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I am always happy to receive feedback from readers.  Positive or negative, it helps me to refine my writing.  And it just feels good to know that people read my work.
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From time to time I feel the urge to draw something, usually related to the whatever story I am working on.  I find that writing and drawing help to fulfill my creative urges, not to mention those other urges.

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Title Series Summary Story Codes
The Itch Amy and Nan Amy is an average 11 year old girl except for one small detail:  she's in love with her six year old cousin, Nan.
Notes: My first published erotic story.  It has it's problems, but it's still one of my favorites.
f(11)g(6), oral, incest, ped
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Amy and Nan Amy once again has a chance to baby-sit Nan.
Notes: This resulted from my desire to explore Amy and Nan's relationship.  Does Amy really love her six year old cousin, or is she just using Nan to satisfy her lust?  I'm still not sure of Amy's true intentions, but I believe that she believes her feelings toward Nan are love, not simple lust.
f(11)g(6), oral, toys, incest, ped
The Best Ever 1985 Danny's cousins teach him to play a new game.
Notes: A fairly short story about a boy who is introduced to sex via his three much more experienced cousins.
mffg, oral, incest, ped
1985 Prologue 1985 Danny's story of growing up in a rural town in the year 1985. mffg, oral, incest, ped
1985 - Chapter 1 1985
Chapter 1
Danny's story of growing up in a rural town in the year 1985.
Notes: An unfortunate event occurred while in the process of writing chapter 2 of this series and I was forced to abandon writing.  I still have my notes on this series, however, and I would like to one day complete the story.
mffg, oral, incest, ped
Amber Amber Chapters 1-3 What's a girl to do when she's plain, friendless, and in the middle of a solo pity party?  
Monica thinks that she's got what is possibly the most boring life in the world.  Growing up in rural Texas, she has no friends, no self esteem, and no idea how to fix her life.
Enter Amber, Monica's best friend who moved off to college three years ago.  She's back home, and when Monica's parents need to leave home for a few days, she agrees to be Monica's Sitter.
It's Monica's chance to reconnect with a lost friend, and maybe also find love in the process.
Notes: This story is a bit of an experiment to find out if I can white an interesting, erotic story that features very little actual sex.  That's not to say that there won't be any sex at all, but I want the sex, when it happens, to feel special not only to the characters, but also to the readers.
Ff(13), no sex (Includes tickling and kissing)
Amber Amber Chapter 4 Monica learns more about her body.
Notes: Monic's question of 'What does my vagina look like' echoes my own questions about the sexual organs when I was a kid.  Let's face it, those body parts are mysterious things.  Proper investigation is required before we can really start to feel confident about sex.
Ff(13), masturbation, no sex
Alice: Alone Assorted Shorts Late at night, Alice like to fantasize about a boy in a picture.
Notes: A very short story, something I wrote to try to get back into the swing of writing.  It's not very interesting, or  very well written, but hey, who's counting as long as long as it's hot, right?
f, solo, mastrubation
The Slumber Party Assorted Shorts What would happen if you left four girls alone with booze, pot, and no adult supervision?  Explore this fantasy as Candice and her sister Anna visit Kelly and her sister Brittany for a slumber party that none of them will ever forget.
Notes: Writing Amber tends to leave me feeling a bit unfulfilled in the lust department.  My significant other is usually very happy to help me work off the excess sexual tension, but she wasn't home the evening I completed chapter 3 of Amber. The Slumber Party is the result of that pent up sexual frustration.  If it hadn't been for that, I probably wouldn't have written The Slumber Party, at least not in it the form in which it's presented.  I generally don't enjoy writing sadistic or airheaded characters.  Funny what unsatisfied lust can inspire, isn't it.
ffgg, drugs, oral, rimming, anal, facesitting,  incest, ped
Fantasia Fantasia Chapter 1 Lidia and her mother, Samantha travel to Osaka, Japan in search of Fantasia, a rumored sex shop where a person can fulfill their every desire.
Notes: I recived an email from a reader requesting permission to copy The Slumber Party the their blog.  I granted it, and gave her blog a visit.  Fantasia is the result.  If you are a lover of girls who love girls and mother's who love their daughters in that extra special way, I highly recommend paying a visit to Julie's Lesbo Blog.
The Lambs of Derby Derby Lambs

A collection of short stories featuring girls from the small town of Derby, texas.

Notes: I think it's safe to say that I have several fetishes; lesbianism, pedo, long hair to name a few.  there is, however, another fetish, one that not many people share, and that is urine.  I like to watch girls pee, and I like to drink from the source.  I understand that many people find this quite disgusting, but also realize that there are many who enjoy this fetish as well.  This series is dedicated to them.

Bath Time Assorted Shorts

A short tale of a mother, her children, and bath time.

Notes: Not much to say here.  I wanted to tell a story about a mother and her children having some fun in the bath, so I did.