Cheerleaders Exposed

Part 1: Discovery

(f-solo, ff)

Note: This is an erotic story series, and as such, contains descriptions, sometimes graphic, of sexual activity. Also, this story series includes scenes between members of the same sex, and between people considered under the legal age for such activity. If such material offends you, please hit the 'back' button now.

Tina was a precocious 14 year-old, always getting into things and having adventures. Sometimes it would get her into trouble, such as when the teenager located her Christmas presents and made the mistake of mentioning that she didn't really like one of the CDs that her mother had bought her.

Other times her mother would make good use of Tina's intense scrutiny of the world, helping her find keys, credit cards and other items that would occasionally get lost.

But this time, Tina realised as she sat on the floor in front of the TV and VCR, she knew that she definitely needed to keep quiet about what she had found.

In front of her knees on the carpet, framed nicely by her cheerleader skirt that she had yet to change out of, sat two video cassettes. Both were unmarked, and had been slipped into their plain cardboard sleeves before being 'lost' underneath the VCR stand, behind a flip-up section of the piece of furniture. Her pale blue eyes were like saucers as she examined the little slip of paper inside the first of the two cases.

'Cheerleaders Exposed III' read the slip, and according to the accompanying description below, it was a 93-minute long video produced some time ago by a company called 'Intense Images, Inc.' containing 'explicit voyeur footage of real teen cheerleaders'.

She frowned and stood, looking around for a moment before she found what she was looking for.

On her mother's desk was an uncashed check written for $3,000.00. It was a company check, and it carried the same 'Intense Images, Inc.' name.

The mystery was there, and Tina's curiosity wasn't about to just wither away, no matter how much she knew she might get into trouble.

She walked to the desk and did what she always did when she wanted to find something out: Tina rummaged in her neat and calculated way, being sure that everything was placed exactly as it was before she started her search.

Tina was the only child of an unmarried mother. Tina's mother, Susan, had spend more of her cheerleading time on her back than was wise, and had become pregnant when she was still at school. Forced to leave school because of their policy about pregnancies, her mother had decided against an abortion, and was thus blessed with a little girl just a day before her 18th birthday. Her parents, while angry, did not regret her decision, and they helped raise their granddaughter until they died in a housefire. Susan had moved away from her home because of the memories, and wound up in Westfield.

At 14 years old, Tina was developing into quite a stunning young woman. She weighed about average for her age, and stood a couple of inches over five feet in height. Her long red hair was slightly lighter than her mothers, almost to the point of it being strawberry blonde. It hung to a point just past her elbows, and while Tina was proud of her hair, she hated it as well because it was very fine and always picking up a static charge from her sweaters.

Her blue eyes were almost shocking in intensity – a trait she shared with her mother – and her lips wore an ever-present 'kiss'. Together with her cute button nose and high cheekbones – another inherited feature from Susan – she was quite angelic in appearance.

Tina was proud that she hadn't been slow to develop like some of the girls at school, although she wasn't as well developed as some. Margaret, head of the cheerleading squad, was Tina's secret crush, although she knew from experience that Margaret would sooner kiss a pig than be interested in the attention of an ordinary girl like Tina. The young girl was warmed by the fact that she knew Margaret was also the easiest lay in Westfield High, having very likely spread her legs for more of the football team than the rest of the cheerleaders in the entire county!

No, while Tina wasn't a heavily endowed girl, she knew that she had the kind of shape that made many of the football players drool. Her waist was slender, her hips wide and voluptuous, and her breasts were perky and while small, did not make her look boyish. Another thing that she had noticed was that her nipples would very quickly react to the cold, or to contact - something that she was certainly starting to appreciate when she would do a little investigating of her own body on an almost nightly basis.

But now, Tina's nipples were reacting to the excitement she felt as she searched her mother's desk for the connection between the video and the check.

She searched thoroughly, her technique the envy of any Federal agent or police detective, until she located a manilla envelope containing a few more check-stubs without the checks themselves, and a letter.

Voraciously she pulled out the letter and read it quickly. When she finished it her eyes were slightly glazed and she looked over at the video again.

Returning everything to where it had come from, she slipped back onto the floor and after turning the TV on, slipped the video into the mouth of the VCR and waited.

The word 'PLAY' displayed for a moment on the screen as the VCR whirred into life, and then the words 'Cheerleaders Exposed', followed by a bad computer graphic of a spray-paint can writing the numeral '3' on top of it.

The next image was quite a shock. She recognised one, two... no, at least three of the girls in cheerleading uniforms. To be honest, she recognised the uniforms themselves, as they were for Westfield High School, and the changing room in which the low-quality camera was peering into with a wideangle lens was that of her school. As she watched, she saw last year's junior varsity cheerleaders stripping off their clothes and prepared for their showers. The camera shot the images from about knee height, making it hard to make out some of the girls when they got too close, but it was well positioned for views of their bare bottoms and privates.

Without any real thought, Tina began to gently rub between her legs, her own cheerleaders uniform still wrapped around her lithe body. She watched dry-mouthed as some of the most gorgeous girls in school walked back and forth, some dry, some wet from their showers, without any apparent knowledge that they were being caught on camera for someone, anyone, to see.

The footage ended, and another scene began. She recognised the red and yellow colors of Southfield High, or as her school called them, the 'Southfiends'. Their cheerleaders had won the local competitions for two years in a row, and from what Tina watched, she was starting to understand why. The camera in this footage was much better placed, and in fact it seemed as though there were several in use, as the footage would cut from one camera to another without pause.

As she watched, one of the 'fiends' girls sat almost directly in front of the camera. She was an attractive blonde, with short-cropped hair, a deep tan, and long legs. Her breasts were large and her nipples were puffed out. After looking around for a moment, the girl grinned slyly at the camera and opened her legs, revealing a completely naked crotch. Tina had never seen a woman's crotch without pubic hair, but this girl had apparently taken the time to remove every single one. As Tina gazed on, her hand rubbing harder against the crotch of her panties, the Southfield cheerleader licked her fingers before actually spreading her labia to the camera and then slipping one of the wet fingers inside her vagina.

The video zoomed in to watch the detail as the cheerleader teased her wet pussy with her one hand, while sliding her index finger in and out of her depths. Tina gasped as she saw the girl's juices dribbling down her fingers and onto her hands. She found herself rubbing in unison with the girl on the video, and as the cheerleader seemed to begin to shudder in orgasm, Tina too felt the familiar rush of her climax, and she was very aware of how wet her panties had become.

Waiting on barely appreciative customers at the local diner was not the career of choice for Susan Reynolds, but after her dismissal from high school less than a year before she could have graduated, it was pretty much the best she could manage.

At five foot six inches tall, she was average for her build, and while she was still young, she had recently noticed a few grey hairs peeking through her wavy, fire-red hair that hung to the small of her back. She was still in debate whether or not to start coloring it. Her mouth was usually framed by subtle colors of lipstick, and she usually limited any other decoration to a light foundation, soft eyeshadows that simply accented her deep blue eyes, and the barest touch of blusher.

Susan possessed an athletic figure. Her time at school as a cheerleader had educated her in how best to look after herself, and rather that drive the twelve blocks to work, she always walked. Together with regular exercise and low-impact weights, she was always flattered when male customers would ask if she'd be interested in dating their sons. She was proud to know that her body had not suffered from pregnancy, and she possessed the same figure, although more mature, that she had in high school, comlete with pert little breasts that resembled larger versions of those of her daughter. That she had been propositioned by more than one female customer was doubly flattering as Susan was a woman that understood and appreciate the attraction that could occur between two women.

“More coffee, Sheriff?” she asked Dan Grove, the small town’s only member of the Sheriff’s Department.

The older man, probably in his late forties or early fifties (Susan had never asked, and Dan had never volunteered the information), nodded, “Oh Sue, you know you can call me Dan, and yeah, some more coffee would be great. How’s Tina doing at school? I hear she’s still cheerleading.”

Susan nodded, pouring the man his coffee (black, no sugar), “Tina’s been an angel as always, Dan. Yes, she’s still in the squad, and she’s been practicing so much that I think she’ll be picked to be one of the girls for throwing this year. She’s lost almost ten pounds since last year, and while I made sure she didn’t harm herself, she’s definitely a slim young lady now.”

“Just like her mother was, no doubt,” Dan replied, grinning pleasantly. “I bet you could still fit into one of her outfits…”

Sue chuckled and slapped the Sheriff on the shoulder, “Behave yourself, Sheriff! I’m not that sort of woman!”

Sheriff Grove had flirted with Susan ever since she arrived in Westfield. He knew her background, and knew that she wasn’t married, but while he flirted, it was innocent and harmless. Dan Grove was happily married, and had three children of his own, one of which was a cheerleader in the same school squad as Tina.

At that moment, Helen Grove was laying on her back listening to a classic NIN (Nine Inch Nails) album she had borrowed from one of her friends at school. Her short blonde hair, regularly cropped and razored in a boyish style, was at that moment hidden under a baseball cap. Her American History homework was on her left side (‘Lincoln and his influence on the end of slavery’) and her school bag was on her right. Helen’s light grey eyes were closed, and her expression was definitely not one of concentration or thought.

For Helen had borrowed something else from her friend. At that moment, it buzzed quietly in her left hand, and rested lightly on her mons, sending exquisite sensations through her body, and especially through her genitals. She groaned, running her fingers through her pubic hair and around her dampening outer labia, occasionally brushing her sex with her fingertips.

She groaned again as she slowly let the small pink vibrator, borrowed from her friend’s older sister, drop to apply the effects at the top of her clitoral hood, making her hips buck for a moment as the sensations brought about a small orgasm.

Helen rode the climax in pure bliss, and was already panting and bathed in a light sheen of persperation, her cheerleader skirt bunched up around her waist and her white cotton panties drapped around one thigh.

Helen had been masturbating since she was 11 years old, and had shared her discovery of self satisfaction with her best friend, Tina, shortly afterwards. They had often masturbated together, but had never made the move towards lesbian sex. Not from any lack of desire on either girl’s part, but they didn’y really understand what a girl could do for another girl, and the thought had simply never crossed their mind.

But now, as she slipped two fingers into her vagina and began to pump at her moist sex, Helen found her mind wandering to Tina, and imagining that it was Tina's fingers that probed into her juicy depths; that it was Tina that ran the vibrator around and over her clitoris; that it was Tina that swapped hands and pushed the vibrating phallus into her cunt and rubbed her clit hard and drove her insane with lust and desire, making her grind her hips into the air and squeal in unbridled ecstasy as she was wracked by the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

She pumped the vibrating toy as deep as she could, maintaining the orgasm, her vagina dribbling juices freely over her hands and between her legs, making an ever-growing damp spot in her skirt. Helen didn’t care, for this was what she had been searching for. This incredible feeling as the world shattered and everything good in it was grasped and jammed deep into her cunt and concentrated in her tiny button of sensitive flesh.

Her breath caught short suddenly, as her body stiffened and the most powerful spasms she had felt so far ripped through her body, and Helen's hand was like a blur as she brought herself off, her fingers themselves sometimes forced past her labia with the intense thrusts she delivered to her body. From deep in her throat, she issued an almost baritone growl, and her vagina clamped down on the vibrator so hard that she suddenly found her fingertips being crushed, and a surge of her juices sputtered between them, soaking her thighs.

Spent, Helen laid obscenely on the bed, her 14 year-old body covered in sweat, and her open legs smeared with the collective vaginal secretions of a half-dozen orgasms. Ignoring the homework, she groggily pulled her blanket over her and dozed, the vibrator switched off, but still impaling her pussy.

At dinner, Tina said nothing to her mother about the videos she had found under the TV stand. She had masturbated for a good hour, watching several cheerleaders, some no older than Tina, perform a variety of solo sexual acts.

Susan wasn't an unobservant mother, however, and she could tell that Tina had something new on her mind. She kept the conversation on school, thinking that it might be that which was taking so much of her daughter’s mind out of the evening.

Tina was not, however, thinking about school. At least, not about school work. She was thinking about the last scene she had watched before she dragged the videotape out of the VCR and hid it once more under the TV stand, her pussy abused and sore after over an hour of hard self-pleasure.

For the last scene had involved not two girls pleasing themselves side by side, like the previous scene she had watched, but two girls pleasing each other. It had sent a shiver down her spine and straight to her streaming cunt, and she had found herself pumping three of her fingers as deep as she could while she diddled her clit with her free hand as she watched the two senior ‘fiends’ take turns in kissing and licking the other’s pussy, sometimes actually probing between her partner’s labia and as far into her pussy as they could reach with their tongues.

It had brought Tina to an orgasm that had made her blackout for several seconds, and her mind had quickly replaced the two girls with herself and her best friend, Helen Grove.

Susan looked at her daughter as she completely ignored the drip of salad dressing that had dripped from her fork onto her t-shirt. What could possibly be on the teenager’s mind that had her so vacant.

Susan’s mind slapped her silly, and she grinned to herself. What else could it be, but a boy, she deduced.

“So,” Susan said with a wicked grin, “what’s his name, honey?”

“Oh,” Tina answered, completely unaware that she was talking out loud, “It's not a boy. It’s Helen...”

Tina’s eyes widened and she stared ahead for a moment before turning her shocked gaze towards her mother, who wore a similar, if less extreme, expression, her left eyebrow raised in surprise.

— TBC in Part 2: Revelation
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