My Little Sister

Ivan the Terror


Codes: mf, inc


I was eight when my baby sister Sandy was born.  That same year my father died in a car accident.

When I turned eleven I learned how much fun it was to play with my cock.  I started staring in the armholes of the developed girls at school and masturbating several times a day.  I started having these wonderful dreams, when I researched them on the 'net, I learned that they were normal, called "Wet Dreams" and didn't worry.  In fact I really started to look forward to them. 

Every night for two years I would wake up every morning feeling wonderful, vague memories of a nice warmness wrapped around my cock.  My mother never complained of messy sheets nor did I ever have to pull the sheets off my bed in the middle of the night due to wet spots.  This was unusual, but since it was nice not to make messes, I didn't worry about it.

One night when I was thirteen I figured out what was going on.  I woke up with the strangest feeling.  My cock was warm and wet.  I flipped on the light and threw back the covers.  My baby sister was busy sucking on my cock!  She was expertly alternating between licking up and down my hard cock and sucking the whole salami down.  I could just stare, it felt so wonderful.  Before I realized it, suddenly I came.  She slurped the head into her mouth and drank down all my cum.  Not a drop was spilled.  She smacked her lips, then looked up at me, bowed her eyes, then said, "Thank you Mark," and scampered out of the room.

I just laid there in shock.  She was quite the expert and had obviously been doing that for a long time.  I didn't know what to think.  I had been taught that it was wrong, but she didn't seem to have any problems from it, and would be traumatized if she was stopped.  At least that is what I told myself as I drifted off to sleep.

For the next three years it continued.  Every night she would sneak into my room, slip up under the covers and suck me off.  Now that I knew what was happening I would wake up about half of the time.  Whenever I woke up she would finish, smile up at me, bow her eyes, then say, "Thank you Mark," and scamper off back to bed.

Sandy started filling out.  She was only eight, but she was already five feet tall and she had the best looking legs and ass I have ever seen.  I guess all the hormones she had been ingesting over the years had their effect.  And a very nice effect it was too.  With all the sports she was in, the long blond hair, innocent face, and developing hips and nips, she was a knockout.  I would await awake every night waiting for her.  I started waiting with the light on, blanket folded back, and a hard on, which by now was around 8 inches.  It didn't faze her a bit; she would prance in, naked as a jailbird, crawl between my legs and slurp up my hard cock.

One night as she started crawling up between my legs I spoke for the first time, "Sandy, flip around."   She looked at me for a moment, then crawled up and straddled my chest, bending down and slurping up my cock.  Her perfect ass was right in front of my face, her bare pussy was actually moist!  I leaned forward and took a lick.  It was delicious.  She didn't miss a beat, but she moaned and pressed her sumptuous pussy down.  As I felt that beautiful ass, I licked up and down her mons, occasionally wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking.  Suddenly she froze and started quivering.  I realized she was cumming which made me blast off.  Even while she was orgasming she slurped up all my spunk.  Gasping, she lay there for a minute, then got up, said, "Wow!  Thank you Mark!" and headed back to bed.

The next night, she came into the room, kneeled next to me with her head bowed and said, "Mark, can we please do it like last night?  That was so much better than when I do it back in my room."

That started me thinking, she is begging me?!!?  Wow!  How can I use this?  Phrase it like I am granting her a favor.  "Sandy, you have been a good sister, you know that is why I have been letting you have my man cream every night.  Don't you?"

"Yes," she said with downcast eyes.

"I was very angry when I found you had been taking my man cream without asking," I started, and she was suddenly a little teary.

"But I need it and it tastes so good!"  she sobbed.  Ahh, perfect.

"But you didn't ask.  I love you little sis, so I have been letting you have my man cream.  Now that you have asked, you may have it anytime you want, as long as you are a good sister and do what I say."

"Anytime?" she said eagerly.

"Yes, anytime we are alone.  Now get over here."

She eagerly straddled my chest again and presented her gorgeous ass to me.  I grabbed her butt cheeks and giving them a squeeze, pulled her pussy down on my tongue.  I slobbered up and down that delicious pussy, sucking on the hard clit every other lick.  In no time at all she tensed up and quivered as she came.  I shot a huge load into her practiced mouth.  She laid there gasping for a minute, then sat up and climbed off of me.  She bowed her head and said, "Thank you Mark".  Then she scampered off to bed like usual.

The next day after school she came into my room.  "Mark, could I have some cream please?"  Since mom wouldn't be home for another couple of hours, I replied, "Of course!  Why don't you milk me while I do my homework?"

She crawled under my desk and worked on my pants.  It took her a while but she finally got them unfastened and managed to get my cock out, instantly slurping it down.  What a way to do math homework!  Sitting at a desk with a hottie blonde blowing me underneath!  The newness of the situation had be cumming into her wonderful mouth within a few minutes.

That established the pattern, for the next few months she would suck me off after school and then we would 69 after mom went to bed.  She continued to rapidly fill out.  I would come up behind her and cup her beautiful new breasts and play with them.  She would just giggle and sigh then let me play.  I would tell her that she was being a very good sister.

When she came in and straddled me one night, I said, "Sandy, I need to do something, it might hurt for a little bit, Okay?"

With complete trust she said, "Okay."  And started to slurp my cock down.

Taking two fingers, I positioned them at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly pushed them all the way in.  I could feel her hymen break.  "Ow," she exclaimed!

I left my fingers in there, slowly rubbing the rough spot in the front of her pussy and stroking her clit with my thumb.  Soon she orgasmed.  I let her finish sucking me off, then rest for a bit.  I waited until she thanked me and left before I headed for the bathroom to wash the cherry blood off of my fingers.

I started fingering her as part of the nightly routine.  Soon she was oohing and aahing when I slid my finger into her beautiful pussy.  A month or so later, soon after her ninth birthday, came my chance.  Mom had to go out of town and left me in charge.

As soon as she was gone, Sandy and I stripped off our clothes.  She was perfect.  Already around 5'4", she was approaching B cup size and had the perfect figure.  She was kneeling down getting ready to suck me when I told her there was something I wanted to try.  I sat her on the couch, then lifted her knees so that they were on her shoulders. 

Curious, she said, "What are you doing Mark?"

I replied, "I am going to fuck you."

"Ooh really?  I heard about that.  Several of my friends get fucked all the time by their dads or brothers.  Sounds like fun."

I lined my cock up against her dripping pussy and slowly slid in.  Sandy was thrusting up at me saying, "That feels so great.  Do it more!"  As I bottomed out my 8", her pussy muscles started pulling and contracting on my cock.  It was wonderful.  I slid out, then rammed back in, and then repeated.  She was whispering, "More!" with every stroke.  Soon she shrieked and came, arching her back and quivering, which did wonderful things to her new tits.  I pasted her insides with man cream.

She took to fucking like she took to everything else.  During the day we would fuck like rabbits.  Every night we would 69 so she could get her dose of man cream.  We kept that schedule for the next six months.  What was amazing is that she kept growing.  She was 5'10", perfect C cup tits that I couldn't get enough of, the body of a supermodel, and she wasn't even ten yet!

My birthday was approaching, only a few days away.  After a really nice missionary style fuck, Sandy asked what I wanted for my 18th birthday.  Leaning down, I gave her a French kiss.  We had never kissed before, even with 9 years of sexual activity.  She responded with vigor.  When we finished I said, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

With that we added necking at every free moment to our repertoire.  I would take her to movies and to dinner, no one guessed that this wonderful woman with me was only 9 years old!  She looked and acted twice that.  We would still fuck as much as possible, which was several times a day since it was summer break.  Every night she would still sneak into my bedroom where she would slurp up a load of cum.  We would then cuddle for a while. 

That fall I went to the local community college so I could live at home.  Sandy's 10th birthday came.  She seemed to stabilize at 5'11", with a D cup.  Except for her innocent face, she looked like she was 20 years old.  All the sport teams were actively recruiting her, she was at least a foot taller than the other girls, and she was well coordinated to boot.  She was sleeping with me full time now.  Mom, ever the naive one, said "Oh how cute.  I am amazed at how well you two get along."  I worked to further her delusion by saying, "I love my little sister and want to protect her."  No lies there!

The night of her 10th birthday, just after she slurped down my cum, I asked what she wanted for her birthday, and she said, "To be yours forever."