Seducing My Sisters

By Ivan the Terror

Codes: mf+,inc

Chapter 1: The Plan

They were hot.  Teenage hot.  My two older sisters, Jenna and Lena, were exact opposites, but both were beautiful.  I had one sister a year and a half older than me at 14 who had blondish red hair and the perfect hourglass figure.  My other sister was sixteen, tall, dark haired, with a trim body.  Like most teen sibling relationships, they treated me like I was nothing but a bother, and I spent a lot of my day in my room jacking off to memories of the few times I had seen them dash topless from the bathroom to their bedroom.  I was proud of my cock, being a full seven inches, which for a 13 year old was quite nice.

I would pester my sisters by squeezing their beautiful asses when they slipped past my bedroom in a towel.  They would say, “Oh, Tom!” and scurry along faster.

One day it hit me.  I wanted them, but I had to get them to want me.  I couldn’t move too fast, that would scare them off, so I started subtly.

I stopped squeezing their asses without permission, but I did start commenting, “Looking good,” and “Nice”.  That got me a few blushes and an occasional quiet, “Thank You”.  Just what I wanted.  After a few months, I noted that the frequency that they passed my room increased slightly.

Next I made sure I left my door open, then lay there like I was asleep, my semi clearly tenting the sheet.  Through slitted eyes, I watched as they stopped outside my room and stared.  Perfect.

I started putting my hand on their back whenever I was helping them do something.  After a short while they started to ignore it.   Perfect again.


Chapter 2: Jenna


I kept that up for a couple of months, occasionally accidentally on purpose leaving my sheet pulled about so my hard cock and balls were exposed.  The foreskin was half back showing my cock slit.  Both of them would stop and stare, but only when the other one wasn’t around.

Jenna started sneaking over to take a closer look when her sister wasn’t there.  I got to know their schedules, so several times a week she would come over and stare for five to ten minutes at my hard cock before she chickened out and took off for her room.  I started deliberately half covering my cock with the sheet.  The third time, she snuck into the room, and slowly pulled the sheet back. 

I let that go for a few days, then I wrapped the sheet around my cock.  She came in to move the sheet, and realized that she couldn’t just slide it back.  She hesitated, then she slowly took the sheet and, grabbing my cock with the other hand, unwrapped it.  She left her and wrapped around my cock for a minute, then fled the room.

I left it fully exposed the next day.  She came in and snuck over.  She stared for a minute, then slowly wrapped her petite hand around it.  She just held it for another minute, then fled the room again.

I kelp that going for about a month, she was up to examining my cock, pulling the foreskin back and stroking it with her fingertips almost daily.  Time for the next step.  I let it get some pre-cum on the tip.  I watched as she stroked, then pulled her hand away.  She sniffed it and her nostrils flared.  She took a lick of her fingers, exclaimed, “Yum!” and started playing with my cock again, getting pre-cum on her hand and licking it off.

I let that go for another month or so.  I greatly enjoyed it. 

I took it to the next step, actually cumming all over her hand.  She looked at it, went, “oh yuck”, then licked it all off making delighted noises.  Then she stuck her hand under her towel and rubbed her crotch until she collapsed.

The next day, she let it get all over her hand, then she stuck the spermy hand between her legs and rubbed until she came.  Then she leaned over and licked the remainder off my cock.

We repeated that almost daily for the next three months.  It was the hottest thing I had ever seen or felt.  One day, she stopped bothering with the towel, and I got to watch her perfect breasts jiggle as she rubbed her crotch with her semen covered hand.  I almost shot again as she took a semen covered finger and slid it up inside her dripping pussy.  I couldn’t believe it.  She alternated between rubbing her clit and pushing the semen up into her until she was out of semen.  Then she orgasmed and collapsed.

I let that go another few weeks or so until an opportunity presented itself.  Our parents were taking us to see a relative who lived out in the middle of nowhere.  It would take two days to get there, two back, and we were staying for two days.  My older sister, Lena couldn’t go due to band practice, so it was just Mom and Dad, Jenna, and me. 

Dad was a real snorer, so Mom made the offer that Jenna and I could have a separate room.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  The first night I used the bathroom, wiping myself clean with a wet Kleenex, then strolled, completely in the buff, to the double bed and climbed in, pretending to fall asleep right away.  Jenna rushed into the bathroom, and was back in a minute, naked and climbing into bed. 

As I hoped, she slid her hand over under the sheets and grabbed my hard cock.  She had been doing this for almost a year now, and I was fourteen.  My cock was a nice nine inches.  She just loved to stroke it.  She was lying next to me, so I rolled over in my ‘sleep’ and wrapped my arm around her pulling her to me so I was spooned around her.  My top of my hard cock was up against her pussy and I was cupping her left breast.  I pretended to snuggle down against her pillowy hair.  She was frozen, partially in surprise, and partially since my cock was up against her pussy.

She reached down, and pressed my cock up, popping the head into her warm wet pussy.  Wow, did that feel wonderful.  She moaned, biting her lip. 

I dropped all pretense, and sat up, pulling her to her hands and knees.  I got behind her and slid home.  It was wonderful.  I leaned forward and whispered, “You’re mine now,” and started stroking.  She had orgasm after orgasm.  I had waited a long time for this, so with a king size effort, I lasted until her fourth orgasm, filling her up with baby butter.  As she lolled there semi-conscious, I flipped her on her back and slid home again, bringing her to another two orgasms and leaving a second load deep in her.

I laid there, still plugged in as she came to a few minutes later.  I gave her a long French kiss.  I had been practicing those a lot on Lena.  Jenna melted into me and we made love all night.

The next day Mom and Dad had to tell us to keep it down as we kept petting all day.  We played for the whole rest of the trip.  Jenna decided that there was nothing better than being bent over something and fucked.  When we got home, I bent her over the bed every morning and fucked her, leaving a huge load in her every time.


Chapter 3: Lena


Lena was a little more controlled at first.  She would stand in my doorway and stare at my cock, but she never came into the room.  I decided that I would have to take a more proactive approach with her.

Lena played the flute.  She wasn’t very good at it, but worked hard, practicing for hours every evening.

I started going in and sitting behind her on her bed as she practiced and giving her back rubs.  I left it at that for several weeks.  Then I moved forward and starting rubbing her thighs.  She didn’t object.  In fact she sighed and leaned back a little.  I did that for several days.

Then I asked her to wear something that would let me massage her legs better.  I was expecting a pair of shorts.  Instead I got a robe!  For several days during her practice I would rub her inner thighs (oh, so soft...), occasionally brushing her panty clad pussy which got very moist while I rubbed.

Taking a chance, I unfastened her robe belt and pulled her robe open.  I rubbed her belly as she continued to play.  Moving up I cupped her bare breasts.  She sighed, leaned back, but continued to play.  I tweaked her hard nips and she gasped, but kept playing.  I continued to play with her beautiful breasts until the end of the practice session.

The next evening, I just wore my undies as I slid in behind her.  I stroked her perfect thighs a few times, then opened her robe.  She didn’t have anything on under it!  If that wasn’t an invitation, I didn’t know what one was.  I had been observing Jenna masturbate for a few days now, so I knew how to use my left hand to play with her left breast while my right hand rubbed and stroked her clit until she grunted and stopped playing.  We did that for several days.  I suggested as she collapsed that she lose the robe next time.

The next night, she was playing in the buff.  I stripped down, and went and slid in behind her.  She shuddered as she felt my cock on her back.  I rubbed for a while, then for the first time, moved around front.  I lapped at her clit until she fell backwards.  I moved up and slid deep into her.  She tossed her flute aside and said, “To hell with that!”  Grabbed me and pulled me into a French kiss.  It was my first kiss.  Nice.  I kissed her again.  While I had been watching Jenna stuff my cum into her pussy, I was a virgin so I didn’t last long, filling her up with baby butter.  She bit her lip and cried out, “Damn, I love you!” tensed all her muscles, arching her back, and collapsed.

Every evening, she would practice until ten, then we would fuck or make love until eleven, depending on her mood.  In the mornings I would have Jenna giving me a hand job then shoving my cum up her pussy. 


Chapter 4: Life


After the trip, I would fuck Jenna in the morning, and Lena in the evening.  They both knew I was fucking the other and didn’t care.  As I grew, I reached 6’4” and a nice respectable 10” length.  Jenna and Lena loved it.  Lena was sad to leave for college, but we spent one final weekend together before she left.

Jenna went to community college so she could stay at home.  When I went to the U, she transferred and we shared an apartment.  Lena graduated and moved in with us.  And I thought I was busy in grade school!