD players but some older decks might have problems. I will also find out how many copies I will have available. It will be limited and this offer is still not official yet. I'm just giving everyone a potential heads up.

Meanwhile, my web guy is still working on getting the trailers up on my site. He's having a little trouble pulling the clips from the VHS tapes so it's taking longer than expected. Sorry.

Anyway, I'll let you know more about everything when I know more. But overall, it's all looking pretty positive.

Thanks again for all your interest in my projects.


Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on Fri, Oct 20, 2003, Subject: THE HAZING


Although it is not an erotic mind control movie, my new horror feature does have its share of sexy moments that include famale manniequin seduction, a giant tongue, evil spirit possessions, and a few strippers thrown in for good measure. My website has new artwork for 'The Hazing' and all the info for the premiere screening on October 30th in L.A. If anyone wants to see a fun and free horror/comedy in the L.A. area, just go to my site and RSVP before the 27th.

The film stars Brad Dourif ('Lord Of The Rings', all the 'Child's Play' movies.) Parry Shen ('Better Luck Tomorrow', 'The New Guy'), Tiffany Shepis ('Embrace The Darkness III', 'Scarecrow', 'Death Factory') and the movie debut of super model Brooke Burke (E! Channel host of 'Wild On' and 'Rank'.)

Meanwhile on the erotic front, the new Emmanuelle series is in post and there are discussions about making 14 films based on Heavy Metal Magazine. Seven to be animated and seven live action. I am involved in coming up with the stories and have thrown 'Ring Of Desire' (heavy erotic MC) and 'Jacqueline Hyde' (heavy erotic horror) into the mix. We'll see what happens. Other titles that have strong erotic sci-fi elements that I have written and pitched are 'Hormones: The Movie!', 'Aquanella', 'Lust In Space', 'The Lotion' aka 'Alien Erotica 3', 'Sex Slave', and 'The Red Room'.

If this project moves forward, it could open the door to this type of dark erotic material that you guys might be very interested in. Heavy Metal is a good name and Kevin Eastman (owner) is a cool guy.

But in the meantime, come check out 'THE HAZING' if you can.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this update on the 10th of October, 2003.

Hi JR,

First main news. We are having an official screening for "THE HAZING" on October 30th at 7:30 at the L.A. Film School. My website has all the information. We are trying to get some horror fans to attend so it will be open to the public and free! Anyone in the L.A. area who would like to come see it should RSVP me at (818) 505-1076.  Halloween costume optional but dress up if you want.  There are definitely erotic moments mixed in with the horror including a female mannequin that comes to life to seduce a woman, a giant tongue with a strong libido for females, possessions, strippers, and other goodies.

In other news, the new EMMANUELLE series wrapped. I should get a first cut of "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA" in a week or so. I am also in talks with Heavy Metal magazine. They want to do a slate 14 feature films (half animated. half live action). Erotic, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy- like their graphc novels. I'm submitting them many scripts and ideas. I've included "RING OF DESIRE". I think it could fit well if some of the erotic was toned down and the horror/fantasy elements were built up. Not hard to do. I have also given them 29 other concepts to choose from so we'll see. Could be interesting.

Meanwhile, "Sex, Lies & Politics" should have hit video stores this week.  Definitely look for the unrated version.  If you liked "Rod Steele" and "Ultimate Attraction" you'll probably enjoy this.  One of the hottest "Click" movies of the series thanks to Jacqueline Lovell, Kim Dawson, Jennifer Burton, Kiva, and Rose Garcia. This was originally titled, "Sexual Dependence Day". It is the official second movie of the series, picking up where "Ultimate Attraction" left off. However, I had nothing to do with this one.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on Fri, Oct 03, 2003, Subject: Movie update

I noticed some questions about the status of 'PRETTY COOL'. I'm in the process of trying to get the trailer downloaded on my website ( people can, at least, have a small peek at what it looks like. Hopefully the trailers to 'PRETTY COOL', 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' and others will be on-line soon. I've been extremely busy finishing 'THE HAZING' for its L.A. premiere on October 30th, so unfortunately all of my attention has been focused on that at the moment. I'm trying to figure out a way to burn DVD's. It would be the best method if I were to start shipping copies of my movies.

Meanwhile, the new Emmanuelle series wraps filming this weekend. I should be getting a first cut of 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' in a couple of weeks. The script had a lot of erotic mind control in it. I hear they stayed close to the script so I'll have to see how it turned out.

Again, sorry about the lack of info on 'PRETTY COOL'. No word about an official release but I'll let you know when the trailer is on-line. Thanks again for your interest and continual support. My hope is that if one of my films 'hits', it will help all the others get released. So, maybe 'THE HAZING' will start things rolling.

While we wait, 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN' comes out on November 18th this year. The unrated version has a lot of erotic moments. Not quite mind control but if you enjoyed my other films, you'll probably get a kick out of this one. Gabriella Hall, Kim Dawson, Rebecca Lord, Elina Madison, and many other attractive women star. It's sexy and funny.

Hi JR,

Just wanted to let you know my website has been updated. There is new info on "THE HAZING", "EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN" and my other projects.  Pictures and artwork have been added as well.  My bio and all sections have been revised. The new EMMANUELLE series goes into production this coming Thursday, September 4th.  The script I wrote, "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA" is the last one up.  Should start shooting the first week of October around the time when "THE HAZING" should be near completion.

I just did a polish on the "EMMANUELLE" script and if they shoot what's written, the erotic mind control elements should be very strong. This script leans heavily on the hypnosis/mind control powers of vampires. The male and female vampires use it on men and women throughout the story. If the actresses are good, it could be very erotic while turning Emmanuelle into a slight "Buffy"-ish character. It's the ultimate battle between "The Prince Of Darkness" and "The Queen Of Seduction". Who will win?

Nothing new on the release plan of "PRETTY COOL" and "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT". I'm still waiting to hear what will happen. Alain is talking to a few interested parties but that's all I know.

Be on the look-out for "SEX, LIES, & POLITICS" (the first "Click" movie) in the middle of October and "EROTIC INVISIBLE MAN" on November 18th in video stores. And although, "THE HAZING" is not mind control, it does have its' sexy moments. Hopefully, the film will screen in L.A. sometime in October. I'm very happy with the tongue scene.

In the meantime, I'm working on a new script for some new producers. Concept: "Zombies In Space".

Also, I found out Alain Siritzky gets back the video/DVD rights for "ALIEN EROTICA" next year. I suggested he make a box set to include the Special Edition 2-disc set of ALIEN EROTICA, the never-before-released ALIEN EROTICA 2, and possibly produce the existing third script of the series so the entire trilogy could be sold in a new big four disc collector's package. He liked the idea. We'll see if he decides to follow up on it.

That's it for now. Still trying to raise the money for my own three picture deal. Looking for investors as we speak.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on 20 August 2003, Subject: PRETTY COOL

Just found out the deal with Lantern Lane and Hart Sharp Video is officially dead.  My producer is now meeting with Roger Corman to see if he will take both titles, 'PRETTY COOL' and 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT'. I would think it's very possible. However, Corman is not a big fan of comedy so I don't know how they would try to release them.  Anyway, if this Corman deal also falls through, I will try to follow up on those still interested in seeing 'PRETTY COOL' for a donation.  Just keeping everyone informed.


Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on 11 August 2003, Subject: PRETTY COOL

First off, thanks for all your e-mails the last few weeks and interest in 'PRETTY COOL'. I've been using them to try to push the release deal through. At the moment, my producer and the release company are renegotiating the deal. Hopefully, they will reach an agreement and 'PRETTY COOL' and 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' will get real video/DVD releases. If that happens, then that will be the way to get the films and like I said before, I will try to pack the DVD's with cool bonus material. I think it's crazy if we don't release the film now because Alexis Thorpe has a nice featured role in 'AMERICAN WEDDING', Summer Altice has a part in 'GRIND' and Cecilia Berqvist's horror film, now called 'JUNIOR' is getting released by Artisan next month on video while Amy Brassette's final episodes of 'CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER PRESENTS' continue to run on Fox.

So, right now we'll just have to wait and see. If the deal were to fall apart again, I'd be willing to accept 'donations' that would go towards my plans of opening 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' in a theater in L.A. in the fall. In exchange for a donation (sum of money to be addressed in later postings), I will send a free video of 'PRETTY COOL' in order to spread word of month on the film 'For Screening Purposes Only'. If this happens, it will be a very simple videotape, probably no artwork, but a good cut of the film with addition uncensored bonus scenes. I don't think burning a DVD will be possible. If anybody is interested in any of my other films, they too could be available for additional donations to the cause.

However, this is still all just in theory. If I hear that the official deal is done and 'PRETTY COOL' will be coming out wide in November, then this discussion is mute.

Remember, my director's cut is basically an 'R' rated teen-age sex comedy in the tradition of 'ZAPPED!', 'AMERICAN PIE', 'PORKY'S'. It is not as explicit as many of the cinemax movies. The additional scenes that would be included after the movie will be closer to the cinemax level of sexual situations and one of them does feature Summer Altice as well as many of the other girls. Since the movie is 92 minutes, I would probably include around 20-25 minutes of additional bonus scenes to fill up the two hour tape.

If this offer still sounds interesting to you guys, let me know.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this update on 31 July 2003

Hi JR,

Hope all is well  Getting closer to finishing "THE HAZING". Overall, I'm happy with the final cut of the film. We are just working on the opening now. Adding a new prologue/title sequence probably. Besides that, the film is in good shape and should be completed by the beginning/middle of September.  Just saw the artwork for "THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN". Basically it's a see-thru guy wearing sunglasses and baseball cap lifting a woman's skirt who is bending over a desk and looking back surprised. Pretty standard "Zapped!" type of poster. It's fine and that scene is actually in both versions of the film.  I recommend the UNRATED version they release.  It delivers on the "EROTIC" promise.

Bad news on another front. The deal between Alain Siritzky and Lantern Lane to release "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT" and "PRETTY COOL" has fell through and that puts both films back on the shelf until who knows when! I'm trying not to get involved and am still planning to release "TOMORROW" on one screen myself in the fall. Maybe that will lead to some interest and eventually to distribution sometime in the near future.

The new "EMMANUELLE" series, now titled, "EMMANUELLE'S PRIVATE COLLECTION" begins shooting on September 3rd. I will not be involved in it but "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA" is on the slate and the script as is, contains a lot of Erotic MC. But I have no idea what the final result will be.

Besides that, I'm still trying to get "IMAGES OF FEAR", "JACQUELINE HYDE", and "NEVERMORE" off the ground with my new company. There's a new interview with me posted on   People seem to find it informative so check it out if you want.

That's about it. Oh, except "SEX, LIES & POLITICS" (originally part of the "CLICK" series called "SEXUAL DEPENDENCE DAY") is officially coming to video/DVD on October 14th.  Not a great movie but the erotic clicker content is very high. Jacqueline Lovell and Kim Dawson are very sexy in the film. The scene with Lovell on the airplane getting "clicked" to pleasure herself is a highlight.  Again, find the UNRATED version.

Right now, I'm keeping "RING OF DESIRE" on stand-by and waiting for an opportunity to try to set it up somewhere.  The erotic marketplace is strange right now so I'll just have to wait and see.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this to the MC Forum on 31 July 2003, Subject: PRETTY COOL DELAYED AGAIN!

Sorry to report, that the November release of 'PRETTY COOL' has been cancelled. No plans to release the film at the moment. The deal just fell through. Same with 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' although that film probably wouldn't interest many people here.

However, 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN' is hitting video/DVD on November 4th. Seek out the UNRATED cut, please. The 'R' version is a mess and not my fault.

'SEX, LIES & POLITICS' (originally a 'CLICK' movie entitled, 'SEXUAL DEPENDENCE DAY') hits video/DVD on October 14th. Lots of clicker action with Jacqueline Lovell and Kim Dawson. If you like the 'CLICK' series; 'The Turn-On', 'Ultimate Attraction', and 'Rod Steele', you'll probably want to see this.

More of the 'EMMANUELLE 2000' movies should also be coming out early next year and I've been told that Concorde plans to release two box sets of all seven of THE CLICK SERIES and BUTTERSCOTCH SERIES next year as well.

A new EMMANUELLE series called 'EMMANUELLE'S PRIVATE COLLECTION' goes into production on September 3rd. I don't know what all the scripts are but there is one titled, 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' and the erotic MC content is very high. Lots of girls being mentally controlled by the Prince Of Darkness with the sex being much higher then the blood and horror this time around. I am not directing it though so I have no idea what the final result will be.

Again, sorry about 'PRETTY COOL'. I really thought it was going to be released this time. One thought, if I were to (quietly) sell it myself, how many of you would be interested in buying a copy? You could reply here or e-mail me directly. I'm not saying I will but I am curious to know how big the interest is in this title.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this message to the MC Forum on July 24th, subject TV/Film Guilty Pleasures/DM.

Speaking of 'Pretty Cool'. There are finally plans to release it on video/DVD towards the end of the year. Possibly November. I am trying to get the 'R' rated version release with some steamy UNRATED scenes for the deleted scenes section.

On another note, my 'BUTTERSCOTCH' movie- now officially titled 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE MAN' is coming to video/DVD on November 4th. If you are interested (especially in the erotic moments), please find the UNRATED VERSION. I watched the 'R' cut last night and was horrified. They cut out almost all the sex and much of the plot. It doesn't make a lick of sense and makes the writer/director seem completely talentless. Since I am the writer/director, I find this to be rather annoying. I'm trying to get my name removed from the 'R' rated version. Just thought I'd pass that inform on.

Rolfe e-mailed me this update on 15 July 2003

Hi JR,

It seems like everyone I'm talking to is hot on horror but worried about putting money into blatantly erotic material. "IMAGES OF FEAR" seems to be getting the biggest response so we may just try to move ahead on that one project first if we can't raise the money for all three. Gabriella Hall is still plugging away but also having trouble coming up with the cash. People have money but it's very hard for them to part with it. Everyone wants guarantees and that's impossible to give in the film business.

Meanwhile, I'm still hard at work on "THE HAZING". We almost have a first cut and everything except the first ten minutes is working very well. Unfortunately, when you sell a film, the first ten minutes is the most important part. We are talking about doing another day of shooting to beef up the very beginning of the film. Besides that, I'm pretty happy with it. The tongue scene that I told you about before is great. A definite highlight. Everyone is talking about it. I just hope the MPAA doesn't make us chop it up.

On the Alain front, he is going into production on a new Emmanuelle series towards the end of August. I don't think I'm really going to be involved in this one. But at the moment, my "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA" is on the slate. If it gets made, there is a lot of erotic MC involved with the vampires and the girls so it might be of interest but I do not plan to direct it.

Kinda good news for "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT" and "PRETTY COOL". A company called Lantern Lane is starting their own line of videos and DVD's and Alain made a deal with them to release both films around Novermber/December this year! I am going to be involved as much as possible to make the DVD's cool and I hope they can get decent distribution for both films. But I'm still not giving up on the theatrical play for "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT". Since nobody is willing to spend the money to open the film up in one theater for a week, right now I'm planning to do it myself! It's an expensive commitment but I really want this film to get some kind of exposure before hitting the video shelves.

Concorde is still planning on releasing "THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF AN INVISIBLE MAN" on November 4th but I haven't gotten the word if I can even do a commentary for the DVD. They are trying to really keep the costs down which is a shame. I have a lot of goodies that could we included. Rehearsals, deleted scenes, etc... Oh, well.

So, it looks like I'll have three films hitting video at the end of this year and "THE HAZING" should be done and hopefully sold by then as well. There is a great spread on Brooke Burke in the new issue of "STUFF" magazine and she talks about the film. The E! Channel has also been running a two minute spot on her and the film so I hope something good happens.

The only other thing I've had time for is writing a treatment for a Bruce Campbell battles zombies in space movie. I was hired for this one. Could be fun. Not an erotic movie but has some sexy elements and a dash of "Alien Erotica". If made, it could almost be called Part 4 in the series, leaning more on the horror side.

That's about it. So, with any luck, you'll finally be able to rent "PRETTY COOL" at your local video store by the end of the year. I hope it's the "R" cut with some deleted and extended "Unrated" scenes.  With the amount of footage we shot for the film, it could easily be a two disc set that includes the 92 minute cut of the film followed by 55 minutes of additional scenes, many of which are too steamy for any kind of rating. I will definitely try to salvage the uncensored cheerleader/locker room scene and the nude jacuzzi scene with Summer Altice. Also Cecilia's bar bathroom scene uncut is pretty funny and hot. And the footage of Alexis Thorpe tossing and turning having a very erotic dream is also pretty nice.Hey, if "PRETTY COOL" does well and becomes a hit on video, we can release new extended versions of the film for years! But hopefully, I'll have better things to do with my time.

I'll let you know when I know more.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this message to the MC Forum on May 23, 2003, subject SEX, LIES, & POLITICS movie.

Just found one that another one of the CLICK movies is getting released in October from Concorde. It was entitled, 'SEXUAL DEPENDENCE DAY' but the powers that be have retitled it 'SEX, LIES, & POLITICS'. Remember the title because there is absolutely no mention about the 'Clicker' device that turns people on anywhere on the video or DVD art or description. They are selling it as a political sex farce but it is the second 'CLICK' movie in the series after 'ULTIMATE ATTRACTION' and before 'ROD STEELE'. I had nothing to do with this film however.

Also, November 4th will be the release of the first 'BUTTERSCOTCH' officially retitled, 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF AN INVISIBLE MAN'. There will be two version released, an 'R' and 'Unrated'. We are still discussing if the 'R' will be a combination of the first and second Butterscotch like I originally intended or not.

I am also told that sometime in 2004, Concorde will release the complete box sets or both the 'CLICK' and 'BUTTERSCOTCH' movies. Seven features in each.

That's it. Just passing on the news as I begin to get in the post stage of 'THE HAZING'.

Also, there's a tentative plan to begin production on 'RING OF DESIRE' with Gabriella Hall in August depending on what happens in the next two months with everything else.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this message to the MC Forum on 17 May 2003, subject CLICK & BUTTERSCOTCH

Just recently found out that Concorde (Roger Corman's company) is finally planning to release all the CLICK and BUTTERSCOTCH movies to video and DVD. They are trying to edit down some of the films into 'R' forms but will still release unrated versions of all the films as well. I've been told that my 'BUTTERSCOTCH' film will be released in the beginning of November. I will try to do a commentary track and put some extra material on the DVD as well. This is the series about the world's most sexual invisible man. They have retitled the series, 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF AN INVISIBLE MAN'. Took 'em over seven years to release them but better now than never.

Tomorrow I wrap principle production on 'THE HAZING', a horror/comedy that does contain some over-the-top sexy moments involving a giant tongue, a mannequin, and a portal to hell. The very attractive cast includes Brooke Burke, Tiffany Shepis, Nectar Rose, and on the villian side Brad Dourif. With any luck the film will be finished in September. If successful, maybe it can help 'PRETTY COOL', and 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' see the light of day (aka a video release).

On the pure erotic side, Alain Siritzky has told me that he made a deal with Corman to produce another series of Emmanuelle films, once of which right now is 'EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA' which is loaded with erotic MC elements. He is also working on a deal with a U.K. company that wants to make 10 films. 'RING OF DESIRE', 'Jacqueline Hyde' and 'IMAGES OF FEAR' may be part of the package to be shot in England. Too early to confirm it yet though.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me on 23 March 2003.

Hi JR,

           Wanted to catch up a little. I've been very busy. Production on "THE HAZING" begins in five weeks! We have the entire film cast now with a great group of young actors including  Tiffany Shepis from Troma and more recently seen in "Embrace The Darkness III", "Death Factory", "Bundy" and "Bloody Murder 2". I am also delighted to have Brad Dourif playing the evil Professor coming straight from "Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers"  & "Return Of The King". He's a great actor, nominated for an Academy Award for "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and well-known from being Chucky in all the "Child's Play" movies, "Exorcist 3", "Urban Legend", etc...  Also it looks like famous model / E! hostess of "Wild On", BROOKE BURKE will be making her feature film debut as well in "THE HAZING". Obviously, I'm getting very excited and believe this film has a real shot of being something special. Also my favorite actor, Robert Donavan will have a small role as Lt. Bartel in the film.

Meanwhile, I haven't forgotten my own company goals. I am still in serious talks about getting "IMAGES OF FEAR", "JACQUELINE HYDE" and "RING OF DESIRE" into production towards the end of summer. Gabriella Hall is still working away and Alain wants to produce "IMAGES OF FEAR" really badly.

While I am working on "THE HAZING", Alain is planning to put a new slate of EMMANUELLE movies into production. The "LUST IN SPACE" idea has been put on hold. Instead, I was able to convince him to allow me to write, "EMMANUELLE VS. DRACULA". I just finished the script last week and think it turned out well. It's very erotic with a touch of horror and some good "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" moments of humor and action. The hypnotism/ mind control element is very strong in the script and all used in an erotic fashion. Hopefully, Alain will like the script and produce it this summer. I probably won't be able to write any of the other scripts since I'm full-time on "THE HAZING" now.

Alain made a deal with a company called "Latern Lane" to help sell "PRETTY COOL" and "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT" for domestic video. They will also be handling "THE HAZING" Hopefully, they'll be able to make some deals so the films can be released in the states someday soon.

By the way, Gabriella Hall really liked the new draft of "RING OF DESIRE" and has said that if/when we get the slate of films into production, she would play the role of Maria.

So, that's the news.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this message on the mc forum on 7 February 2003


Just wanted to check in with everyone.  I've been busy developing a lot of different film projects the last few months.  Recently did a big update on my director's site,

A few projects might interest some of you, especially 'RING OF DESIRE' which has a very strong erotic MC angle. There are synopses and artwork for this and many of the other films I'm developing.  'RING' as well as some others are part of my new film company, which I am in the process of setting up. I plan to produce a lot of low-budget features in all different genres; horror, erotic, comedy, etc... For more info, you can check out my website or JR Parz's erotic mind control site, where there are constant updates in his MC films section.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still very active in the film business and hope to be making a lot more films in the months to come.

In the erotic arena, 'RING OF DESIRE', 'JACQUELINE HYDE' and elements of 'DEMONS SUCK!' should be of some interest. I am also developing a new Emmanuelle series for producer, Alain Siritzky, entitled, 'EMMANUELLE: LUST IN SPACE'. It will be an erotic, funny sitcom type of series and will surely contain much sci-fi and mind control elements.  We are just starting the scripts now and should be shooting in the summer after I complete, 'THE HAZING' a horror/comedy feature this spring.

Also, if anyone lives in the L.A. area, my dark comedy thriller, 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT' will be screening at the AFM in Santa Monica on Feb. 24th at 1:00 p.m. on the AMC 14 screen 2. If you'd like to attend, let me know or just show up at the theater.  As for 'Pretty Cool', 'Naked Shopping' and the other five unreleased 'Emmanuelle 2000' movies, sorry but there is no new news.  However, there is a small update on my website under 'Rolfe's films' on 'Pretty Cool' and I'm working on streaming some trailers on my site as well.  So, keep checking in and you may see a 'PRETTY COOL' trailer on-line soon!

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this update after the Holidays...

Hi JR,  I'm planning to open my own company, so I'm going to put together a proposal for a slate of 3-6 films to go into production this year.  I think starting with erotic, horror, and erotic/horror is the way to go. I'm going to include "JACQUELINE HYDE", "IMAGES OF FEAR", "NEVERMORE", "DEMONS SUCK!", "RING OF DESIRE", and a new script that I'm writing now entitled, "ROOMMATE FOR LIFE" as part of the package.  Another one of my projects, "The Hazing", has gone active again and I met with the producers for two full days of script conference meetings.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this update on 10 December 2002

Hi JR,  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, there's no exciting news about any upcoming erotic projects with producer Alain Siritzky. The U.K. deal may have run into a snag.  (Money issues, surprise!)

Regarding some of my other projects, "The Hazing" has been bumping back and forth for the last two weeks.  At the moment, it looks like things are on track again with the two producing companies.  Script revisions await me but with some luck we'll get the movie off the ground and shooting in March/April time.  Just signed a deal with National Lampoon for my "BLONDE & BLONDER" script, which I'm excited about.  Found out a band called BTO (Blasting Trout Overbite) wrote an entire song entitled, "There's Nothing Out There" about my movie!  Joe Bob Briggs reviewed "Tomorrow By Midnight" and gave it four stars calling it "a keeper, one of the best of the year!"  However, none of this is amounting to money or immediate production at the moment so I spent last week writing a brand new script entitled, "IMAGES OF FEAR". It is a horror film designed to be shot on video ala "Blair Witch" with a story that crosses "The Ring" and "The Shining". It is definitely a horror film. However, there is one erotic MC moment which fans of this genre should appreciate.  It involves a maid, a vacuum cleaner, and a trance that leads to a very sexual situation.  I'm thinking of funding this project myself with friends and family because it could be produced on a tight budget. If everything else drags on, I just might do this one next.

So, until money loosens up, I'm afraid the really interesting erotic MC projects; "Ring Of Desire", "Alien Erotica 3", "New Rod Steele Adventure", "Emmanuelle Vs. Dracula", "Jacqueline Hyde",  and "Club Mystere" will have to sit on the back burner.  At least, if the genre and money come back, we've got plenty of projects ready to go forward in 2003!  So keep your fingers crossed.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this HOT update on 10 November 2002... sorry I took so long to post.

Hi JR, Just giving you a heads up. Alain Siritzky may have found a new investor for a slate of erotic movies. He is talking to people in England that want to make a series of 10 softcore pictures to be shot in the U.K. If this happens, it has to happen quick since they want six of the films finished by the beginning of April and the last four by the end of June.  I met with Alain friday and he asked which scripts we had available now.  I gave him "Alien Erotica 3", the idea of doing a remake of "Restless Souls", the new "Rod Steele" script, an unproduced script that I wrote that he already owns entitled, "Wet Dreams On Sex Street", and "Ring Of Desire". He is sending them out immediately and talking to the company on Monday. We are pitching them a new group of "Sex Files" of which all the scripts except Steele, could be a part of, a new Emmanuelle series, (I'm pushing the Emmanuelle Meets The Monsters concept with a younger British sexy "Lara Croft" type Emmanuelle as she meets Dracula, Frankenstein, etc..) and possibly a few Rod Steele movies, (seeing that it's England and James Bond is getting hot again, why not?) I know Robert Donavan would love the trip abroad.

In the meantime, I should hear more about the funding for "Jacqueline Hyde" this week as well. And "The Hazing" is still slowly moving along.  We may have all the money soon.  Anyway, I'll keep you updated with what happens with all of this.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this message on the mc forum on 7 November 2002

Just to torment people who still are waiting for 'Pretty Cool'.  There is a long magical body invasion sequence in my film where a guy takes over a woman's body and some sexual jokes abound.  Also, I recently finished a new 92 page script entitled, 'JACQUELINE HYDE'- a female Jekyll and Hyde story that contains much magical transformation elements.  She has the power to change into anyone she wants.  It's an erotic horror story (though not bloody).  With any luck, I'll be shooting it soon.  In the story, Jackie turns into Jacqueline and many other women and even a few men. All are then used in rather sexual ways.  Script also has some BE and PE and weird combinations of both.  I'd call it a cross between the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale, 'Alien Erotica' and 'Looking For Mr. Goodbar'.

Nothing new on the infomercial, or 'Pretty Cool' front.  My feature, 'TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT', which has no elements of MC in it, did win Best Feature at the Rhode Island Independent Film Festival this past October.  Still trying to get that one distributed as well.

The Buffy episode sounded cool.  Too bad I missed it.  Also, would love to see 'Wishcraft'.  There's another movie called, 'The Wisher' which should also be coming out soon.  Haven't seen it but seems to have some similiar elements.  Also, 'Wishmaster 4' is out and contains a fair amount of erotic material including the female's wish for 'Killer Sex' scene.

Rolfe e-mailed me this small update on 25 September 2002

Just a small update on my end. Did the commentary track for ALIEN EROTICA with KIRA REED, GABRIELLA HALL, and ROBERT DONAVAN today.  Thought it went very well. Should be a really good 2 disc DVD set. Did manage to get all the extras on the disc. So, between the trailers, deleted/extended scenes, behind the sceenes footage, still gallery, creating the F/X featurette and more, it should come to around 85
minutes of additional material with commentary on everything. I was told that NSN ( started airing on Channel 26 in Atlantic last night. So, we'll see what happens.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the forum on 19 September 2002


This is some more info on the Naked Shopping Network ( aka (NSN) front. If you are not interested in these videos and website, I'm sorry. Just skip this post. I don't mean to advertise here but I know a lot of people on this site are interested in seeing some of these flicks and I'm just trying to help out.

Anyway, just signed off on the BONUS DVD. It's a cool collection of trailers, promos, coming attractions, an uncensored version of the infomercial, a full uncut
'FEEL OF STEELE: Making of 'ROD STEELE 0014' mockumentary, and a sneak peek at the latest 'EMMANUELLE IN RIO'. It's almost two hours of
goodies. People interested in 'CLICK' and 'BUTTERSCOTCH' will finally be able to see some clips and trailers from some of the other titles that should be
available soon.

Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on the Special Edition DVD of 'ALIEN EROTICA'. Should be close to 90 minutes of bonus material to go along with the flick. Will
try to do a commentary track next week with Kira Reed and Gabriella Hall.

I hear the infomercial will start airing in Atlanta this weekend. That's it for now.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted this on the forum on 28 August 2002


The infomercial is done and should start airing in September.  When I have exact dates and channels, I'll let you know. Half of the show is devoted to EMMANUELLE 2000 and the erotic mind control concept so we'll soon see how big this interest is in the states.  A new website, aka (NSN) should also be up and running in a few weeks.  All of Alain Siritzky's erotic films should be available soon. With over 80 feature films, there will be a lot to choose from.   By the way, the totally uncensored infomercial that will be available on the bonus DVD will contain a very hot five minute erotic sequence shot just for the infomercial.  The concept is that one woman takes over the body of another woman and manipulates her to strip against her will, becomes uncontrollably aroused and finally climaxes.  It's more explicit then most of the EMMANUELLE 2000 films.  Definitely worth a peek if you're into that sort of scenerio.  The infomercial itself is pretty funny and erotic, trying to push the boundaries of late night leased access cable.  We'll see what get censored out and what stays.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed me this on 25th & 21st August 2002

Anyway, the new website, has been announced. There's a little "coming soon" page right now but all the info should be there within two or three weeks. This is where people will finally be able to purchase on DVD or video the entire CLICK LIBRARY. The infomercial should start airing somewhere between September 9th and the 16th. We're editing it now. We just got our 1-800 number, so all the pieces are falling into place. So spread the word, aka (NSN) is almost here!  Also, just finished a testimonal pick-up shoot for the infomercial with Gabriella Hall and Amy Lindsay. Went okay.  Thanks for your quotes and the others who wrote in.  All were read. I'm sure some will be used.

Rolfe e-mailed me this on 4 August 2002/Pretty Cool Info abstracted from the MC Forum 30 July 2002

Hi JR, Well, we finished the infomericial shoot. Only shot one half-hour episode focusing on "Emmanuelle In Space" and "Emmanuelle 2000". Ran out of time for the other three episodes. Alain will finish this one and see how it works. If it's successful then we'll probably go back and shoot the other ones that focus on "Sex Files", "Passion & Romance", "Scandal", "Click"- (now being called "The Turn-On Series") and "Butterscotch"- (now being called, "The Erotic Misadventures Of An Invisible Man").

Well, the whole erotic mind control angle is very strong in the "Emmanuelle" episode we shot thanks to the headband/necklace element that sells "Emmanuelle 2000".  They use it in the show and control another woman. There will be a "CENSORED" and "UNCENSORED" version of the show.  Much nudity and sexual content in the "UNCENSORED" version.  Some think that many people will call just to order the infomericial.  KIRA REED did a great job as the host.  Her co-host was an actress going by the name, "Kylie Wyote" and LAURIE WALLACE was the naked curtain girl.  Another girl named, "Jubilee" performed the erotic on-location sequence dealing with mind control.  All but KIRA appear naked in the "UNCENSORED" show at some point.

Anyway, everyone seemed to be happy with what we got.  Between KIRA and KYLIE on stage, the trailer and clips, the "Call to Action" spots, the erotic routine, and some montages showing the "Best Of The Click Video girls", it should be a very sexy and humorous half-hour show officially titled, "THE NAKED SHOPPING NETWORK".  Hopefully the post production will be done in two weeks so it can begin airing by the end of August.

Besides that, Gabriella Hall, who may be taking a crack on producing/starring, is reading the script, "Ring Of Desire".  "Ring of Desire" has heavy MC/hypnotic  elements that would please this genre.  I've been pushing her to do this one first if she can put the money together.  On other news, "TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT" was recently released on DVD and video in Germany under the new title, "AFTER MIDNIGHT".  It received some very good reviews on-line.

Probably signing a nine-month option agreement on "THE HAZING", my horror/comedy "Evil Dead" meets "Scream" screenplay.  Hope to start shooting that early next year.  Also have new interest in my Poe-inspired horror script, "NEVERMORE" and Trace Entertainment is still working away on trying to set up "DEMONS SUCK!" and "THERE'S STILL NOTHING OUT THERE".  If any of these four projects gets going, I'll be very happy.

We're still in distribution hell on 'PRETTY COOL'. I've sent it to 'National Lampoon' to see if they're interested in picking it up and have someone else trying to present it to Blockbuster and other places. We're not pushing too hard because it looks like one or more of the actresses in the film might be getting bigger in the next few months. Amy Brassette has landed a starring role in the new television series 'Cedric The Entertainer Presents' that starts airing on Fox in the fall. It's a 'In Living Color' type of comedy show and if it's successful, she will be a better name to capitalize on. Also, Summer Altice's new Showtime series, Zalman King's '' is suppose to start airing in the fall also. So, with two potential break-out stars, it's best to wait and see.

The problem with the film is that, at the moment, there are no stars in it and that's what buyers want, so if we wait a little longer, maybe we'll get lucky. 'PRETTY COOL' has a wonderful cast and I'm hoping one or more of them breaks out soon.

Right now, all attention is on selling the Click Video library on these infomericials that we're shooting right now. If this turns out to be a hit, my producer has talked about maybe trying to sell 'PRETTY COOL' this way as well with a half-hour infomericial/behind-the-scenes so people can buy the film directly. Nobody has ever really done this with a feature film before. Who knows? It may be more successful than going the video store route. It's definitely worked for the 'GIRLS GONE WILD' series. Although, "PRETTY COOL" has been sold to Greece and Thailand, so if anyone lives there, it should be available soon.

That's all for now.

Best Wishes,


Rolfe posted the MC Forum this news on 17 July 2002

All the films from the Click Video Library should be available on VSH and DVD and will be able to be ordered on-line and/or by calling a 1-800 number that is being set-up now.  My producer is also trying to set up a 'streaming' ability to watch the films on-line.  The 3-D glasses will be available for sale or given free if one buys a yearly subscription to the video library.  Right now, the Click library will start with five titles, probably 'Alien Erotica' from 'THE SEX FILES' series, 'Double Or Nothing' from the 'PASSION & ROMANCE' series, 'The Ultimate Attraction' from the CLICK series, 'Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters' from the 'EMMANUELLE 2000' series, and 'First Contact' from the EMMANUELLE IN SPACE series.  If the orders start pouring in, more of the library will be remastered.  With over 80 films in the library, this is a big costly job, so the producer has to do this process in steps to make sure there's an interest.  If a certain title is requested a lot, obviously that will push forward which titles are available first. So, a lot of this comes down to the interest out there.


Rolfe posted the MC Forum this news on 11 July 2002:

Well, production begins this Monday on a series of infommericals aimed at selling the CLICK VIDEO LIBRARY which include such films as 'The Sex Files' series, 'Emmanuelle In Space' with Krista Allan, 'Emmanuelle 2000', 'Click', 'Butterscotch', 'Passion & Romance', 'Scandal', and more!

These half hour humorous, sexual spots should start airing on Lease Access cable like the 'Girls Gone Wild' videos do. Kira Reed and Tiffany Shepis will be the hosts with some additional erotic performances by Laurie Wallace (star of 'Erotic Witch Project', 'The Erotic Mirror' and more). We will be shooting four half hour spots that will be pitching a yearly subscription to the library as well as supplying some fun, erotic moments. One show will be dedicated to 'Emmanuelle In Space' and 'Emmaneulle 2000' pushing the 3-D elements and the erotic mind control headband/necklace. There will be a brand new erotic vignette on each show. This first some will focus on the mind controlling headband.

The second show will focus on 'THE SEX FILES' series with a new erotic moment based on the 'SEXUALLY BEWITCHED' movie and focusing on the peaches and banana passion fruit routine. Should be fun and sexy.

The third show with be selling 'Passion & Romance' with an erotic hypnotism moment shot exclusively for the show.

The fourth show will be dedicated to 'THE CLICK' and 'BUTTERSCOTCH' although there is talk about changing the titles of the series to 'THE TURN-ON' series and 'THE EROTIC MISADVENTURES OF AN INVISIBLE MAN'. 'The Ultimate Attraction' and 'Rod Steele 0014' are part of this series and for the first time they will be available in 3-D! This show will have new erotic moments playing with the arousal of the clicker on women, breast expansion, and invisible man sexual situations.

Obviously, these shows are not for children and will be airing probably after midnight on cable channels and allow this material to be shown. It won't be too explicit and like 'GIRLS GONE WILD' nudity will be blurred out. However, these half-hour shows will also be available uncensored and can be ordered with the rest of the erotic library.

Anyway, in short (too late), since so many of these movies have themes that involve many forms of Erotic Mind Control, this will be the first time a nationwide campaign will be presented to introduce and offer these films to the general public. If they sell, it will open the doors to a whole lot more erotic material and maybe bring a much greater awareness to this interest.

I know in the past some have had mixed feelings about 'commericalizing' erotic mind control. Well, what do you think about this idea? Using direct response to advertise and sell erotic movies? Do you think it will work? Is it a good idea? A bad idea? Will people want to pay? As far as I know, this has never been tried before with real movies. The 'Girls Gone Wild' series has been enormously successful. Curious to hear your response to this. It's a big investment that's underway and I know the producer is keeping his fingers crossed.

Will it work? Do you guys want it to work?


Rolfe emailed on 29 June 2002

Hi JR,  Long time no talk.  Well, I'll tell you what Alain Siritzky has up his sleeves now.  It has finally dawned on him that he has produced over 80 erotic movies, owns 26 outright for the states, and has done nothing to really sell them on video or DVD.  So, he's decided to open up his collection to the public and he's doing this by starting his own line of infommericals, hooked to a 1-800 number and his website,
 At the moment, he plans to produce and start airing half hour spots beginning in August.

New Concorde and Image have agreed to allow Alain to sell the films they have including all the "Emmanuelle In Space", "Justine", "Click",
"Butterscotch", and the episodes of "Sex Files", "Passion & Romance", and "Scandal" that they've released on DVD only.  I am helping him
structure the show and who knows, this might catch on and make some real money.  We're talking to some actresses, including Kira Reed, to host the infommerical in a "Night Calls" situation.

Of course, he'll also be selling the "EMMANUELLE 2000" films.  Between all the series, it's a good 60 or so flicks.  The plan is to sell a yearly subscription to the Click Video library and receive a new title every two weeks or so.  An added feature will be that the "EMMMANULLE'S
IN SPACE" with Krista Allen, "CLICK", and "BUTTERSCOTCH" we're all shot with certain scenes in 3-D!  This has never been available before but will be now with two sets of the special 3-D glasses thrown in for free.  It actually does work.  If you have your "ROD STEELE 0014" unrated DVD or  "THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION", all the scenes that were shot on video are actually 3-D scenes.  If you have the glasses, the sex scenes do "pop" out of the screen.

Anyway, if all goes as planned, finally all these films will be available to the public and it's about time. Alain also talking with MTI/BEDFORD RELEASING who put out "ALIEN FILES" and "THE PORTRAIT" to see if we can sell them as well.  If so, "THE ALIEN FILES" will be  remastered with hopefully my cut of the film (never released) and a cool supplement section like I did for "ROD STEELE".  We also might make the
 disc a double-feature that includes "ALIEN EROTICA 2".

So, the plan is the shoot the first few half hours in two weeks so they can be ready to air on "least-access" cable.  An "expert" will be programming it into the 800 or so cable channels that accept this type of material, obviously showing after midnight.  We're going to try to make the show sexy, funny, and obviously aimed at getting people to pick up their phones and order now.  If this is successful, Alain has already talked to me about making a show devoted to selling "PRETTY COOL".

As you may or may not know, the "GIRLS GONE WILD" series has made a fortune doing this.  Millions of dollars.  If Alain's movies sell, he'll have money again and start producing once more!  Who knows?  This may be the wave of the future for independent companies to take back control
since it's becoming harder and harder to get a theaterical or even a decent video store release anymore.  Once I know which regions and channels on which cable networks will be airing the shows, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, "THE HAZING" is still being seriously discussed and Trace Entertainment are pushing my "NEVERMORE" and "DEMONS SUCK!" scripts all over town.  They say the response has been great.  Now, they just have to lock in the money.  So, I'm staying positive.  Oh, on another note, Alain threw out another idea for an erotic sci-fi sitcom, "STAR SEX" (an erotic "Star Trek" comedy series).  Just in discussion stages now.  Nothing to get too excited or upset about, depending on your response of this concept.  Since I was bored, I already came up with a rough plot and cast of character.  It's nothing I'm too excited about but if all else falls through/gets delayed, I might take it on.

 So, there you have it.  You're the only one who knows about this new stuff, so feel free to spread the word.  Also, did you ever find a copy of "RESTLESS SOULS"?  It's out but not too many stores seem to have it.  I saw it in Tower and I hear Virgin's getting a few.  I'm happy to hear
 most people seem to enjoy "ROD STEELE 0014".  We should hear sometime in July how the video chains did with it and if they'd be interested in a sequel.  If so, we might push that on the infommerical as well.  Hope all is good with you.

 Best Wishes,


Rolfe e-mailed on 31 May & 3 June with two different links... the first link comes from Trace Entertainment and reports on Rolfe's new projects called "Demon Sucks" and "There's Still Nothing Out There".  The second link comes from Bad Movies, an online review of films and interviews Rolfe Kanefsky on past, present, and future projects.

E-mailed me 29 Apr 2002:

Hi JR,  Alain (my producer) just got back into town. I'll talk to him this week and find out what's going on with up-coming projects. Just updated my  There's Nothing Out There site and my director's page.  More info on "Still Nothing", "Rod Steele", "Demons Suck!", and "Restless Souls" including new artwork and reviews.  As of now, "ROD STEELE 0014" will be hitting stores on Tuedsay the 30th of April.  Lawyers are talking but the first shipment is already out.  A website called, should have a good review for the film and an article on my work. They say it will be posted on Tuesday as well.  Hope all is well and I hope you enjoy "Rod Steele".  By the way, the mockumentary, "THE FEEL OF STEELE" is only on the "R" rated DVD even though the "UNRATED" disc says that it contains it too. It does not so don't go crazy trying to find it on the disc. It's not there.  Best Wishes, Rolfe

E-mailed me 12 March... just now getting to posting it.

Hi JR, Alain is off to Brazil tomorrow for two weeks to shoot his latest erotic epic, "Around The World In 80 Lays". I am not involved.  Meanwhile, people are breaking down the two scripts I wrote, "Alien Erotica 3" and "Rod Steele's New Adventures".  There is also talk of a vampire project (Blair Witch style) and the Steele erotic sitcom series. So, as usually twenty different ideas floating around with no clue what will be next except for "80 Lays" which starts shooting next week.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out what I am or should be working on for the next few months. Completely open at the moment. Good time for a vacation, except I don't like vacations much. I'm happier when I'm making movies.  Nothing new on "PRETTY COOL".

"ROD STEELE 0014" is still on schedule and the short mockumentary I made for the "R" DVD just got accepted into The Method Film Festival in the short film competition.

There's two cuts of "RESTLESS SOULS" now. The "R" cut will be barely 74 minutes. New cool box art. June 18th is the release date. I believe
"Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters" is still on May 21st.  Best Wishes, Rolfe

E-mailed me on 27 Feb 2002

Hi JR, Okay, here's the latest on a few things. I wrote three treatment/bibles for Alain last week to announce as potential new erotic series. SEX FILES III- A darker erotic series combining horror with sex.  Included in the treatment were paragraphs for some of the potential films/episodes including "CLUB MYSTERE", "WOMB WITH A VIEW", "JEKYLL CAN NOT HIDE" and "RING OF DESIRE".  The concept of the series is that a woman, Madame Nirvana, runs an occult shop where people come to find out about the supernatural or ask her to help them with their erotic paranomal problems.

I also wrote a treatment for "ALIEN EROTICA: The Series". These erotic tales are lighter and focus more on sci-fi alien encounters, starting with the official "Alien Erotica 3" and then branching off to further adventures with Agent Forrest coming to the rescue.

The last one is "ROD STEELE'S SUPER SEX SPY SCHOOL" which is like a "Police Academy" erotic sitcom, only these students are trying to be the next Double-O agents. Cute idea for a series. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, the official "ROD STEELE 0014" movie is getting a very good response. Joe Bob Briggs, famously drive-in movie critic, just gave the film a four star review. Also got word that Hollywood Video has picked it up, so it should get a decent release on April 30th.

As for "PRETTY COOL". The response was great. Everyone who saw the film thought it worked and it could definitely be a theaterical film.  However, we still have to convince studios.  Most have yet to see the film so tapes will have to be sent and follow up calls. This takes a while so, everyone will just have to be patient.  No release date can be given yet.  But I'm confident the film will sell and be released in some form; theaters, video, cable, etc, sooner or later.

I want to thank everyone on the Erotic Mind Control Archive message board for their kind words of support for "Pretty Cool".  It has definitely helped me get through this long, drawn out process.  Best Wishes, Rolfe

Posted on MC Forum - 14 Feb 2002

Someone asked about the full frame up-coming release of ROD STEELE 0014 on DVD and video and would it be coming out letterboxed.  ROD STEELE was shot on 16mm and always intended for cable so it was always a full frame television movie. The way it's getting released on April 30th is how it was meant to be seen.  Some people have been asking if 'BALLS OF THUNDER' is the same movie as 'ROD STEELE 0014: You Only Live Until You Die'. The answer is yes.  Same flick. New title. And this movie is one of the seven CLICK features produced in 1997 by Alain Siritzky. It was official number five in the series.  'THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION' was the first. You don't need to see them in order. Each film stands by itself pretty well.


Posted on MC Forum - 8 Feb 2002

The click flick 'ROD STEELE 0014' is offically getting released on April 30th.  It's already listed on and some other sites for ordering. The DVD turned out well. New Concorde is the video label.  'Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters' has an official release date of May 21st.  This is the first of the 'Emmanuelle 2000' series and maybe the best one. Alain Sitizky's new video label, 'CLICK VIDEO' will be releasing it. It's the first in hopefully a long line of his still unavailable erotic features. 'RESTLESS SOULS' is suppose to follow in June and then possibly 'Alien Erotica 2' in July or August.  Follow up answer to a question...  'ROD STEELE 0014: You Only Live Until You Die' is the new full title of what was 'BALLS OF THUNDER'. Same movie. There are two cuts: The 'R' which runs 74 minutes with an added DVD comic 24 minute making of 'The Feel Of Steele' and the unrated 93 minute version with a DVD 13 minute supplement, 'Behind The Behind'. Both DVD's should contain a full audio running commentary track from myself, Robert Donavan, Gabriella Hall, and editor Cynthia Ludwig as well as filmographies and trailers.


Posted on MC Forum - 29 January 2002

Got some good and bad news. HBO/Cinemax will not be airing the 'EMMANUELLE 2000' episodes. They only bought 'Sensual Pleasures'.

However, the producer Alain Siritzky (with the help of New Cocorde) will be releasing the first one, 'INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS' on video and DVD. It's supposed to be released towards the end of May in both 'R' rated and 'Unrated' version. For this series, I would highly reccomend the UNRATED. Now, I've said it before so I won't recap but 'Intimate Encounters' has a lot of Erotic MC. That's the entire storyline. For more info, check out JR's site. There's a plot discription on it.

At the moment, the plan is 'RESTLESS SOULS' will be released a month later (sometime in June). JR also has much information and artwork on this feature that has it's share of MC elements.

And of course, the click movie, now titled, 'ROD STEELE 0014: You Only Live Until You Die' hits video and DVD on April 30th. So, it looks like, starting in April, they'll be a erotic MC movie released every month at your local video stores through New Concorde and Alain Siritzky. If these go well, I think 'Alien Erotica 2' and 'Sexually Bewitched' won't be too far behind. And of course, if these do sell well, Alain will be faster in producing now completed scripts for 'ALIEN EROTICA 3', 'NEW ADVENTURES OF ROD STEELE', and a script called, 'RING OF DESIRE' that I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about if the stars all line up. That's it for now. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Posted 29 January 2002

Hi JR, news for the MC crowd. The first Emmanuelle 2000 feature "Intimate Encounters" is suppose to be released towards the end of May on DVD and video through New Concorde.   I'll be in New York until what looks like the 13th or 14th now so I'm sure we'll talk some more before I head back. We begin mixing "PRETTY COOL" tomorrow.  All the elements for the ROD STEELE DVD's are finished and ready for mastering for the April 30th release. Best Wishes, Rolfe

Posted 28 January 2002

Hi JR, my producer, Alain Siritzky, is in NATPE now, a market in Vegas.  Right now, number one concern is getting "PRETTY COOL" ready for AFM. Always a struggle. I'm still in New York. I start sound mixing PRETTY COOL next week. When I'm done, I head back to L.A. and see what happens.

I hear he has new artwork advertising "ALIEN EROTICA 3" so we'll see how the response is. As you know, the script is finished and ready to be delivered. I have also just completed the new "ROD STEELE 0014" adventure. Pretty happy with it. This script is meant to serve a lot of purposes. It is a follow-up to "You Only Live Until You Die" (still getting released on April 30th), as well as an attempted television pilot for a series as well as containing Alain required erotic elements so he has a fallback situation as always. However, this script was really written to be a potential prime-time television pilot and that's where my main interest lies in this case.

That said, if the entire script is filmed (including erotic scenes) there will be definite interest from the erotic MC crowd. The plot concerns Tangerina attempt to take over the world using voodoo dolls and many of the erotic situations have to do with the voodoo doll plotline.  There is also strong hypnosis elements in the story.

On an unfortunate note, HBO passed on the "EMMANUELLE 2000" series with the exception of the one they aired, "Sensual Pleasures". They are not picking up the series, which was not good news for Alain. There is no definite reason why they rejected it. Speculation but no real reason.  This means that with the exception of Pay-Per-View, people will have to wait until these movies get released on DVD and video from New Concorde/Click Home Video Productions. "Intimate Encounters" is being worked on now.

So, for better or worse, erotic MC will not be getting a major cable platform just yet. Some people may think this is a good thing. Some think it's bad. What it does mean is the fate of all the MC theme erotic movies is up in the air. From "PRETTY COOL", "ALIEN EROTICA 3" and "ROD STEELE 0014".

All I know is, come the end of the AFM in the beginning of March, I'll have a much better idea where everything stands. If things look slow, I'll be jumping ship for a while to concentrate on "Demons Suck", "The Hazing", and "Still Nothing Out There". Now, just for the record, all of these projects should be classified under horror/comedy. However, they all have an element of erotic MC as well, so don't fear, I'm not giving up on the genre. I just have to disguise it a little more.

Best Wishes,


Posted 26 January 2002:  PRETTY COOL starts mixing this week. It will be shown on video at the AFM during Feb. 20-27. On Feb. 22, we will have a screening of PRETTY COOL at the Ince Theatre at Culver Studios in L.A. at 7:00. If anyone lives in L.A. and would like to attend, let me know. There should be plenty of seats.   Besides that, 'ROD STEELE 0014: You Only Live Until You Die', is getting released on VHS and DVD on April 30th in 'R' and 'Unrated' versions with good supplement sections. Two featurettes have been created, 'Behind The Behind' and 'The Feel Of Steele'.  New Concorde is working on releasing 'Emmanuelle 2000: Intimate Encounters' on DVD and video for late spring/summer time. 'Restless Souls' is also on the slate.  The third 'Alien Erotica' feature is written. After Alain Siritzky reads it, it may go into production this summer. I have also just completed the sequel script to ROD STEELE.



Wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and let you know that the first draft of 'ALIEN EROTICA 3' is completed! Thanks for your feedback about the project. With any luck, the producer will like it and will go into production this summer. The Erotic MC elements are very strong in this third story. I've written in parts for Gabriella Hall to revise her role as Lt. Anne Gallo, Kira Reed to again play Agent Forrest, and a cameo for Agent Preston as well as Dr. Betty Brooks (Regina Russell) in 'Alien Erotica 2'. I have no idea if we'll be able to get all of these characters back for a third round. Only Gabriella has agreed to return so far. She's the lead of this story.  Anyway, I think it turned out well. Here's a quick description of the plot- A mysterious cosmetic company invites five people to vacation at a resort in the woods and try out their new line of products. Things start to get weird when the products turn out to have some unusual side effects. There's a secret ingredient inside these 'organic' products and it's up to Anne Gallo, Agent Forrest, and supermodel Sandy Crawfield to find out the truth!
The script contains MC, MF, FF, MD, FD, slight IN, as well as Alien Plant/F, and bimboization. A fitting additional chapter to the 'trilogy', if not the finale story of the series. There's still room for a Part 4.  If you guys would like to see Kira Reed come back and some of the others, let me know. Maybe many fan letters will help convince her to return. If you have seen the first and/or second films, write me or respond here and tell me your opinions.  Since these films are made fairly cheaply, it's the public responses that make the effort worthwhile. However, making a movie is a lot more expensive than writing a script or story, so the producers also need the encouragment that people will 'pay' to see these movies thus making it worth the money to produce them. Anyway, all positive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to express negative feedback as well. I can take it. I just won't show those letters to the producer or actors for obvious reasons.
Best Wishes, Rolfe

On other news, New Concorde is releasing the now officially titled, "ROD STEELE 0014: YOU ONLY LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE" (one of the CLICK flicks), on April 23rd 2001 in both "R" and "unrated" versions. I'm very happy with the artwork and trailer. I think and hope it might do really well if Blockbuster picks it up. The plot concerns a device that can sexually turn women on as well as alter body parts. The villain of the piece is trying to take over the world be brainwashing people with a light show that forces them to do anything she says. Between all of this, there is a heavy dose of sexual activity in both versions of the film. It's a Jame Bond parody that I hope people really like. I'm very excited it's finally getting released.   If it does well, I'm sure the other five CLICK movies won't be very far behind.. .

On other news, Alain also talked about doing a third ALIEN FILES aka ALIEN EROTICA movie. If he's serious, I'll probably write it but not direct it. I'd like to give the series some kind of closure after Part 2.

11 December 2001

- Just got some new press for "PRETTY COOL". There's a new magazine that has hit stands called, "STUN!" Kinda of Maxim/FHM type of mag. In it is a nice spread on Cecilia Bergqvust and Alexis Thorpe. There's a big mention of "PRETTY COOL" in the Cecilia article starting on page 16. Some great pictures too. Thought you'd like to know. We are planning to screen the film three times at the AFM in L.A. in February. Hopefully, with the Universal release of "THE SCORPION KING" with Summer Altice in April, right around the corner, something good will happen.

Just letting you know, the complete seven features of EMMANUELLE IN SPACE starring Krista Allen will be getting released on DVD very soon as a big box set.   Also, the second CLICK movie, now titled, 'ROD STEELE 0014' will be released on DVD and video in April of next year. The DVD Special Edition will be loaded with extras including a commentary track, brand new 'FEEL OF STEELE' mockumentary, and clips of auditions, rehearsals, outtakes, etc...  If all goes well in March, work will begin on starting to release the BUTTERSCOTCH series. BUTTERSCOTCH is about the sexual adventures of an invisible man.   PRETTY COOL should be finished and ready to screen in Februrary.

- The first click movie was 'The Turn-On' many years ago. Of the new Click series, the first released one was 'THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION'. The next one coming out is 'ROD STEELE 0014'. After that the other remaining five will probably be released in a box set like the 'Justine' series and 'Emmanuelle In Space' movies with Krista Allen.  As far as 'The Turn-On' film, Concorde owns the domestic rights on that film and released it on VHS but not DVD. I have no idea when or if they plan to release 'THE TURN-ON' on DVD.

2 Dec 11:  Cinemax is the only place where it was showing. It is not available on video or DVD yet and probably won't be coming out for some time. So, cable is your best bet. At the moment Alain Siritzky and Roger Corman's Concorde company are working on releasing, 'BALLS OF THUNDER' (one of the Click movies), 'RESTLESS SOULS', (a 'Sex Files' film'), 'EMMANULLE 2000: INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS', (one of the six movies in the series), and possibly ALIEN EROTICA 2 aka ALIEN FILES 2 (although there may be problems with running time on this last title.) All are suppose to come out in 'R' and UNRATED versions on video and DVD through a new label, probably 'CLICK HOME VIDEO' in association with New Concorde.

Just for the record the released titles in the Sex Files/Click/Passion & Romance Series are: 'ALIEN FILES', 'THE PORTRAIT', 'ANCIENT DESIRES', 'DIGITAL SEX', 'THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION', 'DOUBLE OR NOTHING', and 'SCANDAL'.

Still unreleased are: 6 CLICK FEATURES, (although BALLS OF THUNDER should be out in April of next year,) all 7 BUTTERSCOTCH movies, and 10 SEX FILES movies. The six EMMANUELLE 2000 movies are also still not available, although one ('SENSUAL PLEASURE') has been showing on Cinemax.

For anyone keeping track, here is the list of all the titles that are still unavailable.





And while I'm at it, there are still five of the Krista Allen 'EMMANUELLE IN SPACE' movies not available. I don't remember the titles.

This probably doesn't really help but at least now you have a score card of titles to look out for in the years to come.

If everything goes as planned, many of these titles will be coming out through the new 'CLICK HOME VIDEO' label and 'NEW CONCORDE RELEASING'.

A handful of the Sex Files series, some of the Click movies, and one of the Butterscotch films are available in England. Various websites in Europe sell them but the PAL vs. NTSC issue is a problem. PAL tapes will not play here unless you can get them converted.

Meanwhile, 'PRETTY COOL' is being finished on tape for the American FIlm Market in Februrary. We'll see what happens. No talk on any new erotic series from producer Alain Siritzky.

At the moment between finishing 'PRETTY COOL', and getting 'BALLS OF THUNDER' ready for DVD release, I'm working on trying to set up some new projects will other producers including the long-awaited sequel to 'THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE' entitled, 'THERE'S STILL NOTHING OUT THERE', a horror/comedy entitled, 'THE HAZING', and a new project entitled, 'DEMONS SUCK!' All contain elements of erotica but none are sex films like the series listed above. There are moments of erotic MC in all of them though so, there should be some interest.

Hi JR,

It's too early to say anything about the "PRETTY COOL" screening. Only, we packed the house and people laughed throughout. The next couple of weeks will consist of follow-up phone calls and sending out tapes before we know where we stand.

My friend Gene Masse, who created the site has started a new page for me which will be linked to "NOTHING" but right now you can access it on

This page gives you more info on all of my past, present, and future projects. There are some new pictures from all of my films including, "ALIEN FILES", "PRETTY COOL", and "BALLS OF THUNDER". There will be some additions to this page including the title song of "PRETTY COOL"
 performed by a band called THE ANDERSONS. Worth checking out.

That's all for now.

Best Wishes,


13 August 2001
Hi JR,

Well, the website should be up and running by this Wed. If you click on it now, you should see the one-sheet poster to the film with all the girls. 325 invites went out on Friday. More go out this week. The entire press kit for "PRETTY COOL" should be on the website. More pictures, bios, reviews of my past films, ect...

If you could hook up a link for it, that would be great. I should also have some photos and material from the movie on my site. So, let people know about that too.  This is a big chance for MC to get out into the mainstream. Now, we just need hype, buzz, and luck.

Best Wishes,


3 August 2001
Hi JR,

Finally, we're moving forward.  Just locked in with a Producer's Rep for "PRETTY COOL" and they want to move pretty fast.  Right now, we're planning on screening the feature for studios and distributors on Tuesday, August 21st at 7:30 p.m. on FOX lot.  The invites should go out on August 10th and they will receive them on Monday the 13th along with their boxoffice reports showing exactly what "AMERICAN PIE 2" did money-wise.  If it opens well, we're in great shape.  If it stiffs, we could be screwed.

However, I think the film is going to open big.  That's what we're counting on.  If nothing changes by the following Wednesday (the 22nd), we'll know somewhat where we stand.

Also, today we seriously talked about starting up the site for "PRETTY COOL".  We already own the name, so maybe in a week or so, we'll have the press kit up on the site including synopsis, bios, pictures, and press info.  In New York, they're working on the trailer.

Best Wishes,


p.s.  Little bit of news.  In the September 2001 issue of PLAYBOY on stands now, there is a little mention of "PRETTY COOL" on page 179.  Check it out.  Good press for us.

Hi JR,

Just wanted to give you an update with some good news. I just received the new issue of Femme Fatales Magazine. On the cover it says, "The Films of Rolfe Kanefsky: Pretty Cool & There's Nothing Out There". There is 12 pages of coverage inside. Overall great press. We have also be receiving non-stop press through Summer Altice and Alexis Thorpe. Just in the month of July alone, they have appeared in Maxim, British Maxim, British GQ, British FHM, Controversy
Magazine, and CBS Soaps Digest. About a third of the press mention "PRETTY COOL". Controversy even says that "the critically acclaimed PRETTY COOL is coming soon".

Because of all this, I think we're finally locking in a Producer's Rep so we can organize screenings for the studios a few weeks after "American Pie 2" comes out. I don't think the timing could be better because I think "Pie 2" is going to be huge.

Right now, Alain Siritzky is producing two erotic thrillers. But I'm not involved at all and they are straight erotic material. No mind control, sci-fi, or fantasy elements.

However, on a more positive note, New Concorde has just released the entire "Justine" series which Alain produced right before the "Click". So, it looks like a DVD release of the "Click" might not be too far off.

Also, Alain is talking to Concorde (Roger Corman's) company of starting a label with them to release his other erotic titles, including the new "EMMANUELLE 2000" series. I don't see why this won't happen but I'll keep you informed when I hear that it's official.

But for now, Image Entertainment is officially releasing "THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE" September 18th on video and a special edition DVD. In October they also plan to release "RESTLESS SOULS" and "SEXUALLY BEWITCHED". I don't have the final street date yet for those two titles.

But with all the postive press and word-of-mouth building on "NOTHING" and "PRETTY COOL", I think some really cool things will be happening soon.

So, look for the July/August issue of FEMME FATALES with Debbie Rochon on the cover. It's the first real official press/article on "PRETTY COOL" and hopefully a lot more will follow!

Best Wishes,


Posted:  Tues, Jul 17, 2001 at 05:24:07 (EDT)
Posted by Rolfe (

Just when is this movie coming out anyway?


Well, there is no release date because there still is no distributor yet and that's because the film isn't quite finished. Right now, a good video output with a temp soundtrack exists. We were about to show the films to distributors after Cannes when Hollywood decided to release some of the worst teen-oriented comedies of the year. I'm talking 'Tomcats', 'Freddy Got Fingered', 'Get Over It', etc... Well, because of that, the timing was off to show 'PRETTY COOL' because Hollywood works on what's popular and as soon as these films tanked at the boxoffice, the response was, 'Well, I just teens are getting tired of teen-comedies'. Therefore, if we showed 'PRETTY COOL', it would most likely have been rejected because of the genre.

So, the decision was to wait until 'AMERICAN PIE 2' comes out, which I believe and hope will be successful, so we can
screen 'PRETTY COOL' on the heels of a hit rather than a flop.

In short, we are tweaking the soundwork this summer and planning to screen the film for studios in September if all goes as plan. After that, we can just cross our fingers. However, if a studio decides to take it and release it with proper finishing and advertising, I think Spring Break time next year would be a good slot, of course, that depends on what else is opening up around that time.

Now, I agree the article on 'PRETTY COOL' in Femme Fatales wasn't that great. Although, at least you can see what the girls look like. The article failed to talk about the more sexy moments in the film such as the mind control orgasms, the scene when a guy winds up in a girls body and decides to 'play', and the being invisible thanks to mental suggestions so Chuck can enter the girls locker/shower room undetected.

These are some of the scenes that give 'PRETTY COOL' the most-likely R rating. I am still getting some arguments about this.  Some people ('producers') feel the film should be cut to a PG-13 rating which I have been strongly disagreeing with. Right now, everything is still in and I plan to keep it that way. There is even more explicit footage that could be added to the DVD down the line. Some of those scenes, fans of MC might find really entertaining.

However, at the moment, this is where we stand. Sorry, I can't give you any official release info but when you do an
independent film in Hollywood, it's like playing the lottery. Could it get a wide theatrical release? Yes. Should it? Yes. Will it? Only time will tell.


An e-mail from June 2001

Hi JR,

I just got back for Cannes where the screening for "PRETTY COOL" was a low-profile success. The theater held 32 and we have 70 people show up. We squeezed in 45 and had to send the others away. Overall, people really liked it and laughed a lot. We are in the process of arranging a L.A. screening for the end of June.  Even though it's taking a while, things still look very positive for "Pretty Cool".  Also, the "Pretty Cool" article should be out in the next issue of Femme Fatales magazine.  Maybe in two months or so.

I am also finishing up the "There's Nothing Out There" DVD. We record the commentary track on the 25th.  Right now the official release date for "TNOT" on video and DVD is September 18th.  P.S.- I may be doing a live chat one evening in July on the "Friday The 13th" website. A "TNOT" fan is arranging it.

I have also been working on the DVD boxes for the release of the two Halloween titles that Image will be releasing; "Sexually Bewitched", (which has played on cable), and "Restless Souls", the erotic haunted house movie which has never been seen. There are some really good moments and a kinda cool storyline buried under some of the problems...and I wish I could have directed it because it had so much potential. Anyway, it hits video sometime in October.


Bored and sexually frustrated, Sarah finds a job that changes her life.  Hoping that she can use what she learns to set off some new sparks in her mundane marriage, she eagerly fills the position of apprentice to Jamie, a notorious sexual sorceress.  As she masters more and more tempestuous tricks, Sarah challenges her boss to a sensual showdown for the affections of their mysterious new neighbor, George.  Unleashing their deepest passions, the witches are caught in a sexual frenzy so intense that it threatens to destroy their supernatural powers.


Stranded in the dark after their car breaks down, an unlucky pair of honeymooners seek shelter in a nearby house that seems deserted...or so they think.  That night, the newlyweds find themselves caught up in a strange series of erotic supernatural encounters. As the husband is seduced by a sexy apparition, his virgin bride, Mary, is abducted by an invisible entity and vanishes into the walls of the haunted house! Several paranormal experts are called in to find the missing wife and uncover the secrets behind the ghostly happenings at "Hallow House," but they, too, succumb to its supernatural pleasures and are forced to act out their most secret desires in a number of sexual phantasmagoric fantasies.  Meanwhile, Mary is trapped in a hidden room about to be stripped of her virtue by the Devil himself!

There is also a fair amount of MC and supernatural sexual stuff in the film.  In the opening a honeymoon couple comes to the house and the wife gets fondled and seduced by an invisible entity before getting sucked into the bed and disappearing into the walls of the house. When four paranormal investigators show up, all encounter various supernatural experience. One female also gets greeted by the ghost and partially stripped. In a flashback, a hooded Satan makes love to a woman by first mentally forcing her into a spread-eagle position.  Probably the best MC scene is when one of the female paranormal investigators
uses her telekintic powers to arouse another female all the way to orgasm, using her thoughts alone. Later in the film, she decides to use her newfound ability on a guy as well.  So between the telepathic sex, the demonic encounters, and invisible ghost seductions, I'd say there's plenty of erotic MC going around.

As for "Emmanuelle 2000". A pay-per-view company, "In-Demand" just accepted the series. Since HBO is a part of the company, it's looking better that HBO will buy the series but it's still not confirmed. I think many MC fans would really enjoy the series. It was made with them in mind, so to speak.  Well, that's it for now. Keep in touch. Hope all is well.

Best Wishes,


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